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I'm a cautionary tale. A statistic. A victim. A single teenage mother from the poor part of town. Most of the time I'm too busy working and struggling to care what people think. Survival doesn't come easy.

I have a dark secret, a pressure valve, a rare moment just for myself. On these nights I visit a club. There I find men who give me what I need. Men who aren't afraid to take what they want.

Men like Colin.

But he takes more than a few stolen hours. He demands more than my body. He wants my heart and soul--my happily ever after. I never thought I'd be Cinderella. I never thought a man that rough could be my prince.

164 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 24, 2015

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Skye Warren

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2,417 reviews13.8k followers
Want to read
July 4, 2015
 photo Free Ye xB by sb_zpsxv6xwmlp.gif

FREE on Amazon US today (7/3/2015)

Book 1 in 3-part serial. Complete set.

Rough is a sexy new adult romantic suspense with a strong-and-silent-type hero...

I'm a cautionary tale. A statistic. A victim. A single teenage mother from the poor part of town. Most of the time I'm too busy working and struggling to care what people think. Survival doesn't come easy.

I have a dark secret, a pressure valve, a rare moment just for myself. On these nights I visit a club. There I find men who give me what I need. Men who aren't afraid to take what they want.

Men like Colin.

But he takes more than a few stolen hours. He demands more than my body. He wants my heart and soul--my happily ever after. I never thought I'd be Cinderella. I never thought a man that rough could be my prince.


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June 8, 2015
DNF 47% - No rating

I thought the blurb was engaging.
The heroine is a girl who has been raped and was pregnant after it happens. Still, she decides to keep the baby.

Two years after, she can't trust anyone especially men. From the beginning it comes to our understanding that she was close friend with her rapist.

She doesn't want to invest in a relationship, so she seeks meaningless sex through some impersonal encounters she has monthly.

This is when she meets Colin.
One night, in a bar, they decide to have sex. But something is off. Colin is tender and caring when the heroine wants it hard and rough.

For some stranger reasons he wants to see her again and she agree.
Mistake N°1 for me. I thought she wasn't into seeing a guy twice and just like that she agree.

When they meet again, a few pages after Colin is in her apartment
Mistake N°2 I thought she doesn't want anything personal? + She involves her daughter right away

A few days after they meet, they are in her apartment talking about their relationship.
Mistake N°3 She knows him for what 4-5 days maybe and she goes against everything she is just like that?

Colin works for his brother. We don't know what it involves but it seems pretty shady.
In the same conversation when they talk about relationship. She ask him to stop his illegal activities. And she allows him to see his brother but not working for him
Do I have to explain why this is Mistake N°4?


~ARC provided by Give me books for an honest review~


description description
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3,476 reviews143 followers
August 10, 2022
Finished Reading November 3, 2015

Rough by Skye Warren
Genres: Adult, Romance
3.5 Stars

I understand this is a prequel, but it was just to despairing for me.
The writing was great and it was a quick read, but the character Allie is so confusing.

I understand the youth and her circumstances in this story. However, she doesn't really seem to be doing anything about it. Like a mental time-bomb that is going to blow & soon.
If this was a real person I would recommend EXTREME counseling.
I just found Allie to be irritating.

I am curious enough that I will be reading the next book in the series.

Purchased from Amazon October 20, 2015
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750 reviews147 followers
January 3, 2016
I really liked this.
Allie becomes pregnant at the age of sixteen. She is kicked out in the world all alone except for her friend Shelly who is willing to do anything for her best friend. Living day to day was a struggle to provide for her child in a bad part of town, a dirty apartment building, she had a very difficult time just providing diapers and toys for Bailey with the little bit of pay she earned at a small bakery that was hardly if not even possible enough for bills and diapers.

Allie had a need to fill by picking up strange men she thought would be really rough with her and give her what she thought she deserved. See, she's hiding a secret that only Shelly is aware of. On her night out on the prowl looking for that man who can give her what she wants/needs, she spots Colin. (Yeah that delicious looking man~candy on the cover)

Just let me say that this bad boy has me curious just as much as he has Allie. He definitely confuses her with his gentleness yet roughness at times. He treats her opposite of what she's wanting yet she keeps him around and he continues. When she tells him about her having a daughter he really doesn't care, see eventually he tells her that "this" her, bailey, the togetherness is what he's wanted. He's a mysterious character to me but at the same time we do know just a little bit that he allows us to know. And I find him so interesting that I just want to learn more!

