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Saga, Volume 5

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Multiple storylines collide in this cosmos-spanning new volume. While Gwendolyn and Lying Cat risk everything to find a cure for The Will, Marko makes an uneasy alliance with Prince Robot IV to find their missing children, who are trapped on a strange world with terrifying new enemies.

Collects: Saga #25-30.

152 pages, Paperback

First published September 9, 2015

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About the author

Brian K. Vaughan

744 books12.9k followers
Brian K. Vaughan is the writer and co-creator of comic-book series including SAGA, PAPER GIRLS, Y THE LAST MAN, RUNAWAYS, and most recently, BARRIER, a digital comic with artist Marcos Martin about immigration, available from their pay-what-you-want site www.PanelSyndicate.com

BKV's work has been recognized at the Eisner, Harvey, Hugo, Shuster, Eagle, and British Fantasy Awards. He sometimes writes for film and television in Los Angeles, where he lives with his family and their dogs Hamburger and Milkshake.

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Author 65 books231k followers
July 6, 2018
Over the last couple years, I've talked a lot about how some things bother me in storytelling.

One of the things that bothers me the most is when a child is put in danger in order to grab cheap dramatic tension in a story. Even worse is when a child is hurt/killed/threatened order to build character or establish something about the world.

90% of the time it's lazy storytelling of the highest degree, and 9% of the time it's little more than emotional abuse. I think of it as roughly equivalent to fridging someone's love interest.

Interestingly, Saga seems to be the exception to this rule for me. There are children in the story, in peril, and it feels real, but I never feel like the storytelling is cheap or making a bullshitty grab for my emotion.

One of the many reasons this comic is amazing....
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314 reviews553 followers
February 3, 2023
Parenthood in times of War.

Hazel, the little miracle child, has been kidnapped by Dengo, a deranged extremist. Her life used as a bargain chip between the Wreath and Landfall factions. Marko, Alana and Prince Robot desperately trying to catch up to get their children back. The Rebellion rogue group also enters the fray. This may sound crazy, but it's probably not going to end well for anyone.

This volume deals with some highly important topics, and it delivers some very, very powerful messages. Still, overall, sort of sad and disappointing. The least favorite of them all so far. I could not connect like with the previous chapters. And I really don't care much for Prince Robot IV, I hope he gets it. Btw, long live Ghüs!

[2015] [152p] [Comic] [Not Recommendable] [Parenthood] [Die Prince Robot Die] [Ghüs 4EVER]

P/M/aternidad en tiempos de Guerra.

Hazel, la pequeña nena milagrosa, es secuestrada por Dengo, un extremista trastornado. Su vida utilizada como una ficha de negociación entre las facciones de Wreath y Landfall. Marko, Alana y Prince Robot desesperadamente tratando de alcanzarlo para recuperar a sus hijos. El grupo rebelde Rebellion también se une a la confrontación. Tal vez pueda sonar loco, pero probablemente esto no vaya a terminar bien para nadie.

Este volumen trata con temas altamente impotantes, y entrega unos mensajes muy, muy poderosos. Aún así, en general, medio triste y decepcionante. El menos favorito de todos hasta ahora. No pude conectar como con los capítulos previos. Y realmente me importa muy poco lo que pueda sucederle a Prince Robot IV, espero que le toque. Por cierto, larga vida a Ghüs!

[2015] [152p] [Comic] [No Recomendable] [PMaternidad] [Muere Prince Robot Muere] [Ghüs x100PRE]
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3,976 reviews170k followers
August 18, 2018
volume five. the saga continues. and this time the quest is for dragon spunk. naturally.

 photo IMG_4490_zpsyvbmbuw2.jpg

this volume features all kinds of boss team-ups

 photo IMG_4498_zpsu40s8lud.jpg

and more of that devastating foreshadowing

we will learn not to fuck with marko's mom.

 photo IMG_4489_zpsmrbla0kq.jpg

and kids will say the darndest things

 photo IMG_4488_zpszhmrfazn.jpg

and, yes, there will be dragons

 photo IMG_4491_zpspkum7y90.jpg

but the real star of this volume, and my heart, is ghüs

 photo IMG_4495_zps7amtlgp6.jpg

in his little butt-flap jammies

 photo IMG_4496_zpsphiredq3.jpg

and his little overalls

 photo IMG_4492_zpswlcjr21w.jpg

oh, he's just so SWEET!

 photo IMG_4497_zpsxl4gh5lz.jpg

sorry, buddy, but you are. i could just PINCH you!

bad things happen in this one that made me sad. however, dead doesn't always mean dead, as i learned in volume 6, even if it's a qualified return of a character i was just starting to dig.

but it's more than we get in the real world, so i guess i'll take what i can get.

so much for restraint. i told myself i wouldn't burn through them, and look what i've done.

but i swear i will hold off a while before reading the sixth one.

yeah, yeah, yeah....

review to come.

come to my blog!
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3,530 reviews793 followers
September 29, 2021
Our cast has split into distinct groups: there's an unholy alliance of two men looking for their families with a junkie and Ghus; and there's the captured family and the Princeling. Meanwhile the Lying Cat group (who else could I have named the team after?) are looking at what they can do to save The Will!

