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Carry Your Heart #1

Carry Your Heart

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When Isabelle Martin steps onto Sawyer Auto Repair's parking lot, she can't believe it's come to this. After dropping out of a school she never really wanted to go to in the first place and dumping a boyfriend she never really loved to begin with, she thought coming home to Claremont, North Carolina would solve all her problems. Instead, she's still reeling from her mom's death six months earlier and trying, but failing to help her dad, who's sunken deep into a whiskey-fueled depression. Working in the local, motorcycle club-owned, auto shop's office is a last resort, but it's the only option she has...even if it means working with Caleb Sawyer, the bad-boy biker with swagger to spare who used to drive her up the wall in high school.

Caleb Sawyer is on the fast-track to a downward spiral. He used to think he had the world at his feet--all he has to do is be patient, earn his keep in the club and in the shop, and his legacy within the Iron Horsemen MC will be his for the taking when the time is right. But that just doesn't mean anything without his old lady by his side, who wants to leave Claremont more than she wants to stay with him. When the bottom finally drops out, nothing prepares him for the impact and he deals with it the only way he knows how--with whiskey and women. Despite all that, being around Isabelle Martin, the girl whose feathers he ruffled so easily in high school, somehow brings him back to life. She doesn't take any of his crap, but she calls him on it without judgment and without pity.

Despite some initial animosity, Caleb and Isabelle quickly realize that the perceptions they had of each other in high school couldn't be further from the truth. The more time they spend together, the closer they become and the more they gravitate towards each other. Both are at a crossroads, but stuck in reverse. Isabelle needs help; she just doesn't know how to ask for it. Caleb needs a life preserver; he just doesn't know where to find one. And ultimately, on the path to rediscovery and identity, all roads lead them to exactly what they need--each other.

New adult/contemporary romance told in alternating points of view. Recommended for readers 18 and older.

397 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 14, 2015

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About the author

K. Ryan

4 books201 followers

K. Ryan lives in the Green Bay area with her crazy-supportive boyfriend and the best decision of her adult life, a not-so-stray cat named Oliver. When not writing, she’s either binge-watching something on Netflix, running, reading, or cheering on the Packers.

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram (@authorkryan) and Facebook or visit her website, for updates and news.

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1,232 reviews2,023 followers
July 16, 2015
When I got a message from the author asking me if I would like to review Carry Your Heart, I immediately said yes for two reasons:

One, the blurb sounds really enticing to me. I am one of those readers who aren't bothered by a presence of an old love or reading about a hero who has someone else at the beginning of the book before the heroine. These things don't bother me. In fact, I actively seek out books like these. Carry Your Heart fits what I wanted to read to a tee.

Caleb Sawyer's life is unraveling. His old lady who he has been together with since high school is leaving him to move across halfway across America. His Old Lady wants Caleb to leave with her, to leave the club and his brothers behind. Enter Isabelle who just moved back into town after losing her mother to cancer and her father to alcohol. She and Caleb went to the same high school but they don't run in the same circle. She thinks he's a criminal and he thinks she's a stuck up. Desperate for a job, she applied for the only position to suit her--being an office manager for the motorcycle run auto shop.

Which brings us to the second reason why I had to read this book: It has a Sons of Anarchy vibe to it. Caleb is described as having longish blond hair with blue eyes screams JAX!! Even the description of Caleb's mom is a dead ringer for Gemma. Unfortunately, the fact that it reminded me too much of SOA was a bit disconcerting. Each of the characters in SOA except for a few have their own equivalent character in this book. But this isn't as gritty as SOA. Think MC-lite.

Don't get me wrong. I still enjoyed it. I liked the story. I appreciated the fact that Caleb and Isabelle started off as friends first before becoming lovers. I also appreciate that even though Caleb started with another woman as an old lady, there were no ex-girlfriend drama after he got together with Isabelle. He decided it was her and he followed through or in other words, he wasn't hung up on another woman. That was very clear throughout the book. I also like that the author took the time to develop the romance.

That said, the book did drag a bit for me in the middle. It seemed like Caleb and Isabelle were content to just be friends. The romance at one point moved at glacial pace, I wondered if they will ever get together. Another thing is the conflict. There wasn't really a huge conflict except for individual ones. But there is a hint of a big conflict in the second book.

This book ends on an HEA for Caleb and Isabelle but there's an incoming threat that could play a big role in the next two books. Overall, a solid debut for K. Ryan.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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May 18, 2021
We get it. The heroine is so beautiful, smart, kind, compassionate, quirky, artistic and cool that none of her ex-boyfriends can quit her. Not the successful lawyer-to-be from Duke who just can’t accept she broke up with him and turns a bit stalkerish. Not the old high school boyfriend “bruh” who has been carrying a flame for her all these years and is doing everything in his power to woo her back with perfect dates at perfect restaurants. But our girl just doesn’t feel anything, okay? So she tries to go through the motions and even gives him a pity ride for which she hates herself afterwards cause it’s like so unfair to the poor besotted fellow. He did nothing wrong, she JUST. CAN’T. FEEL. At least not for him. Cause all the time she is dating him, she is actually falling in love with the bad boy, well bad boy-lite, mechanic and biker wannabe (a very very very diluted version of Jax from SOA) who is having a crisis of his own after the love of his life dumped him to pursue her dream of going to college in California.

Look, it wasn’t all bad. The characterization of the male protagonist was actually pretty well and plausibly written. The author made his nervous breakdown following his breakup and his eventual recovery and ability to fall in friendship then in love with a new girl believable and relatable.

I just couldn’t stomach the wish-washy, drama Queen, neurotic heroine nor could I help rolling my eyes at the cheesetastic and completely unbelievable ending where she chucks months-long plan to go to her dream art school out of state, even going so far as to sign the enrollment contract, pay the deposit, move all her shit in the dorm and make a tearful goodbye to her boyfriend... then take the bus home the same night to tell him tearfully that she is BACK cause none of it matters without HIM. So she has decided to go to the local art school instead. Bitch, you were accepted in the local school in the first place, you knew you were already in love with him, and you knew he had already been dumped by his ex-Love of his Life in favor of an out-of-state school but you still put him, his family, your mutual friends, and yourself through all this circus only to circle back to what was the obvious solution to your dilemma???? I just can’t with these NA romances. What the teen and young adult set see as dramatic romantic gestures and angst seem to me just bratty, immature, and really kind of silly antics lol.

In conclusion, it’s me not you. This book has its right audience and they will most likely enjoy this.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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2,805 reviews476 followers
July 16, 2015
Originally reviewed at SmexyBooks-http://smexybooks.com/2015/07/review-...

Favorite Quote: “I could choose to be miserable or I could choose to be happy. I was going to choose to be happy.”

Isabelle (Iz) Martin has come home to Claremont, NC after leaving Duke University and her boyfriend. Her mother’s death and her father’s depression convinces Iz she is needed at home more than ever. When her father demands she get a job or get out, Isabelle applies at Sawyer’s Auto Repair; owned and operated by the Iron Horseman MC. Isabelle doesn’t care who owns or runs it, however she does care her high school nemesis is a mechanic is there.

