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Bad for You #1

Didn’t I Warn You?

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Not everything dangerous is bad.

From the moment Angelina laid eyes on him, she fell into a fantasy. Mysterious, foreign, gorgeous, Haithem offered her what she needed most—a chance to feel again.

But Haithem is much more than he appears to be. He lives in a world of danger where everything comes at a price.

For Angelina, that price is her future.

He's made sure the life she's left behind is in tatters. Made her family believe she's dead. Still, he talks about protecting her, about keeping her safe, but she can't distinguish his truth from his lies. She can't separate her pleasure from his betrayal.

Haithem warned her. He told her he'd make her heart race, her body come alive and her most primal needs rush to the surface. His for the taking.

He didn't say she'd come to love the devil who's destroying her, even as he keeps her prisoner.

384 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published April 18, 2016

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About the author

Amber A. Bardan

15 books724 followers
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Amber is a #1 Amazon Bestselling, award winning, author, and member of Romance Writers of Australia, Melbourne Romance Writers Guild, and Writers Victoria.
After spending years imagining fictional adventures, Amber finally found a way to turn daydreaming into a productive habit. She now spends her time in a coffee-fuelled adrenaline haze, writing romance with a thriller edge.
She lives with her husband and children in semi-rural Australia, where if she peers outside at the right moment she might just see a kangaroo bounce by.
Find out more about Amber by visiting www.amberabardan.com

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2,903 reviews635 followers
February 10, 2021
I am actually in dilemma rating this book.

Didn't I Warn You? is a book that promises dark, erotic romance but deliver below what I expected. I feel like that annoying child on the back of the car seat asking are we there yet? over and over again. See, I was expecting more drama, more erotic, more forbidden fantasy and mostly erotic sex. Maybe some hard core BDSM.

I waited and waited and waited and I got underwhelmed with the plot. I like Heatham. He is such mysterious hero. Angeline serves her purpose as that damsel who get caught of doing what is morally right and submitting herself into forbidden desire. Now the sex is mediocre. This is my disappointment.

Overall I like this book OK. Not hate it, not like it either. Not looking forward for second book.

3 stars
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February 20, 2016
*** ARC kindly provided by the publisher Carina Press, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. ***

When reading the blurb for this book on NetGalley I requested it because it sounded like a great dark read but I’m a little disappointed. To me it isn’t dark at all! She doesn’t get to contact anyone and Haithem won’t return her home but besides that he’s almost always great to her. There are no dangerous situations or at least they don’t feel dangerous.

Overall I still enjoyed this story and give it 3 stars.

The book ends in an HFN and will be published April 18th. The next part is expected to be published 2 months later…
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719 reviews179 followers
January 31, 2017
Unfortunately, this one didn't work for me. I was drawn to this book because the blurb made it sound like it would be a great dark read. That wasn't the case. In fact, it read far more like a New Adult book than it did a Dark Romance.

While I liked Haithem as the enigmatic male lead, I didn't like Angelina at all. She is incredibly immature, right down to the origami fortune teller game she plays. (I stopped playing that in middle school.) The decisions she makes lack any kind of common sense and self-preservation and she seems oblivious to her situation. Instead of any sort of genuine concern for the fact that she has, for all intents and purposes, been kidnapped by a man she has only just met, she treats her situation like a vacation. It's like she thinks she is on a pleasure cruise, not being held against her will. She is like a 15 yr old, all swoony over her first crush. Her perspective is lighter and not in step with the overall tone of the book. It makes for an all too abrupt change from Haithem's POV, as well as put it at odds with the seriousness of their predicament.

I really wanted to love this one. It's clear Amber Bardan is a talented writer, as I loved Haithem and his part of the story. Unfortunately for me, I just couldn't get past Angelina. Immature characters are my kryptonite.

*Copy provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*
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March 31, 2016
5 Stars - 3.5 Flames

Oh. My. GAAAAWD!!!! I haven't been this excited about a suspense/dark contemporary romance in a very long time. I'm hooked. I'm crazy about this and I'm having freakin' dreams about being IN this book. Author beware. I'm officially on stalker duty because THIS. IS. AMAZING!!!!!

Where to begin...I might have to write in code so that I don't give anything away. I REALLY want you to read this like I did. Without knowing any of the secrets. Without knowing any of the drama. Without knowing both the hurt and the love that each one of these characters possess. I want you to read this with open eyes and not judge this book by it's cover (although the cover IS pretty awesome and absolutely perfect for Haithem..sigh). But I WILL give you a little teaser...

While waiting for a job interview, Angelina is completely captivated by a mysterious man who walks in to the cafe. Their eyes lock, it's instant chemistry. She even tries to eaves drop on his conversation with his business partners. But when he leaves the cafe without attempting to get her number, she figures her chance was over. Until another chance meeting in an elevator. A moment that will change everything for both of them...forever.

