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Hades Hangmen #5

Damnable Grace

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Secrets never stay hidden.

The burden of guilt never lifts from the heart.

Born and raised in The Order of David, Sister Phebe knows nothing but cult life. Head of the Sacred Sisters of New Zion, Phebe was groomed from childhood for one purpose: to seduce. Prized as a harlot, as a New Zion whore, Phebe is taken from the doomed cult by Meister, the notorious leader of the Aryan Brotherhood. Taken as his possession. Taken to be the woman who will obey his every sexual demand. Under his heavy hand, Phebe finds herself in a place much worse than she could ever have imagined... with absolutely no one to help. And no glimpse of hope.

Xavier ‘AK’ Deyes is content with his life as Sergeant-At-Arms of the Hades Hangmen. Leader of the infamous ‘Psycho Trio’ and ex-special ops sniper, AK knows how to fight. Experienced in warfare and schooled in military operations, AK is vital to the Hangmen. When his Vice President needs help retrieving his missing sister-in-law, Phebe, from a Klan-funded trafficking ring, AK volunteers to go in. AK remembers the redhead from New Zion. Remembers everything about her from the single time they met—her red hair, blue eyes and freckled face. But when he finds her, heavily drugged and under Meister’s control, her sorry condition causes him to remember more than the beautiful woman he once tied to a tree. Saving Phebe forces hidden demons from his past to return. A past he can never move on from, no matter how hard he tries.

As AK fights to help Phebe, and in turn she strives to help him, they realize their secret sins will never leave them alone. Kindred broken souls, they realize the only way they can be rid of their ghosts is to face them together and try to find peace.

Despair soon turns to hope, and damaged hearts soon start to heal. But when their deep, painful scars resurface, becoming too much to bear, the time comes when they must make a heavy choice: stay forever damned; or together, find grace.

Dark Contemporary Romance. Contains explicit sexual situations, violence, disturbingly sensitive and taboo subjects, offensive language and very mature topics. Recommended for age 18 and over.

556 pages, Paperback

First published April 16, 2017

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About the author

Tillie Cole

57 books20k followers
Amazon & USA Today Best Selling Author, Tillie Cole, is a Northern girl through and through. She originates from a place called Teesside on that little but awesomely sunny (okay I exaggerate) Isle called Great Britain. She was brought up surrounded by her English rose mother -- a farmer's daughter, her crazy Scottish father, a savagely sarcastic sister and a multitude of rescue animals and horses.
Being a scary blend of Scottish and English, Tillie embraces both cultures; her English heritage through her love of HP sauce and freshly made Yorkshire Puddings, and her Scottish which is mostly demonstrated by her frighteningly foul-mouthed episodes of pure rage and her much loved dirty jokes.

Having been born and raised as a Teesside Smoggie, Tillie, at age nineteen, moved forty miles north to the 'Toon', Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, where she attended Newcastle University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts honours degree in Religious Studies. She returned two years later to complete a Post-Graduate Certificate in Teaching High School Social Studies. Tillie, regards Newcastle to be a home from home and enjoyed the Newcastle Geordie way of life for seven 'proper mint' and 'lush' years.

One summers day, after finishing reading her thousandth book on her much loved and treasured Kindle, Tillie turned to her husband and declared, "D'you know, I have a great idea for a story. I could write a book." Several months later, after repeating the same tired line at the close of another completed story, she was scolded by her husband to shut up talking about writing a novel and "just bloody do it!" For the first time in eleven years, Tillie actually took his advice (he is still trying to get over the shock) and immediately set off on a crazy journey, delving deep into her fertile imagination.

Tillie, ever since, has written from the heart. She combines her passion for anything camp and glittery with her love of humour and dark brooding men (most often muscled and tattooed – they’re her weakness!). She also has a serious side (believe it or not!) and loves to immerse herself in the complex study of World Religions, History and Cultural Studies and creates fantasy stories that enable her to thread serious issues and topics into her writing -- yep, there's more to this girl than profanity and sparkles!

After six years of teaching high school Social Studies and following her Professional Rugby Player husband around Europe, they have finally given up their nomadic way of life and settled in Calgary, Alberta where Tillie spends most of her days (and many a late night) lost in a writing euphoria or pursuing a dazzling career as a barrel-racing, tasselled-chap wearing, Stetson-sporting cowgirl... Ye-haw!

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1,826 reviews29k followers
April 12, 2022
5++++ Gazillion Stars

Holy. Shit.


The is the BEST fucking Hangmen book to date in my opinion, people, I shit you not.


Seriously, I can't WAIT for all you ladies to get your hands on this thing.

All I can say is, Tillie Cole is one talented bitch.

And yes, I can call her "bitch."

Because that's, like, a compliment in Hangmen-Land, after all.


Now, Tillie has been very clear that she doesn't want ANY spoilers in any of the ARC reviews.

Such is her right and I shall abide. So in order not to chance her righteous lady scribe wrath and risk being damned by the ARC gods, I am going to keep this brief in the details department.

I will say this, however...there is a quote in here that I really wanted to include in this review - although, now that I actually think about it, I am glad I can't so you can all enjoy it for yourselves.

Let's just say that it relates to Phebe and her freckles; and, AS a fellow freckled person, the quote moment mentioned above, especially made my heart melt.


Personally, my freckles have never bothered me like they bother some freckled people. In fact, I've always liked them. They are almost like built-in camouflage for any complexion blemishes.

But, regardless, I know a lot of people who have freckles and hate them or just feel different because of them - and it's so rare to have the heroine in a book be so freckled - and have those freckles constantly mentioned as part of her character - that I just found it really refreshing.


But, anyspeckle, as I said, I am going to keep this brief because, quite frankly, I don't want to accidentally include anything spoiler-y and - in my excitement - I'm scared of myself.

Now being scared of my schizo filter-less self is nothing new per se, but...well, you know...consequences this time.


So all I will say is this:

There are definitely moments in this book that will have you cringing in your La-Z-Boy.

Personally, I'm pretty heartless and jaded when it comes to dark shit. My reaction to something someone else might think is really heinous is more like this:


But this book had a few moments in it that had me reacting like Joe Rogan watching the Two Girls and a Cup video.


(If you have no idea what that is - don't worry about it. And whatever you do, do NOT google it at work. TRUST me.)

Regardless, as with all of Tillie Cole's books, I feel like these moments add an even deeper sense of realism to the story - and not in a "just for the sake of needless tragedy" way like so many other authors these days.

Above all else though, there was just such a palpable connection between Phebe and AK.

They were just so amazing together. I think they have tied if not beaten out Styx/Mae and Ky/Lilah as my favorite Hangmen couple, actually.

Also amazing was the more in depth connection we got to see between the Psycho Trio, namely that between AK and Flame.

In fact, just thinking about it and writing all that made me realize that AK might be my favorite Hangmen Hero to date.



***ARC received in exchange for an honest review***
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3,809 reviews32.3k followers
April 2, 2022
5 stars

 photo 20CCE3DF-1C8E-4F43-80A6-110968EF6545_zpstzya27k6.jpg
Even the broken, through love, can find grace.

Damnable Grace blew me away. I love the entire Hangman series. These books are unlike any other MC books out there. I’m going to try to keep this one short, sweet, and spoiler free- because the impact it will have on you reading it will be huge. This story is emotional, moving, and brutal at times. Yes, it’s truly brutal. In a lot of ways, it’s the darkest of the Hangman books.

AK is part of the Psycho Trio, and you really get to see more of him in Flame’s book. I didn’t know what to expect from his story, but wow. You get a lot of AK’s back story from when he was a special-op sniper in the Marines. You get to see what happened to him and his family and how it shaped him into the man he is. You also get to see how he found Flame and how all that tied together.

Phebe is Lilah’s sister and was born and raised in The Order. She is SO different than the other heroines in this series. Phebe was groomed as a child to essentially be a whore for The Order. She was the Head of the Sacred Sisters. When everything went down with The Order, she was taken by Meister, a leader of part of the KKK. There have been some pretty terrible and despicable characters in this series, but I haven’t hated many the way I hated Meister.

AK makes it his mission to save Phebe, to get her back to her sister and out of the hands of that monster. Since he first saw her at New Zion, he’s always remembered her and she held a special place for him. He likes Phebe for Phebe. Not for her body or what she can do for him. She’s never found a male that has treated her that way.
I was not sure, but . . . but I hoped, and I prayed, that he actually liked me. For me. Not my body. But just . . . me. I did not understand how that could possibly be true, but I desperately wanted it to be.

 photo F2F72079-9B3F-4305-A336-D0FF8D1091D7_zpsot5eflqu.jpg

Although AK and Phebe had very different upbringings and lives, they are more alike than you could imagine. They truly understand one another. I loved their connection. Nothing is better to me than watching completely damaged and destroyed souls start to mend together. It warms my heart. I loved this couple, but seeing all they had been through was hard. This book is not for the faint of heart. If you can’t handle disturbing scenes, violence, rape etc in books- you may need to skip this one. I hate to say that, because it’s a book that needs to be read, but I understand these types of stories aren’t for everyone.

