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Some love is infinite

"Don’t have a best friend that’s a girl" — this was the advice from my older cousin. I didn’t take it. Because he followed with, "friends don’t f*ck friends. And you’ll want to f*ck her."

It was terrible advice.

My cousin should’ve told me that being best friends with Baylee Wright — since she was twelve — would be the best and worst decision of my life.

He should have told me to protect her from what was coming.

He should have told me that when a darkness crawled towards us, there’d be no safety net.

Now I’ve signed back on to the same Vegas acrobatic show as Baylee, working together for the first time in years. And she tells me that she’s having trouble in a certain “area” of her life — because of our past.

“You can help me fix it,” she says.

And then she hands me a list.

465 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 31, 2017

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Krista Ritchie

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NYT & USA Today Bestselling Authors Krista & Becca Ritchie are identical twins—one a science nerd, the other a comic book geek—but with their shared passion for writing, they combined their mental powers as kids and have never stopped telling stories. They love superheroes, flawed characters, and soul mate love.

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Author 36 books5,642 followers
February 10, 2017
Release date TBA, but it'll release after the last book in the Addicted series (Long Way Down). These two books aren't related of course, but lots of people ask if Infini will trump Long Way Down in terms of dates. It won't, but we're very, very excited to share Infini with all of you!!


*** COMING JANUARY 31st 2017 ***

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July 5, 2018

I am just so overwhelmed with the emotions and angst and gut wrenching love this book portrayed.

Krista & Becca Ritchie depict a forbidden and tragic love story that is interwoven with their signature ensemble casts and touching family dynamics.

For those who haven't read Amour Amour - Luka is part of the Kotova family, who all perform in various circus acts in Vegas run by the same corporate company. He's a kleptomaniac among many other issues, but is the sweetest, most caring, and empathetic loving person to those he cares about.

Baylee is also apart of one of the Vegas acts, and up until their teen years her and Luka were completely in love and inseparable.

Something (which I won't say) causes them to separate and not speak for years until they learn they'll soon be starring in the same show.

"I won't talk to her. I won't look at her." And maybe, one day, I'll forget what our love felt like. And I'll finally stop holding on.

My favorite things about Infini:

1. LUKA AND BAYLEE. My god these two together are quite possibly the cutest things to grace this earth.

2. Literally anytime Luka smiled at Baylee. Every time he mouthed he loved her. Or said I love you. Or spoke. Or breathed. Just.....Luka.

"Our chests rise at the same time, and in a crowd full of people, with all eyes on me, I mouth, I love you."

You hear that? That's the sound of me sobbing.

"If sex is nowhere for you, what's somewhere?" She wonders.
"Emotion. Love." I stare straight into her. "You."

kiss photo p_zps0ro3dmma.gif

Literally just take me now I can't be on earth anymore.

"All I know is what I feel. And I'm in love with you, Bay. Right now. Not just five years ago - but here, today. Yesterday. Tomorrow. It's forever kind of love, and I'm not letting go. I can't let go."

I can't feel my heart anymore. Do I even have one? NOPE - don't think so. These two have stolen it.

2. The ANGST. HOLY SHIT. THE ANGST. It's like Krista & Becca sat down and pondered "How can we torture the shit out of our readers in the best way? Oh we know!" and *poof* Infini was born.

3. Camila and Katya talking about Ryke Meadows, the talk about vampire dick, Dimitri's small wiener, and Connor Cobalt's love for BDSM.

4. Any mention of Timo and John. Can we just acknowledge the low key argumentative flirting they do that's reminiscent of Connor and Rose? John calling Timo babe ?

*inhale. exhale. Don't fangirl. Don't fangirl*......AHK-EI€!Ag$7aHAAA@!! They're so fucking cute!

5. The love between this family. So many scenes in here had me sniffling and tearing up. What a talent Krista & Becca possess - to have the reader quite literally feel the love and loyalty between the characters just from their words alone. I feared my heart would actually burst each time Nik or Timo or Luka or Katya shared a loving scene. The raw emotions in this book will grip you and not let go.

6. Camila and Dimitri are everything I never knew I needed. If they get a book (please let them get a book), I will be ECSTATIC. (And John and Timo. PLEASE!)

This book. This book will make you believe in soulmates. This was nothing like I was expecting and even more than I had hoped. For those who've read Amour Amour, this definitely takes on a different tone. The angst and emotion leap from the pages. A must read for Krista & Becca's fans and anyone who enjoys a gut wrenching romance. I can't wait for more from this universe and am anxiously waiting for even the slightest detail on the next book!

*Though Infini is set in the same world as Amour Amour, it can be read as a standalone and is out January 31st! | http://amzn.to/2kHTpcq*

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1,826 reviews2,187 followers
February 6, 2017
NOW LIVE!!!: http://amzn.to/2kJkzn3

5 stars!

“The love we carry for each other is the strongest and most vulnerable place in us all.”

There’s one thing I always know when I start reading a KB Ritchie book: I’m going to fall in love with the characters. All of them, main characters or side characters, strong or silent, outspoken or timid. No one does character development like Krista and Becca Ritchie.

Infini tells us the story of Luka and Baylee, two performers who work for the same aerial company. The two were friends when they were teens, and they were in love. But harsh circumstances ripped them apart and still keep them apart in the present. The company wants to revamp one of their current shows and Luka finds himself working with Baylee once again. What follows is an emotional and angsty journey between two people who never really got over each other.

“He wants me beside him. Just like I want him beside me. More than anything.”

Infini is a book I have been dying to read, and it can be read as a standalone but I encourage you to read Amour Amour, if only to meet and get to know some of the characters. Amour Amour is a story that touched hearts and told the reader to follow their dreams. Infini to me is about not losing hope and to never give up on love. Baylee and Luka invoked the rawest emotions in me, I found myself at times either holding my breath or exhaling with relief while I was reading.

And for my angst junkies out there like me, BUY THIS BOOK! Those of you who don’t love angst? Everything that caused the angst was not unnecessary and was not added to the book solely to manufacture drama. It all makes sense, it all fits together and the characters and their actions will not frustrate you. I PROMISE.

Side characters, I almost always address this when I review a KB Ritchie book but I will again. I LOVE THEM!!!! We don’t get disposable one dimensional characters, nuh uh. We get believable and lovable and relatable and flawed AND wonderful side characters. They make the story so real and I find myself always wanting to know more about them. They add to the main characters and refine the world building in the books. Obviously I want to see more of ALL OF THEM. But for now can we pretty please have a Katya book? And a Sergei? And a Dimitri? AND a Timo/John?? You callin me greedy? NEVER.

I teared up near the end, my eyes burned with emotion for these characters. Luka makes an amazing hero and Baylee a stunning heroine. I would gladly read more about them and the world they live in any day of the week.

“Circus is family.”

ARC was provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review

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662 reviews2,414 followers
April 7, 2017

➦I'm doing it again. This is new adult novel #3 this week. Sheesh! But this one is so unique and it really did feel more mature than your typical new adult romance.

➦If you haven't yet read this series I do recommend reading it in order just because the setting is so... unusual and interesting. But it could be read as a standalone, too. We follow a group of Russian acrobats who are part of a circus show doing some cray cray stuff on stage.

➦Infini is a show that's struggling to survive and, in hopes of reviving it, Aerial Ethereal brings on a new choreographer. Who's a major douche. But that's not as important, obviously, as the main characters of this novel.

➦Luka Kotova meets Baylee when they are still minors. They are ripped apart from each other by the company they work for and are not allowed to have any contact for years. Until they both are hired to perform in Infini. Why would the company risk putting them together into the same show? Will they be able to keep their relationship professional despite still having strong feelings for each other?

➦I loved the main characters in this one, especially the hero. He is a very complex young man with a lot of faults and I loved being in his head. He held on to his love for Baylee throughout the years and it was absolutely wonderful how they reconnect as adults. I definitely recommend this novel to those who love unique reads, sports romances (gymnastics, acrobatics) and forbidden love stories.
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1,409 reviews971 followers
January 12, 2022
Re-read on 9/15/2021. Listened to it this time.
Listening Length: 16 hours 45 minutes.
Audible Plus


The circus is back and it’s not the circus from our childhood but instead a modern day version with visual arts. Aerial Ethereal puts on acrobatic masterpieces for Vegas showgoers. The circus arts make the audience believe the impossible is possible

We meet most of the cast members in the book Amour Amour (which can be read as a standalone). The Russian family, the Kotovas, are the center of the story. INFINI focuses on Luka’s forbidden romance with his castmate Baylee.

”I’m harboring a secret bigger than either of them have ever imagined or considered. It involves a girl.” ~Luka

Only a couple people know the situation involving the secret that makes their love forbidden. Yes, the reader finds out early on why their love cannot exist.

Baylee’s quiet and passionate personality was the antidote to Luka’s irresponsible screw ups. Throughout their entangled mess, she kept him grounded. Her presence is a beacon of hope when the odds seemed against them.

I really enjoyed their chemistry. The authors are the masters at making big families with each member having a distinctive voice. Lots of characters played a strong secondary role in this story and I never once got lost on who was who. It takes a skilled author to keep the reader engaged in all these characters lives without forgetting who they are when reading about them. BRAVO!!!

I’m glad that after 2 years the authors didn’t forget about these characters and gave us another Kotovas love story. There are many more stories I want them to visit within this world of circus arts. My fingers are crossed that we'll get to hear the love stories of the rest of the Kovotas family members.

INFINI is a standalone set in Vegas. It’s set in the same universe as Amour Amour.

RELEASE DATE: January 31, 2017


**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

descriptive text here
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1,168 reviews
November 30, 2020
6 "love is infinite" stars!!

I'm calling it: this is (and will continue to be) my absolute favorite book of 2017. I know that there is no possible way any other book will surpass this one, will make me feel the love and emotional connection to characters like the way Krista and Becca make me with these.

