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**FLAWED LOVE is a standalone second chance romance with a HEA**

Rainer Torrence is everything I could have wanted in my life and more.
He became my best friend when I was Thirteen years old.
From then on, we were inseparable. He was my first love and my first heartbreak.
But I always thought it was forever.
Until his Father died and things went bad.
Then suddenly, he disappeared.
Ten years and I didn’t see or hear from him.
Then came the call I’d be praying for– he was back in town.
Only the man I remembered is not him.
This man is quiet, deadly, and so incredibly beautiful.
He also doesn’t remember me.
He looks into my eyes, and he sees nothing.
So, I let him believe I’m just a girl that walked into his bar.
I let him believe I’m just a friend.
I let him use me on the cold, dark nights.
I let him believe that I am as emotionless about our relationship as he is.
I just let the secret go on and on.
But all secrets have an end, don’t they?

203 pages, Paperback

First published July 5, 2015

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About the author

Bella Jewel

98 books7,345 followers
Heya!! My name is Bella, I'm a new aussie author and I am as crazy as they come. I'm playful, friendly and always up for a chat so stop on by x

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731 reviews368 followers
July 12, 2016
This was a huge letdown.

The story started out promising. Along with a nice storyline, I really enjoyed the two main characters and their friendship until around the end of the first half, things started getting worse. I was very disappointed with both Rainer and Emalie. It was a surprise that I could finish the book!

Emalie deserves a better guy than Rainer. Sadly, she has no backbone. She let him hurt her feelings, use her as a fuck buddy, and treat her like a doormat. I don't know what more to say!

Rainer is a selfish jerk. He treated Emalie like shit and made her cry numerous times. He admitted to her that he was in love with his best friend, Pippa, who already had a boyfriend. He kept continuing this relationship with Emalie but his first priority was Pippa. WTF!

My first intention was to rate this book 1 star. But when I think about how good the first half was, I then changed my mind and gave it 2 stars instead.

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2,134 reviews7,323 followers
July 8, 2015
༺**Complimentary Copy**༺ Provided by the author "Bella Jewel" in exchange for an honest review..Thank you!!

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

TITLE: Flawed Love
SERIES: (House of Obsidian #2)
AUTHOR: Bella Jewel
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE:July 7th 2015

FLAWED LOVE: A second chance romance, a dirty hot alpha male, a fighter, a lover, hot sex, likeable characters, pretty much ticked all my boxes..

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I cray cray love this author, from her Biker series to her Pirate series to her stand alones I have been a fan!! Reading the synopsis for this I know for a fact I am going to love this..And who doesn't love a HEA!! Which this book promises to deliver..

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


The story starts off giving us a little insight of the early friendship these two shared in the past, then as we head into present time Emalie has heard he's back in town and is going to make her presence known by going to his bar..

We're polar opposites, he's handsome and the most popular boy in school, I'm a complete tomboy.

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I study my face. I’m certainly not the girl Rainer probably remembers. I used to have short-ish blond hair, I wore glasses, and I was such a tomboy I wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress, now I am the complete opposite. My hair is dark chocolate brown and long, flowing down my back in curls. And I wear a lot of dresses.


The boy that she loved, the boy who took her virginity, the boy that left her behind and never looked back, to the man ten years later who doesn't remember her..

I try to picture the Rainer I remember in my head, and it’s hard to think of him as a man. When I saw him last, he was twenty and only just starting to change from teenage boy to man.
He’d be over thirty now.


Now . . . God, now he’s panty-melting handsome, now he's dangerous and rugged, and more sexy as sin and mesmerising as hell

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I wait for him to recognize me, but it never comes. He just stares at me, his face blank, absolutely no recognition in his depths.


My eyes travel over his tattoos, My eyes fall to one on his peck, You can barely see it in there because of the heavy designs surrounding it, but it’s most certainly a name. Three little letters. Emy. He has my name on his chest, right over his heart.

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“The name is a girl I used to know.”
“Used to?” I question casually.
“Yeah, she was my best friend growing up”
“You don’t remember?”
He shrugs. “Things have happened and the memories aren’t what they should be, but I know she mattered to me, at that time, more than anyone in my world”


What happened in his life to make him forget his past like that?

"She must have been special to get a place over your heart."
“Yeah,” he says, his eyes a little distant. “She sure was”

The boy he was back then to the man he is now they both share something, they both called her KID..Surely that's got to count for something..

Okkkkkk so for a shock factor and why he disappeared off the planet was something you will NEVER GUESS!!

There is nothing this author can't write and I won't end up loving it, the writing is flawless, the characters are flawless, what else can I say other than she just brings it everytime!! Ohhhh and that HOT freaking cover too, bite me but that's the first thing that got my inner hoe doing cartwheels, then when I saw who the author was that was the icing on top of a very big cake!!
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3,144 reviews1,898 followers
July 11, 2015

It kills me to give such a low rating to one of my go to authors, but this book just didn't do it for me.

