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Her nightmare is still happening. His has left him broken.

Dani Espinoza has a stalker. First he murdered her parents and now he’s searching for her. So Dani does the only thing she can do. She hops the next bus out of town, and she runs. Leave it to her to run right into the middle of a biker war.

Tyler “Hero” Tobias is the Vice President of the Heaven’s Rejects MC, and he takes his position very seriously. The instant he meets Dani, he knows he can’t trust her. There are secrets in her brown eyes and lies in her sweet smile. So why can’t he stop thinking about her when he should be focusing on keeping his club alive?

When Dani’s secrets come out and her lies are revealed, Hero will risk his heart and his club to keep her safe and make her his.

Trigger Warnings: violence, swearing, drug use, and assault.


346 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 31, 2015

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About the author

Avelyn Paige

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Avelyn Paige is a Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY bestselling author of romantic suspense and motorcycle club romance. She lives in a small town in Indiana with her husband and five fuzzy kids.

When she’s not writing, Avelyn spends her days working as a cancer research scientist. Avelyn has been an avid reader her entire life, and it wasn’t until losing her father in 2015 that she started turning all those ideas in her head into stories. She hasn’t looked back since.

To learn more about Avelyn's books,
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2MP9tHD
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Instagram: http://bit.ly/2Pdtbyz
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October 17, 2015
**༻Complimentary Copy༺** Provided by the author "Avelyn Paige" in exchange for an honest review..Thank you!!

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TITLE: Heaven Sent
SERIES: (Heaven's Rejects MC #1)
AUTHOR: Avelyn Paige
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: October 31st, 2015


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This will be my first time reading anything by this author, but being that it's a biker book and a genre I tend to jump on I'm in my happy place..

I love the layout of this book, each start of a new chapter is set up with a graphic so beautifully.. Very very easy to get into, it starts off with us meeting thirty year old Dani who fled her home town in the dead of night, jumped on the first bus that was heading to California escaping to safety..

With barely any money to her name she takes a waitressing job at a local bar that will pay her under the table and keep her under the radar..

Her new room mate is sleeping with the enemy "Twisted Tribe"

Things take a turn for the worst when intruders come into the apartment one night looking for her room mate, things at this point turn gritty fir Dani quickly..

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Straight away you get a taste of the gritty life within an MC club with a member getting killed by a rival gang..

They dumped his bloody body right on our doorstep.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You may be lost to us, Jagger, but I promise you that you’ll never be forgotten. I’ll make those bastards pay, even if it kills me in the process, I whisper to the sky.

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You'll never be forgotten. I'll make those bastards pay, even if it kills me in the process.

One sexy dance, neither knows the others name, but they both felt that undeniable attraction

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How can one woman that I literally don’t know at all affect me so much that she’s even invading my nightmares?

As most of you know I've read crap loads of biker books and some have been meh and others have been ones that have left their stamp on my heart, this MC book is no different, as soon as I started reading this I knew I was going to love it, the easy flow of the authors writing style will not only hook you in but she will have you sitting on the edge of your seat with anticipation with all this book has to offer you, it's got everything I could ask for in a biker book, the hot alpha males that tend to capture our hearts, a sassy smart mouthed heroine that will make you connect with her character will have you racing through the pages trying to see what she's hiding in her past and let me tell you its a doozy, never saw that twist coming at me..

She's hiding something from the club and from me. I just hope it isn't skeletons in her closet that we can't deal with.

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I loved getting lost within the pages of this book, that connection I felt with Hero and Dani made me heart melt, loved these two..Can not wait to see what this author brings us next..

You are my slice of Heaven, Dani. I always thought I was destined for Hell, but you’re pouring light back into my dark soul. You’re my fallen angel.

I may be a Heaven's Reject, but my angel was Heaven Sent.
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November 2, 2019
Yet another MC story that didn't go well for me

Dani runs from Ohio to escape from a troubled past and to hopefully move on. But when she arrives in California all she finds is more problems. She finds herself running from the Twisted Tribe MC and captured by the Heaven's Rejects MC because they think she's working with their rivals. In this messed up situation she meets Hero, the clubs VP and feels a connection to him, even when he's the one holding her prisoner.

Tyler 'Hero' Tobias first saw Dani in a trashy bar and was instantly drawn to her. He wanted her that night but she left after only dancing with him and he never even got her name. So when one of his brothers brings in a traitor he never expected it would be the girl he can't get off of his mind. Now he has to figure out if he believes her story and will trust her, or give up on her and give her to the club.

When I read the blurb for this book I got really excited because I've been looking for a gritty, darker type MC story to read. But Heaven Sent ended up not working out for me at all and I didn't enjoy the story like I thought I would. I had issues with the characters and a lot of the things that happened in the story and just the overall plot of it. To sum this up, I just have a lot of issues.

Dani killed the book for me right away and I could tell that I wouldn't like her all that much from the very beginning. I'm used to not liking heroines very well but Dani was very annoying for me and I wish she was a real person so I could slap her. Right away she came off as very judgmental and it got to the point where I couldn't stand her POV anymore. I thought it was funny that her inner dialogue was looking down at the girls she saw in "hooker clothes" and judged what she saw at the bar, yet there were multiple times that she talked about just needing a release and planning in her head to pick up some random dude to fuck. No judgment about one night stands! But don't be a hypocrite, kay? Oh and when she saw that Hero had a nicer house she automatically assumed he was a drug dealer or some shit. Actually, there are just too many things about her that bugged me so I'll cut my rant off now.

Hero wasn't as bad as Dani and honestly I feel like he was barely apart of the story other than to go around fucking every chick he saw. Reading about the hero with other women in books doesn't really bother me, but in this book I was starting to get frustrated that it was the majority of what we saw from Hero. I couldn't feel the connection between him and Dani at all, mostly for the fact that they were barely together other than for Hero to be an ass and then they fight or screw. I really wanted to throat punch him when he found out Dani's secret and right away turned his back on her and wouldn't let her explain anything. Just saying.