Reader beware. Be prepared to never put this book down. Yes, it's 350+ pages, but you are so pulled in to the story, the mystery, the...Haithem, that you'll be cursing the last page when you realize it's over and you're wanting more. I know I want more. Like NOW. Did I mention I'm on stalker duty?

*I was given this book from the Jeep Diva in exchange for my honest opinion
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28 reviews39 followers
April 21, 2016
This is THE most captivating romance I’ve ever read. There’s something so completely magical about Didn’t I Warn You and not ironically, at all in the way I expected. I was thinking this was going to be like DUNGEON level dark. It’s not. It’s troupey and crazy over-the-top (kind of like Jane The Virgin and the OTT Telenovela feel, and like JTV it just works). The darkness comes in via the state of constant suspense that the reader is kept in. That on-the-edge fearful, uncomfortable unknowing, of how bad the hero is and how bad are things going to get. But what I loved about this book, what it gave me that no other book before it ever has, is that you get that heart pounding adrenaline ride with a REAL romance.
The romantic and sexual tension between Haithem and Angelina was beautiful and breathtaking. It brought me to tears and made me truly feel. And when the end came, I was all the way there. There’s this thing with dark romance, where I want to love them but can’t. The hero rarely gets redeemed adequately enough for him to be my dream man.
But Haithem, oh my god, he’s redeemed to perfection and I get to love him at the end of it. Now my warning to you— if you are after that “taboo” style romance this isn’t a rapey captive romance. It’s sensual and gorgeous and the exact right amount of dark to cut your traditional romance reader teeth on.
I loved this so very much, and I urge you to give it a try because I’ve never been quite this invested in fictional people before.
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1,065 reviews395 followers
September 25, 2016
What a great find! After DNFing so many books lately, I finally found something worth reading. Great writing, interesting characters, and a nice dose of darkness made this an amazing book. Funnily enough, the only thing I didn't like about it was the prologue/epilogue. I thought its vibe was off from the rest of the book. But other than that, I liked everything about this story. I'm off to read the sequel!
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3,163 reviews1,519 followers
June 11, 2016
Angelina is young and innocent living vicariously through her friends encounters with men so when she sees a talk, dark, handsome and mysterious foreigner in the local coffee shop she's immediately intrigued with him. The two are from completely different worlds where Angelina is still the good girl living at home with her parents and Haithem leads a life of danger always looking over his shoulder.

Haithem is used to buying whatever he wants in life so when Angelina agrees to meet him on his yacht he offers to pay Angelina to stay with him for the next two weeks. Angelina is of course offended by the offer and tries to leave but has an accident leaving her stranded on the yacht when it sails. Finding herself trapped with Haithem, Angelina decides to live out her fantasies and finds herself falling for him but will his secrets be too much to handle?

Didn’t I Warn You? is one of those reads that almost surprised me at really how much I ended up enjoying it. At close to 400 pages and with a setting where the majority of the book is the two main characters interacting on a yacht with only each other it was truly shocking at how hooked I got on what would happen and how much it really was suspenseful waiting to find out what would happen.

The one reason I didn't give this read five stars was due to Angelina being a bit too naive and immature in the beginning of the story that it took me a while to warm up to her as a character. Once I learned her backstory though she made complete sense to me and the story really began to flow wonderfully.

Haithem on the other hand was just mysterious enough that I was dying to know more about him and liked him the entire time. Very sexy character that reminds me a bit of Christian Grey without the bondage fetish and with a definite softer side which in my mind made him a lot more likable. But he's the sexy millionaire with secrets with his somewhat awkward love interest so there is a bit of a similarity between the two.

Overall, a great dark somewhat erotic suspense that I absolutely flew through reading in a few hours just not wanting to put this one down. Would definitely recommend checking this one out. Will be looking forward to the next in this series to see where the adventure heads next.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

For more reviews please visit https://carriesbookreviews.wordpress....

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Author 43 books61.3k followers
Shelved as 'edited'
October 28, 2015
Working on edits and I pulled this scene. Haithem is dangerous. And seductive. How do you resist a guy who offers this???

“You owe me nothing. I expect nothing from you. I trust no promises from you.” His voice softened, whispered around me from what felt like all directions. He stopped directly behind me, his hands coming down on my shoulders so I couldn’t turn. “But this doesn’t have to be a nightmare. It doesn’t have to be a trap or a prison.” He pulled me back against him, and suddenly his arms were around me and the beast was gone, replaced instead by a comforting protector.

My pulse jumped. How quickly he could change.

“This isn’t fair. For that, I owe you, and I always honor my debts.”

I’d slipped into hyper-awareness—of the arm around my waist, the body at my back, the voice in my ear. I could almost see myself in his arms, standing like a waxwork, so still and glassy eyed. Mesmerized.

“I saw your face when you told me you’re smothered so tightly you can’t breathe,” he whispered. “You could be free…” He brushed his cheek against my temple. “No one around. You could be yourself.”

