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Goodreads Choice Award
Nominee for Best Romance (2016)
Sharing a summer house with a hot-as-hell roommate should be a dream come true, right?

Not when it’s Justin… the only person I’d ever loved… who now hates me.

When my grandmother died and left me half of the house on Aquidneck Island, there was a catch: the other half would go to the boy she helped raise.

The same boy who turned into the teenager whose heart I broke years ago.

The same teenager who’s now a man with a hard body and a hardass personality to match.

I hadn’t seen him in years, and now we’re living together because neither one of us is willing to give up the house.

The worst part? He didn’t come alone.

I’d soon realize there’s a thin line between love and hate. I could see through that smug smile. Beneath it all…the boy is still there. So is our connection.

The problem is…now that I can’t have Justin, I’ve never wanted him more.

Author's note – RoomHate is a full-length standalone novel. Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

320 pages, Paperback

First published February 3, 2016

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About the author

Penelope Ward

91 books23.6k followers
Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of contemporary romance.

She grew up in Boston with five older brothers and spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor. Penelope resides in Rhode Island with her husband, son, and beautiful daughter with autism.

With over 2-million books sold, she is a 21-time New York Times bestseller and the author of over thirty novels.

In 2014, Penelope’s fourth book, Stepbrother Dearest, became the #1 bestselling independently published Kindle ebook of the year on Amazon.com and was credited with igniting an entirely new subgenre of romance. Her 2016 smash hit RoomHate debuted at #2 on The New York Times Bestseller list. Penelope is an Audie Award Winner and three-time Goodreads Choice Romance of the Year Nominee. Her books have been featured in Entertainment Weekly and Publisher’s Weekly (Starred Review).

Penelope’s novels have been translated into over a dozen languages and can be found in bookstores around the world.

She can often be found chatting live with her readers in her private Facebook group, Penelope’s Peeps.

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1,359 reviews294 followers
August 22, 2020
DNF at 25%. Oh Gentle Reader! Gentle Reader! As you know, i wasn't gifted the Angry Reader moniker - i earned it. On a popular sports romance book that sent me into a tizzy the likes these hallowed halls have rarely seen. Something about a threesome and then his dick only wanting her. Bc it's rational when our sex organs make our decisions. But i digress. I'd been so happy lately - reading the recommendations of the Book SoulMate. Avoiding romance books at all costs. But this one had so many good reviews. So many stars. I was lulled into a sense of complacency.
Gentle Reader, that aforementioned steaming pile of crap was sweet lyric to mine ears compared to the dumpster fire full of filthy diapers and old tires that made up this tome. Holy shit.
The plot - as i understand it. And please forgive me if i seem confused. At points i had no actual idea what was happening. Amelia inherits half of a house from her dead Gma. Her childhood BFF inherits the other. They haven't spoken in 10 years bc of deep dark angsty secret. Rightio. They end up in the house together for the summer with his GF - who is so so nice to our heroine. Like seriously - she's creepy. Upon first encountering our heroine our hero leaps on her like some kind of 8th grade girl in a middle school cat fight. All while loudly protesting that he's SO OVER IT. HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT HER. HE DOESN'T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT. His GF spends a lot of time looking around apologetically. I pictured her as a robot. Or a blow up doll.
In the first 6% Justin insulted Amelia (in a manner that would have gotten him tased in this house). Ignored her while they had dinner. Had bizarre loud sex with his GF so Amelia could hear. And smirked - a lot. How can a man holding a grudge from 10th grade be a romantic hero? That's not love - that's diagnosable.
At 25% you find out why they don't speak anymore. It's awesomely bad. 1980s Lionel Richie with a mullet in a members only jacket kinda bad. And then i gave up. At this point there were 2 options to save this book - a dragon flies down and eats everyone or Keanu Reeves wakes up and realizes it was all a dream. Judging from the loud "SQUEEEEEEES" echoing down my GR newsfeed i don't think either of these things happen. Thus i'm left with a story where these two emotionally stunted morons form some sort of relationship. And i cannot live in world where that's considered any sort of happy ending.
PS - i'm not even going to get into the writing here. It had all the subtlety of a speeding locomotive. And clearly the author thinks that only morons would read her stuff - she needs so badly to tell the reader things that she repeats them - in the same sentence. Along the lines of "she liked gummy bears and she loved them and she wanted them and needed them so so much." Right. Blunt force trauma to the head - bc no one reading this could appreciate nuance or allusion.
AR is dragging her corpse out of the romance genre for a while - back to the recommendations of the BSM.

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1,059 reviews74.8k followers
February 16, 2016
::: FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED ::: 4.5 stars :::

WOW!! What an addictive, unputdownable book!! It was a mix of crazy intense angst and the most heart-warming love story you can imagine — a total emotional rollercoaster with twist after twist that kept me glued to the page.

I absolutely LOVED it!!

Sharing a summer house with a hot-as-hell roommate should be a dream come true, right?  Not when it’s Justin…the only person I’d ever loved… who now hates me. 

When my grandmother died and left me half of the house on Aquidneck Island, there was a catch: the other half would go to the boy she helped raise.  The same boy who turned into the teenager whose heart I broke years ago.  The same teenager who’s now a man with a hard body and a hardass personality to match. 

I hadn’t seen him in years, and now we’re living together because neither one of us is willing to give up the house.  The worst part? He didn’t come alone. 

I’d soon realize there’s a thin line between love and hate. I could see through that smug smile. Beneath it all…the boy is still there. So is our connection.  The problem is…now that I can’t have Justin, I’ve never wanted him more. 

This book grabbed my attention from the very first page. By that, I quite literally mean that I even have the opening lines highlighted and then, by the end of the first chapter, I was fully hooked on the story! Penelope Ward has effortlessly smooth writing that draws you into the story and makes it hard to look away.

Even from that first moment that they saw each other again after so many years apart with no explanation, the scene was charged with feels. Despite the animosity and resentment between them, the minute they were in each other's space... BOOM... My heart raced.

I loved Justin -- even when he was being as ass. Even though it might not have been overly mature, he had every right to be pissed. I would have been too in his situation. He was sexy and brooding, even while he was flinging insults and taunting her any way he could. But then the more the story developed and the more he opened up to her, my gosh -- this guy was pure swoon material. Oh, and... he's a rock star!

But I'm getting ahead of myself. That first summer when they got the house, Justin brought two things with him: a bucket load of angry resentment... and yep, a girlfriend. To make matters worse, she was actually really nice! Like an actual decent, sane, cool girl. Which sucked because I naturally wanted to hate her (don't judge). This whole situation made me wary because I hate love triangles and cheating is a hard limit for me. So I want to say first that there is NO CHEATING in this book. However, the girlfriend was there. Honestly though I was totally fine with the triangle aspect within this story. I think that Justin handled it very well, and also you should know that the triangle isn't the whole focus of the story. It does get resolved and there is a LOT more to this book than that part so just... honestly, don't worry about it.