I do wonder sometimes if without the art, would this book be anywhere near as good? This volume, the weakest yet (on a bar that is set extremely high) feels a little but more conventional than the previous volumes, nether-the-less the beat goes on. Maybe that's the answer about Saga, the reason why it's such a phenomenal success, it's a truly art driven series? 9.5 out of 12.
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1,390 reviews6,751 followers
January 20, 2016
I've run out of ways to praise Saga at this point so I'll just say that it continues to be one of the most entertaining, creative, funny, heartbreaking, profane, graphically violent, and well drawn comics I've read.
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306 reviews6,310 followers
November 9, 2022
review from 2018 below
While I didn't think this was quite as exceptional as the previous four volumes, it was still absolutely divine, heart wrenching and mind-blowing in equal measure. I also have to confess I was disturbed quite a bit while reading this so my lack of concentration could contribute to me finding it not quite as awesome as the ones before it 😂
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266 reviews545 followers
November 30, 2016




First off, I'd like to give myself a nice, big pat on the back for actually making a wise decision for once in my life woohoo! (Okay, maybe calling it "wise" is stretching it a bit considering the sizable dent gaping at me from my wallet now…) But I'm not sure I could've stopped myself from imploding this time round if I'd chosen not to order volumes 4-6 together because THESE CLIFFHANGERS WOULD HAVE BEEN THE VERY DEATH OF ME.

Also, a second self-pat on the back is in order because I. Have. Finally. Found it. My soundtrack to Saga. Childish Gambino. Redbone. ALL PRAISE THE DONALD. No, not that pompous pumpkin, I mean this precious human:


It took me five whole books to get here, but may Saint Mama Sun bless your soul for releasing the perfect song at the perfect time.

Now let me get to explaining these missing one-stars: the action is still unimaginably insane, the crudity is still fucking delightful, the art is still a sight to behold and man are the emotional elements only increasingly more profound. But despite all this awesomeness packing a punch, where the first two volumes went HULK SMASH on me, the ones that have followed feel more and more like a HULK THWACK if you get what I mean. Right. Weird analogies. Probably not.

What I'm saying is that when I picked up Volume 1, it more or less blew me away to smithereens like the 10, 20, ~500~ or so victims of Robot IV. Saga wasn't something you could think to compare to any other comic book because it stood on its own, completely different level. Hell, it still does except for the unfortunate fact that I appear to have become desensitized to it.

For me, the kooky, no-bullshit approach and the barrage of shock value played a huuuge appeal to this galaxy and its many eccentricities. Don't get me wrong, there's still a boatload of that scattered throughout even now —dragon wank, anyone?— but this feeling that it invoked in me before:


...has changed into something closer to this now:


Which I suppose can't really be helped with anything that one gets too used to; Game of Thrones is testament to that. Ah well *shrugs* TIS STILL MY FAVOURITE COMIC SERIES OF ALL TIME AND YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GO READ IT IF YOU HAVEN'T YET.

Now I'm gonna go pray for my sanity and hope the next one's ending isn't too brutal– so long little luxuries of not having to wait for sequels, thou shalt be dearly missed.

Final rating: 4.5 stars
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1,089 reviews6,594 followers
October 15, 2022
1.) Saga Volume 1 ★★★★★
2.) Saga Volume 2 ★★★★★
3.) Saga Volume 3 ★★★★.5
4.) Saga Volume 4 ★★★★.5
5.) Saga Volume 5 ★★★★★
6.) Saga Volume 6 ★★★★★
7.) Saga Volume 7 ★★★★★
8.) Saga Volume 8 ★★★★.5
9.) Saga Volume 9 ★★★★★


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9,566 reviews56k followers
March 26, 2021
Saga, Volume 5 (Saga (Collected Editions) #5), Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples (Illustrator)

Volume Five
Chapter Twenty-Five: Three months after leaving Gardenia, Dengo and the captive family have set down on an unnamed planet of ice in the Solar Graveyard, where Dengo meets with revolutionaries in the hope of punishing the Robots for their participation in the war. Meanwhile, as they are led through space in The Stalk's dragon skull ship by Ghüs, Marko and Prince Robot IV struggle to maintain their alliance amid personal conflicts. Gwendolyn, Sophie and The Brand must contend with a family of giant dragons in their search for ingredients for the elixir. In narration, the adult Hazel reveals that it will be years before she and her father see each other again.