Rainer and Mali were best friends growing up and completely inseparable. Mali was the tomboy in high school that hung out with the nerdy kids, while Rainer was the popular boy that got all the girls. Their friendship never suffered though and still went strong. Eventually their friendship turned into something more and they took it to the next level. Rainer got into the drug scene shortly after and pushed Mali away. Eventually he disappeared and Mali didn't see him again.

Years later, Mali hears that Rainer is back in town and decides to go see him. When she finally see's him, though, he doesn't remember her. Crushed, Mali goes home and cries to her best friend, who suggests the Mali go and talk to Rainer to learn where he's been. Mali takes her friends advice and goes back to Rainer's bar, which leads to her sleeping with him. They start a casual relationship but it quickly develops into deeper feelings.

First half:
The first 20% of the book was actually really good and I was enjoying it. But when Mali decided to not tell Rainer who she was it all went to shit. I just knew that the majority of the book would be her hiding who she was, which would eventually lead to some bullshit drama. I was right.

I just kept getting more and more frustrated with Mali for not telling Rainer. Especially when he starts to open up to her about his past and how he doesn't remember much of his childhood. (If you read Desolation you know what happened to him.) I didn't like her character at all and thought she was such a bitch for hiding who she was.

Second half:
After about 50% I was so done with Mali and her acting like she was so hurt that he didn't remember her when she knew exactly why he didn't remember! Then we got the added drama of Pippa, Rainer's now best friend.

He went through a lot with Pippa, and I understand that the two are close because of that but she has a boyfriend now to take care of her and Rainer did not seem to understand that. He would drop everything, Mali included, to go help Pippa and I thought he was such an ass because of that.

I was actually nervous about Pippa because I hated her in Desolation and thought she would be the one to add drama to the situation but it was mostly all Rainer. I still hated how she would run to Rainer when she had a problem and acted jealous about him being with Mali, but I hated Rainer more. After telling Mali he wanted more from their relationship he then turns around and hurts her again because Pippa needed him.

The last 40% was seriously just Rainer hurting Mali over and over and her being a cry baby about it and still crying that he didn't remember her. Then when she finally tells him it is in the shittiest way possible and tries to make him feel bad about it when, again, she knows he literally cannot remember because of the trauma he went through!!!
"I know I should have told you, but I was so hurt. God, it burned so deep."

It's actually funny if you think about it. Mali was his best friend growing up and he would leave other girls when she had an issue and she would always run to him with her problems. And now she on the other side of it, and is the girl that gets left when his bestie has an issue.

The ending was just another thing that ruined it for me. It was so sudden I almost got whiplash. So nope, I did not like this book. Bella Jewel will still be one of my go to authors and I will continue to read her books but this one was just not for me.
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July 26, 2015
Rainer is just so gorgeous

Emy/Mali has been best friends with Rainer since they were young they r total opposite she us the nerd an he the popular guy but they just get on so well they were never a part alway spendin every min they could 2gether they told each other everything an just got closer as the yrs went by but shit happened an thinks turned bad 4 Rainer an the relationship took a hit but Rainer had 2 protect Emy an he would do anything 4 her didn't want 2 put her in danger but he had 2 do things he didn't want 2 an things just kept getting worst Emy didn't know what was goin on but she knew it was not good an she did want anything 2 happen 2 him he was everything 2 her she luvd him an he luvd her but shit did happen an day went by where he didn't come back

Yrs later Emy/Mali heard that Rainer owned a bar near her when she went by she was so excited but then she got there he just looked through he did remember her an this was totally heartbreakin 4 her this was Rainer the man she luvd an who broke her heart but he was alway there in her mind she never knew what happened 2 him but she missed him so much so seein him after so long just brought back so many feelin but things weren't the same anymore Rainer was different but once Rainer does notice Mali they end up startin a casual thing but feelings were getting stronger but his relationship with Pippa was getting in the way

I luvd Rainer in Pippa's book he was so strong an hot an I luvd him straight away they had been through so much an I felt so sorry 4 them I did find him annoyin a lil bit in this book him running back an forth 2 Pippa just annoyed me she as Tyke an luvs him loads I know they luv each other but it was just stupid they were just kept getting jealous of the other person an Rainer just kept hurtin Mali by doin this but she was keep in a secret from him as well which just made it harder I do luv Mali an I would b the same if I was in her shoes I think I would of killed Pippa I did luv Pippa in her book but this book made me pretty pissed of with her one thing I did find was that Mali an Rainer was were hot in bed holy smoke they were so hot 2gether they were just meant 2 b it was good 2 c how much he wanted more with her

I did enjoy this book an found it really easy 2 read I did want 2 put it down an I luvd the past an present chapters seein how things used 2 b an how hard things were now an how they had changed was great it was just the Pippa an Rainer thing that annoyed me but I just think BJ write such great an easy 2 read books they just grab me from the first page luv her work xxx

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July 9, 2015

I've been waiting for Rainer's story since I read about him in Desolation and then in Flawed Heart :D So I was over the moon when Bella Jewel announced he was getting his own book so how could I not love this? :D


Rainer Torrence has been a slave (yes...those still exist even in our days) for a big part of his life and that time has left a big scar in his head and in his heart.


