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La Douleur Exquise

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Goodreads Choice Award
Nominee for Best Poetry (2016)
What happens when you meet
your soul mate at the wrong time?
What happens when you meet
your soul mate but you aren't theirs?

64 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 1, 2015

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About the author

J.R. Rogue

56 books856 followers
J.R. Rogue first put pen to paper at the age of fifteen after developing an unrequited high school crush and has never stopped writing about heartache. She has published multiple volumes of poetry and novels. Her work has been recognized with three Goodreads Choice Awards nominations, a testament to the impact of her work on readers.

In addition to her writing, J.R. Rogue is a certified yoga teacher with additional certification in Yoga Nidra and Trauma-Informed Yoga. She is passionate about mindfulness and meditation, and currently studying Foundations in Meditation. Furthermore, J.R. Rogue has been sober from alcohol since January 1st, 2020, a personal achievement that she is proud of and that has strengthened her commitment to mindfulness and wellness.

J.R. Rogue resides in a small town in the Midwest with her family, where she enjoys a peaceful life reading and telling stories

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1,353 reviews1,279 followers
May 24, 2020
“I believe the sky is crying for us & what we will never be.”

La Douleur Exquise is a beautiful collection of poems by the amazingly talented J.R. Rogue. I am a huge fan of her work and could not be more thrilled to have my own signed copy on my shelf! If you are a fan of poetry, this is one collection that will evoke a full spectrum of emotions. J.R. Rogue is a true master storyteller!

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84 reviews34 followers
November 9, 2015
This woman and her words are beyond beautiful... I want to buy a bottle of wine & pour the author a glass while asking her not only, a thousand questions about her life, but also how she knows so much about mine as well. I related to every line in one way or another and I hope to see much more from J.R. Rogue!
Profile Image for Neil (or bleed).
982 reviews749 followers
March 2, 2017
I can't relate. Seriously.

But at least some poems in this collection did make their way into me.
Profile Image for A.S.
181 reviews8 followers
May 9, 2022
Even though I’ve had this for years I finally reread it and finished it all and I really liked it.

(This was my review 4 years ago)
I just remembered I got this a while back and enjoyed some of the poems, I’m not going to rate it because I didn’t finish all of them.
Profile Image for Victoria.
Author 3 books40 followers
February 23, 2016
So I followed this poet on social media and was very excited to dive neck deep into her works.

As a published author of a book of poetry, I know how it felt to release this baby into the wild. It was liberating, it was the feeling that you were tearing off layers of skin and exposing your innards for the world to see and judge at free will. I always wanted someone to give me solid advice when it came to my poetry, especially when the subject was heartbreak.
That alone made me give this author 5 stars.... because of her COURAGE.

I know how the author feels at the present moment, watching each comment, hoping someone "gets it" in the way in which she wrote these words.

I got it....
She wants me to feel depressed along with her, I assume, otherwise these works would have never surfaced.

I imagine myself writing this during some of my hugest juvenile heartbreaks, while clutching a bottle of vodka and feeling woe is me. Reading this made me want to do the same.

Eventually, I kicked my own heartbroken ass into shape and established a new writing tone in which I feel more comfortable in my skin.
I hope this author does the same.

Honestly, I didn't find myself enjoying this collection of works: But I don't feel it was written for me to enjoy.
I felt it was TOO depressing and heart-wrenching and extremely vague and without any sort of established uniform style or prose. It left me gutted and empty.
I would like to see more metaphors, more style, and in more established subjects then heartbreak... there is a pure raw talent here.
Profile Image for Jamie Lynn.
174 reviews22 followers
November 22, 2015
The definition of La Douleur Exquise is the heart wrenching pain of wanting someone you can’t have, and this book from J.R. Rogue lives up to its title. The poems contained within the pages are heart wrenching, and soul consuming. They are real, and I felt all of the heart ache that Rogue pulled from the depths of her soul.

I tried to pick a piece from the book that I could choose as a favorite, but the fact is that I found myself identifying with everything. There is not a poem in those pages that deserves more praise than the one before it. Every line written is as beautiful as it is painful, and I found myself constantly drawing from that pain. There is not one person on the planet that has never felt the feelings on these pages, and while reading it was a great reminder that we are never alone. There is always someone out there that has gone through similar instances. This is definitely one book that I will be going through time and time again.

I have been a fan of Rogue’s for quite some time and when the opportunity arose to review, I was completely all over it. As a lover of the written word, poetry has always been at the top. It’s feelings in their truest form, and La Douleur Exquise captures all of the angst, and pain, and hope, and the lies you tell yourself when the love you give freely is not reciprocated.

Thank you J.R. for allowing me this opportunity to read and review. I can’t wait for another book, and until then, I will continue my stalking on Instagram.
Profile Image for Brina.
360 reviews77 followers
February 7, 2017
2.5 - 3 Stars

I was really looking forward to another great poetry collection by JR Rogue. I absouletly loved Rouge. Unfortunately, I couldn't relate to any of those poems, which has more to do with me personally rather than Rogue's poems.
Although this collection was a let- down for me, it won't stop me from purchasing more of Rogue's poems and novels.
Profile Image for Jenn.
286 reviews12 followers
November 29, 2021
This is my first collection from J.R. Rogue, so I didn’t have any expectations going into it. This collection was entirely focused on unrequited love and the pain left in its wake.

