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Accidental Heirs #3

One Dangerous Desire

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In a bet between two old flames . . .

Rex Leighton dominates the boardroom by day and prowls the ballroom at night. Searching for the perfect bride to usher him into the aristocracy, he abandoned the idea of love the last time he saw the delicious May Sedgwick. But when he’s roped into a bet, where the prize is the means to fund his greatest ambition and the stakes are a marriage he’s already planning for, Rex is willing to go all in. There’s just one problem—he’s competing against the only woman he’s ever loved.

Only love can take it all

May Sedgwick could be the belle of the season . . . if she cared. She is more interested in the art studio than the marriage market and her craving to pursue her passion far outweighs her wish for a titled husband. Winning this bet will finally allow May to follow her true artistic desires. Rex losing is just a side benefit, as are his breathtaking kisses that she just can’t resist.

When May is forced to choose between the dream she never knew she wanted and the man she’s never been able to forget, Rex must convince her desire is worth a bit of danger.

368 pages, ebook

First published April 19, 2016

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About the author

Christy Carlyle

36 books503 followers
Fueled by Pacific Northwest coffee and inspired by multiple viewings of every British costume drama she can get her hands on, USA Today bestselling author Christy Carlyle writes sensual historical romance set in the Victorian era. She loves heroes who struggle against all odds and heroines who are ahead of their time. A former teacher with a degree in history, she finds there's nothing better than being able to combine her love of the past with a die-hard belief in happy endings.

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Author 7 books700 followers
August 7, 2016
This is my second stab at Christy Carlyle’s Accidental Heirs series, and while this book is definitely an improvement over the first, I can’t say that it was better than ok. There’s not necessarily anything terrible about the book, but neither is there anything exceptional. It’s just kind of superficially entertaining, but without any real emotion or surprises.

May and Rex are both Americans living in London. Both are in search of a marriage partner from the nobility. And both have enough money to be a sought-after match. The thing is, these two were once very much in love and neither has gotten completely over the other in the six years they have been apart. Rex went by Reg back in New York; he was a poor shopkeeper and a completely unsuitable match for the young heiress he wanted a life with. Unfortunately, her father made that all too clear. He threatened to have Rex thrown in jail if he ran away with May.

Now, of course, money is no object for Rex. But he wants to marry into the peerage to help give his business ventures more support. May needs to marry a titled gentleman to help save her father’s business. But when these two cross paths again, there really is no chance that they’ll end up anywhere but with each other. Yes, there are other people they court, but it’s half-hearted at best. It’s a question of whether they listen to their hearts or their heads, and it’s not really a question at all.

So here’s the thing, these two meant so much to each other that the love is still there SIX YEARS later. Rex stood May up without a word when they were supposed to go make a life. Yet the angst is barely there. May hardly holds on to any ill will towards Rex, and then when she finds out her dad’s hand in it all, it’s even less of a thing. Where is the passion? The heartache? Where is the pining and the teeth gnashing? Not here. It all just kind of… works out.

There’s a blip of an external threat, but it’s such a small threat, it left me wondering, what was the point? Everything resolves so easily, from the romance to the “danger;” from the other people these two were supposed to marry to her father… just everything turns out the way they want it to. Don’t get me wrong, I want a happy ending. I just didn’t feel like we worked for it, so it didn’t feel all that gratifying.

It was ok, but I don’t think I’ll read from this author again.

Rating: C/C-

*ARC provided by Avon
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400 reviews100 followers
October 19, 2016
Two ambitious Americans, one an artist and the other a self-made man, with a romantic past reuniting in Victorian London should’ve been a great premise but in this case at least, it fell way below expectations. Between the molasses slow pacing and eye rolling drama involving both leads’ fathers, I was less than impressed with One Dangerous Desire.

