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Sanshlian #1

The Quest

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Eleven years ago, my life was ripped away from me. My father, my brother, my humanity. Everything. I was thrown into the Kamps, created to be a mindless machine. But I fought against it, not letting them take away my memories of the past.

And I succeeded.

It has been seven years since I was taken out of the Kamps and made into the Emperor's Shadow. Now I only take orders from him, and him alone, without questions. That is, until my brother, who I thought was dead, shows up and kidnaps me in order to help him find some long lost planetthat our father used to tell stories about.

According to the legend, and who finds the planet Sanshll can rewrite the past, and my brother wants to use it to destroy the Empire. My loyalty will always be to the Emperor. But what if this planet is real? The longer I stay with my brother, the more I begin to find that the Emperor has been keeping secrets from me. But I can't turn my back on him...

Or can I?

274 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 11, 2015

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About the author

Dani Hoots

65 books397 followers

Dani Hoots is a science fiction, fantasy, romance, and young adult author who loves anything with a story. She has a B.S. in Anthropology, a Masters of Urban and Environmental Planning, a Certificate in Novel Writing from Arizona State University, and a BS in Herbal Science from Bastyr University.

Currently she is working on a YA urban fantasy series called Daughter of Hades, a YA urban fantasy series called The Wonderland Chronicles, a historic fantasy vampire series called A World of Vampires, and a YA sci-fi series called Sanshlian Series. She has also started up an indie publishing company called FoxTales Press. She also works with Anthill Studios in creating comics through Antik Comics.

Her hobbies include reading, watching anime, cooking, studying different languages, wire walking, hula hoop, and working with plants. She is also an herbalist and sells her concoctions on FoxCraft Apothecary. She lives in Phoenix with her husband and visits Seattle often.

Feel free to email her with any questions you might have!

danihootsauthor (at) gmail (dot) com

Check out her websites and follow her on social media:

author website

my blog

comic website

publishing website

apothecary website






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3,088 reviews1,511 followers
June 16, 2017
As a child Arcadia was raised by her father until the day the empire came after him for rebelling against them. Arcadia's father was killed and her brother managed to escape but Arcadia was caught by the guards and taken to a place known as the Kamps where they try to break down the prisoners and steal their memories.

However, after four years in the Kamps the Emperor rescued Arcadia and brought her into his close trust where she became known as the Emperor's Shadow. A sometimes brutal killing machine that was meant to protect the Emperor and the laws that he enforced Arcadia never expected that the latest assassination attempt would come from the brother she thought must have been long gone since he'd never made an attempt to rescue her himself.

Eleven years after that fateful day Arcadia and her brother have found themselves on opposite sides of the war. Arcadia is fiercely loyal to the Emperor since he had saved her but when her brother seems to believe that their father knew of a planet called Sanshll that can rewrite the past and possibly change the future that they both now know Arcadia can't help but want to find the truth.

The Quest is the first book of the Sanshlian series by Dani Hoots. The series falls into the science fiction category for the young adult/new adult age range and while normally this would lead in most books in this age range being romance mixed in there really wasn't much of that involved.

The main character Arcadia after being taken from her family made a life for herself and became the strong character she was on her own. But even with being saved by the Emperor and being loyal for years when her family member came back into the picture it raised the question of what is stronger her blood ties or loyalty.

The story about a hidden place to save the world was highly interesting to follow. There was plenty of action as loyalties are questioned and the characters go about their journey which made this sci-fi adventure one that kept my attention even though it's not a top pick for genre for me. Would definitely continue the story as this one left with quite the cliffhanger.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

For more reviews please visit https://carriesbookreviews.wordpress....
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414 reviews66 followers
March 10, 2021
Received a copy from the author herself for an honest review and this does not affect my review or rating of the book, thank you!

5 Perfect Stars!!!!

He was gone, and now I was alone to face my fate. Just as I had always been in my dreams. I must have been destined to be alone. Mission after mission, time after time. Alone.

Now this is the intensity I LOVE in books! This book had me hooked from the start! It was amazing, I really enjoyed the intenseness of this book and the feelings that made me feel while reading this. I was always on the edge of my seat, it had me wondering, what was going to happen? How can they do this? What happens if they find out? All these questions were turning and turning all over my head and I was in love this story.
Not only did I love the story, but I loved and admired all the characters in this book, including the villains!