Chapter Twenty-Six: Dengo and his captives meet a group of rebels called The Last Revolution, but Alana and Klara warn Dengo that they are terrorists. Gwen, Sophie and The Brand contend with a herd of female dragons, and learn they need a rare male dragon to complete their quest. After foiling an armed robbery by a fellow veteran in possession of the drug Fadeaway, Marko learns more about what lured Alana to the drug, and decides to try it himself.

Chapter Twenty-Seven: As Prince Robot IV and Ghüs deal with Marko and Yuma's overdose on a batch of bad Fadeway, Marko experiences a childhood flashback that clarifies his sense of himself and strengthens his resolve to find his family and kill Dengo.

Chapter Twenty-Eight: On Demimonde, The Stalk's older brother, Halvor, confronts Gwendolyn, Sophie and The Brand. Alana pleads with an ambivalent Dengo to confront Quain, the leader of the Fourth Cell of the Last Revolution, who plans to trade Hazel in exchange for the release of one thousand of his comrades from prison. Marko, the Prince and their allies find themselves in battle against an immense Royal Guard starship sent by IV's father to capture them. During the battle, their dragon skull ship's engine room springs a fuel leak, and Yuma sacrifices her life to seal it.

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Quain arranges to trade Hazel in exchange for a prisoner release from Wreath, but Vez's reaction to the presence of Dengo leads to a shift in loyalties for the Robot, who kills Quain. Prince Robot IV and Marko narrowly escape the Royal Guard ship, but teleport into an ice storm, which results in an explosion that seriously injuries IV, and hurtles the dragon skull into an uncontrolled fall toward a planet. On Demimonde, Gwendolyn, Sophie and The Brand find a male dragon, but their attempt to procure its seed results in The Brand's death and a serious injury to Gwendolyn.

Chapter Thirty: After Dengo and Alana kill Sirge, Lexis and Zizz leave the planet with Klara and Hazel. Marko and Prince Robot IV encounter Alana and Dengo, upon which IV kills Dengo, and is reunited with his infant son. Gwendolyn and Sophie manage to revive The Will with the elixir, but when he finds out that his sister, The Brand was killed in their quest, the grief-stricken mercenary is so outraged that he excoriates his two benefactors and banishes them from his bedside. Hazel is revealed to have been placed in a Landfallian detention center with Wreather children.

تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز هجدهم ماه مارس سال 2017میلادی

عنوان: ساگا پنج؛ نویسنده: برایان کی وان؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان ایالات متحده آمریکا - سده 21م

حماسه یا «ساگا» (افسانه ها، و اسطوره های سرزمینها، و زمانهای بگذشته، و آینده، به زبان امروز) یک حماسه ی «اپرای فضایی»؛ «فانتزی»، و یک سری از کتابهای مصور هستند، که توسط «برایان ک وان» نگاشته شده، و با تصویرگری «فیونا استپلس» به تصویر کشیده شده اند؛

جلد نخست، سرآمد است، «آلانا» و «مارکو»، دو عاشق از دو جهان متفاوت؛ «آلانا»، از ائتلاف پیشرفته «لندفال»، بزرگترین سیاره ی کهکشان، و «مارکو» از سیاره ی «تاج گل» هستند، تخریب یکی از جهانها، باعث چرخش جهان دیگر از مدار خویش میشود؛ و ...؛ در سیاره ای به نام «کلیو»، «آلانا» دختری به نام «هازل» را، به دنیا میآورد؛ در حالیکه او، و همسرش «مارکو»، از سربازان فرار میکنند؛ ادامه را در روزهای دیگر خواهم نگاشت؛ این سری از حماسه ها، بسیار شیرین و قند عسل برای نگرش، و خوانش هستند؛ خط داستانی، همانند «رومئو و ژولیت»، و از آثار هنری، با ایده های ناب است؛ چه رویدادی رخ میدهد، که زنی، از فرهنگ جنگجو، با بالهای عشق یک مرد، از سیاره ی دشمن خود، آشنا شود؟ داستان را، کودک آنها «هازل»، روایت میکند؛ خوانش و دیدنش یک لذت ناب است؛ برای همه طرفداران «علمی تخیلی» توصیه میشود

