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The Carolina Cold Fury hockey team proves that love is a power play. As Sawyer Bennett’s New York Times bestselling series continues, the league’s most notorious party animal gets blindsided by the one that got away.

Off the ice, elite defenseman Hawke Therrien enjoys his fair share of booze and good times. And why shouldn’t he? He’s worked his way up from the minor leagues and made himself a star. The only thing Hawke misses from that life is the pierced, tattooed free spirit who broke his heart without so much as an explanation. She’s almost unrecognizable when she walks back into his life seven years later—except for the look in her eyes that feels like a punch to the gut.

Vale Campbell isn’t the same girl she was at twenty. As crazy as she was about Hawke, her reckless behavior and out-of-control drinking were starting to scare her. She had to clean up her act, and that would never happen with Hawke around. Cutting him loose was the hardest thing Vale ever had to do—until now. Because she’s still crazy about Hawke. And if he could ever learn to forgive her, they just might have a future together.

275 pages, ebook

First published March 15, 2016

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Sawyer Bennett

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New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Sawyer Bennett uses real life experience to create relatable stories that appeal to a wide array of readers. From contemporary romance, fantasy romance, and both women’s and general fiction, Sawyer writes something for just about everyone.

A former trial lawyer from North Carolina, when she is not bringing fiction to life, Sawyer is a chauffeur, stylist, chef, maid, and personal assistant to her very adorable daughter, as well as full-time servant to her wonderfully naughty dogs.

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March 2, 2016
4 stars!

 photo B4A48C73-EDBC-4F82-AF38-DB70A460E094_zpsinxeykn1.jpg

I love me some hockey books! For some reason, it is my favorite sport to read about. I have no interest in hockey in the real world, but fictional hockey is my jam ;) Hawke is book five in Sawyer Bennett’s Cold Fury series, but can be read as a standalone. I’ve enjoyed all the books in this series, and though this wasn’t my favorite, it was still a great read!

Unlike the rest of the series, this book is a second chance romance. Hawke and Vale dated through some of high school and college. Something big happened that caused Vale to break things off with Hawke. The big issue here- Hawke has no clue what it was. Either way, seven years have past and Hawke, a pro hockey player, gets transferred to Cold Fury. He is happy about that change. Then he finds out that Vale has just started with the coaching staff. Things get a little complicated from there…

Vale’s father is sick and she has to be with him. He is where he can get the best treatment. The Cold Fury is the best place for her right now. She had no idea Hawke would be there. Now that she’s seen him again, all those feelings come rushing back. It’s not just her, though, Hawke feels it too. As much as they both try to fight it there is something still there. Something between them.

As any second chance romance, there is usually a strong connection from the start, BUT things are always a little more complicated. Every couple breaks up for a reason. So finding out that reason, working through it, and gaining back trust are the real obstacles here.

I liked Hawke a lot. I loved his relationship with Vale’s dad. Some of my favorite parts were the two of them bonding together. Vale irked me at times, but I also admired her for all she was willing to do and sacrifice for her father. It took her a while to come around, but once she did the chemistry and steaminess between she and Hawke was spot on!

If you're in the mood for a second chance sports romance that is short, sexy and sweet- definitely pick this one up! I love Sawyer Bennett’s writing and I can’t wait for this series to continue with Max.

 photo 4D19F961-11F6-42D9-A8A5-300551469B5C_zpsj8lxtk2g.jpg
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January 16, 2016

Title: Hawke
Series: Cold Fury Hockey #5
Author: Sawyer Bennett
Release Date: 15 March, 2016
Rating: 3 stars
Cliffhanger:. No

Reading about sexy hockey players and their love lives is very… addicting. Cold Fury guys really turned me into obsessed fangirl. Following them and their shenanigans was always enjoyable and entertaining experience. New addition to the series, Hawke was of course no different. Sawyer Bennett delivered another cute story, and maybe it wasn’t the best of her work, but it still was an okay ‘I had fun’ read. It indeed left me with a big grin and red cheeks from all the sexiness so that’s a big win.

‘Hawke’ is a second-chance type of romance. It’s about two people who drifted apart only to find each other again. Hawke and Vale were a couple as teenagers, before Hawke left to play hockey professionally and Vale decided to break up with him. Due to her father’s fatal condition Vale moved and started working with Cold Fury’s team. After seven years Hawke and Vale’s paths collide…

"I wasn't the same.
She wasn't the same.
What we had was different now..."

To be completely honest – I was a little bit bored. Everything just fell short. The storyline was not very complex – it followed the same old trend so nothing really surprised me. No twists or turns that would grab a hold of my attention for more than a few minutes. And as much as I love reading second chance type of stories this one was just too simple and… easy.

On the other hand, it was still very sweet, sexy and nice. There were lots of swoony, heart racing moments and dirty talk. The hero was like a dream come true and in the end I found myself liking Vale. So it was not bad read, just not overly spectacular. I will still be following the series.

Summing up, Hawke while not my favorite in Cold Fury series, still held much appeal. Fans of Cold Fury team and the girls will definitely like it!


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1,322 reviews85 followers
March 14, 2016
***4,25 "Forward" stars for Hawke and Vale***

As you already know, i looooove this series...
I love all the characters of the previous books and i feel them like my own people!!!
Yep, okay!!! I have a preference to Zack and his sitter and that little toddler, but i love them all...
Who can you pick as better from this bunch???

And yes, i'm in the pleasant position to tell you that Hawke wasn't an exception, even though that he was new in the team...
And damn, then we have Max's turn??? Hell, yeah!!!
I'm taking glimpses about this guy since the first book, so my curiosity for his story is in high levels!!!

Well, Hawke is a new addition to the Cold Fury Hockey team and he is a great player.
In the last seven years, he managed to earn so much and to reach the top...

He has the motto "Play hard, party hard!" and that's exactly what he is doing!!!
But Hawke wasn't like that all his life...
At the age of twenty, the love of his life broke his heart and the only thing that left for him was to work very hard to achieve his professional goals and he did it very well...
But the past are coming back to hunt him...

Vale Campbell is another new addition in Cold Fury team but as an atheltic trainer assistance...
But Hawke and Vale aren't strangers... They know each other pretty good...

They were a couple for four years and then one day Vale broke up with Hawke, just like that, without a reason!!!
And as you can understand Hawke is holding a grudge toward Vale and Vale just want to stay away from Hawke...
But their hearts have a different opinion, even though they both refused to listen to them!!!

Vale was used to be a party girl. She was wild and untamed, but now nothing upon her reminds that girl!!!

She had her reasons to push away Hawke but she is terrified to reveal them to him...
Now, she just wants to do her job and to stay away the hell from Hawke!!!

But what will happen when Hawke is starting to reconnect with people of his old life and it's impossible for Vale to avoid him???
What about their feelings??? They had live a great love back then, so there is something left to unite them for once again???

Or their bitter feelings toward each other are too stong???
There is a hope for those two???

"Don't discount that there could be something there. You were so young, and you made some bad decisions, but there was real love. I'd even say giving the strength of the bitterness you both have, there might still even be some underneath... hidden deep."

Well, i liked the fifth installment of the Cold fury series as much as the previous four...

This one was a story of second chances and how to overcome the bad feelings and to move forward...
Mrs Bennett's writing style is floating beautiful and it captiveted you from the first moment!!!
Hawke and Vale together were having a fiercy connection...
And i liked that they didn't forget everything that happened between them before from the first moment, because usually in books, the heroes are forgetting the ugly past too easily!!!

