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Dominion of the Star

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The totality of a solar eclipse lasts only a few short minutes. That’s more than enough time for an apocalypse to erupt.

Almost eighteen years have passed since the Eclipse changed the Earth forever, and Sebastian Za’in rose from the chaos and seized control, imposing his order on the broken planet. In a world ruled by fear and superstition, where all gods have perished, there is no one who can stand up to Za’in, the man rumored to be one of the Nephilim—hybrid offspring of Angel and Man. In a few short months, another Eclipse will occur, and while there are those who expect a new natural disaster, Za’in has plans of his own . . .

Completely unaware of this global turmoil, Kayla Steelryn has spent most of her life in a quiet village, longing to uncover her hidden past. When she leaves her home in search of answers, she finds herself faced with the truth about her identity, forced to choose between the two men she loves, and thrust into a conflict where she alone has the power to stop an event more disastrous than the end of the world.

481 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 14, 2015

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Angelica Clyman

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March 23, 2020
Good and dark...
Eighteen years after the eclipse that brought about a new world order, Kayla is now pulled into a situation where she must make choices. Some of which will dictate the fate of the world. Will she be able to grasp her true destiny, fall in love and make the choices that will save humanity?
This book is slow starting out. However you really need to stick with this one because it does get better! It is well written and very well-constructed.
This is not your normal dystopian tale as you are thrust into this world awaiting the second apocalypse and Kayla who is the one who will grow and come into her own legacy (not to mention fall in love). I did enjoy the romance in this book as it is not the norm in a dystopian novel. However I did have some trouble connecting with Kayla. On the flip side I really enjoyed Za'in. He was great.
This book has many genre elements all mixed in together to say the least. However Clyman is able to string these elements together with ease in this book. In a novel of this size you really need to be able to keep your reader's attention and the author does just that with her well thought-out and (most definitely) imaginative storyline.
I would most definitely recommend this one to those who like a bit of romance mixed with dystopian and a coming-of-age with lots of mythological references.
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November 16, 2019
Rating: 3.5 stars!

“Stars are all fire and pressure, exploding ceaselessly in the abyss,” he whispered. “The world teaches us that violence is natural, but the sky pretends it’s beautiful too. Stars die like we do - victims of their own mechanisms of survival. We don’t notice when it happens; we only see what we can’t avoid.”

Brought up in a modest village, Kayla Steelryn is the moving force of this imaginative, downcast dystopian fantasy. Kayla’s past is most secretive, her only vessel of understanding is a trinket that holds the face of lurking hope. Unsettled by a restlessness that tugs at her bones, Kayla finally makes the desperate decision to flee the banal, rifle through her past’s identity and seek the face that may tie all of these pieces together. With a leap of expectancy, and a bigger one of fear she leaves her coy potter’s village for the uncharted remains of a post-apocalyptic society, both bare and heartsick. It’s time for this lonesome star to forge a path of dominion…even if she doesn’t know what the stars hold for her just yet.

‘His hazel eyes were sharp, and she felt as if nothing escaped his vigilant gaze. He didn’t smile. His voice was quiet and softly harsh, as if he spoke rarely. “I had no doubt we would meet again.”
…”There were times I wasn’t as sure as you…and all I could do was dream.”

Leaving the mundane and familiar, Kayla is now amid the profoundly indefinite; a world that threatens a lot more than just the unknown. By parting with her home she has traded inertia for a perilous venture that challenges her trusting nature and tests her feeble mettle as a young woman unchallenged. It’s a battleground for survival, only not predominantly in the visible cacophony of the loud and lairy, of raucous dwellers and evident battle - this is the kind of dreary survivalism experienced through stories and memories, through grief and loss, through leftovers of a world that no longer exists, and the somber endurance of travelling a barren society.

“The world has fallen apart while you’ve slept in peace”

Almost 18 years ago, a darkening eclipse initiated a pandemonius development; a phenomenon that crumpled life, destroyed people and sundered structure, only for antagonist Sebastian Za’in to rise and commandeer the remains in a fist that promised renewal and rejuvenation. Not only did the eclipse leave a legacy of darkness, it endowed a world without faith, without the heavenly, and without conviction, driven by the mythology of the nephilim and the stories of fallen Angels. But riding on the back of one eclipse is soon to procure another era of calamity; the second stage in a cycle of devastation.

“When you hear ‘Angels,’ it sounds beautiful, right?…but even our legends have no room for redemption.”

And Kayla immediately crosses paths with one particular embodiment of said sacrilege and volatility: Jeremy. Jeremy is a character that is twisted by passion, driven by pain and prompted by impulse, and although this made him unfavourable for me because he seemed built on a threat to destroy, he undoubtedly has the most punishing path in this whole story, caught in a thrall that dominates his personal autonomy.

He didn’t care anymore if the stars were shining. Let them go on burning. Soon they’d have no choice but to watch what fires he’d be setting, down below their gaze.’

