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Red Queen #4

War Storm

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Victory comes at a price.

Mare Barrow learned this all too well when Cal’s betrayal nearly destroyed her. Now determined to protect her heart—and secure freedom for Reds and newbloods like her—Mare resolves to overthrow the kingdom of Norta once and for all… starting with the crown on Maven’s head.

But no battle is won alone, and before the Reds may rise as one, Mare must side with the boy who broke her heart in order to defeat the boy who almost broke her. Cal’s powerful Silver allies, alongside Mare and the Scarlet Guard, prove a formidable force. But Maven is driven by an obsession so deep, he will stop at nothing to have Mare as his own again, even if it means demolishing everything—and everyone—in his path.

War is coming, and all Mare has fought for hangs in the balance. Will victory be enough to topple the Silver kingdoms? Or will the little lightning girl be forever silenced?

In the epic conclusion to Victoria Aveyard’s stunning series, Mare must embrace her fate and summon all her power… for all will be tested, but not all will survive.

662 pages, Hardcover

First published May 15, 2018

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About the author

Victoria Aveyard

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I'm an author/screenwriter who likes books and lists. This site is the nexus of my universe.

I wrote the #1 NYT bestselling series RED QUEEN and my next series, REALM BREAKER, will be out in May 2021.

The genres I'm into include YA, Fantasy, Historical, Adventure, Apocalyptic - if people are dying, I'm buying.

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August 18, 2018
Maven, Maven, Maven
more Maven that's all I need!!!

I don't care
about Mare.

Don't give a damn
about Cal
that caveman!

I couldn't care less
about Kilorn
that little a...

Maven, Maven, Maven
more Maven
that's all I'm living for!!!

Maven, my precious Maven,
I hope you liked my lore!

And I'm out! <333


”Love can be exploited, I guess, used to manipulate. It’s leverage. But I would never call loving someone else a weakness. I think living without love at all, any kind of love, is weakness. And the worst kind of darkness.”

And boy was this book dark because all the main characters tried to ignore their feelings and actually hoped they could live without the love of their life. *lol* This book was so heavy in so many different ways (yes even in the sense of actual weight ;-P) that it took me about 2 ½ months to read it and if I’m entirely honest I still don’t know how I feel about it. I mean I finished "War Storm" about two weeks ago, but did I love it? Did I hate it? ARGH! I just don’t know! >_<

It was realistic. I mean, for a fantasy and YA book this series was damn realistic. Not when it came to the special abilities or the world they lived in, but when it came to human relationships, feelings, the dark abyss of people’s minds, driven characters and the things that move and motivate humankind. Well, if you take that into consideration then this book was brilliant and the ending was more than just fitting. Still, as much as I admired Victoria’s decision to give us a realistic ending, I still can’t bring myself to like it. *lol* Is that weird? XD I guess it is, because for once I actually didn’t want realistic. Haha! I wanted it all to work out nicely, but Victoria didn’t grant me that wish so yeah…

I hurt and I probably will do so until I get over that ending, which in all honesty might never happen. Guess I’ll have to learn to live with the ache and the countless “what ifs”.
Damn this book left me with so many questions, I can’t even! T_T

Anyway, let’s get back to the actual review! =)

The plot:

”This world is a storm I helped create. We all did, in ways big and small. With steps we could not fathom, paths we never thought to walk.”

The characters:

Welcome to my spoiler section! ;-) If you don’t want to be spoiled I suggest you skip the rest of my review and don’t even bother to take a peek! You most certainly will regret it if you still want to read the book! I’m a relentless “Spoiler Queen” and this section is going to be full of them! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! XD

Mare – The Lightning Girl:

”Break his crown, break his throne, rip his monarchy apart.” I stare up at her with as much strength as I can muster. The lightning in my blood responds with fervor, begging to crack loose. “But Tiberias lives.”

I really liked Mare’s character development and I think she eventually managed to come to terms with herself. In this book she knew exactly what she wanted, what she aimed to achieve and how far she would go to reach her goals. She didn’t make any compromises, it was all or nothing and I loved her for it!!! Finally!!! I’ve waited for her to be strong for so long, to cut her own path and to do what she needed to do! Yes, she was still broken by what Maven did to her, but she refused to give into it, to give him power over her! She fought back and stood her ground and I think this was one of the best things about this book! Mare you’ve come a long way and I’m proud of you! =))

”Even after Maven, my long months of imprisonment, all the death and destruction I’ve seen or caused. My broken heart, still bleeding inside me. The unending fear for the people I love, and the people I want to save. It all remains, a constant weight. But I won’t let it drown me.
I can still hope too.”

”Lightning has no mercy. Neither do I.”

Cal – Tiberias Calore:

”Tiberias still wears no crown, but I see it on him just the same. In his shoulders, in his eyes, in his slow, firm manner. He is a king as much as anyone can be. To the blood. To the bone.”

Haha! I was right! Cal didn’t change in this book! He was still not ready to give up his crown, he still wanted to be the king of Norta and he was clinging to his crown so stubbornly it was horrible to watch! URGH! What’s even worse is that he could have changed everything but just flat out refused to do so. I mean alone his situation with Evangeline! Why marry a woman that wants nothing more than to kill me in my sleep? A woman that loves someone else and doesn’t want me? For an empty throne? For a destroyed kingdom? I swear if I would have gotten a Euro for every time I wanted to yell “CAL YOU NUMPTY WAKE UP!” I’d be more than rich by now. *lol* So sorry, but I still don’t like him and I don’t get how anyone could love that egoistic and narrow-minded princeling. *grrr* #SorryNotSorry

”But every passing second makes my decision more difficult as I’m reminded of what I’m going to lose when the time comes. What I lost for so many weeks. Not just her love, but her voice. Her sharpness. The push and pull of a person who has no regard for my blood or my crown. Someone who sees me, and no one else in my place.”


”He lays the flower on the railing, petals up, and fusses with his fingernails. They’re short, worn by teeth and anxiety. I would expect a king to keep his nails finely manicured, suited to the arms of a throne. Or maybe roughed by Training or combat, as I’m sure his brother’s are. Not ruined by nervous habits better suited to a child.”

Oh Maven… *shakes head sadly* I’m sorry to say it but I have to agree with all the people who told me that Victoria ruined his character. Yes, she did. Gosh, he had so much potential, but it was all wasted when he died. T_T I loved the Maven POVs but I really wished there would have been more to them. Don’t get me wrong, we actually got a good glimpse at his mind but it definitely lacked the cunning and cruel side of him. All I saw was a broken and tortured soul but I’d have loved to see more. I can’t describe it but Maven was always such a complex character and even though he was the villain he wasn’t entirely bad. There was a part of him that was still good and Victoria destroyed it. I mean I get that Maven eventually had to die. I actually expected it, but the way it happened? No, I didn’t like it. *sighs* He was nothing but a typical villain in the end and all the fine nuances I loved about him were suddenly gone. I don’t know what I expected but he should have gotten at least a small chance to redeem himself. Like for instance what if he would have hesitated to kill Mare, if he would have realized what he’s doing and Mare would have seized the chance and would have killed him? For me this would have been a better ending. But there was no hesitation, no remorse and that felt so… dissonant with his character. Urgh! I dunno! *cries a river for Maven’s tortured soul* T_T

”Mother’s voice has grown fainter as time passes, but she never truly recedes. Sometimes I wonder if she planted a seed in me, leaving it to bloom only after her death. I don’t know if whispers can even do that. But it’s an easy explanation for the murmurs and the mutters that rattle around in my skull.”

”At least her voice is gentle today. When I falter, when I slow down, it turns sharp, a fraying, splintering shriek, steel on steel. Glass popping in the heat of flame. Sometimes it’s so awful I check to make sure my eyes and ears aren’t bleeding. They never do. Her words never exist beyond the cage of my head.”

”The electric energy is a tease at best. Beyond my reach, beyond the sphere of Silent Stone. I ache for my ability the way I ache for Mare, for Thomas, for who I was supposed to be.”

Iris :

”Maven, his kingdom, they’re a shield, but a sword too. We have to use him, even though he’s a danger to us all.”

I know some people will say “WHAT?!” now, but I really started to like that manipulative and cunning sea lake witch. *lol* Iris and Maven certainly were equal when it came to their machinations and intrigues and their conversations always dripped with venom. I kind of liked that they were at each other’s throat and haha by betraying dear Maven to the enemy Iris definitely showed some serious backbone! *lol* I didn’t think she had it in her but to manipulate the “King of manipulation” definitely is an achievement! ;-) Still, I can’t help but wonder what is going to happen to the Lakelands now. The ending of the book left me with a lot of questions and I’m afraid I’ll never get any answers to them. =S

”In spite of my better instincts, I feel the smallest pang of pity for Maven Calore. He is not of his own making. Not entirely. Someone else perfectly cut him apart and poorly put him back together.”


