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Psy-Changeling #15

Allegiance of Honor

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The “unparalleled romantic adventure” of Nalini Singh’s NYT bestselling series continues as a new dawn begins for the Psy-Changeling world . . .

The Psy-Changeling world has undergone a staggering transformation and now stands at a crossroads. The Trinity Accord promises a new era of cooperation between disparate races and groups. It is a beacon of hope held together by many hands: Old enemies. New allies. Wary loners.

But a century of distrust and suspicion can’t be so easily forgotten and threatens to shatter Trinity from within at any moment. As rival members vie for dominance, chaos and evil gather in the shadows and a kidnapped woman’s cry for help washes up in San Francisco, while the Consortium turns its murderous gaze toward a child who is the embodiment of change, of love, of piercing hope: A child who is both Psy . . . and changeling.

To find the lost, protect the vulnerable—and save Trinity—no one can stand alone. This is a time of loyalty across divisions, of bonds woven into the heart and the soul, of heroes known and unknown standing back to back and holding the line. But is an allegiance of honor even possible with traitors lurking in their midst?

478 pages, ebook

First published June 14, 2016

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About the author

Nalini Singh

268 books24.8k followers
I've been writing as long as I can remember and all of my stories always held a thread of romance (even when I was writing about a prince who could shoot lasers out of his eyes). I love creating unique characters, love giving them happy endings and I even love the voices in my head. There's no other job I would rather be doing. In September 2002, when I got the call that Silhouette Desire wanted to buy my first book, Desert Warrior, it was a dream come true. I hope to continue living the dream until I keel over of old age on my keyboard.

I was born in Fiji and raised in New Zealand. I also spent three years living and working in Japan, during which time I took the chance to travel around Asia. I’m back in New Zealand now, but I’m always plotting new trips. If you’d like to see some of my travel snapshots, have a look at the Travel Diary page (updated every month).

So far, I've worked as a lawyer, a librarian, a candy factory general hand, a bank temp and an English teacher and not necessarily in that order. Some might call that inconsistency but I call it grist for the writer's mill.

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1,828 reviews29.1k followers
October 25, 2016
3.5 "Ensembles Just Aren't My Bag Stars"

This was me before starting this book, literally:

"There's not enough space in the universe to contain the squee right now."


This was me when I cracked it open, read the Author's Note, and soon realized that it was an "ensemble" book:


And this was me about 25 pages in:


Now, let me get one thing straight:

I love Nalini Singh.

Her writing and story lines are incomparable.
I am continuously impressed by her talent and the complex, tangible worlds she has been able to create in all of her series.

And such was definitely the case here.

The writing was flawless - as always.
The complexity of the overarching story brilliance was awesome - as always.



This book was waaaaaaay different from every other Psy-Changeling (PC) book up until this point.

All previous PC books have focused on a new couple pairing - with their specific story line in the forefront - while continuing the larger, overarching story line in the background.

However, as Singh states in the above mentioned Author's Note:

"Shards of Hope closed what I think of as the first arc, or season one, of the series, while also opening season two. Before we dive fully into the next arc, however, I want to take a look back and see how far the and its characters have come since Slave to Sensation."

And boy does she ever.

Take us through, Every. Single. Character, that is.

Almost to the point of exhaustion.

Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this book.

And I loved catching up with the vast majority all of our characters from previous books.

We got some cool moments between all of the different factions, e.g., SnowDancer, Dark River, the Human Alliance, the Forgotten, the Arrows, Kaleb/Sahara, NightStar...a LOT more insight and interactions with the elusive BlackSea pack, and some out of this world pupcubbery.



I felt like this book lacked a true focal point...

Now, I think that was Singh's goal in having this book act as a kind of "bridge" between "season one" of the series - which dealt with the splintering and ultimate fall of silence - and "season two" - which looks like it's going to deal with the Trinity group, it's anti-thesis The Coalition, and the stabilization of the post-silence world as a whole.

But again, while I understand and appreciate the need for this book and its role as the "glue" between the two different series story arcs...that doesn't change the fact that this book had a lot of drag.

In other words, there were some parts of this book that I really had to trudge through.

Or, to put it plainly:


Some parts were just dull as fuck.


The first 50 pages of this thing were super slow and really hard to get into.

Plus, I think it really just took me that long to come to grips with the fact that there would be no specific focal couple steering this 478-page Goliath.


Overall, I did enjoy this story as a whole, but I will say that it's definitely not my favorite book in the series.

Without a focal couple, it felt like it was missing something to anchor it.

Plus, even though we got a few snippets of smexy between a few couples, I still felt like this book was missing the romance - or at least the level of romance I love and have come to expect from Nalini Singh.

That said, I don't regret having read this.

In my opinion, a lot happens here that I feel will be vital to understanding the continuation of this series and I did really enjoy checking in with some of my favorite couples and characters.

Thus - despite not adoring this - it was still an enjoyable, if somewhat odd, PC read for me.

And I look forward to seeing what this series has in store for us next....



***ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review***

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There's not enough space in the universe to contain the squee right now. Well as squee as I get anyway...




Seriously though, I can't believe I am holding this in my hands right now.
Dead. Dead from amazement and excitement, I tell you.


I'm getting an ARC directly from the AMAZING Nalini Singh herself!

So excited I might crap myself.

Suck it Netgalley!


Just kidding. Love you forever NetGalley.




Apparently I'm not cool enough/VIP enough for Berkeley Publishing.



And they sent me this whole long fucking list about how to make myself more appealing to them.

Lemme think about it...



Please God, let me get this ARC...

January 2, 2018
This was a cute read. It was pretty much just getting to caught up with all the past characters and seeing the pup/cubs born. I enjoyed it a lot but it felt more like a fluffy filler than a main book in the series. More like a really reallllly big novella lol. My favorite parts were Nikita meeting her granddaughter for the first time. And what is going on with Anthony and Nikita I hope it's a romance starting up. I so want Nikita and Anthony to get a book! I also love all the little kids. I am a sucker for cute sassy children.
June 7, 2016
"So many bonds," [Xavier] murmured as the two of them stood under a night sky that reminded him of Kaleb's cardinal eyes. "So many connections. Our world is becoming the interlinked entity it was always meant to be."*

Having finished the book I feel a complete sense of fulfillment.

Everything is not tied-up. All villains are not dead, and not all heroes have found their place and happy endings. Not all answers have been found, and there are some questions that are yet in need of being asked.

And yet this ending feels right. Not for the whole series, but for the first phase of what we know as Psy-Changeling. A story that started when a woman with cardinal eyes sat in front of a man with Hunter scars. Which, it would appear, wasn't as coincidental as we are inclined to think at first.