Caleb Sawyer is on a fast track to nowhere. A legacy member of the Iron Horseman, he thought his life was all planned out until his girlfriend of five years suddenly announced she has accepted an internship in California. He can’t leave Claremont and she refuses to stay. When he hits rock bottom, he is shocked the person who picks him up is none other than Isabelle Martin. Despite his endless teasing of her in high school, being on Isabelle makes him feel better. She listens without judgement or pity but also doesn’t put up with any of his crap.

After a rocky start, Isabelle and Caleb slowly build a strong friendship that develops into something more as each has something the other wants and needs. But can two completely different people find common ground? Or will the past always come back to stand in their way?

When I was offered Carry Your Heart, I honestly thought I was getting an MC romance. The first few chapters reminded me heavily of SOA fanfic as we get the back story and set to the protagonists and the Iron Horseman. As the story developed, the SOA feeling gradually faded though it still remained in the background. The MC aspect is extremely low-key with the main storyline focused almost exclusively on Caleb and Isabelle. Alternating povs gives us insight into their emotions and actions about the situations they are currently dealing with, without recapping the previous chapter. It becomes a solid contemporary NA romance. This isn’t a stand alone. While no cliffhanger ending, Ryan does warns us this is a trilogy that spans eight years of Isabelle and Caleb’s life.

Caleb is at a low point when he and Isabelle reconnect. His girlfriend is leaving town and he knew nothing of her plans until they were set in concrete. With no time to prepare for what he sees as her betrayal, he spirals down a hole filled with alcohol, drugs, and random women. This inadvertently affects Isabelle as her father is slowly killing himself with alcohol; depressed over his wife’s death. Isabelle’s fears for Caleb going down the same path pushes her to tell him some hard facts about love and loss. Isabelle helps Caleb straighten up which in turn allows Caleb to be there when she needs him most. From that point on, they become each other’s shoulder to lean on and their friendship blossoms into love.

The friends to lovers plot line reveals gradually, allowing us plenty of time to get to know Caleb and Isabelle as individuals and to facilitate their romance. Neither one has ever had a best friend of the opposite sex and Ryan does a wonderful job of bringing their friendship to life. It’s an integral aspect of the story. Smooth writing moves the story along at a steady pace. Lightweight in terms of drama and conflict; self discovery is the theme that permeates the story. Emotionally and physically, the chemistry is there but when it comes to actual sex, the scenes are blurry and vague. As I have a fabulous imagination, this didn’t bother me. :P

An array of secondary characters plump up the story, allowing us to get to know the town, its inhabitants, and the role the Iron Horseman play in it. Here is where the SOA feelings were the strongest. There is much in here to remind you of Charming and the strong hold the MC held on it. I saw Jax, Opie, Gemma, Clay, Wendy, and more in the characterization and storyline dynamics. Ryan does make it her own by keeping her focus mainly on Caleb and Isabelle but I am very curious to see what the next two books in this trilogy holds as the ending hints at an overzealous agent looking into the club and it’s activities.

All in all, Ryan’s debut NA romance is an easy read that doesn’t add ridiculous melodrama or over the top posturing from the men or woman. It has a feel good element to it as you watch this sweet young couple overcome some adversity to find happiness in their lives. Any misunderstandings are dealt with swiftly as this couple knows how to communicate and neither plays games. And, color me shocked, there is no cheating which is almost unheard of for any story revolving around an MC. The only reason I did not rate this higher was the strong SOA similarity. I am hoping that this tapers off and the next book stands on its own two feet. Book two-Carry You With Me-is slated to release in September 2015. I have a feeling that is where the MC will grab a larger part of the storyline.

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2,079 reviews68 followers
August 7, 2015
Isabelle came home to say goodbye to her mother who was dying. Things got worse when her father buried his grief in a bottle and she became his caretaker. My heart hurt for her as she went through all of this so alone. She gets a job in the office of an MC auto shop and meets Caleb. He is going through his own issues after his long time girlfriend leaves him when he least expected it. They both are so lonely and connect when they least expected it. I loved that Caleb was so supportive of her even before they realized what was happening between them. And that Iz was so understanding in what he was going through. I really loved them together. The bonus was that she also gained his mom in the mix who I absolutely loved. The epilogue has me dying to read the next book in the series for sure. I so enjoyed Iz and Caleb's story.

I give Carry Your Heart 4 hearts!
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Author 29 books896 followers
August 7, 2015
Check out more of my reviews on my blog http://gemmareadstoomuch.co.uk

Carry your heart is book #1 in the Carry Your Heart Series and the first book I have read by this author, I was gifted a copy if this book to read for Gemma Reads Too much.

This book was sold to me as an MC romance; honestly I wouldn’t class it as that. Yes there is an MC but it’s not a main focus in this story.

Now is that a problem? Well yes and no.

I love MC books so I was a little disappointed that although the club was there it was very much in the background. Don’t get me wrong with the way this book ended I think we will be getting a much more traditional MC book in the next book in the series. But I love the grit and grime of a good biker outlaw gang so a bit fat dose of that would have gone down incredibly well with me.

This might have been low on the badass biker ratio but it was high on the adorable romance side of things.

I actually loved the slow burn on this love story, we as the reader watched them create a loving friendship all whilst we knew it was only a matter of time before they slipped into lovers.

I liked both Isabelle and Caleb and the silly teasing and flirting was backed up by a very obvious deep sense of protectiveness for one another.

Hmmmm not sure how I feel about Becca I get the impression that I’m going to really dislike her in the books going forward.

The epilogue on this book was very unexpected and if I’m truthful a little creepy. Can anyone say stalker in the making!!

Overall I enjoyed this book it’s like a gateway book to the MC genre where they hint to the darker grittier side of the genre without actually throwing it in your face.

Carry your heart gets 4 stars from me.
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December 28, 2015
absolutely loved this!!!

I'm so sick of tons of novels having this insta love and this had the best slow build ever! not rushing into anything to soon and truly getting to know one another.

can not wait until February 9th for Carry You Home!
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February 8, 2016
So, I received a copy of this books by K. Ryan in exchange of my honest review, which I always had and I always will in every book I'm going to read, and I was ready to review it when a thought crossed my mind and open Goodreads in search of what its synopsis was talked about. Well, it was a long synopsis!!! Which was good and bad at the same time. But the worst part was, that I read of an other person review, which I never did before, and now I'm totally confused. Crap!! Why in the earth I did this? Losing my way of thoughts now, I'm going to start somehow and fingers crossed I'll make it to the end.

"It wasn't a life I knew anything about, or even really cared to know about, but now, out of necessity, I just had to suck it up and step inside."