I love all things Tillie Cole, but her Hangman series is truly exceptional. AK and Phebe’s story is powerful. It’s a captivating read. I highly recommend all these books, and after reading the end of this book and the sneak peek OMG! What’s coming… I can’t even wait! I know there are lots of epic books to come, but there is one I’m looking forward to even more than the others! Lil Ash! GAH! For all readers of The Hangman series, pick this one up ASAP! You won’t be disappointed!
She’d hooked me in, I’d taken the bait, but unlike the other unlucky bastards, she was never leaving me . . . because I’d hooked her in too. For good.

 photo 2486A99F-531E-4205-B956-0D8A7875FE64_zpsrc8hbnka.jpg
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2,159 reviews7,550 followers
April 15, 2017
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Wow, this was one crazy assed ride. Damnable Grace: A Chilling fucked up romantic suspense by Tillie Cole is the fifth book in the Hades Hangmen Trilogy.
Meet Ak and Phebe. Both are broken lost souls, both have demons to fight and lay to rest.
And so it begins.

Warning: “Dark Contemporary Romance. Contains explicit sexual situations, violence, disturbingly sensitive and taboo subjects, offensive language and very mature topics. Recommended for age 18 and over.”

This review is going to be a no frills review, so sorry but no spoilers will be divulged, but just know that Tillie Cole has opened up that can of "whoop Ass" think the previous books in this series were dark? Think again, she's gone that little bit darker, that little bit gritter, it's more in your face and there is no hiding from it!! This is one mother fucker of a ride!! it's turbulent and bumpy as hell!! Nothing is going to prepare you for what is coming!!

My record of 132 confirmed kills, the sniper in me couldn't help but keep track of each heart I'd stopped. The psycho within fucking liked to.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Since the age of ten Phebe was taken from the only home she knew and had since then been skilled in the art of seducing men, hundreds upon hundreds, it was all she knew, she knew nothing of the outside world, being a sacred sister this was her role in life, to pleasure males whom are associated with the 'Prophet and the Faith.'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Fuck me sideways and back again, this book, this author, this series is the BOMB!!

If you haven't picked up this series what are you waiting for? This is the best biker series I have come across, it ticks every single box biker fans could want, the dark, the grit, the emotional turmoil of what these girls go through will not only pull on your heart strings but will leave a stamp on your heart where each and every single one of them have pulled an emotion out of you.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What made this book even more special was the fact that we got more of an in depth connection with the 'Psycho Trio' which they have been aptly named, and we reconnect with Flame and where ak ties into joining the gang.

So to sum it all up, if you enjoy gritty, raw, dark, unconventional romances with sexy broody alpha males and strong heroines, then definitely instead of thinking about start one clicking this series. Highly recommend!! ❤

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1,260 reviews9,957 followers
April 20, 2017
*****5++++++++ STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

In the comfort of his safe embrace, I let sleep pull me under. And for the first time in my life, I lay in bed with a man and just slept.
My body protected in his arms…
…and perhaps my soul too.

 photo IMG_2768_zpsfcmojven.jpg


I truly believe that Tillie Cole does not have it in her to write a mediocre story and I am beyond grateful for that fact. I devour everything she writes and the Hades Hangmen is by far the most creative and best MC series out there. Honestly, this series was the reason why I started blogging! Everyone who has fallen in love with the Hades Hangmen will surely love A.K. and Phebe’s story as much as I did! Up until now, Flame has been the Hero that I loved the most in this series, but now he just might have to share my love with A.K. Up until now, we never really got a true sense of the type of man A.K. is, but in this book, this man outshines them all!

If you have been reading this series religiously you know there are some pretty nasty characters and there is some really horrifying subject matter that is ever present throughout. The women who end up owning the hearts and minds of their alpha male Hangmen all come from a religious cult run by the most despicable men who practice daily rituals of rape with girls who are as young as six. They each have lived a life that is worse than any nightmare you could ever imagine. It is always the rough around the edges, outlaw Hades Hangmen member whose love and utter devotion help them to move on from their horrific pasts, but every Heroine also plays a part in healing the souls of the man they love. So you could say these ladies are not just mere damsels in distress. They are some of the toughest and most fierce women you will ever come across in a story.

 photo IMG_2644_zpsszefbiyz.jpg

We knew from DEEP REDEMPTION that Phebe truly regretted her part in her sister’s torture and that she was no longer blinded by her faith in all the false prophets of the New Zion. She ends up being sold to one of the most psychotic and deranged leaders of a white supremacist group that was dealing in guns with the cult. Meister has had an obsession with Phebe and he is far more sadistic and brutal than any of the cult leaders that have raped and sodomized the young girls and women of the cursed and sacred sisters. What we learn is that from an early age Phebe was also taught all the ways to please a man sexually and that she became so good at it that she was titled the ”sacred sister”. She had been sent outside the commune to entice and lure men to join their cult. But now since the fall of Judah, she has been held captive by Meister and let’s just say that it is truly a miracle that she hasn’t tried to take her own life.

 photo IMG_2708_zps0iahl5nt.jpeg

The Hangmen are on a mission to rescue Phebe and A.K. most of all wants to get her safely back to their compound. He hasn’t been able to forget the beautiful redhead with the soulful eyes. He had seen something of himself inside of her and the thought of her being brutalized on a daily basis by Meister has been tearing him up inside. Ultimately the psycho trio infiltrates the KKK’s compound and are able to rescue Phebe. There’s a rough and painful road that lays ahead of Phebe while A.K. helps to detox her from all the illegal drugs that were pumped into her veins. Not only was her body nearly broken but she came close to losing her sanity. Somehow her will to survive seems to be stronger than all the demons that haunt her during her waking and sleeping hours. It is during A.K. and Phebe’s alone time together that we learn of some heartbreaking secrets that torment them. Life seems to have brought them nothing but pain and unbearable guilt, but they have the ability to see into each other’s souls and together there is a possibility of forgiveness and healing.

 photo IMG_2769_zps2eht8c3g.jpg

Aside from the action and the romance between A.K. and Phebe, we find out how the Psycho trio (A.K., Flame, and Vike), became so close. We also learn how A.K. met Flame and felt an almost instant need to help and protect him. I enjoyed getting their full back story and every tender moment between Ash and Flame nearly had me tearing up.

This is definitely one of my favorites in this series! It’s also up there as one of the darkest. There were moments when I found it hard to get through certain scenes. Tillie’s writing is just that powerful. I felt like these things were really happening to someone I knew. She makes you fall and care for these characters. I know that if you have loved this series all along, your expectations will be exceeded!

DAMNABLE GRACE went LIVE today!! Be sure to one-click and don’t miss out on the novella, ”I DO BABE”!

Amazon: hyperurl.co/fyjok9

Buy Link for I DO BABE
Amazon: hyperurl.co/gjaing

 photo 14632661_zps91scfkdd.gif

 photo 17631979_zpsogt4rrvf.png
April 1, 2022
5 A devil’s man with the angel eyes Stars

Spoilers, Spoilers, and more spoilers....don't read if you don't wanna know

 photo ghmfhj_zpswdttrszb.gif

“You would not kill me. I deserved to die, but you would not kill me . . . because you had kind eyes. A devil’s man with angel eyes.”-Phebe

Tillie Cole did it again. I am in awe of what an amazing writer she is. She is a fucking genius. HOLY FUCK........ My feels! This book took me on one hell of a ride. I was all over the place with my emotions. From happy, sad, angry to straight fangirling and swooning all over this fucking book. This series just blows me away and just keeps getting better and better. With every page I fall more in love with past couples, the main couple of the book, and each new character. Tillie Cole writes some of the most beautiful, heartbreaking, complex, and in depth characters that I can't help but become so invested in their stories. They feel real to me. When you are a reader like me that reads 1000s of books for the most part they all start to run together. You forget them as you move on down the line to a new one. Some last longer than others but they just start blending. But there are those rare books that stick with you forever. The ones that steal your heart, burn into your soul and move you so that you know you will never forget them or get enough of them. Few authors can write books that powerful, that capture hearts. Tillie Cole is one of them authors. Books like Flame and Maddie will live in my heart forever. I will be 90 and still be a Flame whore lol.

“I need him,” I said. “I need AK normal. I can’t have him like he was before. I don’t like it. It . . ” I rubbed my chest. It was too tight and I couldn’t breathe so well. “It hurts my chest. AK sad makes my chest ache.” “It is because you love him,” she explained. She covered my hand on my chest with her own. “Your heart aches because you are worried for him. Your brother. The man that gave you a second chance at life.”-Flame and Maddie about Ak

 photo sdfhsr_zpsgi2pjvyh.gif

“Keep going and I’ll fuck you, Red. Can’t be pressing your big tits on me if you ain’t wanting me to fucking own them.” I caught the hitch of her breath and felt her pulse race under my fingers. “I’ll fuck you right here. I’ll fuck you and lick you and not stop until you’re screaming my name. You want that, bitch?”-Ak

Ak was so damn sexy. Not only was he a badass biker, part of the Psycho Trio, but he was ex military which is one of my weaknesses. He was so strong for Phebe but he was broken over his past too. He faced his demons to help Phebe. Ak was so easy to love . Even though Ak had major damage from a painful past he was so caring and protective. He loved and cared for Flame, for lil Ash, Phebe, and his brothers. He was just an all around great down to earth guy. But that doesn't mean he was a pussy. Ak was a total badass and at times a blood thirsty psycho. He also could be playful too. But the best part he was also a panty melting beast. Phebe was broken. For almost the whole book Ak was trying to pick up the pieces of Phebe's broken spirit and heal her. Though Phebe wasn't a super strong, kickass heroine she had a sweet vulnerability that made her endearing. I don't know many people that could have lived through all the shit she had and not be broken and insane. I could totally understand her pain, addictions, and her lashing out and making stupid mistakes. Never once did I feel she was stupid or weak because of her actions, but instead she had lost hope and was drowning in pain.