”In a flash, I envision the life he wants for us all. The life he would subject all of us to. The crown on my head, his heart in her hand. My children threatened every second by any child she might have. My days spent bending to his will, no matter how gentle it might be. No matter how many days he might let me spend with my Elane, as long as he can spend his with Mare.”

I don’t even dare to say it but I think I love her?! *lol* I mean I always kind of liked her even though she was so bitchy and mean to Mare but during the last three books she really started to grow on me. XD Her character development was awesome and even though some part of her still thinks that Silvers are superior to the Reds she started to learn that not everything is black and white and that change is possible. I guess a lot of her dislike for Reds was due to her upbringing and I’m sure given half a chance she’ll question everything she believed for so long. Well, in fact she already started to question everything in this book and boy was I proud of her when she decided for love in the end!!! She did something Cal never managed to do and I adore her for it!!! <333

”I think the war has done something to me. Put a fear in me I never had before. Not for myself, but for Ptolemus and Elane. The ones I love most, and would kill to protect. Sacrifice everything to keep safe and close. I’ve tasted a crown now, and I know it doesn’t compare.”

”I try to read her thoughts on her face, her carefully worn expression of thoughtfulness. Is she remembering our lives a year ago? When we thought we would be happy beneath the Nortan throne together, living in a future built on our secrets? As if we were ever truly a secret to anyone with eyes.”

The relationships and ships:

Mare & Cal:

”I love you is a promise we both made, and we both broke. It should mean I choose you above all else. I want you more. I need you always. I cannot live without you. I will do anything to keep our lives from parting.
But he wouldn’t. And I won’t.
I am less than his crown, and he is less than my cause.”

Mare and Cal! ARGH! I swear no couple ever made me feel so frustrated! Their constant back and forth was horrible and if you ask me Cal is still a coward!! And a numpty!!! I mean let’s face it, they both made their POV very clear, they drew the lines in the sand and both of them didn’t want to budge. They were determined to do what they thought they had to do and not even their love for each other was strong enough to change that. And then Cal finally loses his kingdom and everything he fought for and chooses Mare?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! Was it even a choice if he had nothing to lose anymore?!! It was like: Oh, worst case scenario happened and I lost everything, but wait now I can be with Mare! YOU NUMPTY COULD HAVE HAD HER ALL ALONG!!! Seriously, this was sooo stupid and what is Mare doing? She ACTUALLY TAKES HIM BACK!!! ARGH!!! After everything that happened, after everything Cal did!! SHE. TAKES. HIM. BACK!!! I can’t even… no I just can’t!!! They’ll never be my OTP!!! Sorry! But no way! All Cal would have gotten from me would be a certain finger right into his face! Guess it’s good Mare is more forgiving than I. *lol*

”Try as I might, I can’t stamp out the hope still burning in my heart. I still want him to choose me. And I would still forgive him if he admitted his mistake. That hope refuses to die, stupid as it might be.”

”But I also can’t –“
Stay away. Keep doing this. Denying ourselves in the face of always-looming death.
Tiberias hisses out a breath. “Neither can I.”

”I’m done with crowns,” he murmurs to the top of my head.
“Finally,” I whisper.

Mare & Maven:

The full force of his gaze almost knocks me out of my seat. “And I want to die the way my mother did,” he says plainly, as if asking for an extra blanket. Again I feel too stunned to think. All I can do is keep my jaw locked in place so my mouth won’t gape open in shock.
“Ripped apart by your fury,” he pushes on, his eyes horrible, unforgettable, searing into me. The brand on my collarbone seems to burn. “And your hatred.”

Their relationship was always cruel, dangerous and crazy but I still loved their dynamic. XD Those two never gave each other an inch as well and even though Maven was the villain I still think that he loved Mare even more than Cal. I mean for Cal his kingdom always came first, for Mare the Red Guard always came first and for Maven? He had the throne, he lost the throne but he always wanted Mare. She was his main motivation and even though his love for her was twisted, obsessive and wrong, it was still love. His mother made him into the person he became and changed him so much that he lost himself in the process. It was not voluntarily, she just did it without his permission. I’m with Farley on that one, he might have been a decent human being if not for his mother’s poison. I really wish it wouldn’t have ended that way and I can only hope that Maven met Thomas again. After all he was the first domino that fell and Maven’s love for him was genuine. *sighs deeply*

He smiles. “That’s enough for me. A better good-by than I deserve.”
“And what do I deserve, Maven?”
“Better than we ever gave you.”

”We’re alike in some ways, too many ways. I’ve tasted darkness, and he lives in it. He represents what I could become, without my family, without an anchor, if I’m pushed into the abyss.”

Maven & Cal:

”The impossible. Part of me still refuses to believe that. My brother is not a lost cause. He can’t be. I won’t allow it.”

Well, and that’s about the only thing I liked about Cal! *lol* His love for his brother! His hope that Maven might still be saved! Cal knew what Maven’s mother did to him and he always tried to find a solution that would not end with Maven being killed. Unfortunately there was no way to undo what Elara had already done and we all know how it ended. T_T Still, I have to give Cal kudos for never giving up on his brother. Even when the end was near, he still hoped that he would change and that they’d find a cure. He loved him until the bitter end and I couldn’t help but love him for it. Even though I actually don’t like him. *lol* Talk about confusing feelings. XD

”We grew up knowing I would be king and he would stand at my side. My strongest ally, my most fervent supporter. My best adviser, a shield and a crutch. A second opinion. A sanctuary. Not once did I question the arrangement, and I never thought he did either. How wrong I was.”

”Maven,” I sigh, shaking my head at his blindness. “The last person who loves you isn’t standing in this room. He’s out there. And you burned that bridge to ashes.”


Despite being able to clobber someone with this huge book I still liked it and enjoyed to read the many different POVs. Sometimes it felt like there were just too many political discussions going on and like the plot didn’t move an inch and then something unexpected would happen and everything would go way too fast again. I have very mixed feelings about this book because I think a few pages less and a little more characterization would have been desirable, it’s just my personal opinion though. All in all it was a good ending to a great series and even though I might feel conflicted about some of the characters choices and their development it ultimately was Victoria’s decision to make.
So all told this leaves me with 3,5 stars rounded up to 4. ;-)
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1,589 reviews157k followers
December 9, 2020

Wow. This one was bad.

It's the kind of bad that makes you set down the book and stare off into the middle distance, and reevaluate the life choices that brought this book into your world.

In an effort to channel my undoubtedly unorganized and enraged rant, I will limit my review to the Premise, Mare, the World Building and the Page Count

The Premise
I will not be a red queen.
Are. You. F*cking. Kidding. Me.

What the point then?

After four over-hyped and under-edited books our Little Miss Perfect changes her mind on a whim?

Did Aveyard forget the title of her own series? How can it be the RED Queen Series without a red queen? HOW?


The characters were (in general) so poorly written this round that I couldn't believe that Aveyard's editor let her get away with them.

Mare, in particular, completely blew me over with her nosedive in the personality department.

I thought she was bad before, but she really took the cake this round. I just cannot stand her self-importance and dramatics.
I have to look strong, even if I don’t feel it right now. It’s a lie, but a good lie.
That and her absolute stupidity. Take this observation from Mare:
He loved the crown before he loved me, whether he knows it or not.
This is in reference to the PRINCE of their COUNTRY choosing his KINGDOM over some rando chick he met a few months ago. And yet, Mare is shook.

She later makes another stunning observation:
My jaw hangs open, eyes glued to the horizon...the slopes rise like knife edges, too sharp, too high. Rows upon rows of jagged gigantic teeth. Some of the peaks are bare, without trees as if trees can't grow up there.
Wowwwwww Mare. The fact that she seems to question whether or not trees could grow on a completely barren mountainside - is this really the person you want in charge of your rebellion?

Actually, that's a really good point - how is this the person in charge of the rebellion?

She's 18, untrained and unstable. She has no royal blood, no political connections and definitely no common sense.

She's not even a good figurehead (like Katniss) and she doesn't really do anything throughout this entire book.

Sure she was the first red "discovered" who had powers but there are plenty that are older than her, who've had their powers far longer and are actually important to the plot.

This whole book has Mare constantly thrown into these political situations solely because she's the Main Character (TM).

The World Building

I honestly don't have much to say on this one...only that after four books of this series (plus two novellas)... I still have absolutely no idea where anything is in this world.

The only thing I can remember is that Mare comes from the Sticks (or is it Stilts?). And that's it.

2,230 pages and that's the entirety of my knowledge of her world.

Now, part of this has to be on my shoulders - after all, I just can't muster the energy to care about anything that happens in their world - and yet, it can't all be my fault. How does one write four books without giving the audience a clear understanding of the world?

And we never actually figured out what was the difference between Silver and Red Bloods...yes, they're different colors...but that's it. Four books. No explanation. (*cue the enraged hair-pulling*)

The Page Count

There is so much filler that I'm starting to admire Aveyard. Honestly, this entire book could've been summarized into a few short sentences, maybe half a chapter if you want to be wordy.

