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Lantano Valley #3

Hunks, Hammers, and Happily Ever Afters

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An anthology of novellas about hunky blue collar, hammer wielding heroes and the women who tame them. Stories are by USA Today Bestselling Authors Cari Quinn, Cathy Clamp, and Anna J Stewart, and featuring authors Jodi Redford, Amie Stuart, Leah Braemel, and Chudney Thomas.

Get down and dirty with this sexy blue collar bundle featuring seven original contemporary romance novellas that range from sweet to sizzling.

KNOCKOUT – Cari Quinn
All Emerson Knapp wants…is everything he shouldn’t have. When all his secrets come to a head, the only question left is how much he’s willing to lose.

Sophie Green is smart, gorgeous, and good with her hands. Can Gabe convince her to make her stay at the Starlight Motel a permanent one?

MARKED FOR LOVE - Anna J. Stewart
Overworked pub manager Regan Murphy is about to have her hands full with Lantano Valley newcomer and tattoo artist Brodie Crawford: a sexy single father who is far too distracting.
*this version of MARKED FOR LOVE is a spiced up version of the original sweet novella of the same title. Includes a never before published epilogue, available ONLY in this boxed set.

KNOTTY MAGIC – Jodi Redford
Hormones be damned, Tully Eastwood won’t succumb to her attraction for a sexy lumberjack—until she finds herself trapped overnight with him in the woods.

Construction Supervisor Lexi Kimball is the one person everyone loves to hate. Everyone except a sexy foreman with an adventurous streak, that is.

UNASHAMED — Leah Braemel
Two sexy construction workers double Hayley O’Connell’s fun. But can they convince her the fun should last forever?

LOVE IN AN ELEVATOR – Chudney Thomas
Mica Lawson is a failure and a flake; at least according to her family. Then one stalled elevator, and a sexy repairman, change her life.


First published November 3, 2015

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About the author

Cari Quinn

130 books2,147 followers
USA Today bestselling author Cari Quinn grew up wanting to be a singer more than anything else. When she realized she probably wouldn’t be hired as the opening act for the Foo Fighters, she stopped singing and started writing. Now she happily writes about rock stars, MMA fighters, suited heroes, bodyguards and everything in between. And she blasts her music as loud as the neighbors can stand, because hey, she’ll always be a rock star in her own head.

She's also half of the duo Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott, as well as one half of the USA Today bestselling author Taryn Quinn, who writes steamy small town romantic comedies (among other things.)

Visit Cari at www.quinnandelliott.com to sign up for her newsletter and visit the Word Wenches on Facebook, her fun, sexy reader group with Taryn Elliott! https://www.facebook.com/groups/34642...

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November 6, 2015
4 Stars (Knockout by Cari Quinn)

I've been denying too much for too long.

Ladies and ovaries, allow me to introduce you to your next must read. If you're looking for some smutty goodness wrapped up in a fantastic story, it simply doesn't get better than this. Did I mention that it has one of the hottest MMF threesomes I've read in a while? Because....damn.

It's no secret that I'm a shameless hussy when it comes to Cari Quinn's books. So when she told me she was writing another MMF and it would be set in the Tapped Out world, which is one my favorite series by her, my ovaries were all

The beauty of this dirty little beauty, however, is you don't have to have read the previous books in the series to enjoy it. While Carly and Geo from On the Ropes make an appearance here that will make fans of the series happy, you won't be lost if you're new to it either. The story mainly focuses on the romance between Lily, Emerson, and JC. It's a friends to lovers story that's sizzles to the point of scorching!
I felt completely ravaged. Consumed.

Lily and Emerson have been best friends for years. Emerson has been in love with Lily for almost as long. But she's always been hands off. Her father took him in when he was lost, and the last thing he wants to do to repay that is defile his beloved only daughter. So he concentrates on his fighting career and wards off any potential men with intimidating looks. After all, no one else can possibly be good for her.

But his carefully constructed world gets thrown for a loop when JC decides to take matter into his own hands. JC has been in love with Lily, but he's also been lusting after Em. While JC is open with his sexuality, he's not quite sure which way Emerson will swing. But he's willing to take the chance.

Em has never been with another man before, but damn if JC doesn't do it for him. He lusts after him, but no one will ever know. Until one night where all their carnal desires finally come to one fiery head. Pun most definitely intended.
Hate and love might be on opposite sides of a line most of the time. Right now, I was fucking straddling it with his dick in my mouth. And I adored every second.

This book was all kinds of deliciously dirty. It may not be a full length novel, but boy is it enough to satisfy. And satisfy it certainly did. There's one particular locker room scene that practically melted even my steel plated ovaries.

GFY, threesome and friends to lovers all in one delicious little story. It's like the holy trifecta for me. My ovaries were on cloud 9 here! If you're looking for a steamy little number to spend the afternoon or the evening with, I highly recommend you give this a go. Trust me. Make your your ovaries happy.

ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review

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November 4, 2015
Slick and Rosalie's reviews posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

4 stars overall

Knockout by Cari Quinn 4 stars (Reviewed by Slick Reads)

Author Cari Quinn continues her Tapped Out series with Knockout and it was pretty damn delicious. Up and coming MMA fighter Emerson Knapp has wanted his best friend Lily for a long time, but given that her overprotective police officer father is like a father to him he’s put his feelings aside until her friend JC invites them to a housewarming party which turns out to be a party for three. Emerson not only finds himself finally getting his chance with Lily but also coming to terms with his bisexuality. I loved this complicated and sexy story between these three. It was interesting watching Lily show both Emerson and JC that she knew what she wanted and was ready to take it. KC’s take charge attitude and refusal to let any of them hide what they wanted from one another was refreshing. And watching the very closed off Emerson open up to both Lily and KC was a thing of beauty. While I was perfectly happy with where this book left this triad, I really would have liked to see how Lily’s dad handled their unusual relationship down the road and how their friends reacted to them as well but overall a very enjoyable story.

Hot Summer Nights by Cathy Clamp 4 stars (Reviewed by Rosalie Belle)

Sophie, going to inherit the hotel her favorite grandfather, Mr. Will, left her in his will, finds that she has been set up with one of her grandfather’s favorite friends/coworkers, Gabe, who has also been promised the same hotel, The Starlight. Learning to work together to make the live in hotel for all Mr. Will’s friends turned family, and make the best of a seemingly awkward situation from the beginning, turns out to be rather steamy. The two know each other from photographs, and for years, have longed after the other, due to the pictures. Finding how exactly compatible the two can be in a working environment leads to a super steamy bedroom environment where the two are even more compatible and finally found “home.”