Even if the characters didn't irritate me as much as they did I still don't think this book would have worked for me. The whole club rival thing started out interesting, but then it got pushed to back of the readers mind and didn't play a huge roll any longer. We didn't even really get to see the war between clubs, it was just there and then the problem was solved. I didn't like how it was focused on and brought the characters together (somewhat) but then it was gone in the blink of an eye.

Bottom line, this was not a story that I enjoyed and it didn't work for me at all. I had a lot of problems with it while reading and I ended up skimming some. The characters were my major problem, even the secondary ones that I was getting sick and tired of hearing about their issues, and the MC life wasn't keeping my attention. No, I didn't like the book but I still encourage anyone that is interested in reading it to give it a try.
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November 15, 2015
The Good : Never read anything by Ms. Paige before, but I did enjoy the time spent setting up the ‘verse for The Heaven’s Rejects and the war with Twisted Tribe. It’s crude, rude, misogynistic and violent, and pretty much exactly what I expect from an MC romance. This book doesn’t shy away from the violence, so it’s about a 4 on the WTFery scale. The war and the action sequences were dramatic, though I would have loved to see more time spent with it, since it's the strongest part of the book.

I was settling into for a trainwreck of a romance - nothing wrong with that in an MC romance, because alot of them are dysfunctional at best. Honestly, some of the most fascinating MC romances are such big trainwrecks that you can’t look away from them. However, this one suffers from a case of split personality.

The Not So Good : It starts dark and gritty and I expected a really messed up but strong connection between Dani and Hero. Unfortunately, it’s not really developed well and as a result, I just didn’t buy it. For the bulk of the first half, they either didn’t know who the other was, or they were cursing each other’s existence. There were no conversations, little more than a physical attraction that isn’t acted on much. Also, there’s continued contact with others - I can deal with that because they weren’t in a relationship, but it’s not pleasant.

Then, a little more than halfway through, say 60-75%, it swings into the mild, sweet territory that was jarring considering the tone of the first half of the book. The attempt to build up a non-existent romance between Hero and Dani just didn't work. One moment, there’s barely any talk between them that isn’t a threat, and then suddenly they’re in love. What I struggled with more than the insta-love was the saccharine sweetness of the way they expressed that insta-love. When they’re in the last place I expect a biker romance to go, and there’s “colorful bombs” bursting in the air over their heads, I really debated whether it could come back from this.

Everything in Between : The story is uneven, and while it swings wildly into way-too-sweet-ville, it starts to pick up again once again to resolve the mystery of Dani’s past. Unfortunately, it lacked that emotional punch to really resonate with me. The villain is a complete unknown for shock value and is EVIL for reasons. Also, the setup to drive Dani into the villain’s arms felt way too contrived and over the top.

Had the story melded the two sides (the current MC war and Dani’s mystery) together from beginning to end, it would have had some real impact. Some of Hero’s backstory just doesn’t make much sense (I thought he was 29 but looking at the timeline objectively it’s like he’s older than that). Doesn’t matter because 20s or their 30s, Dani and Hero just come off as very immature, searching for drama for drama’s sake and it’s not done very well.

Lastly, I have to comment on the editing/grammar - there's a serious need to edit this book again. Normally, I can gloss over typos or the occasional missing word because that happens even in the traditional published works. However, the grammar is noticeably bad, the missing or extra words numerous and it was very obvious. I'm hoping that these errors were corrected in the final version of the book.

It was ok, and the MC club action/war was the most compelling bit of the story. Unfortunately, I just didn’t connect with the romance. This is the first book in this series for Ms. Paige, so I wouldn’t rule out a return to this ‘verse, because there were bits that had potential.

**ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review**
April 6, 2023
Enjoyed it!

Story: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Trope: captive
Angst: 😱😱
Smexy: 🔥🔥🔥

Great first story in what's bound to be a great MC series. Tons of action with a dash of suspense. Alphahole MMC who falls hard fast, but has a difficult time trusting his own feelings. FMC who's scrappy and doesn't take crap from anyone. She has a pack of secrets though, that could just break there relationship. Will definitely be reading the other books in the series.
December 1, 2015
I would range this from 3.00-3 1/2 stars.

I felt like I was on a roller coaster and Im not talking about my emotions getting the best of me. I kept fluctuating between not finishing the book and then oh wow let's see what happens.

It starts off slow, the middle gets good, goes back to rolling eyes and the end is like hmm ok. Pretty Good. Will I continue the series. Probably, will I wait to purchase the next book Most definitely. I didn't care for the writing, the plot or the characters.

The beginning of the book starts off with Dani's past which sounds like this book is going rock, however, I don't think the author knew how to follow through.

Dani escapes Ohio and books it to Cali. There she meets her crazy 30 year old roommate who likes to party and who's boyfriend is bad news.

Hero is a man whore, but of course. Doesn't ever want to settle, likes club snatch and doesn't believe in love because of his black heart. Hero is the VP for the Heaven's Rejects but the club came off as a bunch of sissy la la's.

Anyway so Dani and Hero meet at a bar she just got hired at. She dances one dance with him is hoping the dance will turn to sex but party harty Roomie gets sick and tosses her cookies all over Dani's shoes.

This one meeting, no talking, not even a hello and both H/h can not stop thinking about each other. He's even dreaming about her every night and can no longer cum unless it's her face he pictures.

Ok well remember when I said Roomies BF was a douche well he is. He's the President of the Heaven Reject's rival. He kidnaps Dani, sneaks in her apartment threatens to kill her, smacks her around and breaks her ribs. Why?? Because Roomie was not home and she didn't know where she was at. Wow dude, you need some Xanax.