He rocked me, so softly I almost missed the shift of my weight from one side to the other. I no longer knew if I was holding myself up.

“I can give you sunsets on the ocean. I can show you space so endless you’ll lose yourself.”

My hair caught on his bristles.

“Have you ever run down a deserted beach, Angel?” His hand moved on my belly. “Have you ever swum naked in saltwater?” His voice penetrated my head, my blood, sinking down somewhere even deeper.

“Imagine three weeks where anything you ask will be indulged. All your demands met. Ask me for something—ask me for anything.”

My eyes closed.

“Do you need someone to hear you?” His word curled into my ear so gently, I felt the steam from his body in his breath. “I’ll listen to you talk for days.”

He touched my chest, pressed his palm flat against me.

I twitched.

“You can tell me what it is you keep buried in here. What you’re holding onto so tightly that you can’t let go. You can give it all to me, Angel. Just hand it all over to me…”

Air flooded my lungs, and I lunged out of his grasp. My heart beat so fast, I could imagine coronary damage taking place. I turned and faced him, backing out of reach.

Had I let him read me so thoroughly? Had I laid out my weakness so well that he could drive himself into my head and fuck me there?

Because that’s what he was doing—he was fucking my mind. I knew it. He knew it.

It was working.
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931 reviews245 followers
March 29, 2016
For more teasers from Didn't I Warn You? and other reviews, visit Carlene Corrupted.
ARC provided by Tasty Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

Angelina is a rule follower, she does everything by the book and lives under her parent's watchful eyes, or she did until she saw him. With his tan skin, dark eyes, and impeccable dress, the man is what fantasies, her fantasies, are made of and he's made her come to life. Haithem is much more than meets the eye and when he sends for her to meet him at his yacht a night of pleasure is to be expected, but a life of danger and a future in tatters is not. Held captive, Angelina cannot separate truth from fiction. He says he's protecting her, from dangers she knows nothing of, but can she protect her heart from the danger he promises he is?

Holy moly, this book, I could not put it down! It was nothing at all like I expected and it totally knocked my socks off. You see that list of bookshelves? Yes, I marked both book boyfriends and favorite series, because there is no way you are taking me away from Haithem...and Angelina, but mostly because I am pretending I am her. At almost 400 pages, Didn't I Warn You? is a heavy novel with incredibly dark undertones.

The mixture of lust and fear felt by Angelina is palpable, I too wanted to follow Haithem to the depths of hell and it is because of Amber A. Bardan's writing style. She wrote with the most incredible detail, every thought, every scene, was something I could feel with the character or visualize from their perspective. While I was annoyed with Angelina's idiocy, I have to admit I loved what it led to. Putting two characters, both with heavy secrets and very different life experiences, on a yacht in the middle of the ocean, playing a never-ending game of truth and dare, could have gone terribly, but it didn't. The innocence versus corruption, the light and dark, played off each other perfectly. What won me over with both characters though, was the push and pull of emotions between them, the not-quite foreplay. The chemistry is insane between the two and I could have read their sexy and witty dialogue forever. I loved how dangerous Haithem was, yet he had this good side he showed Angelina that made her hold onto hope, even though the reader can see far more hints at his bad side than she could. On top of that, both characters had intense pasts that really formed them into the people they were and watching them both relive their pasts together was incredibly thought provoking. Unfortunately, the danger that is hinted at is real and the growing suspense in this book culminates in one incredible ending.

I can sum up my thoughts in just one sentence, Amber A. Bardan's Didn't I Warn You? is such a great dark, forbidden romance with incredibly mysterious characters and I absolutely recommend it. Every word, every moment, between Angelina and Haithem drove me deeper into the story and I couldn't put it down. This book is the perfect combination of dangerous and romantic, of fire and ice, the unputdownable story of the war between an angel and the devil she covets. I cannot wait to read the next in the series.
April 8, 2016

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Carina Press is one of my favorite small publishers - I like a great deal of what they choose to publish, even if it's a book that isn't in my usual genre of choice. DIDN'T I WARN YOU sounded like it was trying to be a CAPTIVE IN THE DARK clone, but because of the hot man on the cover, and because it was published by Carina, I couldn't resist. Plus, that summary - it was so intriguing..

Now that I've read DIDN'T I WARN YOU, I'm not quite sure what to think. I liked parts of this book quite a bit - the sex scenes, for example, were very well done. Fairly steamed my glasses up, they did! I'm not sure I buy the romance as much, though, or the instant attraction between Angelina and Haithem.

