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The Program #4

The Epidemic

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There is no cure.

In a world before The Program…

Quinlan McKee has spent her life acting as other people. She was a closer—a person hired to play the role of the recently deceased in order to give their families closure. Through this process, Quinn learned to read people and situations, even losing a bit of herself to do so. But she couldn’t have guessed how her last case would bring down her entire world.

The only person Quinn trusts is Deacon, her best friend and the love of her life. Except Deacon’s been keeping secrets of his own, so Quinn must set out alone to find Arthur Pritchard, the doctor who’s been trying to control her life. The journey brings Quinn to Arthur’s daughter, Virginia, and Quinn quickly discovers that the two have a frightening amount in common. The secrets about both of their pasts could hold the key to fighting an epidemic.

But Quinlan doesn’t want to be a cure. And with all the lies surrounding her, she realizes she has no one left to rely on but herself—even if she doesn’t know who that is anymore.

378 pages, Hardcover

First published April 19, 2016

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About the author

Suzanne Young

46 books4,624 followers
Suzanne Young is the New York Times bestselling author of The Program, The Treatment, and several other novels. She currently lives in Tempe, Arizona where she teaches high school English and obsesses about books. Learn more about Suzanne at www.suzanne-young.blogspot.com

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2,694 reviews702 followers
March 21, 2016
I have loved all of the books in this series, so I knew I would love this one.

Quinn's story has been captivating from the first page. There's so much she doesn't know and seeing the layers slowly peel back had me hooked right away. Of course I loved Deacon and their entire situation. There is a core group of characters and each of them have been enjoyable in their own way.

The overall plot could definitely be depressing and heartbreaking. While it is those things to a point, Suzanne adds levity in different ways. There are some parts that made me laugh, made me swoon, and made me cheer. I have rooted for these characters and I love where she left the story for them. Now I want to reread The Program.

**Huge thanks to Simon Pulse and Edelweiss for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review**
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2,991 reviews363 followers
April 12, 2016
4.5 Stars!

I absolutely love Young's ability to write raw harsh characters and circumstances and to do it so beautifully that you almost forget the tough subject matters and characters.

This spin off series and its predecessor have quickly become a favorite of mine and one that I just can't seem to get enough of.

Fantastical, fascinating, and completely compelling, it had me once again hooked from the first page as Quinn's journey continues where The Remedy ended.

I absolutely adore Young's creativity and her capability to weave a tale that is both believable and realistic in its horrors. With a talent to knead in details and facts from the first two books The Program and The Treatment, and completely make it all new and also familiar. With hints at book one and two that made things so much clearer while still making you want to read them all over again to make sure you didn't miss something now that more is laid out in front of you. I truly enjoyed every bit of detail about not only Quinn and her friends but how it all began and came about.

This was an exciting addition to the series and one that I'm so glad Young gave us. This truly is a series that any lover of dystopian will devour and be left wanting more.

*ARC copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*
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1,375 reviews234 followers
July 5, 2017
This was a bit disappointing. A lot, to be honest. But, I could have seen that coming.

I loved The Program. I hated The Treatment, that felt like a unnecessary sequel. I LOVED The Remedy, it was genius. This book is the sequel to The Remedy.. and yeah, that was not necessary.

It is just.. nothing happened! In the whole book! Maybe some things do happen but it did not felt like much. It was a boring read. Nothing like the Remedy, a lot like The treatment. And i did not liked the ending.

I do will read other installments of this series because I really like the world Suzanne Young has created. And 1* felt just a bit to harsh somehow because it does has some nice twisted things in this book, but not as much as the Remedy.
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2,119 reviews1,334 followers
June 28, 2016

The Program series is one of the most memorable series I've ever read. I'm in love with these books, and it's always a nice surprise to find out there are more books set in the same world. When I read The Remedy, I fell in love with the story, especially because of how strong the emotional impact it had on me was, but I was also rather frustrated because it ended on a cliffhanger and at the time, there was no news as to whether there would be a sequel. With The Epidemic, Suzanne Young took this series to a whole new level!