Although Christy Carlyle usually manages to create potent intimacy between her couples, I didn’t feel any of that magic between Rex and May. Perhaps there had been hints of chemistry at the beginning but it all fell away soon after, mainly because of the hero’s own stupidity. Besides constantly playing ping pong with May’s emotions, he also kept walking away from her time and time again which, in my opinion, made him as unworthy of her as he so often claimed to be. No one likes spineless heroes, Rex. This went on right up until the end until May finally had to take charge since Rex refused to do so which, I’ll admit, was pretty awesome because SHE was awesome and deserved better than a jellyfish for a man. But in all honestly I didn’t even care if these two ended up together and that’s always the worst feeling in the world when reading a romance novel.
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7,839 reviews16 followers
May 29, 2016
I received this book in exchange for an honest review
'One Dangerous Desire' by Christy Carlyle is book three in the "Accidental Heirs" series. I have read the other books in this series but I do feel this is a standalone book...so don't worry if you are jumping around in the series.
This is the story of Rex Leighton and May Sedgwick.
Rex once was an poor American who knew May when she was above him in the social status. But Rex and May thought to marry and they were going to run away together. But May thought Rex hadn't shown up for their 'running away' night. Rex had moved to England about six years ago and has made a name for himself and is now rich. Rex still can't break into English society and is still somewhat 'snubbed'. So Rex thinks to marry a English Lady like Lady Emily. Lady Emily is single and her father is a Duke. But Rex finds out that Lady Emily is friends with May who also has come to England. May's mother had always wanted her to marry a English nobleman...so that is why May is in town. May is in shock when she first sees him and is angry that he didn't show up that night. May tries not to have anything to do with him. Rex is fighting his feelings for May. Can May get over his betrayal? Will Rex come to know that love is more important than social status climbing?

Please follow more reviews at the below sites:
https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/1... http://sissymaereads.blogspot.com/
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Author 36 books431 followers
April 15, 2016
I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads

4 banterific stars.

Rex is an American who came to his mother's homeland six years ago to start a different life for himself. After struggling to survive in an orphanage and on the streets of NYC, Rex is a self-made man. Changing his name, leaving everything behind, he amasses great wealth, but now he needs to marry a titled women who could gain him access to investors.

May is her father's daughter, determined and fiscally minded. She moved to London from NYC a year ago to make a titled match after being left behind six years ago by her one true love. With it just May and her father, both wish to uphold her mother's dream for her daughter to be titled, even if the daughter would rather be a businesswoman instead.

One Dangerous Desire is how May and Rex both need something the other can't provide, but can't seem to pull themselves away from the other.

Christy Carlyle is a new-to-me author, and I found her pacing swift, the flow of her words fluid, and the story enjoyable. May and Rex played off each other well, push-pull romance filled with banter and longing. The author plucked the heartstrings a few times, had me smiling with the warm and fuzzy, blushing with the steamy scenes, and laughing unexpectedly.

While the scenes moved rather quickly to the next, there was some redundancy as it felt drawn out (the initial plot) to the point the reader knew the conclusion but the hero and heroine weren't getting there fast enough. The plot couldn't support the page-length. But near the last quarter, new elements of conflict were introduced to add an exciting level of angst, and I breezed right straight through to the end and enjoyed every moment of it.

Recommended for fans of the modern writing style of historical romance.

Will I read more by this author, or continue with this series? Yes, absolutely. I'm interested in what comes next. As this was my first read by the author, and it was the 3rd in the series, I plan to backtrack and read books 1 & 2 in my downtime.
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1,001 reviews54 followers
February 23, 2017
3.5 Stars. I was drawn to One Dangerous Desire for several reasons: it takes place in the late Victorian period, it features Americans in London, and the hero and heroine are competing against each other to win a bet. May Sedgwick, daughter of an American department store baron, came to London for one purpose: to find a titled husband. But, raised in her father's business world, she also has dreams of running her own business one day. A talented artist, May has a passion for interior design, but it's unlikely any English husband would approve of his wife in trade. However, opportunity comes her way in the form of her best friend's father, the Duke of Ashworth, who is thinking about redecorating his Mayfair mansion and is willing to consider May for the job. But there's someone else angling for his patronage: self-made tycoon Rex Leighton, who dreams of building the grandest hotel in London and needs Ashworth's investment to make it a reality.

