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Unbreakable #1


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Kiki Michaelson wants one wild night to forget her starving-artist worries. Simple.

Only instead of Darren Cole becoming her one-night stand, he taunts her with a challenge. Then while she’s trying to best him at his own game, he turns out to be the last thing she’s prepared for: someone she wants to keep.

Which means all he can ever be…is a friend.

Darren Cole never allows a girl to get close—not close enough to matter.

Then storms in Kiki Michaelson, a beautiful, fearless temptation that rocks his world off-balance. But he fights their attraction, unwilling to gamble something physical with their close ties. Until the passionate sculptor exposes her heart and breaks his wide open.

In that moment it becomes clear: she could never be just a friend.

Sometimes what you run from…is exactly what you need.

***HEARTBREAKER is a standalone, full-length new adult romance told in dual POV. Due to mature themes and adult language, this book is for those 18 and older.***

380 pages, ebook

First published March 22, 2016

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Kat Bastion

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1,348 reviews85 followers
March 20, 2016
***4,5 "Sex on Stick" stars***
(I know that this term doesn't give to the story justice, but everything started with this phrase!!!)

This was a wonderfull story, full of emotions and damaged people....
It was a battle with love... A battle with the fears that were laying deep down inside....
Our heroes had lots of things to deal and they were afraid to let anyone inside their world...
And as a result we had a pure love who helped them to get over all those things that was drowning them!!!

I think that the blurb and the cover of the book, even thought that they were interesting, they were unjustifying this emotional story...
But it's time to explain you some things about the story...

Kiki was determined to have a night stand with gorgeous Darren, this man who looks like sex on a stick (These were her words, not mine!), but when Darren rejected her offer, she was more determined to make him come crawling to her fulfilling her wish!!!
Because there was lots of sexual chemistry between them, didn't he see it???

But Darren is insisting and he is trying to persuade her to be just friends...
And that's what they are trying to be and sometimes they are succeeding to this goal, but other times the sexual frustration made them wild with need...

“He wanted to be bossy? He wanted to pound the point of being “just friends” home? I would be the best friend he’d ever had. Of course, while I demonstrated my stellar friendliness, no harm in highlighting my best qualities: flirtatiousness, adorableness—sexiness.” {Kiki}

Darren has a complicating life and he doesn't want to perplex Kiki's as well!!! He wants her but not just for one night and his life doesn't aloud him to let her in for anything more.

But he can not resist to be around her even as a friend and as the time is passing, he realises that he doen't want Kiki out of his life... ever!

"The girl I hadn’t seen coming tugged at my heart – even though it couldn’t belong to her. " {Darren}

And when Darren's complications revealed, he was determined to win Kiki for good, but Kiki had her own fears and she was refusing to let Darren in, even though that without her permission, he had crawl inside her heart...

“Kiki didn’t know it yet, but if she wanted to run from me? I would chase.” {Darren}

So what will happen with those two???
These complications in their lives can aloud them to be together or will they always stand on their way???

Can they help each other to conquer their fears???
Will they finally accept their feelings and let themselves loose to live this "love"???

“With the supercharged air—that wasn’t really the air—a spark ignited. White hot and glowing. Even if neither of us could see it, in spite of the fact that we didn’t want to admit it, we both felt it."

Well, i adore both Kiki and Darren, together and seperately...
Kiki was full of life. She was sassy and funny.

She knew what she wanted and she was so commited in her art work. Kiki was a metal sculptor and that was so fascinating!!!
Her work was her life... and she was different than the most women... and i liked this difference.
Darren was the only person who could understand her!
She had lots of problems to face and she had some fears from her past that "cockblocking" her with Darren...

She was seeking for just a one night stand, nothing more, but Darren didn't aloud it!!!
And he manage to get under her skin and he became really important for her.
But everything that is worthying in life, after a while is vanishing. And that is her biggest fear.

So, she can't let him in, even though that her heart is singing every time she is near to him.

"When he took a deep breath, his chest expanding and shifting me a fraction away from him, he quickly compensated, tightening his hold, pulling me closer.
"What do you have to lose?"
I let out a shaky breath.

Darren was a musician. He was a drummer, he was working as a deejay and he was also going to college.

Darren was such a nice person... Honestly, guys!!! Those kind of men are so rare, nowdays.
As i told you before, his life was very complicating. He was committed in... something and he couldn't let anyone in his world. It was too difficult and too risky.

Yep, Kiki's proposition was very appealing, but he knew that she could be something more than a fling and he didn't want to go down this road with her.
He needed her in his life, even as a friend... She was too important!!!

I honestly loved Darren from the first moment that he hit the note in the table and told "Twenty minutes!"
I'm a girl, what can i say????

"Kiki was a temptation I hadn't expected. I didn't know how or why: With only a few random conversations at the club and three awkard rides home she'd burrowed under my skin. Which was exactly why I couldn't see her again." {Darren}

Darren and Kiki's relationship was so easygoing and even funny...

Their only awkards moments were when their true feelings got in the way and the sexual tension between them was rising...
I liked the natural development of their relationship and i liked that they weren't rushing the things.
Their feelings were pure and real and when they got free from their own fears, it was like magic...

I loved many scenes with those two, but i think that my most favorite was when Darren was drumming his fingers upon Kiki's body...
They were both artists and they were more sensitive with everything!!!
I really loved their story...

"You're insatiable," I muttered...
"You're addictive."
{Darren & Kiki}

I also liked very much the second characters in this book.
All the siblings and Kiki's friends were amazing personalities and they were very supportive...

I also loved Logan. This girl had been through so much in her life... She was breaking my heart with the way that she was copying with the ugly things that were surrounding her.

I also adored her in the end... with her advice toward Darren. She was so true in that!!!
I would love to read a book for her!!! Just sayin'...
And now, i can't wait to get my hands in Mase's story!!!

“The best gift we can give those we love is ourselves—whole and happy. We have to let them breathe, let them live and make mistakes. And we need to live too. We owe it to ourselves and to them.”

***ARC generously provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review***
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622 reviews950 followers
November 12, 2016
3.5 Stars

First off, I didn't know this is a spin-off and I think I could've enjoyed Heartbreaker more if I've read the previous series first. Anyways, the characters, the storyline, the writing style... they are all good! My only real (and perhaps biggest) concern is that there were so many things that confused me. The characters kept mentioning about these things and that but I found myself having no such clue what they're all talking about.

Despite my problem though, it wasn't difficult for me to like the main characters Kiki Michaelson and Darren Cole. They have real and special connection. And how can one not praise their chemistry that is so apparent from the first page to the last?

And for someone like me who has a penchant for angst-driven love stories, I was sold by how their romance was coated with a little bit of drama and (just mild) family conflicts. Not to mention the sweet slow burn of their romantic development which just added a little spice to the story. And oh, did I mention that Darren Cole is such a sweetheart? He's one responsible and *sigh boyfriend material guy. Despite his baggage, he didn't set Kiki aside. She's one of the persons that always come first, and that's just something.