(I've been struggling with my review these last few days because I just don't know how to adequately express how amazing this book was without being completely incoherent and unintelligible. I may still sound like that but bare with me guys. )

Baylee Wright is shy but confident. She doesn’t like when attention is on her, either negative or positive but she lives for the thrill of juggling on the stage during the shows. I’ve never related to a heroine as much as I did with Baylee. I loved her so much, which may sound dramatic or a little weird but everything about her was so relatable, even down to her obsession with grilled cheese sandwiches. She hasn’t had a perfect life and as her aunt likes to tell her “you have shitty luck” (which she kind of does) but I love that she always picks herself up and tries again. No matter how sad or dark times may seem.

Luka Kotova is the sweetest kind you will ever meet. He’s also the most reckless. He’s the kind of guy that when he wants something he goes after it, no matter the consequences. Unfortunately, it’s why he’s the least liked gymnast when it comes to corporate's eyes. He’s also hiding some really big secrets. From his family, from everyone around him. Secrets that are gut-wrenching and would change everything if they came out.

It's extremely hard to talk about this book, about the love story without giving away spoilers but I will say this is a best friends-to-lovers romance and that the love that these two characters have for each other is so intense and beautiful that it will literally bring tears to your eyes. Yes there is angst but it's the most beautiful kind and nothing ever feels drawn out of like it was put in just so start drama. Every scene, every encounter has a purpose and only stands to make the characters, and their relationships even stronger.

Infini has a much different feel than Amour Amour did and in ways, it wasn’t what I was expecting at all. And I’m happy that once again, Krista and Becca gave me the story that I didn’t even realize I needed. They could’ve gone the easy route and gave the story I was expecting but instead they developed these characters, gave them real life issues and struggles and took the time to show a different kind of love, both beautiful and tragic. This book has much more angst, and talks on some very serious topics and I commend these authors for taking the time to flesh out the characters and talk about things that I know affect people everyday. I love that they’ve continued to add more diversity with this book. Not only do they tackle diversity with POC, they tackle mental illness, sexism and so much more. I love Amour Amour with all my heart but by the time I finished Infini I realized that I loved it just as much but for different reasons.

Which brings me on to tone. The tone of this book is much different than that of Amour Amour. Amour Amour (the first book in the standalone series) was a beautiful book about not giving up and fighting for your dreams even when everyone else is telling you that you won't make it. We still have those undertones in Infini but we are now looking at the circus not through the eyes of a newbie but someone who has grown up and was born into this industry. It’s interesting to see how much perspective and who’s POV we’re reading in can affect the way we see characters. If you’ve read Amour Amour, you are getting the circus and the Kotova family through the eyes of someone who knows nothing about the environment. She learns a bit about who they are (and so do we), but she doesn’t know the real stuff, the stuff that people aren’t advertising out to the group, the things they keep secret. And with Luka, we get a glimpse of that. With Infini we get to see the circus not through the eyes of a newbie, someone who is filled with optimism and sees the beauty in her new enviornment(everything I love about Thora) but through the eyes of someone who has lived the circus his whole life, who grew up in the beautiful but sometimes dysfunctional and chaotic lifestyle. And that’s what I loved so much about Infini. That we weren’t given the same story but rather we get to see the circus, and these characters at a different angle. We get to see that while the circus is beautiful, it isn’t perfect. We get to see hints of the many different layers that not only Luka has but all his siblings and family too. These characters are not one-dimensional. They have good qualities, but they also have flaws. They are characters that are very much human and they make us realize that it’s ok to be too. They are trying to figure out life just as much as we are.

Which brings me to my favorite part (second to the love story) of this book: the secondary characters! I love that family plays such an important role in each of Krista and Becca’s books. They excel at showing that sibling dynamic and with a family as big as the Kotova’s I was in heaven with all the different friendships and relationships. We get to learn so much about this huge family and what makes them who they are, both as a family and individually. My personal favorite was Dimitri who can definitely be a dick at times but with this book we get to learn more about him and see a different side of him. He may not have a filter but that guy is incredibly sweet at times and at the core he is a really good guy who loves his family so much. I loved getting to know him and I'm hoping and praying that he will get his own book because there's so much about him that I find interesting.

And not only that but we get to see such great girl friendships and girl power scenes. I love how there is never any girl hate and how they all help each other and pick each other up instead of making everything into a competition. Camila Ruiz is my favorite female secondary character and this book just further cemented my love for her. She is without a doubt the sweetest person and I can only wish to have a friend like her in real life. The way that she fits so effortlessly with the Kotova clan, how she doesn't judge and always has a witty reply to everything...honestly I just love her so much.

Infini is my first 5 star read for the year and I know without a doubt I will be coming back to this book many times throughout the year for a reread. You don’t need to read Amour Amour to read and enjoy Infini but as someone who loved Amour Amour and who loves these characters so much, I’d highly recommend you reading Amour Amour anyway. But if you’re more interested in reading Infini, I think that it could completely stand on it’s own. It gives enough info on who these character are (both to each other and individually) that you won’t feel left out or confused.

I cannot say it enough: this is not a book you want to miss! If you haven’t already, one-click this book and get ready for a love story unlike any you’ve read before!

**Thank you so much Krista and Becca for this copy in exchange for an honest review! <3

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781 reviews1,594 followers
June 26, 2018

I'm giving away three e-book copies of Infini on Tumblr, click here for more details. Ends: January 30th

IInfini is nothing like what I imagined. (That’s not a bad thing.) Prior to reading this novel, I had this fictionalize expectation that builds up within me, not all of them were met or canon. (Again, not a bad thing.) I thought it’s going to be all fun, cutesy, and as wild just like Amour Amour but the threshold exceeded that level.

Infini is more angst. There are intricate hard-hitting topics that are woven into the plot. (See: trigger warnings below.) It’s also the most slow-burn book Krista and Becca ever wrote.

Infini is told from the shifting point of view of Luka Kotova and Baylee Wright. We already met Luka in Amour Amour. Back then, we already know his history of shoplifting. He is kleptomaniac. He is also bulimic. You’ll see the part of himself that struggled with his disorders, but you’ll also get to unfold his side that you didn’t get to see before. He’s a dreamer, compassionate, unfailing loyal, and reliable. We also get to meet, the heroine of the story, Baylee Wright for the first time. She’s pretty low-key, and not so mysterious. She loves soca music, and sporty things. You’ll get to see her layers. What resonates with me with Baylee is her grappling with depression. That’s in no way easy.  I love that she and Luka, both, have a supportive family system that understand their struggles.

Circus is family.

There is the trademark brand of Krista and Becca’s book such as familial dynamics, and an ensemble of cast. Of course, the amazing quips and bond between the characters is what made Infini lifting. That’s the joy. I always say I’m weak for a huge cast even more so when they form a crew. We get to see the cast of Aerial Ethereal in a different light. I love that Katya, and Timo are integral to the plot. We get to see Luka’s intimate relationship with them, and his tough-love with Nikolai. What I didn’t expect is Dimitri’s significant role in Luka’s life. I dislike him in Amour Amour, he’s a dick. He’s still a dick, but I appreciate his character more than I used to. I love his relationship with Luka. We get to delve deeper into Katya’s, Timo’s, and Dimitri’s induvial arcs. We get an update about Nikolai and Thora as for John and Camila as well. Readers would also get to meet Baylee and the important people in her life. I don’t want to spoil it to anyone, but you’ll see. What I can confirm is, she’s not a token black character. I love a lot of things about Infini, but the family love is what I would always cite as my most favorite aspect.

Let’s talk about my favorite part romance. This is the most difficult to talk about because everything screams spoiler. The trope is best friends to lovers mashed up with second chance romance. I’m biased, but I see a lot of parallels between Baylee and Luka with Daisy and Ryke rather than Lily and Lo. They’re all best friends to lovers. (In a different emotional scale) I know, Baylee and Luka have their own merit, this is for Addicted Series fans who are planning to read Infini, they’ll noticed the danger, the restriction, the forbidden romance. They’re also painfully tragic. *clutches heart*

My only legit criticism is this line from the synopsis, “Don’t have a best friend that’s a girl" — this was the advice from my older cousin. I didn’t take it. Because he followed with, "friends don’t f*ck friends. And you’ll want to f*ck her." It simply reinforces heteronormativity.

Verdict: I love it. I personally feel that Aerial Ethereal has so many tales to unravel, I wouldn’t mind a solo Timo, Katya, Brenden or even a Dimitri book. If you adore Amour Amour or Addicted series, you should pick it up. You’ll fall in love with the romance, art, and the characters. For new readers, and those on the fence, you should still pick it up. Your pre-conceived notions are probably going to be different, but you’ll be amazed by the surprising twists.

This book contains adult language and graphic scenes, including situations that may cause trigger reactions. Such situations include: grief & loss, bulimia, depression, kleptomania, and various forms of abuse. This story is meant for readers eighteen years or older.

That’s the trigger warning from the introduction. While, Infini handled every aspect with a fitting approach readers should still proceed with caution.

You don’t have to read Amour Amour to understand Infini. This is a standalone novel. Though, it’s highly recommended to follow chronological order of release.

Review also posted at Hollywood News Source.
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1,044 reviews349 followers
February 6, 2017
A Million Infinite Stars!

Going into any book by the Ritchie sisters is an event. It requires complete “do not disturb” atmosphere because once the words start to flow inside the reader's head, all is lost except the story unfolding. Infini is no different from their prior works in that it is story so consuming and so passionately raw that it is more than just fiction…it is an experience.