Marked for Love by Anna J. Stewart 5 stars (Reviewed by Rosalie Belle)

Meeting under rather unusual circumstances at Brodie’s tattoo parlor, Marked, both he and Regan knew there was something special about the other. Neither wanting to date, Regan have to be the matriarch and take care of all of her younger siblings when her mother passed right after having her last sister, and Brodie the sole provider for his daughter, Cilla, but both too hard headed to stay away from each other. When Regan finally agrees to go out with Brodie, from the beginning, the sparks are inevitable and the two know that the strings that are pulling them together cannot be denied. The back and forth and suspense in this novella kept me engrossed and waiting for what would happen next. Just when you thought you had it all figured out, you would be thrown for another loop. A great read that pulled me into the Lantano Valley community and leaves me wanting more.

Knotty Magic by Jodi Redford 3.5 stars (Reviewed by Slick Reads)

So Jodi Redford added a bit of magic into this contemporary story of two people who have had a love/hate relationship for most of their lives, but with a little help from a magic tree that he plans to sell and be cut down their lives are changed forever. I have to admit I loved Tully and her smart mouth and no holds barred opinions and I admired her for finally admitting to Huck that she’s loved him for years. Huck was a little harder to like, but it was obvious his ex-wife had done a number on him and his scars were deep. Forced to help Tully when she appears at his place following a strange car accident, Huck finds it hard to not admire every little think about Tully. I liked these two together and found their verbal banter to be fun and entertaining and even sexy at times. While I had a bit of a hard time with the way they were ultimately brought together it was still a cute story and in the end they both got exactly what they wanted.

Against the Wall by Amie Stuart 4.5 stars (Reviewed by Rosalie Belle)

Alex is not the girly girl that comes with almost every romance novel. She is a tough, hard as nails, crew supervisor in construction. She has worked her way almost to the top, through hard work, and will do nothing until she’s there. Until sexy as sin Wade comes along. Meeting up with him, accidentally, during a girl’s night, turns into a night neither will forget. After literally taking care of herself, with Wade the center of her fantasy, Lexi takes the bull by the horns. Trying to balance out the job that the two love and need, and find a way to keep up the hot as hell sex leads to a great read with Ms. Stuart’s novella.

Unashamed by Leah Braemel 4 stars (Reviewed by Slick Reads)

I’m a sucker for a good M/M/F ménage and Leah Braemel offers up an interesting one in Unashamed. Best friends and business partners for years Max Moretti and Noah McNaughton are both attracted to Hayley O’Connell the house flipper they do contract work for, but until recently Hayley was with someone and now that she’s not both men intend on making a move. What I really loved about this book is both Max and Noah admitted to each other they were interested in Hayley and agreed they should both date her and see who she clicked with.

There wasn’t really any jealousy and while Max worried that she’d prefer Noah because of his rich father, he put forth every effort to make sure Hayley knew he was interested. When they become aware she has a ménage fantasy they are both on board to make her fantasy a reality but in doing so Max and Noah much confront the feelings between them and an incident in their past. I loved that Hayley wasn’t judgmental about Noah’s pan sexuality or the fact that Max was coming to terms with his feelings towards Noah. I felt the intimate scenes between them were sensual and sexy and absolutely showed the bond between them all. Most of all I liked that there was some time between their first encounter to them making some big life decisions, but to be honest I wanted to see what happened in that time (because I’m nosey and I can’t help it). While it seemed they rushed to the “I love you” stage especially where Hayley was concerned; I had to remind myself that they’d worked together for years, they shared meals, off time and talked during that time so while they may not have “dated” in the traditional sense these three knew each other and thus went easily from friends to lovers to more because of that relationship. Unashamed is a beautiful story of three people finding and accepting love even if it is a bit unconventional.

Love In An Elevator by Chudney Thomas 2.5 stars (Reviewed by Rosalie Belle)

The plot in this novella seemed to start very well laid out. Micah, striking out on her own from under rather affluent parents, meets the elevator repairman, Cam, when she keeps calling in elevator “issues”. Most of her issues revolve around her panic attacks and hyperventilating due to claustrophobia, but do lead to meeting Cam. Their brief courtship and relationship lead up to one steamy sex scene, but that’s it. The ending happened so quickly, out of the blue, leaving so many questions. There was an ending, but nothing that led up to the ending. I feel that if the relationships in the book could have been explored more, and blossomed, this could have been a great novella.

Review copy provided for an honest review.
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2,471 reviews242 followers
April 2, 2016
This is a review for four of the stories in this collection of hot working guys and the women (and men) who catch their eye. There are m/m/f and m/f stories to steam up your ereader and were a delight to read!

KNOCKOUT – Cari Quinn

This steamy new adult novella may not be long, but it's packed with sex and emotion as Lily, JC and Emerson discover that the feelings they have for each other are more than they ever dared to admit, until now. It's told from all three points of view in first person, and they are each quite interesting characters. Lily is the daughter of the gym owner where she works, a 20 year old woman who is looking for a little adventure. I'll be the first to say that at age twenty, I'm pretty sure a menage partnership would never have even occurred to me but Lily has the gumption to pull it off. Emerson is a young man her father took a liking to at a young age and helped out with his career as a now up and coming MMA fighter. He's always seen Lily as hands off but there's no denying that he has a strong attraction to her.. And JC is a friend of Lily's, working on a construction project at the gym who just happens to have his eye on Lily and Emerson too. He initiates the action between them at a house party where they are the only invited guests, and a hot and heavy encounter between the three of them ensues. But one night isn't going to be enough for them, and they find ways to spend more 'quality' time together. They get a happy for now ending (one that doesn't delve into the logistics of a long term partnership, which is fitting for their ages) but we know their relationship will continue to evolve. A quick and very sexy read!


When two people unknown to each other are the joint inheritors at a motel property, it's a chance for them to connect and save the property at the same time as they find a future with each other. This is a short but sexy read, and I liked both characters. Little did they know that Sophie's grandfather and Gabe's mentor had planned on doing this little bit of matchmaking by making sure they'd have little choice but to work together. They have a steamy love scene and the happy ending is appropriate for the story.

MARKED FOR LOVE - Anna J. Stewart
There was a lot of story in this short novella, and I only wish it had been longer! Regan took over the care of her siblings when her mother died young and her father turned to alcohol. Not only that, but she's helped keep their business afloat too. Her neighbour Brodie who has just opened a tattoo shop across the street might have caught her eye, but she just doesn't feel she has time for any relationship. Brodie is persistent though, and manages to change her mind. It's a sweet story, no overly explicit scenes but a tender romance. I really liked all the family dynamics in this one, and while we get the "I Love You' declaration, I didn't think it was needed to believe they could have a happy ending together. I will definitely look for more by this author.