Trust and relationship issues... these are things that very much highlight Heartbreaker. I really do think, despite the issue that I mentioned, that it is still a lovable and possibly an all-consuming romance book as a whole.

"Whenever I care too much about something-" I sucked in a shaking breath-- "it gets ripped away."

"I know." His tone quieted. "Me too."

"So... how do we get past that?"

He trailed his fingers along my jaw, then cupped the side of my face with his hand. "We fight harder to keep what we want."

Pages of Pearl

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691 reviews91 followers
March 31, 2016
Story Rating ~ 5 STARS!
Hero Rating ~ 5 STARS!
Heroine Rating ~ 5 STARS!
Romance Rating ~ 5 STARS!
Heat Level ~ 3.75 Stars!
Ending ~ 4.5 Stars
Overall Rating ~ 5 I Need You Too STARS!

Oh my, my, how I enjoyed this one. The story was steady and kept me interested and then there was the parts that gripped my very soul. I felt SO many emotions reading this, the first feeling was frustration because I could really feel the way Darren and Kiki needed each other. Then I felt sadness for what Darren and his sister Logan had been through. There was also some good humor added in making me smile and laugh. Then of course more angst that made me cry.

This is a story of two young and talented people who have shied away from commitment. One do to a bad experience and the other due to a family tragedy. The story was beautiful and heart wrenching. I loved reading how Darren and Kiki became friends, how they helped each other through SO MANY THINGS, how they went from friends to lovers.

It took a while for things to heat up, and you know what? It was well worth the wait. For me, I could REALLY FEEL them, the way he looked into her eyes, the way she clung to him,BEAUTIFUL!

Of course in the end things work out really well for them and I had tears of joy in my eyes.

This was my first Kat Bastion read and I swear it won’t be my last. Lucky me, looks like there will be 4 more standalone books in this series.

*Arc generously provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*
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1,804 reviews457 followers
December 27, 2020
Reading a book by Kat and Stone Bastion is like eating one of the best meals of your life. It has the perfect flow from its appetizing beginning, its emotionally hearty entrées, to its deliciously sweet end.
“All I’m saying is, don’t fight it. Don’t be afraid of us. If we are meant to happen…just let it.”

Once burned by love, the only flame artist Kiki Michaelson allows close is the one she uses to forge her sculptures with. She keeps guys at a safe distance by only allowing one night stands until Darren Cole refuses her proposal and instead offers to be just friends. But while trying to outmaneuver him she lets down her guard and him inside, completely changing the game. Can she be brave enough to risk her heart or will she try to keep him in the friend zone?
“He wanted to be bossy? He wanted to pound the point of being “just friends” home? I would be the best friend he’d ever had. Of course, while I demonstrated my stellar friendliness, no harm in highlighting my best qualities: flirtatiousness, adorableness—sexiness.”

Often mistaken for the quintessential Heartbreaker, Darren Cole loves music and wants nothing more than to make it big as a drummer, it would make his life so much easier. His life is too complicated though, and bringing a woman into it is simply not an option until the lure of sassy, sweet Kiki Michaelson becomes impossible to ignore. Unwilling to reveal his secrets and lose the tenuous control he has over his life but also reluctant to let her go, he gives into a cautious friendship and the pretense of training her. But the more time he spends with her on and off running trails, the more he realizes she’s exactly what he needs. Can he convince her to take a chance on them?
“Kiki didn’t know it yet, but if she wanted to run from me? I would chase.”

After reading the author’s note and now knowing the dynamic writing duo have a musical background, I wonder what a song by them would sound like. Just like describing their books, words like delicious, enthralling, captivating, powerful and emotional come to mind. Even the titles for each chapter in Heartbreaker are both great and telling and could easily be song titles. Heck, some of them are! But until Kat & Stone announce they've branched out into music, I’ll plug the awesome Drag Rhythm Songs they’ve provided as a soundtrack and focus on their current book release.

As with their previous books, Heartbreaker has an alluring pace with its lyrical narrative, vivid depictions and sensuality that highlights the touching plotline about two reluctant kindred spirits that didn’t realize they were missing from each other’s lives and even fought against it.
“With the supercharged air—that wasn’t really the air—a spark ignited. White hot and glowing. Even if neither of us could see it, in spite of the fact that we didn’t want to admit it, we both felt it.

Every single character in the story was endearing. I loved having Cade and Hannah (from the No Wedding series) back and continuing their happy life together. Also, the rest of Kiki’s siblings and extended family who are incredibly loving and supportive add a great layer to the story, and even more so Logan who’s plight is sad, touching and real and made my heart ache.
“The best gift we can give those we love is ourselves—whole and happy. We have to let them breathe, let them live and make mistakes. And we need to live too. We owe it to ourselves and to them.”

Of course, the main plot centers on Kiki and Darren. I really liked Kiki with her strong independent, yet sweet vulnerable core. I loved how understanding and giving she was, how she wouldn’t take no for an answer when it came to Darren. And Darren doesn’t just have sex-on-a-stick good looks, he’s equally wonderful on the inside, putting with passion his family’s wellbeing first.
“Darren? Definitely delicious—delectable…decadent. Darren got all the best D words.”

The slow burn buildup between Darren and Kiki was enjoyably tempting and sultry while gradually revealing bits of each other. It was so fun to see Darren and Kiki try but fail miserably at being friends. Even if they could have ignored the snap, crackle and pop attraction, the bond between them only kept getting stronger with each text, run and interaction that peeled away a layer at a time until there was nothing else to do but take a leap of faith together and revel in the delicious rightness of their relationship.
“Something seemed to be happening between us, this thick unnamable thing growing more intimate with every heartbeat.”

Kat and Stone Bastion are wonderful story tellers, giving us a gripping romance with skillfully knit in drama and emotional depth. Heartbreaker is a standalone full length contemporary romance told from alternating points of view with a happy ending.

Excerpt reveal -> http://talktotheshoe.com/2016/02/29/h...

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the authors. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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2,652 reviews3,234 followers
March 16, 2016
3.5 Stop the Denial; Be Free to Love Stars
* * * 1/2

Those who know me, know I am not the usual NA Angst loving reader. I will dip into the NA pool if it is through authors I have had positive experiences with, though. Kat Bastion and Stone Bastion are a duo who gave me some reading pleasure in the past, so when I saw this new entry... I said yes immediately.

This new series has much going for it. It has heart, characters who are unique and a bit of edge with a different perspective.