Isabelle's Martin life had reached bottom. Losing her mother six months ago, from lung cancer and having a father who druwn himself in alcohol after his wife's death, she felt totally alone and helpless. Trying to be the supporting and caring daughter to her father, she quit law school, split with her current boyfriend, only to come back home and help her father to rehab, but that was something that never happened. So she just stayed there, ready for his call to pick him up, from wherever he was, drunk or passed out. Of course, leaving law school wasn't something bad. She realy wanted to after her mother's death. It wasn't her own choice to go there from the beginning, so she felt relief and happy for the one good she did for herself, but now she had to find a real job to earn her living and the only one open for her, was at the Sawyer Auto Repair store.

"I was pathetic. I was useless. I was complitely destroyed."

Going to work at the Sawyer's Auto Repair store, wasn't an option for Isabelle...it was a need. A need to start something good for herself, a need to be needed, a need to feel alive. Knowing that Skyler Sawyer and her son, Caleb, are the kind of people she never wanted to cross her path with, but at the same time they were her lifesavers for the time being, she tried to find the courage to look strong and stable in frond of them. Less to say, she took the job and an other piece of her puzzled life find its place in the spot of her self-happiness.

"I wondered if I was going to have to deal with women stomping around, pissed off and disappointed with me my whole life."

That was Caleb Sawyer! The only son Skyler has, who worked at the Auto Repair store also. Well, it was his mother's shop, so he owned the place as well. Caleb knew Isabelle from high school, but they never been in a same company before, only few classes and that was it. He always teased her with a nickname, one that Isabelle hated, but deep inside him always admired her in a way. A deep deep way!! So when he saw her coming out the shop, jaw dropping beautiful, he couldn't believe his own eyes. The news that she is going to work with his mother now, it was a big deal for him. It became bigger, when the two of them, after an awkward beginning, connected in an indescribable way, comparing their pasts, and creat a close-friend relationship, supporting one the other because both their lives shown them their ungly faces. When his own life was in stalemate with his, five years in relationship, girlfriend Ariel, who is leaving to California, totally leaving him broken and empty, Isabelle was the one who helped him recover and up to his feet again.

"For the most part, this place was really starting to feel like it could be somewhere I belonged, somewhere that made sense, even if it wasn't long-term."

The maturity of Isabelle's is something Ι don't find offen at girls in her age. Maybe it was the way she has raised or maybe it was her character, that made her the person she is now. Knowing Sawyer's Auto Repair shop and Bike Club common secret background, she's still there, working everyday with the Horsemen and Skyler, having her lunch-break with Caleb and enjoy her Friday nights at the club with her friends. Always in tune with her surroundings, Isabelle is the girl next door, ready to help at any cost, without judgment or consideration, abilities which helped Caleb to feel safe and relaxed when he was around her. Feelings that made him more protective and observant to a woman, than ever before. And that's how things started to change for each other!

"A weight- one that I hadn't had the courage to acknowlenge before now- magically evaporated from my shoulders with those words."

Both Isabelle and Caleb had tough lives, each different to the other but with the same effect. They both were broken!! They both were strong only to help the others!! Lunch-break was their bubble. Alone at the picnic table, everything seemed easy and secure, like nothing bad happened to their lives, like always were closed friends. The feelings came naturaly, first as a friend to friend who cares for the other, then there was protectivity and then there was a deep, unconditional love, none of them ever felt for an other person before.

"Outlaw was what I was born into, but it was also what I was born for. There just weren't any other options for me because this was everything I'd ever wanted. My legacy was at this table and there was no way I'd ever do anything to jeopardize that."

That's what Horsemen are, an outlaw motorcycle gang. Ruthless and deadly! Caleb is one of them, one with his one foot on a great post to be. He is going to be a president soon, so he must act like one and have a clear head also. Ariel's departure broke him, made him a drunk wreck, a walking empty vase but he managed to get on his feet. After all these times he spent with Isabelle he finally found again his old self and when the time comes, he will be the best choice for the gang. His only concern was that Isabelle wasn't meant for this life. She was better, better for all of them and she deserved more, but she was the one for him and he couldn't live without her, so he had to choose for her even if it wasn't his place to do it...

"She didn't deserve this life. She didn't deserve the constant danger that being involved with Sawyer would inevitably put her in. She deserved the best- happiness, safety, security, and all the things a life with Sawyer would never give her, if he kept her around long enough to actually get that far."

The story called to be known, but for me it's not. It's a love story which got through enough before it finally settled. Reading both POVs was a pleasure to know and understand what is going on in their minds. I was pleased more from the storytell because it struck a chord in me that made me cry and laugh, made me be a part of them, made me remember my own youth problems, made me see what my own girls will go through when the time comes, because every life, every love has it's prickle.

K Ryan written a fabulous story here! She mentioned all these problems a broken family has, parents with health problems, or with alcohol problems, or parents who push their childrens to follow their personal abbitions than their own ones and then, there are the kids, broken and unhappy from their lives but always there to pleased their parents...And then, there are the outlaws! The people you always keep an eye on them over your shoulder, you always stay away from them but...always want to know more about them. It's a forbidden fruit!!!..and a great subject to use in a story, if you know stuff about them!

I believe, K Ryan developed the story with lightness in this book, which was an intelligent decision, if you ask me, and developed this unconditional love, a young couple that fights to stay bound, no matter the circumstances they had to deal, and at the same time to fought their own demons, their own unsettle toughts and decisions. My only criticism goes to the long monologues. They did dragged a bit and made me change the page and go further. However, the story flowed quickly, until it finished and I had to write my thoughts before I start reading the second book of the series. Yes, I loved reading "Carry you home"! I loved it...and I believe every girl in that age or almost in that age has to read it....maybe her mother too if she likes to read books. Love story or not, "Carry you home" has a lot more things to show us than a common love story.

Enjoy your reading

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271 reviews22 followers
March 21, 2016
4.5/5 Full Review can be found at http://thegraduatedbookworm.blogspot.ca/

So right off the bat, you go into what Isabelle (Iz as Caleb calls her) is facing with. The loss of her mother really hit her and her father hard, and now she is left to pick up the pieces, while trying to find her place in the world.

Then comes Caleb. A man with a past, and not someone who has thought much about his future expect one thing. Wanting to stay in the family business. I totally get that, and I found myself at times really thinking about how family oriented he is with his "Family".

I also found that from the beginning, and more so through to the end, I got a Sons Of Anarchy vibe. I never watched the entire series (but I will be now!) but I got that aspect of shady deals, motorcycles, "Old Lady's", Patches, and Family.

There was so much love and passion between not only Caleb and Isabelle, but also the love between Isabelle and Skylar. I could tell right away that she was a bad-ass mom who would seriously do anything and everything to make sure her baby boy was cared for by the best woman possible.

It also entails that there is some monster trying to ruin anything perfect for someone who just wants to be happy. For me I really hated Isabelle's father as well as Ariel. I mean if you put those two in a room, who knows what kind of trouble they would be up to!