This is being marketed as a dark book. The prologue led me to believe that this would be another book in a long line of mafiosi, drug cartel men, and soulless hitmen who get involved with an innocent girl and, through the miracle of Stockholm Syndrome, end up Romantically Involved. That was the book I was prepared for, so you can imagine my surprise when, even though Haithem keeps saying, "I'm dangerous, I'm dangerous, you can't handle me, stay away!" she pursues him with idiotic single-mindedness, contemplating sleeping with him the first time she lays eyes on him, and not blinking an eye when he traps them in an elevator for a FIFTY SHADES OF GREY-inspired make-out session. You can also imagine my surprise when it turns out that Haithem really isn't an evil man. He's not a good man, obviously - I mean, any time you kidnap someone, you can pretty much cross "nice guy" off your list - but he's no human trafficker, either.

I think the second half of this book is a lot better than the first half. I almost decided to not finish this book, because Angelina frustrated me so much. I wanted to shake her, and say, "Woman! Don't you have that voice inside your head that tells you when something is seriously wrong in a situation?" But then again, this is the girl who, when storming out after the hero offers to "buy" her, ends up tripping into a lifeboat and developing mild hypothermia. The second half was better, because that's when DIDN'T I WARN YOU takes on some elements of a thriller, you get more back story, and Angelina finally starts thinking about something other than what's inside the hero's pants (not much, by the way - he likes to go commando). It was also nice to see a heroine who takes the initiative with sex, even if it was done with an utter lack of self-preservation (and bonus points for using protection).

Would I read the sequel? I'm not sure. Like I said, I didn't really buy the connection between Haithem and Angelina. The sex was great, but I got my fill (ha - fill) in this book, and I'm not sure I'd pick up the next just to read a couple sex scenes (however well-written and titillating they might be). DIDN'T I seems to be a book for erotica fans, and for people who like reading "dark" books that don't actually feature rapist anti-heroes. This is like the PG-13 rated version of CAPTIVE IN THE DARK or TEARS OF TESS. I mean, he feeds her puddings & they talk about feelings, for God's sake! That's just a few steps removed from a Disney movie (minus the gratuitous sex, of course).

2 stars.
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993 reviews84 followers
March 9, 2016
WARNING: This book will make you gasp and drool, then leave you hanging just when it's getting soooo good!

The second Angelina lays eyes on Haithem, she knew she was in trouble. She just didn't know how much it would be. Held captive on a yacht and assumed to be the enemy has Angelina caught up in a dangerous game that she doesn't know how to play, or even how to lose. She just knows she needs to get away from Haithem, from his all-seeing eyes and manipulative tongue. She never knew how much she liked trouble until now.

Haithem wants to trust his fiery young prisoner, but every sign is pointing to her secrets and lies. So he'll wait. And he'll resist the pull of desire she elicits, because he senses that once he gives in, his life will never be the same.

DIDN'T I WARN YOU? started off slow and I got a little nervous. At almost 400 pages, I started to dread sitting through a stinker that wouldn't end. And then something weird happened…I started to really like it. A lot. I'm not exactly sure what it was about Ms. Bardan's seductive writing style that I found so appealing, but every sentence seemed well crafted and honed to make the maximum impact on the reader (though I did spot quite a few typos throughout). The two had mad chemistry, and though there was no actual sex until about 3/4 of the way through, the entire book was set up as foreplay, and damn was it potent.

Angelina wasn't particularly likable, but she was relatable in some strange way, her youth and inexperience at odds with her desire for Haithem. She came off as a brat at times, but then again she was being held against her will the majority of the book. Haithem was an interesting character, composed yet filled with raw desire and driving need for a woman for the first time in his life. He was genuinely dangerous, though the reader never REALLY finds out what side of the good/evil coin he's actually on, given the circumstances of his life's mission. Of course, we're left with a massive cliffhanger, and I'm desperate to get my hands on book 2, Didn't You Promise? as soon as humanly possible!

Bottom Line: Rich and decadent, like a chocolate croissant chased with a dark merlot, DIDN'T I WARN YOU? pushed my buttons in a mysterious, seductive way. - See more at: http://erotic.theromancereviews.com/v...

The Romance Review - See more at: http://erotic.theromancereviews.com/v...
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491 reviews629 followers
May 3, 2016
Lightning review at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

This is a darkly seductive Beauty & the Beast romance that will give you goosebumps. Haithem is no prince charming as he starts to believe Angelina is not as honest he originally believed. With his own life on the line, he isn’t quite sure whether or not Angelina was purposefully put into his path to pose as the ultimate temptation and his eventual downfall. Or maybe she’s telling the truth, that she just wants a little bit of adventure in her life. But as Haithem discovers that he isn’t the only one with demons, it’s possible that these two broken individuals may find a way to heal each other.

There’s something so irresistible about the chemistry, the give-and-take, between Haithem and Angelina that just sizzles off the pages. Cruel one minute and kind the next, Haithem is a perfect blend of tall, dark, and dangerous. He’s the undeniably hard complement to Angelina’s soft.