" 'I love you so much that it might just kill me, Quinn,' he murmurs. 'But I'll go ahead and keep on loving you until it does, because I don't know any other way to be alive.' "

The concept of this series is brilliant and scary. At the end of The Remedy, the protagonist, Quinn, who was raised to be a closer, an individual who poses and behaves as dead people in order to allow their families to grieve and provide closure, finds out that her life has been a lie. I won't reveal what she found out, but it shattered her whole world and she was completely lost. She and her ex-boyfriend Deacon run away to find Arthur Pritchard, who is the only person to know more about Quinn. I felt so much for Quinn in this installment. She really had it rough and the pain and sorrow she went through was so palpable. Suzanne Young took Quinn on a journey in The Epidemic, one that was painful and rough, but ultimately good for her. I loved how despite all the obstacles she was forced to face, she remained true to her core values, fighting for what was right and continuing to remain a warm and understanding girl, despite the people around not always proving themselves worthy of her love and affection. She had already gone through hell and more in The Remedy, and Suzanne Young didn't make it easy on her at all here. Quinn has always been a brave girl, but here she was much stronger, often willing to put her life on line for the sake of others. I admired her so much and wanted nothing but for her and Deacon to find peace in this terrible world.

" 'Deacon's my everything,' I tell her. Not in a lovesick way - we're way past that. It's my truth. Deacon is my boyfriend, my best friend and my family."

Deacon's character, I had a difficult time with in the beginning. While I adored him in The Remedy, he did things that I found to be questionable and I wasn't sure if I could whole-heartedly trust him, and neither did Quinn. He was so secretive and tended to keep things to himself, and even though he did it to protect Quinn, I wanted to shake him by the shoulders and tell him to open up to her. He did beautifully redeem himself throughout The Epidemic though and by the end I was a big fan of his character. He was protective, swoony and sweet. We found out more about his past here and it made my heart ache, but I was proud of how he rose from his circumstances. His and Quinn's romance was one of my favorite elements of the first book, and here we get to watch their romance rekindle and become brighter than ever. Despite the secrets Deacon kept from Quinn and the many downs their romance faced at times, I sincerely believed in their relationship and I knew that they were good for each other in many ways. They were tuned to each others' emotions and they found peace together. I shipped them as much as I shipped James and Sloane from The Program & The Treatment, which is saying a lot because I loved those two fiercely.

"My heart is full because I've found him. My love. My home."

While Quinn's initial goal in The Epidemic might have been to find out more about herself, there was a whole world of fucked up that was awaiting her at her destination. She finds out that depression has become a contagion and that kids are killing themselves left and right, and somehow she is in the middle of it all. This is a really messed up and terrifying world, with so much pain and sorrow. It wasn't always easy to navigate this book, especially know exactly how things pan out in The Program, but man was I invested in these characters and this story. When The Treatment ended, I was left with lots of questions as to just how this world came about, and Suzanne Young answered many of those questions in this prequel duology. We learn more about the bastard behind it, Arthur Pritchard, and this book served to solidify my intense dislike for this guy. He wasn't always physically present, but the danger he posed perpetuated through every page of this book. I also really liked some of the new and old characters that we got to spend time with here. What I love about these characters are how they all very crucial to moving the story forward.

" After all the lives I've lived, all the people I've become, I've finally found my identity. I've found me."

The Program series is one of my favorites and one that I highly recommend reading it. It will not only leave you emotionally depleted and with a crushed soul by the end, but it will also have you obsessed.
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1,717 reviews220 followers
November 26, 2019
My review of "The Program" series will be live on December, 25th, 2019 here: https://youtu.be/MyVFNNOc32g

This series just keeps getting better and better! My only complain would be that the guys seems to be very similar through the book, no difference between the guy from the first two books and Deacon.
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1,209 reviews26k followers
May 21, 2016
3.5 stars
This is the sequel to The Remedy and The Remedy is a prequel to The Program by Suzanne Young. I think The Remedy and The Epidemic are fantastic additions to an amazing series and anyone who is a fan of The Program should definitely read these prequels.

