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Luminous Dreams

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Relax, close your eyes...and dream. Eight tales, eight sensual dreams of enchantment, wanderlust and lovers' longings, of searching and finding; these dreams tell of birds of fire, curses that lie like bridges between night and day, and hunger for sweet seduction.

128 pages, Paperback

First published September 20, 2015

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About the author

Alexa Piper

46 books112 followers
Alexa Piper writes steamy romance that ranges from light to dark, from straight to queer. She’s also a coffee addict. Alexa loves writing stories that make her readers laugh and fall in love with the characters in them.
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Profile Image for Eileen.
Author 4 books45 followers
September 22, 2015
Amazingly sexy fantasy and paranormal erotic romance short stories. Cloaks itself in fairy tale and mythology with flirting with taboo. The first story, "Phoenix and Styx," immediately caught my interest and . . . I can't really say more without spoilers!
April 30, 2021
Dreams, both waking and asleep, can be powerful things. And Luminous Dreams gives you nine different stories of paranormal, myth, and fairy tales – ranging from Aurora, to Styx, to Hansel and Gretel. They also range from threesomes to FF or MM action.

Each story is different and erotic, so if that’s what you’re after, then you won’t be disappointed. For myself, although I enjoyed them, I wanted more. The line between reality and the dreamworld was blurred in some of the stories, intentionally, I think!

All in all, this was a different book that I enjoyed, and it gave me a sample of Alexa Piper’s writing style. If you like erotic fairy tales, then maybe you should give this one a chance!
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16.6k reviews8 followers
April 25, 2021
These are short stories fantasy, paranormal, erotica romance stories that I enjoyed reading. I know I will read them again. I received a copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Profile Image for Mike.
1,170 reviews27 followers
March 6, 2017
Lyrical, poetic, and mythic tales of enchanting erotica

I received a free copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.

I believe this is only the second "free review copy" book that has received 5 stars from me (4.5 stars rounded up for the nice variety of couplings). I didn't specifically request to review erotica, and I was a little disappointed when that's what was assigned. However, the writing quickly whisked those feelings away and swept me into a range of settings, characaters and lyrical prose that winds from overly flowery poetry to simply pleasant prose, weaving mythical tales with explicit exploits.

The sizzling stories combine tasteful but searingly heated reimaginings of characters and scenes from historic mythology and folk tales. I found it to be a much more thoughtful and enticing exploration of supernatural and paranormal themes than the typical, modern paranormal romantica stories, serving refreshing poetic tales with explicit heat as a collection of lyrical and enchanting erotic shorts.

Phoenix and Styx - 10 pages (mf)
The first tale especially included very flowery, sophisticated, complex and evocative prose which might be a bit "too rich" for some readers but wove words into an overly poetic, imaginatively descriptive prose which I found enchanting.

Extremely creative contemporary/mythical story with evocative prose that flows from the page, weaving its way through my emotions and intellect. Just a decent touch of sizzle in the sometimes heated, sometimes molten, and even ashen rhetoric.

Fortune's Song - 31 pages (mf)
This short erotic story is nicely heated, a well-written mix of ancient myth, contemporary paranormal, and explicitly intimate encounters. The fortune teller's voice had just a touch of mystery, and her enounter with the man of evil repute rang out with an unusual melody.

Candy and the Witch - 17 pages (mf)
The insight of an intelligent witch of the fairy tales accompanies her curiousity as she knowingly follows a potentially trapped trail. The character was endearing but the story too brief, with just enough heat to be enticing but certainly not entirely filling. A just slightly spiced morsel to whet one's appetite - or savor as a tangy treat. (Of course, the revelations about Hansel makes me want to seek the story of the Gingerbread man.)

Night Train: Story of a Passage - 26 pages (mfm)
A woman determined to be open and experience all life has to offer meets two strong, horned and horny men on the train. The hottest story so far, it takes the Between world of mystical, mythic creatures to doubly insert the train's travels into a woman's resolve to pursue the most interesting paths.