“I think . . . I think we were meant to find each other, AK. I think we were meant to find each other, to leave hell together.” I didn’t reply. I had no words. “I think that no solution is quick, and no remedy will magically make our pain drift away. I believe that we must go through this pain we are feeling in order to move on. And I believe whatever God or greater power exists above us brought us together so we may heal together. Heal the other in a way that no other person ever could.”-Phebe

 photo Ak and Phebe_zpsmpw1u917.jpg

“You are a good man, Xavier Deyes.” I placed my hand on his cheek. AK looked at me in surprise, and knowing he was the most special man I would ever meet, I spoke from my heart. “I . . . I love you,” I whispered and saw his eyes widen. “I do not expect you to say it back. I just . . . I just wanted you to know that my heart is now in your hands. You have honor, and pride, and the kindest soul in existence.” -Phebe

Ak and Phebe had a strong connection and lots of passion. They were hot together. But more than that they were supportive of each other. The closeness they had from helping each other with the past really built up their relationship. Not as much as Flame and Maddie but I truly feel no one can come close to Madds and Flame. Maybe Lil Ash will give big brother a run for his money, but Flame and Maddie are fucking Epic and a super high bar to be measured too. Speaking of Flame and Maddie, they have some nice parts in this book. I loved getting some POV from Flame. Loved seeing Flames relationships with Maddie, Ak, and lil Ash growing. Lil Ash had some great parts in this book too. OMG I love his ass. I want more Ash. I need him to get a book so badly. He is such a little Flame I know he would make an epic story. Especially from the glimpse us readers got of Ash and Saff. I am alread dying to know if they get together. Please Mrs Cole!!! Ash and Saff!

“Look about,” he said and pointed to Lil’ Ash. Ash was frozen, beer suspended in the air, as he watched Sapphira walk past him and sit next to Lilah and Grace. I shook my head, groaning, when Zane and Slash tried to pull his attention. But his huge fucking black eyes wouldn’t get the fuck off Saff. She clearly saw it too, as she looked up, gave him a small fucking stunning ghost of a smile, then ducked her head again. Ash looked as if he wanted to go over and speak to her, but he just sat back, never taking his gaze off her. “Ash just got a huge fucking boner for Saff,” -Vike

 photo feels-gif_zpsbv9t7cr0.gif

“Look up.” Phebe snapped her eyes to me. “Look up at the sky,” I said again. She did. I watched as a fucking huge smile came onto her lips. “There are so many stars,” she whispered. “Imagine the sky without them.” Phebe looked at me in confusion. “Why would I do that? They make the sky so pretty. They are the reason people stargaze. To see their beauty.” “Think of your face like the sky. The freckles, the stars, only make the sight more worth looking at.”-Ak and Phebe

I liked that Rider was still slowly earning back some trust. I also liked that at the end he was included in the family cookout if for Bella's sake only. Vike really shined in this book. He was a funny ass mother fucker and I can't wait to get his book. Whenever this book would get too heavy, Vike would make me laugh. Or Tillie Cole would make me swoon at sweet Flame moments. I squealed, I mean I fucking squealed and woke my kids up when Maddie and Flame talked about having a baby some day. SQUEALED!!! Fangirl wet dream "baby Flames". I think I had a fangasm just thinking about it. The story line for this book was heartbreaking and very dark. Rape all over this book. It was very hard to read at times. I hated Meister and I thought that pos bastard got off too easy being killed so fast. I wanted pain, and lots of blood. I liked getting to know Hush and Cowboy a little better in this book as they had a hand in helping get Phebe from the Meister. I can't wait to see how Cole plays the Sia, Hush, Cowboy plot. This was another amazing book for the Hades Hangmen series. Below I leave a few of my favorite quotes that I just can't help but share.

“I’m starting to think I should get me a fucking live-in rent boy too. He cooks, cleans . . . fuck!” He turned to Ash, who was trying his best to ignore our asshole of a brother. “You suck cock too?” I opened my mouth to tell him to shut the hell up, but Ash said, “Even if I did, I wouldn’t be sucking yours. Heard it’s no bigger than an inch.”-Vike and Ash
Arms spread wide, he shouted in his thick Cajun accent, “My mama’s white and my papa is black. I’m your worst fucking nightmare, so why don’t y’all come get me and my massive interracial cock!”-Hush
“And I was like, bitch! You realize how lucky you are to be fucking down there?” I laughed at Vike as he sat back in his seat. “Fucking took off nearly all of my pubes with her fucking teeth! Could have slapped the slut.” “Maybe you need to fucking trim your bush so your pubes wouldn’t get caught in her teeth, you ever think about that?” “Fuck off.” Vike shook his head. “I’m rocking the fucking eighties bush and I’m proud of it.” “The only fucking one who is,” I said. “You know if you shave, your cock looks bigger, yeah? Pubes hide the true girth.” Vike’s arm stopped, drink almost at his mouth, and he looked at me. “That true?” “It’s science, brother.” I waggled my brows. “Then shit! Goodbye, bush, is all I gotta say.”-Vike and Ak
“Want you, Red,” I said, my voice rough. “I . . . want this,” she said. Pulling my head back, so I could see her eyes, I said, “I wanna take you. Wanna take this pussy, this fucking bruised soul and this heart. You good with that?”-Ak and Phebe
July 8, 2017


Tillie Cole is back! Gone is the Telenovela craziness of the last Hades Hangmen book. With Damnable Grace, Cole once again proves she’s no lazy storyteller. If that alone isn’t a reason to stand up and cheer, here are 5 more:

#5. TRUE GRINDHOUSE GRIT: A Tale Of Desire! Salvation! Revenge!

The fifth book in the The Hades Hangmen series may not be an homage to the classic Grindhouse films of the 1970s, but it sure feels like one. With it’s tragic characters, brutal violence, and explosive sex; Damnable Grace is an intoxicating blend of bloody conflict and gritty sex, with an old-fashioned romance chaser.

“My fingers twitched at the thought of tracking Phebe down, of taking out the fucker who had her. Too many nights I’d imagined cutting that fucker apart. Slitting his stomach open and watching his blood and guts spill at my feet. And I’d smile through it all with Phebe by my side.” ~ A.K (Xavier) Deyes

A.K…? Phebe… ? Blood…? Guts…?


#4. MAN BAIT: Half Seductress… All Irrisistable…

Unlike most of today’s contemporary romances, Damnable Grace boasts a refreshing, sexual role reversal. Instead of A.K. manwhoring around with other women while Phebe quietly suffers in silence, Phebe does the whoring and A.K. does the suffering. Though, not in silence. He is, after all, a member of the Hades Hangmen.

“Leaning down, I took my blade and slashed across his Achilles.
‘Messed with the wrong bitch, fucker,’ I taunted.
‘She wasn’t wearing a property cut,’ he tried to argue.
‘She ain’t free,’ I snarled. Then, I sliced through the hamstring of his other leg. The fucker screamed. But I couldn’t fucking stop. The thought of this fucker’s cock approaching Phebe’s mouth had set the fury free.” ~ A.K.

A sexual temptress driving a reformed manwhore insane with jealousy…?


#3. THE CULT BITCHES LOVE SLAVES: They See! They Fall! They Worship!

They’re ruthless, and scary as hell. They take on crazy cultists, and the Aryan Brotherhood. But one look at a Cult Bitch, and these badass bikers are enslaved! Styx won’t leave Mae’s side! Ky plays dolls with Grace! And Flame lives for Maddie’s smile!

“ ‘I like it when you smile.’
‘I like it when you talk to me.’ Maddie put both her hands on my face. ‘I love you, and I will share any burden you bear.’
‘Okay,’ I said, and she smiled again.
I loved her smile.” ~ Flame & Maddie

And now, LIL’ ASH has fallen too…?


#2. ANGEL FROM HADES: He’s A Devil Man With Angel’s Eyes!

A.K.! *Sigh* He’s DECISIVE! He’s COMMITTED! He’s HAWT! And he’s oh so DREAMY!

“She had been whored out; fucked in more ways than most bitches would ever see in a lifetime. But when it came to slow, meaning more than seducing and coming, she was fucking lost. Like this, she may as well have been a virgin. Fuck, me too. Ain’t ever taken a bitch like this, face to face, eye to eye. Ain’t ever taken a bitch with honesty laid down between us, nothing left unsaid. And ain’t ever took a bitch I liked. Fuck . . . I liked Phebe.” ~ A.K.

Oh, A.K!


#1. NOT DEATH PROOF: When They Needed Help… They Got None!

We know A.K. has demons. We know they’re rooted in his past. Now, we know what they are. And it shines some much needed light on a very real problem.

“He had PTSD” Claire said. “What Dev went through in Iraq . . . The little help he got when he returned, left to fend off the darkness alone . . . He never truly came back. He remained living in that time until he died.” ~ Aunt Claire

Only 50% of returning veterans receive the medical and psychological treatment they need. 22 vets commit suicide every day*. Our veterans gave us aid during natural disasters. They protected us from terrorist attacks. They put their lives on the line in times of war. They’ve experienced things that changed them forever. Our debt to them can’t be repaid by words alone. Let’s express our gratitude by taking care of them. Let’s help our vets get the care they deserve. Please donate your time or money today!



Is the storyline formulaic? Yes. Is the heroine a little TSTL? Sure. Are there some things that don’t add up? A few. Is it one of my favorite Tillie Cole books? AB-SO-FUCKING-LUTE-LY! Because, despite the flaws, the emotions in Damnable Grace feel REAL. From the avoidance, to the destructive behavior; the guilt, to the rage; the loneliness, to the passion… It all rings true to me. It all feels REAL. In the end, that’s why Damnable Grace deserves a standing O!