Dani escapes the trunk while they're stopped at a restaurant. Now she's on the streets because she can't go back home, they'll find her. This I get. She finds an abandoned house and lives there. One day she witnesses a salon getting torched and she puts it out because she doesn't want the police to find her. The salon belongs to the HR MC. They find her in the house take her hostage and try to find out if she was sent to them by their rival. So she's the enemy. Hero sees her and is torn over this because, she's his dark haired angel and now she's a traitorous bitch. And he wants her to pay.

Anyway, time moves slowly and they finally find out she's innocent. Yay!!! Hero can now claim her since she's no longer and spy. And he does. They turn into instant couple. Happy times

Dani's past finds her and she's arrested. Hero, after professing his undying love for her, turns against her. Calls her horrible names, and yells that she's nothing to him now. Whoa dude.

Anyway, it's all a misunderstanding and they live happily ever after.
November 10, 2015
Hmm...a rejected hero? Yes, please!

This MC Romance addict is thrilled to have found a new author and a new series to follow. It definitely had all the things I enjoy in a good biker romance.

* Hero - A sexy, muscled, dirty-talkin' badass biker - check

* Dani - A damaged but dangerous and determined female - check

* Rejects - A clubhouse full of fun-loving but ferocious when needed bikers - check

* Madness, mayhem, and crazy chaos (aka club business) - check

The story is told in alternating POV which is something that I like, but in this case it was kind of distracting because some of the same events were retold right after I had just finished reading them. While I appreciate another point of view, I would prefer that it was new information filling in blanks left by the previous telling of said event.

Dani is a character that I really admire. She is a survivor. Life had kicked her in the teeth but she kept fighting, not giving up against the seemingly insurmountable odds stacked against her. In spite of the many times that those she trusted betrayed her, she never lost her ability to care. Even while the club was treating her like an enemy, she was working her way into their hearts. But that's a secret, not one that they would ever admit to, at least not yet.

Hero is a filthy-mouthed manwhore. 6' 5" of smoldering hotness, shaggy dirty-blonde hair, and dark green eyes...sigh. When he called her Angel, I almost answered. I was lust-struck right along with Dani when she saw him for the first time. Their connection was immediate, even though they didn't speak to each other. They felt each other. While they didn't hook up physically, they starred in each other's fantasies. It was kinda hard for them to do more since they never actually spoke or shared names or numbers that night. It was a journey of delicious anticipation as the sexual tension built between them. Too bad they didn't trust each other with their secrets right away...they had to suffer...lusting after their supposed enemy. Nope, I lied, it wasn't too bad, it was explosive after the buildup. It was H-O-T! I'm hooked and ready to spend more time with these heavenly Heaven's Rejects.
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November 16, 2015
Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

I love MC reads and this was so fun to read.
Dani is running from her past and she ends up as a waitress at a seedy bar. Her luck is not on her side and she finds herself in the middle of an MC war.
Hero is the Heaven's Rejects VP. When he sees Dani he is immediately smitten but when he realizes that she might be a spy for a rival club, he is determined to find out the truth.
Dani will have to get used to the MC life in order to protect herself, but will she be able to protect her heart?
The book was sensual, gritty and full of adventure. The pace was fast and kept you on your toes. If you love your bikers, then you will love this.

4 Stars
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November 12, 2015
I love biker books so didn't hesitate in jumping into this story. I absolutely loved it and ended up reading it in one sitting.

This story is told through the two main characters point of view- Dani and Hero. Dani is running from her past and finds herself in the Heavens Rejects MC. Hero is the Vice President of the MC. The chemistry between these two was so hot.

I found myself going through different emotions while reading this story. From being so angry with Hero to laughing out loud to having goosebumps. Yes it was that kinda read.

Really looking forward to reading more of this fab series.
June 18, 2016
~*~ Obsessed by Books copy given in exchange for an honest review ~*~

"you are preaching to the broken life parade queen right here, but we have to pick up the pieces and glue them back in a way that makes us happy again."

This is really Dani's story, it begins with her and ends with her....and she gets mixed up in a whole load of bad! Running away from "Him" she gives us just enough information to lure us in and want to know why she is trying to remain under the radar. Finding herself bunking up with a stranger and working in a dive bar cash in hand Dani reveals only a little about herself. Keeping her past a secret she's a no nonsense young woman that knows how to handle herself. A mysterious guy in the bar she works at captures her libido and entwines himself in her future as she finds herself in the middle of a MC war.

Kidnapped as payment on a drugs deal gone bad in lieu of her room mate Dani finds herself at the mercy of Heaven's Rejects MC. Unable to distinguish whether she is a traitor or an innocent in the war between clubs she is a prisoner at the clubhouse until things are clarified. Her spit fire attitude warms the Prez up towards her but the VP isn't convinced....

That guy in the bar turns out to be Dani's worst nightmare. Fighting her body's need for him he doesn't believe her story as he detects the lies she is struggling to keep. Sensing she isn't being 100% truthful the two spark off one another and play a game of cat and mouse. Hero is also wrestling hidden demons, haunted by his time in the forces, losing his brothers in a bomb and leaving him as the lone survivor. The MC has helped him channel his rage and control his need for justice. Can two broken people heal the open wounds left by their pasts? Or will fear and anger keep them apart?

This first in series is a whirl wind read, it's different to your typical MC romance but has all the right elements. It's dark and brutal but not too extreme painting the MC life to be a fine line between good and bad and respect is law. Club whores, old ladies and rival MC's are all part of this story so it feels comfortable and familiar to lovers of the genre yet Hero has other issues that influence his actions as does Dani. Those subtle difference made this a four and a half star MC read for me as it added another dimension. I loved the plot twists and how the big reveal wasn't what I expected. Told in dual pov I also enjoyed seeing the story unraveling from both of our main characters. It also serves as an introduction to the MC members and I hope they each get to share their stories.