"No boyfriend. No husband...Never admit love. Never let love into my heart. Messes things up. It's a weakness. My loyalty is to the Emperor and the Emperor alone. Love will impede that loyalty."

Arcadia is one feisty and strong character, I liked her from the start. She is very independent and knows how to fight her battles, both physically and verbally. She is the Emperor's Shadow, his personal body guard and we can see why she has gained that role and lives by her reputation of a murderous monster.
Arcadia's role is to destroy and eliminate all threats towards the Empire. She has killed and murder many people in her short life, many strangers who threaten the Empire's peace, while also having dealt with some that she personally knows as well. No one messes with Arcadia and as you can see her loyalty to the Emperor is absolute.
But a person from her past comes into her life and it changes everything for Arcadia. She is no fool, she is no traitor but slowly, she begins to discover...

There are so many secrets in this tale, so many different twists and turns. Some were predictable but man did others definitely surprise me. I thoroughly enjoyed feeling that suspense after every turn, feeling that need to just keep reading until I find out what is happening. It was an amazing feeling and I know it will not stop with the next two books. I cannot wait to see what this series has installed for us and I am going to enjoy watching how Arcadia transforms into someone she did not know she was.

The truth is more effective than lies.

Highly recommend this series, you will not regret it! Definitely captivating and full of surprises and an intensity so thick it will keep you wanting more and more even as we reach the last page!

"... Even if you change the past, how do you know someone else won't come and destroy it again?"
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171 reviews
February 24, 2016
This review was from my husband and yes it is his first review!

I am a big fan of Sci-Fi style books (primarily the Star Wars series) and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. This is also the first (full) book that I've read electronically. I found it hard to put the book down, as it was a very exciting and good read. I would spend my lunch at work reading, and even clocked in late at times as I didn't want to put the book down!

The story line was well developed, and very believable in a futuristic and intergalactic setting. Characters were well defined, as was the relationships and interactions between them. This book easily stands on it's own, and even leaves the ending open for future installments!

If you enjoy a well developed, action packed read that is hard to put down, then I highly recommend this book!
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63 reviews16 followers
August 21, 2015
I've always been fond of the "syfy family drama" genre. But this one went beyond that. Does that sound gushy? Well, it's true!! 'The Quest' by Dani Hoots is the story of a girl named Arcadia, who is torn between family and loyalty to the Emperor. It was interesting to see how a innocent but brave girl came to be in a strong position. I was rooting for her from the beginning, especially since everyone wanted rid of her. When her brother shows up they both go in search of a lost planet named "Sanshli". There he hopes to destroy the Pandronan Empire and usher in a new age, but will Arcadia help! This book I'd recommend to readers who enjoy female lead characters as well as YA science fiction. It's well conceived with a first book feel and I will read the sequel :D
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1,332 reviews4 followers
October 8, 2016
The Quest by Dani Hoots was incredible! Most of the time when you get a science fiction/ fantasy book romance plays a key in it. This book was all science fiction with a hint of romance. The main character was a great heroine, she knew herself well enough to realize she had blood on her hands, and while not good, it was her job and she didn't justify herself. It was refreshing to read her "real" character insights.

I really, really can't wait for the next in the series, and I will warn you, there is a cliffhanger. A big one!! But its worth it, it really is!!!

I received a free copy of this novel for an honest review from NetGalley!
4 reviews
September 8, 2015
This is an action packed scifi. It kept my attention from beginning to end. It left me wanting more.
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56 reviews1 follower
April 12, 2020
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