No, here, the doubts remained and i liked that.

"I wasn't the same.
She wasn't the same.
What we had was different now..."

Hawke was a pleasant character. He was true and he was speaking whatever the hell he got into his mind... Usually he wasn't thinking the consequences...
He used to love Vale very much and his heart broke when she pushed him away, so he was having bitter feelings toward her...

So, i think that it was natural that he was feeling like that and that he was acting really cautious around Vale... He wanted her, but he didn't want to get hurt again!

"I can't go back there with her because she's too dangerous to my heart. I gave it to her once and she stomped on it. Can't let her do it again."

Vale was holding many secrets and when she revealed them to us, i think that i wasn't so impressed. I understand her reasons why she pushed Hawke away, but i don't agree. I think that she had to get clear with him from the first moment... But that's only my opinion...

And, yep!!! She left herself to love back Hawke for once again more easily than him, but i was pissed off with her because she wasn't fighting to win him back. Yep, the man had his doubts, but you don't have to push him more and to bail out with the first difficulty... I didn't like that thing!!!

"It's one of the things I loved most about him... his self-awareness and confidence that he would always get the job done no matter what. Ironic, that when I needed that most from him, I refused to let him have the chance to prove himself"

I also liked Vale's father. He was a really cool guy!!!
And i loved that we took some glimpses of my beloved characters from the previous books and also, we took some glimpses from Max...
And the only thing i can say is that i can't wait for his story!!!

***ARC kindly provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review***
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3,147 reviews1,899 followers
March 2, 2016
3.5 Stars

I'm a huge fan of not only this series, but the author, so I'm probably a little biased when I say that this book was amazing, but oh well! I loved Hawke, and really liked getting his story.This series has been great from the start, and I really like how Sawyer Bennett makes it possible to read each book separately without needing to remember every detail of what happened in the last one.

In Hawke we get to meet a newer team member that's joining the Cold Fury Hockey team, Hawke, and the new assistant athletic trainer, Vale. And it just so happens that the two are exes, and had a long serious relationship back in their hometown. To say it didn't end well would be an understatement, and now that they're back together those past feelings that they both thought were long gone start to come back.

I really liked getting to know these new characters and seeing their love get a second chance. There were a lot of sweet moments that made me swoon, and fall in love with Hawke, which I really liked. We also got some smexy times that were very much appreciated. He was a good character, overall, and I enjoyed his story.

I can't say the same for Vale and she was honestly boring to me, and just didn't seem that special. What lowered my rating was all the drama that ensued from their past, and that all blew up at the end. It was annoying, to me, to go back over the past yet again and have the typical angst right before they get their HEA.

Overall, I did enjoy this story, and Hawke was a good character, but I wish we didn't get all the drama that we did. I still recommend this book for any sports romance lovers, and anyone that likes an angst filled story.

ARC kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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1,005 reviews800 followers
January 23, 2016
I absolutely love the Cold Fury series. I became a fan of these hockey players a long time ago and anxiously look forward to every release. Each book features a different couple and can be read as standalone.

Hawke is new to the Fury this season, but is happy to be playing with some of his hockey buddies. That is until the first day when he meets the new athletic trainer, Vale Campbell, the one that got away.

I love how Sawyer told this story. The beginning shows Hawke and Vale years prior when they were dating, so by the time we meet Vale the reader knows their connection. Then throughout the story little flashbacks reveal more of their past.

Hawke is used to playing by his own rules and focusing on his one love, hockey. He wasn’t always this way, he used to be completely devoted to Vale. When she up and ended things the night before he left for the big leagues, he changed. Since then he embraces his single, playboy status, but once Vale is back in his life he needs answers.

I truly liked Vale she doesn’t play games and when she enters Hawke’s life she is up front and honest. I loved how Hawk and Vale reconnected. I felt they were perfect for each other. I am not a huge fan of second chance romances, this isn’t a secret, but I did love Hawke. I loved that things didn’t drag and were resolved quickly. I wish some minor things had been different, but I did love the expected surprises.

If you are a fan of this series, then this is a must read. If you haven’t started them yet I highly recommend jumping into this fun, sexy, sports romance series.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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April 9, 2018






Seven years ago, back home in Canada, Hawke and Vale had been madly in love for over four years. They loved each other, they loved life, they loved to party and drink, they loved doing stupid stuff....
But then, when Hawke finally got his chance to be a pro hockey player, and had to leave, Vale broke up with him...crushing his heart.
He had no idea why she did what she did back then, but he did his best to forget the love of his life and move on - as much as breathing hockey, having random hook-ups and lots of alcohol is moving on.


She loved this boy like crazy, but something made her end things back then - we of course don't know the whats and whys yet.
Now she's back in his life.
He's just been traded to the Carolina Cold Fury, where she just got a job as an athletic trainer.


She had to move to Raleigh, because her dad got into some clinical trial thing at Duke - probably the last chance to save his life....
And since Hawke's always been good friends with her dad, he hangs around her apartment a lot!
Even though he hates her, and she should hate him....
BUT.... to hate someone probably means that there might be some feelings left....



I'm not telling you that of course...





Finally a new book in this adorable Hockey series.



He's so grrrrr.... total bearded hotness!!!


And I really loved that we got to see all our old hockey friends again - and how they welcomed Hawke into the team...☺☺☺

Hawke and Vale were sooo in love seven years ago. They have so much history together....there must still be something left ...
And of course there is...but Vale kinda has a boyfriend and Hawke kinda hates Vale. ☺☺
Fun times!
But of course it doesn't take them too long to get closer....if it's in hate or love or lust.... who knows...☺☺

We have lots of sexy and frustrating and sad and cute moments in this book!


I really enjoed Hawke's story!
Can't say who's my favorite of the guys so far...but Hawke was really good!

I had some tiny little problems with the writing...Sawyer used some 'big' words a LOT - I'm not a fan of weird big words in simple romances, it always makes me think the author tries too hard to be 'more', smarter, wiser ...whatever... I just don't like it!


HAWKE was another adorable, sexy, funny and moving addition to this great series!
You'll love this bearded Hottie!!!!!

... and now hurry Sawyer - I want MAX asap!!!!!


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2,304 reviews704 followers
March 14, 2016
2.5 - "Things change, don't they." Stars.

We return to the Carolina Cold Fury Ice Hockey team for book five in Sawyer Bennett’s hugely popular series. As you can probably guess from my rating, Hawke didn’t reach the heights that the first three books did, and he sunk even lower than Ryker, on the enjoyment scale for me.

"You’ve seen one dick, you’ve seen them all."

But the difference between Hawke and Ryker, is that I actually liked Ryker, it was a struggle for the to feel anything more than slight indifference towards him, and although I think it was poor form in the way Vale treated him, his attitude stank for a lot of the book as well, making it hard to feel any sympathy.

"I was being loyal to myself."

I’m not a huge fan of making someone suffer overly long for something they don’t even know they have done/ or were a part of to begin with. One of the main reasons this story fell all-sorts of flat for me is that I worked out almost straight away why Vale dumped Hawke the way she did originally. But in not telling him, she kind of lost the right to be a bitch to him about it as far as I am concerned. It kind of takes away the surprise when it takes so long for something to be revealed to the person in question, when you as the reader have known about it for almost the whole time.

Another thing that this story lacked was depth of storyline, although the previous books use well-thumbed tropes, they were special in that the author gave them a unique twist, plenty of emotional connection and build up between the characters, and heartfelt resolutions to the issues they went through on the path of becoming a couple. This book was so long to get going, I hit 43% still wondering where the story was, and when it did start moving, I just struggled to feel any of the aforementioned expectations.

