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Intuition #3

Fatal Intuition

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Erin Ericsson joined the FBI for a fresh start, but leaving Morley Falls was the hardest thing she's ever done. She can't escape her past, not when it comes back with a vengeance, wreaking havoc across a half dozen states.

Allie was sure she had her gift under control, thought she'd finally settled into the life she wanted. The ominous cloud on the horizon tells her otherwise. A malevolent storm is building, and all she loves is directly in its path.

Will their family pay the ultimate price?
"Suspenseful" "Intense" "Exhilarating"

Fatal Intuition is the third novel in the Intuition Series, from award-winning author Makenzi Fisk

240 pages, ebook

First published October 1, 2015

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About the author

Makenzi Fisk

4 books19 followers
Makenzi Fisk grew up in Atikokan, a small town in Northwestern Ontario. She spent much of her youth outdoors, surrounded by the rugged landscape of the Canadian Shield. Moving west, she became a police officer with patrol, communications and forensic experience before transitioning to graphic design. She now works for herself.

Her first novel, Just Intuition, earned her the award for Debut Author in the 2015 Golden Crown Literary Society Awards. Just Intuition was also a Mystery/Thriller Finalist in the 2015 Golden Crown Literary Awards and the 2014 Rainbow Awards. She is a member of ARWA, and GCLS.

Just Intuition published May 2014
Burning Intuition published January 2015
Fatal Intuition published fall 2015

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Profile Image for Diane Wallace.
1,132 reviews56 followers
October 13, 2017
Great series! nice 3rd installment.. tense isn't the word i would used in this case but high-strung and nervous with the twists & turns of all the actions going on in this psychotic chiller and mystery of a story and plotline that keep us coming back for more. Good relationship and chemistry with everyone involve in this storyline..nice ending ..recommend
Profile Image for Leslie.
135 reviews
January 16, 2018
On the edge of my seat. This book was hard to put down. A great final instalment to the Intuition series.
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1,634 reviews4 followers
January 6, 2017
​Fatal Intuition -- Makenzi Fisk (32 chapters) Jan. 4-5, 2017

Ever read a book series, and you know you want to read it, but you know there are going to be uncomfortable parts in it? And you totter between reading it, but not wanting to read it, because of those uncomfortable parts?

That's is exactly how this book series is for me. I love the main protagonists, and their supporting characters...but I loathe the bad, evil antagonists...and want to see them go down !

I read the first two books in this series, and like those, I found myself hesitantly hooked on this story. The bad people are so bad, that I want to take them out myself! Immediately!

The parts that were uncomfortable surround a very nasty, sick girl and the evil that she invokes. It's uncomfortable for me, because it's hard for me to understand how a child so young could be so evil...and how she came to be that way at such an young age.

This third book in the series continues with Erin taking FBI training; Lily locked up in Canada, and Allie having weird smoke "dreams". I honestly never thought I would still be hooked on this story since it involves a peace officer and a character that has "intuitions" that go beyond normal. But this whole story/series is unqiue in that it really did wrap me up in the plot and then bashed me over the head with it's crime. It's not a traditional "paranormal" story. There is some real guts and gory and sickness that is displayed with the bad guys. And it's written so well that I could not help but get caught up in it.

This author continues to amaze me with an incredible story line that keeps going when you think it will just stop. She keeps evolving the characters, and even when I think it can't get better, it does. She has developed this story so well that it feels layered to me. The story is fresh with every new development. I'm locked into the plot. The chapters are perfectly timed, and end at the right moments. Picking the story up after a stop is easy and I don't feel lost if I am away from it for awhile.

I'm not sure if this series is over or not, but, despite the uncomfortableness of some parts of the story, I am truly a fan of this author and will definitely be following her.

Four stars.
Profile Image for Makenzi Fisk.
Author 4 books19 followers
October 24, 2016
Reviewed By Susan Sewell for Readers’ Favorite

Fatal Intuition by Makenzi Fisk is an amazing thriller novel about the horror caused by a psychopathic teen. Erin has left the police force in Morley Falls and is now in training for the FBI. Ever since Lily stabbed her, Allie's ability to feel Lily's emotions and see into Lily's mind has increased. Although Lily is in Juvenile Detention in Canada and far away from Minnesota, the darkness that emanates from her is assaulting Allie's senses. To increase her anxiety, Lily keeps sending Allie physical reminders that she hasn't forgotten her and is coming for Allie as soon as she is released next year. Then the unthinkable happens, the evil is unleashed and in its wake bodies are being found over the northern states between Utah and Canada. Erin has joined the FBI in their hunt to stop it. Allie feels the darkness approaching and realizes that she and her loved ones are at risk. Erin is far away, working with the FBI, unable to be there to protect them and unable to find concrete proof that the danger is heading towards her own home. Will Allie's gift be enough to keep her and those that she loves safe? Will Erin make it home in time to save them?

Lily is back! Makenzi Fisk has done it again! Fatal Intuition by Makenzi Fisk is the outstanding third book of the Intuition series. Here is another spine-chilling thriller with Lily, Allie, and Erin! Lily once again wreaks havoc in the innocent lives of others. Once I picked up the book, I was compelled to finish reading it before I could put it down. It combines all the characters and plots from the first two books and brings it to a nice conclusion, giving the reader closure. The plot thickens until the grand finale and a surprise ending. The novel was awesome. I am so glad that I was able to read it. It brought closure the way an excellently written book should. This is a story filled with suspense and violence. I recommend it to anyone who loves a spine-chilling thriller and for readers of LGBT fiction. Due to the violence, this book is more suitable for a mature reader.
Profile Image for Loek Krancher.
1,029 reviews50 followers
October 8, 2015
Awesome, terrific, smashing. You name it!

OMG, the tension was immense and it started right from the beginning of the story and it grabs me right away. Just like the two previous parts, this has so many twists and turns, all the way to the end. I love the paranormal aspects of this series, I love Allie and Erin, the kids and the pets. Allie and Erin are a couple but it's not about their love life. It revolves around a girl, a young serial killer, a freaking antagonist and an evil young man. The story is very well built. Every time you think, this is it and then again something unexpected happens. I read this sitting on the edge of my chair, with a dry mouth and holding my breath. The end made me happy and I hope that there will be a fourth book. I highly recommend this to everyone because it is such a terrific thrilling story.
Displaying 1 - 5 of 5 reviews

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