Katie Ryan really had me turning the page faster than I could even read the words. I was drawn so quickly, and just couldn't put it down! There was a part towards the end where Isabelle realizes what her life is supposed to be, and what she truly feels is best for her. So when the decision was made, I was heartbroken, and then amazed and excited within 5 chapters! Sleep was no option for me, as I just had to finish and find out what was going to happen.....and then BAM!! PLOT TWIST!!!

Overall I found this to be a great read. Although it was a little slow to begin with and drag on a little at the end, I found myself captured within the book, forgetting about the outside world for hours on end. Isabelle and Caleb both kept getting knocked down left, right and center, and they just kept on rising, refusing to let fear or destruction get in their way. This was a great novel with a lot of romance, love, heartache, heartbreak, disappointment, and recovery. I really loved the writing style and I just could not get enough!!
July 17, 2015
This was exactly what I needed! As an English teacher I naturally crave reading, but as a summertime stay-at-home mom, I desperately need to have something carefree and intriguing to get lost in. That’s how I felt with Isabelle and Caleb-- even if it did take quite a while for “the action” to happen. Although I might have texted K. Ryan to desperately ask how much longer until they get down to the nitty gritty, I think I most appreciated how she prolonged their relationship and took the time to develop the characters and their foundation. I find that too often do New Adult/Contemporary Romance authors rush into the “juicy” parts… no pun intended. So thank you, K. Ryan, for making us wait right along with the characters!

The allusions made me smile! Some of my favorite poems and movies were referenced, including ee cummings “i carry your heart” which was read at my wedding. I thought this made the characters engaging and realistic for their ages.

Some reviews have mentioned the similarities to SOA, which makes sense because of the author’s adoration of a certain strikingly sexy man from the series. However, I have never seen the show, so I was unfazed by this… maybe I should watch it though now is Jax is anything like Caleb?!? ;)

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good romance, witty one-liners, and a kickass playlist! I’m eagerly waiting for September when I can get my hands on a copy of “Carry You with Me”!
144 reviews7 followers
February 7, 2016
Caleb and Iz grew up in the same small town and attended high school together. A few years down the road Caleb is nursing a broken heart from his high school sweet heart and spiraling down hill quickly. Iz is back home after spending the last two years attending Duke studying Law. Iz's mom recently passed away and her dad is not handling the loss well and has turned into a mean Drunk. Iz is forced to take a job in the office where Caleb's works. With both of them dealing with their own personal struggles they strike up a friendship during their breaks.
I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. I LOVE MC books but to be honest finding a good one without cheating and a HEA is rare. A lot of MC novels also love to go overboard on the drama. K. Ryan somehow found the perfect balance to add a little suspense without making you stop and think "wow this is stupid and would never happen in real life."
I would have given it 5 stars but there was just something lacking and I'm not sure what. Still a really good book and definitely worth the read.
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546 reviews44 followers
August 14, 2015
This is well written cute and even sexy. however, it doesn't carry a lot of depth for me. It was just a quick, simple YA read. I say YA because these two were not even in college yet. I think it's the summer before. Anyway, young love and all that jazz.
Good read. Enjoy if you want something to pull your head outta of all that angst out there.
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6 reviews3 followers
July 16, 2015
As I have previously stated when it comes to MC books I open each one thinking I am going to read a book that is the same as Kristen Ashley or Madeline Sheehan, it’s a bias opinion I have and will probably always have so when it came to me reading Carry Your Heart by K Ryan I had the same reservations I always have. Not to mention it was her break out book, her first foray into the writing world past the fan fictions in which she had previously partaken.

So when I opened the file on my Kindle I had to mentally prepare myself for the foray into this world, hoping and praying that I wouldn’t judge the book before I’d even given it a chance.

The first chapter is a great introduction to the female lead, as is the second chapter which introduces the male. Each chapter gives you a sense of the characters, how their minds work and also what has been happening in their lives and past.

Isabelle (Iz) Martin has come home to Claremont, NC after leaving Duke University. Her mother’s death and her father’s depression and his love for the bottle shows Iz that she needs to be at home and not some fancy university. When her father demands she get a job or get out (he is such a nice guy)

Having to pick up your falling-down drunk father, who was letting grief and disappointment eat him alive, from a dirty, grungy bar on a pretty rough side of town and somehow manage to get his drunk ass into bed before he passed out was more than just a bad night.

Isabelle applies at Sawyer’s Auto Repair; owned and operated by the Iron Horseman MC. The towns local MC and what some people believe to be a criminal organisation. Isabelle doesn’t care all she wants is a job that doesn’t involve waitressing (she had a bad run at her last one) or taking her clothes off for crumpled up bills.
I found it quite cool that the author gave them a tentative link to each other via high school; I found it worked rather well with her going with the small town scenario so the characters had to mix at least once in their lives. It was nicely done and I commend her for it.

The writing style for me was awesome; the author took her time to engross you in her words and what she’s saying. The characters are young and hip but also aged with experience and it isn’t overly done. I also enjoyed the fact that K. Ryan took the time to develop their connection, they became friends before they became lovers and for me that was nicely done.

Some MC books are missing the foundation between their characters simply because the author rushes into the love aspect too soon but K.Ryan didn’t and for that, was fucking fantastic. I applaud her for that, she hit one of my favourite checkpoints and that’s making the characters believable though unlike other MC books, the sex part wasn’t heavily relied on, it was vague and you had to use your imagination for most of it which I didn’t mind at all, my imagination is wild enough as it is.

The only reason I didn’t rate this book 5* is because of its heavy SOA feeling. I know that the book was originally a SOA fanfic so yes it would have SOA references but I was hoping that the author would have taken the book away from that as much as possible.

When she mentions Sawyer you immediately think of Gemma Teller

That woman was nothing short of terrifying with her regal posture, heavy makeup, and spiky high heels. Of course the fact that she just oozed influence and power had done nothing for my nerves.

And then of course you have the problem of Caleb being a new and slightly different Jax

Caleb Sawyer sauntered through with that easy, smug swagger I remembered from high school. If he had, in fact, changed since I'd vaguely known him, he sure as hell wasn't demonstrating any sort of maturity and growth now. From what I could tell, he hadn't changed a bit.
The blonde scruff on his chin was coming in a little thicker now and his shoulders seemed broader, filling out that blue work shirt in ways I definitely didn't remember, but he still somehow managed to pull off that overly-long surfer-boy hair he'd always had. When those piercing blue eyes zeroed in on me and his lips twisted into that cocky smirk that had made all the girls swoon, I felt a familiar stirring in my stomach

Yeah that was again a bit of a let-down as was some of the other characters who you could easily pinpoint as members of the SOA tv show. I guess in a way the author was trying to break out of her old stuff but at the same time keep what people loved and that was the SOA aspect of the book.

