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Rescued by the Ranger

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Protecting those in trouble is what Army Ranger Garrett Harding does best. But after helping a feisty redhead toss a couple of losers from her Idaho bar, the woman is anything but grateful for his assistance—in fact, she seems to know him. Worse, she almost certainly hates him.

The only thing Rachel Maguire wants is to send this smart-mouthed, muscled military man packing. She knows Garrett has his own reasons for staying, so when he offers Rachel a deal—two days to prove his worth or he leaves—she reluctantly agrees. Despite wanting to loathe him, Rachel finds herself drawn to his quiet confidence…and the way he fills out a t-shirt.

But when Rachel receives a phone call from the past, everything changes. The stalker who destroyed her life ten years ago is closing in once more. Refusing to put anyone else in harm's way, Rachel hits the road hoping to lure danger away from those she loves. But Garrett won't leave this sexy spitfire to face her stalker alone. He'll do anything to protect her. Even if it means risking his life—and his heart.

384 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 8, 2015

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Dixie Lee Brown

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September 11, 2015
This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Review


There was so much fun moments to Rescued by the Ranger. This is a story that begins when our hero, Garrett a Ranger, found a document leading to mysteries surrounding his mother and his aunt Peg. We see how Garrett and his brother and sister have been misled on the mystery of their mother and the reason on why she left. When he arrives to meet his Aunt Peg, he meets a bar owner who is fesity and hates him at first. But Garrett is a charmer and doesn't take her seriously. He likes her spirit and I found their bantering quite engaging, but I did have a issue with Rachel at first. I understood her anger, but I couldn't see why she was so against Garrett, especially when she learns the truth. She is quite stubborn and obstinant. But I did quite enjoy seeing the way they come together finally. Garrett was so patient and understanding with Rachel, despite how judgmental she could be at times. It was interesting to have the added intensity of a villain at work here, a stalker and his true identity really shook me and one I didn't see coming. I found Rescued by the Ranger to be a deep and riveting story that kept me at the edge of my seat and I soaked up every detail and aspect of this story with relish. It had a charm and unique qaulities. What drew me most to love this one the most was the mixture of sweet and intense moments. We see a beautiful love story that develops from opposition to working hand in hand and learning the true measure of trust and love.



“Sorry, bud. Needed you with me on this one.” He rested his hand on the dog’s shoulder just above the ragged scar where a bullet had torn through muscle and tissue. Cowboy had recovered surprisingly well, but the wound had ended the career of the best military dog Garrett had ever been teamed with.

Cowboy’s big, brown, soulful eyes studied his for a moment before a barely audible woof broke the silence.

Garrett chuckled and patted the dog’s furry side. “Good boy. That’s right—use your indoor voice. You’ll need to be on your best behavior while we’re here. Shouldn’t be long, though. I can’t imagine there’d be anything to keep us here beyond the end of the day.”

Why had he come anyway?

Aunt Peg’s letter. His temper flared remembering the confrontation between him and his father after Garrett had stumbled upon the year-old letter in his dad’s desk drawer.

“Looking for something, son?” There’d been wariness in his father’s voice.

Garrett had dragged his gaze from the envelope in his hand to study the senator. “I misplaced Shay’s telephone number. I thought I might find it in here.” The call to his sister momentarily forgotten, he’d held the letter up so his father could see.

The senator had looked away, his expression shuttering over. “I meant to give that to you, but both you and Luke were out of the country when it arrived and, frankly, it’s not something you should worry about. You need to concentrate on getting well,” his father had said, but the way his gaze bounced around the room instead of meeting Garrett’s told a different story.

“Dad, I’ve been in the States for six months. Two months at the VA hospital and four months recuperating right here in this house. Luke’s been here a week. What were you waiting for?” Garrett had held the letter out in front of him. “ ‘Garrett and Luke Harding.’ ” He’d read the first line of the address out loud and then jerked the letter away as his father made a grab. “Peg Williams. That’s Aunt Peg, isn’t it? Did it cross your mind at all that Luke and I might be interested in what our mother’s sister had to say?”

“Your mother passed away a year ago. Peg invited you to the reading of the will. Hell, your mother didn’t have time for you while she was alive. Why would you be interested now? Hate me for it if you want—I took it upon myself to keep the letter from you. I didn’t think it was important twenty-nine years after she walked out on you boys.” Anger had hardened his father’s expression.

Garrett had sucked in a breath as the words pelted him, reopening a wound he’d thought long closed. After all, they hadn’t heard from the woman their father had said was a drug addict in nearly thirty years. Now she’d apparently left them something in her will—as though she’d have anything they’d want. Wasn’t that just the icing on the cake?

Garrett had straightened his six-foot-one frame until the muscles surrounding the six-month-old wound in his back protested sharply. “You had no right to make that call.”