UNASHAMED — Leah Braemel

Hayley has Max and Noah working hard on the house she bought, doing a renovation job for her. She's not above getting her hands dirty though and pitching in, though both Max and Noah have other dirty thoughts involving her - as she does them. I really liked all the characters in this story, and it had lots of sexy goodness as this menage trio works out the kinks of taking a one night stand and making it into a committed threesome relationship. I appreciated that the effect of their relationship on their families was not glossed over but was integral to the story. As well, while both Max and Noah have feelings for Hayley (and vice versa), the relationship between Max and Noah themselves morphs from friendship into acknowledging their true feelings for each other. This story has a lot of heart to go with the steamy scenes and was a great read.

Note: a copy of this collection was provided by the authors for review.
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November 3, 2015
Leah Braemel shares a quick sexy story about 2 best friends who fall for the same women and each other. It's not all fun and games because each one of them have to decide if they can handle a relationship together and all have personal inner problems to navigate. Max and Noah have been friends forever. Hayley is a house flipper who walks into their lives and they fell in love from the first moment they see her. It takes two years of working together and being friends to get to get to the point where they ask Hayley out. Fun sexy and at times a little heart wrenching and dramatic. A great evenings worth of reading and a fun story.
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332 reviews
November 3, 2015
I received an advance copy of Knockout by Cari Quinn and it's a hot and super sexy m/m/f. I couldn't hardly put it down. I can't recall the last time time I wanted to stay up all night to finish a book. I enjoy how the author brings little snippets from other story's characters. This book involves self discovery and the discovery that love does not always fit into a neat category. I sincerely enjoyed this book. I HIGHLY recommend it.
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1,019 reviews57 followers
November 11, 2015
3.5 stars.

Now THIS sounds like it will get me out of a book slump!!
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312 reviews11 followers
November 7, 2015
Deliciously Fun Stories
Hunks, Hammers, and Happily Ever Afters is an anthology of seven (mostly) naughty little stories that range from romantically sweet to yowza hot and steamy. What’s not to like about muscled guys wielding power tools? Okay, that was a dorky pun but seriously, I swoon over a man who works with his hands and maintains a buff body through manual labor. All of the authors except one, Amie Stuart, are new to me, so I enjoyed getting a taste of new voices, some of which I will definitely revisit. The stories are a nicely varied selection, each employing a different and often unique take on the theme. I’m not going to recap them all since the blurb does a nice job of it. However, I did have my favorites, and here they are.

I love a good menage story! Needless to say, I was excited to see there were two included:

Knockout by Cari Quinn features JC, a hunky carpenter, Emerson, an MMA fighter, and Lily, the cop’s daughter they’re both in love with. Emerson and Lily have known each other since they were kids. His vow to Lily’s dad to watch over and protect Lily is at odds with his desire to do naughty things to her. Not wanting to betray that trust, Emerson has never confessed his true feelings for Lily. Until he sees his buddy JC making a move on her. Strange thing...Emerson finds himself attracted to JC as well. When he discovers the attraction is mutual, and that it flips Lily’s switch big time, he couldn’t be happier. But how to break the news to Lily’s overprotective, cop of a father?
Ms. Quinn writes a fast-paced story that keeps you turning pages. It is witty, fun, sexy hot, and full of emotion. The characters have quite a lot of depth for a short story, and I liked them all. Emerson, Lily, and JC are truly concerned not only for each other’s feelings, but how their unconventional relationship will impact family and friends.

Unashamed by Leah Braemel had me laughing out loud at the banter long-time friends and business partners, Noah and Max dish out to each other. Their construction company has been partnered up with house flipper/renovator Haley O’Connell for a couple years now but it’s only recently that she dumped her cheating fiance, and the guys couldn’t be more ecstatic. They’ve each been attracted to the sexy blonde since day one, and when they hear a rumor of her menage fantasy they’re tripping all over themselves to make it happen.
This is much more than a sex fest of a story. Noah is open about his bi-sexuality, however, Max’s Catholic Italian family may be a problem if he admits his attraction to Noah. Things could get even more complicated if this threesome with Haley works out to be the long-term relationship he and Noah want.
I loved these guys! Ms. Braemel digs deep into Noah and Max and makes us feel as if we know them. Max isn’t the only one who fears whether or not a threesome will work, let alone how it will affect what others think of them. The intelligent conversations and the way they support each other is beautiful. The conflict is justified but it in no way becomes drawn out. This was a gem of a story and I’d love to read more about this threesome.

Against The Wall by Amie Stuart is everything I love about Ms. Stuart’s talent as a storyteller. She writes down-to-earth characters in believable, everyday types of situations in such a way I am totally invested in the outcome. I want to be BFF’s and hang out with the girls. I want to get down and dirty with the hot guys. Her story in Hunks, Hammers, and Happily Ever Afters pulls out all the stops with Lexi Kimball, Safety Supervisor on a construction site. Not only is Lexi fighting for respect from her crew, the job site is plagued with vandalism. As if that’s not enough, hottie crew foreman,Wade Wilkins, sees her in a slightly compromising situation at a local club. Lexi’s had her eye on Wade’s assets for some time now but doesn’t mix work with pleasure. Or does she? This fun and sexy little story certainly hit the spot.

Marked For Love by Anna J. Stewart is one of those rare, sexy stories that make your pulse pound without anyone doing anything more than kissing! Regan Murphy has been in charge of her six siblings and the family pub since her mother died eight years ago. She’s a spunky, opinionated, Irish redhead loved by everyone except her sixteen year old sister who has been testing her limits and Regan’s patience in every way possible. When Maura’s latest stunt takes them across the street to Marked, the new tattoo parlor, the walls of Regan’s carefully controlled world begin to crumble. All due to the well-toned arms covered in ink, longish hair, and dark sultry eyes of one Brodie Crawford. In short order, Brodie and his five year old daughter, Cilla, will take apart Regan’s walls brick by brick.
Marked is a short story that reads like so much more. The Murphy brood is a close-knit boisterous bunch dealing with a busy pub, an absentee father, and the usual growing pains that come with teenagers. Brodie’s challenges as a single father are far more complex than the norm. Ms. Stewart has written a perfectly balanced and satisfying story.
Reviewed for xtreme-delusions.com
ARC received in exchange for an honest review.
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1,645 reviews134 followers
November 4, 2015
Knockout by Cari Quinn

