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Texas Crossroads #3

On Lone Star Trail

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If there's one thing Gillian Hodge never wants to see again, it's a man on a motorcycle. Her last encounter with one left her right hand crushed, ending her promising career as a concert pianist. But as she heads to Rainbow's End Resort, a sudden thunderstorm causes a motorcycle to crash in front of her.

When TJ Benjamin's wife died, he lost more than his best friend; he lost his faith. He's spent the past year wandering the country on a motorcycle, trying not to think about his future. When he finds himself stranded with a busted bike and a reluctant rescuer, he has to wonder about God's sense of humor.

Can this woman without a future and this man running from his past find romance in the present? Or are they too tied to the way life used to be?

363 pages, Paperback

First published January 26, 2016

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About the author

Amanda Cabot

30 books875 followers
With both parents avid readers, it's no surprise that Amanda Cabot learned to read at an early age. From there it was only a small step to deciding to become a writer. Of course, deciding and becoming are two different things, as she soon discovered. Fortunately for the world, her first attempts at fiction were not published, but she did meet her goal of selling a novel by her thirtieth birthday. Since then she’s sold more than forty novels. When she’s not writing, Amanda enjoys sewing, cooking and – of course – reading.

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781 reviews75 followers
February 29, 2016
Concert pianist Gillian Hodge was injured by a reckless motorcycle rider. As a result, she may never be able to play professionally again. In hopes of trying to figure out what to do next, she heads to Texas and her friend Kate's resort of Rainbow's End. T.J. Benjamin lost his wife a little over a year ago. Not only did he lose his wife, his faith took a pretty strong beating. Now he's traveling by motorcycle across the country/state checking off the things on his wife's bucket list. When a sudden thunderstorm sends him and his bike crashing in front of Gillian, T.J. has to wonder at God's sense of humor. As the two work together to entertain the teens in the RV camp at Firefly Valley, they discover that two reluctant hearts can find love.

In this conclusion to the Texas Crossroads series, hope is found again. I really enjoyed this one, like the others in the series. I loved getting to know T.J. and Gillian. I also loved watching them both overcome their struggles.

It was also fun to catch up with the other characters in the series and check in with them. That's one thing that I love about most series, while the novels stand alone, they typically give updates on the characters from the previous books.

I loved seeing them interact with the teens and basically become role models for these kids. When one of the girls runs away, even though TJ and Gillian's relationship is at a rocky place, they both drop what they are doing and join forces to find the girl.

I received this book for free from Revell Books for the purpose of reviewing. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Recommended to fans of women's fiction, contemporary romance, Irene Hannon, Susan May Warren

Rating - 4 stars
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419 reviews22 followers
February 15, 2019
First i am going to say that ms Cabot books are great read i got all the book i read form her from the bards which is the for the hearing impaired i listen up to 2 book a day of hers.

The book This part of the book is Jillian had wreck on his motorcycle in the rain and now i am taking him to the Rainbow end. And i have Friend there and he can get a cabin while his bike get repaired,

When i got there there were camper all over the area what happen was that a fire and then the family lost there home so they were living with there family are the Rainbow End for while. What i was running from i had accident and was a pianist and can not play no more. But i get wrangled in to playing the organ at the church and then the ladies are trying to set me up for single men i do not want no man.

Fast forward remember Jillian well he was teacher running form his lost of his wife,The school teacher is going on leave and they ask Jillian to fill in. Now the story get better as you read it you see Jillian and i are in involved with the kids will help them stay out of problems but one girl want to run away with a man and we are going to stop it.

i will say the story is great read and you will have fun reading it
March 12, 2016
I have so enjoyed this series, and I am sad to see it come to an end – but On Lone Star Trail gave it the perfect sendoff. Amanda Cabot included all of the elements that make the series so entertaining while adding a few new twists as well! (While this is the third book in the TEXAS CROSSROADS series, it’s not necessary to have read the other two first.)

Gillian and TJ both need to learn how to live again. Gillian’s life was upended after the tragic accident that stole her career. TJ’s world went off kilter when his wife died of cancer. Their paths collide – quite literally – on the road to Rainbow’s End Resort. In the process of figuratively getting their footing, they team up to help the youth of Dupree – and the not-so-youth – find a new sense of purpose as well.

