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Touring with a huge rock band and landing a record contract means you’ve hit the big time, right? Sadly neither of those things gave Rusty Crawford, lead guitarist of the band Black Addiction, worldwide fame and fortune. Which was a shame because he had the lifestyle down to a fine art—without the clichéd stint in rehab. Even being back in the Bronx, paying his dues didn’t rattle the charismatic axe man, ladies loved him and men wanted to be him. Fate would just have to catch up. Seemed like fate had more than just a platinum album planned for his future.

Alison Williams had the perfect life. Or at least she did until her world came crashing down around her, in the most epic way. With her future no longer a certainty she finds herself out of her comfort zone and into unchartered territory—a place where Rusty Crawford likes to spend most of his time.

Would the charming and ridiculously hot rock god help her find her feet, or send her further down the rabbit hole? One thing was for sure; both of them were in for the ride of their lives.


First published November 16, 2015

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About the author

T. Gephart

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T Gephart is a USA Today and International bestselling author from Melbourne, Australia.

With an approach to life that is somewhat unconventional, she prefers to fly by the seat of her pants rather than adhere to some rigid roadmap.

Her lack of "plan" has resulted in a rather interesting and eclectic resume, which reads more like the fiction she writes than an actual employment history.

She'd tell you all about it, but the statute of limitations hasn't expired yet. But all those crazy twists and turns have led her to a career she loves—writing romantic comedy.

When she isn't filling pages with sassy and sexy characters with attitude, she's living her own reality show in the 'burbs of Melbourne with her American husband, two teenage children, and her fur child—Woodley.

She loves adventure, to laugh, travel, and strives to live her life to the fullest.

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1,378 reviews470 followers
December 3, 2015
Quick review:

Cover: Pretty
Rating: NC-17
Steaminess: SUPER HOT
Thumbs Up: 4.5
Overall: LOL Funny!
Characters: Well Done
Plot: Down on her luck, she finds help
Page Turner: Yes
Series Cont.? Yes
Recommend: Yes
Book Boyfriend: Rusty

SUMMARY (50 words or less)
This author knows how to make me laugh. I swear I haven’t laughed this much in a book in a while. And I just love love love Rusty. He’s one of my favorites.

For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog post at:
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1,867 reviews294 followers
November 7, 2015
On a scale of one to amazing...Amazing

When I got to the end of the Power Station series I sorta begged the author in my review to start a new series with Angie's band, cuz I was already in love with Rusty and wanted to spend more time with him. She had probably already started writing the Black Addiction series by then, and I'm positive I'm not the only fan who made that request. I was so thrilled when I found out about Slide. Too bad you missed out on my happy dance, it was awesome.

Black Addiction just finished touring with Power Station. They got the sweet deal of being their opening act and rode the tail of the PS comet until they built their own fanbase. They aren't quite headliners yet, but Rusty's not complaining. Life is good. He's doing what he loves. He gets to make music, play his guitar, and hang with his best friends and bandmates. Oh, did I forget to mention the women? Sorry, but I just assumed you were a rockstar romance addict like myself and groupies were a given. Yup, Rusty has no problem getting laid, he doesn't even have to put forth any effort, they come to him.

Alison is my new BGF (book girl friend), she is amazing. Her silly verbal spillage had me ROTFLMAO. I'm serious, I laughed so hard I cried at some of her outrageous internal monologue. What's so tragic is that she has no clue how incredible she is. Unfortunately, the people in her life have let her down so many times that she feels inadequate, like it's her fault that she's alone. Like she doesn't deserve better.

She's seen Rusty around. It's just coincidence, because they live in the same general area. She's not stalking him or anything...really. She just happens to notice him when he does end up...in the same general area. She notices that he's H-O-T, but nothing more than that because she's never actually spoken to him before. Until that night...when he spoke to her. And she told him she had a boyfriend. I was mentally screaming, No! Stop! Don't! I do that a lot. Apparently, she doesn't know she's my BGF, because she ignores me. So, I just stand back, waiting, watching, biting my nails as I wait for the wish I made on that comet to come true. Anxious for my book characters to fall into line with my decisions regarding their future book behavior.

The author never disappoints. The characters always do exactly what they are supposed to which is always better than anything I could imagine. I am always completely entertained by the witty banter between the band members. They have so much personality, keeping me snickering throughout. I look forward to spending more time with all of them in future books. Yes, I will be doing another happy dance when those are released too.
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1,594 reviews220 followers
November 8, 2015
ARC provided for an honest review.

4.5 Stars

Alison Williams has spent her entire life trying to be nothing like her '80's hair-band following, groupie, mother. The mother who doesn't know who says she doesn't know who Alison's father is and is currently working a pole. Alison has an understated beauty she's completely unaware of.