Emalie has know and loved Rainer all her life but after he disappears and she doesn't know anything about him for almost a decade she finally finds him but he doesn't even remember her...


She decides not to tell him and goes by a different nickname in hope that she can discover what happened to him. They grow close but after seeing that no matter what will happen he is always going to put another woman first she loses her shit, tells him the truth and...


I have to be honest and tell you that if I wasn't such a big fan of Bella Jewel and of this characters that I might not have awarded this book 5 stars but rather 4 because it had some issues. But because that was not the case I absolutely loved this book and read it in a few hours, not being able to put it down until it was over...so no sleep for me :P


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August 23, 2021
8-22-2021 Another reread... This is a tough one. 5⭐ as a rage read. 1⭐ as a romance. 5⭐as a hate Pippa read. 2 ⭐ for mc's. 4 ⭐ for the feels... I'll keep it as a 3, but it's a frustrating read, that bogs down at times with all the flashbacks. Although no cheating, I wouldn't recommend for safety readers, or those that have zero tolerance for a 2nd-best h.

Re-read- 2/18/2021
I’m upping to 3.45 stars, but I still hate Pippa.

*********original review*********
2.5 “Pippa can suck it” Stars
I feel guilty even reviewing this because I had a feeling, I wouldn’t like it, and yet I read it anyway. I hate to leave another **, so I’m rounding up. BUT This was a FRUSTATING read that had one major issue, and her name was Pippa.

1. I don’t like Pippa, she drives me nuts, and I felt she didn’t truly encourage him to move on because she liked the attention. (and wanted a backup) She acts like she has dibs on him when she’s in a relationship. 😤

2. I’ve read Pippa/Tyke’s book Desolation and Pippa does lead Rainer around by the balls, but her internal musings are never romantic, nor is there this SUPER DEEP LOVE connection between the two. Why all the sudden does she have to leave the room for fresh air because Rainer’s getting sexed up?? And, isn’t it convenient that Tyke is NEVER around?? This annoys the crap out of me cuz it’s manufactured drama which is lazy. If you wanted to use that as a plot device, then make it consistent.

3. BJ just shit all over Tyke’s book, so now their “connection” has been soiled. Seriously, the part where they’re fighting and she says "what do I do if he doesn’t forgive me” and R says "I’ll always be with you …you’re my #1." 🤢 She should’ve said "no I love him” or "I’ll wait forever if I must" but what she says is “I can’t ask that of you” 🤬

4. And… this is the biggest one for me, you can’t have a second-chance romance where the h is second best to an OW for 90% of the book. It doesn’t work, the love isn’t believable, and just pisses readers off. We have to believe in the story to get the feels. Rainer + Pippa = zero feels for a Rainer & Emy/Mali reconnection. Moving on…

The Pippa OW connection isn’t physical, and I don’t think it ever was, but it’s so emotional that I thought it was worse.

Bottom Line- Ok read, but uber frustrating. On a positive note, it is super angsty in a unrequited painful kinda way. I didn’t think Emy/Mali was a total doormat. She did push back a few times (kicked him out 2X 👏) but he never really squirms, and I really needed that. I thought she was pretty direct with Pippa, but way too nice. Which is the theme of the book. I’m convinced BJ has a lady boner for Pip cuz nothing touches this bitch and everyone and I mean EVERYONE loves her so so so much. She even steals the epilogue with her stupid news and everyone “smothers her with love” because she needs to be even more important and special. **safety- safe from cheating etc., but proceed with caution if sensitive to a "second-best" scenario.

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August 17, 2015
ugh~ Pippa! Pippa! Pippa!

I didn't mind that its a love-triangleish and I loved that finally, a man is in between! BUT! the ending was so fast I think I had a whiplash! The hero says he's inlove with Pippa, then few pages on- he realized he LOVE Pippa but not inLOVE with her!!


The book has so much potential but by 80ish% in the story it went fuckin down hill!

So disappointed!

And don't get me started with Pippa! She's annoying as shit it pissed me off! She was a jealous bitch! she's like, "no we're just friends, and I care about him, I won't stand in your way blah blah blah!" but the next thing you know, she's throwing tantrums to get Rainer's attention. And she has a boyfriend for christ sake!!

I just found out Pippa has her own book, Desolation and I'm not fuckin' reading it! TBH I would rather eat shit!