An author to watch!
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Author 13 books21 followers
September 18, 2015
Let me just say I am one of the lucky ones who got to read this book early and it’s my favorite by Avelyn so far!!! This book literally blew me away. Just when I thought I had things figured out BAM she threw me for a twist. This book is told through both Dani and Hero’s POVs so we get a side to both stories. Not only will you fall completely in love with these characters but you will also fall in love with the secondary characters as well.

Dani is running from her past. She is trying to keep a low profile and try to fly under the radar. The first chick she meets brings holy hell to her world and everything is thrown upside down. She is literally thrown into Heaven’s Rejects clubhouse and she is fighting to prove herself while also trying to fight her feelings for the cocky hot headed biker Hero.

Let’s go into Hero… UGHHHH!!! LOL that’s exactly how I felt through the first half of the book. Hero is arrogant, cocky, smart mouthed, and sometimes a total prick. I wanted to smack him around multiple times and then some. At one point, I was praying for his penis to fall off or someone to kick him in the balls. It took me a little while before I fully warmed up to him but by the end of the book I totally fell in love!!

There were some parts of this book that I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. At one point, I was holding my sides from laughing… “DICK ROT”… LOVE IT!!! There are some sad parts too that tore my heart out. Other times I was sitting on the edge of my seat biting my nails wondering how things would play out. This book has everything from bikers, to love, lust, club mamas, drama, traitors and even Mickey Mouse. I honestly cannot wait for the next book. This book is a standalone but sets up for the next brother’s books and I can’t wait to see how everything turns out. Great job Avelyn… Dani and Hero stole my heart!!

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Author 22 books48 followers
November 13, 2015
Wow what can someone say about this book other than it was fantastic to read.

We meet Dani who is running to make a better life for herself, running from events that are soul destroying and evil.
Trying to make the best of things she settles in a town and moves in with a roommate. Little does she know events that happen will draw her into another world of violence and chaos.

Kidnapped as result of her roommates choice of lover, Dani is thrown into the world of motorcycle clubs. One thing about Dani she is a fighter and manages to escape but lands herself into the world of the Heavens Rejects MC.
But she is far from safe as they don't know where she is a friend or enemy.

Hero doesn't know what to think of Dani and he is so torn as he wants so much more from her. The attraction is sizzling, and he feels like he should go with his head and not what is is in his pants.

This is a fantastic start to a new MC series, Avelyn has produced a read where it is captivating. Full of sexy scenes, violence wars, secrets revealed. Looking forward to the next in the series.
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1,227 reviews24 followers
December 13, 2015

First thoughts...All the way through reading, I had a running rating discussion with myself. It started with 'could this be 4 stars?' and stayed there for sometime. By the end I was tossing up between 2 and 3 stars.

Not sure if it was my head space or the book, either way I finished it and that in itself is a good sign.

This was only 99c at the time I purchased and others have rated it 4 or 5 stars, so worth a go if you're into biker books :)

My Review:
Dani is on the run, destination unknown and her reason for running is not fully disclosed. She ends up arriving in a new town, finds herself a place to stay and all that is on her mind is staying out of the spotlight and surviving. As luck would have it, she comes across Ricca, who is prepared to help her out with accommodation. Life seems to be working out for Dani and at a night out with Ricca she meets Hero and it appears she’s found herself a man she would like to know better. Then as quickly as he appears, he is gone and she gives up wondering about him as the weeks move on. Up to this point and a little beyond, the story had me hooked and I was sure I was in for at least a 4 star read.

I anticipated a story about an MC, a biker and a girl on the run. It was all there. What I also expected then was a certain level of suspense and to an extent it had this too. So how did it fall apart for me? As I got further into the story, my appreciation began to wane. I found myself spending a lot of time highlighting sections out of frustration and adding my notations as to why I was questioning what I had read. I want to share a sample of what bothered me, it could well highlight why another reader would enjoy it.

The setting was predominantly at the club, so the MC aspect was covered. What wasn’t though IMO was consistency as to the behaviour I’d expect from members of an MC. There were the obvious testosterone battles and the bitchiness from the women but the depiction of brotherhood or sisterhood felt absent. And this is where I became conflicted, yes they talked like it was there, but I wasn’t convinced of it.

My expectations of how a fictional biker behaves are based purely on romance novels, so read on with this in mind. There were several moments where I raised my eyebrows. As an example, the president was unable to follow through on dealing personally with an issue that was his to deal with? And then there was Hero’s dialog, he went from swearing like a trooper to in-depth conversation to justify his stance or opinion. This sent me mixed messages. I don’t need a biker’s speech in romance books to be all clichéd clipped talk but I don’t expect them to be generous with words either. There’s a happy medium to be found. Basically his words didn’t evoke the cockiness or the self-assured tone I expected.

Dani was a girl on the run which provided an element of mystery to her, but it wasn’t expanded upon until the drama came to the forefront. The best part of mystery or suspense in a novel is the buildup of fear or anticipation generated and the challenge in trying to solve it. The only clue I picked up on was what she didn’t want to be called…or did I miss something?

The sex scenes came across as over narrated, some may see this as dirty talk. Personally I’m more of a show not tell reader and I ended up skimming these scenes when it was evident what was next. Nothing better than steamy action in a book but I preferred reading about Dani and Hero more when they weren’t in a relationship.

Last gripe, the alternate POVs gave an insight into the main characters thoughts but quite a few of the chapters felt repetitive with the same scene depicted again with very little change.

Having spent most of my review talking about what bothered me, I want to finish on a positive note. I began this review talking about the story having a 4 star air early on. In the beginning, the plot was the focus, it drew me in. If anything, there was a slow build to Dani and Hero’s relationship. Heaven Sent had the beginnings of a good MC read. So, if you aren’t bothered by the issues I mentioned above, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy this book. And being 99c at the time I purchased it, to me this is worth taking a chance on.

This review andothers can be found at: http://edgyreviews.com/2015/12/05/hea...
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1,271 reviews105 followers
December 4, 2015
Reviewed @ Confessions From Romaholics
Review copy kindly provided by author in exchange for a honest review

Heaven Sent is the first a new series from Paige a new to me author that I discovered by chance in my quest to quench my thirst for MC romances.