"I can be neurotic and I overthink things. Sometimes I'm not great at communicating." ~ Alison

Rusty Crawford is the lead guitarist and song co-writer for the band Black Addiction with his long time best friend, Angie. Rusty is happy with his life. He's got an eidetic memory, which serves him well with not only his music but with women (he's able to remember the little things which makes them believe he's paying attention). His band is about to release an album that will put them on the map and he's gets more women than he could ever want. There's nothing missing... until he meets Alison.

"You using me for sex? Or we going to date?" ~ Rusty

Soon these two are inseparable and falling in love. But there are still things that Alison needs to work on, in order to not only be good to herself but to be good for Rusty. When her past comes barreling into their lives and throwing a wrench into what they have, will she be able to handle it all.

There are so many things going on wrong with this beautiful, damaged girl, that Rusty can't help but go with his first instincts when it comes to her. Not sleeping with her right away and risking being put in the friend zone, inviting her to move in when she looses everything, and being her Mr. Miyagi to help Alison with her self esteem and being more carefree.

Max and Joey were great comic relief. I understood everything that Alison was going through and felt she had every right to her feelings. So often in these types of stories, the characters over react. But that's not the case here. I get why she felt she needed to love herself before she could love anyone else.

I really liked this. It was absolutely hilarious in some parts, sweet and sensitive in others. I loved Rusty getting his story and I can't wait for Joey and Max, the rest of the band members from Black Addiction, to get their own story.
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2,145 reviews275 followers
November 16, 2015
Full review posted at http://afterdarkbooklovers.com/2015/1...

The Good : Do you want a rocker who’s sexy, sweet pragmatic, understanding and completely into his girl? Then look no further than Rusty Crawford, guitarist for Black Addiction. He has it bad for Ali almost from the moment he sees her. I’ve never read T. Gephart’s books before, so I wasn’t aware that this is kind of an offshoot of the Power Station series. It didn’t affect my enjoyment really, since it’s not necessary to read those to get this book, though I’ll admit I’m intrigued because I’d love to see Rusty before Ali came into his life.

The story is mainly told through dual POV, Rusty and Ali’s, and I really connected with Rusty. He’s living the life - he’s still in the Bronx, but his house is paid, he plays with his band and he has all the women he wants. He reminds me of one of my favorite rocker heroes, only not as manic. He is the guitarist who has his head on straight and knows what he wants, and what he wants is Ali.

I was pulled in the moment the Crazy, Stupid Love played out on their first kiss. If you know this reference, believe me when I say it was GOOD. So, I was all in when that happened and their chemistry works. There’s touches of the rocker life and the friendly banter is fun. I was enjoying myself, mostly.

Oh, Ali : Ali Williams been having what you would call a craptastic time of it in her attempt to not be like her slutty, self-involved mother. She’s done all the right things, taking care of herself, putting herself through school, becoming a paralegal and dating an attorney. Her life is on track, and she thinks it’s just a matter of time before she will be her boyfriend’s bonafide plus one and she’ll have a promotion at work.

She’s determined to be on the straight and narrow and certainly not lusting after the hot guy in her neighborhood. You know the guy? The one who looks like he’s photoshopped and also loves babies and puppies. He’s pretty perfect. That’s Rusty. I completely understood her attraction. However, I’ll admit I struggled with Ali. ALOT. Her saving grace is that she is self-aware as to how much of a mess she is, and towards the end of the story she has a good epiphany, one that I wish alot of heroines would have, and it made a big difference.

Everything in Between : If I had a quibble, besides Ali, it’s that there needed to be a more cohesive plotline. The perfection that is Rusty didn’t really allow for much conflict except for Ali’s damage, and some of the situations she got herself into were played for laughs, but seemed to highlight their inequality. Even when Rusty explained why he loved her, I side-eyed it. Just a bit. Again, it’s the fact that it all comes together at the end that made this tale work for me. Eventually.

I ended up liking it, frustrations with the heroine aside. Rusty is the rocker you want to fall for and he’s my main reason for enjoying Slide.

**ARC provided by author for review**
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379 reviews24 followers
November 11, 2015
Rusty Crawford seemed like he had the world at his feet, touring with world wide rock sensation Power Station and his band Black Addiction securing a record contract things were looking like it was going to be nothing but smooth sailing, but his stardom didn't seem to launch him quite like he expected it would, but in true Rusty fashion he took it in his stride, soon enough the fame game would catch up and he'd be riding the wave to world wide rock domination.

Alison Williams hasn't had the best life, her mother was never what you would call a good role model but Alison has set her sights on her dreams on becoming someone you could respect, she's got a good job, which will soon lead to a promising promotion, a great boyfriend that will lead to cohabitational bliss, and the world will finally lay at her feet.

