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Magic Tree House #3

Mummies in the Morning

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Jack and Annie don't need another mummy. But that's what they get when the Magic Tree House whisks them back to ancient Egypt. There they meet a long-dead queen who needs their help. Will Jack and Annie be able to solve the puzzle, or will they end up as mummies themselves?

65 pages, Paperback

First published August 24, 1993

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Sal Murdocca

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Author 2 books23 followers
June 10, 2021
These books are like single bites of Twinkie - fluffy and insubsantial, and you hardly notice them go down. Because of that, I haven't bothered with reviews for the first two, but I'm feeling the need to point something out now with the third. This was an issue with the first two, but it's becoming increasingly egregious with this one: Osborne is kind of out-of-control with her sentence fragments.

Look at this two-page stretch as an example:
from Mummies in the Morning

I count seven sentence fragments in this short passage:

All the way through the winding hallway.
Down, down, down.
And another...
Over the sand.
Like a bird's nest.
Then Jack.
The same sound they had heard in the pyramid.

Now, to be clear, I don't think there's anything wrong with using the occasional fragment. But Osborne's fragments aren't occasional; they're practically the rule.

It reminds me of this scene from Finding Forrester when they're discussing starting sentences with conjunctions; you can do it sometimes to make something stand out, but don't do it too much or your writing will look sloppy and amateur.

Anyway, it's an okay book in an okay series, even if they're all carbon-copy duplicates; they're all fine little Twinkie bites. But those sentence fragments are starting to annoy. I may have to switch to Ho-Ho's.

(Review first appeared on my website here.)
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18 reviews1 follower
September 24, 2008
This is an adventure book. My favorite part is when the torches went out and the doors shut. And the black cat had to lead them out. It took me THREE MINUTES to read this book. I read it at school. It seemed like three minutes, because it was a really short book. They just went to the pyramid and went into a sloping hallway and then it got flat and someone passed by. And then they met this ghost queen. And then they had to show her the way to get to the next life. Then Annie went down to a false passageway and then this black cat had to show them the way out.

I like Magic Tree House books. That's it, please. Don't have my brain think anymore.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Kim.
60 reviews15 followers
April 30, 2015
This book was a very quick read. I really like the Ancient Egypt aspect of this book and the fact that there was hieroglyphics all over the pyramid. I was skiiming this book and it made me realize how intriguing it can be to read this series. This series always makes me curious about what will happen next.
One of the parts that stood out to me was when the ghost queen was gone after they found the ancient book.
Even though this is a childrens book, it still has that element of surprise, suspense and adventure.
I would have to agree with all of my other books in this series about how it was an okay read to me as a high-schooler.
Profile Image for Pallavi.
912 reviews165 followers
March 2, 2021

This one had some interesting facts that even I had not known. Here Jack and Annie are visiting Egypt and especially Pyramids. It was a very interesting read.

Initially I thought that my kid might not digest so much of information on Egypt, Pyramids, Mummies etc but he took it in very well and looks like he already knew few things about mummies through TV shows 👍

Happy Reading!!
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Author 6 books1,804 followers
June 26, 2016
I finished this one a month ago on my last day of my tutoring job but forgot to post a review. I read this as a kid but barely remembered it. Honestly, this was a really good little book. Reading this as an adult, I liked it a lot more than the previous two books. The writing seemed to flow smoother.

2,269 reviews5 followers
April 30, 2009
First of all, the cover is kind of scary looking, in my opinion. Also, in the book there was a rather gruesome description of a mummy which I thought went above the target age of the book.

Jack and Annie travel to Egypt, go inside an pyramid and meet a ghost queen. They help her find her way to the afterlife. I wasn't crazy about them meeting a ghost, since this book is supposed to teach history, but oh well.

