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Promise in Prose #1

Words I Couldn't Say

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You know the old adage “if you love something, set it free?"
It's the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.
The dumbest thing I've ever done.
I loved her. I lost her. Hell, I let her go. And then spent five miserable years without her.

To cope with the loss, I put pen to paper and wrote her a love story, knowing when she was ready she’d hear the words I couldn’t say all those years ago.

Turned out, not only would she hear them, but when Hollywood came calling, I made sure she got the lead role. After all, no one else could portray the character whom she’d inspired.
Now she's within arms' reach and finally, she'll know the truth in my heart.

Because that other cliché, “Actions speak louder than words?”
I’m going to prove it.
My words may have brought Ava Banks back into my life; I have to be enough to make her stay.

250 pages, Kindle Edition

Published November 20, 2016

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About the author

Tessa Teevan

44 books1,610 followers
Tessa is a twenty-something book junkie who's also obsessed with sports. She's a research analyst by day, writer by night, and married to her best friend for over a decade. If she's not writing, you can probably find her curled up with her Kindle and a glass of wine or cheering on the Reds, Bengals, and Buckeyes!

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November 11, 2016
4.25 stars!!!

 photo 504F996C-5B91-4148-8410-8923C6162BD0_zpsjxlzbd5u.jpg

Jeremy and Sierrra are my favorite couple in Tessa Teevan’s ‘Explosive’ series. They are just fantastically fun and their romance is epic in it’s own right. We met their daughter, Ava, at the very start of the series when she’s a young girl. As a fan of this series, I was excited to read this book. A note to fellow readers, this can be read as a complete stand-alone. You don’t have to read any of Tessa’s other books to enjoy it!

Ava Banks is destined for great things. She has big dreams. Going to California and acting is one of them. Ava’s best friend and neighbors name is Tucker. They have been best friends since they’ve been babies. Literally. They have a bond like no other. It’s always just friendship between them, until one night in high school, it becomes more. Shortly after that night, something happens in their lives and that something changes everything.
One kiss had changed everything. And then one night turned our worlds upside down.

As I’m sure you can tell by the blurb, this is a second chance romance. Ava and Tucker truly did have an epic love. The things that I’m normally leery about in a second chance romance didn’t exist in this book. That normal drama, or other people stress was not there. I loved everything about this book, but there was one small thing that bugged me and I never could let it 100% go

 photo 3B56BE9E-E647-4FD3-B545-02715137D706_zpsohytxruc.jpg

Tucker is one of my favorite heroes Tessa has written. He was pretty darn perfect. I loved how patient and understanding he was. He was sweet, kind and just the best kind of guy. I loved the relationship he had with his brother and the whole Banks family. Speaking of the Bankses, not only did I love Ava, but her little brothers! They were fantastic. And Jeremy and Sierra <3 As I said earlier, they’re my most favorite couple!

Words I Couldn’t Say is a story of friendship, second chance romance, and true love conquering all. I laughed, I teared up, I smiled and my heart soared while reading this book. It’s a great escape and a beautiful love story I highly recommend!
“I’m yours. For always.”

“I’m yours, too,” I admitted.

“For always?” he asked.

“For always.”

 photo 7964DBCE-4D78-484C-96C9-C4DA735DB7B2_zpsepchuoze.jpg
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November 27, 2016
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

 photo 65c2c844e46c58ce3be11c30a7e0a1_zpsc9gkmjh9.gif

 photo 8f5bf1cb73d17d4f5b280c63a37c29_zpspd3k1rik.gif “As if words would be enough to keep us together. But, even though they were beautiful, they were just that. Words.”

Words. Three words. Yes, those three words could be used in order to describe this breathtaking, beautiful, sweet, and humble story of first loves, second chances, and that forever kind of love.


In Words I Couldn’t Say, Tessa Teevan promises her readers the kind of love story that will make your heart swoon with pure bliss and euphoria. She will make you believe in the power of love. The kind of love that every romance literary books talks about. The happily ever after kind. So are you ready to discover why I love this book so much and why Tucker Manning gives Jeremy Banks a run for his money?

 photo 8f5bf1cb73d17d4f5b280c63a37c29_zpspd3k1rik.gif “My life would be lived either with Ava by my side or completely alone. I hoped beyond hope the latter wasn’t the outcome.”

If you read Fusion, then you were introduced to Explosive Series sweethearts, Jeremy and Sierra Banks. If you haven’t read Fusion, don’t fret because it is not needed but I would highly recommend you do in order to understand the apple doesn’t fall from the tree. You see, Jeremy and Sierra were each other’s first love. They knew the moment that they laid eyes on each other that this love between them was the forever kind of love. Fast forward to the present, it is now time for Jeremy and Sierra’s baby girl, Ava Banks to tell her story in her own words how Tucker Manning is and will always be the love of her life.


Ava Banks and Tucker Manning were childhood best friends who found themselves falling for in love. They were inseparable as they were two pieces of the puzzles that fit together. She was the yin to his yang. There was no Ava Banks without Tucker Manning. And vice versa. So how could two fated people who belonged to each other find themselves separated for five years?

 photo 8f5bf1cb73d17d4f5b280c63a37c29_zpspd3k1rik.gif “Her eyes shimmered with unshed tears, and I knew, I fucking knew she felt it. She felt me. She felt my heart. In that moment, with no words spoken, we said everything that mattered.”

You know the saying if you love someone, let them go and if they come back to you, then you know they are yours. Well, when a family tragedy struck Tucker Manning’s life, his life was forever changed. Tucker found himself making a choice. A choice that was good and bad. A choice that left him regretful. A choice to let her go.


