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The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society

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Some things are better together. Like peanut butter and jelly. Or Annie and Jason. So when her best friend's house is threatened with foreclosure, Annie Jenkins is bursting with ideas to save Jason's home. She could sell her appendix on eBay. (Why not?) Win the lottery. (It's worth a shot!). Face the evil bankers herself. (She's one tough cookie, after all.) Or hunt down an elusive (and questionably real) pirate treasure. Whatever the plan, it has to work, or this is undoubtedly THE LAST GREAT ADVENTURE OF THE PB&J SOCIETY.

256 pages, Hardcover

First published April 1, 2016

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About the author

Janet Sumner Johnson

10 books88 followers
Janet Sumner Johnson lives in Utah with her husband and three kids. She bakes a mean cinnamon twist and eats way more cookies than are good for her, which explains her running habit. Though her full-time occupation as evil tyrant/benevolent dictator (aka mom) takes most of her time, she sneaks in writing at night when her inner funny bone is fully unleashed.

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Profile Image for Victoria Coe.
Author 10 books99 followers
November 17, 2015
I received an advance reader's copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society is an absolutely fun, totally sweet middle grade story about friendship. It's the kind of book that makes you laugh out loud, and it's also the kind of book that makes you root tirelessly for the characters, even when their plans end up in disaster which (spoiler alert) happens at every turn.

The main character, Annie, is both the world's greatest optimist and the world's most driven heroine. She remains full of hope and determination no matter how slim her chances, no matter how big the obstacles, and no matter how silly her ideas might seem to others. And now that the stakes are higher than they've ever been (the prospect of losing her BFF Jason), there is no other option besides success!

Annie is oh so relatable and oh so ten years old. Middle grade readers will enjoy rooting her on through Plan A, B, C, D, and even E! Highly recommend!

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Author 5 books204 followers
September 26, 2015
The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society is a sweet and often hilarious tale of middle school friendship. As with most middle schoolers, Annie and Jason are facing a lot of change in their lives. But when Jason's family falls on hard times, Annie will do anything and everything to keep her best friend from moving away. While there are real-world issues at play, the story maintains a lightness and humor that makes it ideal for young readers.
Profile Image for Dee.
Author 12 books244 followers
September 21, 2015
I loved this book!

I had a chance to read an advanced reader copy (in exchange for an honest review) and I still plan on buying this when it comes out. The friendship of the two main characters is so sweet and genuine. I loved following Annie and Jason through the story and watching them face their challenges. There's also a mystery woven throughout and the pacing is great- it certainly kept me turning the pages.

The characters are fun and easy to relate to and while it tackles important issues, it's also funny. I love the authors humor and wit. :)

Such a great read!
Profile Image for Lee Malone.
Author 2 books29 followers
November 5, 2015
This hilarious and sweet story tells the swiftly moving tale of two best friends on a mission to save their frienship from an impending move. Well, Annie is on a mission -- Jason is struggling with the reality of the situation, and clinging to the fun times with his best friend in the face of some pretty grownup problems.

I loved this book, especially the way the kids talked to each other and Annie's voice! I like that it didn't sugarcoat everything, or tie up all the solutions in a neat bow. There are tons of laugh out loud moments, and a few which might prompt a tear or two. This is a realistic, fun adventure story starring two best friends you are rooting for from the first page.

(I read this book on an ARC tour in exchange for an honest review)
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Author 5 books88 followers
November 6, 2015
I was so fortunate to read an ARC of The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society! This book is sweet and fun and filled with all the best things of friendship like secret handshakes, wacky rituals, and lots of adventures (both real and imagined). It also addresses tough topics like financial struggles and a friend moving away. It's wholesome in a way that's both timeless and also of the times, a pretty difficult thing to achieve. The relationship between the two main characters, Annie and Jason, is endearing and authentic. Annie is a charming, flawed, determined main character with a smart and spunky voice. The ending is a bit bittersweet, but true to the story and far more compelling than a too-good-to-be-true conclusion. I'm sure readers of all ages will be charmed by PB&J!
Profile Image for Bridget Hodder.
Author 4 books88 followers
March 31, 2016
Five stars for this warm, heartfelt, funny and moving tale! You're going to love PB&J!!!