Holy hotness, this book hit all the right spots. Loss, sexiness, second chances, sexiness, love, sexiness, friends to lovers x3 (rawr), and did I mention sexiness...oh, I did? A lot? Well then, maybe there's a reason for that. *wink wink nudge nudge*

Let's start with Emerson. He's a fighter, but that wasn't always the case. He got bullied a lot as a kid because of his size, well, lack of size. As if adolescence wasn't hard enough, he also tragically lost his Dad at a young age. However, the worst moment in his life led him to the greatest part. I know, I know, that doesn't seem possible, but hear me out. It wasn't too long after that when Lance, a cop, took Emerson in and basically raised him as his son. He also helped Emerson learn to fight against the bullies, which would lead to him realizing his dream. That second chance at a family is when Emerson (Em) met Lily, Lance's daughter. Em and Lily are only a few years apart and quickly become best friends. Em is very protective of Lily, as is her Dad. See, Em and Lily have something in common...tragedy.

Lily lost her Mom when she was killed during a mugging. This loss helped strengthen the bond between these two and it only grew as they got older. They're always there for each other and Lily, along with Lance, are the only two people Em actually cares about. But that soon changes.

JC has been around for awhile and is Lily's other best friend. Unlike Em and Lily, JC still had both of his parents, and yet, he didn't. They were not the read a bedtime story or play catch together type parents. They had more important things to deal with. See, there, but not there.

Now Em loves Lily and Lily loves Em, yet neither are brave enough to tell the other that they want more from their relationship. Not impossible to straighten out, right? Wrong. Lily also loves JC and JC also loves Lily. I'm not done yet...complicated. Em wants JC and JC loves Em. Yes, I realize I said wants vs loves. Em is fighting the attraction, the truth of his feelings. So how do these three come (ha) together? Will Em finally open himself up completely and let JC and Lily know how much he loves them? What will Lily's Dad think about her new relationship? Will their committed menage end before it's ever truly able to begin? Read the book. It is so freaking hot and a great story. Cari always delivers a steamy kind of love that will conquer all. Not to mention, probably catch your Kindle on fire. ;-) That can't surprise you. Come on, Cari wrote it.

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review.**
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3,647 reviews67 followers
November 2, 2015
“Get down and dirty with this sexy blue collar bundle featuring seven contemporary romance novellas that range from sweet to sizzling. (Estimated word count is 200,000).”

KNOCKOUT – Cari Quinn
Emerson, Lily and JC are attracted to one another but how they manage to work through things to get from attraction to a relationship that involves all three of them is quite a story!

Sophie and Gabe have co-inherited a property but also have instant chemistry. The characters have different backgrounds, expectations and hopes for the future but might be able to work together to achieve more than either originally thought possible.

MARKED FOR LOVE - Anna J. Stewart
Regan has been working hard to keep her family together. Brodie is a single parent with a 5 year old, a new tattoo parlor and hopes for the future. Regan and Brodie have quite a few hurdles to overcome before they reach a compromise that works for all involved.

KNOTTY MAGIC – Jodi Redford
Tully has been attracted to Huck for decades but he has never seen her as he should have. A magic tree might be able to change things for both of them if Huck opens his mind to what he considers the impossible.

Lexi is a strong woman who knows what needs to be done on the job site and what she likes to do with her time away from work. Wade, working with her, throws a monkey wrench into her life and makes her reassess some things she thought were set in stone. Fun read – truly enjoyed it!

UNASHAMED -- Leah Braemel
Hayley likes the work that Max and Noah do helping her flip houses. Quite a bit changes for all of them once they learn what one of Hayley’s fantasies is and then agree to help her fulfill it.

LOVE IN AN ELEVATOR – Chudney Thomas
Mica and Cam get off to a rough start but find one another mutually attractive in spite of their diverse backgrounds. Mica’s ability to eventually assert herself is essential to their happily ever after.

This is an interesting mix of stories that tell of blue collar men and women that meet their match(es). The stories range from sweet to very steamy. A few left me wanting more or ended abruptly. This is a nice compilation that will provide plenty of reading enjoyment.

Thank you to Net Galley and Victory Editing for the copy of this anthology to read and review.
294 reviews
November 4, 2015
These authors have put together a box set that is worth the price tag. The stories in this set range from sweet to scorching HOT!
Knockout is a M/M/F romance told from the viewpoint of all three characters. Emerson, JC and Lily are wildly attracted to each other, but can all three of them get what they want and need from this new relationship?
4 1/2 stars
Hot Summer Nights is the story of Gabriel and Sophie, who are now co-owners of a motel. They both want to make their benefactor proud, so they work hard, but they also take the time to play hard. 4 1/2 stars
Marked for Love is the only 'sweet' romance in this set. Regan has spent her entire adult life taking care of her family. Will she finally put herself first and let Brodie love her? 5 stars
Knotty Magic is the first story I've ever read where a tree has a voice and a point-of-view. It resulted in the funny, charming story of Huck and Tully. They were childhood friends who grew apart only to be thrust back into each other's lives. 5 stars
Against the Wall is the story of Lexi, a woman trying to be taken seriously in a male dominated job. When Wade, a coworker, sees her at a club looking and acting very feminine, she decides to make a fantasy come true. Wade wants the fantasy to continue, but Lexi doesn't want to have to choose between the man she's starting to have feelings for and her job. 4 1/2 stars
Unashamed is another M/M/F romance. Hayley has a fantasy, she wants to have a threesome and Max and Noah, roommates who have known each other for years, want to make that fantasy a reality.
4 1/2 stars
Love in an Elevator is a good story idea, but that is the only good thing I can say about this novella. I read the entire story, but I could not overlook the spelling and grammatical errors. This was a very low point in an otherwise good box set. 1 1/2 stars
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890 reviews19 followers
November 5, 2015
Blog Banner photo banner2_zps0a9ef8c3.jpg

KNOCKOUT by Cari Quinn

If two is good, isn't three better? In the case of Emerson, Lily, and JC, the more the merrier.

Cari Quinn is a mistress of steaminess. Her gift of words is matched by her ability to write a sexy romance like nobody's business. KNOCKOUT, a novella from the Tapped Out series, has everything that I have come to expect from one of Cari's books. More than just a sexy escapade, although there is plenty of that, the focus is on the people, on the personalities of each character, and what makes them who they are.

Emerson has loved Lily for most of his life. His loyalty to her father, though, keeps him from expressing his feelings. Lily has always looked at Em like the brother she never had, until recently. But then, there's CJ, who makes her happy, too. And CJ, well, CJ wants them both, and knows that they can make it work, if they'll just open their eyes and their hearts.

