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The Light #1

Shattered Blue

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For Noa and Callum, being together is dangerous, even deadly. From the start, sixteen-year-old Noa senses that the mysterious transfer student to her Monterey boarding school is different. Callum unnerves and intrigues her, and even as she struggles through family tragedy, she’s irresistibly drawn to him. Soon they are bound by his deepest secret: Callum is Fae, banished from another world after a loss hauntingly similar to her own.

But in Noa’s world, Callum needs a special human energy, Light, to survive; his body steals it through touch—or a kiss. And Callum’s not the only Fae on the hunt. When Callum is taken, Noa must decide: Will she sacrifice everything to save him? Even if it means learning their love may not be what she thought?

336 pages, Paperback

First published September 15, 2015

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About the author

Lauren Bird Horowitz

4 books117 followers
LAUREN BIRD HOROWITZ, screenwriter and novelist, has won an enthusiastic following for her innovative, lyrical poetic voice. Her debut novel Shattered Blue: Book One of The Light Trilogy, won the 2016 Independent Publishers' (IPPY) Silver Medal for Young Adult Fiction, as well as Finalist honors in the 2016 USA Book Awards for  Best New Fiction and Best New Fantasy, the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards for Best Young Adult Fiction, and the 2016 International Book Award for Best Fantasy. It was also listed as one of USA Today's top romances of 2015, and selected as a notable book by Buzzfeed, Popsugar, Hypable, San Francisco Book Review, Glitter, The Culturalist, Teen Reads, Maria Shriver.com, Bustle and others. 

Bird studied writing at Harvard University with novelist Jamaica Kincaid, winning several prizes including the Edward Eager Memorial Prize for fiction and Winthrop-Sargent Prize for writing. She’s a proud member of the Writers Guild of America.
Keep up with Lauren on twitter (@birdaileen), instagram (@birdaileen), facebook (Lauren "Bird" Horowitz") and on her website LaurenBirdHorowitz.com.

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Author 23 books13.1k followers
February 13, 2017

I really enjoyed Shattered Blue and i am pretty desperate for AMAZON to sign book two and publish it!

Fae, magic, elemental control... two hot, confused brothers and I MEAN LIKE YES PLEASE WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR!

Loved it! I will have a full review up at the end of the month!

: GOSH! I loved it even more the second time, It was such an interesting well paced read. I really really loved this! And the sequel is coming out next month, WHICH I AM SO READY FOR! I forgot just how heart shattering the ending was, I AM SO KEEN TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS WITH THE THREE!!
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3,087 reviews1,511 followers
March 8, 2017
Shattered Blue introduces us to Noa. She and her family are just coming to terms with the death of Noa's older sister Isla. Her mother is barely hanging on and locks herself in her room quite often and her father is trying to return to work. This leaves Noa often caring for her 3 year old sister Sasha.

When a new student shows up at the school it's instant sparks between Noa and Callum. The sparks though are not what they seem, Callum is Fae and he needs "Light" from humans which is taken through a touch or kiss. Noa and Callum grow closer as she finds out they share a similar background in which they have just both lost a sibling but Callum is afraid of hurting Noa. Things seem to be going well until the arrival of Callum's brother Judah.

All I could think when finishing this book was wow, where's the next book in the series?? I completely did not see the ending coming and really was surprised on more than one occasion throughout the book.

The writing was excellent. Noa is a poet and through her poetry you get to see her pain from losing her sister and her joy from meeting Callum. It brings another level to getting to know her and who she is. As for the other characters in the story just when you think you have things figured out there is another twist in store for the reader.

There is so much more to be found out about the Fae and what will happen after the ending with Shattered Blue I will be anxiously awaiting to see where this story will lead.

Great read with a lot of twists and turns just when you think you know where it will head. Would definitely recommend this to the fantasy fans.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

For more reviews please visit https://carriesbookreviews.wordpress....
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Author 16 books326 followers
September 9, 2017

I've never heard of this author before, but the description sounded good, so I took a chance on it. It was a very good decision. The book was all sorts of awesome!

Shattered Blue starts out with the narration of Noa, the female heroine in this story. Right away, I knew this author was talented. Noa was a writer and a poet. She had a way with words, and the complexity of her character was portrayed through her point of view. Everything about this author's writing for this POV, was told eloquently, as if through a writer/poets eyes. She was spot on.

Even the flow of this book was surprisingly well thought out. There are three parts to Shattered Blue: Noa, Callum, Judah. The first point was told from Noa's point of view. Then, in part two, the narrative splits to Noa's and Callum's points of view. From there, it builds. Judah's voice is added in part three. The setup of the way the story was told had been brilliant.

The only pitfall about the point of view, is that the author added narrative from characters sporadically, such as Miles, Olivia, Thorn, etc. I really would have liked to see the author stick to the characters she had so masterfully built up in the three parts of the book.

The story didn't lag at any point, and I was glued to the pages until the final one. Yes, there is a love triangle, but it was done in such a way, that it sneaks up on you. I really enjoy a good love triangle, myself. They keep the story interesting.

