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The first novel in a sexy new series featuring the hockey players of the Brooklyn Bruisers and the women who win their hearts—from the USA Today bestselling author of the Ivy Years series.

In high school they were the perfect couple—until the day Georgia left Leo in the cold...

Hockey player Leo Trevi has spent the last six years trying to do two things: get over the girl who broke his heart, and succeed in the NHL. But on the first day he’s called up to the newly franchised Brooklyn Bruisers, Leo gets checked on both sides, first by the team’s coach—who has a long simmering grudge, and then by the Bruisers’ sexy, icy publicist—his former girlfriend Georgia Worthington.

Saying goodbye to Leo was one of the hardest things Georgia ever had to do—and saying hello again isn’t much easier. Georgia is determined to keep their relationship strictly professional, but when a press conference microphone catches Leo declaring his feelings for her, things get really personal, really fast....

336 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 6, 2016

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About the author

Sarina Bowen

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sarina bowen
Sarina Bowen is the twenty-four-time USA Today bestselling and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of three dozen books, including: the True North series, and Brooklyn Hockey. She's the co-author of Him/Us and the WAGs series with Elle Kennedy. She's the author of The Ivy Years series, and more!
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686 reviews13.5k followers
September 6, 2016

Sarina Bowen's novels are my newest addiction. When it comes to her stories I can't get enough. She writes with a passion, with an intensity and sweetness, a purity, that just resonates within me. Her books have heart. They're not over the top, crazy, overly dramatic, they're real, easy to get lost in and utterly addicting.

Rookie Move was just that--all heart and soul with a hardy dose of swoon and charm. The characters were relatable, downright lovable, and the plot line was easy to follow, invest in, and connect to. It was everything a sports romance should be and more.

SOLID writing.
PERFECT pacing.
SEAMLESS transitions.
An EFFORTLESS third POV (which is usually not my fav).
HOTTER THAN HOT steamy scenes! <<--- NO SKIMPING on the sexy!
And PERFECT feels, emotions so pure, they made me shiver.

Honestly, from the sweetness of the second chance romance, to the reminder of Leo and Georgia's first love flutters, to the painful heartache they felt when that love fell apart, it all took my breath away! And once again, I found myself romanced in the very best way, by a set of characters who had me falling completely head over heels in love.

This was everything I needed in a book. A sweet, charming, captivating love story that has been added to my favorites shelf.

Leo Trevi is on his way to being an NHL Hockey Player. He's just been called up by Brooklyn Bruisers! This is all Leo has ever wanted, all that he's been working for has finally culminated and landed him with a dream opportunity. He shows up the first day ready to prove himself to his new coach, new owner, and new team, but little does Leo know that life is about to take a turn.

Georgia Worthington is on the cusp of a promotion and she's doing everything she can to secure it. Currently, she's the interim Senior Publicist for the Brooklyn Bruisers and she wants to keep that position. Permanently. Showing up to work, Georgia is set to handle her FIRST press conference! (They are announcing the new coach!) But when Georgia shows up for work, there's a big surprise waiting for her and it's one that leaves her winded.

Leo and Georgia go way back. Six years ago, Georgia broke Leo's heart by dumping him cold. Since then neither of them have uttered a word to each other. They've both just been trying to move on. So when Georgia see's Leo standing in the Brooklyn Bruisers main office, and hears that he's the newest recruit to the team, things get sticky fast.

This story is so sweet. I know keep using that word to describe it, but it's the only way I can say it. Leo is a hero who sweeps you off your feet with his goodness. There is NOT one bad trait in that man. His heart is so pure and his actions speak so loudly about his character, about who he is at his core. His love for Georgia has never wavered. And his longing, his yearning for this girl, who holds his entire world, melted me to my core.

There truly is nothing better than a man who cherishes, respects, and admires the woman he loves with an unconditional fervor. That's Leo. I adored him and found him to be so refreshing. And also, it's not often you read about a guy who's not broken, who's not an asshole. Yes, Georgia broke Leo's heart, but Leo never let it harden his feelings toward her. If anything, it only intensified his need to fix what happened between them and win her back. And that, my friends, is romance, it's magical!

And has far as Georgia goes, well, she's been through so much in her life. She's a character you cannot help but fall in love with. Fierce, tenacious, hard working and utterly lovable, I understood her reactions, her heartache, her softness and need for Leo and her hesitancy as well. You'll wholeheartedly root for her. You can't do anything but that.

Together Leo and G are just perfect. Their sweet, second chance romance sizzles and charms you until it owns your heart and soul.

Once again, I'm blown away but the rush Sarina's words gave me, by the real and intoxicating way her stories are told. Just fantastic. I highly recommend Rookie Move. And I can't wait to get my hands on Hard Hitter -- O'Doul's book!

ARC received in exchange for an honest review

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3,815 reviews32.4k followers
August 15, 2016
4 stars!

 photo 72FF197F-63EF-42FC-8CE8-D9BF324E9678_zpsyfzyhhzl.jpg

Rookie Move is the first book in Sarina Bowen’s Brooklyn Bruisers series, but if you’ve read her Ivy Years series, you know the leading man in this book- Leo Trevi. Leo is DJ’s older brother and was the captain of Harkness’ hockey team. Now he’s graduated and finally his dream has come true. He’s in the NHL. The Brooklyn Bruiser’s picked him up and he couldn’t be more excited. He’s starting fresh in Brooklyn, or so he thinks.

When Leo meets the team, he is greeted by not only the team, but his ex-girlfriend he’s never quite gotten over, Georgia Worthington. Georgia and Leo dated in high school. Leo thought it would be a forever kind of love, but something happened to Georgia that traumatized her and all he was worried about was her happiness.
Letting Georgia go was the hardest thing he’d ever had to do. And he’d only been able to manage it because he was sure it would help her be happy again.

Georgia and Leo may have been apart these last six years, but their connection and chemistry is still there. Leo is a fantastic character and a stand-up man. I loved how he was always there for Georgia, whether it was giving her the space she needed, or pushing her that little bit she needed to be pushed. Georgia had been through a lot and I loved her strength. They were great together and I hoped things would work out for these two.

This is a great start to Bowen’s new sports romance series. When I finished the book I was hoping the next one would be about O’Doul and sure enough, when I checked book 2 (Hard Hitter) and it said Patrick O’Doul, I squealed a little! I’m so excited! There were lots of great secondary characters- Silas, Becca, but O’Doul was by far my favorite.

Rookie Move is equal parts sweet and steamy. A great sports/second chance romance I would recommend.

 photo 38DE10DA-8BFC-452C-9B06-1B02585B4FCC_zpsxdaoghc0.jpg
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476 reviews386 followers
September 8, 2016
“I loved you when I was sixteen, and I told you when I was seventeen. When I was eighteen, you cut me loose. But I never stopped.”

