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Dan and Phil #1

The Amazing Book is Not on Fire: The World of Dan and Phil

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Goodreads Choice Award
Nominee for Best Humor (2015)
Hello reader,

In this book is a world. A world created by two awkward guys who share their lives on the internet!

We are Dan and Phil and we invite you on a journey inside our minds! From the stories of our actual births, to exploring Phil's teenage diary and all the reasons why Dan's a fail.

Learn how to draw the perfect cat whiskers, get advice on what to do in an awkward situation and discover which of our dining chairs represents you emotionally. With everything from what we text each other, to the time we met One Direction and what really happened in Vegas...

224 pages, Hardcover

First published October 8, 2015

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Daniel Howell

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250 reviews329 followers
January 23, 2019
I know most of you will be disappointed in me since I've basically built up this sarcastic, harsh, hateful, and slightly aloof persona. And here I am putting this book on my I-Want-it-Like-I-Want-Food shelf (which is a very serious shelf). But I have a confession to make — a confession that will destroy this façade I've spent so long building up with just one sentence;

I love watching DanIsNotOnFire and AmazingPhil on Youtube.

Yep. I've lost all of my critical credibility (however small). But you know what? Frankly, my dear reader, I don't give a damn. Whenever I watch either Dan or Phil they always manage to make me happy, and that's all that should matter. So that is why on the 8th of October, I will walk into a bookstore and nab this book off of the shelf because I know that whatever in it will surly make me smile. Plus, it has artwork by the artist who worked on one of my favourite British comedy series, The Mighty Boosh. Damn straight I'm buying this.

So to all those people who now think I have an immature sense of humour;
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9 reviews
December 31, 2015

I finally was able to read this book and it was AMAZING!!!

It was so interesting to get to know my favorite youtubers more deeply. We got to see Dan and Phil being themselves during the whole book, to the point when I was reading with their voices in my head.


They gave us great advice if we ever wanted to be youtubers and we got to read the real, infamous Vega's story. Man, I want to believe you guys, seriously, but




Older review BELOW
















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32 reviews9 followers
March 7, 2017
I love how they put Dan's entire name for the author name. Oh, goodreads.
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564 reviews354 followers
October 27, 2015
4.5 stars

If you came here looking for an in depth review, you came to the wrong place. The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire is completely random and fun and crazy and so I figured this review should be the same.

For those of you are are unfamiliar with Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire) and Phil Lester (AmazingPhil) you probably don't spend a lot of time watching vloggers in the wonderful world of YouTube. I remember way back when I had first heard of Youtube, I was in Grade 9, which was 10 years ago (I know, I'm old as hell), and one of my friends had shown me a video on this weird website called YouTube. It wouldn't be until a few years later when I really started to follow different Youtubers such as Shane Dawson, Smosh and the Shaytards. Fast forward a few more years and it seemed as though the equivalent of the British Invasion in the 1960's was now taking place on YouTube. The Brits started popping up everywhere with YouTubers such as Zoella and JacksGap. A popular thing for Youtubers to do is to work together on collaboration videos, or "collabs"...one thing led to another, and I discovered Dan and Phil! Before I discovered their individual channels, I came across videos they made together in a series called "Phil is Not on Fire". As I would later learn by reading The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire, Dan and Phil's personal channels (Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil) had been a part of the YouTube community for almost its entire existence and unfortunately I discovered them pretty late in the game. Better late than never though, am I right?

Although I am subscribed to quite a few YouTubers, there are only a few that I watch on a regular basis. Considering the crazy amount of books by YouTubers that have been released recently, there are only a few that I would really care to read. Dan and Phil had quickly become two of my favourite YouTubers and when they announced they would be releasing a book together, I knew that it was one that I needed to read.

I think part of what makes Dan and Phil so great is the fact that they're relatable. They are huge nerds and they aren't afraid to hide that about themselves. They're quirky and hilarious to watch on screen and their book was no different. The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire feels like one of Dan and Phil's videos, but in book form. That's the only way I can describe it. It's random and cute and hilarious, which is exactly how I feel about the content they upload to YouTube. There were quite a few personal stories which gave us some insight into their early lives and how they got started in the YouTube community. I loved getting to know them through this book.

