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Time Rider

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Will helping this stray...
be the death of her?

Kristen Skipworth, a physician with an extraordinary empathic ability and a tendency to take in strays, knows her fair share of pain. Struggling to overcome the death of her twin brother, Kristen is bombarded with emotions and thoughts as strong as his ever were.

As she searches for the source, she stumbles upon a dangerous and sexy man who claims he was sent from the future.

Rider Savage: "I'm not supposed to be hampered by emotion. It's a pain in the ass to have feelings."

Kristen Skipworth: "If you're so intent on killing me, wouldn't it have made more sense to leave me IN the building when it exploded?"

373 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 1, 2001

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About the author

Mallory Kane

158 books129 followers
Bestselling romance author Mallory Kane has published over 40 romantic suspense titles between Harlequin Intrigue and Tule Publishing Group, and she has multiple independent projects spanning genres. Mallory loves romantic suspense with dangerous heroes and dauntless heroines, and she enjoys tossing in a bit of her medical knowledge for an extra dose of intrigue.

Mallory taught herself to read at age three, starting a lifelong love affair with books. Her mother, a librarian, loved and respected books and taught Mallory that they were a precious resource. Her father was a brilliant storyteller. His oral histories are chronicled in such places as the Veterans' History Project at the Library of Congress. He was always her biggest fan.

When she's not writing, Mallory enjoys designing one-of-a-kind jewelry using broken vintage pieces and creating collaged greeting cards. She lives in East Tennessee with her husband, Michael, and their cats. Mallory loves hearing from her readers. Connect with her at www.mallorykane.com, @mallorykane on Twitter, and AuthorMalloryKane on Facebook.

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948 reviews104 followers
July 9, 2015
This book is fueled by a man who is unbalanced and maybe even unhinged. Dazed and confused doesn't begin to explain him. Yet, Dr. Kristen Skipworth finds her "bum" compelling, if more than a little scary and intimidating. Her empathic powers sense his pain and internal conflict. Why else would a woman continue to trust a man who says, "You can relax, Doc. I swear I won't hurt you....Not yet." And who says he is from 500 years in the future and his mission is to kill her.

Soon after Kristen takes the vagrant, who says his name is Rider, to her clinic for treatment for his wounds the place is ripped apart by a bomb, and thus begins the action-adventure part of the book. Despite his acknowledged intent to kill her, Rider has a compulsion to save Kristen. Their overwhelming physical attraction for each other isn't helping him any either. What follows is one big, long chase sequence that goes on literally for days. Nefarious men with futuristic weapons are trying to kill Kristen, and this is what makes her believe that Rider might not be completely crazy.

The vibes Kristen continues to get from Rider are an odd mix of detachment and compassion. It is almost like he is two people warring inside. Turns out that is not far from the truth. Rider and Kristen will have to rely on faith in each other to see themselves triumph over the attackers from the future.

This was a decent time-travel book. Rider's struggle to remember and reconcile his mission to his attraction for Kristen was the most compelling emotional aspect. There are very few other characters and the villains are very one-dimensional.
Profile Image for Jessie Verino.
Author 6 books22 followers
May 30, 2013
Having read many of Ms. Kane's romantic suspense books, I was intrigued by her foray into time travel, and I'm happy to say that Time Rider didn't disappoint.

Kristen, an empath and physician with a soft spot for strays, animals and human, finds Rider on the sidewalk. He's injured, starved, and just the sort of stray she can't resist.

Unfortunately, Rider is from 500 years in the future. A future where people with Kristen's ability are deemed deviants. Reviled at best. Hunted and killed at worst. He's been sent back in time to kill Kristen, the mother of all deviants. And he has the perfect motivation - revenge for the murder of his wife at the hands of deviants.

At first, he sees his "Doc" as an angel, until he learns who she is. But he can't kill her quickly. He wants the empath to feel his hatred, his pain, his agony, his revulsion. He wants her to suffer.

Soon, though, the tables are turned when more Tanks from farther in the future show up to finish the job, and they aren't particular about keeping Rider out of the line of fire while trying to kill Kristen. Now, both of them are running for their lives.

Time Rider is an action packed story, physically as well as emotionally.

Looking forward to the next in the series. I want to know more about the mischievous Darwin. ;)
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197 reviews51 followers
November 27, 2016
Empathic doctor lady finds an injured (presumed homeless) dude and goes into insta-connection and insta-heat with him, including while he's naked being catheterized and shit. Assassination hijinks (and major plot holes) ensue.

She's not a masochist or anything but stays in heat basically the whole time even though for most of it, future-dude is being physically and/or emotionally abusive towards her (due to conditioning and shit). Future dude gets injured a lot. She doctors him a lot. She has sex with him even though he's been abusive and even though she knows he's suffering from the conditioning and will probably be repulsed by it afterwards.

...I couldn't decide who's the unhealthier one in this relationship.

There's more that I could mention but I don't feel like it and really, this should be more than enough warning, lol.