One of my favorite discussions between Gillian and TJ comes when Gillian is struggling with feeling empty and adrift without her career. TJ reminds her of a line from The Sound of Music – “When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.” But he goes on to say that “it takes more courage to climb through a window than to walk through a door.” The fact that they are both looking for that window – and the courage to climb through it – provides the deep bond of their friendship.

Speaking of friendships and relationships, the love triangle in On Lone Star Trail nearly killed me. Why? Because I did NOT know who Gillian would choose. I knew who I WANTED her to choose, but I genuinely liked both TJ and Mike. And I’m totally not telling you who she ends up with either. Except to say that I wish there would be a fourth book to give the runner-up a chance at love too!! (I’m also hoping that Brianna and Todd appear again at some point, too.)

Bottom Line: Get reacquainted with old friends, meet some new ones, and fall in love along with Gillian in On Lone Star Trail. Both Gillian’s and TJ‘s faith journeys in this novel are honest and emotional… but full of hope. The relationships they make in the process will not only entertain but will also remind us that God is at work in our lives even when we can’t see it right away. I am excited to see where Amanda Cabot will take us next!

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for only my honest review.)
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759 reviews24 followers
February 13, 2016
Highly entertaining, uplifting, and encouraging third novel in Amanda Cabot's Texas Crossroads, On Lone Star Trail can be read by itself, much to my delight. Gillian Hodge has met with an accident that costs her her professional piano concert career. To recover, she heads to visit her friends, Kate and Greg, who are expecting and run a resort in a burned out town.

There she meets two men. One, TJ Benjamin, is motorcycle enthusiast running from his past. The other is wealthy Mike Tarkett, local tycoon whose family has his future mapped out.

Working with teens, developing rapport, developing a plan to help the local seniors... plus developing relationships with both Mike and TJ keeps Gillian busy and confused. Mike and TJ have a few things to figure out in their lives, as well. Between the three of them,questions abound.Where does God fit in? Where does family come in? What is love and what is infatuation? What is God's will? Can prayer, determination, and quick thinking forestall disaster?

Loved this book and now need to go back and read At Bluebonnet Lake and In Firefly Valley. If you like clean Christian romance, I highly recommend this. PG rating due to some subject matter, dealt with appropriately.

One thing I realize after reading this book. Not all readers can identify with being young, single, and the confusion of needing a new mate or career. However, this story challenges me to be a Sally, a listener, an encourager, a person who invests in others. All of us can learn to listen and invest in others, something in which many characters in this book excelled.

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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223 reviews84 followers
February 4, 2016
Sometimes we get caught in our own plans for the future, thinking we’ve got it all mapped out, only to discover that God has another plan entirely. Gillian and TJ both find themselves “trapped in the great unknown,” searching for a new future after their own plans have collapsed.

On Lone Star Trail is a cute story with likable characters and a sweet ending. The search for the next step is a realistic struggle, as are the temptations that the characters face through the book. The moments of encouragement between the characters offer gentle encouragement to the reader as well.

While there were a few times I wanted to have a heart-to-heart with Gillian, I can’t say the circumstances were unrealistic. I would hope I would respond differently than she did, but sometimes we are too close to a situation to really see what’s happening. All in all, On Lone Star Trail was a fun, enjoyable read.

This is the third and final book in Amanda Cabot’s Texas Crossroads series.The characters do continue through the series, so this is one trilogy I would recommend reading in order.

(This review was first published on my blog -- sarahruut.com. I received a complimentary copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts expressed here are entirely my own.)
19 reviews3 followers
February 4, 2016
If you are looking to chase away the winter chill and doldrums, pick up Amanda Cabot's ON LONE STAR TRAIL, the third installment in the Texas Crossroads trilogy. Cabot's latest is more than an enjoyable read, though it is certainly that. It is more than an unputdownable romance, though it is that as well. It is the story of two wounded souls, both in need of healing, who find love and peace in the service of others and in the unconditional love of the Lord. Cabot's trademark style of melding romance and inspiration is showcased at its finest in Gillian and T.J.'s story.
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Author 2 books271 followers
April 18, 2016
This is a 2.5 stars.
I am not a Romance novel kind of person. At least not just simply romance. There had to be some action, mystery, something else to the story to keep me interested. So, for those who are in love with a simple romance novels, you may rate this book better than I have. For some reason, I thought there was more to this story than meets the eye. I wasn't completely dissatisfied... Maybe disappointed? Maybe bored? I almost can't make my mind up on how I feel about this book. It took a loooong time to get into the plot and character development. I did like the real issues of Gillian and T.J's personal struggles going into the book. Some of those struggles seemed unreal to me later on as we learned more about T'J's past. I thought, for a women not wanting to get married, she sure played with fire a lot on both sides of the fence and therefore I rated this book for a higher age limit just because I don't want young girls "dating" in the same fashion. However, I did like how the story ended--sort of. I think someone could have stepped up to the plate more. But, that is more of a personal preference, lol!
Besides that, once the plot did start to take off a bit, I felt Cabot's writing also became more dynamic. No doubt she is a veteran at writing which I completely adore. I think she is a good romance novelist but, maybe just not a right fit for me. *shrugs shoulder's*