Damnable Grace (Hades Hangmen #5) by Tillie Cole: 4.5 “Standing O” Stars!

For information about my rating system, see my profile page.

*National Veterans Foundation. Troubling Veteran Mental Health Facts and Statistics that Need to be Addressed. March 25, 2016. https://nvf.org/veteran-mental-health...

*National Veterans Foundation. Suicide Among Veterans, It’s our Obligation to Help. August 12, 2016. https://nvf.org/suicide-among-veteran...
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1,010 reviews1,951 followers
May 21, 2020
4.5 Stars

I’m going to start by saying that, after finishing all the books in the series so far (including novellas), I believe Damnable Grace is the darkest, hardest one to read.

I can’t even begin to explain how truly messed up and horrifying Phebe’s life has been.

This book had some of the most horrible abuse scenes I’ve read and I feel somewhat weird in saying that I loved the story regardless, but I did.

AK was different than the previous leading male characters because he was less open emotionally. He was the strong, silent type, you know, - speaks with actions not words - kind of person. But even so, I believe we got a credible connection between him and Phebe.

As much as I was here for the love story, I can’t help but think that I would have read this book even if it was just Phebe’s story. I think she was such a complex but tragic character.

So misguided, so broken, so hopeless yet so strong.
Her life was extremely tumultuous and filled to the brim with disappointment and pain. That woman never got a break. She was trying to keep everyone happy and comply while they were destroying her little by little. It seemed as if everyone wanted a piece of her and she was giving and giving while completely depleting herself. All the guilt she carries, I can see why she’d feel it but I just don’t assess it the way she did. She was the biggest victim of them all. I can’t explain further why because I’d have to give spoilers but this woman lived a lifetime of hurt. I’m getting emotional just thinking about it. It’s that bad.

While Maddie, Lilah, Mae and Bella had each other through every torturous experience, Phebe was alone. I don’t know how that woman lived through it all. I don’t think people fully heal from such extensive trauma but I wanted her to find peace so badly. I’ve never felt such sympathy for a character.

Her relationship with AK was the way she needed it to be. I think he is someone who can tackle her demons with unwavering fortitude. Unlike Styx and Ky who sometimes “can’t handle” the stuff their girls went through and instead of providing comfort they seek it for themselves as if they’re the ones who’ve been through the trauma, AK is not like that. He takes it all, every single tragic detail and then he reassures her that she’s worth everything, that she’ll thrive and that she’s just an amazing being who deserves her turn at having peace and love.

Even if we didn’t get the soulful declarations we got used to in the previous books, I can honestly say that “less is more” does apply here.

As disturbing as this story was to read, it feels good to know that Phebe finally got her peace. Reading about her and Saffi’s relationship was so agonising that I couldn’t keep my eyes dry for most of it. Now I need Little Ash’s and Saffi’s book, that girl needs her own journey of healing.

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1,161 reviews4,157 followers
August 4, 2020

I was a bit scared I wasn’t going to like this book. I got tired of reading about the cult, New Zion and all that cray cray shit. Luckily, this book was not focused on the cult too much. Not that it’s any less cray cray but at least it's a new level of crazy.

Did I enjoy it? Yes. No. Yes. I don't know. Some parts were so brutal that the use of the term ‘enjoyment’ seems kind of wrong. But it certainly deserves all the stars for quality.

Tillie Cole has really outshone herself. This book is so well-written and the story is so unique, raw and real that she rendered me speechless and at awe. The characterization is flawless. The Psycho Trio? Their bromance is epic. It almost outshone the romance.

Now the heroine… She's not my favorite 'bitch'. I mean, I didn’t hate her. She just didn’t win me over. I felt sympathy for her. But I never felt like she was AK’s perfect match. The things she did after her rescue, her stupid decisions… I just couldn’t forgive her.

I was so pissed off at some point that I swore to myself I was going to take away a star for her stupidity.

Reading this book wasn’t easy. It was both exhilarating and exhausting. It was almost too much. But that’s the point, isn't it? We are all looking for a read that will knock us off our feet giving us unforgettable fictional memories.

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April 23, 2017
"In the comfort of his safe embrace, I let sleep pull me under. My body protected in his arms...and perhaps my soul too."

Damnable Grace is the fifth book in the Hades Hangmen Series. The Hades are an MC and band of brothers that are rough, raw, and loyal to each other and their women. Each Hangmen is unique, and their journey to love is paved with strife and affliction. The perseverance of the club continues to drive these men to protect the innocent and persecute the guilty.

"I think we were meant to find each other, AK. I think we were meant to find each other, to leave hell together."
AK is a tortured man. Sergeant-At-Arms of the Hades Hangmen and leader of the infamous ‘Psycho Trio’, and a former sniper, he is suffering from painful flashbacks from his past. He has many regrets, and if it weren't for the love and friendship of his brothers, he would be completely lost. One regret is the day he left a beautiful woman named Phebe chained to a tree. Now he is ready to find her and bring her back!

"I was a fucking man possessed as I thrust into her."
Phebe is a broken woman who has been tortured and abused her entire life. Another victim to the cruelty of The Order, Phebe has only known a life full of servicing men. Now addicted to drugs and completely broken, AK is like a dark angel who rescues her from the clutches of evil. Phebe is strong, and although she is battling addiction and the painful memories of her past, AK offers a glimpse of goodness like she has never felt before. Both AK and Phebe have a mountain of pain to overcome, and yet together they make sense. AK is patient with Phebe as she heals and he is ruthless about protecting her. Phebe offers AK peace that he has never experienced before. Together AK and Phebe find bliss. As they grow together emotionally, the physical connection is intense as Phebe experiences physical touch rooted in love for the first time. Together AK and Phebe make every moment of Damnable Grace raw and utterly beautiful.

"His lips worshipped me. I never thought I would ever understand the meaning of a kiss. How it could momentarily stop your heart from beating or how such an innocent touch could make you feel so incredibly cherished."
Told in mostly dual POV, Damnable Grace is another stunning addition to the Hades Hangmen Series. I have been a fan of this series from the beginning, and every single Hangmen offers a unique glimpse into the life and relationships of the club. AK and Phebe are perfectly matched and with their broken pasts they find redemption together. Once again Tillie Cole has created an intense world where the innocent woman of The Order are brutalized, and the men of the Hades Hangmen will kill to make the world a better place. The relationships between the characters are complex and deeply rooted in love. The action is intense and drives the story from the first page to the very last page turn. With every sound of the bike rumble, every passionate kiss, every moment of bliss, the Hades Men and Women create a world in which I never want to leave.


Overall, I cannot express my love enough for Damnable Grace and this entire series. Although this book can be read as a stand-alone, I highly recommend reading this entire series in order to grasp the beauty of this world from the beginning. Be forewarned, once you begin this series you will not want to stop. With each book in this series, Tillie Cole paints another layer of splendor to this masterpiece of work. These characters will stay beautifully embedded in my heart and mind forever.

*ARC graciously provided via ARDENT PROSE in exchange for an honest review!

For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:
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May 7, 2017
Like all of the 'Hades Hangmen' books, 'Damnable Grace' is one that will rip your heart out. This series definitely tackles some offensive and upsetting content. It is not a series that will appeal to many readers because of the tough subject matter.

If you're like me, and love dark books that push your limits and make you cringe, then 'Damnable Grace' is a great one. The fifth book in the series, it centers on Phebe and AK. If you've followed this series, you'll remember AK as the "leader" of the psycho trio. You might also remember Phebe as the beautiful mistress of the "false" prophet who was cast aside for his new, younger mistress.

Phebe had been trained from a very young age to lure men into the cult with sex. She was trained to be a "Sacred Sister", one of the girls sent out by the cult to recruit, or "fish", for new male members. She was prized for her sexual allure and was considered to be the best of all the girls. She is used to men using her for their sexual pleasure and has never been valued for anything else. A devout believer, she has only recently begun to question the cult teachings.

When Phebe is sold by Rider's brother, the "false prophet", to a leader in the Aryan Brotherhood, Meister, she is in for more suffering than she could have imagined. Meister has been obsessed with Phebe from the first time that he saw her and his cruelty knows no bounds. At his hands, Phebe will endure unthinkable acts and will be left scarred, both physically and emotionally.

AK has not forgotten the beautiful woman that he left behind after the Hangmen raided the cult commune. When he and a few of his brothers are sent in to rescue Phebe from the Aryan Brotherhood's compound, it was worse than anything that he could have imagined. The heinous abuse taking place at that compound were unthinkable. It was all he could do to maintain composure until he could get Phebe out of there.

In the weeks that followed, both Phebe and AK must come to terms with their pasts. Both have survived cruelty and tragedy. Each of them lives with loss and guilt. These two had a long road ahead of them, but they helped one another heal and face their pasts. Their story was tragic and messy, but beautiful.

It had been quite a while since I'd submersed myself in the world of the Hades Hangmen. So, I was worried that I wouldn't remember all of the relevant details from the previous books. However, my concerns were completely unwarranted. Ms. Cole provided plenty of reminders throughout to keep me abreast of what was going on and what had passed.

While every Hades Hangmen book has made me cringe at times, none did so more than this one. It was absolutely brutal at times. Child abuse, rape, extreme sexual violence, murder...there was no shortage of depravity in this book.

Of all of the books in this series, I have to say that this one is my least favorite to this point. I enjoyed AK and Phebe's story, but I wasn't completely consumed with it like I have been with other books in this series. Even so, it was still a great book.

