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A Life For Sale: a short poem

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"A Life For Sale" is a dark and moving poem about a woman with a final, mournful wish for the living, told through the guise of an estate sale. A special link to a recording of the author reading this poem is available in the back of this short eBook.

From the author:

"This piece came to me out of nowhere while I was in the middle of preparing for a cross-country move. I sat down with a powerful sense of sorrow I couldn't shake, and a poem (of all things!) formed on the pages.

"Between you and me, it's the only poem I've written and actually liked (and I've written quite a few that will never see the light of day). It's a fun side-project. Poems aren't something I will release very often, or maybe ever again, but I hope you connect with this glimpse into another side of my writing. Enjoy."

13 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 19, 2015

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About the author

S.M. Boyce

25 books749 followers
Boyce is known for action-packed epic fantasy, powerful heroes, and riveting magical stories filled with twists and intrigue. And, of course, a bit of humor sprinkled through it all. Pick up your kindle and get lost in the journey.

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293 reviews4 followers
March 23, 2016
Exquisite, A Heartfelt Plea Not to Be Forgotten After Death, and Anguish for the Loss of Her "Treasures" Lost to the Ages.

Exquisitely written and recited, I cried all the way through both versions, the written poem, and the poem as read by the artist, that paints her picture with words. It touched my heart, and resonated with my own wish, that when I move on, people will hopefully to spare me a thought from time to time, and not let me be forgotten, and who can value my belongings with the same amount of love, respect, and fondness, that these trinkets hold for me.. Although one person's treasures, may only rate as useless junk to other people, she hopes that someone worthy of her life's collection of her "treasures," will cherish them as much as she did, because she couldn't take them with her, where she's going. She mourns the loss of the objects that defined her, and her life, and felt heartbroken over leaving her life, and the objects that she loves, values, and still clings to, to someone who may not hold them as near and dear to their heart,, and love, and respect them as much as she did, while remembering her life in the process. It's a sad ending, full of regrets, remorse, longing, and loss. And it very nearly broke my heart, since I empathize, and share the same longings as the author does, to be remembered, especially when it comes time to relinquish my own "treasures," and my desire that someone special will treasure them as much as I do, and think of me when they see or touch what I once held dear. It's also a relinquishing of poignant memories, associated with each object, embuing them with an innate life force all their own--a casting off of a lifetime of ties and memories, events, and loved ones. My heart mourns along with hers, for the loss of both of our lives. Beautifully written poem, from one kindred spirit to another.
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Author 6 books164 followers
April 28, 2015
Many know that I’m a big fan of S.M. Boyce’s work. She’s the author of The Grimoire Saga, and it’s become one of my favorite series. But that is prose writing, and A Life for Sale, this is poetry. Not everyone who can write beautiful and engaging prose can switch over to verse with ease, but that’s what Boyce seems to have done.

In her first published poem, Boyce doesn’t show the shaky hand of a first time poet. This poem surprised me with how well it conjured up images of each item “for sale”, along with the memories surrounding them. And the emotions written between the lines shown through expertly, but weren’t overbearing.

I’m not always good at putting my reaction to a poem into words, so I won’t try to elaborate much more. But between reading this poem and then listening to Boyce’s recording (it’s a bonus I wasn’t expecting) at the end of the book, I know A Life for Sale will be a poem I come back to time and time again. I also hope that we’ll see more poetry from Boyce. She’s showed me that she’s not only a master of prose, but can also stand side-by-side with many of my favorite poets.
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1,242 reviews133 followers
February 10, 2016
A Life For Sale by S.M. Boyce A Life for Sale, A Poem by S.M. Boyce is a poignant, haunting entry that could almost be written by any woman. I gave it five stars.
It's a brooding poem that left me sad. Here's a short stanza:
"Four sets of silver forksused at dinners no one rememberswith old friends who have since passed onand waiters who retired."
Link to purchase: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00W...
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89 reviews20 followers
January 20, 2016

A list of things I'll never throw away as well. Unasked questions or wondered thoughts of the things that were or will be.
It's kind of creepy but holds true to why things are the way they are and what's left behind and who will find.
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3,919 reviews31 followers
December 20, 2015
This is something different and beautiful from Boyce. A poem with passion and flow and so different from what we are used to from her. Very nice!
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Author 9 books83 followers
December 7, 2016
I really enjoyed this poem. As a book, it's very short, but it's worth the few minutes it takes to read. Gently poignant.
December 11, 2022
Beautiful and Haunting

I followed up Wraithblade with this poem and I have to say Boyce showed me something that I greatly admire in writers versatility! She weaves her words in a steady flow reminding us at every turn that we leave this world with nothing. And, the most important thing we leave behind, are the impressions we make on others.
Also, I highly recommend following the link at the end of the book to listen to a reading by Boyce herself.
84 reviews
October 6, 2021
A new variety of dramatic monologue

Perhaps the author should release more of her poems. This 5-page free verse poem has the potential of a short story from an unusual point of view.
Profile Image for Gabby.
2,054 reviews16 followers
October 31, 2018

Beautiful and haunting. Will make you think about life and objects in a completely new way. Short yet not overly so. A great little poem.
Profile Image for Rabid Reader.
959 reviews13 followers
April 1, 2016
An amazingly moving poem that makes you realize that the excesses and possessions in life really mean nothing at all. That life is fleeting and it is those you touch and the memories you create that are the real lasting possessions in life that matter. At the end of the poem there is a link to the author narrating the poem, she does a great job, pouring emotion into the words and helping you feel the poignant nature of the poem.
Profile Image for Selena.
463 reviews
June 6, 2016
This poem made me think of all the things I have in my house and so many are useless. Exchange monkeys for cows and items, like dressers, I never got rid of "just because". Wow! So much to say in so few words.

I was given the opportunity to read A Life For Sale: A short poem by SM Boyce in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Faith Lowery.
162 reviews23 followers
November 8, 2016
A life well lived

So very well written; a life I can relate to with an attitude that I live by. I loved this! It is dark and beautiful and soulful, and I that's ok with me! I love it.
Profile Image for Tina Frazier.
101 reviews2 followers
April 5, 2016
This was a cute little poem. It was only about 5 to 10 minutes but it was cute. I don't usually ream poetry but I did like this one.
Profile Image for Dominique.
85 reviews
July 17, 2016
This was an okay read. The concept was good but I had a hard time with how it was written. It didn't flow together well.
April 20, 2018
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As far as poetry goes, this did not really strike a cord with me. I like the concept, the meaning behind the poem and the ending was pretty good, however I did not care for the overall execution. The poem lacked rhythm and flow. It felt broken and choppy, which made the powerful theme far less compelling than it ought to have been. Still, it was worth giving try.


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198 reviews1 follower
January 23, 2018
A wonderful written poem about the things we collect in life. After we collect them what do we do with them when we leave.
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