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Gridiron #2


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She’s always played it safe…

College junior Lucy Washington abides by one rule—avoid risk at all costs. She’s cautious in every aspect of her life, from her health, to her mock trial team, to the boring guys she dates. When a brash, gorgeous jock walks into the campus coffee shop and turns his flirt on, Lucy is stunned by the force of attraction. For the first time ever, she’s willing to step out of her comfort zone, but can she really trust the guy who’s determined to sweep her off her feet?

He’s always played around…

Entering his last year of college eligibility, linebacker Matthew "Matty" Iverson has the team captaincy in his sights. And it’s his for the taking, if he can convince his quarterback Ace Anderson to give up the starting position. Luckily, Matty already has an edge—the hottie he’s lusting over just happens to be Ace’s childhood best friend. Getting Lucy on his side and in his bed? Hell yeah. Matty is more than confident he can have both, but when he falls hard for Lucy, it’s time for a new game plan: convince the woman of his dreams that she’s not sleeping with the enemy.


First published February 11, 2016

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Jen Frederick

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1,260 reviews9,957 followers
February 12, 2016
*****3.5 STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

”I didn’t realize the earth was moving when I saw you the first time. I didn’t realize everything in my life was changing because it happened slowly. One meal, one conversation, one kiss at a time.”

 photo JB_Teaser1_zpsa1inqwmc.jpg

I love me a good romance with a sinfully sexy JOCK. It happens to be one of my favorite tropes. The hero always tends to be a major player and seriously cocky, but not in a way that makes him come off as a douche nozzle. The heroine usually takes a while to warm up to the hero and makes him work hard to win over her affections. There has to be a bit of comedic moments thrown in as well. This formula has been used time and time again, and yet still the majority of readers out there can’t get enough of these stories. I’m definitely no exception.

Lucy Watson is a college senior. She spends most of her time working with her classmates on a mock trial, and when she isn’t in class, she works at a local coffee house. She’s been best friends with the Quarterback of the football team since childhood, but she has never had a desire to date a football player. Lucy is risk adverse. She weighs the pros and cons of almost every situation in her life. She thinks jocks are all man whores and she’d only be getting her heart broken if she ever got involved with one. So she only dates guys she views as safe. The problem is, those relationships don’t last either because her heart truly isn’t in it.

 photo JB_Teaser4_zpsu08skted.jpg

Matt Iverson is on the college football team. He’s very popular with the ladies and has never had the desire to pursue a woman. He gets what he wants and then he moves on. This all changes when he meets Lucy in the coffee house she works at. Matt is intrigued by Lucy, especially after he realizes she has no idea who he is, nor does she act like she wants in his pants like most of the girls on campus do. They end up running into each other a few times and even though Lucy has a strict “no football player” policy, she can’t deny that she’s extremely attracted to Matty.

 photo JB_Teaser2_zpsueddewys.jpg

The story starts off a bit too slow and to be honest, I don’t understand how these two went to the same college for almost four years, and never met each other till their last year. Especially since she was the quarterback’s best friend. I didn’t like the path the author took Lucy and Ace down. I think the author should have left the unrequited love aspect out of it.

Luckily, once things start to heat up between Matty and Luce, the story started to take a turn for the better. The steam factor is high, and I loved every panty melting moment! Matt made my heart flutter with how possessive he was over Luce, and how he was always trying to take care of her. He understood her fears of taking risks but he also made her realize that she’s not really living if she’s not willing to take a chance once in a while. I ended up liking these two a lot and was rooting for them to overcome the odds and find their HEA!! Overall it was an enjoyable read and the schmexy times are definitely worth picking this one up!!

 photo 17631979_zpsogt4rrvf.png
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2,377 reviews4,625 followers
January 24, 2016
4 ~ 4.25 Stars

”I think the reward of you is worth the risk.”


I’m not a huge fan of heroines with lists of rules. This heroine doesn’t have a long list, but her one rule is not dating football players. Add to that her constant need to dissect every decision, while balancing risk verse reward and I was pretty nervous that I wouldn’t like her.

”My whole life is about risk assessment. Can I eat this new food or that new food? Can I have one drink or two tonight? Did I get enough rest? Enough walking in today?”

However, once I meet the hero of the story, I was all in regardless of the heroine. The hot, linebacker, Matthew “Matty” Iverson was a wonderful hero. Couple the sexy hero with a villain in the story and this turned out to be a good entertaining read.

Matty is taken with Luce and works hard on breaking through her defenses to spend time with her. He’s mature, smart, and totally taken with our heroine.

"I’ve hungered for wins on the field, championships, success, but never a person. Not until Luce. "

Luce and Matty’s relationship was well paced, exciting and pretty sexy.

”Feel good? Worth the risk?”


The villain, Ace is Luce's childhood best friend and current quarterback for the team. Ace is an issue for the team and for this new couple.


I adored Luce’s strides to take risks for things she wants and ended up really liking her character a lot. Matty was a fantastic hero and even the villain though a douche, could garner my support if the author plans on visiting him in the future. I found this book even better than the first of the series. If you’re feeling lazy and just want to meet Matty and Luce you could definitely read this one as standalone.

**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**
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1,005 reviews800 followers
February 11, 2016
These books are my guilty pleasure, I am not sure what is about these college sports romances, but I can’t get enough! After Sacked I have been anxiously await more from Jen Frederick.

Matty’s team just won the national championship, so they are enjoying the freedoms and benefits of being a star collegiate athlete. He had it good before, but since they won the title he hasn’t been hearing no. So when he sees the beautiful, anxious, and studious Lucy he decides to engage.

Luce wants no part of all that goes with dating anyone, especially football players so she turns him down. This isn’t a game, but when Matty hears no, the challenge is on. Regardless Luce isn’t backing down. She lives her life measuring all risks to eliminate fall out and problems in her life. She go out with Matty isn’t worth the risk.

I how love this story takes off. Two college students who run in different circles, but have connections to each other’s world. I liked how they were both attracted to each other and Matty has to work for it. However, there was many times I was just hoping Luce would give in! I wanted her to give him a break and take a chance. I was also not a fan of Ace and the drama he brought. I don't think it was all necessary at eventually had me so frustrated.

Overall I really enjoyed this one, it was fun, flirty and sexy. I loved watching Matty and Luce together. I could have done without some of the resistance and Ace, but regardless this book is definitely worth reading. It will absolutely feed your college romance addiction!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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3,809 reviews32.4k followers
October 21, 2018
4 stars!

 photo IMG_2247_zpsy8rpshhs.png

Jockblocked is the second book in Jen Frederick’s ‘Gridiron’ series. Both books so far have been fabulous and I would definitely recommend them to lovers of NA books and sports romance.

Lucy is a follower of the rules. She’s a good student, works hard, and is a member of her mock trial team. She has a medical condition so she takes her health very seriously. She meets Matty at her place of employment and she’s attracted to him right away. He’s flirty and fun, but she can’t go there. She’s got too much on her plate and jocks aren’t the type of guys she dates.

Matty is one of the stars of the football team. He’s on the path to becoming captain and has a lot on his plate, also. He meets Lucy and he knows one thing, he’s got to have her. There is something about this girl that’s different. He wants her. He falls hard and he falls fast. But there are some complications. One of Lucy’s best friends is a team member of Matty’s. Still, nothing could change the way Matty is starting to feel for her.
“I didn’t realize the earth was moving when I saw you the first time. I didn’t realize everything in my life was changing because it happened slowly. One meal, one conversation, one kiss at a time.”

I loved Matty and Lucy so much- both of them were wonderful. Matty is a great guy and not your typical football player. He’s kind and considering, but also alpha and sexy as hell. Lucy has many obstacles in her path, but I loved how she overcame what she could and dealt with the rest. They really complimented each other and I loved them together. 