This was an adventure! It has elements of Star Wars, James Bond, and National Treasure. There were action packed scenes balanced with tender, thought-provoking scenes about Arcadia's next move. Arcadia was a well-crafted and complex character which added to her relationship with other characters and the plot. The last few pages ended the book with surprise and wonderment that left me excited for the rest of the series!
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109 reviews3 followers
December 17, 2015
Holy Hangover!!! I CANNOT wait for the next book in the series. Wow! This book had me riveted to the pages so much I couldn't even set it down at work (don't tell the boss lol). I loved this book and will read it again just to make sure I didn't miss anything. There were hints along the way for some of the twists and turns but not all of them. Dani has to have a lot of talent to go into this much detail and keep the story flowing along with all the unexpected happenings. I would definitely give this book at least 6 stars if I could.
10 reviews1 follower
January 23, 2018
I love YA books, especially fantasy. I’ve never been a big fan of much sci-fi, especially aliens. However, I do like Star Wars, so I gave The Quest a chance. It was a bit hard to get started, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised! I love Arcadia. She’s a wonderful & complex character. When the story caught my attention, it held on, which is difficult. And the ending??? What a cliffhanger! Can’t wait to start the second book! Curious to see where the story goes.
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111 reviews14 followers
December 1, 2016
I was given a copy of The Quest by the author, Dani Hoots, in exchange for an honest review.

Eleven-years-ago, Arcadia lost everything when the empire killed her father and dragged her off to the Kamps to be tortured and used for experiments. While in a fight to the death, Arcadia managed to impress the visiting Emperor himself and won herself a place as his shadow- the Emperor’s secret assassin. But when her brother reappears after so many years, she no longer knows where her loyalty lies: to the brother who abandoned her to the Kamps, or the ruthless Emperor who saved her from them.

The Quest starts us off with Arcadia and her brother, Rik, high above a planet with their father, watching as it is overtaken by Empire soldiers. To ease their fears, their father tells them a bedtime story, which launches them into a tale of a mysterious planet and a lost daughter to two powerful illusionists who is the galaxy’s hope for peace. As cute as it is to get a glimpse of our characters’ lives before the calamity sets in, the opening prologue here gives far, far too much away. The use of a “chosen one” prophecy is really overdone, and something needs to be twisted for the troupe to have any sort of effect. As that wasn’t the case, the prologue only stood as an outline of what to expect by the end of the book. As the book had no other hints to a “chosen one” narrative, leaving out the prologue would have added to the surprise and revelation at the end, when we find out who Arcadia really is. Instead, it was a giant red arrow pointing to the main character exclaiming, “Look out, we’ve got a super special snowflake over here.”

It was delightful to see a full story captured within a single book. The book ends on a cliffhanger and there is definitely more to the story, but the characters achieved in one book the goal they set out for themselves (finding the planet Sanshli), as opposed to outlining a goal that (in many fantasy/sci-fi books) takes a whole series to complete (E.g., Characters are out to get rid of the empire, but in Book 1 only find one component of a spell to destroy it). So it was a real breath of fresh air to find a book that finishes what it says it will.

Now, the element that ultimately brought my rating down for this book was the main character. I had problems with nearly every characterization, (from motivations that made no sense, to cartoonish reactions to situations, to alliances that made no sense with that’s been established in the characters’ pasts), but ultimately it was Arcadia herself that made this book incredibly difficult to get through. Though she’s presented as a “strong, female character,” her personality can be reduced to two elements: the fact that she’s a murderous, cold-blooded, feel nothing monster who seems to take pleasure in carrying out this role, and the sexy bootylicious babe that everyone wants to bang. Throughout the book, Arcadia boasts about the people she’s killed and doesn’t have a lick of remorse. Even when her actions are brought to her attention, and characters try to lead her to feel remorse, Arcadia shrugs it all off and takes it as “who she is,” which is extremely off-putting. Throughout the entire book, Arcadia did maybe a handful of things that could be considered sympathetic, and even then the only reason she did these things was to “fool the crew” into believing she was trustworthy. Her motivation relied entirely on the fact that she got “orders” from her Emperor, which made her come off as a mindless puppet without a single likeable or sympathetic aspect to her character. It was an attempt to come off as a “hard, badass female” but what we’re left with is the cartoonish equivalent to a 16-year-old waving around a Swiss army knife. The author spent so much time trying to prove their MC was a badass that the character lacked any sort of humanity.

