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I have one rule: Don’t shit where you eat.

Several of the women in the condo complex I own would love some one-on-one playtime, and why wouldn’t they? I’m young, fit, attractive, and loaded. Not to mention I’m packing a sizable bulge below the belt. It’s a combination that drops panties on a regular basis.

Yay, me, right?

But my cock, troublemaker that he is, has been confined to my trousers by my business partner. A concession I agreed to, and one that’s never been hard to enforce until Emery moves in across the hall. She’s smart, young, determined, and sexy as hell. I want a taste. I won’t stop until I’m buried deep inside the succulent new-in-town brunette.

After being warned about my past, she does her best to steer clear, but I’m about to show her that underneath it all, I’m a guy with a heart of gold and a cock of steel.

My name is Hayden Oliver, and this is my story.

SCREWED is standalone romantic comedy by New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Kendall Ryan.

296 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 28, 2015

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About the author

Kendall Ryan

140 books17.2k followers
A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold over 3 million books and her books have been translated into several languages in countries around the world. Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than three dozen times. Ryan has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Newsweek, and InTouch Magazine. She lives in Texas with her husband and two sons.






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2,417 reviews14k followers
August 15, 2017
 photo Ryan Screwed Title by SueBee_zpshsxpbcf0.jpg
 photo sc cover xBS by sb x_zpsk4arowrp.gif
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★★★★! Screwed (stand-alone). A serious case of blue balls for Hayden Oliver after embarking on a friendship with off-limit tenant!

“That’s bullshit right there. I should be waking up with my cock in her mouth not because I told her we’d do yoga this morning.”

Screwed is real estate investor Hayden Oliver’s story.

He has lived his life to the fullest screwing his way through half the women in Hollywood, many of whom are residents at his apartment complexes. But when his partner gets one too many complaints he puts a stop to it, giving Hayden a major case of blue balls; his life pretty much goes downhill from there.

Law intern Emery Winters is moving in downstairs, tempting Hayden with her hot body.

Both have sworn off relationships, but feeling curiously attracted to each other and maybe a dose of self-sabotage they embark on a no-sex friendship; which leads to early morning painful yoga sessions and vegetarian meals and things Hayden never in a million years thought he’d suffer through.

The story follows them resisting temptation and eventually failing miserably leaving them both screwed on more levels than one.

 photo Sc H BS by sb_zpszffscm5k.gif

Nine words to describe Hayden Oliver: Manwhore, reflective, sarcastic, droll, shallow, flawed, frank, blunt and supportive.

“Generally with women, I have the finesse and mental fortitude of a rhinoceros charging through a watering hole.”

 photo Sc he BS by sb_zpsfmq7enps.gif

Eight words to describe Emery Winters: Smart, timid, easy-going, focused, loyal, naïve, immature and unassuming.

“Is that bulge my imagination, or was her really no lying about having a nine inch cock?”

Screwed told from alternating POV’s has a great mixture of hilarious blue ball situations, seductively sexy times and sweet romance. It ends on a high after taking on a bit of a roller coaster.

Entertaining plot! Side-splitting inner dialogue! Suffering and horny manwhore hero! Screwed put a smile on my face!

“I definitely know my way around a clit. No worries there. It’s all about pressure and speed.”

Hero rating: 4 stars
Heroine rating: 4 stars
Sexual tension rating: 4.5 stars
Sex scenes rating: 4 stars
Sex scenes frequency: 3.5 stars
Plot rating: 4 stars
Dialogue rating: 4 stars
Storytelling rating: 4.5 stars
Story ending rating: 4 stars
Book editing rating (5 = no edits spotted): N/A, ARC
Overall rating: 4 stars

Would I recommend this book: Yes.
Would I re-read this book: Maybe later.
Would I read future books by this author: Yes.

ARC provided to me by author Kendall Ryan in exchange for an honest review.
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859 reviews3,835 followers
September 18, 2015
1 Hayden-couldn't-hold-a-candle-to-Drew star. Full interview posted September 3, 2015.

 photo oie_vnXnijq9xk6G_zps38rtzyra.gif
 photo oie_uO8cqqWlgm0k_zpsatbnr2ni.gif

Author Kendall Ryan asked me if I'd like to review her romantic comedy Screwed which is due out on September 15th. She said that Screwed is in the same vein as the famous Tangled. I couldn't decline her offer because I happen to have very fond memories of cocky Drew. However that be, while reading Screwed I had to realize…

There can be only one!

And that is most definitely Drew and not Hayden. Screwed wasn't really funny and Hayden never stood the slightest chance to get one single reverent lick at the absolute filthy-fun-cocky-adorkable-fucktastic-greatness that is…well…the one and only, Drew Evans. #screwhaydenlonglivekingdrew #truthhurts #sorry

Anyway, a few of my friends and followers might remember that a while ago I did impersonate a freelance journalist working for the Swiss paper Berner Zeitung. I was grooving my way through a couple interviews and tried to aggravate my our Drew as best I could. I decided to do something similar for Screwed because, well, breaking out Drew Evans from his dusty box is a lot of fun. By the way, Drew and I are connected through a neat little gadget that is stuck in our ears and allows us to communicate while he tries his best to annoy Hayden. Hey, I need to be ready in case I have to save Drew from a delicate situation. But you know Drew, his cocky mouth hasn't let him down yet, so you and I shouldn't worry too much about him dodging a couple interview bumps. I'm positive he's going to pass the little test with flying colors. Let's get down to business, shall we?

Hi, Hayden! My name is Drew Evans and I'm a guest at Berner Zeitung, a temporary employer of my friend Baba. I'm just returning a small favor here because she interviewed me a couple times in the past and managed to stress out my fucked-up nerves. Can you fucking believe that? Drew Evans, cool hot as cock, can actually be nervous? It's a physical impossibility, and yet it happened nonetheless. Anyway, I'm happy to keep my Baba on her eager toes. Thinking of me performing my very first interview must give her some good nightmares which, by the way, amuses me no end. You see, my friend Baba is indisposed. *smirks* I'm sure she's PMSing or whatever women do when they claim to be sick, and I had the glorious idea to represent her today. I'll give my very best to make her and the paper proud. *whispers under his breath* Don't give me any shit or you will regret it, I can promise you that much. *Baba whispers* Drew, you cocky bastard, you're going to regret that PMSing comment, I can promise you that much.

Your name sounds familiar to me. Didn't you star in a book?

Yeah, I was the lead character of Tangled and a few short stories. I'm the equivalent to a rock star among fictional romance heroes. BTW, you are not even close to pushing me off my golden pedestal. I am the greatest. Got it?

*splutters* You…er...may come down from your high horse now, man. What's up with your overinflated ego?