Instead, we get the most drawn out, loquacious, verbose, long-winded possible explanation of war games, evil plots and backstories. There are so many overly-described intricate side stories that ultimately have no bearing on the plot - I could feel my brain cells winking out of exsistence.


Okay, so this wasn't on my previously scheduled rant but I had to throw it in. Did anyone else pick up on the "cool and edgy" hair choices of the characters?
When she moves, I realize her hair is different too. The gray ends are gone, replaced by a beautiful, familiar purple. I love it.
So, you're telling me that in the middle of the war, in a country that is impoverished, oppressed and practically middle-ages....that our spunky main characters manage to find high-quality, long-lasting, hair dye on the battle field?

Final Thoughts


Audiobook Comments
Read by Vikas Adam, Amanda Dolan, Charlie Thurston, Erin Spencer, and Saskia Maarleveld. The audio felt so bloated - did we really need so many people to narrate? At most, I could tell there were three different narrators - Mare, Cal and Farley (and I'm basing Farley on her weirdly British accent).

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96 reviews15 followers
May 24, 2018

I don't know what it is about these books, but I always finish them within a few days. Even this 600+page book.

I think this is my favorite book in the series. And a lot of it had to do with the different POV's. In this story we get Mare (duh), Evangeline, Iris, Cal, and Maven.

Mare- I had saw reviews for the previous books stating that they didn't like Mare and that she was annoying and stuff. And I didn't notice it in the first two books, and not even in the third book, but damn I was so annoyed with her in this book! She was so petty that I didn't want to be petty anymore-and I love being petty. Like honey, sweety, it isn't that deep. Her POV was my least favorite and I was always looking forward to the other POVs more.

Evangeline- Her POV was definitely a highlight for me in King's Cage. And one I looked forward to in this book. It was interesting to see her relationship between her family, her lover, Mare, and Cal. I do wish we got more background information about Elaine, since we don't know much about their history. But Evangeline's POV provided some pretty cool action scenes. I think it was her chapter where there was a Silver duel out on the Harbor that was so intense and one of my favorite scenes from the book.

Iris- MY FAVORITE. She was so facinating to me! She's a Silver princess from the Lakelands. So that makes her a double threat-one against the Scarlet Gaurd and Norta. She was cunning, wicked, clever, but also a little remorseful. Her chapters also provided some awesome action scenes. Not gonna lie, I did ship Iris and Maven... That one scene where Maven said they made a good match MY HEART

Cal- Now I do like Cal, I used to love him. He didn't do anything wrong in my eyes, but I lost interest in this series in the past year so for my love for him faded away. But nothing much really happened in his POV. It was pretty much thinking about his mother (aw), Maven (aw), and his role as king. I think he only had about 2-3 chapters. I don't think his chapters were really needed. We do get a little snippet from the prequel novella to the series, Queen Song. You don't need to read that novella, but I loved that novella so much and have read it a few times-one of my favorite novellas ever!

Maven- Maven, Maven, Maven. His was also a POV I adored, but like Cal's, we only got about 3 chapters from him. I hated him in Red Queen, mainly because he was the rival to the Mare/Cal ship and he just had to face my wrath. Plus, he seemed too nice and too trustworthy HAHAHA ya girl called his backstabbing ass!! Anyways. It wasn't until KC where I actually liked him and in this book he became my baby. And it was really depressing to read his POV. He's really messed up. He's also a good actor, able to hide his emotions and draw raw emotions out of others easily. Sometimes I was impressed, other times I was sad.

I also want to give a shoutout to Julian Jacos. I feel like he's one of those characters that was always forced into the background, but he had his chance to shine in this book. And I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that we got more Silver perspective in this book. We're always told how cunning Silvers can be, how they always have to appear deadly around court. So I think that's why we saw a more wicked side to Julian, because he had to be scarier than the other Silvers. He was always one of my favorites, so I'm happy to have seen more of him.

So I took a half star for two reasons. 1). Mare and 2.) the ending
To me, the ending was really predictable. I honestly knew it was coming for years (which probably explains my hopes for the series, you just got to scroll down if you want to see it). If you feel like you know what's going to happen... Then you're probably right. But I did like how the ending was kind of an open ending, I feel like that's the best way for dystopian books to end, especially when dealing with overthrowing a form of government. Rebuilding takes years, and I don't think anyone wants to read another four books about how Norta is rebuilt. Though I wouldn't be surprised if there is a spin off, especially if it deals with the Lakelands.

what was the point of Kilorn?

And thank you to anybody who has ever liked the review I wrote below over the last two years. I never expected for 700+ people to like it. It honestly blows me away on how many people have liked and left a comment. So thank you!!
2/1716: I hope by the end of this series that Cal gets to be the King. That him and Mare end up together and rule the kingdom in the right way. I would be super happy if the book ends like this: Cal is my Silver King. And I am his Red Queen.
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May 24, 2018
Full review and other non-spoilery reviews can be found Here

War Storm??! more like Clouds with drizzle!

For a book this big (almost 700 pages), with this cover, name and the fact that it is a finale, you would expect it to be so action-packed and interesting. Actually this dragged on way more than necessary, I thought it was something in me so I asked my reading buddies and they were not enjoying it so much too!

The fact that almost nothing important happens till chapter 20 made me consider DNFing this many times, I pushed my way through it but the final result was still complete disappointment!

Here is a non-spoilery summary of what this book is like (Skip it if you haven't read King's cage):

Maven: Mare and Cal, I love you both and I want to kill you both :D
Mare: Maven ❤️... No, No... Cal ❤️...(He should apologize or I will keep being a *****) Maven ❤️... No, he's hopeless... Cal ❤️ (I wish he would bring back that long chestnut hair), Maven ❤️....
Cal: I want the crown, I want Maven, I want Mare but the crown is more important!
Evangeline: Elane ❤️🤤
Iris: I want the whole world... Nymph rocks!
Farley: Was I even pregnant?
Kilorn: Am I even important anymore?
Cameron: I got my own POV last book, let me become useless now 😌
Jon: Fate and future and stuff... Bye 👋
Mare's family: please don't leave again *Mare leaves again* Hugs and cries, *Mare comes back* Hugs and cries, please don't leave again ...etc

Short "fighting scenes"
the end

A buddy read with Mare & Evangeline
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May 27, 2018
Buddy read the entire series with My #1 .

I had to reduce my rating to 1 star after writing my full review because I realized I did not like anything about this book.

You know when you have to reach a word limit for an essay but you don’t have enough content so you keep adding fillers? Well, that is what this book felt like. This book was almost 700 pages long but only had enough content for like half that length. There were so much unnecessary fillers. In fact, this series in general, did not have enough content for 4 books. It should have been a trilogy

What I did not like:
- The whole premise of this series is the inequality between reds and silvers, yet we are not told the history of this. Why do silvers have powers? How did the inequality happen? How did newbloods come to be? What happens if a child is born with one silver and one red parent? We are told nothing about why these people are the way they are

- I am guessing the romance between Cal and Mare was supposed to be this forbidden, ‘we can’t be together’, angst love but it did not work for me because it seemed like they were fighting the same cause but delusional Mare thought they were not

- Cal deserves better!!

- Boring ass POV. I had to force myself to read Iris’ POV. Her perspectives were more than Cal’s and Maven.. like why??? They were mostly fillers and useless. I enjoyed Evangeline’s POV but it got repetitive after awhile plus they were sometimes irrelevant to the main plot

- Everything in this book was anticlimactic, including the end.

- What exactly is the point of Kilorn?? I kept forgetting he existed.

What I liked:
- I am finally done with this series

In the words of MLK Jr: Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty I am free at last!!!!!

Translation: I am glad to be free of this series and Mare Annoying Barrow
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June 28, 2018
I can still remember those days when Edelweiss popped up on everyone’s radar. I was among those that scored one of the first ARCs of Red Queen on the site, many months before its release date. It was a book with so much hype, but it thankfully met and surpassed my expectations, signing me up for a long wait until the sequel. What I didn’t know at the time was that I was in store for a series I will forever hold dearly. And now, after four years, this series has come to a close. Throughout this time, it managed to remain among my favourites in a distinctively peculiar manner and it will now join other series I will never be able to part with completely. For this wonderful literary journey I must thank Victoria Aveyard – thank you for sharing your characters and world and words.

Looking back at what the previous three books built, War Storm is a satisfying conclusion. Neither perfect in its entirety nor perfect as a designated ending, it left the story at a partly open point, but one that tied many loose ends and solved the main plotline. As with all series conclusions, you’re bound to be biased in your appreciation for the last book considering what you desire as a resolution. It can make or break the whole series. But I sincerely think that all in all, it qualifies as a solid and good end.

“Break his crown, break his throne, rip his monarchy apart.”