Such a winner this one. I was dying to read Leo and Georgia's story the moment I finished The Fifteenth Minute.

When high school sweethearts meet again after few years, Leo knows exactly what he wants and is determined to get Georgia back. And don't you just love when the hero is so determined that you have no choice (not that it was hard) but cheer them on.

“You’re mine, Georgia Worthington. I don’t care what your fucking dad thinks. I spent six years trying to get over you, and it didn’t take. Our time is now.”

What I loved the most is the fact that there was absolutely no drama between the couple. Even when they were not together yet, you knew their thoughts and reader did not have to worry about their feelings for each other.

Not to mention they were both so adorable. Leo - pure swoon and Georgia - sweet, sweet girl. I had a goofy smile on my face the whole time while reading. And the sexy parts too! The sexy parts were great!

And that hockey bromance... loved the locker room atmosphere and team mates' interactions.

If you are into sport romances and/or second chance ones for that matter, this one is a must!

ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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1,568 reviews1,184 followers
February 25, 2019
I rarely rate the books I DNFed.
But this one wounded me and made me really MAD!
Very angry!

MCs dated in high school and h was .
She suffered a lot and he tried to help her, but on the day of their graduation she broke up with him.
“So I told him that after such a sad, scary year, I needed a clean break, that I wanted to start fresh in college. And that there was no reason to drag it out. That it was just going to hurt more later.”
Becca cringed. “What did he do?”
Georgia swallowed hard, and the wine she’d drunk seemed to turn to acid in her stomach. “He got all teared up. But he said, ‘It’s not what I want. But I understand.’ And then he went home.”

After some time she saw him talking and laughing with other girl.
Then 6 years silence.

My point is: she was the love of his life. And even at 18 you understand that a person who was hurt needs his/her space.
What would you do?
Move on with your life? Date OP? Get a gf? Don’t look back?

I’m a woman, but I’ve got apparently bigger balls than many men have,
so what would I have done?
Pretend to go away, but stay on alert.
Look out for a love of my life, guard her.
Patiently wait and always be aware what happens in her life.
Try to make amends, fight for her.
Fight for her harder.
And if she still doesn’t want me, I have at least tried.

And what did this moron? NOTHING!
He moved on:
He’d dated quite a few women in college, but he’d never gotten to know any of them as well as he’d known her, had he? He’d never felt the same connection, or shared so much in common with anyone else.

And she was celibate for all 6 years!

And he told me how hard it was for him, that she betrayed him.
Hey, dude, she was , and you felt betrayed?

Please give me 5 minutes with this pos in a secure space!
I need a pair of shiny balls for my Christmas tree deco.

How come I don’t want to read about their reunion mixed with his ex-gf, who was apparently Teflon girl (coz of course all OWs are sl***)?
Picky me!
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2,017 reviews12k followers
September 4, 2016
3.75 Stars

You and I don't have one-night stands. We have forever night stands."

If you love second chance romance with a hero that's so sweet and devoted it will make even the most cynical heart swoon, then you've just found your next read! It seems the romance genre is well saturated with a good share of alpha-holes lately, and I have to say that Leo Trevi was a breath of fresh air. Don't get me wrong, alpha-holes happen to be my crack of choice. But every now and then it's also great to get a genuinely nice guy that fell hard once for the love of his life and never fell out of it.

Georgia and Leo were high school sweethearts, until the Georgia broke Leo's heart at the end of their senior year and they haven't seen each other since. Now Georgia is trying to live her dream as the publicist for the NHL and gets the surprise of a lifetime when the new player to the team her father is now coaching is none other than the boy she's never forgotten or gotten over.
He inhaled, and the familiar fruity smell of her shampoo misted his already hazy mind. Slowly, she lifted her chin, her nose tracing a line up his cheek. Then their lips found each other's effortlessly, like magnets realigning.

Their reunion was not angst filled but it was certainly full of tension and emotion. It's hard not to fall for Leo the very second he appears on the pages. The man is swoon with a capital S. Seriously. He doesn't hide from his feelings or try to punish Georgia. He's so incredibly pure with the depth of his emotion, that it practically jumps off the pages at you.

There's plenty of tension from outside forces like the team coach and Georgia's father and his mystery loathing and hate for Leo, Leo being the rookie to the team and trying to prove himself, and of course trying to deal with the event that led to the ultimate breaking point of their relationship.

As much as I love a good second chance romance, I have to admit that I did find myself a little bored in the first half. Leo was swoony and sweet, but alas I love my men with a little more edge to them, so while I was full, I wasn't quite satisfied if that makes sense. The second half more than made up for the first and the story read a whole lot quicker. I was antsy to finally get the full reason about why the coach has it out for Leo and the progression of Leo and Georgia's relationship really picked up while making me curious about the slew of other characters that were introduced like Silas, O'Doul, Becca, and Nate. I'm already salivating for their books....O'Doul especially.

So while this was a little tame for my tastes and so sweet it almost made my teeth ache at times, it also made perfect sense for this story. I could't see it play out any other way. I loved the ending and while I wasn't reading this with my usual devour pace, it was still a light and easy romance that I enjoyed quite a bit. It's definitely the start of what looks to be a fantastic new series and I can't wait for more.

Are super sweet heroes my thing? Not really. *ducks head in shame* But Leo made a believer out of me just this once.

ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review

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3,234 reviews1,934 followers
February 14, 2017

Rookie Move starts Sarina Bowen's new series, Brooklyn Bruisers, off with a bang. The story follows Leo Trevi as he finally gets his big break and gets his foot in the door of the NHL. His move to the big leagues may be one giant failure, though, since his new coach seems to hate his guts and the teams no-nonsense publicist just so happens to be his ex-girlfriend. The one that broke his heart after High School graduation and whom he's never gotten over.

I loved how determined Leo was to not let Georgia slip from his grasp for a second time and it really made me like his character. After six years apart he still had such strong feelings for her and I liked that he wasn't holding on to a grudge. Even though he would be more than warranted in those hurt feelings, I felt like it showed how much he had matured since High School that he wasn't going to let his pride ruin a good thing.

Georgia had her reasons for leaving Leo and her inner dialogue about those reasons was breaking my heart. Her emotions were so subtle that it made them raw and really made me experience them with her. I liked that they weren't these in-your-face emotions that we were told she felt. Instead we got to see her going through those emotions and it made her all the more relatable.

Georgia and Leo's relationship was slow moving but not so slow that it got annoying. We got to see them hesitant about being together again, but also wanting each other more than they ever have before. Their conflicting emotions made this story extra intriguing and had me on the edge of my seat.