The first part introduces us to Kiki Michaelson. She is a woman who lives by her own rules. She always had been cast as a bit of an outsider, starting in school. She didn't fit the cheerleader mold and the times were when goth, grunge and just different were happening. Art was her world and focus. She did have a moment, though....a boy from the popular crowd took interest... made her feel "normal" and loved, like he "got" her...she gave him everything... laid herself bare to him... not just physically but more importantly, emotionally...letting him in completely...

Only to be emotionally slammed and hurt later...causing her to come to the conclusion...with men, there was no path to those types of experiences people talk about... no lovey dovey shit...no ever after...She was going to be the one in control... use men when needed and toss... just like anything else, disposable.

Kiki was talented... an artist with vision. As if she felt a kin to lost items, things which had been discarded, she started collecting odds and ends early on. Gears, metal pieces of machines long ago left for destruction, torn up fences ... it could be anything. Her eyes would see the beauty in them and with her skill as a sculptor, she would solder them forming new bodies of work. Things which told a story ... things which touched people...

Her artwork was solid and she had a show a year or so ago which was very successful. However, not as monetarily successful as she had hoped or as she let her family to believe. Kiki is at a point where she needs to make some decisions and turning a blind eye on them is what she is doing. She has become part of the event/party planning company of her friends...doing her "grunge thing" and is in demand. She works with creating visions for the locations and tailoring the tables, lighting and even a cage for the DJ equipment table with her metal works...

What has been a distraction for her ... one she would like to "cage herself around for a night" is Darren Cole...DJ, Drummer...a true "Heartbreaker". This is someone she would like to invite for a go around...one of her use and then dispose trysts...She has tried to arrange it; he drove her home once but nothing happened...and now they are together at another gig...and he is driving her home again....She can tell he is interested...she is too...so what is the hang up...why no go...

What??? He wants to be FRIENDS????

Oh, hell no. Really....Yup, Really and even though both of them are like live electrical wires, sparking, Darren says good night and lets her go into her house...

Damn, Sh#t, F@&K!!! Darren is besides himself. Kiki is the first person who has even come close to being interesting and causing a flair of interest...But Darren has his own reasons for not pursuing Kiki as a one night stand...He knows that would never be enough for him....and he is no position to have any type of relationship with anyone. Period. He has obligations and responsibilities. He can never be just out for his own pleasure. His life will never be that.

The pleasure and release he allows himself is his music and drumming. That is when he is the most himself and free...

These two do a dance of wanting each other, not allowing the natural course of actions happen... causing heightened awareness of every action, word said and touch. This friendship takes on a life of its own where things are revealed which never usually see the light of day... let alone verbalized. As things start to follow an inevitable path to loving each other fully...all of the other factors both have been hiding take a front and center place... causing frustration, poor communication and immediate actions which are heartbreaking...something both were trying to protect themselves from...

The times of their connecting are written so well- there are dual POV's (love that) and they tell the internal struggle and then intensity of what they are feeling. Sparks, caresses, drumming on the body to equate a rhythm is just a taste of how cool their times together are.

This book had the characters, venue and career choices to make it all interesting and consuming from the start. Music plays a huge role in this and works perfectly. Darren has so much on his shoulders and when everything is revealed... it is easy to understand why he has closed himself off from any type of relationship. Through his friendship with Kiki and others he grows; his heart opens and sees maybe there is another way of living his life.

With Kiki...she is unique and interesting; however, I had some serious issues with her secrets, reasons and how she handled all of them. Again, age and life can factor into how a character experiences heartache and pain... but at some point...one does need to let things go... and not be so closed off to opportunities. Also when things are difficult in business, staying on top of things...not allowing them to pile up is better...and when all else fails...asking for help is not a sign of weakness but strength in my book...BUT then again, every story needs conflict and reasons for things...

Heartbreaker is the first entry to this new series Unbreakable by Kat and Simon Bastion. It has a lot of potential with musicians, siblings of characters interested in these musicians, heh, heh
and anything else this dynamic writing duo wishes to give us.

And speaking of giving us... Simon put together this terrific playlist for the book and here is the article and link: 10 Best Drag Rhythm Songs for Sex: A Playlist for Every Heartbreaker

This has a lot to say...
With the use of Dual POV's....
With the Characters both having serious life experiences...
And the undeniable pull towards each other...

A New Adult Love Story with all the angst of those years....

Full review to come closer to release date- March 22, 2016.

A gifted copy was provided by author via NetGalley for an honest review.

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Author 49 books434 followers
August 30, 2018
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446 reviews28 followers
March 11, 2016
4 stars!!!

ARC kindly provided by Kat Bastion via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Heartbreaker is a beautiful love story! The love story of Kiki and Darren. This story is so full of love and care that I don't even know from where to start. Kiki and Darren met in a moment in their life that they couldn't be together because it was complicated. The plot was really good and for the most part was moving in a good pace. There were surprises and small twists and they were good. The writing of Mrs. and Mr. Bastion is really nice and it touched my heart more than once! I laughed, I cried, I cursed and I smiled. The story is said by a dual POV and it's nicely done.

Kiki is a strong woman but she run every time something becomes too real. On the other hand, she has a huge heart and she can give unconditionally love although her issues.

Darren is the protector and the carer. He has also secrets that he has to deal with but he is open. He doesn't try to run away. I really like that he takes the responsibility of his actions and decisions even when I wasn't agreeing with him.

Kiki and Darren are amazing together. They are in perfect sync and when I was reading their conversations, they felt so real to me.

The end of the story was beautiful! I totally loved it! And it was so honest as well!

I definitely recommend this book to everyone who likes to read a truly beautiful love story!
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2,308 reviews702 followers
March 17, 2016
4 - 'Just friends...' Stars!

Heartbreaker is the first book that I have read by Kat & Stone Bastion, I really liked the premise of this one, in that wanting more than one night from a guy immediately puts them in the Just friends zone, and dealing with the rampant sexual tension that develops between you because of it afterwards.

I think the main thing that kept the story between Kiki and Darren moving along nicely was that fact that although the tropes that the authors used are common, they added their own unique twists to them, as well as giving Darren and Kiki their own definitive attributes as well.

The girl I hadn’t seen coming tugged at my heart – even though it couldn’t belong to her.

The build-up is a big thing for this couple, both of them have issues with commitment, and for wholly different reasons. This part of the story had the chance to dip into drama overload territory, but it was handled really well.

"Don’t fight it. Don’t be afraid of us. If we are meant to happen… just let it."

Darren’s family situation plays a huge part in how he lives his life, and I liked that it wasn’t just used as a page filler, it really had a great impact on the friendship between him and Kiki at the beginning, it also highlighted that although shy of commitment in her relationships, Kiki wasn’t afraid to take on responsibility when it mattered.

"You let your guard down."

Heartbreaker also introduces you to the rest of Kiki siblings, (some single, some attached) and as the story progresses you get to see quite a bit of them as more of Kiki’s own problems are revealed.