You're one to talk, huh? Maybe it's your dick that's overinflated and it had to deal with a painful and delicate defeat.

I have a nine-inch cock and it's all real. Nothing's fake about me. I'm sure I'm beating you in the cock department.

You lose, Hayden. I've got an inch on you. Nothing is wrong with a ten-inch cock, right? *smirks* *mutters under his breath* Baba, where the hell are you? For some inexplicable reasons I can't remember anymore how long my dick is. Maybe I'm suffering from Alzheimer's? Fuck. No, scratch that. Make it a double fuck. Could you please check how long my better half is? Pretty please? *makes puppy dog eyes* Fuck, I hope that Kat is never going to discover what I was just saying or else she's going to punish me hard for my little faux-pas. I swear to you, Kat, you are my better half. *Baba whispers* Good grief. I can't find your book anymore. Are you sure that you have a ten-inch cock? Maybe that's only wishful thinking? Hmm…didn't I just tell you that you would be regretting that PMS comment? Play it nice, Drew darling. Tsk-tsk.

What the hell are you doing? Are you soliloquizing? Care to let me in on your dirty little secrets? *leers at Drew*

Yeah, I know that your smirk is not half as irresistible as mine, so you have to sink a little bit lower and leer at me. I won't drop my pants for you.

*looks appalled* I'm not playing for the other team. That was a low blow, Drew.

Anyway, I really have to tell you that you disappointed me tremendously. Saying that you had the best sex of your life with Emery is pretty pathetic. You need to step up your game, dude. You are definitely screwed because the sex in your story reads like a poor 101 manual and made my cock shrivel intuitively. Jesus Christ on a crutch, save us from lame and uninspiring dirty talk and even lamer sex.

My dick leaps to life…

Wow. Dick leaps to life after I gave his boss a verbal spanking. Something must be very wrong with both of them. *wiggles eyebrows*

Fuck you, Drew. Just shut it.

...Her gaze drops to the front of my pants. "I have a big dick ahead of me," she says, and her cheeks flame bright red. "I mean a big day. Day," she repeats.
"Are you okay?" I ask as she shakes away that massive Freudian slip.
She swallows and gulps down a deep inhale of air. "I'm fine."

I am so not fine. As a matter of fact, I have an inkling that we have a big long interview ahead of us. A very baring and insightful interview, that is. Though I'm not sure if everyone will be ok at the end. I hope I won't have to deal with a massive Freudian slip because that would be too embarrassing.

But the earrings she's taking the time to put on tell me that she wants me to notice her as a woman, even if she's said she doesn't. This small act signals she's every bit as aware as I am that there's sexual chemistry simmering under the guise of our platonic state.

Dude, are you fucking shittin' me? What the hell are you blathering about?

*puts a hurt look on his face* Get a grip, man. I'm a woman whisperer. That astounding revelation needed to be put out there.

And I'm still wondering what the hell I'm doing here. What this all means; what I should do next.

Yeah, I'm still wondering what the hell I'm doing here. What this all means. *whiny voice* Fuck, I'm not a journalist. I want to go home to my sweet Kat. *Baba to Drew* Shut the hell up and man up already. Whiny pussies are not sexy. *Drew to Baba* You are so mean to me again, Baba. I want out of here rather sooner than later. Kat is already waiting on me.

He still hasn't opened up about his past, no matter how much I prod and poke.

Yeah, right. You hardly know each other but you must open up to her otherwise something must be wrong. Always the same old same old. I'm going to give you a friendly advice. Ignore her and run for the hills while you still can and your dick is intact. *Baba to Drew* Are you friggin' insane? Women don't want men to run for the hills. We want men to communicate often, early and well. Tell him right now!

Methinks you don't always dish out the best advice, Drew.

*Baba to Drew* See? *nods head*

He said he hasn't gotten any action lately. But why not? Why isn't he sleeping around like he usually does? Maybe he just said that to brush me off. But it suddenly occurs to me that he never seems to be unavailable. Whenever I text him, he always replies within an hour, and he's free practically anytime I want to hang out. Is he spending all his spare moments with me? Is that why he isn't getting laid?

Hello, Captain Obvious! You're definitely not the brightest bulb in the box. Hayden's dick stays in the cage because he's hung up on you. Geez, and you're a prospective lawyer. Scary. *shudders*

Damn, what I wouldn't give for a ride on that love stick. My inner muscles tingle.


*Drew mutters to Baba* Keep your cool, love. My love stick is going to whip that stupid smirk right off his face soon enough.

"Because. You're a man-whore jerk off. And I'm pretty sure my vagina fell off after my last disaster of a relationship."

My poor, poor baby. Hayden will kiss the boo-boo better. See? All done.

Christ. If I had to put my dick in her pussy, it would strangle itself, wither and fall off.

You are such a big dick.

I have a big dick. Notice the slight difference. You need to sign up for an English class.

"Women actually let you put this thing inside them?"

That's my girl…hmm…meat. I told you that I have a nine-inch stick that happens to have magical powers. I know how to make my women happy. Oops. Of course I only make one woman happy now.

Dude, I can feel Baba rolling her eyes. That's never a good sign, just saying...

Finally her hand begins working up and down. It feels good.
"Use two hands, baby," I encourage her. She giggles but adds a second hand, and fuck, now that feels really good.

We'll discuss those nerve-racking giggles later. Stay tuned.
*Baba makes a strangled noise* *Drew to Baba in a placating tone* Don't get your panties in a twist, love. I'm going to read him the riot act but all in due time.

But the mental image of a very naked, very erect Hayden quiets it right down. My core clenches and I have to press my thighs together under the conference table.

I hope you keep your back straight erect, man. There's nothing as graceless as a slouching guy, limp as a dick. *whispers* Baba, how you doing? Are your fists clenched tight? *Baba to Drew* I'm working my way through a severe headache, thank you very much. I need to pop a pain killer.

And his smile is a slow, wonderful curl of lips that reminds me of all the things he texted me earlier.

*cue eye roll* *yawn*

"To protect my innocence?" I bat my eyelashes, playing along in a way I hope is sexy.

Sorry to disappoint your ladylove, but more often than not her act was not the least bit sexy but extremely awkward. I'm actually surprised that she wasn't a virgin.

I don't appreciate you insulting my lovely Emery. That's not nice at all. You know the saying…if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

"Ladies first."
He squeezes my ass as I walk through, and I squeak with surprise, giggling. I'm acting like a giddy schoolgirl and I couldn't care less.

Damn it! But I care. Tell Emery she should stop giggling stat. Baba is breathing down my neck already. She fucking hates giggling. *Baba whispers* Did you count how many times she giggled? *Drew shakes his head* No? That's too bad. Anyway, she definitely giggled one too many times.

