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Christmas Pets and Kisses #1

Christmas Pets & Kisses: Sixteen Sweet Christmas Romances

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Ring in the Christmas cheer with sixteen all-new sweet and heart-warming romances from New York Times, USA Today bestselling, and award-winning authors. Don't miss out on this romantic collection of Christmas tails…uh, tales as adorable pets with fins, paws, feathers, and hooves bring holiday magic with the gift of true love.

Get into the Christmas spirit with CHRISTMAS PETS & KISSES. Limited time offer, so grab your set today! ONLY 99c!

Golden Christmas - Helen Scott Taylor
Two wounded hearts are brought together at Christmas by a golden retriever puppy.

Two Loves for Christmas - Mona Risk
Her German shepherd is her only friend until Josh teams with Rino to love and protect her.

Dog-Gone Christmas - Melinda Curtis
A handsome neighbor and his friendly St. Bernard mooch food and kisses from a merry widow.

His Christmas Promise - Alicia Street
A stray dog brings an ex-Army helicopter pilot and a single mom together.

We Wish You A Ferret Christmas - Nikki Lynn Barrett
Can a lost and found ferret bring two fractured families together?

Christmas Lovebirds - Rachelle Ayala
Can two little lovebirds and Christmas cheer open Melisa's heart to giving Rob another chance?

Christmas on Cougar Mountain - Nancy Radke
A Cinderella story on Cougar Mountain, with an escape artist playing fairy godmother, and a child getting a fresh start.

The Vet & The Christmas Pet - J.L. Campbell
A near accident brings Toni and her daughter a homeless dog and a man she’d prefer to keep in her past.

Tails, Time, and St. Nick - Mary Leo
Kris Timemaker uses a magic clock to bring his daughter's missing Westie and estranged wife back to him.

Graced - Jade Kerrion
Noelle, armed with several goldfish and a kitten, brings Christmas cheer to a widower and his children.

Unexpected Gift - Chantel Rhondeau
Far from home, a lonely young woman strikes up a friendship with a lost cat and his secretive owner.

Minty's Kiss - P.C. Zick
One kitten, a broken-hearted girl, and long lost loves are brought together for a special mountain Christmas.

The Christmas Wish - Michele Shriver
Will a fall from a horse bring Hayley's parents back together in time for Christmas?

Dante's Gift - Aubrey Wynne
Seventy years ago, a collie mix brings two hearts together in war torn Italy. Will their story help their grandson find his own Christmas love?

Mavy's Christmas Miracle - Sharon Coady
Anne takes a rescue kitten to the vet, only to discover he's the man who broke her heart.

The Impossible Rescue - Annamaria Bazzi
A handsome stranger gifts a cute Pomeranian puppy to a woman in need of rescue.


First published October 6, 2015

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About the author

Helen Scott Taylor

62 books246 followers
USA Today bestselling author, Helen Scott Taylor, had her first book released in 2009. The Magic Knot, won the American Title contest, was a Golden Heart® finalist, and was chosen as one of Booklist's top ten romances of 2009. Since then, she has published other novels, novellas, and short stories in both the UK and USA.

Helen lives in South West England near Exeter in Devon. As well as her wonderful long-suffering husband, she shares her home with a Westie and a birman cat. She believes that deep within everyone there's a little magic.

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Author 63 books173 followers
August 11, 2015
I'm working my way through the set.
Christmas Lovebirds - Rachelle Ayala:
Melisa, Rob, and their pair of lovebirds are the perfect Christmas read! When a kindergarten school teacher runs into the man she's had a crush on her entire life but her entire family hates for something that happened in the past, what can the girl do? What besides find a reason to see him again!

Heartthrob Dr. Rob is charming, handsome, and so attentive to all Melisa's needs. He's a man any of us would love to take home! Not to say he's perfect, and when Rob messes up big time, he'll have to pull out all the stops to win Melisa's heart before Christmas.

I thought this was a fun, cute read with some parts that made me actually laugh out loud. I really enjoyed it!

An Impossible Rescue - Annamaria Bazzi
I liked this story. It was a great book about the healing power of love and finding your happy ending even through life's trials.
5 reviews1 follower
August 25, 2015
I've read a few of the stories so far in this set, given an advanced copy for reviews. Here are my impressions so far:

Christmas on Cougar Mountain - I really enjoyed this story, reading it in just two sittings. I did feel like it was a bit of instant love between the main characters, but it was still good. I loved the insight into what people with dyslexia suffer from, and I thought the interactions between adults, child, and dog were all great. I would recommend this story.

Christmas Lovebirds - This was fun. I enjoyed the characters and liked that they had both been secretly in love with the other for such a long time. I've never owned birds before, but their lovebirds made me want one. The romance was believable and I loved the way it ended. Read this one all at once.

Unexpected Gift - This story was good with just a touch of mystery added in because the hero wouldn't come face to face with the heroine and I wondered what was wrong with him. However, the dates were unique and the story left a good feeling about loving people for what's on the inside. Cute read.
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3,000 reviews3 followers
February 3, 2022
What an amazing set of books! All of the books I have read so far have been absolutely wonderful!

Golden Christmas by Helen Scott Taylor

Vicky Jones hates Christmas and goes somewhere by herself every year. This year she rents a place where she meets Honey, a Labrador owned by Jonathan Bramwell. Will Honey and a new golden retriever puppy bring Vicky and Jonathan a chance at happiness after both have had so much heartache in their pasts.

I loved this story and the chance at both getting their happy ever after with such sad pasts.

Two Loves for Christmas by Mona Risk

Josh Dutton is an attorney and a well-known womanizer, much to the dismay of his father Senator Howard Dutton who is trying to get re-elected. Emma Cassiero is trying to help her step-mother after back surgery but money is tight and she is having trouble figuring out why her deceased fathers businesses are no longer doing well. Luckily Emma has her dog Rino to protect her from trouble!

This was a great story at finding true love and doing it your way and not the way others want you to. It's also about putting your trust in the right people who will be there to protect you from any trouble.

Dog-Gone Christmas by Melinda Curtis

Marnie Haywood and her 5 year old son Alex are dreading the Christmas holidays with her deceased husband's parents, Harriet and Rodney.

Jonas Johnson is taking care of Snowflake, a very large St.Bernard, while is owner is deployed for several weeks. When Marnie and Alex can hear Snowflake thing start to get weird!

Both Marnie and Jonas have ghosts in their past and have troubel forgiving themselves. With Snowflake and the rest of their families help will Jonas and Marnie be able to have a merry Christmas?

We Wish You A Ferret Christmas - Nikki Lynn Barrett

Nothing makes me happier than a book that deals with difficult issues and really gets down to the heart of the matter and how hard it can be.

Lance Rossiter is a single father whose daughter, Tamara, is in the hospital and he blames the pet ferret for landing her there.

Cara McLean is a single mother who is struggling with dealing her son Alex, who has Asperger's Syndrome, while not forgetting about her daughter.

When the two meet by chance through one of Alex's episodes they start seeing each other more often and develop a friendship. When Alex finds Tamara's missing ferret, Frenzy, will he be willing to part with it? Will Cara and Lance allow their similarities to draw them together or will it drive them apart, with both afraid of getting hurt?