There were so many twists and turns in the plot, I thought they all moved the story along at a steady pace. I didn't see many of them coming at all.

The ending, oh the ending. It is a cliffhanger. Friends, family, and the guys are all blended into those final moments. Now, I'm waiting for the next book, and this one hasn't even been released yet!

This author has now became one of my top ones to watch. I couldn't really find fault with this book, so it gets five glittery stars for being a phenomenal read.

P.S. (When I read about the author in the back of the book, I realized why the story was so brilliantly written. She studied writing at Harvard and mentored with a famous author. She already has several awards under her belt, and is part of the Writer's Guild. In other words, talented as well as educated in the art of crafting stories.)
Profile Image for Dee/ bookworm.
1,332 reviews4 followers
September 17, 2015
It is hard to do a review on this book without spoilers, so I will try, but if I goof I apologize in advance.

This book is amazing!! I really don't seek out Fae novels, but this one seemed interesting, and it was! WOW!! There is Fae, but the characteristics that define this novel are very well described. Also, you don't get board trying to understand.

I love the poetry throughout the book. And I love that Noa's dad knows her, really knows her. Sasha is a wonderful character that seems to balance everyone. And I have to say, the plot twists really threw me. I didn't see them coming, didn't really have a clue. It struck me out of left field, but I was ok with it. And even hoped for it.

I was very relieved to realize this is the first of a trilogy. There are a lot of senerios and situations that are not resolved. Very open ended ending. I can't wait for the next book!!

I received a review copy of this ebook from Dover Publications and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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10 reviews19 followers
December 29, 2015
Shattered Blue is about our heroine, Noa, returning to boarding school after the tragic death of her older sister, Isla. Upon returning, she meets the mysterious, hot, new boy, Callum. Callum is a Fae and he needs 'Light' to survive, which he gets from skin-to-skin contact. The only problem is taking 'Light' also takes away the human's future happiness. Thus the dilemma between Noa and Callum's relationship. He tries his hardest to keep his distance from humans at school, but Noa is his kryptonite.

Because it wasn't just her Light; she herself intoxicated, the strange alchemy of Noa: poet, girl-beast, weaving beauty out of pain. That was Light itself, all on its own.

I was pleasantly surprised with how much I loved this book. First, Noa is a secret poet who writes beautifully and it adds so much to the story. Noa is also a super strong character. She has been through so much and is returning to a place that hold so many special memories. She never lets the pain and emotions control her and does a lot at home because of her grief stricken parents. Callum is portrayed great in this, his character development is phenomenal. One thing I didn't love was all the information and back history on the Fae in the beginning. It was a lot at once and kind of confusing, but not a big deal! Lauren did a great job on the male perspectives in this book! Their feelings and emotions are expressed so well, I loved it.

"Come on, Nose. Break your rule, see where it goes."
Noa squirmed. "Why?"
"Because," Olivia said, "he looks at you the way Isla used to look at you."
"Like a loser little sister?"
"Like he can't wait to find out how you're gonna shine."

Now the romance had highs and lows for me. Noa and Callum's relationship was very cute and adorable, but...it was insta love. It didn't ruin the whole book for me or anything, but it was a tad bit annoying. I enjoyed reading when they were together, but didn't love it. In all honesty, I wasn't feeling them together and then BAM Callum's younger brother, Judah, enters the picture. He is the brooding, hot, rebellious boy I was waiting for. Judah was the one I was rooting for from the moment he stepped into the book. He is a really well thought out character with depth to him. He’s great, there’s more to him then meets the eye. His connection with Sasha is so sweet and beautiful.

Fire bloomed through her veins, his fingers white-hot stars.

Noa & Judah! I preferred Noa and Judah because their relationship developed slowly. Starting from hate and then blossoming into something more, that neither wanted to admit. They also have a lot more chemistry and I just fell in love with them!! Judah is a badass with a soft side and I couldn't get enough of him.

The secondary characters were amazing, too! Miles, Olivia, and Noa have an amazing friendship. Miles made me laugh all the time and Olivia made me want to be her friend! They all supported each other through everything and I loved them. They added a lot to the story. Sasha was a cute little darling and I fell in love with her personality and everything.

Skin is not suited for the tides, and
Anemones collect our wave-shorn scales.
Your hair twists with mine in pulpy tangles
around the clam shells of our mermaid hearts.

I thought the pacing of the book was great and I was completely interested the whole time. The beginning was a little on the slow side, but I still enjoyed it. The ending was great, full of deceptions and oH THE PLOT TWISTS!! I didn't see any of them coming and they were brilliantly thought out, kudos to the author! It was left at a HUGE cliffhanger, it was crazy and intense.

Regardless of the slow beginning and the insta romance, I thoroughly enjoyed this book!! I will definitely be reading the next book in this series. The next book has tons of potential and I CAN'T WAIT. I definitely recommend this to everyone who loves these type of paranormal romance books. :))

Unremarkable moments were the ones you missed most---the ones you didn't realize were precious at the time, and so later could not remember.