Here's my take on the plot:

If Annie doesn't think of something quick, her best friend Jason's house will be sold out from under his family and he'll be gone forever. She knows nothing will be the same without Jason, the only other member of the top-secret PB&J Society!

But what can a ten year old do to help Jason's family and stop the bank from foreclosing on their house?

A lot, as it turns out!

Irrepressible Annie has faith in herself and in her friendship with Jason...and a plan to fit every day of the week. From treasure hunts to ding-dong-ditch plots, to cornering the bank manager, she creates a stir the town won't soon forget!

Throw in a cranky old lady who suddenly starts taking an interest in the two best friends, and a snooty girl from school who seems put on this earth to annoy and thwart Annie at every turn...and adventure is everywhere, just like the jelly that escapes from a truly great PB & J sandwich when you squeeze it hard.

Will Annie's determination pay off in the only way she thinks it matters...keeping Jason by her side?

My recommendations:

This book has so much to offer middle graders, their teachers and parents!

Amongst the hilarity and hijinks, we find a sensitive exploration of topical issues, like income disparity and the loneliness of many elderly people, as well as the larger themes of reality vs. appearances and the pain of growth and change.

This makes it a wonderful springboard for class discussion. In any given classroom on any given day, there could be at least one child whose parents may be choosing pride over food while "keeping up appearances". Some kids may have problems they believe cannot be shared. Others might think the community can't or won't give help when their family needs it. This book could make all the difference in their lives.

That's the kind of book we read and remember. That's PB & J.

Highly recommended!
Profile Image for Jennifer.
Author 3 books98 followers
October 5, 2015
I received an ARC of this book. Yay!

Best friends Annie and Jason are like peanut butter and jelly. But Jason's family has to sell their home. Together, Annie and Jason come up with a bunch of hare-brained schemes to try to save it. Because, what will happen if Jason has to move away? How will things ever be the same?

Annie and Jason's friendship was so great. I felt that the spirit of childhood was captured in these pages: play and pretend and adventure. I loved the pirate story old Mrs. Schuster told and the map and the treasure chest. Change is a constant in life but these changes can feel so huge in middle grade. I love how this book explored that.

Author 27 books54 followers
October 16, 2015
I was lucky to read an advanced copy of The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society.

I loved this middle grade novel. The main characters, Annie and Jason, have been friends since birth, and their bond is tested when they find out that Jason's family has to move across the country. Unwilling to stand by and let that happen, they make PLANS and LISTS.

This story has mystery and adventure, but what shines the most is the sweet friendship. Like the best middle grade novels, it makes you laugh and cry. And the last line of the book is perfect.
Profile Image for Kurt Dinan.
Author 15 books185 followers
January 27, 2016
I'm starting to believe that MG books are more imaginative and risk-taking than other genres. All writing takes skill and talent, yeah, but to write specifically for an MG audience without sounding as if you’re talking down to your readers just because of their age is an ability I’m not sure a lot of writers have. At least I sure as heck know I don’t have it. The great news though is that Johnson has written a novel that is funny, adventurous, and honest for a middle grade audience that treats them with respect and intelligence. It’s a super fun novel that really captures the joy of friendship and the adventures, both good and difficult, that we find ourselves on in life. Long live the PB&J Society!
Profile Image for Everly Frost.
Author 41 books967 followers
January 18, 2016
*I had the chance to read an advance copy of The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society*

This is a sweet, endearing story with characters that light up the page. The main character, Annie, practically bursts out of the book she has so much personality, and the loyalty and friendship that she shows her best friend, Jason, is just lovely. While there’s a lot of humor in this book, I think it’s also a book about trying your hardest to help someone you care about, which give this story enormous heart. Recommended.
Profile Image for Sandra.
799 reviews105 followers
February 25, 2016
Annie and Jason are best friends:

"He and I had been best friends, since birth (well, at least his birth - those two hours in the hospital nursery before Jason arrived were the loneliest two hours of my life)".

They are spies:

"For a lesser spy, the pressure might have been too much, but Jason and I had been working on our technique for three years now. Ever since he got that spy kit for his seventh birthday".

And they are the only two members of the PB & J Society, which serves the important mission of burying smashed PB & J sandwiches in a solemn ceremony:

"We are saddened by the loss of our favorite food and think on happier times before it was smushed and became gross. We are grateful for the many times it saved us from the evils of broccoli casserole and bid it farewell on its new journey to feed the worms. May it rest in peace".