“I had every right. I wasn’t going to let that woman hurt you again.”

Steel-gray eyes, so like his own, had stared back at Garrett. “Are you sure that’s the reason, Dad? Or could it have had anything to do with keeping the senator’s ex-wife off the front page of the newspaper?” Silence had stretched for at least thirty seconds, during which Garrett had had ample time to regret his words.

His father, ever the diplomat, had smiled faintly. “Let’s table this discussion until cooler heads prevail, shall we? You have your letter, and I have a meeting I’m going to be late for.” He’d grabbed several folders from his desk and hastened from the room.


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Author 13 books115 followers
August 8, 2015
Action packed and fast-paced - a hot, summer sizzler!

*I was given “Rescued by the Ranger” as an ARC for an honest review; I do not post spoilers!*

Oh, my!!! A handsome army ranger with a sordid past and an adorable furry sidekick stumble across a saucy red-head running from her troubles in the middle of rural Idaho – it’s a recipe for a hot summer sizzler! A fan of Dixie Lee Brown’s romantic suspense novels, I’ve read them all; but Rescued by the Ranger is my new fav!
On leave from a devastating injury while serving in Iraq, army ranger Garrett Harding uncovers a disturbing letter from his aunt - his father, Senator Harding, hid the fact that his estranged mother, Amanda Harding, had passed away. Determined to find out why his mother had abandoned him and his brother Luke when they were children, Garrett and his faithful German shepherd Cowboy set off to his mother’s ranch, the Cougar Ridge Lodge, in the middle of Idaho to finally put his past to rest. He didn’t count on meeting a fiery red-head with a sharp tongue and a grudge so deep he wants nothing more than to convince her he isn’t the heartless man she thinks he is.
As one of the Cougar Ridge staff, Rachel wants nothing to do with Garrett when he arrives - she’ll never forgive any Harding for the pain and anguish that they caused Amanda all those years, she doesn’t care one bit if the sexy, brooding man DID step in to save her from the local scum! However, there’s something about this ranger – she feels safe when he’s with her – and when her own troubles come to light, Garret resolves to help Rachel stop running from her past and finally face her demons while dealing with his own twisted family history.
From the beginning of Rescued by the Ranger, the action jumps off the page, and you feel the angst of Garrett and Rachel when their paths cross for the first time at the Cougar Ridge Watering Hole. The thing I like most about Dixie’s books is her character development. Her heroes are all alpha and very sexy with a sense of chivalry that makes us women swoon. And, her heroines are sassy and tough -complementing her alpha males perfectly. Rachel’s fierce wit and Garrett’s endearing sense of honor drew me in immediately, and the sexual tension and chemistry between them is palpable from the first page. You find yourself cheering for them all the way through. And, adding in a fiercely protective sidekick like Cowboy gave Garrett a definite likability from the start. Rescued by the Ranger has the perfect amount of spice and suspense with an HEA to die for, and I can’t wait to see if this book leads into another series!
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1,485 reviews21 followers
September 9, 2015
Posted on What I'm Reading

OH MY GOODNESS, AMAZING! I absolutely loved Rescued By The Ranger by Dixie Lee Brown. I had a rough time with the beginning, and a lot of that stemmed from heroine, Rachel Maguire.
She totally rubbed me the wrong way, and the reason was she feared for Garrett Harding life. There were times I wanted to shake and tell her "He's an Army Ranger they just don't let any guy be a Ranger." So, you could see my frustration. It was good portion of the story that I just wanted to smack her upside her head. That wasn't the only reason I had a hard time with Rachel, the other reason was she wasn't willing to forgive Garrett for something he didn't know about. Basically, she formed an opinion that he was a selfish jerk. The poor guy had to prove to her that he was a good guy. She didn't make it easy.

Now you are wondering why I loved this story when I couldn't stand Rachel. Excellent question. It was Garrett and his pal Cowboy, they truly won me over. Also the last six chapters had my heart pounding. Garrett and Cowboy showed Rachel that they can be their for her and anyone else that needed him.

So, for the majority of the story we had Garrett trying to prove to Rachel that nothing bad is going to happen and she needed to trust him. Trust is not an easy commodity for Rachel to give, and its a good portion of the story for her to give it to Garrett. Once we hit the last six chapters, talk about a twist in the story. I didn't expect to see the stalker. An excellent twist to the story. We know that their is a stalker in the story, but it's not who would expect to be. I was kind of shocked. Those last chapters really had my heart pounding. The big lead to the end was just amazing. Definitely worth the read.

Rescued By The Ranger is definitely worth a looking into. Yes, I did have issues with Rachel and I struggle with her character. However, the story is just amazing. I love the interaction between Garrett and Rachel, because she didn't easy up on Garrett. When she was dishing him crap, he took it like a standup guy, because he could understand where she was coming from and he wanted to prove her that he was good guy. I hope we get a story for Garrett's brother and possibly a few other characters more.