There were some moments that I felt a bit of a connection, but overall this one didn’t click with me. It seemed to be personal to the author, which is great, but there wasn’t much for me to grab on to, and there was a lot of repetition, a lot of poems that were essentially the same thing with slightly different language. Though the poems seemed personal, they weren’t specific enough I think to really grab me. There just wasn’t enough there.

I would recommend this to fans of love poems who want something that’s easy to jump into and uncomplicated.
Profile Image for Erin.
255 reviews1 follower
November 12, 2019
I've been on a JR Rogue kick for days now even though I have already read most of her books. Once you start, it's difficult to stop. Each one I read pulls me into the raw angst she projects. Nothing sappy here. Pure. Powerful. Unadulterated. Heartbreak. This one isn't even my favorite yet I find myself reading it over again.
"I begged & I can still taste your pity"
Profile Image for Jackie.
921 reviews156 followers
November 30, 2015
I received this book for review from the author! Thank you so much. This did not influence my review.

Full review to come

Just like her Instagram, Rouge’s book is filled with poems like sounds so freaking relatable that it’s kind of startling. I read this in the car on the way into the city (yes, I live in the relative county and, no, I was not driving) for some food.

There are high lights in bright blue through out the book. And if I had a paper copy I’d color them in there too.

I’m always a little nervous that the covers make me build up my expectation more than I should. Not in this case- nope. Unrequited love, paper cuts and paper hearts, and letters that could have been mailed to a love long-since gone. What can I say? After being an avid follower of her Insta feed, I wasn’t disappointed.

I was a little sad a few of my favorites weren’t included- but I suppose they wouldn’t have really had their place among the chapters.

Overall, I’d say this is a shelf must-have for all the poetry lovers. Gorgeous cover, lovely words. I like it. Quite a bit.
Profile Image for Natasha at Book Baristas.
196 reviews180 followers
November 9, 2015
"Maybe there are some things the universe doesn't want you to know yet."

This was a quick read and so emotionally charged!! I'm a huge fan of J.R. Rogue's poetry so this collection of her work was stunning to read. I loved how much anguish you can feel just by reading her words. She's honest and incredibly lyrical. I loved this one. Will definitely be rereading.

"I will write stories about how we lost each other. (because that's the part I will never get over. that's the part I know best.)"
Profile Image for Butthisbook.
493 reviews18 followers
November 14, 2015
I've been an admirer of J.R. Rogue's work for quite some time. When I heard she was releasing a chapbook of her poetry I was very much excited, but this set of work is completely different from what I've read before. It's much more real and raw. I felt like I was able to relate to each and every piece in this chapbook. If you're looking for something real and honest Rogue won't disappoint. She's put so much of herself into her work that I already feel like I personally know her. I am very excited to read future work by her.
Profile Image for Hayley Stumbo.
Author 7 books80 followers
May 24, 2016
Poetic perfection.

Entry 4 and Entry 6 ripped my heart out. Hello Fall 2005. It was like Rogue tapped into my high school life and wrote about my senior year.
There's something so pure and honest about poetry. It follows no rules and is probably one of the bravest things someone can write. These words leave me feeling like I'm sitting at the bottom of the ocean, and I mean that in a good way.

I look forward to more poems by Rogue.

Profile Image for Yashira.
195 reviews12 followers
December 5, 2015
Beautiful words.
Beautiful poems.

J.R. Rogue writes poetry that make you feel every single emotion. It's deep and captivating, it's just amazing. This book is definitely full of emotion.

This is recommended must read. I've read all these poems about five times already and I know I'll continue to reread in the future. Love her work.
Profile Image for Beatrix.
544 reviews96 followers
March 14, 2017
Poetry has a special place in my heart.
And I feel bad to say anything bad about this, because if the author truly felt this way while writing it, who am I to say this sucks?
Just because I couldn't relate.

I liked the style, but the topic was not my cup of tea. Overly sentimental & romantic.

But...because I liked the words, I'll probably read more from J.R. Rogue.
Profile Image for Nicole Belanger.
Author 4 books17 followers
November 15, 2015
I absolutely love this book. The emotions portrayed through Jen's powerful use of the written word are so raw. By the time I finished reading, I wanted more. Not because the book was short, but because her words are so beautiful.
Profile Image for Amber Rose.
262 reviews12 followers
November 23, 2015
The poetry in this book is so beautiful. It speaks to me on a soul deep level, the words flowing beautifully across the page. Reading her work made me feel like she knew me personally. I believe this book and the author herself will go far.
Profile Image for Sonya.
530 reviews28 followers
April 2, 2016
A short book of poems that are very touching, and from the heart. Unrequited love can be so devastatingly beautiful. My favorites were Holding Pattern, Six Degrees, Paper Cuts part 1, Return to Sender letter 1, and Code Blue. The cover artwork is just as beautiful as the poems inside.
Profile Image for BeautyandtheBooks.
272 reviews15 followers
April 1, 2016
This book of poetry is free right now, but it's worth more than rubies. So in love with her words!!
Profile Image for Cassandra Magnussen.
Author 3 books122 followers
January 10, 2017
WOW. All I can say is thank you. Thank you for writing the truth about an unrequited love. Thank you for writing the truth! Beautiful!!!
Profile Image for Lesley.
133 reviews32 followers
March 6, 2017
J.R. Rogue perfectly captured all of the dark thoughts and feelings brought on by the worst kind of love-unrequited love.
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