"This isn't going to be like with Fuckstick or whoever. If you don't like what I'm doing, or you need me to change pressure or speed, you're going to tell me. You're going to tug on my hair and tell me to the left, or harder, or whatever you need to climax. Do you understand?"
She nods, smiling at me.

*imitates her dreamy smile* *Baba scowls*

Would you care to share your inside joke?

Nope. Ooookay…we're close to the climax. Pay attention, Hayden.

I cry out and clutch his biceps for support as the most intense orgasm of my life hits me. This is the third he's wrung from my body in the last hour, and I feel as if I'm floating on cloud nine.

*puts hand on his heart* Damn. I want access to that cloud nine for my Kat. I think you just gave me some serious performance anxiety, Hayden.

I could show you some tricks. *smirks*

Spare me your tricks and smirk, dude. Of course I'm just joking. Cloud nine isn't good enough for my sweet Kat. It goes without saying that I did catapult her right through the clouds. She's seen all the stars and heard the angels sing oh-so sweetly. You can't top my performance. *beams*

I know you like to talk big, Drew. If you're going to talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk, right?

"Fuck. Why did we wait so long to do that?"
"Because we're friends?" I suggest helpfully.
"Right. Totally. I'd say now we're more like best friends."
"Besties." I almost choke on the word. Why is my heart clenching in my chest?

OMG, I think I'm close to a heart attack. I'm feeling funny and my heart is clenching wildly. *Baba sniffs and rolls eyes*

I swear I can hear her when she's rolling her eyes. *winks* Oh, and she hates constant winking too. *winks again* *Baba huffs* You shall annoy your interview partner and not me, you freak.

The smell makes my pussy throb again, makes me want him in my arms and between my legs…even as I want to push him away so I can figure all this out.

This reminds me that I should put my head between Kat's legs and tickle one big O out of her sweet pussy. How I love to make my Kat happy. *cheeky grin*

You look disgustingly happy. Blech. Hey, check this out…my Emery is a fucking rock star in the sack!

Damn. That was intense. Who knew my buttoned-up, yoga-loving lawyer would be a fucking rock star in the sack?

Can't.Stop.Laughing. If Emery is a rock star in the sack, then I'm the Pope. And we both know that I have not one single holy bone in my body. Well, maybe my unmatched cock is holy but that's no bone…and no muscle either…hmmm…
That rock star comment was priceless. *chuckles*

A deep throaty laugh tumbles from her mouth, (…)

I didn't know that a throaty laugh can tumble from someone's mouth. But I sure as hell enjoy tumbling into bed with my Kat.

Well, you are definitely not omniscient. *mumbles under his breath*…jerk

Remember when Emery's panties were soaking wet for hours? I'm sure it must have revved up your libido sky-high. Or, when both of you were purring, I just couldn't help and laugh. You know I usually like alternating POVs but you two sometimes gave me a hard time distinguishing between male and female voice. The author didn't pull it off and your POV was kinda wishy-washy. Before I forget it, I have a small gift for you: new panties for your ladylove.

I don't know if I should whack you over your head or thank you for the new panties. They look sexy. BTW, are you wearing manties, Drew?

Fuck, no! I don't want to castrate myself. *Baba to Drew* I already know what you're going to wear for Halloween. *Drew hisses* Don't you dare!

My cheeks heat up with sudden shyness. Love shines from his eyes, so naked and tender that I swallow hard, fighting back happy tears.

Emotion knots in my throat. "I…I love you too," I stammer, smiling and blinking back tears for the second time tonight. I'm still so new to those three little words--both hearing and saying them--that they touch my heart every time.

Jesus.Fucking.Christ. That's so sappy. *chokes*

Get out of here! You're just jealous. She's sweet on me, my sweet Emery.

Good grief. I can hear you making virtual kissy noises. *puts a sour look on his face*
Well, and when you finally got in her soaking-wet panties, enough, but that you'd consider that bland smexin' the best you ever had is even worse. I suggest you stick to your hand, man. By the way, that's really scary that you would consider a romantic and cute.

The mark was so lame and run-of-the-mill it's hardly worth talking about. By that time, I knew that Baba was so bored that she was close to throwing in the towel. Although being that close to the finish line, I had to encourage her to just soldier on. Grit your teeth and get to it, right Baba? *Baba to Drew* Don't mention it, Drew. I'm dead on my feet. Please, let's just wrap this interview up. I can almost see the finish line. Geez, this book is supposed to be adult yet it reads like NA.

"Lover?" I call, peeking into the living room.

*high-pitched voice* I can't even.

Yoo-hoo! I am here, baby! Let's go home, shall we? Drew, we're done here. Get some TGIF, that should brighten up your mood substantially.

*fist pump* Love me some Tongue Goes In First. Going down on my Kat centers me. Although when I think about revving up our baby production, this is so not going to cut it. I'll just have to shower her with some hot against-the-wall-on-the-kitchen-counter-and-between-the-sheets action, preferably with my magical love stick stuck deeply in her greedy little pussy. *looks at his pants* Down boy!

Oh, what the hell…Drew proceeds to remove his clothes…

 photo oie_MaxhzDMFRMaq_zpstmlgcy5x.gif

Great job, Drew! I'm very proud of you. And congrats, you passed the Baba test with flying colors.

**Review request of author Kendall Ryan**

 photo oie_GTO7bs0C5cnv_zpsct2xyhna.gif


1.5 stars, upgraded to 2 stars.
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2,376 reviews4,625 followers
September 16, 2015
4.25 Stars


This is a very fun, light, sexy read. I found it hit the spot because it can be read in one sitting and made for an enjoyable evening. If you like the trope of the hero/manwhore trying the friend route with a spunky heroine and eventual fall into love, this one's for you!

Hayden Oliver is pretty much your typical manwhore. He thinks with his nine inch member and has been sampling all the hot female tenants living at most of his properties.

”I’m not looking for something deeper. I have a luxury condo in the heart of the Hollywood Hills, drive a new BMW, and possess a nine-inch cock.

Translation: Life is good.”


Hayden's business partner, Hudson has had enough with his ways and puts his foot down with a firm warning. Hayden finds the new tenant, Emery, not only gorgeous, but driven, and a lot of fun to be around. He decides he wants to try the friend route with her. Well let's be honest, his reputation preceded him and so he didn't have much of a chance with Emery any other way.

"I didn't uproot my whole life and move across the country to dwell on the past. I want to put my shiny new diploma to use, dive headfirst into my career- and leave a certain douchebag in the dust."


Hayden and Emery were really cute together, the humor in the story was really entertaining. Emery was a wonderful heroine. She is so very relatable and so very likable.

The anticipation of these two finally hitting the bedroom is palpable!!

"Is this going to change things between us?" she asks."