California and being an actress has always been Ava Banks dream. So when she decided to pursue her education and career, she left a big part of her life in Ohio. Not only leaving her family but she also left her heart with Tucker Manning.

Fast forward to five years later, Ava Banks finds herself back home in Ohio filming a movie that is based on the popular romance novel, Those Three Words by T.A. Bankman. While in Ohio, she hopes she can finally say those three words to Tucker and unbreak all the hurt that she may have caused.

 photo 8f5bf1cb73d17d4f5b280c63a37c29_zpspd3k1rik.gif “His lips crashed down on mine and his tongue immediately darted out of his mouth. He alternated between licking and sucking, like he wouldn’t be satisfied until he lapped up every last drop. That was when I learned how much I liked Tucker liking the taste of me.”

The reason for Ava Banks landing the lead role was due to the fact that Tucker wrote this popular romance novel. His book. His words. They were the reason that brought Ava Banks back and this time around, he hopes she can finally read between the lines and listen to his words. His heart. His truth.


The unspoken truth of words were the only thing that was separating Ava and Tucker. Words. Words. Words. An endless amount of words could be put into sentences as to why these two were fated and meant to be together. But these words were something that neither Tucker and Ava couldn’t say...till now. So will Tucker finally get to say these words and tell Ava to stay? Be with him? Love him? And will Ava finally earn Tucker’s trust back?

 photo 8f5bf1cb73d17d4f5b280c63a37c29_zpspd3k1rik.gif “You are my woman. You do not run from me. You run to me.”

Words I Couldn’t Say is a beautiful exploration of love, sacrifices, truth, forgiveness, and second chances. Tessa Teevan didn’t need to do much in order for me to read this book as she captured and tugged my heart with every facets of love. She allowed readers to feel the power and promise of real love. Real love doesn’t die and have no ending. And so if you are ready to give your heart and trust in Tessa’s promises in prose, then get ready to the know the words of real love.


 photo MICHELLE1_zps3515xymk.jpg Tessa Teevan

 photo goodreads_zps4ne1ish9.png  photo facebook_zpsbtsrwwc6.png  photo twitter_zpspaaihikb.png  photo instagram_zpsbght1shy.png  photo networked-blogs_zpse4jmfh6l.png
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November 22, 2016
*****FOUR STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

He’d crept back into my heart and repossessed the place he’d never actually left, consuming me wholly as we’d been unable to do before. But there was still some small part of me that wondered if it was too good to be true.

 photo Teaser 3_zpsolxfk8zx.jpg

For those of you who have read the Explosive series from the beginning, you will have met little Ava Banks when she was a mere toddler. The little niece of Lexi and Jace McAllister was quite a scene stealer. With every additional book, Ava never lost her sweet charm even as she got older. Now at the age of twenty-three, we get her story and it’s one that is beyond steamy and is very much made of the love we know mainly exists in fairy tales. This story has the Friends to Lovers, In Love With The Boy Next Door, and Second Chance Romance tropes. I have to just give a standing ovation to Tessa Teevan because she wrote one of the most sexiest scenes I have ever read in a book to date. I am referring to the office sex scene!! HAWT!!!!

Ava Banks and Tucker Manning have been the best of friends since they were conceived. Their mothers were best friends and neighbors. From childhood till senior year of High School their relationship was strictly platonic. That all changed on Prom Night when Ava finally realized she had feelings for Tucker that went way passed platonic. Ava makes her move and Tucker is immediately reciprocating her advances. Tucker admits that he’s been in love with her for quite some time and had been waiting for her to wake up. They spend the summer together and make plans to go off to college in California. Ava wants to become an actress and has been accepted to UCLA. Tucker has dreams of becoming a journalist and was accepted to USC. But one horrible tragic night changes their plans for the future and ends up separating the two for five years.

 photo Teaser 6_zpsz9kymims.jpg

Five years later, Ava is living in California and is a professional actress. But time nor distance has caused her love to diminish in the least bit for Tucker. Ava has held on to her heartbreak all these years later. She’s never gotten involved with any man, nor has she had sex with anyone else because in her heart there is only one man for her—Tucker. One day she gets a call from her agent. A huge Hollywood movie director is filming a movie adaptation of a best-selling romance novel and he wants Ava for the leading actress role. The thing is, it’s to be filmed in her hometown in Ohio, a place she has avoided for the past several years because the pain from Tucker avoiding her had been too much for her to handle. What she doesn’t know is the novel was written for her by Tucker. It’s a spin on their story and it’s his grand gesture to get her to come back home and to him.

When Ava returns, she and Tucker run into each other almost immediately and there’s no denying the intense feelings and attraction are still very much alive between them. Soon they are taking their relationship to the physical level and what a coincidence, Tucker has also held on to his V-Card!!! As they spend more time together their feelings only intensify. But it’s not all smooth sailing for the happy couple. Tucker is plagued by the fear that Ava will leave him again and he knows he won't survive it a second time. Ava seems to think that Tucker doesn’t want to try having a serious relationship because she abandoned him when he needed her the most.

 photo Teaser 4_zpsnaveboqk.jpg

Will they be able to get passed their insecurities and fight for the love that they were always destined to have? Now that Tucker has the freedom to leave his life in Ohio, will he follow Ava back to Hollywood or will she make Ohio her permanent home base?

WORDS I COULDN’T SAY is currently available and it can be read as a standalone.