This book is so emotionally amazing with Cara and her struggles with Alex. It shows just how hard it is for a mother to feel like they need to do it all, yet feel like they are not doing a good enough job. I loved Lance and how he was with Alex. Lance's family was amazing yet I personally feel for Cara in not having family around to rely on.

Such an amazing read and it really touches the heart!

Christmas Love Birds by Rachelle Ayala

Melisa Hart is a kindergarten teacher and has had a crush on her brother Connor's former best friend Rob Reed for many years. Unfortunately when Rob slept with Connor's girlfriend Elaine, he was no longer welcome around the Hart household.

Rob Reed is now an emergency doctor and owner of a lovebird named Casey. He is reminded of his past when Melisa comes into his emergency room one night.

There are secrets Rob has kept from everyone and when the truth comes out will he be able to win Melisa over or are the lies he has told too much for everyone to overcome?

This is a great story about what we keep from others and how we move on from the mistakes we have made in the past. I love the relationship between Melisa and Rob and how it doesn't seem fake when they are together!

This book brings in many characters from other books which is great to see and I'm loving how everybody is intertwined!

Christmas on Cougar Mountain - Nancy Radke

What an absolutely wonderful book that centers on Christmas but also on getting kids the proper diagnosis for learning difficulties instead of just medicating them!

Zoey Ketchum is a Davis Facilitator who works with children and adults that have dyslexia. One night she finds a dog on a highway on-ramp and takes him home after it is discovered that he has no chip.

Kellen Washburn is a widow and father to Reese who has learning difficulties in school and trouble concentrating. He has just moved from California to the Seattle area and when his son's dog escapes from the boarding kennel he will do anything to get him back, including driving out in the middle of a huge rainstorm.

When Zoey mentions she can help Reese for $3000, Kellen thinks he's being scammed but puts his trust in Zoey. When Kellen loses it one day and runs out on Zoey with Reese will he make it back in time to realize the truth?

I honestly loved this story and I could understand the hesitancy that Kellen had as $3000 is a lot of money for something he doesn't think will work for his son. I loved how the focus of dyslexia stayed through the story and really made me understand more about it.

Graced - Jade Kerrion

Noelle Langford escaped from her hometown of Havre deGrace to LA but a phone call from her sister has brought her rushing back after her father has had a heart attack.

Connor Bradley is Alan Langford's doctor and has definitely filled out from the high school nerd he once was. Now, he has been a widow for a year and father of two girls, Grace (6 years old) and Hope (1 years old). He is struggling to balance his work and home life and appears to be somewhat losing the battle.

Connor was 4 years older than Noelle in school but both still remember each other. With her father's pet store closed over the holidays Noelle decides to help Connor with the girls but still knows she will be returning to LA.

Will Connor risk letting Noelle into his and the girls hearts knowing she will be leaving soon. And when Noelle really needs Connor the most will he be there for her or will he have too much trouble balancing work, family and a social life?

I loved the characters and I couldn't imagine trying to raise two young girls as a widow as well as a career. Such a great Christmas story!

Unexpected Gift by Chantel Rhondeau

What an incredible heart-warming story on true love that grows from the inside and not based on appearances.

Cali Johnson has moved from Idaho City to the Bronx to work as an assistant to an Interior Decorator. She doesn't know anyone and doesn't feel comfortable in her building due to the awful condition it is in but knows she is safe once she can get inside her apartment. One day she hears a cat in the hallway and drops Jasper off at his owners place upstairs, but there she finds more mystery.

Marcus Ritz hides from the world inside his apartment and no one sees him. What is preventing Marcus from going out in the world?

Cali and Marcus soon develop a friendship but she still never gets a glimpse of him. As he feelings grow for Marcus she tries to get him to trust her and let him know whatever he is hiding from her won't change how she feels about him.

I absolutely loved this story! I loved how attentive Marcus was to Cali and how he wanted to protect her yet at the same time he still didn't trust her seeing him. The feelings in this book were so real and I loved Cali's sweetness!

The Christmas Wish by Michele Shriver

Loved this book on second chances!

Hayley McLaughlin has been thrown from a horse and has brought her separated parents together for her recovery.

Ashley McLaughlin is reeling from the disappointment in her husband, Brennan, after his revelation of a one-night stand. Brennan claims it will never happen again but can Ashley risk her heart again?

When Hayley tells Santa that all she wants for Christmas is her parents back together will she be disappointed or get her Christmas wish?

I loved the discussions around why the affair happened and the reasons were so real that you felt for both Ashley and Brennan.

This was a great novella and I love the writing around it and how Hayley and Thunder showed Ashley and Brennan what really matters!

Dante's Gift - Aubrey Wynne

This was such a great look at a past love and comparing it to a current one.

Katie James loves her boyfriend and soon to be "fiance" Dominic Lawrence, but when he drops a bomb on her saying that he is going to Italy to bring back his grandma, she says she can't marry him yet.

Dominic goes to Italy and brings back his grandma, Antonia and really wants the two loves of his life to come together. When Antonia tells Katie the love story of her and Ken will it bring Katie back to Dominic or will it push her further away?

Loved the World War II romance and how Dante, Antonia's dog brought her and Ken together! Such a great Christmas story!

Mavy's Christmas Miracle by Sharon Coady

Anne Hurd moved home to take care of her Grandpa after her Grandma passes away. They find a kitten, Mavy, that needs medical attention.

Kyle Shafer is the vet in town and also the boy that broke Anne's heart. Little does she know how much seeing him brings back all her feelings but he walked away without a word to her.

Can Anne trust Kyle and when she learns about the secret he has been keeping from her and why he walked away does she have enough love in heart to move forward?

I thought this story was great and really understood why Anne was so hesitant. Anne's past made it difficult for her to giver herself strength in what she was faced with. I understood while Kyle walked away but wish he had trusted in Anne more but then seeing how she reacted I completely understood!

Definitely a great Christmas miracle!

431 reviews
August 26, 2015
The Vet’s Christmas Pet
(As part of the anthology
Christmas Pets and Kisses)

This is a seasonal novella in the 16 book anthology Christmas Pets and Kisses. It is a lovely hour or so of reading. Single mum Toni and her five year old daughter, Jade, are picking up the pieces of their lives after the trauma of a divorce.

A young puppy comes in to their lives by accident and with the connivance of the local vet, who happens to have attended the same school as Toni when they were teenagers, they are persuaded to keep the puppy.

Toni is sceptical of entering into a romantic liaison as she thought her marriage was forever but needless to say it didn’t turn out that way. Matthias has never forgotten the young girl from school and now meeting up again realises what he has been missing all these years and probably the reason why he has never been married himself.

The characters are lovely from the beginning and especially Jade and Ridley, the puppy, who actually steal the show. Jade could have come across as a rather precocious child but the charm of the writing shows a lovely young girl who wears her heart on her sleeve.

Lovely writing in a short novella.