Hate the way the author uses sentence fragments constantly. Is annoying.
Profile Image for Eva.
45 reviews
January 25, 2016
"I liked this book because it was very interesting and super creative." - Eva, 8 years old
Profile Image for Heather.
64 reviews15 followers
January 15, 2022
5 Stars ⭐️
The nostalgia was real! This series is what made me fall in love with reading 🥺
Profile Image for Bookishrealm.
1,781 reviews4,501 followers
November 13, 2019
This was another cute installment in the Magic Tree House series which takes place in ancient Egypt and I feel love any book with Egyptian themes. I definitely was intrigued by the mummy ghost and why she needed their help. Once again we also see the appearance of something that belongs to "M" so I'm hoping that in the next few installments we figure out who that is. I'll be doing a full review of this one soon.
Profile Image for Mr. Cody.
1,401 reviews23 followers
February 9, 2022
Super fun way to get kids exposed to ancient Egypt. Lots of good vocabulary words too: mirage, hieroglyphics, scepter, etc. (Jack’s a wuss).
December 23, 2022
i read this back in first grade and absolutely loved it. i had bought a copy of it so i could read it whenever i wanted. this was always my favorite Magic Treehouse book, and i still find myself sitting next to the bookcase rereading it like i’m six years old again. it brings back so much nostalgia. definitely a 5/5 children’s book.
Profile Image for Rykki.
208 reviews7 followers
October 28, 2012
This is the third book in the series, and I have to say it's an improvement over the other two, but not much. The story isn't as flat and bland as the previous two. They discover hieroglyphics and learn about translating them. They solve a small puzzle. All-in-all I think my five-year-old would be more interested in this one than the last two, so I might have to try reading it with him. I think my almost-three-year-old would probably really enjoy this one because it will give him a whole new place to play pretend. To him it's like Backyardigans in book form.

This story actually had a little bit more memorable stuff, but it might be a little scarier for timid kids. Nothing seems to scare my kids so I'm not too worried about that one. The "adventure" is actually a bit more of an adventure as they face a ghost and have a puzzle to solve, then get stuck in one of the traps in the tomb. It's an improvement on the other books, that's for sure.

On a history level it's still pretty vague, but it's got more to offer than the previous two books. They give an understanding that mummies are the burial process as well as some information about tombs and all that. I think this is perhaps the most educational of the series thus far.
17 reviews2 followers
January 10, 2014
"Mummmies in the Morning" was an okay book in this series. It was not my favorite one. This book starts off when Jack and Annie are in the treehouse and pick a book about Ancient Egypt. Right as they are about to start their adventure a black cat appears in the treehouse. When they get to the pyramid in Egypt the black cat takes them inside the pyramid. Inside they find a mummy who needs the Book of the Dead so she can go to her next life. Jack and Anne find the book and the magic septer and give it to the mummy. The black cat then leads them out of the pyramid and they arrive back home.

The main characters in the book are Jack and Annie. Jack and Annie are siblings. This is the third adventure they have been on togeather. There is also a mummy in this story. The mummy gets help from Jack and Annie.

The setting of the story starts off in the magic treehouse in Frog Creek and then moves to a pyramid in Egypt. The time period is during Ancient times.

The theme of this book I beleive is helping others. Jack and Annie help the mummy find the Book of the Dead so she can rest in peace. It shows children that it is good to help others.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is just starting to read chapter books. This book is fun to read and also teaches children a good lesson.
Profile Image for Lauren Talley.
5 reviews1 follower
December 3, 2021
Really enjoyed this book. Osborne does a good job of mixing a kid oriented history with a whimsical plot, although I wish the historical parts were a little less vague. Overall though this was a big improvement from the first two books that were a bit lackluster. I did wish that the ghost "Queen of the Nile" Hutepi had been a little more historically accurate (she made up the name when she could have grounded the book to an actual historical figure). I am a bit biased in my review as I recall originally reading this as a kid and it sparking an interest in ancient Egypt, so I do have fond memories of this book.
Profile Image for Blake.
30 reviews4 followers
February 18, 2015

“Mummies in the Morning” is the third book in Mary Pope Osborne's Magic Tree House chapter book series. This book is probably one of my favorites in the series because this book stretches farther than just the main idea of all the other books in the series.