The conclusion is that all is not said and done, it has only started, but now there is hope. That's what Sascha and Lucas proposed, and Zaira and Aden enforced.

I will not argue with those who say this is essentially a very long epilogue, because it is supposed to be just that. When you have over 14 love stories to conclude, it's not going to be a short story. And I'm okay with that because that's just Nalini's way. As a matter of fact, what I kept thinking through the book is that this is Nalini Singh at her core.

I want to post a more detailed review, but I will wait until the book comes out because I feel as if everything I have to say is spoilery. All I'm saying is that I might have come for the pupcubs, but I stayed for the Duncan lineage.

* I want to thank Nalini Singh's team for offering me a signed ARC. All quotes are from the advanced copy, not the final copy.


Did someone say... pupcubs?



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1,838 reviews6,163 followers
May 15, 2016
When I got a letter telling me that I could have a signed ARC of this book I felt like a schoolgirl meeting a boy band. I LOVE Nalini Singh's writing! The archangel series is probably my favorite series ever. So, when I wasn't exactly thrilled with this book, I felt guilty. How could I NOT like this book? I'm a terrible person! There are even PUPCUBS involved. What more could I want?

That's your answer to every problem, Mr. Groundhog! And, it NEVER works!

So, here's the thing, it's just too long, too slow, with too much redundancy. We are visiting every character from the first 14 books and seeing how happy they are together. Then, they think about how happy they are together. Then, they think about life in general and how the world has changed. Then, they have sex. And, hey, that's okay, but when you do that same thing 14 times, it gets a little old.

Plus, there are meetings. Lots and lots of meetings. And, we get to read the back and forth conversation of these endless boring meetings.

there's a reason why I had millions of "boring meeting memes" to choose from.

There were a few new things that happened. Pupcubs. But, they weren't enough to carry the book. And, I did like catching up with some of the old characters. It just needed to be shorter. It was an epilogue that simply went on too long.

I'll just go now.

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843 reviews9 followers
May 23, 2016

3,5 stars

PsyNet. Web of Stars. ShadowNet. Honeycomb.
After so many books it's easy to notice that undergoing symbol of this series is a connection, a web of social relationships between characters we got to meet so far. That becomes more obvious than ever in AoH since, abandoning a familiar paranormal romance formula, we are not focused on development of one, central, romantic relationship- we are seeing our characters thrive as part of community, not just as couples.
This is where I need to state that I was probably the last fan of this series to be excited about revisiting previous couples, simply because the reason I religiously followed and read every instalment was the main arc story, Fall of Silence and cooperation between races; the whole world-building which is on point since introducing various places on Earth and different races and cultures in her characterization- Nalini actually managed to convince me that events and decisions made by her characters are world-scale, are huge and life-changing for her characters. Romantic plot, as prevalent as it was, I appreciated more as a part of character development, especially Psy ones for whom emotion is a new thing. Hence I read it as a cherry on top and it did establish Nalini as one of the most consistent writers of romance I've ever had a pleasure of reading, but it was not really why I kept coming back to series. Another reason for my reluctance is the fact that there this certainty of hea in romance I find comforting and emotionally satisfying- I know heroine and hero will be ok after all, and with Nalini showing us glimpses of everyone here and there (she is especially great to her subscribers, since monthly newsletter almost always has some short story included), I didn't feel like I need any form of confirmation.
This is tied to how I think others will like Allegiance of Honour. If you are here mostly for romance, prepare to be blown away. Nalini is giving you everything you want and her enjoyment and delight in writing it is noticeable. It was clearly a labour of love and she is very open about it in Author's Note at the beginning. This is Psy/Changeling reunion you were hoping for and your favourites are still going strong. :)
The book is filled with kids being adorable, pups and cubs (and pupcubs) being even more adorable and mothers and fathers being protective and fierce and just gushing with pride; men being swoon-worthy and women being loved. It also feels like a full closure of previous arc since Nalini addressed leftover questions that were still lingering among the fans: father Perez and his Nina; Riaz and mating bond and of course the infamous pupcubs are just some of them. ;) Every couple from previous 14 books is mentioned, but as much as this is ensemble book, I would say that Lucas and Sascha get the most page time, so, fans of pack life and changelings, you will be happy. :)
But to say that book is only about revisiting and "where are they now" scenes would be wrong. AoH still has a lot to offer to fans like me to keep me turning pages. There are several stories and events we are following along way which are actually pushing the overall plot forward- cooperation between races is not an easy thing after all; new foe have their eyes on Naya, DarkMind and NetMind are trying to communicate something important and BlackSea pack is back again and in trouble again. Also, I need to mention that Ena Mercant and whole mafia vibe Mercants have is giving me life. I need more of this.
My rating is mostly due to the fact that I realized I missed that perfect balance of romance and action I got to read in previous books. The suspense plot (which I prefer) suffered due to this format since trying to include everyone dragged the plot development. I am sure that many readers will appreciate the recap in case they forgot names or read their book a long, long time ago, but to me some parts were redundant. At one point I completely forgot there are some things characters have to address since between all that fluffiness and funny pack scenes and recaps, it didn't feel as an emergency. I also had a bit of trouble with part of story of Naya being special because she is both Psy and changeling since series already established that mixed individuals are not completely groundbreaking and novel thing: It's already mentioned that Psy/changeling unions are made in the past and I think Lucas's great-great-grandmother was a Psy. I find the other reason- that she is special because of who she is: daughter (and granddaughter) of some of the most powerful and influential people in the world who are also main supporters of breaking Silence- more believable. Also, at this point of series (and this oddly goes for her other series as well ), I really need for Nalini to start taking bad guys and villains out of the picture for good.
All in all, a different Psy/Changeling book which still gave me the same comforting feeling like previous books. And also a lot of this:

and this:


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2,020 reviews12k followers
June 15, 2016

I still remember the first time I picked up a Nalini Singh book. I was at the library and looking for more PNR to binge on (I was going through a huge PNR phase). And then I spot a series of books that looked like the covers belonged on a bad 80's action movie. My inner cover wh*re cringed a little but I will forever be grateful I picked up that first book because that turned into what I now refer to as the PNR binge of 2010. When someone asks me what my favorite PNR series is to date, it's without a doubt Singh's Psy-Changeling series. And now 15 books into the series, I can continue to hold true to that statement.

Where am I going with this? I'm getting there, mkay?