I also read:
Minty’s Kiss
P.C. Zick
Short story as part of the anthology due out in October 2015
A lovely romantic novella set just before Christmas. As a single mum, Gracie and her young daughter Gracie, set up home for a fresh and new start after a divorce in a cabin in a small community in the Smoky Mountains.
Meeting people she knew as a young girl getting over her own parents’ divorce Molly found the cabin brought her some comfort as she and Gracie pick up their lives again.
Molly meets her old school flame, Nick, but being a small town everybody knows everybody else’s business. The community is small but everybody looks out for everybody else.
I loved this novella. It is the first time I’ve read anything by this author and I liked her style of writing. In a short novella it is very difficult to get enough information across from a back story to make the writing comprehensive and entertaining at the same time but this author has succeeded brilliantly in this case.

I've pre-ordered the whole anthology and look forward to read the other stories in this anthology.

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496 reviews10 followers
October 6, 2015
I got to read an advance copy of Unexpected Gift by Chantel Rhondeau. This was a beautiful story. An emotionally turbulent, yet sweetly poignant, reminder that love has the power to heal all wounds. I fell in love with the characters, well maybe not right away with SOME of them, and felt emotionally connected to their story. You might need a tissue, or a box. Loved it!
Doggone Christmas by Melinda Curtis
Snowy, the St. Bernard, is quite a sight, bounding through the shared back yard of Marnie's condo. The handsome neighbor following him is fairly eye catching as well. This story was poignant, yet laugh out loud hilarious at points. It's a sweet love story, with a bit of angst, a lot of humor, and some lovely kisses. I really enjoyed this story, and wouldn't hesitate to read more from this author.
Mavy's Christmas Miracle by Sharon Coady
Mavy, the kitten, is very lucky to be alive, and Anne, who found her, is about to see some true Christmas miracles. When Anne's grandmother passed away, her grandfather was lonely. Anne uprooted herself and went to stay with him. She wanted this to be a happy Christmas, even though Gran was gone. This is a wonderfully comforting story, for any who've lost loved ones, even though the ending had me shedding a few tears. Loved it!
Christmas on Cougar Mountain by Nancy Radke was a heartwarming story of a dog, the woman who saved him, and the boy who loved him. I don't want to give away too much of the plot, but the author did an amazing job discussing the gift of dyslexia (trust me, when you read this, you'll understand!). Beautiful story that really opened my eyes!
Profile Image for David Lawlor.
Author 5 books63 followers
August 31, 2015
Christmas Pets and Kisses is filled with stories of love and romance that are sure to bring out the festive spirit.

P.C. Zick’s tale of one woman’s return to a childhood mountain sanctuary is just one of the stories in this collection. Minty’s Kiss is a well-told tale about recently divorced Molly Irving who, along with young daughter Gracie, leaves Florida to set up home in a cabin in the town of Murphy, in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.

It’s a place dear to Molly’s heart, not least for the little boy, Nick Johnson, with whom she once had a crush all those years before. Nick’s all grown up now, and most importantly for this story, he’s single and soon discovers he’s just as smitten with Molly as he was when they were children.

Little Gracie, still not quite accepting the divorce of her parents, puts up some resistance to her mother’s growing friendship with her childhood crush. There to take away some of the pain and confusion, though, is Minty, a kitten Gracie found on her first day at the cabin.

This is a sweet story of love lost and regained, which will certainly put you in the Christmas spirit. If the rest of the stories are half as entertaining as this one, then readers will be well served.
Profile Image for Julia David.
1,912 reviews16 followers
July 4, 2017
Dog-Gone Christmas by Melinda Curtis is a sweet story. It is all about new beginnings and forgiveness. I really do want to hear more from Snowy.

Christmas on Cougar Mountain by Nancy Radke. On a rainy night, Zoey stops to help a dog that was starting to get on the freeway. When she is contacted by the owner, she meets Kellen and Reese. Kellen is a single father of a dyslexic boy. Zoey can help him if Kellen will let him. Can they all find love too?

Mavy's Christmas Miracle by Sharon Coady. Anne had not seen Kyle for years, but she still feels the same way about him. Kyle still feels the same for Anne, but he has a complication. Anne isn't sure she can accept things the way they are now. Can there be a Christmas miracle for them?

Unexpected Gift by Chantel Rhondeau. Cali moves to New York for her dream job. She never dreamed she would find the love of her life. If only he would let her see him. Marcus has been a recluse for years and even though he wants to be with Cali, he knows that once she sees him she will run away in horror. They have much to overcome.

Profile Image for Lindsay Wikel.
4 reviews1 follower
August 18, 2015
I read Golden Christmas, it was absolutely Amazing, I found my heart strings being pulled.

Could Vicky really escape her past, could Jon find love? It's amazing what can happen when you least expect it, especially with a Christmas miracle.
Profile Image for Celeste .
546 reviews4 followers
December 6, 2015
Updated Review:
I first want to thank JL Campbell for ability to read A Vets Christmas Pet, prior to it's official release. I am not a animal lover,but I do love the Christmas spirit and season. I have fond memories of my youthful Christmases, so I definitely wanted to partake in the journey of Christmas Pets & Kisses:Sixteen Sweet Christmas Romances.

Let me begin. I always have great expectations when the task of writing about the Christmas season is taken on my authors. Therefore, I was happy I received the Hallmark Movie Classic feeling after reading, A Vets Christmas Pet. Can I tell you, I loved the names of the characters. There is something about a name that has a relatable feeling, that draws you into a story. I do not want to give away the story but a few highlights I appreciated. I appreciated and respected, Dr. Matthias Laing patience with Toni, as well as, Ridley and Jade. More importantly Jade because Jade was a tender perceptive child and it was soothing how Matthias was able to relate to her. I also appreciated Toni recognizing her flaws and not allowing past hurts to block future blessings. Lastly, I appreciated Jade and Ridley relationship, although I personally do not care for animals on that level, I can appreciate the tenderness of the relationship Jade and Ridley shared.

The character and plot development was at an appropriate pace for the novella. It gave you exactly what you needed. Answered the appropriate questions that allowed you to see why and how the main characters Toni and Matthias came together. It was sweet, refreshing and a good balance of how a blended family comes together. You can overcome your past when you all love in your heart. Happy Reading. Good job, JL

An Impossible Rescue by Annamaria Bazzi

Holidays bring an extreme amount of emotions and people are dealing with all different types of life changing events. You never know how strong you are until your strength is tested. You never know how important you are to someone, until their loyalty and devotion is tested. You never know how good God is until, He shows up in a manifested way, that if it had not been for the Lord being on your side where would you be. Those are all sentiments I had when I read the story of Julia and Michael. Life has a way of handing us some tough challenges, but it how we face those challenges that shows are true character. Its amazing how we can be strong and commanding in our professional lives but not in our romantic life. Here we have Julia, successful business woman having to deal with the ultimate reality of ending a marriage. What does the mind go through when you realized that the love you thought existed was based on a lie. How do you walk away from your vows? Then you have Michael, who had the opportunity to experience love that surpassed his understanding, and yet due to death it was taken away. How does one go on? How does one learn to trust and breath again? You have Julia and Michael, having to walk life's course and determine if Love is worth the risk. You see the two supporting each other in an authentic manner, based on friendship and mutual respect. Its the little things, and you find yourself wanting Julia to rid herself of Damien, and take back what is rightfully hers. Thank God for a compassionate and loyal father, who was able to see what rose colored glasses did not allow Julia to see when she said I DO to Damien. I will say this is a story where I wanted a full length. I wanted it to be more than a novella, because while it had plot and character development, I think it only touched the surface of what this story could have been. Its a good story and I think many can relate.