This isn’t a romance for the light-hearted. It’s gritty and wild and passionate. Didn’t I Warn You will have readers falling hard and fast. It’s packed full of crazysauce – an unintentional kidnapping, international espionage and crime, and a helicopter that can deliver luxurious clothing to a yacht in the middle of the ocean.

It may not be for everyone, but it was certainly for me, even if it was a bit over the top.

- Amanda
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3,370 reviews2,307 followers
April 23, 2016
This is book one in a two books series with the sequel coming out in June.

I wouldn't say it was really a "dark" read. I have certainly read kidnapping books that were WAY more dark and disturbing than this one. That said, I enjoyed this one a lot. Both the hero and heroine were likable characters. A good portion of the book is spent with both of them keeping secrets and Haithem is acting under a misconception about Angelina. Things get cleared up in the end, but there's a bigger story at play here and will the couples HFN end in a HEA? Well I guess like me, you'll just have to wait until June to see...

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2,072 reviews311 followers
October 23, 2020
This is probably me and not the book but I wasn't feeling it. I at least have to like one of the main characters for me being able to read the book and I liked neither. I also lost interest at 30 % so once again it is me and not the book.

Book received from Carina Press by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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11.2k reviews145 followers
September 23, 2016
Angelina has spent her life trying to be perfect so her parents would love her, and in the last year, she's worked hard at doing good acts, so her karma would get better. The day she first laid eyes on Haithem, her suppressed bad girl is begging to come out, and she wants him. Angelina never really gets out, but that night, she goes to a party with her best friend, and when she's trying to leave, she's talked into going to spend some time with Haithem, as he's leaving the country in the morning. Despite her good girl voice warning her, she decides to do something wild for herself. When she's with Haithem, he warns her that everything has a price, and unfortunately for her, the price is her future. He basically kidnaps her, and lets her family believe she's dead, while vowing to protect her. But he has dangerous secrets, and can't afford to trust anyone. Yet, there's something about Angelina that draws him in, which gives her the power to destroy him. As they spend all their time together in close quarters, will they give love a chance, or completely destroy each other?!

WOW! This book just about gave me a panic attack! The character development is great, with a fast paced, suspenseful, and well written storyline that flowed perfectly. These two characters had a palpable chemistry, which finally EXPLODED into panty wrecking, SCORCHIN' HOT sexy scene goodness that left me sweating. Amber Bardan's diabolically brilliant writing style had my anxiety at new levels, and yet, I couldn't put it down to take a breath. Her twists and turns kept my heart racing cover to cover, and I about screamed when the book ended, in my opinion, too soon, as I NEEDED more like I need coffee in the morning! Yes, my dramatic girly girl emotions are taking over, but I blame it on this author for kidnapping me to transport me into her story. I'm super conflicted about the ending, as it didn't leave me hanging to severely, but I was still left hanging, so I've been back and forth about just quietly stalking her social media, or message her with colorful metaphors. One thing is clear, I can't read the next book quickly enough, so I'm going to HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone to read this highly suspenseful, and sexy story!
May 1, 2016
YES! YES! YES! As an avid reader, I live for those moments when you crack a book open and fall in love. Fall in love with the hero, the heroine and the author. It doesn’t happen every time, but when it does, you can’t help but shout out with glee and dance around the house with your Kindle in hand. That’s what happen to me reading Amber Bardan’s Didn’t I Warn You.

Angelina is a young woman that has always been in the shadows. Having a twin brother that didn’t survive a bout of cancer, she has walked around with a pile of guilt and nowhere to really turn. Her parents have swung their protective cape around her—for fear of losing her as well—but not having enough interest in who she is or wants to become. So what do they do? They smother her. And we all know what happens when you smother something—it either dies or explodes. In this case, Angelina explodes on an adventure with Haithem—even if such adventure turned out to be more than she bargained for.

Haithem is one of the most intriguing heroes I’ve read in a long time. The story is told in both hero and heroine points of view, but Haithem’s POV is often short bursts. This doesn’t allow us to know too much about him, but enough to know that he’s up to something, it is dangerous and Angelina is more than he ever imagined. I found myself asking questions like: Is he a terrorist? Is he in the mafia? A drug lord? A drug runner? In the sex trafficking business? All questions that if answered in the affirmative would be seriously dangerous for Angelina. And yet, we can’t help but fall in love with him even if those questions are all yeses.

From the very first page of this book, I was enthralled and entranced by Angelina and Haithem. Their story starts off as a mutual instant attraction from across a café, but where it goes is so amazing I can hardly wait for Ms. Bardan’s book 2 in this series. And by “can’t wait”, I mean please, Ms. Bardan, I need it now!

