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Redemption #2

Keir's Fall

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A seductive tyrant. A lost hero. And a galaxy about to fall...

It's been a year in paradise for Keir and Quin, but now the idyll is over. After Quin falls sick, they return to the hidden sanctuary of Lyagnius, and what she learns there will not only change their lives, but set them on a journey that could separate them forever.

When Keir falls victim to a ruthless Nercaandi Empress bent on conquering the galaxy with her cybernetic army, it will take all Quin's diminishing powers and the help of her son to find him. But what waits for her aboard the tyrant's ship will test her strength and the limits of their love, and put everything she cares about at risk. Including Keir.

With the galaxy itself about to fall, will she be able to save him?

Book Two of the Redemption series and part of the Travellers Universe.


First published December 7, 2017

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About the author

Pippa Jay

22 books209 followers
Previously an Analytical Chemist & stay-at-home mum, Pippa Jay is now a Science Technician who writes scifi and supernatural stories to engage the emotions. Somewhere along the way a touch of romance crept into her work and refused to leave. In between torturing her plethora of characters, she spends the odd free moment looking after her chickens, creating cosplay for humans and dolls alike, and studying the Dark Side of the Force. Although happily settled in the historical town of Colchester in the UK with her husband of 30 years and three not-so-little monsters, she continues to roam the rest of the Universe in her head.

Pippa Jay occasionally blogs at Adventures in Scifi, and Romancing the Genres. Her works include YA and adult stories crossing a multitude of subgenres from scifi to the paranormal, often with romance, and she’s one of eight authors included in a science fiction romance anthology—Tales from the SFR Brigade. She’s also a quadruple SFR Galaxy Award winner, been a finalist in the Heart of Denver RWA Aspen Gold Contest (3rd place), the 2015 EPIC eBook awards, the 2015 RWA LERA Rebecca (2nd place), and the GCC RWA Silken Sands Star Awards (2nd place). 

You can stalk her at her website, or at her blog, but without doubt her favorite place to hang around and chat is on Twitter as @pippajaygreen.

****Please do not send me review requests, event invites or recommendations****

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Profile Image for Mei.
1,881 reviews414 followers
March 30, 2016
I loved, loved the first book, but this one left me slightly disappointed... maybe I was expecting too much.. I don't know...

Still I liked it and enjoyed it, but not as much as the first one.

We have the same MCs, Kier and Quin, but I felt that they've become less interesting and more stupid.

I understand that Quin has issues , but here they're to stressed and the influenced all the actions here and not in the positive way!

Kier has never been very confident and he's right to be so, but here his non-confidence lead to very bad things, not only for him, but for many other people.

So, while the action was interesting and the villainess vishous and alien, I cannot give it more than 3 stars... sorry... I hope the next book will return to the feel of the first book.
Profile Image for Sophia.
Author 5 books334 followers
February 3, 2016
A little while back, I read this fantastic story that had me absolutely riveted. It is still one of my all-time favorite sci-fi romance stories. Imagine my excitement to discover that there was a book two.

This book really shouldn't be read out of order or as a standalone. The Redemption universe, the characters, the background, and more is all introduced in the previous book, Keir.

Keir's Fall opens about one year after the events that ended Keir. Keir and Quin have lived in isolation healing and growing their relationship now that are safe and at peace. But then Quin starts acting oddly and her health is declining so they are forced to leave their isolated seaside cottage and head back into the middle of things.

Quin is shocked to discover what has caused her illness and needs time to adjust. She has to consult her son so she and Keir travel to the human settlements and visit with Quin's adult son. It is awkward for Keir at first, but the family is welcoming of him, alien blue skin and all, but soon after Quin shares her secrets and he has a big adjustment to make, the peaceable human settlement is invaded by the Nercaadi.

Keir pushes everyone to safety, but doesn't make it and becomes the prisoner of the cold-hearted Nercaadi Empress. He is horrified to see her capturing humans and converting them into cybernetic warriors to continue conquering all before her. Keir's fate is different, but he has no more freedom than those converted and drained of their humanity. The misery and pain of his new circumstances are only endurable knowing that Quin and the rest are safe.

Quin is beside herself and desperate to rescue Keir. But she is barely herself and needs to consider more than herself now. Quin's pain is beyond anything when she learns Keir's fate. They were so happy and now she wonders if she will ever be happy again.

Well, this second installment was full of the colorful and unique settings and peoples, the tight and dangerous situations, the character and romance development, and the chilling villain that I came to appreciate in the first book. This segment of the story moved quickly and was shorter, but had depth and heart that kept me breathless and flipping pages madly to see what was going to happen. I loved the twists and turns and those pivotal moments. The ongoing romance between Keir and Quin was satisfying and I love them as a couple. I enjoyed meeting the new characters and reuniting with others.