For a shorter story, there is no shortage of action or emotion in KNOCKOUT. And, while it can be read as a standalone, it's really helpful to have read the rest of the series, as characters that we've met before make an appearance here.

KNOCKOUT is a sexily sweet addition to this collection. 4.5 steamy, romantic, ever-after stars, and a recommendation to grab this collection while you can.

***ARC generously provided by the author for an honest review.***
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435 reviews10 followers
November 25, 2015
It is so hard to review an anthology without looking at all the individual pieces. Usually there is a theme that carries through, with this anthology it's all in the name. This is supposed to be a blue collar anthology and while some of the authors kept to the theme it seemed that some took stories that were maybe already in the works and threw in a little blue collar in an attempt to make it fit. Unfortunately that really took away from the stories rather than making them better because they felt pieced together. The other issue that I had with this set was that there were a couple of stories that had some serious editing issues. I was really disappointed to come across this, especially with NY Times Best Sellers being a part of this. Editing issues are something that is so easy to fix that when I read them in this format it's really a let down and leaves me feeling like the author just didn't put their all into the project.
Now all that being said there were a couple of standouts also. Leah Braemel's Unashamed was a highlight of the set. It was clear, concise, the characters were fantastic and it left me wanting more. It was fun and emotional, it simply had it all. I also really enjoyed Chudney Thomas' Love in an Elevator. So overall it had an extremely strong finish.
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November 3, 2015
Knockout Cari Quinn!
Right from the start I was jumping up and down with the ideas I was having of where this story would go! The visions in my head were nothing compared to what Cari created. I was the lucky recipient of an ARC for an honest review. Serious hot connection between Lily and Emerson – known each other for years and suddenly the feelings are not of a “friends only” nature. Throw JC into the mix and exploding ovaries! JC is a smart ass who sets the scene to bring about his one desire. A scorching threesome that brought tears to my eyes. Not read the series from the start – no problem but seriously – get on it. This series is to die for.

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1,613 reviews15 followers
November 1, 2015
I received a copy of this boxed set in exchange for an honest review. I had my favorites in this anthology – Marked for Love by Anna J. Stewart – but read other new-to-me authors. The authors wrote some great stories and I enjoyed some more than others. And ya gotta love a hunk, or hunkette, in a tool belt! Great deal for seven sexy reads.
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Want to read
November 19, 2015
11/18/2015: Read Knotty Magic by Jodi Redford & Hot Summer Nights by Cathy Clamp

Knotty Magic by Jodi Redford:

nice use of fantasy, lots of sex, character development was adequate, my attention wandered frequently.

Hot Summer Nights by Cathy Clamp:

low on drama, angst, or conflict, sweet romance, stretched credibility a bit, but a sweet enjoyable story.
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November 18, 2015
I read two of the read two of the seven stories. So here we go with the two I picked.

Knockout: Tapped Out #4 by Cari Quinn

Lily Mathews, 20, and Emerson Knapp, 23, formed a special bond at a young age. One you wouldn’t normally want to form. You see they each had a parent who had died Lance, Lily’s dad became a mentor to Emerson (Em) especially being a cop he helped him instilled order in his life. His mom after the dad was gone was no longer able to function. Em he grew to love Lance like a dad and lily well…
That’s where it all became interesting. You see without each other knowing they developed not only a respect and protectiveness for one another but the secretly fell in love with one another. Lance looking to Em to protect his baby girl. Which was easy to do since he was the local MMA champ no one would think to mess with him. This secret love fest went on for years.
It bothered Lily that Em had his Friday night lays after a fight which were never her. It always frustrated Em that he was so frustrated sexually due to Lily. Then one day Lily brings home a friend J.C. O’Connor (Jase) who just bugged the hell out of Em. He was always hugging and kissing on Lily. Then she put in a good word for his company to get the remodel at the gym. So now he has been there for months. Em is pretty sure he wants more from Lily. But that ain’t happening. Plus he heard he drinks too much, bed's too many women, and always working with his damn shirt off.
Em just can’t take his eyes off him either and since he knows he’s bi-sexual he can’t ask him if those sultry looks he gives him are real because if they are not then it will get all over the gym that he is bi-sexual and that is no one’s business. He tries to give him a chance by it his damn sexy smirk that makes him crazy. JC sees the looks Em gives him because he catches his eye every so often. JC finally gets up his nerve and ask…
You will have to read and find out what happens. This is an erotica for sure. That is all they do once they talk things out. Find out Lily is on board and all. The whole thing for Lily is a turn on as well as for them both. I give this 4 stars.

Against The Wall by Amie Stuart

Lexi Kimball has a job nobody wants but hey she’s good at it. She is “Safety Supervisor” on a construction site. She is someone everyone loves to hate. No wait everyone on the crew hates her anyway because she is a woman. Or as word would have it she was a “Dyke” (Ball-busting Dyke.) It was just maddening that they just didn’t judge her one her abilities to do a good job.
There was one person on the crew that Lexi found herself watching way too much, Wade Wilkins. Wade is the foreman of the crew that she works on. In fact on this particular day she got off work went to get a beer, took a bath, got out, got dress for the evening out, and went to a girl’s night out. OOPS! One important detail she took care of pleasing herself in the tub using said, Wade, as her visual.
Now once she was done she graduated bath, to hair, and makeup. Till she was ready to meet the girls at Jimmy Z’s. She was meeting Lanie and Carlotta. Carlotta is going through what she is one the job site. She is an amazing electrician. She can wire anything but is dealing with a boss with less experience who wants to micro manage her.
While they are dancing 2 girls get tired so they’re leaving the dance floor to hear, “NO!” But they go when the next song is played and the music really makes her feel it into her bones. It is a sexy and very sexual song and beat. Lexi totally gets into it. To the point where several arms haul her up on the small dance stage with the female dancer that is up there. They get totally into it like a couple grinding and with full on kissing at the end. She goes with it but what goes through her thoughts is that while she was dancing she could have gone on dancing and being with a woman is nice but men are her thing. But then it hits her she thinks she saw her foreman Wade. When she is put on the floor she walks back to the stairs to get to the table where the girls are and they're waiting is Wade.
They are both stunned to see each other. They exchange a few words and then she needs air even more now. They walk toward the front to a side room area a hide away really. Where he said she was hot and her kissing that girl even hotter. He asks if she was Lexi’s partner. She says no that she has been with girls but prefers men. Then she threatens his life if he tells anyone what he saw. Then they start kissing and petting. She goes back. To her friends to say goodbye and then she and Wade spend the weekend together. Rating Wade a 5 at Sunday Brunch with the girls.
Monday rolls around and Wade makes two vital mistakes. He calls her darlin’ and he puts his hand at her lower back in front of his guys she tells him to stop. He gets pissy causing Hal the guy on the crew who hates her the most to take notice. Now Hal is always trailing them on the site. What else is Hal doing? Is this a case of bad timing for Lexi and Wade? Or is something good happening?
This was a cute fast erotica. The characters were fast and loose but funny as all get out. So if you are looking for a sexy short M/F this is the one. I give this 5 stars. Provided by Netgalley.com
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April 5, 2016
KNOCKOUT – Cari Quinn (4 stars)
I liked this one enough, but I wouldn't really consider this a blue collar story. Yes, one character did construction, but the primary focus of the entire story was on the fighter Emerson. Yeah, Emerson mowed lawns as a side job, but the entire focus was on his fighting career. I did notice some inconsistencies throughout the story, but I did enjoy the heat level between the characters. On the flip side, the interaction between JC and Emerson was just awkward and too fast. I seriously do not believe those two fell in love that fast.