5 huge sparkling, shiny silver buckles
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375 reviews
February 28, 2016
From the moment I started it, I was hooked. In the first book of Amber Bardan's new series, Didn't I Warn You introduces readers to a world where danger and passion often go hand in hand. After losing everything he loved in the world, Haithem threw himself head first into danger. Now as he is in forced proximity with Angelina, Haithem is torn between believing the worst or succumbing to his desires. After years of being second best, Angelina is ready for someone to put her first. When Haithem sends for her, it is almost too good to be true. After her clumsiness puts her in quite the predicament, Angelina really has no choice. If she can't get away from him, well then, she's doing to push every button until she forces Haithem to play it her way. Unfortunately for both, the danger is just beginning.

I loved every moment I spent reading this book. The characters were phenomenal. The chemistry and sexual tension between Angelina and Haithem rocked. When the passion ignites, no amount of ice could cool them down. I loved Amber's writing. Although the book is written in mostly Angelina's perspective, I loved that we do get small glimpses into Haithem's POV. I liked that the POV didn't switch with each chapter. I felt that it added a bit more mystery to Haithem's character. I hope that as the next book in the Bad for You series progresses, we'll get more and more insight through his perspective. Overall, I freaking loved Didn't I Warn You. I was extremely excited to get the chance to read it early, but now I must wait on pins and needles for the release of the next book. June can't come soon enough.

I received a copy in exchange for a honest review.
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516 reviews230 followers
April 18, 2016
Melbourne, Australia native Angelina Morrison, 20, sets her sights on a dark and mysterious stranger at a café one afternoon. When she spots him again she indulges in her fascination and thus sets herself on a potentially dangerous path with Haithem, 30.

This is a very slow build and while I typically enjoy a low angst read, I didn’t find this one all that interesting. Part of the problem was my struggles to connect with both of the main characters. Through the majority of the book, character development seems to be sacrificed in the process of maintaining the mystery surrounding the characters. Instead the reader gets a lot of pages devoted to what they ate and what she wore. I also struggled to have much sympathy for Angelina as a supposed captive because she largely put herself into the situation. She comes across wishy-washy and lacking any kind of intuition of danger. Haithem, while having potential to be an intriguing character, didn’t exactly strike me as being overly in lust or in love with Angelina once she’s his captive, although he certainly pampers her. I just didn’t feel the chemistry or the connection between them.

The story is told via dual first person point of view although at times the speakers changed without notation. While this is book one of a two book series, the ending does have closure, which was a plus. The sequel, Didn't You Promise?, releases in a few months.

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review

Romance Safety Gang Notes:
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693 reviews
April 16, 2017
Didn't I Warn You
Amber A Bardan
3 stars

So this one was just okay for me. There are more parts so its not a complete story. Keep that in mind if you don't like to wait.

Angelina our main female is innocent and naive and its just too much. She is living and following through her friends which leads to trouble. A foreigner in a coffee shop -- you can write the rest. I just couldn't get into the characters and the preface of the book. Its not the dark and dirty read you think; meaning its somewhat subdued as far as what you would think for the blurb. I was even thinking this one might be too much for me as far as events that could potential be on tap due to that blurb. Its mild and its somewhat light on that particular front.

Haithem is in deep and is certainly dangerous. However at times he seemed to not fall into that character line. It just seemed too easy for the most part. I'm not saying it bad I'm saying that I expected more.

Click this up and give it a whirl -- let me know what you think. Thank you as always for the ARC! Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. And remember we all love different things so give it a chance and write us back!
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April 17, 2017
4.5 stars. This book was a sexy burn. When these two see each other.....wow, just wow. They try to resist each other, but really can't. He thinks she's someone she's not and she's thinking with her young heart. It's a power struggle, some misunderstandings/mistaken identities and a bit of a mystery that will have you staying up late to read this book. Both of these two have secrets they are keeping, but for very different reasons. These two need each other in a way that I can't fully explain, but they complete each other. "For everything he’s taken from me, he’s given me back more. He breathed a soul back into me. Without it, without him, I’d be a walking corpse. I see our future. I ache for it, yearn for it, despise myself for it.". As with all Amber Bardan books, the plot is never quite as it seems.....and I love that.

There's going to be another book for this couple, which normally I wouldn't like......but lets face it I will always read an Amber Bardan book.....so I'll read it anyway. Love, love her books.".
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February 23, 2017
Yummy scrummy 4 stars

I'm still on my high from King's Captive, my first book from Amber Bardan, so naturally as any book addict does when they've had that CRACK book they buy everrrrrrything from that author. I have no regrets! she is a unique voice that writes engaging characters and is batting 2 for 2 now for my reads!

Didn't I warn you? was really enjoyable. I love the over the top alpha heroes who do bad things for good reasons ( that you only find out much later ) this had an old sheikh feel for me throughout, like it reminded me so much of those mushy romance books I first started reading back in the day.

I just loved Haithem from page one, I would definitely be Angelina and get on his boat. No question about it! And drape me in diamonds... I would be his!