Amazon – http://amzn.to/2g3vj9E

 photo 17631979_zpsogt4rrvf.png
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November 21, 2016
ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

Wow, what a read! I certainly haven't thought that it would turn out like that! I loved it!
This is not the first book that I've read by this author and it certainly won't be the last. She writes amazing emotional stories and this one is no exception. The love these two characters have for each other is simply breath-taking and wonderful. Their journey is a mix of sweet love, tears and forgiveness. I'm so glad I got to read their story.
This is a second chance story but to me it didn't really feel that way since wwe get to see two time lines. The time when they first get together and the time of their reunion. We don't get to see much of their 'apart' time, it's trully more a story of how they get back in each other lives and how they cope with what all happened that lead to that point.
I loved both, Ava and Tucker. They have so much to give as characters. Their personalities simply fit the other and both grew up so much, especially with all that life threw at them. Some moments were so heart breaking and some were almost too sweet. As already said, this story is super emotional. Ava and Tucker have to find a way to let each other in their lives again and their history is making that really hart but at the same time it because of their history that they even have their second chance. Just read the book, you'll get what I'm saying. Surprisingly what hit me the most is the last 10% of this book. I did not see that twist coming. Just wow. Apart from that little drama, there wasn't much of that in the story and I really liked that. Sometimes you just need a book that can grip your heart not because of the drama but simply because of the emotional journey these two character have to go through. That makes an author not a good one but a great one, at least in my opinion. Apart from that I enjoyed reading about the rest of the characters.
All in all, this story is so worth your time and money. :)

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December 8, 2016

And that really is a crying shame.
Because their story ROCKED!

Tucker and Ava story only share a few similarities with her parents story. The first was that they knew each other since childhood.
Infancy in fact!
So essentially, these two are lifetime friends to lovers but that is were their similarities ends.


In their relationship it was ALWAYS Ava the heroine who took the risk in their relationship.
The first kiss she instigated!
Their first dance, she grabbed him.
HELL, their first time having sex was all because of her.

Everything happened because she pushed and pushed.
She was a go-getter and I can honestly say I wished she had gotten more from the hero!

Now please forgive me as I rant a little here! And if my grammar is off and my thoughts are leapfrogging from place to place, cause this lady is VERY PISSED OFF!

My first issue with this book was the hero!
To me, he was a passive aggressive asshole. Instead of going after what he SAYS HE WANTS, he just lets things go and blames her for all of it.
Two people in a relationship ASSHOLE, you were there as well, YOU LET HER GO!

He says "I was putting myself out there, as terrifying as that was. She finally, finally would hear the words I couldn’t say all those years ago."

Before she left, she was constantly telling him that she loves him and proving it with her actions.
She was trying to find a solution and a compromise but he gives her this “I won’t continue this knowing we have an expiration date. This?” He waved a hand back and forth between us.
"This is over. As of now.”
"You’re breaking up with me?” I asked, unable to believe what was happening. Looking back, I knew that it was stupid. I’d just broken his heart. How could I have expected him to consider three more weeks when I wouldn’t even give us a chance at long distance.
"No, Ava. This is your choice."

Well, excuse the hell out of me here jerk face but you did just break up with her here!
It was their decision to go to Cali together! But when Tucker made the decision to stay because of his brother and his parents' death, he made that decision alone.
Everyone seems to blame her, but what about him!?
He is a man and he made a choice that affected them both.
But that's okay somehow!?


Five years later, Ava is an actress and Tucker is a writer. His book is a best seller and of course, his book gets adapted to screenplay.
And do you know who is going to act in his movie!?
You guessed it, the heroine Ava!?
So she comes back and it's all going according to plan, for the hero.
Finally, he will get the girl of his dreams and he can have his revenge.. oh wait a minute that's another book, or is it!?


I've got to say, it sure looked like that was what he was doing here.
Ava comes into town and says "Tucker. I’m so sorry. If I could turn back time, I would. I was a coward, and in pushing you away, I lost the best thing that ever happened to me. I lost you. I lost myself. I’ll never be able to apologize enough.”
Okay, girl you did WAY WAY more than your part here.
And when he says “For what it’s worth? I forgave you a long time ago. And I missed you. So fucking much.”
But does he really?
Because a few days later he says this "You already broke my heart once. I’m not giving you the chance to do it again.”

Well, that was a short forgiveness!
And then she thinks "I’d never hated myself more. And the way he pushed away from me, I knew the truth. He felt the same. I’d done too much. Gone too far. I’d broken us, a bond that had lasted years, all because I had been too stubborn, too stupid. Too much of a coward to be with him..."
YES, that's right because you're the coward here who stayed behind and took no chances and did nothing... ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME HERE!?


And to add insult to injury, he doesn't trust her. She is so desperate for atonement, that she is willing to accept his "friends with benefits." As she felt that was all she would likely receive from him.
She tells him honestly,
“I understand, and I deserve your mistrust. I have no intention of breaking your heart again, Tucker, but I also know you need time. So, for now, until you can trust me again, why don’t we focus on being friends again?”

With his "Friends with benefits" deal. As he is finally having sex with her and they are both virgins, he was not willing to give that up.
So several meaningless sexual encounters ensue!
Hurray, the booty call wins again...GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH!


At this point, I will stop because what happened next just PISSED ME OFF SO MUCH I WAS READY TO THROW IN THE TOWEL!
So the fact that this book even got 3 stars from me is a gift!
And I only gave it because of the EPIC ENDING AND EPILOGUE 20 years later.

Now to end this review on a positive note, with my favorite words
"Because Ava Banks had been and would always be the one true love of my life. No one else would ever compare. I wouldn’t even begin to let them try. My life would be lived either with Ava by my side or completely alone."

Honestly, if the hero had matched these words with his actions, then this book would have been a 5-star read.
I really wanted that 5 stars read!