"Don’t let yourself fall."

I found everything was pretty well paced and balanced out in this book, what with their developing friendship, mutual interests and the building sexual tension between them that makes up a large portion of the story, it really worked, as it also gave you a chance to understand more about them as individuals prior to them jumping into bed together, and there was certainly more than met the eye revealed with them both as things moved along.

The dual POV worked well in this one, as both characters have a lot going on in their lives, and their heads, reading their internal thoughts as they both worked their way through everything offered up a great perspective on things. A great start to the Unbreakable series, Mason ‘mase’ Price is due to have his story told next in Rule Breaker and I look forwarded to seeing what the authors do with him.

ARC generously provided by the authors via Netgalley, and it was my pleasure to provide the above honest review.

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1,394 reviews183 followers
March 22, 2016
3-3.5 rating
I am such a fan of this author however this kind of NA is not my favorite. Awesome writing and funny banter, but the angsty aspect of it drove me a tad bonkers. Don't get me wrong... TONS of readers are gonna love this kind of romance. I think my age gap did me in. It happens.
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478 reviews195 followers
March 22, 2016
Kiki is known as the free-spirited wild child in a family where everyone seems to have their shit together. She’s happy and living out her passion but she doesn’t feel as though she can ask her family for help and further cement her reputation as the wacky one. So instead she sets her sights on Darren Cole. The hot DJ who drums up her pulse and the only other guy she knows that possibly be more of a player than Kiki is.

Darren really doesn’t have any space in his life for a woman. At least not for more than one night. He’s hiding too many secrets and he has too many strings to hold together to ever even think of letting someone in. But that’s exactly what Kiki does. She worms herself into his world without his permission and refuses to leave.

Both are helplessly attracted to the other and both of them know that the aftermath of a hook-up would result in disaster so the only solution? Stay JUST friends. That’s way easier said than done however and when Kiki fits perfectly into his world he realises he needs more than friendship from her. Now he only needs to convince her. Derek is used to fighting his way through life, so one tiny stubborn girl won’t hold much of a challenge. Right?

This is my first read from Kat and Stone Bastion and I’m amazed that I haven’t ever heard of these authors sooner. Heartbreaker sucked me in right from the start and refused to let me go until I sadly turned the last page. The delicious slow burn that was this romance, the uncertainty, angst and sexual tension was thick within these pages and I ate it all up like the last brownie on the plate; trying to savour every second and not being able to stop wanting it all at once.

With each stolen look and accidental touch their chemistry was on fire and when that chemistry was set alight, my kindle was melting in my hands. Both of them have their reasons to guard their hearts but they both had such pain and insecurity to hide and yet so much strength and love to give those around them that I couldn’t help but feel that they were perfect for each other.

I loved everything about this book. EVERYTHING. If you’re in the mood for a angsty yet fun read with loads of sexual tension and chemistry – I definitely recommend Heartbreaker.

(ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review)
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1,453 reviews410 followers
March 1, 2016
☆ I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ☆

3.5 stars!

Heartbreaker was a friends to lovers romance with a natural twist to it. I do love these types of slow burning romances, with two characters who weren't looking for anything and end up finding each other.

Kiki- she was definitely one of those independent women types who could hold her own.

And Darren. He was a lot different from what I had initially expected of him. Here, I thought he'd be just a womanizer who after he finds out that Kiki isn't interested in anything more than sex, and after realizing that, he'd be the type of guy who was all about the thrill and the chase and not be genuinely into her.

I liked how he and Kiki do start out unconventionally and progress later.

Both have their pros and cons about their characters, but together, they make up for what the other lacks and make each other whole.

Not a bad first installment for this series!

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1,145 reviews100 followers
March 22, 2016
3.5 Stars

Heartbreaker is another good book written by Kat and Stone Bastion. This being a spin off series of No Weddings starring Cade's Sister. But it also is a standalone.

When I found out that this is Kiki as in Cade's sister, I was even more excited about the book. I should mention I only made the connection after I started the book. (I blame my atrocious name memory.)
But in that moment my expectation went another notch up. I should mention, that I have read and enjoyed every book that the Bastion's have published so far- so my expectations weren't low
And Heartbreaker in many way did meet those expectations. Some not so much.

The prose is beautiful and descriptive. Just like always.

This is a slow romance- no fast insta plot here. Nope, just like in No Weddings, these two decided to be friends... yeah, exactly. THAT works really well...lol
There are many amazing moments. The drumming for example. While I am not a drummer by no means. I loved the drumming scenes. I also loved the descriptions of the running... Bastion's at their best!

And just like before this is character driven. And the character building is great. If you read No Weddings you have met quite a few of the support cast already. I was beyond stalked to visit them again. I loved reading about Cade and Hanna. Seeing them from a different POV. But also the rest of the gang. Add to that Darren's peps and you got a interesting and dynamic support cast.
I adore Darren. He is an amazing character. He totally made it into my book boyfriend list. Perfection in my books.
While I was beyond excited to read Kiki's story. I also was most disappointed by her. I just can't wrap my head around her age. Actually, to be exact her immaturity. She is so childish and totally immature. She behaved more like a 17 year old than her actual age. And as the book went on, I found it more and more exasperating.
Her reason for her behaviour when it comes to relationships was..odd? I mean that's all? I guess she is sensitive, but... Really? She is not the only girl this has happened too. And the rest of the world kinda moves on... it's been nearly 10 years for heaven sake!
And the rest? I get that some things are difficult to deal with- trust me I am crap at those things as well- BUT wait so long, the bury one's head in the sand and pretend it's not happening? Again how old is she?
All of this came across more as a spoil rich girl than the sensitive insecure artist that I think she was supposed to portray.
PS the boys rescue?! Freakn AWESOME SAUCE!
But then I also have to say Kiki did do a lot of growing up. I love that she did move on, that she did the run and the last chapter was awesome! After being kinda not impressed with Kiki for most of the book, I totally loved her then. Suddenly I completely loved her. Just amazing!

My other issue, while I liked Darren and Kiki grew on me. I missed their chemistry. I mean, it was kinda written... But I didn't feel it. Not if you compare it to any of the previous books. The smut.. yeah... again I actually read better by Bastion.

I am not sure if my extremely high expectations were detrimental here...
Still a solid romance. Well written, a great male lead, many amazing moments and a fabulous HEA.
Oh and I can't wait for Mase's book!!
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June 22, 2016
4 stars! A great lust-to friends-to lovers story!

Set up: Kiki wants just one night with Darren. She’s been crushing for a while on the DJ and has finally gotten up the nerve to do something about it. Darren only does one night stands, and while he is completely in lust with Kiki she is too good for that kind of relationship, or lack thereof. So when she propositions him for a night, he reluctantly turns her down. Their lust turns into friendship since Darren won’t give in for one night and neither can have a relationship. How long will they stay friends? What happens when the lust turns into something else?