Though I was given this book by Revell, this rating and my opinions are that of my own.

Recommended as a Christian Romance Novel
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1,532 reviews106 followers
March 14, 2016
This review is also posted on Book by Book.

On Lone Star Trail is the third novel in Amanda Cabot’s Texas Crossroads series, returning readers once again to the quaint Rainbow’s End Resort and its interesting characters. As its main characters, this novel introduces Gillian Hodge, friend of At Bluebonnet Lake’s Kate, and TJ Benjamin. Both Gillian and TJ arrive at Rainbow’s End carrying the burdens of past events that leave them uncertain of the future, but the more time they spend at the resort, the more they see the possibility and hope for the future - as long as they’re willing to embrace it. As Gillian and TJ gain new experiences and relationships, I really enjoyed following their story through the pages of On Lone Star Trail. It’s wholly entertaining and romantic and encouraging, and I think fans of the series will not want to miss it.

Thanks to Revell Reads, I received a copy of On Lone Star Trail and the opportunity to provide an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review, and all the opinions I have expressed are my own.
1,036 reviews7 followers
March 5, 2016
If I had my way, Amanda Cabot’s Texas Crossroads series would continue for several more volumes. The Rainbow’s End Resort is such a special place – not only for romance but for emotional healing. How wonderful would it be to be able to escape there for awhile!

What an unexpected romance! Who would ever think to pair a scruffy loner on a motorcycle with a former concert pianist – especially a pianist with such a strong aversion to motorcycles? But somehow it worked beautifully even if both Gillian and TJ had tons of excess baggage to sort through before they could admit and act on their true feelings.

Amanda Cabot is able to capture the true essence of her characters and bring them to life for her readers. Every nuance is important and I was able to experience both joy and pain, trust and doubt, right along with Gillian and TJ. “On Lone Star Trail” is a beautiful romance with a redemptive message for us all. I truly hate to see this series come to an end.

This book was provided for review by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.
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568 reviews25 followers
May 7, 2016
First off, let me begin by saying On Lone Star Trail is book three of the Texas Crossroads trilogy. I fully enjoyed the book and it can be read as a stand alone book. That said, finding out it was book three explained why it seemed strange that the story took it for granted that one would know backstory on some of the characters.
Rainbow's End resort is the kind of place one goes to heal. Gillian used to be a concert pianist until her hand was shattered. T.J. was a teacher, who moonlighted as the RV pastor until his world was turned upside down. They end up at Rainbow's End. Good character development. The storyline was good, if a tad predictable. A good story to relax with.
I was given this book by netgalley.com in exchange for my honest opinion.
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1,018 reviews14 followers
January 24, 2018
This is the third book in the Texas Crossroads series but I can tell you that you don't have to read the previous two before this one. You will not be lost. This is my first rad by Amanda Cabot and I am so in love with her writing. I am a fan now for sure!

Gillian is a woman that had her dreams stolen when she had an accident and it crushed her hand. She could no longer be a concert pianist. Now Gilliam hates motorcycles and doesn't even want to see another one again. When Gilliam is on her way to Rainbow's Inn Resort, she "runs" into TJ.

TJ has been riding around on his motorcycle for the past year trying to decide what is next for him. His wife passed away in the past year and he is not sure what he wants to do now. Both TJ and Gillian are on the path to Rainbow Inn Resort, will they find what they are looking for there? When TJ has to let Gilliam help him after his motorcycle wreck, they both end up helping the youth of Dupree together. Is God trying to tell them something?