The Kotova Family is a special one. Russian descent born into a family of talent and beauty. They live and they thrive under the lights and the in air of the circus. Tumbling, balancing, flying, and defying all the odds…they live beautifully thru music and performance. Welcome to Aereal Ethereal. Welcome to Infini!

 photo 52c11beb-3a57-4bde-9793-29847e688548_zpsk5xyyhdj.png

Luka Kotova is beauty personified. He has grown under the guidance of his older brother Nikolai and he has done his best to do right by his family yet he wears a mask of indifference. Cool and aloof on the outside with a storm of pain and guilt devastating his heart and mind. His saving grace, his siblings Timofei and Katya Kotova. His destruction, his best friend, Baylee Wright.

 photo 802f11d3-e5bc-487d-8711-b9ba6dd6dcdb_zps6geliyau.png

No one said life in the circus was easy. Hours upon hours of practice. Maturing in the spotlight. Thank God for family and friends. NO one ever said falling in love with your best friend would be easy or wise. Luka and Baylee learned the hard way that young love is not respected. Harsh and brutal, the loss of the friendship and the breaking of hearts shapes Luka and Baylee for 5 long years until the time comes and the “friends” find themselves put face to face only to be kept apart by the glass wall corporate erected.

 photo c2463141-d3ec-47c2-8fde-cbb43fbe3f84_zpsl5safrej.png

The journey to the final act is epic. Infini is an emotional journey of not just a lovesick Luka and Baylee but of a family strengthening their bond. I’m not sure how the sisters do what they do in that they create these complex stories with not just a few characters, but full ensembles and yet every one is complete and developed. Each character is a vital piece of the large puzzle that is the life at the heart of the story. To say the sisters are talented is an understatement. The “heart” of the story is just so much MORE than the average romance. It is a real experience. There is so much bulk that is profound with angst, passion, raw grit and real hard love. To be able to write story after story and keep the level of genius is so commending. It is what makes the Ritchie Sisters and their characters stay in my heart years after having met them! It is also what has made this book the BEST of 2017!!!!

**ARC generously provided per authors ~ please note quotes used may differ from published work**
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2,434 reviews4,571 followers
February 6, 2017
Live https://www.amazon.com/Infini-Krista-...

4.5 stars <3

"Circus is family." The love we carry for each other is the strongest and most vulnerable place in us all."

This book was amazing.It has everything I wanted and even more!Krista and Becca never disappoint me!Infini was romantic,intense,emotional and hot.It was a little bit different from the first book yet it was beautiful.


Infini deals with some heavy topics and I had so many feelings while I was reading it .I loved Luka and Baylee, their love wasn't easy.Their relationship is filled with angst and love.Baylee was shy and sweet.Luka was amazing.I loved him because he didn't afraid to take responsibility for whatever he was doing.These two were intense and they made my heart ache for them.

“He wants me beside him. Just like I want him beside me. More than anything.”

Get ready for an emotional journey.Luka,Baylee and the rest will captivate you!


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430 reviews438 followers
February 19, 2017
It's absolutely amazing friends to lovers new adult story. You're going to fall in love with Luka and Baylee. Their love story is epic, emotional and smoking hot. It's not simple, but worth every moment. And all this in an unusual background of circus and Las Vegas.

About the plot: The new season at the Aerial Ethereal circus means new changes. Luka Kotova decided to take part in the auditions for the Infini show. Although he didn't expect it, he got the role. Now he will have to work with her - Baylee Wright. The only girl he ever loved, and was forced to forget. But if he ever did?

One look and conversation was enough to revived old feelings. The situation, however, seems impossible, to be together they would have to risk everything.

“You haven’t changed, have you?
Do you ever think of me?
Do you even still love me?
Or am I just a heartbreaking memory?”

Final thoughts: I love this series. It's said that you don't judge a book by its cover, but they are so magical that it's impossible to not fall in love with them. Fortunately after good cover stands a superbly written book.

“Baylee,” Luka says aloud, and I swear he says my name from deep in his core. As if he’s breathing out years of weighted silence.”

It's coming of age forbidden love story. The authors have created a likeable and real heroes. You feel for them and hurt for them. It very easily draws you in and provides true emotions. It's about mistakes from the past, the secrecy, the disorders, the family and the fight for what is most important.

“The love we carry for each other is the strongest and most vulnerable place in us all.”

It's a complex story. Not always easy, really refreshing plot with a good angst. You'll be heartbroken, only to fill it later with hope. But if you wonder, there are also funny, sweet and scorching hot moments. Not a totally tearjerker. wink*

“Our lives have been circling back to one another. To these moments. Not temporary like the throw of a boomerang. Not flashy enough to be fireworks, but we’re something subtle—yet bigger. Greater. Infinite.”

Apart from the main characters, there are strong secondary characters. The bond that unites the Kotova's family is incredible. Definitely one of my favorite moments are with all of them. You'll want to read the story of each of siblings. I certainly want to. Extremely after this incredible epilogue!

Therefore the authors doesn't disappoint. If you're a fan, it will be another success. If you only get started, don't hesitate even a moment. This is a standalone, but I definitely recommend the entire series. It's worth your time and attention.

ARC kindly provided for an honest review. Thank you!

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2,771 reviews1,471 followers
January 27, 2017
4.5 Never Too Late Stars

I love the KB twins. If you are like me, you have read the Addicted series multiple times and even listen to the audio books more than once.

Infini is part of the Aerial Ethereal series and can be read as a standalone. I highly recommend you read Amour Amour first to get the full experience, but it’s not necessary.

Infini is just like the Addicted series and is completely opposite of the Addicted series as well. It’s the same in the way it has the KB signature style writing, with a huge cast of characters that are well develop with complex issues and the book is filled with angst, but the good kind. Infini is also different because it’s different people, with different storyline and it’s the circus people!

The circus is a unique theme for a book. It’s not the first theme I look for, but it works. The circus is magical, fun and mysterious.

What really worked for me was the writing style. The KB twins just know how to write a good book. There’s so much story, meat, drama and emotion. They suck you into this world and you want to be part of it. You slowly become the characters and you feel for them.

Luka is the younger brother who was presented in Amour Amour as the brother that steals. I wasn’t really keen on the whole stealing thing, but it wasn’t the main point of the story. I found Luka very endearing, lovable and an all-around stand-up guy. He doesn’t always make the best choices, but he takes responsibility for his actions and I love that.

Baylee and Luka form a relationship fairly young, so young that it was forbidden by the company and they got caught.

Because of those actions they aren’t allowed to see each other anymore or there would be major consequences.

It’s years later and Luka and Baylee are performing together and they only can maintain a work relationship, but you know how it goes.

I love the forbidden / Romeo/ Juliet kind of storyline. I gobbled it up like mad. I usually am not an angst junkie, but there was something about the tension and dynamic between Baylee and Luka that I could not get enough of.

You also get huge chunks of storyline with the side characters, which I also love because it’s about the family right? It wouldn’t be a KB book if you didn’t get a family out of it.

Amour Amour is still my favourite in the series, but I was very happy with Infini. The book was intriguing, angsty and 100% romantic.

An ARC was provided

Amour Amour Infini

Amour Amour AMAZON
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March 5, 2023
Everyone will talk about Luka’s generosity, but I always see his empathy surpassing everything else. It’s his foundation. It’s why he loves so strongly.

I’m currently running on like zero sleep because of this book so bear with me. I’m trying to make this review as less “rambly” as possible, but that’s always pretty difficult to do with your favorite books. I just want to start with saying that this was like nothing I was expecting, but I was never disappointed.

This was everything I could want in a KB book.
• A realistic romantic relationship
• Strong family bonds
• Amazing female friendships
• A lovable and adorable hero
• A sweet and strong heroine
• Laugh out loud banter

Like all of KB’s books it’s the characters that really make this book exceptional. The main ones and the supporting ones alike. Krista and Becca always manage to write such complex, diverse, and relatable characters!

Infini is told in two-POVs: Luka & Bayle. Luka was first introduced in Amour Amour, he’s a 20-year-old Russian-American, and too pure for this world. We first meet Baylee in Infini, she’s a 19-year-old Jamaican-American, and all around sweetheart. I wish I could talk about the romance more, but I feel like everything is a spoiler so I won’t. If you’re a fan of friends-to-lovers, you’ll love this! Luka and Baylee’s relationship was filled with honesty and open communication and love, there was never any unnecessary drama. (Though this was a lot more angsty than Amour Amour!) They were too adorable.
too cute
The entire Kotova family was amazing to read about. I also loved learning more about Dimitri. Timo, Katya, and Nik were a huge part of the plot, and I loved seeing Luka’s relationship with each one of them plus their own individual lives. (Timo & Luka scenes literally made me tear up.) Female friendships were also very prominent in Infini. There was this certain scene where all the girls are gathered together, and it was honestly one of my favorite scenes of the book.
love them all
So yeah, if you liked Amour Amour, you definitely need to read this. Or if you’ve never read a book by Krista & Becca this one (or Amour Amour) could be a great first book, as it can be read as a standalone.

P.S. I am so ready for future books in this world.

Thank you to the authors for generously providing me an ARC to review.

Book #1 review (Thora & Nikolai) – Amour Amour (4 stars)
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725 reviews
Shelved as 'hell-fucking-no'
February 7, 2017
GO FUCK YOURSELF: Heroine is celibate while the hero fucks other women even though he loves her. FOR YEARS. I could have possibly considered reading if the heroine hadn't been celibate but AGAIN with this sexist garbage? I was able to put aside Rose's virginity even though Connor was not (from their book Kiss the Sky) because she was a bad ass. Also, she wasn't pining over him and we never ever had to read about it. This, however, is just bullshit!

She has a journal/list of things she hasn't been able to do since they ended so abruptly.

Quote from the book:
"#5. Sex: Refer to explanation #4. I haven't been able to go this far with anyone else but you. Honestly, every time i try, it just feels like i´m betraying the memory of you (and i know that´s so inaccurate and weird-we´re not together). But i´m still holding onto you, and i have to figure out how to let go emotionally. I eventually want to be able to have sex again. I can´t cling onto you forever."

Quote from the book (hero's POV)
"She´s only had sex with me. If i were another guy, it´d probably make me feel great, but since i´ve slept with other women-i just feel like an asshole. And terrible"

She says to him in the same conversation, before showing him the list: "You were my first" he says to her: "You were my first, too"

and she asks him: "Did you have a second?"
He doesn't respond

she keeps going "A third?, A fourth?, A Fifth?, A Sixth?"...

He then says: "It was five years..."

Seriously? Just fuck off with that garbage.
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Author 13 books507 followers
October 27, 2018
4 stars (Second Read 10/26/2018)

4 stars (First Read 2/4/2017)





I love these authors. I think they're incredible. From their world building to their writing to the characters they give us, I can never get enough! And while I liked Bailey, Luka was the star of the show for me. I connected with him immediately.
I don't actively shoot for "good"— just somewhere between "okay" and "mediocre" but not worst.
This was my motto in high school lol... and then he starts being the swooniest hero KB has ever written, and I was done for.