Heaven Sent isn’t groundbreaking or anything it does follow the tried and tested MC formula but Paige makes this story her own by employing twists and turns that make this book intriguing and interesting.

Heaven Sent tells the story of Hero and Dani two individuals who lives coming crashing together when Dani’s moves into town and finds herself tangled up with two MC clubs. Heaven Rejects and Twisted Tribe MC.

Dani is on the run from Ohio from a mysterious past and wants to move on. With only a few hundred dollars in her name, she decides to settle in California thinking that a quiet neighbourhood would be anything like back home. However it isn’t meant to be as she find herself into more problem then ever because of her roommate who is keeping bed with the Twisted Tribe MC.

Until she is she rescued/captured b y Heaven’s Rejects who think she working with them. Leaving Dani with nowhere to turn except Hero, her capturer and saviour…..

Hero is the VIP of the Rejects and wants Dani ever since he saw her working in a trashy bar until he learnt that she was part of the Twisted Tribe or all thoughts of having her went out the window When she brought in a couple of days later, the feelings came back he wants her still and it only growing stronger.

But is she the enemy or she ‘Heaven Sent’ to help him in these testing times.

Testing times is understatement as this book was action pack to the say the least and we got to hear it all. It was a bit over kill.

Told in alternating POVs Heaven Sent goes into overdrive with details as we watch the story unfold. As we get events rehashed again after the other just told in the previous chapter. I would have rather heard more about Dani , Hero or any of the Rejects.

As Dani was a strong woman, a survivor who never gave up despite everything that was thrown at her and the fact that she was betrayed by those she thought she could trust. But she wormed herself into the club and came apart of it. With a feisty resilient attitude considering that club thought she was the enemy. If only she told her story soon, I did hate we didn’t find her story of why she left Ohio in a hurry until 75% as it only add the much need info we needed about her and why she was acting the way she was when it came to information. . Considering that Hero and Dani have been through hell and back already I would have thought this would be revealed earlier instead of the way it was .

As Hero couldn’t still trust her it seemed despite everything. I wanted to kick him where it hurt that he was so easy willing to give her up after everything. He needed man up as seriously? As he seemed perfectly capable in every other area, with the woman, as he was a manwhore with secrets who krypotine was the woman he called Angel .

There was so much what if’s despite a plausible story that is entertaining The story was good aside from the obvious glaring points, I did like the whole concept of the Rejects and the stories that emerge from this club.

If anything I found wrong aside what I mentioned earlier, was the redemption of Ericia too quick and too easy given the situation. Maybe the author left something off that she plans to explore in a future book. But there wasn’t enough to warrant the position that she was in.

That why I can only give it 3.5 couples
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2,549 reviews94 followers
April 1, 2016
When it comes to Hero & Dani there isn’t too much holy about them even with Hero being the VP of Heaven’s Rejects and Hero thinking that Dani was heaven sent. It’s quite the opposite with all the dirty sinful things that these two have done separately and together. Separately Hero is one badass biker who will take out whoever needs to be dealt with and he is pretty much a manwhore when it comes to the club mommas. Separately Dani’s sins are quite numerous too because for some reason she is running from the law with blood on her hands. Now together these two sure know how to sin! Dani is a smart mouth feisty woman who can handle herself quite well and Hero is all man and likes nothing better than a feisty woman as long as she knows how to please him again and again. (and again)

Dani is on the run and headed to California where she finds a roommate that she has never met before in Ricca. Ricca works at a bar and has talked Dani into working there as well since Dani needs a job and hasn’t found anything yet that is willing to pay her under the table. Ricca is fun but she also has some secrets that Dani knows nothing of and one of them is a boyfriend who is in the MC Twisted Tribe which is a rival to Heaven’s Rejects. Ricca has talked Dani into going to Red’s Bar and tipping a few back and before long Dani is dancing when a man comes up behind her to dance and she can tell instantly that there is something electric between her and this stranger. About the time the stranger is going to make a move on Dani, Ricca gets sick and Dani has to leave the bar.

Hero has his eyes on this girl at Red’s but once asking a bit about her he finds out that though not much is known about her he finds out that her friend Ricca’s boyfriend is from Twisted Tribe MC. So in Hero’s eyes that can only mean that no matter what he felt for Dani he has to let it go because his brothers in the MC come first. So what is poor Hero to do…go back to the clubhouse and try to screw anyone in sight trying to get Dani out of his head? Isn’t he surprised when one day he finds out that Dani is now being protected within his own clubhouse? Dani had witnessed some stuff involving Twisted Tribe and the Heaven’s Rejects aren’t sure if Dani is a plant from the rival MC or if she is actually in trouble and running from them.

Even with the intense chemistry that is going on between Hero and Dani is it worth putting his brothers’ lives on the line and taking that leap of faith that Dani is who she says she is and is need of some help from these guys? And what the hell is Dani hiding that has her so scared that she will trust no one with the truth and that includes Hero no matter how close they become? And will Dani be able to forgive Hero for the little faith that he has had in her and for that matter will Hero be able to forgive himself for the position that he put Dani in?

If you are looking for a dirty biker book this is one that you need to get your hands on because it is packed with the warring mc’s, a biker that melts your panties, and a female that will crush a guy’s balls (literally) if she needs to. Plus it has you guessing up until the end just what the hell Dani has been hiding along with one hell of a surprise when it is revealed.

This book was provided as an ARC from Book Buzz for an honest review.
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693 reviews
October 17, 2015
Heaven Sent (Heaven's Rejects MC #1)
Avelyn Paige
4 stars

Avelyn Pagie is a new author to me and how happy I am to have been so kindly gifted this ARC! Im a fan friends! Yes this is an MC book and you may think same old same old. Yes there is turmoil but the suspense included on the pages with our characters is mind bending. There are several “what?!?!?!” moments and that is what kept me turning those pages.