Heroine: 4/5 stars! I really liked Kiki. She was strong and independent; an artist that has had a hard time recently which has left her vulnerable and scared. Kiki is so independent that she doesn’t want to burden any of her friends and family with her troubles which is why she feels like she needs to stay away from Darren. I was so happy when they both finally gave in to how they felt about one another!

Hero: 5/5 stars! I LOVED the hero. There was nothing about him I didn’t love. He’s a musician, tatted, fiercely loyal to his sister, and a little emotionally broken. What’s not to love?

Plot: 4/5 stars! I really loved this concept. HE turns HER down for a one night stand even though he wants her because he believes she is too good for one night fuck. Then they become friends but the lust never leaves. That lust and friendship turn into love that neither one of them believe they can have. It’s beautiful and lovely and exactly what I needed.

Sex Scenes: 4/5 stars! The sexual tension was crazy intense so by the time they got it on it was super hot! The scenes were well written and weren’t too repetitive. The sex overall added and magnified the couple’s chemistry and love!

What I loved: The whole concept of the story. This book was an easy read that kept things light but still engaging.

What I disliked: He hadn’t had sex for only two months where for her it had been over a year; I wish it had been a little longer for him.

Will I read this author again?: Yes, definitely! I’ll be checking out this duo’s other works shortly!

In short: A wonderful read that will keep you engaged and rooting for both of the main characters.

I received this book from the authors/publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Spoiler shit: Okay, so I read this a few days ago and now I don’t remember anything that would be a concern. I really think this is pretty damn safe.
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March 15, 2016
"Heartbreaker", was an awesome read and a great start to the new Unbreakable series from Kat Bastion. The Bastion's once again give us engaging well developed characters in a well plotted storyline. Some of the characters in this book,we met in the No Weddings series and it was fun getting a glimpse at them in this book too. No worries this is a standalone and can be read as such; though I would highly recommend the No Wedding series also!

Kiki Michaelson, metal artist extrodenaire is relationship wary , having been burned in the past so for her an occasional one night stand will do; and after a bit of a dry spell she has set her sights on
Darren Cole or as she refers to him " sex on a stick". Darren is a Dj who works with the Micahelson's event planning business By Invitation Only. The problem with this plan Darren does not see Kiki as a one night stand, more of a relationship girl and as much as the chemistry between these two is sizzling, things are complicated fro him, so he suggests a friends only relationship. Pretty hard to keep friends only when the natural chemistry keeps getting in the way; thanks to Kiki pushing the boundaries . Kiki may just break Darren's rule, but she was not expecting him to want more and Kiki did not realize that as she was breaking down Darren's walls she forgets to keep her own up taking this from a friends to lovers relationship .
The question is can these two given their complications and fears really make a go of this or will they just break each other's hearts? Will Kiki's family and Darren's give them the push in the right direction? I am happy to say I was not disappointed in the least, looking forward to seeing what the Bastions have in store for the rest of the friends such as Mace and Ben.

So you will find me drooling like a Pavlovian dog waiting on the next book in the series.
Arc Graciuosly provided by the author via Netgalley for an honest review.
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March 27, 2016
Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.

I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

4.5 “Sex On A Stick” Stars!
Sexy, Romantic and Fun! I LOVED This Read!

The Review:
I loved this book! When I was asked by the authors to read it for review, I was hooked by the synopsis and quickly agreed. I wasn’t disappointed. I love romances that take their time with the story and the characters and aren’t rushed into a quick romance. This book was perfectly executed and gave me the butterflies I love most!

The Story/Characters...
Like a lot of girls scorned by love, Kiki Michaelson has put men in a sex-them-and-leave-them column. They are there to have fun with, not to fall in love with, which is exactly where she wants Darren Cole. However, Darren isn’t game for the whole one-night-stand scene when it comes to Kiki. But he’s dealing with his own issues and can’t see a future with her or any girl at this point in his life. Which poses a huge problem for both of them since they can’t seem to stay away from each other.

Watching these two interact was so much fun. There was a deliciously sweet, romantic, slow build between them that kept my interest the whole way through and tugged at an array of emotions. One moment they are intense and dramatic and the next moment they are sweet and funny. In the beginning, they are both trying so hard to keep the walls around their lives and hearts fortified but once they realize how they feel, they let loose and start to experience the joy of it all. They know how to have fun, how to be honest and speak openly to one another and not get sucked into the drama. That’s what I loved most about this read. They might have been reluctant to love, but they weren’t reluctant to experience life or deal with it maturely.

Quote Spotlight...
Go ahead, Kiki. Run.
When I really catch you...I’m never letting go.

Along with the incredibly well written story, the authors did an amazing job with the dialogue. The bantering between Darren and Kiki was exceptional and kept me entertained. There was plenty of emotion to bask in with some beautiful get-to-know-you moments as well as some sexy-steamy moments.

I loved the cast of characters the authors provide as backdrop and I can’t wait to see where all their stories lead.

The only thing I can complain about is something that’s entirely a pet peeve of my own, and that’s sentence structure. There were several instances where the authors had Darren (and sometimes Kiki) internally monologuing without the subject or noun starting the sentence, which lead to a clipped version of speech. I think it’s okay if it’s in actual dialogue when the author is trying to represent the way a person talks, but I prefer whole sentences to be used in writing while narrating. It took a while to get used to it and once I did, the story flowed well and I was able to stay on track, but I was stumbling in the beginning.

The Wrap Up:
Overall, this was a fantastic read. I loved the slow build. I loved the story. I loved the sexy hot characters and I loved the ending. This was my first read by these authors but it won't be my last. I am officially a fan!
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March 12, 2016
Heartrending, passionate, and captivating! Heartbreaker is a riveting page-turner that will leave you breathless with raw emotions, and the need to hold tight to the ones you love!

Kiki Michaelson wants a one-night stand. Nothing more. And she wants it with Darren Cole. But the Rolling Stones said it best: you can't always get what you want. A hidden secret prevents Kiki from wanting more. So she's willing to settle for being "just friends".
Darren Cole doesn't allow himself to get close to anyone...let alone Kiki Michaelson, no matter how much he wants to. His past and responsibilities are more important than his needs. But when his responsibilities and desires collide, can Darren finally allow himself to live his own life?...or will his guilt and obligations override his wish for happiness?

Heartbreaker pulled and pushed me in several different emotional directions. My heart broke for both Kiki and Darren, for what they've both endured. While Kiki's past leaves her apprehensive to trust another man with her heart, Darren would willing give his heart to her, only his past prevents himself the ability to do so. I felt frustrated with Darren, with his inability to live both his own life, and the role of caregiver to his sister. And Kiki...how she puts all men into one category. But as their relationship progressed, with a little help from their friends and family, my heart melted. I turned into a lovey-dovey, goo-fest over the romance shared between them. I laughed at the quirky banter between all the characters, and I cried for the real life circumstances thrown at them. This story gives you hope that happiness and love can still be found in the most dire of situations.