Only it doesn't, her great boyfriend turns out to be a giant arse, and her dream job is left in ruins, she's about to be evicted from her apartment, suddenly everything Alison has planned on is left in the dust and the weight of her worries are crushing what's left of her spirit. On a whim she decides to be someone else for just one night and seeks out Rusty, the sexy as sin guy from her local bar to help her forget everything that's taken place.

Rusty has never had any reason to want to settle down before, he's lead a life dedicated to following his rock dreams, and with that comes adoration from fans, specifically of the female variety, but with Alison he sees something his never wanted before playing out in his mind, Alison has never been one to stand up for herself, that old adage of pay it no mind has never really fit her, but under Rusty's expert tutelage she's finally finding a way to block out the bad and embrace the good, together they make a formidable team, and like always with a Gephart novel I was captivated by both of them, Rusty was every bit the swoon worthy hero I wanted him to be, he was confident and assertive, funny and loving, and more than anything supportive and sensitive to what made Alison who she was, and is, never trying to change her, but giving her the tools to be confident and to demand more out of her life.

Slide is chockfull of sexiness, romance, laughs and just enough angst to keep you intrigued, everything about this book spelt out the perfect Sunday afternoon read for me, with only having limited contact with Black Addiction in the final book in the Power Station series before this, the characters still felt like welcoming back old friends, Gephart has a habit of instantly drawing me into the worlds she creates and always leaves me wanting more, and Slide was certainly no exception, with her writing continuing to go from strength to strength, I can say with all honesty Ms Gephart is an author I will continue to purchase without question.
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Want to read
May 8, 2020
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2,700 reviews12 followers
November 9, 2015
ARC received for an honest review

It was a sad day when the Power Station series ended, but now we have the spin-off Black Addiction series - woo hoo!!

If you have read the Power Station series, you will have briefly met Black Addiction, with their singer's connection to Power Station.

Now we get to learn about the rest of Black Addiction.

Rusty Crawford, lead guitarist for Black Addiction, seemingly has the world at his feet Sexy, career staring to skyrocket, women on tap (hey, it's a rock star book, groupies are a given, right) - what more could a guy want.

Alison Williams - the world is her oyster - until it all comes crashing down spectacularly. I mean CRASH! BOOM! BANG! G0ne in 60 seconds!

But when their worlds collide - again - fireworks baby!

I adored Rusty and Alison - so different, but so perfect for each other.

Alison gets terrible cases of verbal diarrhoea (I guess that would be the way to describe it?), and the things that go through her mind had me in stitches at times. Absolutely no filter there. But that is one of the things I loved about her the most. She is who she is, and there is nothing that needs to be changed about her - except for her thoughts about herself.

She has had some pretty crappy people in her life, but now she has found Rusty (after kind of stalking him around town) he is bringing her out of her shell, showing her how amazing she is.

There is a bit of drama surrounding Alison - there are some pretty iffy people in her life that made me want to slap the crap out of them. Seriously would have throat punched them if I could have!

I loved the banter between Ali and Rusty, as well as with the rest of the Black Addiction family - and that is what they are, true family.

And there is this scene with some toys that had my nearly rolling off the lounge with laughter.

Ms Gephart drew me in with the Power Station series, and I am over the moon happy to continue the ride with the Black Addiction boys. She has not disappointed me yet, and I cannot wait for the next book.

Smokin Hot Book Blog Email
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1,335 reviews11 followers
November 16, 2015
Book Review - Slide by Tina Gephart - 5 top drawer stars!

Slide was such a wonderful roller coaster of a read. When we meet Alison, she thinks her life is coming up roses. In a great job, with a great boyfriend, she’s a world away from where she started in life. But everything she’s worked so hard for is about to collapse spectacularly around her shoulders.

Rusty comes along in the form of a very unlikely, very hot knight in shining armour, giving her space to breathe and reassess her life.

I really loved both of the characters. I loved seeing all sides of Alison, including her toughening herself up and really getting high on life. And Rusty is such a warm soul. He’s just such a genuine guy, fun, sexy and so unbothered by life. He’s who he is and he doesn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks - I think he could be my other half!

This book contains one of the funniest scenes I have ever read. I laughed, my cheeks coloured, and my sides hurt as I read and wept (laughing). When you hit that magical 40% mark you will have arrived.

But seriously, don’t flick forward to find it. This book should be enjoying like a box of Jelly Babies. And when I say that, I mean, you’ll sit down intending to just enjoy a few pieces of it, and then you’ll be sat reaching into an empty box as you hit the final page. It really is that good and moreish.

So grab your copy, and dive in. I promise the only stomach ache you’ll get from this book, is the one from it hurting from laughing hard.
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Author 5 books142 followers
November 16, 2015
4 Anal Beads Stars!