جلد دوم، نحوه ی آموزش «مارکو»، و تاریخ درگیری مردمانش، با «لندفال» را، نشانه میرود؛ اکنون «مارکو» و مادرش، «کلارا»، به جستجوی «ایزابل» میروند، در حالیکه «آلانا» با «بار»، پدر «مارکو» آشنا میشود؛ «بار» از «آلانا» میخواهد، که بیماری خود را از «کلارا»؛ و «مارکو»؛ پنهان کند؛ هنگام جستجوی «ایزابل»؛ «مارکو» و «کلارا»، با غول بزرگ روبرو میشوند، ...؛

جلد سوم: فصل سیزدهم: در فلش بک، خانواده، هفته ها پس از مرگ «بار»، به «کوینتوس» میرسند، و با «هیست» دیدار میکنند، «آلانا» امیدوار است بتواند آنها را در مورد آینده شان راهنمایی کند؛ «اوپشر» و «داف»، روزنامه نگار و عکاس «تبلویید»، در فصل پنجم با یکی از سربازان «لندفالین» که توسط «مارکو» در جریان تلاش ناموفق برای تسخیر خانواده مصدوم شد، مصاحبه کردند؛ در همین حال، «ویل»، «گوندولین» و «اسلیو گرل» در سیاره ای گیر کرده، و منتظر تعمیر کشتی خود هستند؛ «ویل» باید با تنش جنسی بین خود و «گووندولین» کنار بیاید، و تصمیم میگیرد «اسلیو گرل» را «سوفی» نامگذاری کند

جلد چهارم: فصل نوزدهم: خانواده برای چند ماه، در سیاره ی «گاردنیا» زندگی میکنند؛ «آلانا» به عنوان بازیگر، در «اوپن سیرکوت (مدار باز)»، که یک گروه بازیگری زیرزمینی هستند، و در آن، همه ی بازیکنان نقاب میزنند، در تلاش است؛ «مارکو» هنگام مراقبت از «هازل»، که اکنون عبارات ساده ای ر��، میتواند بیان کند، با یک صاحب استودیوی رقص کودکان، به نام «جینی» آشنا میشود؛ پسر شاهزاده ربات چهارم متولد شد، گرچه خودش هنوز هم گمشده است؛ «آلانا» و «مارکو» درباره ی متعادل نگهداشتن وضعیت «هازل»، براساس یادمانهای دوران کودکی خود، اختلاف نظر دارند

جلد پنجم: فصل: بیست و پنجم: سه ماه پس از ترک «گاردنیا»، «دنگو» و خانواده دربند در یک سیاره یخی بدون نام، در قبرستان خورشیدی مستقر شده اند، جایی که «دنگو» به امید مجازات روباتها برای شرکت در جنگ با انقلابیون دیدار میکند.؛

تاریخ بهنگام رسانی 05/01/1400هجری خورشیدی؛ ا. شربیانی
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1,111 reviews44.3k followers
February 14, 2019
I love Saga. It never fails to surprise me as it introduces more wacky characters, each a little more bizarre than the last.


Brian K. Vaughan is master storyteller. He is not afraid of killing characters off. He is not afraid of killing really well written characters off either. And that’s kind of important because it keeps the plot moving. This has a certain energy to it and its quite exhilarating. It never stops to get bogged down with redundancy. I could think of several comic book writers who really could come and learn a thing or two from reading Saga.


And the illustrations by Fiona Staples are fabulous too, she conjures up on the page all the weirdness the writing deserves. From giant urinating dinosaur things to strange alien races, this really is fantastic stuff.

I shall continue reading, to see where this all goes. It's quite random, I have no idea what will happen next (and I love it because of this.)

FBR | Twitter | Facebook | Insta | Academia
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546 reviews3,172 followers
June 5, 2020
“Each new person we welcome into our hearts is a chance to evolve into something radically different than we used to be.
But what happens when those people disappear from our lives?”

This review contains *spoilers*.

What has this series done to me?
I knew it wasn’t clever reading them back to back, but I guess I never learn my lesson because THAT ENDING. I don’t even know what to say except that I need more. I can’t get enough of this series.

I just feel so empty now that I don’t have Saga in my hands.
Volume 5 picks up right where volume four left off. Alana and Marko are doing everything they can to reunite their family. I love this volume, but it was so, so heartbreaking.

This series just keeps getting better and better. The characters are so well-drawn and memorable. I can't wait to start reading volume 6.

“It had been three months seen I’d seen my father” three months.
This broke my heart a little bit.

Alana’s love for Hazel is heartwarming.

And I’m so glad Marko and Alana got reunited, but now I miss Hazel so much.

