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The Hollow Sun #1

The Hollow Sun

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Lucy Kincade's biggest concerns in life are her widowed mother, her college apps, and her grades...until she stumbles upon an insidious secret not meant for mortal eyes. When nightmares stalk the waking world and a cannibalistic serial killer is carving a path across America, Lucy and her friends decide to stand against the darkness. But with all the secrets, it's not easy to know whom to trust.

312 pages, Paperback

First published March 16, 2015

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About the author

D.L. Wainright

4 books25 followers
DL has been passionate about folklore, mythology, and horror since childhood, and has been weaving stories incorporating those elements for just as long.

Originally from central Florida, DL has lived in North Carolina, Georgia, NYC, Connecticut, Maryland, and has now settled down in Ohio.

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May 29, 2016
I got a copy of this book yesterday at Balticon- the cover was what originally interested me- and began reading it immediately upon leaving the stall, refusing to look away to the point that my friend had to guide me by my shoulders to avoid causing car accidents
The book was really nicely written, descriptive, and did a good job capturing the voice of a teenager, as well as having a nice balance of suspenseful and funny
Also the author had nice hair I'm gonna go now bye
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Author 16 books72 followers
August 17, 2016
Shut the front door, this book is good! Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of high school angsts and banter that was difficult for me to get through (not a problem for real YA fans), but it was still worth it all in the end.

Lucy is a typical teen dealing with the atypical loss of her father by excelling at schoolwork and being a great friend. When being a great friend leads her to endless goth parties she doesn’t really care for, unrequited love is the least of her worries as she learns that creatures are real.

This story takes creature myths to a new level with cultural ties and mashups that are unpredictable and super cool. The diversity of the characters is also a bonus, and unlike many other culturally diverse stories, it all feels natural. It’s just a matter of fact, and not a ploy, that these kids are all so different and are all true blue friends.

This is a dark fantasy in earnest, almost a horror story, but not quite. The fantasy and paranormal elements blend together so well and create a genre of its own that is hard to classify- it’s Paranormal Urban Fantasy, I guess. I will say that I almost gave this book a 4 when faced with a cliffhanger ending, but the epilog made up for it and that totally left me wanting more.
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46 reviews15 followers
May 20, 2015
A supernatural fantasy book that drags you in, gets you hooked, and may have you running to your library's research section.

Disclaimer: The author is a friend of mine, and I have known about some aspects of the book over the years as they were writing it. However, my love and loyalty to my friends does not over-power my sheer book nerdiness, and therefore this revue is my honest opinion. Friends come and go, but stories are forever.

The story is about Lucy, a goth teenager just trying to get through school and enjoy life with her friends. But things start to change and she learns that the world around her is not what is seems. Not only do things like vampire and werewolves exist, but they are a lot closer to home than she could have imagined. As she is learning about all the supernaturals in the world, she is also learning about herself and the father she'd lost so many years ago. And this lesson is taking her on one hell of an adventure.

Wainright's story about teen Lucy and her discovering the secrets of the people and the world around her is laced with mythology and folklore from around the world. And unlike most popular supernatural YA fiction, this folklore isn't pulled from film, tv, or the author's own creations. More than once I found myself looking up some of the creatures and stories referenced because I wanted to learn more about it. And more than once I was wishing that there was a nerdy community out there to discuss ideas and theories floating in my head about Lucy and her world! Told from her perspective, the reader is taken on the same journey that Lucy is on, discovering the truth about who her friends are, her family, and who she can and cannot trust. The characters thwart the usual teen novel character tropes, while at the same remain familiar. You may see your own friends and enemies within them. If your friends and enemies are werewolves and vampires, that is.

The book is a fairly quick read, though sometimes I found myself stopping and finding passages to re-read to clarify the details in my head. But mostly in the same way I would in an Agatha Christie story. It combines the usual supernatural teen fantasy elements with folklore and has the feel of a mystery novel at the same time. Almost like the Harry Potter series, even the most banal tidbit may end up being important later on.

So, I guess it's clear that I really liked this book. Ok, more like LOVED it. The one complaint is that the sequel isn't ready yet, and I'm pretty sure D.L. is never going to let me read any bits before it's done, knowing how I want MOAR.

I would recommend this book to: teens and young adults; anyone who likes supernatural fiction; anyone who watches Supernatural; lovers of YA novels; parents who don't want their kids reading Twilight; people who read Twilight and want less sparkle with their vampires; people who generally want supernatural fiction YA stories with a strong female lead and fewer Hollywood tropes; anyone who has ever argued about the historical folklore behind the Dracula stories; mythology and folklore nerds (I know my people are out there!), historically accurate goths; the curious folks.
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672 reviews42 followers
July 18, 2016

Diversity galore. I love that these characters are unique and yet charmingly familiar. They’re the characters that don’t normally have voices. I LOVED that the author featured what could have been a clichéd, beautiful, popular girl as nerdy, LARPing, and nowhere near catty. We need more of that. We need more of all of these characters. BA female characters reign in this story. They’re not afraid to get dirty and murderous when necessary.❤

For more of this review:
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Author 20 books715 followers
April 8, 2017
Combines mythology, teenage snark, diverse characters in a fascinating world. A thrilling read for anyone who loves adventure, horror, and fantasy, Wainwright crafts a compelling narrative. Looking forward to the rest in the series.
July 25, 2018
I bought this book at balticon after meeting with the author, and hearing a brief summary of the series. I have to admit when I first started reading the book I was not expecting High School drama or childish Romance which are things I generally am ambivalent to. The first chapter or two had me rolling my eyes because of this but it all got much more interesting when the main characters caught a girl eating someone's face.