May is shocked to see her first love in London, the young clerk who abandoned her and broke her heart six years ago in New York. Rex knew May was in London, but he vowed to stay away from her, believing himself to be unworthy of her affection and not wanting to interfere with her future. But neither is prepared for the rush of feelings that accompany their reacquaintance. The duke, being a bit of a romantic and a trickster, and sensing something between May and Rex, offers them a chance to compete for his patronage. Knowing that both are seeking titled spouses to further their positions in society, he challenges them to find their future mates, and the first one who does wins the bet. Both May and Rex have prospects in mind, but over the course of the next few weeks, seeing each other at every social function on the arms of others makes them realize that, after all these years, they still only have eyes for each other. May finally learns the reason Rex left her behind and comes to understand the demons from his childhood that drive his ambition, and Rex recognizes May's talent and applauds her dreams for a career of her own. But before they can act on their feelings for one another, they have to reevaluate the futures they've chosen for themselves and determine what's most important to them. Do they stick with their sensible plans or take a chance on love?

This was my first time reading Christy Carlyle, and I was very impressed with the writing and the dimensional, intriguing characters, including several secondary characters whom I'm hoping will feature in future books. But the story itself fell a bit short for me. From the description, I was really looking forward to a battle of wills where Rex and May would try to out-do each other in a game of one-uppance as they battled to win the bet. But since it turns out that to win the bet all one of them has to do is get engaged before the other, that intense competition doesn't happen, especially since neither of them really wants to be with anyone else anyway. I also expected their reunion to take a bit longer. Six years apart is a long time, and while the author does a good job of letting us see glimpses of the past and the young love they shared, I expected May to put up more of a fight when the man who broke her heart suddenly reappears and wants another chance. There are a couple of subplots involving their fathers and their attempts to use their children for their own gain, but overall, I found the story to be a little plain and ho-hum. But I give the story big props for its business-minded slant, for endearing characters, and for a sweet epilogue that left me with a big smile on my face.

This review was originally posted to Romantic Historical Reviews.
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3,002 reviews121 followers
April 29, 2016
My first book by this author, but definitely not my last!

I really liked Rex and May and their second chance romance :) It takes place just before the turn of the (twentieth) century, which was a nice change of pace--Rex wanting to electrify the entire hotel he wanted to build was just such a neat detail (and totally reminded me of Maggie Smith's Dowager Countess, shielding herself from the "abominations" her son had recently installed in Downton Abbey, LOL). May's a department store heiress--like Cora, she's being pursued for her dowry by ever more impoverished nobleman, but she's reached the point where she'd just as soon pursue her own interests (interior design--she's even contemplating starting her own business) as wed, especially when love isn't there.

Not that she trusts love, because it's burned her before. She's looking at you, Reg, Er, Rex. But then her father's business associate/right hand man comes for a visit, dropping a proverbial bomb, and suddenly marriage becomes a necessity. Because fate (or Ms. Carlyle) has a devious sense of humor, soon afterwards May finds out that that man who broke her heart six year ago? Yeah, he's here. In London. And also looking to marry--someone who has a position in London society that can benefit his new hotel. Not a fellow American who's looked down on for her American-ness and whose father hates him.

But of course as soon as they're in a room together, the sparks are still flying as crazily as ever, which is most inconvenient for them both. And then there's the bet...

Actually this book almost felt like a two-parter--part one being the angsty bet one, where they sniped a bit at each other and each had to witness the other spending more time than was comfortable with prospective, titled spouses (who happened to be brother and sister, to add even more drama to it all). And then the second part was after they both chucked their prospectives to the curb and gave in to what had been simmering between them for more than six years...only to have both of their families throw up obstacles. You gotta know that when the hero and heroine declare love and intend to wed at just a little past 50% in that something major's going to get in their way soon--their HEA still has a while to go.

Which, for all its frustration, is a good thing. Because the rest of the story was--well--quite a story :) (There were gasps of surprise going on over here. While my daughter was driving. Sorry, honey!)

While this is third in the series, it worked just fine as a standalone. The couple from the first book were mentioned, mainly because he was the nobleman that May originally intended to marry (plus, Rex knew him from business dealings), but other than that, this one was fairly self contained. I've of course added 1 and 2 to my TBR ( One Scandalous Kiss and One Tempting Proposal ), and am daring to hope that May's good friend Lady Emily will be getting her own story in the not too distant future...