I would not recommend this book and I will not be rereading it.
For me, it was a very juvenile story that was filled with unnecessary drama.

Safety: both virgins, no drama from OW/OM, mind games and manipulations only on the part of the hero pushing the heroine away. No condoms as she is on the pill.
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1,092 reviews1,197 followers
November 15, 2016
Wordless, that's how I am!!!! What an amazing and PERFECT journey!!!!
I know I've already said this very recently but what can I do when the most perfect and what became part of my TOP, best books of this year (immediately on my all time favs list) landed on my e-reader the same month?! Be freakin' over the moon, floating on cloud nine, that's what I am!
Tessa Teevan outdid herself and created the most perfect second chance Romance! Word I couldn't say is undoubtably one of my top three All Time Favs in the trope and such an epic love story, that I will no soon forget, or better yet, EVER! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Full review to follow with Release Blitz....

ARC kindly provided by the author via Southern Belle Promotions in exchange for an honest review
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1,360 reviews1,442 followers
November 23, 2016
4 Stars!
(ARC provided by author)

 photo 5931DE32-1DFB-4AB2-B0D7-2A960AF83D13_zpsbcsb6voh.jpg

Ava Banks is a 23 yr. woman from Cincinnati, Ohio. We first met Ava in Ignite as a toddler & she is the daughter of Jeremy & Sierra Banks. Ava grew up next door to the Manning family & was best friends with Tucker Manning since they were born. Their moms were best friends, and Tucker & Ava were inseparable. When they are 18 their relationship turns romantic & they realize their love for one another has grown and evolved.

Ava has dreamed of being an actress since she was little. She plans to attend college at UCLA & major in film. Tucker also plans to attend college in California, but something happens to derail his plans & their lives go in different directions. Suddenly Ava has to make a choice. Stay with Tucker, or leave him to follow her dreams. She leaves him behind to go become a star & doesn't see him for the next five years.

 photo 1DA45B8C-969C-45A4-BDF6-9864BA240656_zpshdvtsdxd.jpg

Ava thought time would heal her heart, but no matter how much time passed, her heart still ached for the boy she left behind. She has become an actress, but remained lonely & forever missed her soul mate. Time & distance did nothing to diminish her feelings. She still longed for the boy she walked away from.

She wanted him back, so when she's offered the dream role to star in a film in her hometown, she's thrilled. She heads home hoping she can win back the love of her life & have a second chance with him. She decides she won't give up without a fight.

 photo 6A286ED6-4F3F-4E48-833F-FFD96D057648_zps3avs8yc3.jpg

Ava has no clue Tucker is responsible for her return to Cincinnati. He is behind it all & wrote a novel pouring his heart out to her. It's his story that is being made into a film in Cincinnati. He's never stopped loving Ava & still wants a future with her. Is there too much hurt between them, or can Tucker & Ava find their way back to each other?

 photo C76B15CE-2377-4B7F-9D8D-BDC81E7D3868_zpstvvsg1tm.jpg

-"I love you. I've always loved you. I will always love you."

-"My heart was always with you. It always will be."

-"This time, its forever."

 photo 7f2a0674-9457-4206-a18b-ab26ca446dbc_zpslrutmwsc.png
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November 22, 2016
1.75 Stars.

I know. Shocker. I was so excited for this book. I was so fucking frustrated I even checked so many times to see if Tessa would've changed her mind and release it earlier.

I don't want to spoil the whole book because I only think my point of view is going to be different, but I think it's necessary because I didn't like the majority of it:



Again, I won't apologize for being honest.

Before reading the book:
I can't fucking wait anymore. I've waited 3 months for this and I don't believe that shit of "if you have waited this long you can wait a little longer". Fuck that. I want this now.
Sorry for my rant, I just can't wait.
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1,005 reviews796 followers
November 22, 2016
The Word’s I Couldn’t Say is a second chance romance and standalone. If you have read Tessa’s other books you will recognize other characters, Ava is Jeremy and Sierra’s daughter. I love this series, so I was very excited to read Ava’s story.

Ava and Tucker had been best friends since they were little and that friendship finally turns into more right before the graduate high school. They both have plans to go to California and pursue their dreams. When Tucker’s parents are killed in an accident he must stay home to take care of his younger brother.

It’s years later and Ava is going back home, because she has landed a leading role in the new ‘it’ movie. A book to movie adaption of the new hit romance novel time and they want her to play the lead. This is Ava’s big break and also what makes her finally realize she has never gotten over Tucker and needs to see him.

Tucker and Ava have a past and since we can read both points of view, you know neither ever got over each other. They are still living with the pain and longing. Reading their story was sweet and sexy. I fell in love with Tucker and Ava, and desperately wanted their happily ever after finally. I loved this story but had a slight hangup. However, the rest of the story was fantastic and I did eventually get over my frustration because Ava and Tucker together were brilliant.

The Explosive series is one of my favorites, so I am very excited to see what Tessa will do next with this spinoff.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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656 reviews68 followers
November 21, 2016
5 -- Three Words -- stars

The Explosive series is one of my favorite series ever and ever since reading Fusion, I wanted a book for Ava. This book is her and Tucker’s love story. I loved it!

Ava and Tucker have know each other their entire lives. They have always been best friends and they are inseparable, but nothing more until someone makes a move. Unfortunately something terrible happens that causes them to break up.

Ava is an actress several years later and she has been asked to act in a new, big movie. The movie is being filmed in her home town. She hopes to see Tucker again and she will ask him for a second chance. Tucker has never forgotten Ava and also wants a second chance when she comes back home.