Jeremy is impelled by a force to secure a place of importance in this fallen world that’s about to fall further still. It’s about his and Kit’s survival. But he’s also driven by a bitter need for retribution and anger, running with an uncontrolled temper that can’t be suppressed. He runs like a tempest with the inflammatory nature to spread storms of pain; mirroring his own. Is he too skeptical to give his desire any worth or is he simply just a man without honour? Dominated by urges and impulses, his perspective is narrowed to an oppressive sight that hinders any bearing of the consequences and what sustains the image at large. Jeremy’s haunting, disabling thoughts push him down one path while his stubborn resilience urges his down another; you really never know whether he will be exhausted by darkness or find a way back from it.

‘He was born into darkness -that was the reason they gave him for his suffering.’

‘He closed his eyes. What was his nature? Wasn’t it his nature to fight….everything?’

Jeremy isn’t the only man twisting Kayla from the inside out as she’s torn between men that promise different things; and right at the other end of the spectrum is the cool and collected to Jeremy’s fire, a former vision of change and nomad of the lost and found, Asher Serafin. Asher’s quest has been a long time coming and in a last attempt to chase forgiveness, his mission is set to protect Kayla, hoping it to be enough to make up for his personal privation. Asher is an enduring, tranquil tempered, austere pillar of strength and direction even if he doesn’t know where he is headed; a flexible man with a flexible perception that makes him an adaptable and admirable character - one of my favourites! - but he’s still a player of pent-up misgivings, his past a condensed package of unalterable anguish.

‘He wasn’t leading the Resistance this time. He had stopped resisting. This wasn’t the explosive human will to rebel or revolt. Instead, he was simply a vessel of divine retribution, a herald of a needed end.’

Will Kayla find love in the one who punishes her, or the one who protects her? One carves a life of reckless abandon while the other carves one of purpose and shelter; following one love, eternal only to her destruction, and another who walks alongside here as a constant construction of strength, understanding and companionship……and then the lord who stands above all: the persuasive, genial, inspiring teacher who offers Kayla praise, importance, and a fundamental expression of her identity - who makes he feel like a promising piece of light in a world that offers little in the ways of solution; exacting a movement embedded in the stories of legend and of the bones which came before them. But whether legends inspire strength; whether myth has only provoked a secular system of non-believing and suspicious, is Za’in a true bringer of knowledge and an age of improvement, or an entity of blasphemy, bathing in the blood of the lost while favouring those of the supernatural.

“There must be something wrong with me…to miss them both like this.”
“It’s the burden that those with a heart carry. You can’t let your emotions rule you, but don’t cut them off. Your feelings are not a sin against any of us.”

Angelica Clyman has crafted this story with a unique blend of beautiful prose that lends itself to the haunting upset of the story while its poetic quality is engaging, selective and effective - if not a bit too drawn out and vague, with a significant portion of the book that is formed of very vague memories that were quite confusing - reality, dreams and the past were heavily blurred for me and I really lost my way in a way that made me feel removed from Kayla and the story (I also felt this way because i started to lose my understanding of what this story was about), but the ambiguity of the narrative did lend itself to a lot of misdirection for me.

‘A sense of dread began to settle with the knowledge that no man could escape his beginnings. Original sin wasn’t dealt out equally, and that girl couldn’t lift his portion. But she tried.’

‘Dominion of the Star’ is the first book in the descendants of the fallen series; a story of outcasts and survivors bound together in an intense situation of inexorable feelings that imitate the drudgery of the world before them. A story that doesn’t offer a chiseled trajectory of guidance, but instead plods through in an attempt to mimic the uncertainty of our four main characters…A story of Kayla’s coming of age and coming of acceptance is unnerving for this sheltered girl who knows nothing of the disastrous Eclipse that shrouded the earth to begin with. Forcing control around her heart as opposed to being weakened by its impractical but desirable will; torn between loyalties, hard decisions and divided in this dynamic triangle of love.

“You’re not just flesh and blood, and the sin of thought is just as dangerous for you. There are places you can’t let you mind wander. You have to promise me.”
“...I’m responsible for the sin of thought? Suppose your dark imaginings could bring down this whole world. How would you handle that?”
Asher grabbed her by the shoulders, one strong shake painfully raising her head. “I’d have to grow up quick…”

This is more than a matter of trust for Kayla, she’s trapped in the cracks of a despondent world only looking on through the inexperienced eyes of shelter, as she trusts and stumbles in the face of broken trust and a broken heart. Kayla is a soft protagonist with an unpracticed and unprepared heart. She’s restless and hindered by uncompromising indecision, her scattered steps like walking on hot coals; her choices divided by her disparate identity: one that amalgamates the diverse sides of her - to reach a destiny that first begins with acceptance - her dominion begins with acceptance. There is choice in destiny, not suppressed by an overwhelming obligation to nurture the intentions of others.

“Just because God has perished, doesn’t mean that we’re not left an inheritance. There are debts, I know, but there is great wealth in what Man can do. Your soul, even if it’s damned, is a spark of the divine. And Kayla…she possesses a unique fragment of that lost Heavenly glory. Within her is the defiant, brilliant pulse of a fallen Star.”