Despite his girlfriend and wayyyy before there was any hint of actual romance between Justin and Amelia, there was this SPARK to their connection. Even just when they were talking together platonically. You know how you can sometimes just feel it when two people belong together? With them it was always a question of when not if they should be together. They just had to catch up with the program.

When his girlfriend got called out of town for work, it gave him and Amelia the time to reconnect again -- and I don't mean romantically (I really did mean the no cheating thing). Prior to this point, most of their interactions were quite angry, but this just gave them the room to get to know each other again and actually get back to some real communication about what had torn them apart so many years ago. It was an emotionally complicated situation but hopefully what Justin says will reassure you: “The way I see it, if you want to cheat on someone, you should just break up with them. Cheating is for cowards.”

And then, juuuuuuuust when things between them got almost too intense to handle, an unprecedented twist completely changed her life. I mean my gosh, I thought it was angsty before but aaaahh!! I knew nothing!!! And then not long after, what he did next had me swooning in a heart-melting puddle of goo. It was still angsty, but also sweet, and just GAH my poor feels were tugged in all sorts of directions at once.

Sorry, I'm trying really hard to be vague here and not tell you exactly what happens... but I'll just say that the twist has something to do with kids/babies. I'm mentioning this specifically because I know for many of you (like me) storylines with kids are a huge draw towards books.  But just so you know, it's probably not exactly the 'kids' situation you're thinking... hehe it took me a little by surprise but I loved it!

I will say that my only complaint in the entire book was that things did get to a point where I seriously just wanted to lock the two of them in a broom closet and not let them out until they'd sworn their undying love for each other. It's definitely intense and extreme, but hey, it's an angst-fest so I just embraced it!
“I am so sorry if my leaving like that hurt you in any way.”

“Hurt me?” He let out a slightly angry laugh then shocked me with what he said next. “It changed me. I loved you, Amelia. I was in love with you.” Justin ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. “How the fuck did you not know that?”

And THEN!!!! I totally thought that we'd reached the angsty peak but no!! A secondary twist to their story came about that seriously put my heart through the wringer!! Oh my gosh, this was like next level angst because at this point in the book, their emotional connection to each other had deepened considerably and there was so much more at stake and now with ****all that*** happening it was just aaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!

THE FEELS kept coming. I teared up when he saidthatthingicanttellyou aboutbecauseitsaspoiler and then I turned the page and teared up some more... and then that song!! Omg, totally cried. SO BEAUTIFUL!

*deep breath* I'm trying really hard to review this without actually saying anything revealing about it so, sorry for the vagueness. I just don't want to take away from the awesome experience of reading it yourself.
“Why are you involving yourself in this?”

“I don’t care how you feel about me, alright? I care about you. I always have, and I always will, and I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

There's loads of steam in this book -- it's definitely an Adult romance with some serious hotness. But the scenes were very well spread out in the book such that the focus was the character development, and the heat complimented it. I was really happy with the balance.

I feel like this whole book was 'angst done right'. It pushes you to the very limits but doesn't actually break rules. I'm usually a bit nervous with this kind of book because it's pretty easy to take these situations too far in the wrong direction but I really think that the author handled this story so well. She made me care, she made me nervous, scared, angry, and frustrated, but she also made me laugh, swoon, fall in love, and genuinely like these characters. She made me want to root for them to find their happy ending.
“I never stopped loving you. There may have been times I tried to hate you, but even then, I never stopped loving you.”

Seriously, I COULD NOT STOP READING! I laughed, I cried, I swooned, I swore in angsty frustration, and my heart melted over and over again over the gorgeous epilogue. Everyone just... READ THIS BOOK!!

Rating: 4.5 stars.
Standalone Contemporary Adult Romance.


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1,176 reviews4,161 followers
March 14, 2016
I'm a sucker for angsty, forbidden love stories that put you through the ringer. 'RoomHate' is exactly that type of story. I loved every minute of this book, even when I hated it!

This is a story of first loves and broken hearts. Telling the story of two childhood friends that life took in different directions, only to bring them back together years later, 'RoomHate' is a gripping emotional read. It's amazing how some loves stay with you forever, despite your every effort to move on.

When Amelia's grandmother died, she left her beach house to both Amelia, and her childhood best friend, Justin. Amelia hadn't seen or spoken to Justin in years, ever since she ran away to live with her father leaving Justin behind. When she tried to reconcile with him a year or so later, his anger and pride kept him from hearing her out. The two haven't spoken since. No doubt, Amelia's grandmother intended to bring these two back together even in her death.

After finding her fiancé cheating on her, Amelia packs up and heads to the beach house for the summer. She's enjoying the peace and tranquility of the beach, trying to figure out where her life is headed, when Justin arrives with his girlfriend, Jade. Still unwilling to reconcile, Justin goes out of his way to be nasty to Amelia. After all these years, it is clear that he's still holding on to his anger.

As the story progresses, the sexual tension between Amelia and Justin reaches a peak. There's no doubt that they still have feelings for each other and their unresolved issues are tearing them both apart inside. At the same time, I was torn because as much as I wanted them to end up together, Jade was a really nice girl and I didn't want to see her broken-hearted.

Several unexpected life events and twists occur that will keep you guessing. There always seems to e something keeping the two apart. Nonetheless, their story is beautiful. Eventually, things work out exactly like they were meant to.

This was just the kind of story that I love. It tore my heart out and left me wanting more. I loved Justin and Amelia. I could not get enough of this couple. Thankfully, it is a standalone and won't leave you hanging.
Profile Image for XxTainaxX Curvy and Nerdy.
1,473 reviews443 followers
February 17, 2016
This is the kind of read that you'll have to devour in one sitting or you will feel like you're being tortured while you wait to read again. Trust me, people. It is THAT good. If you have a weakness for those sexy soulful musician types, Justin will ring ALL your bells. 10 times over. Minimum. I was a bit wary at first, thinking that there would be cheating and you may read at ease. There is no cheating and with the exception of one sexy as hell voyeuristic moment there isn't anything inappropos. The story wasn't too focused on sex. Though once it happens, it is totally delish. There was sexual tension, yes, but the story hones in on the recovery of an amazing and fragile relationship and the development of both characters into people who will be in one that is both healthy and lasting. The animosity that Justin has toward Amelia in the beginning is pretty harsh but we read about their journey to the essence of what drives all of that. One of the most remarkable traits about the characters is that they are mature (initial animosity aside) Don't roll your eyes at me. :) Lol For real... they don't just react but make big decisions after talking and rationalizing. Too often we read about the impulsive characters that make big mistakes and end up really messing things up before the big reconciliation but this doesn't really work that way and sets itself apart for that. I don't want to go into the plot because I found that each tidbit was important to the journey. However, I was very impressed and recommend that after you're done with your "currently reading" ... you treat yourself to this little nugget. When you're done and thanking me, let's LOL together about the "stabbing" that Amelia does every so often to herself or how wonderfully lucky that cute bumblebee is. :-p
Profile Image for • Jodi Bibliophile •.
311 reviews1,087 followers
February 13, 2016
 photo received_10156596614405473_zpsea1hlnqn.jpeg

I look like a total knob head sitting here with permanent smile slapped on my face but I don’t give a fuck!

