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Chloe’s scarred face makes her the school’s freak.
Her reflection is a constant reminder of how she got them.
The man who scarred her haunts not only her dreams, but also her reality.
Some nightmares don’t go away in the daylight.

Two men stand up to save her from the nightmares.
Both are men of the mafia, waiting behind a door she doesn’t want to open.
Amo the soldier and Lucca the underboss.
The Beast and the Boogieman.

Who will she choose?

213 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 29, 2016

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About the author

Sarah Brianne

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Hey! My name is Sarah Brianne and after living for twenty-two years the characters in my head told me enough was enough and I have finally put pen to paper (or is it finger to keyboard?) to tell their stories. Since I was a little girl I have watched every chick flick I could get my hands on, then when I became older I discovered a whole new world of romance novels. To me there is nothing better then a tale of true love and those are the stories that have inspired me to write. Like everything else in my life I have put my own spin on two lovers destined to be together.

Sarah Brianne

Stalk me,

Snapchat @AuthorSarahBri

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May 20, 2016

Original Review

February 9, 2017
Chloe, by Sarah Brianne: 1 “Judge the Book, Not the Reviewer” Star.



Chloe (Made Men 03), by Sarah Brianne, is stuffed full of recycled scenes from Nero, with a few outtakes thrown in for extra bulk. And yet… Somehow… Being duped into wasting $3.99 on padded prose isn’t half as irritating as some of these reviews. Why, you ask? Well, from what I gather, there are two reasons for being dissatisfied with this book:

Either, you’re ignorant.

"In order to understand Chloe and her feelings you must go back and re-hash things. If you don't want to understand her or feel how she became who she is then don't read this book!” ~


Or, you’re narrow minded.

“It's one of these times that I simply cannot understand people and why they are so mean to authors. Every author has a plan in his/her mind and we should keep OUR mind open and follow them in their journey. don't judge it by how YOU would like to write it." ~



How I’ve functioned all these years without someone telling me the standards by which I should judge something?

I’ve read War & Peace*, for Christ sake, you’d think I could grasp the literary subtleties of Chloe! As it turns out, I DON’T KNOW JACK SHIT! Because, when unschooled me read a whole book full of sentences like this:

“She had been so concerned with the pain in her face at the hospital she didn’t even noticed her arms shared their own markings.” ~ Chloe

I thought:

"Screw 'judge it by how [I] would like to write it'! Just give me a pen so I can EDIT it! Because I can’t understand the author’s syntax, much less 'Chloe and her feelings.' "



Close minded me found dozens of deep, meaningful conversations about “chicken patties vs. pizza”, and “behind vs. beside”, and “tick vs. tock”; a tad redundant. And multiple variations of, “Chloe hung her head to the ground”, and "wringing her hands, she began to dig her nails into her palms", and “blinking away the tears in her eyes that rained down her cheeks, making her scars glisten red”; a bit trite!

But, not anymore! Because NOW…


And if I didn’t learn anything new after 300 pages of:


And 40 pages of:


And 3 pages of:


And 1 page of:



Maybe boring readers to death is this author’s “plan”? Maybe I should shut up and gently “journey” with her “into that good night"*.

I mean, no one dissed Hemmingway* for writing a 132-page snooze-fest about an old guy deep-sea fishing! Well, except for the 24,472 ONE STAR reviewers on Goodreads. When Fitzgerald* droned on for 180 pages about foolish, whiny rich people, only 78,498 Goodreads reviewers ONE STARRED that!

The fact that some reviewers feel the need to scold people for having an opinion that differs from their own says absolutely nothing about the quality of Chloe, or the character of the author and her fans.


As "the author” of this review, I assure you that I do, indeed, have “a plan in [my] mind”; and, while I hope you’ll "follow [me] in [my] journey”, I trust that you’re SMART enough and PROGRESSIVE enough to make up your OWN MIND!


For a more detailed critique of Chloe, check out Madison’s review. Here’s a link: Click Me Baby!

For information about my rating system, see my profile page.

Nero (MM #1):
Click Me Baby!
Vincent (MM #2): Click Me Again!)
Lucca (MM #4): And One Last Time!)