The book started out just like the others, Jack and Annie went into the Frog Creek woods to the tree house. This time Jack wished to go back in time to ancient Egypt to see the pyramids. When the tree house stopped spinning, Jack and Annie looked out the window and saw a big parade with a golden coffin and a cat running toward the pyramid. Annie decided to follow the parade to try to sneak a peak of the mummy, but when she got down there the parade of people vanished. The only thing left was the black cat, which was staring at them from the base of the pyramid. Jack and Annie followed the cat into a hole in the pyramid wall. Jack and Annie walked to the middle of the pyramid where the tomb of the mummy was located. Jack was terrified when they ran into a ghost queen who asked them for help finding the Book of the Dead. The Book of the Dead would help her pass through the Underworld and onto her next life. Jack and Annie described the hieroglyphs to her so she can tell them where the book was hidden. After they found the book, they took the scroll to the ghost queen’s sarcophagus. Annie ran out after she saw the rotting body and got lost in the pyramid. Jack ran after her and soon they realized they were trapped inside the tomb. The black cat helped them find their way out and back to the tree house. Jack and Annie wished to go home. The tree house spun for a moment, and then they returned back to the Frog Creek Woods.

The two main characters in the book were Jack and Annie. Jack was more of the thinker of the two and was always looking out for his little sister Annie. Annie was more of the adventurous type and was always getting into things and/or chasing things. They always solved the problems they got into together with great teamwork.

The book began in Jack and Annie’s house, then progressed to the Magic Tree House in the Frog Creek Woods. After they wished to go to Egypt, they arrived there. The rest of the book took place in the pyramid as Jack and Annie explored it. In the end, they were back home in Frog Creek, Pennsylvania.

The theme or moral of the story would be that people should always trust their first instinct or gut feeling. One time Jack wanted to go home on the safe route and Annie got side tracked and took them off of their course, which made them get lost. In return to find their way out there were two paths and they went with Jack’s gut feeling.

I would recommend this book to about a third grader or older. It was a very easy read and is an interesting short story about ancient Egypt. I would rate it a five out of five because it was really fun to read and kept me interested.
14 reviews
December 12, 2013
I didn't care for "Mummies in the Morning" by Mary Pope Osborne, because I didn't like the place they traveled to. Jack and his sister Annie went to the magic tree house and when they got there all the books were thrown every where. When they were cleaning up they saw a shadow behind Jack. The shadow disappeared and they were really creeped out. Jack and Annie time traveled to the dinosaur era. They were looking for four items for Daisy. They didn't want to stay in the dinosaur era, because it was dangerous. They seen a cat and the cat stole the book. The cat pointed at the egypitan page in the book so that's where they went. When they got there the cat started running towards the pyramids. Jack and Annie followed the cat into the pyramid and they saw the shadow. When they were in the pyramid they seen the shadow that seen earlier. The shadow went to hell and he wanted help to go heaven.

Annie and Jack adventurous siblings. Jack is around eight years old and Annie is seven years old. They are very close siblings. Annie is more talkative and Jack is a researcher.

The story takes place in ancient Eygypt. The setting is important to the story because that's where the find the three objects they're looking for. The time period is important because there was pyramids and a simese cat.

The main theme is about adventure and completing a job that was given to them. Jack and Annie successfully found all the items they were asked to find.

I would recommend this book to younger kids. Both boys and girls would like this because of the adventure in the story.

Profile Image for Sita_belen.
245 reviews28 followers
October 12, 2019
38/40 Reto de lectura para mis alumnos

Para ser el último ha estado muy bien. Aventuras, pistas, intriga, miedo, Egipto, momias, fantasmas... todo lo que a un niño le puede gustar.

Al final he preparado un lote de 42 libros para el reto de lectura de mi clase. Pero hay 4 que no están en Goodreads y no he podido calificar.

Hay libros para todos los gustos y mis alumnos están deseando empezar el reto, los he motivado mucho con pequeñas recompensas cada 5 libros leídos, además de pequeños test de comprensión lectora que me servirán para evaluar esta parte de la asignatura.