I’ve just finished one of the most beautiful books I have ever read!!

Oh my fuck I’m just so giddy as fuck right now! I want to do naked cartwheels round the living room!

I knew going into this book I was going to get the same feels I always do when reading a Penelope Ward book and RoomHate is most definitely up there with one of the greats.

The thing I love about her books is that it’s not just one story, you feel like its two stories but with the same characters.

I love when she does Two Parts. When you get into Part Two it feels like the characters have come such a long way from when you first meet them and the connection you get with them is so strong because you have watched them grow up in a way.

I never share what the book is about in my reviews, I only tell you how I felt when reading it and with this fucker I felt EVERYTHING!

Justin Banks! Smash my back doors in that bloke was fucking SWOON!!!

I just couldn’t get enough of him. He was a mixture of arsehole and sweet with a little filth on the side.

Fucking hell he made me melt! I fell madly in love with him and want my very own real life version.

Amelia as always was such an amazing heroine.

I would never expect anything less than Penelope as she creates the most wonderful heroines.

I loved the banter back and forth between these two and the sexual tension was OFF THE CHART!

All I can say is Amelia is one lucky bird getting to see Justin wank off like she did! My nipples are hard just thinking about it.

I loved the music lyrics!!! Oh fuck me his words made me fucking cry!!! The song he wrote completely brought me to me knees!

Just like Penelope’s books you never know what will happen.

Yeah you think it’s what it says on the tin and then BOOM some shit goes down and your left thinking WHAT THE FUCK!

I just love the direction this book went in.

It’s one of my favourite things to happen in any book so once it did I was over the fucking moon!

I had the best time on this adventure and I’m so bummed it’s all over.

I laughed so hard and there was a few tears too but mostly it just made me so incredibly happy!

Gemini will always be my favourite Penelope Ward book and one that owns my heart but RoomHate is a very close second.

I loved every fucking minute of it. You will fucking love it!! Ahhhh fuck I want to read it all over again!!!

Also I feel I need to stress this. My good friend didn’t sign up for an arc because she thought it was a love-triangle and she can’t read them. She bloody pinched herself when I told her it wasn’t a love-triangle at all. So have no fear, girls! I would hate for anyone to miss out on this amazing book because of that.


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1,005 reviews800 followers
February 16, 2016
I really wasn’t sure what to expect with Roomhate, but after reading the blurb, I knew I had to take a chance. I am not a huge fan of second chance romances or the friends to lovers story. BUT this friends to lovers story was just something more, special and I adored it!

Justin and Amelia were best friends growing up, but when Amelia was fifteen she moved away. We don’t know all the details but know that this move destroyed their friendship. It’s been years and now they are brought back together when Amelia’s grandmother passes away. Together they inherit her beachfront home on the island they grew up on.

The summer starts, it’s chaotic, turbulent and a complete cluster that I just couldn’t look away from. Amelia begins the summer with regret and wants to reconcile with her former best friend. Justin just feels anger and hostility toward Amelia. As the reader, we don’t know all the details, but I was immediately engaged.

Amelia is such a fantastic character and in the end, I adored her, too. She is caring and loving, she is devoted and forgiving, but mostly she is strength and courage. I loved how she handled everything. She isn’t perfect but she was relatable and so genuine. I was cheering and so excited for her finally get her HEA.

I swear there were moments I hated Justin, but in the end, he was completely redeemed. I loved how his changes were gradual and it wasn’t like a flip was switched and he changed. Seeing his actions changed my feelings about him, and I loved that! It wasn't all words, you could actually see the change and shift in him. I also loved seeing his change and him struggling with his feelings.

This story had so much heart, but it’s also crazy hot and super sexy! The story had this slow build that had me anxious to see what happened next and excited to turn the page. I seriously loved this one so much. It had feels, angst, sexiness and an engaging plot. This is my favorite Ward book yet!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

Teasers created by me with stock images purchased from depositphotos.

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830 reviews4,721 followers
November 13, 2017
2.5 Stars

I usually like this author's work, but this one didn't work for me. I didn't enjoy the love story and the prose felt stilted and a little monotoned at times. The ending, however, was simply fabulous.
Profile Image for Pearl Angeli.
622 reviews946 followers
March 25, 2016
2.5 Stars

I did not hate this book, but I didn't especially love it either. Since this book came out and basically became a hype, I was so thrilled to read it especially because the synopsis is so interesting and I've been hearing lots of good things about Penelope Ward. That's why I'm so bummed thinking about how this book became a disappointment for me.

At 1-10%, I found the story promising. My reaction was like,


At 11% to 39%,


At 40-43%,


At 44% onwards...


I guess I just didn't like the plot and how the entirety of the storyline was conveyed. The writing style of Penelope Ward was exceptional (I'd give her that!), but I really wasn't that invested with the story. Plus, the sudden turn of events at 40% and the rest of the book seemed off. It basically ruined the whole stuff.

The ending and the epilogue were sweet though and the romance was okay. There were even lots of sexy times. I also loved Justin's character and how adorable he appeared to be. Not to mention he's smoking hot and his character as well as Amelia's developed in the later part of the book. Hence, the 2.5.

Pearl's Book Journey (1)

Profile Image for Dilek VT.
1,543 reviews1,368 followers
February 24, 2018
Max 2.5 stars!

This book starts with an intense feeling of angst, regret, frustration, lust, attraction and sexual tension that whatever the heroine feels, you feel. The writer makes sure with her talented writing that all these feelings are conveyed to you as strongly as they are felt by the heroine. I was aching in my heart while turning the pages, sobbing every now and then…

OK, I know I will be in the minority but, then I was disappointed about the direction the story took. All this anger, the attraction and the sexual tension turned into a way different situation – quite something else. And the story lost me there.

There is no way I can deal with it without telling what happened, so here comes the shower of spoilers:

Not me, sorry… I couldn’t. Such good potential and such beautiful writing is wasted for me.

P.S. My thoughts and feelings about the hero and the heroine changed all the time from positive to negative and vice versa but I should say the following at least:

The heroine was too stupid for leaving the love of her life for that reason & most of the time she was too whiny, never sure of herself and also clueless about what people feel or think about her.

The hero had this resentment for the righteous reasons but he really was cruel at the beginning. And his comments about the heroine dressed like a whore – what was that really? He said it more than once. Then he explained that she looked sexy. Well, "dressed like a whore” and "looking sexy" are two different things my dear, sorry…
Profile Image for Hulya Kara Yuksel.
887 reviews1,059 followers
October 24, 2016
Shhh pls don't tell my husband but yeah if I'd be Amelia, I would totally bang Justin too. hahah :-D

LOL anyway, I just love Penelope's books. Always so sweet, so funny and so hot... And I hope you love this book as much as I did. :)

Justin *swooooon*

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173 reviews2,673 followers
August 13, 2017
“Sometimes the thing we fear more than anything, is really what our soul craves the most.”