All in all this is a good break out novel and whilst it isn’t that MC featured it slips into the MC world nicely and I can’t wait for the next book, which is slated to release in September ( I would like it earlier but the world works in mysterious ways)

Congrats K.Ryan

*Now to wait imapatiently for the next one*

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Author 78 books643 followers
August 9, 2015
4.5 / 5 stars

Received a copy of the title in exchange for an honest review; original post with full content can be found at mignon mykel : reviews || CARRY YOUR HEART .

Within the first two chapters, I had so many highlights and notes in this book that I knew my review had the potential to be a long one. So instead, I'm going to try to make this short but focus on a few key points:

1. This book often times felt long. Too long. In fact, I feel that that is the driving factor in negative reviews on this title. BUT. Yes, there's a but. There's a lot of background information in this book -- it's setting up for the rest of the trilogy. I love that the book doesn't start with Isabelle and Caleb meeting, and BAM! They're in a relationship.

No. We come into the book and both Isabelle and Caleb are dealing with things. For Isabelle, her life took a downward spiral with the death of her mom. With Caleb, he's been in a relationship since high school, and Ariel wants out of town -- but wants him to come with, which isn't an option. Both Isabelle and Caleb spend a good chunk of this first book discovering who they are.

But who they are not is friends. The last five months of high school they were cordial (and he cheated off of her exams), and would banter, but really, Caleb just pissed Isabelle off. She hated that he called her Iz, she hated that he was cocky... she just didn't care for him. After school, she left town and he stayed -- he was part of the town's MC and that was his life. But life has a funny way of turning things around and not only is Isabelle back home, but she's working at his family's auto shop.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching their friendship unfold -- even through the bumps, bruises, vomit, and jealousy.

2. Like stated above, this was a book of self-discovery. Isabelle left school, knowing that Duke wasn't for her, but not sure what was for her. Caleb helps her find her path (even if, throughout the story, that takes an ironic twist).

Caleb, likewise, needs to discover who he is as Caleb, not as a part of Caleb+Ariel. He likely has the hardest growing pains in the story (not saying the Isabelle's aren't emotional and difficult, as well), but beneath everything, we find that when he cares for someone he'd do anything for them. He's kind, considerate, courteous... He's a listener when needbe, and will give advice when warranted. He gives Isabelle the push she needs, when she needs it. And when he can't manage to think of Isabelle as Isabelle, he asks if he can use the nickname she despises so much, simply because that's who she is to him. And then there's his nicotene habit, and how it affects Isabelle... Like I said, considerate and courteous.

3. When they finally do get together, discovering that their friendship has morphed into something more... It was a lovely story. With Isabelle in his life, Caleb learns the difference between selfish and selfless, and that in and of itself shows how much he grows in the time book one takes place. My heart broke for Caleb, and while I wasn't ugly crying like for ELUDE, there was steady leakage for the last 10% or so of the book.

I wasn't angry. I wasn't bitter. I wasn't going to scream and yell. I wasn't going to beg and plead. If she was happy and safe, then that was all I could ask for and I was at peace with that...I needed to be strong for her, I needed to be supportive of her, and I needed to be willing to let her go if that's what was best for her.

That said...

The book could have ended where it did. The only thing that makes it a semi-cliffhanger would be the epilogue, and it sets us up for the next book in the series. I'm hopeful that through the series we watch Caleb and Isabelle grow more -- to the point where 'old lady' on a twenty-one year old doesn't seem like a joke (even if the elders in the club and Caleb's mama think Iz fits the bill -- speaking of, I love how much Skyler approves of Isabelle). I'm actually very excited to watch their relationship grow. I'm sure there will be more trials for them, more bumpy roads to navigate. It is the life of the club, after all, and Isabelle didn't grow up in it. But yeah, I'm just excited to see where the books go!

{ side note } Love that the title of the series is based off of ee cummings' "i carry your heart" -- Isabelle and Caleb meet in an english class; Iz loves poetry and ee cummings; Caleb never understood the poetry and what the big deal was. But he finds his Iz in this poem. Also... Not a big fan of the cover art... :/ I love that the tattoo is there, I love that the poem is there... but the cover doesn't scream new adult or motorcycle club to me. But *shrug*...
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August 31, 2015
It saddens me that I can’t be as effusive over every book as I want to be. As a reader you can empathize – you want to love every book equally but unfortunately we are people with different likes, and that will always influence how much we enjoy a book. I’m posting this review because I want to be fair and I hope that my review of “Carry Your Heart” may still encourage someone to try this book – they may like what I don’t and in that case this review has served it’s purpose.

Isabelle has come home from Duke University and she’s not going back. Only six months ago she lost her mother to lung cancer and the tragedy made her realize she doesn’t want to be a lawyer. But while she may know what she doesn’t want she has no idea what she wants to do with her life. Isabelle just knows she has to get a job or her father will kick her out of the house. Hearing that the local body shop is looking for a front office girl she applies, even though Caleb Sawyer works there. He used to irritate her all throughout high school and Isabelle doesn’t see that changing now.

Caleb is dealing with his own problems. He’s a member of the Iron Horsemen MC but his old lady is making his brothers doubt his ability to lead in the future. Ariel causes scenes, wants to leave Claremont and wants Caleb to go with her. But his devotion to the club keeps him in Claremont while Ariel leaves a trail of dust heading to California. Broken hearted, Caleb dives into whiskey bottles and loose women. Isabelle witnesses his destruction and feels no hesitation in letting him know he’s being an idiot.

Day by day, break by break, the two opposites begin to find out just how similar they are. Caleb helps Isabelle deal with her drunk father and Isabelle pulls Caleb out of his destructive spiral. But as her future unfolds it becomes possible that Isabelle could also be leaving Claremont, and Caleb, behind.

WARNING: Don’t read the paragraphs below if you don’t want to be influenced by a negative opinion before reading this book.

Okay, so this book sounded really good and I really wanted to like it. But certain aspects of the characters rubbed me wrong and kept me from liking it. For instance, Caleb falls into a serious and deep depression when his girlfriend takes off for California. A solid month of boozing, sleeping around and wallowing in his dark bedroom. All of this behavior was a HUGE turnoff for me. He’s in his twenties but he’s acting like a freshman in high school. I don’t buy him as a member of a one percenter motorcycle gang if he falls into this kind of behavior.

And then the ending was frustrating as well. K. Ryan did her best to show the reader why the choice Isabelle makes is still a strong and informed decision. And I can kind of see why – an individual’s choice is their own and they should be strong and confident enough to stand by it. But of the two choices Isabelle has, the one she take is the weaker choice. Straight up, this is my personal opinion and others will probably disagree with me. But this is how I feel about it. And I had thought until the ending that Caleb had developed enough to not fall into the depressing and childish habits he had after Ariel. But I was proven wrong and it’s a major part of the reason why the book disappointed me.