Most interesting characters are:

1. Future girl
2. The "dead" brother that doesn't even make an appearance [spoiler](I'm guessing he's the thing the future-girl brought back with her)[/spoiler]
3. The cat
Profile Image for Dana Marton.
Author 151 books813 followers
June 4, 2013
This was definitely the best time-travel romance I've read in a long time. He's come 500 years from the future to kill her. She's the mother of all Deviants. Except, instead of killing her, he keeps saving her and pulling her out of exploding buildings. A brainwashed assassin from the future whose true memories have been erased is pitted against a present day doctor who has trouble catching up with reality. Will he be able to break through his mind-control training and save them both?

This is a fast-paced ride of a thriller with truly unique characters I thought about long after finishing the book. I'm sooo intrigued about Darwin. I can't wait until the next book so I can find out more.
Profile Image for The Urban Book Thief.
33 reviews6 followers
June 22, 2013
Have you ever watched the Terminator films and thought, gee – what if Arnie was played by a slightly feral and tortured hottie who actually got with Sarah Connor? Yes?!? Then welcome to Time Rider!

He slowly raised his gaze to hers, using all his strength to dredge up enough hatred and anger to make his voice quietly menacing as he squeezed her fingers. “How do you do, Kristen Skipworth. I’ve been sent from the future to kill you.”



Rider Savage (I wonder if all kids in the future have such kick ass names?) is a trained killer with some serious manic tendencies after being subjected to all kinds of nasty torture during his lengthly stay with the government. This conditioning helped Rider to train for his mission – killing Dr Kristen Skipworth, a woman who five centuries earlier gave birth to a progeny of mind reading empathics called Deviants. Public enemy number one, these people have formed an underground organisation, calling themselves skipworths.

Rider’s mind has been all but pretty much stripped of his past life. Yet through the haze he can recall only a couple of clear things – Kristen’s offspring killed his wife, he’s a super badd ass TAINCC from the future, the lovely lady had better run cause he is seriously armed (in more ways than one…) plus he hates kitty kats (sob!).

It soon becomes clear that his TAINCC conditioning has not entirely worked. Rider starts to remember things about his life, his work and his wife… and his reasons for undertaking this crazy one way trip mission to the past. Then before he can say howsyourfather, another TAINCC hits the scene (Terminator 2 yo), and he goes on the lam with Kristen as they try to outrun a man with a gun which can shoot green lasers – sweet holy mother!


Kristen is a Doctor working in a clinic. She enjoys romping around with her kitty cat and likes to help the occasional stray person who comes across her path. She’s a helper and a giver, with Mary Sue-like tendencies, but we can forgive her because near the end of the book she gives Rider the finger and departs on her own mission dressed in a Save the Whale Song t-shirt and some serious baggy man shorts (she’s on the run you know!).

Things haven’t always been that great for the fair doctor, her parents died in a plane accident when she was a child and her twin brother Skipper also lost his life not all that long ago. Reluctant to accept the loss of her crazy conspiracy theorist twin, Kristen hasn’t yet sat her self down and had a darn good cry over the whole thing. Luckily, Rider is there to act as her hanky.

Kristen also has this crazy ability to feel what others are feeling. She doesn’t understand it, but from what her twin could summarize in his experiments, Kristen is a special flower and no one else in the entire universe has the same DNA structure as her. Unfortunately, this is probably going to get her killed…

I enjoyed this book for what it was – a seriously sexy romance with a slice of Sci-Fi on the side. This is the kind of story where even though the characters are running away from the big bad, they still find time to have some nookie – or two. We didn’t go into too much depth with the science of time travel (well, neither did Looper I suppose…), and the action was short and snappy when it occurred. But it was a good read and exactly what I wanted at the time, though the inner character monologue was rather looooong at times. Mallory Kane writes a sweet romantic hero underneath the bluster and if you want an easy, romantic (but oh so sexy) read then go for it!

Read more reviews with The Urban Book Thief here
Profile Image for Chris.
905 reviews
May 25, 2013
3.25 out of 5 stars

In a future when telepaths are hunted down like rabid dogs, one broken man, stripped of every human response but cold hatred, volunteers for a one-way trip to the present.

Dr. Kristen Skipworth is an empath. She can feel what others feel and soothe their pain. When she is bombarded by agony and grief stronger than any she has ever known, she searches for the source and finds Rider Savage.

Now both of them must conquer their pain and fear to save each other--before an entire race is destroyed.

Time Riders has a very interesting storyline for a book that was originally published in 2001 under the author's other pseudonym, Rickey Mallory.

Dr Kristen Skipworth would be considered a strong empath, so strong that she has a hard time being around anybody because of their emotions. Until two years ago she had her twin brother Skipper, to keep her grounded. Once he died, she's floated along in her own little shell through her daily routine until she meets her new 'stray', Rider Savage.

Rider is a TAIINC (pronounced tank) sent back from 500 years in the future. He's conditioned to want to destroy the progenitor/creator of the Deviants in his future time. He's so focused on this mission, and so very set that the Deviant's creator MUST die, that it's overwhelming any other pieces of his character.