Anyways.. *breathe..*

I guess if you look in the bright side, (if there's one!) Pippa added some spice in the story. heck, I cried a little every time stupid Rainer ditches Emalie to be with Pippa!

Okay.. I'm not really mad about the love-triangle that was goin' on here- because I actually loved it! BUT I just wished the ending was not rush!!

Anyways, I'm a sucker for an underdog main character, so despite everything I said up there- I couldn't put the damn book down. lol. I hated it and I loved it.

So if you're a masochist reader who's all into childhood friends turns lovers, kinda unrequited love story- then I recommend this one! Eventho it seems like I hated this book- Rainer and Emalie's love story was really good! It triggered pretty much every emotions in me.

3. 5 STARS!
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October 3, 2015
Hero should have been with Pippa, and moved far far away. He used Em/Mali, slept with her then denied it to spare Pippa's feelings. Heroine should have left the first time he did, that she was pathetic, even though he was her childhood friend and she loved him. She will always, always be second best behind bloody Pippa, who by the way has a relationship of her own to be kept busy with. Why the hell did her BF put up with that shit. She needs the hero at her beck and call 24/7 and sod Mali.

For a hero who was supposed to be so in love with the heroine, the fact that he didn't recognise her when he saw her again was too unbelievable.

She's a doormat and sometime in the future when pippa clicks her fingers, she'll be left watching Rainer's arse run out the door. Pathetic.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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July 7, 2015
Bella Jewel at her best!! This story focuses on Rainer and Emalie and I have to say that they have to be my favorite in the Obsidian series.
They were best friends. They completed each other. They knew each other's soul. Until they didn't.
Rainer is a changed man. When he is back into town, Emalie wants to have her old friend back, but it is not as easy as it sounds when your friend no longer recognizes you.
Emalie is devastated. She realizes that what she once had with Rainer is no more. Her face no longer stirs anything in him. All he sees is a pretty face and a body he can have any time he wants. Emalie settles for that, until it is no longer enough. In love with another woman now, Rainer is a man who no longer aches for his best friend, Emy.
Emalie gets caught up in a web of lies and pretence so she can be close to him.

 photo 11707495_920510368007305_7356273623842077416_n_zpsoaurklxy.jpg

Spiraling further and further into unrequited love, she realizes that what he can offer her will never be enough. Will she ever be enough for him? Will he ever remember her?
I loved the way this book was written. I found the flashbacks into the past very eye-opening and enlightening. Rainer's history with Emalie is simply breathtaking and at the same time devastating.

 photo 11220848_920092624715746_4933928771002727385_n_zpsvk080gvm.jpg

Their bond was strong and that makes Emalie's present even more agonizing. She tries to discover why Rainer has blocked her memory out of his head and at the same time, she tries to understand that what he feels for her now it may never be what she feels for him.
Their chemistry is explosive, but Rainer has eyes for another woman; a woman he cannot have. His fixation with Pippa will be Emalie's downfall.

I freeze, my hand on the knob, pain and agony ripping through me.
"I'm sorry. I didn't want to hurt her."
Hurt her? She is with another fucking man.
"Get out, Rainer," I say, twisting the knob.
"Fuck it, Mali, don't be pissed at me."
I spin. "Get the fuck out of my house."
"You said this was casual," he says, his voice low and almost gentle.
"Casual, yes, but I never expected you to make me feel so fucking worthless. Is it really so horrible to admit you slept with me? Am I really that fucking awful?"

One of my favorite parts in the book.

The writing sucked me in immediately and I finished this book in one sitting. It was that good! Rainer has got to be one of the best characters Bella Jewel has written so far! Emalie was amazing and brave. I loved that she stood up for herself. I felt every bit of her pain as if it were my own. Her love for Rainer was so deep that you could feel it.
Please, don't miss this one. Amazing book!
5 Stars
I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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2,101 reviews1,253 followers
July 6, 2015
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

[image error]

There is nothing flawed about Flawed Love by Bella Jewel. I absolutely loved this second installment of The House of Obsidian Series and devoured it in one sitting. Flawed Love managed to incorporate two of my favorite kind of trope into the story-line: Friends to Lovers and Second Chance Romance.


I really don't want to go in depth or spoil anything for the readers because this book was brimming with so much passion, intensity, raw emotions and chemistry that it had me addicted to the story of Emalie and Rainer. I will just say that I loved that majority of the POV was Emalie because it allowed readers to really connect with her and understand the emotional roller-coaster that Rainer was putting her through. Ms. Jewel did a fabulous job interlacing the past with the present by showcasing of how deep the chemistry and love that Emalie had for Rainer. It was the kind of burning love, one has for a destined soul mate and lover. I will just say that Ms. Jewel really captured the raw emotional struggle of Rainer and Emalie as they tried to navigate and figure out their wants, needs, and desires. In all honestly, Ms. Jewel reminded us that when it comes to really loving someone, sometimes you have to let them go and if they come back to you then you know its yours. And that message was really emphasized into this story line towards the end and I loved that. Flawed Love was hands down my favorite of the House of Obsidian Series because the writing, storytelling, and character developments were beautifully well executed. So if you are looking for a book that is gripping and yet heart-tugging then I highly recommend you to read Flawed Love by Bella Jewel.