This book was sweet, steamy, and so much fun to listen to. I can’t wait to read more of these books- though I am a little nervous about the next one. I’m not sure how much I want to read a book about Ace, but hopefully it’s better than I’m imagining! Either way, this book was a win for me!
I’ve hungered for wins on the field, championships, success, but never a person. Not until Luce.
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February 11, 2016
3.75 Stars

Matty might have been my biggest risk, but he is sure as hell the best reward a girl could ever have.

When I read Sacked, my first book by this author, I knew one thing for sure; while it wasn't the 5 star for me like it was for so many of my friends, I fell hard for the series and the characters. I knew the second that the second book in this series came out, I'd be all over it. I loved the writing style of the Gridiron series, but I'm just not a reader that enjoys insta-love no matter how well it's written. And believe when I say, it truly was written well in Sacked. Unfortunately it's just not my cuppa. Jock blocked, however, gave me everything I wished for in Sacked. It had the burn of sexual tension, the slow but steady developed relationship, while still delivering on the steam that the first book had. I fell hard and fast for Matthew "Matty" Iverson and that only got stronger with each page I read.
You're right that there's nothing wrong with how you're living. I'm not judging that. I'm just saying maybe your life could be happier. And that sometimes taking a risk gives you big rewards."
"And you're that big reward?"
"You won't know unless you give me a try."

When Matty first lays eyes on Lucy at the coffee shop she works for, he's instantly intrigued. But when she turns him down flat for a date, he's that much more determined to get her to say yes. They may not look like they would have much in common, but Matty knows there's something to Lucy that draws him in...if only he can get her to see it too.

Lucy is a college junior determined to avoid risk in all aspects of her life. She hasn't exactly had the glowing role models for a healthy relationship, but she knows that the college star linebacker who has women throwing themselves on him at every turn is not a safe bet. But what happens when he wants her to take a risk on him because he promises the reward will be so much sweeter? And let me just tell you, Matty is really good with his words.
Let me tell you how this is going to work. I'm going to eat you out, then I'm going to slap on a rubber and fuck you until you're coming so hard you can't stand up. You let me know if there's any part of this plan you don't like."

Matty was absolute perfection. I loved everything about him; the way he pursues Lucy, the way he keeps pursuing her even when she's scared to say yes, and definitely the way he goes about convincing her to his way of thinking.

I loved the steady progression of their relationship. Nothing instant to be found here, and I definitely appreciated it. It felt more authentic and real to me. What can I say? I'm a true cynic *grins sheepishly*
For Masters, he said it was immediate. First time he saw Ellie, his wife, he told me the earth moved. I didn't realize the earth was moving when I saw you the first time. I didn't realize everything was changing because it happened slowly. One meal, one conversation, one kiss at a time."

The book would have been a solid 4.5 stars for me if it wasn't for a certain secondary character whose drama stirred things up at every corner. Say it with me now, Ace...

Ace is Lucy's best friend from childhood and they're still best friends in college. Unfortunately his "relationship" with Stella is coming back to haunt him in his budding football career and he's determined to bring everyone down with him. As much as he intrigued me in the first book, he was absolutely chaotic here. This was the only drama surrounding the story really, but it was almost too much at times. However, having said that, I'm still super intrigued by his story...especially after seeing how events unfolded in this books. I'm dying to see what happens with him and if he just may get a HEA with Stella.

Aside from the drama lama of Ace, I highly enjoyed this second installment of the Gridiron series. Matty and Lucy were great together and I loved seeing their characters grow and mature throughout the story. I also really loved them together and the slow burn of their relationship. It certainly didn't hurt matters that Matty was a dirty talker. You know I love me the dirty talkers. While he may have been a manwhore in his past, he really got his shit together in his own book. I really appreciated that and the fact that there was absolutely no ow drama tagging along with his past. Not often you read about the manwhores that don't. It was certainly a refreshing change of pace.

I can't wait to see what the next book will bring. Hopefully it will be Ace because boy has some redeeming of himself to do. I'll forgive him, but he's definitely got his work cut out for him.

ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review

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1,826 reviews29k followers
May 4, 2023
3.5 Stars...

...rounded up for nostalgia.

Sports romance - especially collegiate sports romance - has always been one of my favorite romance subgenres. It has been a hot minute since I've read any though, so when I was trying to decide what to read next and doing the "unread" kindle filter scroll - you know, as you do - I came across this little nugget.

While I can't say it blew me away by any means, I CAN say that I enjoyed my time reading it immensely. I have always love the jock skank and the female who swore she would never date one shtick. Never gets old for me.

If anything, I am grateful to this book for reminding me how much I love one of my original favorite romance subgenres. Contemplating book three.
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639 reviews3,803 followers
February 6, 2016

Title: Jockblocked
Series: Gridiron #2
Author: Jen Frederick
Release Date: 11 February, 2016
Rating: 4.5 stars
Cliffhanger:. No

I think I should be over college sports romance by now (I’ve already read so many of them). Strangely I seem to still be able to fall in love with them. I am not sure exactly why but even though they can be quite repetitious I cannot stop craving books about sexy athletes! So it’s no brainer that I was delighted to get another delicious story to read. And hell yes, Jockblocked has done its job. I really, and I mean really liked it.

I think it was the carefree and simple way in which this story progressed that got me hooked. It was not insta –love type of book (which irked me in Sacked), Matty and Lucy were attracted to each other for the beginning but it was a ‘slow burn’ kind of attraction.

“What are we doing"
“We’re enjoying each other.”
“For how long?”
Forever is a good start in my book but this is my careful girl and she needs a careful answer.
“However long you want it.”

Add to it great, flirtatious banter, some very heart – skipping, panty - melting scenes, characters that were made to be together and voila! Super read for a lazy night it is!

All in all, Jockblocked was cute, fluffy, sexy and adorable. Great work by really talented author. On the side note, I think I must be addicted to stories like Jockblocked. They just made me feel so good and light like I have no care in the world. I cherish the moments of being able to forget about all my problems and just smile, laugh and have fun. This is exactly why I love reading and I wanted to thank Jen Frederick for giving me some of this sweet time, giggles and blushed cheeks. She rocks!

”Feel good? Worth the risk?”

So is this novel worth the risk? Yes, yes it so is!

Don’t feel hesitant about giving Jockblocked a chance! I can assure you that you won’t regret reading it.


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3,227 reviews1,928 followers
May 24, 2016
Matt wasn't one of the characters from the first book in this series that I was dying to know more about, but I was really happy with his story. After reading Sacked I didn't know much about him and I guess that's why my interest wasn't fully on learning more of him. But after waiting so long to read this series, I was not making that mistake again, and I ended up enjoying it.

Lucy was a bit uptight, and her character could definitely grate on my nerves, but overall she wasn't too bad. I can't say she was anywhere near a favorite heroine of mine, but I did like her with Matt and I liked them together. Matt helped Lucy loosen up and have fun in her last year of college, without overthinking every little thing. Her character changed for the better throughout the book, and I liked her character a lot more by the end.

Matt was your playboy college sports player, loving the attention for being a football player, and sleeping with all the girls that throw themselves at him. His character development was amazing, and I liked how much he had changed by the end, but that it was all a gradual change. No random different personality jumping at your at a turn of the page. He grew up a lot during the book, and I really enjoyed that.

My big issue with this story came from Lucy's friend Ace. For one it didn't make too much sense to me that she was such great friends with Ace, one of Matt's teammates, and yet Matt and her never met before their last year at college. But forgetting that, he ruined the end for me with his bullshit and the fact that his story was kind of left open. I'm still confused as to if he's getting his own story and it if will be with the coach's daughter since them sleeping together was brought up a million times.

