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Captain Mackenzie Calhoun wurde oft vorgeworfen, Gott zu spielen, doch nie zuvor musste er sich tatsächlichen Göttern stellen. Wie Captain Kirk vor ihm, trifft Calhoun auf gottgleiche Wesen von unnatürlicher Stärke und Macht, die von sich behaupten, die irdischen Göttersagen der griechischen, römischen und nordischen Kulturen inspiriert zu haben. Alles, was diese Wesen wollen, ist unsere Untergebenheit. Im Gegenzug versprechen sie ein friedvolles Paradies über die gesamte Galaxie. Als die Föderation, vertreten durch Captain Calhoun und die Crew der USS Excalibur, dieses Angebot ablehnen, müssen Morgan Primus und Lieutenant Mark McHenry die tödlichen Konsequenzen der daraus enstandenen Schlacht tragen. Nun muss Captain Calhoun sich, mit einem beschädigten Schiff und einer verwundeten Crew, gemeinsam mit Captain Shelby und der Crew der Trident, diesen gottgleichen Kreaturen erneut stellen, um das Schicksal der gesamten galaktischen Bevölkerung zu sichern.

340 pages, Paperback

First published September 5, 2003

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About the author

Peter David

3,585 books1,276 followers
aka David Peters

Peter Allen David (often abbreviated PAD) is an American writer, best known for his work in comic books and Star Trek novels. David often jokingly describes his occupation as "Writer of Stuff". David is noted for his prolific writing, characterized by its mingling of real world issues with humor and references to popular culture. He also uses metafiction frequently, usually to humorous effect, as in his work on the comic book Young Justice.

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2,068 reviews19 followers
June 26, 2020
This is the second half of the story started in Being Human, and doesn't actually end in a cliffhanger--yay! I really liked seeing Spock here, and this was certainly a wacky plot involving "gods." The conclusion here was interesting, though I'll be sad to see a certain character leave the ship. The Gleau subplot was really frustrating since I think this is Star Trek and I'd like to think they'd be better than our time when it comes to sexual harassment/consent issues. But he's straight up DEAD at the end of this book (technically a spoiler, but it's like the best thing ever and makes it all worthwhile now)--and I see some hints of some interesting plot stuff with that too for future books. The side plot with the ship's computer ended up quite amusing as well. Soleta is great here, too, and I really like that Moke got to play an important role.

Also, as far as I can tell, aside from the No Limits anthology in this series, this is the start of the "no people" covers for this series. I wonder why that changed?
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527 reviews9 followers
February 9, 2019
This book seemed to drag on with the fallout from the previous novel and plenty of ongoing storylines fought for a small piece of the action. The ending was swift and ultimately a bit of a letdown.
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4,694 reviews63 followers
July 24, 2016
I haven't read the other books in this series, but this was an enjoyable space opera novel nonetheless, even if the characters were unfamiliar to me.
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143 reviews11 followers
May 25, 2017
Again, with each one of these that I read I want to know these characters on a deeper level and I find more humorous episodes, more puns, more improbable escapades. I'm not going to spoil it for you but if you've read "Being Human" you have to read "Gods Above." It seems like it would be hard to jump right into the New Frontier series without reading the first twelve books (and some side adventures).
This is one of those books that leaves me satisfied (really deeply), but also wanting immediately to jump into the next book. I'm not going to give you the plot summary. This novel has a lot of Soleta, a lot of Kebron, a lot of McHenry (for obvious reasons) and a lot of Calhoun and Shelby. So if you're hungry for more about those characters this novel will not disappoint.
In "Being Human," Peter David ("PAD") really opened up the story as a two-starship story, i.e. Trident and Excalibur. I have to admit that I was skeptical whether that could work; it was already complex enough with characters going in different directions. Again, PAD exceeded expectations in these two novels. It really works.
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217 reviews
May 27, 2021
Stundtals blir denna bok lite väl mycket av återblickar i tidigare händelser, så den som inte har läst så mycket av New Frontier-serien bör läsa tidigare böcker först. Jag själv har ändå läst det mesta, så jag fann boken vara mycket förståelig och faktiskt mycket läsvärd. Äntligen börjar jag förstå mig på de olika personerna såsom Soleta, Burgoyne och Kebron för att bara nämna några som jag tidigare har haft svårt för. Den här boken förklarade mycket av de frågetecken som jag tidigare har haft om dessa och andra.
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661 reviews20 followers
July 6, 2023
As McHenry is basically in a coma, the rest of the crew is left to deal with a whole collection of gods covering all the major groups we are familiar with from our ancient myths and legends. Some interesting twists happen along the way. Definitely recommended
Profile Image for John.
1,549 reviews5 followers
September 23, 2022
I love how PAD weaves past and present into cohesive stories
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Author 26 books16 followers
October 14, 2022
A much more exciting read than the cover implies. Many stories come to a head in some pretty bonkers ways.