I'm very picky with second chance stories, and this is one of the only ones where I felt the separation was plausible. I actually really liked it. I'm going to block this next part as a spoiler, but it is made known early on, so I don't know how much a spoiler it would be. However I will not be making that distinction for you ;)

But Luka never forgot Bailey. Three years after their separation, he wants a little bit of break to wish her a happy birthday.
"Her eighteenth birthday was yesterday. I just want to wish her a happy birthday."
You can't say that's not freaking adorable... and that's just the beginning.
"She's undeniably beautiful. The kind of beauty that chokes me up, and I don't know how the whole world doesn’t see what I see— how I'm not fighting every fucking person on the planet for the chance to even speak to her."
"All I know is what I feel. And I'm in love with you, Bay. Right now. Not just five years ago— but here, today. Yesterday. Tomorrow. It's forever kind of love, and I'm not letting go. I can't let go."
"We're going to hell for this," I tell Luka. His lips stretch.
"At least we’ll be together."
"Later in life. Like thirties, I can picture us in the circus, and we'll wake up each morning and dance with our kids in our kitchen."
"Our chests rise at the same time, and in a crowd full of people, with eyes all on me, I mouth, I love you."

Yes, Luka 1000% worked for me. And it wasn't just because of how he was with Bailey, he was genuinely a good guy.
"I'm happy for Timo. I'm happy that Nikolai has Thora James. Instead of resenting them, I choose to nod and be grateful that people I care about can find their happily-ever-after. Even if I know it'll never be me."
"He'd give the shirt off his back to a homeless man. I know this, because he would do it all the time in New York. How many shoes did he kick off and hand to other people that needed them more?"
He also had some hilarious moments...
"I don't fight with family. So either you find Oz and grow a motherfucking brain or I'm leaving you with your stupid thoughts."

I am really excited for the continuation of this series. I'm particularly looking forward to Katya's and Dimitri's stories. I'm kind of torn with Timo and John, because while I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them, I think I'd rather just see them throughout the series together, or maybe in a novella. I don't want them to have drama, I kinda just want to see them happy ;)

No matter what these authors do, I'll be happy. They are easily two of my favorite authors; they could take every single trope I hate in the world and shove them into a book, and I'd still read it. I trust them to make me love anything <3 <3


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September 16, 2021
4 stars
The love we carry for each other is the strongest and most vulnerable place in us all.

I’ve enjoyed both of these ‘Circus is Family’ books and it has me wishing Krista & Becca wrote more of them. If there is anything I can say about their books/series it’s that they write the best family/friend dynamics and secondary characters. There are so many more books I want from this series- so much potential! I really hope sometime in the future they visit these characters again!

Infini is Luka Kotova and Baylee Wright’s angsty second chance romance. Luka and Baylee were as thick as thieves as teens. Not only were they best friends, but they were so much more than that. Both performed in AE and because of that and the fact that they were minors, they were forbidden to be together. When they were caught, everything changed.

Fast forward five years, both are adults now and haven’t had any contact, but now, they’re in the same show. The pull between these two is insane and they can’t stay away from each other, no matter what the costs. I loved this romance between these two. Their lives were difficult, but together things seemed so much better. Luka has such a heavy past. He has much to overcome. I adored him though. He might be my new favorite Kotova.

This was a beautiful romance and the family dynamic was epic. To be honest, it was a long audio book (and there was plenty of times it felt long) but I truly loved so much about it!

Audio book source: Audible (Plus)
Story Rating: 4 stars
Narrators: Bahni Turpin & Johnathan McClain
Narration Rating: 4 stars
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 16h 45m

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288 reviews
February 14, 2017
“I'm a beautiful, magical blaze of fire.”

Thanks to Krista and Becca for giving me the ARC of Infini. This meant more to me than I could ever express with words.

First of all I would like to say that I hate to be vain, it’s one of the qualities I hate the most but this time I just can’t stop myself and I’m going to tell you I told you so, I told you so, I TOLD YOU SO. I have been talking about how precious Luka Kotova is for two years and Infini proves it over and over and over again with every chapter. When you read this book it’ll be impossible for you to miss out how truly amazing this guy is. I saw it in Amour Amour and it made me fall in love with him. Now that I have finally read Infini my love for him has grown so much more that I don’t know how to contain it in this tiny heart of mine.

Infini was everything I was expecting and everything I didn’t expect. Knowing Krista and Becca I knew we would see the family bonds that Kotovas are famous for, we would see pain and elation, the magic that is circus and the connection between artists, witty banter and heart achingly tender scenes that bring me to tears. This all was what stole my heart while I was reading Amour Amour and I couldn’t wait to be back in Aerial Ethereal world to experience it all over again. What I didn’t expect was Luka’s past and present, both so much more complicated than I could have ever imagined. So much pain behind those mischievous eyes that no one seems to notice. Luka Kotova is the kind of person who always puts others before himself, it was already clear in AA, but in Infini you see it in his every word, every action. He’s the kindest, sweetest, the most precious and caring soul. My respect and admiration for Luka is infinite. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, quite opposite he would do anything to help even a total stranger. Seriously there’s so much tenderness inside him for every person who is in his life that it made me cry throughout the whole book. This quote from Infini: “I’m drowning in love.” probably fits perfectly when it comes to my love for Luka. I have come to the realization that this love and tenderness I have for him will grow infinitely.
”You don't even do small talk. You usually toss a peppermint at people and walk away."
"Tell me that's not better than a how are you?”

Okay sorry, I promised myself I wouldn’t just ramble the whole review about how much Luka means to me but I have no self control when it comes to him as you see *sigh*. Now I’m going to try to talk a bit about the plot without spoiling anyone.

I can’t actually say much without it being a spoiler and I think that it’s good because I want you all to go in as blind into the story as I did and experience all of those emotions (and trust me when I say there are many) yourselves. First thing I want to say is that we learn much more about Luka’s life than we ever did in Amour Amour and of course Baylee is part of it. I love her so much, I loved those parts of her that are so similar to mine and I loved parts of her that were nothing like me even more. I love her quiet strength and in Ryke’s words I’m so fucking proud of her. After Luka's character as an individual his and Baylee's relationship is my favorite. I adored all parts of it. The tenderness and love they share for each other tore me to pieces and put me back together in one breath.

Second thing is of course family bonds. I adored all the parts with Luka, Katya and Timo, the scenes with them made me smile so much that my face hurt. Scenes with Nikolai and Luka were just as important to me and I teared up because of them quite a few times. The scenes with all siblings together are my favorite as always. I just wish we saw more scenes with Luka & Dimitri and Nikolai & Dimitri that showed more emotional depth between them but I’m quite sure those will come if twins decide to write Dimitri’s book. And I want his book SO MUCH. I loved seeing his more vulnerable side and I want more. There were few scenes that made me want to scream with excitement and I simply won’t be able to rest until we know for sure that we get his book. I also loved that we got to meet other cousins and another Kotova (not going to say who), even though I’m not quite sure how to feel about that person yet but I think he earned my affection in the end.

Third is the female friendships!!!!!! I wanted to see scenes with all four girls Baylee, Thora, Katya and Camila so much and I can’t express how much it meant to me to read them. They were the best. And Infini reminded me once again how much I love Camila for being so out-spoken and just simply one of my favorite female characters. Thora who I love with all my heart and I was absolutely elated in every scene she appeared, there was one where I wanted to hug her and never let go. And of course sweet Katya who I love just as much. This girl deserves to smile more because she’s the sweetest and the best sister Luka, Timo and Nikolai could wish for.

Fourth is that there is another set of siblings whose relationship is as sweet as the relationship between Kotova siblings and this made me the happiest. Those scenes with them were honestly amazing. And also most of the new characters we got and I hope to learn more about them in the future AE books. Except for Geoffrey. I hate him beyond anything. I hope he dies a slow painful death and burns in hell for all eternity.

I really want to list some of my favorite things in the book. None of them are really spoiler-y but if you want to be completely surprised you should skip them!

• Luka's nickname for Baylee. I couldn't stop grinning every time he called her it.
• The significance of those hugs and temple kisses. I will just stop here because If i think too much I'll start bawling.
• Luka's tattoos!!!! The what and how fit his personality so well.
• The scene where a certain someone got a nickname "tiniest dick" and another certain someone got "princess" (if you saw the kind of freak out me and anna had on whatsapp, you wouldn't look at us as sane people anymore). I believe something magical could come out if this.
• Tiniest dick and princess forming a friendship. I want to cry I'm so happy about it.
• All the Thoralai scenes. These two are too precious to me and I just want to protect them from all the cruelty.
• The reason why Luka didn't go to The Red Death. This is one of a billion reasons why he is the purest and sweetest soul. Seriously if you don't adore him I don't think you have a heart.
• All the Addicted references!! There were so many and they gave me so many happy vibes.

Infini touches some really important topics. Such as grief and loss, bulimia, depression, kleptomania and various forms of abuse. The warning about them is put in the beginning of the book. I would like to thank Krista and Becca for doing a great job at representing heavy topics as always. Knowing them I can imagine how much time and work they put into it and how much research they did. As someone who has been suffering from clinical depression for years I can say that it's exactly like it's painted in this book: feeling tearful and empty for no reason, staying in bed and not wanting to move at all, getting no pleasure from activities that you love, restlessness and slowed behavior, loss of energy and others. Some of them might not be constant but they are always lurking in the background ready to strike at any moment. Having this in common with that character made me connect to them even more and also gave me hope that I also slowly but surely can overcome this. Maybe not wholly but at least some part of it. This quote in particular “I'm sick of tears. I'm sick of sadness. I just want it to leave me.” left me speechless because I experience that daily and seeing someone else go through the exact same experience touched me deeply. So thank you my wonder women for once again proving how amazing you are and that you care about putting light to different heavy topics and doing it right.

A simple thank you seems so little for what you did for me Krista and Becca. This book was the biggest roller coaster, it made me feel so many things and all at the same time. Infini is a treasure I will guard beyond anything else. This book is the one I have been anticipating more than any other and I loved every single page. This was magical experience and I could never thank you enough for it.
"I'm a dreamer."