Bottom line, this was hard for me to not compare to Sacked, and sadly it didn't come that close to being as good as Knox's story. I enjoyed Lucy and Matt, and I usually love secondary character, but unfortunately for this one they kind of ruined parts for me. Fingers crossed the next will be better for me!
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1,232 reviews2,038 followers
February 13, 2016
Jockblocked follows the story of Western linebacker Matty Iverson and college junior Lucy Washington. Lucy has a rule against dating football players. There's a reason why she doesn't and since it's a huge plot point in the book, I won't get into the details of it. When Matty met Lucy, he was instantly intrigued by her reticence. And despite being rebuffed by Lucy, Matty just couldn't stay away.

I absolutely adored Matty. He's the quintessential Jen Frederick hero. Sweet, caring, and not an asshole, which is a big plus for me. I love me some alphahole once in a while but nothing beats a hero that is all about the heroine.

Despite her penchant for pushing Matty away, I really liked Lucy. She has But this doesn't stop her. I loved how this aspect was realistically incorporated in the book. It also explains a lot about Lucy's reticence when it comes to taking risks.

The secondary characters were also complex and interesting. One that really stood out for me was Heather. Oh man, I love her. She reminded me so much of Paris Gellar in Gilmore Girls. Tough, bitchy with no filter. She's hilarious. I want to read more about her. Another one was Hammer. At first, I thought he was just a token character that provides comedic relief in the book but here, we get to know him a little bit more. I can't wait for him to finally take center stage.

Compared to Sacked, Jockblocked was set during Western's off season, so much on-field action like in Sacked but there is a lot of drama with players and graduating and new recruits coming in, which leads me to my biggest gripe in the book. Well, obviously it's not that big since I still enjoyed it BUT...there's one character who I thought is going to be a major character in the next book that got on my ever-loving nerves. I'm so angry at this character, I want to reach out inside my Kindle and whack him upside in the head. It almost ruined the story for me.

Anyway, this one is another great addition to the Gridiron series, and I cannot wait for Hammer's story.
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2,434 reviews4,572 followers
January 27, 2016
3.5-4 STARS

I'll probably be one of the few people who didn't enjoy this story as much as I thought I would. Even though the beginning was amazing and I couldn't put it down Ace was a big issue in the story for me. He frustrated me a lot, and I couldn't get well with around the problem. He ruined the story for me. Because I loved Luce so much and Matty...They were so cute, funny and hot together! I hope you'll enjoy it more than I did!

*An advance reading copy was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.*

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959 reviews1,241 followers
January 22, 2016

Title: Jock Blocked
Series: Gridiron #2
Author:Jen Frederick
Release date: February 11, 2016
Cliffhanger: No

Jock Blocked had some tall shoes to fill for me, since Sacked was one of my top favorites of 2015. I can happily report that this follow up was another success. In this new wave of popular NA sports romance, the competition is fierce. There have been so many recent books that had that perfect balance of flirty banter, ripe sexual tension, and a large assembly of well developed side characters that really keep you hooked and addicted. In Jock Blocked, we get learn more about this group of college friends, and get Matthew "Matty" Iverson's story.

As we know from Sacked, Matty is of course, your typical football player manwhore . The majority of the team are, and they're proud of it. Ever since Matty got caught by his girlfriend with his proverbial pants down, he started to think twice about his carefree ways. He's not quite as interested in off the field scoring as he used to be. After meeting Lucy one night at the local coffee shop and having the unusual experience of being told he's not "her type", he can't get her off his mind. For the first time, he felt a desire to get to know someone better, to learn more about her, and he was shut down hard.

Lucy is a very straitlaced type of character. She's all about weighing the pros and cons and taking the safe route to avoid disappointments and mess.

My whole life is about risk assessment. Can I eat this new food or that new food? Can I have one drink or two tonight? Did I get enough rest? Enough walking in today?

One look at Matty had her summing him up in one bold print, neon flashing word: RISK. Even without realizing his reputation and his place on the team at first, she knew he had heartbreak written all over him. She's the type of heroine that prefers feeling an emotional connection over casual sex. And since her "safe" choices in men have been boring her to tears, she's currently in a dry spell and not too happy about it.

I miss having sex with a guy I have feelings for. I think that's why my relationships here at Western have failed. I can't summon up the requisite...passion for any guy.

While I enjoyed Lucy's sass and lack of fear in standing up to Matty, her issues with confidence and trust were a little off putting at times. That being said, I'm fine with an imperfect character if their personal growth is satisfactory in the end. Lucy fought her fears for a large portion of the book, even falling prey to her insecurities at one point after she made the decision to take a chance on Matty. Though it was frustrating to me, it was consistent with her character and something that she needed to work through.

This book was about Lucy's path to letting go of her insecurities about herself and learning to take chances in order to reap rewards in love and life. Matty must have the courage to help guide her to a more confident, and self-assured person in order to hold on to the girl who stole his heart.

With little to no experience in serious relationships, he must learn to set aside his ingrained selfishness and learn how to step up into a leadership role in his own personal life. The tension and discord within the team exploded after the coach's selfish actions toward Ace. I really felt for poor Matty who was forced in the middle and pushed way out of his comfort zone in dealing with the backlash in the team. I enjoyed the lessons they both learned, the sexual tension and chemistry were well defined and very enjoyable. Matty was simply amazing, he was my favorite part of the book.

The devotion he had for her was so sweet, considering his past and it never felt rushed or concocted. It was more of a slow burn than in Sacked, and I'm sure plenty of readers will appreciate that. Overall, the was a nicely put together package of swoony, lighthearted new adult delight. After reading more about Hammer and his love advice column, I'm really hoping he gets the honor of starring in our next Gridiron book. I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment.


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662 reviews2,414 followers
October 20, 2016

➦I really enjoyed this second book in the Gridiron series. It is a sweet love story between Matty and Lucy. Matty is on a football team and leading defense falls on his shoulders. Lucy attends the same college and is on a mock trial team. She is a diabetic, worships routine and hates taking risks.

➦There's a bit of a chase going on in the beginning. Surprise-surprise, Lucy doesn't want to date a football player - too risky! But Matty is relentless in his pursuit to have Lucy take a chance on him.

➦There is sort of a love triangle in this one. Lucy's best friend Ace suddenly decided to proclaim his feelings for her. Everyone thought he was delusional and his feelings were never reciprocated... but created some tension.

➦The football team drama was on high in this one with a bunch of changes happening in the roster and players being unhappy. Matty and Ace were in the middle of the whole drama and Lucy was dragged into it too. I would have preferred more tension from the love triangle than the drama that came from the football team dilemma.

❤I really liked the book but I'm just not sure that I will remember it in a couple of months. It was a very pleasant read though and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys NA college & sports romances.

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1,446 reviews1,156 followers
December 5, 2016

The biggest risk but the best reward a girl could ever have.

I tried to come up with a new fact about football that I learned from Jockblocked but unfortunately, the best I could come up with is a few positions. I learned that there are quarterbacks, linebackers and something called the backfield with safeties or something like that. Do I know what they do??? Absolutely no bloody idea.

I started Jockblocked still on a high from finishing Sacked. The characters were fresh in my mind and I was eager to see how I would feel seeing one of the manwhore players fall in love. Will I judge him from what I know already? Is there a chance I will not believe he is capable of devotion to one woman? Will I judge the girl he falls for as a silly girl falling for the pretty faced football hero?

Well, it’s safe to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

Jockblocked is not a romance where I have to leave my believability at the door. I actually like that neither Matty nor Lucy is perfect. Both make bad decisions and lack the maturity to deal with the pressures they face. To me, seeing Matty and Lucy learn, grow and mature was one of the best parts of the story.