But one day they found out Jason's family needs to sell their house and move to California due to foreclosure. Annie would do anything to keep her friend from moving away: sell her appendix on eBay, win the lottery, sell cookies, ask the bank for more time, beg in a street corner, get a job, and even find a pirate treasure!

I just loved this book. The characters are absolutely lovely, and the plot is funny at the same time it touches some hard topics. A story about friendship, persistence and the changes that are always waiting for us.

I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Profile Image for Jenn Bishop.
Author 5 books222 followers
October 26, 2015
There's something special about childhood friendship. Sometimes, all it takes is one best friend for your world to feel complete. Annie and Jason are that friend for each other -- the peanut butter to the other's jelly -- so it's earth-shattering news to the both of them when Jason finds out that his home has been foreclosed on and that he'll soon have to move. But the important thing about best friends is that they are willing to go to the ends of the earth for each other, so it doesn't take long for Annie to come up with quite the list for all the ways they can solve this problem together. The journey that follows is full of ups and downs, disappointments and surprises, but also plenty of humor and heart. Annie is a totally winsome protagonist, with a big heart, spunk, and plenty of ingenuity. A wonderful first novel about the power of friendship, the challenges of family, and --oh yeah, peanut butter and jelly sandwich burials. (Come on, you're intrigued now, right?)
Profile Image for Abby Cooper.
Author 7 books169 followers
January 17, 2016

It's taken me so long to write this review because I can't stop saying "aww" whenever I think about this book, and I know that reviews generally need more words. But guys, seriously: AWWWWW!

This book is filled to the brim with sweet, genuine, heart-warming friendship (oh, and a lot of PB&Js, but you probably knew that already). Johnson writes in such a way that you root so passionately for Jason and Annie to succeed in all they do - as if they're your own best buds - and you experience their triumphs and setbacks as if they were your own. Annie, in particular, is so spirited, fun, and full of joy, even in the face of what feel like endless obstacles and disappointments. This is a truly special book with some unforgettable characters. Make sure you pick this one up in April!
Profile Image for Mike Grosso.
Author 2 books43 followers
March 28, 2016
A wonderful book about friendship, and how even a sad turn of events does not change who we are or what our friendships mean.

I began reading this book thinking that a PB&J Society was a cute idea. I ended the book seeing it as so much more -- a meaningful metaphor that kids will understand about how distance doesn't make the things we care about disappear.
Profile Image for Wendy MacKnight.
Author 3 books85 followers
December 11, 2015

I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book and am I ever glad I did, because I want to spread the word about this fun adventure story!

First of all, the cover is killer and I think will definitely make kids want to see what's going on inside. From the very first page the reader is completely taken with Annie and her best friend Jason, the two members of the PB&J Society. Navigating family tensions, a new and odd friendship with an old foe, trying to maintain their boy-girl friendship in the face of teasing, and their desire to figure out a way to ensure that the PB&J Society doesn't have to disband, we root for them every step of the way. What I really love is how real their friendship feels - with its ups and downs - and how Johnson doesn't take the easy way out at the end, as some authors might have. There are many valuable lessons for kids in this book, but they are hidden in the sandwich. I for one hope that we get more of Annie's story, because she is just such a fun and perfectly imperfect character. This book is sweet and funny and clever and very well written and I highly recommend it!
Profile Image for Nanci.
Author 4 books105 followers
January 6, 2016
This book reminds me of my best friend when I was growing up, and the adventures we had, believing we really were going to find that treasure, or save our town from developers, or any of the other things we cherish so much about the friendships that set the bar for all the rest. Annie and Jason are not without flaws, which is one of the things that makes this book great. The story sings with imagination, with facing our fears, with sibling rivalry, parents who are far from perfect, and cranky neighbors who need more than they realize. I am sure many PB&J's are going to eaten under the covers while kids read this book late into the night. Charming, fun, sweet and sassy, all in one book.