[image error]

Sex is definitely not his first priority but caring for her and Bailey is. When I started this book I thought it was a stand alone, somehow I missed it wasn't! You know what though, he is so interesting to me that I don't care, I want more of Colin and what he's all about so I'm happy to move on!

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611 reviews202 followers
June 26, 2015
Rape is an ugly brutal concept, the act alone scars so deeply, often times they never heal. Skye Warren did an amazing job bringing this horror to life. It will be interesting how Allie and Colin will overcome the major obstacles ahead of them! Bravo...bravo...five stars for an insanely, dark, gritty read!
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Author 57 books43.8k followers
April 30, 2016
Sky Warren is such a clever, virtuous writer. She knows how to write a bad boy like nobody's business and her female characters are always believable and strong.
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936 reviews6 followers
October 27, 2015
The writing is terrible, the dialogue is bad & the story is just blah.

Allie is a sick, disturbed girl. She's kind of a whore that likes to be roughed up during sex with random men. Keep in mind she's a single mother who has her prostitute best friend watch her small kid so she can go out once a month to get screwed. She then meets Colin & insta-connection. After 1 date & 2 screw sessions, he asks her to move in with him? What???

There's hardly anything written about her relationship or interaction with her kid. Colin isn't even eased into the little girl's life, he's thrust in by her handing her kid over to him like he's known them forever. Dude, he's still a stranger & you hand your daughter over because you think you can trust him. How does all that make you look to your little girl?

Then you find out he's doing some shady things for his brother & you try telling him what he can & can't do after knowing him for a second? I get it, you don't wanna get involved with someone doing shady things that could have bad repercussions blow back to you & your kid. But then just cut ties, don't tell him what to do.

This wasn't a dark, erotic story... this was just mess.
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3,803 reviews250 followers
June 27, 2015
This was a pretty good book. At the beginning of the book Allie and her best friend Shelly find out that she is pregnant and she becomes homeless fast forward two years. Allie is a young single mom of a two year Bailey she is trying to make it on her own, and Colin is a rough around the edges but gentle man who wants to help her. They both have secrets they are keeping from each other. Allie is a tough female who puts her daughter first and her second she will do anything to protect them both. Allie has had a hard life while growing up she was raped by her boyfriend when she was in high school. She comes homes and finds out that she is pregnant. Allie frequents the clubs to pick up guys to feed her sexual hungers. One of her night out at the club she meets a sexy stranger named Colin who is strong and tough and will protect those who are with him. After hooking up one night in club Allie tries to stop thinking about him. Allie finds herself in a sticky situation and Colin comes to the rescue. That night Bailey get sick which leads to a trip to the emergency room while at the hospital the man from the sticky situation walks in the room bruised and beaten and starts to panic himself and apologies, all while Allie is scared for life. Over the next week her Babies daddy Andrew turns up and wants to meet Bailey who he never knew anything about I would have said no. This was a really good book this is my first time reading this author although I have several of her books on kindle. The book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

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185 reviews81 followers
October 4, 2015
3.5-4 Stars

This is the first book in a three part novella series.

Most parts of the story followed your typical pattern of a young teenage girl facing a difficult situation and as she gets older never trusting another man. I actually enjoyed this book. The writing was good and made for a short easy read. I liked the heroine, Allie, and felt she was a bit confused but still very strong and independent. I loved her friend Shelly who was so supportive and as for Colin he was somewhat of a mystery.

The book wasn't as dark or as erotic as I expected from this author but others may feel different. I am definitely moving on to book two since the ending of the book has my curiosity piqued!!!
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134 reviews45 followers
March 13, 2016
This book was for free and I was skint as hell so I figured why not?

I think my main problem with this book was the fact that it was absolutely okay in every single sense of the word.
Okay heroine.
Okay hero.
Okay sex.
Okay writing.
Okay storyline, albeit a very short and rushed one.
Nothing was MORE. Nothing felt distinctive or special or interesting. I think Skye Warren can do a lot better than that. I know she can. But I guess this wasn't for me.
January 13, 2016
Warning: i didn't finish reading

OK. So. I did't read it fully, just about halfway. Vut it was advancing really slowly, just like the Harry Potter movie "The deathly hollows pt. 1", i didn't get much action.

Don't get me wrong, the book is good, just really slow. But, i'd like to thank my friend (-@*#€€@@) for showing me the book (please no spoilers -@*#€€@@, i'd very much like to enjoy it further on). So back to the review, the book is enjoyable, but i didn't connect with the characters like a proper 'reader-character' relationship.