*Brianne, Sarah. Nero. 2014.
*Tolstoy, Leo. War and Peace. 1865.
*Thomas, Dylan. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night. 1951.
*Hemmingway, Ernest. The Old Man and The Sea. 1951.
*Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. 1925
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Want to read
April 29, 2016

I'm excited but..


WHY? WHYYYY!!!! does it have to be a love triangle story and correct me if I'm wrong- but I heard its going to be a cliffhanger ending?!

Sigh.. this really sucks man! I hate, and I mean HATE Love triangle books! I don't want to feel sorry to the other man! Then we all know whoever man that doesn't get the heroine will eventually get his own book.. and then I'll remember how he loved the first one and couldn't help but compare the one he feels with his new love interest.

Am I making sense? No? OKAY.

I just don't get why make this so complicated. TBH it didn't even cross my mind that Amo was in the fuckin' picture. O__O

Anyway, I'm thinking too much here! haha!


Chloe better choose her man ASAP and I hope the story is not all about it and drag too much about her deciding who she wants!!


Since this one is a love triangle. *gags!* I'm team LUCCA! Amo is more like a protective big brotherish in my opinion.

So yeah... To Ms. Brianne, it better be Lucca...
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July 12, 2017
'Amo and Lucca were two diferent people battling for one broken girl. Amo changed around Chloe, becoming a better man. Lucca, however wasn't going to change, showing her exactly the man he was' - Vincent

TEAM LUCCA - It's better to fall in love with someone for who they are than to fall in love with someone who shows you what you want to see. *shade*

Thoughts on the book first, and then I'll get into why I am really disappointed with the author.
The prologue "book"
I liked that we got both Amo and Lucca's perspective. I have always been on Team Lucca (and I will always be) but this book made me sympathetic towards Amo. His feelings are first platonic but then they manifest into something more which is just sweet and honorouble, just like Amo. My heart was seriously breaking for him since I knew Lucca was the only guy for Chloe, but man oh man Amo is sweet!
I found that Chloe was very guarded, even from the reader. We're still not a hundred percent sure with whats going on in her heart or even if she's in the right state of mind to want a connection with one of these guys.

Now onto one of my top book boyfriends ever! Lucca baby!
'Taking one last look at the scar on her face, he couldn't wait for the day he could run his fingers across it. Beautiful.

Seriously Sarah Brianne knows how to portray the tone of a character through her writing because every single passage of Lucca's was cold, calculating but sexy and steamy all at once.
And although I did find my heart tugging for Amo, Lucca just lit it one fire with the ending!

'The dark voice made her gasp for air.
"Hey, darlin'."

I read a lot of reviews when the book first came out. But I pushed all them thoughts out the window and thought it's fine, I'm going to read this with an open mind for Lucca.

I'm disappointed. And I'm even more disappointed with the fact that Sarah Brianne does not seem to understand why most of the fans of this series gave this book such low ratings.
It is not a book. This is more like a novella. There is hardly any new material, it's just a repeat of Nero and Vincent but from a different perspective. This is more like a prologue for the main book. It should have been Made Men book 2.5.
To add more salt to the wound? WE WAITED OVER A YEAR FOR THIS BOOK. The publishing date was postponed probably more than twice. I was so damn excited. But to be given this is a serious slap in the face. I seriously hope book 4 makes up for this because this was a huge disappointment.
135 reviews3 followers
February 15, 2019
My opinion! I want to see Lucca with Chloe and Amo with Vincent's sister! Now that would be perfect in my Made Men world! Just sayin'! Lucca and Chloe will heal each other of their demons, where as Vincent's sister will settle player Amo's ass down!
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1,663 reviews15 followers
Shelved as 'the-book-graveyard'
February 20, 2017

What in the actual fuck is going on? Everyone is frantic. Everyone is disappointed. The book is not what we all waited for? How can that be? I am crushed and a lot scared to read it. Get it? Hold off? I CANNOT decide.


Fingers crossed this triangle is not dragged out. Pick one Chloe. Don't be greedy.

Look at that GORGEOUS cover and the blurb was finally shared. I think it might actually be happening. Book #3 will be mine. And soon.