I was offered an advance reader copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Profile Image for Andrew Brumbach.
Author 1 book18 followers
January 9, 2016
I’m a sucker for buddy books, and this one stole my heart. Annie and Jason are such wonderful, fully rendered characters, and their friendship captures the essence of what it is to be best childhood friends. The hilarious rituals of their friendship are truly unique and yet truly universal, and there is a fascinating integrity to their complementary personalities. I appreciated that the story honors the truth that authentic friendship weathers the ups and downs of real life.
Profile Image for Scott Fillner.
266 reviews36 followers
May 4, 2016
A great story about a friendship between a boy and a girl, a Secret Peanut Butter & Jelly Society, and relentless problem solving. A wonderful story where a girl befriends a grumpy, old lady (Mrs. Schuster) and a bond and friendship sprout.

Janet does a masterful job of mixing humor with a heartwarming tale. This tale is sure to have you licking your lips.
Profile Image for Alicia (A Kernel of Nonsense).
532 reviews101 followers
August 20, 2016

In The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society, Janet Sumner Johnson masterfully captures the voice of ten-year-old Annie whose whole world goes topsy-turvy when she finds out her best friend, Jason, may have to move out of state. In a series of well-meaning, but overly-ambitious schemes, Annie and Jason try their best to figure out a way for his family to stay. Annie is the kind of girl with big ideas who can’t quite understand why the adults in her life don’t jump on board immediately. Her personality is nicely balanced with Jason’s, who is much more skeptical and hesitant to go along with Annie’s crazy plans, but does so anyway because that’s what best friends do. Full of amazing friendships, fun adventures, unexpected mysteries, and perfect PB&J sandwiches (yes, you will be craving a PB&J at least once while reading this), this debut middle grade read will both delight and move you.
Profile Image for Hannah.
612 reviews53 followers
January 16, 2016
How many ways can a 10 year old girl come up with to earn enough money to keep her best friend from moving? As it turns out, a lot. She could win the lottery, have a bake sale, or .... find pirate treasure? From plan A to plan E Annie never gives up on her goal. She is a determined, hopeful girl, who is sure to amuse and delight the reader, especially throughout the many messes she finds herself in.
One of my favorite parts was when she and Jason were sentenced to clean out the turkey pen. See, Jason's father keeps a herd of turkeys in their backyard, and Annie is deathly afraid of these creatures. Jason, being the good friend that he is, locks them in their house before they begin to clean. But he missed one, and it landed on Annie's shoulder, causing her to panic, which caused many more problems, eventually ending with the backyard being flooded, which is a problem much more serious than it would seem on the surface to be.
This book is quite a bit of fun in the beginning, and as it goes on it becomes less cheerful and more meaningful. As Annie continues to try to find a plan that will succeed in keeping Jason from moving, time keeps moving on and they are getting closer and closer to the day when his house would sell. She learns things along the way, things about people and their struggles, about not judging people before you truly know them, and she learns that sometimes you can't fix your problem; sometimes you must make the best of a terrible situation.
And there are some serious situations that the characters went through. For example,
In the beginning of the book Mrs. Schuster, the neighbor of the two children, is that one old lady who screams at children to get off of her lawn and takes away their toys if the things are in her yard or causing the children to make a mess. But then she invites Annie and Jason over to visit her, and even though Annie would probably rather clean the turkey pen than go for a visit, she is forced by her mother to accept the invitation. Mrs. Schuster then tells the two about the Pirate Captain, Black Marge, who is an ancestor of hers and who buried treasure somewhere nearby....
Mrs. Schuster is really a wonderful character, she is sweet and fun, wanting nothing more than to play games and battle off imaginary pirates with Annie and Jason. The addition of her character gave the book a lot of heart.
Mrs. Schuster is one who also went through a difficult situation. I mention this because it is the only thing that I could think of in the book that a parent may want to know about before giving this to their child to read.
I loved all the characters, and enjoyed their relationships with each other. I enjoyed seeing them work through the good and the bad of life. This really was a heartfelt story full of humor and situations that make you smile. I would definitely recommend this.
Profile Image for YAYOMG.
13 reviews7 followers
March 18, 2016
I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

As a kid, I was the only girl on a street full of boys. I was the Annie, and my Jason was a boy named Timmy. We spent day in and day out together, going on neighborhood adventures. Riding our bikes to places we weren't supposed to. Eating blueberries off the bush in my yard every summer. I was the one who moved away, and when I did, we spent hours sitting on the swing set in my backyard trying to figure out how to prevent it from happening. This book hit so close to home, and I just haven't been able to stop thinking about it because of that. Reading this book as an adult is definitely a warm and fuzzy nostalgia-fest.