I loved the poetry aspect Isabelle brought to the story. ee cummings is a brilliant writer and I believe it shows great taste on both K. Ryan and Isabelle’s part that his writing carries such an emotional part of this story. It was the saving grace for me on this book and why I believe that K. Ryan will develop into a much stronger writer. I hope to see the rest of the series has more development of the characters and a more cohesive plot. I believe that K. Ryan can accomplish this as she is talented.
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August 7, 2015
**This book was sent to me in exchange for my honest review**

I don't even know how to explain how much I loved this book. It takes a lot to make me feel everything I could possibly feel when reading a book -- and this one did it for me. I really had a true emotional experience with this particular story. And I'm so okay with it.

CARRY YOUR HEART follows the characters of Isabelle Martin and Caleb Sawyer. Isabelle is trying to figure how to clean up the mess of a life that she's living, some of which is her fault; and Caleb is healing from what he deems a "heartbreak".They come together once Isabelle was offered a job by Caleb's mother, at an auto repair shop.

This book deals with SO much. From heartbreak, to alcoholism, to promiscuity, to much more. And usually, I can see this type of thing being overwhelming, but -- it wasn't. Not this time. K. Ryan handled all of these subplot points very well and they all worked together in perfect harmony. Each point has it's purpose, each purpose aided in the very believable character development of both characters. I can honestly say that I connected to both Isabelle AND Caleb equally. I felt for them both and loved them both. These characters were fantastically written.

Even the supporting cast of characters, from Isabelle's father to Caleb's best friend, were absolutely fun to experience. And their roles in this book were very necessary. In my opinion, if you can imagine a character removed from a story without missing them, then they weren't needed. They weren't fulfilling to the story. But these characters? They were SO SO well used. So well written. And I need more. I carried about what happened with everyone.

This is definitely more of a character driven book, but I can see where the world is going to play a very important role as the story progress (because it's obvious that there will be more than one book -- which I am SO happy about). K. Ryan took her time with making the reader fall in love with these characters first. She introduced some breadcrumbs which lets you into how big the world could potentially be, but... THIS book was meant for reader to fall in love with Isabelle, Caleb and a fantastic cast of supporting characters.

The progression of the romance was probably one of the best I've seen. It was slow, it was gradual, it was intentional. I believed each and every moment. I kept thinking to myself "THIS is how a fictional relationship should progress". The pace was perfect. The decisions that characters made were so realistic. I am SO happy with everything!

So, bottom line, this book is going to make one of my top books of 2015 list for sure. THIS is how romance works for me in New Adult. This is how character development should be written. Nothing was thrown at the reader, but when I was done? I was definitely wanting more. I can't wait to read the next book. I feel it's going to be epic!

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August 9, 2015

I loved this book! Carry Your Heart was such an easy read that seemed to be what I needed. I took my time reading it, really trying to absorb everything. I enjoyed every minute of it.
The heroine, Isabelle, is a strong, resilient young woman who has dealt with more than most at the young age of 21. Having gone to Duke for 2 years, certain life changing circumstances made her return home and realize that school just wasn't for her, not what she wanted for her future. But coming back home wasn't easy, not when you've lost one parent with the other possibly right behind.
Caleb. Caleb Sawyer. Young as he may be, he's always known what he wanted, what was in store for his life. The future president of the Horseman MC, he knows what he has to do to prove himself. As with most men, a woman can change everything, can make you see things differently. When this happens to Caleb, his whole world is turned upside down. The one woman he thought would always be by his side ran and left him behind. But he found an unlikely ally in Isabelle. They've known each other for years, but have never been "friends" in the truest meaning. Forming a bond, they find a friend in each other, an ear to listen, and a shoulder to help carry some of the burdens of life.
Carry Your Heart is one of my favorite reads of the year. It'll be one of those few books that I know I can turn to when I need an easy read to get me out of a book slump. I can't wait to continue this story with the rest of the series.


This is a story about a girl, Isabelle who has spent her whole life doing what everyone else wanted her to do. Now at the age of 21,
she has returned to her home town under sad circumstances & finds support from the most unexpected person.

Caleb is the son of the Iron Horseman MC Matriarch Skylar. He was born into the MC world & lives & breathes it. His life has recently
been turned on its head & the return of Isabelle (or Iz, as he likes to call her) to the town has him tied up in knots for reasons he cannot get his head
around. When he finds out what she has going on in her life, he vows to support her in any way he can, because that’s what friends do, right?

Iz & Caleb are the most unlikely friendship you can imagine, but it works for them. Their story is one of loss, heartache, love & hope.

This is not a quick read by the pool or on the beach kind of read, it is very detailed so you don’t want to rush it in case you miss anything.
At times it seemed too long but all of the information needed to be included so the story didn’t come across as abrupt or cut short. I really enjoyed
reading this book & I think you can’t help but like all of the characters involved in this story, well except for the bad one. It was very easy to get caught up in this
book & forget the outside world for a while!

If you like MC books then I would recommend you check this one out. Worth one clicking for sure!!

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February 5, 2017
Caleb was born in an MC family and is set to become a future president of the club. He works in a garage during the day and spends the evenings at the MC club. He is going through a rough patch with his long term girlfriend and the possible breakup could prove to be disastrous.

Isabelle has returned to this small town after four years in law school. She is currently grieving and her home life isn't helping matters. She plucks up the courage to apply for a job in the garage where Caleb currently works. She has known Caleb since high school and Caleb always took great pleasure in teasing her and it looks like he doesn't intend to stop anytime soon.

Isabelle and Caleb start having their lunch breaks together and soon realise that they have both misjudged each other. They are both having personal problems and they become good friends. Isabelle is a strong determined character who does her best to get Caleb out of the hole he is in. When Caleb learns about Isabelle's own problems, he becomes very protective towards her. They become so close that everyone around them thinks that there is something more than friendship going on. Will they or won't they?

I like the way Caleb and Isabelle understands each other and watching them skirting around their true feelings is quite interesting and exhausting. When Ariel, Caleb's ex makes an appearance for a wedding, she has only one goal. To rekindle her relationship with Caleb despite the hearbreak she left behind. Will she get what she so selfishly wants? The way Isabelle handles the situation is quite admirable. She doesn’t believe in forcing any issues as these can so often backfire. The ball is in Caleb's court!

It's a good introduction with a fascinating overview of life in an MC. Isabelle and Caleb are lovable characters but can they adapt to each other's way of life? The epilogue is not what I expected and I am now looking forward to the next instalment. There is also the mystery behind Becca, Isabelle's best friend. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this first instalment and would recommend to other readers.