Coming in just short of 500 pages, ‘Dominion of the Star’ offers a lot to get lost in, each character follows the line of warring with the different parts of themselves, an intense battle that could either spell a light of victory or the morose endeavour of absolute failure, but each of the four has a story to tell, even the antagonist has provocative roots as a villain. The fluctuating theme of who must be trusted underlined the dark quality of the book. ‘Dominion of the Star’ promises a suffering triangle of romance blended with complex characters, merged with mythology and grounds itself in a setting of the post apocalyptic waiting on another dooming eclipse to follow in its wake. ‘Dominion of the Star’ is a post apocalypse on the brink of sinking into another apocalypse.

“You’re just one more storm or act of violence away from being taken out, and you know you’ll have to stop dreaming.”

In a world that would rather believe in sacrilege than the divine, should Kayla ignore her heritage-bound duty or follow the impulse and path of personal faith and feeling - it’s Kayla’s overwhelming sense of uncertainty that fortifies her downfall. ‘Dominion of the Star’ is a troubling odyssey of the unceasingly uncertain as violence and doubt twist the world where the old world is just a memory. Za’in’s fantasy of rebirth and renewal is awaiting another dooming era, another hell that sits morosely at the heels of his construct. Following a fantasy or follow in experience.. A struggle to conquer and a struggle of yielding, this post-apocalyptic foundation exists as a backdrop of this tale of mythology, destiny and spiritual stimulation.

“This is a world where it is acceptable for a worthless human to throw rocks at an Angel dreaming in a tree.”

The rebellion began in loyalty and love to an Angel loved and then to preserve a world for an Angel born. An imaginative start to a series - Angelica Clyman is certainly an author to watch out for in the fantasy genre.

‘Where do I even begin? This was her answer. Above her, Orion’s belt shone brightly’

“We’ll have to trust her to fight for herself. That’s what it will come to in the end, when the sky darkens.”

Trigger Warning: Some profanity and very mild, non-descriptive sex scenes.

Thank you to Angelica for sending me a free copy for review!

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August 27, 2019
My Rating: 3.5 Stars!

A solar eclipse became more than a thing of awe and wonder, something for scientists to greedily study. It became a few moments of darkness that became an apocalyptic nightmare that humanity has yet to be able to awaken from. Almost two decades later, one man rose from the chaos to become the fist of power, harnessing the world in a stranglehold of subservience, follow or be destroyed.

The stage was set for DOMINION OF THE STAR by Angelica Clyman with well-developed scenes, a sense of something huge coming and a young heroine who is clueless to her destiny. Drawn by an unexplainable force, Kayla leaves the shelter of her isolated village and into a new and terrifying reality where she finds deceit, betrayal and confusion of the heart, as well as what true friends and loyalties are. She also finds herself caught up in a world where superstition and religious zealots reign supreme with powers to control that just don’t feel right, are they angelic powers or dark magic?

What started out slow for me, built and transformed into less of an apocalyptic tale and more into a spiritual awakening as things centered around angels, Nephilim and an impending second apocalypse…and the true chaos begins as readers are fed just enough to want more information.

In the end, I found myself struggling to care about Kayla, because I was struggling to understand how what I assumed was a post-apocalyptic tale became more of a twisted religious tale and the revelations behind each character’s true selves were scattered about like dust in the wind, much like the references to the “before” time. Perhaps this just wasn’t my cup of tea, but I CAN say that this author has an active imagination and a gift for telling dark tales!
I received a complimentary copy from Angelica Clyman. My honest review was voluntary.

Series: Descendants of the Fallen - Book 1
Publisher: Indie Angel Books (July 20, 2015)
Publication Date: July 20, 2015
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Print Length: 481 pages
Available from: Amazon
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September 15, 2019
The Review

This was a truly entertaining and unique post-apocalypse/fantasy read. The narrative was written beautifully, transitioning seamlessly between the fantasy element of the mythology behind the protagonist Kayla and the antagonist Sebastian, and the post-apocalyptic nature of the world the characters are inhabiting in this dark future.

One aspect that really stood out from other books in the fantasy or dystopian style genres of books was the integration of the romance aspect of the novel. So often a book will include romance just for the sake of having romance, and it won’t feel natural to the story being told. However the romance Kayla feels for two of the supporting characters of the novel feels natural and doesn’t pull focus from the story whatsoever. Instead it builds not only the drama but both the beautiful and haunting imagery used throughout the book.

The Verdict

This is a must read novel of 2019. Complex, engaging and a lengthy read that readers will not be able to help getting sucked into, the first book in a series called “Descendants of the Fallen” expertly blends romance, mythology and post-apocalyptic survival into a one of a kind reading experience. Readers will root for the protagonist while becoming fascinated with the roots of the antagonist, and the constant struggle of who Kayla can truly trust in this novel will only keep readers that much more engaged. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy of Dominion of the Star by Angelica Clyman today!
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386 reviews6 followers
January 16, 2020
The storyline of this book was fantastic! The characters were of all walks of the world and beyond and they worked very well together. I did find for me that the book was a little slow, but really picked up from the middle to the end. The suspense and mystery of it all is what kept me going. There were many surprises, especially towards the end. I found the ending awe inspiring and the recognition of our GOD and his Angles, light verses dark, good over evil. I’m looking forward to reading more and I really hope this is a series.
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November 19, 2019
What's great about books is their ability to divulge and leave an everlasting impression in our minds: it may be positive or negative, yet the stamp of indulgence is enticing. Considering that, Angelica Clyman makes her debut through Dominion of the Stars, which is the first installment of the Descendants Of The Fallen series.