Tucker and Ava are as amazing as I thought they would be. Tucker stole my heart. He is such a sweetheart! Ava is strong, caring and loving. She has always wanted to be an actress and is so happy to be one. I love their friendship and love. They understand and support each other. They don’t want to leave each other ever again. They will fight for each other.

This book didn’t disappoint me at all and my expectations were high. This author created another amazing book. She wrote another book to add to my favorites. She describes love so beautifully and perfectly. I really feel the love and their feelings, emotions. She makes it easy to understand the characters and root for them to be together soon. I was so happy that I didn’t take long for them to be together again, because Ava and Tucker belong together!

I also loved the dynamics in the Banks family. They are so close. I absolutely loved Sierra and Jeremy in the Explosive series and I looked forward to reading about them as parents. They are still funny and in love. Ava also has amazing brothers and I won’t mind books about all of them. I can’t wait for the next book in this series!

-- My honest review is based on an advanced reader copy of this book. --
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November 12, 2016

 photo 5CBFEA0E-C17F-45BF-9220-F7D2256B6DB9_zpsc2nopyyv.jpeg

Ava and Tucker have been in love since they were kids. When a family tragedy hits when they are 18 things fall apart. Years later Ava still thinks about Tucker, he was the love of her life. Ava gets a role in the new upcoming blockbuster based on a book T.A. Bankman, the movie is set in her hometown of Cincinnati, where her family and Tucker still live. Ava hasn't seen or spoken to Tucker since they broke up and she packed up and left for California to follow her dreams as an actress.

Things get hot and steamy when they reconnect. I loved Ava and Tucker were so sweet even though this book was a second chance romance it and the characters were older it still felt like a high school romance. I liked all the secondary characters and especially Ava's parents. I know they have their own book so I will definitely read it soon.

“I’m yours. For always.”

“I’m yours, too,” I admitted.

“For always?” he asked.

“For always.”

 photo 9B675793-D298-4AE3-A64E-A3733FC76929_zps9zv2dfpb.jpg
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672 reviews
November 29, 2016
***3.5 Forever stars***

I was excited to read Words I Couldn't Say I enjoyed it but not as much as I thought I would, I wanted to fall in love with Ava and Tucker like I did Sierra and Jeremy but there was something missing for me and it took me longer to read so Sierra and Jeremy are still my favourite Banks couple.

This is a second chance romance for Ava and Tucker.

We first met Ava as the cute toddler in the Explosive series who had the best one liners now Ava is twenty three.

Ava left Cincinnati for California to follow her dreams of becoming an actress leaving Tucker and her family behind.

Tucker was supposed to go with Ava until something happened that changes Tucker's life forever.

Five years later and Ava is coming home to star in a movie that hopefully will give her the big break she has been waiting for. What will happen with Tucker the boy next door?

Tucker has a plan to get Ava home it's just Ava does not know of Tucker's involvement.

I loved catching up with Sierra and Jeremy and getting to know the new kids, these two are still crazy about each other after being together for over thirty years.
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638 reviews38 followers
November 17, 2016
*** I received this ARC in exchange for an honest and fair review :) ***

Safety Triggers:


This was overall a very enjoyable read. I always loved when I read about heroes that know what they want and are willing to fight and wait for it if they have it. I also loved seeing some of my favorite characters make an appearance.

Why not 5 stars? The only reason is that I had a really hard time connecting to Ava. I felt that her actions were extremely selfish and honestly Tucker is such a damn good guy for forgiving her right away and waiting for her. I mean, seriously.

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1,044 reviews352 followers
February 6, 2017
4.25 Forever Mine Stars

This is book 1 in Tessa Teevan’s new Promise in Prose series, which stems from the steamy romantic Fusion Series. A spinoff, Words I Couldn’t Say is the love story of Ava Banks, the daughter of my fave Teevan couple Jeremy and Sierra Banks. Just like her parents, Ava met and fell in like at a young age with her best friend, the boy next door Tucker.

Ava and Tucker are thick as thieves experiencing the highs and lows of growing up and when they finally see the stars in their eyes that everyone else sees. Soon it is full on love! With family support and an unstoppable heart bonding they plan their future together, forever. When life tragedy derails those plans, Ava and Tucker make difficult choices as to what happens now. With sad emotions, fear, and a bit of immaturity, two hearts go separate ways but they never really break apart as to find new love.

The story is sweet and smooth as a little girl grows up and finds her dreams come true in Hollywood and the boy next door rises up to take over his family’s business. The heart of the story really begins with both characters finding professional success, but still alone and apart…missing something more. It is no coincidence that Ava’s star is about to rise up and that her past will soon come full throttle to her present. Ava and Tucker, all grown up have that same undeniable chemistry, only innocent treehouse kisses are nowhere near the lust filled thoughts both are having. Now is the time to find out if friends with benefits really can work, of if Ava and Tucker will have the courage to finally say those words that both need to hear for a forever together.

For those lovers of second chance romance, then look no further. Tessa Teevan does a fantastic job at creating likable characters whose love is pure and real. She gave Tucker and Ava a young love and she kept it real. When giving your heart away forever, no amount of time or space could shake that even when miscommunication and perhaps a bit of growing up has to occur. Both characters are sweet and loyal. There is no over the top or unnecessary drama other than the initial tragedy that forced the couple apart and some new “hidden” news that while shocking, didn’t stop the characters from being together. I always appreciate when couples can talk and be open and even though Teevan’s lovers were young, they had a great foundation and ability to be honest with one another.

Overall, Teevan delivers an emotional read with little bumps in the road for two characters who needed to grow up, apart, before appreciating their together. With hot steamy intimacy and poetic declarations of forever, I really enjoyed the second generation of romances that Teevan is developing!