When Gilliam also meets Mike, a local whose family has his life all planned for him, there are sparks that fly between them as well. Now Gilliam has two men that have her attention. She is going to have to make a choice.

As time goes on, both TJ and Gilliam begin to heal from their pasts and see why they were brought together. You will have to read to see who Gillian picks as someone she wants to spend more time with! Amanda Cabot does a great job with the plot of this one and how smooth everything flows. I can't wait to go back and read the previous two books in this series as well as see what she has in store for us in the future!
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877 reviews5 followers
November 24, 2018
This is the last of the Texas Crossroads series. While it builds a little on the characters in previous books, it can stand alone.

I find the books in this series to be different somehow from other books in either the Romance genre or Christian Romance genre. These books explore life around the lead characters and develop secondary characters also. This book presents two excellent love options for Gillian. Because of the way it is written, the ultimate ending is predictable, but the climax leading to it is interesting and unexpected.

Both Gillian and TJ have numerous strong points. Their weaknesses stem from tragedies in their pasts. While there is a little mystery to be slowly revealed in their backstories, it isn't that much. The story is interesting because it deals with some real issues of life, but it isn't the page turner that the second book was. Both Gillian and TJ, and also Mike, are a little too good to be true especially in terms of their service to others. The way the book is written, it almost seems that their service stems from their own personal motivations rather than an outflow of their faith.

This is a Christian book, although Jesus isn't specifically mentioned. There is a brief section citing a sermon that is a little preachy. TJ's journey is definitely about his struggle with God.

I didn't find TJ's transition

Mature themes: there is absolutely no sex but some moderate kissing. There is no actual violence and language is clean.
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2,408 reviews33 followers
May 18, 2017
My mother always says, "Everything happens for a reason." Gillian's trip to the resort, TJ's accident, the part delivery delay, the teens at Firefly Valley all fit into a master plan. Add to that, small town living and the huge gossip mill that creates can weigh anyone down. Gillian is caught unknowingly in a love triangle, however only one man is trying the other is struggling with the world first. I really enjoyed Gillian's go-getter-Dad-be-damned attitude and her need to be needed. TJ is a man among men and leader above all else. I will be the first to admit that I don't gravitate toward Christian books but I have adored this series. Romance is bloomed slowly, lives are brightened and all under the gentle guidance of religion. Beautifully written.

ARC was provided through Netgalley.
697 reviews11 followers
October 18, 2017
Using an engaging story, this author addresses some difficult life questions in a non-preachy but entertaining way. Gillian's claim to fame is with her hands, being an award-winning concert pianist. That is, until there is an accident. Now what can she do? TJ is an informal RV preacher. That is, until his wife dies. Has his faith disappeared? The two meet...
One thing bothered me about this book, and that was to question how someone with obvious musical ability and training with the piano and organ could possibly be a terrible singer. Does anyone know?
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492 reviews5 followers
July 8, 2018
Great book

Another great book! Great characters and story. As the characters struggled with their lives and their struggles to return to a closer relationship with God, I was inspired to have a closer walk with God. I loved this series so much that I almost hated to finish the book.
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59 reviews
January 27, 2020
I was really looking forward to reading this one but once getting about halfway through I realized there was no sustenance to it. Just mundane things happening in a mundane town. This book was lacking in anything to keep me wanting to find out more of what could possibly happen because I didn't really care about the endeavors.
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1,494 reviews6 followers
November 22, 2021
This was a good series and I enjoyed it a lot. This last book gave me a little bit of trouble but it was more me than the book to be honest. I really liked Jillian and TJ. They were both good characters in their way and I liked watching Jillian and TJ both walk their own path to healing. They were both hurting and found away to make their peace.
857 reviews2 followers
January 19, 2017
Gillian Hodge goes to Rainbows End seeking a new life after her life as a concert pianist was tragically ended. Will she find the peace and new life direction she is seeking? I enjoyed this story very much.
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Author 5 books5 followers
May 15, 2017
Fun book to get lost in and transported to a neat location. Third in the series. I didn't read the first two, but the author does a good job making this one stand alone that readers don't necessarily have to read the others. Fun reading with a good message.
Profile Image for Dianne Sidebottom.
1,268 reviews5 followers
July 4, 2018
I have read the series now. This story wasn't about a rich man finding love in a small town as the other two did, but was a spiritual journey to find a future with the struggles and drama in the town of Dupree and the Rainbow End's Resort characters.
722 reviews
September 9, 2018
A clean romance story with characters that are dealing with real life problems. Loss will definately change people's lives. In this case, one person has lost her career and another person has lost his wife. Both end up at Rainbow's End wondering what their future will hold.
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1,143 reviews8 followers
June 6, 2016
It only takes one fateful moment for Gillian Hodge's whole world to change forever. In that one instance, she is struck down in the street by a motorcyclist, the accident crushing her right hand and effectively ending her career as a concert pianist. After some intensive physical rehabilitation, Gillian is able to regain most of her mobility in that hand, but she soon sees it will never be quite enough to return to the concert stage. So, now what? Needing some time to mentally regroup and reassess her life's direction, Gillian decides to spend some time at her friend's Rainbow's End Resort in Dupree, Texas. And wouldn't you know, just as she's trying to get her mind right again, she witnesses yet another motorcycle crash go down right in front of her! What are the odds?!