"You're really going to ask me that when your hand is on my cock?"


So many aspects like the yoga outing, Emery's pervy boss, Hayden's wonderful sisters, Hayden and Emery's past reveals, and even the farting, all made this story one very entertaining read.

Profile Image for Kendall Ryan.
Author 140 books17.2k followers
September 4, 2015
HOLY MOTHER, it's almost TIME!

 photo high g_zpsixjebteh.gif

Time for what you ask? Time to get SCREWED.

Why do I suddenly feel all tingly? No. That isn’t part of the plan. He does not get to strut over here and make me go all lusty for his dirty, dirty man rod. Especially after what Roxy just told me. Has my vagina no shame? There are probably cooties crawling up and down that overused flagpole.
 photo FB ad screwed5_zpskrqbcpxn.jpg

Can men and women really be "just friends"?

She swore off men after her last breakup. He made a pact to his best friend, no more random hookups. So when these two unlikely characters try to be “friends-only” sexy hilarity ensues.

 photo funny_zpsearxehad.jpg

 photo Screwed_amazon_zpsbbzkq7fw.jpg

I have one rule: Don’t shit where you eat.

Several of the women in the condo complex I own would love some one-on-one playtime, and why wouldn’t they? I’m young, fit, attractive, and loaded. Not to mention I’m packing a sizable bulge below the belt. It’s a combination that drops panties on a regular basis.

Yay, me, right?

But my cock, troublemaker that he is, has been confined to my trousers by my business partner. A concession I agreed to, and one that’s never been hard to enforce until Emery moves in across the hall. She’s smart, young, determined, and sexy as hell. I want a taste. I won’t stop until I’m buried deep inside the succulent new-in-town brunette.

After being warned about my past, she does her best to steer clear, but I’m about to show her that underneath it all, I’m a guy with a heart of gold and a cock of steel.

My name is Hayden Oliver, and this is my story.

SCREWED is standalone romantic comedy by New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Kendall Ryan.

 photo tumblr_lymwu1LviP1rnswfao1_500_zpsjwyetffn.gif

“Why would I take a chance on you and have my heart broken again?”
“Because I have a nine-inch cock and I know where the g-spot is?”

 photo GR3_zpsxxfgkhfy.jpg

“Why did we wait so long to do that?” he asks, still breathing hard, burying his face in the crook of my neck.
“Because we’re friends?” I suggest helpfully.
“Right. Totally. I’d say now we’re more like best friends.”
“Besties.” I almost choke on the word. Why is my heart clenching in my chest?

That's right baby! Grab your copy today.

 photo pumpgirl_zpswynrqrhs.gif

 photo unnamed1_zpsj8nir1yh.jpg

 photo unnamed22_zpsqtwhcash.jpg

Screwed by Kendall Ryan
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2,770 reviews1,470 followers
September 15, 2015
5 Screw Me Stars Please

Screwed is a standalone novel by Kendall Ryan. I love Kendall Ryan books. They are sweet, short and hit the right spot for me every time. I also love that each book is different and she has a way in making me fall in love with her characters.

Hayden owns a condo complex. He doesn’t screw where he eats. He’s had a bad previous experience with a tenant and he doesn’t want to relive that again. Emery just moved into Hayden’s complex and she is forewarned of his player ways. Emery is busy trying to become a lawyer and doesn’t need an easy hook-up.

I’m a fan of Heroes and Heroines living in the same apartment building kind of story-line. You know they will run into each a lot and you know there’s going to be bunches of fun. Hayden and Emery’s relationship starts very slow and kind of sweet. They decide to be friends because it’s just best for both of them.

Hayden is attracted to Emery and he wants in her pants. He knows he shouldn’t hook up with her because he can’t offer anything more than the nasty deed, but he also doesn’t want complications because she lives close by. He continues to flirt with her despite all of this and it makes the sexual tension between the two just more intense.

I love how Hayden flirts with Emery and I love Emery pushing Hayden away. Even though Hayden isn’t really pursuing Emery, he kind of is. Emery gets wrapped in Hayden fairly quickly. It’s very, like I said, sweet reading the way they act with each other. It’s cute fun banter and there are plenty of interactions, but all very low-keyed.

Screwed does reads a bit differently from Kendall Ryan’s previous series. I would even say it reads more chick-lit / contemporary. It’s more sweet than saucy. But I love a friends getting to know each other book and I have major cover love.

So if you are use to Kendall Ryan books, just note, Screwed is more on the tamed side.

An ARC was provided

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896 reviews1,965 followers
October 21, 2015
3 Screwed Stars.

Hayden is a real estate investor that doesn’t do relationships, so he just go from one girl to another. Emery is a law intern who doesn’t do playboys, because she had her heart broken by one. When she moves to one of his buildings their attraction is immediate but they agree on being “friends.”. But when things get to strong to ignore, who’ll be the first one to give in?


Despite being a very readable book, there was some aspects that didn’t work for me. To be honest I didn’t feel like it had that much of a story besides steamy scenes and some drama. Not to mention an ending that left me very unsatisfied… I was hoping for me. Had the final chapters of this book been more “complete” and my rating would be higher. But in the end I was left feeling like something was missing.
Anyway, this was a nice and entertaining reading, so if you’re looking for a steamy romance, this is a nice choice.


Rating: 3 Stars.
Characters Development: Hayden was sexy and despite all his cockiness he was a sweet guy. Emery was sweet, a little insecure but nothing extreme. They were cute together. I liked Hudson, I’ll definitely read his book.
Steam: Hot.
Sensible Subjects:
Love Triangle:
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1,349 reviews1,263 followers
October 7, 2015
"All systems are primed and ready to go. I must seek and plunder."-Hayden


Screwed is a truly delightful read full of witty banter, clever dialogue, and likable characters. Like a package of pop rock candy it pops and gives you a shot of sugar to the system and leaves you floating on a sugar high!


Emery is a transplant to the big bad HOLLYWOOD! Upon moving into her new apartment complex, a neighbor warns her to stay away from the apartment complex "bad boy" Hayden. Not only is Hayden a well known "man-whore" but he also is her neighbor AND owns the apartment complex. Although Emery isn't looking for love, her attraction to the infamous bad boy is instant.

"Has my vagina now shame? There are probably cooties crawling up and down that overused flagpole."-Emery


Hayden recognizes the new tenant right away. Observing her being warned by a former flame, he immediately goes in for the kill. Despite the warning of his best friend and business partner, Hayden makes a "friend date" with Emory to show her around the town.

"Doesn't anyone think I can keep my dick in my pants? It only makes me want to prove them all wrong."-Hayden

Emery is all business. She is studying to pass her bar exam and wants nothing to do with Hayden. After some persistent behavior, Emery decides to take Hayden up on his offer. They begin to spend time together as friends. Before long the friendship blooms into more. Will Emery be able to tame this bad boy?