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June 1, 2018
Words I Couldn't Say was really cute. I loved Ava and Tucker so much!

Okay, so Ava and Tucker have been best friends all their life. One day in High School, Ava FINALLY realized her love for Tucker. However, things happened unexpectedly between the two, like a sudden tragedy, and they went their separate ways.

Years later, they get their second chance at love. This time they aren't going to give it up so easily. Nope, it's worth so much more than it ever had been. Of course these two have loved each other every since they walked away. That love never went away and it was probably a lot stronger when they met again. Their romance was sweet and so beautiful to watch and grow. Of course, the smut wasn't too shabby either.

I liked Ava.. but I feel like she sort of rushed into decisions kind of quickly. Like in the beginning when they broke up because his parents died and she wanted him to just move back to California.. but it's like this tragedy just happened and he needs to heal and take care of his brother. Tucker wasn't just going to abandon his family or leave him with his aunt. No, he was going to man the eff up and take care of him. Take care of his family business. I loved that about Tucker.. but he also kind of rushed into the break up decision.

After they met up again, I wanted them to take their time. I wanted to savor their relationship and not get all swept up in it. Then again, some things I feel like were still kind of rushed or a bit weird. Yet, I enjoyed the book despite those flaws.

Overall, I enjoyed the heck out of Ava and Tucker. I liked that they got their happily ever after. I just which things didn't move so fast.
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November 22, 2016
Words I Couldn’t Say (Promise in Prose #1) by Tessa Teevan
4 stars!!!

“You are my woman. You do not run from me. You run to me.”

I adore second chance romance, while the stars may not have aligned the first time you can normally guarantee they will the second and boy did these stars align. In some books, the hero’s make the grand gesture to win their heroine back, some have been mighty impressive…but in Words I Couldn’t Say said grand gesture was the grandest of all and from that moment I was lost, lost to anything Tucker.

“I love you. I’ve always loved you. I will always love you. I was a fool once…I will never be that fool again.”

Tucker is one fine specimen of a book character. This man had been put through the mill but still came out of it with a heart the size of Texas and a propensity to forgive like no other.

Tucker and Ava were born days apart to next door neighbours. Their friendship was born from diapers and these two were truly inseparable. These two were best friends, where one was you would find the other and they were permanently attached at the hip. Everyone knew that these two would get married eventually, everyone that was except them. Tucker’s hormones kicked in way before Ava’s but it took Ava a while to catch up. Just before they embarked to college, these two finally crossed that line and with their lives mapped out before them their lives were their oyster’s until it cruelly wasn’t.

“I guess our hearts both knew the truth. It just took a while for our brains to catch up.”

Fast forward five years and neither has got over the other. Ava is an up and coming actress and Tucker runs the family construction business. Both kept apart from thousands of miles and a huge dose of stubborn pride and guilt. Ava lands the lead role in a film based on the book “Those Three Words,” a book that had catapulted to the top of the best sellers lists and had attracted the attention of a top director, this was Ava’s big break, but it is also a break that takes her back to her hometown and to the boy next door that she left behind.

“My life would be lived either with Ava by my side or completely alone. I hoped beyond hope the latter wasn’t the outcome.”

Be still my beating heart…Tucker, there are no words to describe this man. Tucker has morals, fantastic family values and is the most self-sacrificing when the chips are down. He gave up everything he ever wanted when needed and didn’t gripe about it. When he and Ava parted, he was at the lowest of the low and had a tremendous fight to pull himself back up, when most would have given up, he carried on regardless with the love for his brother as his incentive. He was totally and utterly and perfect.

“Her eyes shimmered with unshed tears, and I knew, I fucking knew she felt it. She felt me. She felt my heart.”

I have to admit, I found it hard to warm up to Ava, I didn’t agree with some of her actions and while she wasn’t to blame by any stretch of the imagination her empathy and sympathy were extremely lacking. For two people that were so inseparable her actions didn’t ring true and if so, were in my eyes unforgivable.

Now given the time to right some wrongs, beg for forgiveness, explain their actions and reactions, can these two put the past behind them and begin where they left off? Tessa Teevan gives a soul touching account of these childhood sweethearts, where actions spoke just as loud as the words recounted in a book. Where sometimes the written word has so much power, so much emotion that even the guiltiest of hearts doesn’t stand a chance. Where grand gestures go above and beyond yet get the job done, where families are the be all and end all, where neighbours are always there for one and other and where blood doesn’t matter at the end of the day, family is family. Beautiful, touching and unforgettable.

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November 21, 2016
Sometimes young love can really be true love, but sometimes real life gets in the way.

Ava Banks and Tucker Manning were inseparable as kids and teens. Their friendship finally blossomed to young love once they admitted it, but circumstances changed the course of their lives. She left him behind and went after her dreams. He stayed behind doing what he felt was right.

Five years later, they are having successes with their careers, but both are lonely and miss each other. Tucker uses his passion for writing and makes a bold play to bring Ava home and back into his life. And due to the story Ava has just read, she has had her own epiphany about the one that got away.

But just because they are finally going to reunite does not mean that it will perfectly easy. They have had time to grow and change, and also to realize what they have missed. They have a connection that was forged in infancy and cannot be broken. But they both have fears, insecurities, and trust issues that have to be addressed.

Tucker is a completely lovable hero. He is passionate, devoted, and loving, but also strong and can be a bit bold. He has reasons to be angry, guard his heart, and be scared of her leaving again. But he has a big heart and knows that Ava should have always been his.