I received a complimentary ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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February 16, 2016
Isabelle has come back home and is looking for a new job after finding out waitressing is not for her. Fortunately for Isabelle, Caleb's mother is hiring at Sawyer Auto Repair. Skylar is the Matriarch of the local MC, her son Caleb went to school with Isabelle when his father died, leaving him and his mother alone. Now she is married to the current president of the MC. That should make this an interesting time for her with working for them, considering her father has done everything he can to keep her away from the MC. Caleb has been seeing this girl named Ariel. She's getting ready to head off to college, and it is putting a crimp in their relationship. What does Caleb's mom think when she invites him to dinner and he says no, he's going to go see Ariel after a VERY PUBLIC blow up between the two at the clubhouse the night before? Why does Isabelle give up her law school dreams and come home? What is going on at home? Why does she feel the need to be at home and give up everything she had worked so hard for? What happens after she comes home? On the day of her mother's birthday, what happens to her? How does that solidify things in her life? What sorts of things does that solidify? While working at Sawyer Auto Repair, she and Caleb actually become friends. What does he talk her into doing? What does she do about it? What happens when Ariel comes back for her friend's wedding? What does Ariel try to do to Caleb or Isabelle? What happens with Caleb and Ariel at the wedding reception? What happens at the end of the book, after Isabelle is ready to go? Where is she going and why? You are going to have to read to find out. It was a fun book to read, lots of emotions and various situations that you see in reality were put into this book. I love the honesty between Caleb and Isabelle. I cannot wait for book two and to see what other truths that are revealed and how they're dealt with.

5 reviews2 followers
July 15, 2015
*I received an ARC from K.Ryan in exchange for an honest review.*

"Every instinct sparking through me was screaming to touch her-just once, to comfort her, to do whatever she needed right now."

Isabelle's life is spiraling out of control; this was not part of her plan. She's financially forced to apply and take a job at Sawyer Auto Repair after dropping out of Duke. She's at the end of her rope, desperate.... Then Caleb walks in.
Caleb Sawyer. Son of the former Horsemen MC President and stepson to the current one. He has his own mess plate to deal with. Both Caleb and Isabelle are both drowning, both need saving.

Ms. Ryan doesn't rush her character developments or relationships. She lets the romance slowly come to light. Because that's the perfect relationship, right? Slowly building that foundation of friends then lovers. That's Caleb and Iz. By the end of the novel I knew the characters inside and out.
It's an amazing love story that left me wanting more, that caused me to to turn around and reread it.

This was a great start in a serious I'm highly anticipating. It seems like it's going to be a fast paced series with twists and turns. #1 was slightly slow, though I don't fault Ms. Ryan. I'd actually congratulate her. She gave us an astounding introduction, the chance to truly get to know her characters.

There were zero grammatical errors, which was a huge plus for me! The cover is gorgeous, The Cover Lure yet again does intricate work.
My only complaint is there could have been a bit more character description. I had to fill in the blanks at some points. But this is a DEBUT NOVEL. Most debuts are fumbling messes a reader has to sift through.
I'm willing to bet we see great things from this new author!
Standing ovation from this reviewer!

"Hanging on"- Ellie Goulding
"Shatter me"- Lindsey Stirling & lzzy Hale
"I'm a mess"- Ed Sheeran

Xxoo- BookLust
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651 reviews
February 9, 2016
I Was Provided A ARC By The Author
(Possible Spoilers)

Isabelle Martin's life has changed drastically over the last so many months. She's lost her mother, dropped out of school, and is on the verge of being kicked out of her home by her alcoholic father. With no real plan of what to do next, her best friend Becca helps her get a interview for a Job at the Iron Horsemen MC's local auto shop. There she is introduced to a world her father always warned her to stay away from. But she needs a job and a new plan for her life. While working there she starts to connect with Caleb Sawyer, he's the same cocky bad boy she knew in high school. But the more she's around Caleb the more she wants, needs, to get to know him better.

Caleb Sawyer is destined to lead the Iron Horsemen MC, he was born into that world and its all he's ever know. He's hits rock bottom though when his girlfriend ups and leaves, breaking his heart in the process. Booze and women fill his nights, work fills his days, and then its the same over and over again. The only thing that has started to pull him out of that low is the beautiful, sassy, sad, Isabelle Martin. There is something about her that pulls him in. They start to form a friendship, and he looks forward to their lunch breaks where it's just them at their picnic table. As their friendship grows, so does his feelings for her.

Carry Your Heart was the first book I have read by K. Ryan and I'm hooked. A fun, sexy, angst filled ride. Caleb and Isabelle are great characters. They have both faced loss, suffered heart break, in different ways, but its these things that bond them. Their banter was a lot of fun to read. I love the connection they formed, how they started out with a amazing friendship that grew into a beautiful love. This is a couple you'll root for. You want them to have their HEA. I'm excited to see where they go next in Carry You Home.
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August 28, 2015
Caleb Sawyer is traveling down a dark road that will unravel his entire past, and future if he doesn't pull out of the funk he's in now. The woman he loved, and cared for up and walked out of his life, and to the other side of the country. No if's, and's, or but's about it. Ariel left. She couldn't stay in Claremont, and she needed out. Now. Causing a scene the day she left was what she wanted; ducking into the cab that waited her short winded goodbye, was what she wanted. Caleb, wanted none of that. Drowning his sorrows in Jack Daniels, multiple women at the Iron Horsemen Clubhouse, and being a generally rank person became his MO for a while when Carry Your Heart first started out.

Isabelle Martin didn't plan on coming back home. She didn't plan on her mother passing away from cancer. She didn't plan on her father drinking himself into oblivion every night. She didn't plan working at the Iron Horsemen. She didn't plan a lot of things in her life, and when she did, they just seemed to fall apart at the seams. When she starts at the Iron Horsemen she is terrified. Rightfully so, as Caleb and his group had been horrid to her in High School. Skyler Sawyer is the badass around town, and there is no shock as to why Isabelle should fear her; she rules the Clubhouse with an iron fist, and nobody questions her.

Now, I really enjoyed this book. It was a bit YA/New Adult mixture for me, and it was a nice read. It was also my first MC read, and I have to say, it was quite enjoyable! The beginning of the book, and the ending were very well put together. When the time came that I thought Isabelle, and Caleb were going to finally get together, that moment didn't come. The middle drug on....and on....and on for me. That is honestly the only downfall I noticed to Carry Your Heart. Other than that, it was a heartfelt novel that really seemed to poke the reader in all the right feels.
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2,289 reviews68 followers
August 21, 2015
Carry Your Heart by K. Ryan is the first book in her Carry Your Heart series and is her debut novel.

A powerful story about loss, love, redemption, and second chances.

Isabelle Martin moves back home, dropping out of school and dumping her boyfriend, as her mother has died and her father is in an alcoholic depression. She is able to find a job at the last place she wants to work, the auto shop owned by the Iron Horsemen MC. She runs into Caleb here, the boy who drove her crazy (in a bad way) back in high school. She refuses to put up with any of his BS and calls him on it, frequently. Slowly she realizes he is not who she thought he was.

Caleb Sawyer thought he had everything. The world at his feet, ripe for the taking. Then his old lady left him. They were high school sweethearts but she wants to leave and he wants to stay. They both get their wish but now the bottom has dropped out for Caleb. He is a legacy member of the Iron Horsemen MC but is steadily going nowhere. His spiral downward involves excessive booze, drugs, and random women. His binge drinking strikes a personal note with Isabelle as she is seeing the same thing happen at home (minus drugs/women) and she gets on Caleb's case about it. helping to snap him out of his depression he sees Isabelle in a different light from how he saw her back in high school. Getting to know the real Isabelle they begin to build something together.