One thing i didn't like was... it didn't pass enough. OK. I'll admit i'm feeling b*tchy now, to the point that i want to kill my neighbor, but I'm B*TCHY with a capital ass

So, if you feel like reading the book, please feel free to do so.
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921 reviews49 followers
June 10, 2016
3.5 Can't figure the hero out stars!!!!

I found this book on my kindle,
and decided to give it a go.

I liked Allie from the beginning. I
understood why she was the way
she was. I of course did not agree
with the way she masked her pain,
or escaped life, but it was believable.

I am very intrigued by Colin, and I
have to say that upon reading this
book I did not realize that it was
a trilogy. Colin was Mr. Mystery
personified. I never really felt
like I knew him...but I liked him.
I liked how he was when he was
with Allie. Like he understood her.
He had a quiet confidence about
him that made me just want to read

Colin and Allie together I think will
be really sweet. He is what she needs.
I will be reading the other books
in this series. I really want to figure
Colin out and know his secrets!!

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2,041 reviews62 followers
March 6, 2016
Allie´s had some tough time, starting with being thrown out by her father when he discovers that she´s pregnant, what he didn´t know was from a rape, to now when she lives in a dump trying to survive with her daughter baking for minimum wages. The only thing that lets her blow off steam is her date nights when she finds rough love for a night. Until Colin comes along, showing her his kind of loving. Can she look past his connection with his brother and all the other secrets?
First in a three part series, contemporary romance, emotions and smutty fluff.
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3,749 reviews442 followers
July 5, 2015
Rough by Skye Warren is part of the Chicago Underground series. Allie is a young, single mother who does whatever she needs to take care of her baby girl. Colin is the man that she meet one night unexpectedly. Colin is different from the other guys Allie usually goes after, and shows her it could be different. But he’s hiding something from her.

Colin is a bit dark and dangerous and that makes him even more alluring in my book (well, in this one also) :) Allie is sitting on the fence as to whether she follows her heart or fights and follows her head to take care of herself and her baby. We can’t forget her BFF, Shelly, who’s always there to help Allie and do whatever needs done to make sure her and the little girl are safe.

I’m bouncing up and down to read the next book! I can’t wait for more of Allie and Colin. In the beginning I felt like the book was a bit slow, but once it picked up, it was holy HOTNESS Batman! I couldn’t put it down. ~ Heather, 4.5 stars
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684 reviews34 followers
February 16, 2016
Rough, is just that...rough in the best kind of way. I love Skye Warrens characters, they are damaged, make bad choices, do the wrong things, but you can't help but fall in love with them flaws and all! Colin and Allie are no exception they are truly compelling characters that I can't wait to read more about.

Allie is a young single mom trying to make it on her own, and Colin is a rough around the edges but gentle man who wants to help her. They both have secrets they are keeping from each other, question is, once those secrets are all out will it tear Colin and Allie apart? Or will it make them stronger?

Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down. And I can't wait to read the rest!
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557 reviews50 followers
June 22, 2016
Definitely want to read the next one. This story is edgy, sad, throw in a little sweet with some hot sexy times and some mystery and it was quite a blend. How to make this not sound as a bad thing? I'm used to the author being very dark, not that this one doesn't have the subject, but it's a little on the lighter side. Good enough for me.
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1,597 reviews287 followers
September 22, 2016
I didn't even realize the jump into the 2nd book. I'm listening to the boxset of the first 3 and in the audio, it's not clearly divided, just a total number of chapters so it's throwing me. I honestly couldn't tell you where this one ends. I'm loving this story so far- I'm curious to see what route it's going to take.
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2,467 reviews228 followers
July 2, 2015
I love, love the dark romances that Skye Warren writes. I would have loved this too if it hadn't been a serial. So I'm left hanging after 160 scant pages. Damn. Still it's really down my alley. And I'll suck it up and buy the other two novellas, damn me to hell and back. :)

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474 reviews14 followers
March 14, 2016
DNF @ 67%
I'm in a weird book funk.. Not feeling this one either. Sigh..
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499 reviews53 followers
June 5, 2022
once I got into this book it started to seem familiar and that’s because I have read it before! Allie as a young teenager was raped by her friend and when she found out she was pregnant she was kicked out by her dad. She leaves her child to scour bars for rough sex and comes across Colin who agrees to sex but won’t give her it the way she wants. For someone not looking for a relationship or to get involved she jumps in with Colin quite quickly.
I didn’t relate to either Colin or Allie and found some of her actions as a mother quite questionable. The story seemed to want to say it was because of what she had been through but while it may be a contributing factor I think there are plenty of stories where the opposite is true.
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620 reviews
March 16, 2021
I bought this Audio Book set off Chirp because it was a great deal and I love the narrator (Rose Dioro). But other than that... I don't know how good I can rate it b/c I didn't pay that good of attention and I felt like nothing happened? Or that could just be because my mind kept drifting off to other places while listening b/c I didn't care for it.
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1,874 reviews56 followers
August 28, 2019
**Review of the audiobook**