How do you contain your happiness about your most favorite character getting his book? Because luka has been my ray of sunshine from his very first scene in Amour Amour. I adore him with all my heart.
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1,073 reviews
February 15, 2017
LIVE!! LIVE!! LIVE!!!!!!!

Amazon ➜ http://a.co/dXelKUe
iBooks ➜ http://apple.co/2jC5orP

received an ARC in exchange of an honest review

6 "helplessly, wholeheartedly, INFINITELY in love with LAYLEE" stars

You think it’s easy to talk about something that you’re so passionate about? Well, in some ways it is easy if you don’t mind reading inconsequential, incoherent, fangirly stuff. But trying to collect my thoughts to sound intelligible enough not to embarrass myself proved to be not an easy task.

It’s been days since I finished reading INFINI. I was lucky enough to be given an advance reader’s copy by the authors. What I love about Krista and Becca is that they guard their book like someone is going to steal it. They are very conscious of what information they impart to their readers. The teasers and excerpts are minimal. They are very vague in their answers if someone is nosy enough to ask questions. They want the best reading experience for their readers that’s why they’re that stingy.

These are the facts about INFINI that are known to their readers:
- Luka and Baylee were once best friends turned into lovers
- Luka and Baylee were co-workers when they were in New York
- Luka and Baylee both grew up in the circus
- Luka and Baylee are now together again as co-workers for a show in Vegas called Infini
- Luka doesn’t talk about Baylee

Even if you read the blurb, it will tell you nothing. Just that Baylee is having problems with a certain “area” in her life because of their past and in order to overcome it, she gave Luka a list. Now what is this list? Sounds intriguing right?

With this little knowledge, I delved into the book expecting nothing but a good read and escapism.

Man oh man! I am so, so wrong to just expect a good read. I AM SO FLOORED AND AMAZED AND ASTONISHED with this book! (Baylee would be so proud of my synonymous words!) I should have expected nothing less from Krista and Becca. I should have expected that they give their all in their writing. I should have expected that all they want is a book all their fans are going to enjoy and love with all their heart. Characters that we won’t ever forget. A world we’re all going to crave to come back to. I should have expected that their main motto is to give the best of the best. And I should have expected that THEY SLAY every single damn time they release a book.

The early chapters turned to be unexpected and astounding! I was that taken aback to be bombarded with so many feels at that early in the book!

I am a very emotional reader. It doesn’t take me that much for me to cry over a book. You can just imagine my grief. I was ugly crying like someone I love died. It’s like my heart was torn into pieces and being stamped upon by so many feet. I was that heartbroken.


The pain, OMG, the pain! And the loss. The longing. The confusion. I felt all of it! Deep in my heart! I swear, I’m not being dramatic! (truth: I’m no drama queen)

Since I get easily teared up over nothing really, I stay away from angsty reads. I just can’t handle all the feels. Infini is, IMO, KBRitchie’s angst-iest book so far! But don’t be afraid. This angst is the good kind. Please don’t shy away from something that could turn out to be one of your greatest experience.

Since this is a KBRitchie book, it’s not all about angst. Expect to laugh as well. Smile. Swoon. Expect to get angry. Expect to say OMFG and WTF and OMG over and over again. These are their trademarks. And I’m ecstatic that I got to do all these things again.

Moreover, since this is, again, a KBRitchie book, expect to be overwhelmed by a large cast of characters. Now this is not a bad thing. I AM TELLING YOU, THIS IS THE GREATEST THING! Why, you ask? Because you will fall in love with each and every character they create. You will protect them at all cost. You would want to hug them forever and keep them close to your heart. You would want to be their bestfriend. You would want them to be real.


I don’t know how they do it. But writing a book with so many side characters seems to be a very daunting task. Imagine, giving each character a personality. And I tell you that each one of their characters has a very distinct persona. Each character they fabricate are all well thought of and well planned. Each character is not just there for the sake that the main characters has family to say or a bestfriend or a side kick. Each character in a KBRitchie book has a purpose. Each scene with a side character is justified and has a point.

There is a basis and a reason for all the things they write. These girls don’t just write for the sake of telling a story. They build a world. They assemble an era. They construct a web full of epic tales that is complicated and yet, simple that will live within you for as long as you live.

With this ensemble you would think everything will be messy and out of character. God no!! They make it work. And all the characters fit together. It’s like reading about a town full of people. In Infini’s case, a circus full of acrobats and other circus people.

Krista and Becca…all this time, your superpowers have been loving us your readers. (*snickers, sounds familiar?) I thank you for your selflessness and generosity! For loving your readers, you always come up with books we’re going to cherish forever. Because you write from your heart. You write what you feel is right for the story. And you write not to only please your readers but you give them something that will be pleasurable and will be appreciated and treasured for always.

The reason why I read romance is because I want to experience love in all its form. You always give that to me Krista and Becca, ALL THE TIME!


(initial reaction)

It's been a day since I finished Infini. Till now I'm still emotional. I'm still not coherent enough to gather my thoughts so I can start writing my review. I was trying to make Infini graphics earlier and I was browsing through my highlighted notes. I can't help but tear up again.

I know the year is still early but I want to say that this book is now shelved to my most fave book of 2017. Idk how Krista and Becca are able to write such a phenomenal story. They are so talented that every single time they release a book, it become an instant favorite of mine.





Amour Amour is the first book in the Aerial Ethereal universe. It is not mandatory to read this book before reading Infini.

Both books are STANDALONE

However, Luka Kotova who is the male hero in Infini, is a side character in Amour Amour. You'll get a brief glimpse on him in this book

Amazon: http://amzn.to/29gZ7MZ
B&N: http://bit.ly/1yVWmMm
Kobo: http://bit.ly/29jD2ju
iBooks: http://apple.co/1d2DFwD

Audiobook is $2.99 only if you have the kindle copy
Audible: http://adbl.co/2c41Wrt
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733 reviews804 followers
February 7, 2017

First of all, let me tell you that I completely adore all others stories by Krista & Becca Ritchie so I'm a bit heartbroken that this one didn't take over my heart and life as I hoped it would.

I didn't fall in love with the main duo and for the first time ever there was a lack of connection that I usually have with the couples in Krista & Becca Ritchie's books. Luka's and Baylee's reasons for not being able to be together got old after a while and I didn't care much to read the same we-can't-be-together-because-of-this sentiment on every other page. It felt fabricated instead of angsty to me. Moreover, all the build-up to their relationship and relationship itself happened in the past and I as a reader was never part of that so I never felt this intense connection between Luka & Baylee, their romance/situation didn't touch me and I never felt like cheering for them to get back together as a couple.

But I loved everything else – setting, amazing side characters, engaging writing and author's ability not to shy away from hard topics of mental health and present them in realistic way. In my humble opinion, Infini may not be the best by Krista & Becca Ritchie, yet it is still much better that many other NA novels out there.

Plus I adore that sibling relationships always play big and important role in Krista & Becca Ritchie's books and I absolutely loved to read about interactions among all the Kotovas in Infini! I hope there will be more from Aerial Ethereal world in the future.
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2,019 reviews10.1k followers
July 20, 2017

Originally posted at Booklovers For Life

“Circus is family.”
The love we carry for each other is the strongest and most vulnerable place in us all.

Oh my gosh, y’all!!!! Infini. Was. Incredible. Krista & Becca Ritchie never cease to amaze me with their talent at writing. Their characters come to life in every single book they’ve written, and even more so in Infini. If you thought you loved the Kotovas in Amour Amour, think again. They will burrow their way into your heart once you read this book, and you’ll honestly want an infinite number of books about them because you’ll never want to stop reading them! The Addicted series is my all-time fav, but Aerial Ethereal has my heart too. It’s New Adult done right. It’s the circus and all the wonder and magic that goes along with it. This circus is truly a family that you feel welcome to and a part of.

Do you still think about me?
Are you the same as you once were?
How much have we both changed?

Luka and Baylee were best friends over four years ago – but it’s been four and a half years since they’ve seen or spoken to each other. Their relationship was abruptly cut off years ago, and now they’ve been thrust together in the Infini show. They’re left floundering and don’t know what to do – but one thing they do know is that the love they had for each other never went away. Their love story is a little painful, a lot heartbreaking, and not without its struggles, but the happiness they bring each other is completely worth it. Luka and Baylee are just RIGHT for each other – you can’t imagine one without the other. And despite the struggles these two face (especially Luka, who broke my heart multiple times), every time they were together on the pages, I couldn’t stop smiling.

Love is strange and weird and unpredictable—and that’s probably why I’m drawn to it.
To her.

The best part about Infini, besides Luka and Baylee, is the fact that you get to know the Kotovas on a much deeper level. You get a different perspective on their family thanks to Luka. You see Nikolai differently, you get to see more of Timo, Katya, and even Dimitri. And just saying, I am head over heels in LOVE with Timo and his boyfriend, John. They might be my favorite AE couple and we don’t even have a book about them (yet)! Oh, and Dimitri totally stole my heart in Infini with his rude, crass, ridiculous, hilarious ways. I’m eyeing him with a certain someone that I hope will happen, but honestly, I just want more Kotovas! I love them ALL.

“I feel the safest in your arms, but in reality it’s the most dangerous place to be.”

Infini was everything I hoped it would be and more. It was MAGICAL. Intense. Exciting. By the end of reading the book, my heart was crying with happiness because it was just a beautiful story. The romance took my breath away and the family dynamics had my heart overflowing. I loved this book so, so much, and I’m praying this won’t be the end of Aerial Ethereal! (Although quite honestly, I’ll read anything and everything K&B write.)

Thanks to the authors for generously providing me an ARC to review.

Quotes are taken from the ARC and are subject to change in the final version.

Amazon Ebook: http://amzn.to/2juDReb
Amazon Paperback: http://amzn.to/2kJnVqo

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December 12, 2020
4.5 stars

This was such a gorgeous and SWOOOOOOOOONY book!

From the first few pages, I was captivated and I could not put it down even for a minute.

I say it again, the entire idea of using Cirque Du Soleil as inspiration is brilliant. I have always been enchanted by the shows and the mystery about what’s going on behind the scenes has only gotten bigger.