I wasn't sure about reading this book, because as far as ensemble books go, they're a bit of a gray area for me; meaning they'll either really work for me or they really won't. Look, I have the attention span of a rodent, and when you have that many POVs my mind tends to wonder. Don't judge me. So by now you want me to get to my point, right? Alright.

If you haven't figured it out yet, Allegiance of Honor is an ensemble cast book. It's completely different from any other book in this series in absolutely everything. There's no central romance, no main couple, but there's very much a central plot. Singh is a pure genius when it comes to weaving together multiple POVs but not making it be chaotic. Yes, there are multiple characters from previous books that make an appearance here and you get to catch up with all your favorites, but of course the alpha that started it all is the one that gets the most page time. Lucas and Sascha obviously get the most story because it seems that their child is going to be pivotal in the books to come.

Allegiance of Honor is essentially a bridge book that closes the chapter on "Season One" story arc and introduces all the ingredients of Season Two that the readers will be looking forward to. I won't lie, when I realized I wasn't going to be getting a central couple, I wondered why this wasn't a novella instead. A 478 page ensemble book? But here's the thing, there's A LOT that happens here. This series is not meant to be read out of order, and if you've been keeping up, you'll be very interested to know what happens.

There's the Trinity Accord and the brewing tension with the rise of The Consortium. We knew that when silence fell, it wouldn't be the end and this book basically sets up the story line for the next books flawlessly. You get to see all your past favorites; a much need HEA for Riaz and Adria, which I was desperately hoping for, and even a bonus story of Father Xavier.

Even with all the multiple POVs there's a lot of meat to the story. There's a lot that happens, and fans of this series will find this book to be pivotal for what's to come.

This could have easily been a 5 star read for me, but unfortunately in parts of the story I did find all the POVs to be slightly cumbersome. While many of the POVs weaved together to drive the plot forward, some of them felt more like a bonus. And while it was nice to have, considering the length of the book, it did make it drag a little for me. I would have rather had them as bonus novellas but this is entirely a personal preference. Many readers may really appreciate these little bonus POVs. I tend to get sidetracked when a book is too long and I find other POVs to be distracting.

I'll also admit that it took me some time to finish this. I felt like the first half took me forever to get through, but then when you really started getting deeper into this new story arc, I was hooked. Well and truly hooked. I finished the final half in one sitting.

Nalini Singh is a brilliant author that created an incredible rich world filled with multifaceted characters. The world building in her Psy-Changeling series is unlike any I've read before. It's phenomenal. What's even more incredible is while this book has quite a few POVs and should almost feel like an extended epilogue, it wasn't. All the POVs, all the little subplots, everything tied together and drove the plot forward. I have to tip my hat off to that, because that is no small feat and I honestly can't think of any other author that would be able to pull off something like that.

And while I can't say this book was my favorite in the series, I can tell you that it is not to be missed. There's so many hints dropped here and amazing set ups for the next generation of Psy-Changeling, that I'm practically vibrating with excitement for it right now.

ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review

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635 reviews462 followers
September 30, 2017
3.5 stars

All the different POVs made my poor head hurt. Trying to remember everyone, mixing up their names, then keeping track of whose pupcubs are whose, my brain just wants to check out now. It was great seeing everyone's HEAs still holding up (side look at you Susan Fanetti) and prevailing over the Consortium for the moment but no more ensemble books for me. It tired me out.

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957 reviews201 followers
September 6, 2020

I LOVED this book!!!

The world has changed in countless ways since the day a cardinal empath sat across from a changeling alpha, the empath trying to hide her emotions, the alpha trying to see under her skin.
There has been war, destruction, piercing love.
Loyalties have been tested.
A way of life overturned.
Blood has run red as those who would hold on to power cut down innocent lives.
Soldiers have died.
Children have been born.
Bonds have formed.
Hearts have entwined.
Old enmities have been forgotten and there is a fragile peace . . . and the world stands at a critical crossroads.
Will the bonds hold?
Or will chaos reign?


Everyone thought that when Silence fell that the battle for peace had been won, but it seems the Psy are still in danger of losing the NetMind which is still dying, and the Trinity Accord have many enemies who do not wish to see their goals of unity between all the races to come to fruition. And the Consortium is at the head of the enemy list, intent on creating chaos in order to stop Trinity. And they will go to any lengths, even kill the Psy-Changeling child who has become the symbol of change to ensure their war, and even kidnap a BlackSea changeling.

I liked that the BlackSea changelings played quite a big role in this book when one of their changelings was abducted, and DarkRiver, SnowDancer, the Arrows and the Human Alliance banded together in support and assistance. They are so fascinating, especially their alpha and I can’t wait to find out more about them.

“Nothing is ever black and white, kitten,” he reminded her, allowing his claws to slice out to touch her skin. “I can use my claws to protect, but I can use the same claws to rip out an enemy’s throat.”

Sascha and Lucas played a big part in this book, together with their packs and their allies who ensured protection for little Naya. And seeing Sascha use her powers to protect her daughter was AWESOME!!!

I loved that so many things happened in this book, and that we got to spend time with basically all the characters of this series.

I’ll never give up. Because from the day I first grew old enough to remember my own thoughts, I knew two things: That I was a man of God, and that one day, I would marry you.
I’ll find you, Nina. No matter what it takes or how long I have to search. I’ll find you.
Your Xavier

Xavier has gone on his search for his Nina. I just loved the letters he had written over the years to her, through which we found out how Judd and Xavier met, and how the beautiful friendship between the three men started.

And finally we had the birth of the pupcubs!!! And that was so freaking fantastic!!! I can’t say anything but it was just as perfect as I had hoped it would be.

The time of endless darkness was over.
There, Sunny. It is done.

This book was such an emotional read for me. So many humerous moments, but also deeply touching and sad ones. Silence had broken so many Psy and it always breaks my heart to see how much they lost because of it.

The darkness inside Kaleb stretched out under the light that was Sahara.

This was exactly the type of book this series needed before going on to the next arc. It gave way to so many possibilities: like the lack of the mating bond between Riaz and Adria that has always bothered me, the potential of a romance between Nikita and Anthony and the possibility of future births and bonds. And seeing all of my favorite characters with their loved ones, how happy they are was just wonderful. Especially the Psy who before couldn’t love openly, but now watching them finally free to love and to touch openly was beautiful.

For me this book was all about promise - the promise of loyalties, bonds, relationships and love. The promise of a future where all the races would be a united front, where there would be peace and acceptance. And no divides. But there is still such a long way to go. And I can’t wait to continue this journey.

Heroes, I’ve learned, don’t always wear white.
Sometimes they come from the darkness, shadows among shadows.