As a dystopian, winter fall myth, Clyman brings out a handful of characters with different purposes and personalities. If you're an avid reader interested in urban fantasy, biblical, romance, betrayal, and vengeance, then tighten up your seatbelts. In these 48 chapters, Clyman explores the life of a fallen angel raising this read to be a character-driven novel. One may find the structure presentation a bit sulking due to the constant internal conflicts among characters. The narrative had a dull progress and at times, exhausting. It's observable that the content needs to improve its pace, thought the language knows to entertain its readers. It's important to give an everlasting first impression, and what better way is to attach an eye-catching cover illustration. The ending was strong and did justice to the flow of the novel: it's eccentric, fast-paced nature created a bridge for its next installment.

Written from the third person's perspective: Clyman gives life to Kayla, and her immature scruples and irrational, fall short decisions. One won't be disappointed with her as she is successful in vexing her readers. You could keenly observe her gradual character development, and her keen take-a-stance against other characters' decisions. You can remarkably observe the nature of an individual's impulsive characteristics through her. Kayla's love-hate relationship with Jeremy is a heated part of the plot that readers can't forget. Their chemistry is best described as the passionate, wounded souls seeking redemption. One of the most credible and significant points are the emotional row among characters. It defined their present mindset, relationship status, and situation shared among others. The characters were symbolic: even a less important character didn't seem less important. They may not seem remarkable at first, but they won't fail to surprise you.
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October 11, 2019
Eighteen years ago, the Earth was wrecked with destruction during an Eclipse. Out of the chaos rose Sebastian Za’in, the man who took power and imposed his own Angelic order on the survivors. After all, he’s rumored to be a Nephilim, the offspring of an Angel and mortal. The next Eclipse is set to happen in a few months and he has plans to change the world forever. To do so, he needs Kayla Steelryn, a young woman ignorant of her parentage and powers. But as she’s brought out of the quiet potter’s village she was raised in, she learns the world is far from idyllic and that she has an important role to play during the next Eclipse. Though whether it’s to save the world or destroy it is up to her.

This book is intense. The characters are intense. Their struggles are deep and more than just physical. This is not a light, easy read. No, this novel is heavy with words, heavy with feelings, and heavy with conflict. It left my brain feeling a little warped.

I enjoy a good angels and demons story, but this is not an angels and demons story. It’s an angel story, twisted. There were no demons, just Angels and Nephilim, and it was often impossible to tell which characters were working to destroy the Earth and which were working to protect it. I loved not knowing who to trust. Just as Kayla was simply thrown into this post-apocalyptic world and basically told to figure out who to trust, so is the reader.

The characters were fascinating and twisted. A few were clearly one thing or another, but others swayed from side to side so much that it was impossible to tell if they should be trusted. Za’in was particularly, and most interestingly, twisted. Until the very end, it’s impossible to tell if he wanted to save the world or simply seize more power. He’s so well done that it’s just as impossible to tell where the loyalties of several of the characters around him lay. Jeremy was also remarkably well done. At first, he was a little difficult to understand. He was torn between his loyalties and his heart, especially with so many conflicting messages coursing through him. I didn’t always understand why his loyalty to Za’in was so strong, but it made his character more compelling, and I couldn’t decide if he should be saved or killed. Compared to these men, Kayla could have been stellar, but her characterization kind of bothered me. She felt more like a pawn despite the seriously strong internal growth she experienced over the course of the novel. I often questioned how many of her choices were actually hers and whether or not they were choices she really had. The rest of the main cast were a little one note, experiencing little change and lacking any real depth, but they added color, and a few lighthearted moments this novel desperately needed.

I liked the post-apocalyptic setting. The desolation and near desertion of the world paired well with the story. Everything seemed to be either destroyed or on the verge of destruction. There were almost no people outside of the main cast. It was stark and ominous, much like the story. Overall, it’s a simple story, but the author breathed life into it until it could expand no more. I couldn’t help but get a sense of desperation and hopelessness that matched the landscape perfectly.

I wouldn’t call this a Christian novel, but it does have a thick layer of religion. It does involve Angels, Nephilim, and the question of what happened to God, but it created a strong backdrop for the story and the characters. This was an interesting twist on religion without pushing Christianity. The only thing I had a problem with was the Tarot cards as I felt they added another layer that was a bit more confusing. Compared to the rest of the story, the Tarot part was a small part, but it seemed to play a huge role in Kayla’s internal world. I just wish it had had more of a presence throughout the novel to make it feel a little more relevant to the story. I think it was supposed to help Kayla’s internal and personal growth, but it made me feel like she was even more of a pawn, and I lost my connection to her as she no longer felt like an individual with any actual choices.