Anything motorcycle club these days will be compared to SOA, guaranteed, but that's okay. We all love Jax Teller. This was a great story, well-paced, well-written, definitely worth all five stars. My only problem - waiting for book two.

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February 15, 2016
I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review over on my blog Pretty Little Book Blog.

Starting off this new series by a author I haven't read before was an exciting prospect! This was such a surprising read. When I thought it was going to be another romance book that revolves around bikers and a girl who is down on her luck I was completely surprised by the complexity and depth of the characters! They have so many facets to their personalities. Isabelle especially, she begins the book just trying to find a job and trying to resolve some family issues and stand on her own two feet when she walks in to Sawyer Auto Repair (located right next to the Iron Horseman MC's club house) Turns out that living in a small town everybody thinks they know the history of the club as well as every rumor floating around about the members and those in the inner circle. Isabelle was in Caleb's grade (his father was President of the club until he passed away, and his mom is now involved with the current president)

Now before you start thinking "Wait a minute! This sounds reminiscent of a certain television show. . .  let me assure you it's more!" There is less graphic violence and the relationship that develops between Caleb and Isabelle is much more of a slow burn and the pacing I think really helps the story. It does make for a longer book (which I am all for!) But if you are looking for a quick afternoon read you'll get a couple afternoons out of this one. . . or perhaps an epic all day Read! Which is what I did, once the story got started I was hooked immediately and couldn't set this book down. I thought it was a rather impressive debut novel! I cannot wait until I can start book 2 just to see where this series goes.
1,918 reviews2 followers
July 24, 2015
I really enjoyed this book. I loved the slow build up of Caleb and Iz's relationship.
Caleb was drowning himself in booze, drugs and women. Trying to get over his old lady leaving him for a better life. What he failed to realize is if she really loved him she never would have left him.
Isabelle was just drowning in sorrow. She lost her mother to cancer 6 months ago, and her father is drowning himself in booze to get through each day.
Caleb and Isabelle grew up in the same town. They weren't friends, just someone that shared a class with each other. All through HS, Caleb would tease Isabelle, which was their start to their love, little did they know.
For a MC romance there isnt' a lot about the MC. It's more about the growth of feelings that Caleb and Isabelle have for each other. I enjoyed the way Caleb would protect Isabelle but denied how he really felt. Referring to her as just a friend. His jealousy of the ex that she hooked up with again made him realize maybe there were more to his feelings than he thought.
Of course, Caleb's ex Ariel comes back to town and she is ready to pick up where they left off. Loved the way Caleb handled her and let her know how he feels.
Caleb had encouraged Iz to go off to college and pursue her art. College was a 5 hour away trip. Promising that they would see each other as often as they could, knowing that life would make it difficult and pull them apart.
I don't want to give anything away about what happens. I was a little surprised at the epilogue. Looks like some major trouble ahead for the MC and that Isabelle may have a stalker.
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July 27, 2015
Growing up in a smalltown you tend to get to know everyone whether you like it or not. In Isabelle's hometown , she was the one who got good grades at school and was a cheerleader - also the one girl who Caleb wanted but she was out of his league as he settled for his girlfriend Ariel. She was the one who managed to leave town and get into an Ivy league school - Duke and she was studying law until a tragedy struck and caused her to head home and put her life on hold. Her mother got sick and her dad turned into the town's judgemental drunk. Desperate for a job, Isabelle heads to the one place she never imagined she would be working - Sawyer's Auto Shop. This is one of the businesses run by Skyler Sawyer who is head of the local MC gang - The Iron Horsemen, Isabelle went to school with her son Caleb. Now Isabelle is busy working for Caleb's mum so that she doesn't get kicked out of home and lose herself. Caleb has always known that after his father died, he has been groomed for taking over the Iron Horsemen MC when his mum decides to move on or die - whichever comes first but he has always imagined this life with Ariel. What will happen though when Ariel decides that life in the smalltown isn't for her and she applies to College in California and gets in ? This causes Caleb to go into a frenzy of alcohol and women , what will happen though when Caleb and Isabelle start hanging out together and realising that their is more to each other than what's on the surface and their family names ? Are these two the ones needed to carry each others' hearts ?

Find out in this Contemporary New Adult MC Biker Novel "Carry Your Heart" by K. Ryan
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August 17, 2015
**read and reviewed for FMR Book Grind**

5 stars

I loved this book! Carry Your Heart was such an easy read that seemed to be what I needed. I took my time reading it, really trying to absorb everything. I enjoyed every minute of it.
The heroine, Isabelle, is a strong, resilient young woman who has dealt with more than most at the young age of 21. Having gone to Duke for 2 years, certain life changing circumstances made her return home and realize that school just wasn't for her, not what she wanted for her future. But coming back home wasn't easy, not when you've lost one parent with the other possibly right behind.
Caleb. Caleb Sawyer. Young as he may be, he's always known what he wanted, what was in store for his life. The future president of the Horseman MC, he knows what he has to do to prove himself. As with most men, a woman can change everything, can make you see things differently. When this happens to Caleb, his whole world is turned upside down. The one woman he thought would always be by his side ran and left him behind. But he found an unlikely ally in Isabelle. They've known each other for years, but have never been "friends" in the truest meaning. Forming a bond, they find a friend in each other, an ear to listen, and a shoulder to help carry some of the burdens of life.
Carry Your Heart is one of my favorite reads of the year. It'll be one of those few books that I know I can turn to when I need an easy read to get me out of a book slump. I can't wait to continue this story with the rest of the series.
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February 22, 2016
This book was the first MC book I’ve read and I must say, I was expecting more of a Son of Anarchy type atmosphere than I got. The thing is, I’m glad that is what I got as an introduction to this genre. It wasn’t anywhere close to SOA and the MC was a part of the setting and plot but it wasn’t the main part and did not make me feel overwhelmed. There was plenty of alcohol, an air of violence and a smattering of drugs and illegal activity. The sexual encounterings aren’t written in a smut book atmosphere. It was more of a glance at the bad aspects but the real stuff was laid out in a loving way.

Caleb is a character with real pain and suffering but in the beginning, seems a little disjointed because you want to grab him up by the scruff of his neck and tell him to get a grip.

Isabelle is the typical independent woman of a small town. She refuses help after her mom dies and her dad falls apart and tries to drown himself in alcohol and is determined to not let anyone know things aren’t what they seem in fear of her dad’s reputation getting destroyed.

The story follows Caleb and Isabelle as they discover a love that is years in the making even though neither knew it was a smoldering possibility. The struggles are real and I spent most of the day that it took me to read it with a “romance is awesome” smile on my face.

I received a digital copy of this book via IndieSage PR in return for an honest review.
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