HOT SUMMER NIGHTS – Cathy Clamp (3 stars)
This one was a cute story. I found quite a few errors throughout it that were distracting, but beyond that I did enjoy the story.

MARKED FOR LOVE - Anna J. Stewart (3 1/2 stars)
This was a cute, sweet romance. The story had good bones and I loved the whole family vibe, but it fell together a bit too neatly when it came to the conflict in the story.

KNOTTY MAGIC – Jodi Redford (3 stars)
While I thought this story was cute, the whole paranormal matchmaking tree just didn't work for me.

AGAINST THE WALL – Amie Stuart (1 1/2 stars)
I admired the heroine of this story at first. She had a strong commanding personality in a profession where women are looked down on and treated unfairly. Unfortunately, the author made me dislike her quite fast. I'm all for women embracing their sexuality, but she made the heroine look far too slutty for my liking. It felt kind of like Sex in the City gone completely wrong. The one aspect that I did enjoy was the sexual tension that unfortunately build up to some very lackluster love scenes. I honestly didn't like much about this story in he end.

UNASHAMED — Leah Braemel (4 1/2 stars)
This story was the surprise of this bundle. It was well plotted and paced out well. I enjoyed the dynamics between the three characters, and even though it is a novella it felt complete. The love scenes were scorching hot, and the sexual tension was great. I would have liked to read a bit more of what happened while the trio was separated and the reunion, but I'm sure word count was an issue when it came to that. I always love it when a novella leaves me craving more in a good way. :)

LOVE IN AN ELEVATOR – Chudney Thomas (1 star)
This was a DNF for me. It needed an editor in the worst way possible to the point where I just couldn't read it anymore and gave up. It was far more than just minor errors and, from what I read of the story, it just didn't flow well either.

Overall impressions: There were some cute stories in this bundle and some great steamy ones. I found a definite mixture of heat levels, which I didn't exactly like but dealt with all the same. I also hazard to guess that each author was responsible for handling the editing of their own stories, because there was definitely no consistency. That was rather disappointing to me for the bundle as a whole, because some stories glaring errors overshadowed the others more clean copies. There were some authors I'd love to read again, and some that I'm hesitant to give another chance. I guess that's the way it goes though, but I enjoy how bundles allow me to sample the writing of new to me authors.
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November 4, 2015
I was given a copy of Cari Quinn, Knockout in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

Cari Quinn is quickly becoming one of my all time favourite authors she never fails to amaze me her books are the best of the best.

In this short but steamy story we meet Lily, JC and Emerson and these three sure do pack in allot of heat and emotions.

This story focuses on the three main characters and how they discover all of there true feelings for one another these feelings are way more than they would have dared to admit, well until now. It is told from three points of view giving each character there time to show us how and what they are feeling. The main characters are fantastic and so on point.

Lily she is the daughter of the gym owner and its also her place of work, she is twenty year old woman and is looking for a bit more heat in her life but she only has eyes for two certain men. Then there is Emerson he is a young and passionate man that Lily father took under his wing when he was a youngster he helped Emerson build his career to where is is now as an up and coming MMA fighter he is of course one of the best.

Emerson problem is that he has always seen Lily as a friend and that she is off limits but he cant deny that there is a strong passionate chemistry between them and that his attraction to her is not ever going to go away. And on top of his attraction to the lovely Lily there is her friend JC is a he has been around allot working on a construction project at the gym.

JC also has his eye on both of them too after all how couldn't he want Lily and Emerson. So he decides to take the bull by the horns and initiate the first initial contact between one another, he lures them to his house under the pretence of a house party where they soon discover that are the only guests. A steamy encounter ensures between them. But is this one night going to be enough?

Will they be able to find more ways of spending some quality time with one another?

Omg this book totally had me I was sucked in right away I lived and breathed every single moment with the characters damn I love Cari Quinn, she sure knows how to suck people in you will find yourself so entranced by this book its unbelievable seriously.

Lily is a kick butt character she has allot of gumption and bravery heck what twenty year old takes on not one man but two and the fact she doesn't mind that there bi either she is totally committed and then some.

Emerson is a serious hard core MMA fighter he lives and breaths for his next match he is such a tough guy but under all that muscle of his lies a hot teddy bear. His interactions with both Lily and JC is pure genius the interplay is delicious.

JC Is a ball of flirty energy he is a hot delicious man with so much love to give, I totally under estimated him at first labelling him as the rich playboy, he is so much more than that, he works hard for everything he wants and he is working even harder on getting Lily and Emerson as his for good.

Amazing book first class characters and a genius plot I just wish I could give this book a higher rating as it deserves more.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books
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November 8, 2015
This is a good collection with something for everyone. I haven’t read all the stories yet but here’s what I have and I’ll add to my review as I finish more. I did receive an ARC of this book from the publishers through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

Knockout by Cari Quinn

All I can say is WOW! This book is all kinds of hot!!! This is a story of three people who are friends, they’re all sexually attracted to each other and maybe even in love but no one wants to risk the friendships by pushing the issue…but one night JC decides to just go for it and oh boy!!! If you don’t like lots of smoking hot 3 way sex including mmf then this is not the story for you but if that is your think or maybe you’re just curious then you should absolutely give this one a read.

Knotty Magic

This is a fun, fast, hot read about two people with plenty of history and some baggage to go with it. With the help of the local magic match making tree they find what they’ve been needing all along...with some hot sex to boot! I really enjoyed this quick read!