The most interesting part of this novel, though, was how it was written. This is a slow novel. It takes its time and isn’t shy about it. Every scene was expanded until it reached its limits, and each of the main characters had their own stories within each event. The author told a full story from multiple perspectives, and then dove deep into Jeremy, Kayla, and Asher to reveal their internal landscapes as everything was happening. It made the story develop at a very slow pace and helped add depth to the characters, but it was often a little overwhelming.

As much as I enjoyed the characters, the story, and the setting, I also felt a little lost and confused. Almost nothing was said about the world before the first Eclipse. Other than vague mentions of catastrophe, I don’t understand how Za’in was able to rise to power, and I don’t know what happened to the people. The lack of history made it a little hard to figure out the importance of the current events. It made the world feel a little untethered, as though it only existed for the sake of the current story. I also didn’t understand the power the Eclipse had. Sure, bad things happened and more changes were planned for the next one, but I struggled to understand why it was such a big deal, and why Angelic changes could only happen when the Sun was blotted out. I suspect there might have been religious reasons involved, but they must have gone over my head.

Another thing that bothered me was the romance. There’s a strange relationship between Kayla’s parents, Za’in, and Asher, but none of it was really focused on. The reader was only given snippets of the past. It felt important, but I felt like a lot of information was missing. I couldn’t always tell who was in love with whom and why Kayla’s parents chose each other. Similarly, the romance between Kayla and Jeremy bothered me. It was very quick and burned extremely hot over the course of the entire novel. It felt like love at first sight that only grew stronger. Put that way, it makes sense, but the intensity bothered me. It helped make Kayla and Jeremy a little more complex and helped tie them and the story together better, but I also felt like the story depended on their romance a little too much.

Overall, this was an interesting novel full of intensity and complexity. The lines were blurred and it was often difficult to tell what side to root for. The ambiguity makes the reader feel much like Kayla. I wish there had been more depth to the world and that Kayla felt less like a pawn, but this was an interesting, thought-provoking read. It’s not something that can or should be read in one day. I found it to be quite intense and bursting with internal landscapes that were almost to rich to bear.

Thank you so much to the author, Angelica Clyman, for a free e-copy. All opinions expressed are my own.
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February 18, 2020
I am always impressed and inspired by any first-time author who has the tenacity and drive to complete a full-length novel, let alone one who created an imaginative tale filled with complicated characters and twisted plots for a longer intended series. Dominion of the Star is a thick Young Adult/ Fantasy read that requires care and commitment on behalf of the reader to absorb the details of information within the often poetic writing by the author, while also using their own imagination to take some leaps and fill in the blanks.

The story mainly revolves around the crisscrossing journey of two coming-of-age characters that are trying to understand and accept their own awkward internal motivations, purpose and identity as they also navigate and try to survive within the larger chaos of a dystopian society that formed after the world was suddenly wiped out during a solar eclipse less than two decades earlier—this occurring right around the time they were both born. The secondary characters within the novel have vital tangential roles and their own difficult nuances and reasons which add to the many adventures that they all face along the way and as they prepare for the tense events that are thought to come with the next soon arriving eclipse.

Using language, lore & mythology of angels & demons, combined with elements of the superstitious, a bit of the magical & paranormal and even some pirates, DoS is a different approach to age-old drama and personal conflicts that certainly unfurl with good vs evil, right vs. wrong, individual vs. collective whole plots in a still recovering/ restructuring post-apocalyptic world.

I hope the author releases a prequel novella to give readers more imagery and understanding, as she continues the world-building that she begun in this first book of a series.
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August 21, 2019

Dominion of the Star is a dystopian set after an eclipse caused the apocalypse. Now another eclipse is expected and within a week and the world is doomed. While half the fight is for survival, Kayla must also fight her nemesis. The world-building that is done is quite believable for a dystopian and well-established in the reader's mind through imagery. The characters supporting the main character were also well-developed and I especially liked the anti-hero, Sebastian Za’in. Establishing one's own rule on a broken planet is not easy. I was more interested in his character, his actions than the protagonist sometimes. The atmosphere of fear and chaos made for a great background theme. 

The love triangle that was thrust inside this well-off story bothered me to some extent because though I understand how important it is to have some light-heartedness or romance in such a world, I find it unnerving to read about when I am more interested in other elements.

While Kayla is determined to find who she really is, the world is collapsing around her. Overall, it is an interesting and intriguing one-time read. It entertained me for as long as I was lost inside the pages of the book but I did not take much out of it. It didn't become too memorable for me. 
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January 13, 2020
Dominion of the star is an urban fantasy story about Kayla. She isn’t perfect, and her decisions in leaving her nest in order to find better meaning to her life shape the adventure of this story. Kayla’s past’s identity assists her to live in a post-apocalyptic society and challenge her ability to survive. Her emotions are tested, and love is also at play.

