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West 57

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Meet Julie Chavan.

Julie’s trying to rescue the legendary New York publishing house, WEST 57. Everyone else in her life is trying to rescue Julie. Her mother. Her ex-fiancé. Her ex-best friend. Even the ghost of her dead father. They all think they know what Julie needs.

Actually, what Julie needs is a big bestseller for WEST 57 — but her debut of the year’s hottest book is spinning wildly out of control. Julie’s dealing with a dead con artist, an over-sexed London agent, an irresistible young book editor, a drunk author spouting bawdy limericks, and a flying Chihuahua.

The smart thing would be to say goodbye to WEST 57. Julie’s Hollywood mother wants her in L.A., and there’s nothing keeping Julie in New York — nothing except her whole life. But before Julie can decide where she’s going, she has to decide what she really wants.

Exuberantly funny and emotionally rich, WEST 57 will make you laugh and cry about love, friendships, and the big choices in life.

326 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 13, 2015

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B.N. Freeman

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Pseudonym for author Brian Freeman

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Profile Image for Brian Freeman.
Author 47 books2,582 followers
August 20, 2015
I promised readers a big surprise this summer, and here it is: I have an all-new novel available now!

WEST 57 is a very different kind of book from my thrillers...it's funny, sexy, romantic, and (I think) irresistible. I want it to make you laugh and cry about love, friendships, and the big choices in life. I hope you'll give it a try (and tell your Goodreads friends about it, too).

How did WEST 57 come about?

A few years ago, I released a book called THE AGENCY under the pseudonym "Ally O'Brien." It was a project I worked on with my London agent, Ali Gunn. PEOPLE Magazine called the book "entertaining...witty...a delight." Romantic Times called it "one fantastic novel." The Chicago Tribune called it "perfectly irresistible."

Since then, readers have been asking me when I would release a new book in the same style. And I know it's taken me a long time to deliver. Unfortunately, my dear agent Ali passed away almost two years ago. After her passing, I had to decide whether I really WANTED to do another book along these lines. But I love the style and the genre -- and I had a story and characters that I thought readers would choose to bring into their lives.

WEST 57 is very different from THE AGENCY, because it's all mine. It's sweeter, more emotional and tender. It's one of my own personal favorites among my books. As odd as it sounds, this book is probably closer to "who I am" than my thrillers!

So please take a leap...and read WEST 57. When you do, connect with me here, and let me know how you like it. Happy reading!
Profile Image for Diane.
115 reviews
March 6, 2016
I am very happy to say that I loved this book. There is a lot of quick wit and that is what I love. I may have wanted things to happen the way they did but I didn't see some things coming, again what I want in a book. I loved the way there are books within a book, always a good read for a book lover. While this may look like chick lit it reads with more wit and bite than usual for chick lit. I hope that the book that is front and foremost talked about so much, Morningside Park, is written by this author. Don't let me down, Mr. Freeman.
Profile Image for Ida Wilcox.
1,298 reviews4 followers
August 31, 2021
I really enjoyed this book.

At times it was a little slow but it kept me guessing until the end.
Thats the kind of book I love.
Not to many books can do that. Keep me guessing.

I am super glad Julie got the ending she deserves. She was a magnet for people who loves to run her life.
207 reviews1 follower
October 4, 2018
Audible book I listened to at work. The story was pretty good but wasn't a "I can't stop listening" type. Freeman's mysteries are much better.
Profile Image for Joanne.
61 reviews4 followers
December 1, 2021
Free audiobook entertaining light story. Comical at times.
July 8, 2016
This was not my cup of tea. Thriller writer Brian Freeman, writing as B.N. Freeman, tries a breezier style that does not work for me. It feels like he's trying, but not succeeding, to have more of the feel of a Janet Evanovitch mystery. He uses conventions throughout the book that make me groan. For example, he almost always substitutes "freaking" for the more profane "f" word, followed by the female protagonist saying something like "And no, I didn't really say freaking." He did this DOZENS of times, except for the few times he actually used the "f" word, followed by the protagonist saying something like, "Oops! I let that one slip by." He also gave himself a small part in the book and had the protagonist praise his writing, and, as I remember, his looks. It seems like other readers enjoyed this book, but I, for one, plan to stick to the original Brian Freeman and not his nom de plume.
Profile Image for Jami.
364 reviews6 followers
September 29, 2015
I read everything this author writes & love it all. I really wasn't expecting to enjoy this light romp as much as his suspense books..... I was pleasantly surprised, however; this was the perfect mix of entertainment, "who-done-it" & "I've gotta keep reading!" Brian Freeman has crossed genres effortlessly & impressively; I will gladly accept anything he ever writes again. Ever. Grocery list?? Done. Just send it over, kind sir!
Profile Image for Amanda.
158 reviews4 followers
November 19, 2015
I really enjoyed this novel (cynical me did not have high hopes :/ ) I get so use to enjoying my favorite authors a certain way and typically do not expect a lot when they "genre-hop", but as a loyal Freeman fan I gave it a chance and was not disappointed! The wit, the worked in mystery, the characters <3 <3 <3 West 57 was great!!
Profile Image for Ann.
4 reviews
September 6, 2015
I loved this book. I laughed so many times. Brian's look at the complexities of female friendship is delightfully funny. Combined with book publishing business insight and the trademark Freeman twist ending makes this a must read. Read it now. You'll thank me later.
Profile Image for Kristi.
110 reviews
September 10, 2015
A Really Great Book

Poignant and engaging, this book is full of love and the energy of a life well-lived and the promise of a life yet unfulfilled. Then the mystery of crime lays another layer of complexity and bam! You have yourself a Really Great Book.
Profile Image for Karen Kroll.
85 reviews3 followers
September 8, 2015
Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Loved the main character and her relationships with the other characters, and the breezy writing style. The plot twists kept me reading way too late.
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