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Before the Sun Hits

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When an unrelenting universe threatens to end Earth in an instant, one man could make a difference . . .

In a small North Carolina college town, a disillusioned math professor, Drew Bauer, discovers the sun is dying. His abandoned research could hold the key to survival, but he needs more information, and he needs help against the growing conspiracy to stop him. Trenton Smith, a sadistic billionaire who plans to sacrifice Earth for his own survival, attempts to isolate and control Drew. But Drew escapes with his engineer pal, Joe Sandusk. They plunge into a dangerous cross-country trip to a secret NASA facility where Drew falls for a scientist, Liza Maddox, whose uncertain loyalty could sabotage all their efforts. Almost out of time—and with Smith’s forces closing in—Drew, Liza, and Joe race down the California coast to save the world.

Fans of sci-fi, thrillers, action, drama and intense suspense will love "Before the Sun Hits" -Reader Views

406 pages, Paperback

First published October 2, 2015

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About the author

Arthur Swan

6 books46 followers
Arthur Swan was raised in North Carolina and now resides in Los Angeles. He has contributed to films ranging from 'A Beautiful Mind' to 'How to Train Your Dragon'.

On weekdays, he rises before the sun and starts writing, followed by a swim at one of his favorite outdoor pools in LA, followed by a big breakfast, more writing, and then his day job.

He volunteers for Young Storytellers, enjoys fishing and fireworks with his favorite niece and nephew, and on weekends he can be found hiking high climbs in early fog before the sun burns through as mist vanishes to blue sky, or otherwise, he's probably trying to write.

His first novel, Before the Sun Hits, won the Reader Views Reader's Choice Award.

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Author 2 books25 followers
August 4, 2020
This is a fast-paced thriller with a layered story. Each character is distinct and jumps off the page. The mystery will keep the reader wondering about the motives of the individual characters and how they will fit into the finale. This book is a fast and easy read that you won't want to put down.
1 review
April 7, 2020
***** This book is an amazing read that you simply cannot put down until you turn the last page. Readers will marvel in the imagination of Arthur Swan. Dot H.
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2,317 reviews40 followers
October 6, 2015
"Before The Sun Hits" an intoxicating scientific thriller begins when Drew Bauer a math professor at Meriden, a small North Carolina college discovers that the sun's dying and will soon explode. Kidnapped by Trenton Smith the egotistical billionaire who plans to survive the cataclysm at the cost of Earth's inhabitants, Drew must escape his underground research facility, and bring results that could save millions to the President. With scientist Liza Maddox and his engineering friend Joe Sandusk they undertake an adventure that has them evading police, fleeing Trenton's goons and fighting traitorous marines.

Arthur Swan sets the stage for an intriguing plot with sudden migrations, missing pets, and a solar power plant that's reverted to coal because of diminishing sunlight. Into this dark, uncertain atmosphere he introduces Professor Drew Bauer who is known in scientific circles for his theoretical research; random possibilities that could save the Earth. With vivid detail including scientific analysis by the NASA team that Drew and Liza Maddox bring to the notice of the President and her scientists, the author generates realism and believability in this captivating story.

The story heats up, intensity and suspense mounting when Drew's captured and escapes the underground NASA facility funded by Trenton, to bring his alternate solution for Earth's survival to the notice of the President. In a roller-coaster ride where Drew's shot at, wounded and betrayed, the escalating tension is diluted by the odd dash of humour. The story is fast-paced and action-packed leaving the reader breathless as it progresses towards an explosive ending.

The plot is enriched by unforgettable characters who add passion, excitement and energy to the drama. Professor Drew Bauer a loner with a brilliant mathematical mind is brave and tenacious in bringing news of the sun's imminent death, his alternative solution and Trenton's threat to the President. He tends to be oddly naive and emotionally vulnerable especially after falling for Liza Maddox the scientist who creates an ingenious program for plotting probabilities. Outgoing and humble, it is her doubts about Drew and her devotion to her mentor, the jealous, deceitful and manipulative Dr. Tibet Broden that stirs a disloyalty that could undermine all their efforts to save the Earth from catastrophe. Joe Sandusk Drew's friend is a courageous, amiable engineer who breaks the growing tension with his wit while Trenton Smith is the heartless, evil mastermind whose survival will jeopardize the planet.

"Before The Sun Hits" which I initially previewed on Goodreads/First Reads is an entertaining and mesmerizing story that I couldn't put down until the end. I rate it highly and will look for other novels by this new author.
3,095 reviews8 followers
September 9, 2016
( Format -audio book )
""Like ants in a glass farm...""
I listened to this book several days ago and am finding this review difficult. I received a complementary copy from the right's holder, via Audiobook Boom in exchange for an honest review and it is not an easy task to give one when conflicted. So I guess I had best simply put forward a few observations.
Firstly, I really enjoyed the book. As a thriller, it was quite exciting on more than one front. Firstly, the task - save the world. Certainly something we'd all be rooting for and hope will succeed whatever the odds. Secondly the personal.- will our hero survive? If so, how, when so much is against him? And he was an amiable character I wanted to succeed.
Then there was the novel idea: a self depreciating physics professor caught up in the ultimate survival attempt. A very nice touch. And this, our hero, was also well defined, a three dimensional character
However,, even allowing for a very large bite of the suspension of disbelief belief cherry, the solutions proposed (sorry if I am vague, I don't want to give anything away) seem totally impossible. And the bad man Smith, and his ongoing actions, defies all credibility. I didn't much go for the instant love scene, either, given the gravity of the situation. But perhaps, here, I'm simply showing my prurience.
So, enjoyment tempered with total incredulity.