"Seriously, why would I take a chance on you and have my heart broken again?"-Emery
"Because I have a nine-inch cock and I know where the G-spot is."-Hayden


Screwed is simply hilarious! Although the neighbor "bad boy" falls in love with the good girl has been done before, I found this read to be unique because of the smooth tempo of the read and the well crafted text. I thoroughly enjoyed the main characters and the supporting characters really enhanced the story. Told in dual POV, we get a glimpse of the transformation taking place for both Emery and Hayden. Additionally, the steamy scenes were smokin' hot!!!! Although the build up was a bit long for my taste, when these two finally came together it was explosive. I thoroughly enjoyed the natural setting of the story and the way in which their relationship progressed. I only wish that there would have been more of them together at the end. Because together, it is just beautiful!


"And just like that, my heart soars. Her love feels so good. Like putting on your favorite T-shirt and lying in bed all day watching funny movies good."-Hayden


Overall, I recommend Screwed to anyone that is looking for a fun and sexy read. You will not be disappointed. Ms. Ryan brings a delectable blend of steam, likable characters, hilarious dialogue, and a great deal of heart in one beautiful package! This is one present I was happy to open up and enjoy!

~ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review! Thank you Ms. Ryan for sharing your work with me!~

For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

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1,005 reviews800 followers
September 15, 2015

I feel like a stalker when it comes to Kendall Ryan. Her books are always some of my favorites, so I am constantly watching and waiting for her new releases. I don’t think anyone does sexy, sweet and easy breezy as well as Kendall. So when I learned she was writing a sexy romantic comedy book I was dying to read it!

Screwed is the perfect blend of what I love from Kendall, it’s sexy, sweet, but also so much FUN! Hayden owns the building where Emery just moved in. She recently graduated from college and accepted an internship in California. Fresh out of a bad relationship she isn’t looking for love, but is in desperate need of a friend.

Hayden isn’t used to being friends with women, but since he has vowed to not get his honey where he get is money he decides to befriend his beautiful new tenant. From here the story really takes off. The friendship and situations these two got themselves into made me laugh out loud. I loved that Hayden wasn’t going to back down and was hell-bent on proving he could be a friend to Emery. That's what made me fall in love with him, he really was what she needed at the time. She wasn't looking for another relationship, but was alone in a new city and needed friendship.

There is an obvious attraction between Hayden and Emery, but neither planned to actually develop feelings for each other. Seeing these two open up to each other and exploring their feelings gave me the biggest smile. I was giddy with excitement when they finally kissed and completely in love with them together.

I love books that bring out emotions in me and pull me into the story. Laughing is by far one of my favorite things to do and I love that Screwed made me laugh out loud and fall in love. I highly recommend Screwed, there a few writers who can make you laugh, swoon and sigh, Ryan is definitely one!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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1,176 reviews4,206 followers
December 27, 2015
Cute and fun are the words that come to mind when I think of how to best describe this book. It was a straightforward, light-hearted story with likable characters and a fast pace. I listened to the Audible version and it was just over 5 hours, which is really short (especially if you listen at 3x speed, like I usually do). It would be a good choice if you're looking for a book you could finish in a short period of time.

The heroine, Emery, has recently relocated to California for a new job. She is coming out of a string of bad relationships and has given serious thought to writing off all men. She's focused on her new career in law, working as an intern while she studies for her bar exam.

Hayden is a wealthy businessman and a complete Manwhore. He owns the building that Emery lives in, residing on the floor directly above hers. He has made quite a habit of sleeping with his best-looking tenants, living up to his playboy reputation. He doesn't do serious relationships. He's all about fun.

When Hayden sees Emery, he immediately decides that he wants her in his bed. However, his best friend and business partner warns him to quit screwing all their tenants. It's bad for business.

Similarly, Emery can't take her eyes off of her sexy new landlord. As if she couldn't tell he was trouble, her new neighbor quickly warns her of his womanizing ways. She can see that he is exactly the type of distraction that she doesn't need and heeds her new friends advice.

Since any type of sexual relationship seems out of the question, Emery and Hayden strike up an unlikely friendship. Of course, their interactions are rife with sexual tension, keeping things light-hearted and humorous.

As they grow closer, they start to develop feelings for one another. When Hayden attends a business function out of town with Emery, the lines blur. The two end up taking their relationship in a new direction and there is no coming back.

Old demons surface. Queue the angst. Hayden screws up. Things get a little dramatic. Then, they kiss and make up.

While the storyline is like a thousand other "rich playboy meets good girl" books on the shelves, the characters were engaging enough to keep things interesting. Yes, it is very predictable, but it is a nice, fun read. Just don't expect anything mind-blowing. It is what it is.

Overall, I give it 3 stars. It was a nice, fun story to pass a little time. There wasn't anything wrong with it, but there wasn't anything particularly remarkable about it either. I liked it well enough, but I know it isn't one that will make any sort of lasting impression.

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1,193 reviews290 followers
December 25, 2016
I was so bored I wanted to cry at times.

Oh my God!!!! This is the most boring book I've ever read! EVER!
I finished it only because I was just too lazy to search for a different one (and because I skimmed, but hey, it's impossible not to with this one!).

Everything was so damn linear! Nothing happened! NOTHING!
It was supposed to be a funny read, the characters interesting at least, but they really weren't. It was the same old story, same old lack of chemistry, same old people.

I get why people like it, and I guess I'm in a weird book moment (my last few books were only 1/2 star reads), but I can't give it more than 2 stars.
Anyway, there are more interesting reads out there. Or at least shorter ones!

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November 16, 2015
♦ 3.5 "Nine-inch and Cute" Stars! ♦

 photo AgnihRV_zpsuxlhl21t.gif

So, this was my first read by Kendall Ryan and it was a 'kind of good' start. I had quite high expectations for Screwed and well.. I am a little bit disappointed.

This is a stand-alone novel that explains the story between Hayden Oliver (a 'cannot keep it in my pants' real state investor) and Emery E. Winters (a 'new in the city' law intern who happens to be a tenant in one of our hero's buildings). These two start of as friends, even tough they are very atracted to each other, and well they have some really funny moments.

“Seriously, why would I take a chance on you and have my heart broken again?”
“Because I have a nine-inch cock and I know where the G-spot is?”

Hayden is quite sure he can do this and only be friends with Emery. And I mean, he does. It is passed 60% of the book until we have some action. I liked the building of their relationship, but I was expecting super hot sexy times and well.. not bad but not as good as I thought it would be.

Still, these two are cute, sweet and funny together. It kind of reminds me of Tangled by Emma Chase but, in my opinion, lighter.