Overall, if you're a fan of second chance romance, or sports romance, this book is the one for you. The connection Georgia and Leo share is gripping and will have you captivated.
Profile Image for Rachel  L.
1,827 reviews2,186 followers
September 4, 2016
4 second chance stars!

"If you want to keep breathing, don't ever call the love of my life a bitch."

Rookie Move is the story of Leo Trevi and Georgia Worthington. Back in the day they were high school sweethearts very much in love, until a tragic event rocked Georgia's world and she broke up with Leo on graduation day.

Now six years later Leo has been drafted into the NHL, and to the very team that Georgia works as the PR representative, the Brooklyn Bruisers. After six years of not even speaking, the two already know they have left too many things unresolved. But Leo knows that Georgia is the only woman he has had this kind of connection with, but it's up to Georgia to decide if she wants to be back with Leo as well.

I have yet to read a Sarina Bowen book I haven't enjoyed, she has a way of hitting my sweet spot when I didn't even think it was there. Second chance romance is also my favorite romantic trope, and I loved Georgia and Leo's story. There was a lot of depth between them, probably because of their past history together, but even through the book I could feel the pull between the two of them.

For those of you who read The Ivy Years series, there are familiar faces, but this book is not a part of that series as this is adult romance and the other series was very much new adult. I do wish we had seen more of Leo and Georgia's relationship as teens in flashbacks, but otherwise this was a wonderful romance story many readers will love and enjoy.

Plus, I cannot wait for the next book! I am excited for that characters story.

"You and I don't have one-night stands. We have forever night stands."

ARC provided by publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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2,652 reviews3,234 followers
November 10, 2022
4.5 It's Leo's Time to Shine Stars
* * * * 1/2 Spoiler Free
My title is a Huge Hint about one of the many reasons I appreciated this book. This series is strong with a solid team, characters to care about and future players to love.

We have the engaging characterizations Sarina Bowen is known for, as well, as the heart. She takes the idea of seeing the one you had loved, the one you always had thought was the one...but for some reason never explained why...let you go. What makes this wonderful is it is the man who was left wondering why all of these years...

We get to go on the journey of Leo Trevi, a player for the Brooklyn Bruisers. This team has relocated and is working to convert past fans and new ones into the fold. The team was bought and moved by a tech mogul and he is doing everything he can to make this team his own. He has looked for the right players and coaches and today there is going to be a huge press conference presenting these acquisitions.

Georgia Worthington loves Hockey and she has been with this new team as their publicist from the start. She understands her powerful yet nerdy boss and when he was looking for a new coach, she threw her father's hat in the ring. Karl Worthington deserved the look... it wasn't just a daughter looking out for her dad. The man had all the necessary credentials and the team needed someone to unite them. It was all a done deal and Georgia was in charge of the press conference which was about to happen.

Now, this press conference was huge on so many levels... first, because it was a full-court press... every news/media sports reporter was going to be there to see what was next for this new team. The team was sort of a curiosity because of the move, name change, and tech owner. They had gone through a few coaches so the interest was high to see who was next.

The other element which heightened this event was what it meant for Georgia's career. The head publicist had moved on and Georgia was now doing both positions...assist and direct. This was daunting. She was handling it well but the press conference was her first alone. She wanted the position officially and this was a test in some ways.

As she is getting ready to check on everything, she receives a call letting her know Leo was just brought up from the AHL and was to be the new rookie forward. This is bad...Leo was her high school love... her everything. Leo was there for her through it all...and then she broke everything off when they both went to separate colleges. He had been part of her family...her father had coached him and taught him like a son...and then he turned his back on him. Oh, this was not going to be good... and she would have to rein in her dad.

Well, too late.

Leo heard all the cussing and yelling about him while waiting to meet with his new boss and owner of the club. Karl was still fuming and pissed at the owner. It seems the purchase of Leo's contract happened hours before the Coach had signed his contract... the one saying he was in charge of all the players...So Georgia had to forcibly smooth the owner and her father down, making them all agree to get along.

Leo is brought in and Coach Karl is like the cartoon with smoke pouring out of his ears. Leo is careful and the receptionist hustles him out to the locker room to meet the team. His captain is introduced and right off the bat pegs Leo as a fancy pants Ivy League player...It is when Georgia walks in to talk about the conference, Leo sees her for the first time.

He is stunned...it is his Georgia... but more so...and also different. She is the woman version with all the trimmings...but there is a coldness and standoff feel to her. She has the order of where they should sit... and when she finally looks at him and instead of a warm exchange...she tells him his tie is wrong...

What the hell????

Leo feels like he has been hit and slammed into the boards. Georgia is here...and her dad is the coach...He might as well take his duffel bag and go back to the lower-level team. Have the shortest career in the NHL. This is all he has ever wanted... outside of a life with Georgia all those years ago.

He is walking into the conference room next to O'Doul, the captain. They are sitting in the front row close to where the mics are on and all of the reporters. Everyone is waiting for the thing to start. O'Doul leans to Leo and tells him to stay clear of Georgia, calling her frosty and then the B-Word. Leo turns to him without thinking about where he is or what is happening and says quite plainly to never say anything like that again about the love of his life.

With Live mics, reporters, cell phones, etc...Georgia watches and sees all heads and cameras turn to focus on her. It was like a slow-motion movie with all the sound going Wa, Wa, Wa and her moving through molasses as she tried to leave the room.

Oh, this was not good. Chaos happened and everything went south... all the press was not on the Coach and new player like how it was supposed to be... it was all about Leo, her, and the picture catching the Coach looking like he was about to kill.

This story takes us on the journey of all these people and we learn so much. We see what Georgia's leaving Leo meant to him and how he lived after. We learn of the whys it happened and her struggles. We even are there to see a father see his baby girl differently and own up to his mistakes.

The best is how Sarina Bown puts this all together by introducing us to fully formed characters we want to know more about... all of the team players... and the owner...This is chocked full of insight into the game and mindset of professional players and their counterparts in the office.

I enjoyed this first book and for me, the icing on the Hockey cake was Leo. LOVED HIM. His heart, his care for Georgia.... just the whole package. Georgia was a strong woman who had experienced much. She worked to overcome her pain and trauma and I could understand the errors she made. The feelings these both had for each other were strong and the connection was evident.

This series is a winner and I cannot wait for the next installment. Sarina keeps them coming.