Rating: 4 stars/A-

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Author 11 books514 followers
May 31, 2016
I was introduced to Christy Carlyle’s writing in her first Accidental Heirs novel, One Scandalous Kiss, and have been hooked on her deft, witty storytelling and lovely prose since. Both are on full display in her latest novel, and the final book in the Accidental Heirs series, One Dangerous Desire. She takes the reunited lovers trope, throws in a winner-takes-all wager, and adds a dash of danger to create a story full of steamy romance, thrilling intrigue, and a satisfying happily-ever-after.

Rex Leighton has remade himself from a NY street urchin who struggled to survive after his mother’s early death into a powerful entrepreneur who’s determined to build London’s first electric powered hotel. The project is inspired by his mother’s memory, and he intends for it to be the pinnacle of his career – apply naming the hotel The Pinnacle. But to fund the hotel, he needs wealthy investors, namely the wily Duke of Ashworth. The duke agrees to invest, but only if Rex marries an aristocrat...before May Sedgwick.

May is an American heiress who’s passionate about her art, and longs to channel her talent into a career. Her father, the wealthy owner of Sedgwick’s department stores, would rather she marry a titled peer and gifts her with an enormous dowry that attracts the eye of every cash strapped aristocrat in England. When the Duke of Ashworth agrees to allow her to redecorate his London townhome if she marries a peer before Rex, she’s accepts…even though Rex was her first love who left her six years prior.

Watching Rex and May fight for what they want even as they battle their rekindled feelings for each other was enjoyable. The threat Rex’s past introduced to the storyline brought the intrigue and excitement to the next level, making Rex and May’s hard won HEA immensely gratifying.

It’s books like One Dangerous Desire that have made Christy Carlyle an auto-buy author for me.
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242 reviews14 followers
April 28, 2016
Mr. Rex Leighton has a head for business! He is making great strides in London,
He would be doing better if he could marry into the ton. These men hold all the cards and the capital to invest in his newest venture.
So he throws himself into the "Marriage Mart."
Miss May Sedgwick has a head for art and decorating. She is an intelligent woman, but she also desires a match within the aristocracy.
She is pursuing that end when she meets Mr. Leighton, again. They have a history that is neither "in the past" nor is it long over.

This story was a very quick read for me. I could not put it down! Miss May was an intriguing character, strong, but not when it comes to some gentlemen. Her father for one.
He is very possessive and thinks he knows what is best so she tries to accommodate him. Sometimes love gets in the way.
Mr. Leighton was a hard man to understand at first, but the more you learn of his history, you totally understand him and his actions.

The writing was wonderful and the scenes and secondary characters make this book really a lively read!
I found myself hurrying to see what happened next!
The moral of this story is, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!

4.5 stars for me!
I received a copy of this book in exchange for my review from the publisher.
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421 reviews20 followers
April 27, 2016
I received a copy from the author for an honest review.

This was a bit different from the books I usually read, but I really liked it. I was thrown off at first because they are both American, building a hotel and talk of electricity, but once I got into it, it was great.

Rex had me from the moment we meet Charlie. It showed that he wasn't going to be the typical tough hero even with his background of being raised in an orphanage and living on the streets of New York. His past doesn't get in his and he doesn't keep many secrets.

May was a breath of fresh air when it comes to heroines. Her love of design and whole personality is wonderful. She doesn't shy away from anything and does what she has to when it come to protecting the people she loves even if the choice is shocking to some.

Everything in the story was great. It was a bit slow at the beginning for me, but I wasn't expecting the twists that happened throughout the book. Just when I thought I knew what would happen next something else would pop up from people from the past to offers and choices that had to be made. I also loved Rex's housekeeper, Mrs Hark, Sullivan, and Lady Emily. I would love read more about them.
Profile Image for Sandra.
Author 5 books19 followers
May 13, 2016
Each book in this series is better than the one before. Rex and May, both Americans, with a past find themselves in London, both wanting to make a match among the peerage, but can't seem to let go of their mutual attraction and the love they once shared-which is at war with their individual ambitions. They enter into a ridiculous wager posed by a benefactor, the first one betrothed wins his support. Trouble is, they are just not that into the people they are courting, and find themselves thrown together time and again. It isn't until they both realize they'd rather have each other, than win the wager that they find their happy ending.
Profile Image for Melissa .
344 reviews14 followers
May 13, 2016
Excellent Second Chance Story!