I'm so glad there's a book #2 in this series with these same characters, I wasn't ready to let them go just yet. I hope it's just as engaging and enjoyable as this one was.
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October 16, 2016
review by



Didn't I warn you, Angel, that's not a good idea to love me? ... Didn't I warn you my love would be bad? ... Didn't I tell you, you'd pay for my heart?



review 1



Cover - I love it! It's mysterious, sexy and after you read the book you will know it is Haithem.
Plot - This is a great book. The author has enthralled me with this story. It was a fast-paced, mysterious, dangerous tale. Really well written, very cohesive without any weak point. I love the plot twist. 
Characters- I love them. Haithem is the epitome of tall, dark and dangerous. In fact, calling him all that is redundant. Angelina is also a great character. She is a bit naive, but spending a life in peril give her some spunk which made her perfect for Haithem.
Heat/Romance - Yes, this is hot! Haithem melt butter and Angelina is quite the hottie after the initial shyness. I like how their relationship grew. It's not cute, or sweet or even romantic. It's crude, bold and brash.
Addictiveness- O.M.G. I couldn't put this book down. I got hooked on the prologue and was unable to let go. In fact, as soon as I finished the book I went over  and bought book number two. I need to know what is happening.
Freshness- A few shocks and a great twist at the end that I've talked about on my spoiler above.
I've felt in love with the author and I'm really looking forward to read more from her.



Review 2



Sincerely, I can't think of anything that I haven't enjoy on this book. Really looking forward for what's coming next.
Maybe I'm going to give two warning:

This is not a dark read as it makes you believe on the blurb.

This doesn't have a totally  HEA ending yet. It's more like a happy for now.            


A symphony of complexities-man of generosity and greed, cruelty and kindness. The man I love. Villain and hero. The man who took me apart and put me together again-over and over.


You MAY buy this book because you enjoy suspense; you SHOULD buy this book if like your romance with some spicy; you MUST read this book to be enchanted into a great, unusual plot!!!

This review was originally posted on More Books Than Livros
May 3, 2016
Reviewed by Gemini

Generally, when I read a Romantic Suspense or Mystery, I have some idea where it may be going. There are clues that seem to give you a sense of what the big reveal may be. In this instance, I was truly surprised. Amber Bardan succeeded in providing genuine misdirection without even trying. By withholding certain trivial information about both the hero and the heroine, the reader is forced to use their own imagination and that makes Didn’t I Warn You hard to put down. The whole time that I was reading, I kept thinking that I was on to something but I wasn’t. Heck, I’m not totally sure what the last names of the main characters are. I think that it was mentioned once or was it.

Didn’t I Warn You centers around a chance and abrupt meeting between twenty-year-old Angelina of Australia and thirty-year-old Haithem who I think is Egyptian but it’s never really confirmed. Even as I write this, I’m still not totally sure about some of the details because they catch you by surprise. So let’s talk about what I am certain of. Angelina never lives on the wildside but decides to take a chance and try to get information on a handsome and sexy stranger after she nearly bombs an interview for a magazine. Both intrigued and suspicious of Angelina, Haithem invites Angelina to his yacht and they inadvertently end up taking a trip to ports unknown. By all accounts, Haithem kidnaps her or Angelina stows away on his yacht. You’ll have to read the book to decide for yourself. This question is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to real mystery regarding these two people. I wasn’t sure if Haithem was good or bad. Is Angelina a spy or just a lost girl. There were just so many questions. The good thing is that these questions appear to get answered in the end. This is the first book in the the Bad for You series so be prepared to have other questions that don’t get answered.

In short, Didn’t I Warn You is a case of things aren’t what they seem. In this instance, it works really well. So well that I can only say so much without spoiling it. Just know that as Angelina and Haithem get to know each other, their sexual encounters will surely have you breaking for a cold shower. And when they aren’t fulfilling their carnal needs, you will be very suspicious of everything else that happens.

**Received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest unbiased review.**
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April 21, 2016
While set in an Australian harbour city, this tale could fit many locations. It's an odd romance story following a girl who has just left college and is hoping to get a reporting job. Everything that occurs seems to me to be totally unrealistic from the outlined, proposed article to the events that follow. So just read it as an escapist and slightly erotic fantasy.

Angelina gets leered at for thirty minutes in a café by a strange man. Not having the sense she was born with, she decides to stalk him but doesn't do very well. Another strange man pulls up in a car and tells her to get in and he'll take her to Haithem, since she's so interested. Lesson one: girl, do not get in the car. It was true when you were a child and it's still true now. She doesn't tell anyone where she is going. Lesson two: tell someone where you are going. She gets on board a luxury yacht with nobody else in sight but armed guards. Lesson three: girl, do not get on a yacht with strangers who could dump you overboard in shark-infested waters a mile offshore.

Meeting a man of Middle Eastern appearance, our heroine never makes the obvious conversation by asking where he's from. Why not? She doesn't wonder if all this suspicious activity means he's a terrorist. Why not? By the time Angelina realises she should have been more careful she's in a precarious situation. We don't get a good impression of Haithem until extremely late in the tale, which, I have to say, makes it all the harder for us to understand why Angelina would want to meet him or find him sexy. I did find the ending interesting and a well-thought out motivation.