And we come to the second big ticket element of our MC’s personality-- her attractiveness. Oh, don’t worry, Arcadia doesn’t waste time talking about how beautiful and sexy she is (she’s got to spend that time explaining how badass she is), but that’s why every other character with a dick has to make a move on her. Within the first chapter, she is objectified by 1) the Emperor, 2) the head general 3) some guy she has a sort of relationship with (who has to show up and see her canoodling with the other two for little to no reason). Every male (thankfully except her brother) makes a point to hit on her or make a move on her. (Meanwhile everyone else hates her guts. These very polarizing responses which got dull fast.) There’s nothing wrong with having a character who is sexual and is wanted by others, but this was another case of overkill. When you spend every chapter asserting your sexuality and dominance in your character, it loses its affect. Often saying something once is more powerful than repeating something ad nausea until the reader learns to tune it out.

Further, the motivations (Arcadia as well as everyone else’s) made no sense. All the decisions that are made in the beginning of the book to push things into action (the Emperor telling her to go with her brother, Rik waiting so long to find his sister, and why he bothered since her use doesn’t become apparent until later), felt so forced. Nothing flowed organically. Even Arcadia becoming the Emperor’s shadow made no sense. The empire kills her father, drags her from home and puts her in a place of torture, and then when the Emperor makes an appearance, she attempts to assassinate him. The Emperor (I guess?) is turned on by chicks throwing knives and hires her, even though she still attempts to kill him. And then, for some reason, Arcadia’s whole motivation flips and she becomes exceedingly loyal to the person who completely destroyed her whole life. There’s no explanation given for this besides “he saved her from the Kamps,” which, being that he was the reason she was there in the first place, didn’t make for a believable transformation.

As far as the writing goes, I was fairly disappointed. The author spends far more time telling than showing, which makes description thin. Instead of showing us the world and letting the story reveal itself, the author holds the reader by the hand and tells them everything. A little telling is fine, but as the writer spent the whole time telling us the backstory, telling us how characters felt, telling us what other characters thought at times, it really took away from the experience. I wanted to know what the ship looked like. I wanted to wonder what other characters really thought of Arcadia. Instead of letting the reader draw their own conclusions, the book drags you to the conclusions it wants you to draw.

In the last quarter of the book, Arcadia’s motivation completely changes, and with it, so does her character. She claims near the end (when it’s clear she’s not following orders anymore, nor is she incredibly sympathetic to the PAE and their struggles), she decides her reason for finding the lost planet was to rid herself of nightly dreams. It was at this point that Arcadia finally resembled something human. She wasn’t a mindless drone! She actually had her own thoughts! And though it didn’t make her sympathetic or likeable by any means, it at least gave me something as a reader to hold onto and use to relate to her. As well, during this final quarter we actually see some inner conflict, some turmoil. When Arcadia is injured, she has a moment of humanity and admits she doesn’t know who to side with. I felt like if we had more of that -- the inner conflict, the uncertainty, the utter humanity-- and less time talking about her kills or getting her into bed, this book would have had a much greater impact.

All in all 1/5 stars. Underdeveloped characters and poor writing made for a lackluster experience.
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325 reviews2 followers
April 30, 2020
Great cyberpunk story with a strong and very complex female lead in Arcadia. There's very good world building and the story makes sense. The characters are layered and have emotions/reactions that are realistic. I love the complexity of the lead, as a reader I was rooting for her from the beginning, yet she doesn't seem like a really nice person. In spite of that you get a connection with her, understand her motives (helped by the insight in her thought process throughout the book). The plot is interesting with many different, conflicting, loyalties and the choices Arcadia is forced to make. If you don't like a cliffhanger: beware!

The version I read was an ARC and there were a lot of unfinished sentences, double words etc in there. I assume those are fixed. I did finish the book cause I liked it, but it almost made want to put the book away.

*** An ARC was provided by Netgalley in exchange for a honest review ***
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346 reviews52 followers
April 29, 2020
This book is an adventurous "space fantasy" with a world built in an intergalactic setting.

Plot: A sister and brother separated as children. She now defends the Emperor and fights for the empire her brother seeks to destroy.

The Author has created a well developed strong female lead with an intriguing arrogant and sarcastic nature. The characters connect well to the premise of the story.

I am rating this book 3.5 stars as it has more of a dynamic geared to the teen genre.
Which I feel that age group would most likely enjoy this book if they are interested in reading this genre and premise.