Rookie Move (Brooklyn Bruisers, #1) by Sarina Bowen Rookie Move (Brooklyn Bruisers, #1)
Hard Hitter (Brooklyn Bruisers, #2) by Sarina Bowen Hard Hitter (Brooklyn Bruisers #2)
Pipe Dreams (Brooklyn Bruisers, #3) by Sarina Bowen Pipe Dreams (Brooklyn Bruisers, #3)

New Series

Brooklynaire (Brooklyn, #1) by Sarina Bowen Brooklynaire (Brooklyn, #1)
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~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~
Does someone have an oxygen mask for me...
Because I am so excited I can't Breathe...
Starting Rookie Move (Brooklyn Bruisers, #1) NOW!!!
Just needed to share this Cover for this book...
Kinda takes your breath away...

At least it gives us something to think about...
Hmmm, I wonder what that could be...
Be Still My Heart...
Sarina Bowen is doing another Hockey Themed Series...
If anyone knows how to create Hockey Gods... Sarina Does!

And now we have The New Player on the team...
Who has a romantic past with the team's PR person...

Buckle up, People... because this is going to be Epic.

Rookie Move (Brookln Bruisers, #1) September 6th 2016

A gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review.

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1,446 reviews1,156 followers
September 5, 2016

The Rookie has my favourite type of moves.

***4.5 Stars***

Do you remember your first love? I remember in Grade 1 a boy was sitting next to me on the floor while the teacher read us a story. This little boy bent forward, kissed my knee, looked up at me and told me he loved me. At the time, I wasn’t ready for love. It also didn’t help that he had a wart on his knee and that was ALL I saw. Scary, that I still remember the first boy who told me he loved me. Scarier still, is that I feel guilty for writing him off because he had a wart on his knee. I blame my shallowness on my youth…

Rookie Move is about first loves, feelings of forever, and being too young to trust what you have when something terrible rocks your world. Georgia is a strong, intelligent and hardworking woman who loves her job. She’s young and has been fortunate enough to be given a job as the PR officer for the Brooklyn Bruisers. At the moment the job is for the interim, but she’s determined to work extra hard to make it permanent. Her first gig does not go to plan. Her Dad is the newly appointed coach and is going off his nut about a trade that happened without his authorisation/input. The young billionaire owner of the Bruisers struck a deal…and that’s it. So, of course, they’re butting heads, and some of the press can overhear their shouting match. Georgia tries to calm the situation down even though she doesn’t know the full story or who the new draftee is. Then she catches a peak, recognises his gait, sees his profile and hears his voice…she knows him.

Leo Trevi has hit the BIG TIME! He can hardly believe that all his hard work is finally paying off. He’s going to be playing hockey for the Brooklyn Bruisers, his first shot at playing in the NHL. Leo is going to bust a gut to get a spot on the team and stay on the team. Unfortunately, it seems that everything that could go wrong does go wrong. He calls out his captain (In the bestest, bestest, bestest way), gets snubbed by his coach and comes face to face with the love of his life.

Rookie Move was one of those books. Happy buzz’s, warm fluttery feeling in my belly and silly grins at the end, prove to me that this book was something special. We take a look back at Georgia and Leo’s lives and see what has led them up to this point. While they were together they were perfectly happy and perfectly in love. Their past had good times but when they came to the end it was at their worst. Now, Georgia realises she has been lonely without even knowing it. Leo sees he has been settling for psycho chick girlfriends who want him for his puck.

It wasn’t just Georgia and Leo that were affected by the end of their relationship. Both their families suffered too. That is why Georgia’s dad was not meeting Leo with open arms.

When they are face to face and within touching distance the overwhelming feelings they had six years ago cannot be denied. They missed each other. Some misunderstandings need to be cleared up and communication needs to be introduced so that the past can be dealt with and everyone can move on.

I really, really enjoyed Rookie Move. I loved the characters, the scenery and the dialogue. Sarina Bowen has given us an epic introduction to this series and I can not wait for more.

To buy Rookie Move from Amazon - http://amzn.to/2bO43NS

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2,101 reviews1,253 followers
September 7, 2016
ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

 photo f303e054213db57f1d92cc21a64877_zpsafz9ee5h.gif

Sarina Bowen...if you are reading this review, you have me uncontrollably gushing over your new sports romance, Rookie Move. Sarina is somewhat a new author for me since it has only been earlier this year that I have started reading and devouring her books. I love the way Bowen can magically transport readers to feel the depth and connection of her characters and in her latest book, she finds a way to skate her way into my heart and you can thank Leo Trevi for that.

It’s no secret that I’m a fanatic of second chance romance. I am sucker for this particular trope and when you combine Sarina Bowen’s stunning prose and vibrant characters, you get an unforgettable romance that will set hearts fluttering. This book was a symphony of heart, tender moments, passion, steam, humor, playfulness, and raw emotions. So if you are looking for a romance book that was well-written and full of heart then I would highly recommend you to read this book.

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November 12, 2016

RATING: 3.75 "You're mine" Hearts!

Rookie Move is a sweet start to this series, a sports oriented theme wonderfully paired with a second chance romance drawing us in albeit with a slow start.

Leo is both alpha and beta hero wrapped up in one swoon-worthy package. He’s boldly honest with Georgia about his intentions—both emotional and sexual—right from the beginning, but also shows a great deal of patience, recognizing the signs of past damage and respecting them while still pushing her to see that he’s no longer an uncertain teenager but a man she can trust with her mind and body.

“You and I don’t have one-night stands. We have forever-night stands.”

Georgia is a woman with baggage, suspended in a stasis of insecurities and fearful of rehashing the emotions that come with a romantic relationship, but even with her overly-conscious behaviour she never appears weak. Though Georgia’s reluctance and prickly attitude towards Leo becomes bothersome after some time, Ms. Bowen’s trademark combustible chemistry and sweet romance is more than enough to satisfy the moments leading up to the pinnacle of their relationship and thereafter.

“I need you, Leo.” Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, she was going to kill him. “I’m yours anytime you need me,” he whispered.

Interspersed between the tension of a mending relationship and emotions of Georgia’s traumatic past is humour providing much needed moments of levity in the form of banter between Leo and Georgia, and a wonderful cast of secondary characters who all shine with their various personalities and antics.

Overall, Rookie Move is as fantastically enjoyable as all Ms. Bowen’s previous romances, and I cannot wait for more of the hockey players of the Brooklyn Bruisers.

Posted: October 27, 2016
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October 3, 2017
Wow, I hated this book.

I'm a Sarina Bowen fan-girl, honestly, and while I get a lot of ARCs, I paid for this one out of my own pocket and actually own the next few in the series. I'm regretting that now.

Everyone else seems to love this one, so maybe it was just me? However, I loathed Georgia and I thought that Leo was this perfect, perfect man on a pedestal. None of it felt real to me.