The injured cyclist ends up being former preacher / history teacher TJ Benjamin. Not long ago, TJ's wife passed away and now he's on a cross-country trip meant to honor her memory and help him work through his grief. TJ is quick to say he's not injured from the crash, but the bike takes enough damage to require him to stick around Dupree for a few days while repairs are made. But as you might expect, within those few days TJ gets to know the townspeople, and especially Gillian, and finds himself looking for a reason to stick around a little longer.

I was thinking the environment of this story could be fun, what with people living on a campground resort area within the American West, and while that element DID make for a nice backdrop, the plot and character developments fell flat for me. I found the romance very bland and run-of-the-mill. Some of the particulars of the situations these characters get into struck me as slightly unrealistic and many of the characters themselves came off as too goody-goody to be much fun to read about... and dare I say, a wee bit judgmental of those not just like them.

The plot is pretty cliche-laden, complete with a pretty meh love triangle. To be honest, for a romance I didn't feel much heat between anyone. The dialogue sounded too scripted to get the swoons outta me. I didn't feel like Gillian's character or backstory was developed enough for me to understand why these people were so taken with her. Her pianist past is mostly only mentioned in brief passing and there's not much to her or her story in the present that really left me awestruck, there's not even noticeable humor or spunk to her personality. She's just very... cardboard-like. But of course her leading men immediately see her as super-special and "the most amazing woman I've ever met in my life..." as one goes so far to say. One guy even calls her Wonder Woman when she paints a whole room by herself. Not even kidding, that's all she has to do to get this moniker. No saving anyone from drowning or pulling someone from a burning building. Nope. Just the ability to paint four walls a solid color and she gets Wonder Woman. Must be slim pickins in Dupree.

I found myself more interested in the story of TJ's deceased wife. Seemed like there was a cool lady there -- artistic, adventurous, full of life. TJ's inner thoughts reveal how he never met anyone more beautiful than her, how she could so easily pull him out of his shell and get him to try new things. I wanted to know that story! But then cardboard Gillian comes in, sees a picture of the deceased wife and deems her "not beautiful by any standard". M'kay, well after that I was officially done caring about the coupling of Gillian and TJ.

Note To Readers: This is a Christian romance where the religious elements are rather strong and noticeably present (though not oppressively so). Even the resort in the story is Christian themed. Just a heads up for those who don't want to be surprised by the religious aspect if that's not what they're looking for. Also, this is the third and final book of Cabot's Texas Crossroads series. I have not read the first two books but had no trouble following the story, so I would say this is perfectly fine as a standalone read.

FTC Disclaimer: Revell / Baker Publishing Group kindly provided me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The opinions above are entirely my own.
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423 reviews23 followers
August 8, 2017
Gillian Hodges is left reeling and lost after a motorcycle accident that ended her career as an award-winning concert pianist. After months of therapy, there is no recovering what she once had. Struggling at this crossroads in her life with her fire-breathing father on her case, she travels to take refuge with her friend, Kate, at Rainbow's End Resort in the Texas Hill Country town of Dupree. 