I love reading a feel-good story that makes me laugh withy swoony guys. Rusty almost beat out Dan on the T Gephart list of men. :)
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516 reviews225 followers
November 16, 2015
4.25 Stars

Rusty Crawford is the guitarist from Black Addition, introduced in the previous Power Station book that featured lead singer Angie. Alison Williams is a down-on-her-luck gal who previously admired neighbor Rusty from a far but gets the chance to know him up close and personal. A series of events has Alison and Rusty becoming insta roomies and while the pair have as much in common as Felix and Oscar from The Odd Couple, they have a smoking hot apartment full of attraction.

“Like a sexual vigilante on a mission, I stormed into his room and saw he had a mission of his own happening.'” – Alison

Who could blame the girl for wanting to jump the cool and collected rocker’s bones? Rusty is smooth and relaxed, a real panty wetting kind of guy with a heart of gold.

“‘I’m not great with chick-flicks but I’m happy to comfort you after and I can buy a pack of tampons without breaking a sweat. If you could just give me a heads up when you are going to have a period, that would be cool. As for me being on the road, you don’t have to worry about that either. I’m over the groupie thing, so keeping my dick in my pants isn’t an issue.’” – Rusty

Rusty’s sweet and loyal ways had me swooning. He was a guy with a lot of integrity. Alison is a girl that really needs some love. She’s uptight and awkward and lacks self-esteem. When the plot was about Alison getting her groove back, it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed two-thirds of the story. Then there was a twist I didn’t see coming and while it was an interesting reveal, the story changed course after that and lost it’s fun in exchange for unnecessarily relationship drama which up until then it had avoided nicely.

I was really disappointed in Alison towards the end. I understood her until then but how she acted with the reveal was just stupid, her problems having nothing to do with Rusty and yet she did what she told Angie she’d never do. At that point, her issues were no longer tolerable. I honestly lost interest in what happened with them as a couple because my patience with Alison was shot.

Like the previous books, the writing and narration is entertaining and witty, and the rocker hero is the star of the show. Rusty is absolutely the best part of the book! Told via Rusty and Alison's alternating first person POV, Slide is an overall light-hearted read that while part of a series, can be read as a standalone.

*ARC provided in exchange for a honest review
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402 reviews41 followers
November 19, 2015
I had such high hopes delving into this one. I was expected to love it without much effort.. You know those stories that you start reading and at the blink of an eye you wonder how you've finished it already? Sadly this wasn't 100% the case with Slide.

This is just my personal opinion, but despite falling for what the book was promising, I just could not connect with the story or the characters. I liked the premise in what the overall aspect of the book was about but from the beginning I just simply couldn't get into it. I don't know why or how it happened since I'm an addict and lover of all this alpha and bad boys. But Slide just didn't have it for me..

The writing is without a doubt amazing, it was easy to read which is what propelled me to continue on even though I wasn't such a huge fan of how the story started..

Alison is the type of person that had to let go of many parts of her life in order to LIVE. To have a life or at least a mindset that would prove to be anything but boring and expected. I absolutely loved it. It sounds like something we all want to do but in reality it can often be hard when push comes to shove. But in Alice's life, she goes through many bumps before figuring out what she was really missing or rather NEEDING..

Cue Rusty.

The bad boy, alpha guy that I can't NOT love since it somehow seems to be impeded in my DNA to fall for guys like him, or at least an idea of him. He is trying to find his own path in life, whether he realizes that he needs to or not. With his own personal struggles and mindsets, a life surrounded by the possibility of Alison isn't easy. But will it be worth it??

A story that might come of light and playful but is darker and more raw than expected, and I am all for that so it was fun to read through that. However, even though I don't usually try to get my personal POV mixed up with the fictional aspect of any book, many parts with Slide I just couldn't easily overlook.

I can't say much more without spoiling the story, because even though it wasn't my favorite, I would still recommend it, definitely!!

I received an ARC from the author, which I'm so thankful for, THANK YOU T. Gephart, and I honestly can't wait to read more of your work. Despite not being able to personally connect with the characters in how they were voicing their opinions and personalities, I still found your writing style engaging, easy and fun to read. So I am definitely looking forward in your future work :)

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386 reviews12 followers
November 16, 2015

4.5 stars hot and steamy stars

This was my first of Tina’s books and I have to say that I loved it and was hooked from the first few pages. Nothing about this book disappointed me in any way and if you are a lover of rock star books then you are going to love this.

Rusty is the hot and sexy lead guitarist of Black Addiction, an up and coming band who just finished touring with rock sensation Power Station. He has the world at his feet and is leading the true rock star life style with women throwing themselves at him. He has such a way with women that they don’t even mind when he brushes them off the next morning.