[image error]

Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages: http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...Bella Jewel
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August 11, 2015

I did not enjoy this book has much as the first one. Had I know that Pippa would have been such an issue in this book, I wouldn't have read it.

I hated the consistent mentioning of Rainer's love for Pippa - who already is with someone. I understand Rainer and Pippa have a connection because of what they went through together but it felt as tho that was the focus of this book. Rainer couldnt move on because he loved Pippa.

I read Pippa and Tyke's book too and didn't feel as tho Rainer was overly mentioned or Pippa had any feelings for him but in this book it is mentioned many times either by Rainer himself or Mali/Emy how much he is in love with Pippa. For me it took away from the romance and ruined the book for me. I liked Pippa in her book but hated her in this. It felt as tho she liked the attention from Rainer evn tho shes with Tyke.

A few reasons why Rainers love for Pippa was a bit much in this book;

Rainer has a EMY tattoo above his heart but he also has a tattoo that symbolizes YOU GUESSED IT!!!!! Pippa.

"You'll always be the most important in my life, Pippa. I'll have your back if he doesn't. I'll always be here"

"I dont think I could ever fuck Pippa, but when it comes to the idea of another man doing it, I hate it. I'm possessive of her..."

Mali and Rainer hook up; the next morning Pippa comes looking for him because shes worried. She sees him in nothing but his shorts and asks him whats happening to which Rainer lies and says nothing he slept on the couch!! He lied because he didn't want to hurt Pippa!

Mali and Rainer have sex again, she ends up with a black eye because it was abit rough; anyways ppl ask what happened they explain, Pippa needs "fresh air" after hearing about it. Rainer follows her out.

Near the end Mali is in a car accident and she asks Rainer to chose her or Pippa. He says okay he'll think about it. So it takes him TWO weeks to come back. And boom in 1-2 pages he drops some lines and "picks" Mali. Which I don't think he would have. Pippa was the one he wanted and not got cus she was with another man. Mali was definitely second best.

In the first book of this series the hero was definitely alpha, possessive with the heroine. In this book it seemed as tho the hero was possessive over another woman. Theres one scene where he somewhat gets jealous - nothing major tho.

Hope Raider's book is better.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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982 reviews166 followers
July 15, 2015
Why do I even try?

Se conocen de niños, se hacen amigos, ambos tienen situaciones difíciles, se enamoran aunque ella no es la gran cosa y él es un chico malo. Ella se acuesta con él, el chico malo se involucra en cosas de drogas e intenta protegerla, lo secuestran y se llevan lo a Mexico o algún lugar que ya no recuerdo para trabajar casi como esclavo. Ahí conoce a otra chica a la que acaba protegiendo y se enamora de ella (porque algo pasa con su memoria y no puede recordar a la protagonista), los separan al escapar y la otra chica se enamora de otro, pero igual quiere que este chico le preste toda su atención.

Luego la protagonista se entera de que él está de regreso y no muerto(desde hace un tiempo) y va a verlo pero él no la reconoce y blah, blah, blah, ella se acuesta con él porque lo ama y lo extraña pero no le dice quién es y sufre porque él no la recuerda... drama, drama, drama, se enteran de la verdad, todos lloran, pelean por culpa de la otra tipa que él ama (además de repetir a cada rato que la ama y dejar abandonada a la protagonista por miedo a herir los sentimientos de la otra tipa quetiene una relación con otra persona), más drama, drama y eventualmente viven HEA. Fin.

No siquiera recuerdo los nombres de los protagonistas. Tampoco me interesa recordarlos... ALguien se llamaba Pippa and it was fucking annoying.
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2,197 reviews502 followers
July 9, 2015
Believe it or not, this is my first Bella Jewel book. I know, shocking right! But from the moment I first read the blurb, I couldn’t wait to read the book. It was just so intriguing that I had to sit down with it.

I was hooked from page one. This book utilizes the past and present format. Each chapter takes place in a different time. Rainer and Emy have been best friends for years and the book starts when they were in high school, just before things start to change between them. In the present day, it’s been 10 years since they’ve seen each other. Emy hears that Rainer is back in town and goes to see him. Well, as the blurb indicates, he doesn’t recognize her. This actually was an issue for me. Not so much that she wasn’t recognized, but that she thought he should recognize her. She went from having short blonde hair to long brown hair. She was a tom-boy in high school, wearing jeans and t-shirts to dressing more girly in dresses and heels. Add to the fact that she introduces herself as Mali and there’s no way that he would connect today’s “Mali” with yesteryear’s Emy. So it irritated me a little that she was so upset that he didn’t immediately look at her and recognize her. Even her bff said that if she saw Emy/Mali as she was then, she wouldn’t recognize her. So obviously she had changed…a lot. So her expectations were a little high.

