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Mondo Bohemiano

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Is there life after having your heart destroyed? When ‘happily ever after’ crashes and burns?

In the shadow of losing the love of his life, one man attempts to salvage his soul. He is Nigel Q. Bunnytail. Twenty-something, artistic warrior prince, and sex fiend par excellence.
To accomplish this, he decides to leave behind the tainted trappings of his Philadelphia and his band of gifted friends, for the rustic charm of Spokane, Washington - and the white-haired therapist Sigrid Anderson, who can’t wait to either marry him or dissect him.

Mondo Bohemiano is a love and sex farce – sometimes funny, sometimes poignant - and maybe equally instructive on what to do as well as what to avoid.

248 pages, Paperback

First published June 4, 2015

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About the author

Quentin J. Parker

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I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, so my hostility is a superpower, not a character flaw. As a child, I was a visual artist with an interest in science and technology. The original Star Trek gave me an appreciation for astronomy, and Star Wars gave me a zest for air combat. Later on, I became a pop culture nerd who was certified to fly a plane before he was licensed to drive a car. Now, by day, I’m just your garden-variety office services manager but once I get home, I’m a Linux-using patrolman of the Internet. In addition, as an older adult, I often find myself repeating the phrase “Holy crap, I’m middle-aged!” and the surprise I say it with hasn’t diminished one damned bit.

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Profile Image for Ciclochick.
529 reviews12 followers
December 7, 2015
This was rather quirky. A little slow to get off the ground and when it did, it really only ambled along at a rather unhurried pace, BUT it was rather addictive. For a start, who can resist a main character called Nigel Q. Bunnytail?

So, who is he? Well, as we are reminded quite frequently, he’s a ‘big Bohemian’, who can’t shake off his mantle of doom and gloom after losing the love of his life. There’s only one thing to do: to leave his lifelong friends and rather mundane life Philadelphia and relocate to Spokane, where the rather unusual Sigrid awaits him. And after the reader meets her, s/he's left wondering whether he has jumped out of the frying pan straight into the fire.

There’s quirkiness just about everywhere you turn: in the writing, which is really very good, the way our Nigel dresses, his friends, their lives, Nigel’s view of life, his Spokane work colleagues and, of course, Sigrid.

It’s funny, witty, light-hearted, colourful and very memorable. The cast and crew of this quick-to-read tale conjure up a very bright and vibrant cinematic image.

An enjoyable debut novel.
Profile Image for Rebecca McDowell.
31 reviews13 followers
November 16, 2015
I'll start by saying that I'm not really the target audience for this book. This is a book about a man, by a man, and it's a very masculine perspective that may not always appeal to women. However, it can't be denied that Parker has a talent with words. The prose is snappy and clever (bordering on too clever from time to time, but that's better that dry and dopey any day). While the story is not terribly exciting, it's not meant to be - this is simply a coming of age story for those who are no longer children. I took a star down because I didn't care for the way the female characters behave, but as I said, this book isn't for me, a middle aged woman, but for young men nursing broken hearts and looking for their place in the world.
Profile Image for Don Sloan.
114 reviews4 followers
October 25, 2015
Nigel Q. Bunnytail is moving to Spokane, and the event has precipitated a national day of mourning at the cafe peopled by the characters he loves most: Kymber "K.C." Cuccinatta, Bogdana "Bogey" Pahlanovich, Styles Parkwater -- all will miss him terribly.

But it's not just the quirky names and outrageous characters that will capture your heart in this excellent novel. It's the author's flawless and masterful command of the English language that you will remember most.

"Like a mercy killing, sleep claimed Nigel before despair did, and he dreamt that he was a monarch being showered with countless precious gems and coins."

It's not that Nigel's friends don't understand and fully commiserate with his decision to put distance between himself and a critically flawed relationship. Indeed, they wish him well in his new/old pursuit of white-haired therapist Sigrid Andersen.

But the task of severing the ties with Millicent O'Laughlin may yet prove to be his undoing.

"He was convinced that the pinnacle of human evolution was embodied in their bouncing off each other's sweaty nakedness. They agreed that they were both built for comfort and speed, like plush luxury sedans propelled by advanced alien rocketry. But that was where their compatibility ended."