The story has some really good elements, if it had been allowed to fully develop. It seemed like it was very rushed due to the almost overwhelming internal dialogue that the characters were presenting. Unfortunately, I didn't connect with the characters very well because of this, and also the way they were portrayed.

Through almost 3/4ths of the book, Rider hates Kristen, almost viciously hates her. He's violent towards her, and uncaring of her feelings and well-being, as well. While he never truly hurts her, that's not an element that works for me, at all. That Kristen doesn't fight more to get away from him, really bothered me as well. I'm used to very strong female characters that stand up for themselves, and even when weak will still fight back until there is absolutely no fight left in them.

That's not to say this book won't work very well for others, though. As I stated, there were some really good elements to the story. Others will like tortured hero, Rider, and sweet, sees the best in everyone, Kristen. It is a solid story that many will enjoy, but for this reviewer didn't click. ~ Reviewed by Chris
692 reviews42 followers
June 23, 2013
Time Rider started out Kristen Skipworth trying to get over her twin brother's death. She has gone from working in the hospital to working in the clinic to distance herself since she felt her twin brother's death at the hospital. She couldn't save her brother but she could save the "strayed" that lives around the clinic. Her friends at the clinic have joked that one of the "strayed" would eventually be dangerous but Kristen just didn't know how soon their teasing is going to come true.

Rider Savage has been conditioned and sent back 500 years to the past to kill Kristen, who supposedly bear offsprings in the future that put mankind in danger. Somehow whenever Kristen touched him, he started to feel his humanity coming back. When two more assassins showed up from the future to kill Kristen, Rider is now trying to make sense that there are more going on then he was told.

Time Rider feels so much like the Terminator series movies. Trained killers are sent from the future to killed Kristen due to her ability of being an empathy. The story doesn't reveal of what her descendents did in the future except that there is a government conspiracy of killing all the Skipworths in the future for being different. From the story, there is something that Rider's wife knew about but there are more to it that Rider was keep in the dark about.

There are several futures that is also trying to keep the timeline as is. The story has Rider's timeline and then a future further out from Rider's and then another timeline that is beyond that timeline. As the story say, anything that is altered in Kristen's present can change the outcome of that future differently and that the future can be rewritten.

I want to know more about the future colliding into the present. After all for the outcome of the future, the war is fought in the present. For Terminator's fan, this is the story to follow.
June 6, 2014
A Classic Time Travel! Great book, fun and fast paced. Great story ! I love the writing, really well done. Warning, when you read this book just make sure you leave enough time to sit and read for hours, it is very hard to put down. Good book to sit and read all night aka husband is gone and you can eat chocolate and go to bed at 3am night. A Good Summer read, Heck yes. But you will want to hold on to this book because It had that real classic feel like Duncan's Bride, Candle in the Window or A love Song for a Raven to name a few. Hoping there is another book in this series (Skip In Time July 2014, but don't see it anywhere)! Put it on your book list because really about 10 pages in I was thinking "Ohhhhhh it's one of those books" KEEPER.... Great job Mallory Kane! You took your characters and turned them into a memorable trip through the pages ! If you have never read a Mallory book try reading her DeLancey Dynasty books as well, ("Gone" is the newest one I have) published by Harlequin Intrigue. YEA .. .Happy Reading !!!
482 reviews3 followers
June 4, 2013
I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Ryder is sent back in time 500 years to kill the mother of all the deviants.

Kristen skipworth is an empath and a doctor. She feels Ryder when he arrives from the future. She wants to help him because she feels how sick he is.

I really enjoyed the book. I could feel Ryder struggle for his hate for the mother of all the deviants and feeling a special connection to Kristen. I will definitely read the next book when it comes out.

The only thing I didn't like is that thinks were explained really well the first time bit the same things were explained over and over throughout the book. It got a little repetitive.
Profile Image for Jennifer Shakeel.
1 review1 follower
May 21, 2013
Sometimes you pick up a book where the author brings you into the world he or she has created through the characters. That is Time Rider. For anyone that likes the writing style of Stephanie Meyer (Twilight) where the story is told from the point of view of the character... where you develop a bond with those characters and you sit on the edge of your seat cheering for them... biting your fingernails hoping for the best you will LOVE this book.

I really can't wait for book two in the series. Time Rider is action packed and it will leave you wanting more.
Profile Image for Kat Lebo.
839 reviews13 followers
November 17, 2014
I suppose if I were a die-hard romance fan, I might have liked this book. But I'm not, and after 1/2 hour of reading about rock hard abs, bulging jeans and a female MD who is unable to keep her mind on treating her patients, I put down this book, that I was very very excited to read as I am a great fan of the cheesy, but fun, old film of the same name. Disappointed doesn't cover it.
Profile Image for Deborah Cox.
Author 17 books9 followers
June 1, 2014
Mallory Kane really hits the mark with this romantic suspense / time travel. I couldn't put it down. Kristen and Ryder were a strong, likeable pair who deserved each other and their hard earned happiness. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves romance and adventure.
Profile Image for Outi.
419 reviews
July 27, 2014
Mount Everest -sized plot holes, boring romance and dull action. Some brilliant dialogue saved the day from one star.
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