The tale was written so well that it makes the reader ponder about the story even after it is done. The characters are likeable and very easy to bond with. The ending leaves you with satisfaction but the desire to anticipate the sequel.

As the book is the first in its series, the foundation was vital. The story was told through layers, and it was descriptive. For the post-apocalyptic nature of a world, I believe the author created a plausible story.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read paranormal, urban, fantasy stories.

I look forward to reading the next book.
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902 reviews
September 20, 2019
An unknown force with a strange pull compels Kayla Steelryn to leave the shelter of her isolated village and venture into an unfamiliar territory where truth is difficult to separate from lies and betrayal can come wearing masque of love and friendship. Torn between two people she loves and trying to unleash her hidden powers; Kayla is facing an enemy who wants to use an approaching catastrophe for his own sinister agenda.

Clayman handles intimate emotions with confidence, and her characterization is thorough. With her exploration of conflicting nature of love against the backdrop of a pre and-post-apocalyptic world (with a hefty dose of fantasy element), Clyman’s book excels as both a young adult romance and an apocalyptic fantasy. With its tight plotting and evocative worldbuilding, the novel makes for a gripping, satisfying page-turner.

An assured start to a promising series!
2 reviews
September 5, 2019
Dominion of the Star is beautifully written, with some passages reading like poetry. The author's descriptions make a world broken by cataclysm a breathtaking backdrop for her story.

Often, characters in science fiction and fantasy are two dimensional archetypes, but Angelica Clyman's characters feel like real people, at times frustrating and others inspiring. This makes even the most fantastical elements of her book feel just as real. She seamlessly integrates spirituality and philosophy with the supernatural, generating a sense that they are all manifestations of the same universal truths.

The book keeps a steady pace, with each chapter a satisfying step forward in the plot. The chapters are relatively short as well, which makes it convenient to read. She manages to weave together action, adventure, love, and self-realization in such a way that each element is driven by the others. The story is simultaneously a classic tale of good verses evil, and a contemplation of humanity, destiny, and faith.

Amidst it's depth and beauty Angelica manages to sprinkle in both fun and humor. Ultimately I fell in love with the characters and I can't wait to see them again in the next installment of the series.
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November 14, 2019
I received this book in exchange for my honest review of it. The story follows Kayla who has been sheltered for as long as she can remember. Before she knows it, she is thrown into a world she knows nothing about and is trying to learn who she really is. This book has romance, action, suspense, and many other things all added up to deliver a story that is totally unique to anything else I have read. For the full review, follow the link: https://likelystory.blog/2019/11/14/r...
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June 23, 2020
A little slow in the beginning. But a good book. You just have to keep with it.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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August 28, 2019
Dominion of the Star is really well written. The imagery and descriptions are detailed and incredibly poetic. The inclusion of spiritual instruments used to weaponise humans was a really neat touch and similar instruments that Kayla can use as a Nephilim are also super cool.

I loved Jeremy, Kayla’s love interest, fluctuating from bad guy to good guy as he fights Za’in’s evil influence, sometimes succumbing and other times overcoming. It made me wonder if there was going to be a happy ending or not, because the dark undertones of the book made it feel a bit like any of the characters were fair game.

Kittie was my favourite character. All her mystery and upbeat attitude as well as pro-active stance to pretty much everything makes her a character you’re happy to connect with.

Sometimes I got my wires crossed when POVs changed halfway through scenes, which did actually work it just meant being a bit confused for a line or two.

The biggest downfall for me in Dominion of the Star was the amount of time spent in visions. Due to the supernatural nature of the dystopian world, it was difficult to work out if something was a scene or a vision. As I got further towards the end of the book, more and more things were taking place in people’s heads and because of the lengthy, poetic narrative, it felt like too much time was spent in visions.

All in all, the book could probably have been shorter as there was a lot of poetic filler and lengthy monologues.
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May 15, 2019
This is an excellent book! I've read it so many times, and this is definitely a hard book to put down. I love the characters in the book, especially Kayla. There's a lot of action here, and you definitely won't be disappointed. I definitely can't wait for book 2 to come out. I wish i could give this book more than 5 stars, because really, this is a definite 10 in my book.
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September 4, 2019
A great read!
Very detailed, hard not to get totally engrossed and felt like I was right there with the characters. Can’t wait for book 2.
October 8, 2016
Dominion of the Star, the first in the series Descendants of the Fallen, is set many years after an eclipse that plunged this world into an apocalypse, and just weeks before a second eclipse that could doom this Earthly plane entirely.

Our primary heroine, Kayla, escapes off into the ravished world to seek out answers as to the mystery of her past and why her family had seemingly abandoned her to live out her life in a pottery village. In that search, she discovers she has an important part to play in a far grander plot, one that began with her parents long ago, which culminates (or continues, as there are potential books to look forward to) with the outcome of that second eclipse. Along the way, she encounters a myriad of characters – both friends and foe, and murkier characters that walk the line between both who may hold both the answers to her past and the keys to her future.