I have read a few books by this author now, and Hawke really doesn’t reach the high level that I have come to expect from her, I don’t think it is a case of the series losing steam, in fact let’s face it, it could theoretically run and run, the nature of a team is that people come (and go), but I definitely think it may be time to go back to the drawing board and look at different avenues to explore, something has been lost in the last two books, and I am hoping with Max’s book, that Sawyer can add it back into the mix again.

The one plus was getting to see some of the old crew from the previous books, and see how their lives are going, what changes are occurring, and that they are all living their happily ever after.

ARC generously provided via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review.
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2,645 reviews3,215 followers
April 21, 2018
3.5 The Journey Can Be A Bumpy Road Stars
* * * 1/2 Spoiler Free
Sawyer Brown has created this world of Hockey players and I have fallen for it. I have read all of the books and like life, loved some more than other. Yet saying that, all of the books approach situations head on. She takes things which could happen in the Real World and puts them front and center in our Romance one. I think that is why I appreciate her talent so much.

In this book of Hawk and Val, she takes these two characters and creates one of the most common issues in our day to day lives...Miscommunication. Oh, there are other issues too, but this is the most telling.

One of the biggest things which frustrates me in life is miscommunication.
It can be ignoring a rumor or sticking your head in the sand when you need to go to the source and ask specifically what the hell is going on. Unfortunately, when we are young....is seems to be a reoccurring issue. I may have been in the minority, maybe my life experiences were such where I had my voice early...because I would try to figure out the whys of people's actions if they were involving me and I didn't understand. That didn't mean I would always get the answers I wanted to hear or everything would be resolved and wouldn't be hurt......but at least I would make the effort to fix things and then be able to move forward.

So, we have young Hawk and Val... both wild, both living to the fullest with Val being the one who loves to go over that risk line every once in a while.... She is this free spirit and is able to hold her own with Hawk...drinking and partying with him. Hawk has been dreaming of playing professional Hockey forever and Val knows that is his destiny.

It is the day of his leaving to go to a Pro Team training and be away from Val for a while. In Hawk's head, he has figured out how it will play out; he will be gone for a bit but will come back to his woman... for that is what Val is...she is the one of his dreams, just like Hockey.

They are both at his going away party. They have a pattern of getting seriously drunk together...or if the other one is not feeling it, then it is ok to leave and meet up later the next day... no worries, no issues of it being bad form, nothing like that. They both were always tight ... knowing they could trust each other. Hawk is there with his guys he will not see for a long time, plus they are celebrating his start of being a Professional of the Ice... Val is there and then she says she is leaving... and in that moment Hawk, slightly drunk looks at her for the ok to stay...she seems ok with it and then she is gone.

Hawk wakes up dazed and trying to remember what the hell happened... with bodies all around but no Val. He gets himself together, has to be at the team's take off point but goes to Val to see what happened and why she isn't answering his texts or her phone...

At Val's house, she finally comes down and basically says they are done. Hawk is devastated. He is stunned. Val will not give him any reasons and Hawk is trying to explain nothing happened at the party, you are for me, etc...and Val just is having none of it. It is done; she has cut him loose.
He can't continue this conversation because he has to leave...so it is left there.

Over the next days, Hawk calls, texts, tries everything with no results. Finally, he has to move on...but this has left an imprint on his heart...Never again will he allow himself to feel this way... the pain is too hard. He will party, enjoy the Puck Bunnies and play the best Hockey he can.

Val took her life lessons in, she realized too late the mistakes of youth and decided to clean up her act. Her Dad was a man who molded Hockey Players and she loved being around all of it. She decided to become involved on the healing side, becoming a Sports physical therapist and succeeding working her way up the ladder and becoming a credible professional.

These two people, years later are on their paths... carrying the scars of youth. They are thrown back together when Hawk is traded to Cold Fury and Val becomes an assistant PT Trainer for the team. Val knows what she will have to deal with at the first meeting; she has prepared herself as best she can for the first sight of Hawk. Hawk, however, had no idea and when Val is introduced to the team, waves of emotions pour off of him as he pretends to his new teammates there is nothing to discuss. He is sidelined...he will have to figure out how to deal... for all these years there has been one burning question which haunts him at night when he allows himself to feel...


This story is a tale of maturing, working through things of the past and true forgiveness. There are very real moments between these two... trying to work out how to be friends with the type of past they have. It is a journey and both have to come to terms with many things.

In this book we also have the Cold Fury team for our characters; they give support and humor.
If you like the series, then this read will fall into place for you. I did have some personal issues; miscommunication in books can sometimes cause me to talk out loud to the characters in frustration. BUT, I also then step back and remind myself, when we are young...we tend to do obviously stupid things...which we can see in hind sight.
I am sure there will be more Cold Fury...as Ms. Bennett seems to like the ice...lucky for me, I do to.
Alex (Cold Fury Hockey, #1) by Sawyer Bennett Alex (Cold Fury Hockey, #1)
Garrett (Cold Fury Hockey, #2) by Sawyer Bennett Garrett (Cold Fury Hockey, #2)
Zack (Cold Fury Hockey, #3) by Sawyer Bennett Zack (Cold Fury Hockey #3)
Ryker (Cold Fury Hockey, #4) by Sawyer Bennett Ryker (Cold Fury Hockey, #4)
Hawke (Cold Fury Hockey, #5) by Sawyer Bennett Hawke (Cold Fury Hockey, #5)
Max (Cold Fury Hockey, #6) by Sawyer Bennett Max (Cold Fury Hockey, #6)
Roman (Cold Fury Hockey, #7) by Sawyer Bennett Roman (Cold Fury Hockey, #7)
Lucas (Cold Fury Hockey, #8) by Sawyer Bennett Lucas (Cold Fury Hockey, #8)
Van (Cold Fury Hockey, #9) by Sawyer Bennett Van (Cold Fury Hockey, #9)
Reed (Cold Fury Hockey, #10) by Sawyer Bennett Reed (Cold Fury Hockey, #10)
Marek (Cold Fury Hockey, #11) by Sawyer Bennett Marek (Cold Fury Hockey, #11)

Just finished this journey with Hawke and Vale...
Both experienced young love and this is their second chance story.
Will they both have the ability to be honest and truthful with each other and themselves... That is the road both of them need to take and with the skilled hands of Sawyer Bennett guiding them we are there every step pf the way.
Full review closer to release.
~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~
He has been in most of the Cold Fury Hockey Books...
A Bit of an Ass at First...
Then developed into more than that....
It Is Time....
Time for Hawke

A gifted copy was provided by Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept via NetGalley for an honest review.

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1,372 reviews963 followers
April 16, 2016
Hawke is the 5th book in the Cold Fury series and is a second chance romance.

One thing I enjoy about this series is seeing what each cover will look like:
Alex (Cold Fury Hockey, #1) by Sawyer Bennett Garrett (Cold Fury Hockey, #2) by Sawyer Bennett Zack (Cold Fury Hockey, #3) by Sawyer Bennett Ryker (Cold Fury Hockey, #4) by Sawyer Bennett Hawke (Cold Fury Hockey, #5) by Sawyer Bennett
Sexy hockey players get my attention every time.

Okay, enough about the sexy covers and onto the story. Vale and Hawke started dating in high school and continued into young adulthood. As with a lot of high school relationships, it doesn't last very long after graduation.