Minty's Kiss by P.C. Zick
This story right here screamed made for tv. I love the Hallmark channel and I could see this being played out their. I am always reminded that God shall give you the desires of your heart. Never dismiss the words of a child, and that shall manifest one day. The opening prologue set the stage. You have Molly as a child, having to cope with the separation of her parents. In that separation she lives with her mother, and finds friendship with Nick and her furry companion Harold. Its amazing how when adults are going through things no one really comprehends the impact it has on the child(ren). Molly and Nick formed a bond and of that, a youthful prayer was cast out before God in which Molly stated when she became older she would marry Nick. Well as faith would have it, and life circumstances get in the way, Nick and Molly separate. Molly goes on to marry another and have child, Gracie. Nick is the perpetual bachelor who loves and lives them, but yet dedicated to his family and friends. But as a result of Molly experiencing her own divorce, her and Gracie, return back to the Mountains where she looks to start anew. Love is never easy, and it has a way of going through its own course. Love is built on trust and mutual respect. Love is an action, and must be witness in deed and in truth. As faith would have it Nick and Molly are brought back to one another. The place that brought Molly so much peace as a child, would be the place where life would show her what true love and dreams are made of. Not to be captured quickly, as Gracie had to be considered in the actions between Molly and Nick, you find a tale of delayed but not denied. You find a community that loves one another, and friendships that withstood the test of time regardless of the number of years that had passed. You find the love of a pet helping to bridge the gap of winning over a child, Gracie, who wanted her parents to get back together.

Dante's Gift by Aubrey Wynne
This story is based in my hometown of Chicago, so each screen and description I am familiar. It was nostalgic to see how someone views a city that I love. A city that has such rich history and endearing people and elements. Can I tell you the one thing I really liked about the story is the opening of each chapter, with Love and what it encompass. Dominic is my brothers name, so with the leading male character having this name I couldn't help but smile. Anyhow, I digress. The elements of this story was surreal. You have history and love wrapped in one. How does one come back from declining a proposal to receiving another. Love. You have Katie the main female character, who is a powerhouse business woman. You have Dominic the powerhouse business man. What is mention and what we all can relate to is looking good on paper with your mate. How does that translate in life and living together. Kate and Dominic's story is one that is experienced with many couples. Different backgrounds, different ideals and yet, complimenting one's better half to a T. The relationship with Katie and Dominic is sweet, because you want this young love to succeed. You have Katie's best friend, who is the ultimate supported, Jasmine (Jazzy), who helps Katie put things into perspective. Then you have Nonna, Dominic's beloved Grandmother, who is the sweetest person ever written on paper. She is the essence of what you want when you have in-laws. After what could have been a chaotic complex situation, she welcomes Katie and give her a total different view on life, love and having your soul mate. Nonna tells of her own love story with Ken and how it blossom during the war, and how even during troubling times and a two year wait, how her and Ken reconnected. It is really a story of romance, that just by itself will have you misty eyed. Sometimes you need that nudge and reality check to help you appreciate what you have.

His Christmas Promise by Alicia Street
Who doesn't like New York? It's a perfect backdrop to a romantic holiday story. Main characters are Veronica and Justin. Supporting cast, Daphne (Veronica's daughter) and Cuddlebug (dog), and Manzie (Justin's grandmother). I like this story for many reasons, because I love a story where their is compassion and love for the elderly. Veronica and Justin met in a work capacity and had an attraction that one cannot really determine if it could manifest into anything else. Veronica having to regain her independence after a failed marriage. Struggles with trusting men and whether it is worth the risk of loving another. Then you have Justin, who has a lifestyle that does not fit with what Veronica wants, but comes to be what all she needs. In an unfortunate accident where Daphne was in the car with her father, the family dog runs away and wine up in the hands of Justin. It is through these circumstances that the bond between Veronica and Justin grow. The dog becomes the vessel that is used in which to help the two support one another and see what is beneath their surface.

Unexpected Gift by Chantel Rhondeau
I love music, so in the moment of reading Unexpected Gift, I put it to the lyrics of one of my favorite Neo-Soul artist India Arie. It was a beautiful surprise. This is my first introduction to Ms. Rhondeau, and I will say she brought one of my favorite children's stories to life in a contemporary way. I was happy she did not shy aware and forgo mentioning the similarities one would see between Unexpected Gift and Beauty & The Beast. I like that she addressed it in a way, that showed respect to the original tale, while holding true to her story-line. Cali is a likable character, I am sure the naivete and innocence may not resonant with some, but for me, it was who she was and its those characteristics that have you looking inwardly of what the life of someone from a small town vs a big city would be like. What shapes them as a person. Marcus while rough around the edges still had to rooting for him. Once the story of his upbringing is revealed and how his past shaped him, you have empathy for him. The two needed one another to heal, from inner and outer hurts. Good story and I definitely have this as a re-read. I also think it just puts me in the mood of Halmark. Its those feel good moments that shows how the human spirit can overcome anything with love, compassion and empowerment.

Christmas Lovebirds by Rachelle Ayala
Who would have thought that birds would be able to be the glue that brings two people together. I loved the play on the name Cassie, and how a simple slip up resulted in Melissa and Rob coming together. You never know how one's past may affect one's future. Rob being a friend having to make himself the ultimate sacrifice lead to years of mistrust and a feud that was unwanted by the Hart family. And yet, without it, who knows if Melissa and Rob would have grown out of the "family zone" to see each other as man and woman, when they began adults. Melissa's heart is that of a true educator. She had compassion not only for her students but for Cassie, her bird. The element of surprise was her ability to relate to her bird, and Rob's ability to relate to his bird Cassey. It just shows how there is more than one way to rear an animal, just as there is more than one way to rear a child. Through the ups and the downs, the misunderstandings you see a love materialized that was destine from their youth. I quite enjoyed the story because its often hard for one who is close to their family to go against the grain. Melissa had to do that when seeking to have a relationship with Rob, and although it was not easy, it was one that showed it was time for her to mature and stand on her own if she was going to have the love in which she desired.

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October 7, 2015
I am still reading this stories in this box set but I have loved whatever I have read so far. Will update my review as I continue reading the rest of the stories.

1) Dante's Gift by Aubrey Wynne
This is my first book by Aubrey Wynne and I really enjoyed it. This is a sweet story which comprises of two pairs of lovers and I love how Aubrey brings us back to the time during the World War 2 where the young Italian Antonia falls in love with an American soldier i.e. Dom's grandfather. And I really love how Dante, the collie brought the pair of lovers together. And not forgetting the story of Dom and Katie. This is a really beautiful love story that will touch everyone's heart and brings tears to your eyes.