Copy provided by Avon via Edelweiss.
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540 reviews10 followers
September 10, 2015
Thrilling! Addicting! 5 Star read!!!

I was hooked right into this book from the very first chapter! This was such a fast paced novel, it left me turning page after page after page. There are so many GREAT things about this novel, but my favorite is Dixie's ability to make me laugh out loud and swoon. I could not put her book down and pulled an all nighter, devouring it!!! This was my first Dixie Lee Brown novel and I won't be stopping now! I love her writing and I want more.

I completely fell in love with Garrett and his dog Cowboy! Cowboy adds so much to this story!!! Garrett is so dreamy and an Army Ranger who is searching to find answers about his past. He unexpectedly meets Rachel, who is on the run from a delusional stalker. Rachel is such a spitfire and she's not at all afraid to stand up for herself. Garrett see's her softer side and has the need to protect her. Their love story is so thrilling and gripping! Dixie keeps you on your toes! I love not knowing what is gonna happen next!

I absolutely recommend Rescued by the Ranger!!! It's a must read! You will be missing out on an EXCITING story!!! DON'T MISS OUT!!!
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2,979 reviews30 followers
August 8, 2015
My first read of a Dixie Lee Brown novel, and I was NOT disappointed!

It all starts with Army Ranger Garrett Harding finding a letter in his fathers desk drawer. Sent a year ago, addressed to he and his brother Luke, it’s from his Aunt Peg, his mother’s sister, inviting them to the reading of their mother’s will following her death. Angry that their father withheld the letter from him, Garrett sets off on a road trip to see his Aunt Peg. For 29 years he’s been told that his mother was a druggie who abandoned her two sons, never to be heard from again. He’s lived with that rejection all of his life and feels the need to have some closure and see what his aunt has to say.

When he arrives in town, he stumbles across Rachel Macquire being harassed in the bar that she works by some locals. He comes to her aid and wants to see her safely home, but when she finds out who he is, she’s fit to be tied. Reluctantly she takes him to see his Aunt Peg who she lives with, and he will learn the truth about his mother. While there, he and Rachel are drawn to each other despite the turmoil, and he learns a secret she’s been hiding from even those closest to her. She has a stalker.

Will Garrett be able to keep her safe from this unknown person who has been terrorizing her for years? Will Rachel be able to trust him even though she thinks he brought pain to his mother time and again before she died? Will they survive to decide take a chance on love with each other? Read the book to find out all the juicy details!
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Author 91 books647 followers
September 8, 2015
4.5 / 5 stars
Received a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

There probably isn't a genre out there that I enjoy more than military romance. Ok, ok, hockey (err... sports) is pretty up there too, but I just love those military men -- and their war dogs, too.

The team of Garrett and Cowboy is no exception.

When Garrett and Cowboy are injured on a tour, Garrett does what he can to get Cowboy to come home and retire with him -- not that Garrett's planning on retiring, but he wants the dog who proved to be his best working partner to stay by his side.

I enjoyed Garrett and his need to learn about his mother -- even though he starts the journey for different reasons. It takes a local feisty woman who has a negative taste in her mouth for Amanda's sons to get Garrett to see that perhaps his picture had been flawed.

Rachel was a strong heroine and I very much enjoyed her spunk. From the first meeting, you knew that she wouldn't go down without a fight -- but the slight tremors she tried holding back spoke of a deeper story, and I couldn't wait for it to unfold.

The suspense and action in this story were done well, and the romance was pretty on par, as well. I do think my favorite character was Cowboy though... only because that dog had some tricks -- and while he was super attuned to his master, he learned (quickly) to be receptive to Rachel's feelings, as well.

I'm unsure if there's any thought on this becoming a series, but I'd love to see more of Garrett's brother, Luke. Surely, that can happen..!
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1,339 reviews48 followers
September 6, 2015
This is my first book by Brown and I really did enjoy it. I liked how the when the book starts with Garrett coming to the rescue to help Rachel. You can tell right away what kind of person he is by him helping someone he doesn't even know.

Garrett came to find answers about his mother after finding a letter his father hid from him and his brother Luke. When Rachel meets him she doesn't like him and feels he did his mother wrong. As the story progresses secrets are uncovered and a crazy stalker is on the loose.

With all the things going on I did feel like there wasn't enough romance between the two main characters. Sure they had a connection and you can see that right away but at times I just didn't see them together.

I'm not sure if this will be a standalone book or end up being the first in a series that will develop. I'm only saying this because Garrett has a number of siblings that are mentioned and a friend who is a PI.

I did like the story and it kept me interested from the beginning because I was dying to know who the stalker was and when it was reviled I have to say I was a little shocked. I never guessed him.