Heartbreaker leaves you with the realization that love can be scary. It makes you take a blind leap of faith, trusting in the other to not let you fall. But if you do fall, you need to have the courage to get back up, dust yourself off, and try again.

5 Heartfelt Stars!

*received ARC in exchange for an honest review.* ~Kelly
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61 reviews
July 26, 2016
3.5 Turtle Club stars!


This is what I get for complaining that the last book I read was too rushed and forced. That the character development and chemistry between the two main characters just wasn’t there. This is what happens. I get a story that is so developed and so not rushed, that I’m falling asleep waiting for them to at least, if for nothing, give each other a fucking high five. What goes around comes around. I have learned the hard way.
Seriously though, I don’t want to complain about this book because it is very beautifully written. And funny. And cute. And long. And I got it for free, so thanks for that. And for those of you that love the build up, love the angst, love the waiting. This is for you. Apparently, I have to find a happy medium, because for me, it just took way too long. Everything was way too descriptive, I felt like pages could be left out. I’m such a hypocrite. Not to mention, I couldn’t even figure out how old the characters were. I swear, one minute I felt like they were in their 40’s and the next, I felt like they were in their teens. Darren. Was he a DJ? A bouncer? A personal trainer? A student? All of the above? I legit couldn’t keep up! One minute Kiki came off as an uber confident adult who had her shit together, and the next she acted like a love sick teenager. I just don’t know. The writing is great, it’s just slow. You know what I mean?
March 7, 2018

It has been a long time since I read a love story like this. Solid from beginning to End “Heartbreaker” by Kat Bastion with Stone Bastion draws its readers into the world of sacrifice and deep love.

Darren and Kiki ‘s is relationship is far from “friend zone” no matter how hard they try – that much the reader can tell from the beginning on. The only question that remains throughout the pages is if they will give into it or not.?

And if so – what will be the consequences ?

The author drew interesting characters and placed them into a solid plot.

The writing is solid and flawless. I personally would have wished for a little more emotions as I sometimes could not feel with the leads, but in total it was a really good read that I can fully recommend

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November 7, 2016
 photo ARC REVIEW_zpseu9cd4hh.jpg

Link: http://collectorofbookboyfriends.com/...

Book Review: 5++ Sex-On-Stick Stars!!!!!

“The best miracles happen when we least expect them – when we finally let our guard down.”

The duet Bastion never cease to amaze me with their amazing ability to suck me deep into each story and world they create. First The Espionage Effect and now, Heartbreaker. As it seems, I can’t get enough of their stories, hot BBFs, unique loves, etc. And if I judge from what I’m feeling right after finishing this one – and every time after a Duet Bastion’s book -, I am set for getting more sucked and spellbound with every other release of theirs.

But now, the spotlight belongs to the great Heartbreaker! So, let’s make some introductions first, shall we?

Well, the lead characters of this book are, Kiki Michaelson and Darren Cole. The first one is an artist-sculptor and a co-owner of the organizing-parties business she shares with her siblings and the second is a DJ who plays at these parties. Sounds like a quite ordinary setting with a bit-of-predictable unfolding, right? But, no no no. Don’t let it fool you. Because its unfolding is far form predictable and much much more ……. intriguing! And everything starts with a simple characterization – a pretty accurate one I may add – of Kiki’s concerning Darren. And what is that? But of course the one I put on the rate: Sex On Stick. And this gets to be the starting point of these two’s incredible, consuming love that will lead to the only finish line Fate have them meant to cross.

Everything Darren was …. had become all I’d ever wanted.

The evolution of Kiki and Darren’s relationship is beyond interesting. They start from an attempted one-night stand, to become co-runners, to friends and to end up being lovers and ……. soul mates. They share a pretty deep connection from the start which neither wants or risks to acknowledge and make it real because the personal barriers and STOP signs they have put on themselves don’t let them. But, regardless, the thread Fates made for them couldn’t care less for their hesitations, even though they are fairly put there. What they have is much bigger than any hesitation and won’t bend on these because its mission is to bring them together and make them One. And the way it decides to succeed it, it’s simply mind-blowing.

Kiki didn’t know it yet, but if she wanted to run from me? I would chase.

This book has so so soo many things that touched me deeply and made me more connected to it, that I don’t know which one to talk about first. But I think I will start from the more generals and book-concerning and continue with the more personal ones.

So, one of the things that stands out pretty good in this story is the chemistry – duh, that’s the point – between Kiki and Darren. The double POV – something that I really appreciate in a love story – has the role to make us understand their pull to each other, but, even without that, it’s really obvious the strength with which their hearts, souls, minds, bodies reach out to the other’s. To their other half! Also, another thing is the inevitable surrender to their feelings since the battle to stay away was utterly lost. And it may be something common when the story is about two people that resist each other, the element that makes it different every time is what is lurking past that resistance. And in Darren and Kiki’s case, this element is making up for every “ugly” and frustrating moment between them in the book. And at the same time, is the main thing that pushes them harder and harder and keep them fighting for their love no matter what Life throws at them. In the end, the complicated but quite simple personalities that Kat & Stone gifted Kiki and Darren with, is more than enough to make my heart soar. As for the cover of the book? My words aren’t enough and, besides, they wouldn’t make it justice since it’s more than words can describe. The only thing that I can say is that in one of these covers that you never get bored to stare at because you just. Can’t. Take. Your. Eyes. Off. It. The intensity and hotness it emits leaves you breathless! My deepest congratulations to the graphic designer!!!!

One of the things I loved about Heartbreaker was that amazing note from Stone Bastion at the end of the book. Besides making my assumptions about Darren’s music blood being based on personal experience true and valid, it had me see the author and the book character as one person, one mind. Plus, even though I was already deeply connected with both Kiki and Darren since I’m both really into music and art, it made my connection with Darren more solid and made me love him even more. I could totally understand the music stick he has and I was more than happy to see than all the consuming passion for music that flows through the books comes from real life.

Once again I got swept off my feet with the writing of this authors’s duet and can’t find to get down from where it took me: up up up in the clouds floating like a happy, weightless leaf. I really can’t imagine what the future will send my way from these two authors but I bet my every cent on it that they will do their magic on me again and every time I get my hands on one of their stories. They are simply one of the best, most stimulating, most cherished and unforgettable ones I had ever had the chance to across to.

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March 21, 2016
Heartbreaker is different than anything I’ve read in a long time. And different is good. Really good.