I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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297 reviews13 followers
August 7, 2015
Got an ARC from Net Galley.

The title and the cover got my attention. I think the cover's cool and otherworldly. This author has been added to my list of authors that I want to continue reading. I probably should make an actual list because I have the brain of a goldfish. I love fairies but haven't read many books about them. The only one that comes to mind is The Dresden Files.

I wish this book had chapters because I'm odd when it comes to reading. Unless I'm out read walking I prefer to finish a chapter before I stop reading. This book is broken up into parts instead but that's a minor thing. I really enjoyed this book. I want to read the next one and the one after that right now. I want to find out what happens next.

This book starts after the death of Noa's sister Isla. They were both going to boarding school and lived there. After Isla's death Noa becomes a commuter. She continues to go to the same school but lives at home with her parents and her little sister Sasha. I really don't know anything about boarding schools but I found it a little odd that a three year old would be allowed to go to one. Obviously the parents aren't doing well since losing a child tops the list of worst things to happen ever. I do think it is great that Noa's dad seems to know his daughter better than the mom does since he knew Noa was the one that wrote the poems.

Callum enters the picture and things get a little wild. This is a fun read with fae, romance, betrayal, and a shocker with that huge plot twist that totally took me by surprise. I really didn't see that coming. I really love Lauren's writing style and it was cool seeing the poems that Noa wrote sprinkled throughout the book. This is another book in a long line of books that makes me wish for a Tardis so I can travel to the future and get another fix sooner rather than later. I am really looking forward to reading more by this author. This is her debut book and I have to confess that I'm already hooked.

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796 reviews7 followers
August 18, 2015
In the beginning I was captivated by Noa’s ability to cope with the loss of her twin sister. She was so strong, taking on all parental roles. Noa’s father hid himself in work, her mother checked out in full on depression, and her baby sister Sasha, was a handful but still needed looking after. Noa did it all. She cooked, cleaned, cared for Sasha and her parents. The poor kid did so much. Writing poetry helped a lot, she was able to express exactly how she felt. Going to school was a relief and a nightmare. Thank goodness for her two best-friends, Miles and Olivia. Miles always had a thing for Noa but she didn’t feel the same way. They were close but just as best-friends.
On her way to see the school counselor Noa sees Callum, the new student. Callum is tall, sexy, and a complete mystery. Noa is drawn to him.
They quickly become a thing. Callum can’t stay away and Noa won’t let him.
Everything seems to happen so fast, the story unfolds, small bits of information are leaked. Callum is Fae, from another world. His very essence is Light, he needs this to survive. Light can be drawn from humans, taking their happiness bit by bit. It’s sad really but its needed to survive.
Callum explains this to Noa, which is also against the Fae Law. He could be sent to the In-Between (unknown) for sharing anything Fae with humans.
Callum tells his story of how and why he was banished to Earth.
In comes Callum’s little brother Judah, according to Callum, he is the reason he was banished. Judah is bad news.
A Hunter is sent to earth to find Callum. All hell breaks loose. People are missing, fires are started, and truths are revealed.
Everything Noa thought she knew was a lie. A white lie but a lie none the less. Somewhere along the line she started having feelings for Judah.

Blue Son, Red Son…oh my! I can’t wait for the next installment to this super awesome series! The Fae world is just an amazing wonder.
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499 reviews7 followers
February 9, 2017
Fantastic magical tale, very fun read, could not put down!

“Shattered Blue” is beautifully interwoven with multiple points of view and remarkable poetry mixed in. We meet Noa, the heroine, as she and her family struggle to deal with the loss of her older sister (several pages are incredibly sad, be forewarned if you have experienced a loss recently.) Interactions between Noa’s friends and family members feel authentic; there is a lot of love and support. Things begin to seem easier when Callum slowly enters Noa’s life and their developing romance is enjoyable to watch.

Horowitz writes from the point of view of three main characters in “Shattered Blue,” Noa and brothers Callum and Judah. Each section adds different perspectives as the plot develops.

“Shattered Blue” is incredibly well-written and has a carefully planned plot and cast of characters. There is plenty of action and magic, secrets and plot twists, surprises, hidden romances, and little high school drama thrown in for fun.

Read more amazing reviews here: http://dreamerjbookreviews.blogspot.com/

Thanks to NetGalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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103 reviews5 followers
June 24, 2017
I will start by saying the only reason I first even looked at this book was because of the cover but I'm pretty sure we've all done that.
It's a story driven by some amazing characters that will leave you unable to put it down.
My full review for the book is on my blog www.readingtilldawn.wordpress.com
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143 reviews9 followers
August 15, 2015
Synopsis: (no spoilers)

Noa’s sister died, and it shattered her world. Her family is falling apart, and all she has left is her littlest sister, who is her whole world. Callum transfers to Noa’s school and she immediately senses there is something different about him. They begin to get closer but Noa is confused at Callum’s refusal to touch her in any way. She soon learns why. Callum is a Fae who has been exiled from his world, and tossed into hers. But Noa’s world doesn’t produce the “light” or energy the Fae need to survive. The only way for Callum to get this “light” is by stealing it from human beings. But stealing a human’s light is the same as stealing their future happiness. And it’s possible to take too much. Callum knows if he touches Noa, he might not be able to stop before he takes too much. As Noa and Callum struggle to find a way to be together, people from Callum’s past are showing up. Enemies hunt him, and a loved one who can’t be trusted shows up at the same time. Secrets, enemies, and love collide in the first installment in the planned Light Trilogy.