On the windy country backroads to the small town of Dupree, Gillian's worst fears are again realized as TJ Benjamin's red motorcycle collides with her vehicle and runs off the roadway. She takes TJ to Rainbow's End where Kate and her husband offer generous hospitality to TJ as he waits for repairs to his bike. In exchange, TJ is tasked with entertaining the kids living in Firefly Valley, victims of fire now living in an RV park. For TJ, the irony is obvious. A former teacher and "RV Reverand", he has spent the year traveling and fulfilling his late wife's bucket list after abandoning his faith. While forging bonds with the Firefly teens with Gillian's help, they slowly develop their own friendship. Gillian teaches the girls about makeup and fashion, and TJ works with the boys. They become adult confidants and role models for this group of teens.

Gillian and TJ aren't the only newcomers to town. Pete Darlington came to town with the construction crew helping build new apartments for the Firefly Valley residents. Mike Tarkett is a very influential man with strong family support and political aspirations from a nearby town. Both men have set their sights on two women in Dupree, creating two parallel love triangles. Firefly teens Todd and Brianna have a good thing going until Briana and Pete catch sight of one another. It's infatuation for one. Mike takes to Gillian from the moment he steps foot onto Rainbow End and whisks her into the socialite life she led before. For TJ, both of these budding relationships proves troublesome. He's grown to enjoy the companionship and discussions with Gillian, and he's looking out for Brianna.

While she grapples with where to go from here, Gillian finds she is good at helping others: Brianna and the girls from Firefly Valley, the local bookstore owner needing additional help, and listening to the senior citizens of the town. Gillian decides to do something more permanent in Dupree by starting a senior center. TJ accepts the temporary teaching position at the high school. Mike sets his sights on becoming the mayor of his city. Things become more complicated as Gillian and Mike's relationship progresses, and Gillian and TJ's friendship hits the rocks.

Gillian and TJ are both in the same place, staggering to find their next step in life while staying around in Dupree. They're taking the struggle together, neither knowing what they want, and both finding their faith. The characters are all relatable and I was on the edge needing to know who Gillian would pick. All of them have their own struggle, and they were realistic situations that made the characters more endearing and heartfelt. This is a great read for those who enjoy Christian faith novels. It is the third and final book in the series but can be read as a standalone, which I did. 
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2,577 reviews37 followers
February 20, 2016
Title: On the Lone Star Trail (Texas Crossroads #3)
Author: Amanda Cabot
Pages: 368
Year: 2016
Publisher: Revell
My rating is 5 stars.
With Western style romance, countryside, and some suspense, what do you have but an outstanding series! Amanda Cabot brings a conclusion to the area and characters we met in the first book called, A Bluebonnet Lake followed by book two, In Firefly Valley. In the conclusion to the stories, we meet once again Gillian Hodge who was at one time a concert pianist. After her tragedy, change brought an end to the life she had known. She returns back to her best friend, Kate, to find refuge and unconditional love.
On Gillian’s way to get to the retreat area, she witnesses a motorcycle accident. When she finds the motorcyclist uninjured, Gillian offers a ride to TJ Benjamin. The friendship begins to blossom into something more with TJ, but Gillian has been spending time with a local man running for mayor in a nearby town. As I was further progressing into the novel, I was engaged so much because of the tension and personality differences between the two men vying for Gillian’s heart.
Most readers, if they read the prior two novels, will be reminded of Gillian’s heartbreak caused by an accident. TJ is a man who has spent a year finishing his wife’s bucket list after she died and now must remain in the local area until his motorcycle can be repaired. Gillian is pulled towards TJ because of his soft and compassionate nature whereas Mike from the nearby town wants to take Gillian back to a life she had once known. He feels she deserves to live again.
There is so much more to the novel that I would love for you to discover as you curl up on your favorite chair and read the story for yourself. At times I would have loved to grab either man and shake them for different reasons because Gillian was confused and unsure just where her life calling was since it no longer could be in music. However, I believe Amanda Cabot did a fantastic job of building up the suspense, tension and the thrill of rejoicing at the end of the novel with Gillian’s life.
I hope you grab these three books and get lost for a while in a small town in Texas with characters that have real faith, problems, conflicts, prayers, and fun!
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255. “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”
25 reviews
April 1, 2016
Former professional pianist Gillian Hodge comes to Dupree, Texas to get some R&R and to regroup after an accident rendered her right hand too injured for the concert stage. While en route to Rainbow's End resort, Gillian encounters a man and his motorcycle and the emotional wounds that had been healing were reopened.

