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Two women on either side of the Silver and Red divide tell the stories no one else knows.

Discover the truth of Norta’s bloody past in these two revealing prequels to #1 NEW YORK TIMES bestseller RED QUEEN.

Queen Song

Queen Coriane, first wife of King Tiberias, keeps a secret diary—how else can she ensure that no one at the palace will use her thoughts against her? Coriane recounts her heady courtship with the crown prince, the birth of a new prince, Cal, and the potentially deadly challenges that lie ahead for her in royal life.

Steel Scars

Captain Farley was raised to be strong, but being tasked with planting the seeds of rebellion in Norta is a tougher job than expected. As she travels the land recruiting black market traders, smugglers, and extremists for her first attempt at an attack on the capital, she stumbles upon a connection that may prove to be the key to the entire operation—Mare Barrow.

Plus a Glass Sword sneak peek!

An exclusive excerpt of the hotly anticipated second book in the Red Queen series, Glass Sword, transports readers to the world of Silver tyranny, a Red dawn rising, and one girl’s resolve to break down the system that will hold her back no longer.

208 pages, Paperback

First published January 5, 2016

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About the author

Victoria Aveyard

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I'm an author/screenwriter who likes books and lists. This site is the nexus of my universe.

I wrote the #1 NYT bestselling series RED QUEEN and my next series, REALM BREAKER, will be out in May 2021.

The genres I'm into include YA, Fantasy, Historical, Adventure, Apocalyptic - if people are dying, I'm buying.

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468 reviews165k followers
February 3, 2016
(I really only read 142/200 pages, because the last chunk is a Glass Sword sampler.)

Queen Song 3/5
Steel Cars 3/5

these we're both just okay. I loved learning about Queen Coriane! The Farley story didn't really do much for me, though it did give me more details on her character. I might end up doing a video review for this so keep your eyes peeled.

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1,589 reviews154k followers
May 17, 2021

There is nothing so terrible as a story untold.**
**There is nothing so terrible as this story being told.

So, we get the absolutely essential novellas chronicling the lives of incredible women who play pivotal roles in the Red Queen series.

Thus with heartfelt cheer and warmest wishes, Victoria Aveyard graces her audience with yet another completely useless and half-assed book.
“There is no greater pain or punishment then memory.”
I honestly laughed when I first read that quote but now...after making my way through these novellas. I get it. Truer words, never spoken.

Queen Song

Right off the bat, shouldn't the title be Queen's Song?

Anyway, it took me roughly half the book to figure out who this Coriane was - turns out she's Prince Cal's mom - who spends the entire book complaining about Elara (Prince Maven's mom).

Once I figured out who was who...I knew that this was not going to end well. Why? Cause we were already told the entire plot of this one in the original novels.

Let me repeat that.

We already know what happened.

So...this begs the question - why write a novella? Because some stories are just meant to be told too good to pass up on a money grab.

After all, these are the two women responsible Mare's greatest life dilemma - does she go with good-guy-hottie (Coriane's brat) or bad-guy-hottie (Elara's spawn). Oh the decisions!

Anyway - Coriane wins the King's heart, marries him, is driven insane by Elara and then kills herself. What. A. Shocker.

As an aside, I can't be the only one seeing the flaw with the way the royalty choose their spouses.

They set up a huge tournament and whichever minor nobility manages to kill their competition gets to marry the king. So, the goal is to find the strongest, cruelest and bloodthirstiest woman...then hand her the crown.


And then everyone gets so shocked when someone murders the king. Wake up people.

Steel Scars

Right off the [redacted], Farley doesn't get [redacted] or [redacted] by steel. So, I don't know where this title thought it was [redacted].

In fact, so much of this novella was [redacted] that I literally wanted to [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] up its [redacted].

Anyway, this one follows Captain Farley - the only captain who managed to touch up her bright red hair on the battle field to keep away those pesky roots. Truly an inspiration.

For such an exciting-sounding plot ("recruiting black market traders, smugglers, and extremists"), Victoria Aveyard sure knows how to tone it down.

The most intriguing mystery was the accent.

Farley has this over-the-top-posh British accent throughout the audiobooks and yet literally everyone else has a very standard American accents. Could she be a spy?

Even if she's from a different area of the country (somewhere where they mysteriously have British accents) - you'd think there would be at least one person with a similar accent. Is she a redcoat traitor?

Anyway, after finishing this novel, I'm disappointed to note that there are no new developments on Accent Watch: Farley Edition but I'm fully confident that Aveyard is planning a grand reveal in War Storm that will settle all our anxieties.

Audiobook Comments
I just looked it up and this one was read by Andi Arndt, Jayne Entwistle, and Amanda Dolan. I literally couldn't tell that there was more than one reader. Someone wasted a lot of money on that audio.