My Thoughts: (no spoilers)

The good: I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It caught my interest from the beginning, but the second half REALLY grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. The premise is good, the mythology surrounding the Fae and their world is new, unlike any other of the Fae books I’ve encountered. The author’s writing is quite beautiful, she is skilled at weaving the character’s emotion into the text. She was able to make my heart hurt for Noa’s loss, and she uses poetry quite well throughout the story to underscore the character’s thoughts and feelings. There is a lot of promise for some excellent world building to come. The first book takes place in our world, and Noa is a plain old human, so we don’t get introduced to the mythos of the Fae until well into the first book, however the cliff-hanger ending indicates that we will get a more up-close-and-personal look into the magical aspects of the world in the next installment. I quite liked the “energy” concept, rather than the traditional “magic” version we often get, and I like how the Fae are divvied up into different types. There also seems to be a lot of potential for Fae political intrigue in the coming books, and I am always a fan of some political intrigue!

The plot grips you from the beginning and the story is well paced. The best part of this book, for me, was how the idea of secrets and secrecy kept coming up, but very subtly, and that the last couple of chapters were full of shocking plot twists. I usually am not surprised by the direction a book takes, or if I am, the direction is one I don’t care for. But this book has some genuinely surprising twists, many of which made me enjoy the story more than if the twist had not happened. Also the story really starts to heat up in the second half, when the third main character is finally introduced. That character is by far the most interesting one of the three. Before that character came on the scene I was feeling so-so about the story, but afterwards the characters got more interesting, the plot heated up, and the surprises started being unveiled. By the time I finished the book I was happily committed to series. I will absolutely be picking up the second installment, whenever it is released.

The bad(ish) – There was not a lot bad with this story, it was a pretty successful introduction to the new series. There were a couple of things I did not care for, though. Noa and Callum do have the “insta-love” that many YA books feature recently. There was very little relationship development before they felt “in love” with each other. I did not feel that this was explored enough, and I couldn’t really understand why they loved each other. They did share the loss of a sibling, which they bonded over, so perhaps that had something to do with it. The book is told from alternating viewpoints of the three main characters, and I wished there was more from the third character. That character was by far the most interesting, but doesn’t appear until well into the story. Hopefully we will see more from that character in books to come, though! Additionally, the first half or so of the story does not include a lot of action, and meanders insubstantially, a bit. However, let me just say that the second half is completely different. The characters become far more interesting, the plot picks up in intensity, and secrets and twists start to emerge, making the second half of the book a far more enjoyable experience. Also, when I finished the book, and the final secrets were revealed (AND WOW! SHOCKING!), I did understand why some things had to happen the way they did. I don’t usually like when there is a shocking reveal at the end (usually its some plot twist I do not care for) but in this case, the twists spiced this story and the characters up and made me eager to read the next installment.

Fans of twilight may enjoy this, as well as fans of fantasy/fae/magic stories with a complicated romance and a potential love triangle. If you’ve ever seen the Marvel movie Thor, you’ll also notice an unusual similarity here, in the relationship between a “good” brother and “bad” brother, as well as the concept of different dimensions connected by portals.

This book was given to me as an ARC in return for an honest review, from Netgalley.com

Please see my full review and other reviews on the blog @ http://dontyoushushme.com/2015/08/15/...

11 reviews1 follower
August 17, 2015
I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Warning: this book is addictive! Be prepared to not be able to stop reading as the plot sweeps you up and takes awesome twists and turns. The magical element is fae but unlike any I've ever come across before with a really fascinating mythology and magic structure that had me gripped. This is the first of a trilogy and I hope the next books take us even farther into the magical elements. The characters are realistic and complicated. They lie and learn and betray and love and the narration really evokes the emotions well. Can't wait to read more, especially after that epilogue.
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2 reviews1 follower
July 26, 2015
I absolutely loved this book. The plot twists and turns in unpredictable ways -- making it almost impossible to put down. The relationships between characters are real -- even heartwrenching -- and they come alive on the pages.

This is a new author, but doesn't read like one. She is one to watch.

I cannot wait until the second book is ready -- and the first one I read as a preview so it's not even officially out. You won't be disappointed by Shattered Blue.
Profile Image for Shannon.
46 reviews
August 15, 2015
For more YA reviews, please check out http://cabookle.tumblr.com

This review will contain slight spoilers. I will do my best not to reveal major plot points, but you have been warned.

I received this book in advance through NetGalley for reviewing purposes; the following is my HONEST opinion of the book as I was in no way obligated to give a positive review. Thank you NetGalley and Skyscape and Two Lions for letting me read this book in advance!