“What?” I ask defensively.
I expect him to tease me—to say something like I thought your head was going to fall off or Were you looking for the tofu? But he simply replies, “You’re beautiful.”

Therefore, my final rating is 3.5 STARS because it was a good read but I had my expectations and they weren't reached. But, if you want a light, funny and sweet book to read Screwed is a good option for you!

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1,335 reviews385 followers
September 18, 2015

4 "I would bounce on that pogo stick for hours." Stars

If you're looking for a relatively short, angst free, funny story with two great characters who give even greater banter - Screwed is the story for you. Reading this book was an excellent way to spend two and a half hours of my night. After looking for a quick, flirty read and having Screwed recommended by a friend I read the blurb, immediately one-clicked, and commenced thoroughly enjoying.

I laughed out loud many times at the funny quirks of both Hayden and Emery, our hero and heroine. Their connection jumped from the pages from the very beginning. If you like stories based on the building of friendship between a man-whore burnt from a past relationship and the girl who changes it all - also burnt from past relationships - don't miss this book. Hayden and Emery both bring a confidence and charisma to the story making them irresistible to each other and the reader.

Kendall Ryan infuses humor, banter, and wit into the words making both characters relatable and charming. Her writing is simple and flows easily as we read Screwed from the points of view of both characters. I really liked this sexy, contemporary romance and definitely recommend.
October 8, 2015
You always want what you can't have...Isn't that the way it always goes? Hayden, however, doesn't think that applies to him. And even though he doesn't really do friends, he thinks he's totally capable of being just friends with the woman he cannot have.

Hayden is quite the character...so sure of himself, so cocky but we get just a glimmer of something...something that threw him for a loop and set him on the path he's on today.

Emery is all about business. She's been burned in the past, three times to be exact, and she's not about to let anything get in the way of her passing the bar exam. Especially not a hot neighbor...definitely not that.

And even though Hayden promised his best friend and business partner, Hudson, he just can't stay away from Emery. So he does the next best thing...he becomes friends with her...and not friends with benefits!


Of course, they are thrown together in all kinds of intimate moments, some she stops, others he does. But their will power is waning and slowly but surely, they give in little by little.

Then Emery does the.worse.thing.possible. and Hayden is beside himself. He literally freaks out and runs. Thankfully, Emery is not going to let him treat her like that and goes and gets to the bottom of things.

I really enjoyed the characters and the story. I liked Hayden and Emery becoming friends and getting to know each other and of course, I LOVED the sexual tension.

There's also some great side characters, especially Hayden's family and his best friend, Hudson.

The story ends really sweetly but left me wanting more. Luckily, there's a spin off novella about Hudson and Gracie called Monster Prick coming out November 17th. I can't wait!


Favorite quote:

♥ "There’s no way I’m letting her go . . . after all, I’ll never find another girl with cuter farts."
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October 20, 2015
DNF - 3 stars

Almost half way in the book and I was bored...really bored...


The characters where great but the book development was nonexistent. The action was pretty linear and therefore it bored me to death.


I gave it 3 stars because I really love this author but this novel just wasn't for me.

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September 21, 2015

“Friends. I will become friends with benefits with the so hot I want to bend her over and fuck her in broad daylight new girl.”

I don’t really like some pre-conceived notions of what this novel is about while reading because it sometimes mess with what I feel and supposed to feel. Screwed is a light and romantic novel, with a bit of humor in it.

“He’s ridiculously handsome with an angular jaw that has just the right amount of stubble, and a ready smirk that begs to be either slapped or kissed.”

Hayden Oliver. Immature, a bit childish, arrogant. It’s sounds awful to be honest but those qualities were somehow the reasons why he was endearing to me.
“And Hayden’s grin-unrestrained, dimples showing, blue eyes crinkled almost shut as he laughs-is nothing short of beautiful.”

“I don’t need men. I don’t need anyone. I’m a lean, mean legal machine. I eat textbooks for breakfast and contracts for dessert. No one can fuck with me.”

Emily Elaine Winters. Confident, assertive, a woman who knows what she wants and go for it. I’m always attracted to dominant females, who knows what they want and life – they are a huge turn on for me.

Jesus, she’s pretty. Like spring an awkward erection and come way too soon pretty.”

It’s light. And then there’s sexual tension right from the start. And the anticipation? It’s something that I like most of all. You get to be sexually frustrated and it’s becoming a guessing game of if it will happen now, or if there’s a cock-blocking going on. It’s one thing I actually enjoyed, the unpredictability of when will the first screw will happen.

Another thing that I love actually is meeting the family scenarios. The humor in it was what’s endearing to me. They’re supposed to be friends and yet, the way everything’s happening speaks a totally different tone for the both of them. But the situations that I find most of the humor were actually the sexual banter and innuendos they thrown with each other, mostly by Hayden.
“You can’t call dibs on me washing your cucumber.”

One thing that got to me was Emily’s apprehension about being in a relationship. It’s something that I think most people think about, and something that I personally get connected to. Like the total package.
“They start out hopeful, then turn into something I never signed up for. I hated the passionless sex. The dull conversations.”

But, as much as I enjoyed reading this one, I know it got me too long before I finish (someone was cock, I mean read-blocking me) but it was never the issue, there are some parts that held me back by giving this a 5★ read. I love the anticipation, but it got too long for me and patience is not really my virtue, so when it finally happened, I was less than enthusiastic about it. Also, their time together as being exclusive were too little for me, and as for the ending, it felt a little rush for me considering the build-up of their ‘friend relationship’. I don’t know, I guess I wanted something different, or maybe something like those they did when they were in the ‘friend zone department’.

So if you’re looking for a light and romantic read, with a bit of humor and a lot of sexual innuendos? This read is just right for you.

“Because this friends-only thing? It fucking sucks.”

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January 23, 2018
One simply likes a nice erotic fairy tale. And that's just what Screwed is.

We have Hayden, a hot, young, rich playboy, and we have Emery, a hot, young, soon to be rich law intern. They meet and they try the friendship card in spite of their attraction for each other. They soon have hot sex and fall in love. They start dating.

The end.
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3,220 reviews1,928 followers
September 17, 2015
3.5 Stars
Hayden Oliver is the epitome of a manwhore. He knows his nine inch cock is a Gods gift to all women and used it like it's his superpower, and his own building is his playground. But right when he see's his next target moving in, his business partner tells him that he is no longer allowed to sleep with the tenants in the building. So he takes a new approach, he befriends her.

Emery just moved to LA for an internship at one of the law firms there. She has always wanted to be a lawyer and the move outs her one step closer to that goal. Nothing is going to get in the way of that, not even her hot playboy landlord. But when Hayden wants to only be her friend she thinks that's safe enough - right?