The book itself is physically very appealing. Like I stated earlier, there have been an endless amount of books released by YouTubers recently and I hate to say it, but they all look like the same old autobiography with a few coloured photograph pages in the middle. Although I'm sure their personal stories would be great to hear, the books themselves aren't very unique in appearance. The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire completely defied the stereotype that is an autobiography. The entire book is fully coloured and filled with endless amounts of photographs, doodles and other fancy little tidbits. We get actual scanned images from both Dan and Phil's old diaries as well as fun little quizzes and micro stories mixed in with personal experiences. It's a pretty refreshing format compared to just having a bunch of words on a page and that definitely helps make it stand out.

Dan and Phil have done an amazing job in creating this book. They even thought of their viewers while creating the book and made a fantastic little video on their YouTube channel showing the entire process. Even if you don't enjoy the idea of reading a book created by a YouTuber, I suggest diving in to the world of YouTube itself! I know that YouTube, and subscribing to certain YouTubers, is an acquired taste that isn't meant for everyone, but I guarantee if you look hard enough, there is bound to be at least one YouTuber that you find relatable and entertaining.
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844 reviews120 followers
January 27, 2018

**probably some spoilers? can you spoil memoirs**

Prior to the Amazing Book is Not on Fire announcement I didn't ever really want to read books written by YouTubers. Or ... any memoirs, or life-stories, for that matter. They seemed to closely related to the non-fiction genre (and let's be real, that is definitely not the most engaging source of entertainment), but by the time Dan and Phil posted the announcement video ... I was a diehard Phan. They're pretty much the only YouTubers I watch anymore -- save for Connor, and Tyler and Pewds on special occasions. This book was suddenly something that I had to read. I had to have it. I would have gotten it the second it came out if I could have, but Christmas was around the corner and in our house buying things just before Christmas is basically like a focial (family social. I just made that up 10/10) suicide. I should have ordered it.


I satisfied my unholy need for the book by reading Connors book and then realizing that Tyler was on the verge of releasing his own. Thanks, Dan & Phil. This is your fault. Now I have more books to procrastinate reading. Of course, when I finally picked this one up -- literally yesterday -- I finished it right away. It's kind of perfect. I mean, it's so them. There is nothing in this book that I can't picture them saying or doing. Tbh I read like 95% of this in two vaguely different, but both equally bad, British accents? I spent most of today at home alone so I guess talking to myself isn't that shameful, no one heard. Even if they had something in me doubts they would think this is a very un-Mal like thing to do . This acceptance is probably because like everyone in my family does this. Like, I'll be sitting in my room and my brother is making explosion sounds in the shower just across the hallway (I'm being completely serious rn).

Back on topic~! I cried a little when they were talking about meeting One Direction -- wow, Dan, I didn't know you were so passionate about the boys -- and their trip to Japan; I had to harden my emotions and stop crying or I'd never get through it. To clarify I was crying because I was laughing so hard. I guess you probably already knew that. Anyway... some of the best parts of this book, I think, were:
1. The Phanga. They made a literal graphic strip about their becoming magical boys, and Phil had a lowkey crush on the president of the cereal club (whom, I may add, was carrying around a handy carton of milk) and was just like notice me cereal-senpai. And it was pretty wonderful. Also, that fringe-check tho.
2. Phanfiction. Naturally Dan writes a three page long dark, depressing, really intense fic about vampires and Phil writes a one page long to-be-continued story in which he gives birth to Harry Styles. This says so much about them, really and truly.
3. Reasons why Dan is a Fail / Things that Phil thought were true that weren't really true. Some of my favorite videos turned into two colored pages of heaven.

Also this book is extra special to me because this is the 700th book on my read list. I've read 700 books :o