I received a copy of this book from the Author via NetGalley.
All opinions are my own.
A big thank you to Author Dani Hoots.
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457 reviews3 followers
May 10, 2020
This was a great book by a new to me author, Dani Hoots. It starts out like most sci fi books and you think it is going to be another same old, same old and then it twists and turns into something completely different! I found the story world to be very believable and the characters well developed - two criteria that are absolutely essential for me in any book. If you like sci fi and want something a little different, I highly recommend this story!
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2,279 reviews96 followers
June 16, 2020
Many years ago a young girl had her life ripped away from her while running from the Emperor one faithful night. Arcadia watches as her father is shot dead right in front of her eyes and her brother Rik runs away leaving her with her captors. Arcadia is taken to the Kamps to where she they teach her to be a killer.

A few years later Arcadia is seen by the Emperor himself and likes what he sees in her. The Emperor takes her away from the Kamps and secretly has her trained to be an assassin better known as his Shadow.

Arcadia once believed everything her father taught her about the Emperor but now she is loyal only to the Emperor. Arcadia has had all of her feelings and humanity stripped from her by the Kamps and the Emperor’s men. She is no longer the same girl she once was.

One day Arcadia’s brother Rik returns from the dead to kidnap her so they can continue their father’s quest to find the planet Sanshll. It is believed that if they find Sanshll they can change the past and save the world and destroy the Emperor. But Arcadia has not intensions of helping Rik as she is belongs to the Emperor now.

The longer she stays with Rik the more she learns about the Emperor and finds that he has been keeping secrets. Arcadia begins to doubt everything she has been taught. She needs answers to a number of things like what the Emperor has been hiding.

Arcadia has been having dreams for a long time night after night. She believes if she can find this planet Sanshll then maybe she will get the answers she needs and maybe the dreams will go away.

I can’t wait to dive into the next book The Journey to see how the story continues especially after that ending.

Can Arcadia find the answers she needs? Can they save the world? Wil they find the planet Sanshll? To find all the answers one click your copy of The Quest to begin this wondrous quest with Arcadia and Rik.

I would recommend The Quest to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy or sci-fi story.
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Author 50 books32 followers
September 7, 2015
Arcadia is the Emperor's shadow. She goes out to eliminate the people who plot rebellion and cause unrest. It has been two hundred years since the Imperialists wan the war, but there are still those who continue the fight. She gets home from her latest mission just in time for the semi annual formal ball for the rulers of the planets which make up the Empire.

Arcadia hates dressing up, but this time, that will be the least of her problems. Her long lost brother shows up and tries to kill the Emperor. She has a sneaking suspicion the assassination attempt was only to get her attention.

The Quest is a teen book disguised as sci fi. All the main characters are teens or in their early twenties, and they act like it with sniping and grumbling being the order of the day. Even the Emperor is young. The Generals are all fresh out of school. Arcadia, the scourge of the Empire with thousands of kills is seventeen. I kept wondering as I read what killed off all the adults.

The Generals and Arcadia are an odd mix of competency and incompetence. They run security in the palace, but do most of the work themselves instead of delegating it. They let personalities get in the way, not that adults don't,  but there is no subtlety.

This is also science fiction with very little technology.  A galactic empire, but it doesn’t have basic scanners for weapons. Those weapons are knives and guns with funny names. They don't have cell phones but must do all their bickering in person.

Having said that, Arcadia is an interesting mix of hard edges and arrogance with a soft spot which is hurt by people's distrust of her. Some of her throw away comments are great, and the level of sarcasm is terrific. If you don't mind the teen dynamics and you like space opera, you will probably enjoy this book.
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71 reviews24 followers
December 18, 2016
I actually reviewed this book on my booktube channel so you can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMGwF...

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review by the author. This review is spoiler free.

As a huge fan of everything scifi/space related, I was really excited to read this book. The premise sounded interesting (long lost siblings, a rebellion, and space travel is an instant "must read" in my opinion), and so I definitely wanted to give this one a try.

Really great world building, an interesting plot and a main character who has a very interesting and complex background. There was enough conflict and intrigue in the main storyline to develop an interest in the characters as well as the mysterious Sanshlii.

