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The Hell Within Me

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Not your average poetry. These are stories—stories from the heart and soul.

The Hell Within Me is a collection of extremely emotional and heartfelt poetry that many can relate to.

The contradictions and play on words bring new life to the stanzas as they leap off the pages and tug at your emotions.

127 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 11, 2015

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C.B. Roberts

6 books54 followers

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Profile Image for Nicole Garcia.
Author 60 books357 followers
September 14, 2015
Heartstring pulling, gut-wrenching, and absolutely beautiful!!

Where do I begin? Let me just say that I have been a lover of books since I was a child, but my first love has always been poetry since I started reading it as a teenager. So, when I heard about this book, I simply just had to have it. It was everything I expected it to be and so much more. I devoured the entire book in 20 minutes. There are so many complex emotions in one stanza alone that would fulfill any avid poetry reader's expectations. C.B. talks about love that is chaotic yet calming, destructive yet hopeful, and love that is both dark and light. Love you give up, yet you can't live without. A love so strong it hurts. I had quite a few favorite poems in this book. Craving, I Want You, Inception, Missing You, Obsession, Open Your Eyes, and Words. But, my absolute favorite was Dreams. The thought of being with the one you love only in your dreams is so utterly heartbreaking, but breathtakingly beautiful at the same time.
I will be reading this book over and over. It is something I will never tire of. C.B. has written his way into my heart and you will feel the same when you read his work.
Profile Image for Lisa Miller.
97 reviews15 followers
February 8, 2017
The Hell Within Me is a collection of poetry written by modern day poet, C.b. Roberts.

I’m going to be honest. Some of them are hard to read. Some will rip your heart out and stomp it into the ground. The emotional toll they will have on your entire being is pretty heavy. They are completely unlike the majority of the stuff that people are calling poetry today. These are stories—stories from the heart and soul. They have a beginning, a middle, and an end. They have rhythm, cadence, and they flow like a well-oiled machine. Completely relatable to love and loss in every way. The author’s use of contradictions is exciting and thought provoking. Paradoxical stanzas strung together will leave you wondering if the answer is yes, no, or maybe. There’s hope, fear, rejection, pride, heartbreak, desperation, longing, and even a little humor and irony. I love them all, but especially If I Had Known. 5 Stars!
Profile Image for Anita.
194 reviews4 followers
September 18, 2015

I 100% believe that anyone who picks up this book to read will love it. How could they not? CB Roberts has an uncanny ability to reach into someone's heart and soul with just one stanza. When he puts words on paper something magical and amazing happens. It's a beautiful thing to see. The collection of poems CB chose to share gives readers some insight into the kind of person he is, how important words truly are to the man, and his obvious need to share his love of those words with others. It's no wonder my favourite poem in the book is "Words". Well done CB Roberts and I can't wait for what you come up with next.
Profile Image for Diane Freeze O'Bryan.
101 reviews1 follower
September 14, 2015
Oh my goodness!

I have NEVER read my life story in a book of shattered dreams as I just have in this book of Poetry! C.b. Roberts just went right into my very soul and exposed all my feelings I have for my ex husband! I have cried for the first time over our lost love! I also feel like thanks to C. B. I can now let go and maybe let someone else love me they way I loved him!
I have not dated in 5 years because as C. B. Made me see, it's forgiving myself I need to do! Just wow! How could he, (a man I've never met) reach into my soul and put my feelings into words? Absolutely amazing!
September 16, 2015
CB Roberts' poetry speaks to my heart, it grasps my soul, and shakes it violently. It feels as if CB has been in my head for the last 15 years. As if he has seen my pain, felt my agony, and has known the hell within me.
I recommend this book to everyone. It is a must read...
Kat McDonald
Profile Image for Amy Garrett.
Author 6 books10 followers
September 14, 2015

So well versed and heartfelt. It's like his soul was the ink flowing through the pen writing the words! Reading this makes me want to take up writing poetry again!
17 reviews2 followers
November 1, 2021

I chose this rating because this poetry makes me feel emotions I leave dormant. It takes a lot to make me feel a poem, a book, or a song. When I say feel, I'm taking about actually feeling the words, to the point you shed a tear of sadness. Yes, I did on several of these. Well worth the read, well worth the time!
Profile Image for Kathie.
8 reviews
September 18, 2015
Poetry is not one of my favorite things to read.... but just one stanza of one poem from 'The Hell Within Me' was enough to grab my attention. Heart wrenching 'songs' of lost love, one sided love and the fear of love has me still going through the poems and reading again and again. Beautifully written, this collection has already gotten into my heart.
5 stars!!
Profile Image for Xtina Marie.
Author 33 books110 followers
October 28, 2015
 photo review34_zps1vemhysn.jpg

TITLE: The Hell Within Me
AUTHOR: C.b. Roberts
GENRE: Poetry
RELEASE Date: September 11, 2015
MY RATING: 5 stars

Wow! This. Have you ever read something that just touched you so very much- spoke to your soul so very personally, that you think to yourself, wow- my pain and tears and blood- they are not alone in this? Someone else has felt this pain, someone else has been there. There were lines where I actually clutched my chest, feeling the pain. Such beautiful and tormented words. I hung on each and every one of them.