Shattered Blue is the first book in the new trilogy, The Light Trilogy, by Lauren “Bird” Horowitz. This book follows Noa as she makes her return back to school after her older sister’s death and ends up falling for the new transfer student, Callum, who has some secrets of his own, including that he is actually a Fae and not human. Trust me when I say you think you’re going to be able to predict the entire story, but you’re not. Maybe parts, but Bird includes so many different twists and turns (especially towards the end of the book) that I honestly can say I was surprised by the end. This is the kind of book I haven’t read in a while. Bird’s control over the language in the story is absolutely captivating; she tells an eerie tale of what exactly Fae need to survive in the human realm, and to what lengths they’ll go to get it.

To start, I think I’m going to talk about the main characters so everyone has an idea of who I am talking about for the rest of the review. First up, we have Noa, our main character. While the protagonist shifts as the story goes on, Noa always comes back as our center focus. The story itself opens as she’s returning back to boarding school. After her sister Isla died, the family kind of took a break. However, now that her father has to return to work and her mother is too lost to take care of Noa and her little sister Sasha, the two of them have to go back to their boarding school of Harlow as daytime commuters. It is during her return to school that we meet her first love interest (and yes, I did say first) Callum. He’s automatically the kind of boy that grabs every girl’s attention. It is almost as if they are drawn to each other right from the beginning. Even though he seems to want to avoid Noa, they continuously see each other throughout the day. In the end, he asks to take her to this tree he found on the grounds and after that their love story begins. Before I talk about that, there is another love interest I have to mention. Callum has a younger brother named Judah who ends up sneaking over to the human realm. Noa also has two best friends that are important to note – Miles and Olivia – as they come up in the story quite frequently.

Before I go on to talk about the characters or the love story in more detail, I want to talk about what actually makes up an important chunk of the book: the actual Fae lore. I think it’s one of the best aspects of Shattered Blue (along with Bird’s phenomenal writing skills!) When Noa learns the truth about what Callum is, he explains to her the different types of Fae and the recent history in order for her to understand why he was banished to the human realm. However, even though he explains it to her, it was still wonderful to read. The different types of Fae are explained by colors: Red fae, for instance, can control minds by reading/putting thoughts in, erasing memories, etc. Any fae type can be born into any family, which makes it harder for the colors to really group together. I especially loved how we got a snippet of the history: to see different Fae rise and fall and the pros/cons of each ruler was really interesting AND still was relevant to the story at hand. Since I believe we may get a look into the Fae world, Aurora, in one of the next two books, I’m sure this will be even more relevant then. Or, well, at least I hope we’ll be able to go to Aurora and see the characters from there that Callum and Judah told Noa about.

A really interesting part about the Fae lore is how exactly Fae can use their powers and survive – they need what is called Light. In their home base of Aurora, Light is easily reproduced and is just something they always have an abundance of. However, in the human world, that isn’t the case. Instead, they have to steal it from humans through touch; but by stealing their Light, they are stealing future happiness. This plays a big part into the story of Callum and Noa. And I guess Judah, too.

So Callum and Noa go on their date, they like each other a lot, and weird things happen. Noa ends up kissing Callum the next day and Callum accidentally steals some of her light. Unfortunately, fate literally had to drop a tree branch in between him to stop him from sucking her dry because his instincts took over. At first he tries to stay away from her in order to protect her, but eventually he ends up taking drastic measures so they can be together without him worrying that he’s going to kill her. Aww, happy ending, right? Wrong. Then Callum goes missing and Noa enlists Judah’s help in finding him. Judah, however, isn’t the same golden boy that Callum is. When Noa sees Callum, all we can think of is his seeming selflessness and his good deeds. Judah, however, is a prankster and just seems to be an all-around bad boy. Still, he is determined to help Noa however he can – even if that means he is risking his life to do it. I think the one thing that really stuck with me was that he refused to take any of Noa’s light. He may have taken other mortals and done other horrific things to them, but he draws a line knowing that she is Callum’s love and that’s that. I won’t go down this path anymore, but the idea is that Noa also falls for Judah without realizing it, which makes this love story all the more better. Honestly, the romance was great. Seeing Noa and Callum fall fast was beautiful, but seeing Noa and Judah fall slowly without realizing was also amazing.

Ultimately, everything about this book really entranced me. Bird’s writing itself was just captivating. She easily penned such a beautiful story and I honestly cannot think of any awkward parts that made me cringe. I especially love that she journeys between styles by having Noa be a poet. We are shown several of Noa’s poems, which are also, in their own right, pretty great. Then there is the plot itself which follows the Fae lore and what the consequences are for them to survive in the human realm combined with Noa’s twisted love story. This was just one of those books I had to read all at once. I stayed up all night to finish it because I just couldn’t down. And once I got the book down, I couldn’t fall back asleep because all I could think of was Noa, Callum, Judah, and what happens next. This is one of my new favorite series with Bird being my new favorite author. I highly recommend everyone pick up this series as soon as it’s released….and then come talk to me about it. All in all, I am in love with Shattered Blue, and I think you will be, too.
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7 reviews1 follower
July 31, 2015
I literally could not put this book down (I read almost the entire thing in two sittings). It's told by a third person narrator but divided into three parts, with each part building and layering new perspectives into the story. I really liked this structure because you began to question and see things in new ways the more you got to know the characters and their points of view.