I sometimes felt it was too long, but not in the sense that you could have cut out some filler parts that were dreadfully postponing the readers from reaching the next stage in the story. No, the feeling was more along the lines of the book being complex, with constant twists and turns, that I personally needed time to digest. It also might not have helped that I didn’t skim the prequels beforehand and I just jumped in it, trying to remember everyone and everything. Long story short, the first half didn’t quite hook me in. It might have been me, it might have been the general writing, but once pages passed by I was able to immerse myself so much better and I re-found the atmosphere I adored in the previous instalments.

Another aspect to consider is the fact that War Storm does offer what it promises – war – and this affects the pace, setting a quite tedious rhythm to events, especially when combined with back-and-forth games of politics. And it does so as accurately as it is possible in a technologically-advanced high fantasy fictional world. Unlike other books (I���m looking at you, ACOWAR), War Storm depicts messy and bloody war in a real fashion – battles upon battles, chains of changes of situation, constantly shifting alliances, smaller and bigger enemies alike, betrayals and elaborate and cold politics. And at the heart of it all lay those complicated things called duty, honour and sacrifice, making every decision weigh a ton. It was incredibly entertaining to see how suddenly the dynamics of war can change and also get a taste of the cunningness that underpins the process.

I’ve fangirled about my love for these characters for three reviews already so I’ll just highlight some new additions to their character development. I loved how Mare’s experience in King’s Cage was constantly acknowledged with many instances of PTSD. I loved how she was depicted strong and resolute and how she put her principles above all else, but I also appreciated how she was vulnerable in key moments and that she sometimes indulged in what the heart dictated. She was portrayed as human and she was her best self in this last instalment. A bit of Mare, a bit of Mareena, a lot of someone new.

“I am less than his crown, and he is less than my cause.”

The pattern of strong yet vulnerable women continues with Evangeline, whom I adored (not only) thanks to her subtle shenanigans. She was also caught in the crossfire of family and love and duty. Because of her choices and priorities and revelations I think she had the best development throughout the series.

Next was Iris, whom I didn’t really dislike, but I wasn’t exactly her biggest fan either. She was another omen to strong heroines, but despite us getting to see her side of the story, I could not resonate with her, especially since, plainly put, she was racist to her core and she showed no signs of change. Unlike Mare and Evangeline, she was powerful and stoic and a great poker face, but with only some remnants of hidden or robotic emotions proven.

Tiberias Calore stayed true to his character, upholding his reputation as an infuriating yet lovable young man. His naïveté shone through, but you cannot help but admire where that aspect comes from: the desire to do good, to make everyone happy, to protect his legacy, to meet everyone’s expectations... it’s tough. And intertwined with all these strings pulling him towards every direction, doing right by a certain girl is placed high among his priorities, whether he admits it or not. I was proud of him, although I also pitied him at certain moments. Regardless, my romantic heart cannot help but squee with joy whenever the kind idiot is around.

“We’re choosing not to choose.”

As with every previous book in this series, the Cal-Mare-Maven triangle that no longer resembles a triangle beyond the psychological spectrum is central to the plot. This is what happens with a war that has a deep personal background. Maven is... Maven. He’s a ghost. A puppet. A failed project. And his frayed edges constantly threatened to overthrow the little mental stability he amassed. We get to witness him at his lowest, experiencing panic and terror and surprise on new levels, but throughout all stages of his madness, he maintains his cleverness and ambition and manipulative traits. The what ifs of a parallel universe in which his mother left him untouched echo loudly from beginning till end. The direct interactions between the brothers are gut-wrenching and the contrast between Cal’s love and Maven’s emptiness is stark, not to mention how Maven affects the relationship between Cal and Mare, always haunting them both. They are all flawed in different ways, each one having scars the others inflicted. It was infinitely sad to watch their dynamic reach an unavoidable conclusion, especially since Cal still had an inkling of hope that he’ll get his beloved brother back.

“The last person who loves you isn’t standing in this room. He’s out there. And you burned that bridge to ashes.”

My issue with the actual ending of the ending, the one that will be etched into my memory as the finale of the story I embarked upon, is purely personal. I would have preferred the epilogue to be a few years in the future, with a more detailed outlook on what’s happening and how the status quo changed since the events of the book and how’s everyone doing and okay YES I WANTED TO SEE MY BABIES HAPPY, not be forced to use my imagination and hope for the best. I’m lazy like that. I usually don’t like open endings, Champion was an outlier in that respect, so I guess War Storm follows the same pattern. But I can see people being perfectly content with what they have been given. Nonetheless, Aveyard could definitely pull the spin off card on us as I feel some matters that were in dire need to be addressed (reform, combating racism thoroughly etc.) were swept under the rug or just tossed in the post-series unknown.

As always, Aveyard’s writing is top notch. I especially loved her world-building of Montfort and the Lakelands’ traditions of nameless gods. The undertones of race, gender and sexuality equality were highlighted yet again, but more forcibly this time — a welcomed move. Then there were the plethora of characters’ POVs, brought into play to offer a multidimensional overview of how the story unfolds, allowing the reader to keep up with the many developments of the plot spanning a vast cast and an even wider area. Her secondary characters were once again masterfully nuanced (special mentions: Davidson and Ptolemeus who were awesome) and some scenes were so thick with tension I was amazed.

It’s hard to say goodbye, but War Storm was a worthy finale. If you still haven’t read this series, then please go to the nearest bookstore and remedy your unfortunate situation, as it is one of the best.

“Queens cast shadows too.”

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November 27, 2018
2 stars

I have finally finished the Red Queen series and... meh.

My thoughts on this book?


I knew from the start that I would not enjoy War Storm based on so many flaws I had with the series. I actually checked on both amazon and goodreads and I saw a lot of people not being happy with how it ended. And I can say that they were right. The ending was so disappointing, especially since we had to read four books to get where we are now in the finale.

This "War Storm" was nothing more than a light drizzle that lasted for 5 minutes.

If you've seen my previous reviews on the Red Queen series, you would know that I lean more on the meh to downright hating the series. I sort-of liked Red Queen, Glass Sword was somewhat tolerate but still had flaws, I did not like King's Cage, and surprise surprise, I did not like War Storm. This has got to be by far the most mediocre series I have read. I am not holding back on my thoughts on this review. I am unleashing my inner Khanh and spilling all the tea.


I will be splitting my review into two parts. Part one is my thoughts on War Storm and the second part is my retrospective thoughts on the series as a whole.

War Storm is like a gymnast performing a routine. Their routine is flawed at the beginning and at the middle. But they fail on the end. That is what I pictured War Storm as I read it. We're talking about a book that is nearly 700 pages and this is the best it could come up with. Disappointment after disappointment, especially with the plot and characters. There's no shock that Mare is her usual annoying, bratty self along with the other characters being boring or just annoying. I had to endure over 657 pages of slow pacing and annoying characters.


It was a miracle I even bothered to finish this considering how much I despise Mare. Even most of my friends gave up after Glass Sword because they could not stand Mare. But I'm finally done.

This review will be spoiler free.

Now, let's talk about this dumpster fire of a series.


Part 1: The Review

War Storm is the final book in the Red Queen series. Mare along with the Scarlet Guard is preparing for war as Maven and his army will try to kill Mare and Cal and also rule supreme of Norta. The stakes are high since this war could mean dismantling the monarchy or result in the Scarlet Guard failing.

Sounds promising? Wrong.

The threat of war is there but it was mainly about each character going through an existential crisis that took up a good chunk of their chapters. It was drama after drama combined with uninteresting characters and unnecessary chapters.

The one only one good thing to come out of this book is Evangeline, our sapphic queen. She is by far, the best character to ever grace this crap series. Along with Cameron, she is my favorite character because while everyone is running around being stupid, Evangeline keeps a level head and acts logically instead of with her feelings. She's sarcastic and straightforward with her thoughts. No sugar coating from this queen. I really did like her arc in this story. She is the sole reason why I didn't give this book a 1-star. Everything about her is just good. I may not have liked her at the beginning of the series, but she definitely grew on me. Her and Cameron.

Mare: Annoying, bratty, love, annoying, bratty, love, love!
Evangeline & Cameron: Shut the fuck up. *slaps Mare*

Now onto the bad things.


Excluding Evangeline, every other character in this book are just not good. If I had to make a list of worst being at the bottom and the best being at the top, it would look something like this:

1) Cameron
2) Evangeline
3) Maven
4) Iris
5) Cal
6) Mare

Mare by far is the most annoying and bratty character I have ever met in my life. I could not stand her whining and complaining so much. I didn't have a good opinion on her at the beginning and now I just hate her. She remains static throughout the series, never changing. If I had to describe her in 3 words, it would be: Bratty, annoying, and bland. I always think of her as a horse in my head because that is what mare means, a horse. A dumb, annoying, horse. It got on my nerves of how much she pines over Cal to the point where I just stopped caring about their romance. I wouldn't even call it a romance to begin with. She could die and I wouldn't care less. In fact, I will go to my rooftop and scream Halleluja at the top of my lungs.