 photo cbedit5_zpsbr1cfb4d.jpg

 photo cbedit9_zpshjngt12f.jpg

 photo cbedit12_zpsa2uvgfng.jpg
Profile Image for Ember Shane.
Author 3 books94 followers
December 25, 2015
I don't read very much poetry, but this book came highly recommended to me. The Hell Within Me is packed with poetry of anguish and heartbreak. It's nicely done. The imagery and verbiage were appealing in that heartbreaking kind of way. Five stars! Some of my favorite passages:

"From ashes I came
To ashes, I'll return.
But tonight I'm content
To sit here and burn."
(From the poem, Burn)

"It was only love,
It only drove me to my knees.
Rendering me hopeless
Like an incurable disease."
(From the poem, Just)
Profile Image for Susan.
366 reviews2 followers
September 19, 2015
OMG! I've never been much of a poetry fan, but CB's poems are powerful and there are some in this book I will read over and over again!
Profile Image for Samantha Ro.
2 reviews
September 20, 2017
My god. How he's peeled my heart out my chest, bright red blood cresting from an aorta no longer connected and splashed it upon the page I will never know. This book of poetry is so real you will FEEL your soul connect with the loss, pain and agony within these pages. It will reveal sides to you that you don't remember after a loss you can't forget.

He speaks words of the heart on the page. Brava C.B. Bravisima
Profile Image for Anya Kelleye.
28 reviews10 followers
September 11, 2016
Amazing poetry by a new writer. It grabs at your heartstrings and just keeps pulling. The turmoil is real and raw. You want to keep flipping the page, wanting more.

Can't wait to see more by this author.
Profile Image for Amy.
163 reviews
August 11, 2016
You start reading the poems in this book & you're sucked into the emotion that flowed so freely through the ink. Your own emotions floating to the surface, memories coming to your mind, as you read the words in rhyme.
This is so much more than a collection of poetry. It's a collection of tears & anger & betrayal. It's a collection of smiles, happiness, & pain. A collection of love and loss; of emotions & memories.
Profile Image for Debs Krulder.
47 reviews
August 3, 2016
CB touched my heart and soul with his poems. Poetry is such a heartfelt form of communication you rarely find a person that can write poem after poem that holds up all the emotion it is meant to bring out. CB Roberts is this poet and his poetry never fails.. This book as become one of my favorite gifts to give friends.... Thank you CB...
Profile Image for Elizabeth Robbins.
496 reviews10 followers
August 4, 2016
Poignant and deeply felt, this modern day poet has drained my heart of blood, pried my mind wide open, and squeezed every last tear from my eyes. This is a gut wrenching story of pain and love, artfully assembled as verse. Even if you don't normally read poetry, if you love to feel helpless as an author crushes your soul, you should read this book.
Profile Image for Teri Caiazzo.
80 reviews1 follower
August 6, 2016
"The Hell Within Me," is a book of poetry that is so emotional it will make you think of your own experiences in the same situation. You would have to have to have a heart of stone to not find one poem in this book that you can't relate to, I hope you give this book a chance, and read it. It's a great book, even it is emotional, they are all good emotions. Happy reading!
Profile Image for Tammy Byrd.
5 reviews
September 11, 2016
Gut wrenching and heartfelt....extremely emotional!!! This collection made me smile and then made me cry!!! You can feel the passion and the hurt flowing through his words. Can't wait to read more from C.b. Roberts.... Amazing work!!!
6 reviews1 follower
January 3, 2016
My first book of poetry I ever read and it was absolutely heartbreaking, breathtaking and emotionally powerful. A book I read over and over again. I look forward to your next project. Great job!
Profile Image for Renee Jeffries.
14 reviews3 followers
November 1, 2015
I love the way he writes, it's almost gut-wrenching to read nut well worth it you will fall in love with his words I Did ❤️
2 reviews
September 12, 2016
This book should touch some emotion in everyone that reads it. Broken Pieces was just one of my favorites! Great author and can't wait for his next release!!!
Profile Image for Lynn Tolbert.
17 reviews
April 17, 2017
These poems try get to the heart of you.

An amazing collection of poems, that will make you think deep within yourself. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to read.
3 reviews
April 20, 2017
Very real raw feelings

This is so real, makes you think of things you have been through. That he was hurt and played so hard. I smiled, cried, got angry. Best poetry I have read in quite a while ( dark, angry and broken) Great job C.B.
25 reviews1 follower
April 20, 2017
Another beautiful book by C. b. Roberts

You will feel the emotion he puts into his words and they will grip your heart. His poems are so beautiful, you won't want the book to end. This is the second book I've read from this author and I can't wait to see what he does next.
Profile Image for Jamie.
125 reviews1 follower
April 21, 2017
Beautifully Written

"If I had only known,
Tomorrow would never come,
I'd have cherished the night,
Instead, I cursed the sun."

This is actually my first book of poetry. I really enjoyed. I felt the emotions with the author. I almost felt like I was intruding on one's personal thoughts. It's very emotional and raw. I will definitely share this book with friends and family.

C.b. Roberts writing is fantastic. It's has a beautiful flow that's definitely carried out through all of the poems.
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