Nalini Singh is a master storyteller and once again she has proven why. This world she has created has definitely become my happy place. May this series never come to an end. Highly recommended to all lovers of romance no matter what genre you prefer.

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674 reviews
June 25, 2016

Ow, wow! Even after 15 books, this series is still amazing and it never ceases to surprise me. When I begin to think that there could not be any more interesting things or situations to anticipate, Nalini introduces new EXTRAORDINARY characters and I just can't wait for their books to be written and released. The series is truly captivating and I hope it never ends. I want to read about everyone. I want every Psy, Changeling or human find their mate and be HEA. I want to see the children, pups and cubs grow up and have their own romance stories.

So many things happened in this book. Of course, I liked reading about the old characters, seeing them love and be loved by their loved ones, interacting with the children or making friend and allies. But as I said earlier, I loved the new characters in this book and I'm anticipating sooo much their stories.

I can't decide whom I like more, Psy or changelings. Just when I think that I love the Psy, there's a Lucas or Hawke happening. And when I start to like the changelings, there's a Kaleb that steals my heart. Like I said in one of my statuses, this Pax Marshall has the potential to be the new Kaleb Krychek, and I can't wait to find out who his mate is going to be (I hope she's a changeling >.<)

How I imagine the CARDINAL EYES:

Some parts in this book were truly heart breaking, especially those who involved children. Many chapters had me in tears and weeping all the time.

My only complain is that the PSY and Changelings love each other too much. It's all very sweet and they're all so polite and loving to each other. It is annoying sometimes.

Also, I would have liked many more love making scenes. There weren't enough and they were very shallow.

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1,881 reviews414 followers
July 18, 2016

As my friend Laura said... this book is a huge family meeting!

We get to revisit ALL the characters from previous books/novellas/short stories, etc.!!! EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of them has a chapter dedicated here!

I had the feeling that it was getting a little bit crowded…
Put inside this gathering all the pups/cubs of the various couples and you’ll get it…

OK so, leopard pup playing with dad is cute, but wolf kit jumping on the lap, licking, nipping… whatever… every 10 pages or so, it is a little bit too much!

Puppies everywhere alert!!!!

There’re a lot of family situations, internal musings about the fate of the world, sexy times between mates (don’t get me wrong, I love sexy times, but…) friendship interludes and whatever you want to throw in that kept interrupting the stories so that that same stories were lost inside.

I wanted to know why the Net was disintegrating and what could be done to salvage it (again!); I wanted to read about the rescue of the kidnapped BlackSea woman (solved too easily by intervention of friendly happily mated!!! human); I wanted to know what Architect was plotting…. But as soon as things were getting interesting a family/pup/cub/mates moment interrupted!!! It was so annoying!

Ms. Singh’s writing is amazing as ever, but there is no fluidity; there’re too many interruptions.

Another thing: every couple was deliriously happy! I know that we, romantic HEA fans, want our MCs to have a HEA: it’s natural! But here that much sweetness, all together, was toothache inducing! It was like when you eat too much chocolate!

I get it that this book is intended to be a link to a spin off, but to me it was a huge, too long epilogue!
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1,232 reviews2,041 followers
June 16, 2016
The Psy-Changeling universe is as vast and as complex as the characters that inhabit them. Which is why, the Psy-Changeling series from Nalini Singh is undoubtly my favorite PNR series ever. Granted, I've not read that many PNR but when I do, I tend to measure them against this series.

Allegiance of Honor takes place after the events in Shards of Hope. Or thereabouts. It's post silence. The Consortium is now but a shadow of its former glory and a new power block is emerging. One that is committed to give Changelings, humans and Psys a chance to live in peace. But there are obstacles in the way, and the Dark River leopards, the Snow Dancer wolves, the former Arrows and former allied Psys must confront these unseen enemies.

There was so much happening in this book. This book was so encompassing in its scope that it can be sometimes overwhelming. Allegiance of Honor is part extended epilogue, and part prequel. It connects all the overarching plot points from the previous books to future ones. We get to touch base with the previous couples in the series, get caught up with their lives after their HEA, see how some of the villains are coping with their loss of power, and we also get a definitive HEA for Riaz and Adara. We also find out about the Forgotten, the health of the Psy-net network, the BlackSea changelings, and so many more, which brings us to my one issue with this book: the lack of a central couple that grounds the story together.

One can argue that Lucas and Sienna is the main grounding couple in this book, but while they do get a bit of page time, it's a bit of a stretch to call them the main couple. I feel so conflicted because I understood the need for the multiple POVs but there were times when they were just overwhelming. We get those epilogue type moments, which I enjoyed. I loved Hawke's and Sienna's page time as well as Lucas' and Sascha's but that's because they're my favorite couples. Others...it's okay but I didn't outright loved them. I did love the Riley and Mercy bit as well as Vasic and Ivy Jane's and Riaz's but other than that, I've forgotten most of the couples in the series. *hangs head in shame*

That said, I loved LOVED the new information about the Trinity, about the Blacksea changelings, the new shadowy villain, Naya, etc. If you're a fan of the series, you can't miss this book. Some vital information are revealed here. So while the lack of central core was a problem, reading this was worth it. Plus, the world building. Nalini Singh is a master world builder. I am in awe of this author's talent for creating such a complex and vast world.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It's not my favorite in the series but it still captured my attention. I loved the characters and the world that Nalini Singh created, and I'm looking forward to more stories from this series.

ARC provided by Berkeley in exchange for an honest review.
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1,461 reviews1,088 followers
October 29, 2016
Allegiance of Honor, the 15th book in Nalini Singh's stunning Psy-Changeling Series, celebrates the lives of all the characters we have come to love and how each race on Earth in the future, are dealing with the problems that faced them in a world that has become frightening and uncertain.
 photo hqdefault_zpss2ifrydx.jpg
The Trinity Accord, an alliance formed between the Psy/Changeling/Human races is being threatened by the Consortium, a shadowy faction bent on destabilising the peace and co-operation among the three races. Who can be trusted?
 photo download_zpsetudappy.jpg
This book does not introduce any new couple pairings. It what does revisit the couples from the previous books and how far their lives have progressed. and woven into a few plot-lines in the story.

We see the children who have been born in the new era...free from Silence and isolation.
 photo tumblr_od9e979aIY1ty8kogo1_500_zps3qsxw746.jpg
A lot is going on in this book. Brilliant and complex plots, action packed, romance, intrigue and deception.

I love that the author includes the Cast of Characters Guide at the beginning of this book........just to keep you updated, I am including a simple diagram of the characters....
 photo eb931601-5713-49b3-ab69-570080f4ea08_zpsig64fphz.png
I absolutely love this series and I am seriously considering reading all the books over again!!!! I highly recommend this series to any paranormal romance lovers...........