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January 31, 2016
Cruel Crown consists of two novellas, Queen Song and Steel Scars. While I loved Queen Song, Steel Cars disappointed me in an epic level. I'm still glad I was able to experience them, though-- Queen Song, especially, because it was simply amazing. :)

My reviews for both novellas:


"There is nothing so terrible as a story untold."

Queen Song is one of the novellas of Red Queen series. Here, we are told about the backstory of Queen Coriane, the mother of Prince Cal from Red Queen. Coriane belongs to the Silver blood, under the House Jacos-- a not-so-well-endowed clan compared to other Silver bloods. She writes her life events in a dairy and conveys her emotions there. Her ordinary life changed when Prince Tibe, heir to the court of Norta, fell in love with her and asked her hand for marriage, which of course, became the reason why the traditional Queenstrial was never realized. This led to conflicts and certain intrigues that tested Coriane's strength and belief while carrying her crown as a Queen.

It's Victoria Aveyard's flawless and breathtaking writing style that made me embrace this novella. Once again I was amazed by how she was able to bring this story in an epic level. There were no action scenes here but all the events were simply engaging. I loved how the simple plotline surprisingly became extraordinarily beautiful in the end.

The romance between Coriane and Tibe was sweet and raw, heartbreaking at times. There was also a good pacing here and the Silver blood's powers were drawn neatly.

Perhaps Coriane's character development was the one that's lacking here. She came out fragile and weak in the beginning but she was starting to get tough in the near-end. Unfortunately, she went back to being weak again in the end, surrendering to her fate and accepting her vulnerability that she couldn't do anything to save herself and the people she cared about.

All in all, this novella is totally compelling despite some minor flaws. It's nice to know Coriane's story after she was mysteriously mentioned in Red Queen. It was written in a poignant yet beautiful prose, something that holds you together to read it. When it comes to the ending, it was a bit hazy and mind-boggling, thus leaving us with a big question: WHO DID IT?




I thought by reading Steel Scars I would be in for a badass story. Nope.

It was the most boring novella I've read for a YA fantasy book. Farley's character is dull and boring. The only one that made this novella quite interesting is Shade Barrow, but everything is disappointing.

I don't know if I'm the only one who has this problem, but the narrative reports by the Scarlet Guard are too difficult to comprehend. I don't even know what those are all about. They are too technical!

I expected some revelations and actions scenes. There are NONE. :(






Pearl's Book Journey (1)



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1,176 reviews4,162 followers
May 5, 2016
A compilation of two short novellas, 'Cruel Crown' provides a glimpse into the past, as well as a bit more insight into the story's present. The first novella tells the story of the young Coriane and Tiberias. The second novella focuses on the life of Farley as she works to lead an uprising, eventually finding a leader in Mare.

I absolutely loved hearing Coraline's story. This novella made me see King Tiberias as vulnerable and human. They did truly love one another and her life was ended too early.

I appreciated the additional information and the history that was provided in the first part. I absolutely relished the love story between Coraline's and Tiberias. Unfortunately, the first novella was over too quickly for my liking. Then it was nothing but gloom and doom.

After Tiberias and Coraline's story ends, we fast forward several years and change to Farley's POV. From that point forward, the story failed to hold much appeal for me. It was like listening to wartime radio transmissions, separated by large amounts of time and growing progressively more depressing. Here and there I heard something that was interesting. However, as a whole, the second half of 'Cruel Crown' fell flat for me.

I'm torn down the middle with this one. I would give it 4-stars for the first novella, but only 2-stars for the second one. Since I can't do that, I'm going with a 3-star rating.
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977 reviews118 followers
April 30, 2016

Why this book?
I wanted to get this read before Glass Sword

What I thought

This was just boring and I really didn't care. I didn't even finish the second story. I only finished the first one because she's Cal's mother.
May 8, 2016
Cinco estrellas para el relato de Coriane; tres estrellas para el relato de Farley.

Queen Song

Me fascinó leer esta pequeña historia desde la perspectiva de Coriane, la madre de Cal. Gracias a este relato podemos ver cómo una chica de una casa, en ese momento menor, logró llegar a ser la Reina. Coriane nos muestra una faceta diferente del rey Tiberias y de su corte, así como el origen de las intrigas y recelos que están ya consolidados en Red Queen.

Me pareció fascinante ver cómo las garras de Elara, quien será la segunda esposa de Tiberias y madre de Maven, están presentes desde los inicios de la historia. Su maldad se vierte en cada una de las páginas de este relato e intoxica poco a poco la mente de Coriane... hasta que el final sucede. ¡Y qué final! Les juro que si yo no supiera realmente qué ha pasado gracias a Red Queen y a Glass Sword, me creería la versión retorcida de Elara.