One of my biggest pet peeves is fake drama. I hate it in real life and I hate it in romance. I HATED how all of the tension in this book was simply due to a total lack of communication on anyone's part. The drama between Georgia and Leo in high school, the drama between Georgia and Leo now, and the drama between Leo and Georgia's dad all boil down to communication fails that could have been SOOOOO easy to prevent. Loathe.

I also really, really hate the stereotypical female MC who is skinny with huge boobs who can eat everything and not gain an ounce and is smoking hot and doesn't even know it! Honestly, just barf. Just own it if every guy asks you out and wants you. It's just annoying to fein ignorance.

I wanted to skim this book or just DNF, almost right from the start, but I pushed on because I hate wasting money. It didn't get any better, not for me. In fact, I just hated Georgia more because she put herself first in every situation and Leo was this self-sacrificing martyr.

I hope the rest of the books in the series are better because I already own them. Frowny face.
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September 6, 2016

I'm a fan of sports romance and lately I read many great books.Glately Rookie Move is one of them!


The storyline was good and it was fast paced.Leo was such a sweetheart he was protective,sweet and in some way so innocent that I loved him.Things wasn't easy for him.He has to deal with the fact that he is in a new team and he is the new guy.But also that his coach is the father of his school girlfriend. And been back seeing Georgia wasn't easy.There was angst and steamy moments between them.Georgia wasn't my favorite heroine sometimes she was great and others she irritated me.The way she was handling the situation with Leo had me frustrated sometimes.

Overall it was a sexy,sweet and lovely second chance romance


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November 8, 2016
4,5 stars! Beautiful written, awesome characters and great story. My FIRST book from Sarina Bowen is a big success!

About the plot: Leo Trevi always dreamed to play in a professional league NHL. Now his hard work was going to pay off when he was recruited to Brooklyn Bruisers. It was supposed to be a new beginning, but he unexpectedly met there with the ghosts of the past. New team’s coach, who wears grudges to him, and team’s publicist, also known as his big love and ex-girlfriend.

Georgia Worthington broke his heart once, but hers also hasn't been unscathed. They were high school sweethearts, but circumstances caused that she pushed him away. At twenty-four she got the chance to be a temporarily senior publicist to the NHL team, and she was intended to stay a professional. But Leo also plans to take his chances, on the ice and in love.

“You and I don’t have one-night stands. We have forever night stands.”

Final thoughts: Beautifully written and developed story. A little slowly kicks off, but at least it is firmly placed in reality. Everything has its time and place. To that funny dialogues and a little angst enough to enrich the story and not make her exaggerated, created a great storyline.

Georgia and Leo are very likeable characters, it makes that you will firmly rooting for them while reading. And Leo is definitely swoon worthy. He is determined and sure of what he wants. His sweet ways to regain Georgia are wonderful and make you smile. Their chemistry is off the charts and they simply made to be together. I easily fell in love with them and their story.

It's light and sweet story, really have everything you are looking for in books like that. Something for fans of steamy second chances and funny sports romances. I can' t forget about a lot of great secondary characters, which promises a great start to the new series. And I already can't wait for more.

Standalone book 2 of Brooklyn Bruisers, Hard Hitter comes January 3rd 2017.

ARC kindly provided for an honest review. Thank you!

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August 28, 2016

Title: Rookie Move
Series: Brooklyn Bruisers #1
Author: Sarina Bowen
Release date: September 6, 2016
Cliffhanger: No

I think I could write this entire review just simply listing all of the reasons why I loved Leo. He was one of those characters that endeared himself to me so perfectly. I found it very hard to find fault with him at all throughout the story. By the end of the book, I was thinking back to all of my favorite moments and realizing that "hero worship" is a real thing. And I probably have it. Okay, more than probably. I like an alpha hero just as much as the next girl, but there's something about those beta heroes that make my heart flutter. They know how to cherish their women, and he was no exception.

I'm fairly new to Sarina Bowen's books, having only read Bittersweet and Steadfast previously. So let's just say I was extremely surprised to discover that this particular book was written in 3rd person POV. I know this is a non-issue for most people, but I tend to avoid anything but first person, either single or dual. I have a hard time sinking into the story otherwise and there was an adjustment period here for me. Once I got past that initial bump, things went very smoothly.

Georgia is a publicist working for the Brooklyn Bruisers. Her budding career there is everything she dreamed of, if she disregards the fact that she'll now be working with her father. He just joined the team as the head coach and she's a little apprehensive going into work on his first day over how it will affect her job. Little does she know that he is the least of her worries. Her first love, her first everything is about to arrive, shake things up, and make her finally face their tough history together.

Leo Trevi was the source of all her stress at the moment. How odd that he could also be a source of comfort too.

As teenagers, they were the annoyingly perfect couple who seemed to have everything figured out. But one tragic event altered their lives in ways they never dreamed possible. Georgia cut him free and spent the last five years comparing everyone else to him and realizing that they were doomed to fall short.

Leo is just as shocked to be face to face with (in his words) the love of his life. Though things ended on a bad note, he doesn't hold any bitterness or anger towards her. From their very first interaction you really see how his attraction and old feelings haven't faded one bit.

Georgia had always been able to reduce him to a throbbing heap of need with a single hot glance. That obviously hadn't changed.

I felt their craving for each other right from the start. I knew all of their bottled up emotions couldn't be contained for very long, especially since he was determined to clear the air between them and force her to communicate about where they went wrong. That's one of the things I really appreciated about him. He was a hero who wanted to communicate to solve their problems! Not keep silent and create more. Lord, was that refreshing!

On top of their history together that they had to sort out, they had the added difficulty of her father's intense dislike for Leo. Not only would he disapprove of them getting back together, but his feelings also cause them to worry about him unfairly being traded off of the team without a proper chance to prove himself. With all of the uncertainty of how a relationship would affect their jobs, they must decide if the rewards are worth the risks.

Georgia made a bit of a frustrating decision towards the end. I understand why she would do what she did, after years of trying to come to terms with the horrible event in her past and not fully succeeding. And I think the way Leo handled the turn of events was just perfection. He had me swooning all over the place over his sensitivity to what she needed. I can easily say he's one of my favorite heroes I've read all year.

Overall, I was really happy with Rookie Move. It's great for readers who are fans of second chance romance, and sweet and sexy heroes that don't take no for an answer. There was just the right amount of angst and steam to keep you turning the pages, balanced with some really enjoyable humor. I'm really looking forward to reading O'Doul's book in January. Sarina has created secondary characters that are bursting with potential to shine in their own books. I have no doubt that they won't fail to impress after this introduction to the series.


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September 6, 2016
4 - "There's a real spark between us..." Stars!

Amazon UK - www.amazon.co.uk/Rookie-Move-Brooklyn...
Amazon US - www.amazon.com/Rookie-Move-Brooklyn-B...
B&N - www.barnesandnoble.com/w/rookie-move-...