After the breakup Hawke continues on with his hockey career and Vale finds herself following in her father's footsteps. One thing leads to another and years later these two paths are put back together where they have to find a way to move past their history.

If you like sports romances and second chance romances this combo might be the right one for you.

RELEASE DATE: March 15, 2016
Pre-order | order: http://amzn.to/22OMRKF

**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

descriptive text here
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2,415 reviews7,420 followers
July 28, 2016
Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/

As many of you know, I’ve gone from dipping my toe in the porny pool this summer to straight-up diving into the deep end. The one thing that hasn’t changed about my reading is that I remain an idiot. Shelby pushes Sawyer Bennett’s name on me all the time and really, with reviews like THIS one who the hell could resist???? Since I’m a moron, I failed to realize I’ve already read this author (and liked it), but I also own a couple of her other books. The experts are right, you can’t fix stupid.

The premise of this one is that Hawke and Vale were like a Katy Perry song and living a real teenage dream of booze and sex back in the day. When Hawke got called up for a chance at the hockey bigs, Vale broke it off. Fast forward to the present and Vale walking back into Hawke’s life – this time as an assistant trainer to the hockey team. You know what happens next, right????

Ha! I keed. Of course they bang . . . well, eventually. It’s a romance so they have to go through all the angsty bullcrap and backstory first, but then . . . .

Hawke was just aiiiiiiiight for me. Let me ‘splain myself so you can decide if I read it wrong (spoiler alert: I probably read it wrong).

#1. I like sporty porns okay, but hockey is not my go-to when I’m thinking of a super smexified leading male. My brain immediately wants to picture things like this . . . .

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, there is an exception to every rule and the piercing blue eyes and beardy faced description helped me work through this issue . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

#2. The tired trope was weak with this one, young Skywalker. I am very much a fan of the worn out storyline . . . if it’s one I like. One I can barely tolerate is the “we broke up and never talked to the other again, but it was the other person’s fault and since we are infantile we never bothered having one mothereffing conversation that could clear the entire mess up and lead us to happily ever after and even after we start banging again we are fucking idiots who don’t communicate” and FFS!!!!!!!!

#3. The failed alpha male. Now I don’t get offended by some dude pulling alpha and trying to get a little tongue without having a consent form signed in triplicate, but I don’t really get turned on by it either. That being said, if you’re gonna go there, go there. Getting all emo and . . .

is not acceptable.

#4. Hawke was pretty hot with the actual smexies, but sadly it takes but a word for me to lose my potential O face. This time the word was keening. To quote the immortal Inigo Montoya: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” Keening makes me think of a noise made from grief, not from ecstasy. Either that or . . .

Palm Springs commercial photography

Either way, it’s a no-go when it comes to my husband’s chances of getting some lovin’ (good thing he was out of town when I read this one so he has no disappoint).

Bottom line is this wasn’t the worst so I’ll give it my standard 3 Stars and let y’all decide whether to read it or not. As for me, I’ll continue with my quest for the perfect romance . . .

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367 reviews35 followers
March 15, 2016
*** ARC kindly provided by the publisher Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept , via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. ***

I have been reading some books from this author lately and again it’s a winner for me. I really like the writing style of SB. She also created some amazing characters. I haven’t read the prior books in this series and hope to resolve that soon. After this book we’ll get the story of Max … another one to look forward to ;)

As for this book. This is the book of Vale and Hawke. They were young, wild and in love until a tragic event separated them. 7 years later they start to work for the same Hockey team and soon find out that their feelings aren’t gone yet. Will they be able to trust again? Will it work this time?

I loved this great story and give it 4 stars. I would have loved a little bit more groveling and a larger epilogue but other than that I really enjoyed this book! I really liked Vale. She’s a strong, forgiving, young woman! And look at that cover … :D
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November 25, 2017
An angsty, swoony and sensual second chance romance.

For the past seven years Hawke Therrien has worked hard to become a top defenseman in the NHL and he plays just as hard. But his seemingly perfect life is lacking the woman who at the beginning of his career cut him loose and irreparably shattered his heart without even bothering to tell him why. Now his stats have landed him in one of the best NHL teams there is, alongside Vale Campbell who vaguely resembles the untamed girl he fell in love with. Can he get her to reveal the reasons she pushed him away? Once the truth is out, can they move past it?

Vale Campbell had been a wild child alongside her four year boyfriend and love of her life Hawke. Until her unruliness caused her to come to a screeching halt and compelled her to go take the straight and narrow path which couldn’t include Hawke. Even though it had been the most difficult decision she’d ever made, she forced him out of her life without explanation. Forced by her father’s illness, she’s taken a job with the Cold Fury and has to face Hawke and her inescapable attraction to him. Can she open up to him to reveal why she pushed him away? Could he forgive, forget and love her again?

I really enjoy sweet alpha male characters and Hawke was definitely one of them. He had loved deeply, been burned and now even though he wanted to stay far away from Vale for fear of his heart, he just couldn’t because even though their love was young it was indelibly true. I also found it incredibly sweet of him that he just had to stand by his coaching idol.

Vale was another story completely though. Even though I sympathized with her in regards to her father’s illness, I really couldn’t get behind her. She made a rash and unilateral decision, without giving Hawke a reason and even lied to him. Granted her original mistake was made when he was young, immature and in a very emotional moment. What really bothered me was that she kept an irrational anger towards him for almost a decade and refused to tell him what happened, to communicate and talk through everything that had happened. Which didn’t make me part of team Vale.

Even though I pretty much guessed at the reason for their separation from the prologue and how in all the confusion and hurt feelings they miscommunicated and couldn’t work through their problem, the connection between them that comes naturally with second chances was strong, sexy and alluring. I also very satisfied with the end because I feel that at the tender age of 20 they were both too young for their relationship to survive and this way, they’ve lived and learned and will love that which they’ve fought so hard to find.

I can always count on Sawyer Bennett to deliver a steamy hot read, good solid writing and a plot that contains a blend between drama and heartfelt moments. I loved getting pieces of life from the characters in the previous books, the excitement that comes with hockey and the anticipation of another great read from this author in this series.

Hawke is the fifth book in the Cold Fury Hockey series by Sawyer Bennett. It’s a steamy and sweet second chance sports romance that can be read as a standalone with interconnecting characters from previous books. With no cliffhanger and a happy ending.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *
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March 15, 2016
ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

 photo 24bc9aaadb464d1e037bad293d65ac_zpsaeq7pjl0.gif

 photo 485adcdb722f0b6e6df2cb272c677b_zpszyhnrrsg.gif “Second, the fact that even after all this time and all the bitter feelings, I still fucking feel something for her. I’m not sure if it’s an unrelenting longing for what we had, or the fact that I feel terribly sorry for what she’s going through right now. Hell . . . it’s probably because she’s still the hottest goddamn woman I’ve ever known despite how much she’s changed over the years, but it’s irking the hell out of me that I’m affected like this.”

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Sawyer Bennett. She has secretly become one of those authors that I ahem stalk for upcoming new releases. And as you can imagine, I couldn’t wait to read Hawke, the fifth book of the Cold Fury Hockey Series. Sawyer has always been one of those authors who knows how to perfectly weave romance with raw emotions, steam and yet know how to tug our hearts with a heartfelt story while keeping that Sawyer Bennett signature of sexiness.