Alison has spent her entire life trying not to be like her mother, an 80’s groupie wannabe who has never been exactly been there for her. She is determined to make something of her life and puts herself through college, ending up as a paralegal at a law firm and secretly dating her boss. Her life appears to be on the up with a promotion in her sights and the possibility of her relationship going public but we soon discover that the boyfriend is an arse and Alison ends up single, out of a job with the prospect of being homeless.

Alison has seen Rusty around her neighbourhood and on a whim one night throws her self at him and when there lives collide, boy are there sparks. Her self esteem is at an all time low and all Rusty wants to do his build up her confidence and make her see what he sees. At times, Alison was so funny with a bad case of verbal diarrhoea, speaking without any filter which got worse as her confidence grew and also had me in stitches. I loved there relationship, they were totally different but so right for each other but just as you think that all is going right for Alison, things come crashing down with a bang.

This book is packed full of romance, laughs, steaming hot moments that left me fanning myself and also with a little touch of angst and mystery to keep you guessing The characters were all likable, I loved Rusty who was totally swoon worthy and Alison who despite all the ups and downs she had been through had some truly funny moments. I can’t wait for more books in this series and will be eagerly waiting to find out more about both Joey & Max. This is a great start to the series and one that I would highly recommend

An ARC was provided by the author in return for an honest review
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2,275 reviews35 followers
November 16, 2015
Over the course of the last year I have become a complete T Gephart devotee, so when this the first book in a new series became available I was so excited and now I have finished it well, all I will say is that I have found it impossible to wipe the smile from my face.
Black Addition have just come off tour and Rusty has the whole rock star vibe perfected and as much as his ego is seriously at risk of disappearing into the stratosphere, I couldn’t help but like the guy or maybe that was my rock star fixation leading me by the nose! Well I could hope.
On the other side of this coin was Alison, desperately trying to keep her secret relationship with her boss under wraps long enough to get the promotion that she feels that she has been working towards since she decided to follow her own path through college and forge a career unlike her mother.
But everything she thought she had was cruelly snatched from her and her faith in those around her is at rock bottom, much like she is.
But when Alison and Rusty collide, I wasn’t sure what would be left at the end, because they were at polar opposite ends of the spectrum.
I am happy to say that my hunch about Rusty was not entirely without justification and he does everything he can to show this woman who is running on empty that she deserves better in life. She is worth more and I loved his enthusiasm and determination to show her exactly what he could see, the woman that she deserved to allow herself to be.
Rusty was great for Alison, he was the catalyst that she needed but could he hold her up if it all fell around her again?
I loved the relationship between the two of them, Alison’s lack of brain to mouth filter and Rusty… well I just loved him.
The book was funny, it was romantic and it’s passionate. Both Alison and Rusty were characters that were hard not to enjoy although she did take a little more getting used to than he did.
I enjoyed the story, I enjoyed the interactions and I enjoyed the ebb and flow of what they brought into each other’s lives.
A superb start to the series and I am looking forward to the next book.
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245 reviews9 followers
November 16, 2015
Another great story from T. Gephart! I loved the Power Station series and thankfully, the author decided to continue on with the story of Black Addiction, the band that was the front runner on the tour with Power Station. This story predominately features Rusty, the lead guitarist of Black Addiction.

We meet Alison, a wonderful, funny woman with occasional diarrhea of the mouth. She is dating Rob, Mr. Boring, for over two years. Her BFF tries to convince her to find someone else.

"Why you shouldn't move in with him? Because I've seen club sandwiches with more personality than Rob, Seriously, he's like a dial tone. You know when you pick up the receiver of your grandmother's phone? That's him. You want to spend the rest of your life eating dry toast?"

So Alison has seen Rusty around, but doesn't know who he is. She is kind of smitten with him. So when a chance meeting with him ultimately brings them to becoming friends, and more, she asks Rusty to help her be more like him, more self-confident and assured. He tried to help her by pushing her out of her comfort zone.

"If you say sorry one more time, I'm going to punch myself in the balls. And neither of us wants to relive that, right?" "Okay, but I feel terrible. Why the hell did you make me do that?" She sunk to her ass on the floor beside me. "I said punch me, Alison, not clock me in the sack. In case you were wondering, huge difference."

These two really made me laugh out loud at times! And the inner dialogue of Ali is hysterical at times!!

When a part of Alison's past comes crashing back into her life, everything is turned upside down. I seriously was girl-crushing on her and how she handled things. This was a super enjoyable book, lots of romance, steamy sex, lots of funny and some ups and downs. I cannot wait to read the next story in the Black Addiction family.