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388 reviews7 followers
October 15, 2015
I wasn't sure what I was expecting when I first watched the trailer for this book back in March. I just instantly knew I needed to have it the second it was released. Dan and Phil are two of my favorite youtubers that I have been following for years so obviously I ended up reading this book in one sitting.
Overall, I have a lot of mixed feelings about this book. I guess the most prominent is that this book was made for the fans (and Dan and Phil themselves). Simply put, it is like a scrapbook that visually displays who Dan and Phil are and what they have created on the Internet. I don't anticipate random people buying this book in a shop, reading it and enjoying it. It almost feels like a behind the scenes of their videos. You get the condensed version of the brand they have created with just a little extra thrown in.
For me, it felt like I had just rematched some of their best videos. The whole book is basically rehashing the last six years they have been in each other's lives. Being someone who watches them religiously, I was a bit disappointed in that. I was hoping for a book full of new content, not old content that I already had memorized. That being said, there were a few new things that I really enjoyed. Some of my favorite parts where the quick mentions of things you didn't know before or the pages where they are "going deep". I also REALLY enjoyed Dan's fanfic. Damn, that boy can write.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that I wish this book was more of a serious "this is me, I'm more than Phan and cat whiskers". However, I do still appreciate all that this book is. This book is Dan and Phil, every cringey bit of them. Take the best bits of all their videos and sprinkle it with some extra existential crisis and general Phil weirdness and you have TABINOF. It really is just a tangible version of their online content, which to be fair is exactly what they marketed it as.
If you are a fan of the kind of content Dan and Phil make, by all means pick up this book! It's as quirky and interesting as they are. But, if you don't know who they are or don't obsess over their videos, I don't see you enjoying this book. It's a book about the online world and community Dan and Phil have created and if you aren't already in on all the jokes the whole book probably all just seems a bit strange. I mean, what isn't strange about two men who draw cat whiskers on their faces, roll around and talk to a camera for a living?
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224 reviews50 followers
March 18, 2017
I love it!!!

Dancin on my way downtown~

Special shout out to "The Urge", a short phanfiction written by Dan. That fanfic was pretty good and I'd definitely subscribe to his ao3 if he has one.

Give it a try if you're a big fan of AmazingPhil and danisnotonfire.


Update 8/12

Dan had just uploaded his video 'The Urge' along with illustrations submitted by the viewers.
You can listen to him narrate the fanfic here.

So many beautiful and creative drawings, my favs are:
0:05, 0:17, 3:26, 4:29 and 5:22 :D
Profile Image for Rose.
1,872 reviews1,055 followers
January 12, 2016
Quick review for a quick read. Yes, I subscribe to both Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil (as well as their gaming channel - because Dan falling out of his chair playing FNAF still makes me laugh. I have no shame.). That's how I ended up figuring out that they released a book - but I didn't realize they had an audiobook version until browsing Audible. I had a credit, I used it on this book - I regret nothing.

This was such a fun read. I was entertained not just learning a bit from their random games (i.e. favorite emojis, 7-second challenge, A-Z lists) and experiences (the craziness of meeting One Direction included), but also just learning about the two of these guys in general. The book is structured from their high school and college experiences, to getting their own radio show, to traveling to Japan, among other major themes, but they're not afraid to go in random directions, which are so much fun to listen to. My first listen in 2016, and one of my favorite reads thus far this year.

Overall score: 4.5/5 stars
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152 reviews238 followers
May 31, 2019
I'm having a really productive day that so far has mainly consisted of me thrashing around in bed and feeling sorry for myself and overdosing on aspirin while coughing my lungs out. Good times.

*awkwardly clears throat*

Well, hello everybody! It is Giulia here, and welcome to what you all secretly wanted but didn't know you needed: THE INTERACTIVE REVIEW. (If you haven't already noticed my sneaky move, those up there were links you were supposed to click on. Duh.)

Now, the most sensible thing to do right now would be to say that this is obviously a book aimed solely to Dan and Phil fans... But. What kind of dedicated, mildly crazy and obsessed fan would I be if I didn't at least try to lure you into joining the dark side, also known as the phandom?
You get the idea. So, without further ado... let's get started.

I hereby introduce you to Dan Howell, British Youtuber and socially awkward nerd with some unexpectedly deep thoughts in that creative mind of his.


And here we have Phil Lester, also a British Youtuber, with a (former) Northern accent and a positive attitude that is 100% guaranteed to brighten even your bleakest day.


Now, for a lot of us Youtube is that quiet, peaceful place where we can escape the - boring - real world and either have some fun, be inspired, discover new things and generally be entertained. *insert generic vlog music here* Personally, Dan and Phil do not only always manage to make me smile, but have genuinely helped me go through some difficult times in my life, turning my sad frown into hysterical laughter (yes, Phil.) and making me realize that sometimes it's okay to have no idea where you're going in life, and it's not the end of the world (yes, Dan.) *generic music turns slightly more dramatic* But I will explain all of this later.

• If you, like me, are a proud nerd, crazy fangirl, tumblr addict or just a generally awkward person that is not sure how to function in society, please go to POINT 1.