For kids, it's a fun best-friend adventure. Kids will see themselves and their BFF in Annie and Jason. They'll know exactly what it feels like to do anything, even if extreme and impossible, to try and stop their best friend from moving away. They'll wish they had a PB&J Society of their own. The very first PB&J burial scene where they list off the rules had me cracking up. It was just so cute and clever. I hope this book inspires thousands of chapters of the PB&J Society all around the world.

Janet Sumner Johnson does such a fantastic job of making this book really fun from start to finish. There's never a dull moment and you always find yourself rooting tirelessly for these kids no matter what wacky situations they find themselves in. It’s really well written, it’s clearly a book for kids, but it doesn’t talk down to them at all. The description of the feeling of getting to go to McDonald’s as a 10 year old was so spot on, it made me long for the days when getting a Happy Meal was still one of the best things that could possibly happen to you.

Annie is such a fantastic character. She’s a die-hard optimist who never gives up, no matter how many things go wrong (and they do. A lot). She always has the best intentions, even when that usually turns out to be her biggest flaw. She’s smart and spunky and loyal and sweet. She’s exactly the kind of person you want as a BFF.

This book has it all - besties, mystery, adventure, pirates, and a whole ton of PB&Js. It completely captures the spirit of what it’s like to be a 10 year old kid, and it’s an absolute must-read for kids of all ages.
Profile Image for Quirks.
1,171 reviews81 followers
February 27, 2016
I recieved an ARC for this book in exchange for an honest review.

This book, in one work, was just so darn cute.

But not in cutsy hand-holding or sweet and innocent way. But in a way that two ten year-old's who are trying to find a treature to save a house are cute.

It's a very funny book with characters that you begin to care a lot about.

One of these characters, Annie, will get one your nerves as well. She's just so bossy and impulsive and stubborn that you wish someone would send her to her room already. But she grows on you. Mainly because even though she always messes up and does stupid stuff, she just a kid who doesn't want to lose her best friend. She cares a lot about him and she is fiercely loyal.

So what if she'd bossy? I'm pretty sure I was much worse.

Jason is a sweet boy. He also cares about her but he's not as loud as she is. He's also more practical, being forced by the situation he's in. You can see him growing up and getting a taste of how hard the world can be and it's really sad. Children should never have to grow up that way.

He is different from Annie in almost every way but the both of them mesh so well; like PB&J. I adored their friendship.

The family life was also very well incorporated. Not only Jason's life was changing but Annie's was as well and the way they reacted to the change was very believable and seemed so genuine that it was breaking my heart. I didn't want them both to get hurt.

I was surprised by the ending of the book. I didn't think the author would do that. But she did and I'm glad for it. These five stars would have been four the end had been different.

The only flaw I can think of is a few continuity errors. Very minor things like Annie putting on noseplugs and paragraphs later saying she wished she had noseplugs.

Overall, this was a very fast and enjoyable read with lovable characters and a engaging and heart-warming story. It reminded me why I love middle-grade.

I highly recommend this book to everyone. You just gotta read it. It's too adorable to miss.
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139 reviews
June 5, 2018
I chose this on a whim to read aloud to my son (10 years old) and I must confess I found it much more enjoyable than expected. Once we finished the book, he told me it was a winner for him too.

Based on the summary I expected a bit of adventure and some fun and laughs and was not disappointed. But more so, I found the characters truly endearing because I felt they were written in such a believable way. Too many times, adventure books with children as the main characters deliver young people so independent and above consequences that they seem nothing like real kids. They go off on adventures that really only adults would be able to go on and they never seem to have to answer to a single adult in the entire story.

The two main characters in this book are best friends and their adventure really turns out to be something only kids would even see as an adventure. Along the way, they get in trouble and get grounded when they take things too far and go beyond normal kid boundaries.

Meanwhile, their friendship seems very real and their enthusiasm is contagious so, despite myself, I found myself rooting for them. Even the ending did not disappoint in the real and believable department.