TJ Benjamin is a man grieving his past and lost in hope for a future. A broken motorcycle land him at Rainbow's End, thanks to an insistent woman.

Gillian and TJ find that they both are searching to gain footing and direction in life and their future. With timing that can be none other than God-directed, Gillian and TJ find themselves in situations that leave them questioning and learning to trust themselves and God. But will a rival for Gillian's affection, unexpected career opportunities, and a wayward teen strengthen Gillian and TJ or weaken their fragile faith?

This is the final book in the Texas Crossroads trilogy by Amanda Cabot. I read the second installment of "In Firefly Valley" previously. "On Lone Star Trail" picks up where "In Firefly Valley" left off. The characters of Kate and Greg are wonderful secondary characters that were introduced previously, as well as The Matchers, Sally, Marisa, Eric, etc. However, more characters are added with the addition of a subplot with the RV residents in Firefly Valley.

The characters of Gillian and TJ are developed. Though different in there psychology, the underlying theme of uncertainty is a common thread for both. How they navigate through the uncertainty is unique and encouraging in both lights.

The subplot of the senior center and the nightly campfires are a good twist. Add to those some teenage angst, meddling friends, love interests and you get a sense of real life struggles--something we can all relate to.

The pace is a little slow and frustrating at times, but to speed Gillian and TJ's story line wouldn't have done them justice in the long run. So, the wait is worth it!

My only real complaint is the same with the last book, and its probably just a matter of writing style. But I don't like the use of the double helping verbs, like "had had". I see it several times throughout the book. Surely, there is a less redundant way to express the thought.

Overall, the book was enjoyable and well-thought out. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

(I was given this book for free by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.)
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March 6, 2016
Can two hurting individuals find healing on a trip to the Lone Star Trail?

On Lone Star Trail is the third and final book of the Texas Crossroads series by Amanda Cabot. With the right amount of past, present and future that balanced the journey of our two main characters, TJ and Gillian; On Lone Star Trail is uplifting, encouraging and inspiring in accepting challenges and letting go to let God be in control.

"Let go and let God...Surrender. Accept God's will. Seek only His approval." (285)

I enjoyed this story, and also want to go back and meet Kate and Greg in the first novel of Texas Crossroads and see how Rainbow's End all started. I found TJ and Gillian's pain and uncertainty of their future realistic in many ways. Have any of you lost a beloved or what you had thought was your future crushed right in front of your eyes? Or a challenge in your life that you've struggled with? That's what makes TJ and Gillian so real as I read On Lone Star Trail. I want to cheer for them, I want to pray for their healing and hoping they'll find their next steps. With the side story of the families living in RVs with disgruntle teenagers and building a senior center brings purpose into both TJ and Gillian's lives as they sort out their emotions and find God's plans for them. Sometimes, we just need to trust that there is another way, another road, and another plan He has for us.

Yes, in all On Lone Star Trail is a wonderful conclusion to a series set in this small town in Texas. The characters, short presence as some were, are entertaining and intriguing enough to warrant another look into the Texas Crossroads series. The only thing I would say is I wish there was more. By the end of the story, there was so much potential for more to the series, or at least for the characters, such as Mike, and Brianna and Todd. Then, I was hoping for more interaction or final closure between Gillian and her father. Even so, On Lone Star Trail concluded the series on a sweet note, and that's what it's about, a future, and with possibilities in many directions.

This review was first posted on Just Commonly Blog.

NOTE: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, Revell for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. For my review policy, please see my Disclosure page.
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February 22, 2016
On Lone Star Trail
Texas Crossroads #3
By Amanda Cabot

It was suppose to be a chance to escape from the pain of the past. But a motorcycle crash quickly disrupts the plans of both Gillian Hodge and TJ Benjamin.

Gillian is returning to Rainbow's End to visit with her best friend Kate. Hoping to find peace and further healing from the accident that left her life without direction, Gillian is unprepared for her latest encounter with a motorcycle and its rider.

TJ is trying come to terms with the loss of his life. He's given up everything he knew trying to deal with both his pain and his anger. Seeking solitude, he never planned on ending up at Rainbow's End, but after wrecking his motorcycle he had to rely on the kindness of strangers.