The occasion of Nigel's imminent departure spawns a Bacchalian party of epic proportions that brings in most of his female conquests from the past, and all of his off-the-beam friends -- but no sign of the girl with the fiery red hair. Bunnytail is bummed.

At his new job in Spokane his work companions have names like Fiona Buxton and Tisha Fisha. But compared to his Philadelphia cast of comrades they are as tame as -- well, the hutch of fluffy bunnies that Sigrid keeps as pets in her apartment. She's glad to see him -- too glad by half.

What's in store for the big bohemian? You'll just need to read this erudite excursion into the thoughts and actions of a memorable cast of characters.

Five stars for first-time author Quentin J. Parker. I hope to see more soon!

Profile Image for Marian Thorpe.
Author 10 books78 followers
November 6, 2015
Mondo Bohemiano is a sometimes funny, sometimes ironic and largely satirical tale of a man desperately trying to leave the love of his life behind, and, perhaps, grow up a bit in the process. Nigel Q. Bunnytail is our anti-hero, a man living a frenetic and aimless life in Philadelphia, hanging out with friends he's mostly known since earliest childhood, sleeping with many women, working in a job perhaps not up to his skill level, pining for his beloved Millicent.

The aimlessness and frenzy of Nigel's Philadelphia life is mirrored in the writing. I found the first half of the book a little hard going, but as I read on, the rapid and rapidly changing pacing and action began to make sense as a mirror of what is going on in Nigel's psyche. Once Nigel makes his decision to move to the other side of the country – Spokane – the pace and mood of the book changes, reflecting the changes Nigel is making.

While Nigel is referred to as 'the big bohemian' several times, there are indications that he is hankering for a more structured life. He is attracted to the discipline of flying, both in real life and in a complex simulation on his computer. His clothes have a military styling. In moving to Spokane to attempt a relationship with Sigrid, he also appears to be leaving not just Millicent, but also the 'Mondo Bohemiano' behind. What he's got himself into, though, is not what he bargained for.

The writing is original, witty, and fast-paced. The book isn't easy to classify –satirical rom-com is the best description I can come up with. My only niggle with it was the characters' names, which I found a little bit overdone – although there may be a relationship between Nigel's last name and one of Sigrid's obsessions – I won't go further than that, to avoid spoilers. I am looking forward to the planned sequel, which is not a statement I would have thought I would have made at the half-way point in the book. Overall, three stars. Review originally posted at www.marialthorpe.com
Profile Image for Nick Rossi.
166 reviews4 followers
October 23, 2015
Crisp and contemporary, Quentin J. Parker's wholly original "Mondo Bohemiano" is a fun read through and through. Coming in at a relatively short 51,000 words, the novel reads like a modern treatise on the 21st century young person. The protagonist here is Nigel Q. Bunnytail, clearly an indicative name of his uniqueness and quickness. He makes the courageous decision to leave his comfort level of living in Philadelphia for the unknown terrain of Spokane. After suffering a relationship demise of massive proportions, Bunnytail is hell-bent on living his life to the fullest.

Parker's descriptions of the physical surroundings of Spokane and Philadelphia are fleshed out and whole. While I haven't yet had the pleasure to visit either of those cities, I was able to visualize the environment of the book quite easily with Parker's clear talent at being descriptive without being too flowery. Bunnytail's travels throughout his new home are tinged with his recent heartbreak, causing a mood of slight melancholy upon his interactions with new people, especially the complicated Sigrid Anderson, therapist extraordinaire.

Mondo Bohemiano is at once funny and lighthearted, but then switches gears to something more profound and intense. Parker's ability to weave different themes with the colorful depictions of his depicted characters makes the book a quick, enjoyable read that is at times cinematic in its visualization. Check it out.

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Profile Image for Mike Siedschlag.
387 reviews16 followers
January 16, 2016
I was given an e-version of Mondo Bohemiano by author Quentin J. Parker for review.

This story is very different from the other books I've reviewed. I liked it a lot, but it is difficult to put his story into a nice neat pigeon hole.

On the surface it is, to me, a story of unfulfilled love. It is not strictly unrequited love I think because the two know they are in love, they just can't seem to make it work. The story is actually about how the male half of this unlucky in love duo is trying to live his life without thee woman he loves and who he knows loves him.