A sweet and fun story with characters you want to root for and a few laugh-out-loud moments thrown in. What's not to like?
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324 reviews39 followers
March 12, 2016
I received an advanced copy from Capstone via Netgalley.

There is nothing like a best friend. Annie and Jason are best friends and are the only two members of the PB&J Society. Annie would do anything for Jason, including multiple plans to help him save his house. Her plans include selling her appendix on eBay, talking her uncle into buying lottery tickets with money she is saving for an iPhone, meeting with the bankers, having a bake sale, and even looking for pirate treasure. This book has many laugh-out-loud moments, but also addresses serious issues such as family, perseverance, and special relationships with the elderly. The friendship between Annie and Jason is genuinely sweet and middle grade readers will enjoy their adventure. This is a book I will purchase for my classroom library.
Profile Image for Janet McNally.
Author 7 books145 followers
February 7, 2016
This is a great book. I loved Annie and Jason, and Janet Johnson did a wonderful job capturing what it feels like to be a kid and to want to control things you can't. The dialogue is perfect, and the story is both hilarious and heartbreaking. A really fun adventure story about two friends who are determined not to lose one another. I would have loved this when I was a kid--and I love it now!
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860 reviews37 followers
November 13, 2017
10-year-old best friends Annie and Jason regard themselves as spies and adventurers, and they're also the two founding members of the PB&J Society. A society where each of their smushed peanut butter and jelly sandwichs receives a ceremonial sendoff to become "food for the worms." Of course, their ceremony follows a very specific set of rules before their beloved sandwiches can be laid to rest. But all of their adventuring gets put on hold when they learn that Jason's family might be losing their house and have to move away. Annie then comes up with a list of sure-fire ways to help prevent the foreclosure and if all else fails, Jason and his family can live in her parent's basement, she's positive they won't mind. The story is also about Mrs. Schuster, a neighbor in the cul de sac who invites the two of them over to her house, which to Annie and Jason is kinda odd because to them she's been nothing but "Mrs. Meany" ever since she yelled at them to get off her yard and wouldn't return Jason's football. But it seems Mrs. Schuster is trying to change her crabby ways and after inviting them in shares a chest she found in the attic that once belonged to her great, great grandmother, Captain Black Marge. Within the chest are antique pirate clothing and a bonified pirates map which Mrs. Schuster hints will lead them to Captain Marge's treasure, hiding somewhere within their own neighborhood. So, Annie starts to hatch a plan to find the pirate treasure and keep from losing her best friend forever.

The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society had me reminiscing about my own best friend from my childhood. Like Annie and Jason, we liked to roam about the neighborhood and have glorious pretend adventures, and I'll never forget playing in the hedge and being dive-bombed by the magpies who apparently decided to have a nest where our fort was, or our climbing tree in the front yard and drawing pictures together. While reading, I also recalled how it felt having to move away from my friend and although we continued to write letters for a short while after, we had both moved on to new friendships by the time I returned to our house a few years later. Maybe in some way, the story helps kids to realize that some things, like a friend having to move away, aren't necessarily something a parent can control. I couldn't blame my dad for us having to move, although at the time I wanted to blame the army, eventually, I did realize that each move was a new opportunity to make new friends. I really don't want to give the impression that this is just a book for adults to have warm fuzzy feelings over though, I really think that kids can see their own friendships in the story and connect with that feeling of not wanting your best friend in the whole world to move away. Truthfully not only is this a fun friendship adventure story it also delves into some tougher subjects like Jason's family's financial struggles and how his dad not being able to find a job impacts the whole family. I really liked Jason and how despite his initial skepticism about the pirate treasure, Annie's determination and bossiness wins him over and gets them searching for clues. Even when Jason's family problems cause him to frustratingly tell her to "grow up, " Annie still maintains her never give up attitude and you can't help rooting for her throughout the story. Oh and the dialogue, between the two friends and Annie and her parents, so good. One of my favorite parts happens early on when Annie is researching how much money she can make for donating her kidney and her mom walks in and see's the computer screen,

"Kidney donations? An-nie?" I hated it when she said my name like that. It's like her tone could pull out a confession even if I were innocent."