Cal. Oh, Cal. My sweet, sweet Cal. I don't hate him, but my opinion on him went down after King's Cage. I wouldn't say he's a bad character, but like Mare, he did annoy me in the romance department. I still think of him as this boy king who only wants to do what is right. As flawed as his ideas were, I still rooted for him. I especially cheered for him when he decided to pursue his goals instead of pining over Mare. Granted, he pinned over her in this book which only hindered any development he had going. We also get to see from his POV in this book and to be honest: They were completely unnecessary. There are only 4 0r 5 chapters with his POV and they offered nothing to the story. If they weren't there, the book would be slightly shorter and nothing would change. Cal isn't a bad character, but I wished he wasn't so diluted in the last two books.

Iris. Hmmm. I'm not sure how to feel about her. I get why she was involved in the plot because of her marriage with Maven, but I did find her POV to be intriguing. As a character, she's cunning and deadly while being devoted to her land and her family. But there was something I found lacking in her. She's a cunning person, but that's about it, not much of a personality. Like I said, not a bad character, but not exactly compelling. The best way I would describe her would be colorful wallpaper. You know she's there, but not exactly something worth looking at again.

Maven. Victoria didn't do him justice here. I often find myself comparing him to the Darkling from the Grisha trilogy. But looking back now, I find Maven's character to me smothered down by everyone else. We do get his POV in this book as well and they offered more insight into what goes in his mind. Not a lot of development for him here, but at least I got to see what he's actually thinking. But with how Victoria wrote his arc, he didn't get to shine much. Which is disappointing because I really wanted to get to know him more.


"You know, maybe this rebellion would be further along if they didn't rely on teenagers so much."

That quote pretty much sums up my entire thoughts on the series. I would actually change it by adding "love-struck idiot teenagers" to it and that would sum up the Red Queen series. The plot for War Storm was slow and dragged on for so many pages. It didn't help that Mare's chapters were too long. As if I need another reason to hate her. The main issue with the series is the pacing issue and how sometimes the plot goes all over the place. Whether it be the Scarlet Guard or the other royal families, I could for the life of me not keep up with how the plot went everywhere and nowhere.

The Ending

I won't spoil the ending, but I will say that is was disappointing and underwhelming. I was expecting much more for the ending. But when I had 50 pages left of the story, I knew it would be a rushed ending. It reminded me a lot of the ending of The Fate of the Tearling where it also ended in a bad way.

Had the characters been written well instead of being archetypes, the plot be more fast-paced, gotten rid of the unnecessary scenes, and the ending was this could've been a decent finale. Instead, we got War Storm.

And I swear, if Victoria decides to make a spin-off series or continue the series, I'm gonna be fucking pissed.

Part 2: Retrospective review.

I’ve been with this series from the start when Epic Reads hyped up the hell out of Red Queen. When I first read it, I knew it would be the generic story of rebellion and power. The Red Queen series brings nothing new to the dystopian genre and is a basic series. And I think that’s where the problem lies with how Victoria didn’t try to make this series stand out among the other dystopian books. What’s worse is that it follows the same tropes most paranormal/dystopia novels have: Love triangle. When putting into consideration of how the Red Queen series is built upon, it’s just average, to say the least.

Mare, in particular, was what made the series all the more generic. As mentioned in my review, she is nothing more than the generic protagonist who for some Godforsaken reason is the beacon of the rebellion while struggling to figure out her love life. If you take away her being the image of the rebellion and the love triangle, there is nothing remotely interesting about Mare as an individual. You could argue that she wants the best for her family and the other Reds, but that’s pretty much every main character of a dystopia novel. She has no strong characteristics other than being a stubborn girl.

There is also the issue of the love triangle. From the start, the shipping wars began with people wanting MarexCal and MarexMaven which as the series progresses, becomes less and less interesting. With how bland the series was, the one thing I saw that was prevalent in the Red Queen fandom was who Mare was going to end up with. And if you did complete the series or finished the 3rd book, then you know who the love interest will be. It’s painfully obvious who she would choose. This love triangle was nothing more than a plot device for drama between Mare, Cal, and Maven. There shouldn’t even have been a love triangle to the story if it was going nowhere.

I will give credit where credit is due by saying that parts of the series were entertaining. Granted, a majority of each book has slow moments but the parts that shined were what stood out to me and I liked those parts. As scarce as they may be, they did help me with finishing the series. But they were scarce in the void of pointless plots and characters.

The one thing I noticed in book 3 and 4 was how this book was trying to be political. It failed on so many levels that I wouldn’t even say this is a politically heavy series. Especially since it doesn’t go into detail about the structure of each country. Given how the structure of the Reds and Silvers are in class, it’s difficult to dismantle such a status quo. There will always be fights among the Reds and Silvers over power. I see no change in this power dynamics. There are two series that are politically heavy and they did a much better job than what King’s Cage and War Storm tried to do. They are the Winner’s trilogy by Marie Rutkoski and the Powder Mage trilogy by Brian McClellan. I highly recommend those two if you want a much better political story.

Is this a bad series? No.
Is this a good series? No.
Is this a generic dystopian series? Yes.

My overall experience with the Red Queen series was disappointing. Not a terrible series, but not something to write home about.


A disappointing ending to a generic book series. If you liked the Red Queen series, then I'm glad that someone found enjoyment out of it. This series just wasn't for me and I won't be missing it after a few years.

Thanks for reading my review.

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May 31, 2018
. : ☾⋆ — 1.5 ★


i never have to think about this series again. i know that sounds harsh but these books have brought me so much unnecessary anger and frustration that it’s truly a relief to finally FINALLY be done with the series once and for all. i can finally put these books down and be DONE with the characters and the story and v*ctoria av*yard’s nasty ass personality

i actually didn’t completely hate this book (which was a very pleasant surprise!! i’m not gonna lie!!) but it was still uselessly long and very poorly plotted out and the final battle + the end was so UNDERWHELMING i genuinely wanted to claw my eyes out. like!!!!!!! @v*ctoria DID I REALLY JUST GO THROUGH 650 PAGES FOR THAT?????????????? i’m not gonna go into much detail about that since it’s very clearly a spoiler. however i WILL MOST DEFINITELY TALK ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE THAT I DIDN’T LIKE

● unrestrained pining: mare and cal spend the first 40% of the book going off about how they CAN’T be with each other despite the fact that they’re ~~ so in love ~~ because???/?????? because cal????????? is gonna be king of norta??????? BITCH THOSE ARE NOT EXCLUSIVE TO EACH OTHER THEY DON’T MATCH UP AT ALL!!!!! like being honest for a second cal and mare don’t need to be married to be together???? they don’t even have to make it public????? EVEN IF CAL MARRIES SOMEONE ELSE (EVANGELINE), MARE CAN STILL BE HIS LOVER?????? JUST AS ELANE IS EVANGELINE’S LOVER DESPITE THE FACT THAT SHE’S GONNA MARRY CAL?????????????? the worst part about this is that evangeline, in canon, in text, brings up this idea and she’s like “hey like u can be lovers lmao i don’t care i’m a lesbian i’m gonna hang out over here with my lesbian lover” and mare is like “I CAN’T BE WITH CAL HE CHOSE THE CROWN OVER ME :(” god i’m so fucking angry i don't even like mare and cal together but this was just so beyond STUPID

● strategizing/war stuff: this book was trying way too hard to be the hunger games with all the surprise attacks and battles between the countries ON THAT NOTE when the FUCK did so many countries show up in this universe????? and why doesn’t the book have a map????? v*ctoria i’m a tired college student and i can’t keep up with all these useless countries. anyway the battle scenes didn’t make sense at all, and i feel like v*ctoria had all these sequences perfectly played out in her head but when it came down to writing them she kinda got a little excited and forgot to put some stuff in because spatially i could not for the life of me make sense of what was going on


● cal and maven:

“I swear, these Calore brothers are trying to out-idiot each other.”

this is an actual quote from the actual book and truer words have never been spoken, god bless. even though i love maven with every piece of my heart, he did some dumb shit in this book. cal also did some dumb shit. mostly cal did dumb shit. this boy can’t be king even if his life depended on it??? he’s awful at politics???? and no offense but maven in particular felt really out of character to me in the scenes where politics were involved because he just??? sucked??? when he was otherwise brilliant in the previous books???? why did u do my boy like that v*ctoria. why. i’m also extremely mad that we didn’t get the redemption arc we deserved because no OFFENSE but maven had the potential to become a new warner from shatter me and yet here we are :(


anyway i had zero hopes for this book and was still somehow disappointed even though i did like some parts of it lmao bye bitch you best believe i’m never reading anything by v*ctoria av*yard ever again!!!!!!!!!!!
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June 27, 2018
What do you expect from a book called War Storm?

Heart-pounding battles? Jaw-dropping showdowns? Mind-boggling alliance shifts? Devastating losses? I know I expected all those things, and some more. Sadly, that was not the case with the last instalment of the Red Queen series.

“I will not be a red queen.”