Dani Espinoza is on the run. The first few pages of the book is what hooked me. Dani is not in a place where you or I would want to be in any way. She was desperate to escape. Dani catches the first bus out of town which happens to take her to LA. Answering an ad for a roommate Dani feels like things are going to be okay until a dangerous man is in her bedroom and her roommate, Ricca, is missing. On the run again Dani is homeless and unintentionally puts herself in the sights of the Heaven’s Rejects.

Tyler "Hero" Tobias is a cannon. He wants no attachments and his life is filled with nightmares. He isn’t a cold blooded killer but he remembers his military life and the brothers he lost. The MC has given him a purpose. He is the VP of the Heaven’s Rejects. When the beautiful firecracker from the bar shows up at the clubhouse with the Presidents Old Lady his solid ground begins to unravel and crack.
Dani needs to tell Hero her secret before he finds out or her secret finds her. The tension between her and the magnificent man Hero is going to drive her crazy. She is under protection of the MC but she will not be treated like a club whore and she will not give her heart to a man that only wants another notch in his belt.

This is a really great story. This is not a nice MC story by any means but its not overly gruesome either. Now don’t get me wrong I love the blood and murder but if you are in the gray area of that, this is a great choice. The characters are well written, Dani is a strong female lead which I love and of course Hero is a powerhouse. My heart broke for a particular character .. I wont say his name because that would give it away but darn it … Avelyn you hurt me there. I love the secondary characters and I hope that we will see some of their stories as well. Ratchet shows interest in someone in particular which I hope we will dive into soon. Again no names creating spoilers.

Click this one up on release day! You will love it! I was provided an ARC for an honest review. Thank you Avelyn. Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets!
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1,710 reviews111 followers
November 24, 2015
3-3.5 Stars mainly due to Tyler aka Hero! SPOILERS AHEAD, read with caution....you are warned!

OK, so I wanted to give this author a try since she is new to me and I have to say I really did like it BUT had some issues too!

Dani, loved her:)
Supporting cast of characters, check, liked them alot and hope to read more about them!

Like and Dislike/ Tyler/Hero......omg, this guy, arghhhhhhhh, he was disappointing on so many levels for me. He was hot and then frigid, yeah, not just cold but downright ice cold and it really bothered me. Don't get me wrong, I don't want a "wimpy", sappy hero but ok he was way off for me and let's start with having continuous sex with club "mamas" while she was staying right near him, gross! yep, I didn't like that part at all....turn-off number one for me personally. Sorry, that was way over the top for me and just plain...ewwwwww! Second, you don't try and get her side of things, nope, you just plain turn on her and cast her in a bad light.....hmmmmm just left me scratching my head and it didn't happen just once either, no it happened a couple of times and it really made my heartbreak for this girl! Doesn't anyone talk, geesh......and Dani wasn't all innocent in that regard either but there was no communication there and it made the results of that miscommunication turn into things I didn't like.

NOW with all that being said...there was a really good storyline underneath it all and for me I would have loved to see some of the stuff that happened played out differently or rather in a different way if that makes sense. Although I liked this story to a point and disliked some of the things that happened, I will definitely pick up the next book in this series because I am fascinated by the whole group and I do want to see a lot of making up from Tyler too, lol, because deep down I truly loved these 2 together!!!!!!! Dani for me was the saving grace of these 2 and I so want to catch up with them in the future and btw...let Tyler's butt kissing start now, lolololol!!!!!!
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November 29, 2017
I loved Hero and Danis amazing beautiful and adventurous love story.
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March 24, 2016
I received this for a honest review. This is the first book I have read of Avelyn Paige. I love MC books and this was truly an enjoyable book. I loved the characters in the book. Since this is book one I am truly hoping to see other characters from the MC come out in future books.

I had a couple of quotes that were my favorite in the book. One was from Hero were he said “I may be a Heaven’s Reject, but my angel was Heaven sent.” Hero was former military that was now VP in the Heaven’s Rejects. He had past demons that haunted his dreams. Like a lot of military men he had these daily mental struggles, flash back. My heart truly broke for him for the hell he was living. Hero when he first saw Dani he was smitten. He quickly learned that she was probably off limits so this was just one more struggle he must add to his life.

The second quote I loved was “He’ll never know just how much his love saved me from all the darkness in my world.” This quote was so true for Dani. While reading the book I had to wonder what she was running from. She was scared for her life, she was scared of being arrested. Knowing this you knew that it must be something bad. One thing I loved about Dani is even though the darkness was constantly trying to swallow her up she was a fighter. I just loved her feistiness and spirit. Put her up against a wall and she will come out swinging no matter how big the person coming at her. For a woman she had such amazing strength.

I truly loved reading the journey of Hero and Dani finding their way to each other. They have so many obstacles to overcome. Heaven’s Rejects are at war with Twisted Tribe. Twisted Tribe had murder one of Heaven’s Rejects member so they must get revenge for that death. Dani’s roommate Ricca lands Dani in some serious danger. Heaven’s Rejects are trying to decide if Dani can be trust. Dani’s life is on the line several times in this story.

There is a part in the story were Hero will just swoon your heart. He will get so many brownie points for what he does to win Dani. Sorry you will have to read the book to find out. Where he is worried about losing his man card with his brothers I think what he does just proves he is more than a man this most out there.

Couple of the characters I did not like in the book were Bubbles and Ruby. There were pretty jealous of Dani an I am curious what the future upcoming books hold for them. I loved Raze who was President of the MC but did not like his wife Maj.

All in all if you love Mc books and the sexy bad boy you will love this book. FYI, there is a couple of parts you might need a box of tissue.
August 10, 2016

This is the first time that I have read a book by Avelyn Paige - and what a book to read!!!
I enjoyed it so much that I have ordered my own copy for release day - I want to own this book!!!
It was addictive from the minute that I picked it up!!