One of the quotes that I loved:
 photo 68b88d32-7a25-40df-9bde-a6fe2bb58fe1_zpszjl46pq8.png
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Author 7 books700 followers
June 14, 2016
I haven’t enjoyed a book this much in a long time. To be fair, though, this not your average Psy-Changeling book. It’s not a romance. It’s more like a dozen romances, all reveling in their own versions of Happily Ever After. It’s a reunion. It’s a celebration. An ending and a beginning. And maybe that won’t be what every reader wants. But for me, this book won on every level. I cried. I laughed out loud. I basked in a thousand feels and I ended the story completely satisfied.

There are so many things going on here. After all, this is the culmination of the story arc that started with book one. We revisit every character. We tie almost every thread. It’s a task that could have been overly ambitious or scattered, but Nalini Singh is such a master of her craft that it all just… fit.

Someone is targeting Lucas and Sasha’s daughter, which is one of two threats that pull the changeling community together. The other is the search for one of the missing water changelings. We’ve got that going on, the advent of the pupcub delivery, problems in the PsyNet. Births. Deaths. Reunions. And so much love.

This is definitely not a book for new readers. But fans will love spending quality time with all the core couples like Lucas and Sasha, Hawke and Sienna, Kaleb and Sahara; the list goes on. Even the couples from the novellas get page time, and it all just fits together like pieces of a puzzle. A beautiful, colorful puzzle. And lest you think this is one giant epilogue, I promise, there is a real story here, one that leads the way into the next arc of the series.

Now all I need is some quality time with Anthony and Nikita. I can’t explain WHY I need it. I just do. #pleaseandthankyou

Rating: A-

*ARC provided by publisher
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1,363 reviews342 followers
July 30, 2016
What a dud.

I’ve been a great fan of this series ever since I read the first book, almost 7 years ago. In fact, this series is the reason why I got into the paranormal genre (I was never a fan of Twlight.) From the beginning, I loved the combination of impossible love stories with plots full of action and incredible twists. ALL of that was missing in this book.

Allegiance of Honor was completely unnecessary, a book without plot and no main couple. Instead, we’re treated to almost 500 pages of daily scenes from the couples we’ve met in the previous 14 books (and some of the novellas) doing exciting things such as: Babysitting! Doing business! Visiting friends! Going to birthday parties! Eating! Exercising! Party planning! 9/10 of the book was boring as hell, not at all what I’m used to from this series.

The book description alludes to a threat to Naya’s life and a kidnapped changeling but both things were very peripheral to the “story”. The first was solved in ONE PAGE (I didn’t even have time to be afraid for them) and the kidnapping was secondary. Ms. Singh pretty much used this book to set up the next series and to tie some loose ends. Belatedly, she realized that she had left the humans in the lurch, pretty much at the mercy of the Psy and Changelings so she found a way around that. She also realized nobody was ever satisfied with the Riaz mating situation (more in this review) so she tried to fix that. Sadly, the new explanation didn’t work either.

Yes, there was sex and alone time between couples but there was so much sameness (everybody loved each other very much, was blissfully happy, blah, blah, blah) that there was no excitement whatsoever.

Ms. Singh also proved that she’s never been around toddlers because Naya’s not a real child, she’s a caricature. She’s smart, she’s cute, she worries about others, she behaves, she’s a strong Psy, she can shift, she never cries or throw tantrums, sleeps all night, never fights with other children, never scratches and doesn’t do stupid shit. And she’s only 1-year old! Her job is to be ADORBS to show what great parents Sasha and Lucas are (snort). I dislike spoiled children with a passion and I kept thinking that if they kept treating her like that, she would become the most spoiled kid in the universe.

Before reading this book, I would have said I was going to read the new series without hesitation but now I’m not so sure. If this is the kind of books Ms. Singh will be writing moving forward, then I’m out.

Review first posted at Badass Book Reviews. Thanks to Netgalley and Berkley/NAL for providing an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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3,198 reviews368 followers
September 7, 2021
2021 re-read additional thoughts: This book has so many perfect moments in it. I'm still amazed at how beautifully and seemlessly Nalini Singh built this story giving us glimpses of so many beloved characters, and sneak peeks of characters that I can't wait to learn more about.

26 April 2020: $1.99 on Kindle

I've been reading this series for years - reading and re-read. In fact, you may have noticed I'm in the middle of a re-read right now with all my reviews of the earlier books finally being written. So it's no secret that I absolutely adore the world, love the characters, and am entranced by the storyline. I won't talk a whole lot about that here, in this review, because I think that I've said it often already, and probably will say it more as I continue to review previous books in the series.

What I do want to talk about is something amazing that Nalini Singh has accomplished here. Something that I've never seen successfully pulled off before by an author of a long-running series. Something that I wasn't expecting, but was oh-so pleasantly surprised by. Fifteen books in and Nalini has provided what every fan of a long-running series has ever asked for: follow up on characters and connections that we don't get to see in the day-to-day activity of the "regular" books in the novel. And she does it brilliantly.

This series is a romance series and so is connected by the larger storyline and the world, with each individual book or novella being focused on a single couple - though of course their connections and the world building itself does give us some updates on some characters throughout. What this book does is so much different. It focuses on no one couple, but on nearly all the couples. That's more than fourteen pairings that she weaves together into one book. And, get this: she does it coherently, with a real story driving it.

Yes, there is a STORY here. One that broke my heart at times, and made me cry with happiness at others. It never feels like vignettes into characters lives, it's an epilogue for fourteen novels that tied up some questions - but in true Nalini fashion, uncovered so many more. We get further introductions and insights into new characters and see how beloved characters are evolving in this new world that they've begun to create, and learned that despite all the positive changes, it's not time to relax just yet. There is still work to be done.

One could think that a series would start to lose it's shine, the readers' interests, so far into it. Truly, there aren't many series that hold readers' attention this long (if you know of others, I'd love to hear about them), and none that have held mine this long. Even I thought that after Shards of Hope, the series might be coming to a close, that we might start up spinning off and learning of completely different aspects of the world. But that's not even close to the truth. There's so much more to explore here. So much more to figure out. And we're not even close to out of the woods yet.

I loved this novel. I wasn't expecting it, hadn't even really hoped for it since Nalini is so generous with her extra scenes in her newsletters - a scene to catch up with a couple that we haven't seen in a while, every month. But it's here. And it's beautiful.

Oh, and I do have some extras (a Q&A with Nalini and an excerpt) that I'll be posting soon on the blog, so be on the lookout.