Since this is a new author to me I am excited to read more of her stories and looking forward to upcoming books.
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Author 31 books286 followers
August 16, 2015
Another fabulous read by Dixie Brown. She had me by page one. I don’t read much romantic suspense, but I’ll read Dixie any day of the week. What makes her different are her characters and the heart she pours into every page. Her characters feel like real people and the imagery is well drawn, the emotion realistic and heart-tugging. So that I don’t feel like I’m lost in a plot, but lost in their world. It pulls me in and I forget I’m reading.

Rescued by the Ranger is so far my favorite of hers. Page one, the hero’s voice sucks me in, but page two? Reading Garett’s thoughts, his love and devotion for his dog, Cowboy? Hooked. There is nothing sexier than a man who loves and will fight for his dog. Except maybe one who doesn’t hesitate to rescue a woman in trouble, no questions asked. And he’s so darn sexy doing it, because he’s a good man, has a good heart, but he’s a man with skills. Swoon.

Fantastic. Highly recommended.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. My opinion is my own.
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5,008 reviews70 followers
September 11, 2015
4 star

The story has laughs, secrets, betrayal, suspense, pain, and heartbreak.

This is Rachel and Garrett’s story. Garrett is traveling out to see his Aunt after finding a letter in his father’s desk from her. His mother left him and his brother when they were little and they never heard from her again. When he stops off at a bar he walks in on a possible kidnapping of a woman named Rachel. Once he takes her to a safer place and finds out her name she seems to hate him. He finds out things are not as they seem with his mother. She tried to connect with them for years via letters. His Aunt is able to help out with what she had been doing up until she died. Garrett needs answers as to why his mother was kept from them. He also needs to get Rachel to trust him that he would have loved to meet his mother. Can he get to the bottom of the mysteries of his mother and they men after Rachel before she runs off on her own?

I recommend this book.
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632 reviews
September 12, 2015