Screwed was not the book I thought it would be, and I mean that in both a good way and a bad way. I wasn't expecting the friends to lovers story but I really liked it. We got to see Hayden and Emery's relationship slowly blossom and I really liked seeing how they both handled the unfamiliar relationship.

On the other hand, it was slow and I was just waiting for the explosive chemistry that I was expecting from this story. It wasn't as hot and smexy as I was thinking and that was a little disappointing. I really did like the story though and the characters were great.

Hayden had a hidden past that was holding him back from getting close to Emery but after their first meeting he just couldn't stay away. He and Emery were really cute together and I loved their relationship, especially how Hayden was so willing to try new things for Emery.

Overall, I was a little disappointed with the story because of my own expectations but I couldn't help loving the story. The story was great and I will definitely be reading Hudson's book!

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269 reviews61 followers
September 14, 2015
“I definitely know my way around a clit. No worries there. It’s all about pressure and speed.”

Real Estate investor Hayden Oliver, knows his way around women. He has stared in his own and many others personal fantasies. Living them out with every available woman that tickles his fancy. He has even infiltrated his way through his female tenants. Not without controversy, of course. His best friend and current partner has made him promise to focus on the business and not have any sexual relations with the tenants.

“Generally with women, I have the finesse and mental fortitude of a rhinoceros charging through a watering hole.”

With the promise just off the tip of his tongue, a new and sexy female tenant moves in above his apartment. And he already has his hackles raised on seeing her.

Emery Winters has recently moved into the area, looking forward to starting her Law internship at a prestigious Law Firm. Emery has sworn off men and relationships on the whole. Resolved to focusing solely on her career and ensuring her mother reduces her work load and is able to live a relaxed and comfortable life. After a tenant warns Emery off of Hayden, she definitely has her guard up. Especially since her last boyfriends were all the same cocky bastards type.

With both Hayden and Emery attempting to resist each other, they embark on a purely platonic friendship. Every step of the way they become closer and closer, and we see them both resisting their feelings and emotions until, one steamy night, turns both their heads, and other body parts.

What I loved was simply Hayden's cocky confidence and his way around people. He either infuriated them, made them laugh or simply made them want to kick his ass. Then with Emery, she was pure sin. Sexy and sultry, with a strong head on her shoulders, and a kick ass attitude. She gave as good as she got. Always having a comeback for his cocky attitude. He met his match.

Screwed gives us some laugh out loud moments, along with a few arseholery moments with Hayden. An enjoyable romantic comedy told in dual point of views. Screwed is simply about resisting temptation while battling one's own selfish desires.

*ARC provided by Ink Slinger PR on behalf of the author for an honest review* Thanks!
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436 reviews59 followers
September 30, 2015
2.5, being honest!
Okay this one was about to be a part of my Left-aside shelf REALLY!

I practically forced myself to finish reading it, ‘cause I was actually hoping to get better at the end, which was not!

There are tons of books where; guy and girl comes as friends first,
a bit of sexual tension and the feelings…
but this one was , really, getting me bored.

Yeah! There was pretty dirty little talking, no real sexual tension, or at least it didn’t feel like it, a few laughing moments about getting a man doing some feminist stuffs( according to him)and…. Oh yeah ! a hard and fast explanation about his behavior, that felt more like a rushed solution to understand the why after his manwhorenerism(did I get it right?). The same goes for when they finally realized they were in love… come on! She just said it and he…accepted?
”What’s gotten into you? Did you tell Larry I was your boyfriend?”…
Planting one hand on her hip, her posture straightens. “Aren’t you?”…
Emery’s still waiting for me to answer, so I do the only thing I can think of. I lean down and take her mouth with mine.

Then the typical… someone ran away, they got back…the rushed explanation and the kind of WTF is that the HEA ending?, seriously?
Not so hot, as the tittle might suggest, rather the pretty dirty mouth for both of them.

I think it would have been better if it were more shorter, ‘cause we had to go through a lot of pages only to some light explanations and HEA. Definitely better if were shorter.
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1,484 reviews124 followers
October 27, 2015
The cutest fart haha

Hayden is a serious ladies man he doesn't do relationships or complications life is good 4 him but his bff Hudson as a pain in his ass with him cause he's sleeping with the tenants in there building's they own an Hudson as had enough an puts a ban on him doin it again but when Hayden sees the beautiful Emery she is the new tenant in Hayden's apartment block an now thinks just got completed he can't sleep with her but can he he as never been friends with a girls before can Emery be the first

Emery as finished college as know she is startin an internship at a law firm this is the start of her new life an she is dyin to get started but when she is moving in she gets to chat to 1 of the tenants about things an a certain ladies man so Emery know what's Hayden is like now an to be far he doesn't deny it so when he asks her out as friends she decides to make him work for it but he ends up doin what she wants an they end up bein friend but how long will it last

I really enjoyed this the sexual tension was so strong through most of this book I did luv the banter between them the way he would test Emery say sexual things to her an once the flirting started its just got hotter an hotter an once it got to much for them stand they explored into the sexiest sexy time they had both ever had it was so hot I did find the endin a lil quick I wanted a lil more but overall the story was really good I luvd the characters an the humour was great the fart part had me in bits laughin so good I would luv to know what the story would go like with Hudson an Grace so I would luv that I would recommend this book it's worth it just for Hayden ;) xxx

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3,510 reviews4,568 followers
November 12, 2015
3 ½ stars – Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy

This was a fun, cute romantic comedy. I was pleasantly surprised by the friends-to-lovers aspect of the relationship between the H/h, especially considering what a player the hero was in the beginning. The yoga scenes were funny, and the romantic development seemed believable. But I was also somewhat disappointed by the relaxed pacing and lukewarm chemistry. I expected lots of fun, naughty, sexy times given Hayden’s cocky, manwhore reputation, but he was just a tad too tame for me.

There was some minor angst related to Hayden’s past and Emery’s job, but nothing overly dramatic. I didn’t like that the issue of wasn’t fully dealt with and felt slightly downplayed and trivialized. But I was also glad it didn’t overtake the story, given the generally lighter, comedic tone.

Overall, the story wasn’t quite as sexy and entertaining as I was anticipating, but it was still an engaging read worth 3 ½ stars. And I’m definitely interested in reading Hudson’s book, Monster Prick.

**I was provided a free copy of this book by the author, Kendall Ryan, in exchange for an honest review.**

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2,598 reviews416 followers
August 31, 2015
Review by Lisa Kane

Hayden Oliver is a property developer. Along with his best friend and partner, Hudson Stone they own multiple apartment complexes in Los Angeles. They take mediocre complexes, sink money into them and turn them into upscale properties. They are both successful, gorgeous and balls deep in women.