Espero que disfruten mucho de esta actividad.
Profile Image for Amanda.
51 reviews
February 5, 2014
I am a second grade teacher and I was looking in our literacy library for some new selections to use with my 5 reading groups. I saw this as an option for one of my groups to read during guided reading and I was so excited! My students love this series and one of my students came up to me after finishing and said he'd never heard of the series before but now he wants to read the whole series.
I really enjoy the way that Jack and Annie go on adventures and teach kids about different cultures and places around the world.
Profile Image for Charity (Booktrovert Reader).
402 reviews33 followers
April 20, 2022
Love my review? Follow me on Goodreads, Instagram or my Blog to see my full book reviews!

So basically, Jack and Annie went back in time to Egypt through the Magic Tree House. They arrived as a funeral was happening and they followed that in into the pyramid. Why? Because they are hoping to see a mummy. As they were navigating the tunnels, they met an Egyptian spirit that is asking them to set her free. So, they go on that adventure and get close to be stuck in the tunnels forever.

Really cute and not overly complicated read. They find out more about the mysterious M who could be the owner of the Magic Tree House.
Profile Image for Amanda.
598 reviews92 followers
April 15, 2021
I realize this is a series about a magic treehouse that transports kids to other times. I realize it’s fantasy. HOWEVER. A ghost queen? A ghost ship dialing bin the sand? This was a step too far. Nora enjoyed it, though she’s very eager to move forward to pirates and ninjas.
Profile Image for Colby Prince.
12 reviews
August 30, 2020
My favorite character was the mummy queen. My favorite part was when they found the book of the dead. I gave it five stars because it was a little scary and cool
Profile Image for Kyrie Beckman.
89 reviews
February 9, 2022
"My favorite part was when they saw the M at the end. I really want to know who M is."
"I like both Annie and Jack."

-Kodi Jo
Profile Image for Megi.
90 reviews
July 20, 2022
I had this book for years and never wanted to read it but it was cute. Also, Annie needs to learn to keep her mouth shut 🙂
22 reviews
December 4, 2015
Title: Mummies in the Morning
Author: Mary Pope Osborne
Illustrator: Sal Murdocca
Genre: Historic (realistic) fiction
Theme(s): Cooperation, teamwork, ancient civilizations, friendship
Opening line/sentence: “’It’s still here,’ said Jack.”
Brief Book Summary: After Jack and Annie find themselves in ancient Egypt, they must help a ghostly Egyptian queen find her Book of the Dead so she can go on to her Next Life. As the story progresses, Jack and Annie partake on a journey filled with magic, mystery and history.
Professional Recommendation/Review #1: "This will be welcomed by beginning readers making the transition to chapter books."--Booklist
Professional Recommendation/Review #2: School Library Journal 1- Gr 4-- In this sequel to Dinosaurs before Dark (1992) and The Knight at Dawn (1993), Jack and Annie return to the mysterious, book-filled tree house that transports them through time and space. For this adventure, they select a story on Ancient Egypt and travel back to the pyramid of Queen Hutepi, who needs help finding her copy of the Book of the Dead for a journey through the underworld. This story, like most series books, is heavy on suspense and light on character development, but is distinguished by the intriguing details of Ancient Egyptian life and burial customs. Even the overused theme of reading allowing one to travel anywhere works well here. Some foreshadowing (clues about the mysterious owner of the tree house, who leaves souvenirs marked with the letter M) and a hint about the pair's next destination add to the appeal.-- Kay Weisman
Response to Two Professional Reviews: I definitely agree with the first review in that this book is a perfect transitional chapter book for readers ready to make the switch to chapter books. With a heavy incorporation of illustrations throughout the text, this book is not intimidating for a young, developing reader. I also really enjoy the interesting facts and details about Ancient Egypt spread throughout the book, making this an interesting yet engaging read.
Evaluation of Literary Elements: First off, I absolutely loved the incorporation of pictures throughout this novel. What really struck me was the various sized pictures used. Some pages were entirely covered in color and detailed illustrations, while other pages had a two-page display of a picture with text on it. I found this technique used by Sal Murdocca to be very engaging and unique.
Consideration of Instructional Application: This book could be a perfect tie in to a unit about ancient Egypt. The pages at the end of the book are filled with facts about mummies and pyramids, which can be very informative for students. I think this book would be beneficial in a 3rd-5th grade classroom.
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