The kingdom of Norta is divided, surrounded by vultures ready to devour her dying body. The forces of the coalition, the unlikely united front of Silver nobles, Red rebels and Newbloods are considering their next move, Maven tries to maintain his feeble grip on the throne and the Lakelands, his temporary allies, plot their revenge. There are many decisions to be made; the next conquest, the next battle plan, but never, never a change in the status quo. Cal chose his crown, and he is not willing to give it up. Mare chose a better future for the oppressed, and she is not willing to give it up, even if it means betraying the boy she loves. The boy who betrayed her. Even though her heart bleeds and her chest hurts, Mare Barrow is destined
“To rise. And rise alone.”

And lightning has no mercy.
“My only fear now is losing the throne, the crown, the reason for all this misery and torment. I won't destroy myself in vain. I won't let this all be for nothing.”

I reall wanted to love this book. Red Queen has been an explosive (albeit occasionally frustrating) series, and even though most of the characters tended to turn me indignant, I always enjoyed the plot, with its intensity and vivacity. However, there was something off with War Storm. Simply put, it was bland. There was no flavor to stimulate my taste buds. No sound of frantic heartbeat to make my ears explode. I did not smell the blood and the smoke, nor felt the salty sea water on my skin. The battle sequences were too long, colorless and dull. The endless scheming and discussions about battle plans laced with veiled threats and innuendos made me huff in frustration. I found myself skimming the pages, waiting for the sparkle that would turn my world ablaze, that would made me cheer and scream and clap and live in the story, fight next to the coalition, ravage and burn and destroy, eager for the final confrontation that would steal my breath, but everything, even the ending, was underwhelming. It was a case of quantity over quality, and I can't help but think that perhaps a forth book was not that necessary.

“I am different from what my world demands I be. And I am not worse for it.”

A strange thing happened regarding the characters; I didn't hate Mare. I didn't want to murder Maven. I didn't worship Cal. I was simply indifferent towards them all. Mare finally became a decent person I could root for, her development was apparent, a pleasant surprise, but she never stopped being a special snowflake (and if I drank a shot every time someone said "lightning girl" I would suffer from cirrhosis of liver by now). Cal was always my favorite, and even though I forgave him for his (many) mistakes, my connection with him somehow faltered. Maven shed his cloak of wickedness and became just a petulant child who threw tantrums because he didn't get what he wanted. Iris, whose PoV was rather tedious, could vanish into thin air and I wouldn't give a darn. The only silver lining was Evangeline, I loved her sarcasm, her spirit and the reluctant camaraderie, if not friendship, that bloomed between her and Mare. The girl power was truly something to behold!
“Love can be exploited, I guess, used to manipulate. It's leverage. But I would never call loving someone else a weakness. I think living without love at all, any kind of love, is weakness. And the worst kind of darkness.”

War Storm was by far the weakest instalment of the series. It left me empty, with the tang of bitterness and disappointment heavy on my tongue. The climax I so desperately wanted never came, the feelings didn't drown me.
In the end, Mare rose with the dawn, but her story did not.

Review also posted on BookNest!
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June 4, 2018
Rise. And rise alone.

Red Queen was the book that fully immersed me into the YA book world. Taking me from an occasional reader to a full-on bookaholic. For that, it will always have a special place in my heart.

Let's start with saying this book is monstrous in size compared to its predecessors. But fortunately, it never feels excessive and it doesn't needlessly drag on. This series has been a tumultuous journey and this book is no exception.

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She did it. Mare did exactly what I had hoped she'd do. She chose the revolution. Though I do question some of her other choices later in the book she continually stood firm when it mattered.

How I felt about Cal most of the book
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It's important to note, Cal is not a bad person. He is just so rooted in his beliefs, and the way for his people that he is unable to fully embrace the change, the revolution, his country needs to undergo. He does ultimately do the right thing though so I guess I have to give him some credit for that. But I can't escape that linger feeling that if the tides had been in his favor he would've ridden that wave and stayed the course.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I know it’s completely irrational, but I still had this desperate hope that somehow, someway Maven would redeem himself. Show some sliver of goodness, of the person he could’ve been if his mind hadn’t been poisoned. But instead, Ms. Aveyard just doubles down on Maven's villainy.

Honestly, it almost felt like a bit of a regression in terms of his character development. In King's Cage, we had Mare seeing Maven as a broken young man. A victim of mind manipulation, with which he had no say, who felt completely and utterly alone. And honestly, it made me feel for him. He was a monster, but not one of his own making. However, in this book, despite the addition of Maven's POV, rather than further establish or understand his brokenness. We are lead to believe, at least in some instances, that Maven chooses to remain this monster? It doesn't make sense. If Elara mind manipulation is so complete and irrevocable there shouldn't be a choice.

Never thought I'd say it but...
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Honestly, it's amazing what some perspective can do for a character. I never cared for Evangeline in the first book, but as the series went on her actually become one of my favorite characters. Like most of the others, she was a product of her environment. Being able to see things from her point of view gave me a much greater appreciation of her and everything she has been through.

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What can I say, she's the enemy. So hating her is a given.

Mare & Cal
I think a lot of people will be disappointed, but personally
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Maven & Mare
This relationship has always been my favorite. From friends, to love interests, to enemies they always had the most interesting dynamic. But I don't think I alone in saying that I found their end disappointing.

Cal & Maven
We finally got Cal and Maven's perspectives in this book, yet we did not get a single brother only discussion or confrontation? I call BS! Ugh...such a missed opportunity.
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Mare & Evangeline
This friendship, or at least cease-fire, was unexpected but rather delightful. Two strong women who have been deeply shaped by their circumstances, coming together against all odds and developing an understanding and appreciation of each other. I'm here for it!

Cal & Evangeline
These two have been thrown together time and time again. Two high houses of Norta looking strengthen their hold on the nation with a political marriage. Neither of them ever wanted the other. It was simply what was expected of them by their families. But by books end, I think they did have a mutual respect for one another and how similar they really were.

The ending was not what I expected. In a way, it's what I thought I wanted. And in many ways, it is a fitting end. But it also doesn't truly feel like an ending? It feels like the sort of end that actually marks a beginning. As though this story is not actually over. Does that make sense?
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August 14, 2020
What. The. Hell. I thought I couldn’t be more mad/disappointed after the last one ended with Cal choosing the crown over Mare. But. Here. I. Am. PISSED!! WTF kind of ending is this?! You gave us epic battles and made us root for this couple through book after book and they don’t even end up together?! 😡🤬🤯😢😭💔 And you just breezed over the villains death.... like.... is he even really dead?.... cause you didn’t detail it.... like.... at all. 🤔 The first book in this series was fantastic!! But it just goes down hill from there, in my opinion. Which is just disappointing.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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February 14, 2017

#teamMaven (yes, I realize he has dark hair in the book but I really view him as an older Malfoy in my head lol)

Just calling my prediction now -I've been saying this since day one: . To be honest, I don't want my prediction to be right, I want , but I just don't think that will happen.


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June 12, 2018
well, folks. its happened. another series has come and gone. and yet again im feeling relatively unimpressed about the whole experience. maybe its the fact that i turned 27 today and im just getting too old and cynical for this type of book or maybe the book/story/writing/plot is to blame. why not both?! my old age aside, this left me feeling very… unsatisfied. i appreciate the effort that went into telling/writing this story, but i felt like this often dragged (which was frustrating because of its length), i wish i would have gotten more cal and maven (did we really even need iris’ perspective??), and i just didnt feel like this was the ending this series (or cal) deserved. to me, this book definitely focused on quantity over quality, which is a shame. but i guess it is what it is and im finally free of this at last.

3.5 stars
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May 23, 2018
1* for the Maven chapters
My black little ♥is broken 😢

So my dear friends we have come to the end of a very boring era.
Look out for spoilers ahead. Gonna tag it

End of rant for now. Maybe tomorrow i will have more taughts.

Such a big let down. Come to think of it i never like dumbass mare. She just caused more problems in the series. I can now c y so many ppl hate her. The only decent thing she actually did was at the very end of the book.

I am not saying to not read the book but this is just my taughts and in conclusion i wasted so much time and money for this book.