And now, I am back in that waiting time for the next release, but at least I know there are more installments and the projected release dates.

All in all, this second installment was a good follow-up to the first. I would most definitely recommend this series to sci-fi romance lovers who like their sci-fi to feel like it is really otherwordly and unique.

My thanks to the author for providing a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Vagabond Vahn.
8 reviews2 followers
February 6, 2016
Like Book One of Redemption: Keir, I wrestled with fitting this into a specific category before finally admitting that I enjoyed a novel whose genre officially includes romance. Well, I enjoyed book two as well; more so perhaps because Keir and Quinn are now like friends, returned from a time away and I want the best for them.

The Good: Author Pippa Jay takes advantage of her second entry to introduce characters that help ground Quinn to the world, and provide experiences to both Quinn and Keir that we as readers can relate to. At the risk of a very minor spoiler to those who have not read the first novel, we know that Quinn is not as young as she looks, and that she has a son who she mentioned in the first novel. We meet him, a grown man with his family, and it solidifies Quinn’s character in a way that only benefits her and her story from here on. It was great fun to have another character who had a real connection to Quinn, knew about her, accepted her and the actions that she had spent the first novel guilt-tripping over. That was satisfying.

The villain in this entry was introduced as though borrowed from The Borg in Star Trek lore. Yet, they ended up much deeper than that, with a culture founded on women in an almost Amazonian hierarchy usually reserved for cultures ruled by men – that you are the ruler because you have bested all others, but that you can also be challenged at any time. They were very interesting, and the leaders’ ability to influence people – particularly men – made for interesting encounters that pushed the characters to their emotional limits. And yet…

The Bad: My frustration with common romance themes persists, like that itch in your calf you can’t quite locate, despite scratching your entire leg raw – or does that only happen to me? With everything Keir and Quinn went through in the first entry, and to finally have had a year of peace to themselves – in addition to the life-changing knowledge they discover, they are bound, intertwined, and trusting. Or so I thought. Imagine my surprise when “The Betrayal” scene found in most romance novels and movies I’ve consumed occurs, and Quinn just dives into it completely. Gone is all of that trust and bond strengthening they spent so much time building. This may well be because I’m a man, but dammit, Quinn! Think! You too Keir, you don’t get off that easily.

Like the first entry, this was a bit short for me. It seemed everything resolved before I was ready to say goodbye to that scene, that event, or those characters found within. It reads very fast, and while often I find that to the credit of a novel, I noticed it here as, if not unfortunate, not as satisfying as it could have been.

The Conclusion: I am a fan. Keir and Quinn are my friends. I will miss them while waiting for the next entry to spring forth from Pippa Jay’s brain-space and onto my Kindle for my eye-holes to absorb. Despite any frustrations my beard and I have over romance story tropes, I was never bored – the pace saw to that, even if there was more room to breath than was utilized. While sex scenes are more prevalent in this entry than the last, they have specific purpose and are not dwelt upon for sex-scene’s-sake, but to further the motivations of all involved. I know that sentence reads strangely, but just roll with me on this one – it works.
Profile Image for Jo .
2,624 reviews48 followers
March 14, 2016
This is book two in the trilogy but it can be read as a stand alone. Keir and Quin have spent a peaceful year on their island home but things are about to change. Quin is not feeling well and when they leave to get her checked out things begin to go wrong. Keir’s Fall has several high tension points and just when you think things are about to work out something else bad happens. There is a lot of action and danger in the story. Keir and Quin have to face things that might destroy their love and their marriage. A good addition to the series and a complete story that can stand alone.
Profile Image for Riley.
867 reviews58 followers
December 24, 2015
Did anyone else anticipate this book like I did? Awaiting Keir’s Fall is kind of like preparing for the release of The Force Awakens. I really looked forward to it because Keir (like the Star Wars franchise) is such an awesome book. The bar was set pretty darn high. But what if the sequel (or the new movie) it is no good? Would I survive the disappointment?

I felt a combination of apprehension and excitement as I started reading Keir’s Fall. But soon, these feelings were swept aside by the story. I got caught up in the continuing saga of Quin and Keir. The couple got to enjoy a year of blissful peace after the events of Keir. Sadly, things will change for them.