Seven years ago, Hawke Therrien’s heart broke when his girlfriend of four years decided to end their relationship. Brokenhearted, Hawke left to start his new life as he was recruited in the NHL. Fast forward to the present, Hawke is at the top of his career as the new defenseman for the Cold Fury. His past and old friends were part of a chapter that he decided to close that is until, Vale Campbell comes back walking into his life.

 photo 485adcdb722f0b6e6df2cb272c677b_zpszyhnrrsg.gif “It’s just like old times, and yet . . . it’s different. ”

Vale Campbell loved Hawke with all her heart. She knew she made a mistake when she decided to end their relationship. She had her own personal reasoning for the rash decision. The old Vale that Hawke knew was wild and carefree but the new Vale finally has her life in order. As the newest member of the athletic staff, Vale took a job position with the Cold Fury which happens to be Hawke’s new team.


 photo 485adcdb722f0b6e6df2cb272c677b_zpszyhnrrsg.gif “My sad and sore heart knows this is because he’s afraid of giving me anything other than his body and an orgasm. This is purely physical for Hawke, him needing the release apparently as badly as I do.”

Hawke and Vale knew that they were bound to interact with one another. Being the bigger person, Hawke made the first step and tried to be friendly with Vale even though he was still hurt and angry at her. But as Hawke tried to get to know Vale again, old feelings and lust begins to resurfaces. Will Hawke be able to find out the real reason why Vale broke his heart? Or will she continue to dodge the big elephant in the room?

 photo 485adcdb722f0b6e6df2cb272c677b_zpszyhnrrsg.gif “I know this because I decided that no matter what Vale says to me tonight, no matter what her reasons are for crushing my heart, I���ve decided I’m going to accept it and let it go. With that nastiness out of the way, then I’m going to fuck her again. And again, if I’m lucky. This was my epiphany. A cleansing of our history and a monstrous orgasm deep inside the one woman that once used to rock my world.”

Sooner or later, Hawke and Vale knew that they had to address what happened to them? And when they finally talked, Hawke and Vale soon found themselves rekindling their romance. But what happens when the issue of a trust becomes an issue for them. Can Vale and Hawke fully let go what happened to them seven years ago?


 photo 485adcdb722f0b6e6df2cb272c677b_zpszyhnrrsg.gif “I’m falling in love all over again, and it’s just beautiful to me.”

If you are a fan of second chance romance, Sawyer Bennett delicately weaves a heartfelt and touching love story of two former lovers getting their second chance at love. Hawke is a beautiful tale of forgiveness, letting go, finding oneself, and of course rekindling love. Hawke was another great installment to this series and if you read the previous books, then you will love the epilogue.

 photo aab9ac3689b992f2bc2184c386b97c_zps7rjtcryh.gif

Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages: http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...Sawyer Bennett
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July 2, 2018
"We are more than lovers. We are the best of friends, two peas in a pod, Frick and Frack."

Hawke is the fifth book in the Cold Fury Hockey Series. A second chance romance full of passion and love, Sawyer Bennett offers another winning read to the Cold Fury Hockey Series.

"What's done is done and all that."
Hawke Therrien is the newest addition to the Cold Fury Hockey team. A powerful player on the ice and a player with the ladies off the ice, Hawke has the entire world at his fingertips. When he discovers the new trainer for the team is none other than Vale Campbell, aka "the one who got away", his whole world turns upside down. Hawke and Vale shared a young romance that was both reckless and free. When Vale ended their relationship abruptly so many years ago, he never dreamed he would see her again. Vale wants nothing to do with Hawke and her only goal is to care for her father. As Vale and Hawke spend time together a rush of old emotions and feelings hit them hard like a tsunami. The powerful pull they both experience is more than they can deny. But can two people that have experienced so much loss find the strength to find love once again?

"I've got some major groveling to do if I'm going to get my girl back."
Told in dual POV, Hawke is by far my favorite of the Cold Fury Hockey players to date. I am not a huge fan of second chance romances and yet, I simply could not put this one down. The way in which Hawke and Vale were ripped apart left me hurting for them both. I wanted them to reconcile and create a happy life together. As the plot unfolds, I found myself 100% invested in their relationship and the way in which they struggled to forgive each other and move on together. The passion between Hawke and Vale was smoking hot as the old feelings and emotions surface. As always, family bonds play a pivotal role in the plot as Vale cares for her father. Vale is probably my favorite Cold Fury Hockey heroine because of her spunky personality and her dedication to her father. The tempo of the story is fast-paced as the fate of their future hangs in the balance. Full of complex characters, a beautifully twisted plot, Hawke and Vale offer a second chance romance that I will never forget.


Overall, Hawke is an absolute must read for contemporary romance fans. Although it is preferable to read the entire series from the beginning, Hawke can certainly be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone. If you like hockey, romance, and smoking hot passion, this series is an absolute must read!

***Cold Fury Hockey***
Alex (Cold Fury Hockey, #1) by Sawyer BennettGarrett (Cold Fury Hockey, #2) by Sawyer BennettZack (Cold Fury Hockey, #3) by Sawyer BennettRyker (Cold Fury Hockey, #4) by Sawyer BennettHawke (Cold Fury Hockey, #5) by Sawyer BennettMax (Cold Fury Hockey, #6) by Sawyer BennettRoman (Cold Fury Hockey, #7) by Sawyer BennettLucas (Cold Fury Hockey, #8) by Sawyer BennettVan (Cold Fury Hockey, #9) by Sawyer BennettReed (Cold Fury Hockey, #10) by Sawyer BennettMarek (Cold Fury Hockey, #11) by Sawyer Bennett

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April 17, 2016
Oh, Hawke. How you disappointed me. I've been a fan of the series this whole time so I had high expectations for Hawke's story. If I could choose only one word to describe him, it would be selfish. Vale leaves and hurts him partly out of immaturity, largely to save herself. They were very into each other almost to the exclusivity of everything else and someone had to make the hard choice so Vale did. Years later they reconnect when she starts to work with his team and it seems they have some unresolved issues to work through. As with any emotional hurt it takes time and Vale is quicker on the uptake than Hawke. All perfectly acceptable. Where the story loses me is in both how Hawke took her leaving in the first place and how he reacted when she took their new relationship to the next level. First, he behaved as though she didn't exist anymore after three flipping days. Three. You loved her but she was out of sight, out of mind after three days? No. That's not love. Especially when she had a good reason for what she did. Granted he didn't know that but he didn't even try. Then when they supposedly work it out, he still can't let go and shows her how much when she tries to take the relationship to the next level. He crushes her. Finally after he gets one little tidbit of info about something that happened in the past. THEN he can accept the new state. Well if the feelings are there that bit if info shouldn't have mattered so I call bullshit. My rating is all about Vale. For her wisdom in walking away even if she made the mistake of coming back to him. Safety: They dated others in their time apart. Vale was in a relationship at the beginning of the story. Hawke scheduled a booty call after they started talking (not romantically) and felt guilty. OW shows up but they don't do anything. No rape/abuse/sharing. I don't remember if condoms were used in the beginning but definitely none towards the end.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.
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January 8, 2016
Let’s just get this out of the way. I LOVE this author. I can’t stop reading her books.

Hawke is the fifth in the Cold Fury Hockey Series which pairs up Hawke (of course) and Vale, in this second-chance romance.

Seven years ago Hawke lost the girl he loved. A girl that gave him no reason for the break, so off to the pros he went. But seven years later, imagine his shock when he looks up and sees her standing in the locker room of the Cold Fury.