I have to say that I loved the chapters that dealt with the past…at first. They had depth and connection and showed not only the physical attraction but the actual emotional connection between Emy and Rainer. While the modern day story was good, and they had great physical chemistry, I didn’t quite feel the depth of emotional connection between them. I think I just needed more; more time with them in “today”, them spending more time together, talking more, connecting more…I just wasn’t convinced of their current connection based on anything but the past; and that’s saying something because Rainer didn’t know who she was for almost 70% of the book. My issue with the past chapters came toward the end of the book. Rainer got into some trouble and was trying to push Emy away and unfortunately the chapters just felt a little chaotic and vague, and that was understandable since they were from Emy’s POV and she didn’t know what was going on with Rainer. But compared to the other past chapters, they were just lacking.

My biggest issue came with Pippa (friend of Rainer’s) and Rainer’s relationship. For me, because I didn’t feel like Rainer and Emy got enough time together in the current day story, and I had a hard time feeling like there was more than just a physical relationship, I came to hate Pippa. This is also due to the lack of time spent on Rainer’s past, the bridge/missing part that spans when he left Emy and when the modern day story picks up. Yes, Rainer tells her what happens, but without his POV, we never really see how he’s dealing with it, if he’s fighting with himself over his feelings for Mali and/or Pippa or that he’s even developing feelings for Mali. It was established that he was in love with Pippa, and jealous of her boyfriend. And there was more than one occasion where he told Pippa that she would always be his number 1. So I came to hate her. She was perfectly nice and sweet and pleasant and she wanted to be friends with Mali, but she was also jealous of Mali’s relationship with Rainer and she would get upset when she saw physical evidence (i.e. a kiss or evidence that they’d had sex) and run out. And of course, Rainer would run after her, leaving Mali. There did come a time where Mail gave him an ultimatum and the turnaround was so quick that I was left wishing for his POV (once again) to really feel his choice. Another instance where his POV would have been welcome was when he finally found out that Mail was Emy. I would have loved to see/feel his reaction. But this also goes along with another issue I had…when he showed up at Emy’s house, she gave in WAY to easy to him. He should have groveled and had to work harder for her.

Overall, I really did enjoy the book. I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait for the next book in the series and to go back and read book 1.
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January 3, 2017
Rainer is just so gorgeous. Emy/Mali has been best friends with Rainer since they were young. They r total opposite. She us the nerd an he the popular guy but they just get on so well. 10 years ago, Rainer and Emalie were the most important people in each other's lives; they started out as best friends and then fell in love only to have it destroyed and forgotten. Now that they live in the same town again, Emalie still wants the man she loves, but he can't remember her due to his trauma and his heart belongs with Pippa now because what they went through tied them together in a way that can't be broken. Rainer is a damaged and tortured man who doesn't know how to reclaim his own life because it wasn't his for quite a few years and that time broke him.

From the moment I first read the blurb, I couldn’t wait to read the book. It was just so intriguing that I had to sit down with it. I was hooked from page one. This book utilizes the past and present format. Yeah really enjoyed this one. There where Times I wanted to knock both of their heads together but, yeah... no, overAll really liked it. Flawed Love is such a heartbreaking story on a number of levels.
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July 12, 2015
So done w/ this series. Its a "how to be a major doormat" instruction manual for gitls.
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July 16, 2015
Bella Jewel's storyline and plot is exceptional. Felt the connection and chemistry between the characters; however I'm wondering if I should have rated Flawed Love with two stars instead of three. I'm still on the fence. Emalie's reaction to situations that were upsetting included throwing hissy fits and boohooing, while she'd run for the hills. She constantly made herself a victim, be that by her feelings or how the guys in her life wronged her. I saw her as weak and pathetic, someone who refuse to fight back.
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July 14, 2015
Rainer and Emalie sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G
Flawed Love was a very emotional journey for me, but I think it was deeply enhanced by my previous knowledge of Rainer & Pippa's experience. It makes me wonder if those that don't read her book will get the same experience. I'm guessing that they might be a little harder on Rainer, less understanding of his mental road blocks and obvious feelings for Pippa. There's something to be said for going through hell and coming out the other side. You might be in one piece, but those pieces might be glued back together with many visible cracks. You can't unsee, unlive, or unfeel the things that make you into the person you are today. We are all a sum total of our experiences. But what if you gave your heart to someone and they walked away with it? What if they still hold it, but don't remember you? OMG!!! My heart broke reading this beautiful story. I could see everything so clearly, from both sides. I felt their pain and their love. I've always heard that phrase that it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. It makes you wonder if that's true when you are left with the love and the memories and have to see the person who holds your heart, but they aren't aware of it. I had been looking forward to Ranier's story. I loved him already, before I read the first page of Flawed Love. I knew he was broken, damaged, closed off. I knew that it would take a special person to get past the wall he had put up to protect himself. But I didn't know about her...sigh. I was expecting a new woman to walk into his life, not someone from his past who knew him before he was broken. What an incredible story that was, the friendship they shared, before IT happened. I'm really digging the blending of the characters between the two series. I like having familiar friends to hang with while being introduced to new ones. Isn't it amazing how we get attached to our book characters and each new story is like a reunion? How cool it is to have girl time with my MC biker babes and my fight club chicks. And how sweaty and slippery it is in the locker room after a fight. I have a new appreciation for the sport (wink-wink).