Avelyn has written a spine chilling MC book, that will hopefully be the first in a series.
This book absolutely blew my socks off.

It is written from the POV of both Dani - her wonderful heroine and Hero - yep her hero.

Dani, Danae Espinoza, is a fiesty woman who has had a rough upbringing and moves to California to start her life over. What is amazing about Dani's character is that the reader doesn't find out about her huge secret until nearly at the end - it's a massive game changer! She is escaping an event she just wants to forget. She meets Ricca, a tough barmaid, who takes Dani under her wing. But things aren't always what they seem. Ricca gets Dani a job in the bar where she works and from there Dani's life changes.

Hero, Tyler Tobias, is VP of the Heaven's Rejects MC - a man who knows what he wants! He walks into the bar, sees Dani and wants her. Hero's background is also a rough one - army, loss of family and then joining a MC.
When these two meet the sparks fly - literally. Hero is constantly haunted by Dani, even though he has only briefly danced with her. He doesn't know her name or anything about her - but he desires her. Everything changes when she turns up at the MC - suspected of being a member of the enemy.

Avelyn has put so many twists and turns in this book, that I never really had it figured out. But this is a brilliant thing, because it just made me want to read it more and more. All of her characters were absolutely brilliant - even the villians! Not only did I fall in ove with Dani and Hero, but I also grew attached to the secondary characters from the MC - Raze, Ratchet and Slider.

MC books don't normally grab me, but this one was just supberb from the beginning. I love the way Avelyn has used feathers and an MC symbol on her Chapter Graphics - they really catch the eye. Yes there is blood and guts during the book - but what else do you expect from an MC novel.

When this book is released I strongly recommend that you buy it - you won't ever regret having it amongst your favourites.

Definitely worth a FIVE STAR rating!!!!!

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2,235 reviews1,733 followers
October 20, 2015
Panty Scorching- 5
Angst- 2
Overall Rating- 5
Kindle eARC
Reviewed by Joanna

What an awesome way to start a story… You are sucked in immediately, knowing that “Dani” has a secret that she is running from. I couldn’t put the book down until I knew what that secret was.

Danae “Dani” Espinoza is awakened from a nightmare while on a bus from Cleveland to California. Whatever this dream is, has something to do with her secret and you want to know what it is.
She meets up with her new roommate at the bus terminal and her “other” life begins. She needs a job that will pay her under the table so she is able to keep herself hidden from this secret.

She gets a job at a dive bar that her roommate works at and while she is there the first night for the interview, she dances with a stranger on the dance floor. She doesn’t know who he is, but there is a connection that she will never forget.

That stranger is Tyler "Hero" Tobias, and after he gets back to the “club” he cannot forget about her either. Oh and the club is the motorcycle club, the Heaven’s Rejects, that he is the VP of. Yeah… HOT.

Events happen that cause Dani to wind up in the “Club” and she is thought of as a “traitor” so she is in lockdown until the truth comes out.

All kinds of things happen in this story and I enjoyed every minute of it. There is mystery, hot sex and romance that you would never expect. I so desperately want a “Hero” in my life.

Dani has some things in her dark past, and so does Hero and eventually the truth comes out, but in between, there is all types of hot and steamy sex.

I loved Dani’s character. She is a “no holds bar” kind of chick. She is considered a “hellcat” because she is feisty and a fighter, and boy does that turn Hero on.

I also like how you get the POV of each of them in different chapters.

This was the first story of Avelyn Paige, and I can’t wait to see what she has next in the Heaven’s Rejects MC Series.
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385 reviews9 followers
October 31, 2015
First off, I want to say Avelyn has blown me way with her newest novel. I can tell the huge difference with her writing style in this book versus her debut. She’s growing as an author and with that, she brings us a new, gritty, and downright crazy thrilling MC novel. I haven’t read a lot of MC novels, but this one is packed full of action and suspense. Honestly there isn’t a whole lot of chapters that don’t have you guessing what will come next or what in the world just happened.
Now for the characters. Dani is trying to out run her past for a very good reason. She tries to keep a low profile but it ends up getting crazy and messy. She finds herself having to go along with the club’s rules, just to keep herself out of harm’s way. I liked that Dani was a fighter. She didn’t just bow down to these rules and most of the time, it got her into more trouble. Hero, ugh this man is literally something else. I still don’t know how I feel about him. There was times he would come off too strong and kind of mean to me. But at the same time, he’s MC so I didn’t expect him to be the hearts and flowers type of guy. I really enjoyed getting the dual POV’s and I got a different outlook on each of the characters. At the same time, some of it is what I had previously read, and I felt I was reading the same thing.
I will say, at first I wasn’t pulled into the book like I’d thought I would. It did take me a few chapters to actually get into it. There are some situations that the men in the club did that I was not a fan of, but overall for Avelyn’s second book, it was good. Like I said before, this one is totally different than her debut and I can see how much she’s growing as an author. Now if you love MC and love the gritty, hardcore, and crazy thrilling scenes, then this is the best book for you to read.
November 12, 2015
OMG I LOVED this book!!! I have been eagerly awaiting to read it and was NOT disappointed. I read it one day and probably would've gotten it done quicker if not for needing to accomplish some things. It was so good that I hated to put it down. You will love this book as well.

Dani is on the run after losing her family and is doing her best not be found. She finds a place and shares it with a girl named Ricca. One day Ricca's boyfriend comes looking for Ricca but only finds Dani and he decides to take her. Well in the end she ends up with a different MC and this one says they will protect her but she knows that she's unwanted and they are only doing it to get info and to see if she is a traitor. Unfortunately she is drawn to the VP but he is the meanest of them all and hearing the revolving doors of club mamas go in and out breaks her heart a little bit at a time.