Though focused primarily on Kayla’s journey, this novel excels at propelling the action forward, while peppering in crucial glimpses into the past, through the inner growth of a multitude of memorable characters she meets along the way. Her initial savior, Jeremy, and his companion, Kittie, prove to be complex well-rounded characters so rich in depth, they’re worthy of their own novels, as is her nemesis, Za’in. Part scholarly teacher, part supernatural warrior; Za’in leads a rebellion that seeks to establish his rule over the Earth after the second eclipse and he provides just enough moral ambiguity in his lessons and interactions to be as intriguing as he is terrifying.

Once they met up with Asher, a shadowy figure from Kayla’s past, and a group of pirates who provide both comic relief and a dose of personal insight into how the world has changed since the first eclipse, Kayla’s journey towards becoming empowered and thus free to choose to either withdraw from or embrace her destiny, catapults the reader through the ruins of Earth towards that fateful end. The results of which set the stage for more novels, sure to be as enthralling and exhilarating as this first installment.
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December 23, 2016
Dominion of the Star by Angelica Clyman is a fascinating world of fiction. Here, both evil and good reside. The past is no more...and the present is awful. Then, there's the unknown of what the future will hold. Bold, engaging, and the most intriguing fantasy ever...Dominion of the Star will steal readers from their seats. I found myself curious and hooked. The plot holds a promising story full of action. Danger, war, and destruction all on a tipping scale sinking closer to a reality. Imagine a world once destroyed and soon to be under another terrifying moment. The characters were well-developed. The turn mail wasn't just an external one but also an internal conflict. Kayla is a character I could easily relate to and feel her emotions. She's seeking answers and those answers lead her on an adventure of a lifetime. Interesting, suspenseful, and intense. Angelica Clyman held my attention from the first page onward. Her story is one that has a lot to offer. Romance, coming of age, and leaves readers wondering what will come. Overall, I recommend this novel to all.
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February 1, 2017
4.5 Stars - From Underground Book Reviews

Dominion of the Star by Angelica Clyman is a well-crafted adventure, which revolves around 17-year old Kayla. Against a one part post-apocalyptic and one part fantasy backdrop, Kayla struggles to understand herself, her own supernatural powers and the darkness of the world she was hidden away from for so long. A page-turner in which no character is without fault, this is an engaging journey through an intricate world. Readers who like symbolism or mythology in their novels will enjoy this work. Additionally, those in search of complex motivations and unlikely characters will find this a fascinating read.

...Read the complete review at Undergroundbookreviews.org!
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January 30, 2017
Dominion of the Star is an engaging journey through an intricate world. Readers who like symbolism or mythology in their novels will enjoy this work. Additionally, those in search of complex motivations and unlikely characters will find this a fascinating read.

Read the rest of this review and many others at UndergroundBookReviews.org
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January 25, 2016
A WHOLE NEW WORLD!!!!!ö¿ö a book with characters that you find yourself submerged in and you can grow as they grow. Can't wait for the next installment.
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January 6, 2020
Disclaimer: I received an advanced review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Dominion of the Star suffers from a truly terrible thing: a blight in its pacing. It starts out jarringly as if it knows nothing of what is to come; the author, Angelica Clyman, as unaware of its own purpose as any reader.

We begin in a potter's village, with a youth who knows nothing of her past, save that which an obscure relic can tell her. Then, before the book is even one tenth over, she randomly leaves the village, encounters a young man and his child companion (by way of falling into a pitfall trap), is attacked by pirates and the man whose image lies within that aforementioned relic.

Then she is taken to Sebastian, the main villain; learns from him, trains with the odd blade of bone her body can produce, then meets Asher, the man from her relic. From here they learn of Sebastian's villainous nature, she makes her escape with the youth and his younger companion, whose names she learns are Jeremy and Kit respectively. They were once in league with Sebastian, hence her being borne to his door, yet now they betray him. Interesting.

Then, with 80% of the book left, we begin gearing up for the final battle. Which takes the rest of the book. Though there are good things to be said, themes which are quite relateable: love against all odds, the corruption of power, the sateless nature of men who are thick with it steeped.

But it tells the heroic journey of many other tales without doing anything extraordinary. Its stumbling prose leaves even battle scenes feeling sedate, which is something with which I have, myself grappled. Still, Clyman uses the word "before" as a bridge between words when she loses sight of a more direct or elegant way. It is an easy trap, but one which is aggravating. From it a blithe bumbling burbles, broiling through her prose as she staggers and I wince through each scene.

Not all care so much for imagery as I do, so I will grant in the eyes of others that part is not so foul. But much of the story was simply not interesting. The main character abandons her friends at least three times, going so far as to enter combat with them, when they refuse her abandonment. She and Jeremy have something of a Rey-Kylo bond, effectuated by the shackles he uses on her when he betrays both his companions of old and new alike. Similarly, the pair engage in a will-they-won't-they for about 75% of the entire story, and it becomes tiresome almost at once.