I really felt sorry for them when some of their adventures lead to Jason's dad grounding them from seeing each other for two weeks, which felt like an unjustly harsh punishment for such steadfast friends. But absolutely loved the note that Jason left for Annie in her lunch box after one of their forced separations. Overall, I thought this was a wonderful adventurous friendship story with two adorable main characters and one crabby lady, who doesn't turn out to be as crabby as she initially wanted you to think she was.
**I received a review copy from the author as a part of a giveaway sponsored by From the Mixed-Up Files.com**
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24 reviews13 followers
January 28, 2020
You know that feeling you get when you eat a PB&J for the first time in like, forever? That good, warm, at-home feeling? That feeling of fullness? Fullness full of comforting, sweet, sticky nostalgia? This book is that feeling. Whether you prefer your PB&J's to be made with grape jelly or strawberry jam, you will like this book.

Despite receiving an ARC of this, - and thank you, Capstone, for allowing me to review this wonderful story - I have plans to buy myself a copy of this book, along with one for each of my kids. It really is just that good.

This is a story about two best friends, Annie and Jason, who embark on a journey to save their friendship after Jason learns that he’ll be moving away. Together, the two of them discover in more ways than one, that life is about change.

Annie is having a hard time accepting that she'll be losing her best friend due to the Parkers losing their home, so she's put herself to work trying to find a solution. These potential money-earning ideas are, but not limited to, the following:

1. Selling her appendix kidney on eBay.
2. Winning the lottery. (In Chicago)
3. Sing (or play kazoo) on a street corner.
4. Find the pirate treasure!

But Annie and Jason quickly learn that, despite their super spy-tastic skills and fool proof plans, it may not be enough to keep them together.

Reading this book made me remember parts of my childhood that I thought were long forgotten. It brought me back to making clubhouses in the large-leaf bushes at the corner's of my apartment building. Burying the dead birds we'd find and reciting the common dialogue we had heard at old relative's funerals. Risking that extra five minutes of play time after the streetlights came on. All the good memories resurfaced for me.

The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society was brimming with child-like imagination and yet focused on some big adult problems. Books this perfect hold me in awe and admiration of the Middle Grade genre, and reaffirm my belief that Children’s Fiction holds some of the most fantastic stories. This definitely being one of them. I look forward to reading more from this author. And I whole-heartedly recommend this book to anyone. Ages 9 to, well... infinity.
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Author 8 books45 followers
May 8, 2016
I received an advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, and I'm so lucky to have had the opportunity to read it.

The Last Great Adventure of the Pb&J Society is one of those books that just makes your reading life better. It's such a funny, sweet, adventure of two ten year old friends who are forced to face the realities of what the real adult life looks like.

It was such a delight to join Annie and Jason on their many adventures looking for Cap'n Marge's buried treasure. I loved their relationship with Mrs. Schuster and wished I could know someone like her. I laughed over and over again at how Annie's "plans" turned into huge disasters. Annie was the best narrator ever. All of the characters have such a strong present voice, but Annie was the best. She reminded me of Flavia de Luce from Alan Bradley's Flavia de Luce series, (and if that isn't enough to convince you to read this book, than I don't know what will).

I loved the PB&J Society and wished I had been clever enough as a young girl to make up such a society. Best friends are hard to make and keep. Annie and Jason are fabulous examples of the awesome blessings of having a bestie you can count on for anything.

I'm sad the story is over, but I'm so excited for my real copy to come in the mail so I can have my kids read it. This is one of those books you want to share with everyone. It's such a fantastic addition to the young to middle reader book genre.

Thank you, Janet Sumner Johnson, for sharing your awesome writing talents, for making me laugh, and for teaching me just how perfectly peanut better and jelly go together!
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January 18, 2016
Laugh out loud funny, endearing, sweet and emotionally satisfying tale tells the story of Annie and Jason two best friends who might soon be separated and the adventure they go on as they try and keep that from happening. I loved this book. I was pulled in instantly by Annie's character. I wanted one of her plans to save her friend from moving to work no matter how improbable they seemed. I loved how she grew and developed through the story. Learning how to be a best friend and not just to have a best friend. The ending was emotionally satisfying. Life isn't always fair but hopefully through it all we may all be so fortunate to find a friend that is the peanut butter to our jelly, one who will change our lives for the better no matter how long we may be together. I can't wait to introduce this book to my students. I am sure they will love this book as much as I do!
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