This review is available at The Book Eaters
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466 reviews6,255 followers
August 21, 2016

This is actually a huuuuuuuge epilogue for every book and novella so far, and a huuuuge prequel for the characters that will have books in the rest of the series. I'm not a big fan of so many characters taking the lead spot in only one book (and believe me there were MANY here), BUT. It's so wonderful seeing them all again that it's worth the read definitely. AND it got me very curious about the new characters. Who will have the next book I wonder???

Profile Image for Robin (Bridge Four).
1,608 reviews1,481 followers
June 20, 2016
4 Totally for the Fans Stars
5 Stars for Cuteness of seeing ALL the Characters in happy family moments
5 Stars for all the heartwarm moments
2 Stars for actual plot development

This is a fan book. What I mean by that is this alternates from blissfully happy moments showing The Packs and the Arrows with children, to established couples getting it on, to minuscule plot developments. No a lot actually happens.


- Chapter where a very adorable Naya now 1 shifts for the first time into her kittycat form. What is more adorable than babies…..baby/kitten hybrid. It was adorable

- Chapter with Lucas and Sasha blissfully happy and making out ready to get it on when interrupted by said baby.

- Chapter with Pregnant Mercy and Riley as they plan for their upcoming pupcubs….and a joint part to celebrate pupcubs and the intermingling of said packs.

- Chapter with the revelation that one of the Black Sea members has been kidnapped and is leaving clues to her location implying that Consortium has spies inside Black Sea.

- Chapter showing an extremely happy Kaleb and Sahara Krycheck who spend time reminiscing and we learn there is a genie bottle that she filled with blank papers that he can fill out for wishes from her.
Etc, etc, etc.

What I liked

Okay so by book 14 there are a ton of couples since each book we get a new one with some cameo’s by various previous couples. I liked that this focused a lot more on all of the characters that we’ve seen throughout the series, even those from the novellas. I liked that the only new romantic couple in this is Xavier and Nina and most of that is done in his letters to her over the years as he searches for her. I think this takes up a scant 1% of the book total. The rest just shows how interconnected all of the characters have become over the last four years. How Psy, Changeling and Humans have created extended friends and family and the Psy-Changling world has become a small world after all.

There are a ton of super cute heartwarming moments. Like seeing Naya the first psy/changling child learn both how to be Psy and how to be a Cat. Getting a few glimpses into what a relationship between Nakita and Anthony might look like. The birth of the pupcups and Lucas and Hawk being almost best friends and putting some of their alpha tendencies aside to welcome them. The Rats being included and invited to the Dark River/Snow Dancer party. All the sweet tender moments involving children….and so on and so on and so on.

There really isn’t much plot development in this at all. There is a hint to who might be behind the consortium and there was a little time spent on saving the Black Sea pack mate who had been kidnapped. There is also some time spent on what is missing in the Psynet and why it is still collapsing. But other than that the plot went nowhere. However we do find out exactly how far Sasha would go to protect Naya.

What I didn’t like:

With everyone in the cast showing up at some time in the story there was a lot of recapping or reminiscing. This is a double edged sword as I liked some of it for a few of my favorite characters but the rest I could have done without.

Not enough plot line happening. There are a few really intense moments but there wasn’t a big revelation near the end as to who is the new power they are fighting. It really seemed like there were just some minor plot reveals to a bigger story to be told later.


Save this for when what you really want is just a good time reminiscing with some old friends and take it as such. If you need something with a little meat to it then hold off since this has less meat than most of the Psy/Changling books but it does have a plethora of happy feel good moments.
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1,627 reviews274 followers
March 30, 2020
1st read 13-14 June 2017
This was an amazing book! I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it! Nalini did it again :D

When I first heard this will be a transitional book, and that it won't have a main couple I was skeptical but game. As the release day got near the excitement got to me… so the expectations were high. I loved every minute of it!

Nalini showed almost all the main couples, Xavier finally found his Nina, we got a few great Kaleb and Sahara scenes(<3), we saw more of BlackSea and most importantly the plot didn’t stagnate. I have to say, Nalini could write anything and I’ll love it :D

2nd read: 3-4 June 2017
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February 14, 2016
An ensemble cast?? Really now?

I'm not happy! I'm wishing this won't have a gazillion POVs but I'm probably not gonna get my wish...
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June 20, 2017
RATING: 4 Hearts!

Heroes, I’ve learned, don’t always wear white.
Sometimes they come from the darkness, shadows among shadows.

Allegiance of Honor brings us the beginning in the end of the Psy-Changeling series. While there are many plot-lines throughout this read (sometimes getting a little overwhelming), as a whole this book is such a pleasure to read, reuniting us with many of the previous couples we've fallen in love with; Lucas and Sasha, Hawke and Sienna, Judd and Brenna, Kaleb and Sahara, Mercy and Riley, Drew and Indigo, Aden and Zaira, Vasic and Ivy and so many more. The snippets into their lives brings back all the emotions felt while reading each couple's individual stories, at the same time heightening those feelings as the story arc comes to a conclusion. In addition, all the cubs and pups—Naya, Ben, Roman, Julian, Keenan, and more—in this story are such a cute delight, and I would love their stories!

“Love gives far more than it ever takes. And love makes us want to give.”

Overall, Allegiance of Honor is a wonderful ending to "Season 1" of Psy-Changeling, Ms. Singh ensuring an engaging and enjoyable read from beginning to end with her trademark well-loved characters, humour, action and sweet and sexy romance. Really enjoyed this and I look forward to reading Silver Silence next!

Posted: June 20, 2017
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114 reviews21 followers
April 13, 2019

I loved this book. I really enjoyed it. The only thing that bothered me was the lack of a real (new) enemy. The Architect was glimpsed at but he did pretty much nothing. This was the first book of the new season and I had a feeling that the old enemies (Ming LeBon) need to be defeated.

Now onto the good stuff. Nikita Duncan is everything and Anthony Kyriakus is beyond awesome. I love how almost everyone hints that something weird (and hot) is going on between them. After 14 books I get a feeling that we will be focusing (more) on some new characters like Silver Mercant, Pax Marshall, Tanique Grey, Alice Eldridge, Miane Levesque, Malachai, Remi Denier, Angel, Bowen Knight & Adam Garret.

There were many resolutions in this book; Annie meets Kaleb, Nikita meets Nadiya & Tanique meets Faith. Pupcubs are born. We got Nikita's point of view and I liked it. A lot.

I think that the next book will be focused on Siler Mercant or Bowen Knight or Remi Denier.