This book definitely has the perfect name! Allie’s life is rough and that’s the way she likes her sex too… Rough! Being a single mom, hiding from the man who impregnated her, Allie’s only release is found while having rough, dirty sex once a month with a stranger. Until she meets Colin… Colin of course has that something special but luckily for us readers, he isn’t as perfect as he appears to be. When Allie’s baby’s daddy suddenly comes around, Colin and his resources are exactly what Allie needs.

ROUGH is not my favorite book by Ms. Warren who is one of my favorite authors. It is definitely an entertaining read yet I didn’t feel the depths of emotions I typically feel while reading her books. I also didn’t connect emotionally with any of the characters, perhaps because this book is brief without a lot of time spent developing the characters. ROUGH unfortunately ends with a major cliffhanger and a lot still remains unknown. At this point, we don’t know exactly what Colin does or who the Chicago Underground is but I look forward to finding out!

I listened to the Audible audiobook narrated by Rose Dioro. Ms. Dioro speaks with such a soft, feathery voice that at times it was practically a whisper, literally lowering so much in volume that I could not hear what she was saying. She does puts on a performance, not just reading from a script, yet with more experience and perhaps some acting lessons, her performance could definitely improve. I would not avoid listening to audiobooks by Ms. Dioro but I would not actively seek them out either.
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Author 2 books88 followers
July 30, 2015

I read all of Alli and Colin's story before I could stop and post this review so this review will be copy and pasted on Rough, Hard, and Fierce. I really like bad boy alpha males. I especially like mob romance stories. The book really didn't confirm that Colin was in the mob but did say something similar but not that organized. Hmmmm not sure what that means. Without giving anything away he is involved in something illegal. Alli has had a rough life and now is a single mother prowling the club for her next rough sex session. That's all men are good for and they never take no for an answer so why say no. She meets Colin but Colin is so different from what she has had in the past. He wants more but she doesn't know if she can risk her heart and that of her 2 year old baby girl.

Alli has a lot of mental issues and Colin has a ton of secrets. The thing about this author is that she cuts to the meat of the story and doesn't give a lot of filler or useless details. That's great most of the time but I would have liked to explore more about Colin. Even at the end it was rushed and I still had questions. That being said I couldn't put the book down even when I was screaming at Alli telling her what an idiot she was.

If you like anti-heroes, criminal type leads, or screwed up heroines this is a great read. Not for the faint of heart because it definitely carries erotic to a new level.

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2,242 reviews64 followers
June 1, 2016
1.5 Stars
This book was hard to read because, in one way, I really felt and cared for Allie; yet, in another, I couldn’t stand her.  She is a victim of a horrendous crime that happens all too often to women.  It makes her stronger in one sense, but almost weaker in another.  She has become a victim, has not been able to move on, and has developed a rather jacked way of coping with her trauma.  The fact that she can hold it together, and be a wonderful mother is what makes her strong. The fact that she hasn’t received the proper help she needs, and still blames herself makes her weak.  Yes, I am aware of this being the case, in reality all too often. I still didn’t like reading it.  I thank God that I have never had to endure such a violation, and I pray I never do.  However, knowing myself the way I do, I would like to think I wouldn’t feel it was my fault. 

I am not sure where the series is going from here, but I’m quite sure Allie should get help. However, I am not going to stick through and read any more about this damaged girl; I just don’t have the capacity or energy....Sara     


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273 reviews4 followers
August 8, 2015
Four stars!

This book was a surprise for me. I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. Allie becomes a young mother when she is raped by the father of her child. The book then fast forwards to when her daughter is around two years old. She goes out to a bar one night where she meets Colin.
Colin is introduced to us and you can just tell he's different. He's extremely mysterious to say the least and he changes things for her. Everything she wants, he gives her the opposite. He's healing her and it's almost therapeutic to read. For someone so young he reads off as an old soul. He isn't without his own issues though and I know in the second installment we'll find out just how dangerous his life really can be.
What I enjoyed most about this book was the personalities and lifestyles of Allie and Shelly. In the books I've read rarely do I see female characters who've grown up poor or are abused and kicked out of their homes. Rough really shows you how hard it can be sometimes and does not sugar coat it.
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