If you enjoy, dark and gritty stories, I highly recommend this series. Each of these characters has carved out a piece of my heart. They aren't easy books to read, but they are well worth it.

Check out more of my reviews at www.bookaddicthaven.com
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June 20, 2017
5 Devil With Angel Eye's, Stars

 photo yeah_zpsrhokvdlz.gif


Nothing I will say in this review will make much sense as I am still coming down from the emotional ride this book took me on.

I wanted a dark read and I sure got what I wanted with this one. I think Phebe broke my heart most out of all the leading females in this series. After knowing parts of her story from earlier books I knew it was going to be sad but shit this just tore my heart out. Phebe had every reason to find solace in any substance she could find to rid herself of her horrific memories, how anyone could cope with that is beyond me.

 photo phebe_zpslvzo9ou7.gif

"Lies are the work of the devil. Lies. All I have ever known were lies."

Poor Phebe has gone from one hell to a much worse one. She is being kept by Meister who is running this weird 'town' that supplies women to his sick group of freaks. I felt Phebe getting stronger but as she came clean from the 'potion' and memories slowly returned there is one thing she can't ignore and must get back at any cost, even if she has to risk her own life for it.

 photo sniper_zpsvz6etyig.gif

"Ain't nothing better to me than family, defending our country and fucking riding the open road. It's what I want. For real."

I love AK's story, his connection to his family and his ingrained need to help everyone. Subtle reminders of how things went in previous books lead up to the present where the Hangmen are trying to come up with a plan to rescue Lily's sister, AK has been thinking of red hair and freckles since that fateful night at the commune so will stop at nothing to make her safe. AK is amazing and I fell for him in a big way.

 photo ak_zpsqxutkxho.jpg

I loved every messed up part of this book, it hooked me from the first page and I had so much trouble putting it down. Best Hangmen yet in my opinion. This series must be read in order otherwise you'd be totally lost.

"Sunrise........ I'm just embracing our motherfucking sunrise."

 photo boom_zpsbhe72qpy.gif
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December 30, 2018
5 "Embracing The Sunrise" stars!! Of course!!

After finishing this book, I had to take a few minutes (it was really all night) to regain my composure. It left me awestruck, flabbergasted, discombobulated, happy, sad, angry, floored, and oddly satisfied. I just needed a moment to get it together.

I'm a huge fan of the Hades Hangmen series. HUGE!! I've found each book to be incredible and DAMNABLE GRACE was no exception. Each leading man has wormed their way into my heart and AK received a warm welcome.

In the interest of keeping this review spoiler free , I'm going to try to keep it brief.

This may have been the darkest book of the series yet. I mean, it was twisted and parts of it even made this dark lover cringe. Be warned! There's a disclaimer for a reason.

This was one of the most emotional of the stories included in this series. I had some dust in my eyes quite a few times.

I loved how the author illustrated the depth of the relationship between the Psycho Trio. Through this story I was able to identify many facets of each man and it only made me love them that much more.

The evolution of Ak and Phebe was captured beautifully. It wasn't easy, in fact it got pretty ugly at times, but in the end the road to redemption is filled with obstacles and you're bound to trip along the way. The author kept it real, regardless of the fact that this was fiction, and has proven, once again, why this series has been such a success!

Before I go, I'd like to leave y'all with a quote that really broke this story down to me. It is in no way descriptive, but it speaks to this story's poignancy and its truth.

"She didn't push me. She didn't ask what I might be hiding. No, she just ripped open my fucking chest, bared my soul, then left it out on display for her ocean-blue eyes to see."

Now I'm just gonna be over here anxiously eagerly waiting for what comes next!

Release Date: April 18, 2017
Genre: Dark MC Club Romance
POV: Multiple - 1st person
Steam: 4.5
Book Type: Book 5 of the Hades Hangmen series
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May 4, 2017

"I think we were meant to find each other, to leave hell together.”


Este ha sido el libro que menos me ha gustado de toda la serie.
Y no digo disfrutar porque estas historias no se disfrutan; se sufren, se sienten, se avientan, se usan para poner en perspectiva nuestras vidas y ver que somos afortunados de tener una vida tan simple y aburrida.

Tan perturbadoras que se llegan a tornar estas historias, y lo realmente cruel es que estos libros están inspirados en hechos y personas reales.

Mi disgusto no es por la historia o el sinfín de temáticas problemáticas que toca esta serie, mi problema fue la protagonista.

Así que tomen sus palomitas, y unos tums para la acidez y nausea. Porque les voy a deshebrar esta historia.


Phebe, una pobre chica pelirroja despierta en un cuarto sola y adolorida. La han mantenido cautiva por varios meses, ha sido violada de las formas más salvajes y es drogada constantemente. Todo bajo la mano de Meister.

Meister, es uno de los mejores villanos que he leído y que Tillie ha creado. Es completamente evil, tiene complejo de superioridad, carece de cualquier cualidad moral, o conciencia, Por lo que es un perfecto líder de Los White Supremacist. Y está preparándose para la “guerra de razas”, que según él está por desatarse.

"No Jews. No blacks. No spics. Or any other fucking poisoned blood that infects this planet like a plague, and robs the true race, the Aryan race, of what is rightfully theirs.”


LA primera mitad del libro, la autora nos aventó de cabeza a este podrido culto de racistas, es nauseabundo y extremadamente intenso.

Ustedes me conocen y saben que me gusta leer mucha dark shit, por lo que tengo alta tolerancia a todo tipo de tópicos. Pero por primera vez en mi vida me sentí afectada, hasta el punto de hiperventilar “literalmente".


Me costó mucho leer esta parte de la historia porque me encontraba constantemente cerrando los ojos, tomando respiros profundos, solo para ser capaz de sobrellevar la locura de Meister.

Obviamente este sentimiento sale a flote debido a la realidad que tenemos en este momento y todo el racismo con el que estamos viviendo dia a día.


IRONICAMENTE, siento que esta fue la parte fuerte del libro, la intensidad de este ambiente y lo horrible de las atrocidades que nos presentaban, me hicieron sentir algo, odio primordialmente, pero sin duda me mantuvo leyendo a pesar de lo mal que me hacía sentir.

Pero este libro no es sobre Meister, es sobre Ak y Phebe. Y aquí es donde el libro flojea ya que su relación se la saco la autora de la manga, la hizo aparecer de la nada. Phebe y Ak se conocen en el segundo libro de la serie, y con un vistazo quedaron prendados uno del otro, hasta el punto en el que Ak se pone en riesgo mortal y arriesga a sus amigos solo para salvarla.

Ak salva a Phebe de Meister, y empezamos a conocer más de estos dos personajes.

Ak, estuvo en el ejército. Me gustó mucho los flashbacks de su juventud y las escenas con su hermano. Las escenas de su tiempo en la guerra, están muy bien contruidas, que enserio nos da una idea de lo que es el Trastorno por estrés postraumático. Pobre Ak, no tenía idea lo mucho que sufría y lo bien que encaja en el Pshyco Trio.

"132 confirmed kills—the sniper in me couldn’t help but keep track of each heart I’d stopped. The psycho within fucking liked to.”


Phebe es rescatada, pero tiene que lidiar con su adicción a la heroína, con su pasado de abuso, el lavado de cerebro al que estuvo sometida desde niña por parte de La Orden, y por supuesto un sinfín de malas decisiones que arrastra y la atormentan.

"Freckles. Blue eyes. Phebe. Cult bitch turned Meister’s whore.”


Phebe es una víctima de las circunstancias, y la pobre sufrió, sufrió, sufrió.
Pero no pude perdonarla, simplemente no pude verla como inocente a diferencia de Mae, Maddie y Ly.

Por esta simple, no tan simple razón:

Phebe tiene una bebe a los 12 años, la Orden se la arrebata al nacer y ella se vuelve la mayor PUTA de todas las Sacred sisters, para que de ese modo le permitan pasar tiempo por su hija. Si yo estuviera en su lugar probablemente hubiera hecho lo mismo.

Aquí viene mi problema, Phebe sale al exterior, al mundo fuera de la Orden, por lo que se tuvo que haber dado cuenta que lo que el Profeta les enseñaba no eran más que vil mentiras. Ella tuvo contacto con centenares de hombres y aun así seguía creyendo toda esa basura.

Y lo peor, lo que no le puedo justificar es que dejo que estos bastardos violaran a su hija de 8 años. Esa escena donde Saffy le ruega que la proteja, me hizo querer sacudir a Phebe para hacerla entrar en razón, y que protegiera a su hijita.


Por dios, Phebe ya tenía 20 años, ya conocía el mundo exterior, y era extremadamente buena en su trabajo de seducir hombres. Como madre no me cabe en la cabeza como ella pudo permitir eso, su niña inocente fue violada, porque ella no tuvo el valor de escapar, pudo haber pensado en algo, pudo seducir a algún guardia, o a alguien del exterior para que la ayudaran a rescatar a su hija.

En el libro de Ly la vemos feliz de la vida, super orgullosa de ser la PUTA más respetada, haciendo sentir mal a Ly, y feliz de acostarse con Judah. Aun sabiendo que su hijita de 12 años estaba siendo violada y entrenada para volverse PUTA.

"They made her a Sacred Sister too, AK. My baby, my little girl, they made her a Sacred Sister. They turned my daughter into a whore.”


¿En serio Phebe?????

Por eso mismo no pude disfrutar su relación con AK, porque tenía ese constante sentimiento de que Ak merecía a alguien mejor, y ella no ayuda a mejorar mi opinión al andar de Puta con los Hades. Ataco a Ly, y Ly es más buena que el pan.