I loved this story!

~~~This is the first story I have read from Dixie Lee Brown and I loved it!
~~~~~Garrett is what a good man should be ,protective and honorable.After finding out news from his past he heads to Idaho . The first person he meets is Rachel.
~~~~~~Rachel found herself in Idaho after running from her past.When they meet the sparks fly.
~~Cowboy is highly decorated war veteran who saved hundreds of US military personnel.... (who also happens to be a German Shepherd)
is a force to be reckoned with.He is a great Dog.
*****When both their pasts come to light it leaves you with a hell of a good story!
I recommend this romance to Everyone!
5 stars for sure
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4,079 reviews80 followers
September 11, 2015
My first choice for a read is not often romantic suspense, but when I am pulled into the story and can’t put it down, I start to question that decision. Dixie Lee Brown’s Rescued by the Ranger danced into the room with an adorable alpha male, a furry sidekick and a huge helping of action.

Garret was wounded in Iraq, and has returned to the states, only to discover that his estranged mother had died. He ventures to his mother’s ranch, hoping to discover the answers as to why he and his brother were abandoned. At the Cougar Ridge Ranch, Rachel has been quietly working and isn’t at all interested in making nice with Amanda’s sons. Of course, there are two sides to the story, and both Garret and Rachel have some seriously tangled situations in their family history.

From beginning to end, Brown develops the characters with care: releasing bits of information and displaying their own personal integrity as they come to know one another and find some common issues. When Rachel is threatened, the simple fact that Garret exists makes her feel more secure, and his willingness to put aside any of his own questions to help her resolve her past and learn to live safely in the now, you just can’t help but find him a near perfect man. Detailed, emotional and so perfectly plotted that every element falls in to the right place in exactly the right time, with insets from Cowboy and his fierce protective and loyal nature adds the perfect humanizing touch with a cold nose always in the midst of things.

A wonderfully fun read that brings chemistry, emotion and action into a hard to put down story!

I received an ARC copy of the title from the publisher via the Avon Addicts program. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility
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40 reviews4 followers
August 30, 2015
Rescued By the Ranger was a great read. The author, Dixie Lee Brown, is a new to me author. I truly didn't know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised.
Garrett Harding, the son of US Senator Harding and military war hero, has just had his life turned upside-down. Everything he thought about his Mother’s abandonment of both his brother and himself when they were children might not be everything he was told it was. While checking for a phone number at his father's desk he comes across a letter with his name on it. It was from his mother's sister Peggy and it was a year old. The letter invited him and his brother to the reading of his Mother’s will. Garrett packed it up and decided to go to Idaho with his dog, Cowboy, and see what his Aunt Peggy had to say. Since he had been told his mother up and left the family 20 plus years ago, he had a lot on his mind.
This is a glimpse of Garrett.
This book is great for those who like to read about military men, stories with dogs, as Cowboy is a decorated war vet, and small town romance lovers. I recommend this book to anyone that wants an easy read with a feel good ending.
4.5 stars
48 reviews2 followers
September 19, 2015
I don't usually read military romance and romantic suspense is not usually my thing but I decided to give this one a chance and I was so glad that I did. This book isn't really set around the military, Garrett is a wounded Army Ranger who decides to visit his aunt and get some answers about the mother he never knew before returning to duty. While there he meets Rachel and finds himself protecting her (whether she likes it or not). There is great chemistry between the characters. My favorite part of this story was Cowboy. I loved seeing the relationship between Garrett and Cowboy- How could you not love a man who cares so much about his dog? I found this book really difficult to put down once I started it and I can't wait to read more from this author.
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9,520 reviews147 followers
September 14, 2015
Garrett and his pooch are good people, "man and dog both trailed her now. “That’s because I told him to stay with you. He’d die before he left your side.” Garrett kept moving closer. “We need to talk, Rachel.” Garrett is a typical man when it comes to those dirty thoughts and his woman, “oh, ***t. Do you have anything on under that robe, sweetheart?” His swollen manhood jerked and twitched at the thought." I liked this book I fell in love with Garrett and of course Cowboy.
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343 reviews234 followers
September 22, 2015
Dixie Lee Brown is a new to me author so I wasn't really sure what to expect going into Rescued by the Ranger and while it wasn't exactly what I was hoping for, it was still a good read.

Rachel and Garrett meet when Garrett stops at her bar to ask for directions to his aunt's lodge and he ends up helping her out of a bit of trouble with a couple of local guys. I really enjoyed their meeting but unfortunately things took a turn for the worse as soon as Rachel realized who Garrett was. I get that she hated him on Amanda's behalf but I think she reacted a bit harshly, at least in my opinion.

Garrett, having no idea why Rachel despises him so much, is determined to make her see that he's not the bad guy she believes him to be. It was a little rocky for a while, but once they started to get to know each other and learn each others side of the story, things smoothed out pretty nicely.

The romance was a bit lacking for my taste and I never really felt the connection between the two but the suspense aspect kept me interested. Rachel has been dealing with a stalker for the past ten years, and while she's managed to stay hidden so far, it seems he's finally caught up with her. Of course she decides to run to save her friends but Garrett isn't having any of that and he decides it's his job to protect her.

Not knowing who this Jeremy guy is made the suspense that much better and I was shocked when we finally discovered who it was. There were some twists and turns along the way and some definite "oh no" moments that kept me on the edge of my seat. Overall, while this isn't something that I'd re-read anytime soon, I still enjoyed it and would definitely consider reading more books by Dixie Lee Brown in the future.

*ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.
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Author 16 books400 followers