Um... I need this book like last year.


Chloe means Lucca. I'm not even entertaining the other guy (okay his name is Amo). Secrets better be shared with me!!!
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1,349 reviews85 followers
May 5, 2016
***3,75 "The Boogeyman or The Beast?" stars***

Τhe question is still remaining...
And that book didn't clear the air at all...

I have two days that i finished reading it and I'm still so damn confused....
And that cliffy??? OMG!!! I need the next story....

The thing is that after i fell in love with Nero and after i had such a great time with Vincent, i was waiting like crazy this book...
I couldn't wait to unravel all Chloe's secrets and i was so eager for her to end up with someone...
<ι>Lucca or Amo??? Amo or Lucca???
The boogeyman or the beast???ι>

And damn, I have to be honest with you.... I wanted her to choose Lucca so desperately...
Sorry, Amo!!! You're such a cutie, but Lucca is... Lucca, for God's sake!!!!
But unfortunately, i didn't get any of my answers...

I took mostly a repeat from the previous two books and that left me unsatisfied!!!
I needed action and the story to continue and instead of that i reread things that had happened on the past...

No, i don't care if they were given from different POV's... I already knew all those facts...
For me, they could be less things from the past and more from the presence....
I could see the situation as it was before with less words to be honest...

And when the good part get started around 80% of the book... Bang!!! That damn cliffy!!!
Sarah, are you tryin' to killing me???

And Lucca was almost non existent in this book and if you could see me, you would see smokes getting out of my ears!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

Now for the plot, i can't tell you much, since nothing new came to light and i can not reveal those little new informations that we got...

The thing is that we need some answers in many levels, so the only thing that i can do is to wait for the next book....

As for the characters???
Chloe: I used to love that girl before and i still loved her in this book...
One nasty moment scarred her forever inside and out and i felt so sorry about that...

She was a scared little girl whom noone console her and that was so bad...
The only light in her darkness was Elle and her friendship....
Can't wait to see how she will deal with her problems and touching issues and if she will let her heart open and to whom...

"Does the sight of her just sicken you?
She remembered how she had used to look just a short time ago. She used to think of herself as pretty.
How does the sight of her look to you now?
Now all she could see was the ugliness that had touched her."

Lucca: He is dangerous, dark and mysterious and he is the boogeyman himself...
And damn, i fuckin' love this guy!!!!

He didn't have a big part in this book, but the few chapters of his POV said too much, especially the way he was feeling toward Chloe...
That girl drown him like a magnet and even if he wanted it, he couldn't stay away from her...
Chloe had a pull toward him also, but she was terrified of him...

Will Lucca be the one that Chloe will chose???

"There was always a moment one faced in life when a choice had to be made, and this was his.
Her tortured soul called to his dark one, whispering for him to save her. His heart was now slow, steady, finding its purpose—Chloe Masters …
Taking one last look at the scar on her face, he couldn’t wait for the day he could run his fingers across it. Beautiful."

Amo: In the previous two books, Amo was more in the background, but here we finally got to know him better...
He was forced to watch out Chloe in the beginning, but this strange girl manage to stole his heart...

He was so sweet and so protective toward her... He could be the perfect match for Chloe, but damn, there is also Lucca and i 'm not changing my opinion, even though that in some point, i got confused....

Will this kind giant be the one who will earn Chloe's heart???

"Never had a girl brought up such strong feelings in him, whether they were good or bad. Whatever they were now, he wasn’t going to figure it out.
That girl needed to find one of two things: a nice momma’s boy or God. The last thing she needed was a made man."

Elle: I have talk about Elle in the first book, but here there was also some chapters from her POV and for once again, Elle showed us the greatness of her soul and how wonderful friend she is...

"The sand in Elle’s hourglass had now drained halfway down, and it was as if Chloe’s hourglass was broken on a constant loop, the sand pouring down, only for it not to fill the bottom. That was why Elle was been protecting her—because just like her hourglass, she was broken. There was no way Chloe would be able survive without her. She will break for good with no hope of return. But Elle could at least postpone the inevitable or, by some miracle, help put her back together enough to survive this place.
I just hope I have enough time to fix her and not enough time to break me."