Steel Scars

Yo sé que la misión de infiltración de la Guardia Escarlata a Norta y otros territorios es importante, pero ¿no podían contarla de una manera un poco más atractiva? Jajaja. Me costó muchísimo leer este relato, no sólo porque me parecía lentísimo, sino por todos los mensajes codificados con nombres clave y jerga ultra militar que no entendía.

Ahora, ¿qué compruebo con este relato? Que Victoria Aveyard es CRUEL. Es decir... Deja de recordarnos lo de Shade, mala mujer.
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6,122 reviews215 followers
February 24, 2019
first time audio. third time reading.

Cruel Crown is one of those novellas that makes me jealous. Why? Well, I got to meet Cal's mom and now I wish I got more. After her short ass story, well.. I wanted more. She is definitely one of those characters that I wanted to know more about. Ugh, especially since she died from the evil selfish queen bitch.

Then there's Farley.. and eh. She's an okay character. I'm glad I got to see a different side of her and her dad. I'm also glad to see her relationship with Shade on a deeper level. Watching that romance blossom was sweet. The sexual tension was intense and I could see how they liked each other.

Overall, the book was way too short. I wanted more of Cal's mom and her journals. Less of Farley really.
Second time read and first time review.

I really need to stop slacking on reviews for books that I've already read! Okay, so, Cruel Crown has two novellas within it: Queen's Song and Steel Scars. In these books you will get to know Cal's mother and more about Farley and Shade's relationship. They were both super quick and cute reads.

Queen's Song:
Now this book made me love Coriane so much! She was such a sweet and innocent girl who fell in love with a guy. Prince Tiberias and her had such a cute friendship before they got married. I loved how he gave her a fire within herself. Cori knew that Elara was up to something, and oh yes - you meet that little twat in this book too. Elara is vicious and such a savage. Usually I like this in a character but I did not like how she used her powers against Coriane until the day she died. I felt so bad for her because this type of bullying was the extreme.

The things that Cori went through were so sad. The amount of babies she lost or the deaths she noted in her little secret diary were too much. She was falling into a deep and dark depression with the help of someone evil inside her head. I was hoping that she would fight more but I already knew she was going to die from Red Queen.

After reading this book, well.. I really did wish I actually got to meet her in the first book, Red Queen. To see her being a Queen and a mother to Cal would've been amazing. I'm sad that I didn't get to meet her then but I am happy I got to meet her in this book. Even if it was way too short.

Steel Scars:
Captain Farley wasn't, and still isn't, one of my favorite characters in the Red Queen series. I've wanted to like her so many times.. but it just hasn't happened. I did, however, really enjoy her cute ass friendship/relationship with Shade. I'm really glad I got to know more about him before his untimely death.

Seeing her POV when she met Mare, Shade's sister, was interesting but I mostly cared about Shade protecting his sister. He knew that something was up with the army and you could see the wheels turning in his brain trying to come with a plan to save himself and Mare. I also really liked how Farley didn't hesitate to help him either. They both knew that what happened to Mare during the Queenstrial was going to be bigger and more important than anyone expected.

Overall, I'm really glad that I got to know more about Shade and Coriane. I miss them already and now I can't wait to dive into War Storm.
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Author 15 books299 followers
January 26, 2016
Cruel Crown is a one stop in the Starbucks with the grande of your choice and a corner table sort of excurison, splitting the difference between two short stories and a tidbit of the yet to be released Glass Sword. I really enjoyed Queen Song, featuring a different style of prose than the traditional broad-brush and salty spunk of Mare Barrow’s plight as the little lightning girl, and seeing into the humanity of Silver politics and personalities was a wise move on Victoria's behalf. Even though anyone can betray anyone, Queen Song gives more food for thought in the way of good and evil, right and wrong, rather than Red vs Silver. So, in the books to come, hopefully one would not think all Silvers are inherently bad and all Reds are good. Such is not the case. People are people, no matter what their blood. Steel Scars gives us the other side of the coin, the grit of Norta falling south of heaven, and another version of resistance leader Farley’s destined connection with Little Miss Red in the head, Silver in the heart herself.


So then this is me reading the Glass Sword sneak preview, going, “And the rest is...where?” *Looks at calender* “Umm...”

So that’s the “Cruel” portion of the book, I guess…

Beautiful stuff again from Victoria, as always. :D
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Author 4 books23.5k followers
January 17, 2021
Leído hasta: página 225 (más del 50%)

Ok, ¿por dónde empiezo?
Es una puntuación pésima, la peor que le di a la autora hasta el momento y la peor del año (es muy temprano para estar leyendo libros de una sola estrella, por favor), pero tiene una justificación.