Luka Kotova fell in love with his best friend Baylee Wright when they were just teenager. It was forbidden for minors to have a sexual relationship, and so they kept it secret for a long time.

An unfortunate event brought it all out into the open and their life as they knew it came to a crushing end.

Ripped by Aerial Ethereal’s corporate management they were forced to live their life thousands of miles apart from each other until a lucky change in the choreography of INFINI brought them back together.

Almost 5 years went by when Luka and Baylee finally met again.

For them it’s like they were frozen in time.

Neither was able to move on. Both were still utterly and completely in love with the other person. It was never just a teenage crush or an infatuation for them. No – it was the real deal. A deep, and soul connecting love that endured even the longest separation.

Even so they were finally living in the same city, and working on the same show, Aerial Ethereal didn’t make it easy on them.

They once again felt helpless and powerless like marionettes. While corporate management decided how high to jump. It was up to them to decide if it’s all worth it.


I thought INFINI was heart-achingly beautiful. It gripped me by my heart and didn’t let go.

Both Luka Kotova and Baylee Wright were incredibly genuine and authentic characters. Both were deeply flawed and very relatable. They struggled with life’s ups and downs. Even so their life looked exotic and fascinating but behind the curtain it was a very different story.

But their love was pure.

I never once doubted their devotion or loyalty for each other. They got a second chance and dove in wholeheartedly – body and soul.

But my heart also ached for them.

The way they were ripped apart as teenager was brutal, and heartless. And it changed them both in ways nobody could have predicted.

I thought the authors did a phenomenal job portraying the struggle and joy they experienced.

But Luka and Baylee weren’t the only once that struggled with decisions and forgiveness. It was amazing how one decision can ultimately change multiple lives forever, and forgiveness must be earned.

The entire cast of INFINI was spectacular. So many layers to be peeled. Secrets uncovered. Feelings hurt.

I truly thought the Kotova family was by far the most interesting group of people I’ve read about in a long time. And I can only imagine how many more stories are waiting to be told.

I honestly NEED a book about Timo and John – I NEED IT RIGHT NOW!!

And one about Dimitri with Camila and maybe Sergei’s own story.


I received a copy of this book from the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review. My opinions have not been influenced by the publisher or the author.

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February 6, 2017
Since I first read Krista and Becca Ritchie I have been a fan. I love how seamless and flawless their stories our told and have anxiously awaited all of their releases. They are my absolute favorites because they write my favorite type of love story, epic love. Their stories show a love that won't quit, a love that won't lessen with time, a love story that makes you believe in forever love. Their stories capture me from the beginning and from that moment I feel every moment right along with the characters.

Infini is the second book in the Amour Amour series, because it takes place in the same world as Amour Amour, but they can be read as stand alones. This story features Luka Kotova and while we meet him in Amour Amour we don’t really know him until now. We quickly learn his role in the Kotova family, he is the glue that holds everyone together, while hiding so much pain. Reading is POV broke my heart and allowed me to truly understand him.

Baylee Wright is another performer and we get to see her POV, as she is Luka’s love interest, but it’s not that simple. Baylee and Luka were best friends as kids, both growing up in the circus. They helped each other overcome loss, heartache and were each other’s biggest cheerleaders. Everything was perfect for these two, except they grew up and so did their feelings. Falling in love is a pivotal moment in anyone’s life, but to Luka and Baylee it made their love forbidden. Their feelings were not okay and eventually tore them apart.

Now it’s been five years and they are forced back into each other’s lives when cast in the same show. The odds are stacked against them, it’s been years, but when these two reconnect they realize not much has changed for either of them. Though years of being forced apart their love persevered. This is why I love the twins writing, they write epic love like no one else and they always deliver a love story that completely owns me. Luka and Baylee's love is pure, selfless and enduring.

Infini is full of heart and at times made me feel like my heart was going to explode. I was heart broken and in tears at moments. At other moments I thought my heart would burst before I could finish a chapter. For angst lovers, you will love this one, love it. For readers like me, a little afraid of angst, you will survive and come out better on the other side. I promise.

For all the readers looking for their next great read, read this book. For anyone looking for something with all the feels, read this book. For anyone looking for a sexy story that will make you swoon, read this book. Just in case you didn’t get it, just read Infini! One of my favorites, for sure!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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February 7, 2017
**ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review**


"Some love is infinite."

Krista & Becca Ritchie are such amazing storytellers. They cracked the code to my heart. Every book I have read by them has sucked me in and made me part of the characters. The Addicted series is one of my all time favorites, but don't worry you'll fall in love with the characters from Infini as well. When I was reading Infini I was part of the circus family, even though I am so not flexible or anything. They write such intriguing and unique characters that you can't help but fall in love with each and every one of them.

"I have lived partially. Halfly. Incompletely. To be whole, I did not know until my bones thundered and bellowed for more."

This book sucked me in from the beginning and I couldn't wait to discover and see what would happen mainly between Luka and Baylee. But there was so much more going on. There were struggles between family members, there were good and bad times! There were such emotional scenes that just tugged at your heartstrings. Infini was so much more than a love story, it was about family, hard work and the mutual love for the circus. The problems were real and raw, and you can't help but shed tears. You just want to hug the characters and tell them that everything will be okay. It was a very magical journey for me. Bay and Luka's story wasn't an easy one to tell, so keep tissues close by. Luka comes across as very laid-back guy that you just can't piss off, but he has a lot of demons that he keeps locked up inside. The moments he was together with Baylee were beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking as well. Also the interaction between him and his siblings was so fun and sometimes sad but it really gave you a great look into their personalities.

"I don't think I'll ever find someone like him."

I loved all the references to the characters from the Addicted series. It is so awesome that it takes place in the same world, who knows maybe the characters will meet in future books (that would be so awesome). I really hope a lot of Kotova family members will get their own book. Krista & Becca do not disappoint. They will forever be one of my favorite authors and I'll read any book they'll write. Even though Infini is a stand-alone, I highly recommend you to read Amour Amour first because you'll love and understand the characters so much better.
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August 30, 2018

Wow...it seems that everything these authors write turns into gold !! I have loved every single book that I have read by these awesome ladies !!

Once I started this book , I could not put it down, so I read it all in one sitting. I was sucked right into the story and fell in love with the amazing characters. Just like all the other books I have read by these authors (Addicted / Calloway series), this book isn't just about two people finding romance. It's about family and all members of this amazing circus' family play a very important part.

This book took me on an amazing emotional rollercoaster and I got to experience so many emotions. I went from laughing to cursing, to crying to swooning and I loved every single second of it.

Luka is part of the Kotova's. A Russian/American family, that performs in various circus shows. Luka has been part of the circus, since he was a little boy. He has a lot of personal issues he struggles with. When he is 14 years old he forms a very close bond with Baylee, who is also a teenage performer in the circus. She has her very own struggles, but together, they deal. Their bond is so incredibly strong, but it also leads them to their destruction.

I have decided not to go into the plot much further than this. I think this book should be read without any major spoilers. Their journey wasn't the easiest and my heart broke right along with theirs. But sometimes....the hardest of journeys have the best destination.

Luka was such an amazing man. I adored him right from the start. He had a very sweet, loving and caring personality. I think everyone deserves a Luka in their life. I also loved the bond between him and his siblings. Nik may have been their rock, but Luka was the glue holding them all together.

Baylee was also an awesome heroine. I really think these two were absolutely perfect for one another. They were real soulmates. 

“I have lived partially. Halfly. Incompletely. To be whole, I did not know until my bones thundered and bellowed for more." 

I for one hope there will be many more books in this series !!!

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June 24, 2017
I have a lot of thoughts, which hopefully will be written down someday. Some things I adored, some I liked and some things I had issues with. Overall it was a really good novel and I am hopeful we will see more of this universe unfold someday.


thoughts pre-reading: a bff romance about my favorite cutie pie kotova cupcake is all I've ever wanted; yaaaas give meee /reaches desperately into the future/ also since Timo and Luka are close, Timo is heavily featured in this one and that means more of this certain favorite Amour Amour ship of mine, I hope! On the scale of 1 to excited I'm Chris Evans excited which, let's be honest, is like a million on the excitement level. Can't waitttt, kiddos!
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June 1, 2017

I was lucky enough to be selected to read and review an ARC of Infini so a HUGE thank you to Krista and Becca Ritchie for this opportunity!

I gave my self a night to recover just so I can get my thoughts together and write a semi-coherent review. So if it any point this gets ramble-y (very high chance) I apologize but just now it’s the only way I know how to express my love and excitement over this book. (Spoiler free of course)

Before starting Infini I read the synopsis once again to familiarize myself with the potential story line. I just didn’t realise that it was going to be so different to what I initially thought. It exceeded my expectations. I feel so overwhelmed with emotions. One minute I‘m smiling so wide and laughing and then the next minute I’m close to tears or pretty much crying. Infini evoked so many raw emotions it was truly a beautiful read.

Infini deals with some heavy topic which was highlighted in the beginning : Grief & Loss, Bulimia, depression, Kleptomania and various forms abuse. They didn’t shy away from it and it was dealt with in a sensitive yet respectful way.

I absolutely adored Infini. Hand on heart loved every page. There were so many poignant scenes and moments that sealed my love further for the book and series as a whole. Where Amour Amour had a lighter tone, Infini was high in angst yet still managed to keep the light familial bond/banter I loved so much in the first book.

We have our main Characters, Luka Kotova: Russian-American, 20 years Old, acrobat. And Baylee Wright: Jamaican-African, 19 years old. Juggler. Luka and Baylee's relationship was… complicated. Complicated yet so real, so pure. Their relationship was the cutest but in the same breath it was also painful! I can’t really say much else about it without delving deeper and essentially giving away spoilers so I’ll leave it at that and let your imagination wonder to the point where you feel like you HAVE to read this book and read their journey. But let me just say this, if you’re a fan of friends-to-lovers and second chance romance, Infini is the perfect book for you. It's not your typical read that's for sure.