The first part is really poetic and carries you along, and makes you feel like Noa (main character who is a poet) is a real person. She is torn between her family world and her school world.

Next comes Callum, the paranormal love interest, and I really enjoyed the complexity of the Fae mythology introduced here. The writer has clearly thought this out well, and I am hoping a future book takes us to Fae itself! Some reviews have said Noa and Callum get together too fast, but to me that seemed deliberate (highlighting that this is no normal relationship) and part of the paranormal Fae aspect. I am waiting to see how that plays out in the next books.

Part Three builds another layer, with the arrival of a new character (I wont spoil it by saying who-lots of good surprises in this book). This section is action packed and a real-page turner. There are a ton of surprises in this section and the whole book! I guessed some (thanks to some foreshadowing) but others caught me totally off guard (makes me want to go back and see if I missed something in the first pass).

My only complaint (more as an impatient reader than a reviewer) is that the ending is a total cliffhanger! I will definitely be looking for the next book to see what happens next. Really great read, 5 stars.
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39 reviews
August 17, 2015
I received a free eARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Wow! I was not expecting this book to be so great. Right off the bat, I noticed how great of a writer Lauren Bird Horowitz is. The words flowed smoothly and created a beautiful story. Great YA fantasy books are getting harder to come by and this was exactly what I needed. I initially wanted to read it because of the beautiful cover, but I'm glad there is more going for the book than just the cover.

The world of the Fae is enchanting and exciting. It made me want to have the powers that they have! New secrets from the Fae realm kept popping up throughout the story which kept me guessing and wanting to know more.

The characters were so realistic and well-developed that I felt attached to them and wanted them to succeed. I felt bad for Noa because she lost her sister, Isla. I'm very close with my own sister and I can't imagine not having her in my life. Callum is mysterious and complex and gives us a lot of information about the Fae realm. Judah's emotions are very raw, making him vulnerable at times.

The pacing of the book is just right. Nothing felt rushed and there were events and action all throughout the story. I was never bored because there is new information given in chunks throughout the story, rather than just one big confession or info-dump at one point in the story. I liked how there was action spread through the story instead of all at the end, like many other books.

The ending is just what I wanted and leaves room for so much more to happen. I will be reading the sequel and I highly recommend Shattered Blue!

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August 10, 2015
I'm biased because the author is a dear friend - but I really enjoyed this book. It's beautifully written and despite not reading fiction very much any more, I got lost in the plot and couldn't put it down until I had finished reading it. If you enjoyed getting lost in the world of Harry Potter, you'll love this book.
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August 16, 2015
This is a great start to a new trilogy and a new take on Fae. I really enjoyed reading this book and it definitely kept me guessing till the end. I can't wait to read the rest of this trilogy and more from this author.

This book is suitable for mature young adult to adult readers.
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April 29, 2018

Final thought upon ending: Wow.

Shattered Blue is a wonderful and mild fantasy story about Noa, a sixteen-year-old who lost her older sister, now living with a wounded family. The only light in her life is her younger sister, Sasha. Now, don't think too negative on my usage of "mild fantasy," as I say it in a way that means it balances between fantasy and "normal world" aka reality. DON'T QUESTION ME, IT MAKES SENSE IN MY HEAD. If done right, like in this story, you get the perfect amount of fantasy-action (shut your mouth), and the perfect amount of downtime to process and slow down from the rush... (more via website)
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August 20, 2015
Books really have to grab my attention because I am a busy mom of two little ones. This one certainly did from the very first page. The characters seemed so real and I felt their emotions with them through happiness, sadness, love, love again, loss, and fear. The love stories were really great and kept me guessing. I also really like the name Noa for a girl. She had a great spirit in the book and I want to read more in the next books. 5/5stars.

*I got this ARC in exchange for an honest review*
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August 2, 2016
4.75 stars. It was almost perfect. Really, really enjoyed this. The writing was beautiful. The main character felt so real and strong (but not in a cliche YA heroine way). The story was intense and interesting the entire time. If you like stories about Fae I would definitely recommend it.
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August 19, 2015
I read A LOT, and most of the time, I find YA books a little too simply written for my taste. Not this one. Shattered Blue reads artistically, and the writer, Lauren Bird Horowitz, is clearly from a poetic background. I was really surprised to see this is her first book because her writing is intensely lyrical and sometimes even mesmerizing. There are poems incorporated into the story (and yes incorporated, which is very important, not just put in there awkwardly like I've seen tried in some other books). They not only reveal the main character, Noa, who is a poet, but many times actually move the plot too. Also love that this teenager is a poet, why don't we see that more?