Reading this book had its ups and downs. I give extra points for diversity as well as creativity when facing the same old dark fantasy creatures that everyone else uses. You can tell that the author has done their research and worked hard to Define their world and make it different. That being said, the main character suffers from the drawback of a lot of main characters - she's boring and sometimes grating compared to the supporting cast. She does add a necessary element to the story as she's the one who basically drives the plot, but I would rather read a book about Eva and Gunter, or Jim, or just about all of the other characters this book introduces rather than Lucy. She's not a bad character, she's just not the star of her own story.
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954 reviews
December 9, 2017
I have to admit. When I first started reading this, I kinda groaned and went: "Another vampire book..." I stuck with it though, and after a bit of a slow start, I found that I was really starting to enjoy it.

There's a little bit of predictability, but it takes a while to see exactly what is going to happen. I found myself cheering on the characters and loving the introduction to not only this rendition of vampires, but the other creatures as well. And that ending... I WANT MORE!

"And you? What are you?"

"I'm a vegetarian."

*screams for days*
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98 reviews4 followers
August 24, 2016
Disclaimer: I won this book at a release event for another author. I was in no way paid or engaged to write a good review.

Wow. Just wow.

You know the kind of book I mean.

Before I go into the tale itself, let me say that this is both wonderfully written and edited - it's what an indie book should be, so if that's a concern, well no worries there.

I began reading The Hollow Sun early in the evening, and found myself closing the final page as fingers of sunshine stretched across my room. I just couldn't put it down. Good thing for that sunlight, too, because I don't know that I was ready for shadows after this tale, which was creepy and frightening in the best of ways. To me, this is testament of a great tale!

This story is chock-full of fascination: unique, complex characters; politics of the supernatural; romance, crushes, and both unrequited and unfortunately requited love; a serial killer; and seemingly endless twists, and some quite unexpected reveals - plus some serious diversity. I saw another reviewer felt this was too much to follow and detracted from the book, but I felt just the opposite - it kept me engaged, utterly captivated, and I felt the story flowed in an easy - and must I say it again? - engaging way.

In fact, I'd argue the complexity reflects real life in many respects, brings it more fully alive. Sure there's supernatural elements, but the way said supernatural intertwined with the rest, well real life gets that complex, real life isn't always simple, it can be messy, there are people with political agendas, and those who aren't clear with what they want. Life itself presents twists and turns galore, and that? Made this story feel so real, so moving. The characters sprang fully to life, and actually, they've continued to echo through my days since I closed the cover on that final page. Again, another hallmark of a seriously good tale.

One note: there's what one could call a cliffhanger (they usually peeve me), but it isn't obnoxious, there's an element of closure, a sense that this portion of the story has drawn to a close, and yes, obviously there is more to come, this is an epic kind of tale, and yes, you want to hear what happened next - but it isn't one of those stories that just sort of stops without any sense of that chapter drawing to a close. Yes, there's clearly more story to discover, but ... in a good way. Kind of like real life - you get together with a friend and they share their latest adventure; you know their story is still in progress, and you are looking forward to hearing more the next time you get together. It's a natural sort of cliffhanger.

Anyhow, Wainright has just made it onto my lists of favorite authors, and I look forward to reading the next book in the series, and anything else he publishes. If you're on the fence about this one, don't be. Click the little button and dive into the adventure. Really. But be prepared to think twice about what lurks in the shadows...This one will stay with you for awhile.
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130 reviews5 followers
March 25, 2016
I received a free signed copy of this book free through Goodreads Giveaways along with 4 bookmarks.

I enjoyed reading this story. I liked the incorporation of hybrids to the traditional vampires, werewolves, etc.

I did feel parts of the story were drawn out and then other important parts of the story occasionally felt a little rushed.

I enjoyed the fact that the story kept me guessing the entire time. I had difficulties figuring out who could and couldn't be trusted and I really enjoyed that. It's always frustrating when a story is easily "figured out" and this one was not.

I am looking forward to reading the continuation of this story!
May 1, 2016
I came across this book at Ravencon 2016. I read the back cover, met the author, and bought the book. And I only stopped reading to grab a bite to eat and slightly rest my eyes. It was, new and exciting. The characters were fantastic. It was just absolutely riveting and fantastic. And I will be looking for the next book along with recommending this book to everyone.
Simply amazing!!
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22 reviews1 follower
October 21, 2015
The Hollow Sun is a book I’m going to wind up keeping on my book shelf, despite dwindling room. I enjoyed it too much to put it away or donate it anywhere. I highly recommend it.
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