Check it out here: http://goo.gl/qP0G8A
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January 3, 2016
Not really convinced about Rainer's feelings towards Mali. He spent almost the whole book in love with someone else. The ending was just another thing that ruined it for me. It was just so sudden. Um not really my thing.
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July 11, 2015
2 stars.

DISSAPOINTED. Ps. I hate Pippa.
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January 9, 2016
"R is for Rainer, handsome as can be, A is for a-hole, one he can be, I is for idiot, yeah you know it's true, N is for nerdy, you're a little of that too, E is for energetic, there's no holding you back, R is for rebel, one day I'll fight back."

I loved the aspect of the whole story and I felt Flawed Love had great potential however, it was sadly lacking in the depth department of the NOW chapters.


The THEN chapters:
I loved this section of the story. I loved watching their friendship blossom into something so much more. I loved watching them struggle with what they were really feeling for each other as they both tried to find what they needed in other people. This was the BEST part of the whole book. I LOVED it.


The NOW chapters:
I liked this section for the most part however, sadly it lacked depth. I felt it was shallow and filled with: jealousy, lies, hidden secrets, memory loss, sadness, broken hearts, and the opportunity to be used cheaply in the steamy sections. Basically, too many emotions and words were held back and bottled up, leaving the reader with not enough to hang on to, to make it feel genuine.

Another thing about this section - when his past comes out, I felt like it was underdeveloped. Rainer deserved so much more time on this as this seemed to be a big heavy subject matter. It should have had more story time than what it got. In a way, I felt like Rainer's past, when he left Emy, was just thrown in for the sake of being thrown in. It almost felt so oddly out of place. Especially in his one POV chapter - very random.

I also felt like her secret, when it rears it's ugly head, is the reason he sits up and really takes notice. It makes you wonder what would have happened had she not said anything. When something major happens later - that too should have been more developed, especially when he come's to a decision - it should have been with more depth and emotion than what I got from it.

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July 13, 2015
Absolutely loved it..
I was so anxious for Rainer to get his HEA!!!

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December 31, 2019
3.5 stars

This was my pre Christmas audio read while I was busy getting the gardens all tidied up and all the other jobs I deem important before visitors arrive.

The second story in the House of Obsidian series but the focus is on Rainer, the bartender who was introduced in the previous book.

Emy and Rainer were childhood friends, sharing everything together. As they grew to be teenagers, they also shared a few other firsts. They thought they would be together forever until Rainer suddenly left and they never saw each other again. Emy has searched for him for 10 years but had all but given up on ever seeing Rainer again.

When Emy finds out that Rainer is back and where he is working she finds the courage to go and see him. His reaction was not what she expects, he has no idea who she is, there is no recognition in his eyes. He looks nothing like the man she remembers. The years have been kind to him, he is absolutely gorgeous and he has changed so much.

Rainer is a one night stand kind of guy, his job puts beautiful girls in his path every day and sometimes he samples. When Emy walks into his bar he feels like he may have seen her before but he can't recall when or how. After spending the night with her he finds himself wanting to see her again, he never does that but something is pulling him to her.

The other problem is that Rainer is in love with his best friend Pippa who is very taken with her boyfriend. Rainer is definitely in the friend zone for Pippa but they have this incredible connection, having shared the last 10 years being each other's support.

Will Rainer and Emy finally get the HEA they deserve?
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April 19, 2018

I loved Rainer since Pippa's story.

The suffering this man took on first for Emy and then for Pippa is indescribable. We should all be so lucky as to have a love like that.

I really love this series! The characters are unforgettable.
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February 6, 2019
Not my fav. I just didnt see how he could get over his "love" for pippa that fast and easy. Two weeks? lol
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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July 19, 2015
It's no secret Bella Jewel is one of our DEAR authors, with each book she writes her writing continuously goes from strength to strength. Bella has a gift, as readers we are extremely lucky to come across authors like her. Bella's writing draws you in from the start and keeps you captivated until you have finished the last page, when you've finished one of her books you are hanging by a thread for the next book she has up her sleeve.

