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Librarian Note: There is an updated cover for this edition with ASIN B0145GPZDG

Of all the Dark Warriors, Kyran Tarakesh is the most aberrant. Having witnessed the brutal murder and rape of his mother seven centuries ago, his sexual preferences are twisted and perverse. He walks the razors edge of control and he likes it that way, until he loses that balance and accidentally kills one of his lovers. As second in line to the Vampire throne, he is precariously close to losing his position, not to mention the respect of his brother and fellow warriors. Just when he thinks it can’t get any worse, the Goddess proves him wrong. With her wicked sense of humor, the Goddess catapults him to the dragon realm of Khoth with Mackendra Callaghan, the very human he has been lusting about for months since meeting her. Mackendra not only plunges a knife deep into his heart, she flees and fights him at every turn, inflaming his desires. The surprises keep coming when he discovers she is his Fated Mate. Every belief he has ever had about intimacy is called into question when his mate gives him a taste of true pleasure for the first time. The passion that burns between them is hot enough to burn them to cinders, but he still must dispel her prejudices about vampires and break through her barriers or lose the other half of his soul forever.

300 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 8, 2015

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About the author

Brenda Trim

142 books454 followers
1. Dream Warrior
2. Mystik Warrior
3. Pemas Storm
4. Isis Betrayal
5. Deviant Warrior
6. Suvi's Revenge
7. Scarred Warrior
8. Hellbound Warrior
9. Isobel
10. Rogue Warrior
11. Shattered Warrior
12. King of Khoth
13. Ice Warrior
14. Fire Warrior
15. Ramiel
16. Rivaled Warrior
17. Dragon Knight Of Koth
18. Ayil
19. Guild Master
   COMING SOON: Maven - Book 20

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2. Books 5-8
3. Books 9-12
4. Books 13-16

1. Captivity
2. Safe Haven
3. Alpha
4. Ravin
   COMING SOON: Impeached - Book 5

1. Books 1-3

1. Mistletoe & Mayhem
2. Tinsel & Temptation
3. Heat in the Bayou
4. Snowbound Seduction

Brenda loves everything paranormal. She has co-authored over twenty-five books in the best-selling Dark Warrior Alliance series, as well as the Hollow Rock Shifter's series. She also has best-selling solo titles readers are raving about.

Brenda created worlds that feature dangerously handsome heroes and feisty heroines. With the help of popcorn and candy, she takes dragons, fairies, witches, vampires, and so much more and brings them to life. She lives in Texas with her husband and three kids who fuel not only her heart but her life.

If she's not writing, she's reading, traveling, or knee-deep in projects with her husband and five sisters. She encourages re

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48.4k reviews4 followers
Want to read
April 3, 2020
🎁 The first 8 books in the Dark Warrior Alliance Series are FREE on Amazon today (4/3/2020)! 🎁
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613 reviews23 followers
September 10, 2015
It's not always a good idea to jump to the 3rd book in a series, but it worked this time. I had no trouble understanding what was happening and really enjoyed the story. The world is intriguing and quite imaginative, dark and yet full of hope.
And I love a sexy, emotionally scarred hero that is not a jerk. And a tough, sassy heroine that doesn't feel the need to stupidly affirm her "independence" by ignoring good advice and going strait into danger. Mack actually listens to her vampire when they are in dangerous situations (because he's a seven hundred years old immortal warrior and he usually knows best)! And he starts listening to her too, and they both change for the better and adapt to each other. That makes a good love story for me.
This book isn't perfect, I don't usually reserve 5 stars for perfection. But I thoroughly enjoyed it and it's definitely worth a read (also, the sex is hot!).
And I can't wait for "Scarred Warrior"!
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903 reviews16 followers
October 13, 2017
These books just keep taking me to new worlds, new feelings, storylines and plots I've never read before and Kyran and Mackendra's is no different . As twisted and sexyally perverse as Kyran is when he must save Mackenda and himself after the Goddess decides they need a "time out" on the hostile dragon planet, with the only way to survive is by depending on each other . Mackendra is having none of that !! She kills " blood suckers " for a living and as far as she's concerned the only good vamp is a dead one; as she shoves a knife into Kyran's heart and runs . Only to find out she will need him to survive the planet and get home . The twists, turns and punches keep coming, but slowly their walls come down and their hearts soften, but will it be enough to get them back to Earth alive ? 5⭐'s for another major leap in the world building of the Dark Warriors by Trim & Julka . I received a gifted copy of the book and am voluntarily choosing to leave an honest and unbiased review.
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52 reviews1 follower
October 8, 2018
Fantastical series that hooked me good!