Darren Cole is the almost perfect man. He loves and sacrifices for his family. He struggles with being enough, as most of us do, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t desire just a bit more. Enter Kiki Michaelson. She wants Darren but for one night only…

Let’s be real here, when an author makes the male lead the hero in the story in the most understated way, it’s amazing! I wasn’t a fan of Kiki. There were so many things that made her off-putting to me, but the more I read, the more I began to understand her. Does that mean I changed my mind and began to like her? No, but I did love Darren.

From the very beginning, there was something mysterious and kind about him. Something that made me want to dig deeper and figure out what he was all about. This book deals with real issues. Life changing, real life, hauntingly heartbreaking issues. While reading Heartbreaker I was reminded how quickly life can change, in just an instant. How you must tell the people you love, that you love them. That we all have flaws and embracing those flaws are what make us uniquely us. When we find someone who doesn’t want to fix us, but embrace the crazy mess that we are, life can be extraordinary. It can. ~ Heather, 4 stars
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March 22, 2016
“When we look for the good in this world in spite of the bad? That’s when we find happiness.”

Kiki and Darren have both suffered heartbreak in their lives that has left them emotionally closed off. In Kiki's case, she was burned badly by a guy in the past and it caused her to limit all relationships with a guy to one night only. Darren is a major temptation to her though; the gorgeous DJ at her brother's club is sex on a stick and she would love nothing more than to have one night with him to learn his moves. She is downright shocked when he flat out turns her down, stating that she deserves better than just one night and placing her firmly in the friend zone. He can't deny being attracted to her, but he has responsibilities that he can't turn his back on and Kiki will just be a distraction to him.

Kiki Michaelson had me up and down. Turned on, then turned inside-out. Torture one minute— teasing laughter the next.

When he learns that Kiki has an interest in running a 5k in the not too distant future, he finds himself offering to be her personal trainer. It is certain to be a test of their "just friends" status but he is a glutton for punishment so he sticks with it. Kiki is sure that she can turn the situation to her advantage once he gets a look at her in workout gear, but she finds herself really enjoying the solitude of running as it gives her a chance to let her mind shut down for a change to escape a certain harsh reality facing her in the near future.

Both Kiki and Darren are artistic people, and as they get to know each other better, they find they have more and more in common. There is a definite slow burn between these two as they build a strong foundation of friendship with something more lingering just out of reach- until that spark finally combusts and they give in to the UST that has been smoldering for far too long.

Darren is worried that allowing himself any happiness will result in losing his focus on his responsibilities and that he will lose everything that is important to him again. Kiki has some serious trust issues, particularly when it comes to men, and the idea of letting this beautiful man who is a natural born protector into her life fully terrifies her when she has made it her goal in life to be in control at all times. Yet if they can just get past their individual issues, they might see that they are exactly what the other one needs in their life.

“I’m telling you to trust me again.” His eyes narrowed. “You’re hanging by the branch again, afraid to let go. I’m asking you to let go. I won’t let you get hurt.”
“You can’t promise that.” Love and hurt went hand in hand.
For the first time since I’d returned home tonight, amusement lit his eyes. His lips twisted into a smirk. “I can promise whatever happens will be worth the pain.”

I loved that the connection between Kiki and Darren was leaping off the pages to me as I read, and that slow burn I mentioned earlier was just enough to keep the UST on the front burner but not enough to irritate me or cause me to start losing interest before they acted on it. When they finally did give in, holy shnikes these two generated some serious heat! Darren is all in emotionally with her, but he has his work cut out for him to convince her to take a chance on them. And I have to say, after a certain scene in this book, I will never look at drumming the same way again- ice buckets were needed!

Heartbreaker is only the 2nd book by this author team that I have read, but they have earned a spot on my must read list with well written emotionally complex stories that keep me engaged from the first page to the last.

Want it, fight for it, and it’s ours.

4 to 4.5 stars
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583 reviews65 followers
May 11, 2016


I had no idea what to expect from Heartbreaker. I've not heard of the Bastion writing team and I've obviously been missing out. I'm not totally for sure how I could have missed out on them for so long but that will be quickly rectified because I'm very interested in what else they have out on the shelves right now.

I was about halfway through the first page of this book and I was totally hooked. I found myself completely immersed in the book. And it was all because of the characters. The Bastions can write amazing characters. I was completely entranced with Kiki and Darren. I wanted more and more from each of them. The way that these two characters interacted was absolute perfection. The push and pull between them was captivating. Together, they created a beautiful love story that was almost sickeningly sweet. I don't know that I would change anything about them. However, I do wish that I had read the other series where Kiki and her siblings were involved because even though this was a standalone novel, that backstory would have been great to have. Guess it just means I'll have to read that series!

So it sounds like I loved the story, so why the four star rating, right? There was just something missing in the plot for me. I'm clueless as to what it was. The book was good but it didn't pull me in. It didn't steal minutes away from me as I poured over the pages. It didn't demand my time and I really wanted it to. I wanted to be able to lose myself but I just couldn't. It was a little too easy to put down when I had things that I had to do and sure, it was equally as easy to jump right back into but I wanted to have to fight with myself to put Heartbreaker down when I needed to do something. I know, it sounds silly. Anyway, I don't know what could have changed within the pages to give me that escape. If I did, it sure would make it easier to pick out books in the future!

This is a great book though. The romance is awesome and you'll just love Kiki and Darren together because I know that I did.

* I received this novel in exchange for an honest review *

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March 20, 2016

Where the hell have I been and why have I not read anything from these two? That’s about to change after reading Heartbreaker. I loved this book! It was extremely well written and I literally read it from start to finish. As a matter of fact, I stayed up until 5 am reading. I needed to know how Darren and Kiki’s love story was going to end!

I loved how this book was told from both Darren and Kiki’s point of view, alternating chapter to chapter. Brilliant. We knew what they were thinking and feeling from chapter to chapter. THANK GOD! Because there were moments I wanted to shake both of them and say “Look! Look what is right there in front of you!” Ahhhh the torture. But that’s what makes a romance gripping, right? Trust me, I was gripped!

God I love Darren so much. He’s a protector and such a good guy. He’d do anything for the ones he loves. He’s sexy and super sweet. And he’s hilarious. What more could you want in a book boyfriend?! He checks off all the boxes! I need him in my life!

I was cheering for Darren and Kiki from the beginning. Even though they fought their undeniable attraction, I just knew they HAD to be together. Just had to! Wow. Every time they were together I could feel the chemistry! I’m pretty sure I witnessed sparks flying from my kindle. And the sparks hit me in all the right places! **fans self** So when things FINALLY picked up with these two. Whoa. Let me just say, I felt hot all over. I adore these two!