2) Christmas Lovebirds by Rachelle Ayala
This is the second book of Rachelle Ayala that I have read and I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the first one. Both are about pets but in Christmas Lovebirds, the pets featured is not the usual cat or dog but a pair of lovebirds. I have never read any stories featuring lovebirds and I thought it was pretty unique. The lovebirds made the story really interesting especially when they were caught "doing it" on video. As with most Christmas stories, this is a story about finding love, second chances and forgiveness. It is a really sweet love story and definitely worth reading.

3) Golden Christmas by Helen Scott Taylor
I absolutely love this story. It is a really sweet story about second chances and it will touch your heart as it touched mine. There are so many stories out there where the heroes and heroines are all perfect. What I love about Golden Christmas is that even an "imperfect" hero can find forever happiness too. And anyone who love dogs would fall in love with Honey, the Golden Retriever service dog and the other golden retrievers featured in the story. Be prepared for tears when reading this.

4) Two Loves for Christmas by Mona Risk
This is not only a story featuring romance, but it has a touch of suspense too. Romance, suspense, danger and a German Shepherd - definitely a great combination. If you like some suspense in your romance, you'll love this as much as I did.

5) Dog-gone Christmas by Melinda Curtis
This is a story full of humor. I couldn't stop laughing at the Saint Bernard who talked to Marnie and her mother-in-law but the others couldn't seem to hear. His conversations with Marnie left me laughing all the way. Not only is this a funny story, it has an underlying meaning of learning to forgive. Great story.

6) Christmas on Cougar Mountain by Nancy Radke
This is one of my most favorite stories in the boxset. I always love stories that have more than just romance and humor. Christmas on Cougar is not only romantic and funny, it brings awareness to an issue that despite being very common, is still unknown to many - dyslexia. I love how Nancy wrote the issue into the book but still making the whole story interesting and romantic.

7) Graced by Jade Kerrion
Connor is a widower with 2 girls that he can't handle, especially his elder daughter. They have a goldfish that keeps dying and Connor has to replace it every time so that his daughter doesn't find out. The reason why the goldfish keeps dying is revealed at a later part and it was a really sad reason. I could really feel the agony of Connor and really felt so sad for him. Noelle, Connor's childhood crush, steps in and she starts getting attached. But Noelle has a secret and she doesn't know if Connor can accept it. This is sort of a second chance story and i really enjoyed it.

8) Unexpected Gift by Chantel Rhondeau
The heroine Cali befriends a recluse after she saves his cat. Somehow, she is drawn to him and keeps trying to befriend him. There is a reason he is a recluse but he is just not sharing. They start falling for each other as they continue their friendship through telephone and video calls. I'm not so sure about this story. I did enjoy reading it but I'm just wondering if it is really possible to fall in love and really know a person just through telephone and video calls. Somehow it just seems pretty unrealistic and very rushed.

9) Mavy’s Christmas Miracle by Sharon Coady
This is a second chance story where the hero Anne gets to find out why her boyfriend Kyle disappeared. They still have feelings for each other but there is some complication. Overall, I enjoyed this story and some parts left me tearing.
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October 25, 2015
Christmas Lovebirds by Rachelle Ayala--Melisa Hart has crushed on Rob Reed, her brother's best friend, her whole life and vice versa. A mistake he made years ago tore up his relationship with his best friend and family. I enjoyed Melisa and Rob's story and everything that they had to go through to be together dealing with the past, and her family trying to keep them apart. Throw in their pet Lovebirds Cassie (Melisa's) and Casey (Rob's) to help the couple also and it's a match made in heaven. It's a lighthearted and funny story.

Two Loves For Christmas by Mona Risk--Josh Dutton has made a lot of mistakes with women and it's tarnishing his dad's chance at re-election, so his dad and mom make a plan for him to get engaged till after the election. Emma Cassiero had to put off law school to help take care of her stepmom after back surgery and dealing with the auto shops her dad left her after his death, the bills are piling up. But one look at Emma and Josh's plans change. He hires her to be a junior intern at his law firm so that she can take care of her mom and becomes her knight in shining armor. Her German Shepherd Rino steals the scenes that he's in. Love him.

Graced by Jade Kerrion-- Noelle Langford left her hometown of Havre de Grace 8 years ago when her parents divorced. Now she's back after her father suffers a heart attack. Connor Bradley, the hometown nerd turned sexy doctor, is dealing with raising 2 girls, Grace and Hope, after his wife passed away last year. on Christmas Eve, while giving birth to Hope. He's stressed from sleepless nights because of work and being a single parent. Noelle volunteers to babysit for him so that he can work. She is getting attached to them, and them her. She is set to give up her life to be a part of their family, but tragedy strikes and the relationship is tested. Will Noelle and Connor find their way back before she leaves and breaks his heart along with hers. Great story!

Dante's Gift by Aubrey Wynne-- Dominic Lawrence has set up the perfect scene to propose to his girlfriend Katie James, but when informs her that his Great Aunt passed away and he wants his Grandmother to move in with him, she starts second guessing the idea. Katie's parents have never showed her real affection, and she doesn't feel that Dom's grandmother will like her. What she learns through the love that his grandma shows her and the story of how she met her husband during WWII, and also how the friendship between Ken and Antonia's dog Dante being the reason she even gave him a chance will touch your heart. It is the story that is told that shows Katie that true love does exist.

Bolden Christmas by Helen Scott Taylor-- All Vicky Jones wanted to do for Christmas was to find somewhere secluded to hide from the past of losing her family on Christmas 4 years ago. Jonathan Bramwell is blind from an IED explosion. While Vicky is out jogging she sees Jon playing fetch with his dog Honey. What goes from Vicky retrieving the ball from the tree after she realizes Jon is blind turns into her helping walk Honey while Jon is sleeping off one of his migraines that he still suffers from. From there they develop a friendship and realize they are what each other need to move on with their lives. This is a very moving story!
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September 8, 2015
***I received a book from the author for an honest review****

I was able to read "GOLDEN CHRISTMAS" and what a delightful book it was! As others have said, it really tugs at the heartstrings, especially over the holidays! Vicky had her world turned upside down when she lost her husband and son 4 years ago in an accident. She doesn't think anything will ever be the same again and she's closed herself off from everything, even her parents. It's just too painful....especially over the holidays, so she rents a cottage far from her parents during Christmas. She meets a blind man and his dog, Jonathan & Honey, who quickly bridge the walls of her heart. Jonathan was blinded by an IED in combat and is trying to come to terms with his new life. His dog brings Vicky and him together one day. It's such a sweet book and will have you reading it quickly, just like I did! I couldn't put it down! I loved the epilogue!

I also read "CHRISTMAS WISH". Another delightful story, this time with a horse as the pet! Estranged spouses, Brennen and Ashley, come together when their daughter, Hayley, goes to the ER at Christmas time because she is thrown from her horse, Thunder. Brennen has had to move out of the house because he had one moment of weakness with another woman and Ashley is having a hard time forgiving him. However, Hayley has a Christmas wish that her parents will get back together. When Brennen moves back in to help Hayley recover from her concussion, will he be able to show Ashley that she's the only woman for him? A very sweet holiday story on forgiveness and family!