She’s grown so much. And I’m really sad.

This review and more can be found on my blog.
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1,158 reviews97.9k followers
February 28, 2017
Vol. 1 ★★★★
Vol. 2 ★★★★
Vol. 3 ★★★★★
Vol. 4 ★★★★

“Each new person we welcome into our hearts is a chance to evolve into something radically different than we used to be.”

This was my favorite volume, to date. And I say this in all of my Saga reviews, but Brian K. Vaughn is such a genius to make the voice of this comic the adorable daughter we know and love named Hazel. I feel more for this little hybrid cinnamon roll more than I do for most people I know in real life. Seriously, I want nothing but the best for her and I will constantly buy this comic just to ensure her happiness.

This bind-up also had my favorite page of any issue of this comic yet:

With that caption, too, this page honestly broke me.

I think that's the main theme of these six issues: sacrifice. And Brian K. Vaughn doesn't hold back with the feels. At least one, if not all, of the different examples of sacrifice will resonate with you, and it will hurt. Whether you're a parent, a sibling, or just a friend, Brian K. Vaughn is a master at empathy and it really shows on these pages.

Loss is never easy, but loving someone with the sum of who you are isn't easy either.

I'm now going to break down each chapter in this bind up. I mostly do this so I can go back and refresh what has happened in which specific issue. There will be SPOILERS, so please do not continue if you have not read this graphic-novel, Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3, or Vol. 4!

We are thrown back into this amazing world, and then are immediately reminded of the terrible things that happened at the end of Vol. 4. Dengo is still with Alana and Klara, and has full control over Hazel and Prince Robot IV's baby. They all have been separated from Marko for three months now. Marko is with Prince Robot IV, Gus (the cutest character in the world), and Yuma (Alana's old drug dealer). Far away, the Will is still sick, but Gwen, the Brand, Sophie, and Lying Cat are looking for a dragon to collect magical sperm that will heal him.

Dengo tells a terrorist organization, The Last Revolution, where they are located and they come to take a look at Hazel to see if she is really the product of two people who are forbidden to breed. Dengo suddenly realizes that he has probably made a grave mistake by telling them their location. Meanwhile, Yuma finds more of the drug called fadeaway, and she and Marko decide to try it.

Marko and Yuma got a bad batch of fadeaway and are being haunted by their pasts. Gus and Prince Robot IV finds them, sees that they are both probably going to die from the drugs, and have to make a call to find out how to save them.

The Brand and Sophie have a heart to heart, where the Brand lets it slip that her real name is Sophie, too! The Stalk's brother finds them and gives them an ear drum that is supposed to help them track her killer. He then gives them a tip on how to locate the last remaining male dragon, so they can collect his sperm. The Last Revolution has found a buyer for Hazel. Marko and the gang's ship is under attack by the Royal Guard. There is a gas leak, which Gus was going to sacrifice himself to fix, but Yuma does instead.

Upon talking to the buyer, The Last Revolution realizes they are no longer going to be able to work with Dengo, because of his race. Dengo finally does what is right, and tries to help Alana. Marko and the gang barely get away from the Royal Guard, and because Gus has been tracking Friendo, Hazel's pet walrus, they crash land in that direction. The Brand, Gwen, Sophie, and Lying Cat finally find the cave that the male dragon is residing in, and find him in a very compromising position. Sophie feels responsible for the Will's injury, so she wants to collect the specimen, but, sticking with the theme of sacrifice, the Brand ends up dying to save Sophie.

Because of the crash landing, Prince Robot IV looks in pretty bad shape. Hazel is with Klara, while Alana is carrying Prince Robot IV's baby and is with Dengo trying to escape the ship because they think Hazel and Klara are already off of it. Obviously, they end up being wrong and Hazel and Klara blast off in the ship with what is left of The Last Revolution people. Marko finally meets back up with his wife after being away for so long (this is the scene of my favorite art panel). Prince Robot IV takes matters into his own hands, and kills Dengo. Sophie and Gwen are able to heal the Will, who wakes up very angry, because he feels like his sister died trying to save him. And then the mother of all cliffhangers happens, when we see Hazel in school with other hybrid children!

“Together, my parents had learned to be much more than "the sum of their parts", whatever that means. Separately, they were kind of just a mess.”

Saga is so very good, and so very addictive. Again, it proves why it is the best graphic-novel out there right now, and I cannot wait to continue on with Vol. 6.
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Author 6 books5,683 followers
November 3, 2015
Brian K. Vaughan is a very good, perhaps great, comic writer. Fiona Staples is a very good, perhaps great, comic artist.