We learn why she was briefly in the potter's village; entirely the same reason as Rey was placed on Jakku, Skywalker on Tatooine: protection from what she is. Grand. That would mean more had not her leaving been so abrupt, the whole of her past so hurriedly done.

It is not that Angelica Clyman's work lacks merit altogether, only that much of it is lost. I think she could salvage the story in places, but in sum it is rather cliche and predictable. Passable it could be made, but extraordinary it can never be.
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December 13, 2020
Dominion of the Star (Descendants of the Fallen Book 1)
By – Angelica Clyman
Format – Kindle Edition
Print Length – 483 Pages
Genre – Fiction
My Ratings – 4.7/5

💫Dominion of the Star by Angelica Clyman is the Book 1 of the series Descendants of the Fallen. It is an urban fantasy novel about Kayla. She's not fine, and her choices to abandon her nest and find a greater purpose for her life form the adventure of this novel. Kayla's previous identity allows her to live in a post-apocalyptic world and threatens her desire to survive. Her feelings are being checked, and love is at stake as well.

💫This novel has romance, action, suspense, and many other aspects that have all been incorporated to create a tale that's completely original. Addition of sacred instruments used to arm humans was a very neat touch, and the same instruments that Kayla would use as a Nephilim are also super cool.

💫I really liked the Book cover as well as the Title as both suits the plot. Narration is quite good and Author’s writing style is brilliant as I didn’t find any fault in the story.

💫It is definitely a page turner with a perfect character development which makes it a gripping story. The book is no less than a thrilling journey which keeps its readers hooked. Readers who prefer metaphors or myths in their novels love this work.

💫The book is well-written, and the author certainly has a good imagination. You will imagine the elegance of the locations that her characters encounter through her explanations, and the overall impression that you get from her characters.

💫Overall, it is a masterpiece and I would surely recommend this book to everyone out there and also after reading this one I’m very much excited to read the book 2 of the Descendants of the Fallen Book series.

Happy Reading😊
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December 27, 2019
I was kindly given a copy of this book by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

When I was sent the synopsis for this book one work stuck out to me ‘Nephilim’. The concept of Nephilim has always interested me and not it’s not due to the Shadow Hunters books. Now let me start by saying that I usually do not pick up dystopian books, but because this book had Nephilim in it I decided it was worth a shot. I feel that putting that out there first is important because this was not a bad book just not for me. I enjoyed it while I was reading it. It kept my attention which is more than I can say for other dystopian books. I just couldn’t get through books like Hunger Games and Divergent, so in my opinion, this book is one up on them. My issue was picking it back up once I put it down. Not the book’s fault it was pretty good just not my type of setting. I did find the concept of the Intercessors to be interesting.

All in all, I say if you like dystopian books then you really should pick this one up because even I liked it and I don’t really like dystopian books as a general rule. My daughter loves dystopian books so I am going to give it to her and try to get her to write a review on it too.
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October 25, 2019
In today's world of instant gratification, entertainment at our fingertips, and books that can read in a couple of hours or less, Dominion of the Star takes some commitment. Coming in at just under 500 pages, a book darn well better hold a reader's interest. This post-apocalyptic fantasy does its job on that. It is an intriguing story, but there's a lot to take in for the beginning of a series. That said, the book is well-written, and the author certainly has a good imagination. Since this is a fantasy, we have to mention world-building. There's a fine line between information dumps and not enough information, and this one feels like the author sometimes errs on the side of caution and doesn't give quite enough to get a real feel for the world she's created. This is the first in the series, so hopefully, there will be more info with future books, but this one left me a little bit uncertain about some things. That aside, the book is certainly worth the read and it will be interesting to see where things go from here and how Clyman grows in her writing with future books. She definitely holds promise to be one to watch in the fantasy genre.
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December 24, 2016
This is such a great read! It's very fluid, and it keeps you engaged the whole time. The writer is not heavy handed with her descriptions, and allows you to learn things about the characters from their interactions and perceptions of one another. The villain isn't over the top and obvious. His sadistic charm leaves you with chills, and he really believes his cause. The writer takes you on a journey. The heroine really comes into her own, and the love triangle is believable, sad, and exciting all at the same time! The pirate's are a great comic relief, and really help cut through the tension. You can visualize the beauty of the places her characters visit with her descriptions, and the overall feeling you get through her characters. Her post apocalyptic setup isn't gimmicky or trite. It's just the right level of desolation to really buy into it's fantasy.
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September 9, 2020
Dominion Of The Star is the debut novel of the author Angelica Clyman. It is the first book in the Descendants of the Fallen series. Kayla was pulled by an unexplainable force, she has to leave the shelter of her isolated village and go to a new place where betrayal and confusion is waiting for her.

Kayla Steelryn's father was a freedom fighter. Her surname Steelryn and the other surname Serafin earlier was a symbol of hope for a better future. There are so many suspense in the story to hook the readers.

The length of the book is much longer. World building and storyline is amazing. The story is so intense that you won't feel like putting this book down. As a debut novel author has done amazing work. However, the pace was slow initially and then it picked up speed somewhere from the middle. Couldn't wait to read the sequel of this book.
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