4.5/5 The wrap up fizzles a bit, but the journey was fun.
Profile Image for 'Nathan Burgoine.
Author 48 books420 followers
June 3, 2015
The latest installment in Peter David's "New Frontier" series got a little out of hand in its plot, but was ultimately enjoyable.

When we last saw the crew (or, I should say, 'crews,' since Shelby's crew on the Trident is now just as much a part of the plot as Calhoun's on the Excalibur), they were getting beaten to a pulp by the ancient gods of historical earth, and we'd learned that Mark McHenry had, in his ancestry, one of those gods - Apollo. In the episode of the original series with Apollo, he took a lady lieutenant aside, and apparently, they conceived, which ultimately led to Mark and his odd abilities.

Since Mark told Calhoun not to trust the gods (including Artemis, his childhood friend and adolescent lover), the gods smacked the Excalibur to heck and back, killing eight crewmembers, including Robin Lefler's apparently not-so-immortal mother, and leaving McHenry in a strange dead-but-not-decaying state.

And that's just the set up at the start of this novel. Si Cwan is back on Danter, trying to rekindle the Thallonian empire (but one of the gods is also on Danter, handing out ambrosia, and things get awkward, fast). The role of the gods, ambrosia, and the effect it is having on the quadrant is the main plot of the story, and done interestingly, if a tad over the top, and of course, the McHenry story (like he'd really be totally dead). Ditto Robin's mother.

The 'B' plot is the continuing story arc on the Trident of Lieutenant M'Ress, Lieutenant Commander Gleau, and Lieutenant Commander Arex - a twisted little love and hate and potential murder triangle that leaves one a little confused at best. Kat Meuller, Shelby's XO, gets quite a bit of attention in this book, and it's a good thing, but Peter David's tendency to make everyone lust after the wrong person is starting to get a tad stale.

I was looking forward to this book, so I think I was a little let down by holding it up a little high in my expectations. It has some great one-liners (a David trademark), and the plot advances in some significant ways, so I cannot complain overmuch. It was good enough, just a little heavy on the coincidence.
Profile Image for David Palazzolo.
249 reviews2 followers
October 25, 2014
Star Trek: New Frontier: Gods Above is book 13 in ordinary time and the 19th chapter of what I like to call Star Trek: The Prime-Time Soap. The story picks up from where Being Human left off. Lt Mark McHenry and acting-Ensign Morgan Lefler Primus are dead (or are they?) after a vicious attack from the god-like Beings lead by Artemis. Si Cwan and Kallinda are in danger from the Danteri and their secret patron Anubis after Cwan discovers thei real motivations for promising a renewed Thallonian Empire. And Capt. Calhoun's adopted son Moke also remains in severely injured from a fall sustained from running from "the Dark Man" aka a Being who resembles the Norse god Odin.

There are interesting interactions all throughout. Dr Selar comes to the aid of Lt Soleta as she performs a perilous mind-meld. Soleta later is kidnapped by Thoth and given a taste of peace of mind which is suddenly yanked away. The situation between Lt M'Ress and Lt Cdr Gleau heats up with Cdr Mueller beginning to realize that Gleau may not be all he seems. Kebron is also not all he seems as he undergoes a startling transformation Moke's father is finally revealed and he finds out he has a sibling he never knew.

The scenes between Captains Shelby and Calhoun are well written. Calhoun seems to be adjusting well to sharing responsibility for sector 221-G with an equal partner after being simply the only authority for so long. The Beings have a logical weakness that Shelby and Calhoun exploit to bring about a new "Twilight of the Gods" (with a little help from an unexpected ally).

And finally, we have a surprise murder at the end.

Next is Stone and Anvil, where the murder is investigated and may have ties to Shelby and Calhoun's Starfleet Academy days...

