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Eighteen The End of Innocence

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It is 1990, Raghu is in the final year of an all-boys school in Delhi. The monotony of attending school is broken by escapades with Aadi – his best friend – and the rest of the gang from school. High on hormones the boys are knocking hard on the doors of adulthood!

A slew of blank calls and a mystery caller bring intrigue into Raghu’s life. He is surprised when one fine day Shalini, a girl from his study group turns up at his doorstep. Raghu and Shalini join forces to nail the mystery caller and soon find themselves falling in love.

A coming of age fiction set in Delhi of the early 1990s, Eighteen: The End of Innocence traces the lives of three teenagers – Raghu, his girlfriend Shalini and his best friend Aadi. It is a tale about the choices young adults make, often blurring the line between fun and felony in the name of love or for the sake of friendship.

Eighteen: The End of Innocence is a journey from turning an adult to maturing into one.

237 pages, Paperback

First published July 29, 2015

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5 reviews
December 29, 2016
Received the book as part of the giveaway

To be honest, this wasn't a bad book, for Indian audiences.
I wanted to read the book because I thought it would point out the mistakes teenagers make, which it does, but doesn't make you feel bad about committing those mistakes. I'd have given more stars, but I didn't like that the events discussed were just left out without a lesson. Maybe that was the intention, but an opportunity missed, I'd say.

The writing is okay-ish. The first half of the book seemed somehow pointless, but the rest made up for it, especially the last sixty pages where everything unfolds. It was a quick read, and was mostly just fun for teenagers. I hated when the author uses 'bucks' instead of 'Rupees' for Indian currency. Bucks is used as a substitute for American dollar only, because there's some history to that term.

In conclusion, I guess the book is targeted only towards Indian audiences. Desperate Chetan Bhagat follower for success. Not a bad book, but definitely not recommended for serious readers.
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May 13, 2021
These days it has become quite cool for teenage generation to portray themselves as someone who is devoid of all restrictions and live life king size . They talk about normalising skin show , live- in relationships and feel a great amount of pride in doing so .Also they equate these things with their grown up attitude and a matured outlook without realising that they are actually turning to a downward spiral.

The story revolves mainly around three teenagers : Raghu ,Aadi and Shalini. Everything is going well in their lives when one fine day a slew of blank calls makes Raghu a bit worrisome . He joins hands with his other two friends and they embark on a journey of finding this mystery caller.

The tale is decent with enough dramatic and fun elements to keep the readers engaged. It also shows how we make some incorrigible blunders as a school kid and if they aren't kept in check can destroy our future our career our lives.

A slew of slangs in the book makes the relatable factor with the story quite high .The characterization is fine too and narration is average. It does make one feel nostalgic at quite a few places.

Can be read by the youngsters or the oldies who want to reminisce on their good times.
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November 30, 2015
The story is about Raghu, his best friend Aadi and later
his love-to-be-found in Shalini.
It revolves around the fun-finding nature of teenagers.
How a train of blank calls can upset teenagers?
How a teenager may find it difficult to get admitted into a
reputed graduate college?
How 12th board results may change the course of one’s
life? (As in the case of Aadi).
The common phenomenon in teenager’s life that is
inclination towards love life is reflected very well in the
There is a thin line between fun and crime.
How could unprotected sex cause havoc in teen-ager’s
What shall happen after the Raghu, Aadi and his Boss are
caught with stolen car on New Year’s Eve?
The novel is a full dose to rekindle and re-cherish one’s
teenage days.
The novel is studded with lots of moments of fun-seeking
attitude teenagers carry, the willingness to enjoy and
hang-out with friends after examinations and to celebrate
on eve of festivities, to help your best buddy even if it
meant taking substantial risks, late night parties, to booze
and what not!
The book contains considerable amounts of slangs- a
win-win situation if you are youngster as you can relate to
most of the conversations very comfortably.
The language is simple and flowing.
The multi-linguistic dialogues make “Eighteen: The End of
Innocence” a more pleasant reading experience.
## Best moments@ Eighteen: The End of Innocence
// “Kyaa lana?!” Aadi said.
“Very funny. It’s Svetlana!
// “Bhai nahin hai kyaa” was a bearer cheque that you
could cash on anytime and anywhere.
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16 reviews1 follower
October 27, 2015
Writing a coming of age book is not a simple task. In fact, it is one of the most difficult tasks in the world, right with writing comedy. And when an up and coming author tries this genre so early in their career, it is time for us to sit up and take notice. .

What draws you to the book are the characters who are quite next door and I am sure many will either connect or recognize such characters from their own mildly interesting past. What keeps you is the paced, colorful writing style that’s deserves a place right up there.You’ll love this book if you are a retro fan. Trust me on this one.
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191 reviews92 followers
November 14, 2015
All the stories are good. The book is well presented.
All of us go through such phase from teen into adult, getting mature, when we understands life,the meaning of it.

Todays generation had to fight for freedom .They make choices without any thought or regard about the consequences.
"Smoking, drinking, drugs ,even sex! This pub culture is running"
Staying out late ...

I think author has done lot of research . Its a nice read. Its sweet and lite read. I would recommend this book to all teenagers and youngsters. I WOULD GIVE THIS BOOK 4 OUT OF 5 STARS.
13 reviews2 followers
Shelved as 'first-reads'
September 8, 2015
Received the book as part of goodreads giveaway.
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