• If you, also like me, live your life in a constant state of existential crisis, wondering what the point in life is and questioning your life choices every 5 minutes, please go to POINT 2.

• If you're having a shitty day and your face cannot honestly remember what it means to smile, please go to POINT 3. (Oh, and eat some chocolate. That always helps.)

• If you're the kind of really curious person that has always loved to travel and see new places in the world, please go to POINT 4.

• And if you want a little preview of the actual book to get a feel of what you're getting into, then please go to POINT 5.

Okay, I'm assuming that by now all the weird people that think that social interaction is actually fun (???) and that don't know what tumblr is and find themselves asking what does OTP mean? with wide eyes have left, so just between us nerds... trust me, you need Dan and Phil in your life. Not only because we all speak the same language - what? No, of course I don't mean English. I mean the language of memes. I'm surprised you even had to ask - but also because it's pretty nice to know that even if you sometimes do incredibly awkward and embarrassing things and feel like you're literally failing at normal human interaction... well, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Okay, sadly you still need to get out of bed and go adulting, but there's nothing wrong with feeling lazy and not being one of those people who practice 5 sports, have a dream job and own a summer house in California. (Though I wouldn't mind having that last one. Yeah.) (Also, here's a little treat for all of us anime lovers. You're welcome.)

The existential crisis. You know when your friends are all feeling great and accomplished and sure of themselves, and then you're just sitting there wondering what the hell are you doing with your life? Yep. I know the feeling. But the thing is, you're not alone in this. And maybe life does not have a point and this whole thing is meaningless and ephemeral, but you still have to make the most of it. You still have to do your best to get as close as possible to that tiny confusing thing people call happiness, because this is the only chance we have. And all the time we've wasted on things we didn't really care about, or didn't really want to do? Well, it will never come back. So I hope now you're emotionally scarred enough to listen to my advice.

Here. Have some chocolate. Oh, and a cookie, too. And, maybe a boxed set of all the seasons of Game of Thrones? A first edition of your favorite book? Have some bonus Phil Lester too (also known as: the brightest ray of sunshine.)


What? That didn't work? Well, fine then, let's try something else.


Now, if you're still wearing that sad pout, my only chance is to go EXTREME and give you the one and only cure for sadness. Yes, watch them all. In the right order. You can thank me later.

So, I'm one of those people who literally gets an itch to travel. Airports, train stations and suitcases are all part of my ideal scenario, and I've been to a lot of pretty amazing places, but... sadly, I'm not a millionaire, and I guess neither are you (if you are, though, teach me your secret) and sometimes this makes it pretty difficult for my wanderlust to be sated. (That... was a really weird sentence. Sorry. Moving on...) My ideal trip, you say? Well, first of all I would like to go back to London, because it's one of those places even Londoners can't get enough of. But still, I'm from Europe, and sometimes it's even more exciting when I get to travel the other side of the world - like New York, for example, how awesome would that be? Or, of course, my ultimate obsession: Japan. (Yes, more treats for my otaku friends!)

Yes, this is for all the people interested in my actual review. *cough* boooring *cough* I decided to listen to The Amazing Book Is Not on Fire on audiobook, and I strongly recommend you do too, because: a) British accents. I mean, how could anyone resist to that? and, b) Both Dan and Phil have really pleasant voices to listen to, and it's pretty amazing to hear them tell their own story. This is not your typical Youtuber autobiography, but it's just inherently Dan and Phil, with lots of humour, funny bits and pieces and all the little things that we came to love about those two. It was even better than I expected, but what can I say? They always manage to surprise me. So fish your earphones out of your pocket, sit back and enjoy!

... aaaand, that's a wrap, you all! If by now I haven't convinced you to jump on the Dan and Phil bandwagon of funny banter, awkwardness and hilarious videos that will make you laugh out loud at the most inappropriate times, then I don't know what would.
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552 reviews44 followers
November 15, 2015
I think the best part was definitely the Fanfictions! :D I laughed so hard! Dan's was so good (scarily accurate writing I have to say, he clearly read a suspicious amount of fanfiction, lol ), and I still can't get over Phil's "muscular brow" and "D-Slice" and "raven-haired" and I'm not gonna spoil the ending but I'm telling you if you haven't read it yet, you're in for a treat ^^
The Las Vegas Story? Come ooooooooon guys, pwetty please, you can't just do this to us! Though it WAS quite creative, I'm giving you that.

