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Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas

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‘Hey there guys. Would you like a banana?’
‘What’s wrong with you, Brian? You’re a piranha.’

Brian loves bananas. Trouble is, Brian’s a piranha. And his friends aren’t happy about his fondness for fruit...

24 pages, Hardcover

First published September 1, 2015

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About the author

Aaron Blabey

146 books686 followers
Aaron is an Australian author of children's books and artist who until the mid-2000s was also an actor. His award winning picture books include Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley, The Ghost of Miss Annabel Spoon and the best-selling Pig the Pug.

In the field of acting, he is probably best known for his lead roles in two television dramedies, 1994's The Damnation of Harvey McHugh, for which he won an Australian Film Institute Award, and 2003's CrashBurn, before retiring from performance in 2005.

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Profile Image for Karina.
851 reviews
January 5, 2020
Read it in Spanish-- it was translated in the Spanish Spain which was interesting for me.

This was a pretty looking illustrated story. A piranha who introduces the other piranhas to fruits but they say they only like toes, knees, and butts to bite on even when they try the fruit.

The beginning of the story had an introduction with the definition the word piranha and it said they only eat mean kids, accountants, kids that dance ballet, nice kids and so on so that was funny...
Profile Image for Carrie .
987 reviews468 followers
October 7, 2020
Children will find this book silly and parents might be able to use this to get children to eat healthy food.
Profile Image for Scottsdale Public Library.
3,282 reviews265 followers
August 24, 2019
Who knew a piranha could be cute? Brian's not your typical piranha. He's actually adorable and loves fruit. Can he convince his friends that fruit and veggies are the way to go? You'll have to read this wonderful book with bright illustrations and...yes...cute piranhas to find out. - Jen K.
Profile Image for La Coccinelle.
2,251 reviews3,563 followers
December 18, 2020
Poor Brian. Life's not easy when you're a frugivore... and a piranha. In funny rhyme, Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas details a conversation between Brian and his friends as he tries to convince them that fruit is awesome... and they try to remind him that body parts are delicious.

I first encountered Aaron Blabey's work in The Bad Guys series of chapter books, which also feature a piranha. But I loved seeing these fish in full colour. Kids will love the silly rhymes, and there's plenty of bum talk (without getting too crass).

Overall, this was a pleasant surprise. If you're looking for amusing picture books in rhyme, you might want to check this one out. (As a bonus, you might learn a little something about piranhas and bananas, too!)

Quotable moment:

Profile Image for Amanda.
3,782 reviews33 followers
August 23, 2019
One of my co-workers brought this over to me to read when I was super-sad, and she shoved it into my hands, and said, "Read this." I giggled. The bum made me giggle. Thank you Blabey for cheering me up during a tough time in my life. And thank you, Amanda R. for being there.
Profile Image for Abigail.
7,174 reviews187 followers
July 6, 2019
Brian the piranha exasperates his fellow fish to no end in this amusing picture-book from Australian author/artist Aaron Blabey. While they are meat-eaters, Brian loves fruit, and continually offers it to his peers, who become more and more irate. Will our piscine hero ever convince them to give his favorite foods a try?

With a rhyming text that is fun and giggle-inducing - "We don't eat apples! / We don't eat beans! / We don't eat veggies! / We don't eat green! / We don't eat melons! / We don't eat bananas! / And the reason is simple, pal. / We are piranhas!" - and bright, colorful artwork created in acrylic, Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas is another entertaining picture-book romp from Blabey. It would make an excellent read-aloud selection at story-hour. Recommended to Blabey fans, and to anyone seeking silly stories for young children.
Profile Image for Mid-Continent Public Library.
591 reviews195 followers
April 23, 2020
Piranhas don’t eat bananas; it says so right on the front of this book! But Brian’s friends are frustrated when there are a perfectly good pair of feet dangling in the water and all he keeps talking about are silverbeets. Silly and full of unexpected rhymes, Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas will surely have everyone giggling by the end. Enjoy this Missouri 2020 Building Block Nominee by checking out a copy on Mymcpl.org or searching for it on Overdrive! – Reviewed by Stephanie at MCPL Reading Rocket
Profile Image for Abby Johnson.
3,373 reviews319 followers
August 12, 2019
Pronounce bananas ba-NAH-nahs for the rhymes to work in this Australian import and you will have young listeners rolling on the floor as a piranha tries to convince his fellow piranhas to try foods other than gnawing on humans. Laugh-out-loud funny and I'd expect nothing less from Aaron Blabey (author of the Bad Guys series, among others).
Profile Image for Sita_belen.
268 reviews36 followers
August 22, 2020
Este libro también nos acompaña a mi gordi y a mi antes de cerrar los ojos. Ha sido un préstamo por parte de sus primos y es su favorito esta semana junto con Life on Mars.

Trata de una piraña llamada Bruno a la que le encanta la fruta e intenta convencer a sus amigas pirañas a que también las coman. Ellas las prueban pero... ya sabéis, son pirañas.
En cada página hay un juego de palabras donde rima una fruta o verdura que Bruno quiere que sus amigas coman con una parte del cuerpo que prefieren comer ellas.

A mi hija le chifla, además, le doy pellizquitos con la mano en la parte del cuerpo que dicen las pirañas y ella se monda de risa.

Lo negativo que le veo al libro es que creo que quiere promover el que los niños prueben y coman más fruta y verdura... pero lo cierto es que el libro convencer, no convence nada. Pero no deja de ser divertido y de gustar a los peques que es lo que interesa de verdad, que le gusten los libros.
Profile Image for Jo.
988 reviews26 followers
August 11, 2019
As a New Zealander its hard for me to admit this, but my favorite children's author is an Australian. I know its shocking. But as I tell customers who come in and ultimately purchase one of his books. Aaron Blabey is just to talented to ignore. My favorite book is definitely Piranhas don't eat bananas, at the end of every story time I have to read it and every time I get the giggles. If you haven't discovered this wonderful book check it out.

Profile Image for Katelyn Marie.
172 reviews2 followers
February 29, 2020
This book was a win win with the kids and the adults!!! Highly recommended for any storytime!!
Profile Image for Brianna.
199 reviews
July 6, 2022
Hilarious. Love that it's all told in dialogue. Also very informative as I was not previously aware that piranhas don't eat bananas.
Profile Image for Grace Huey.
69 reviews1 follower
February 11, 2020
Grace says she likes the part where they eat the person’s bum!

Hard word(s), no help needed: piranha, serious
Hard word(s), help needed: platter, silverbeets
Profile Image for Michele.
1,288 reviews
March 3, 2020
My preschoolers giggled and thought it was hilarious. You can’t get a better recommendation than that.
Profile Image for Sonja.
509 reviews1 follower
April 13, 2021
Cute book. Fun illustrations and it made me laugh!
Profile Image for Ellyn   → Allonsythornraxx.
1,219 reviews130 followers
May 20, 2021
The artwork was so quirky, I loved it! A super quick read but lots of fun! The kid I was reading with couldn't stop laughing!
Profile Image for Moonkiszt.
2,168 reviews214 followers
December 24, 2021
Featured in a grandma reads session.

Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!!!! Piranas don't eat bananas. . . . .they eat YOU!!! Yikes!

so once we got over that laugh, it was about preferences and how we aren't piranas and can make healthy choices for us. . . .the littler the kid, the more this was an AWESOME book!!!
Displaying 1 - 30 of 246 reviews

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