Last year I read The Remedy and I was so shocked and surprised and I loved it so much. It ended on a massive cliffhanger, so I was really excited when this book was announced. Maybe I was expecting this book to be as shocking as The Remedy, but I'm slightly disappointed with the lack of plot twists in this book. Suzanne Young has an incredible writing style that pulls you in and is so easy to read. It's a nice balance of romance and action and plot twists and humor, I absolutely love her writing. The first half of this book is amazing and intense, then I felt like the second half got kind of repetitive and dragged just a little bit.

I really enjoy Quinn and Deacon together, they have become one of my new favorites and I adored seeing their relationship grow. I also loved finally getting some more answers about The Program and Arthur Pritchard and how this all began, even though Some of the suicides in this book were intense and sad.

I thought some of the scenes toward the end worked out a little too convenient for the characters. I really did like the last chapter that took place a year later, and then the epilogue. I loved the way the end of this book tied right into the beginning of The Program and I thought it was so creative and exciting to see it all come together.

Overall, this book was still really good, don't get me wrong. I just wish more would have happened in this book. There were a few shocking plot twists that I didn't see coming, but other than that it was all a lot of build up to The Program (which is odd because I know it's a prequel so it should do that but since I've already read it it's anti-climatic because I know where it's going.) I still absolutely love this series and I love Suzanne Young and I don't want this series to be over, it's one of my all time favorite series.
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252 reviews6 followers
December 10, 2020
This one is probably my least favorite of the series. It shocks me that we’re four books in and we STILL don’t know why kids are killing themselves. I’m starting to doubt the series will ever tell us. Young really knows how to end stories though. I was very content with how these character’s stories came to a close. On to the next set of characters in the crazy world of The Program...
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269 reviews45 followers
December 6, 2019
Program serisinin dördüncü kitabı. Yine Quinlan’ın ağzından yazılmış. Yine yasbitirenlerle ilgili.
Bu serinin sorunu şu; ilk iki kitap Sloane’un ağzından yazılmış, 3. ve 4. kitap Quinlan’ın ağzından yazılmış. Aslında okunması gereken sıra da şöyle: 3-4-1-2. Tam bir karmaşa. Acaba diyorum yazar Sloane’la ilgili kısımları yazmış yazmış da sonra hikaye tıkanınca başa mı dönmüş? Bazen oluyor çünkü. Bence bu kafa karıştırıcı ama. Siz Sloane’u merak ediyorsunuz ama sürekli Quinlan’ı anlatıyor.
Bu kitapta Quinlan farklı bir yöne gitmeye karar veriyor. Keder departmanından kaçmaya başlıyor. Deacon’a bile güvenip güvenemeyeceğini kestiremiyor. Yasbitirenliğe olan inancı sarsılıyor. Ve intihar salgını ilk defa bu kitapta dikkatini çekiyor. Yasbitirenliğin işe yaramadığını görüyor ve ne yapacağını bilemiyor.
Bu seri sizi yormaz, düşündürmez. Sayfalar akar gider. Ha belki çok şey katmaz size öyle içinde müthiş bilgiler, inanılmaz bilimsel gerçekler falan yok. Ama reading slump’tan çıkmanıza yardımcı olur. Kolayca okursunuz. Belki aşk ilişkileri biraz bayık gelebilir. Bana da geldi valla. Ama yapacak bir şey yok. Serinin genç yetişkin tarafı da ağır basıyor. Zaman geçirmek için okuyabilirsiniz. Ortalama bu kitap.
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Author 24 books8,940 followers
April 22, 2018
Really like these characters. The end had some edge of your seat scenes that will stay with you. Loved the little glimpse at the end. It's so interesting getting to explore what happened just before The Program.
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740 reviews256 followers
December 20, 2015
I'm rather emotional right now, not having expected how attached I would get to certain characters or what their fate would be. well, one character, really. I'm still not over that because my heart feels like it's been ripped out and crushed to a million pieces.
this book was kind of hard hitting. I adore the characters and the chemistry they have. and while it doesn't go too deep into depression--I didn't feel the book did, anyway--it definitely showed the aftereffects of losing someone you cared about, and that's what made it so difficult sometimes.
while I loved this book a little less than The Remedy, I still adored Suzanne Young's writing. I can't imagine it being easy to write something like this, something with so much death and whatnot.
but basically, the follow up to The Remedy was pretty damn good. the reason I'm not giving it a full five stars was because the whole trust issue felt overused and I got pretty tired of it. I also thought the ending could have been a bit better, because truth be told, I didn't really get much from it. so, yeah, 4.5 stars, rounded down to a 4.