October 13, 2015
Ms. Brown always delivers heart pumping suspense, interesting characters and steamy romance. With Rescued by the Ranger she gives us all that and more, adding a healthy dollop of heart with the engaging relationship between Garrett and Cowboy. Throw in an intriguing cast of background characters and I’m hoping this is just the first story in a future series.
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586 reviews14 followers
September 16, 2015
Hunky alpha males, loyal dog, sexy scenes and mysteries to be solved kept me entertained from beginning to end, I couldn't put it down until I had answers! Garrett and his dog Cowboy made a great team and their bond was amazing. I fell for them right from the start and the feeling intensified throughout the book. Rachel took a bit to warm up to and although they had some sexy scenes, I didn't feel the love between them as much as their chemistry. The mystery surrounding her stalker was well played out and I was surprised by who it turned out to be. I wish we would have gotten a resolution to the issue with the letters Garrett's mom wrote to him and his brother Luke, but perhaps that will be resolved in a future book about Luke? There are a few other characters in the story that I would like to see have their own HEAs.

I received an ARC via Edelweiss for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review, all conclusions are my own.
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661 reviews44 followers
September 18, 2015
I can't tell you how grateful I was when I discovered this story wasn't complicated. Of course, I had to get to the end to realize that, lol. I love a complex storyline but sometimes a girl just wants to sit back with a book and enjoy the simplicity of it.

Garrett and Rachel's story was simple with a couple of twists and turns that needed to be clarified and/or solved. The first was Garrett figuring out why his mother "abandoned" him and his brother and coming to terms with that. The second was figuring out who Rachel's stalker was, how he managed to find her despite her countless attempts to disappear, and drawing him out to end the madness.

While the two story lines might seem impossible to connect, Ms. Brown did a great job of bringing them together at the beginning, entwining them tightly as the story moved on, then unraveling them at the end. This is a great story, to me, with enough suspense and action that did not detract from the romance between Garrett and Rachel.

Oh, and if you're looking for hot and heavy and nakedness by the halfway mark, you'll be disappointed. This isn't that kind of romance. Garrett and Rachel do get there, and the sex is sensual, but it's not the focus of the story. Their relationship and their goals (his mom and her stalker) are.

Well-written with engaging characters this was an enjoyable and fulfilling story for me that I'm most likely going to read again.

(Received from Edelweiss via Tasty Book Tours for an honest review)
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2,160 reviews19 followers
March 17, 2019
New Author....Love Her Stories

Garrett, Rachel and Cowboy's story was really good. I wished I had read this story first. I started with Luke and Sally's story first. I loved it So much and both Garrett and Rachel and Cowboy were in it that I wanted to find out more about them. This is how I found their story.

So my recommendation is start with Rescued by the Ranger first. Plots from both books are great. Dixie Lee Brown is a new author for me. Now, I need to figure out which book is next.
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845 reviews153 followers
February 19, 2019
Rescued by the Ranger grabbed my attention right from the start, with its twin mysteries, vividly-drawn characters, and well-maintained suspense. The whole stalker issue is pretty well done and adds an element of real danger to the plot, and the main characters’ relationship is brimming with romantic tension.

I fell in love with Garrett, an Army Ranger with both physical and emotional wounds, the latter from his mother’s disappearance from his life when he was five. He’s got a big heart, though, and his relationship with his canine partner, Cowboy, is one of the highlights of the book. I like Rachel a lot, too, especially for her courage and for her loyalty to her friends and employers, Peg and Amanda (recently deceased.) But I was a more than a bit annoyed with her for jumping to conclusions – very negative ones – about Garrett, and then sticking stubbornly to them in the face of mounting evidence that he isn’t the coldhearted beast she believes him to be. I understand why she dislikes and distrusts him initially, because it stems from that loyalty I so admire, but her refusal to even ask the man why he acted (or rather didn’t) the way he did came across as more than a little immature. In her position, it would have been the first question out of my mouth! Then again, Garrett acts immaturely at least once, too – though to his credit, he comes to his senses pretty quickly.

Despite Rachel’s deep-seated reservations about Garrett, there’s a strong physical and emotional attraction between the two. The threats to Rachel’s safety mean that their relationship actually progresses fairly quickly in real-life terms, though it takes about half the book before she completely relents in her attitude toward him.

The suspense and romance are balanced pretty well, and I only had a few complaints on the mystery-suspense side of things. The first is that the main villain, Rachel’s stalker (whom I did suspect from pretty early on), used two things I think would have been hard for him to acquire, let alone know how to use properly. (I can’t say more without spoilers.) The bigger issue is that, having built the tension to a real fever-pitch, Brown resolves it in a matter of moments. I was expecting a much bigger or more protracted showdown, and instead it was almost a “blink and you’ve missed it” resolution. But that was only a minor detraction from a book which otherwise kept me turning the pages and reading far into the night.

One final note: There are hints that there might be a follow-up book about Garrett’s brother Luke – a Navy SEAL – and one of Rachel’s closest friends. If so, I’m definitely on board to read it!

FTC disclosure: I received a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are entirely my own.

Review originally published at The Bookwyrm's Hoard.
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12 reviews1 follower
November 24, 2015
This was such a great story and an easy read for me. I instantly fell for Garret and his Shepherd, Cowboy who had the coolest name for a dog ever!
Garret and his dog both come home as wounded warriors but Garrets wounds stem further then a bloodied deployment. Bringing his dog home so both of them could heal, he discovered his father’s betrayal and ventured off to a mountain town to find the truth. Arriving to find the life of a mother he never knew, he also found Rachel. Their meeting was dangerous from the start and introduced Garrets big, sexy alpha male side when he stepped into her bar and helped Rachel out of a bind that could have ended with her being abducted. Her appreciation doesn’t last long, there relationship taking a nose dive once she finds out who he is.