And the plot-- twists and turns galore. I'm not always a fan of big surprises, but in this case they really worked for me. Looking back, I can see the hints and the careful way they were planned. Again, so surprised this is a first-time writer given the sophistication of the story.

There are two romances and I always enjoy a good romance. Especially when you think it will go one way and it goes another. I am very curious to see how the romances turn out in the next books of the series (it's a trilogy).

The fantasy/magic part was actually also intriguing because the fae society seems like a metaphor to explore some dramatic/serious issues that actually made me think. I like the way more serious topics are woven into the lightness/fantasy of the tale.

Overall, 5 stars for being an unexpected, eloquent, and actually moving surprise. Great read.

This book was given to me as an ARC in return for an honest review, from Netgalley.com
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June 17, 2016
Maybe a 3.75*. Spoilers ahead!!!

This book reminded me of The Vampire Diaries and Twilight but I promise there are no vampires.
Breakdown of plot

New guy, Stefan, sorry Cullum comes to town. Oooh he is mysterious and has a big secret. Girl has mysterious connection.

Throw in some insta love. Dont forget the stalking.Some good ole Edward Cullen stalking taking place

New guy is obsessed with girl *coughs* Elena . Obviously she has something he wants.

Friends don't approve

Bad brother comes to town. He is to be feared

Trouble in paradise

Good ole triangle

Only difference is that it takes place with fairies instead of vampires
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August 30, 2015
Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange :)

I received this copy through NetGalley in exchange of an honest review. Let's go :D

Noa is a girl that recently lost her older sister, Isla, and it’s trying to have a normal life without her. Noa studies on an intern school with her best friends Miles and Olivia and her younger sister, three-year-old Sasha. One of the few things that keeps Noa moving forward is her poetry. She loves to write and the words slip through her fingers to paper, translating all her feelings.

One the first day of school, Noa meets Callum, the new mysterious student. At first, Noa feels Callum very distant and hostile towards her – until their first English class together, when Noa shows how much she understands of poetry, a shared passion between her and Callum.

After many twists, Noa discovers that Callum is Fae (a fairy) and was banished from his realm to the Earth for a crime that he swears he didn’t commit. A romance is born between them and Noa finally fells that her life was coming back to normal – until Callum’s problem-brother, Judah, arrives to Earth as well.

Noa sees her life shatter again when Callum is kidnaped by a dangerous Fae Hunter and she can only count with Judah to help her saving him. But is Judah the real villain here or just an underestimated boy?

Now let’s go to the analysis! Just keep in mind that those were my thoughts and opinion while reading the book :)

I loved Shattered Blue. Even with some of my most hated elements present on the story (high school love triangle, juvenile love indecision, just to name a few), I still loved it, haha! I had never read a fairy book before and it was a great experience. I admit I also enjoyed this a lot because the basic plot is the same as The Vampire Diaries’ one. I feel like I’ve entered Fae’s world with the right foot, haha! ;)

In narrative matters, Horowitz was brilliant. She was able to solve one of the most difficult problems, that is loose ends where they weren’t supposed to exist. All the holes in the story clearly will be explained in some point of the trilogy. Horowitz managed this miracle by switching narrative perspectives during the book. Noa starts it, and then we have some parts from Callum and Judah later. This made me very happy while reading, because I tend to get frustrated by holes that won’t be full filed at some point, you know? All narrator characters are very describing, so the transition is very smooth. A+ for Horowitz!

The plot was nice, full of action and twists, besides the romance and a good shot of mystery, but, like I said, it reminded me very strongly of The Vampire Diaries plot. I got a bit disappointed to be able to foresee every step on the love triangle of Noa, Callum and Judah since the beginning and that this part of the book wasn’t surprising at all. Since the moment that Judah appeared on the story, I already knew I would be Team Judah and that I would want to shoot Callum at some point, haha! Even with this back down, I still got surprised by the end of the book and I can’t wait for the next one <3 And that’s why I gave it 5 starts anyway. The book was able to surprise me despite many known facts and that is awesome :D

I liked Noa very much. In the beginning, I thought I was going to hate her, but we connected through the book and now I think she’s an amazing protagonist, even when she makes mistakes. There wasn’t one time in the book that made me think “omg, what an stupid girl”. I can’t say the same for the boys, though, haha! I didn’t like nor Callum or Miles in a general way. Both seemed so artificial to me – Callum for reasons what you’d understand only reading the book, as it would contain huge spoilers if told – and Miles just because. Olivia, Sasha and aunt Sarah are wonderful characters and I loved all three of them :) Noa’s parents are very real, it’s impressive. They reflect all the emotions of a couple that lost one daughter and try to get over it in the best way possible.