I just hope that in the Allegiance of Honor Nikita meets her granddaughter and maybe, just maybe, steals a kiss from a certain Councilor. *cough* Anthony Kyriakus *cough*. Elusive Silver Mercant could appear too. Tanique Gray could also make an appearance. Alice Eldridge is welcome too.


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592 reviews1,053 followers
April 29, 2019
This really was more an extended epilogue than a book in its own right but I love the characters enough to still have enjoyed this.
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March 25, 2017
One word for the book; smothering!

Do you think that there is no such a thing as "too much happiness", as I had naively thought before this book? Dare you to read this bundle of cuteness and then think again!

There was so much happiness, rainbows shooting out of kids' cute butts, unicorns eating coloured cupcakes, sunshine glittering at sexy chest hairs, I had to take breaks and think depressing thoughts to be able to continue reading. Seriously. One more scene with aww see how cute and happy and safe, the kids are schmoozing and I would go cuteblind.

Yet, I grudgingly enjoyed most of the book. And that says something about how good Nalini is! Or I am kinda maybe slightly a fangirl. But that's neither here nor there. She just writes soo good! It was a joy to see my favourite couples again, despite of, squeezing everyone in making the scenes feel impersonal and causing the loss of that feeling of sharing a secret, private part of someone's life Nalini Singh gives with her writing.

Overall, it was an ok book.
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1,024 reviews90 followers
March 15, 2016
So let me paint you a picture. There I am, piles of paperwork strewn across my desk, checking back and forth between my computer screen and the top pile, when I get an email alert on my iWatch.

An email with the Berkley Romance widget to download Allegiance of Honor has just arrived.

I am grateful that most of my coworkers were out to lunch as I began to make inarticulate noises while frantically searching for my cell phone, lost somewhere beneath the papers. Then I had to wait for my own lunch hour to begin, at which point I couldn't get it to download at first, leading to more inarticulate noises.

And then the book finally opened.

It begins with a letter from Nalini, explaining that Allegiance is an ensemble book. It's a transition book, she says, allowing us to revisit all of our favorite characters, before we begin a new series plot arc. So I was expecting like a loosely linked collection of vignettes, little snapshots of everyone's happy endings. I thought it would just tidy everything away, so that book 16 could start fresh.

Nalini, I underestimated you and I am sorry.

In my opinion, from a writing standpoint, Allegiance of Honor is masterfully done. All of the featured couples from the previous books return, all of them getting the spotlight for a brief time. Many of the supporting characters return as well, and, yes, things are tidied up or positioned to be further explored.

Given that it's so character-driven, you would not expect there to be much in the way of plot, but there is, oh, there is. It's like...is there a word or phrase that describes something that's meant to be an appetizer, something to just whet your appetite, but actually turns out to be immensely satisfying? Nalini's world-building skills are unparalleled and she puts them to good use here, somehow simultaneously bombarding the reader with happy endings, while evoking a sense of dread.

Because everything's about to change.

I knew I was going to cry at some point, because , but I actually cried at two other times. Well, two and a half. First, I cried at and then I cried at Then I teared up again because there was such an abundance of hope in the face of adversity, of determination to make the world a better place. Given the current American political climate, the despair that seems to permeate every piece of news, Allegiance of Honor is almost a fantasy of what the world could be like. Not perfect, not entirely safe, but mostly united in hopes of a better future.

Do NOT read this if you haven't read the previous fourteen books. There is a cast of characters in the beginning, but you won't grasp the full awesomeness unless you've been completely immersed. You should also read the accompanying novellas as some of those couples make an appearance as well ( my favorite couple!). If you want to re-read as a refresher, go for Slave to Sensation, Branded by Fire, Blaze of Memory, Wild Invitation, Heart of Obsidian, Shield of Winter, and Shards of Hope. As I said, all the couples are featured, but these will brush you up on the first series plot arc and the current state of politics in this world.

Since I'm writing this three months early (I'm sorry, publicist Erin, you are lovely, but I have no self-control, especially when it comes to Nalini's books), I don't want to say anything that would make Berkley put a hit out on me, but I do always like to include a few spoilery-but-not-really tidbits:

I seriously can't wait to see where Nalini takes us next because I have absolute faith she knows where she's going. And it's going to be brilliant.

I'm going to leave you with a quote from the book that's not really spoilery, but I'll stick it behind a cut. These lines, in my opinion, capture what I love about Nalini's writing: no matter what else is happening, what threat may be looming, life goes on.

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3,336 reviews1,017 followers
September 16, 2021
There is a reason that Nalini Singh is my favourite author, she consistently writes amazing book after amazing book and she is the absolute queen of world building and creating fantastic characters. It's not often you get to book 15 in a series and find that the author has once again managed to give you something fresh and new but that is exactly what she has done with Allegiance of Honour. This book is a tribute to all the previous couples we've met and fallen in love with and all the side characters whose stories we're still desperately waiting for. It ties together a lot of little loose ends hanging around after the fall of Silence and at the same time it also kicks off the beginning of a brand new story arc.

If you've ever read Nalini's newsletter you'll know she loves to include little short stories and snippets giving us glimpses into some of her characters after they have their happily ever after. Well imagine a whole glorious book that gives you a chance to spend time with everyone again. This is an ensemble cast where no one couple takes centre stage for the whole story (although I think little Naya and the pupcubs steal more than their share the spotlight but more on them later!) but instead we get to see where they're all at in their lives right now. If it was any other author I might have been nervous about an ensemble cast but I have absolute faith in Nalini and she pulled it off more wonderfully than I ever could have imagined.

Not only does she give us a glimpse into couples from 14 other books (as well as several novellas and short stories) but she weaves in several new stories for them all to get involved in. One story in particular allows us to get to know certain members of BlackSea a little better and that helps build trust between all the different groups that are currently working together - DarkRiver, SnowDancer, Psy like Kaleb, Anthony & Nikita, the Arrows and the Empaths, the Human Alliance, the Forgotten, the Rats and Rainfire. I'm sure I've probably forgotten some but all of these groups have their own role to play in a desperate rescue attempt for one of the lost BlackSea changelings.

Naya is one of the stars of this book, she is the first child born to one Psy and one Changeling parent and nobody knows what kind of abilities she's going to have but she is definitely seen as a symbol of hope for all those who believe in the fall of Silence. Of course that makes her a major target for those who aren't happy about the recent changes. She's not an easy target to get at though and she has a huge family around to protect her. Naya is about 1 year old now and she is so utterly adorable in this book that she made my heart melt. There is also a lot of excitement around the impending arrival of Mercy and Riley's pupcubs. It was so much fun seeing all the adults talking about the pubcubs and placing bets on how many there would be along with the sexes and animal forms. I think Judd's guess amused me the most just because he'd put so much thought into it:

Judd had placed a two-and-two bet. Word was the pupcubs' changeling animal would be linked to the dominance of each respective parent, and Judd wasn’t about to bet against either Mercy or Riley. They were the most evenly matched dominant changeling pairing he’d ever seen.