I received this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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911 reviews23 followers
November 10, 2015
I'm a huge fan of Tina's and have had the pleasure of reading all her books but hand on heart this is her best to date.
Slide tells the story of Rusty Crawford guitarist for Black Addiction. We first met Rusty in Back Stage he was Angie's best friend. Whilst reading Back Stage I was desperate for Rusty to get his own book I knew it would be a winner. Even though Rusty is rocking the rock n roll lifestyle his different yes he sleeps around but Rusty has a way with the woman that makes them happy when he delivers the morning after brush off. He's confident without being cocky, he loves women without being the bad boy Rusty is a breath of fresh air to a band story. Alison on the other hand is a doormat, she's been taken for a ride by her boss/ boyfriend and then left out to dry. A chance meeting in a bar leads to a proposition that changes their lives for ever.
This book had me laughing so hard I thought I would actually pee myself honestly it's one of the funniest books I've ever read. It delivers on so many levels it's funny, very sexy, sweet and has a sprinkling of angst to boot !
This book proves that T.Gephart writes the best band books ever !
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Author 5 books322 followers
November 17, 2015
I received an Arc of Slide a few weeks ago. At the time, I was reading a lack luster novel and naturally, I started reading this straight away. Thank G I did. Or in this case, TG ;)

Alison and Rusty's story was both engaging and light, while their dynamic was hot as hell.

I'm a sucker for a Rock Star, but what I don't like is too much time spent on the stage or in the studio. I like to get to know the characters. T Gephart does that. She shows us who they are. Her rockers have me intrigued. Even the minor characters had me wanting to know more about them. *cough* Joey, *cough* Want. Now.

Alison's character began as a woman who was playing it safe, but in turn got played. Once she meets Rusty, he teaches her to just simply, "Not give a f**k" and to go with what she wants without caring what other think.

Rusty was so damn sexy that I even messaged the author little devil emoticons. I wanted him all to myself.

What I love about this writer, is that her writing keeps growing and she's not afraid to take the next step. I loved it. #chaptertwelve is all I'll say.

Read it. It's awesome!
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206 reviews39 followers
December 28, 2015
This was a good book.. Apparently it is a spin off from another series, didn't know that when I picked it up, still, it didn't affect anything.

The two main characters are Alison Williams, a down on her luck paralegal, and Rusty Crawford, the hot lead guitarist of the band Black Addiction.

Rusty is what you'd expect him to be. The almost perfect rocker guy with everything(and everyone) he wants falling at his feet. But, I don't think he can be labeled as a "bad boy" at all.

Alison, I wanted to strangle sometimes because of her insecurity (of course), and over dramatization.

The plot was very simple.. Nothing overly dramatic happened except for one thing that was Alison's "damage". The relationship was kinda weird because it was a little too fast - not really insta love, but things escalated a little too fast in this book. Rusty was a little too perfect, which didn't allow for any real drama from his side (read: actions). There were some moments when I burst out laughing thanks to Alison getting herself into awkward situations. In the end, everything that felt off while reading it came together and I ended up enjoying the book.

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November 17, 2015
Firstly I loved the Power Station series so couldn't wait to dive in to Slide, as for me Tina is the best author for rock band books!!

Rusty (sigh) is talented, seriously hot and so nice and caring and loves sex, also is the lead guitarist for the band Black Addiction who also featured on the Power Station series.

We meet Allison who to me seemed like she was treated like a doormat by a few people in her life, she meets Rusty but is dating at the time, she has always found Rusty attractive as she's seen him around but when a bomb shell is dramatically dropped on her her whole life is turned completely upsidedown.

The character development was brilliant I loved them all, but for me to see the growth of Allison was truly amazing, the book had me laughing out loud and is so addictive, everyone needs to read Slide and meet Rusty!!!!
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June 26, 2016
4/5 Stars

Alison and Rusty. and 6 degrees of separation...

Alison hasn't had a great life. An absent father, a mother that has only really thought of herself...
She has been coasting along ... then dinner with her boyfriend and it all comes crashing down around her...

enter Rusty, the handsome stranger that she has caught her eye... a meeting at a club...and this is their story..
You won't want to miss their story...cause there are more twist and turns...and it will keep you hooked.

book gifted for review: Sisterhood Of The Travelling Book Blog.
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2,083 reviews68 followers
November 16, 2015
I fell head over heart for rocker Rusty. He's sweet and oh so sexy. And grounded. Did I mention sexy? He's just come off tour with his band and bumps into Alison who I absolutely adored. She has the best dialogue both inner and spoken. Made me laugh out loud many times. Almost as much as the band's banter. I love this group and want more of them. I really loved Rusty's story.

I give Slide 4 hearts!
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164 reviews
December 17, 2015
I wanted to like it, I really did.

Rusty was great. He was cute, funny, charismatic... but Ali was just boring. She was whiny and her actions made no sense.

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March 21, 2021
Give me all the non-conceited genuine-nice-guy hot rockstars, and I’ll be happy!