I received a copy from the author in exchange of an honest review.
I truly enjoyed this story. May and Rex had a worldwide romance 6 years ago in New York that didn't end well. They are both in London and neither is aware the other is in town. She is there to marry for a title. He wants an investment to build his dream hotel. They each want different lives that don't include the other but they seem to meet constantly.

This was a great story about finding love again. There was great character development and you want to continue reading to find out what happens. The book can be read as a stand alone.
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664 reviews27 followers
July 31, 2016
First I would like to state that I received this book through the Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank the author for giving me this opportunity and honor in being able to read this book. This book was a rather quick read. When I received this book I began reading it at once. The book was such an interesting read. The authors writing style keeps you interested from the first chapter to the last. The author pulls you in quickly and keeps you hooked wanting to read and find out more. The events and characters keep you wondering what's going to be happening next. I am so glad I had this opportunity to read this book.
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6,985 reviews135 followers
June 27, 2016
One Dangerous Desire, in my opinion could be described as the anti love story. Former loves are brought together by a chance at financial gain. Christy Carlyle has written characters that are arrogant and ambitious but are also confused and afraid. A contradiction? Yes. That is what makes a good author. Someone who is not afraid to push the envelope and create something that is uniquely theirs. I loved that May was her own person and was not beyond getting dirty to get what she wanted. One Dangerous Desire is about sacrifice and discovering what is really important. Playful, provocative and intriguing romance.

Copyright of Night Owl Reviews
April 7, 2016
A quick read. London's dashing Rex Leighton is actually the desperate Reggie Cross from New York that stole May Segwick's heart six years ago.
Can they make their way back to each other amid so veery many obstacles- not the least of which would be both their manipulating families?
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1,002 reviews11 followers
May 15, 2016
I loved Rex and May's story! It had everything! Adventure, love, humor, Christy is a very good writer she draws you in and keeps you interested from start to finish I just love everything she writes!
Profile Image for Fae.
845 reviews24 followers
December 19, 2020
3.5 stars

I was disappointed by the previous 2 books in this series and didn’t have high expectations for this one. But it was better, by a bit. It started off with Rex & May already in love so it moved slightly faster than other books where they had to bond. The chemistry between them is questionable / non existent to be honest but I was lenient about that, seeing as they’re already in love. But it would have good if the author explained more about their romance when they were younger so we can connect better & see the chemistry better.
Profile Image for Casey.
69 reviews24 followers
July 16, 2022
Meh. This was my least favorite. The Hero constantly pushing the heroine away got old. Also to me it seemed like in the beginning the Hero was mad at the Heroine because of something she did in the past. Then when they meet he’s instantly remorseful and accepting that he’s fully to blame. I was able to finish this book just out of sheer curiosity to see where the author was going to take things. Plus, why oh why did Emily and Sullivan not have a moment; At least in the epilogue?! Seems like things got very lost in this plot.
541 reviews3 followers
May 5, 2020
Just not my cup of tea. Didn't really liked the hero or the heroine. Didn't hate them either.
31 reviews
December 21, 2020
Much better, only 4 errors in this one

This is a great story and a lot less errors than the previous book in the series! I recommend this.
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126 reviews8 followers
April 19, 2016
*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*

As a huge fan of historical romance, I don’t know how I’ve let the works of author Christy Carlyle escape my radar. Her latest novel, One Dangerous Desire, is the third in her Accidental Heirs series (yet easily reads as a standalone!) and I know it will not be the last of hers I read — especially since I’ve already added the first two Accidental Heirs novels One Scandalous Kiss and One Tempting Proposal to me e-reader).