Matthew has been partying hard. He’s young and a successful college football player. He’s smart enough to do well at college, doesn’t have to worry too much about finances and football is a pleasure and not a chore. Matty’s also VERY fortunate when it comes to the ladies…I mean women…I mean girl, chicks, jersey chasers. It’s horrible to say, and I hope the author took some poetic license, but I really hope women aren’t as easy as the jersey chasers appeared in Jockblocked. Anyways, Matty’s had it good up until now. Now, the coach is trying to get him to take RESPONSIBILITY…the HORROR!!

Matty’s been tasked with the job of making the quarterback WANT to change positions. Ummm, I know next to NOTHING about football, but even I thought the coach was setting him up to fail. All of this, and he’s finally found a woman he wants to spend time with outside the bedroom. Only thing is…she’s not into extremely good looking and successful college football players. Now Matty has to convince the unconvinceable AND talk the mysterious girl into giving him a chance. He’s got his work cut out for him…

Lucy doesn’t like to take risks. Jockblocked delves into the sensitive subject of dealing with a lifelong illness. See, Lucy has diabetes. She has to regularly monitor her blood sugar levels, stick to a strict diet and exercise regularly. If any of these things get out of wack she can get seriously ill. While extremely focused maintaining her health, Lucy also has an extremely stressful side project for school. There is no way she can risk taking on a relationship with a guy who she feels would be hard to trust. Best not to go there…or so her best friend demands.

Lucy’s best friend, Ace, is the quarterback for the Warriors. Ace and Lucy have been friends since they were ten years old. To be honest, Ace wasn’t such a great friend and I didn’t particularly like him for most of the book. I kind of thought Lucy’s loyalty was a wee bit OTT. No, she didn’t let him walk all over her, but she did put up with WAY more than I would have.

So, Matty’s supposed to convince Ace to change positions and convince Lucy that he’s a risk worth taking.

I enjoyed reading Jockblocked. I liked both Matty and Lucy and enjoyed seeing them grow and mature. They have to learn some hard truths about themselves but they both come out better for it in the end.

Did I like it as much as Sacked? Maybe a wee bit behind, but still an excellent contribution to my Gridiron marathon.

Onwards…it’s time to see if Ace can up his game or will he stay Down…ed?

To buy Jockblocked from Amazon - http://amzn.to/2gkefwE

I’m an Aussie chick who loves to read and review romance, drink coffee, be a Style Setter and stalk David Gandy. To see more of my reviews, fashion, food and pervathons -

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February 21, 2016
4 Risky Stars.

Lucy is a “take no risks” kind of girl. She lives her life in the quiet and doesn’t do crazy things.
Matty is a football player that likes to enjoy his life. He’s a bit of a player and goes from girl to girl never looking back twice. When he meets Lucy he finds her refreshing she doesn’t know who he is, she’s not interested. So he becomes interested.
Soon he’s going to find out that Lucy he’ll be his biggest challenge, she doesn’t want risks and he’s a big one. But Lucy we’ll also going to find that in order to really live, you have to take some risks.


This was a really sweet book and for lovers of NA books with football players I’m pretty sure this will make their day. While the first book was more “insta-love”, this one was more of a slow burn and the development of their relationship is really good… despite some predictable drama that comes with fact that the hero is a previous player. I liked how the author dealt with Lucy’s health problem and how she didn’t make her whole life revolve around it, but instead learn how live with it.
Anyway, this was a sexy and sweet book, with enough drama to keep you interested and a likeable couple that will keep you entertained. Definitely a series to keep following.

Rating: 4 Stars.
Characters Development: Lucy was a sweet girl, even if she sometimes annoyed me with her attitude of not risking anything, I liked her and how she stayed true to herself. Matty was really good as well, I loved how he had no trouble giving up his player ways for her and how he was so sweet and possessive with her. Ace got on my nerves big time. For a while I thought he was going to be next book’s hero but I’m glad he will not, I don’t think I will want to read his book, it’ll be hard for him to redeem at my eyes.
Steam: Hot.
Sensible Subjects:
Love Triangle:
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January 20, 2016
4.5 Goldie STARS

This was a fun read. This one's about Matthew (Matty) Iverson, sexy linebacker and team captain to-be if he toes the line, and Lucy Watson, friend of Ace the QB and the woman who catches Matty's eye.

 photo JB_zpsk2vgfa60.jpg

Besides the thrill of the sport and the team camaraderie, sports romances can be just plain alluring because of the mighty fine specimens such as Matty.

Like any red blooded woman, Lucy may say that Matty's not her type but she can't deny the attraction. Lucy tries to fight Matty's pull as she's a risk-averse girl whose had life deal her some pretty hard hits. To her, Matty's a risk. He's a known man-whore and likes to have fun. Lucy's just not sure if he's worth it.

And for Lucy, with her health concerns, playing it safe was real. Many things Lucy did reminded me of someone I know who is in the same circumstance as Luce. I found Jen's take and portrayal of this very real.

The pace of this story was just right with Luce and Matty's relationship on a slow build. They became friends just as much as lovers.

This was realistic with a good amount of angst without the over the top drama. Sure, Matty and Luce had their issues to work out but the way in which both of them developed and grew was awesome and so refreshing.

 photo JB2_zpslmivgvlh.jpg

This is the second book in Jen Frederick's Gridiron series. It can be read as a stand alone although there are references and spoilers to book 1. I'm looking forward to more of the Westerners!

**ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.**

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February 13, 2016
3.5ish Stars

Goldilocks, you’re sleeping in the right bed tonight.

I Love a good book meet cute. Give me a “eyes meet across a crowded room” or “cute guy and cute girl knock heads while bending down to clean stuff up” experience and I’m there. In the case of Jockblocked, a flip of a pen was all it took.

Matt “Matty” Iverson lives a charmed life. As a member of a championship college football team, the booze is abundant and the woman are lining up and always enthusiastic. Yeah, the social media pics of him and the willing girlies are never ending but that’s life, right?

Lucy Washington doesn’t take chances. Ever. Forced to always be strong when it comes to her health and her friendships equates to girlfriend not taking a breath without second guessing the results. To say she’s wound as tight as a drum when she met the engaging Matty would be a huge understatement. Oh, and did I mention she’s childhood best friends with “Ace,” the quarterback of the aforementioned football team? And that easy going Matty has just been asked by his Coach to convince Ace, Lucy's childhood best friend, to give up his role as quarterback and step aside? Coupled with Matty’s manwhorish past and this lurrrve stuff looks doomed from the get go.

“You’re like a really expensive designer purse. I want it but know a) I can’t afford it and b) even if I could I’d be so obsessive about checking the condition that I wouldn’t even enjoy it. Plus, everyone else would want to touch it, hold it. Someone might even want to steal it and that’d be a certain kind of stress I wouldn’t want to deal with.”

I’m a big fan of Jen Frederick’s writing and I know when I start reading one of her books, I’m in no danger of wasting my book time. The story’s always fleshed out and the dialogue (thank you, sweet baby Jesus!) is always on point and BELIEVABLE! This little ditty was no different. I loved the ballad of Matty and Luce. The ease of friendship that eventually turned into something more was all kinds of righteous. Namaste.

That being said, I felt a slight disconnect with this book. Most of the blame falls on me for the freaking month long book slump I was experiencing. But a wee little bit of my discontent lays at the feet of this story and the lack of emotion I felt. Matty hasn’t had to work for a whole lot and his “yeah whatever” attitude, coupled with Lucy’s no risk way of life made for a lack of fire in all areas.

I still thoroughly enjoyed this and I hope you're reading this review with an open mind. Even the 3.5 Jen Frederick stuff I read is better than most...well, everything.

ARC provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review
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July 30, 2017
3 Stars

Overall Opinion: This was just ok. I'm a little disappointed to be honest. I didn't skim, but I felt a little bored at times. I needed more to happen, and I needed the h to freaking quit pushing him away!! He was the perfect example of a manwhore changed IMO, and he treated her amazingly -- so I just didn't get it! I would understand being hesitant because he was a known manwhore (and he admitted it too), but it just went on and on and on -- and this is when I got bored.

Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is Lucy and Matty's story. They meet randomly at the coffee shop that Licy works and studies at. The have a fun encounter and bond right away, but Matty is shocked when she turns down his offer for a date. Lucy is sticking to "safe" guys and focusing on her role in the mock trial team, and Matty being a gorgeous football player makes her deem him "too much risk" for her to take a chance with. Matty can't get her out of his mind, and starts pursuing her. In the meantime, his coach is telling him that he is bringing in a new player and needs the current QB to switch to the safety position (which is a big task to ask of Matty). Matty finds out that Lucy happens to be the best friend of the QB since childhood, and his friends convince him that she is the force of reasoning he needs in order to convince the QB of the change. There is some push/pulling action going on, some sexy times, some cute moments, some drama with friends and teammates...but they get their HFN ending.

POV: This alternated between Lucy and Matty's POV.

Overall Pace of Story: Ok. I never skimmed, but I did feel like it lagged a little at times. The ending didn't provide nearly enough closure for me, so this is another complaint I had relating to the pacing.

Instalove: Kind of. The H didn't express his love for the h until later, but he definitely had some strong feelings right away for her. The h took longer.

H rating: 4.5 stars. Matty. I liked him a lot. Yes, he was a previous manwhore and he was the first to admit it -- but he changed for the h and made MAJOR efforts for her. He was so sweet and considerate, and he never gave up even when she constantly pushed him away. He was a great "manwhore redeemed" character IMO.

h rating: 2 stars. Lucy. She kind of drove me crazy with her "risks vs. rewards" constant talk, and constantly pushing the h away. I really wanted to shake her at times, and didn't fully understand why the H kept pursuing her at times.

Sadness level: Low. No tissues needed.

Heat level: Moderate. They have some good chemistry and sexy times.

Descriptive sex: Yes

Safe sex: Yes. Condoms are mentioned and used, and then std talks and birth control is used.

OW/OM drama: Mild

Sex scene with OW or OM: No

Cheating: No

Possible Triggers: Mild

Closure: This didn't have nearly enough closure for me. I would call it a HFN ending.

How I got it: I paid the $4.99 on Amazon for it.

Safety: Safe with exception
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January 28, 2016
4**** Stars

 photo 7BE67937-3D46-481E-AB40-59EEEDC99305_zpsqpikko55.jpg

Opposite attract right?? Well this is the story of Sexy lovable easy going and the linebacker in the Warriors Matty. Then there's Luce she's the best friend of the latest quarterback Ace.. well she controls everything she does, everything is worked out precisely.. From the foods that enter her mouth to how she studies and how she calculates how she spends her day... Now I have to say having rules isn't usually my favourite story, I'm a fly by the wall kind of girl and although I may use lists to do things they're not set in stone cause well life happens. Lucy though on the other hand is a tough nut and is strict to the bone because she HAS TO BE!

The question though is he worth the risk??

Matthew wants Lucy to give him a chance, he may live the life of a football player, with ladies running at his feet but there's just something about Lucy that is pulling at him to keep seeking her, wooing her however you want to put it but he keeps on and takes the time to get to know her in a way that she understands.

 photo 660FB4A4-3298-47FF-9AB5-5FD3E39C254D_zpsaspda3pd.gif

They were such a lovely couple, and I sure as hell loved reading their romance unfold...

Why not 5 you ask??
Ace ace ace.. Sigh I'm not going to go into too much depth here cause I want you to Feel everything I did.. Just know this is NOT a story about cheating or anything like that, but aces feelings do get involved in the way the story unfolded in the later half. I ADORE angst I'd say that's my ULTIMATE favourite read. But here I just got sooo annoyed with the ass he became and although at the beginning I was thinking I'd love to read a story on him, now I'm not too sure.. I know this isn't a real reason to put it down one star on a side character but gah if you read it, I'll assure you, you'll understand my thinking here..

 photo B89A883C-4742-4568-A70E-5581911E50BC_zpssvv8el50.gif

Saying that Jen did pull at my heart. She made me also HOT, happy, enjoy the ride. l LOVED Matty and Lucy as a couple they were it and I will definitely recommend it.. Just got slightly vexed there for a bit...

 photo 6AAC69D5-C809-408D-A846-1079337E9038_zpsfkbreokz.gif

This is the second book in the Gridiron series but can be read as a STANDALONE as its about a different couple!!

Reading order
Sacked (Gridiron, #1) by Jen Frederick Jockblocked (Gridiron, #2) by Jen Frederick

ARC generously gifted in exchange for an honest review

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March 12, 2017

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I read this book for the Unapologetic Romance Readers' New Years 2017 Reading Challenge. For more info about what this is, click here.

Remember that time I read SACKED and I wasn't sure whether I liked it or not? Well, trust me when I say that I did not have that problem with JOCKBLOCKED. Reading these books is incredibly frustrating for me as a readere, because I find them so trashy and bad. They encapsulate all the tropes that annoy me so greatly in contemporary romance. Casual, unprotected sex. Instant love. Slut-shaming. Alpha d-bag heroes. Liberal use of the word "p*ssy."

What makes the experience even more frustrating is that Frederick isn't a bad writer. I loved the story she co-wrote with Elle Kennedy (although given my love of Elle Kennedy, I can't help but wonder if that's more testament to Kennedy's skills than Frederick's). As with SACKED, there's decent patches of writing in here. The parts about mock-trial were really, really great, and Frederick manages to inject enough enthusiasm to make football sound interesting to someone who has no interest in watching or playing sports, and never has (e.g. me).

The problem is really how Matt and Lucy come together. He wants her because she's beautiful and doesn't know who he is. He's so tired of girls throwing themselves at him that, naturally, he wants the one girl who tells him "no." Naturally, he doesn't take "no" for an answer and basically browbeats her into dating him.Which is...not cool, actually. But this being a romance novel, Lucy eventually agrees.

The second thing that bothered me is the sex. There's a weird double-standard in these books. The heroines and their friends talk about being empowered and how sex is okay, no big deal, blah, blah, blah. But the Jersey chasers in this book are ruthlessly shat upon by both the football players and the heroines and their friends, referred to as jersey chasers or "pieces of p*ssy" and a whole host of other, objective things that are pretty disgusting and dehumanizing. I hate that double-standard, and I hate how the heroines are portrayed as "better" than these other girls by either being less experienced or less initially enthusiastic when it comes to sex, because that is just such a terrible message.

Also, at one point while having sex with Lucy, Matt becomes so overwhelmed by passion that he "forgets" to put on a condom. What makes this even more gross is that he has slept with so many women, while drunk and sober, that he literally cannot remember all of their names. Does this bother Lucy? No, she's like, "That's cool, just bareback it, bro." Does she get an STD test? No. Does this result in an unplanned pregnancy? No - thank God, because I was afraid this was going to end with a secret baby and a shotgun marriage and then I might have hurled the book across the room. Which gives you an idea of what this book is like, if I thought that was a likely ending.

The last item on my list of peeves is Ace. That POS. I hated him so much. I hated that we were supposed to feel sorry for him, because I didn't - not at all. He knows Lucy only likes him as a friend, but assumes that they're going to get married someday because they were childhood friends and that means that he has dibs. He sleeps around with anyone and everyone, even bringing girls back when Lucy is staying there for an emergency and tries to kick her out, but later on towards the end, tells her that he's just getting sex out of his system so he'll be ready to settle down when he proposes to Lucy. Um, ew. That is so disgusting. You just expect her to wait and watch you screw around and then accept your marriage proposal when objectifying women has lost its luster? Lucy tells him off, so props for that, but I didn't really like that he got a happy ending and I didn't think he deserved Matty's forgiveness considering that he tried to blackmail Matty into breaking up with her - twice. If he gets his own book, I may buy that book just to set it on fire because Ace is a POS and I hate him.