I'm not always a fan of fantasy, but when I find a good series of book I need to give it it's props!

I really am enjoying the Dark warriors alliance, and this book in particular was worth a special shout out...

I love this series because you have all these super natural or immortals living in a realm here on earth...interacting with us humans and yet having their own code of ethics and even a monarchy...it's very cool, vampires, shifters, and witches on my!😱 not to mention cambions ( sex demons 😘), fire demons 🔥, sorcerers🔮 and the gruesome hell's arch demons👹 eek!

Love all the twists and turns and new as well as ongoing storylines each book has. Do yourself a favor and read them in order so you get the best bang for your buck...or er..entertainment😏
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2,841 reviews
August 11, 2019
Loved this story. It is very different from the other books in the series so far because Kyran and Mackendra slip through a portal and end up in another realm with no way to get back. It gets even stranger when Kyran has to explain that he is a vampire to a woman who considers herself a vampire hunter (I am not going to tell you what she does to him when she finds out!). Then, to make matters worse,they discover they are mates. As they try to figure out who they can trust, and fight off Fae creatures that want to eat them, they become closer and realize being mates isn't so bad. It will take some help from Mack to heal Kyran's old emotional wounds and he, in turn, will heal hers. They also make an amazing discovery about Angus, the Dark Warriors' majordomo, that is going to bring change to both realms.
143 reviews4 followers
April 4, 2018
Dark Warrior's Rule !!!!!

I love to read books that are well written and these are ! I like a little mystery even though I know it will have a happy ending ! Myrna story is not for the faint of heart ! The cause of his deviance is due to his mother's tragic death and loss of most of his family . His need for sexual dominance over women is over rules by his new mate Mack. She is also a dominant personality that won't put up with his usual behavior and finally brings him love and peace ! Start with book one and you will have a better understanding of the background of these characters !
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4,082 reviews54 followers
December 17, 2017
I couldn’t wait to read Kyran’s book and I wasn’t disappointed at all. Mackendra & Kyran are stuck together when Kyran saves Mack and then they go thru a portal. With danger around every corner, they must stick together and it isn’t long before Kyran learns that Mackendra is his fated mate. The bickering I absolutely loved. I loved that Mack held her own and doesn’t hold anything back. Mack & Kyran are perfect fit for each other and I really enjoyed reading there story. Can’t wait to read what happens next.
Profile Image for Raina.
3,656 reviews25 followers
March 25, 2019
An amazing book and series. I have read some of them out of order and stilled loves every second. But reading them in order is way better if you can. These are the perfect paranormal adventure romances. I mean you have a lily bit of everything. Lots of magic, demons, evil fae and some seriously hot dragon shifters and vampires. This one follows one tough as hell human female and the vampire that can’t stay away from her. It definitely starts out as a hate relationship for her and it definitely heats up. Some seriously hot scenes with those two.
147 reviews
November 29, 2017
Kept me guessing until the end

Kryan, a vampire and second in line for the throne, has to face his inner demons while tryimg to woo his very reluctant mate, Mack. She is more concerned about getting rid of skirm- a new and unique paranormal being- than mating with him. Falling through a portal doesn't help matters. Now they must travel through an unknown realm to find their way back home. A very fascinating and enthralling read.
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770 reviews3 followers
July 19, 2018
I have been provided with a copy of Deviant Warrior by the author for an impartial review. This is the fifth book in the Dark Warrior Alliance series and let me just say wow. This book picks up where the events of Mystik Warrior left off. This book was just awesome and it totally had me transfixed I was able to get through it so quickly. I just couldn’t put it down. I loved getting to see Kyran Tarakesh and Mackendra Callaghan find their way. I can’t wait to read more in this series.
855 reviews2 followers
April 8, 2020
A mate for the broken vampire.