The first book in Sarina Bowen's’ new Brooklyn Bruisers series, opened with a bang, and kept up a steady story pace until its end.

The author gave a great introduction to Georgia Worthington and Leo Trevi with an unfortunate microphone incident, and the story kept me entertained up until its end.

"Welcome to Brooklyn."

Second-chance-romance is always a favorite trope for me, and the five year separation for this pair, and the reasons for it, gave their reconnection a great depth, especially as the reasons for Gigi’s splitting up from Leo are bought to the fore, with the more time they spend together.

"Breaking up with him was something I did because I had to. Not because I didn’t love him."

I loved Leo, strong in stature and personality, he was also incredibly sweet and endearing when it came to getting it right with Georgia.

"You can run, but you can’t hide… Even if you give me the cold shoulder… Even if you go all shy on me. It’s on."

And like all good sports heroes, he was dirty perfection in the bedroom, sweet and sincere when the chips were down, but an absolute animal when it came to playing Ice-Hockey and being there on the ice for his Team-Mates.

I loved that all through everything they were dealing with together and with the team, his love and loyalty to her was paramount. The move to the Bruisers is a pretty big step up for him, and the struggle to prove his worth whilst trying to deal with the re-emergence of Georgia into his life, and the repercussions from it to the bigger picture gave this story lots of different side plots to keep it moving along.

Nobody had ever mattered to him the way Georgia did…

There were also more than a few moments that bought on the giggles, when he managed to inadvertently put his foot in things on a spectacular level, when trying to be honorable and do the right thing. Just an absolutely adorable guy for me.

"It’s been too long… I like having you beside me."

Rookie Move was a comprehensive introduction to the team and characters, lots of scope for many, many future books what with a whole host of sexy single Hockey Players for the author to work through, not to mention an intriguing young and relatively elusive team owner as well.

"Our time is now."

Hard Hitter is up next, due for release early 2017, Bruisers Team Captain; Patrick O'Doul featured quite a bit in this one, but the author did a great job of leaving you wanting in relation to getting to know him, so I am looking forward to seeing what story she has in store for him.

ARC generously provided by the author, and it was my absolute pleasure to provide the above honest review.
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October 13, 2016
4 Sweet Stars.

Georgia and Leo were completely in love when they were younger, until a terrible event happens and eventually drives them apart. Fast forward about 5 years, Georgia is now working as a PR for the Brooklyn Bruisers hockey team and Leo is the new player in the team. Despite their unexpected reunion it’s clear that neither of them moved on and that becomes clear when in a team interview Leo accidentally calls Georgia “the love of his life”. Neither of them over each other, they need to learn how to deal with the past before they can hope again for a future together.


I’m a sucker for second chance romances. I’m a sucker for sports romance. A book that puts both of them together is my idea of a good time. This was a sweet book with some pretty emotional moments and a couple with a really nice connection. There wasn’t that *much* drama, and the hero was quite passive so the book felt a little bland at a few moments where I was expecting more “bang”, but other than that a very solid second chance romance. If you like those, this book is definitely a good choice.

Rating: 4 Stars.
Characters Development: Georgia was sweet and I understand that she had to overcome a terrible situation and there’s no right answer on how to deal with those situations, but the way she dealt with Leo in the beginning of the book (in the present, not in the past) put me a little off. Leo was a fantastic hero, caring and loyal and impossible not to be in love with him, but he was a little “passive”. I really wish he had had a more “alpha” streak and then he would have definitely been perfect. Supporting characters were nice, and I’m really hoping we’ll get a book about the team’s owner!
Steam: Some hot moments.
Sensible Subjects:
Love Triangle:
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October 3, 2016
“4.5 I Love Leo Trevi Stars!!!.

“She tasted like the happiest years of his life. She tasted like his.”

Ahhh Trevi! How much do I love you, Leo Trevi! So, here’s the deal, I love Sarina Bowen’s books and I live second chance romances and this book is both. So, I totally loved this book. If you’ve read The Ivy Years, then you’re somewhat familiar with Leo Trevi. He played college hockey at Harkness and his brother DJ was the hero in The Fifteenth Minute, which btw is one of my favorite books of 2015. Anyways, since I’m a huge fan of the Ivy Series, I was super looking forward to Rookie Move.

Rookie Move reunites Leo with his high school sweetheart Georgia. If you read The Fifteenth Minute you got some background on Leo and Georgia. If you didn’t, no worries, everything is explained here. So Leo is finally making his debut in the NHL with the Brooklyn Bruisers, and Georgia happens to be the team’s PR manager. When they see each other again, sparks fly. Poor Georgia has a ton of issues from her past (and present) she needs to overcome, but her feelings for Leo are definitely still there. She isn't my favorite heroine of Sarina's but I didn't dislike her. And Leo, OMG Leo, is the swooniest!

“If you want to keep breathing, don’t ever call the love of my life a bitch.”

I loved Leo, for me, he made the book. I loved his conviction that he and Georgia needed to be together and that it was a fact that would happen. Super loved him!

“He and Georgia were going to get back together and stay that way. Maybe she didn’t quite realize it yet, but it was clear as ice to him. Their spark was still there, and stronger than ever.”

So, I absolutely loved almost everything about this book. The only reason why I didn’t rate this one 5 starts is because of all the references to Georgia’s heart. They were very, um, Anastasia from 50 Shades like. For example:

“Her heart rolled around in her chest like a milkmaid in a haystack.”

Besides that, this was an amazing read. Sarina is one of my automatic one-click authors and she definitely doesn’t disappoint. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series!

“You and I don’t have one-night stands. We have forever night stands.”


**An ARC was generously provided by Berkley Romance in exchange for an honest review**
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759 reviews2,128 followers
February 18, 2019
3.5 stars

Very sweet, incredibly sweet, maybe a little TOO sweet.

I love the author, her writing and stories, but not every book is as good as the next.

There was nothing wrong about it, it just didn't grab me as some of her other books did.
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February 26, 2017
4.5 Stars

Georgia and Leo had a forever kind of first love in high school only to have things ruined when Georgia is a victim of a violent crime. She cut Leo loose after graduation day, and her heart was never the same. Six years later, Georgia has a her dream job as publicist for the Brooklyn Bruisers, an underdog sort of hockey team, when she finds out Leo has been traded into the team, and all the old hurt of letting go comes rushing back.

Leo’s just been traded to the Brooklyn Bruiser’s and runs into Georgia, the girl who broke his heart six years ago. As if that wasn’t enough of a shock, her father is the new coach and for some reason has it out for Leo. Seeing Georgia is a punch to the gut, but he’s determined to get Georgia, the girl he’s never forgotten, back. I absolutely LOVED Leo! Hot, muscled hockey god with a sweet, sexy center! He was all in with Georgia and I admired his determination to make things work no matter what!