And Ava who we saw shine in Ignite and Fusion is still sassy, sweet, beautiful, and caring. She has a successful acting career, but at what cost? She has regrets. She has fears. She misses home and the ones she loves. She needs to find out where she truly belongs. But she knows that she needs to finally face her past and make amends to the one she hurt.

It is obvious these two are meant to be together. But they have some challenges to overcome including some surprises. This is about soul mates, second chances, friendship, and a true connection. But it also deals with the consequences of running away from love versus running towards it. And about forgiveness and sacrifice. They will have to embrace the present in order to move forward from the past to have hope of a future.

I enjoyed the premise of the story within a story component and how Tucker managed to put down the words he needed to say. But it is not just about words, it is also about actions and fighting for what they really need and want. It was mushy-gushy, passionate, funny, and romantic. It was not too angsty, and was super sweet and smile-inducing. But sometimes a fluffy book with adorable characters is just a breath of fresh air.

I enjoyed getting some cameos from characters and their offspring from the Explosive series and especially getting more family time with her parents, Jeremy and Sierra (Fusion). They are still such a funny couple and I loved seeing their devotion to their kids as well as those they take in as their own. I really liked Tucker's brother, Tanner, and would like to see him get his HEA. Her little brothers were scene stealers as well. I am so glad Ava got her own book. I was really hoping she would after Fusion and her love story did not disappoint.

I am interested to see where the rest of this series will take us.

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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November 22, 2016
This is a new to me author and while this is a spin-off of the author's Explosive series, it can be read as a standalone. This was a good slow burn second chance romance that will have you glued to the pages as soon as you open it.

Ava Banks and Tucker Manning have known each other their whole lives and have been inseparable and the best of friends all through their childhood and into their teens. When their friendship finally blossoms into something more, tragedy strikes and changes everything. She left him behind to pursue her dreams while he stayed behind to do what was right. Five years pass without not a word between them, both of them living them dream but lonely and miserable without the other. Tucker has put all of his pain and misery into writing her a love story in hopes that she will read it someday and hear the words he couldn't say all those years ago. When Hollywood comes calling, he makes sure she gets the role as leading lady. No better woman for the role than the inspiration behind the whole thing. Now he finally has a second chance to make everything right, show her what's always been in his heart, and hopefully finally get the girl of his dreams after all these years.

Ava and Tucker have insane chemistry between them and I really felt for them with what all they went through. I loved the flashbacks every once in awhile to their past to let us better understand what happened. I loved how they were both so sweet with one another. All the secondary characters were an amazing addition and I know most of them have their own books so I'm going to have to go back and read them all now! Especially Jeremy and Sierra, Ava's parents. I can't wait to see what else the author has for us next.
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November 22, 2016

“For always.”

This was a sweet second chance romance between two young adults who have been in love since they were kids.

I read the first book in the Explosive series and I really liked it. I don't know why I never continued the series. Maybe because my TBR is crazy. I need to rectify this.

Words I Couldn't Say is a spinoff of the Explosive series. The main female character is Ava Banks, daughter of Jeremy and Sierra from Fusion.

Ava grew up knowing she wanted to be an actress. She wants to succeed in a Hollywood career. Just before she graduates high school, she recognizes she has been in love with her best friend Tucker Manning. They spend the rest of the time left before college getting to know each other in a young-love kind of way. When a tragedy affects Tucker's life, their plans crumble. Ava leaves by herself, but not without breaking her own heart.

Tucker Manning has always known Ava is the one. When they were younger, he waited until she was ready to see him as something more than a friend. He was the happiest guy when she kissed him the first time. Letting her go broke him but he knew he couldn't interfere with her dreams. During the time apart, Tucker wrote a novel and when the novel succeeds and Hollywood comes knocking, he knows the perfect female for the part. Bringing Ava back to Cincinnati will give them their much needed second chance.

This novel was sweet! Ava and Tucker were meant for each other. They were true soulmates. From what I can gather, they're the next generation of Sierra and Jeremy's true love.

Tucker was a true romantic. He wrote a love story to bring her back home. He gambled and he played to win. He knew Ava was the only woman who could make him happy and there was no one else for him. He was willing to forgive Ava for leaving him, but more than that, he knew he couldn't interfere with her dreams or she would have resented him. I've no idea who Ava was able to leave him behind. Sigh.

I'm excited about this new series. All of Ava's brothers were too cute. I'm hoping they all get a book.

Cliffhanger: No

4/5 Fangs

A complimentary copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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November 22, 2016
Everyone has a story to tell…an exploration of the highs and lows of life and the lessons learned throughout the years. Sometimes the tale is romantic and loving while, other times, it’s painful and depressing, forcing choices to be made that unequivocally define who that person is and the path that person takes to find his/her happily ever after, if it’s even possible.

When art imitates life, a couple’s real story becomes fictitious, in a sense, because names have changed and the real-life ending hasn’t been written yet even though the book’s conclusion takes on a life of its own. But regardless of the fictional storyline, a couple’s own story is still in production, so that means there’s still a chance to change their story…to take advantage of a second chance for their first love and ride off into the sunset together, instead of walking away from each other without fighting for a love that’s been there from the very beginning.

Ava Banks and Tucker Manning were meant to fall in love…fate brought them together for a reason, but it also drove them apart in order for dreams to be fulfilled and unexpected circumstances to be controlled in a constructive way. Despite the heartbreak of being pulled apart and the lonely existence both have felt for the past 5 years, they’ve grown as individuals and are now ready to reclaim the person who’s always been theirs and change the ending that occurred all those years ago to one that fit how much they love one another and their willingness to fight instead of walk away.