There's an element of suspense and of erotic romance which is well done and plenty of nice setting detail. As the title implies we could read this as a warning - what not to do. I'm classing it as a New Adult story because of Angelina's obvious inexperience and because it is an adult read.
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April 19, 2016
“Didn’t I warn you” is the story of Haithem and Angelina. They meet by chance in a café and share an explosive attraction to each other. When Angelina tries to be bold once in her life and seeks Haithem out to suggest him a one-night-stand, fate strikes and makes it a wole lot more complicated than one night of passion.

First off, I want to give my two cents to the blurb. It is good to go into the book with as few information as possible. BUT it had been described as something for fans of Penelope Douglas’ Corrupt, which it was in NO way! Not even remotely. It wasn’t dark, either. Yes, Haithem (the male MC) is very alpha and can be a cold prick at times, but that doesn’t make it a dark romance.

That being said, the writing was great, the characters a bit strange but very likeable, even hot and cold Haithem. The sex-scenes were off the charts hot, even if it took them a while to get to the deed.

The only thing that annoyed me, was the fact that this was another hidden cliffhanger ending. If I would have known this is a duet, I would have hesitated to read it until the sequel is out. But it wasn’t obvious to me, that this would be a cliffy. Oh, plus it got cheesy once the misunderstandings were out of the way. Nothing wrong with declarations of love, but I was a bit overwhelmed by the whole lotta love given from one MC to the other in this book.

All in all, I rate “Didn’t I warn you” with 4 stars and can recommend it to fans of hate-to-love books and am now looking forward to the sequel “Didn’t you promise”, which is ought to be released in June this year.

 photo ARC REVIEW_zpseu9cd4hh.jpg
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April 19, 2016
For the first book in the series this got off to good start.
When it comes to being categorised I think it is safe to say that this is a fairly dark read but it is not going to have you diving behind the chair for cover! It has some serious twists and turns so I would suggest that you pay close attention to the little details.
I read this fairly quickly and that was because the story was one that just didn’t seem to want to wait, it demanded my attention.
The story is about Angelina and Haithem, I liked both of them but if I had to pick a favourite it would be Haithem, I loved the fact that he was so deliciously dark and complicated.
The author pitched his alpha tendencies to absolute perfection, I got the fact that he was more than capable of bringing Angelina the sort of physical pleasure that she seemed to desire without being an out and out dom. He was so self-assured that at times he was an a** but he didn’t suffer fools and was used to getting his own way. Angelina was about to be schooled Haithem style and one way or another this man was always going to bring her to her knees.
Angelina was sick of playing second fiddle, sick of being the afterthought, it was time for her to not only put herself first but to find a man to treat her the same way, but god forbid, she had no idea what she was getting into with Haithem.
The chemistry between the two of them was off the charts but their situation was far from straight forward.
Told primarily from Angelina POV, while I found that she wasn’t specifically difficult to get to grips with, I think I just found her a little to plain. I know that sounds cruel but for me, compared to Haithem she was always going to be that step behind.
Well written, with some contemporary twists and stunningly descriptive paragraphs, this is a story that will not only wet your appetite for the rest of the series but will also have you read to flip back to the first page and re-read immediately.
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April 24, 2016
Read the full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.

Note: This ARC was provided by Carina Press in exchange for an honest review.

Angelina is young and rather innocent, so there are moments in the story where her cluelessness frustrated me. But then, there were also times where I asked myself if she really was as clueless as she seemed or if she simply played the part because it continued to allow her to be in Haithem's presence and for her to fulfill all her dirty fantasies. Haithem, on the other hand, was an enigma. The man had secrets and he wasn't willing to share them until much, much later on. He knows what he's doing with Angelina, but then feelings are developed and whenever actual feelings are involved, even the best of plans can go awry. But Haithem is what I would consider a smart hunter because he does, indeed, know his prey well. Haithem isn't evil, but he is bad and is willing to do whatever it takes for him to get what ultimately wants.

The story was paced well, keeping me engaged from start to finish. There was a palpable connection between Haithem and Angelina, and that kind of a connection between two people is difficult to fake. It's the rest of the things that leave you wondering how much deceit is a part of what's happening in the story. It's too easy to accuse Haithem of manipulating the situation, but then you need to ask yourself what part Angelina played and if she allowed the manipulation to occur. She does, after all, come off as a very willing victim, even if we can partly blame it on her naivete. There are truths that come out near the end of the book and then we're left with a cliffhanger (argh!). The wait shouldn't be too long, since the sequel is due for release in June and is the conclusion to Angelina and Haithem's story. Didn't I Warn You gets 4.5 stars, rounded off to five stars for Goodreads. ♥
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