Saga gets fawned over more than a pile of fruit on the ground near a wooded area (because fawns like to eat fruit that’s fallen to the ground…get it?).

And I like it. I do. I’ve read all 5 volumes, haven’t I?

But, I don’t love it. Not like a fawn loves fallen fruit. Or even like hunters love depriving Bambi of his mother (too soon?).

Volume 5, in particular, just didn’t quite click for me. Maybe it’s because Alana and Marko are separated; maybe it’s because the whole The Will subplot was ridiculous (even I blanch a little at massive dinosaurs engaged in auto-fellatio, ridiculous prude that I am…actually, it’s not so much that I object to the concept; I just wish dino dude didn’t have to be so, erm, veiny…thanks, Ms. Staples, for THAT visual); maybe I just missed my daily dose of Kool-Aid because Kool-Aid man is a terrifying thug who should be doing time for breaking-and-entering and I ran and hid in a closet when he burst through my wall and sloshed his gooey red innards all over my living room furniture. Recalcitrant reprobate.

Whatever the reason, no baby deering here. 3 stars. Solid, but unspectacular.

I shall now return to my Kool-Aid Man-proof closet, lest the Saga lovers begin pummeling me with sugary red drinks.
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174 reviews279 followers
July 27, 2016
After reading Volume 4, I immediately had to pick up Volume 5. When this ends, I'm going to be so sad because it's just THAT GOOD.

Admittedly though, this was my least favorite of the volumes thus far. It's not that it wasn't fantastic and entertaining, I just felt like not as much happened. But you know what, all of this set-up is bound to mean that something awesome is coming and that's well worth it.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars not because it isn't an incredible work, but because compared to the others it's just not as solid. Still, SO SO SO good.

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June 5, 2016
Where do I start with this one? There is so many things going on and it's a bit sad. I might as well just get into it.

So the tv head named Dengo still has Alana, Hazel and Klara. He makes some stupid deal with the Revolution. They are actually bad people and they come and load everyone into their ship and they think they are going to take little Hazel somewhere and do some business. But, things never turn out as planned.



Meanwhile... Prince IV (tv head), Marko, Ghus and Yuma are going across the galaxy trying to find Alana, Hazel, Klara, the prince's child and the people that took them. Or things, not people per se. As you can imagine, Prince tv head and Marko are always fighting amongst each other!



And in another area we have Gwen, The Brand and Sophie looking for a male dragon so they can extract something from him to help The Will. That whole situation is crazy train. And it doesn't work out too well for one of them. Actually, some things don't work out too well for a few people/things in the book.


The ending was sad to me because it had been months since Alana and Marko were together and Marko had not seen Hazel in that time of course. And even though it ended okay for some, for Alana and Marko, Hazel was taken and the parting scene is her as a bigger girl. :-(


Now I'm just waiting to see what happens in the next one. It's on pre-order and I really hope they get to see Hazel before she's a woman!

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September 25, 2017
"Regardless of sex, everyone loses something in a war...but the first casualty is always the truth."

Saga is the only graphic novel series that I care about. I've tried others, even by Brian K. Vaughan, but nothing ever fascinated me as much as this series does. It's the combination of ultimate suspense and diversity of characters. Not once in the five volumes did I get bored. The many unique characters and subplots bring out a variety of emotions: love, hate, fear, excitement and thrill. (And is it wrong to feel sexually attracted to heartless assasins and snakelike rebels? I mean, look at those abs!)



I'm so in love with the artwork. I need this series on my bookshelves. I need Volume 6 now.

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July 16, 2017
First book completed for cramathon! Honestly summer cramathon is such a #fail but I couldn't bring myself to cancel it so it's a very self-motivated readathon lol.

anyway enough about my readathon, this book! !!!!!
I think the one star that was deducted from this is entirely my fault, because I needed to reread the previous volume in order to understand what's happening in this one. But that copy is in storage. :( So I deducted a star just because since things were out of context, it took me the entire book to get back into the swing of things and remember what conflicts were occurring. But despite this, I can do nothing but applaud this series. It's vulgar and explicit, but it's so authentic and at times, hilarious, that I can't help but love it. Every single character is just so weird lookin', and it keeps me glued to every page. This works so well because of the art, which I think is fabulous and gorgeous. Altogether, it's just an amazing series with a complex web of subplots, characters, and themes. I adore Marko and Alana, and although I wish the story was more central to them, it's been very entertaining seeing more of the world and more creatures and more landscapes and more technology and it's just absolutely fascinating how limitless the author's ideas are. I'm not a fan of sci-fi, but this series is an automatic buy for me.
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May 16, 2018
Re-Read 5/15/18:

And just when I started to love ANOTHER CHARACTER... I have to get heartbroken again. Not all characters, of course, but some have a special place in my heart. ; ;

What a fantastic series. Heavy-hitting, pull no punches, freakstorm.