Before reading
If you have read my previous review fthen you will know that the last book wasn't the best for me. Anyway never fear! Fori still have a little faith thus far and anything is possible. So for my Maven ship:
Even if it sinks to the bottom of the ocean

And to Victoria


Sorry for all the Pirates of the Caribbean but I couldn't help it ;)

War Storm ???? Hmmmm

I don't think its the best. Just like putting two words together that don't fit.
We'll c how it turns out...😕

Maven is getting a POV!!
I am ded!!
Pls tell me this is a good sign!
I will never pick up another of Aveyard's books if she kills Maven. Its decided 😅😅😅😅
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Want to read
December 28, 2015
Omg, this series has 4 books!!!!! That means can be redeem, right? Nahhh... he cannot be bad all 4 books. I still have my hope!
June 29, 2018
[burn, red as my rage]

welcome to the SHIT STORM review

I would like something extremely important to be known about this book; other than it’s utter existence is trash

i’d like you all to know that this book has abused literature by using the word “sneer” over 70+ times
[please take a moment to let that sink in]

the offending word has now made history for being the most overused word by Victoria Aveyard


i’d also like to give special recognition to each and every individual who has also suffered through this garbage journey

not all heroes wear capes, and those of us who have come this far are certainly heroes

thank you for wasting our time War Trash

i will always remember how shitty this series was

we have all lived a lie





this series book covers are always bomb



and please don’t make Mare bore us to death again


or else I’m going to throw my own War Storm 😒
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230 reviews3,935 followers
September 19, 2019
3 Rise With The Dawn ★'s

What the hell? Seriously? That's it? War Storm is the FINAL book in the Red Queen series and I must say I'm a bit disappointed and a little upset right now. I thought it started out strong, then about the midpoint, it all just fell short. I was really excited for this, I mean it's been one of my favorite series and this is what I get? I can't freaking believe this is how Victoria Aveyard chose to end it and it definitely didn't need to be such a long book but what are you gonna do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯? It was slow and boring and anytime there was a "battle" I felt that it was over so quickly and way too easily won. Also, I was really disappointed in Maven's POV. It didn't really add anything to the story. I love the cover and the title but sadly whats inside didn't live up! I will say chapter Thirty and Thirty-Two made my heart hurt. I was really expecting a lot more! Ugh... We didn't even get to see an HEA♥ 😭😭!

#teamCal Forever!!

“Love can be exploited, I guess, used to manipulate. It's leverage. But I would never call loving someone else a weakness. I think living without love at all, any kind of love, is weakness. And the worst kind of darkness.”
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May 16, 2018
What do I do with my life now?!

Sorry. That did't sound right. Let me try again.

WHAT DO I DO WITH MY LIFE NOW ARRRGHHHHH!!!!!! (Click this tag to hear more screaming noises which accurately describe my feelings: )

I'm gonna do a spoiler free section because I am often the last to read new releases and know how frustrating it is to see just spoiler tags, but brace yourselves, for lots of ALLCAPS!!! (though I think I managed to restrain myself quite well right until the end if I'm honest here.)

Okay. I love the series. Let me just start by saying that if you haven't yet read them, GO DO IT NOW YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

I think that one of the many things War Storm did brilliantly was the pacing. I love all the other books in the series to pieces, but I will definitely admit that there were some parts in Glass Sword, and even a few in King's Cage, that dragged. This didn't bother me in the slightest, but REST ASSURED, War Storm pacing is PERFECTION THE WHOLE WAY!

I can't really talk plot without spoilers, but it was super awesome and brilliant and WOW. It never ceases to amaze me how authors are so brilliant and can come up with so many fantastic ideas. I honestly do not think that there will be many people at all who are disappointed in the plot. It was really awesome.

I think the characters are what will make or break this book for most people. But I'm pretty sure that no matter who you're rooting for (though I don't honestly understand why people care about anyone other than Cal, Mare, Cameron, Gisa or Evangeline) I think that there's something in there for you. Also, THERE WERE FIVE PERSPECTIVES AND THEY WERE DONE SO BEAUTIFULLY!!! Click if you don't mind finding out who they are:

But yes. Generally, I think that overall you will all love it, but just... brace yourself. Just in case...

Anyways. The spoilery bit starts now:
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9,564 reviews41 followers
May 1, 2022
War Storm (Red Queen, #4), Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen is a young adult fantasy novel written by American writer Victoria Aveyard. It was her first series and her first novel. It was published in February 2015. Its sequels are Glass Sword, King's Cage and War Storm. War Storm is a strong finish to this series - the fight continues between the different factions of Reds and Silvers and Mare Barrow discovers new allies in this final volume.

تاریخ نخستین خوانش: روز چهارم ماه آگوست سال2019میلادی

عنوان: طوفان جنگ: کتاب چهارم سری ملکه سرخ؛ نویسنده: ویکتوریا آویارد؛ مترجم: فاطمه سعیدی، تهران، کتابسرای تندیس، سال1397؛ در712ص؛ فروست سری ملکه سرخ، کتاب چهارم؛ شابک9786001823596؛ موضوع داستانهای نوجوانان از نویسندگان ایالات متحده آمریکا - سده21م

کتاب «طوفان جنگ» درباره ی دو گروه از مردمان با عنوان «خون سرخ»‌��ا و «خون نقره ‌ای»‌ها است؛ «خون سرخ»‌ها که همان مردمان عادی و در واقع رعیت‌ها هستند، هیچ توانی جز کار کردن ندارند؛ «خون نقره ‌ای»‌ها که خونشان رنگین است، افرادی با توانایی‌های ناباوانه هست��د، که در مسند قدرت تکیه زده اند، و بر «خون سرخ»‌ها فرمانفرمایی می‌کنند؛ هر جایی که سخن از قدرت یگانه باشد، سخنی نیز از فساد به میان می‌آید، ناعدالتی و ظلم «خون نقره ‌ای‌ها» بر مردمان عادی، بیداد می‌کند؛ اما در این بین، یک رویداد ناباورانه رخ می‌دهد؛ آن هم اینکه دختری هفده‌ ساله، به نام «ماری بارو»، که از تبار «خون سرخ‌ها» هست، توانایی کنترل آذرخش را دارد، که تنها «خون نقره ‌ای»‌ها می‌توانند، چنان توانی داشته باشند؛ «خون نقره ‌ای»‌ها که از آن توانایی آگاه می‌شوند، او را به قصر «نقره ‌ای» آورده، و به گونه ‌ای نمایش می‌دهند، که گویی او یکی از شاهزادگان گمشده بوده، که تازگی پیدا شده است، و می‌خواهند او با یکی از پرنس‌های «خون نقره‌ ای» ازدواج کند؛ «ماری بارو» پا در قصری گذاشته، که در شرایط عادی نیز، جای بس خطرناکی برای او هست، او به گروهی پنهانی، به نام «گارد سرخ» می‌پیوندد؛ این گروه تصمیم بر سرنگونی حکومت و پایان دادن به بیداد «خون نقره‌ای»‌ها را دارند

در این رمان، که کتاب پایانی از سری چهار جلدی «ملکه سرخ» است، خوانشگران، دیگر با «ماری» ساده، و بی‌تجربه رودررو نیستند، بلکه با یک دختر توانمند و جسور، که دشواری‌ها و لحظات هولناکی را پشت سر بگذاشته، رودررو هستند؛ دختری که باور دارد، باید نیرومندتر به دیده ها بنشیند، حتی اگر او آنگونه نباشد! در این جلد، خوانشگر به راستی با شخصیتی روبرو می‌شود، که مزه ی تلخ خیانت، و ناسپاسی از سوی «کال» را چشیده، شخصی که «ماری» به او دلبسته بوده؛ اکنون دختری است که به دنبال انتقام و کین خواهی میباشد، و تنها سرنگونی پادشاهی «نورتا» را، در سر میپروراند؛ ولی در اینراه «ماری» باید، دوباره در کنار پسری که پیمان شکنی کرده، و دل او را شکسته، قرار بگیرد، تا بتواند نقشه ‌های خود را اجرا کند؛ اما آیا او در این راه همه چیز را پیش بینی کرده است؟

تاریخ بهنگام رسانی 04/08/1399هجری خورشیدی؛ 10/02/1401هجری خورشیدی؛ ا. شربیانی
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719 reviews1,113 followers
August 19, 2019
3.5 ⭐️

Ok, so I can say with all honesty that this series does improve drastically. Victoria Aveyard’s writing and character development gets so much better!

When I read Glass Sword and King’s Cage, Mare was pissing me off so much I didn’t even want to continue with this series – especially considering the size of War Storm. However, I powered on through because I wanted to see how it would all end, and to be fair, I am glad I did.

War Storm has split POVs, which really helps lower Mare on the irritation scale. Along with Evangeline Samos, Iris Signet and also a couple of chapters from Cal’s and Maven’s perspective it made for a really interesting read. The 3 strong female protagonists were definitely great to read about and contrast with one another.

Full of politics and double crossing. Everyone has an agenda, and even allies cannot trust one another. King Tiberias (Cal), his grandmother Anabel and his Uncle Julian have aligned themselves with the Scarlet Guard, those from Montfort (the land ruled by Premier Davidson where reds and silvers mix as equals), the newbloods and Cal’s betrothed – Evangeline and her family. Meanwhile Maven and the Signet family (aka the nymphs from the Lakelands) fight from the other side.

There are many battles, to be honest I lost count a few times. I loved reading the different perspectives and seeing what each character wanted to get out of the war. I wanted to know what would happen to Maven in the end. I liked the ending

It’s been a long time coming, and I’m glad I read this series, but I’m also glad to be done with it. Goodbye Lightning Girl – I probably won’t miss you all that much.