I can’t pretend to know how a victim of a violent crime feels, but I was a little upset that Georgia let Leo go all those years ago when he clearly loved her so much. She hurt them both, but sometimes things happen a certain way for a reason. As I read and got Georgia’s perspective it was easy for me to understand her actions, especially when she was only eighteen when all this happened. My heart ached for both Leo and Georgia, but I was thrilled at their second chance. Their romance heated up the pages both with flashbacks and present time scenes! Their easy, heated chemistry sizzled off the pages!

I just loved Rookie Move so much! I’m not a fan of angst, but this had just the right amount to pull at my heartstrings without pushing to the point of frustration. The bumps here in the road for Leo and Georgia never seemed impossible to ride over, and some seemed necessary for their healing.

Sarina Bowen knocked it out of the park for me with Leo and Georgia’s romance and I’m super excited for the next book! The teaser at the end for Hard Hitter , which will feature Patrick O’Doul, the team’s serious captain, and Ari the team’s massage therapist/yoga instructor, already has me hooked!

A copy was kindly provided by Berkley in exchange for an honest review.
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September 9, 2016
I have dubbed the summer of 2016 “The Summer of Sarina”. I read (ok, devoured) and immediately fell in love with Griffin and Jude from the True North series earlier this summer. Then I read Rookie Move and the trend continued. I can safely add Leo Trevi to that 'love list'. He’s just so sweet and swoony, and not to mention, hot!

Leo is a hockey player for a farm team when he is called up to the ‘big leagues’. It’s been his lifelong dream to play in the NHL, so it’s a big deal as well as a lot of pressure. However, the same day that he is brought onto the Brooklyn team, his ex-girlfriend’s father is named the new coach. Unfortunately for Leo, Coach hates him. That's not the only thing causing stress for Leo, though.

Leo’s ex-girlfriend, Georgia, is also the publicist for the Brooklyn Bruisers. She’s been trying to prove herself to the owner and seems to be on the track to success. When Leo shows up as the newest rookie, Georgia doesn’t know how to handle his reappearance in her life. They broke up on their high school graduation day and haven’t spoken since.

I loved Rookie Move. It combines my love of second-chance romance with sports romances, my most favorite trope. Things between Leo and Georgia have been unresolved for so long, I knew it was going to be so good to see them figure out how to coexist with the new working situation and also work through their past. There was just enough tension between Leo and the Coach, Leo and the team, and then Leo and Georgia to make it a bit suspenseful and not overly angsty.

Rookie Move is the start of a new series and it’s a great one. I highly recommend it if, like me, you are a fan of swoony and hot second-chance/sports romances. I am really looking forward to the next book, Hard Hitter, which is team captain Patrick O'Doul’s story. Bring on more of the hockey goodness!

▸ ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

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December 21, 2016
2.5 stars

I love Sarina Bowen’s work and was super excited to learn she was releasing a new sports romance series. I had high expectations for Rookie Move. Unfortunately, this one was a bit of a letdown for me.

The outline of the plot is intriguing, but there’s just not enough meat to the story. You realize early on that the heartache the main characters experience as adults is a result of their immaturity as teenagers. It’s completely understandable. Most young adults lack the skills needed to properly communicate.

However, there’s a repetitiveness to the storytelling, including continual re-hashing of feelings and past events. Georgia and Leo are likeable characters. The book felt long to me though, and eventually I lost interest in their romance.

On the plus side, there’s an assembly of fun supporting characters. The interactions among the teammates and Brooklyn Bruiser employees, Georgia’s close friendship with her roommate, and the firsthand look at the inner workings of a major sports franchise are particularly enjoyable.

While this book failed to meet my expectations overall, I’m intrigued enough in the other characters to give the next book in the series a shot.

Reading Frenzy Book Blog
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September 13, 2016
4.5 Stars!
❝You and I don't have one-night stands. We have forever night stands.❞

Rookie Move was so good! I couldn't help the smile that kept spreading on my face as I read. I love Sarina's voice. Her writing is spell-binding, her characters are exquisite and her stories are engaging.

Georgia "Gigi" Worthington and Leonardo "Leo" Trevi were high school sweethearts. They were completely and wholly in love. Their relationship was full of passion and tenderness. They were inseparable.

Georgia's dad was a hockey coach, who took Leo under his wing, mentoring him. Likewise, Georgia had a wonderful relationship with Leo's family. Where Georgia's home was quiet, Leo's was loud and boisterous and overflowing with love.

They had everything going for them.

Until one night when Georgia's life was turned upside down and even though Leo was wonderfully supportive, Georgia couldn't handle the change in their relationship. So, she dumped him.

Six years later, getting his big chance, Leo is traded to the Brooklyn Bruisers, where Georgia is the interim head PR person, and her dad is the head coach.

With Leo around all the time, Georgia can't stop thinking about him, wanting him. The passion they had as teenagers is resurfacing and she's freaked out! But the same determination that got him to the NHL will be what gets him Georgia. He isn't giving up.
❝You're mine, Georgia Worthington ... I spent six years trying to get over you, and it didn't take. Our time is now.❞

There are a lot of things working against them; her job that she wants to keep, their past lack of communication that has kept them apart for 6 years, and her dad who is holding a grudge against Leo. With the deadline for the trade coming, Coach Worthington wants Leo off the team and away from his daughter.

I appreciated that Georgia is strong despite what happened in her past. I loved her determination and her wit. And Leo, GAH! He was perfect!! He is heart-meltingly good. Leo is a superstar on the ice and off. He is passionate, strong and sexy.

Can we just take a moment and discuss the awesomeness that is Becca? She works as the owners assistant and is Georgia's best friend and roommate. I LOVE this girl! She meddles in the perfect way. She knows what Georgia wants even though Georgia isn't ready to face it.
Becca snapped her fingers, ❝Stay with me, babe. Don't let the hottie who stole your virginity send you into Zombieland.❞

This is only the third book I've read from Sarina Bowen, but I am a huge fan. Rookie Move is a second-chance romance that will have you falling in love with love!

An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review and did not influence my opinion of the book.

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December 7, 2016
3.5 stars.

Sarina Bowen is an author who I’ve read enough from to trust she will create an enjoyable romance, and the first in her Brooklyn Bruisers series, Rookie Move brings us a second-chance story between a lovely couple which is low on drama and angst.