Original Review:

Still seriously wicked cool. The story is fantastic, but so is the art. The pacing is divine and it is so damn funny and disturbing at the same time I just can't understand why EVERYONE hasn't just gone bonkers over this title.

I mean, my only complaint is that it comes out too slow and I have to wait so long for each issue!

I am a lifelong fan. Period.
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September 22, 2017
Another 3.5 stars from me here!

Buddy reading this entire series with my favorite Princess Celeste

First of all, I would like to apologize for spamming everyone's timeline with my mini reviews on this series. This is one of the reason why I don't review my mangas or graphic novels.

The series is really fast to read, I'm not joking, each volume will take you 30-40 minute max to finish so that's the reason for these spams. There's one more volume available left which I'll do tomorrow

That said, I must say I'm really starting to like this graphic novel. It's a shame though that it took more than 3 volume for me to really like it but hey, I heard the series will be a long one so there is a LOT of room for improvement and a chance for me to grow to love this series.

Volume 5 maintain the quality from its predecessors and move the story much further. I really love the narration done by Hazel here, even though it's really short and simple, it managed to capture the horror of war and the struggle of parenthood. Some twists and turns happened in this volume, the plot is fast-paced and captivating, another improvement in artwork and character developments make Saga a really entertaining short read.
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January 28, 2023
Yes, it's official: I've fallen in love with this series.
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October 4, 2015
I honestly don't know how this series will get better in the future. Volume 2-3 for me were the peak of the series, and volume 4 slightly resulted to decline. This fifth volume was not that bad, because it brought out an even more weird side to the series. What's running inside my head though is that how could this improve even more, enough for me to give it a five star rating? Hopefully volume 6 could answer that.

This volume brought out Vaughan's weird side even more. I liked how they were on a mission to collect dragon cum, and ended up almost collecting from a female dragon. It was just a massive amount of twists and turns that led to me enjoying it. It also focused on themes like war, politics, and family.

My favorite character in the series is The Will. No, it's not because we share the same name, but because he's the most badass among them all. Alana and Marko are also great, but The Will is still my favorite among the three. He didn't really show up in here except in the end, so that's a thumbs down for this volume. I'm glad though that Vaughan decided to write a bit more about Marko's past. It's a great way to develop a character further. One of my concerns though is that I have no idea when and how would I ever like the narrator. She seems nonexistent to me, despite the fact that she's speaking almost every page. I'm hoping that I'm going to learn to like her eventually. The author is hinting for more appearances of the daughter.

The artwork of the series in general should be commended. It's one of the best ones out there today, and I strongly believe it's going to stay like that, if not, even better. I like how the characters are portrayed, because it makes the graphic novel vivid. Sometimes when the artwork is bad I tend to lose interest, so thankfully Saga continuously provides its fans with amazing artwork.

4/5 stars. A solid addition to the series, but not quite as good as I was expecting. It was a little bit all over the place, but still massively enjoyable. Highly recommended for those who have read vol. 1-4, and I'm recommending the series in general to those who are still reluctant to give this a try.
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January 4, 2017
Volume 5 was a very entertaining entry in the Saga saga (I have been wanting to use that one for awhile!) Lots of twists, turns, reunions, separations, cliffhangers, deaths, cool weapons, strange creatures, fascinating planets, and general debauchery.

The first few volumes of this did not sell me, but now I am very into this series and I look forward to continuing!
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March 5, 2019
Oh my GOD! OH MY GOD! This is getting better and better! I am sure l am repeating myself, but l do really love Alana ❤
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September 2, 2020
Another outstanding volume, as to be expected. The amount of plot progression and action stuffed into this one was fantastic!

THE ART. I’ll never get over it. Fiona Staples is undeniably talented at what she does; the creativity in otherworldly creatures and bizarre occurrences is outmatched by any other comic artist I’ve read from.

While Marko and Robot Prince IV form an unlikely alliance out of mutual benefit, Gwendolyn and Lying Cat are in search of a remedy for The Will. Alana is in a kerfuffle of her own involving her daughter. In this instalment we get a nice chunk of every storyline.

Volume 5 kept me more engaged than any other thus far, which says a lot considering how much I love this series. The amount of detrimental action occurring was impossible to look away from. I’m so eager to get my hands on the next volume!
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February 18, 2022
A re-read after more than six years. It's even better this time, for sure.