Las escenas de sexo me daban asco, se los juro, no me parecieron hot. Me hubiera gustado que las escenas de sexo con Ak fueran diferentes, no que su primera vez ella andaba borracha y se lo cogió haciéndole lo mismo que les hacía a sus otros centenares de amantes.

No logre sentir la conexión de ambos protagonistas.

Para darle gusto a las fans la autora nos regaló varios capítulos desde la perspectiva de Flame, y OMG fue mi parte favorita del libro. Pobre Flame, es como un enorme eso de peluche con cuchillos. Las escenas con su hermano son incomodas pero hermosas y me dieron justo en el corazón, y la escena fina con Maddie. Uff necesito más de estos dos, Maddie es mi protagonista favorita.

Y hablando de Ash.
Vimos evolucionar mucho al personaje, lo vimos emborracharse, lo vimos llamar biches a las mujeres y lo vimos pelear junto a los Hades.

Ash tipped his chin up, defiant. "I'm ready,"
he said confidently. "I can shoot. And I'm ready for a war if we get one."


Ya saben de mi inmenso amor por Ash, pero ahora ya también tengo una gran expectativa por el nuevo trio. Zane, Ash and Slash, el hecho de que son tan jóvenes, solo los hace aún más interesantes.


Al final tenemos un extra donde vemos a Ash en lo que parece ser el inicio de su relación con Saffy. Saffy me cae bien, me encantaría ver que va a pasar con ella, a pesar de todo lo que sobrevivió es una adolescente y ver como encajara en el mundo exterior me causa mucha expectativa.
Pero NO quiero que Saffy se quede con mi Ash. Por qué? no me pregunte, porque no lo sé.


En conclusión: Una excelente adición a las series de los Hades, excelente escritura, magnifica estructura de todos los hilos de la historia y excelente desarrollo de una realidad tan triste y cruda. Bravo Tillie Cole, que sigan viniendo más libros de los Hades.


Sorry que me quedo tan laraga la resena.
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April 19, 2017
3.75 Stars

Overall Opinion: This was an enjoyable story about AK. I've been anxious to get his story for a while! Ms. Cole did it again, and made me like and root for, Phebe, who I previously had bad feelings about in her books. I think she is the master at this! She does it so well in Sweet Hope and in Deep Redemption, that I'm not all that surprised! I would've liked more time with them as a couple, and a better epilogue though. I just wanted more of them! That's not to say that his series isn't still one of my favorites, because it is...and I will continue to one-click the books in it, because they are so unique and are what I think make up the best mc series out there!

**Please note that all spoiler tags are BIG spoilers, so please don't click them unless you are ok with certain things being spoiled. I went in blind, and I truly do think that it is the best way to go into these books...but I know some of you need those spoilers ;)**

Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is Phebe and AK's story. They met briefly in a previous book when the Hangmen raided the cult and AK ended up saving Phebe's life. They meet again when AK is sent out by his VP, Ky, to save his wife's sister from a crazy KKK leader. He gets her out, but he has to help her get off the drugs that she was put on. This process awakens some of AK's ghosts, and they both see that they are very similar in the sadness that they carry. There are a good bit of suspenseful and violent times, some sexy times, and some sad and happy moments too..and they get a HFN ending.

POV: This alternated between Phebe and AK's POV.

Overall Pace of Story: Good. I never skimmed, and I thought it flowed well.

Instalove: No, but instant connection.

H rating: 5 stars. AK. I was so happy to finally have his story! AK is such a kind soul that was so damaged from his past. I'm happy we finally got his story and that he found happiness and peace :)

h rating: 4 stars. Phebe. Man, oh man! Poor Phebe! I really disliked her in the previous books, but she truly was brainwashed. And the things she endured? It's crazy she didn't give up...really.

Sadness level: Low, no tissues needed. I actually didn't cry in this one! I think it has to be a first for the series ;)

Push/Pull: Not really

Heat level: Good. They have some good tension, chemistry, and scenes -- but not so much it takes away from the story.

Descriptive sex: Yes

Safe sex: No

OW/OM drama: Yes

Sex scene with OW or OM: Yes

Cheating: No

Separation: Yes

Possible Triggers: Yes. *BIG SPOILERS* please don't click unless you want things spoiled...

Closure: This had ok closure, but I wanted more! I would call it a HFN ending.

How I got it: I paid the $3.99 for it on Amazon.

Safety: This one is probably Not Safe for most safety gang readers
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April 23, 2017
I thought i would need to mentally prepare for the "nasty" things in this book that have a way to majorly set me on fire and pissing the fuck out of me, BUT in fact I was pretty damn cool.

Yes, the pedophilic vile shit the despicable low-life sick mother fuckers did was just that...a despicable vile shit and since i knew that Tillie Cole would 'go there' i was ready for it.

The horrid things those women/children went through is beyond comprehention and beyond reason but somehow I couldnt relate to the 'emotional' connection between Phoebe and AK. *sigh*

In fact, the background story and the characters involving AK's past were more emotionally charged and gut wrenching for me.

There s no doubt that Tillie Cole can extract the deepest reactions from her readers with the subjects one can hardly grasp as possible even as they are existing merely in the fictional world, and would gladly turn a blind eye to the fact that some of that shit really exists in the real world but i cant...

and as our characters fight for the light in the darknes, I send a prayer of my own, hoping it reaches out to the ones that really need it.

This was another story that rips you apart with cruelty, then puts you back together with hope...

Rant. Over.


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2,770 reviews1,470 followers
February 22, 2018
3 Just Okay Stars

What? This is a 3 star review?! I’m as surprised as you are. I love love love this series. I jump for joy every time there is a new book, but for the life of me, I could not get into Damnable Grace.

First off, there were a lot of things that tick me off as a reader and this book had a few of them.

I didn’t care for the …

- Ex-Military guy

- The slut Heroine fucking her way through emotions

- ANY character with a drug or any form of addiction problem.

I mean, I read these books, but it takes a lot for me to get into it. This book is the 5th book in the series and I hate to say it, but I forgot a few things. I vaguely remember some of the previous characters and I vaguely remember the previous plots, so it took a lot for me to understand what was going on in Damnable Grace.

This book is not a standalone in my opinion. I read the whole series and even I was lost on some of the stuff that went on in the past.

I found the first part, about the first 30%, kind of boring. I was reading through and trying to get into it. I felt like it took a long time to get into the whole, Hero has a complex, Heroine is drugged up and used as a slut. I wished I felt for the character, I really did! I wanted to get sucked into the story like I did for the previous books.

It was hard for me to connect with AK and Phebe. I think in the end I just didn’t like their characters, their issues / flaws and I struggled A LOT with the storyline.

This book is a three star review instead of a two star review because I love Tillie Cole’s books and I still love her writing style and I still love this series.

The thing that really killed it for me was when

Oh and

I did like the POV chapters of Flame, but I love Flame. If there was another Flame book, I will be 100% for that.

Overall, I see the glowing reviews and I get why everyone liked it. I am just SUPER picky and alas this didn’t work out for me.

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April 13, 2017
Another 5 stars.
Ahhh this book, this series!!!!
Amazing, loved AK and Phebe's book!

Review to come:)

The cover is so perfect.....ughhh just give me the book, April is too far away!!!
I cannot wait for AK's book. I know I say this for every book but I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this series!!

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March 20, 2018
*****4.5 The Devil’s Man With Angel Eyes STARS *****

I kissed each of his cheeks. “I love you, Xavier Deyes. I love you more than I knew was possible. You are my grace. You are my redemption.

No saben lo que esperé a que se publicara este libro, 9 meses para ser exactos y fue una laaarga espera, necesitaba a AK en mi vida.

Tillie Cole se confirma como una de mis autoras favoritas y demuestra que el dark romance es lo suyo, que manera de crear una historia tan compleja llena de tantas emociones, con que detalle narra las escenas fuertes que te hacen un nudo en el estómago y las tiernas que te hacen derramar miel. Esta es su mejor serie por mucho y es la que me introdujo al mundo de los bikers y el género del Dark Romance.

Tille eres una Reyna

Definitivamente tienes que tener un estómago bastante fuerte para leer estos libros, porque es una historia bastante Dark más que la anterior, cruda y super fucked up.

Ahora en este libro nuestros Hangmen después de haber combatido a ese culto y haberlo destruido, tienen que luchar con el Klan un grupo Nazi fuckin crazy racistas que quieren que la raza aria reine y que tienen a Phebe cautiva, ¿Si la recuerdan? La pelirroja hermana de Lilah que fue secuestrada por el Klan en el libro anterior y la quieren recuperar y mandan al Psycho Trio comandado por mi Ak a rescatarla

La historia de Ak y Phebe fue muy fuerte, son de esas historias donde los dos personajes están tan dañados que o se hunden juntos o se salvan mutuamente, yo esta que me moría de nervios no sabía que iba a pasar, los dos estaban llenos de culpa de esa que carcome el alma y te va matando lentamente

“But then, one day will come the sunrise. The darkness will end, and the sunlight will pour in. Sunrise, AK. Just imagine.” She smiled and nearly broke my fucking heart. “We can chase the sunrise together. We can be the sunrise . . . together.”

Ak sufría cada día con el tormento de su pasado y Phebe no sabía cómo vivir por la culpa que la atormentaba por haber creído en el culto y en todas las mentiras y perversiones que practicaban y por el daño que le hicieron a LiLah y a su protegida.