Para los que no saben, voy a empezar por decir que éste libro está dividido en dos cuentos cortos que preceden la historia y los personajes de la tetralogía principal de La Reina Roja, así que voy a arrancar contándoles un poco del primero:

Si soy honesta, la idea del cuento en sí, no era mala. Tenía potencial y mucho. Lo que pasó era que se notaba pero muchísimo que la autora estaba escribiéndolo para llegar al final, dónde supuestamente hay un "plot-twist" (es super obvio) que se conecta con cosas del tercer tomo de la saga principal, y descuidó el resto de la historia; a penas desarrolló los personajes, no dijo nADA DEL ROMANCE cosa que es terriblemente grave siendo que era la historia de como una chica se enamoraba de un rey. En lugar de mostrarte el desarrollo de los persoanjes y permitirte empatizar con ellos, con lo que los une, te dice que "se veían mucho y se fueron enamorando" ???? No sé, fue terrible, les juro.

Al contrario de lo que hizo con la saga principal de La Reina Roja, donde se expandió muchísimo más de lo necesario, en ésta historia a penas se desarrolló.

En la segunda historia de éste libro (de la cual solo banqué unas pocas páginas), cuenta la historia de uno de los personajes secundarios de la saga, y honestamente, no parecía haber nada que contar. Eran cosas e historias que pudo haber metido en la saga principal como anécdotas y que hubieran quedado geniales para encariñarte con el personaje, pero que definitivamente no merecían una historia completa a parte. Como si fuera poco, incluía algunas secciones en formato de cartas "codificadas" que la verdad me parecían una fiaca y completamente innecesarias y confusas.

Como podrán notar fue un libro del que esperaba bastante más, como mínimo tres estrellas, pero decepcionó totalmente.

Lo único que le doy a favor es que había un personaje que consiguió generarme algo de empatía. Una pena que muriera a los cinco minutos de aparecer y a penas se le hubiera dado el lugar para desarrollarse.

No es necesario leer este libro para entender la saga, así que definitivamente recomiendo que se lo salteen.
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256 reviews156 followers
June 11, 2018
Español - English

Mi opinión personal es que es tremendamente aburrido y que aporta poco nuevo, y lo que aporta no es alentador.

En Canción real nos presentan a una Coriane de buen corazón, pero también débil, quien a sabiendas de cual es su enemiga y lo que esta pasando, se deja vencen sin hacer nada para impedirlo.

En Cicatrices de acero vemos a una Farley abriéndose camino en la Guardia Escarlata, pero toda la jerga militar le quita calidez a la historia y nos deja con algo que brinca de un tiempo a otro sin enterarnos practicamente de nada.

Este libro era totalmente innecesario para la serie.

- - -

My personal opinion is that it is extremely boring and it brings little new, and what it contributes is not encouraging.

In Real Song Coriane is presented to us as a person with a good heart, but also weak, who, knowing who is her enemy and what is happening, lets herself be defeated without doing anything to prevent it.

In Steel Scars we see a Farley making her way in the Scarlet Guard, but all the military jargon takes away the warmth of the story and leaves us with something that jumps from one time to another without practically knowing anything.

This book was totally unnecessary for the series.
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260 reviews373 followers
February 15, 2016
2.5 stars

I quite enjoyed 'Queen Song' and would have loved to read more of that storyline. 'Steel Scars' on the other hand, I could have cared less about. I'm not a fan of Captian Farley and found myself skimming through this one just to get it over with.
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158 reviews49 followers
February 22, 2016
"He was the prince. the future king. And she was no one at all, a limp excuse for a Silver daughter of a High House."
This novella was clever. I have been so curious with the story of the first queen, Cal's mother story. All we got to know her was that she was Julian's sister, a Singer, and the queen before the cold-hearted Elara took over. It was written on a third-person point of view given the fact that Queen Coriane has already past away - I wasn't expecting that. I thought that this novella was going to be composed of entry on a Diary where the Queen kept all of her secrets - I was obviously wrong and it was the best mistake ever.

Queen Song was simply amazing. Coriane and Tibe's love story was also included and even though it was not really detailed I couldn't have asked for more. It was like a Cinderella story, only Coriane was not a slave. Although they are poor, they still belong to a High House with a Silver Blood and instead of a wicked Step-mother, we got here instead a wicked/evil Queen wanna-be in Elara. Even though their story was tragic-compare to the happy ending in Cinderella story, it was sweet and believable, being a crowned prince and all. We also get to follow the Queen's happiness and hurt and anger and desperation and depression when she was finally able to get a son, Cal, after the 3rd miscarriage.

Her characterization was well portrayed, although a bit unlikeable. She likes to down herself a lot even before she met the crowned prince. She was always moping around feeling sorry for herself and for the dream she wouldn't be able to live. She was weak. She did tried to fight, however, she didn't know her enemy well which eventually end up to her death as we all know.