"MINTY'S KISS" really tugged at my heartstrings because it started with Molly as a young girl trying to deal with her parents' divorce in a cabin in the mountains when she gets a kitten to comfort her and she has a crush on a local boy named Nick. Then it moves on to that same cabin where she brings her young daughter, Gracie, when SHE'S divorced and that same cat dies suddenly but another kitten "magically" appears the same day to comfort Gracie! Nick comes over to welcome them back and Molly feels that same "attraction" still there - so does Nick. The Christmas holiday magic takes over!

HIS CHRISTMAS PROMISE was fantastic! I really liked this story! Veronica - or Ronni - has sworn off men due to her super jerk ex-husband but she can't help enjoy the time she spends with helicopter pilot, Justin, who takes her to her physical therapist appts.! He's very handsome and interesting! But, he's a player and she's not getting involved with someone like that! Besides, she has a darling daughter, Daphne, and several rescue animals to keep her busy. However, when Daphne visits her father and gets in an accident, which leads to losing her dog and Justin finds the dog, which leads to Ronni and Daphne living on Justin's property and sharing the dog with Justin's grandma......things just happen!!!! Such a sweet story!!
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August 5, 2015
Christmas Lovebirds is an exquisitely heartfelt and immensely inspiring story of finding the courage to claim a once in a lifetime love. To walk through life never feeling quiet complete or content is a very hard revelation to live with. Happiness feels like it is just beyond our grasp, and a painfully, hollow void slowly begins to grow within our soul. Everyone must realize on their own that only when we take hold of love can we will truly become whole. Fighting for what we want is the only way to prove that we are serious about making a change and never intend on going back.

Melisa Hart has had a crush on Rob Reed for as long as she can remember. No other guy has ever touched her heart or her soul as deeply as Rob has. The only problem is that he betrayed her brother Connor years ago and in turn her family cut all ties with him. No matter how much she wants to explore her feelings for him, it just isn’t possible with her overprotective family keeping a close eye on her every move. Things change when Melisa’s pet lovebird Cassie is mistakenly picked up with Rob’s pet lovebird Casey and taken to his vacation home. She quickly discovers where Cassie was taken and follows her only to have her world turned upside down. When the truth of the past is revealed will she be able to forgive and make her dreams come true, or will she walk away with a shattered heart and an empty future?

My heart hurt for Rob since his betrayal of Conner’s friendship ruined any chances with Melisa. He waited so long for her to grow up, and then he inadvertently threw his golden opportunity away. He thought for sure that there was no hope for him until a mix-up with their lovebirds brings them together and grants him one more chance to keep her in his life. Melisa is thanking her lucky stars when she is reunited with Rob and given a chance to show him how much he means to her and always has. Rob wants nothing more than to love her with everything in him while allowing her to spread her wings and fly free, and she wants to be removed from her protective cage and allowed to find out who she is while being loved fiercely and having safe and protective arms to fall into.

This is such an incredible story that you will not be able to put it down. Rachelle has stolen my heart once again with her epic creativity and imagination. I couldn’t get enough of these wonderful characters, and I loved seeing a mix of characters from her other books. Integrating storylines over the years helps me to have a greater appreciation for each precious character that I discover along the way. I look forward to the next story that Rachelle is creating and formulating with her stunning talent and heart.
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September 5, 2015
CHRISTMAS WISH by Michele Shriver - I was given an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

*****5 Stars

A heartwarming story of Love, Betrayal, Healing, Forgiveness and Family.
Hayley's parents are separated and she wants nothing else for Christmas other than for them to all be a family again. Hayley gets thrown from her horse and her Dad moves back into the house while she recuperates. Will Ashley and Brennan be able to work through their problems and make Hayley's Christmas wish come true? A definite MUST READ!!

WE WISH YOU A FERRET CHRISTMAS by Nikki Lynn Barrett - I was given an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

*****5 Stars

This story really touched my heart.

Cara is a Widow raising two children, Shelly her preteen daughter and Alex her little boy who was recently diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Trying to come to terms with her son's diagnosis, and to meet the very different needs of her children, Cara wants to be everything to her children but often feels like she is not enough and has no support.

Lance is a Widower raising his 5 year old daughter Tamara who was just hospitalized due to an accident. When she is able, Tamara asks about her beloved pet ferret Frenzy, who Lance blames for her accident, but has not seen since. Lance has his own insecurities, especially after he finds out a secret about his deceased wife.

A chance meeting in the hospital during one of Alex's meltdowns starts the ball rolling. Frenzy, Tamara's missing pet ferret keeps bringing them together after Alex discovers him and bonds with him. Lance and Cara find comfort in each other after discovering many similarities between them. Their attraction is palpable but due to their feelings of inadequacy and their commitment to meeting the needs of their children they decide to band together as supportive friends. Will Frenzy, along with a matchmaking Ma be able to bring the two families together?

This story really digs deep and shows the struggles of not only being a single parent, the demands of having a special needs member of the family and how it affects everyone, and how important a good support system is no matter what your family dynamic.

As with every other Nikki Lynn Barrett book, I loved the characters and was drawn into the story immediately. You can't go wrong reading a book by Mrs. Barrett and this is another example of that.

1,353 reviews
December 7, 2015
I am reading through this set now.

Rachelle Ayala - Christmas Lovebirds
What an adorable and sweet story! Rob and Melisa’s love story was genuine and tender. Their conflict was reality-based and not full of drama. I loved the entire story and wished it never ended! The lovebirds’ love story was so sweet and cute. I was thrilled that they had each other, too.

Jade Kerrion - Graced
Connor is trying his best to raise his two daughters after the death of their mother, but he feels like he is failing. Noelle gets called home when her father gets sick, and finds out Connor is her father’s doctor. Noelle and Connor knew each other previously, but not well. Noelle starts helping Connor with his children, and they slowly start to bond. But Noelle is going back to LA. Will she break Connor’s heart as well as her own? This was a really good book!

Mona Risk - Two Loves for Christmas
Josh and Emma are thrown together by their parents. Emma has no knowledge of this, but Josh was told by his parents that he needs to change his image, and Emma is the one to help him with that. Josh hires Emma to work at his law firm. Things happen, and they end up becoming closer. Will Emma truly change Josh? Will they fall in love? This was a really enjoyable book!

Aubrey Wynne - Dante's Gift
I wasn't too invested in this story at the beginning, but I kept reading. And I have to tell you, this story gave me chills! (That's the good kind, by the way.) When I was reading as Antonia was recalling her time with Ken, I couldn't help but just feel the love and magic of their relationship. And Dante, I could almost feel his tail wagging against my leg. Loved the story!

Nikki Lynn Barrett - We Wish You a Ferret Christmas
This book was so good! I love a story with a pet in it, but this was so much more. A little ferret brings two families together to create one. Lance is struggling to get through the trauma his daughter has faced, and he is feeling alone. Cara is also struggling. Her son has Aspergers, and she feels like she is to blame. Lance and Cara meet because of her son, and the ferret keeps them coming back together. They find that they are able to tell each other things that they can't voice to anyone else, and their bond continues to grow. This was an amazing story about love and trust, and the ability to let go of the past.
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October 6, 2015
****I received the following books in exchange for a Honest Review****

Golden Christmas - Helen Scott Taylor: This book was a truly heartfelt romance with a Golden Retriever and more Puppy's. Johnathan is a Army Officer veteran, When he served his country he Got hit by an IED so he is blind he has a Golden Retriever as a Service animal her Name is Honey. Then there is Vicky, who came on vacation to get rid of bad memories she is on a run and she meets Johnathan, and Honey Sparks fly. But because of her past she feels guilty for moving on with her life. We see Johnathan and Vicky fall in love. We see a Smart a cute, Pet. This is a great romance. Just word of advice bring your Kleenex, this is so good.... Loved it...