I must be on a roll ladies and gentlemen. I sordidly read through the whole of Roomhate thinking that it was going to kick in soon. That 4-5 star rating had to be somewhere near.

I'm lying of course, from chapter 1 - I could already tell that this book wasn't for me due to a plethora of reasons but I trudged on like the true book-soldier I am, because I'm a sucker for childhood lovers romance. There was a solid attribute that did in fact give me that push to finish - that being the nostalgic undertone the book gave with Amelia and Justin's love.

But that was it. One thing. Here we go, put your helmets on for another one of Alex's unpopular opinion times. (Catch me live now on IDAF Central on Saturdays 9PM EST)

"I think it makes you look like a whore, yes"
Straight off the bat, I could tell that Ms. Ward's prose and writing technique is very different to the ones I tend to lean on. I found it to be mediocre - only because their was no use of devices such as imagery or a narrative to help build the surroundings. I got a lot of conversations between two characters, and then bam! chapter end.


Now, I'm not going to lie. When I first saw and read what the plot was about, I was genuinely excited. Even more so when I figured that it would be a childhood sweethearts romance. (Because nothing kills my insides and throws it out to the birds more than a story revolving around the one that got away)



"Patching things up"
I love a good assholey lead. Truly.
Justin was something else altogether. In the start, it was more like he was what comes out of assholes... (too much? too much.)


But in all honesty, I couldn't get underneath any of the characters, Justin being the main focus of my attention. I tried to understand him, his thought logic and why he did what he did, but I just couldn't. The romance in the story felt like one chapter it was a hate-story, the next it became a love story. The jump had little to no transition and it was an uncomfortable ordeal. Justin Banks went from asshole to angel in a millisecond, so it felt like we got two whole separate characters.

I don't know... maybe I'm just not cut out to read. Knew I should have taken up sudoko! I'm going to go and find a book to read on how to play sudoko now...
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3,148 reviews1,900 followers
February 17, 2016
Part One
RoomHate starts off with Amelia going back to her grandmother's beach house where she grew up before leaving to live with her dad at the age of fifteen. She left to get away from her best friend Justin after learning a secret he had kept from her. She always regretted her actions, but never had the courage to try to apologize to Justin. But now that her grandmother has passed away and left her and Justin the beach house, she might get her opportunity.

When Justin shows up with his serious girlfriend he isn't very welcoming and doesn't care about any apology Amelia has. Ever since she left him all those years ago he's hated her and doesn't think he could ever forgive her for just running away when things got tough. But sometimes hate is just a mask for love.

Part Two
Eight months after they left the beach house, Amelia and Justin are back. Things have changed drastically, including their relationship. With all the changes they have to learn how to be friends all over again...and maybe their friendship will turn into more.

When I read the blurb for this book I was jumping at the chance to read it. I love the enemies to lovers trope, and I was looking forward to some of that drama since this trope is one of the only times I actually want some drama in a story. But sadly my expectations weren't met with this one.

My main issue was how long it took for Justin and Amelia to get together.It's a really big pet peeve of mine when the main characters can't figure their shit out before the fifty percent mark, so this book was definitely a struggle. I hated that there was so much of the book where Justin was still in his "hate" phase regarding Amelia, and wouldn't give her a chance. I needed more of them together so that I could actually see the connection between them, and sadly I never got that.

Does the blurb speak of Justin showing up with someone? Yes. Was I expecting her to be that involved in the story? Hell no. I don't care about Heroes having sex with other women, or being in a relationship, as long as there is no cheating. I can't stand cheaters, even when it's just emotional cheating, and Justin was right on the border of emotionally cheating on his girlfriend, at least in my opinion. I had a hard time with his character, overall, because he just seemed a little too immature at times, and I hated some of the comments he made to Amelia, and most of them weren't even while he still "hated" her!

I don't even really know how I feel about Amelia, because she was just kind of meh to me. There wasn't anything that I particularly liked about her, but there also wasn't anything that I hated about her. So I guess she was an okay character, but no where near my favorite heroine.

Bottom line, this book wasn't the best for me but I liked the overall story and the premise. I originally rated this with three stars, but as I wrote my review I realized that there just wasn't anything that I liked enough about this book to rate it above two stars. I think I just went into it with expectations too different from what I got. I see that a lot of my friends really liked the book, so I hope it will be a winner for most people.
February 23, 2016
*LIVE! Amazon US * Amazon UK

RoomHate is a sweet enemies-to-lovers romance with all the lovely trademarks of a second chance love story. It’s about fear, hope and never ending, all consuming love. I was super excited to begin my first Penelope Ward story and knew that I was in for a sexy reading treat with plenty of emotions on display and palpable chemistry, and I have to say that I was not disappointed. I got my feels and a dose of warm emotion whilst reading about the romance of Justin and Amelia.

It’s told in first person narrative and from the perspective of the heroine. Throughout the body of the prose, the past is laced through the present at opportune times so the reader has a lens into pivotal moments from their shared past. The life they shared and the reasons why she left over a decade ago are exposed during these depictions, revealing an important layer of the story arc.

The straight forward story telling with small doses of angst and conflict slowly drew me into their world. This author creates a wonderful dynamic and emotion between her hero and heroine. His personality made me laugh out loud, there's lots of light and shade to his persona and I loved the conflict between them during the earlier section of the story.

As much as I enjoyed certain aspects and feelings depicted in RoomHate, there are moments that pulled me out of the story world. The motivation and impetus for their initial conflict, did not feel completely natural to me making the heroine's decision making process appear irksome and later in the prose I felt her internal thoughts towards Justin and what she would do for him contradicted her earlier, younger actions. I also would have enjoyed more show in the writing; there was a little too much direct telling of some information for my personal taste.

When rating a book three stars it’s sometimes assumed that the reader didn’t enjoy the story but I can assure you this is not the case. I enjoyed the easy breezy style of this author and the sizzling dynamic she creates between the hero and heroine. Their chemistry is stunning and totally grabbed my attention. They made me feel fuzzy inside and I wanted their relationship of years gone by to be rekindled. I was rooting for them and at times this story has a real light Rom-Com, feel good vibe and I loved it for that.

Advanced copy provided for my honest review thoughts
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November 14, 2016
"Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
It's not warm when she's away
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
And she's always gone too long
Anytime she goes away"

Discovering Penelope Ward was an excellent surprise for me. I really like her style, her pattern of writing and the sweet mixture she adds in every book: love, hate, rediscovery and happy ever after. Room Hate was the first read for me and I've loved it from the beginning.

The characters were amazing and made a wonderful pair, despite their differences in the beginning.
Amelia comes back to her grandmother's house after her death, only to discover that half of it will be inhabited by her first love, Justin, who she didn't see for 10 years. They have a sad background, being secretly in love when teenagers, but Amelia suddenly left and Justin was heartbroken about it.
Now, due to her grandmother's dying wish they are put together again, almost like she believe they were meant to be. Amelia is very sorry about the way she acted year ago and is willing to make Justin forgive her, but she has a long way ahead of her.