When the couple visits Quin’s son Gethyon, Nercaandian Empress Tyra-Lee attacks the planet, intent on total destruction. Keir is taken prisoner and catches the attention of the empress. She is an evil bitch, consumed with conquering all. But as she takes an interest in Keir, she gets a bit distracted. Keir’s battle to maintain his identity under the manipulative powers of the empress parallels Quin’s desperate attempt to find and rescue Keir. Each leg of this story has intense emotional content that will combine with a lot of action and some great secondary characters. This book was very hard to put down once I started it.

Quin is three hundred years old. There were times when she came across as a younger woman. Much younger. She had none of the patience that a three hundred year old woman ought to have plenty of. And she was kind of whiny. It was difficult to find the strong confident woman that saved the blue demon in Keir. I blame her medical condition and desperate situation. But I can’t decide if I liked seeing this flaw in Quin, or if I would prefer to see more strength in her. Keir, on the other hand, while still full of self-doubt when it comes to being blue, has developed into a force to be reckoned with, even when the empress had him under her spell.

So let’s talk about the Empress Tyra-Lee. Crazy? Twisted might be a better word. Evil? Do good people destroy inhabited planets? Beloved by her people? Not really. And therein lies the key to her motivation. Even a villain wants to be loved. This desire will drive Tyra-Lee to wreak havoc on planets and people. Now I see why Ms. Jay made the villain the main subject of the book cover. It is a bold move that bucks the trend. Or maybe it will start a new trend. Personally, in fiction, I really love ‘good’ villains. They can make or break the story and don’t get enough bad publicity!

It will be up to Quin and Keir to keep Tyra-Lee from becoming Empress of the Galaxy. It is not easy and will put both of them in peril. In Keir’s Fall, both Quin and Keir get captured and both get to charge to the rescue one or more times. This equal opportunity rescuing is a theme that began in Keir and will surely continue with two strong and headstrong characters. And I would expect nothing less.

So back to my thoughts of the first paragraph. Does Keir’s Fall stack up to Keir? Keir is awesome and it is so hard to beat awesome. If I had to rank the two books, Keir would be first. But Keir’s Fall is well worth picking up and losing a few hours to. It belongs on the shelf right next to Keir and if you enjoyed one, you are sure to enjoy the other.

The author provide an copy in exchange for an honest review.

Originally posted at Smart Girls Love Sci Fi Romance.

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Author 1 book31 followers
December 7, 2015
We meet Keir and Quin on Kasha-Asor, their idyllic island on Metraxi. It soon becomes evident that Quin is not feeling herself, and Keir persuades her to return to her Lyagnius base. On discovering that she is pregnant, they journey to Gethyon's world, Loganum, so that Quin can be with her son until the baby is born. Things don't quite go according to plan, and Quin finds herself back at Lyagnius, and Keir in the clutches of Tyra-Lee, a power-grabbing tyrant.

This second book in the Redemption series sure packs a lot of punch. When I'd finished reading it, I couldn't believe that it's *only* 71k words. Jay gets a lot of travel into those words, and not much goes astray.

At times Keir's Fall is a real page turner. One evening I was reading it and told myself I had to get off the computer. Half an hour later I found myself still sitting here, reading. Not entirely sure where that time went, but Keir was busy, lol!

It's fantastic to get another instalment of Keir's story, and this book doesn't disappoint. Keep giving us more stories, please!
Profile Image for Heather Kittleman jarecki.
1 review37 followers
December 21, 2015
Sequels always seem to raise the question, “Will it be as good as the first one?” I’m thrilled to say that Keir’s Fall lives up to its predecessor in every way. Ms. Jay has the ability to weave the good, the bad, and the ugly into a story, taking the reader for an enjoyable—and often heart stopping—ride.

Something I didn’t see coming was the little surprise twist near the end of the story…but no spoilers here! I will tell you this book is worth the read, and I think you’ll like that twist as much as I did. Oh, and Tyra-Lee is one wicked, nasty villain.

Looking forward to part three!

I received an ARC from the author for an unbiased and honest review.
Profile Image for Stuart Lennon.
55 reviews2 followers
December 21, 2015
Oh dear. My heart fell when I read the afterword. Keir's Fall is Book 2 of Redemption and frankly, I can't wait for Book 3 and beyond. I'm hooked.
I know what I'm doomed when I start speed-reading passages to get to the next action sequence. I am anxious to know what is happening to Keir and his c0-characters.
I loved this book and devoured it in a couple of days.
Profile Image for Mellissa Monteforte Jimenez.
408 reviews22 followers
March 26, 2016
As the story continues from keir in the redemption series I was once again mystified at all thsee characters have indured. This storyline keeps improving and adding intriguing twist and turns that kept me in engaged. Loving it!
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