The only fly in the ointment-Hayden tends to have one night stands with his tenants. They quickly become pissed tenants at the way he blows them off afterwards and Hudson is sick of dealing with the complaints. So he warns Hayden off-no more shitting where you eat.

Of course right after this lecture, Hayden sees new tenant Emery Winters moving in. She's beautiful and his testosterone is calling to him to bed this girl. It doesn't help that his ex Roxy is talking to her, warning her off of him. So when he approaches her, Emery is wary of him and suspect of his intentions. Which she should be.

"What did she say?" My tone comes out more commanding than I intended.
"That you're a dirty, man-whore who's had his fair share of fun. And then some."
"True on all accounts."

Emery is interning for a prestigious law firm, Walker, Price and Partt, while she waits to sit for the bar exam. She's just moved from Michigan and ended a no where relationship with a douche. Actually, she's had 3 ex douches. Each worse than the other. But she's in LA to succeed, make a career for herself and make enough money to help her single mom out. All her life, her mom sacrificed for her and she wants to repay her back.

Hayden decides the best approach with Emery is to friend zone her. They can hang out, he can show her LA and maybe, just maybe he can get in her panties. He doesn't bargain on her wanting to find a close place she can do her yoga. He has to enlist his sister Beth help to find out where to go. Next thing he knows he is doing morning yoga and finding vegan restaurants to accommodate his new "friend". This just about kills the cow lover in him.

"Just relax, princess. I won't try to get in your panties unless you ask nicely, and I'm serious about the friends thing. I'll show you around town. It'll be fun."

Hayden is actually having a great time with Emery. She's funny and smart and just about the opposite of his one night stands. But Hayden has reasons for way he pumps and dumps. His heart was shattered once and he is not willing to risk it again. Hudson tells him that he will change his mind when he meets the right woman. Has he already met her?

"You broke up with a girl for farting?"
"Indeed." I confirm.
"That wasn't love, then."
"How do you know?"
Hudson shakes his head. "Because when you're in love, and your woman feels comfortable enough to do that in front of you, you'll think it's cute. "

Emery finds herself falling for Hayden but she knows that he doesn't do relationships. Her brain may tell her that, but her lady bits are telling her something else.

Even if we both feel funny in our pants for each other, sex just isn't a good idea.

A business trip to Omaha just may turn this friend zone into Sexy City. But will there be fall out from crossing the line?

"Seriously, why would I take a chance on you and have my heart broken again?"
"Because I have a nine inch cock and I know where the G-spot is?"

Screwed is a quick, funny read with a little bit of angst and mystery throw in. There will be a follow novella for Hudson, Hayden's partner and Gracie, Hayden's sister. I am looking forward to that one!
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2,101 reviews1,254 followers
September 17, 2015
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review



The title of this book is so fitting because Hayden Oliver is indeed SCREWED. Can a man who has a nine-inch cock and a healthy appetite for the ladies, keep his cock under control when a sexy brunette bombshell lawyer recently moves into his apartment complex that he co-owns with his friend, Hudson? So when his business partner and friend Hudson laid down the laws for him to no longer screw the tenants, Hayden is left with only one option. To become her "friend" and hopefully flirt his way into her panties. But the more time Hayden spends with Emery Winters, he finds himself at ease with her and loving their friendship and friendly banter. So what happens when Hayden and Emery can no longer keep their attractions and feelings of each other at bay? When one night of passion leads to unexpected feelings for the so-called womanizer, can Hayden break free of his playboy and one-night stands rule and commit to Emery? Or will he ruin his friendship with Emery or possibly his chance at love? Is Hayden Oliver screwed?


Ahhh...Kendall Ryan has been on my list of auto-buy authors. Ms. Ryan never fails to deliver a sexy, provocative, enticing, seductive, charming, and deliciously fun romance. Whatever she writes, I find myself devouring and enjoying her books. And in her latest book, Screwed,she makes Hayden's case of blue balls and his new found friendship with Emery a delightful fun experience. All I got to say is go read Screwed because Ms. Ryan has mastered incorporating a sexy, fun, seductive, and sweet romance into her writing. Now I am patiently (or not-so-patiently) waiting for more of her upcoming books.


Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages: http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...Kendall Ryan
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September 20, 2015
3 "Nothing special" stars

Emery is the new girl in the building that Hayden owns. She is an intern in famous law firm. She is sassy, smart and determinate. She is kind of girl who fights for everything in her life. Although her relationship status is pretty awful. Been with douchebags all her life made her want to sworn off men but when she moved in the new condo comples in L.A she met the charming, blue-eyed man who knows how to handle women, how to seduce and knows.. where the G spot is!

“I definitely know my way around a clit. No worries there. It’s all about pressure and speed.”

Hayden is a manwhore who enjoys life, women and his nine inch cock! . His wish is to have Emery beneath him but he decided that no matter what his family or friends says, he can have a girl for a friend! He is cocky, sexy and irresistible. He knows his way to women's panties but he managed to not think with his manhood for once in a long, long time!

“Generally with women, I have the finesse and mental fortitude of a rhinoceros charging through a watering hole.”

They couldn't deny their chemistry and attraction! They became close friends fast but didn't want to ruin their friendship with sex. Once they decided that enough is enough things got from sexy ..

...to ugly ! Secrets, fears and lies.. are on their way!

This book wasn't a winner for me, for sure! Too much eyeroll moments, boring conversations and too slow for my liking. At first I thought that Hayden will be my kind of guy, but he, sadly, he wasn't. I didn't connect with MCs at all and their chemistry wasn't explosive as I though it would be.
I've read other books by Kendall Ryan which were awesome. That's whyu I expected more of this one too.
Overall it was a funny and sexy story, just not my favourite by the author!
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2,082 reviews860 followers
October 2, 2015
Hayden Oliver has a problem. He can’t seem to keep it in his pants and is slowly turning the tenants of his high-end rentals into a tissy as he works his way through all the available women. So it’s not too surprising when his business partner tells him that he needs to keep his dick to himself. But what is surprising is the desire he feels for the most recent resident, Emery.

Emery hasn’t had the greatest of luck when it comes to selecting men. Even after being warned about Hayden, she can’t help but let him get close. But their friends’ only relationship is brimming with sexual tension. His reputation screams stays away, but there is something about Hayden that Emery just can’t say no to.

Screwed delivered in a major way! Not only was Hayden a sexy beast, but lord did he make you swoon! I loved that Emery could give as good as he gave, their banter and quick forming friendship was so fun to experience.

I can’t remember what it was that drew me to Kendall Ryan’s writing, but I know it was early on after my first few experiences into the romance genre. Immediately after finishing Screwed I knew my KR fix was far from over. This was just the start of the binge that would take place, the first in a series of back to back KR books. Because if there is one thing that she has mastered, it is making you want more!

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