Our hero was very affected by her departure and despite her efforts, he will be hard to soften.
Eventually, they try to be friends again, but of course the attraction is still there, lingering and building until it POPS. The way the relationship is built is so intense, I like the way the "pressure" is rising until you beg the author to put you out of your misery and please just put the 2 together:)


Amelia was a genuine heroine, kind and sweet, and as the plot progressed, she will be challenged in a way not expected. She is also vulnerable and Justin will be there by her side. After his tantrum disappears, he was amazing. Sweet, gentle and most important passionate and HOT. I really liked the 2 of them together and swooned at their love scenes, either if they were sweet or rough. The development of their relationship will blew you away and will make you cry, because the changes in heart and in priorities of the characters is amazing and heartwarming.

Amelia and Justin were amazingly written and almost perfectly imperfect if you understand what I mean.. they were "human" with flaws and were wrong into taking decisions, but they also had some PERFECT features that I loved and swooned at every paragraph.
I enjoyed the 2 parts thing and the way you get to see the whole story past and present ( to be sincere, after knowing Penelope's trademark split, my heart humps every time I read the table of contents, because I have to be prepared for a heartbreak)

It was a nice ride for me and I declare myself a Penelope Ward fan!!

5 BEAutifull stars!!

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Shelved as 'dnf'
August 27, 2016
Audiobook review

DNF @ Chapter 16/24

This brought out a lot of emotions for me, but sadly they weren't the kind of emotions I want to feel when reading/listening to a book. I felt annoyed, frustrated, and pissed off at times throughout the first 16 chapters of listening this book.

I'll add a spoiler tag for my breakdown of what didn't work for those of you that don't love spoilers like I do ;)

I was getting more and more mad, and it's just not worth it when there are so many books out there and on my tbr list that I could be enjoying instead ;)
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May 6, 2021
listen, i’m a childhood friends to lovers / second chance romance enthusiast so don’t even try to remind of the breast milk scene in here ok 👩‍🦯👩‍🦯—nO it’s not a steamy scene ahshahsh
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March 9, 2016
4 'Barcode tattoo' Stars!
 photo RoomHate - Penelope Ward_zpsbs4vzrdq.png

I seized that Penelope Ward is with us this week in the Shh... Indie Star Chat (feel free to join the fun here: https://goo.gl/Zjtq0M) and decided to read her newest release which, I have to say, I was a little bit scared because of the mixed reviews. I am a fan of her books and this one, even though is not my favourite by hers, I definitely enjoyed!

RoomHate is a stand-alone novel and it tells the story of Amelia Payne and Justin Banks. These two started as best friends when they were little, afterwards they fell in love (but never mentioned their feelings for each other) and finally they ended up apart when Amelia run away from everything. Almost ten years later, Amelia is a teacher and a woman who regrets her past decisions and Justin a singer/guitarrist who now shares a beach house with the woman who broke his heart.

“We’re roommates. Nothing more. Stop pretending there is something more to it. Stop pretending to like the goddamn coffee. Stop pretending everything is just great. Cut the shit and see things for what they are. We don’t mean anything to each other.”

I started hating Justin because he was being so mean to Amelia. He appears at their house with his girlfriend, hating or pretending to hate Amelia and hurting both of them in the process. However, these two finally talk about what actually happened and they stop avoiding each other (kind of). Now, the thing is that our main characters still are feeling the sparks between them and it's very difficult for both of them to stop their feelings.

It was ironic, but the only times I could ever feel the remnants of our old connection were in fleeting moments of silent eye contact. Sometimes moments of silence spoke the loudest.

“I am so sorry if my leaving like that hurt you in any way.”
“Hurt me?” He let out a slight angry laugh then shocked me with what he said next. “It changed me. I loved you, Amelia. I was in love with you. How the fuck did you not know that? [...] Losing you taught me not to count on anyone but myself. It shaped who am I today…and that’s not necessarily a good thing.”

I liked the building of their relationship and how they do not act on their attraction for each other while Justin is still with Jade, his (ex)girlfriend. But, there is a twist that I was not expecting at all in the middle of the novel. SPOILER ALERT: Amelia discovers she is pregnant. Pregnant with her ex-boyfriend's baby. Of course, that changes things, especially when Justin leaves to go back to NYC.

“Your biggest nightmare…just became my reality, Justin.”

Both, the hero and heroine are affected by their childhood and the lack of affection that they suffered from their parents. Justin does not want any children and Amelia is left alone to deal with it. Part 2 of RoomHate begins when Justin comes back, finds Amelia and her sweet daughter (Bea) living in the beach house and he sees how dedicated Amelia is to Bea that she has forgotten about taking care of herself. Everything changes, they start behaving as a family (which btw is so freaking sweet!) but Justin and Amelia (now both single) are still not together.

“I’m afraid to be with him and afraid to be without him.”

That was what bothered me about this book: the couple stays too much time worrying about other stuff and they are too much time apart or not being together. I mean, their first kiss happened on the 60% of the book and they don't have sex until past 80%. I was expecting more steam!! Don't get me wrong, the few kissing/sex scenes they have are off-the-charts hot but I wanted more of these two TOGETHER.

“Don’t ever forget that I respect the hell out of you,” he said as he stuck his hand up my dress and grabbed onto my panties.
“Why do you say that?”
“Because I’m about to fuck you full of disrespect.” He ripped my underwear off, the elastic burning my thighs from the friction.

See? I wanted more of this! LOL Still, I loved the relationship between Justin and Amelia, especially the flashbacks, the song moments (Justin is so hot and sweet when he sings!) and their smokin' chemistry. Also, it really got me when Bea transforms them into a beautiful family. I can't deal with their moments together, I love when Justin calls her Bumblebee: so-freaking-cute! And the ending and having a little bit of Justin's POV was perfect!

“There is no music without you. Music is an expression of all of those things you live for…a reflection of the passion within your soul. I live for you. You’re my passion. You’re my music…you and Bea.”

Therefore, my rating for RoomHate is 4 STARS because I really enjoyed this love story even though I was expecting a little bit more from it, especially in the sexy times department. Still, I love Penelope's style and characters so this was definitely a good read for me! If you have read anything by hers or want to try, please give this one a chance: it's worth it :)

March 2, 2016
Trepidation...was strong with this book. With half my friends loving it and the other half DNF'ing it, I was torn. However, I have really enjoyed the other P.W.'s books I've read so I couldn't let this one pass me by.

And that was a good thing overall. I had an issue with the lack of maturity in some of their sexual "situations/thoughts/etc" which was really odd considering there is a real lack of sex scenes!

But I digress...back to the story! Justin and Amelia basically grew up together, both of them not having any type of real parental guidance except from Amelia's grandmother. Things are going along well until Amelia finds out that Justin was hiding something from her and she leaves to live with her Dad. This leads to a huge fallout and with them not speaking for nine years.