I have nothing more to say about this story....
Only that i freakin' need the next book ASAP!!!!

Especially after this ending...

"You thought she had a choice? No. The Boogieman had decided her fate the moment he had looked upon her scarred face."
2 reviews
May 1, 2016
This may be unpopular, but TEAM AMO! I said it, and I'm standing by it.

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750 reviews56 followers
April 30, 2016
If you have read Neo or Vincent in the series than save yourself the time wasted from reading this rehash of events.
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2,213 reviews651 followers
May 2, 2016
2.5 stars

I...just...didn't...think...this...book...will...be... like ...this

there's no structure...
no form whatsoever...

The story is like the bride of Frankenstein, patched up from bits of shattered pieces of the story in book 1, it was like watching some kid's attempt into making his first scrapbook from the already used and battered pieces.

I got nothing from it, no satisfaction, no answers, I couldn't even bring myself to care about Chloe

it was a nice reminescence of the characters I have loved in book 1 - Nero, Elle, Amo...even Vincent
the thrown in glimpses of Lucca (who was actually totally alienated from me in this book) now, made me regret my earlier decisions...

My high expectations were not met. At all.

I...just...didn't...think...this...book...will...be... like ...this

yeah, my sentiments right now...


Want to read
May 1, 2016
#teamlucca #sorrynotsorry

I love this series, so because I love it so much I've made an informed decision. After reading a review written by a friend I trust, I realized reading this book would be putting myself through another year of agony. So I skimmed the last 2 chapters. Yes I did. No I'm not sorry.

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343 reviews319 followers
May 4, 2016
To say I'm having mixed feelings about this book is an understatement...I don't even know how to rate it because I kept going from 5 starts to 2 and then to 4 then jumping to 3...it was hard shit for my tired little brain...


I started this book being TEAM LUCCA but somewhere along the way (after reading a little from Amo's prespective) I started having doubts and so when the ending came it was a little bittersweet because I both loved and hated her choice...


But the truth is she doesn't have a choice...not really...the choice was taken from her hands the minute HE laid his eyes on HER...


Oh yeah...and I still haven't figured out what the next book is going to be called so that makes me feel really dumb...


I know there where a lot of unsatisfied customers with this novel and I myself have some complaints (like the fact that this should have been a much shorter prequel novella for the next book) but bottom line is that if you love this series (like me) you are going to read this one and the next no matter what...so what's the point in stating all it's flaws when I can just look at the big picture and enjoy myself?

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26 reviews1 follower
May 19, 2016
TEAM LUCCA!!!!! omg can't wait for their book! please don't make this into a big love triangle!!
344 reviews200 followers
December 1, 2016
So this book has been getting a lot of hate, and I've read some pretty negative reviews so I've been avoiding it. I decided to finally read it and demolished it in one sitting. I can see why people are a little upset but I can say that I really enjoyed this story.

Things that are pissing people off #1: Love Triangle. First off, I hate love triangles. They suck. But Chloe doesn't really realize she's in one and doesn't flip flop and give false hope. Hell, she has her own issues to deal with... So I was okay with this and am really curious what route the author will take. It is interesting that she decided to focus on Amo this book and I'm assuming the next book will be all about Lucca then we will see who she ends up with (if she even ends up with anyone).

Amo was so sweet. The big guy really left an impression on me. He was very protective and learned to love Chloe despite all of her baggage and scars.
"To him, she was perfect, inside and out."

Things that are pissing people off #2: Cliffhanger. OK. So holy cow that ending shocked me, but after thinking about it, I shouldn't be too surprised. I thought Lucca seemed a bit too tame in this book. Now cliffhangers suck, but Sarah Brianne isn't the first person in the world to leave her readers wanting more. And this cliffhanger didn't make me mad, it made me excited! I'm seriously looking forward to the next book focusing more on her and Lucca, and seeing where that relationship goes. Not sure why people thought this cliffhanger was the end of the world, its just a part of life folks... we won't always get what we want and it won't always be predictable! That is why I read :) you never know what you'll get!!