Noa’s poetry is really cool bonus on the book. Her poems are very well written and structured, besides truthful and soul-touching. I mean, she reached even broken Judah with her words, haha! Noa sees so much of the world, of people, but not always can transform this in words to speak her mind. Not until she writes it all down in a poem. I’m a bit partial to say so, but my favorite poem on the book was the last she wrote: Imposter. It was about Judah and so so sooo perfect! <3

The supernatural element of the book was also fantastic. Horowitz rebuilt my notions about fairies – now Faes – that were basically Tinker Bell and Winx Club, haha! I admit that I have no reference point, as this was my first Fae book, but I really liked this and can’t wait for the next book of the trilogy :D

If I had to pick a strongest trait on Shattered Blue, it would be the unexpected. Even with my correct predictions about the amorous triangle, I couldn’t never tell when another twist was coming to the main plot and how things would stay after it. I loved having this experience and biting my nails until the very last page, haha!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it if you like Y&A supernatural romances and poetry. Also, I have to bow to this cover. I wish I had a high definition file of this cover to use as a phone background, honestly. It’s so pretty!!! I don’t usually judge a book by its cover, but a nice cover do make me feel loved, haha! ;)

That’s it, guys! Thanks for reading! <3
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January 11, 2016
Ok first of I absolutely love the cover of this book! and the book overall was amazingly good. So Noa and her family have to come to terms with the death of her older sister Isla. Her mother isn’t coping at all and hides away in her room.

Noa school has a new student named Callum and lets just say Noa is very drawn to him. Callum is a fae and he needs the “light” from humans which is taken through a kiss or a touch and he has been banished from another world. It seems Noa and Callum have a lot in common and Noa has to make a huge choice.

I loved the writing style in this novel. I loved the use of Noas poetry to see her pain of losing her sister. Noe is a great Heroine! she’s such a brave character and great to read. I love Callum as a character. He’s not like other lead males.. there is something there that I can’t put my finger on but he’s very appealing!

I love fantasy books and a flew through this book! Noa's heartbreak of losing her sister to the excitement of the battle between the hunters and the brothers, this is a must read!!! and I can't wait until the next book comes out! I need it now!
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September 16, 2015
I received a copy through Netgalley.

This was a solidly great book, that has the potential to become a really great series. The writing is very different and the story between Noa, Callum and Judah and starts building in part 1, by part 2 your finally understand and your completely hooked, the pieces to this puzzle are falling into place, by the ending, your completely smashed and want nothing more than the next book. Lauren Bird Horowitz has written a beautiful, emotionally rich new kind of fairytale. I really loved this.
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May 4, 2016
Originally published on my blog: The Worn Bookmark
I had been seeing this book around and it sounded really good. When I started reading it it was a little bit slow but the build up of Noa’s character was perfect. She writes beautiful poetry, fills journals of it but keeps it a secret from everyone. She lost her older sister Isla in an accident a few months ago that she feels was her fault. Her little sister Sasha follows her every move and they even sleep in the same bed to be close to each other. Noa’s world completely changes when she meets Callum. The sparks between them are undeniable and literally, Noa sees a flash of light when they first touch.

One of my favorite things about this book is the originality of the fae lore. I haven’t read a lot about fae and faeries but the characteristics and realm of the fae in this book are something I’ve never seen. There are Blue, Red, Green and Clear fae. Blue fae can manipulate the elemental structure of living things. Red fae can read minds. Green fae can manipulate people’s thoughts and emotions. Clear fae don’t have any powers unless they can channel a blue, red or green fae. Things are getting really interesting and then Judah enters. Judah is Callum’s younger brother. Everything is up in the air now that he is here. There are so many twists involving all of the main characters. This book is thrilling and fascinating. I love Noa, Callum and Judah. I really can’t wait to see what happens next in book 2 because there was quite a cliffhanger at the end.
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February 9, 2017
I was provided an e-copy of this novel from Netgalley and Amazon Publishing for an honest review

P.S I apologize if my review is all over the place, this is my first official one for an ARC read that someone might actually look at.

Holy Amaze Balls that was a really good read. I had a little bit of an issue with how fast the love relationship between Callum and Noa developed but I can overlook it. I really liked Ms Horowitz' writing style in this novel, quite unique to what I'm used to reading. I believe this is a debut novel and might I say, she really blew me away with this one. I am definitely for sure going to continue on with this series and maybe get a physical copy of this one when it releases. There is definitely a set up for a love triangle, which is kind of overused in YA literature these days but I personally do not mind it.The epilogue was okay too, though it could have also served as a prologue as well. Just a thought.

I'm curious about if Miles and Olivia caught up to Judah and Noa at the tree or witnessed anything, it was hinted that they were gonna follow them and then..nothing..maybe it will be mentioned in the following novel?

Overall the story arc flowed just well. I wasnt bored with any of the characters and I wasnt expecting anything that happened. That ending was just... wow

I give it 4.8 out of 5 stars.
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August 3, 2015
My rating would be 4.75 out of 5 stars, I absolutely loved this book. The characters have different personalities that you would definitely love, especially Sasha (she's my fave) The story might be a bit of a slow ride at first, but once Callum's on the story you'd be drawn from it. There are many unpredictable twists which would make you want for more. I couldn't wait to read the sequel of this book.

Read my full review on my blog, link's below.
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September 6, 2015
This book was so amazing! OMG! Review to come on my blog soon!
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