Vale Campbell was a free spirit, nothing was off limits or too extreme. For four years she was the wild child in love with Hawke but everyone has to grow up at some point and living a life in love with a man like Hawke was no way to find her way on the path of the straight and narrow.

I loved getting all the pieces to what ultimately drove them apart. I had a small idea of what led Vale to her decision would be and although it wasn’t too hard to figure out, I loved that most of the drama didn’t stem from that part of the story. Hawke was this crazy, playboy, party animal and I loved that the minute Vale enters the picture things begin to change for him. Even if he isn’t ready to realize it yet.

I think what I loved the most about this story was the way these two came together throughout aspects of the book, there are several moments that you just get so caught up in that you can’t help but fall right into the story with them. Sawyer Bennett creates the most lovable heroes and always gives you strong heroines. Not many balance the scales that way – often times it is always-all-about the hero, not with her books.

For Cold Fury fans, this installment is a must read and will be a loved addition to the series – for new readers who might jump right in (although a series, each book can be read as a standalone).

I look forward to the rest of this series (please tell me Max is next!!!!!!) and her upcoming new release. I can’t say enough good things about this author, you’ll never walk away from one of her books feeling let down – every single one is a hit!

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August 17, 2017
Well, not my favorite of this series, that's for sure. It's hard to pinpoint, but I think it's because of the characters. I liked Hawke well enough (until he got all wishy-washy with his feelings near the end--surely you know if you love her?), but I know I didn't really care for Vale. The hideous way she 'dumped' Hawke early in their relationship--and wouldn't give him a reason why--made me really dislike her. But I thought maybe there's a really good reason why that will be revealed later... But when the reason was revealed--I just got more mad at her! And I couldn't believe that the two people who did know the reason (her best friend and her father--who was like a second father to Hawke)--wouldn't bother to tell him either and left him wondering for 7 long years! What was wrong with these people?!

The whole time reading this I kept thinking that 'this could all be resolved if they just sat down and talked!' Ah, but it was not to be until late in the book when Hawke finally forced the issue. And of course that just made me more frustrated with them when they finally got it all out on the table. Sigh...

I think this would've worked better for me if the reason was something really big. What would make a party girl like Vale do a complete 180 on how she chose to live her life and cut Hawke (the man she adored) out of it? I had a couple of scenarios running through my head.... Yes, what happened to Vale was big, but I still couldn't understand why she chose to not let the love of her life share it with her. I just didn't get her.

Just so you know the sex/love scenes were plenty hot, but I would've enjoyed them so much better if Vale and Hawke had their sh*t together.

Oh well, this is still a highly enjoyable series and SB is one of my favorite writers, so I'll keep on hoping for the best for this series.
A lukewarm 3 1/2 stars
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670 reviews
March 20, 2016
This is a second chance romance for Hawke and Vale.

Hawke Therrien is a new addition to the Cold Fury team, in the first team/staff meeting they introduce a new member of the PT staff Vale Campbell the woman who broke his heart seven years ago.

Vale Campbell has relocated due to personal reasons and she was lucky to get the job with the Cold Fury she knew Hawke would be there.

The relationship between these two is very bumpy Hawke cannot forgive Vale for the way she dumped him seven years ago without any explanation he always lets his anger out. Vale has felt guilty for the way they ended but in her mind it was for their own good.

When something happens to Vale Hawke is there straight away for her to comfort her. They start spending time together and finally the truth comes out what happened on that fateful night years ago. How will Hawke feel now that he knows the reasons. Do they have a chance at a future together?

I have mixed feelings about Hawke. I enjoyed the story I had figured out what the secret was while reading the prologue so that was no surprise. I liked Vale she was selfless putting someone else's needs before her own. I found Hawke a bit childish to be honest the way he thought about or treated Vale at times pissed me off. I also found this one a bit tame compared to the other Cold Fury stories when it came to the sex and passion and I missed the banter between the guys in the team.
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July 29, 2021
I clearly don’t like second chance trope, but that’s personal as I believe that the second time they break up(even though they will be back together again at the end of the story) it’s really the reason the couple broke up the first time.

That was literally the case between Hawke and Vale: miscommunication. She didn’t address why she broke up with him 7 years ago and I can understand why after what she went through but girl, Hawke is literally your soul mate and of course, he understood why after she explained to him.

This brings a lot of hurt and anger which Hawke is entitled to. Honestly, they wouldn’t have broken up the second time if she explained ENTIRE THING rather than them being at good standing and breaking up again because he didn’t tell her he loves her or she could’ve told him she did try to email and call him. He never answered and why? Because he had NO access to either 🤦🏻‍♀️ that was 7 years ago, all that could’ve been cleared up in the half of the story if Vale had addressed the issues along with why she broke up that night when they both were 20. But nah, Vale told him 2/3 reasons and even Hawke knew she was holding something back but of course her best friend Avery told him.

BUT, on the other hand, I agree with Avery, they did need space, both were so enamored with each when they were young. Hawke already had life figured out with hockey and Vale didn’t until her dad took her when she was miserable that she found her purpose in life. Avery never liked Hawke and she really is the good friend who addressed the bigger picture to Hawke.

I wish miscommunication wasn’t the reason they had separated. Well, everything worked out in the end, didn’t it?

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2,753 reviews1,471 followers
September 14, 2016
4.5 Stars

Hawke is a standalone and is part of the Cold Fury Hockey series. This is the first book in the series I have read. I am a newbie Sawyer Bennett fan, I know, slap me now. I don’t k now why I waited so long to start this series. I can tell you this, I will start with first book now that I have had a glimpse of the Hockey men. This is Hawke and Vale’s story.

I really liked Hawke and Vale’s story because it’s about second chances and I like that they had a deep history. Something happened seven years ago and Hawke and Vale broke up. They had a crazy romance. Its years later and they are seeing each other for the first time.

The book starts with Vale upset breaking up with Hawke. We don’t know why, but it’s enough for her to cut ties to from her lover. As much as I don’t like a “secret” throughout the book, Vale’s reasoning for breaking up with Hawke isn’t the focal point of the book. I really liked Vale, despite her not letting us know why she broke up with Hawke. So, its seven years later, she has a sick dad and she moved to be closer to a medical study. She also landed a job an assistant athletic trainer on the same team as Hawke.

Vale is a strong and independent woman. She of course still has lingering feelings for Hawke. When Hawke realizes Vale is back in his life he’s taken aback and he wants answers. As he should, so do I. He questions Vale why she left him, but something always happens that prevents him from getting his answers. Afterwards they just focus on working together.

Hawke is a good man. He loves what he does, but he has never fully gotten over Vale. He wants her, but he also guards his heart fiercely. The dynamics between Vale and Hawke was good with mild tension and mild angst. My kind of book. I liked that Hawke knew Vale’s dad and used him to get closer to Vale. Vale even has a boyfriend. I know, so that added a little something to the story as well.

If you are a fan of the series or like a Hockey theme book, then this one is for you.

An ARC was provided

Alex (Cold Fury Hockey, #1) by Sawyer Bennett Garrett (Cold Fury Hockey, #2) by Sawyer Bennett Zack (Cold Fury Hockey, #3) by Sawyer Bennett Ryker (Cold Fury Hockey, #4) by Sawyer Bennett Hawke (Cold Fury Hockey, #5) by Sawyer Bennett


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March 22, 2016
*** 4.5 Rooting For Love, Stars! ***

I love the Cold Fury Hockey series! Sawyer Bennett keeps me entertained with each book she puts out from this series and 'Hawke'  followed suit. I loved it!