April 19.
I can do this.
I should avoid this book until a cover and then until it comes out because I get all sad face over it, otherwise. :(

(i just want this so bad it's not even funny oh my god i'm panicking at the idea of waiting another w h o l e year)
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1,538 reviews187 followers
March 27, 2017
This review was originally posted on Andi's ABCs
How do you review a book that puts an exclamation point on a fantastic series? Honestly, what can I really say about The Epidemic that won't give away the whole plot of The Program and The Treatment or even The Remedy for that matter? What Suzanne Young did with this series is nothing short of perfection and I feel like I used all the words I can to tell you what I loved about each book and they all apply to The Epidemic as well. (You can find my reviews HERE, HERE and HERE). I guess what I can try to do and explain why I loved the series as a whole.

In my review for The Program I mentioned what fascinated me the most about the story was what came first, the depression or The Program? It was such a simple concept and one that stuck with me. It seemed like these kids were in an endless loop of fear. They couldn't feel grief and loss because then they were high risk and pushed into mandatory therapy but they also couldn't not feel them because the really could become depressed. They were in a catch-22 of sorts and The Program showed that. This kids had no choices and that made it even scarier of an idea and made me curios where it started.

Then there was The Treatment. The Treatment was different from The Program as it showed what happened after you were taken away from you. It showed what happened after you completed The Program and how it effected every part of your life. It was so interesting to see what the kids would put themselves through to get control of their lives and not live in fear. They put everything on the line and did it without flinching. But still I wondered how it all truly started, what came first.

So that brings me to The Remedy (which I said I was scared to read in my review of it) and The Epidemic. Both books billed as part of a duology and prequels to The Program and The Treatment. Each book added a layer to the already fantastic narrative Suzanne Young created and did the impossible by making the story even better. There are subtle and obvious connections in the prequels that really make parts of The Program and The Treatment stand out. Honestly I can't say enough good things about the two books and the series in general.

What I'm trying to say here is that Suzanne Young pulled off something very few authors could do. She started at the middle, went to the conclusion, backed up to the beginning, and connected it all together with a fantastic ending and did it perfectly leaving very few questions. I know a lot of you have read The Program and The Treatment and if you have I highly suggest picking up the prequels and finding out what this story is really made of. And for those of you that haven't read any of them? Stop waiting! Pick up The Program and read them by release date. You won't be sorry.

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4,609 reviews159 followers
November 6, 2018
"This epidemic has everyone scared."

With every new book in this series, I am always blown away. The quick ties I feel for the characters, the emotional blow of teen suicide and the fear and terror of it. The slow creeping realization of the impending Epidemic and the blood pumping urgency of CURE IT!

It's all so real. In the midst of all that is Quin. She has more answers than she ever has and yet she wants more. Determined to get them, she's decided to hunt it all down at the source and go back to square one. But nothing ever goes as planned and she's starting to realize that not everyone in her life can be trusted. And she doesn't know what she doesn't know - doesn't remember what she can't.

This is it. The conclusion to the beginning. I loved finding out how this all began. But I'm glad I read the series the way I did. Sloane and James will forever be my favorite, even though this story was a good one too. This series just hits too close for me, a fear all too real. With so few tools to cope, who's to say a parent' wouldn't turn to this choice? Let's hope we never see this world.
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264 reviews7 followers
April 2, 2017
Ehhhhhhhhhhh. This series really went downhill for me. I loved the first book. The second book was alright. The third book was boring until the last chapter and that is the only reason I even picked this book up. This book is going literally nowhere. I made it more than half-way through and literally nothing happened. It was just not interesting. I am not invested enough in these characters to watch them do mundane things. I put this on my on-hold shelf a while ago thinking I would go back to it but honestly I don't want to. Maybe when the series is over I'll go back to it but I don't see that happening at this point.
39 reviews10 followers
October 4, 2019
I did not like this book at all. It was just bland compared to her other books. It took me FOREVER to finish it. I’m so glad that I finally got done with it. I definitely recommend the Program series I anyone. Maybe older audiences though actually.
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Author 2 books25 followers
March 12, 2017
In a world before The Program…

Quinlan McKee has spent her life acting as other people. She was a closer—a person hired to play the role of the recently deceased in order to give their families closure. Through this process, Quinn learned to read people and situations, even losing a bit of herself to do so. But she couldn’t have guessed how her last case would bring down her entire world.