I maybe didn't like this fifth volume quite as much as the previous four, but it is still a pretty amazing volume. What an array of characters! It just feels like a kind of a "continuing" volume, getting us from A to B. More and more I see the Star Wars influence, with all the weird characters, though Vaughn is a much better writer than Lucas. Vaughn is really smart and clever and funny, and Fiona Staples' art matches his wit and invention. Vaughn and Staples are maybe as much about style as anything in the early volumes, but things turn a bit more serious in the three parallel stories, one with Marko, one with Alana, one with the kidnapped Hazel, as we proceed.

So to remind you, there's a war on between Landfall and Wreath, one each associated with lovers Marko and Alana. And they all want them both killed as traitors. And our narrator taken alive for some nefarious as yet to be named purpose. The three storylines: 1) Sophie, the little girl rescued by the contract killer The Will, and Gwendolyn (Marko's lover and maybe The Will's lover) are on a quest to save The Will; 2) while Marko and Prince Robot IV--two Dads--search for their respective families and 3) Badass women Alana and Marko's Mom seem to be in the most trouble as the double-kidnaping proceeds.

People we get to know die in this volume, and gets pretty violent from time to time. And there are a couple reunions we've been waiting for, but there's much unresolved.

Some highlights:

*Gwen and Sophie learn they have to have dragon sperm to save The Will's life, and apparently you can't just buy this on the internet (though this was published ten years ago; maybe things have changed with availability); so there's comic relief.

*I'm somewhat sympathetic with crazy kidnapper-of-Hazel Dengo, whose own kid was killed in the war, driving him over the edge.

*Marko speaks of his addiction to the very thing he took an Oath to foreswear: violence, as Alana deals with her drug addiction. But then Marko actually tries the same drug his wife tried. Not recommended approach for spouses of addicted loved ones. And again, though Marko wants to be a pacifist, to not participate in the horrors of war, he repeatedly is forced to because of his family.

*Within a page on two separate storylines, both Sophie and Hazel witness violent deaths, pointing to the permanent trauma from war on children. I mean, just in case you thought this series was just pure entertainment, a wild sci-fi romp (and it is!), Vaughn and Staples remind us of the serious implications of all this violence.
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September 11, 2015
This is phenomenal, witty, funny, thought-provoking, marvellous and hilarious. I think this may even top Volume 4 for me which I utterly loved... I don't even know any more because every time I think I've seen the best of it they bring out something even more crazy brilliant! There are some pages in this which made me ponder, other pages made me smile or feel sadness, and some even made me full on giggle out loud! It's a ridiculous space-adventure with so many characters and wonderfully designed cultures and quips. I cannot wait to read more and enjoy it ever more, it continues to go up and up!

This volume in particular brings together questions about the parents of the family, What is a sacrifice, what does it mean to do these sprawling epic adventure quests for those you love or care for? The questions we encounter are BIG questions, when you counter this with the light, fun and action-packed panels of Staples' art, well you can;t really go wrong.

I think Ghus is my favourite character, he's SOOOOoooOOOO squish-able and cute and I just adore seeing him, especially in his little red jump suit! :D I also really love Lying Cat too though, and our main characters of course! So many wonderful and wacky creatures and people, it just continues to expand and get better every time!

What I think I most admire and love about this series is that there's an even balance between fantastic art and fabulous storyline, neither one out weighs the other in my opinion and each of them is just so brilliantly balanced by the other. I think the pacing and the story just work so well because we're always getting new things, but it doesn't feel hurried or rushed, rather we're being pulled deeper into the universe and the battles and struggles of our characters and rooting for them all the way.

This is phenomenal, beautiful and excellent, a fantastic 5*s of course and I HIGHLY recommend this series to any and all :)
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September 17, 2020
"Every Relationship is an education.

Each new person we welcome into our hearts is a chance to evolve into something radically different than we used to be.

But what happens when those people disappear from our lives?"

This series covers a lot of different feels. It covers the feels of enlistment, the feels of losing someone to 'meaningless' war, the feels of fighting a battle that wasn't your's to begin with, the feels of losing a child, the feels of losing a sibling, the feels of losing a friend.

The art in here is spectacular and graphic, and not for the faint at heart. We see a lot of what we usually do: horrible deaths, people with no other options, and heartbreak. Hazel's parents are separated (in the literal sense, not in the divorce sense), Hazel is basically being sold to the enemy by someone you would think would be on her side. My favorite little cat-lady is trying to right her wrongs but gets more wrongs in the process and the past comes to haunt The Will.

The story is just as spectacular as it has always been. So if you have liked them thus far, you will like this one just as much.
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