Kyran is a troubled vampire Prince ever since seeing his mother raped and killed when he was young. Mackendra is a human who survived being attacked by what she thought were vampires but we're demon bitten skirm which she now hunts and kills. Can these two learn to accept the other as they realise that they are fated mates. I am sure that readers will enjoy this book as much as I did and I highly recommend it.
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666 reviews
September 11, 2017
Kyran and Mack are both badass characters.
It's amazing to see how they tackle each problem and how they keep each other strong and positive.
Them being as possessive as they are, is really funny at some occasions.
There are no slow scenes here, it's full of action, one way or another.

I received a free copy and this is my honest review.
Profile Image for Susan.
1,455 reviews
May 1, 2018
Deviant Warrior is the third book in the Dark Warrior Alliance series. It can be read as a standalone, but the story and characters make more sense if you have read the previous books. There is a lot of violence and the sex is hot and steamy so 18+. The storyline is average but I am enjoying the characters interactions and development.
Profile Image for Lucinda.
689 reviews1 follower
October 1, 2020
Again - Wow!

Kyran had so much pain and regret. He had a lot of self-hatred,too. Luckily he got a great mate. Mack had her issues, too, and she needed Kyran just as much. Their adventures in Khoth where quite interesting. Mack's new talent will come in handy. Another great story in the series!
Profile Image for Lyndsey Gollogly.
830 reviews4 followers
August 17, 2021
Pretty much what I have come to expect from this series now although this one had more creature and Dragons I love Dragons!! It was a nice read and would recommend it. I t always amuses me how they get flung into an unknown dimension and still find to get hot and heavy while trying to get home and escape Ogres 😂😂😂
Was a 3.5 out 5!
122 reviews
November 30, 2022
Good story

The only thing wrong with this book is the editing. Wrong names called, scenes jumped and page formatting was off. Other than that, this was a no holds barred adventure featuring a BDSM vampire and a take-no-prisoners vigilante human female who found herself falling in love with the very thing that she hated most. I enjoyed it.
11 reviews
August 30, 2017
Dark n sinful read

Loved the pairing of the couple. wonderful read and incorporation of characters to come. Jumped into the third book of this series, can't wait to read the first too
39 reviews
January 4, 2018

I enjoyed reading as Mack taught Kyran to get in touch with his romantic side and learn to deal with the issues in past. Kyran taught Mack how to overcome her negative feeling about vampires and to love one.
51 reviews1 follower
January 31, 2018
OMG what a book

I loved this book it was sexy it was funny as I dont know what just loved it a must read everyone one of them as been the best have to get it going to go read the next book n the series
242 reviews4 followers
September 14, 2018
Another great love story

Love this series. I loved being in the new land of koth home to dragons I hope to read more about them in future books. I can't wait to see what happens next in this fantastic series it t just keeps getting better and better.
354 reviews1 follower
November 8, 2019
Action, action, action

These two authors really went all out when writing this story. The story contains lots of action, but also quite a bit of heated pages making this book an awesome read.
32 reviews
November 30, 2020
Great Scot!

Well Kyran and Mack have become a favorite couple in this realm. The depth and growth that has occurred, shows how well these authors put into their character development. Slowly changing prejudice, working through trauma- wonderful!
1 review
February 21, 2022
I love it! And now I was wondering, is there a book story about Nate, the dragon. He was the one who helped to save Kyran and Mack and returned Kyran back to his realm. Cuz I’m so curious more about Nate, the dragon.
Profile Image for Mary Murlin.
142 reviews1 follower
December 11, 2016

She writes such great stories. It is a pleasure to read her books. I am really enjoying this series and can't wait for the next one.
Profile Image for gail mollencopf.
451 reviews2 followers
March 4, 2017

Awesomely written and the characters keep getting better and better. This story takes place in a different realm. A really good romance and great adventure. Enjoy a great read
Profile Image for Kasie Cupp.
110 reviews2 followers
September 10, 2017

Oh my Goddess! This book is so CRAZY! The Heroine is Feisty and AMAZING, HER WARRIOR is just as WONDERFUL!
Profile Image for Sue.
1,214 reviews
December 26, 2017
I was so excited to read Kyran’s Story! The chemistry between Mack and Kyran was off the charts! Great story. I loved it.
54 reviews
August 19, 2018

Another read in a day can't put them down, the plot are that good I'm skimming the sexy bits, a proper rolling adventure, wonderfully books
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