The only person Quinn trusts is Deacon, her best friend and the love of her life. Except Deacon’s been keeping secrets of his one, so Quinn must set out alone to find Arthur Pritchard, the doctor who’s been trying to control her life. The journey brings Quinn to Arthur’s daughter, Virginia, who tells Quinn the truth about Pritchard’s motives. The former closer will start to see that she is the first step in fighting an epidemic.

But Quinlan doesn’t want to be a cure. And with all the lies surrounding her, she realizes she has no one left to rely on but herself—even if she doesn’t know who that is anymore.

It's official, I’m in love with SUZANNE YOUNG ‘s writing. How can you not be? All those emotions that she has you going through while you reading the novel. The story pulls you into it deep, to the point where you don’t want to stop till you reach the end. I know for fact that this is the story that I will find myself talking about with my friends. I am still thinking about it, I am still wondering what will happen to them after. I feel like I am left with more questions at the end then when I had started. I loved all her stories from The Program series so far. I got admit that Quinn’s story had been my favorite so far. There wasn’t a single dull moment, THE EPIDEMIC had my full attention from the beginning to start. I was sad, I got angry, I got happy and I had hope. To me, the story and the characters they were all real. It was if I became part of them and went through this incredible, terrifying journey along with them. Out of all the books that I had read THE EPIDEMIC was the most emotional one to read. I can’t even count how many times I reached for tissues and how many times I was close to tears. It felt like a heartache.

As you can probably guess, I was happy when Deacon and Quinn found their way back to each other, especially after Quinn found out the truth about Deacon. Once she found out, I didn’t think that they could have the relationship that they did before. Neither did I think that Deacon would ever tell her that he loved her. I loved the scenes between the two of them, it put a smile on my face every single time. What Quinn and Deacon had, was true love and the two of them belonged with each other. I was terrified when Deacon went missing and I was afraid of what they were doing to him, that they could erased his memory. I was relieved that Quinn and others could get to him in time. It would been heartbreaking if he forgot her. I was glad that the two of them could finally be with one another. At least somebody had a bit of a happy ending and after everything they went through, they deserved it.

This seems happen to me a lot when it comes to novels. Just when I get a new favorite character, that character gets killed off. It’s not first time and I am sure that it won’t be the last time it happened. In this case Reed, Like Quinn and her friends I couldn’t help but like him. He’s the guy that any girl would be happy to be with. I don’t want dislike Virginia but I do. He was fine till he spent some time with her and he went downhill fast from there. She’s the reason that Epidemic started and it all clicked in place after Reed’s suicide. Everyone that spent some time with her, it was not long after where they would commit suicide. I can see why everyone started to freak out because it got out of control. As much as I liked Reed, I am glad it didn’t get to Quinn, Aaron and Deacon, those three are my favorites. There is part of me that is sad that Quinn’s story is over, but at same time I am curious about the next story, the next adventures. I have a feeling that SUZANNE YOUNG is an author I am going to read years to come.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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750 reviews325 followers
May 23, 2016
There's just something about this series that captivates me. The whole idea of blending suicide and depression within a dystopian world is totally bizarre, and I'm not saying it feels plausible, but it's definitely a terrifying thought. Even after reading The Epidemic, however, I still feel like there's missing information regarding the rise in suicide. The puzzle is not piecing together comfortably in my mind, and I'm missing the closure I was hoping I would receive to fully understand the science behind this world. Why is depression and suicide spreading like a disease? How is this scientifically possible?

Yet somehow, even with being left slightly confused, I love this book. I think The Program will always remain my favourite, but man-oh-man, I love Deacon and Quinn. There's something so steamy and passionate about their relationship. They're both a little broken and guarded, and each have their fair share of complexities, which you'd know from reading The Remedy, but it only made for the most evident connection together. It's like you could physically feel their thoughts and emotions towards one another. I'm going to miss reading about them.