The ending was obviously rushed. I think it has something to do with the secrecy and mystery that the book is trying to keep up. Although we all have our suspicions, the question still remains on who really is behind the Queen's death? And if our suspicions was right.. How?
"We succeed where others can't. We survive. Now I must do the same alone. Now I have to protect others, taking their lives-and deaths-onto my shoulders."

Steel Cars, on the other hand was so boooring I find myself dozing of a lot of times. It actually took me 3 days to finish reading this, a real feat, considering it was just a novella with more or less a 100 pages.

This Novella was from Farley's, The Scarlet Guard Captain's POV. I was really surprised since her character here was so different from the Farley I imagined on The Red Queen. She was only 22 years old and hungry to prove her worth to her commander, I totally thought she was a older than that. She was vulnerable here totally different from the Farley in the first book that I met. Reading her POV was all sorts of boring. There weren't any real action that you would have expect from the leader of a rebellion! This short novella also left me confused as hell.

I find it funny how Farley and all of her people can infiltrate and walk around the Stilts easily like they are from Norta. I mean, I remember Mare noting Farley as a Foreigner, a Lakelander, at first sight, so how can they walk around the Norta lands without raising any suspicions at all? I thought they were in war with the Lakelanders for the lands- the point of conscription in the first place right? That was the first war before the Scarlet Guard rage their own war against the Silver? For equality?

Then there's all those decoded message from the Scarlet Guard. I won't even pretend to understand them because I didn't and I still don't. I didn't even bother remembering all their code names when they are using their real names all the time.

Obviously, I have way too many issue with this novella to enjoy it. The only reason why it's gotten a 2 star rating from me was because of Shade Barrow. Yes, Mare Barrow charismatic brother and because of Farley and Shade's hinted romance in there that I've never really notice after reading 11 chapters from the Glass Sword (Yes, I've read 11 chapters from the Glass Sword before I decided to read this novella firs. Don't judge me. lol). Remind me again why this novella wasn't about Shade or Maven instead? Oh yeah well, maybe for Girl Power? :|

Queen Song - 4 Stars
Steel Cars - 2 Stars

Want more reviews? :)

Check out my friend Pearly's wonderful and detailed review here It's amazing how we have almost the same reaction with this novella! :)
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230 reviews3,935 followers
July 16, 2019
***I reviewed both books individually.***

Book One: Oueen Song - ★★★★★'s

Heart Breaking

“She was happy, yes, in her own way, as best as she knew.
But there’s a difference between a single candle in darkness and a sunrise.”

Oh my goodness, this was so darn sad! From beginning to end I felt my heart getting heavier and heavier with heartache for Coriane. That poor girl, she was so sweet and had such a gentle soul. She didn't deserve all the shit she had to suffer through. Elara as we already knew was an evil corrupted bitch but this really shows just how black her heart and her soul really was, all to win a Crown!!! It was also nice getting to see that Prince Tibe chose Coriane because he truly unwaveringly loved her, Queenstrial be damned! It also gives us a better understanding as to why he favored Cal so much. Because Cal was all he had felt of the Women he loved. Coriane had so much love for baby Cal. Cal was her light on her darkest of days. Ugh just writing this is making me sad all over again 😭. I love the way this was written, it really drew me in and I couldn't read it fast enough. Hell, I wish it was a LOT longer.

Book Two: Steel Scars - ★★'s

Red as the dawn

“Will you oath yourself to the Scarlet Guard?”
“On one condition.”
“The Guard does not bargain.”
“This isn't a request to the Guard, but to you.”
“And that is?”
"What's your name?”
“My name is Diana...
Are you with us, Shade Barrow?"
“I'm with you, Diana.”
“Then we will rise.”
“Red as the dawn.”

Novellas have never been my thing but I was really hoping this would be as good as Queen Song (o.1) but it wasn't. Anyways, that being said this is from Farleys POV. I was never truly invested in her character/story nor was she ever a favorite character of mine but... it was kinda cool being able to see some earlier operations that lead up to Red Queen. I loved getting to seeing how Farley and Shade met. I've always loved Shade and I wish Victoria Aveyard would have pushed that further. For the most part, I found it to be repetitive and boring. Wish this was Shades POV instead.
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747 reviews276 followers
August 17, 2018
I liked both stories but neither of them I think actually contained any information that you just really need to know and that would improve your reading experience of this series. Nevertheless, both were very quick reads and I still enjoyed learning a bit more about both Coriane and Farley.

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109 reviews34 followers
January 6, 2016
"Two women on either side of the Silver-Red divide tell the stories no one else knows."