Rex Leighton emigrated from America to England, reinventing himself and quickly earning a fortune in the process. On the brink of achieving his greatest professional goal, Rex determines an aristocratic bride will help him achieve acceptance by society. The fact that his potential financial investor, the Duke of Ashworth, has a marriage daughter only strengthens his resolve to marry — until he’s introduced to the lady’s closest friend, American heiress May Sedgwick. Rex knows May all too well — he knows the sound of her laugh, the feel of her kisses and the pain of denying their love.

May Sedgwick originally moved to London in order to fulfill her late mother’s desire for her to marry a nobleman, a task she no longer pursues with excitement. May prefers her burying herself in her sketchbook and designs to prowling the drawing rooms of the aristocracy seeking a titled husband. Fate intervenes and forces May to consider marriage sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, no member of the English aristocracy stirs her passion as much as her fellow American, Rex Leighton, i.e. the man who broke her heart.

An ill-advised wager soon pits May and Rex against each other, each stubbornly circling warily around their obvious attraction and connection. During the course of wager Rex and May both blossom as characters, becoming more confident and playful as they spend more time in one another’s company.

Rex and May both must endure serious introspection before they can come to terms with their shared past –– and embrace the possibility of a joint future. Rex thought leaving May was in her best interest, her father’s wrath helping persuade him of his own unworthiness. Rex must decide of he is willing to let a chance at a life with May slip away again to “protect” her, wondering at what point does his own heart’s desire outweigh other concerns — and May’s desires as well. May must search for the ability to forgive Rex and find the strength to move forward. He had been the only person in May’s life that truly understood her passions and supported her, thus she was blindsided by his betrayal.

May’s determination and intelligence make her a likable character, and the fact that Rex appreciates and is emboldened by these compelling traits make him even more appealing. Rex’s belief in May and support of her non-traditional pursuits overshadow his flawed tendency to “protect” May without her input. The dynamic of the relationship is very refreshing yet still appropriate to the time period.

In One Dangerous Desire, author Christy Carlyle manages to take a couple whose happy ending seems hopeless and instill the protagonists with so much faith and depth of affection that hope radiates off the page by the end. Readers are taken on a fun, touching and emotional journey.
1,357 reviews32 followers
April 18, 2016
Rex Leighton is looking for an aristocratic bride. An American of humble beginnings, Rex moved to London six years ago, where he has become a wealthy and successful businessman, but the Ton still snubs him. Rex wants to build a huge hotel outfitted with modern conveniences, but he needs backing, and the Duke of Ashworth seems an ideal candidate to finance Rex’s project, besides the Duke has an unmarried daughter, Lady Emily. Rex learns that every Tuesday Lady Emily takes her tea at the Metropole, where he will “accidentally” meet her, but Rex is shocked when he sees Emily’s best friend: May Sedgwick, the girl he left in New York six years before. May, an American as well, has a huge dowry but her mother always wanted her to marry an English nobleman, so that’s what she intends to do, although she’d rather marry for love. But when she meets Rex again, she remembers all the love they shared at one time, but she is not over the anger and hurt at his betrayal.

Anyone who expects a simplistic romance will be sorely disappointed! Christy Carlyle weaves a captivating story, peopled with intriguing and very complex characters. Ms. Carlyle establishes the story, introduces the characters in such an enticing way, that had nothing happened, I would not have cared a whit, because the author’s attention to detail and the precision of her descriptions of Victorian London alone would make ONE DANGEROUS DESIRE worth reading, but then again, a lot happens in that book! I love how the author subtly weaves the romance and business dealings in one flawless whole, and there are many twists and turns to the meticulously constructed plot. The dialogues are superb, the prose luminous and seamless, and the romance entirely believable. And ONE DANGEROUS DESIRE is so very romantic! All those small gestures, those little nothings that Rex and May exchange; the love and respect between these two is palpable. ONE DANGEROUS DESIRE is a compelling story, with a feeling of authenticity that permeates every paragraph, with main very relatable main characters, set in a time on the cusp of change, of women striving for more independence, with just the right amount of romance, business dealings and daily life. I am already looking forward to the Ms. Carlyle’s next book!