Heartbreaker is a wonderful story that captivated me from beginning to end. I felt heartbreak and heart ache. It was funny and entertaining. Passionate and sexy. I fell in love with Darren and Kiki and the authors. Heartbreaker is an immensely beautiful story about giving yourself to someone you love, as long as YOU are whole and happy. And I was oh, so happy with this amazing book.
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5,055 reviews37 followers
March 18, 2016
I really loved this one!! Of course I fell in love with Kiki's character while reading the No Weddings series and I was doing a happy dance to finally have her story. I love the flow and writing style of Kat and Stone Bastion and hopefully we will have many more stories to read in the future.

In this book we have Kiki Masterson, the wild, seemingly carefree, artistic Masterson sibling. She's finally had the strength to strike out on her own with her art but things haven't gone exactly as planned. What she wants now, no needs, is one crazy passionate night to forget her troubles and just let go. Darren Cole has troubles and responsibilities of his own. There is nothing he'd like more than to lose himself in Kiki. He's not convinced though that the once would be enough and that's all he has to offer. So instead of straining their working relationship he fights the physical attraction between them. How long can he hold it together???

This is one you want on your must read list. I highly recommend it.
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December 31, 2019
Heartbreaker was the first book in the Unbreakable series by Kat and Stone Bastion. This was my first book by the authors.

The beginning was confusing but I wanted to know more. The more I read, the less I knew. The less I understood. I was only three chapters in and I had no more knowledge than the first chapter. I had a hard time following but at the same time, it was hooking me and I knew it would be worth it in the end. And a little spoiler, it was.

Kiki Michaelson. Artist, energizer bunny energy level. I loved Kiki’s energy and her interactions with her family. It was a great set up for stories for her family - hopefully we’ll see more.

Darren Cole. Drummer, student, DJ. Darren was a mystery. The authors kept us guessing with all the possibilities as they continued to develop the story and the relationship between Kiki and Darren.

I loved both Kiki and Darren and as the story progressed, I loved them more. The authors had multiple storylines unravelling: the relationship development, Darren’s mysterious personal situation, Darren’s ambitions as a drummer, Kiki’s girl’s nights and Kiki’s secrets. They unfolded individually but ultimately merged into one. I loved it all and couldn’t quit reading until the end.

All in all, it was well written with only a few editing errors. It was also well developed, intriguing, suspenseful and totally entertaining. It may have been my first by the authors, but it definitely won’t be my last.
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March 22, 2016
** ARC kindly provided by the authors for an honest review. **

3.5 stars!
Review to come.

How can two people emotionally unavailable find happiness? By getting a second chance on life and love.

Kiki is the happy, sassy, and talented artist. She’s a sculptor but also helping her family in their entertaining business. A carefree woman who built strong walls around her heart.

No strings attached. Ever.

Darren is young and sexy DJ. Mysterious and secretive. There was something with him, like he had experienced more than the other guys on his age.

The two of them??? Oh my, sparkles can fly!

When Kiki was pursuing Darren on a wild night, and was turned down, nothing would be the same.  What they decided on?? Friends … Just this arrangement meant trouble, in a red warning!

From the beginning, you knew that it was going to be flawed.

It was a steamy slow burn romance. It took me a some time to get into the story due to the “mystery” about Darren’s reasons not to be invested and mostly sacrifiying himself for the sake of his family. It was just a little bit too long to get there but once true colors were revealed, and with a significant step on Kiki and Darren’s story, to let it go and trust again, I couldn’t put it down.

I enjoyed Darren’s persistence and patience around Kiki, and even if they became friends first with a lot sexual tension (jogging has never been so interesting and motivating by the way), the chemistry was still there,increasing through the story. Kiki was falling hard for this dedicated men but scared to let someone in her life. The fire they made was just sizzling, intense and passionate!

Heartbreaker was a great start for a new series by Kat and Stone Bastion. For the ones who read The No Wedding series, you’d be thrilled to read again about the Michaelson’s and if you haven’t, welcome to the family!

*** My rating ***
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March 20, 2016
Heartbreaker by Kat Bastion with Stone Bastion

Where the hell have I been and why have I not read anything from these two? That’s about to change after reading Heartbreaker. I loved this book! It was extremely well written and I literally read it from start to finish. As a matter of fact, I stayed up until 5 am reading. I needed to know how Darren and Kiki’s love story was going to end!

I loved how this book was told from both Darren and Kiki’s point of view, alternating chapter to chapter. Brilliant. We knew what they were thinking and feeling from chapter to chapter. THANK GOD! Because there were moments I wanted to shake both of them and say “Look! Look what is right there in front of you!” Ahhhh the torture. But that’s what makes a romance gripping, right? Trust me, I was gripped!

God I love Darren so much. He’s a protector and such a good guy! He’d do anything for the ones he loves. He’s sexy and super sweet. And he’s hilarious. What more could you want in a book boyfriend?! He checks off all the boxes! I need him in my life!

I was cheering for Darren and Kiki from the beginning. Even though they fought their undeniable attraction, I just knew they HAD to be together. Just had to! Wow. Every time they were together I could feel the chemistry! I’m pretty sure I witnessed sparks flying from my kindle. And the sparks hit me in all the right places! **fans self** So when things FINALLY picked up with these two. Whoa. Let me just say, I felt hot all over. I adore these two!

Heartbreaker is a wonderful story that captivated me from beginning to end. I felt heartbreak and heart ache. It was funny and entertaining. Passionate and sexy. I fell in love with Darren and Kiki and the authors. Heartbreaker is an immensely beautiful story about giving yourself to someone you love, as long as YOU are whole and happy. And I was oh, so happy with this amazing book.
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March 21, 2016
All she wanted was a one night stand. Her attraction to him was something she couldn’t ignore, but her determination to not let another man hurt her meant one night only. But she could handle that.

All he wanted was to not fail the only other person left in his life who meant something. The temptation Kiki presented gave him pause for the first time since he promised himself he wouldn’t fail again.

Kiki and Darren smoldered, each determined to keep the other at arm's’ length and each using different measurements for that arm. Kiki was willing to jump into bed with Darren once. But Darren didn’t want to mess with his buddy’s sister if it was just a fling, and he couldn’t afford to let her in any further.

I loved the way these two connected. Their attempts at remaining in the friend zone were the perfect activities for them, as individuals and as a couple. The activities challenged each to open up and become vulnerable in ways they had avoided for too long. The bond that grew during this time was one that developed far beyond the physical attraction that first pulled them together.

Music and art played a large role in both Darren and Kiki’s life and it’s inclusion gave the story a richer feeling and some added twists. The people and storylines that emerge as a result of the artistic direction challenge each character in their own ways.

Though this is a spin off from Kat and Stone Bastion’s No Weddings series, readers do not need to have read those books in order to fully enjoy this one. I had not heard of the original series until I had picked up Heartbreaker, and had no trouble finding my way through this story. The second book in the Unbreakable series, Risk Taker, focuses on Mase, who readers meet here as he is friends with both Darren and Kiki.

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