With the plot of this one focusing more on discovering the underlying secrets of the grief department, the story moved a little slower than The Remedy. And yes, this duology can definitely be read apart from The Program, but as someone who was familiar from the original story, the connections to later characters and situations was part of the enjoyment. Everything comes full circle here. Suzanne Young always writes the most unexpected, heartbreaking epilogues, too, and this was no exception.

Next stop ... The Adjustment!
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1,042 reviews87 followers
November 15, 2016

Find this review, plus more, on my blog: Booklikes OR Blogger

Basic Info

Pages/Length: n/a
Genre: Young Adult; Dystopia
Reason For Reading: I like the series

At A Glance

Love Triangle/Insta Love/Obsession?:
Slight triangle.
Cliff Hanger: Kinda
Triggers: Suicides
Rating: 3.5 stars

Score Sheet
All out of ten

Cover: 8
Plot: 8
Characters: 8
World Building: 8
Flow: 7
Series Congruity: 8
Writing: 7
Ending: 8

Total: 8

In Depth

Best Part:
Father love!
Worst Part: Death!
Thoughts Had: Keeps getting better!


Continuing the Series:
Recommending: Yes

Short Review: I really liked how this one really tied in the stuff from the Program into it. Yes it's still Quinn's story, but now we have Virginia added and the suicides are racking up! This book makes me happy that they have some violent deaths in it, and it really gets to you, i felt more attached to this one emotionally because of that. Lots of twist and turns, and you really had no clue who was going to turn on who. The ending with her father, crushed my soul, then the extra part, really crushed my soul!


Book Boyfriend: Aaron
Best Friend Material: Quinn or Rachael ;)

Review in GIF Form:

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1,042 reviews87 followers
December 10, 2018

**Find this and other reviews, plus fun stuff, on my blogs! Booklikes or Blogspot**

Basic Info

Pages/Length: Too long.
Genre: Young Adult; Science Fiction; Dystopia
Reason For Reading: Continue series

At A Glance

Love Triangle/Insta Love/Obsession?:
Cliff Hanger: no
Triggers: n/a
Rating: 2.5 Stars

Score Sheet
All out of ten

Cover: 8
Plot: 7
Characters: 1
World Building: 6
Flow: 5
b>Series Congruity: 9
Writing: 7
Ending: 7

Total: 6/10

In Depth

Best Part:
The next book is a different MC!!!!!!
Worst Part: God this MC.
Thoughts Had: PLEASE DIE!


Continuing the Series:
Recommending: skip book 3 and 4!!!! DO IT!!!!

Short Review: This whole time i was listening to this book, i was inside screaming "SHUT UP!!!!". First this girl runs away yet two different closers find her, so she is the worst closer ever, period, and think about it lady, if they really wanted to get you or kill you, you would have been got/killed a long time ago. God she sucks so much. This MC whines so damn much. THANK GOD WE GET A NEW MC NEXT BOOK! (or i hope so if it fits into the pattern)


Book Boyfriend: Pass.
Best Friend Material: Pass.
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241 reviews2 followers
January 22, 2019
Figured out how it tied into the first 2 books. Interesting concept.
Profile Image for Nelli Lakatos.
291 reviews7 followers
October 13, 2022
I read another amazing book in this series.
There are just two books left which is quite sad, I love this series and doesn’t want them to end yet. So I’m definitely excited to continue with it but my next read is going to be something else so they can last a bit longer. 🥰
Profile Image for Rebecca Staley.
209 reviews1 follower
March 29, 2020
I am enjoying this series so much and how the story was developed. The first two books dealt with the after world/results and now the third and fourth book have shown us how the Program and the suicide epidemic all came to be. The characters we met from the beginning are now popping up and the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. I'm wondering where the next books will take us on our journey, but I'm excited to find out.
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1,988 reviews130 followers
January 10, 2018
I'm really glad that I decided to give this series another go. After enjoying the Sloan stories (The Program and The Treatment) I attempted to read the first of the Quin stories ( The Remedy), but wasn't really feeling it and never got past the first few chapters.