Garrets mother was an important person in Rachel’s life. She heard many stories about the two boys who abandoned their mom, leaving her broken hearted until the day she died. Rachel was ticked off that he had the balls to show up now that her friend was gone considering she spent most of her life hoping her sons would come back to her. There wasn’t a filter in the world that could stop Rachel from voicing her distaste for this guy and telling him to take a hike. Fortunately for her he didn’t listen.
The reason, Rachel was in trouble and hiding from a past that was slowly sneaking up on her. Although it could cost her a life she had come to love, her guilt at putting the people around her in danger caused her to run away from the only family she had. What she didn’t count on was Garret who followed her, wanting to help even when she continued to run.
I have to admit that I didn’t like Rachel very much at first. I can’t put my finger on it, it was just something that rubbed me the wrong way. I almost thought Garret was a little too good for her. She seemed so petty and quick to judge despite her own issues. What turned it around for me was Garret. His undeniable attraction to her as well as his devotion to help her at all cost made me stick it out and I’m glad I did. I slowly realized that Rachel was damaged goods just like Garret but for different reasons. Those reasons made her a hard woman and what I thought was bitchy, turned out to be passion. She was passionately loyal and passionately protective of the people she cared about. That passion also took this story on a wild ride as she constantly ran from her feelings and her problems.
Ultimately, this story ended perfectly. The unexpected plot twists towards the end kept me screaming at the pages for Rachel to get her shit together and stop being so hard headed. I was happy when she finally listened to my whiny self and claimed that sexy man who saved her ass more than once through the entire story. I am such a sucker for happy endings and this one made me happy. I truly love the way this author writes and look forward to more from her.
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June 1, 2017
3.5, actually. A good book to start off my summer reading kick. This is the first book that I’ve read by Ms Brown. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’d had this one sitting in my Nook for a while and decided to give it a shot. It’s a fast-paced story with plenty of action. There’s not over the top drama, but enough to keep things interesting.

Garrett is home after his fourth deployment where he and Cowboy, his military canine, were both injured and are on medical leave. While looking for something in his father’s office, he discovers a letter from his Aunt Peg. A letter that his father had obviously been keeping from Garrett and his brother, Luke. Garrett sets off to find out the truth about his mother. He had always been told, by his father, that she deserted them and was a drug addict. Garrett has been carrying the obvious effects of this desertion since the age of five. His mother has died and now there’s only her sister, Aunt Peg, who can unlock some of the family secrets. Garrett’s father is very much opposed to him seeking answers. I wonder why?

Once at his destination, Garrett immediately comes into contact with Rachel, a bartender at his aunt’s bar who is having some difficulties of her own from some of the locals. Garrett comes to her rescue and Rachel is impressed until she finds out exactly who he is. She can never forgive him for deserting his mother in her time of need. Hmmm, remember, there are always two sides to every story.

From there, the book follows two plot lines that Ms Brown weaves together wonderfully. This is a quick read, entertaining, and at times, humorous. I have to say, I didn't see that one coming at the end! I’ll definitely be checking out some of Ms Brown’s other books.
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June 17, 2017
First book I have ever read by this author but it will not be my last. Great read. Kept me on the edge of my seat. Hoping she is working on a new book about his brother.
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October 6, 2015
There's a lot going on in this novel, from family dramas, to romance, to intense danger and action. I enjoyed the story, with the many different layers in it, it kept the interest high, and the pages turning in rapid pace.
When Garrett finds out his father has been hiding the truth about his mother most of his life, he takes off on a road trip to get some answers. At the arrival to the resort, that his deceased mother owned with her sister, he meets a feisty Rachel, who is not afraid to step into a fight. It is obvious Rachel has some secrets, and is not ready to part with them to a total stranger.
The family drama in the story, from Garrett's mom and dad, the addiction, the past events, the half truths, and lies, the truth is revealed to a certain extent. It is painful, the hurt and resentment is deep, the lies have made an impact during the lifetime, Garrett and his brother Luke have some work to do, to find out the truth, what to believe in, and where to go from here.
While trying to find out what really happen to his mother, Garrett is enticed by the beautiful Rachel. The troubles seem to hunt her, and Garrett is more than ready to help her, protect her, and keep her safe.
Garrett is an honest, loyal, honorable, man with integrity. He is easy to like and admire, his dog, Cowboy, is just adorable. Rachel is a bit prickly, hiding from a crazy stalker for ten years has taken its toll, and trust doesn't come easy to her. She has her moments of light and fun, but mostly she carries the weight of the world with her, and is intense, understandably. But Garrett sees her as she is, her true self, and is falling hard for her, willing to do anything to keep her safe, and giving them a chance at a future together. And he has to fight for every step of the way for her and for her affections.
The danger, Rachel lives with is a continues strain on her, for ten years now. The danger is constant, looking over her shoulder tiresome, but to survive, that is what she has to do. And now her stalker, Jeremy, is right on her heels, and the hunt is on. It is scary, the fight against him is not just a mental battle, but this time he gets close enough for physical terror, as well. No one is safe, the race against time is on, and there's no much time on the clock.
I really hope there's a series coming out of this, since there are several things I am still wondering about, like how about Luke, Garrett's brother?!
The story is well written, interesting twists in the plot, lots of intriguing characters, and a dog you will fall in love with