Graced - By Jade Kerrion: We meet Connor, who is an MD, he is also a widow with two little girls. Then we meet Grace, who comes back home after her father has a Heart Attack, and she meets Connor again. They knew each-other in school..... Sparks fly, There is Gold Fish in this story as well... This is a great romance story, I like how they knew each-other and they are back together. I also love the Medical part of the story.... This is a must read. Get it today.

Two Loves for Christmas - Mona Risk This was a really good story. This book has Romance, Suspense and Action and a Cute and very protective German Shepherd Named "Rino". Josh is a Son of a Senator and he is also a lawyer, his Father wants Josh to get engaged for 6 months to clean up him playboy image. Here Comes Emma, Her step mom, is sick and she takes care of her. Her mom comes up with the plan with the senator for Josh and Emma to hook up, but Emma know nothing about this. Josh meets Emma and he truly likes her, so he doesn't go along with is plan. Josh hires Emma at his law firm, since she has 2 years of Law School, while this is going on, Emma has a family drama and Josh becomes her bodyguard and lawyer. This is a great book, full of suspense, romance and action along with a great Pet... This is a must read... Get it today....

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September 7, 2015
I am working my way through this outstanding Christmas box-set. Each story are very different from each other what bring them all together is Christmas, Romance, and beloved pets. With these three common themes you cannot go wrong, the authors bring you some wonderful touching stories that will grab you and suck you in as you turn the pages to find out what each one brings to this box-set. In this box-sex you will find humor, suspense, heartwarming loving stories along with some tenderness as the characters find their place and the one person they can love. These characters know heartache and fear as each author gives you their story it will touch you and make you fall in love with each of them. You can pre-order this box-set at the time of this post for 0.99 what a deal 16 all new stories for one low price.

Golden Christmas by Helen Scott Taylor
Two people have lost so much not knowing if they want to go on, both very alone both needing so much. Vicky is just putting one foot in front of the other trying so hard to make it through another Christmas alone trying to put bad memories aside and remembering the good days before life went so wrong.

Jonathan just wants someone to hold and love again who sees him as he truly is not as others do. He has his faithful dog as his only companion but he longs for the touch of a women. One golden dog brings them together now if they can just put the past behind them and find the love they both need so much.

I found this to be well written and so heartwarming, you can feel their pain as they come together to help each other in their hour of need. This is a pretty fast read that keeps you turning the pages. You are going to love this story as well as each one in this box-set. I am off to read another one by another wonderful author that will tug at my heartstrings.
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December 19, 2022
Two Loves for Christmas- This book was not at all what I expected, but so much more. I love it! I wasn't expecting the little bit of mystery. It was fun and cute and I was cheering on the two loves the whole time. Josh comes from a wealthy family, he's a lawyer. His dad's a senator. Josh has a rocky past with many tabloid pictures with various women. Emma is a sweet and loving step daughter who unfortunately has had it rough since her dad passed away. Her step mom has struck a deal with the senators wife. Ha. It was amazing to see played out. Not at all how imagined it to go. I highly recommend this little slice of Christmas cheer!!

Christmas Lovebirds was such a tweet! It was such a simple, sweet, and cute book. I love it when authors add in a little animal love, too! It feels almost like 2 romances in one. (: Cassie and Casey made this book that much more special. Rob is a Dr. Whom has regretted something from the past, he doesn't fully regret doing it, but he does regret hurting his best friend and his family. Especially when his best friends sister was the cute little girl he hoped to one day make happy for the rest of their lives. Melisa is a school teacher who absolutely loves her job, and her bird, Cassie. After an unfortunate occurrence Melisa ends up in the ER only to be stitched up by the man who was once her brothers best friend. When these to are reunited sparks fly, in every term of the words. But chemistry also surfaces. Can things from the past be overcome and moved on from? I can't tell you that! But you can find out for yourself! ;)

And can I just say, this cover is absolutely to die for! ♡

* I was given an advanced copy of this book for an honest review. The opinions of this review are mine, and mine alone.
25 reviews
August 25, 2015
Christmas Pets and Kisses has a little something for everyone. Who doesn't love a romance story. All of these stories have romance but each of these stories also have the love of a pet and it's owner.

Dante' Gift is a story about finding your true love. Aubrey Wynee does an outstanding job of telling two love stories. The first love story is current and the second being told in the present about falling in love with a soldier during WWII. Aubrey's writing has you feeling as if you are with the characters in Italy during the war. This book has something for every reader. It has history. It has some drama. It has passion, and last but certainly not least it is about finding your one and only. Dante's Gift caught my attention from the beginning and is absolutely a must read!

Christmas Lovebirds had me on the edge of my seat. I was invested from the beginning. I needed to know if the characters who had been longing for each other would end up together?! Or would her meddling family get in the way?! This story touches on several things, drama, betrayal, friendship, and of course love. This story is a great reminder of what the Christmas season is truly about...family and forgiveness.

Two Loves For Christmas is wonderfully written. This story is a romance story with a hint on danger and suspense. Josh Dutton is a bad boy who has turned good. He not only falls head over heels for Emma but he saves her father's company. This story will definitely keep you interested.

Graced is a story about loss and finding love again. This story shows how love prevails even through tragedy. You definitely are on an emotional rollercoaster while reading Graced. You can feel the characters sorrow as well as their joy. Well done!
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August 24, 2015
Christmas lovebirds is a heartfelt story which brings Melia Hart and Rob Reed face to face after years apart. Rob was Melissa's brother Conner's best friend. Than trust was broken and friendship ruined. Can Melisa get over the past and can Rob repair his friendship with Conner. Will Melisa and Rob find the strength to conquer all and find their true love.

Graced: Connor is a small town doctor who lost his wife and is trying to raise to small girls, grace and hope on his own. Noelle is from the same small town and move to L.A. to escape the small town. When Noelle's father has a heart attack Noelle returns to look after her father and the family pet store. Just so happens Connor is Noelle's father doctor. Connor remembers Noelle from school, as Noelle does Connor but neither will bring it up. Noelle steps in to help Connor with the girls so he can do some Christmas shopping and that is when the adventure begins. Graced is a must read that will pull on your heart strings.

Dantes Gift - Aubrey Wynne
Dantes Gift is a wonderful story that brings past and present together. Domimic and Katie are today's couple who are so in love with each other. Antonia and Ken the couple in the past. Dominic love Katie and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Just when Katie is expecting the proposal. Dominic informs her he needs to go to Italy and help with funeral arrangements. He brings his grandmother and Dante her dog back. Dominic wants the two loves of his life to love each other as well.