This is the FIRST book I EVER felt the need to pre-order, in all of my years of bookworminess. And for a whole of 24 pound, aka 33 Euro, aka 310 kronor, which is reaaally NOT cheap.
I'm abandoning my whole personality by this, my whole habit of never spending much money on ANYTHING. And I can't waaaaaait for October to come.
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1,143 reviews598 followers
March 18, 2019
First of all, my copy of this book is SIGNED! I'm not sure if that's as big a deal I like to think, but this book is now the most important book on my shelf.

This was way, way better than I expected it to be. This isn't just a money grab, this book is genuinely funny, and I was laughing out loud the entire time. This was a legit, well made book and well worth buying. Dan and Phil are absolutely hilarious!

Dan's a freakishly good writer, like his fanfic of his own life was extremely well written. Anyone else on board for a trashy vampire novel by Dan Howell? I also wouldn't mind a book composed entirely of Phil's chat logs.
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53 reviews34 followers
December 24, 2015
I got this the day it came out and ran to the mailbox with choir heels on. Fell on my face, but I have no regrets.
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72 reviews47 followers
July 28, 2018
This book really reminded me of why I got it in the first place, which was when it first come out a couple of years ago. Now I used to watch youtubers all the time and then I stopped, now I’m slowly getting back into them. Of course there are a few new ones that I watch these days. Reading this book again makes me want to go back and watch Dan and Phil’a old videos as well as new ones.

The thing with biographies is that I really have to be in the right frame of mind to read them or I just get picky and annoyed and try to find negative things about them (I’m not sure why). Anyway I will give this book a generous 4⭐️ 🌟 💫 🌟

I have also discovered that I relate to Phil Lester so damn much.
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79 reviews12 followers
December 29, 2015
I just saw the trailer and can I say... I'm so excited! Ah! I know this is a new thing for YouTubers to have books but I think this one I will actually read.
Profile Image for Nara.
937 reviews124 followers
October 19, 2015
My inner Phangirl cannot take the awesome.
Literally my two favourite Youtubers, and they have to go ahead and write a freaking book!
Also, it's in FULL COLOUR.
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271 reviews
May 6, 2016
هه هه.مگه ممكنه به اين همه عكس و خداي من صد صفحه فيل لستر كمتر از ٤ ستاره بدم!!!!؟!!؟!؟
پ.ن ١:وقتي اين كتابو با صداهاي خودشون ميخوني بايد بدوني كه براي به عقب برگشتن ديگه خيلي دير شده
پ.ن٢:هم كتابو خوندم هم اوديوبوكشو گوش دادم. .همه جورش عاليه (اشك ذوق)
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143 reviews31 followers
September 22, 2017
this book was absolutely hilarious + dan & phil are the lights of my life.
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379 reviews60 followers
December 14, 2015
Before starting the review, let me get one thing straight: Never read memoirs unless you know the person writing it. (And remember, this applies only to celebrity memoirs. It will not work with Anne Frank’s)
I remember I picked up ‘Yes, please!’ because it was a popular read and DNFed it at 30% because I couldn’t care less about Amy Poehler. So, when I got this book, I was afraid. Really really afraid that I’d DNF this one, too. But fortunately, for the sake of my sanity, I actually quite enjoyed ‘the amazing book is not on fire’. Here are the reasons why:
1.It is written by Dan and Phil. Do I even need to add any more reasons? These guys are AWESOME. They are my babies. The apples of my eyes. My two little cutie pies. I can’t see how I wouldn’t like their book. I mean the only actual difference with their videos is that there’s no voice and picture here. Which wouldn’t be an actual difference if you’re using the audio book.
2.I really enjoyed myself. Some parts were so funny, I had to stifle myself down or I would wake my parents with my bursts of laughter. My father would not be happy about it.
3.It’s so colorful and pretty, it was a truly nice change from all the black and white pages I always read. Sometimes I would just stare at their pictures, swoon a little….

OKAY! I think that’s enough. I mean, if you like Dan and Phil and you enjoy their videos, you’ll enjoy this book as well. I’m not saying it was perfect and didn’t have problems. Yes, it did. Sometimes it was boring (I didn’t particularly enjoy one of their trip stories, which was kinda long…). They had gone a little way overboard with the pictures. Some pages were totally unnecessary. The writing was very simple and didn’t contain even the faintest amount of complicated words. Yadda yadda yadda
Who cares? Some times you just gotta lay back, forget about criticizing things and enjoy yourself a little.