I receive a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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355 reviews17 followers
April 18, 2016
A Dangerous Desire is a novel that I quickly added to my list of top reads that I had to review this year. As my love for historical-romance continues I find myself adoring author, Christy Carlyle and I have very much savored the writer's own series, The Accidental Heirs. A Dangerous Desire continues as book three in this highly passionate and yet disparate in fellow love stories and was yet another tale that I loved.

For those of you who have never read a novel by Carlyle I have to stress the point of the romance within her novels. As I have previously included effortlessly in fellow reviews I feel the romance is beginning to slip away in historical-fiction. This opposed flaw is not only a displeasure for myself, but makes zero sense. With Carlyle I do not have to worry on whether or not the romance will be present within the author's stories because the romance is always the star of the actual material. This is immensely important whenever any reader is going to label his/her novel a 'romance.'

As for this story both Rex and May were a beautiful couple drawn together and although the duo certainly did their best to ignore their igniting sparks of solid attraction their love for one another won out in the end. There were a great deal of obstacles for both of the characters to overcome mostly May. I felt the most related to her as an heroine because she desperately wanted to pursue her dream rather than marriage. Of course Rex was a heroine that was just too darn sexy to ignore for too long even with May's own determination to do so.

This story is very well written. At first I thought the plot might be similar against other historical-romances, but in truth there really wasn't much comparison once the book took off. I think that Rex was a very unique character in his own rights and his love for May was very real. He had loved her from the beginning and I always love a hero that is willingly to show his love for the heroine regardless of the titles, the family and etc.

I would fully recommend this novel as well as all books by the author to fellow readers for the simple fact that a reader cannot go wrong in the hands of Christy Carlyle.
1,213 reviews10 followers
April 22, 2016
I love historical fiction especially romance, it allows me to
visit a world where I could never go but always wanted to,
The beautiful gowns they wore, are just what I would love to
wear. I can escape to a wonderful place and I have to admit
of all the historical I have read Christy Carlyle paints the
most vivid picture of them all. Just felt like I was there
living Mary’s life.

Mary is so the embodiment of a true American Woman.
Even though she had to move back to England. And she is
also so much like her Dad. Now with her mother gone Her
and her dad are determined to fulfill her mother’s dream, for
her to be titled and happy. Even though all Mary wants to be
a businesswoman. Now she is not as excited as she used
to be. Mary has only loved one man and will never be
with him. But sometimes things do not always go as
planned and fate steps in.

Then there is Rex who has emigrated from America to
England. He has reinvented himself and now has earned
a fortune in the process. Now in order to archive his ultimate
goal, all he needs to do is marry an aristocratic bride.
So society will accept him. And when his potential financial
backer turns out to have a daughter to marry off, he is all
ready to marry her till he meets Mary. But he already knows
her and remembers her Laugh and her kisses. Then there
is the reminder of the pain of denying their love.

Now if Rex and Mary can just see that they both have what
the other needs. Then just maybe they can borh be happy.
And fulfill both of their desires. But with the wager that has
pitted them against each other. May I add a may just be what
makes them realize they need each other.

Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here. I hope you
enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book,
please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it
when you do; they value your opinions too.
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1,485 reviews22 followers
April 25, 2016
Posted on What I'm Reading

First off, if you haven't read any of the previous stories, don't worry, One Dangerous Desire can be read as a standalone. Anyway. We meet Rex and May. Now these two had a previous relationship, but circumstances caused these two break apart. Gotta love dear old dad. Basically, she left New York to find herself a title, because that's what mother would love for her. Unbeknownst to her she runs into her former beau, but he's no longer the guy she knew. I mean with a name change and new life, you gotta change.

Now Rex, he has started a new better life in England. Now he wants to build the most impressive hotel, but one problem: capital. He heard that he get it from a particular duke, but he tends to lend money to friends easier. I don't know if that's the greatest idea, anyway. Brilliant idea pops into his head he could marry the Duke's daughter. BRILLIANT! One problem: May, the girl he left behind. Instead of being in New York she's best friend with Duke's daughter. How this just got complicated for him.

We watch these two try to avoid their feelings for one another. Plus, they end up double dating with an Earl and his sister. Which is kind of funny, because they want one another, yet both are too stubborn to go after what they want.