Amelia's grandmother passes away, leaving her house to both Justin and Amelia. Amelia's a teacher so she has the summer free to spend at the house which just happens to be at the beach. She's having a grand time until Justine shows up....with his girlfriend, Jade. And yes, there are plenty of awkward moments.


Fortunately, Jade is an actress and gets called away leaving Justin and Amelia plenty of time to work through their issues. Justin's anger doesn't last very long but his indifference does. At least, they get to talk things out a bit.

Then there's a life changing event for Amelia and with summer over, both Justin and Amelia head back to their respective cities and on with their lives, however, Amelia's is forever changed and several months later she ends up back at the beach house...and so does Justin.

This is the when I really started enjoying the story. Don't get me wrong, I got a kick out of angry Justin but sweet, romantic Justin was something else. The best part was when Justin "woke up"....that was amazing and sooo sweet! ~sigh~

And I loved the epilogue...especially finally getting a Justin POV!


Favorite quote:

♥ “There is no music without you. Music is an expression of all of those things you live for…a reflection of the passion within your soul. I live for you. You’re my passion. You’re my music…you and Bea.”

(Prior to review...)

sounds good!
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February 22, 2016
4.5 Stars!
(ARC provided by author)

-Sometimes the thing we fear more than anything, is really what our soul craves the most.

-I can still see his face like it was yesterday. I could never forget it.

 photo 90B99FE8-71DE-4C53-81A4-192058BDEFF1_zpsfqr68fdy.jpg

Amelia Payne is a middle school teacher from Providence, Rhode Island. She is 24 & newly single. Her grandmother passed away a month ago & left her half of her summer house on Aquidneck Island. Amelia heads to the Island she loved as a child to spend the summer there. When she arrives she learns she isn't the only one that inherited the beach house.

 photo E53D82FA-20A1-44DF-8240-7C4F51B49BF1_zps4ygymjcq.jpg

The house was left 50/50. Half to Amelia, & the other half to a guy who once meant everything to her, Justin Banks. Amelia & Justin grew up together. Her Nana used to watch him while his parents worked & she thought of him like a grandson. They've known each other for about 14 yrs., since they were 10 yrs. old. Last time she saw him he was 16. She was hurt with him, and young & immature. She made the decision to leave town & never thought she'd see him again.

 photo 86A7E019-4C65-42B5-9E04-144A1D7BFB20_zpsty2tr35v.jpg

Now 9 years later she has to face him & be roommates with the only boy she'd ever truly loved, but he sure doesn't look like a boy anymore. Justin is now a musician living in New York, & is ALL man! Hot, gorgeous, delicious man!!! The problem is he's angry with Amelia, & is holding a major grudge & to complicate things even more he isn't alone when he arrives. I really enjoyed this book! It was extremely hot, full of drama, angst, sexual tension, & plot twists I wasn't expecting. I really loved both Amelia & Justin & thought this was a great story about 2nd chance romance.

 photo E700DC90-9AD2-4446-B70B-0CA91E1B84C1_zpsgzzf7toj.jpg

-"It's never been that way for me, never felt that way with anyone else."

-That's how it should feel every single damn time, like it's all that matters in the world.

 photo 7f2a0674-9457-4206-a18b-ab26ca446dbc_zpslrutmwsc.png
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February 27, 2016
4 “The way it was meant to be” Stars.

Amelia and Justin started as best-friends as kids, to falling in love, until one bad decision made Amelia run away.
Now, almost ten years later, after Amelia’s grandmother death she finds out that her she left her beach house to both her and Justin.
She’s not happy about it and he’s even less… as he’s set on showing her from the first moment they both set feet in the house.
But being together again brings everything back, including old feelings. Can this be their second chance or will they throw everything away because they can’t move on from the past?


This was a sweet second chance romance between a sweet girl and soulful musician that will most definitely mess with your emotions.
If you’re expecting a fast and sexy romance, this is not for you. This a (veeery) slow burn and there’s not much steam but the story is so good that you will not mind.
I didn’t rate it higher because for me it was too slow, the first half of the book took too long and the hero being in a relationship with another person didn’t help. The second part, however, was absolutely amazing.
If you are looking for an emotional, sweet, “pull on your heart strings” and second chance romance, this book is definitely a good chance.


Rating: 4 Stars.
Characters Development: Amelia was a very sweet woman and I just loved to see her with Bea. She was insecure at times but it was easy to understand where her insecurity was coming from. Justin was a little harder for me to like, he was nice as a teenager, but when they meet again he’s a proper asshole for a good part of the book. But when he redeems himself it’s impossible not to fall in love with him.
Steam: Some heated scenes. Not very high on steam.
Sensible Subjects:
Love Triangle:
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August 10, 2017
4★★★★ “The Way It was meant to be” Stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Female

"Sometimes the thing we fear more than anything, is really what our soul craves the most." Justin

Amelia Payne as a teacher had the summer off and after her grandmother's death she inherited her home on the island where she was raised when she was a child. Amelia had always being very insecure and because of it she made a harsh choice when she was only fifteen years old. She trusted her best friend Justin they were both inseparable but somehow she felt betrayed that he had kept a secret from her and ran away to her father's home instead of dealing with her problems. That caused her the lost for her best friend and her young love Justin. The friend she had fallen in love with but was so afraid to acknowledge it.

Justin Banks was upset and angry at how Amelia left and tried to move on with his life; a life without her. He was cocky bad boy and he knew it. He had every girl melting for him and it was not shocking he wrote and sang songs as part time; when he comes back to the island for the summer to the house Amelia's grandmother had "randomly" left him part of it he comes with his smoking hot new girlfriend. Of course he never admitted or told Amelia he too had fallen in love with her when they were younger but he left that in the past; so he thought. Destiny had a new future for the both of them thought and now they found themselves again after so long.

I found myself very frustrated at some points of this book thought because I really like strong heroines and Amelia kept failing at being strong. Her insecurities were killing me; I enjoy cocky males as well but not knowing Justin's thoughts I couldn't really see him like truly see him either. After their first chaotic summers together were they both spent it ignoring each other or fighting, life was not easy for Amelia. After Justin left the summer house even though they hadn't really re connected she still had hopes. Justin went back to his perfect life with his perfect girlfriend in New York. Her world came crashing back at her when she finds out she is pregnant from her ex boyfriend and she had to deal with it on her own until Justin returns back to the summer house the following year; no matter what her ex doesn't want anything to do with her baby girl Bea.

"It's no longer going to be hard for you to resist me. You won't want anything to do with me. Your biggest nightmare...just became my reality, Justin." Amelia

Justin's most fears were to be a father since he had terrible parents he didn't trust in himself to be an example and a good father; he finds himself conflicted with emotions after seeing Amelia the previews summer and seeing her again struggling on her own with child; all he wants to do was help and be there for her. However he was also so confusing; I was a mad woman wanting these two to finally get their act together and grow up because they truly did worked fine together. The last part of this book was my favorite; it was just amazing these two ended up spending much time together learning from each to her and helping each other. It was beautiful to see them finally grow up; this beautiful baby grew thought them how to love each other and be true to themselves. I truly enjoyed Justin and Amelia finally realizing that grandma was always right they were both meant for each other. The way they both learned how to deal with their insecurities and the way they both grew up as a person and as a couple was fantastic.