Here, have some Dan and Phil:

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497 reviews49 followers
November 13, 2015
Is this book listed under the genre humor? It is? Good! Because that was one of the most hilarious autobiographies I've ever read. I'm just so proud of the guys.

It was a beautiful book that had lots of artistic visuals too, it wasn't just an autobiography you read but looked at.

I have to say though, IRL (as Dan loves to say) I do not read fanfiction. So when I saw that the boys had written short fanfics about each other in the book, I skipped those. x_x A girl has to draw a line somewhere lol. Though I did enjoy the "phanga" (manga). Words cannot describe it.
 photo fkhjfg_zpshbx7zfbd.gif
 photo 16650796_zpsehr8swe0.gif

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1,471 reviews24 followers
October 9, 2015
Source: I own this book.
Cost: Preorder

After having this book on pre-order from the day they announced it until yesterday, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book. I finally, after six years, have something that these two guys have poured their hearts into, in my hands. Something real. And I'm all soppy and emotional because they're just so precious.

This is a brilliant, funny, and personal read and if you're a fan on phan, read this book. These boys deserve all the happiness they can get.
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330 reviews67 followers
August 27, 2016
This pretty much felt like watching one of their videos, and that's pretty much what I wanted from the book, so that's a win. The visual design of this book is also really awesome. The photos and stuff make me want to keep in on my coffee table. If I had a coffee table... I should procure a coffee table and then put this book on it.
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100 reviews101 followers
March 17, 2016
Actual rating 4.5 stars. If you're completely unfamiliar with Dan and Phil and haven't watched any of their YouTube videos, then I would not recommend reading this book or listening to the audiobook. This book is for fans, whether they're casual fans or they're fans that watch all their videos religiously. The book is hilarious. Their own unique senses of humour shine through and, even though I listened to the audiobook as well as reading it, when I was just reading the book their voices came across so well just from the writing. This book is one of the few books I've read this year (or listened to) that has genuinely made me laugh out loud and not just breathe slightly heavier through my nose. Seriously, listening to this on the bus was an error as there were so many times that I nearly burst out laughing and had to try and stifle it so that the people on my bus wouldn't think I was crazy. I'm a huge fan of both of them and therefore I will probably always be somewhat biased towards them but they seem like such genuine, lovely people and they bring so much joy to their viewers and their fans. They really care about their fans and it shows. This book has been made with so much effort and care and the hard work they've put into it really paid off. It's an amazing book (it had to be done) and I highly recommend it. I had so much fun reading and listening to it.
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297 reviews863 followers
December 21, 2017
I listened to The Amazing Book is not on Fire by Dan Howell and Phil Lester on Audible!

Incase you haven't figured T out by now, I love watching YouTubers, I find it really enjoyable and entertaining, and better than watching tv most times. Dan and Phil are some of my favorites, so I decided to listen to their Audio book, and I wasn't Dissapointed.

I was, however, Dissapointed to see some people give the book 1 or 2 stars, and after reading them they have all been towards the book, not the audio book. Let me say that I believe the Audiobook is better than the book, and I haven't even read the book, because Dan and Phil is speaking throughout the whole thing, they included sound effects and some music and they even had banters throughout it. I think it's great for anyone who is a fan of Dan and Phil, even though there's been talk my hat there's not a lot of new information about them.

I think this Audiobook was Entertaining, humorous, interesting, and definitely enjoyable. I think if you're a fan, you might like the audio book better because of the interactions, but there is the fact that there's photos n the book… maybe buy both?

I give this 4 out of 5 stars!
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56 reviews22 followers
October 18, 2015
I really enjoyed this!!!! Dan and Phil are two of my favorite youtubers and I could not have asked for a better book from them!! The Amazing Book is not on Fire was not just another memoir, another book, it was THE book, THE memoir. When I read this I could just feel Dan's and Phil's personalities flowing through the words and pictures so vibrantly! One of the reasons I love Dan and Phil so much is because they're such a compatible, funny couple of guys, and you could sense that throughout all of their stories, fanfiction, pictures, and doodles. It really was like watching one of their collab videos, and that is what makes this book amazing, spectacular, because it was not fake, it was beautifully raw yet entertaining.;)
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