Antonia starts tells Katie the love story how Dante brought Ken and Antonia together. Such a great read hihly recommend.
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August 31, 2015
Golden Christmas

Vicky is hiding away from Christmas for a week or two again this year while she remembers some old hurts and strives to deal with the pain. She is staying in one of the buildings on the fairly isolated grounds of a country estate. While both wanting and expecting to be alone, she encounters a man playing ball with his dog at the main house while she is out for a jog. Jonathan is a retired military man who was injured, and became blind while in service to his country. Honey, his best friend and service companion, is a sweet dog that immediately puts a crack in her heart, as it would seem does Jon. Against her will, Vicky finds herself enjoying time spent with Jonathan, but she knows that nothing can ever come of the spark she feels for him. She is too broken, too lost, and too committed to honoring her past. Meanwhile, Jonathan worries that Vicky might be spending time with him because she feels sorry for the blind guy, but he senses a connection, and hopes for companionship at the very least. Being blind didn’t just take away his sight, but also the full life that he used to live. People avoided him now, not sure what to say or do with someone who can’t see.

I enjoyed this book so very much! It’s hard to go wrong with a hunky wounded warrior and not just one, but two precious pups!! Add to that a great storyline that evokes genuine emotion, combined with characters that you can both connect with and cheer for, and for me it made a story that I completed in one sitting – I just didn’t want to put it down.

Thank you to the author for an ARC, from which this review is based, in exchange for an honest review.
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5 reviews
September 2, 2015
This review is for "Dante's Gift"
"Dante's Gift" is a treat because it has a new take on a holiday romance. It uses war-torn Italy as the scene for the tender love affair of an Italian girl and a young Yank pilot--sparked by their affection for her Collie dog, Dante. The plot is refreshingly creative, and author Aubrey Wynne has done a masterful job of research to re-create the World War II devastation of an Italian town and its courageous residents.
As the story unfolds, the author develops an array of believable characters with whom readers can really empathize. She also manages to totally engage readers with her vivid descriptions of experiences and places. You almost feel like you're right there at the scene.
The story moves between the past and present to show how the couple's enduring love is still affecting both families, two generations later. When their grandson, Dominic, brings his widowed grandmother, Antonia, back from Italy to live with him in Chicago, his girlfriend, Katie, refuses to marry him. But after meeting the warm, Italian woman, Katie becomes immersed in Antonia's intriguing war-time romance, and then experiences some unexpected Christmas magic. This makes for an ending so heartwarming it will leave a lump in any reader's throat.
The story is one readers will not want to put down. It is delightful, as well as thought-provoking about the power and perseverance of love.
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August 22, 2015
I received a copy of Golden Christmas by Helen Scott Taylor to review.

I received this book in exchanged for an honest review.

Vicky was used to spending Christmas alone after losing her husband and young son to a terrible car accident on Christmas Day 4 years ago. She had shut out friends and family and simply preferred not letting anyone in. Her ideal setting for the holidays was a house away from family and the holiday spent alone.

Jonathan used to be a military man, lost his eyesight and spent the holidays with his companion, a labrador puppy named Honey that was just beautiful and enjoyed spending time out doors. It had been years since Jonathan had been able to enjoy time with a woman and it was just a coincidence when he threw the ball for Honey and it bounced too high that day and Vicky was running the path it was on and was able to help Jonathan out. From that day on Vicky and Jonathan became friends and later something more. They helped each other heal their wounds and find love.

This book was a sweet read. It was a heartfelt emotional read.
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January 3, 2016
I had an opportunity to read an ARC copy of Golden Christmas by Helen Scott Taylor which was one of the books in the Christmas Pets And Kisses boxed set. I thought the story was great. The two main characters each had a tragic past but we're able to find love again in each other. There was one scene that was so touching it brought tears to my eyes. I love the fact that there was no bad language or explicit sex scenes. When a book is well written and the story is interesting, you don't need that garbage. This was that type of novella. The dogs in the story appealed to the animal lover in me. If you're an animal lover or just love a touching story where people triumph over tragedy, you will love this novella. Can't wait to read the other books in this box set.
I was provided with a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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August 16, 2015
What can I say about Golden Christmas but Amazing. Two people brought together by Fate. Jon a man trying to move with his life after a horrible accident and adjusting again into normal living on his families grounds with his dog and family close by.
Then we meet Vicky a woman who has experienced the worst that anyone can imagine just looking for an escape from reality.
When Jon & Vicky meet two people just looking for normal again become entwined by a loving dog named Honey. As time passes the two of them realize not only is their a bond between them but they actually can heal one another.
Can two people who have each experienced heartbreak in different kinds of ways find that heartwarming feeling once again in each other's arms you only hope that they can because they both truly deserve that HEA.

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August 22, 2015
This review pertains only to Dante's Gift by Aubrey Wynne.
Dante's Gift is a sweet tale that spans two generations. Aubrey Wynne takes us on a trip through time to meet lovely Italian Antonia who lives in war torn Italy during World War 2 and beautifully weaves Antonia's story into that of the independent and beautiful Katie in present day America. As a result of their pasts, both women carry a world of heartache and fears. Fears that prevent them from surrendering their hearts. It is with the patience and strength of the two men who pursue them and the wisdom of a wonderful dog that they learn to trust. Dante's Gift has all the elements I enjoy in a story (humor, wisdom, and tears). Wynne has crafted a beautiful short story guaranteed to warm your heart and make you sigh.
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July 25, 2015
I read the Christmas Lovebirds for Ms. Rachelle Ayala. This is the sweetest Christmas story. Cassie ad Casey will melt your hearts with their tiny wings of love. These lovebirds are the sweetest. They both help their owners Melisa and Rob to develop their romance. I LOVED how the firemen big brothers are so protected with their sister Melisa. They do not want their sister to get hurt especially after the past which I do not blame them.

Christmas Lovebirds will teach us to forgive and move on. I cannot wait to read the entire series of this book. Christmas stories always melt my heart. The pets am sure will warmth our hearts like marshmallow melting on fire.
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August 24, 2015
I was given a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review. My review is on the story Golden Christmas by Helen Scott Taylor. It is wonderful to find a sweet and lighthearted Christmas story that includes the pets that we all love. There's snow and love in the air in this light and wholesome tale of two lonely people struggling to exist after a life altering loss. Brought together by a dog who has lost his ball while playing fetch, Jonathan and Vicky share their mutual loneliness and together they find a way to start again. I enjoyed this holiday story very much and I am looking forward to reading the entire collection when it is available in early October.
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September 9, 2015
The Vet's Christmas Pet can be describe in one word; LOVE. Love a parent has for a child: in the since that Toni put her dislikes and misconceptions about the animal aside so Jade could keep the dog. Love that long ago slipped away only to return when the universe was ready for that love to be discovered fully. But most importantly the love of a child and a pet. Mrs. Campbell has hit the nail on the head with what love is all about. This couldn’t be released at a better time than for the holidays. Bravo!
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October 15, 2015
I absolutely enjoyed stories from this box set. Full of inspiring and heartfelt stories about normal people trying to find and hold onto their happily-ever-after along with their very cute and often resourceful pets, this boxset is a must have! :)

This is a collection of stories from some of my favourite authors who write lovely stories and I can't recommend this set enough. I have grabbed my copy. You should too.

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