"All that time I spent mad at you...I could have been fucking you. What a dumbass" Justin

"Without all of that pent-up frustration, we wouldn't have had as much angry sex" Justin

This was my very first book by Penelope Ward and I will say it will not be my last one. I enjoyed and devour this in one setting. The story is written from the female's pov I actually would have loved it a lot better if it would of being written from both female and male's point of view so I could get a feel of what he was thinking as well; none the less this was a very fast and enjoyable read.


Book order series:
RoomHate by Penelope Ward

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1WmdZLK
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1PysqdM
iBooks: http://apple.co/1PgsvE7
Kobo: http://bit.ly/1POvSnW
Nook: http://bit.ly/1PLGnSL

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February 16, 2016
2.5 Stars
I had a hard time finishing this one. I think I only finished it because I thought maybe part 2 would be better.
This review will be full of spoilers so if you plan on reading this book beware!

Amelia and Justin meet when they are kids at Amelia's grandmothers beach house. They both go to the same school and become best friends. Until Amelia discovers a secret Justin has kept from her. She runs away from everyone to go live with her father. She was 15 at the time. Now 9 years later her grandmother has passed away and left her house to Amelia and Justin.
So the first thing I notice is the description of Justin doesn't match the cover of the book.

His skin was a beautiful shade of bronze that complemented the natural golden streaks in his dark blond hair.~Amelia describing him.

No worries it happens more than I care to admit when reading. So I keep going.

Amelia is at the beach house on her summer break. She's a teacher. After a while Justin finally shows up with his girlfriend. He instantly is a dick to Amelia. Amelia is nice about how he treats her the whole time that they are there. Justin's girlfriend is super sweet and her and Amelia become friends.
So the first half of the book we get to read about Amelia lusting after Justin but feeling bad about it because his girlfriend is so nice. We get to read about how hard he fucks his girlfriend while Amelia is in the other room. We get to read about Amelia going on dates with other guys and Justin treating them like shit when they pick her up.
When Jade (Justin's girlfriend) gets called back for work Justin and Amelia get drunk one night and admit they once loved each other but was too scared to admit it back when they were teens. There is still heavy feelings going on right now. Justin doesn't cheat so he tells Amelia that they should split up their summer visits to the beach house so they don't have to be around each other and be tempted to cheat. Amelia is pissed because she wants to be around Justin any way that she can have him in her life. Ugh! I'm ready to stop reading at this point but then Amelia finds out she's 3 months pregnant by her ex who cheated on her. They all leave the house that summer.

Part 2 50%
8 months later. Amelia has had her daughter and she's a mess. Her lease is up on her apartment and she has no where to live. She goes to the beach house a month early. When Justin comes to visit in June he instantly bonds with her daughter Bea. Bea is colicky and not sleeping so Amelia is a hot mess. This is the parts that I loved. How good Justin was with Bea. How she calmed down whenever he held her. How much he helped Amelia with her. They were so sweet. But Justin was still with Jade.
Justin was still with Jade until around 70% of the book!!!! Then when he finally does break up with her his offer to Amelia is to become fuck buddies because Justin doesn't want kids ever. Ugh! They get interrupted when Bea wakes up a mess then he gets a call to go on tour for 5 months. Finally at 82% they come together. I didn't really care at this point. I felt nothing for either of them.
Of course there is a bit more drama and after it is resolved we get an epilogue.

My favorite thing about this book was Bea and Justin together. I also loved how Justin took a song and made it his own. Usually singing about Amelia or Bea.
Amelia had a lazy eye and had to wear a patch when she was younger. That was the first day her and Justin met. It was super sweet.

Covering his own right eye was a gigantic black patch. Justin looked like a pirate. He sat down, lifted his guitar and started strumming. To my surprise, he then began to sing a song. It was a take on Brown Eyed Girl, except he’d switched the lyrics to One Eyed Girl. That was when I figured out that Justin Banks was equal parts insane and adorable.

I have a hit or miss relationship with PW and this was a miss. If it had been some random author I would of defiantly quit this book before part 2. Hope others have better luck than me and enjoy:))
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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February 16, 2016
I think this author is just not for me I just don't like her heroines who always appear so enamoured of the hero's that they display no pride or morals!
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September 10, 2016
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❝ Sometimes the thing we fear more than anything, is really what our soul craves the most.❞

I'm a VERY picky romance reader and 90% of all the romance books I pick up, I end up DNF-ing about halfway through. That's why it's really hard for me to find a romance that actually keeps me invested even after the couple gets together. So many people have recommended Roomhate to me but I just kinda set it aside because of my high expectations. My hopes weren't too high for this one but surprisingly, I enjoyed myself and actually found myself laughing out loud at a few lines, and that sure doesn't happen too often!

First and foremost, the story did go a little differently than I expected, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing but I think it did work for the book's favor. The pacing of the romance was pretty fair. Not too fast that it comes off insta-lovey but not too slow either that I just want to snooze off waiting for the couple to get together.

I absolutely adored Justin and that's saying a lot. Musicians really aren't my type and I actually try to avoid books where the male protagonist is a musician, in a band, etc. Don't ask me why because I don't know either haha. It's just not something that floats my boat. But I did find myself falling in love with Justin. Sure, he was a bit of an asshole in the beginning but his asshole remarks had me bursting out laughing sometimes. He did come off as a little possessive at times but he didn't go to the extreme. Sometimes alpha males do get overprotective in a very unhealthy manner but I didn't feel that way with Justin. As the story progressed, we also get to see Justin with Bea and it was the cutest thing ever. I just love watching Justin LOVE Bea and their relationship is what made this book for me!

As for Amelia, I wasn't really too blown away by her character. She was very ordinary. I didn't hate or dislike her but I did find her to be a little boring. I honestly couldn't even remember her name while writing this review and I binge read this book. That's how much her character lacks the wow factor. Roomhate kept me interested but it definitely wasn't because of Amelia.

Overall, I was surprised at how I enjoyed this book. It wasn't too long, so it was a quick read that I did with one sitting. It's not exactly the best book ever written but it will give you a few good laughs, steamy scenes, and an alpha male to drool over.
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February 12, 2016
༺**Complimentary Copy**༺ Provided by the author
"Penelope Ward" in exchange for an honest review..Thank you!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

TITLE: RoomHate
AUTHOR: Penelope Ward
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: February 15th, 2016

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A slow build up like a freshly brewed coffee in the morning, you savor it, sip by sip, like this book I savored every little page bit by tantalizing bit. I loved the slow build up then like fire works exploding it all worked out in the end to how it should've..This pulled me through the wringer, my emotions were all over the place reading this, round and round, up and down like a roller-coaster out of control, I giggled, I sighed, I raged, I cried (yes I got tears) and most of all I LOVED!!