Ak es mi segundo favorito de los hangmen después de My Fuckin Prez, ya lo amaba, pero leer su historia y conocerlo más profundo hizoque se quedara grabado en mi corazón y pasó a mi larga lista de Book Boyfriends. Ak es un ex marine y el encargado de armas en el MC y es el líder del Psycho Trio.

Me encantó que es como una mamá gallina que protege a su polluelos, Ak es protector, es leal con los que ama es un chico bueno con unos ojos de ángel, siempre viendo por los demás, la manera en que cuida de Lil Ash como si fuera su hijo y de Flame fue AMAZING y una de la cosas que noté y me gustó mucho es que no utiliza demasiado la palabra bitch al menos no para referirse a Phebe su Red.

She’d hooked me in, I’d taken the bait, but unlike the other unlucky bastards, she was never leaving me . . . because I’d hooked her in too. For good

Yo quedé fuckin in love de Ak

Phebe fue una chica bastante fuerte al igual que las otras protagonistas que pasaron siendo violadas desde niñas, pero agregándole más drama al asunto que Phebe no puede con sus tormentos pero a pesar de ello y con la ayuda de Ak pudo darse cuenta que ella al igual que todas la demás también fue unas víctimas y su secreto que más o menos lo veía venir fue de OMG que sufrimiento pasó esta mujer y más de tener el valor de seguir adelante y ser feliz fue aplaudible.

Think of your face like the sky. The freckles, the stars, only make the sight more worth looking at. Phebe”

Mis momentos de lloradera

No lloré tanto como el libro anterior y a pesar de todas las escenas hardcore yo me mantuve serena BUT llegué al final del libro y las escenas cursis y se rompió mi dique, es una de las cosas que tiene Tillie es la capacidad de hacerme llorar.

- Cuando Phebe se reencuentra con Saffy y le dice la verdad y se abrazan, fue hermoso y muy emotivo no pude evitar que me salieran las lágrimas

-El reencuentro de Ak con su sobrino otro digno de moqueo.

-EL abrazo y consuelo que le da Flame a Ash AWESOME .

Conclusión No hay mal que dure cien años ni cuerpo que lo aguante y que siempre hay una luz al final del camino.

”El arrepentimiento es una forma de dolor, AK. La gracia es una forma de alegría. Hemos derramado lágrimas por cada pecado que hemos sembrado. Ahora es el momento de sonreír. Sonríe y persigue la luz. Abraza las bendiciones que nos han dado. Juntos."

PD. Tillie Cole me volvió a deber en las escenas de acción yo quería una masacre y bastante Gore, quería tortura, al igual que en el libro anterior esperé la muerte de ese desgraciado matherfucker para que fuera bastante MEH yo quería ver al Psycho trio en acción y nada.

PDD. Me encantaron los POV´s de Flame y el último de Lil Ash que ya lo súper shippie con Saffy
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April 18, 2017

Sister Phebe has been a recurring character in the previous novels. She has always been a devout follower of The Order of David, and her actions have directly lead to the detriment of our previous Heroines. It’s fair to say I struggled to hold any affection for her until the previous novel. Her moment of clarity came after the horrifying acts against her sister, Lilah.

Although not a "Cursed women of Eve" Phebe had a role to play in the Order. As a "Sacred Sister" she had been groomed at a young age to ensnare men to the cause, for the cause. When the Hades Hangmen obliterate her word as she knows it, she is delivered from the clutches of The Order into the hands of another evil, Meister.

Since the day they tore down The Order, "AK" has not been able the woman with the red hair and incredible eyes out of his mind. The Order may be abolished but in its place rises a new threat, with a new sadistic leader. The same leader that is holding Phebe captive. With a new plan in place AK had no idea that in freeing Phebe, he will also free himself.

"I knew that level of pain he displayed. And I knew how it could rob you of joy.

I’ll let you into a secret, as eager as I am to get my hands on the next books in this series, I’m equally anxious about how gut wrenching it will be. As a follower of the series, my past experiences are evidence enough of Tillie’s ability to make me ugly cry. In fact, she really excelled herself this time as I could not hold the tears back, even whilst in public. You’d think being armed with the backstory would be enough to prepare me for how emotional of a read this would be, but tell that to my sniffling wreck of a self.

I was incredible grateful for the moments of love and levity that shone through this dark read. It’s the romance that keeps me going, and Phebe and AK’s story literally brought happy tears to my eyes.

"Think of your face like the sky. The freckles, the stars, only make the sight more worth looking at. "

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April 20, 2017

"An angel"
"You're my angel."

I'm addicted to this series,each book is fantastic!For one more time Tillie Cole did an amazing job!Damnable Grace is fast paced,addictive,dark,intense and emotional!


It is amazing how Tillie manages to bring a beautiful love story
through all the hurt and pain.I adored AK and Phebe.It was sad watching Phebe and what she was going through.My heart aching for her.

There are some parts that I cried a lot, this is what is happening when you read such a beautiful stories.If you love this series then don't worry at all this is another brilliant story.If you haven't read this series yet please give it a try you'll not regret it!


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June 18, 2017
** 5+++ “I've realized that this is my all-time fav fckin series” STARS **



**All photos are taken from the author's FB page**
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April 25, 2017
4.5 stars...

A summary of me reading this book, as portrayed in gifs:











Oh. I guess you want an actual review now? Okay, well if I must...

Honestly I never know where to begin with these novels. EVERYTHING feels like a spoiler, and I also kinda feel that reviewing is pointless because anyone who's started the series is gonna finish it, right?! That's how I feel. I don't care if all my GR friends gave this a 1-star, I'd still read it. But I'll try to give you some of my thoughts.

I loved AK and Phebe <3 As a couple and separately. Together the two of them were a perfect example of soulmates.
"I think we were meant to find each other, AK. I think we were meant to find each other, to leave hell together."
"We can chase the sunrise together. We can be the sunrise . . . together."
"The damned souls who together found grace."
AK had a lot more depth than I was expecting. His story fucking broke me, even more than Phebe's if I'm being honest. Not because Phebe's isn't gut-wrenching, it is. But we've kinda come to expect so I'm almost a bit immune to it, if that makes sense?

He was funny:
To be fair to Prophet Prick, the fucker was clinical and kinda fucking professional.
Sweet (these quotes are essentially the same, but I loved them both too much to pick):
"Think of your face like the sky. The freckles, the stars, only make the sight more worth looking at."
I couldn't imagine that fucking beautiful face without her freckles any more than I could imagine the night sky without the stars.
Protective of Phebe (and this is mainly why I love this series, I love how crazy they get about their women):
I'd make him pay, strip his flesh and slice through his guts.
And had some dirty talk (which still managed to be sweet):
"I wanna take you. Wanna take this pussy, this fucking bruised soul and this heart. You good with that?"

Phebe... I really liked her. She was different than I was expecting. My heart broke for her...
I was stalled in a state of purgatory, not knowing where I belonged. A fallen leaf caught in a strong wind.
I was not sure, but . . . but I hoped, and I prayed, that he actually liked me. For me. Not my body. But just . . . me. I did not understand how that could possibly be true, but I desperately wanted it to be.
I never thought I would ever understand the meaning of a kiss. How it could momentarily stop your heart from beating, or how such an innocent touch could make you feel so incredibly cherished.
What man would ever want a woman like that as his life’s love?
But even with her heartbreak and sadness, I never felt like she pitied herself or was ashamed of her past. She did what she had to to survive, and while she was aware of what her past would mean for her relationships with men, she didn't apologize for it. And I loved what she called AK...
"A devil's man with angel eyes."
The two of them were so sweet, which really helped balance out all the heaviness.


Some random things (these aren't huge spoilers, and nothing to do with AK/Phebe, but I'm going to block them in case you want to experience these adorable scenes for yourself):

*There were two incidents, one with AK and one with Phebe, that made no sense. I think you'll know them when you get to them, but their actions just didn't make sense to me. I understood the idea behind them, but logically I can't imagine anyone actually doing them. It seemed like it was just a way to move the plot along. It didn't bother me a lot, but I would have preferred something more believable.

Otherwise I loved it, even though it pissed me the fuck off sometimes, grossed me out on occasion, and generally made me question my sanity to love a disturbing series this much...

And I'm going to have to insist TC do NOTHING ELSE until this series is complete.


I guess she can have her baby, but after that... no excuses!!!!


Safety: All I'm going to say is that it would take me less time to list all the triggers not present in this book. If you want an actual answer, my friend Jenny wrote a fantastic review that breaks down the safety and triggers > click for awesomeness

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May 14, 2022
2 stars: no plot

Where do I even start?
I loved AK throughout the entire series. His relationship with not only Flame was Brother-like and he was the most sensitive hangmen from all of them. The same thing goes with his relationship with Ash and that was probably my favorite part of the book.
His past was also heartbreaking and sad and the overall PTSD in here was good and his family story was quite unique. He got emotional during a couple of scenes which I really appreciated since the other guys (except flame bc of different reasons) didn’t really show any emotions.

Now, here we go towards the other characters. I like Phebe. I didn’t think she was annoying or anything like that and she is an amazing strong women that sacrificed her own happiness for her family and gave up everything for other people’s happiness.
But as much as I liked her and her development with her daughter and grace, I didn’t like the plot.

It was yet again another kidnapping storyline. In the. Grinning they had to rescue her from the neo nazis so we had quite a bit of very very bad things said that I do not like at all. The graphic sa scenes were there again and then after she was rescued and went through sobering up and the effects of drug withdrawal, she just had lots of sex?
Idk it just didn’t fit her character and what she went through and we had insta love so her relationship with AK was clear from the beginning.