I really want this book now! Especially I want to know what happens with Queen Coriane, and a exclusive excerp of Glass Sword OMG.
Average Rating: 4.5 Stars

Queen Song:
"The Calores are children of fire, as strong and destructive as their flame, but Cal will not be like the others before. Fire can destroy, fire can kill, but it can also create. Forest burned in the summer will be green by spring, better and stronger than before. Cal’s flame will build and bring roots from the ashes of war. The guns will quiet, the smoke will clear, and the soldiers, Red and Silver both, will come home. One hundred years of war, and my son will bring peace. He will not die fighting. He will not. HE WILL NOT."

4.5 Stars

I think I love Coriane.

Queen Song is a novella about The deceased Queen Coriane, the mother of Cal. This confirm that Elara is a bitch in all the extension of the word!! And this pulled me out of some doubts, I really hope that in Glass Sword tell us more about House Jacos and the powers of the silvers. Also I love the words Coriane write in her diary about Cal and the love she had for him and her desire for that he will change the things when he reign.

Steel Scars:

4 Stars

A book with Farley's pov? Yes, please.

I really like Steel Scars, but mostly the second half of the story because I was more connected with the characters you know Shade, Mare, etc.

And it was great can meet the Lakelands, and know more about Farley's past and More of Shade (Now I love him) Seriously Victoria, can you stop creating more flawless man?
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476 reviews378 followers
April 25, 2021
Honestamente el libro no aporta mucho, puedes leer "La Reina Roja" y no habrá ningún problema.
Muchas veces se me hizo aburrido. Pero tiene ciertos detalles que lo hace interesante.

Y si, tengo un problema con la pluma de la autora ya que muchas veces tiene mala escritura, lo que nos lleva a tiene una pésima narrativa.

Tiene una buena historia lastima que aun no ha podido plasmarla a través de su escritura.


Creo que esta novela es bastante innecesaria. No me importa particularmente Corianne Jacos. Lo siento. Admito que me importa bastante su diario, pero vaya, estoy decepcionado porque está lleno de monólogos y narraciones angustiosas. Anticipé que obtendría secretos o cualquier cosa, pero no.

Farley es un gran personaje, pero me temo que es aburrida y unidimensional en esta novela. Estoy decepcionado. Ella realmente se sentía plana y aburrida por mí. Gracias a los dioses, Shade está aquí porque de alguna manera, disminuyó mi molestia. Si no fuera por él, probablemente le daría a esta novela una calificación de 1 estrella.

Y aunque realmente no quería leer esto de todos modos en primer lugar y luego pensé, "Eh, ¿por qué no?" no pude soportarlo más. y mi corazón se rompe porque quería muchísimo que me gustaran estas historias, pero para mí personalmente, realmente sienten que son tan innecesarias.
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958 reviews739 followers
February 5, 2016

Basically, Queen Song is about a depressed, sad girl with a diary. She thought herself as nothing. It's like Juliette Ferrars all over again. And that's it. The end. Just kidding. Lol.

I think this novella is quite unnecessary. I don't particularly care about Corianne Jacos. I'm sorry. I admit I quite care about her diary but boy, I'm disappointed because it is just of full of angsty monologues and narratives. I anticipated that I will get secrets or anything but no. *sighs*

I like the ending anyway so 2 stars.

Farley is a great character but I'm afraid she's boring and one-dimensional in this novella. I am disappointed. She really felt flat and dull for me. Thank the gods, Shade is here because somehow, he lessen my annoyance. If not for him, I will probably gave this novella a 1-star rating.

And don't get me started with the reports thing-y about their missions because fucking hell, it's not engaging at all rather it brings a whole new level of annoyance to me. Oh please, spare me.

Double MEH!
Rise, Red as the fucking dawn!
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March 25, 2017
¿Por que le sigues dando dinero a la vicky si odiaste tanto la saga? Vale, esa pregunta es el eje central de mi reseña. ¿Por qué? ¿Por qué he leído esto?

La respuesta se divide en varios apartados, pero los más importantes son tres:

1- Soy masoca. No es un misterio, no lo escondo, sufro sus consecuencias.
2- Ligándolo a la respuesta número uno, nunca dejo una saga de la que ya estoy tan metido. Me he leído dos libros de 500+ páginas. Si encima no me termino esta saga, es como se hubiera perdido tiempo de mi vida para nada. Al menos, pues ya la termino oiga (Dios, que quedan aún dos más. KILL ME)
3-Los personajes de Corona cruel son los que más me gustan de la saga de la reina roja.

¡Pero carlos, si son dos personajes que apenas desarrolla! Exacto. Eureka, ding ding, felicidades. Por eso me gustan. Corianne y Farley son personajes interesantes por que la Vicky no les ha puesto las manazas encima. Hasta ahora.

Primer relato: La dramas visita una comida, la dramas hace su papel de dramas y luego pos se mata porque no puede ya con tanto drama

No es un spoiler. Que ya lo sabemos de antemano en la saga.