With each book in the series, there is an "issue" the main character has to overcome or one that someone important to the main character has to overcome. This adds heart to what could have been a simple sports romance.

Hawke was deeply in love with Vale seven years ago and she pushed him away leaving him devastated and leery. Now after all those years where hurt and anger were allowed to fester, she is back in his life as the new athletic trainer for Cold Fury, where Hawke is a new team member.

There is a story there, something that happened which Vale has never told him. The reason she pushed him away. They had a wildly intense relationship. She loved him just as deeply, and now when Vale sees him again, she is sad and afraid.

When Bennett gave us glimpses into their past, I swooned. There's was a love that should have made it. This made me root for them even more!

I loved Hawke's attentiveness, his love for Vale, his vulnerability.

I loved Vale's (what an awesome character name) strength, determination, and unwavering support for her father.

Sawyer Bennett intrigued me with the Prologue and sold me with the Epilogue. A wonderful second-chance romance that will have you rooting for love!

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Author 9 books612 followers
January 24, 2016
4 Stars

I really love second-chance romances. This one was especially good. I devoured it in a day.

This book, however is not just about second chances. It's also about the miracle of a first love, a lasting love, a love that can conquer all. Sounds really vanilla and cheesy when I write it that way ... but Sawyer Bennett writes this story in a way that makes you fall in love with the characters and want to see all that wonderfully, over-sentimental and gooey good stuff happen.

It's not all rainbows and kitty cats (thank goodness). The angst and drama are sufficient enough to make you believe in the story, without making you want to gouge your own eyes out. In other words, just the right amount.

There's also a really good amount of sexy. Sexy, sexy ;)

A fantastic addition to the series. I can't wait for more!

*ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

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1,684 reviews456 followers
December 10, 2016
This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.

There's just something about a hockey romance that I cannot resist. I am not even sure why that is because while I like hockey, I am not a huge fan or anything but I love these books. I think that this book has just the right amount of sports worked into the plot to make everyone happy. Hockey fans will love all of the hockey references but the sport doesn't take over the story either. I found this book to really hard to put down and completely enjoyed everything about Hawke and Vale's story.

The story opens 7 years in the past when Hawke was a young hockey player trying to make it big in hockey and Vale meant the world to him. Vale ended their relationship suddenly and never fully explained things to Hawke. They have both moved on with their life when their paths cross at Cold Fury hockey organization where Hawke is the new star player and Vale has just started as a trainer with the team. Neither one is fully prepared to revisit their feelings for each other.

I liked the characters in this book a lot. Hawke was a big tough guy but he really seemed to know how to be there just when he was needed. He could be very alpha but he seemed to feel things very deeply and his feelings for Vale were very intense. Vale has changed a lot. She has really grown up in the years since she broke up with Hawke and now her focus is on caring for her father. She has a big heart but it takes some time for her to start to open up to Hawke again.

I thought the chemistry between Hawke and Vale was amazing. From the moment they see each other again at the team meeting, it seemed like the sparks were flying. They just seemed to work together so well. The sexier times in the story well done. I liked how much emotion was shown through the characters actions. It was obvious to me that this pair had never quit loving each other early on in the story.

I would recommend this book to fans of contemporary romance. This is the fifth book in the Cold Fury series but it could easily be read as a stand alone. Fans of the series will enjoy seeing all of the characters that have been featured in previous books but knowledge of prior books isn't neeeded to enjoy this story. I am looking forward to reading more from this series soon.

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept via NetGalley.
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March 10, 2016
I’m always giddy when I’m about to read a book by Sawyer Bennett. She is by far the author I’ve read the most and I’ll follow her no matter what she writes. She’s an author with many talents, able to write on different subjects and I love that aspect about her.

Hawke was a sweet loving story about two people with a lot of resentment that comes from years of misunderstanding.

Hawke and Vale are both young and reckless when they started their relationship. Even if they see themselves last forever, one day Vale decides to cut Hawke loose without even an explanation.
Seven years later, they meet again. Hawke is the new addition in the Cold Fury team and Vale has been hired as a new assistant athletic trainer.

They know it's going to be difficult for them to let go of the past but they have no choice.
In that context, Hawke who was feeling betrayed was the most convenient and the one who made the effort to have a normal relationship.
Vale was more selfish regarding her relationship with Hawke. She was more cautious.
What drove me crazy and a little mad in their story and obviously what didn’t worked for me was the lack of communication. I understand that there can be misinterpretation when you are young but it’s harder when you are an adult.

Both Hawke and Val kept pushing THE talk they needed to have in order to move on or in order to feel better towards each other. Of course at some point, lust and desire wins but still when the first chance to speak comes they simple avoid it over and over again.

My fav’ in this series will always be Zack or maybe Max is going to change my mind.


~ARc provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review ~

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2,756 reviews312 followers
March 11, 2016
Hawke (Cold Fury #5) by Sawyer Bennett
4 stars!!

“I understand now how the young heart and mind fails to see reality and prefers to live inside a false sense of security all in the name of true love.”

I am a sucker for second chance romance and Sawyer Bennett really captured this with Hawke and Vale's story. Once again I was swept away in ice skates, testosterone and the Cold Fury team.

After a four-year romance Hawke and Vale split just before Hawke is due to leave for the NHL. Hawke was totally blindsided and so are you the reader. Hawke has no idea why and is devastated and it is the demise of this relationship that scorned this man’s heart going forward. Hawke had no heart to give, Vale had kept it.

“I did it because I was being loyal to myself.”

Fast forward seven years and Hawke has been drafted to the Cold Fury team, he is beginning to make his mark but once again he is totally blindsided when the newest team member is revealed…Vale.

Vale has been studying sports medicine and has joined the Cold Fury team, she knew what she was walking into but nothing could prepare her for coming face to face with Hawke once again. Old memories and old feelings resurface but she is determined to keep them and Hawke at arm’s length. The trouble is with true love is that it never goes away, it seems that these two have some soul searching to do and some explaining.

“I wasn't the same.
She wasn't the same.
What we had was different now...”

When their paths cross once again, can the pain of the past be forgotten? Will grudges be harboured or will that deep connection they had before come to the surface once again? Sawyer Bennett slowly ekes out what happened when they split and while Vale made rash decisions it seems that fate just wasn't on their side at the time…but is it now?

“It only reinforces that my love survived hurt and betrayal but yours wasn’t strong enough.”

This is a book about second chances but most of all forgiveness. Learning to trust once again and opening yourself to potential obliteration, putting your heart out there and understanding but most of all working together. There are some real tender moments in this book and the majority of these are between Hawke and Vale’s dad. I loved their back story, I loved the part that Vale’s dad played and it was mesmerising to watch this man whore party animal change before your eyes. Vale was fiercely protective, extremely independent and she had a lot of soul searching to do to. She needed to learn to take a step back, that sometimes she couldn’t control everything and most of all communication is key.

“We have a great history. We had one bad moment. But it’s clear that’s never going to be forgiven, so let’s just call a spade a spade and realize that you and I are not meant to be.”

I love this series and I love Sawyer Bennett’s writing, I cannot wait for Max’s story, who is up next. One thing you cannot deny is that Sawyer Bennett creates the most adorable male characters who are only too eager to hand in their man card for the heart of a good woman.