Things that are pissing people off #3: Timeline. So the timeline kinda flops between present to back when Chloe and Elle were in high school. Although it would have been nice to speed things forward and focus on the present and how her relationships develop from there I thought it was interesting and relevant to see her perspective back in high school. I wish we got more information on what exactly happened to her, I'm still extremely curious what her parents did and who the deal was made with. Seeing her friendship grow with Amo during school was really sweet and I actually rooted for the guy a bit.

Anyways! I'm still very much #TeamLUCCA but Amo really grew on me. I can't wait to read whats next and I hope the wait isn't too long!

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378 reviews17 followers
January 22, 2022
You see, I found myself in a bit of a pickle with this book. Every reviewer and their mothers were shouting and clamoring when reviewing about this one, and I can completely understand how in 2016 when this was released could bring frustration to the readers all around the world... Because it is an unfinished book. It is a "retelling" of both Nero and a bit of Vincent from our beloved Chloe's POV.

I was in a pickle because I questioned myself if I should skip it or not. Nobody wants to read about the traumatized and weak female character, right? ERROR. FAIL. JAIL.

Seriously though, it was beautiful to see how damaged she truly is and at the same time to see how evil our dear Ms Brianne really is, because she told us all about Chloe whilst not telling us a fumbling thing.

So, if you're hesitant, give this a go, it is short, it is by no means an important piece, but it is beautifully sad and you should read it.

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827 reviews413 followers
March 9, 2017
This book is a tease, a fuckin tease, if I were a man, I probably have blue balls by now. Ok, no, but still is just a cruel fuckin tease.

Ese final me dejo en shock y no se ni lo que digo, resena pendiente...
March 17, 2020
Not what I had expected!

This book was basically a retelling or everything I that happened in Nero, but from Chloe’s POV. There are a few paragraphs given to her background story which were not in the Nero book, and a bit more about her friendship with Amo being a bit more than friendship on the feelings side, since she still can’t stand to be touched.

Chloe is also drawn to Lucca but is afraid of him because she senses his darkness like the man who tortured her. The story goes no further than that though. But you kinda have to read it prior to Lucca, which I am excited to read next.

1 review4 followers
May 2, 2016
So I wanted to rate this book on so many different levels. When I first finished I was ready to unleash my wrath and give it 1 star. I can truly understand why so many people did just that. However I couldn't do it without reading the book once more and trying to wrap my head around the positive points. Honestly there were a couple parts I did enjoy.

1. Getting inside Chloe's head.
It was different and refreshing at the same time. She did still have a wall up to the reader and we never really see the true extent of Chloe's nightmares, but reading about the way she viewed people and situations was pretty cool. Her love and admiration for Elle is definitely evident. Her respect for Nero, and fondness for Vincent. And of course her thoughts on Amo.

Which brings me to…

2. Meeting the other side of Amo.
Although Amo is not in this book as much I hoped he'd be, the parts he is in are so entertaining. The first few interactions between the two are funny. She is deathly afraid of him and he thinks she’s crazy. I know we already knew this from the first book but reading it in their perspectives was enjoyable. Once they begin to warm up to each other Amo becomes not only protective of Chloe but she brings out his sweet, charming, and humorous side. He tucks away ‘the beast’ for her and never pressures her into anything which is a very different way I would’ve portrayed him in the first two books. I have to admit he almost pulled me over to Team Amo…almost.

Now with all that being said I knew I couldn’t rate it at a 1 star anymore. Unfortunately those two points only brought my decision to a 2 star. This book was definitely less than I expected and that is putting it nicely. Let me go over a few things that made me angry.

1. Book seemed rushed.
I am not entirely positive how many pages this book has but what I do know is that I finished in less than 2 hours. IMO it was shorter than the other two, maybe not in length but definitely in story. I would read a paragraph and think to myself ‘What the heck does this have to do with anything?’ Most of it seemed like Sarah Brianne was just trying to fill the pages. I know she had personal issues which took her away from her work, unfortunately her lack of enthusiasm shines clear in this book. Chapters are painfully short and choppy. (WTF is with Chapter 15: Tick Tock?) I believe that it is because of Ms. Brianne’s personal struggles which took her away from Chloe that caused her to lose the traction she had with these characters. Also a few statements were made which completely contradict the last two books and some things were just flat out inaccurate. One example is when Chloe sees Maria and Lucca for the first time since the scene in ‘Vincent’ with the gunman.