What lowered my rating here was the pacing, because I found the first 50% of the story fairly steady going. With no spoilers, Georgia and Leo parted when they were younger but never stopped loving one another, yet the key moments between them were lacking in terms of depth and emotion for me. I won’t dispute that they were wonderful together--Leo is an absolute sweetheart who I adored and Georgia is a headstrong woman with the ability to give any of the guys in the team a run for their money--and I did enjoy this story more once it hit the halfway mark and picked up pace. I just would have liked a little more oomph to their story to make it stand out in the crowd.

“You and I don’t have one-night stands. We have forever night stands.”

On this occasion it was a case of liked as opposed to love, but Sarina has set the series up nicely and, with a great bunch of characters, I’m looking forward to seeing what she has in store for team captain, O'Doul in Hard Hitter.
October 1, 2016
4 ★'s

This is my first book by Sarina Bowen and I was a little apprehensive but a lot of my friends enjoy her books and the ol' sports theme hasn't gotten old yet. I decided to give it a chance and I'm so glad I did...plus these second chance romances just get to me.

Georgia Worthington is a publicist for the Brooklyn Bruisers, a hockey team that's trying to find it's feet skates so to speak. Things get off to a rocky start when her high school sweetheart and new player goes head to head over her at a press conference with the live mike picking it all up. And things just get rockier from there.

We find out that a traumatic event from Georgia's past lead to her breaking up with Leo and she's just never found what she had with him with someone else. She's been able to bury all that...the good and the bad but with Leo front and center, everything's coming back up.

It doesn't help that her father is the new coach and he has a bone to pick with Leo. There's a few intense moments between dear ol' Dad and Leo but I loved how Leo handled things.


What I especially LOVED was how much Leo loves Georgia. ~Sigh~ I just love when men are so focused on the women they love and they don't care who knows it.

The two of them together were really sweet...and hot. Talking to the "tatas" cracked me up! I really loved what happened on the plane...and at the party. And I NEED that calendar! (There's a short story going around that starts a few days after this book ends that's really cute too. The bear...LOL!)

We get to know quite a few players on the team as well as a few other important people. My mind is already clicking on who's going to be with who although there's a severe lack of women so we will be getting some newcomers.

Speaking of newcomers, the next book is the team captain's, Patrick O' Doul, called Hard Hitter, coming out January 3, 2017.

And then there's Georgia's roommate and coworker, Becca. Things are in play for her and a certain someone. The third book is Pipe Dreams coming out May 2017 but it's unknown if that's them. Now we just need a book for Silas and DJ! ;)
August 21, 2016
Rookie Move is the first book in the new Brooklyn Bruisers series by Sarina Bowen. All books will focus around a professional hockey conglomerate. This was a nice lead in to the series as we got a nice feel of several characters I see the potential for having their stories told. I'd especially like to see one for the billionaire team owner but time will tell!

Leo and Georgia dated for several years back in high school until bad things happened and things fell apart. Six years later, she's a PR guru for the Brooklyn Bruisers and he's the new rookie traded to the team. The breakup years ago was fast and unexpected and six long years have passed. Can the two of them carry on a professional relationship in the shadows of lingering hurt... or possible lingering love?

This was a slow build read. Not a lot of angst or unnecessary drama to follow suit either. But once I hit the halfway mark or so, I was really invested in their love story. I try to remember these slow builds oftentimes are a great precursor to connecting the reader to the two main characters at a gradual level so when it begins picking up, we really are whole-heartedly invested. Georgia was young and made difficult decisions years ago and with a little communication, that pain would've been prevented but again, she was young.

Leo was perfect! Swoon! Even so many years ago, clear through till today, the guy held no ill will towards Georgia and their break-up. His love for her stands the test of time but now career interests, potential for getting traded, and her father as the team coach all lurk in the background as challenges to overcome if they're to get that second chance at love. But he's willing to try...if Gigi will.

I look forward to the next installment in the Brooklyn Bruisers series!

Advanced copy received by author in exchange for my honest review.

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401 reviews77 followers
March 15, 2017
My pre-reading comment was pretty funny (in my opinion) so I'm keeping it.

The first novel in a sexy new series featuring the hockey players----


This was so much better than I expected! Admittedly, I do not have the best track record with Sarina Bowen's solo works, so I was quite hesitant about reading this. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be really good. It absolutely knocked my socks off!

Some characters' decisions made me roll my eyes more than once but the story, in general, more than made up for all of the books flaws and, in the end, you will suddenly find yourself rooting for their happy ending. And that was what I look for in my contemporary books anyway. Though this may not be the most perfect, the funniest and hottest book I've read, it still solidified my trust with the author.

One book and I'm ready to put this series up in my favorite hockey series shelf along with Off-Campus series!
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121 reviews132 followers
September 8, 2016
Hm ok I’m not too sure where to start with this one.

First and foremost, I read this IMMEDIATELY after having finished the first two books in the Sugar Bowl Series. The common denominator between this book and that series? Both have a heroine who is a rape survivor. Granted, the stories do differ. But in all my ignorance, I did not go into this book expecting that trope, it was pretty obvious around the 30% mark that that was the direction the story was going to take. So, while I wasn’t thrilled by the incorporation of Georgia as a rape victim, I also didn’t like the way it was implemented.

The rape itself occurred during Georgia’s senior year of high school. The details are never explained, which doesn’t particularly bother me. But the rape is this ominous event that wasn’t spoken of for practically the entirety of the story, but suddenly she’s willing to disclose to one of her "clients":
"When I was eighteen, something terrible happened to me. After I was raped, this was how I learned to feel confident again.”
The scene during which the disclosure occurred does little to justify how absurd it felt to me. I understand that it was likely included to signify character development, but it wasn't believable.

I hate to do this, but this felt too much like The Deal.

I did like that poor communication in relationships was something that was addressed:
“I think we could have saved ourselves a lot of pain if we’d talked it through.”

I didn't like that this was a case of a character who is mega hot and everyone wants to get with her but OH MY GOD she's so clueless she has no idea how hot she is. Georgia's best friend Becca tells her:
"You are the most clueless human alive, you know that? Half these guys are in love with you"
Georgia even goes so far as to tell someone who approached her "I’m pretty clueless sometimes". Again, this is another thing that's present in so many characterizations, it drives me insane.

LAST thing that annoyed me: There was this whole thing in the first chapter where Georgia wore 3 INCH PRADA HEELS and they were consistently referred to as stilts, like Georgia is a weak bitch 3 inches are KITTEN HEELS, get you some 5 inch+ heels girl, miss me with that nonsense.

Alright, I am now done. Sorry for all the negativity. My job search in a new city is going atrocious. That may be a contributing factor to why I'm in such a foul mood, so don't let this review put you off reading this. Sarina Bowen is a fantastic author. If you're not bothered by some of the things that bother me, and you're in the market for a quick, light, read, you will probably adore this!
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