The book didn't end the way I feared, though, and once you wade past the pages upon pages of sex (this is really erotica with a plot), there's an okay story in here told, Sarah Dessen-like, about a girl who learns to overcome her fears of living her own life and manages to secure both a boy and her courage to pursue her professional dreams. If you're looking for a college romance that's better written than most and care more about sex scenes than plot development, this is the book for you.

1.5 to 2 stars
March 23, 2016
Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine.
I'm an only child. I don't like to share. Won't share. Don't believe in sharing.

That's right. Back the fuck off, everyone. Matty is mine.

He's hot. He's smart. He's sweet. He reads. He's the total package. I want to get intimately acquainted with his package.

I am in love with this book Matty. Even when he's being an idiot! Even when he's making bad decisions! But especially when he's talking dirty. I want him to whisper naughty things in my ear. Reow. Matty now lives in my man-dungeon.

Lucy was a decent leading lady. I wanted her to stand up to her friend Ace rather than just take all verbal abuse he seemed to dish out and then stew in her thoughts for days. And I wanted her to wake up and take some risks a bit sooner than she did, but the level of drama in this was actually quite low. My drama-llama meter was barely spiking.

I found the banter between all the characters in this, but especially the sexual innuendos that Matty throws around, terrifically entertaining. Their love story was not all sunshine and rainbows, but it was a fun and enjoyable ride.

The heat level in this was perfect. The sex was amazingly well written and the only thing that would have made it better would have been to have thrown in some Raahoshing.

Now that I have got all the splooshing out of the way, can we get real for a minute and discuss how much of an asshole Ace is? Dude needs to suck a bag of dicks. He has absolutely no respect for women. The way he treats Lucy, a friend he has known since he was in the third grade, is a fucking joke.

I need to make it VERY clear that in my opinion Ace is irredeemable. He is a fucking piece of shit and I would rather he dies, than have to read a story where he is the lead character. Just putting it out there Ms. Frederick, I will not be reading his story if you do write it.

But even Ace and his douchecanoery couldn't wreck this book for me. I loved this and looked forward to picking it up every day that I was experiencing it. I was grinning like a fool most of the time and I am still happy, just thinking about Matty....

If you liked hornbag Dean from The Score then chances are, you'll like Matty. But remember, he's mine.

4 risk-assessment Stars

Thank you for the scientific investigation buddy read Karly!
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February 19, 2016
I read blindly all the books related to college sports romance. Just love this topic. Young people entering adult life, but they still have a lot of fun at the same time. I like these emotions, these situations. It is exciting, moving, just always positive reading. Ultimately they didn't different from one another so much, and there are still interesting for me.

About the plot: Lucy is a girl with play it safe attitude. She through her experience and diabetes learned to always evaluate the risks of her actions. She doesn't date football players never found them interesting, besides there is that agreement with her childhood best friend, Ace, a quarterback of Warriors. Not to mix in their own groups. It was not a trouble for her until she met Matthew Iverson.

Matt saw Lucy in the cafeteria, where she works and tried his chance to make a date with her, but to his surprise, she refused. She didn't even know who he is. But it takes only his looks and charm to assess the risk too big. Not to mention yet that he is a football star on the way to the NFL.

Matt got the opportunity, which never really wanted, to be the captain of his team. But he must persuade Ace to give up the QB position. He also didn't know that Lucy could be the key to solve his problems. When everything became clear, Matt only one thing knows for sure, that he wants the girl at any cost, even though their goals are conflicted and mix in the worst possible way.

Final thoughts: Matty is an amazing hero. I love that he was so determined to have Lucy. And to that his dirty talk is simply to die for and ensure every panty melting. Thanks to their off the charts chemistry even safe Lucy had to surrender to that. There are some swoon and toe curling moments. It is sexy and romantic. I like that they are quite direct with each other and that our heroes became more and more mature in the course of the plot. They take risks and develop their feelings. It was great to look at it and I loved how it developed. Their relationship is definitely wort five stars.

My only objection is that sometimes the action could be faster. A lot of details about their interests and concerns, not just the love story, strongly slowed the book. The focus on the mock trial and problems with QB sometimes delayed action endlessly. But on the other hand, is what diversifies the story. And even though Ace was really an asshole sometimes, he gave a hint of uncertainty. It just took a bit too much space in the story for me.

It is easy to decide whether this book is for you or not. You just have to enjoy the College Sports Romance. They are usually very similar and have a little bit of everything. They are funny, emotional, hot and exciting. They have sinful hero and kinda not believing in yourself heroine. A little drama, but most frequently everything ends well. They have a sensational group of friends, they are fun and bring a lot of entertainment, humorous dialogues and situations. Great group of friends is always what I need in the book. So if you like books like that, you should also add this to your bookshelf for sure.

***Quick Review:***

Series: The second in the Gridiron series.
Grade/Tag Tabs: New Adult. Sports Romance.
Release Date: February 11th 2016
Main characters: Lucy Washington, almost twenty-two, Political Science student, she enjoys mock trial, and works at coffee house. Matthew "Matty" Iverson, twenty-two, linebacker of collage team Western State Warriors.
Secondary characters: A group of friends. They are funny, both, friends of Matt, I'm sure we all want a book about Hammer, and Lucy's best friends. They are great entertainment team. Also small appearance of the characters from the previous part, of course.
Sensitive topic:
Love triangle:
Next in the series? Probably yes, no details at the moment.
If I'd recommend? Yes. Especially if you're a fan of College Sports Romance.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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February 1, 2016
4.5 star


Jock Blocked was a book that made me feel good, that put a smile on my face and really I'm not asking for much more when I read. I l read so many books a year, so many different genres, I've come to have a lot of feelings and I've come to expect to feel a certain way with some genres. I think that very few authors can write colleges sports books without making me cringe and roll my eyes... Jen Frederick is one of them.

"It isn’t just my body that responds to him. My heart opens."

Matty, Matt, Matthew whatever you call him is like any footballer you met. He likes to party, he likes what he does and he already plans the next level. This year is the year he can't miss. He has to catch the catch the eye of headhunters to go pro next season. But before that, he enjoys his little break after winning the Championship.

Luce is what I would qualify a stressed girl. She seems cool but she's not really. She calculates everything she does. Through her own admission, she assesses all the risk she takes. And when Matty pursues her, she is not sure it's a risk she's willing to take. Not only because she made a promise to her best friend , Ace who's Matty's teammate but because the guy it's not her type.... or so she says.

In reality, what Luce really need is to learn how to live fully without thinking about the consequences.
Maybe Matty can help her a little

There’s nothing wrong with making measured decisions and weighing the risks versus the benefits.”
“You’re right that there’s nothing wrong with how you’re living. I’m not judging that. I’m just saying maybe your life could be happier. And that sometimes taking a risk gives you big rewards.”
“And you’re that big reward?”
“You won’t know unless you give me a try.”


To summarize what I loved about the book, I would say everything but then it would be too easy don't your think?
1) The book is better than the first one. I enjoyed Sacked a lot. It was kind of refreshing in some ways. Jock Blocked is definitely more traditional in its story but everything clicked and worked pretty great here.

2) The banter between Matty and Lucy. All their times together is funny and free spirit. Even with her constant risk assessment Luce is funny. Yes those can be annoying but the way Matt acts makes it sweet and adorable.

“What are we doing"
“We’re enjoying each other.”
“For how long?”
Forever is a good start in my book but this is my careful girl and she needs a careful answer.
“However long you want it.”