I'm not going to tell you whether he was anywhere close to correct in his guess though, you won't get a word out of me! All I'll say is they're finally here and they're absolutely adorable!

Allegiance of Honour was everything I didn't know I wanted. If I had to put it into one word it could only be PERFECT. If you were worried that this series might be coming to an end let me assure you that we have so many exciting things still to come and I for one can't wait to get my hands on the next book. In the meantime I'm going to pick up my copy of Slave to Sensation and start reading the series again from the beginning because this book has reminded me just how much I adore all of the previous characters.

Source: Received from Gollancz in exchange for an honest review


Thoughts immediately after finishing:

Can I rate it 10 stars? LOVE. THIS. BOOK!
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1,324 reviews1,213 followers
June 17, 2016
As Ms. Singh says in the introduction of this book, "[the previous book] Shards of Hope closed what I think of as the first arc, or season one, of the series, while also opening season two. Before we dive fully into the next arc, however, I want to take a look back and see how far the world and its characters have come since [the first book] Slave to Sensation." On that note, I think that Allegiance of Honor is a must-read to anyone who's been following the Psy-Changeling series, because we get to revisit all the characters we have learned to love along the way and, sadly, say goodbye to a couple of them - one permanently and other temporarily, both making my eyes water in an ugly way.

On the same note, those are also the reasons why there's no way this book can stand on its own apart from the series, so any new readers interested in finding out why it's so popular should go back and start at the beginning. A daunting task when you consider that there are 14 full-length books to read before reaching this one, but well worth it IMHO.

All in all, this was a great ending to the so-called Season One of the Psy-Changeling series and I can't wait for Season Two. I sense that Bowen Knight, the Human Alliance Security Chief, and Pax Marshall, the Head of the Psy Marshall Group, will be driving (opposite?) forces in the near future and I'm dying to know what Ms. Singh has in store for them.
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1,483 reviews341 followers
April 27, 2018
*** 3.5 STARS ***

Me dijeron que no leyera este libro porque era malo aburrido y así, pero como soy bien contreras hice lo opuesto Y NO ME ARREPIENTO me gustó mucho. A causa del libro anterior estaba a punto de abandonar la serie sentía que mi cabeza no daba para más pero este libro me ayudo a recobrar el rumbo.

Este libro es la conclusión de la primera parte de la trama de Psi/Cambiantes, de cómo las tres razas hicieron una alianza el Triunvirato para poder convivir en armonía, como todo es muy nuevo las alianzas son frágiles. También surge un nuevo villano el líder del consorcio llamado “EL Arquitecto” que quiere intentar sembrar discordia para poder apoderarse del poder, por cierto quiero saber quién es, ahora si quiero spoilers o si tienen una idea compártanla conmigo porque no creo que sea Pax Marshall. I need to know

Honestamente si tuvo partes aburridas pero también partes muy lindas. El libro nos muestra la historia de las parejas de las serie intercalando capítulos aunque los principales son Sasha y Lucas que me encantan es a una de las parejas que le tengo mucho cariño.

Mis escenas favoritas son las de Judd y Kaleb es que no lo puedo evitar son mis dos favoritos y los amo, me encanta su bromance y la lealtad que se tienen y también hacia el padre Xavier que como lo quieren ayudar para que se reencuentre con su Nina.

Pero sobre todo me gustó Kaleb tengo una amor obsesivo y enfermizo por él Y luego tan sexy con su suit and tie es que me imagino sus escenas abrochándose la camisa y los gemelos GRRR!!

y Cuando Annie lo reconoce como el niño que la salvó de ser aplastada por el tren y le dice que en su honor le va a poner Kaleb a su hijo porque es un héroe awwwww casi se me sale una lagrimilla QUE BONITO!!!

También hay una escena que me emocionó cuando Walker se entera que va a ser papá AAAAY!!

Ya sólo me queda un libro más y a esperar el que va salir este año.

PD: Me gustó mucho que las parejas que no me gustan casi no salieran por si quieren saber quienes son me refiero a los aburridos de Aden y Zaira y Hawke y Sienna
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2,850 reviews821 followers
October 7, 2016
This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance my-review-updated Summary
There has been quite a few changes in the Psy Changeling World, there is a new era of cooperation and working together between the species. But they have enemies who want to destroy this new agreement, and it will take hard work and creativity to get to the bottom of what is really going on. At the same time, there is a sea changeling missing, and being held captive. Psy, Changeling and even human will need to learn to work as one and trust each other and everything that they have worked so hard since silence fell will be for nothing. Will these three groups be able to let go of the past to embrace the future....
Plot and Story Line
Allegiance Of Honor was quite different than I expected it to be, so don't go in reading this like it will be like all the other novels in the series...because it is so different from anything I have read from Nalini Singh. Even though its not what you expect, doesn't mean a bad thing. I quite enjoyed this story, and it is still packed with the same beautiful and compelling writing we have come to expect from this author. Nalini Singh is one of my favorite authors because of how easy it is to get lost in her stories, and Allegiance Of Honor is no different. So what makes Allegiance Of Honor different? Well first off there isn't a "main" couple in this story. We get to revisit all of our old favorites, and I was quite pleased in how these played out. We got to meet the pupcubs and get some fun interaction between Naya and her parents Lucas and Sasha. Love seeing this small little family and a couple new surprises that are fun and delightful. And we get some fun with Riley and Mercy. Now these two I just LOVE and adore. Mercy is pregnant with three pupcubs, but we see a different side to her. She isn't crazy or super dominant, we see a softer side to her personality and I couldn't get enough of how she treats Riley in this one especially when he gets a tad overprotective. And as always life between Hawke and Sienna isn't calm waters...but what a ride they give us. I just loved getting these small glimpses of all of these couples, that we have seen in the series and taking a glimpse of their lives after they reach their HEA. I just soaked this book up like a sponge and I am eager to see what Singh comes up with next.
The Cover
Different and unique....I love the dark blue and the interstellar theme going on here!!!
Overall View
Allegiance Of Honor was a fun and sweet read where you can revisit all your favorite couples and their families and a bit of mischief and crazy stunts!!! a MUST READ for lovers of the Psy Changeling world!!!
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