Against the Wall by Amie Stuart

This is another fun, fast, sexy read but I didn’t connect with the characters very well. I don’t know if it was because of the length or if I just couldn’t relate. I do have to say that I think I would have preferred having some of the story from Wade’s POV. I really didn’t see what he saw in Alex/Lexi, she was hot and cold and showed no real emotional attachment to him. All that said this was a very sexy story and though it wasn’t my cup of tea I know others will really enjoy it.

Marked for Love by Anna J. Stewart

I really enjoyed this one. It is a sweet romance (no sex) and therefor a bit different from the rest of this collection but it is a great story. I loved the chemistry between Brodie and Regan and little Cilla just steals your heart. Regan has been managing her family since her mother’s death 8 years ago, Brodie meanwhile is trying his hardest to make the best life he can for his little girl now that he’s a single father. Regan doesn’t see any room in her life for Brodie and Cilla, even though she might want to but Brodie’s not going to give up once he see their potential. I highly recommend this one.

Unashamed by Leah Braemel

This is another really good story. It is a menage that includes mmf so again if that isn’t your thing you might want to give it a pass but it’s also really good so you might want to give it a chance anyway. Max and Noah and Hayley are amazing together. They all have a lot to discover about themselves and they learn a lot in a relatively short time. They have great chemistry and it’s easy to see that love has long since developed between the three of them, they just hadn’t done anything with it yet. Can I also just say that I loved Mamma Moretti, she’s just awesome! This is a great read, that really makes you think about the bonds of friendship, love and family and I really enjoyed it.
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November 3, 2015
Why Are You Hesitating? One-Click This Sucka NOW!

If you have not discovered erotic romance author Cari Quinn, your life is not complete. Her contribution to this anthology alone is worth ten times the price of admission, and you can get this story along with all the others for a measly 99 cents. Stop reading the reviews and get this immediately, then scroll to KNOCKOUT and lose yourself in luscious goodness menage for a good three hours or so. Savor it, for it is wonderful! I can’t speak to the other stories in this anthology at this time, but I can speak to Knockout by Cari Quinn and the rest of the review will focus on that book.

Knockout is the latest contribution in the Tapped Out series which begins with Shadowboxer (at the time of this review it is offered for the astonishing price of FREE btw!!!) While there are light references to characters from previous stories in this series, you by no means have to read any other story to be sucked into this underground MMA world based in New York. In fact MMA is simply in the background and it is the characters and their life experiences that is forefront in this installation. You are introduced to Emerson, who lost his father as a child, Lily who lost her mother as a child and JC who despite coming from a family of money and has both parents living, might as well have lost them both because of their neglect. This is a wonderful story of two young children that grow up together yet unknown to each other fall in love, but hide their feelings because of loyalties and sense of family. Along the way a third person enters their orbit and slowly ingrains himself in the lives of Lily, by being a best friend, and Emerson, through a sense of jealousy towards his relationship with the woman he secretly loves and an attraction to the man he struggles with. I enjoy how the characters hide their attraction, lust and love for each other as they work through their issues trying to make sense of it all. And when they do come together it is explosive sex! One of the things I absolutely love about Cari Quinn is she doesn’t make you wait forever for the sexy parts, yet she can give you several life times of background and develop her characters so quickly that the sex, love and lust seem so natural. The other thing I love about Cari Quinn is she gives you lots of excellent, well-written sex scenes. There is no waiting 75% of the story for the one big hook up, then slam into the happily ever after. Ms. Quinn gets you there quickly, then deals with the aftermath and resulting feelings and conflict before you get the HEA. Each book in this series keeps getting better and better!
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780 reviews
December 14, 2015
Hit and Miss...
There is some good lovin' going on in this sexy blue collar bundle. These seven authors mix wittiness, hard work with tons of after hours sexy tidbits. All except Cari Quinn and Leah Braemel are new to me authors; each story has a distinctive style.

I enjoyed that each story/author provided a diversified narrative. Given the short nature of each, it was not unexpected that a couple felt incomplete.

These are perfect lunchtime read - just be sure you have some privacy.

This is my list in order of preference:
Knockout by Cari Quinn - 4~Stars
Knotty Magic by Jodi Redford - 4~Stars
Unashamed by Leah Braemel - 4~Stars
Marked For Love by Anna J. Stewart - 3~Stars
Against The Wall by Amie Stuart - 3~Stars
Love In An Elevator by Chudney Thomas - 3~Stars
Hot Summer Nights by Cathy Clamp - DNF

Disclosure: This ebook was provided to me free of charge for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.
The Romance Review
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207 reviews
November 7, 2015
I received a copy of this anthology in exchange for an honest review.

This anthology consists of seven novellas. Most novellas are written by authors that were new to me.

#1 is Knockout by Cari Quinn. This is a m/m/f story about Emerson, JC, and Lily. Emerson is a fighter and JC is a construction guy. This is not my kind of book, but if you like that genre you will probably like this story.

#2 is Hot Summer Nights by Cathy Clamp. This novella centers around Gabe, Sophie, and the Starlight Motel. I really like this story. Gabe and Sophie are great together.

#3 is Marked for Love by Anna J. Stewart. This is my favorite novella in the anthology. I love Regan and her family and Brodie and his little girl. Regan runs a pub and Brodie runs a tattoo business. This did not feel like a novella to me because there is so much going on. The writing is great and the story is awesome.

#4 is Knotty Magic by Jodi Redford. This novella is about Huck, Tully, and a magic tree. It is different and I really enjoyed reading it.

#5 is Against the Wall by Amie Stuart. This novella is about Lexi and Wade who both work in construction. I didn't really like the characters in this story.

#6 is Unashamed by Leah Braemel. This is another m/m/f story. This one is about construction partners Max and Noah with house flipper Lexi. This also is not my kind of book.

#7 is Love in an Elevator by Chudney Thomas. This is a novella about Mica and Cam. Cam repairs the elevator in Mica's condo building. I like this novella.
27 reviews
November 4, 2015
Review for Knockout by Cari Quinn:

Knockout is a fast and enjoyable read! I’m a huge fan of athlete heroes and love a good MMF romance, and this book seemed to have it all. Emerson is an MMA fighter who had a difficult childhood until Lily’s police office father took him under his wing. Lily and Em have been best friends for a long time, but neither has acted on their growing feelings for one another, especially Em with his sense of obligation to Lily’s dad. We’re also introduced to JC, a young carpenter who is close friends with Lily and who bothers Em since he is very protective of Lily and JC is much more extroverted and open with his attraction to Lily. What follows is a story about the development of their relationship as they come to terms with their feelings for one another and how this will affect the relationships with those around them.