Bueno pues tenemos a la Cori. La Cori era un personaje que me gustaba. Apenas se hablaba de ella pero se la describía como un reina que quizá no encajaba con el ambiente en el que decidió incluirse. Una reina benevolente que no eligió las acciones mas correctas, y que por ello la llevaron a una situación demasiado fuerte para ella.

Pos no, eso no pasa. Desde el primer momento la dramas ya se cabrea porque es pobre y su papi no le hace caso. Su prima es mala, vieja y mala. ¿He dicho que es mala? Luego es buena, pero que no se os olvide que es mala. Su hermano es bueno, pero la dramas sabe que no es de fiar del todo, lo quiere pero no lo quiere a la vez. Su mejor amiga es buena, pero se acerca mucho a su hermano. SERA PUTA. Luego va a una comida y se encuentra con la super mala malísima. Será mala. No puedo más, me voy que no quiero comé mas. Etc etc etc.

Por diossssssss, personaje que toca esta señora personaje que es un drama constante. Señora vicky, QUE NO TODOS SON ASI EN LA VIDA. Hay personajes que tienen dramas internos, luchas sentimentales y situaciones forzadas, pero hija mía, es que todos sus personajes, adultos o jóvenes, son para darle una bofetada. La historia se ve acelerada, sin ritmo. Quiere contar mucho y al final no cuenta nada. Se centra en una comida y una escena en la granja y luego pasa la vida de la Cori en 20 páginas como se esto fuera una noria descarrilada. Madre mía la velocidad si me he mareao y tó. Al final ni conecto con el personaje, ni con lo que siente ni nada.

No hablemos de la super introducción de la homosexualidad en el relato. Yo soy el primero que busca la presencia de minorías en nuestra sociedad. Pero esto se ve todo muy buscado para las ventas. Osea me presentas 2 libros de 500+ páginas donde no se hace NINGUNA MENCIÓN a la homosexualidad. No sabemos si existe, si se respeta, si son liberales. Y de repentes me pones una super diva de la muerte con melena despampanante que encima es el AMANTE del REY. Eso ya no es que esté formalizado el tema homosexualidad en tu mundo, es que es algo que está a la orden del día. Y encima me lo colocas en un relato de 80 páginas. Y se queda tan pancha la tía. En la reina roja, si tan incluido está el tema, ¿no debería haber alguna mención a que el abuelo de Cal era gay? Vamos, digo yo maricarmen.

2 relato: La dramas 2, ahora en el ejercito.

Por favor, Vicky, porfavor. A Farley no, a FARLEY NO.

Farley es un personaje muy presente en la saga de La reina roja que apenas se desarrolla. Solo sabemos que es la típica tipa dura que hace de todo con dos dedos de frente. Pero já, ¿Os pensabais que la vicky iba a seguir con ese papel? NO
Desde el primer momento ya vemos a la dramas quejándose de la opresión del coronel, de que si la manda demasiado, de que si nota como que no le deja hacer cosas sola. CARI, QUE ES EL CORONEL. Por dios pero que es esto. Encima, son 120 páginas de NADA. ¿Que acabo de leer? ¿Esto que importancia tiene? Ha sido un relato de una misión de la guardia escarlata... ¿Y?

Osea, la importancia de las precuelas es que nos ayude a entender mejor algo de la saga original, ¿no? Que saco yo de este relato, ¿Aparte de nada?

Ah, solo decir que en este la Vicky se pone creativa a la altura del presentador de Art attack. Por que se pone a escribir unos mensajes militares que pa qué. Por favor editores, parad las manos de la Vicky que se nos vuelve crazy.

En resumen, drama por aquí, drama con los rojos, drama con los compañeros, drama con el coronel, etc.

Que pereza de vida, hijos.
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April 14, 2019

Sooooo, Queen Song was amazing. I'm so sad about Coraine.

But Steel Scars was not my cup of tea. I would appreciate more the continuation of the story of Tibe and Elara. That's a story. If Steel Scars is significant to the whole plot of the main books, then I will make myself read it.

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June 3, 2018
Okay, so this was the surprise of my year so far. I have read both Red Queen and Glass Sword and to say that I didn't love them is an understatement. I thought they were okay but not amazing. Imagine my surprise when I picked up Cruel Crown this evening and ended up giving it five stars! These two short stories were amazing! They made me want to pick up Kings Cage right away, which is impressive because I have been holding off on reading that one since I bought it. These two stories were so character specific and beautiful! I loved them both so much! Aveyard changed my opinion about her in less than 200 pages and I'm not even sorry!

Longer review coming soon!
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June 1, 2016
Queen Song
Nice to learn more about Queen Corian's story, would have liked it to be longer to get more of a feeling for her relationship with Tibe. Overall I really enjoyed this story.