3) As in a lot of NA college book, there are a lot of sexy sweet moments. Those moments are perfectly balanced. I would compare this one to The Deal from Elle Kennedy. I think Matt Iverson is as sweet , loving and caring as was Garrett. I think to me that was what really won me over. Matty is not a guy who pretends to be someone he is not. He enjoys himself; he likes girls and the college life that goes with it. What's wrong in that? But when he meets Lucy even if he doesn't really knows it, he starts to be invested.

“Even if I had a tiny dick I’d say it was a big one. I’d lie to myself until I believed it. No man can walk around with any confidence if he believes his dick is too small.”


There was only one thing that bothers me a little, and I notice I had the same problem in Sacked, it was the Coach's behavior. In book 1, it's because of him I didn't like the twist at the end. It was because he wasn't acting like a real coach would do but more like a pissed off selfish adult. And he did it again here!

I hope Jen Frederick has a lot more stories in store for us. Hammer is too damn funny for his own good and I'm curious to know more about those articles he writes.
I still want Ace book even if he was a total jerk in this one, but I agree he doesn't deserve his HEA right away. The guy needs to grovel for the one he wants.

~Arc provided by the author in exchange for an honest review ~
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November 30, 2016
I must be addicted to college sports romances because even though they tend to be somewhat formulaic, I can’t seem to get enough of them. There’s usually a hot shot, sexy athlete (typically a football or hockey player) who enjoys bonking a different co-ed each night and is allergic to commitment—that is until he meets a pretty girl who doesn’t date athletes. He wants to get in her pants, but she’s unimpressed by him. That challenge makes him pursue her over even more. She finally relents, and he is transformed into a committed, love addicted man, and they both live happily ever after. The End.

The thing I love about Jen Frederick’s Gridiron series is that she finds a way to add a fresh element to a predictable trope. In Sacked, the hero is a virgin and the heroine has a secret. In Jockblocked, we have fighting players whose pride and love threaten to break apart the Warriors team.

Quarterback Ace Anderson is a huge thorn in the side of the hero, linebacker Matty Iverson. Lucy Washington is Ace’s best friend. He stands in the way of Matty getting together with Lucy since Ace made her promise never to date football players (especially Matty)—thus effectively cockjockblocking Matty’s attempts at a hookup. Further complicating things, the coach has tasked Matty with convincing Ace to step down as starting quarterback to make way for an incoming recruit.

 photo JB_Teaser1_zps6qkyjfun.jpg

I liked the progressive romance between levelheaded, cautious Lucy and carefree, risk taker Matty. The two definitely have chemistry, and Matty is a dream—thoughtful and devoted, with skills in the bedroom. There’s a triangle, and although it’s not so much a love triangle, the rivalry between Matty and Ace, and their battle for Lucy’s devotion, creates some wonderful tension.

My main complaint is that I couldn’t understand why the coach forces Matty to get Ace to step aside. I get that it adds an extra element of conflict and I loved Coach Lowell’s villainous role, but the whole situation is unnecessary. Why doesn’t Coach just tell Ace he’s out? That’s his job, after all. The lack of logic took away from my enjoyment of the story. Fortunately, the interesting relationships between the characters help make up for this plot hole.

The antics of the Warriors players once again provide for lively entertainment, and I’m hoping Hammer will get his own book. Overall, this fun and spicy romance is another enjoyable addition to the series.

**ARC received in exchange for an honest review.**

Reading Frenzy Book Blog
March 31, 2017
3 worth-the-risk Stars

Category: A book released in 2016

Matty Iverson is what I like to call a “fucking gentleman”; he is vulgar, crass and downright naughty. He is also extremely generous, attentive and sweet. To give you an example, when Matty finds out the girl he’s crushing on (and we are talking pre-coitus here) is diabetic he not only calls his mother, who is a doctor, to ask what is healthy for her to eat but proceeds to go out and buy said items to stock in his fridge….

And while I have some quandaries about why Matty feels that the grown adult female with diabetes would need someone who is quite THAT attentive about her blood glucose levels and dietary requirements I can appreciate that someone who is unfamiliar with it would be super nervous and worried. He makes many unnecessary but entirely sweet gestures with regards to it.

Matty is one of my, admittedly many, kryptonites; I have always loved the look of men with dark hair and bright blue eyes. I have a friend who loves to tease me about this, actually, saying one day he’s going to dye his blonde hair black just to see me slack-jawed and drooling.

*Ahem* Anyways, this story was really cute and ridiculous. I did call the whole thing up front and there was definitely some unnecessary drama but it was still mostly adorable watching these two stumble into love with each other.

It’s mentioned in this story that names are powerful things and unfortunately, for me, “Matty” is not a nickname I have good experience with. I would likely have enjoyed this story a whole lot more if he had a different nickname. It’s funny how our brains link certain names to people and those particular people's behavioural traits.

As for who will be next? Personally I think we will get up close and personal with Hammer’s *snickers* hammer *snickers* in the next instalment of the Gridiron series.


Back in Chemistry 11 my teacher gave me some solid advise: Science {labs} can be tricky, so pick a partner you can count on.

For all she lives in the future, and all I live in the present, I think Dino-Jess is an excellent choice.

Buddy-read March 21st!


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February 11, 2016
Full review (co-written with my friend Michelle for After Dark Book Lovers).

Michelle: I love doing joint reviews with one or more of my shorties, so when this baby came up for review, Ivy suggested she and I do a buddy read since both she and I love reading [new adult] sports romances. This is part of Ms. Frederick’s Gridiron Series and most certainly can be read as a standalone. In Sacked, you got insta-love, and with Jock Blocked, you will get a slower burn, which is also good. So in essence, two different types of love stories, so that’s a plus.

Ivy: Yes, I loved the contrast between the two stories, and I adored that with Matty & Lucy’s slow burn, we really got a chance to see Matty and Lucy fall in love, and see their connection through their conversations, which are truly excellent. Ms. Frederick really knows her football and it shows.

Michelle: We’re back at Western University, yes Knox Matthews from Sacked, makes an appearance, they just won the National Championship. Matthew “Matty” Iverson has his eyes on the cute blonde who’s clicking her pen in full concentration.

Ivy: Lucy has some great layers to her, and her character arc is strong. She isn’t a Mary Sue, though I’ll admit, her fear of failure was exhausting at times.

Michelle: Yep, I loved Lucy from the very beginning. Her humorous inner monologue and her affinity to analyze things with risk assessments are just endearing. Lucy is a “play it safe” type of girl, so when Matthew asks her out on a date, it’s an automatic no. It was so funny to see how Matty handles the rejection, hell he just won the National Championship, he’s on top of the world with women literally throwing themselves and here is this hot beauty turning him down.

Ivy: When Matt has to pursue, that he has to work for it, was probably one of my favorite parts of the book. It’s because it didn’t happen instantaneously (though it’s clear he is attracted from the very beginning).

Michelle: I really enjoyed the hell out of this read, of course, Ivy, as always, staking a claim on Matty, uhm no Missy!

Ivy: *plugs her ears and sticks out her tongue* la la la, I can’t hear you. Matty’s definitely in my my stable of book boyfriends! Yeehaw!

Michelle: I also enjoyed how Ms. Frederick’s handled Lucy’s health issues, loved how Matty was always concerned about her health as well. I also like how both characters had faults and they owned up to it, I just wished Lucy wasn’t afraid of owning up to her potential.

Ivy: I thought her health concerns were definitely handled in a realistic manner, and honestly, it was a big part of why I want Matty in my stable :D He was so loving and caring, and I am a total sucker for that kind of protectiveness.

Michelle: I also didn’t like the situation with Matty and his Coach (who was a total asshole in my opinion). Overall, they overcame the obstacles without too much fanfare, so that’s a big plus, I don’t like when problems tend to drag in a storyline.