As usual, Cari Quinn gives us a story that is well-written and is equal parts sweet, sexy, and humorous. I do wish the story had been longer and, in particular, had included more insight into the relationship development between JC and Em. We didn’t get to see much of just the two of them together, especially in an affectionate way. At times I felt like they both were tolerating each other because of their strong feelings and attraction for Lily.

Overall, I highly recommend Knockout and look forward to reading the rest of the stories in this anthology from some very talented authors!
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November 4, 2015
Knockout by Cari Quinn
Part of the Hunks, Hammers & Happily Ever Afters anthology.

This review is only for Knockout by Cari Quinn and while it is part of her Tapped-Out series, this can be read as a standalone.

This is a hot and sexy ménage story about MMA fighter, Emerson, construction worker, JC, and a gym receptionist, Lily. Both boys are best friends with Lily and Emerson is in denial about his feelings about JC. JC himself is fully aware of and embracing his feelings for both and go so far as to set up a housewarming party and the only guests are Lily and Emerson.

I liked this story. The writing is, as always, spot-on. While I understand that this is a novella, I didn't feel like there was enough of a story there. I like steamy sex scenes as much as the next person, but I felt like there could have been more to the story than just that.

The Tapped-Out series is one of my favorites of Quinn's and I'm looking forward to the next one, however, Knockout did fall a little short for me.

*arc received in exchange for honest review.

**Reviewed by Melinda from Jo&IsaLoveBooks Blog.
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November 2, 2015
I received an ARC of Knockout in exchange for an honest review.

I loved how the author alternated between the different characters to show each person's POV. There was Lily, a 20 year old girl that works at the local MMA gym. She's overly protected by her police officer father and Emerson. Emerson is an MMA fighter who was taken in by Lily's dad. Emerson is a few years older than her and he's watched her grow up. He's always had feelings for her but he never wanted to act on it because of everything Lily's father did for him.

Then there's JC. He's the hot contractor renovating the gym. JC has been checking out Emerson and Lily while Emerson has been checking out JC and Lily. And Lily, lucky girl that she is, has been checking out both of the hot hunks. No one wants to make a move until one night, JC invites them over for a housewarming party. Will someone make a move? Are they willing to go after what they want or will they keep their desires a secret?

This is one hot quick read!

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1,893 reviews56 followers
November 19, 2015
This must be the year of anthologies. I think I've read more this year... at least at the end of this year, than I've read in quite some time. Hunks, Hammers and Happily Ever Afters!! is another one that's pretty much full of 'new to me' authors. But see, the thing about anthologies is that they give you a taste of authors and genres that you may not have noticed or thought about before. Not that I need any more books or authors added to my TBR list, but I can't just skip a story in an anthology just because I'm not familiar with the author. What if I miss out on my next great read? What if I'm not introduced to a character that may turn into my next BBF or BFF? Plus, I'm nothing if not a conscientious reader. Once I start reading I just can't stop. So... you'll find my mini-reviews for all the books at Creative Deeds Reads

I received Hunks, Hammers, and Happily Ever Afters in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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November 4, 2015
KNOCKOUT by Cari Quinn

Cari Quinn is dangerous with just one hero, but give her two to play with and she’s absolutely lethal. She always brings the heat, but this is OFF. THE. CHARTS. I’m surprised my eReader didn’t spontaneously combust…along with the reader. Holy Hannah!

Lily is a young woman who yearns to take her relationship with her two male best friends from friends to lovers. Together. Emerson is the guy she grew up with after her dad took him in as a teenager when his own father was killed. He’s the quiet, dark, broody MMA fighter. Their mutual friend JC is the exact opposite. He’s blond, bold, brash, and social. Both sexy. Both skilled. Both worship Lily…in every way.

Knockout is their journey of discovering their love for each other and creating a life together. This scorcher is a perfect addition to her Tapped Out series. It’s definitely a standalone book, but for anyone not familiar with that series, I highly recommend starting with book one and enjoying all of Quinn’s sexy MMA fighters. They’re all about the sizzle and the feels.

4.5 Stars
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November 3, 2015
This story is a M/M/F story and boy is it Hot! This book is about Emerson, an underground MMA fighter and lawn maintenance worker, JC, who owns a construction company, and Lily, a receptionist and Dollhouse builder. Emerson and Lily have been best friends since her dad, Lance a cop, brought Em home when they were children. Emerson denies his feelings for a long time due to his relationship with Lance. JC, Lily, and Emerson start out as friends but become so much more.

These three have chemistry, heat, and a lot of sexytimes. They come together amazingly however they are scared to face the outside world. Each have reasons for keeping the relationship that they are starting a secret however they also want to move forward too.

This book was amazing and I can't wait for the next installment in the series! I will be recommending this to my friends.

I received an ARC of Knockout by Cari Quinn for a honest review.
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133 reviews1 follower
October 30, 2015
I received an ARC of Kockout, by Cari Quinn, in exchange for an honest review.

It's a story about Lily, who's overly protected by Emerson (the Hunk), and intrigued by both Em and another friend, JC (Hunk with Hammer lol). When these three decide to explore the sparks of interest that fly among them, well, the third part of the anthology title *is* "Happily Ever Afters". A steamy m/m/f tale with a good story woven through. I love Cari's stories and characters, and this novella is no different.

I loved that Cari used the different POV vehicle to tell this story, and alternating among Lily, Emerson, and JC's POVs throughout got me more invested in these characters.

Although part of the Tapped Out series, this novella can be read on its own. Readers of the other books in Cari's series will recognize some of the characters that make appearances.

Highly recommended for those who want a quick, hot story to sink into.
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November 3, 2015
Review for KNOCKOUT
I received this as a gift for an honest review
Emerson Knapp, Lily Matthews and J.C. O’Connor. Lily is BFF’s to both these men. And if she wants to be totally honest, she is in love with both of them..and they are both in love with her. If Emerson and J.C. are being honest, they are attracted to each other also, but Emerson is not going to do anything about either J.C or Lily…or so he thinks. Until one night, everything spirals out of control. Not only are these three trying to dodge the minefield that is trying to be a relationship, but Emerson is fighting his own battle about Lily’s dad, Lance. When he lost his father, Lance took him in and considers him a son. Can Emerson keep Lily without hurting Lance ? Can Lily have what her heart is longing for? Will these three find a way to have everything…or will something or someone have to be taken out of the equation?
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