I enjoyed the author’s writing style. It’s smart and funny–though you have to like curse words. You’ll barely register the amount of time spent in the characters’ head because you’ll enjoy it, and it’ll be mixed with witty conversations. A very pleasant read all around.

Rusty may have been a little too perfect, but that’s what you expect from book boyfriends anyway. I just liked that he never thought too much about things, just went with the flow and his guts, but accepted the consequences too. While up-tight Alison was his total opposite, I loved seeing her loosing up bit by bit–it’s actually the focus of this book.

Their relationship? Scorching hot. Bonus points for going where romance rarely goes. Maybe a bit over the top, but enjoyable nonetheless.

As for the whole rockstar thing, I’d have liked seeing more of the band working–in studio or on stage–and learn more about their music. It felt a bit too generic and I didn’t get the unique feel of Black addiction.

Definitely a series–and an author–I’ll revisit.


- Series: Black addiction #1 (can be read as a standalone)
- Hashtags: #rockstar romance #instalove #playboy #opposites attract
- Triggers: parental abandonment
- Main couple: Alison Williams & Rusty Crawford
- Hotness: 5/5
- Romance: 5/5
- + Alison’s journey discovering who she is
- – there were some repetitions I felt were unnecessary
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November 22, 2021
Slide - Book One.

This is a rockstar romance that follows on from this authors Power Station series. Rusty is the guitarist for Black Addition and has caught the eye of Alison around their neighborhood. The thing is, she doesn’t know who he is but the attraction is strong. After her life takes a slide, Rusty steps up and helps her out.

Their relationship is moving along well, and they are finding their stride until a blast from the past catches up with a twist. Alison is conflicted as to how she should move forward but within a short time she knows Rusty is someone she wants in her future.
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February 3, 2016
5 Star Review
My expectations for this book were so damn high and the problem with really high expectations is sometimes it's kind of hard to live up to them. I mean, Rusty was almost (was completely) my favorite part of Back Stage (the last book of the Power Station series and the first time we meet Rusty) and I was beyond excited that he was getting his own book (his own series). This was my most anticipated book of the year so when it showed up on my Kindle I was ecstatic (nervous) and I shoved everything else aside (kids, work, life) to dive in head first.

Guess what? Rusty did not live up to my expectations......he EXCEEDED them, he blew them away, he made me forget all the rockers that came before him (well, not Dan Evans, I didn't forget Dan Evans...the lovable douche) by being completely different from every rocker that came before him. Rusty is gorgeous, sexy, smart as hell, funny, confident (yeah I know...him and every other rocker), but he's so much more than that. He's calm, steady, laid back, loyal beyond belief and so damn sure of everything. God I was in love with Rusty from page 1 right through the last word (moves).

Alison was a great female lead, probably because she was so real. Her life sucks (understatement of the year) but I adored the way Ali handled everything thrown her way..... no whining, no feeling sorry for herself, no blaming (her douchbag ex was totally blameworthy) she just moved forward, moved on...blow after blow. I love a female character that can man up! (woman up?)

The best part about this book? The thing that sets this book above so many others.....it's NOT predicable. It surprised me. It zigged when I was sure it was going to zag. This book could have so easily been a cliche (a rock n' roll cliche...the worst kind), it had all the components in place, but then....guess what?

It chose NOT to be!!

♪ ♪ It CHOSE not to be a rock cliche!! ♪♪

I freaking LOVED that.

(and by IT I mean T. Gephart who chose not to write a cliche. God I love her for that)

The second best part about this book was no stupid, fake manufactured angst (I despise manufactured angst). There is real angst (some) and real conflict and real life situations, but no stupid fake nonsense. (Thank you for that T. Gephart, thank you for being better than that).

Here's the thing....this book is amazing for everything it is and for everything it's NOT. It's just a damn good story....it's not a soap opera. It's smart likable, relate-able characters....it's not douche bags and prima donnas. It's a believable love story....it's not insta-love and starry eyes. It's all my expectations (did I mention they were high) met and exceeded...it's not anything I expected but it's everything I hoped it would be.

Purchase Links


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March 14, 2018
What can I say? I love Ms Gepharts books they just seem to get better and better.
This is the start of a series of Standalones.
I love rusty and Alison so much they are such a fun loving couple.
This is a great rock star book.
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432 reviews21 followers
May 21, 2022
Allison’s boyfriend breaks up
With her and get engaged immediately. She decides to hookup with the good looking guy who lives down the street from Her as she’s been obsessed with his model
Like looks anyway. Rusty is a guitar playing manwhore. He senses something different about Allison and takes it slow with her. They become friends and more with all the feels. This is a sweet feel good story low on the angst.
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1,598 reviews73 followers
February 15, 2016
review logo
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Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
POV: His & Hers / 1st person
Naughty Factor: 2 out of 5

I'M IN LOVE!! Omg, Rusty has got to the the sweetest rock stars I've come across. They can't get any better than him. He truly was perfection!! I think I love him more than Alison did :), hehe!