We're first introduced to Amelia who is understandably in a state of shock, she'd just found out that she has been handed a beach house from her Nana whom had recently just passed away, but there's one stipulation with that, it's co - ownership with the boy she hasn't seen for nine years. her ex best friend, sharing a house with him was not an option..

Not mine. Not his. Ours. Fifty-fifty.
What the hell was Nana thinking.

He was the boy I grew up with. My Nana took care of him while his parents worked. Justin's house was on one side, mine was on the other, and Nana's was in the middle.

This is bringing so many feels out which this author is prone to do, I love the fact that it moves from past to present, it allows for more of an in-depth feeling into the characters. They were the age of 10 when they first became best friends, his nic name for her was Patch until the age of 16, I can't help but fall in love with 10 year old Justin, he was always their protecting her no matter what the circumstances.

We were close for many years.

Until they weren't..

The man Justin is today has a chip on his shoulder, that friendship they used to have all those years ago is non existent..But now and then you see the old Justin coming through in this older version of himself, you learn why they lost touch, and what's happened during the nine years they hadn't seen each other..

Justin was standing in front of me, and I swear it was like the boy I'd left behind had been swallowed by a lean mass of muscle.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Justin is in a committed long term relationship, and brings his girlfriend with him to the beach house. A few awkward moments occur. They have their ups and downs, highs and lows, trying to see where they all fit, then they pack up the beach house for another season and go back to their separate lives..

If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were.

One thing you learn about Justin is that he doesn't have a filter..

“Jesus Christ, Amelia.”
“You look like you’ve been through a war.”
“That’s another way of saying I look like shit?”
“Your eyes are bloodshot…hair is knotted. Fuck. You’re a mess.”
“You don’t think I’m aware of that?”

Yeah no filter again!!

“Your tits are massive. You have to know that."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

MY THOUGHTS: As soon as I started this I knew it would pull out all those FEELS, I love books like this/childhood friends, the fact that it goes from present to past you see what they were like as best friends, and OMG did I swoon, missed opportunities, lost years, heartache..
I found myself loving the younger version of Justin, but once Amelia broke through his barriers I found myself falling for the older version he presented as well..I did find myself slightly getting frustrated with the inability to communicate to the other, because so much would've been resolved if they had've, but then where would the fun be in that be, we'd miss all those feels rushing through our blood stream, and I can tell you this delivered on all those mishy mushy heart melting feels!!
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February 16, 2016
Forgive me if I gush during this review. I just finished this one, so there is a lot still going on in my head and heart right now. For what seems like forever, I’ve been looking for that “it” book. A romance book that hits all the marks, those things you can’t seem to put into words but you’ll know them when you find them.

A love story that had complexities to it that just felt like they belonged in the story – because they are real issues that would exist in THAT sort of situation. A love story that held your attention because you were the character’s biggest cheerleader. A story that could make you laugh, steal your breath and bring you to tears because you just felt every moment with the characters – because they were just so perfectly written. The connection with Justin and Amelia was instant. There was no force needed when it came to loving these two.

Amelia and Justin spent their childhood and early teen years hand in hand. The best of friends until Amelia flees without ever saying goodbye. Now a decade later, the two inherit a house and have to sort out how to co-exist. Even if that includes a girlfriend that Amelia can’t help but like, even if she is jealous.

I was a little worried that Jade would complicate things for me. It was hard to not like her – she was a really nice person and I felt bad that she was going to get the short end of the deal in all of this. But I really liked that Justin and Amelia handled their emotions and attraction as well as they did. They blurred the lined but they never crossed them. It made me feel like I could hand my trust to Justin, no questions asked. It really helped shaped how I saw him throughout the story and it prepared me for the rest of the story.

I really want to talk about what happens after their first summer at the house happens. For me, those moments were everything. But most of that involves an aspect of the story that is best experienced first-hand. But I can say that I melted at every moment.

I’ve read a few books from Penelope Ward and I really think this is her best to date (Cocky is a close second – but that was a co-authorship and she just owned the shit out of this one). I loved that everything just came together and the only thing that I did not like about this story is that it had to end. I could have read so much more about these characters.
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February 17, 2016
4,5 STARS!

"The mysterious girl with the eye patch.
The best friend.
The teenage fantasy.
The girl who stole my heart then broke it and took it with her when she ran away.
The estranged friend.
The forbidden roommate.
The girlfriend.
The mother of my babies."

Amelia and Justin met when they were kids , at her grandmother's house. Since the very first moment, they become inseparable.

But 5 years later, some secrets are revealed. Secrets, that should remain hidden. Amelia left living with her father. Justin stayed. Heartbroken.

14 years later, Justin and Amelia meet again. Amelia's grandmother died. She left hers summer house to Justin and Amelia. Amelia is nervous about meeting Justin again. Even after all this time she missed him. After all, he was hers first love. Justin has changed. The sweet, tender child she knew disappeared. Justin is pretty much asshole to her.

But as the time pass, they start talking about what happened. After conversation things become better between them . There was strong attraction between them and when I finally thought things will became heavy, they stopped. Justin was in relationship and he was trying to be good boyfriend to Jada. Amelia can't stop thinking about him. I mean, he looks like Greek god.

If you want to find out more

You won't regret it. The writing style, characters, storyline, everything was perfect.

And in the end.

"I love you, Bumblebee. I'm sorry it's taken me this long to tell you."

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March 23, 2016

♥ ♥ ♥ 3.25 STARS ♥ ♥ ♥

I was really expecting to love this book based on the blurb review, that I couldn't wait to dive into this one. Unfortunately I didn't end up loving it as I hoped.

The story started off really good. I liked that we got a bit of their childhood to know how they became best friends. However, as the book progressed I started losing interest. This was mainly due to the long wait for Justin and Amelia to actually get together. Before they did a lot happened where they weren't together. I ended up liking Justin's girlfriend Jade, she didn't deserve having Justin be all wishy washy about his feelings because she was actually a really cool chick.

Amelia I liked at first but quickly annoyed me. She was very insecure and that became irritating after a while. I thought the older she got the less insecure she would become but nope. I also didn't care for Justin's back and forth yes and no thing he had going on. It began to drag on at this point for me, and their connection slowly started to become less and less to me as a result. There were some great moments of angst that I definitely enjoyed, as well as the sexual tension between them. It just wasn't enough for me. I needed more.

I think my favourite part of the book was probably when Bea came into the picture, which happened in the last third of the book. This is when things turned around and it seemed like these two would finally get their crap together and be adults. It did happen in some ways but not so much in their relationship. Justin really impressed me in this part with the way he stepped in. His interactions with Bea completely melted me. I was a pile of mush....I swear. He also did that to me when Justin and Amelia were kids. He did things to protect Amelia that were so freaking sweet

Overall, this book was just alright to me. It dragged on a bit too much. It felt at times like it would be leading no where. I ended up really liking Justin. The third part was definitely the best part for me. It grabbed my interest and melted my heart. The epilogue was so sweet and heart warming. This is just my opinion, so if you decide to give this book a try, I hope you enjoy it more than I did.

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