~ Four Spoons
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September 24, 2015
Fantastic read, I am so in love with this book! A fast past book that made me completely fall in love with Garrett (a heart stopping sexy Army Ranger) and his sidekick Cowboy (his canine best friend)!

Wounded while in Iraq, Garret Harding has returned home only to discover that his mother, who abandoned him years before, has died. Garret finds a letter from his Aunt Peg that his father had hidden from his and his brother. Garret is furious with his father and decides to head out to see his Aunt, he is looking for answers as to why she left him and his brother all those years ago. For years Garret and his brother Luke have been told that their mother was a druggie who abandoned them and was never heard from again.

When Garret gets to town he decides to stop at a local bar and grab a quick drink but ends up with more than he bargained for. Instead he walks in to find Rachel Maguire, a beautiful red-head, being physically harassed by a guy. Garrett steps in and helps Rachel and offers to get her home safely but when Rachel finds out who Garrett is she is furious. After some serious discussion, Rachel agrees to take Garrett to meet his Aunt Peg, who just happens to live with Rachel. Garret decides to stick around for a while so he can learn more about his past but while there he also learns that Rachel has been keeping a secret of her own.

Rachel ended up in Idaho and on Garret's mom's ranch after running from a crazy stalker 10 years ago. Now after all this time, the stalker is closing in on her once again. Rachel has no choice but to flee once again or risk the lives of those she loves. When Garrett offers to help she quickly refuses, not wanting him to get hurt or worst.

I received an eARC of this book compliments of the publisher via Edelweiss for my honest review and opinion. All ratings and opinions stated are my own.
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September 29, 2015
I am totally dating myself with this acknowledgement, but I think that the 80's song I Need a Hero by Bonnie Tyler would make the perfect theme song for Rescued by the Ranger. Rachel Maguire doesn't want to admit she needs a hero, but like it or not she has found hers in Garrett Harding. This sexy Army Ranger will not let her out of his sight once he realizes that she is in danger.

Rachel feels that she has exposed enough people to her problems in the past with dire consequences. She refuses to allow Garrett to risk his life for her (this is the part in the story where I wanted to thump her in the forehead and say he is a Ranger for goodness sakes- he's got this..). As the situation gets more intense will she allow him to rescue her?

I was quickly swept away by this story. The plot builds very quickly with the prefect amount of drama and suspense. If you like a romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat this one certainly did that for me. The budding romance between Garrett and Rachel is paced well. Once Rachel finally realizes and accepts that he is going to protect and love her, I wanted to give her a high-five and say it's about time sister! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED Cowboy, Garrett's dog. He was our secondary hero in this story and stole my heart right alongside his master.

I gave this book 4.5 Stars! Rescued by the Ranger is a heartwarming read with just the right amount of suspense to satisfy the appetite of the contemporary romance fan.

* I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, and I honestly loved this book! *
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February 22, 2016
A sexy Army Ranger with a loyal dog and a feisty red-head...what's not to like, and I did like Rescued by the Ranger by Dixie Lee Brown. One thing that I liked the most is that the characters weren't the same old, same old you find in many romance books. Garret is a wounded Army Ranger who knows that his future is either at a desk or out of the Rangers. In most books, those guys are broody, surly, and closed off. Not Garrett. He's open, loving, and willing to risk his life for a stranger.

Rachel has a difficult past (and present), and while she is "hiding," she's not a mouse. Instead she's feisty and independent. There were a few moments that I wanted to shake her and remind her Garrett is a Ranger and maybe he could help, but of course, tension is what keeps a story moving.

Also, in the not as you'd expect department, was Garrett's father, who could have easily become the quintessential rich, powerful, bad guy, but in the end, he was a guy who made bad, maybe even selfish decisions, but wasn't a bad buy deep down.

One last bit I liked about Rescued by the Ranger was how it moved. I'm one of those people who don't like too much description. I prefer action and staying as much in the story as possible, and Dixie does that well.
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December 2, 2015
Loved it! A great romantic suspense with great characters and unique subplots. This is my first Dixie Lee Brown book, but I will be following her in the future. I enjoyed the people greatly but I was especially happy to see that Cowboy, a retired military k-9, played a real role in the story line. In addition to being a good story, the book just plain reads well. I was drawn in from the very beginning.,

While Garrett waits out time for his rehab to end so he can find out if he is able to return to the Rangers, he finds a letter that had been sent to him and his brother over a year earlier. Garrett heads to his aunt's resort hoping for answers to questions that had plagued him most of his life, but he encounters trouble before he even sees his aunt. With twists, turns, and surprises coming at him from every direction he calls on a friend and his brother for back up in case the beautiful red head manages to chase him away before he can get all of his questions answered.

I hope that Luke and Jonathan each get there own story but there is no hint that this book will have companions. Sigh.
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January 20, 2016
A non-stop action packed romantic suspense.
The reader is immediately pulled into a tension filled scene from the very beginning where Garrett kicks into action to protect Rachel. The story gains even more momentum as the plot unfolds. Rachel and Garrett find their lives in danger from a stalker who has remained anonymous but scarily ever present in Rachel's life for the past ten years. I kept guessing who the stalker might be but it was so well written I wasn't able to guess correctly.

I love it when authors add a much loved dog or cat in their novels. Although Rachel and Garrett are both great characters I really loved Cowboy, the dog, who proved to be a hero on more than one occasion.
The suspense filled final chapters led to a nail biting and satisfying conclusion.

Highly recommended.

I won copy in a Facebook competition.
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