The author was also the narrator, often a mistake as the professionals can usually do it so much better. At first I found Mr. Swan's voice, pleasant though it was, too depressingly downbeat. But as the story continued, the voice seemed to fit the characterisations and his conversational dialogue was certainly good.
So, I am left with internal contradictions. Exciting, yes. Ultimately believable, no. But as I first stated, I did enjoy this book. You will need to read it yourself to make your own decisions. Sorry
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2,019 reviews61 followers
February 4, 2016

Arthur Swan
Swanfall (2015)
ISBN 9780996560504
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (01/16)

“Before the Sun Hits” by Arthur Swan is an exciting, action-packed sci-fi thriller in which a merciless universe threatens to destroy the earth. We first meet Drew Bauer, a math professor at a small North Carolina college, who, while working on a high-priority initiative for the Chancellor, discovers the sun is dying. Professor Bauer, known for his research, may have significant information that could save the earth, but he needs some answers. He calls on Joe Sandusk, an engineer friend of his who works at a solar power plant, who confirms Bauer’s suspicions that indeed, the sun is dying and will soon explode. Trenton Smith, a sadistic billionaire, is planning his own survival and is intent on silencing Bauer and his theories. Bauer is soon recruited to help a team of scientists assembled by NASA to prevent the imminent devastation, and it is at this top secret NASA facility where Drew meets and falls hard for scientist, Lisa Maddox. Lisa’s blind loyalty to her boss, however, is questionable and could possibly sabotage the entire project. With the enemies closing in, Bauer, Joe and Lisa are in a race to the finish, where failure means the end of the world.

I was quite impressed with this story, and was surprised to find this is the author’s debut novel. It is well written, Swan’s writing style is engaging, and the pace of the plot kept the pages turning quickly; with the only goal being to devour the story as soon as possible. I typically have the strongest opinions around the protagonists in any given story, but I have to say the antagonist in this story really stirred my emotions. Trenton Smith is one of the most evil-down-to-the-core characters I have encountered in some time. Sadistic is actually the perfect word to describe the man, and oh, how I loved to hate him. The ending, at least part of the ending, was a complete surprise to me. I can’t say more than that without giving it away!

Fans of sci-fi, thrillers, action, drama and intense suspense will love “Before the Sun Hits” by Arthur Swan. Surely, there is a sequel in the works?
1 review
September 22, 2015
This novel is a fast paced technological thriller that quickly engrosses the reader in Professor Bauer’s dilemma of how to contribute to the team of scientists trying to prevent a world catastrophe. The team is being controlled by a powerful and wealthy oil magnate who measures up to a James Bond villain. The author enriches his plot with vivid descriptions of computer simulations and renderings, the world of academia, and North Carolina and California landscapes. The young woman scientist on the team becomes an ally and love interest that intensifies and embellishes the plot. The author throws in some humor from time to time as he develops his characters, particularly the characters of Professor Bauer and Joe. It seems that with other characters the author deliberately only gives us clues as to their real motives which keeps the reader guessing how they might figure into the plot (Broden, Liza, and the librarian). The ending of the novel suggests a welcome continuation of the story in a future novel.
1 review
November 2, 2015
An engaging thriller that is hard to put down. A college math professor from a small college finds is recruited to save the world from doom that is rapidly approaching. He is assisted by an attractive and competent women. They become close as they struggle against time and against an unknown, powerful, and ruthless villain who is determined to make them fail. The twists and turns in the plot are unpredictable. One obstacle after another has to be overcome with time running out. The intensity of the story is reminiscent of those by Robert Ludlum and David Baldacci. Those that read this book will be entertained and absorbed. I can't wait to see the movie.

Denny Gregory
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114 reviews
November 17, 2015
Before the Sun Hits
I loved this book. A thriller that I did not want to put down.
Hope there is more to come.
I received this book through GOODREADS First Reads Giveaway
36 reviews3 followers
March 2, 2016
Once I got started, I could not put the book down. It was a great sci-fi thriller. I would recommend the book.
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4 reviews
November 9, 2015
This is a book you won't want to put down once you start. Exciting from start to finish, you can't wait to figure out if, and how, humanity survives the exploding of the sun!
655 reviews68 followers
October 15, 2015
I didn't know that this was a sequel but I didn't mind and this was a great book and won this here!
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