While I liked the overall idea of the book, I felt like there were some points that definitely lost me as a reader. There was a lot of telling instead of showing happening with certain things (the main characters coldness, the relationships of all the characters during their quest, etc) that drew me away from the story as a whole. The action also felt a little slow at times.


I liked this book, and would give it 3.5/5 stars. I definitely want to see how this story progresses, and hopefully see more character development that will continue throughout the series.

TLDR; 3.5/5 Stars, good overall plot and interesting characters, would love to see more "show not tell" in the upcoming novels.
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7 reviews
December 27, 2015
The story follows a brother and sister who were separated as children and now are on opposite sides in a bitter war. Now they must work together to find the mythical planet of Sanshli. Will Arcadia betray her brother Rik or will she help bring down the Empire she has served most of her life?

The author does a good job of developing the characters and maintaining a storyline. The book has a good premise and a surprise ending that I definitely wasn't expecting! The only bad thing I can say about it is that it feels unfinished. It cuts off at the end with no resolution in the middle of an important part of the story. I don't know if the author is planning a sequel, but ending a book that suddenly kind of ticked me off. I was looking for the next page to find none. It's one thing when you know that it's a series but to have just a single book end like that feels kind of like a middle finger to readers.
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2,619 reviews48 followers
November 29, 2016
I don't mind a cliff hanger in a book that is part of a series. However when there is one I want something solved and a another problem as the cliff hanger. The Quest did not have that. It just ended with the entire cast of characters in place for some kind of solution and then a bright white light and wait for the next book. The book was mainly backstory, world building and some plot development.

In spite of the length the character development left something to be desired. I did not warm to any one in the book and did not understand what their motives were. That left me wondering how or if they even fit into the very loosely woven plot. I will give the second book a chance. If it does not move the characters and plot alone better than book one I will leave the series behind.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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58 reviews1 follower
February 3, 2016
this book had a very slow beginning..... some of the descriptions were a tad confusing but over all there was a good story line! I didn't think I would like this book, however after finishing, I really want to know what happens next.........
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265 reviews
Shelved as 'dnf'
December 27, 2020
I DNF'd this book and won't be leaving a rating as a result.

I picked this out of my Audible TBR while waiting for Aurora Burning to come through from my library. Honestly, The Aurora Cycle series is what this book strives to be and falls far short.

The premise of this book sounds great, but the actual story is somewhat ridiculous and unbelievable. Let's use The Aurora Cycle series as an example. In that series, authors Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff lay out why a bunch of teens would hold such important titles on a spaceship (it's because of how space travel wears on a body). Meanwhile, in The Quest every. single. high-ranking person is a teen or in their (very) early 20s with no explanation for why. On top of that, nearly no older adults made an appearance (at least as far as I listened). It's as if all the adults had been wiped out, again with no explanation for why.

Second, this is supposed to be a science fiction series, but there was little to no worldbuilding going on. Between the names, the ball, and the outfits, this could easily have taken place now rather than in the future or some far-off planet. Again, comparing it to The Aurora Cycle series, which featured a ball/party scene, there was a sense of being somewhere else among other peoples. In essence, worldbuilding.

Finally, and what made me decide not to continue listening to this audiobook, is how Arcadia reacted to meeting her brother again and

As for the audiobook itself, the narrator, Claire Duncan, wasn't bad. I had no real complaints with her narration or voices.

Overall, I had a lot of hope for this book, but I just couldn't handle the immaturity and the lack of worldbuilding, especially coming on the heels of great YA science fiction like The Aurora Cycle series and Skyward by Brandon Sanderson.
February 28, 2023
First of all a big thank you to Netgalley, the author and the publishers for sending me a copy of this book to read and review.

This was a very intriguing book. I loved finding out about Arcadia and how badass she is. I also enjoyed meeting all of the other characters which includes Jack, Rik and David.

It’s been a while since I read a sci fi but I really enjoyed this one and it made me want to pick up more sci-fi. The main storyline of this and it being set in space was something that I really liked and can’t wait to pick up something else like this.
Profile Image for Sara Piesse.
111 reviews1 follower
February 4, 2022
Really enjoyed this it was a real page-turner. I give it 5 stars for the brilliant story also great cover. Thank you Netgalley for allowing me to review this book
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