“She hadn’t seen him since he gripped that bat in his hands. Truthfully, she hadn’t seen Maria since then, either.”

Maria was not there the day the girls were attacked in the apartment. She was supposed to go but was sick and never showed. I along with many other fans re-read ‘Nero’ and ‘Vincent’ before we indulged in ‘Chloe’ unfortunately I don’t think Ms. Brianne did.

2. No Sex.
I love romance novels. And yes I am not ashamed to say that it is because of the steamy sex scenes. Nero and Elle were hot, Vincent and Lake yaaaaas! Chloe…*fart noise*. Obviously I wasn’t expecting her to drop her panties instantly. I mean this girl has issues I get that. What ticks me off is that this book is considered equal to the first two books when it clearly lacks the same essence and erotica. ‘Nero’ and ‘Vincent’ hot NC-17. ‘Chloe’ soft PG-13 (purely because of the language and violence) I should’ve been warned.

3. Unnecessary POV’s.
I found it completely pointless that we had to endear the POV of Elle for absolutely no reason. Don’t get me wrong I freaking love Elle, I just didn’t need to know what she was thinking at certain parts of the book. This is Chloe’s story Elle, back off! Also I didn’t like the random POV chapters of Chloe’s attacker. One word: Stupid

I don’t want to dissect the book too much because it might just get me angry all over again so I will finish up by stating a few points I just found confusing.

1. Chloe’s parents.
I understand that the author didn’t want to reveal a lot about Chloe’s scars because it might be very crucial to the plot and she wants to wait until the second book. Unfortunately we didn’t get much information about anything to do with Chloe’s past. After two books we meet Chloe’s parents. How can I sum them up? Their names are Maxwell and Elaine and they are mean. That’s about it.

2. POV confusion.
Bottom line: label the damn changes between POV’s and timelines. It is entirely confusing when I am reading a paragraph and have absolutely no idea whose head I’m in. This happened lot with Chloe and Elle and with Amo and Lucca and The attacker.

3. Where the heck are Lake and Vincent?
Everyone shows up to say goodbye to Chloe before she leaves for college. Everyone except for Lake and Vincent, why? Chloe liked and trusted Vincent throughout the series. Lake made her impression of Chloe clear in the sweetest way during their first meeting in the garden. Lake was the first one to call Chloe’s scars beautiful. She became protective of Chloe and not to mention this girl kicked an assassin’s butt to protect her friends. Lake even admitted to Lucca she sacrificed herself mainly to protect Chloe. So why are they all not together at this time? They all seemed inseparable so I just didn’t understand why Lake especially was barely mentioned at all in this book.

All in all I was very disappointed with this book. I do not think it deserved to be anything more than a novella or a .5 prequel. Taking as long as it did to publish an unfinished product is an insult. I honestly don’t know how Sarah Brianne is going to fit all the answers we need plus the love story she needs to build between Chloe and Lucca in one book. I just hope she does it and does it well. I will read it and I will rate it and hopefully Ms. Brianne will be able to redeem herself.
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303 reviews17 followers
May 9, 2016
What. the . fuck.

What the hell did I just read? Are you serious? I waited a year for this bullshit? You want to know how upset I am about this book? I'm dropping curse words left and right, that's how upset I am. Seriously Brianne, a year of waiting AND a pushed back publication date for this bullshit. There is no other way to say this. 287 pages of toilet paper. Where do I start?

The first 73% of the book is just flashbacks, with little moments of Chloe thrown it. We even get some of Elle's pov. Question why is Elle's pov even in this story? To me it didn't add anything new.

At 74% we FINALLY get some new stuff thrown in. A 84% That's when the the book actually gets interesting and we STILL don't fully get what happened to Chloe. The book ends on a crappy cliffhanger that was truly unnecessary. WTF dude!?