Slide has got to be one of the sweetest rockstar romances I've read. I loved the characters the storyline was all character driven and steady from start to finish.

Alison was the product of an undesirable upbringing, but showed compete strength in her determination to not let her start in life define nor dyer mine the direction her life would go. Self-sufficient and self-reliant her life is on track. She's content and smelling the roses everywhere...until she saw that it wasn't as rosy as she thought. Then, she kept getting blindsided with one thing after another.

Her nearby crush and secret fantasy turns out to be her savior in more ways than one. He gives her a helping hand when she least expected it and from there they begin to forge a close relationship that grows to so much more.

Rusty was so amazing! He was emerging and more. His charm was genuine. Sure his charm got him plenty of attention from the ladies and it fed his little ego as he adjusts to the increased attention they were getting with their rising fame since their tour with Power Station. Can I just say...I miss Power Station so much!!)

Ok, anywho, though he was a ladies man, he was never a douche about it. Not like we see in most rocker romances. He was never rude and even though they were fleeting, one-night stands, the ladies never felt used. He was so sweet and charismatic about everything.

This only showed what a stand up guy he was. And when he steps in to help Alison, he also tried to help her personally. Rusty saw her potential and how much stronger she could be if she wasn't so reserved with her feelings. She was determined to be so much better than her mother that she needed up being too straight laced and spent all her time worrying about what other people thought. He worked hard and getting her to branch out and get past her boundaries and comfort zones. This only made her stronger than before.

Rusty's laid back and sweet nature helped her in more ways than one.

I truly didn't expect the story to be as sweet and endearing as it was and I loved it AND the characters. I can't wait for more in this series.

If you haven't met the guys in Power Station...here you go

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November 16, 2015

I love this author. I love her writing style. She writes stories that pull you in and won’t let go. She weaves humor into her stories to balance out the emotions. It all flows together seamlessly and creates the perfect books. Rusty and Alison are great characters. They start their relationship as friends and I think that builds the firm foundation they need to build on. These two have a chemistry that pulls them together like magnets. Their connection is strong and it has to weather a few storms. There are a few turns that pull you in further. I am a Gephart addict and can’t wait to see where the next story leads.


Black Addiction is my new ADDICTION!!!!

I loved The Power Station series so I was so excited for the spin off series and it did not disappoint!!!! These characters were amazing. I wanted to jump in the book and hang out with them all. I loved Rusty's care-free, don't give a crap about anything attitude. Then there is Alison, she is so organized, maybe a little up tight. It makes them such opposites, but they do say opposites attract.

I found myself laughing throughout this entire book. T. Gephart has this amazing comedic timing in her books. Always finds the perfect quick witty response for a character. I loved the banter between Rusty and Alison at the diner...pancakes vs. waffles...so funny!!!

This books is a MUST READ!!! It is the first book in a new series but I recommend the Power Station series because it is equally amazing. Now that I got a glimpse of the Black Addiction band members I am looking forward to more!!!!


I have been absolutely crazy for
T. Gephart's books since reading the 'Lexi Series'. Her writing is always flawless, her characters make the reads so real, so funny and so touching. I have a huge love for Gephart's female characters. They are so independent, full of sass and can hold their own.
And don't even get started on the male god's that Gephart brings to her books, because I could write my own book about each and every one of them!!!!!! They are just PERFECTION!

Slide- Book 1 in the Black Addiction Series, is different in the way that the female lead doesn't have as much sass as the usual female leads, but I liked that! It shows that the author is diverse and can make each person individual.

Allison, does however have a freaking hilarious no filter! The girl is a tad insane, and Gephart delivered her character beautifully! The girl isn't the most confident person, she doesn't know her worth and has very little self-belief. But there is one person who will sure as hell bring it out of her and turn her into the lioness she is!

Rusty, there are not enough words in the world to describe my adoration for him! THE GUY IS SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL! As soon as we were introduced to his character a little at the end of the Power Station series, I just knew he was going to be something so special. HELL TO THE YES!!!

The second meet between these characters was HILARIOUS! The way Allison just OWN'S that whole situation was brilliant!

I don't want to spoil the story for any readers, I believe each story should be read and felt by every reader personally. But just know that this read does contain humour, heart, feels, rock bands, and a super HOT book boyfriend!

The story is capturing from beginning to end and the writing once again, in true Gephart fashion is mesmerizing, relatable and all things only this author delivers. Her creativity and character depth make this an excellent start to another new series by this author! And I'm EXCITED! STUPIDLY, RIDICULOUSLY, SCREAMING AND RUNNING AROUND MY HOUSE EXCITED to see what else Gephart is going to bring to this series!
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