Krista and Becca Ritchie have a way of making their characters come to life and truly speak to you. They make their characters feel real and in return we form a bond with them. I absolutely loved Luka Kotova. When we were introduced to him in Amour Amour, I only knew the barest of details but I was intrigued to know who this guy was. What’s his story? Etc. I knew he was selfless. I knew he adored his younger brother and sisters. But I wanted to know more. And in Infini we peel each layer of Luka Kotova and I can confirm he is the most precious person ever with a heart so kind you can’t help but fall in love with him. The way he loves his siblings is so unconditional and admirable. I found myself close to tears every time he simply spoke of how much he loved them. How much he’d do for them. It was *that* deep. We get to see how close Luka is to Timofei and Katya and I didn’t realise just how close the three were until Infini.
I'm a shadow to his ceaseless light. (Don't pity me.) I'm grateful to be anything next to Timo. Even a shadow. That's how much I love him.

I just love how the secondary characters are never just props in Krista and Becca's books. They have purpose and are crucial to the story. There were a few new characters introduced to us mostly through Baylee's POV. But we also had some familiar faces too. It was lovely reading about Nikolai and Thora again! And even getting glimpse of Camila Ruiz. I LOVED Timo and Katya! My precious little babies need to be loved every second of every day. And JOHN MY MAN IS still bitter as ever and still someone I FREAKING LOVED! And I’ve got to also mention Dimitri. I didn't realise he played quite a big part in Luka’s life and I really got to know him and really like him in Infini. Also a very interesting friendship was formed and I was internally screaming at how much I loved the two. The familial bond in Infini is by far my favourite, FAVOURITE aspect. I loved the complicity yet simplicity of the Kotova family.

As for our leading lady, Baylee Wright I adored her something fierce! I loved getting to know her. I loved how relatable she was. She had a funny, lovable personality. She was so hard working. So kickass! There are very few females in the Aerial Ethereal world (Kotova testosterone everyy whereee) but the females we do have have all formed a lifelong friendship. They're all strong willed in their own ways and Baylee is not different!

Like Amour Amour, this story is a story I visualized so vividly. The details of the acts and the circus performances made me feel like I was there with the characters living and breathing with them. I was so captivated with the natural flare of story telling I forgot I was reading and felt like I was watching the whole thing. When a story completely consumes me like that I don’t stop thinking it about it for days.

Infini is a story you feel. It's a story about the circus, about Vegas life. It’s a story about deep rooted long and lost love, loyalty and even solidarity between family. Living and loving your passion. Sacrifice. Boundaries. Limits.
"Circus is family." The love we carry for each other is the strongest and most vulnerable place in us all.

I can easily see many more stories to come from the AE world. I can see Katya getting her own story, as well Timo, Dimitri and a few other characters. There's so much room to explore and I hope Krista and Becca will share a lot more of this magical world with us.

Side note: I was living for the Princess of Philly references! I think I read them over and over again several times because I was just so happy to read both worlds in one page. (several pages)

-And Rambling over- *exhales*
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Want to read
May 14, 2015
Sweet and adorable Luka is getting his own book and it's best friends to lovers...I'M SO HAPPY /CRIES
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December 26, 2017

WOW! Seriously, that’s all I could say after finishing this book. So much wow, that I had to put all of my other reading aside to go back and read it all over again – and that hasn’t happened to me for a very long time. This book is everything that I love about Krista and Becca Ritchie’s writing – smart, funny, deeply dramatic and intense with a soul-deep love story dripping in chemistry. Luka and Baylee’s story touched my heart, and I absolutely loved it.

This is book 2 in the Aerial Ethereal series, and it takes us back to the magical world of the circus. Not the everyday circus, but the Cirque-du-Soleil-esque world of Aerial Ethereal, specifically the permanent shows based in Las Vegas. While this book has very strong links to the first book in the series, Amour Amour, there is enough background and description given that this could be read as a standalone.

Luka Kotova is the younger brother of Nicholai, from Amour Amour. He is from a long line of circus performers and he, like the rest of his family, couldn’t imagine ever doing anything else. Luka is incredibly close to his brothers and sister, and along with his extended troupe of cousins, they are all over each other’s live and they all live and breathe their art.

As a teenager, Luka fell in love with his fellow artist, Baylee. They were the best of friends as children, and that friendship grew into an all-consuming love until they were ripped apart from each other in devastating circumstances, leaving them unable to see or speak to each other ever again. Now, five years later, they have been cast in the same show, Infini, which brings them into close proximity once again, opening up the floodgates for all of those feelings to come pouring out.

He wants me beside him. Just like I want him beside me. More than anything.

OMG, the depth of feeling between Luka and Baylee is incredible, and I could feel absolutely everything they were feeling. The love, excitement, passion, torment and devastation that is their love story is beautifully written, and creates a wonderfully emotional story. They were both left shattered by their separation, and seeing the impact of that on their lives was just heartbreaking. But it makes it all the more incredible as they finally find each other, and I was bursting with happiness for them as they came together again.

“All I know is what I feel. And I’m in love with you, Bay. Right now. Not just five years ago—but here, today. Yesterday. Tomorrow. It’s forever kind of love, and I’m not letting go. I can’t let go.”

I love how open they are with each other – sharing their thoughts and the feelings that are still so strong between them, and there’s a real sense of ‘us against the world’ as they reconnect with each other and stand strong against everything that is in their way. There is angst, but it’s the good angst – the delicious angst that has you breathlessly anticipating everything that is to come, then has your heart pounding because their love story that is so, so right, is also forbidden, which adds an additional edge to it all.

I fucking love her - and that means nothing to everyone but me.

There is additional drama that Luka, Baylee and their families have to face and it’s wonderfully written, enhancing rather than overtaking the story, and it adds a lot of depth to the story, tying in to perfectly and not feeling ‘tacked on’.

The Ritchie sisters write the most wonderfully complex characters, and Luka and Baylee are just another example of that. We explore their childhoods, the impact that past grief and trauma had on their lives, and the continued issues that they deal with in the present. Luka, in particular, has serious issues that he deals with on a day-to-day basis, and the way these are addressed and dealt with is so matter-of fact without becoming OTT, and further enhance the complexity of his character. He was wonderful to read.

What can I say? My name is Luka Kotova, I'm an irresponsible fuck-up. Thanks for your time. Now let me be.

Even the side characters are fantastic. Luka and Baylee’s family and friends have depth and clearly developed personalities, and they have an undeniably important contribution to the story, and the themes of family are wonderfully explored and beautifully written.

The love we carry for each other is the strongest and most vulnerable place in us all.

I adored this story. It gripped my heart from the very first page, and I was captivated from start to finish (both on the first and second reading). I absolutely loved it, and am desperately hoping that the Ritchie sisters will revisit this world again because there are so many stories to be told!

6 huge stars.

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February 21, 2017
1) Amour Amour : ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

4.7 Krasavitsa STARS

"I have lived partially. Halfly. Incompletely. To be whole, I did not know until my bones thundered and bellowed for more."

Infini is the second installment in the Aerial Etherial series, but it can be read as a standalone, eventhough I feel is better understood after reading Amour Amour. This book tells the story of Luka and Baylee. The one where they suddenly have to face each other after 4 years of literally being forced to forget the other. But when there was love once, can be love again, even when they will never be able to be together?
I´m still Luka Kotova.
A kleptomaniac.
And I´m more than that. I´m a brother to five siblings. A fourth generation circus performer and high-risk acrobat. I´m Russian-American, a proud Kotova. A dreamer and a rebel.

Luka Kotova is a 4th generation acrobat. He’s 20 years old and he has lived most of his live in the shadow of the “better Kotovas” as Timo or Nik, even though it doesn’t matter because he loves his family. He goes with the flow and is somewhat a rebel, which has brought issues his way while working for Aerial Ethereal. And connected to that is the biggest secret he keeps: one that forces him to not talk about someone, one that keeps eating him after 4 years, one that changed his life at fifteen, and one that if he tells it would hurt more than just him.
I´m a beautiful, magical blaze of fire.

Baylee Wrigth is a 19 year old juggler. She is prone to bad situations happening to her and has a passion for dance. A proud Jamaican-American and baseball lover, she also has an strong bond with her family, one that goes beyond anything. She has been part of Infini for years, and after losing her parents tragically, she felts more connected to it given her mom did the music for the show. She was a sweet character full of life, but I didn´t connect with her as much as I did with Thora in the last book.
While I flip through the papers to find the signature spaces, something wet glides down my cheek. I rub my face roughly and sign my name.
I terminate a friendship. A thousand peaceful moments. And the possibility of a happy ending.

Infini is one of the shows that AE has located in Las Vegas. It hasn´t been perfoming well selling tickets, so the company decides to bring a new choreographer and change the majority of the acrobats. It´s in this new mission to revive Infini, that Luka and Baylee´s lives will crash again. The rules of the game were set by a contract years ago, breaking their hearts in the way, will they be able to keep playing or challenge it in hopes to win?
Very deeply, Nikolai says, "Some love is infinite. And I´m going to help you fight for yours."

This book deals with a lot of topics as the always-present family theme, and some other harder ones as bulimia and depression. Plus a new side to being part of the circus, and how you´re treated and how much power/power abuse you deal with from the company. Besides that, there were more new characters that brought their own issues and complexity to the story as Baylee and Sergei. There was also a deepening in Dimitri’s character that I really liked. Plus the always loveable Timo, Katya and John, which always make things funnier.
Nikolai interjects, "If you told us where you were going, no one would need to follow you.
"Don´t let him fool you," Timo tells our oldest brother. "His favorite game is Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? - Timofei Kotova Edition."

I loved Timo and Luka’s brotherhood, it was certainly a bond I found so strong between them, and Luka/Katya and Luka/Dimitri were also amazing. The bond of the super trio of Timo-Luka-Katya was so good, and after getting more information of the past, I could see how important this was for them. Plus Nik and Luka´s relationship showed how much the first relied on the second, and how when Luka let himself lean on Nikolai, he always got his back.
Timo says loudly and deeply, "You´re the brother we all don´t deserve, but I´m damn happy I have. You´re irreplaceable to us. I hope you know that."
Nikolai nods, telling him he feels the sentiment.