What I took away from this book was that Chloe is still my least favorite character. She is weak and sadly a waste of sperm and egg. I know, Im being a bitch but I just can't right now. She has no backbone. She watched her bff get bullied, tortured, and taunted and did NOTHING. We don't even know her full story.

I loved Amo in this book.

I wanted more scenes with Lucca and Amo. I wanted to see WHY she liked them both. It just wasn't enough. This book was a major disappointment. At least my prediction was right.

Ugh I am not excited about this book. I love the series and the main characters are funny AF. However, Chloe is just weak to me. She has no backbone and just screams coward to me. I mean come on dude look at what she did to Elle. She never stands up for herself, doesn't speak up, and just falls apart when things goes down. Everyone is always trying to protect her.

I just need the chic to grow a spine. I mean who can actually say they actually LIKED Chloe? Not me. I'm gonna give the book a chance just because I like the author and storyline but I just know I might just be disappointed.

Oh and while I'm at it, can we NOT make the guys she ends up with a cuddle monkey. I hate a bad boy gone soft, take care of your girl, but if you were slitting throats at the beginning of the book, lets see that throughout the book. I'm just saying.

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53 reviews18 followers
Want to read
May 2, 2016
I've waited a long time for this book to come out and I've got to say, the reviews I've read have led me to make a choice. Due to the fact that this book is a retelling of the other book(s) I won't read it until the next book is released. I just don't want to feel disappointed with the fact that this book is incomplete. Sorry.
P.s Sarah Brianne, release the next book already so I can read these!! ☺️

TEAM LUCCAAAAAAAA ALL THE WAY, BITCHES!!! If she ends up with Amo i will seriously be heartbroken.
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492 reviews623 followers
January 24, 2019
Umm, excuse me but I think my book IS NOT COMPLETE AND SOME PAGES ARE MISSING?!
You cannot end a book like this!!

Chloe is my favorite character in the series. This book doesnt bring anything new - it's mostly Chloe's history and scenes from book one and two, just from her point of view but I so enjoyed it and didnt mind the repetitiveness.
But I NEED to know who she will pick!
Amo and Lucca were two different people battling for one broken girl. Amo changed around Chloe, becoming a better man. Lucca, however, wasn’t going to change, showing her exactly the man he was.
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27 reviews
Shelved as 'won-t-read'
September 27, 2016
Considering the majority of the reviews say the same thing:


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Want to read
August 10, 2015
so...I really need Chloe to get with Lucca. I see Amo as more as a friend, it'll just be too obvious if Chloe gets with Amo.
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April 30, 2016
2.5 stars.

*No spoilers*

I had to read this because I loved books 1 and 2. I needed to know which team Chloe was on - Team Amo or Team Lucca. I hateee triangles and even I needed to know. Personally I'm on Team Lucca and always have been. That man is something else.

After reading the book it's been decided we were all on Team We Got Played.

This book is pretty much 80% a RETELLING of scenes from book 1 and book 2 through Chloe's perspective. Yes there are some things we didn't see before (ie.. the night of Chloe's accident [we kind of find out what happened but not really..let's be honest], her home life, etc.) We also get some scenes from Lucca and Amo's perspective (which was confusing at first because you had no idea who the hell the narrator was since it wasn't labeled and you had to figure it out.) And the ending? SMH. That's all I can say without revealing that BS.

From the author's FB page we knew this would be a two part cliffhangerish book. But readers genuinely figured they would get further in the plot. But this should have been a novella straight up. It definitely leaves a bad impression of the author. This has been (kind of) an anticipated book for a while and her putting out a "retelling" book is shady af.

I'm not even pissed. Just more disgusted. I would have paid the same amount for a novella that didn't waste my time vs a "full length" waste of time.
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May 2, 2016

I can absolutely understand why so many readers have been upset by this book.
It's not what we were hoping for...
Yes 70 % was Chloe's point of view from Nero.
Yes Lucca is not much in the book. It didn't bother me too much since I prefer Amo ;)
And yes that ending left me completely confused. I had to ask Snow and Denise to explain it to me :P
But having said all that, I still enjoyed some parts of the book. It was still interesting to read Chloe's POV!
But I do feel that since she left the readers waiting for so long, she should have released a more complete book!
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