Hero has been drawn to Dani since dancing with her at Red's but after that dance he finds out that her roommate's boyfriend is part of a rival MC and he's convinced Dani is part of it. When she is brought to his clubhouse he doesn't believe anything she says and treats her terribly all the while wanting to prove her innocent. He can't keep her off his mind and has been doing as much as he can with the club mamas to get her off his mind and to show her he doesn't care about her.

What happens when they fail to protect Dani against the rival MC? What happens when they find out she's been telling the truth? Will she forgive Hero for his behavior towards her? What happens when her past comes crashing in? Will Hero trust in her or will his mistrust end them or possibly her?

Don't miss this MUST read!!

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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137 reviews1 follower
September 18, 2015
I couldn’t put this book down! I love MC novels, the grittier and dirtier the better! We get two POV’s, Danae a.k.a. Dani and Hero a.k.a. Tyler. When we meet Dani she is on the run from her past, starting fresh in California. She has no one and nothing until she meets her new roommate Ricca! Ricca works at a dive bar and gets Dani a job there, it’s not the best place but it pay her the cash she needs. It’s also where she meets Hero for the first time.

Hero on the other hand is the VP of the Heaven’s Rejects MC. After his tour in Iraq, he needed something and the brotherhood of the MC was the right choice! He lives his life on his own terms, he doesn’t want or need a woman and has plenty of club whores to warm his bed. He is thrown for a loop when Dani ends up at his clubhouse under the protection the President’s wife!

He wants her, and she wants him, but with the laws of the MC and other circumstances they are fighting a losing battle.
This book had me hooked right from the very beginning, I got sucked into the story of Dani and Heros life. I loved how there were twists around each corner, and all the drama that unfolded. I love me some drama in the books that I read and let me tell you this book has it all.
I love how everything wrapped up in the end, and of course want to know more about a few characters. Hopefully we will be seeing them in upcoming books!

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728 reviews3 followers
March 27, 2018
Re-read getting ready for Angels and Ashes

First off I have a confession to make. When Avelyn released her first book, Damaged, I didn't want to read it. Why? Honestly, the cover didn't appeal to me. Stupid huh! Well, as the old saying goes, never judge a book by it's cover, because when I did actually pick it up and read it... I LOVED IT.

Now, when I found out Avelyn's second, I repeat, this is only her SECOND book, was going to be an MC book I was thrilled. MC are my favourite genre at the moment. Now, with it being my favourite genre, I have read a LOT of these, so my expectations were high. I didn't think I had anything to worry about though, going off how much I enjoyed Avelyn's first book. And boy was I right!

Heaven Sent was in a word FANTASTIC. I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much I was thinking about when I could get back to reading it, every time I had to stop (damn life getting in the way, lol).

Dani, what a great character. Yes she was in trouble, yes she needed help, but she was far, far from being a damsel in distress. Hero, in my opinion, is a "typical" biker that you get in these books. That is not a bad thing at all though, there is a type of character that appeals, and Hero was it.

A great story, good writing, likeable characters and you have a hit, and for me Heaven Sent was definitely a hit. A well deserved 5 stars from me, and I can't wait to read more from this talented new author.
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1,992 reviews7 followers
November 15, 2015
Review from Abibliophobia Anonymous Book Reviews

This is the first book by Avelyn Paige that I hav read. I will be reading more. And I will continue with this series. This was a good start.

Dani is on the run, we don’t find out from what, or who, exactly until closer to the end of the book. She finds herself in California. She found a place to rent and her roommate, Ricca, helped her get a job. I do really like Dani. She’s tough and has a mouth on her.

Hero is the VP of Heaven’s Rejects MC. He “meets” Dani at a dive bar. Well, not technically meets her, but dances with her. After that, he’s hooked but he has no clue who she is, until she ends up at the clubhouse in protective custody basically.

The club is going through a lot and Hero refuses to act on his feelings until he finds out the truth about Dani. Is she a spy for another club, or not?

One she’s cleared, it’s game on.

“You’ve changed me, Dani. You’re the tornado ripping apart my life and the clean-up crew that fixes everything. You’re the kind of angel that would even tempt the devil himself. You make me want to be a better man by just being in the same room with me.”

But what happens when her secret comes out?

Don’t worry, it came out in this book and there isn’t a cliff hanger.
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133 reviews
November 10, 2015
Let me just start by saying I am a big MC Fan so of course I jumped at the chance to read and review this. This is about Dani running from her past trying desperately to be where her past could no longer haunt her. She ended up in Los Angeles finding a roommate on her bus ride up. What happens when she gets there is not what she planned. Ending up at an MC club trying not to be noticed and keep her past in the past is not working for her. She meets the VP of Heavens Rejects MC a second time and there is an immediate connection but he has his suspensions about her.

The truths do eventually comes out as to why she is on the run after a dangerous situation occurs. What that is well you will have to read it to find out.

This book is filled with madness and mayhem but it is an MC Book after all. I really enjoyed the excitement, passion and danger. It draws you in from the very beginning. I look forward to the next book in this series.
Kathy Two Feisty Angels and A Devil Blog.
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Author 39 books531 followers
September 30, 2016
This was my first Avelyn Paige book, and i have to admit, I am completely and utterly addicted now. I'm talking go one-click-them-all kind of addicted. MC's are my favorite genre and this book was no different. I love the grit and alpha of the bikers matched with the sass and attitude of their women.
Dani had a hard life, and by hard I mean the woman shouldn't be functioning. Her strength was so inspiring. Not to mention that the girl could kick some serious ass.
Then there was Hero (Tyler) the VP of Heaven's Rejects MC. Holy $#!%balls that man. Tattooed, badass, and dirty talking. I fell in love completely with the man. Yes, you want to smack him occasionally, but would he really be a good alpha biker if you didn't?
I did find the book a little slow on the uptake, but man did the last half make up for it. From around 30% on, i was captivated to the point of losing track of time and forgetting to eat. 5- smoking hot biker stars on this one!
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