The girls scene were great, I loved Thora, Camila, Baylee and Katya together. I had missed Camila’s sassiness and her friendship with Thora, and I was beyond happy to see Nik and Thora´s relationship again. I felt for them with some of the events that were thrown their way, even though I saw things coming miles away.

I enjoyed of the Infini cast scenes, but I can´t say that I liked them because Geoffrey was there. Geoffrey Lesage is the new choreographer for Infini, he was a total asshole and abusive jerk. I tried to see him at first as just as a drill sergeant, but his actions became more obvious of the bad person he really was. He has officially gotten himself into my list of most hated fictional characters.
He´s had nearly half a decade without me. After what happened to us, how could we both be the same? Parts of us did change, but if I could choose anyone to let discover me and for me to be able to discover them, I´d choose Luka

I had problems connecting to Luka and Baylee’s feelings (and also the age they had when things got out of control). Maybe because I couldn’t believe that after 4 years they still be that in love. I do understand that they went through a lot together and that they understood each other and were a rock and a safety place for the other. Plus that the contract may have guaranteed that they would think about the other and the what-ifs, because when you’re told not to do something, especially when you love it, the only thing that happens is that you want it more. But, it also felt like obsessive how much it was, if it had been explained as a longing that always had been there and now this opportunity to see each other brought things back in a slow way, I may have believe it better. Nonetheless, I liked their relationship, it was obviously important for each other, the safety and undestanding place they shared, and the hurt was visible at having been kept apart. Besides there was an addictive element about this book, maybe because I haven’t read one that the characters try to keep their relationship a secret so actively like this two. Though that sometimes gave me a lot frustration.

A positive thing for me was that this book had more characters interactions. Last book centered on Thora and mostly Nik, so we didn’t get to see more dynamics. But this one has so many characters being part of it, that it feels packed with more dimensions and I did really like that. Plus, maybe because I didn´t connect that well with Luka and Baylee being together, I enjoyed more seeing all the Kotova siblings, Thora (which I wish I could read more from her POV) and the Ruiz cousins interactions.
Love is strange and weird and unpredictable-and that´s probably why I´m drawn to it.

I struggled with how to rate this one, because even if I had issues with some things, at the end I was quite emotional because this characters are really especial to me. This book was incredible anyways, and I hope you give this series a chance because I´m sure you won´t regret it.
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February 3, 2017
One of my most highly anticipated books this year and it's now available for pre-order! The book releases on 31 Jan 2017.

Amazon ➜ http://a.co/dXelKUe
iBooks ➜ http://apple.co/2jC5orP

I feel like I've been waiting for this book forever and I was even more anxious after re-reading Amour Amour, the first standalone book in the Aerial Ethereal series. I came in without any real expectations except for the known fact that this is a best friends-turned-lovers trope. I wish I could write about every moment and every emotion I felt throughout the story but I would spoil everything and I want you to go into this like I did, with little to no expectations or pre-conceived notions. I want you to experience all the highs and lows of this story. If you’ve read Amour Amour, I’ll tell you that the tone in this book is very different. Whereas in Amour Amour, we get to see and experience the beauty and excitement of the circus through a newcomer’s eyes; in Infini, we get a whole different perspective from someone who grew up in the industry and we get a different sense of what happens behind the closed curtains, away from the audience’s eyes. In that respect, Thora (the main character in Amour Amour) has a very different personality from Luka. They come from different backgrounds and have different life experiences so don’t go into Infini expecting it to be anything like what you’ve read, felt, and experienced in Amour Amour. Whereas Amour Amour was more upbeat and fun, you’ll notice that Infini is more….emotional with lots of angst. I don’t want to elaborate any more than that; you’ll see what I mean when you start reading the book.

This book touches on some very real and very serious issues and I’m glad that the authors recognize this and wrote a trigger warning at the very beginning of the book, so it’s no secret. You know what you’re getting yourself into from the start but even so, each moment will hit you like a ton of bricks when you get to each point in the story when these issues are revealed. It took my emotions through one hell of a rollercoaster ride and Luka and Baylee’s love is just so deep and significant that the feeling is so overwhelming at times.

I love Luka’s character. I want to protect him at all costs. He’s got secrets that he keeps from his family and the people he loves, and his way of dealing with his issues makes him the least liked Kotova. But the thing that caught me off guard is that no matter what he does, he takes full responsibility for all his actions. He doesn’t back down or cower, or make any excuses. He doesn’t take his personal issues with him when he’s working. He keeps an easy-going attitude and it just makes you want to protect him even more.

I love meeting Baylee. Off the bat you get who she is and she’s such a wonderful, fun, character. She’s shy and doesn’t like any attention on her, good or bad. And no matter what life throws at her, she tries to keep a positive attitude. I think her love for soca music really fits her personality and I very much enjoyed discovering this type of music. It’s very upbeat and energetic that you can’t help but dance to it. There’s no way you can listen to soca music and not bob your head to the beat.

Some Love is Infinite

Infini has all of the essential elements that I absolutely love about Krista & Becca’s books. As I’ve already mentioned above, it touches on very real and very serious issues and they don’t just throw it in there for the sake of drama or to give the character the “troubled past” that is often expected. They actually put their all into it and it shows that they’ve researched the crap out of these issues to make them realistic and very much a part of the story. Also, as you may have noticed from above, I love the main characters and they are very relatable. The other elements that truly make this one of my most favorite reads this year are:

Family dynamics. I’ve been looking forward to reading more about the Kotova family and what better way to get an in-depth look at them than through a Kotova’s eyes. There’s such a strong family bond and I love getting to know more about Timo and Katya and Dimitri. Dimitri really stood out to me in this book and there’s just something about him that makes me want to know more. Apart from Dimitri’s very crude, abrasive, and unapologetically rude attitude, I feel that there’s also a loveable side to him that we don’t get to see. He’s Nikolai’s (Nik is the male lead in Amour Amour) best friend for a reason and I’d like to think that Nikolai is a very good judge in character.

Infini Family

Strong friendship. With most of the books I’ve read, the focus is always on the main characters, which makes sense, but sometimes the secondary characters are forgotten or don’t play as huge a part in the story. Not with Krista and Becca’s books. If they’re the main character’s best friend, then you better expect that you see them a lot in the story and to play an integral part in the main character’s life. After reading Amour Amour, I wanted to know more about Katya and Camila. I’m so glad to see them return in this story and I now I want both of them to have their own book. I want to know more about Katya since she’s the only girl in the Kotova clan. She seems fierce and I can understand why after growing up around her brothers and male cousins. And Camila is just too flippin funny and cute and outgoing and I like that she’s all about love. She also seems to have a keen sense of things around her that no one else notices. I would love it very much if Camila got her own book. There's some strong female bonding moments that I absolutely LOVE and as always, I love the sense of humor and banter that the authors add to their stories.

It was fun to get to know more about characters introduced in Amour Amour and I also love the addition of new characters. Krista & Becca never fail to give us an unforgettable cast of characters. They’re all very well developed and not one-dimensional. I honestly don’t know how they create a new world of characters and give us more than we ever asked for, yet still leave us wanting more in the end! Seriously. I feel like there’s so much left to be told about the secondary characters. I hope Infini isn’t the last book in the Aerial Ethereal series. This is the second standalone book and you don’t need to read Amour Amour before you read this one. Infini stands well on it’s own and you won’t feel lost if you haven’t read the first book. However, if you want to go back and read about Thora and Nikolai, get a different perspective of the circus world, or just want to read more about the Aerial Ethereal series, then I highly recommend reading Amour Amour.

Krista, Becca, thankyouthankyouthankyou for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review! You've done it again!! You are still superstars and superheroes in my eyes.


My Review on Amour Amour
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February 10, 2017

Title: Infini
Series: (Aerial Ethereal, #2—standalone)
Author: Krista and Becca Ritchie
Genres: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Friends to Lovers, Forbidden Love/Off Limits, Reunited Lovers, Second Chance
Rating: 5-Stars
Blog: HERE

(Aerial Ethereal, #1) Amour Amour
(Aerial Ethereal, #2) Infini

Books can be read as standalones. Luka Kotova is introduced in Amour Amour, and Infini takes place in the same acrobatic world. However, it's not necessary to read Amour Amour prior to Infini.


Infini is such a beautifully intense, painfully emotional, and deeply passionate journey about the kind of love that's so forever ... it's infinite.
"All I know is what I feel. And I'm in love with you, Bay. Right now. Not just five years ago - but here, today. Yesterday. Tomorrow. It's forever kind of love, and I'm not letting go. I can't let go."

This book was so (gah, I'm choking up now just thinking about it!) raw and real, gritting and exhilarating in the emotions it inspired, that I had to put the book down for a day before I could pick it up again. But when I did, I couldn't stop reading.
Do you still think about me?
Are you the same as you once were?
How much have we both changed?

Because with Infini, Krista and Becca Ritchie stole my heart, crushed it in their fists, and then fixed the broken pieces of my heart with their written words.
"I have lived partially. Halfly. Incompletely. To be whole, I did not know until my bones thundered and bellowed for more."

The style of their writing is gorgeous, and the tone of this book is heartbreaking and hopeful all at once that even with all the emotions overwhelming me, I wanted to read more and more and more until I consumed Luka and Baylee's story as much as it had consumed me.
“I feel the safest in your arms, but in reality it���s the most dangerous place to be.”

Luka Kotova and Baylee Wright's story from friends to lovers, to something more, to nothing at all, to a hopeful something again, was more than my poor heart expected. But in the most glorious, I'll-never-forget-and-never-regret kind of way.
"Our chests rise at the same time, and in a crowd full of people, with all eyes on me, I mouth, I love you."

All in all, I highly, highly recommend Infini to those who are looking for an angsty read that's also so complicated in its gut-wrenching romance, you'll be infinitely scarred by Laylee's love.
“Circus is family.” The love we carry for each other is the strongest and most vulnerable place in us all.

Hero: 5-Stars
Heroine: 5-Stars
Romance: 5-Stars
Sex: 5-Stars
Plot: 5-Stars
Dialogue: 5-Stars
Writing: 5-Stars

PS: I was given a complementary copy of this book. But I do solemnly swear that I am up to...good. *wink* This is a fair, honest review and/or rating(s) of this book, pinky promise.

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