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,743 reviews30 followers
October 16, 2015
Die EXCALIBUR mit Cpt. Calhoun und die TRIDENT mit seiner Frau Elizabeth Shelby als Captain, bekommen es mit den "Wesen" zu tun, mit denen sich schon Kirk & Co herumgeschlagen hat. Im letzten Band hat Artemis, eine der "Göttinen" der Wesen, einen verheerenden Angriff auf die EXCALIBUR angerichtet und mehrere Besatzungsmitglieder getötet, Calhoun schäumt vor Wut und sinnt auf Rache.
Währendessen haben sich die "Götter" auf Danter niedergelassen und haben ein Abkommen mit den Danteri geschlossen, sie bekommen Ambrosia im Gegenzug müssen Sie die Wesen anbeten.
Wieder mal ist Peter David ein rasantes und humorvolles SF-Abenteuer mit der Crew der Excalibur und der Trident gelungen, mit skurrilen Einfällen wie dem Schiffs-Computer der EXCALIBUR, die eine der getöteten Besatzungsmitglieder aufgenommen hat, die Mutter von Robin Lefler, die dem Computer eine besondere Note verleiht. Durch das Auftauchen von Spock bringt die Serie inzwischen auch eine nostalgische Note ins Spiel. Die Charakterbeschreibungen der einzelnen Figuren sind, wie bei New Frontier immer, humorvoll und voller Tiefe. Es ist einfach ein Zyklus, der Spaß macht und der einem süchtig nach neuen Abenteuern zurückläßt...
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1,906 reviews42 followers
May 2, 2009
" 'Impart the godhead.' That would be a euphemism for 'have sex with,' am I correct?"

The risque humour, not to mention a rather disconcerting pantheon of gods, continue to sit at the centre of this rather humdrum addition to the new Frontier series.
"I've walked some death myself, 'god,' " shot back Calhoun, "and it might be wise for little gods to stay the hell out of my way."
Calhoun is his typical brash self, and the rest of the characters fall neatly into their holes with neither fuss nor foible. Morgan's outcome is perhaps one of the most interesting elements here, but even mchenry's eventual state of affairs is only of mild interest after the seemingly endless barrage of Godly abuse.

It's worth noting that there seem to be a bunch of asides missing - double helix,xenexian honemoony honeymoon, and of course m'Res and the rest of the gateways incident. I can only attribute these to other New Frontier workks in other series and shall hopefully read them at some point.
Profile Image for Jose.
147 reviews
September 1, 2011
PAD, still writes enjoyable ST like we're viewing a new episode. He's very easy to read and enjoy, a true entertainer. This time we continue from the cliffhanger of the last book where some members where killed and the USS Excalibur suffered massive defeat at the ends of "gods". And now the conclusion...
Just finished!
Like I said, an easy read, the story keeps advancing at good pace and the characters are believable and respectful of their roots, motivations and the Star Trek universe.
Another very good ST:NF by PAD! Its really fun and a good substitute to no new tv episodes.
On to the next one...
Profile Image for ***Dave Hill.
1,015 reviews23 followers
May 3, 2011
Wrapping up the storyline begun in Being Human, this is a very solid read. It pulls in some underused cast members, makes significant changes on others, and leads to the end of the tale for yet one more. And it's all done in an extended Star Trek setting that makes canon-like sense. Good stuff -- not for the first-time reader, by any means, but some decent payoff for those who've been following the series along.
Profile Image for Dan Foster.
129 reviews
January 27, 2014
Peter David writes a very particular kind of Star Trek, especially when writing "New Frontier" books. If you like the earlier ones, you should find this one pretty entertaining. David continues too bring a TOS feel of larger than life events--Gods in this case--unabashedly into the 24th Century. The sense of adventure is high and the dialogue is as snappy as any previous book. If you think Trek needs to be a little more somber, this one may not be for you.
167 reviews3 followers
November 9, 2016
I really liked this book! I liked the way it tied into an old classic Trek episode and added more back story and an additional encounter with the same race of beings. Again, really love Star Trek and really liked this book! Love the Mackenzie Calhoun character, his wife, Elizabeth Shelby and the playful interactions between them. Yippee! I'll be looking for more books in this series to read!
Profile Image for Villain E.
2,945 reviews9 followers
April 11, 2022
Continuing off the previous book. Calhoun and Shelby return to Danter to find it changed by the Beings. McHenry and Morgan Primus are dead ... or are they? And Kebron has a skin condition.

There's a lot of forward movement in this one. The next book will have a new status quo.
Profile Image for Kerry.
40 reviews
January 2, 2009
Conclusion to the one I was reading last week. Decent wrap up with some funny bits and good mythological nods.
1,135 reviews7 followers
June 22, 2017
Great follow-up to "Being Human." Everything I said there applies here as well. I am continuing to devour these in an attempt to catch up to the most recent installment.
Profile Image for Loki.
1,271 reviews11 followers
October 10, 2016
A lot more satisfying than its predecessor, tying up the major plots quite well... and then abruptly ending on a cliffhanger as one of the subplots suddenly takes centre stage. Fun.
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