The story is set in Philadelphia, in what, I guess, would be called the "underground culture". Don't know if that is an accurate label, but the characters definitely march to the beat of a different drummer.

The book itself is a comfortable read. It is not particularly fast paced. It's not edge-of-your-seat action or suspense. It is just a pleasant story of one man's life. The characters he interacts with are about as diverse as they can be while still being cut from the same cloth so to speak. You'll just have to read the book to understand.

Mondo Bohemiano is the first of the series following the life of Nigel Bunnytail, a man with a code. A very sympathetic character you will find yourself rooting for even if you don't approve of his lifestyle.

Quentin J. Parker has quite a good story going here, I think you might like it. Enjoy!

Profile Image for Allies Opinions.
174 reviews22 followers
December 22, 2015
This was a surprisingly fun read. I went into this book thinking it was going to be a tale lamenting the “one that got away” scenario.

It was that…but much more.

The character names are on point. They are interesting and in many cases…downright funny. The slang and character description are flamboyantly unique.

I LOVED this book.

Nigel Q. Bunnytail is everything his name promises. He is flashy and yet intellectual. He is flamboyant and yet subtle. He is caring and violent. He is wonderfully unique.

Amazingly well done.

The story itself is about picking your life up after it’s been torn to shreds. Lost love will and can destroy the best of us.

This was a hauntingly real look into what it’s like to step into the void after a long relationship.

Because it’s not all sad. It’s not all “woe is me”. Life goes on. Friends make you laugh. Lemonade still tastes amazing. Chocolate is still delectable. We are still us, even when it feels like the best part of our lives is gone.

To see my full review, check out my blog AlliesOpinions on Wordpress!
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Author 14 books13 followers
June 6, 2016
A Whacky Bunny Feast

I have never read anything like this. Nigel Bunnytail is a striking, charismatic, woman eating man and is trying his best to recover from a broken heart.

The first part of the book introduces you to Nigel and his eclectic mix of friends. It took me a while to get to know them all. Nigel lives and works in Philadelphia and I was drawn into his chaotic world, kicking and screaming. By chapter nine the pace changes and everything starts to make sense. Quentin Parker is a smart writer and his style is fast paced with some challenging colloquial interactions between his characters.

The storyline is straight forward but whacky. I enjoyed seeing how Nigel tries to transform his life and can’t decide whether he is getting what he deserves. The end of the story, has been left open for the next book in the series.
Profile Image for Ela The Queer Bookish.
274 reviews29 followers
September 9, 2015
The foreword was really great and I was excited to be able to read this book. Sadly the book itself is nothing like the foreword. The story had nice little touches like the mc sliding like a rockstar into his bathroom but this couldn't keep me reading. I just didn't get into the story, part because of the strange writing style, part because of the following things.

Sometimes there was so many information it felt like info dumping (the part about the computer game for example).

"He bought along his boombox, and the garish music he played through it made her want to open her wrists." ~kindle pos. 722-728

Is that supposed to be funny? It felt like it. It's not.

I don't know how many times I've read degrading female terms like bitch, slut or whore. But if I were to take a shot each time, I'd be drunk really fast.

The characters' relationships were a little confusing to me and sometimes toxic.

Overall I felt a big questionmark hovering over my head. This was no story for me, but maybe you have to be in this scene (is that even a scene? I don't know), to get it and to like it.

The author provided me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.
Profile Image for Amy Shannon.
Author 102 books120 followers
May 22, 2016
Bohemian Meets Heartbreak!

This was a very quirky and unique tale of heartbreak, and lost of love. At first, this reader wonders how a character named Nigel Q. Bunnytail can be taken seriously, but I soon found out. It's an interesting tale and I loved the characters, and how real this "big" man truly was. This story and its characters will truly capture your heart, and the indication that this is only a first book in a series, will make you want more. Here's hoping this debut author writes more about Nigel and his life.
Profile Image for zaheerah.
437 reviews104 followers
October 21, 2015
DNF @ 53%

I don't why I couldn't finish this book.I just didn't get into the story at all.
I'll probably pick this book back up again later on in the year, but for now, it's going to be put down as DNF.

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