I love the concept of a story within a story, and Tessa Teevan does an amazing job of tying the two together and using one as a stepping stone for the other. Writing Those Three Words was a cathartic experience for Tucker, and it’s one that solidified what’s been missing from his life for the last 5 years. Trevor and Abby’s story sets in motion his reunion with Ava and allows old hurts to be kept in the past and the focus to be on the present and creating a future where Tucker and Ava fight for their relationship instead of hurt one another all over again.

Words I Couldn’t Say is an emotional journey for both Tucker and Ava as well as readers. In flashbacks, we learn how they broke each other’s hearts 5 years ago and the extenuating circumstances that tore them apart and then we witness the ways they repair one another’s hearts and prove by their actions that the love they’ve always felt for one another hasn’t dissipated despite the time and distance; in fact, it’s been their guiding force to bring Ava back home to Cincinnati and back into the arms of a man she’s always belonged to since she was born.

Words have power…the power to destroy…the power to heal…the power to bring lovers back together, but words alone can’t overcome a heartbreaking past…that requires a combination of words and deeds as well as a little help from fate!

4.5 Poison Apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)
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November 9, 2016
Wow!! I Love Romance Novels!!

But this... This is based a true love...The truest most purest form of love!! The best friends who grew into childhood sweethearts... Then there was a sacrifice made!!

Tucker & Ava.... Wow!! This story had actually reminded me of my own love with my husband...so it spoke to me in a way,the same way Abby and Trevor's story did to Ava!!

This was amazing,the chemistry was sizzling! I loved the book from start to finish...it left me an emotional mess one minute,then a hot flushed cheeks the next!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5+ star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Want to read
October 25, 2015
Explosive spin-off series you say?? I say...

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November 6, 2016
This story starts out with a punch to the gut, tears streaming down your face; only to realize it's a true story within a story.

This is the story of Ava and Tucker. Ava was a spitfire as a kid and she's a spitfire as an adult, all grown up. It's a childhood friends to lovers story. Ava and Tucker make lifelong plans when tragedy strikes altering their plans forever. Ava and Tucker realize those plans take them in different directions.

Time goes by and Tucker puts together the ultimate plan to bring Ava back to him for neither one of them has moved on. SWOON!!!!! Tucker's plan to win Ava back tops all swoon-worthy moments of all time! Just as this happens, Ava vows to go after what she left behind all those years ago. When these two finally meet up, it's Combustible!

Just when things are starting to come together, Ava discovers a secret was kept from her during the years she was away from home that brings you to tears; life imitating art.

This was a great story; heart-felt, tear jerking and the deep, can't live without you soul-mate love. It was great reading about Jeremy and Sienna and their shenanigans that haven't dimmed after all their time together; As well as glimpses of the kids grown up from the coup,Es in this series we adore!

I don't think my heart can take "Those Three Words" when it releases but I know it will be beautifully written!
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May 16, 2018
Ava and Tucker were best friends since infancy, but it took until their Senior Prom for Ava to know that she loved Tucker. Just when it looked like they were going to have a storybook relationship, tragedy struck Tucker's family and it ripped Ava and Tucker apart. 5 years later, Ava gets the role of a lifetime playing "Abby" in a tragic romance set and being filmed in her hometown of Cincinnati. Inspired by the role she is playing, she decides to confront Tucker and try to patch things up between them.

This was a cute story. I loved Tucker and Ava. Just when I thought things were pretty predictable, the author really threw me for a loop with some drama at the end.
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November 15, 2016
*ARC in Exchange for Honest Review*

Tessa Teevan... amazing lady to meet in person and just as amazing as a writer. When I heard she had a new book coming out, 'Words I Couldn't Say', I instantly knew I had to have a copy of this book to read. She has always been a go to author for me from the first book I have read, with this latest one and she will always be. She puts so much feeling into her books and this one she definitely does not disappoint. She takes you on an emotional ride and makes you fall in love with Ava and Tucker. Believe me when I say Tucker Manning is now my new book boyfriend and you will soon fall under his spell when you read this book!

We first met Ava Banks in Fusion as a spunky, curious little 6 year old girl. She is now all grown up, 23 years old, and living her life of her dreams as an aspiring actress. It's like she says, "I mean, my name is Ava for a reason, and I wouldn't have been doing my namesake justice if I hadn't at least tried to make it on the silver screen." Landing the role of a lifetime is a dream of Ava's and when she finally gets the call for the next big movie in Hollywood, she jumps on the chance! Her best friend and roommate Tawni makes her read the book that her new movie is based off of and when she does, it ignites old memories and feelings for the one boy that she never got over and can't seem to ever forget. Re-living the memory of what happened five years earlier that broke her heart, she is vowing to herself to fix the problem when she returns to Cincinnati to film the new movie.

Tucker Manning grew up best friends with Ava his whole life. When tragedy strikes his family, he has to make some decisions that will change the course of his life and his relationship with Ava. Now, with five years past, and as a successful author, he is on his way to the big screen with his book that he wrote. The one catch... he wants Ava Banks as his leading lady, and he has just the plan to get her. This man will pull out all the stops until he gets her back!

I heart Tucker Manning! He has a heart of gold and is the absolute sweetest man in a book I have read about in a while. Tessa really made him an amazing character and he will make all women fall for him. Just wait and see! Tessa's writing on Ava was amazing as well. She really put a lot of emotion and thoughts behind both of them and it makes the reader understand more of why they did what they did and why they felt the way they felt. I was in love with this book, 2 chapters in and did not want to put it down!

5 Loving stars from me and I cannot wait to see what Tessa comes out with next!

Reviewed by Jodi N.
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