Steel Scars
In contrast to the first story, I didn't think this was ever going to end! I was confusing and I especially didn't enjoy coded emails, I had no idea what Farley was doing half of the time and it just felt so long winded. Not a fan.
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June 13, 2017
3 Stars

I found I really enjoyed Coriane's story, even though I knew the ending, it made me hate Elara even more (is that even possible?).
Though I found Steel Scars to be a little slow, perhaps a bit too long. Overall it offered some interesting insights into significant events that occur before Red Queen.
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March 30, 2016
Cruel Crown consists of two novellas, Queen Song and Steel Scars, that are prequels to Red Queen. I wanted to read these prequels before starting Glass Sword in case there was any information in them that would make me feel lost in the second book of the series.

Queen Song ☆☆☆
I read this first prequel nearly a month ago before putting the book aside to read other things. I was a little all over the the place this month and started a lot of books all near the same time that I'm just now wrapping up. I don't remember a lot of specific details of this book except that it is the story of how Coriane, Cal's mother, became queen without having to win Queenstrial. Her family had lost the majority of their fortune and with Queenstrial looming in the near future, she didn't believe she had any chance of winning the crown since she had nothing to offer. True love wins in the end, though - sort of.

Although I know there have been many kings in real history who have taken lovers openly, it really seemed odd how casual everyone was with King Tiberias V's lover. His marriage to Anabel was for nothing more than producing an heir. I felt sorry for her. Would it have been as acceptable for her to take a lover openly as well? Overall, I didn't enjoy this prequel as much as many others. It was nice learning about how Coriane and Tiberias VI met and fell in love, but it didn't shed a whole lot of extra light on what had already been revealed in Red Queen.

Steel Scars ☆☆☆☆☆
I'm in the minority with this prequel as well, because from most of the reviews I've read, people didn't like this one. I loved it! We knew close to nothing about Farley from Red Queen, and this prequel gave us a glimpse of who she was before the Scarlet Guard's attack on Norta. We got to know her as a person and as a revolutionist.

I don't want to give too much away - So, I'll try to keep the synopsis brief and a bit vague. Diana Farley grew up and lived most of her life in the Lakelands. She joined the Scarlet Guard because she hated what the Silvers were doing to her people and eventually climbed the ranks to become a captain. Farley crossed the border to Norta for the first time only a few weeks before the bombings. With the setup of the Scarlet Guard, she didn't know what the main mission was because individuals are only given enough information for them to complete their assignments. I really hope I see more of Farley in Glass Sword. I really like her character, and I hope she succeeds.
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February 27, 2019
2.5 but rounding up for Queen Song

Queen Song
This was definitely the better of the two novellas but I felt it needed to be a little bit longer because we were never able to really dive into Coriane and the horrible fate that took her away. There was a lot of time setting up her life before court which wasn't that interesting and probably could have been told in less time to be able to add more to her time at court and with the future king. I did enjoy her POV and I felt really bad for her. The relationship between her and the king was sweet and I believed their connection was real. It's crazy to see just how far Elara went to procure the crown. And also, you think that the Silvers would have some way to protect themselves from Whispers. I mean, they're supposed to be the "superior" race and they couldn't think of a way to block a Whisperer from taking over their mind?

Steel Scars
Sadly, this one was just boring. What was supposed to be a glimpse into Farleys meeting with Shade and the beginning of their relationship was more like Farley trying to impress her dad for over 100 pages. The only parts I liked were Shade's introduction and when he revealed his power to Farley. Everything else was a mess and just boring. And this was $2.99 on Amazon? A giant waste of money.
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July 7, 2016
I won a copy of Cruel Crown via a Twitter giveaway! Disclaimer: I have NOT read the extract of Glass Sword as I would rather read/review it once I get a copy of the novel in full!

I'm feeling extremely conflicted about how to review this novella bide-up. Queen Song was a quick read with a good plot. It was nice to return to the Red Queen world and enjoyed following Coriane receive a diary in which she writes about her honest thoughts towards her family and relationship to the heir Prince Tiberias. I always like it when a story is either written in diary form or one of the main characters receives a diary to write in.

Steel Scars scores an 11/10 for world-building and thrills, it was longer to read than Queen Song but after reading a few action-packed books recently, I loved experiencing the thrills. This novella is told in Farley's POV which I was rather surprised about but also felt quite refreshing as I was interested in Farley's character after reading Red Queen.

I would recommend reading these novellas after Red Queen but before Glass Sword. It was nice to return to the world that Victoria Aveyard has written about, if there's one book that you should read this year, it's Red Queen.
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March 20, 2016
I absolutely loved Queen Song sad and real. There was tragicdy. Everything wasn't rainbows and butterflies, happlily ever after which I liked. Steel Scars? I found my mind wandering off and thinking about other things while reading it, I couldn't get into the story at all. So half and half: loved Queen Song not so much Steel Scars.
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