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March 16, 2016
I love hockey romance and Sawyer Bennett does a nice job with this series. In this book we get Hawke, star defenseman for the NHL’s Cold Fury, in North Carolina. This is a second chance romance trope, as Hawke and Vale were in love at the start of his career. They were both big into partying hard. They loved hard, partied hard, and had a lot of sex. And then one night Vale leaves a party upset, Hawke stays to keep drinking, and the next day, a big miscommunication happens. Hawke leaves to play hockey in another town and ends up losing all contact with Vale.

Now many years later, Hawke is still partying and playing hockey. When he meets up with the team for their first day back of a new season, he can’t believe who he sees as the new athletic trainer – Vale. Her dad has been battling a brain tumor, and she moves in with him to help him out. That means she needed to find a job in Raleigh, quick. Her dad, being a former hockey guy himself, gets her a job with Cold Fury, and Vale knows what that means. This pushes them together for obvious reasons. Vale has slowed her life down now that her dad is sick. She has a long distance boyfriend and she wants to make it work with him. What she doesn’t want is the large, sexy presence of Hawke in her face.

Hawke is a bit controlling, a bit surly – just a big guy who makes himself known when he is in a room. He sees Vale and although he doesn’t understand why she left him all those years ago, he wants her. He used to be friends with her dad, so now that he knows her dad is around, he makes it a point to visit, which of course puts him in her house. When Vale starts to realize her feelings for him are still there, she breaks up with her boyfriend and cautiously starts something with Hawke. Like I said – he is bossy, especially inside the bedroom, but Vale likes it. If you like heroes that have that slight jerky/alpha edge to them, you will like Hawke. Vale knew how to handle him.

I thought the reason for them breaking up/miscommunicating all those years ago was a little weak. I won’t say what it was so I don’t spoil anything, but the reason and the excuses – I don’t know. I didn’t find them to be 100% realistic. It underwhelmed me.

Otherwise, it’s a sexy second chance love story. I liked Vale’s dad. I liked Hawke’s teammates. There was good sexual tension and love scenes. Maybe Hawke acted a bit like a baby towards the end, with the fear that Vale would leave him again. That might have got on my nerves a little bit. But a fun read overall. This series in general is fun and sexy.

Grade: B-
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January 16, 2020
yeesh, I waited so long to dive into book 5.

Hawke was an okay book. Not my favorite of the series but wasn't my least favorite either. It was just in between and okay. It's definitely a second chance at love with Hawke and Vale but there's a lot of secrets between these two.

Of course I knew how things were going to go once they come out of the dark. Yet, I still feel like Hawke was being a big douche. Yeah, he should be mad but back then he was all about him and celebrating. So yeah, I can see why Vale didn't tell him and whatever. Good for her.

Other than that, the romance and chemistry were still hot and on fire. I wasn't really surprised that they got back together so quickly. It did take a while for them to earn each other's trust though - which seemed rather realistic.

Overall, it was an okay book with a cute ending. Definitely need to dive into the next book!
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July 3, 2016

Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup.

Just look at that cover. Lordy! That is one serious #Covergasm.

I was all excited about starting Hawke. I enjoy Bennett's books and, hello, hockey playing hottie. Woo! But my first thought when I finished this one? Damn. Apparently I read a totally different book than everyone else did. Hawke. Well it has an AMAZING cover. And that was my favorite thing about it.

The quick of it is that Hawke and Vale were hot and heavy in college. They had a terrible break--she dumps him harshly and out of the blue-- and for the past 7 years they've had no contact. Now though? They've found themselves working for the same hockey team--he's a player and she's on staff--and having to deal with each other and everything that happened in the past. A bumpy ride...it's gonna be complete with undeniable attraction, resentment and secrets finally coming out in the open.

Things started on rocky ground for me with two very immature college kids who were in love and party, get wasted, fuck and basically rinse and repeat and then have an out of the blue and cruel break up instigated by the heroine. I had no connection to them--that's just not a lifestyle I can understand at all--but they were young and I was holding hope that when things picked back up years later I'd have more of a connection to them. That...didn't really happen.

Okay so these two when they're adults. I actually liked Hawke more than I expected. While he still enjoyed tying one on he at least had grown up and was pretty reasonable about things. He's what kept me reading, actually. I still had some issues with him but as the book went I liked him more and more. Vale, though, I just never meshed well with her. Everything about her is theatrics. She reacted purely on emotions and never stopped to think or be rational which drives me crazy. She'd just fly off the handle at everything and can't say I was impressed with her. She broke up with him all those years ago and acted like HE was the one who was an asshole and had done her wrong (he hadn't).

There were some funny moments between them and a couple sweet ones but overall I didn't really get their attraction to each other, either, other than they were hot and once upon a time had been in love so had that connection. But belief in their relationship...not so much.

The heat was there but it also icked me out quite often. These two have been apart for 7 years. They don't really know each other, she's engaged for a chunk of the book, he's had random hook ups for years and they...just have sex with no condoms and to quote the heroine... "I can't find it within me to even question the haste by with we just had sex with no protection." SERIOUSLY?! And this was the norm for them. Never a real discussion about it just endless unprotected sex. So unsexy to me. Have a little respect for yourself and the person your with. Goodness.

Anyways. There's tension, a time of reluctantly getting along, theatrics on the heroine's part, blaming of the hero for something he had no control over and then another ridiculous break up by the heroine which proved once again that she'd not changed at all over the years--
--because that's what rational adults do. Erms. A little discovery fixes everything but I just had no faith when closing the book that they'll actually stay together. So lackluster characters, no connection, absurd behavior/reactions...just didn't do it for me at all. Others seem to love it though so seems I'm missing something with this one. *shrugs*
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March 23, 2016
4 Stars
This is the fifth book in the Cold Fury Hockey and it is a standalone. Hawke is a new member of the Cold Fury hockey team and this is his story. This is a second chance romance story between Hawke and Vale who were wild and in love in their teenage years. On the day Hawke leaves to play professional hockey, Vale, unexpectedly and without explanation, breaks his heart. Seven years later Vale and Hawke find themselves both working for the Cold Fury hockey team. Despite the anger and bitter resentment towards each other, they find themselves gravitating towards each other once again. Hawke and Vale’s chemistry and bond remain all these years, but they struggle to forgive each other for the past and rebuild their future. Can they move forward? Well, you’ll just have to read to find out. =)

I’m a fan of second chance love and hot hockey players so what’s not to love right. No actually, there were some things I liked and some that bothered me. First, though, I did enjoy the book. It was a lighthearted read with a good ending. I enjoyed the chemistry between the main characters. I could feel their love and it was nice to watch them fall in love again.

“I’m falling in love all over again, and it’s just beautiful to me.”

I also genuinely liked Hawke. I felt he was a good person and more mature than Vale. I liked that he was the first to extend the olive branch when he was the one that was wronged.
However, I’m not going to lie; I found myself extremely frustrated with Vale and Hawke…more so with Vale than Hawke. The mystery is why did Vale break up with Hawke? A simple conversation would have cleared the air up, but Vale was very obstinate and refused to discuss the issue with Hawke, even SEVEN years later!! Then she harbors a lot of resentment towards Hawke, which is puzzling since she broke up with him and told him she didn’t love him. She’s mad because when she finally did decide to reach out to him, he didn’t respond. I found Vale so completely unreasonable. I can sympathize a little bit with her, as she was young and did go through something that was a bit traumatizing.

“I knew that what happened that night was my fault because I couldn’t see past you. Nothing else matter to me.”

In the end, they both mature and learn to forgive. As they grow, I really started to like both characters and I rooted for them to find their happy ending. So, If you are looking for a nice easy read and a hot hockey player, this book will do the job.

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