So my copy of this has finally arrived in the library. Though I haven't read the first three since last Summer I cannot be bothered to reread them, so hopefully I'll remember stuff as I go....
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Want to read
November 19, 2017
This cover is gorgeous.
And I hope this story will be too.
Yup, I know you people out there. The previous books weren't the best for me either.
But hey, everyone deserves a second chance!
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6 reviews
April 2, 2017
I sort of jumped off of this series when Aveyard started attacking her own fandom and calling them out for criticising her work. Like—yeah—it’s our fault somehow. I just refer authors like this to my new favourite author on twitter Jay Cole’s response:
 photo FullSizeRender 1_zpszzgu3ose.jpg

And how she couldn’t understand how so many people preferred Maven when Mare was “such a strong female character”. Not that she wasn’t the most annoying character that walked planet Earth. But I started this series so I guess I’ll see this book next year.

 photo tumblr_n26ec2n6iO1smdwk8o1_500_zpscocv1813.gif
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May 26, 2018
If this book doesn't end happy I've got to swear off all series until they're all published and I know for certain if it's worth reading. My heart cannot handle being so invested in characters to have them turn out miserable/sad/or broken! (thanks for nothing Tearling, Hunger Games, and Divergent)

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July 1, 2018
This book (and entire series) has been way too drawn out. I'm just glad it's over.
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May 19, 2018
(5/16/18) actually started reading the book and it's horrible.

(Original rating) There's no reason to drag this into four books. There's probably going to be a book for every character as well....*Sigh* thank god for free ebooks.

*I rated this book two years ago. Before you comment that I shouldn't have rated it please understand I don't give a fuck. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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May 28, 2018
4.5 Shame and pride, sorrow and relief STARS

"The guns will quiet, the smoke will clear, and the soldiers, Red and Silver both, will come home."


Hay muchas cosas negativas que les puedo decir de este libro. Pero si ya han llegado a este punto de la serie, creo que ya no tiene caso mencionar todas aquellas críticas que ya discutimos con anterioridad.

Aquí la gran verdad de este libro, la razón por la que le estoy dando las 5 ESTRELLAS, es porque Victoria Aveyard de alguna manera, logro hacerme leer su serie completa, a pesar de ser un género que no me gusta, con libros de más de 500 páginas, y con una historia llena de subidas y bajadas. Pero lo logro, que es más de lo que puedo decir de otras historias, que, aunque quizá sean mejor, nunca han mantenido mi interés.

Especialmente en este momento de mi vida en el que estoy tan metida en las novelas gráficas, que regresar a leer una novela me cuesta el doble de trabajo, así que si, solo por eso, War Storm se merece un aplauso de pie.


Pero bueno, hemos llegados al final, es tiempo de decirle adiós a todos los personajes con los que hemos sobrevivido tanto por más de 3 años. Así que sin más vueltas:

Hablemos de War Storm

📚 Sinopsis Honesta:

El Reyno de Norta se enfrenta a una guerra civil, y guerra con sus imperios vecinos. Silvers y Reds tendrán que afrontar muertes, peleas, sufrimientos y difíciles decisiones. Esta es la historia de una REVOLUCION, NO UNA HISTORIA DE AMOR. Llena de batallas, enfrentamientos y manipulaciones.

Uno de los puntos fuertes de esta historia, que para mí la hizo diferente y sobresaliente a todas las demás, es que la historia tiene tantas tramas, que la relación amorosa de los protagonistas queda en segundo plano. Si la vemos obvio y juega un punto fuerte en la historia, pero no es el eje principal.


Para mí el eje principal, es la revolución, los silver, reds y newblods, tratando de sobrevivir juntos. Ver como tratan de cambiar un sistema de gobierno completo, es muy interesante de ver. Los juegos de traiciones y alianzas entre las personas al poder, y que al final cada decisión se lleva acabo de forma calculada, y cada uno solo ve por si mismo, y por lo que creen que es correcto.

Hablemos de los personajes:


Mare no es un personaje que me fascine, pero si la respeto, desde el primer libro se ha mantenido fiel a sus convicciones, a pesar de amar a Cal y Maven, nunca ha dejado que sus sentimientos por ellos opaquen sus ideales y su búsqueda por la igualdad entre silvers y reds. Y así siguió su camino hasta el final, tomo malas decisiones, cometió errores, pero siempre siendo fiel a sí misma, como debe de ser, no pude pedir más para este personaje. Y si fui feliz con su final.

“He still hasn’t turned away from the crown, and I am still just as dedicated to my cause, if not more so. I can’t still be in love with a king, when everything I’m doing is to destroy his throne. Destroy all notions of kings and queens and the kingdoms at the mercy of their will.”


Pobre Cal, le toco lo peor, sufrió sufrió sufrió. Tomo muy malas decisiones y tuvo que afrontar las consecuencias, pero lo entendí, y logre perdonarlo y no pude dejar de sentir lastima por su situación. Al igual que Mare, me gusto que sus sentimientos por ella no opacaron sus propios ideales. Al final el mismo tuvo que decidir a donde llevar a su país, y que tipo de gobernador quiere ser.

“When the storm breaks, I’ll be ready. I promise you that.”
Ready to fight. To lose. And probably die.”


No me gustaron sus capítulos, y odie al personaje, poderosa pero aburrida como villana. Su traición fue lo mas obvio de la historia, se veía venir desde su primer capítulo. Lo mejor de ella, fue verla en batalla, que casi matara a Cal fue de lo mas intenso.


Al final fue el personaje que más evoluciono, y la única que logro su final feliz.


Oh mi Maven hermoso. Sus capítulos, aunque pocos fueron los más tristes. El chico perdido, roto y sin salvación. Todo el libro se la paso contra la esquina, sin salida, con todos en contra, hasta el mismo. No importante cuanto deseáramos verlo redimirse o ser feliz, el pobre ya había caído demasiado hondo en la locura, llore su desenlace, pero él no quería ser salvado.

“He has no loyalties, and no love in his heart. The boy who calls himself king is a shell, empty, a danger to everyone and everything.”


Mis partes favoritas:

- El enfrentamiento entre Cal e Iris fue épico.
- Los “This is the last time” de Mare y Cal.
- El reencuentro entre Maven y Cal quería ver una pelea épica, pero su encuentro en la isla fue suficiente para romperme el corazón en cachitos.
- Que Jhon reapareciera, esa platica con Mare lo fue todo.
- Farley, toda ella es perfecta.
- Y por supuesto el enfrentamiento entre Maven y Mare.

Como llore en este momento:

“I like the hair. We can still run. Together.”



En conclusión: Llegamos al final, para darnos cuenta de que realmente no hay final.Nos dejan un final abierto, se que a la mayoría les molesta este tipo de finales, a mí personalmente me encantan y son de mis favoritos.
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July 2, 2021
Red Queen: 4.25 stars
Glass Sword: 2.5 stars
King's Cage: 3.5 stars
War Storm: 2 stars

How did we go from Red Queen to this??

When this book first got published, and many of my goodreads friends rated it quite low, a part of me hoped that it wasn't as bad as they said. See, I LOVED Red Queen. And I knew that the author was a good writer because her battle scenes were amazingly written.

So this book for me was not just the end of a good series, but mainly a chance at redemption after the disappointments that were Glass Sword and King's Cage.

Unfortunately, this ended up being an even bigger let down.

The multiple POVs became annoying as all the voices merged into one. Some of the best characters such as Evangeline, Iris and Cal were reduced to nothing more than whiny teenage brats who thought the world of themselves. Some were almost completely missing from the book such as Cameron and Gale -sorry- Kilorn.

The worst part was the conclusion. At best it was confused and haphazard. At worst it was just nonsensical.
After four dramatic books, the ending just seemed too forced and immature. We don't even find out what happens to half the characters!

Also That was almost as bad as building up to the big battle but everyone just talking it out instead of fighting in Breaking Dawn.

Kudos to Davidson, Farley and Maven; they were the only reason I bothered finishing this book. But even they weren't nearly as awesome as they were in the previous books. is there such a thing as REVERSE character development?

Pre read review:

Me: orders War Storm.
Me: opens goodreads and sees all the hate reviews.
Me: slowly backs away.

HEY at least the covers pretty ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Shelved as 'did-not-finish'
March 31, 2016
Review #1: 10/21/2015

so... there's going to be ANOTHER book in this series???

alrighty then...
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291 reviews240 followers
May 5, 2019
★★★ /5
It wasn‘t good, but at the same time wasn‘t bad. It had its flaws, it was boring and too long, but as a conclusion to YA series was decent enough to feel satisfied.

I really wanted to love this book, but sadly were so many things I didn’t like or they simply didn’t make sense. A few characters, most of the time acted like different people, weren’t themselves and that really made this book feel like it mocked itself. I didn’t like the multiple POVs because it just put more unnecessary information which we didn’t need to know. It was really easy to read and entertaining to follow, but the ending was too rushed and to open for such a long book.

All in all, this was pretty standard YA series witch I kind of enjoyed and read all four books.
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