Overall, I did like One Dangerous Desire. I liked that May and Rex had to go all the way to England to find what they were looking for. The danger doesn't pop up until we draw closer to the end and Rex starts to worry about May's safety. However, May is fierce and stronger than most people give her credit. A perfect for Rex. A decent read.

Copy provided by Avon via Edelweiss.
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April 18, 2016
A quick but thrilling romantic read from Christy Carlyle.

Rex is an American he had come to his mums homeland some six years ago to start he came to start a new and different life for himself. He had struggled to survive in the orphanage as well as on the streets of NYC, Rex is now a successful self-made man. He has changed his name, and has left every single thing behind, he has amassed a great wealth, but now he just needs to marry a suitable yet titled women who can get him access to investors.

May is for sure her father's daughter, she is one determined young woman once she sets her mind on something that is it. She had moved all the way to London from her home in NYC about a year ago she did this to make a titled match after she was left behind six whole years ago by her one and only true love.

With it just being May and her father now, both of them want to uphold her mother's dream for her daughter to be happy and titled, even though her daughter would rather be a businesswoman instead.

One Dangerous Desire shows you how May and Rex may not know it but they both need a little something the other just can't provide as much as they want too, but yet they can't seem to pull apart from one another. There is this special something that sparks between them.

Is there love destined or will it fizzle out forever?

A very enjoyable and beautifully written historical romance, I loved the characters and felt at ease with them from the start they are both likeable and lovely people destined for one another even if they don't no it they are.

4 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books
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34 reviews
February 5, 2017
In fin-de-siècle London the old order is changing and daring newcomers have the chance to gain a fortune, if only they have the right connections. Rex Leighton, originally of New York, has taken London by storm, amassing a fortune in just half a dozen years. In order to secure his position with the right sorts of investors, he needs to marry into the aristocracy. May Sedgwick, also originally from New York, has the same idea. From a young age her mother trained her to trade her considerable department store fortune for a titled husband. May and Rex knew each other in New York, but parted badly, broken hearts on each side. Despite their determination to avoid each other amidst London’s millions, they end up being continually thrown together as both are courting the same set of aristocratic siblings. Their respective courtships are floundering, however, as they only have eyes for each other.

The course of true love never did run smooth, and in Christy Carlyle’s One Dangerous Desire this adage reigns. Between unpredictable fathers, self-doubt, public proposals, past demons, and violent threats there are enough obstacles to May and Rex’s romance to keep the reader interested. At the same time, the course of Carlyle’s plot does not run smoothly and the reader is sometimes forced to flip from chapter to chapter to discover how much time has passed between events or if a scene was missed.
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April 18, 2016
Historical fiction especially romance allows for me to visit a world where I would never have been accepted and to enjoy a romance that is fundamentally basic in most aspects. Saying this I get to the current duo of Rex and May.

These two wanted each other but felt there was something else they needed/wanted. Depending on whom was looking at it. They just could not see past it. I found the scenes fast past then crashing together to a slower pace. I felt out of place in more than one place and had to return to the beginning. This read took me longer than usually to read because I had to return to the beginning of the paragraph or chapter in some cases.

Once all is said and done. This was a good enough read. Maybe I need to go back to the other two books of the series and she how they play out and to see the connections as they grow.
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May 21, 2016
Oh the woes of loving too young. They meet, they desire, they love, they let others dictate their actions, they lose. They meet again six years later, they desire, they ALMOST let others dictate their actions, they LOVE. Rex and May’s story is one of second chances and determination. I liked that they are not aristocrats but self-made people and that they are Americans out of place in London. Both Rex and May are strong characters that complement each other. You can feel the emotions when they are together. They fight for their love and it makes it all the more precious.

Just a side note, the scene during the parlor games with Rex is hilarious. I could see his face just from the description.

I was gifted a copy from the author for an honest review.
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May 23, 2017
Was distracted the whole time reading this, not sure if it was bad timing or the book just couldn't keep my interest. Scenes ended abruptly when they just got interesting and never really felt the connection between H/h.
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