Fast forward a few years and seeing a goodreads friend review this book encouraged me to relook at this series.

I definitely am glad that the author wrote these prequels second, and I definitely recommend that these are read in publication order.

3.5 Stars
60 reviews
March 8, 2021
i am literally wrecked again! these books are way to traumatizing but sooo captivating.
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112 reviews11 followers
April 27, 2016
I can't get enough of Suzanne Young's writing; the world she has created here truly is something special, and I loved this book just as much as I loved all the others in this series.

I expected (hoped, really) to see at least a few allusions to The Program/The Treatment, and I certainly was not disappointed. I was curious how she would weave the two stories together, and it worked beautifully and naturally. Having finished this one, I'm itching to reread The Program and The Treatment so I catch all the details she referred to in this novel.

I got the chance to attend a signing with Young the day The Epidemic was released, and while talking about the series, she brought up the fact that she always splits the Program books into three parts, each with their own unique mood, as if reading three different "stories" in one book. I have always unconsciously noticed this with the other books in this series, but this installment specifically was very dynamic between each part. Part 3 in particular was heartbreaking; I felt the same way I did when I read the The Program, which is appropriate as it is the part that leads the reader straight into The Program, and I think that that says a lot about Young's exceptional writing. This distinctive technique is one of the reasons why I love these books and find them so easy to read; as soon as I get acclimated to the tone of the story, the next part is introduced, which brings in a whole new aura of emotion. It feels like I've begun reading a new book, and for someone who often gets distracted when reading the same "flavor" for long enough, it's a brilliant choice.

These characters. I don't really want to ruin the unique experience for any reader out there about to embark on this journey, but THESE CHARACTERS. I simply adore Quinlan, Deacon, Aaron, as well as a few characters unique to this book. I felt for them and with them, standing alongside them through every gut-wrenching moment, my own heart breaking. They felt real to me as I was reading this book, and a part of me wishes that this wasn't the end of their story.

I won't say any more in an effort to avoid spoilers, but it was a pleasure reading this novel, even though it destroyed me emotionally (in no way is that a bad thing).

If you haven't been introduced into the world of The Program yet, go and pick it up; you are truly missing out on something special. Thank you, Suzanne Young, for another incredible story and satisfying final journey with these characters!
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February 22, 2016
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Trigger Warning: Suicide

***This review also has spoilers***

It has been a day and half and I still can't find the words to write my review. Like whoa. I adored The Program and The Treatment and The Remedy, but I always wondered where this all actually started from. What started the suicide epidemic, what are the handlers? In the The Epidemic we see everything that is in The Treatment and The Program be born.

In The Remedy we learned the biggest shock of all, Quinlan is the closer for her own life. I remembered how shocked I was, and so pissed that I had to wait for The Epidemic to know more. But now Quinlan is on the hunt for who she really is, but things don't go as expected. In search for Dr. Pritchard to find her identity Quinlan gets mixed up with his daughter Virginia, who seems to be at the center of the suicide epidemic going on in her town. But whats the problem? After each suicide Virginia remembers none of it. Like a slate wiped clean. If that isn't deep enough Quinlan must figure out why both Virginia's and her own memories are being manipulated. With the help of Deacon, Aaron, and Reed Quinlan must end this once and for all.

Confusing, huh? It all makes sense in time, leaving you at the edge of your seat wanting to know more. Suicide is a very touchy subject for me, and Suzanne has managed to write 4 books about it and I have loved every single one of them. Especially the romance. and the dystopia. and everything.

*It was an interesting concept that started the epidemic, it was all social behavior. If this was all left alone it probably would have solved its self, there had been suicide epidemics in past history that resolved eventually. A behavioral contagion. The reasons there are no closers in The Program and The Treatment is because they were turned into handlers, and we get to see the first memory wiping, and everything we ached to see in the other two books. The ending, though good was heart breaking and did leave me teary eyed. But it all works out in the end. I am curious if this crosses over time frames with the other books?

That is all I am going to leave you with. This is a five star review, so I don't have much to say besides wanting to scream at everyone to read this book series. But so much love for Suzanne and these books, they are worth the time to read.

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