Background - We first met Rainer in Desolation, he was taken and sold as a slave where he met Pippa, they both share a bond that's hard to explain. Both holding a special kind of love for each other.

Then - Mali (Emy) and Rainer are childhood friends, polar opposites Rainer being a popular boy at school living with a drunk for a father and Emy a tomboy with rich parents only ever feeling like she fits in when she is with Rainer. Still these two are as thick as thieves, best friends. They share a bond and have so much love for one another as friends, pushing past the friendship barrier they fall in love, they are each others everything.

"R is for Rainer, handsome as can be, A is for asshole, one he can be, I is for idiot, yeah, you know it’s true, N is for nerdy, you’re a little of that too, E is for energetic, there’s no holding you back, R is for rebel, one day I’ll fight back.”

Now - Its been ten long years since Emy has seen Rainer, knowing he's back in town and working in a bar. All grown up Emy is no longer the tomboy she once was...not a day has gone by that she hasn't thought of the man she loved and still loves. Due to his trauma Rainer doesn't recognise Emy and his heart now lies with Pippa, going through what they did created a bond that can't be broken.

"But you need to understand something about me—I believe in second chances. I believe anything can be fixed with the right kind of love. I won’t hurt him, I promise you that, but I’m not going to give up, either.”

Flawed Love is a heartbreaking beautiful story. Rainer is a damaged man a man who was tortured and been though hell. His experience has made it hard for him to adapt to a life of freedom. We love how Bella takes us through past and present chapters in each you feel the build up and you can't wait to know more. Then when you dive into the next past or present chapter, it's a rollercoaster ride of mixed emotions you won't want to get off. Rainer is a beautiful tortured soul just trying to get through each day, trying to reconnect with the woman who stole his heart years ago and the woman who has his heart now, you can feel the pain and desperation from Rainer, Emy and Pippa.

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July 17, 2015
Oh Rainer! We learned a lot about him during Pippa’s story in Desolation and I was so excited to find out he was getting his own story!

Rainer has lived a ridiculously hard life and due to those circumstances he is very closed off. He has very few friends and never has a relationship.

“I don’t do relationships; I do one-night stands. I fuck. I don’t ask names.”

A blast from his past, Mali aka Emy, re-enters his life unexpectedly, only there is one problem. He doesn’t remember her.

“I didn’t want a lot, I didn’t expect a lot – hell, I prepared myself for him hating me, but I never ever expected he’d have forgotten who I am.”

The two enter a sexual relationship, but Mali continues to hide the truth from Rainer. The sex is scorching.

“I’m going to lick your cunt, then I’m going to fuck it, but I’m going to come right here, with my dick pressed deep between your tits.”

You must read this story to find out if the truth about the past is ever revealed and if Mali and Rainer are able to be together after his awful past. This is a true story of second chances, overcoming tough obstacles, and being with the one you are meant to be with.

Flawed Love was sexy, sweet, and full of heat. I really like how Ms. Jewel goes back and forth between then and now, as well as whose point of view it is. I LOVED every minute of it and can’t wait for Raide’s story. ~ Tiffany, 4.5 stars
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July 6, 2015
I just finished Flawed Love and I loved it. I'm a big Bella fan and this to me didn't disappoint. This is Rainer's story. You met him in Pippa and Tykes story and then seen him again in Flawed Heart. You know that he has went through alot of turmoil in his life so now we get to really see it. You find out that he was friends with Emalie. The story flips from past to present in each chapter so you get to see what happened and what is happening now. Emalie has loved him forever and once she realizes that he is back in town she goes to see him. She doesnt really expect much from him but it still hurts when he doesnt recognize her. She decides to keep her secret but what will happen when Rainer finds out who she really is? You just have to read to see what happens!

I really enjoyed the story. I thought that the characters had alot of depth to them and showed some vulnerability. I a few times felt their pain. I liked seeing everyone from the previous books, they still brought alot to the story.

I cant wait to see more!

Story 5
Sex 5
Overall 5
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July 14, 2015
Aawwwwww!!!! Love, love, LOVE this story!!!
I was so looking forward to Rainer's story, I felt so sorry for him in Desolation, he missed out on the girl and after everything he'd been through with Pippa they had such a strong connection, I couldn't stand seeing Rainer dealing with such heartbreak. 
Rainer might not have been able to open himself up to someone new but Mali knew Rainer from before, before he even met Pippa, they were childhood best friends and later young lovers. 
Surprisingly, in this book I experienced negative feelings towards Pippa, which really did shock me as she was one of my favourite heroines of the Joker's Wrath series. I just felt there were a few moments of selfishness where she didn't seem to care how her reactions would make Mali feel, she came across almost as a spoilt brat on a few occasions. 
I loved Emalie, I really felt sorry for what she went through during this book. To lose and then find the love of your life only to find out he doesn't even remember you? Just tragic. 
Bella Jewel just keeps getting better and better, I love this woman's work!!
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