Kate and Greg are soon to become first time parents. Marissa and Blake are newly married. And the displaced apartment fire residents are calling the RVs in Firefly Valley their temporary home. It is in this changing landscape that TJ and Gillian find themselves. And when a landscape is in period of change opportunities are sure to arise that will give two hurting people a chance to rediscover a purpose in their lives.

Life is never easy and when what we have come to know is taken away from us we are left with a choice in how we respond to these challenges. And how we respond is important. Like so many who have come before them Gillian and TJ are about to discover that the path to healing and peace is not easy and it isn't accomplished on one's own. One has to surrender control or the illusion of control to God.

This is the final book in the Texas Crossroads series and it is not a letdown from the previous two books in the series. The town of Dupree is growing. Rainbow's End is becoming known for its peace and healing. And the various characters we have gotten to know have grown into people one would love to call friend. I have to admit if it wasn't for the Texas heat I wouldn't mind calling the area home myself.

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher Revell in exchange for my honest review.
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February 15, 2016
If there's one thing Gillian Hodge never wants to see again, it's a man on a motorcycle. Her last encounter with one left her right hand crushed, ending her promising career as a concert pianist. Unsure about the next phase in her life, she heads to Rainbow's End Resort for some R&R when a sudden thunderstorm causes a motorcycle to crash right in front of her.

When TJ Benjamin's wife died, he lost more than his best friend; he lost his faith. He has spent the past year wandering the country on his motorcycle, trying not to think about the future. When he finds himself stranded with a busted bike and a reluctant rescuer, he has to wonder about God's sense of humor.

As these broken people collide, they find that a bright future is still ahead--it just might not be the one they imagined for themselves.

Book Three of the Texas Crossroads series once again finds us at Rainbow's End. Gillian goes there to recuperate from a life altering injury to her hand. Kate, her best friend, along with Kate's husband own Rainbow's End Resort. Kate is where she has always gone when she needs time away from the world. Gillian has to decide what her future holds for her. Her dad thinks getting married and producing grandchildren is the answer. But she has to marry the right kind of man.

TJ is running from the loss of his wife and from God. He ends up hydroplaning on a rainy road right in front of Gillian. It was a motorcycle that caused her hand injury. So understandably she never wants to see a motorcycle again. She offers him a ride to Rainbow's End. There the story begins with them both trying to find the direction in life they are going to take. Gillian with God's help and TJ trying to outrun God.

I found the book entertaining. A nice cozy read would be how I would describe it. Although this was the third book in the series, it is not necessary to read the other two to read this book. I would suggest reading them just because they are good books.

I was given this book by the publisher for an honest review. I was not compensated in any way.
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February 26, 2016
** “Not only will (God) be with us, but he gives us a wonderful promise: he will not fail or forsake us. Others can promise that, but inevitably they will fail, simply because they’re human. Only God can and will deliver on his promise 100 percent of the time.” **

Amanda Cabot brings us back to Texas’ Hill Country and the Rainbow’s End resort in her final installation of the “Texas Crossroads” series — “On Lone Star Trail.”

Cabot’s latest novel picks up the story of Gillian Hodge, a concert pianist whose career comes to a crashing halt after an accident involving a motorcycle at the end of Book 2. Gillian comes to Rainbow’s End to rest and to be with and support her pregnant friend Kate, who runs the resort with her husband Greg.

While driving to the resort on a rainy day, widower TJ Benjamin hydroplanes on his motorcycle and crashes right in front of Gillian. What follows is a lovely story of both Gillian and TJ dealing with their pasts and taking a journey toward healing together.

“On Lone Star Trail” is a romance story, as Gillian must decide between the mysterious and sometimes distant TJ and Mike, the local guy from an influential family, but it is also a tale of healing and peace; dealing with loss, regret and hopelessness; being a Good Samaritan for someone else; second chances; learning the difference between sitting in church and living a life for God; knowing and accepting that all things are possible with God; and to LGLG (you’ll have to read the book to know what that means!).

Besides our new characters, the author allows us to revisit old friends, like Kate and Marisa and Lauren and Carmen. I also liked how Cabot gave plugs to her fellow authors — including Janice Thompson, Patricia Bradley and Jane Kirkpatrick — by having Gillian read and/or recommend their books. That’s a nice touch.

“On Lone Star Trail” is a nice little cozy romance with numerous life lessons thrown in.

Four and a half stars out of five.

Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, provided this complimentary copy for my honest, unbiased review.
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