Ivy: I thought their disagreements were handled in a very grownup way, which is what I like to see. Just because they’re young adults doesn’t mean they have to be emotionally juvenile. They screwed up but they owned it, learned from it and moved on. The Coach/Ace subplot was frustrating and I thought they were both assholes. That said, even felt genuine and not just conflict for conflict’s sake.

Michelle: I cannot wait for the next installment in the Gridiron series. I am curious who’s book it will be this time. Maybe Ivy and I can fight for the next BBF.

Ivy: WE could…but I’ll win. :P

There you have it – this is Shorties approved! If you love new adult sports romances, check out Jock Blocked, on sale now.

– Michelle & Ivy
The Bottom Line
Everything I expect and more in a top-tier new adult sports romance. Definitely recommend.

**ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review**
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February 11, 2016
3.5 - "I think the reward of you is worth the risk." Stars!

Its Live
Amazon US -www.amazon.com/Jockblocked-Novel-Grid...
Amazon UK -www.amazon.co.uk/Jockblocked-Novel-Gr...
B&N -www.barnesandnoble.com/w/jockblocked-...

The second book in Jen Frederick's Gridiron series brings us back into contact with some favorite characters from the last book Sacked, and introduces us to a few new characters as well. Jockblocked gives us Matt Iverson’s story, and as you can guess being one of Western State Warriors most well-known players, he is also known for being a bit of a hit with the ladies!

One of my favorite tropes when it comes to romance set against the back-drop of College is the Man-whore to Man-of-your-dreams conversion, and Matty Iverson is a prime candidate for that sort of story, he was involved in the previous book Sacked most memorably for being a bit of a dawg, and tapping whatever was on offer, wherever it was available.

He’s like an Exxon Mobile disaster, spilling his pheromones all over the ocean of female good intentions.

One thing that you are always guaranteed with a book by Jen Frederick is that the characters have really great voices and inner monologues. And Jockblocked delivered up some seriously funny one liners from quite a few different sources. Lucy being the introvert to Matty’s very much extrovert character worked really well, and I loved that the slow-burn build between them built up great tension through the first half of the story.

"You look like a lot of effort, and I don’t think you’re a good risk."

So why only a 3.5 rating I hear you ask, and to be honest I can’t 100% put my finger on what it was that didn’t completely grab me about this book. I loved pretty much the whole story, and it was in no way a struggle to read, although I felt the second half of the book flowed better than the first. I think Jen did such a great job of building the tension between this pair through the earlier half that I almost wished they had got down and dirty a little quicker. I think this is more of a personal preference than actually anything against the story or writing itself.

"I like you… And your insistence on labeling me as risky does not make me like you any less."

There are a lot of side stories going on in this one as well, and again Jen managed to tie them all seamlessly together as the book progressed. I have to give a special mention to Hammer, the guy was an absolute hoot, and his little inclusions into Matt and Lucy’s story had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion.

All in all another really enjoyable read, and I am desperate for more books from the Western State Warriors, Jen has set the series up in such a way that it has the potential to run and run with each new batch of footballers that pass through the locker room doors. The other good thing is the fact that this book just like its predecessor can easily be read as a standalone as although a lot of the characters from Sacked pop up, Jockblocked is very much a self-contained story.

On a side note, I really hope at some point in the series, Coach gets his just-desserts as well, if you looked up douche in the dictionary, his picture would be right alongside the description!

It’s a crazy, exhilarating feeling and I seriously cannot get enough.

ARC generously provided by the author, and it was as it always is, my absolute pleasure to provide the above honest review.
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March 7, 2016

5 risk assessment of love stars

I don't have much to say without sounding boring as hell, so I will just state the fact that I love football, I love reading about sportmen, sportguys, whatever sport related...

and in that tone I lOVED this book.

It was funny, it was smart, with very intelligent dialogues and the characters weren't sappy or shitty or overly dramatic, they were truly assessing every situation as maturely possible and it was effin refreshing to read about someone like that.

As for the story and the characters: Matthew Iverson and Lucy Watson, I will make my closure with this quote alone:
Matty might have been my biggest risk, but he is sure as hell the best reward a girl could ever had.

and as for me, in short, there was NO risk in picking up this book to read since I LOVED the book 1 in the Gridiron series and I am looking forward to the next installment.

and the yards were won!!!

 photo d139b8e8-cf0f-4ac9-b814-3cc1b2347f8f_zpszjmvefyo.png

BR with Shan Bam

"Shan, what the fuck?
What kinda strategy is that?
Get out there! And win me some yards!!!!
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February 10, 2016





Lucy is busy with college. She loves her mock trial classes and studying. She loves having a plan and a pro and con list and risk assessments for everything.
That's why she only dates 'safe' guys. Other guys, hot, popular guys, would be too dangerous.
And especially hot, adorable and smart football players are strictly forbidden by her best childhood friend Ace. The quarterback isn't allowed to date her roommates, and she's not allowed to date his teammates.

But that pact was made before she met Matt Iverson.
He's such an adorable, flirty, fun and hot guy!
She shouldn't start anything with him. Because...RISKY!
But he doesn't stop showing up at the coffee place where she's working - and he hates coffee!!!
It's really hard to resist him - this will probably be the first time she has to break one of her promises and go against everything in her carefully planned life.

But does one-night stand expert Matty deserve that chance?
He wants to deserve it, but after he finds out that Lucy is best buddies with his QB, things take a turn for the worse..... Because Matt has been tasked with persuading Ace to change positions on the team - Coach has his eyes set on another up-and-coming Highschool QB susperstar!

Will the QB problem stop Matty & Lucy's love story before it even began??



I'm not telling you that of course...





This book was amazing!

Matty was already this hilarious background noise in SACKED, and he's even better now.
He's not your typical dumb jock. He's smart, he's good at school and he's such an adorable and funny flirt!
Lucy doesn't stand a chance!!!!


Even though it's totally unnatural for Matt to only want one girl for mor than a night, he wants Lucy. He could have every girl in a 1000 mile radius - he's a football star after all - but he wants her. Probably because she's not one of those always willing jersey chasers.... And it's sooo adorable to watch them. To watch Lucy try to resist Matty's charms ... he's so sweet with her. And the way he handles her health problems is adorable too! I loved those two together!

Also amazingly funny is Hammer - with those girl magazine colums he's writing!!! I loved him!
I really hope he'll be the star of the next book!!

Again, like with SACKED, I think, that a good editor could've cut a few pages of words out of the story - there was a bit too much about that Mock Trial stuff and a bit too much bla bla here and there...but I still loved Matty's story very much!!!!

JOCKBLOCKED was an amazingly adorable and funny and sexy romance! I loved watching them flirt and fight their way to their Happy Ever After!


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March 4, 2016
Book two of this series has Matty as the MMC and quarterback Ace's BFF, Lucy, as the FMC. However, a good bit of this book also focuses on Ace's position on the football team and in Lucy's life.

I can't say that the book was horrible in any specific way. My lack of enjoyment here is mainly due to pacing and a lack of ebb and flow to the plot lines.

Basically, I was bored. This book is 75% talk and 25% doing. Entirely too much time spent in their heads. Entirely too much time going back and forth over risk scenarios.

There are times that the romance is very sweet and cute & I was interested in how Ace's position on the football team would work out. BUT, overall, I barely managed to hold my eyes open through much of this lackluster plot.

I also am not thrilled with the HFN ending, which 1) did not really progress and stabilize the MC's romantic relationship and 2) left me feeling like the Ace-Lucy friendship plot line was much ado about nothing and left kinda like a shoulder shrug.

At the end of the book, the author poses the question to readers whether Ace should be redeemed. I personally DGAF where Ace goes or who's wick his dipping his schtik. He's the epitome of a tool.
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