And then there was the second kidnapping which she kind of wanted to happen and it was yet again very similar to the plot of all the other books so a repetition. I just don’t see the appeal of reading the same plot in different fonts over and over again but I am hoping the next book will be better.

We had some scenes from Flame’s perspective which were ngl the only things that made this book go higher than 2 Stars because WOW THE BEGINNING WAS WEIRD.
They went to the neo nazis and like just listened and didn’t rescue any of the other girls except for phebe which didn’t make any sense to me. They just let all the other girls stay there and continue getting sa’d while they rescued one of the (as the guys in this book say:) bitches.

I just don’t like the fuckin biker language and come on why is the plot so similar in each book. Can we please stop with the fact that each girl was sexually assaulted at the age of 8 and not have it graphic??? It is disturbing to read even for a dark romance book.
And she got pregnant at 12… idk I am going to finish the series because I did buy the entire series and spend money on it so I will finish jt but the graphic scenes in here are too much for me.
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April 17, 2017
4.5+stars.png (1271×246):

I have loved every book in this series and this one was no exception.

When words fail

First I want to be clear that these books can not be read as stand-alone novels and they should be read in order. Second, there are a lot of triggers in these books, the author warns for those in the blurb and in the books themselves.

I will try and write a review, but it's hard. I don't want to spoiler anything, because I think these books should be enjoyed without any spoilers.....

This story is about AK and Phebe....we have met both of them in the previous books.

eyes, hair, and blue afbeelding:    11356879_115150348833217_423033321_n.jpg (480×480):

Phebe is Lila's sister and she has been one of the cult's  Sacred Sisters for a very long time. Her life was never ever easy, but now she is living in a different kind of hell.

Phebe has been taken away from New Zion and now serves a new master. My heart broke for all that she went through.

tumblr_lbjz7iGUak1qaqy3xo1_500.gif~c200 (200×200)

AK is the Hangmen's Sergeant at arms. He is an experienced sniper, who is quite broken himself. He remembers Phebe...he remembers her red hair and her freckles..so when the Hangmen plan to retrieve Phebe from her hell...he is the first one to jump.

Question is...will he prepared for what he finds....

Just like all the previous books, there were scenes that made me cry my eyes out...

These two broken souls trying to heal each other......it was simply beautiful. Ak is definitely one of my favorite Hangmen....after Ky of course, I think he will always be my number one.

I also loved cathing up with all the other characters....the psycho trio was amazing as always and I loved Flame and how he has grown...

This series is by far, one of the greatest "biker" series out there. It is dark and gritty, but underneath all of that, there is definitely hope....

tumblr_o8u6hrJfMA1toamj8o1_500.gif (500×209)

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April 17, 2017
**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**


"The damned souls who together found grace."

I think it is almost impossible for me to rate any book in this series below a 4.5 stars. Tillie Cole has created such an intricate and haunting world with characters who are so complicated. All of them are looking for a light in the darkness that is their life. I was looking forward to AK's story, because he intrigued me a lot. I wanted to know about his background, and what happened to make him join the Hades Hangmen. As always you can expect some very dark and horrific events happening in this book. Tillie is such a phenomenal author, and she shows it again in this book. Like in each book the story isn't only about the main two characters but also about the whole Hades Hangmen community. You'll be reunited with your favorite characters and see how they are doing. She continues to develop the main characters of the previous books, which is beautiful and also heartbreaking sometimes. Especially my favorite Hangmen Flame goes through huge changes. I love him so much.

"He was a shining beacon of hope. The only face the made me feel safe. Because there was a darkness in him too, a fellow traveler on the same uneasy road."

Phebe and AK were perfect for each other. Both of them have a very traumatic past, and especially the flashbacks were heartbreaking. This book/series is not for the faint of heart. There is a new bad guy in town, and boy do they do some disgusting and inhumane things. There were scenes that were really hard to read and I had to remind myself that this is just a book. I am not going into the plot because the synopsis is pretty detailed about what to expect. Tillie did an amazing job in showing how someone even though you get them out of traumatizing event, they are still haunted by demons. The character development and fallback was done phenomenally. I wouldn't change anything about this book. AK and Phebe not only saved each other but also showed that "for every dark night, there is a brighter day." (Quote by Tupac Shakur) Sorry for the vague review, but like I mentioned I don't think you need any more information than you get from the blurb. Just hold tight because Damnable Grace will take you on a very dark and bumpy ride. Make sure you have a lot of tissues close by.
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April 25, 2017
4.25 -barely survived but got my silver lining in the end- Stars

So I've finally finished this book and may need to be clinically checked for depression and alcoholism. Haha. Kidding but not kidding :)

Ms Cole sure knows how to rain down tears and hardships on me like I'm her golden shower gimp, and I soaked up everything she gave, cos I'm a masochist like that!

Brutality, hardships, painful memories, more hardships, more pain.... By 90%, I was wondering if there was ever gonna be any silver lining for these MC's, but in the end, Ms Cole ALWAYS comes through, and my heart and emotions were eventually stitched back together again.

Told in dual POV, with 2 tiny snippet chapters of Flame's POV, which helped brake up some of the depression and got me through the rougher patches. Admittedly, I added the extra 0.25 to my previously rated 4 stars, because of Lil Ash's bonus chapter at the very end (now THAT'S a story I neeeeed to get my hands on). This also had a nice HFN at the end, but don't expect to feel 100% satisfied because it is after all, Tillie's Hangmen series and she ALWAYS makes us beg for more.

I recommend reading this series in order; to get the best background and character set-ups (even though it's totally possible to read as a standalone). I'm now off to read I Do, Babe, cos this series is too damn addictive not to.
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April 17, 2017
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Title: Damnable Grace
Author: Tillie Cole
Category: Romance, Cult
Series or Standalone: Part of the Hades Hangmen series, Book #5
POV: Various
Plot: 5
Characters: 5
Scorching Level: 5
HEA: Not telling

The Hangmen series has to be one of my favorite series ever. This book had me hooked and I couldn't stop reading.
I am writing this review with various emotions swirling inside me.
I lover everything about this book, but mostly I loved AK, our tortured sergeant-at-arms. He has to be one of my favorite characters in the series. This is his story, his past but the author also carries on with her amazing plot that started with the first book.
We get to know Phebe, the sacred sister of the cult, Lilah's sister. Her story is heartbreaking. Her life is a living hell, but AK will stop at nothing until he finds the freckled woman that he cannot stop thinking about.
We get more villains, twists and turns and the best of it all!? We get to see more Flame! I love that character so much and this book really explored his character even more when it came to his emotional connection with AK and Ash. I simply loved it.
If you are a fan if the series like I am, you won't be disappointed! I loved every minute of AK & Phebe. I can't wait to see where the author takes us next.

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March 7, 2020
A special thanks to Monique for buddy reading this with me. xx

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to AK. From the previous books, we knew that AK is part of the Psycho Trio. We knew that he rescued Flame. We knew that he had a thing for Red. But in this book, this wonderful book, we learn more about the man behind the AK sniper rifle.

And who better to help us see how sweet and caring AK can be than our lovely heroine - Phebe. She definitely has the worst back story of all the commune women. Or at least in my opinion anyway. You see, she wasn't a 'Cursed' like Mae, Lilah, and Maddie; she was the head of Sacred Sisters, and her assigned destiny was a horrible one. Her character is heavily conflicted and will really test your patience. There were times that I really struggled with her, but she had her reasons for everything she did. Her mistakes made her character more realistic. Red, as AK likes to call her, is a character I don't think I could handle on her own. AK really brings out the positive light in her. I ship them sooo hard.

“What if we are being held in midnight, AK? Both of us locked in the dark of our pasts. Together. And maybe we must endure the darkness for a while.”
I swallowed, eyes fixed on hers.
“But then, one day will come the sunrise. The darkness will need, and the sunlight will pour in. Sunrise, AK. Just imagine.” She smiled and nearly broke my fucking heart. “We can chase the sunrise together. We can be the sunrise…together.”
“Yeah” I said, unable to get the word ‘sunrise’ from my head. I wanted that. I wanted the fucking sunrise. I wanted the sunrise with Red.”

Overall, I'm still loving this series. Tille Cole keeps me on my toes with her brilliant enemies and creative plots. The next book is a novella with a wedding! I can't wait to revisit Styx and Mae for their big day!

5 Stars!
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226 reviews
April 20, 2017





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April 22, 2017
Holy cow this was a tough, emotional read. This entire series has been emotional, full of heart and at times difficult to read, but this book just hurt me so much more.

Phebe isn't like the other women she was actually groomed to seduce and to serve as a sex slave. She is then taken by a Klan cult leader to be his possession and drugged into submission. Reading those scenes legit broke my heart. Then reading about the drug use and addiction, I was broken. I am legit crying just thinking about this book.

There is just something about Red that AK can't move on from their first meeting. So when they are tasked with infiltrating the Klan to rescue Phebe, AK volunteers. He then takes ownership and wants to help her overcome everything. So needless to say I love all these guys, but after Damnable Grace I really love AK. He may be my new favorite.

These two just owned my heart from the very beginning. I wanted to know their past and understand them more. I loved them together even more. I loved how they both needed each other and relied on each other. I love their connection ran so deep and there was an understanding between them.

Like I said this book broke my heart and while this entire series is on the dark side, this book is much darker. It made me feel so much more and my heart was just owned. I love this series and this book just solidified why Tillie is one of my favorite authors. If you haven't read this series, I absolutely recommend it!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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