I Will Feed You Honey - 20 pages (mf)
Very sensual, ineventive, and erotic prose. Incredible inspritation is in the cards, but transcendence has its price.

The Acorn Princess - 19 pages. (ff)
Perhaps a bit more focused on the steam than some of the other stories, a young lady is entranced by the forest nymph and seduced into enjoying the pleasures of a woman of the wood. Alice is unable to stay away from the forest, and the Sylph is unable to stay away from the enticing, intriguing woman.

Drinks and the Other Witch - 8 pages (mm)
Blow and drink. This was the sauciest and most direct of the tales, but the letter Hans writes to his sister Greta puts a wonderfully fairy tale, magical spin on a mostly lustful setting. I had been hoping for the story of Hansel and the Gingerbread man, but I was more than happy to read the story of the male witch and his Fae acquaintance even more, with a wonderfully nice touch of reciprocal male on male lust.

Nocturnal Conquests - 23 pages (mfm)
Two creatures of the night stalky, lure, and tease their prey to quench their thirst and slake their lust. Yet this time the intimate nibble is more than a fulfilling but fleeting meal, as even a vampire can fall to the mesmerizing lure.

A Raven by Day - 14 pages (mf)
A bittersweet end to the day, beginning with the crow cawing in the morn but yet with the hope that the wayward bird will someday return.
Profile Image for Heather Hopkins.
11 reviews4 followers
March 4, 2017
This is not often said about Erotica - but _Luminous Dreams_ is an extraordinary anthology of magic and adult literature. I may have saved the "Phoenix and Styx" for later in the book, as, without understanding the "fairy tale"/"mythology" theme, it was a bit confusing. Later characters such as Gretel and her lure to the candy house, and especially, Aurora in "Fortune’s Song" create new,sensuous twists to the tales we all grew up with.

I comment Alexa Piper for creating a world that is titillating without being crude - alluring,bewitching (often literally), and sublime. Kudos.

Alexa Piper (2016-12-13T07:00:00+00:00). Luminous Dreams (Kindle Location 142). World Weaver Press. Kindle Edition.
393 reviews3 followers
December 31, 2016
This is a very strange compilation of 9 short stories. All are imaginative and varying types of erotic. I enjoyed several but generally they were more weird than anything. Again, they were very imaginative and a few were even quite ‘cute’ in the word usage and how a picture was painted. Using dreams as a basis it was hard to tell at times if it was a dream or reality. Maybe that was the point, to blur the reality just enough but not too much. If you want some quick erotic reads there are several here and they make it worth the read. If that is what you like I can RECOMMEND Luminous Dreams
Profile Image for Michael Mardel.
Author 22 books9 followers
February 1, 2017
Luminous dreams by Piper. I received a free copy from the publisher and volunteered to review it. There were 9 paranormal, erotic romances which were tastefully done. The short stories were Phoenix and Styx, Fortune's song, Candy and the witch, the night train (you'll never travel by train again), I will feed you honey (from a Tarot card), the acorn princess, drinks and the other witch (shades of Hansel and Gretel, nocturnal conquests, and a raven by day (what by night?) Good for short stories.
Profile Image for Bobbie.
57 reviews6 followers
June 29, 2017
Style over substance short stories. Some of the writing didn't make much sense, the major punctuation of the stories were the graphic sex scenes (which I kinda expected from the book description). While I appreciate that the author was inclusive in the variety and one was a F/F story, the rest of the stories weren't my cup of tea.
720 reviews
January 9, 2017
This book is a the most fantastic, sexiest, erotic twist on fairy tales and myths that I have ever read.
504 reviews15 followers
January 31, 2017
I was asked to review this book by www.librarything.com

I have never read erotic romance short stories so this was a first for me. I have snuggled down in the cold dark days of January and found these nine stories to be creative, dreams that you were not sure if this was real or not - but as these were beautifully written, I just enjoyed. There is a touch of fairytale too.

A different slant on the erotic and well written.
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