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Caged Love #2

Love Burns

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It’s my name. It’s what I fight for. It’s Frankie.

I’m a fighter. Trained to always keep my cover. To anticipate, see the next hit coming. I never expected her past to come at us swinging like it has.

I’m about to take on two of the most important fights of my life. My girl and the belt. I know that I can handle it. That I’ll never stop fighting. But what do you do when your life, your love is threatened and you can't take the hits-she has to? You shut your eyes and f*cking pray like hell that she’s strong enough, fierce enough to come out on top.
I went to war for her. Now it's her turn.

284 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 19, 2015

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Mandi Beck

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48.6k reviews4 followers
November 30, 2016


Mandy Beck just took me on an amazing journey over the past few hours of reading Love Burns!! This book has by far exceeded my expectations. Beautifully written, Love Burns is one of the best books I have read all year right alongside its predecessor, Love Hurts. I was totally drawn in to Deacon and Frankie’s story right from the very first chapter. The chemistry between them is off the charts HOT (blazing hot scenes)! Throughout their story you feel everything, but most of all you feel the LOVE they have for each other. There was just something about this book that called to me.

To the author, Mandy Beck, congratulations on a phenomenal series and I hope everyone loves it as much as I did.

“Stick and move. Stick and motherfucking move” – Deacon “The Hitman” Love
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2,020 reviews12k followers
September 24, 2015
3 Stick and Move Stars

I went to war for her. Now it’s her turn

I fell hard for Deacon “The Hitman” Love when I first met him in Love Hurts while Frankie took me a bit of warming up to. In Love Burns, the tables turn and I found myself struggling with some of Deacon's decisions while I loved seeing Frankie come into her own and find her inner strength and voice.

One thing that soured my enjoyment was this (I'll spoiler tag even though it is something that's revealed in the first chapter just in case you want to go in completely blind)

The majority of the book is spent with Deacon and Frankie continuing to deal with the threat on her life from her ex fiance and the mystery surrounding the case he has that led to all the trouble. All the while they're working through their issues. I hate to say that I found parts of the book to be slightly cliche and dragging, to a point where I found myself skimming the sex scenes. Deacon simply wasn't as endearing to me as he was in the first book, but he was no less intense.

There was something that happened at the end that should have garnered some emotion from me, and yet I found myself questioning the shock factor of it and why it needed to happen. On the one hand, it drove the plot somewhat....on the other hand, it almost felt like it wasn't needed. I also absolutely hated the way that Deacon dealt with it in respect to Frankie. After everything they've already went through, I wanted something more from him. Frankie was beyond understanding, and I found her to be too understanding with this considering the circumstances.

My issues aside, it was still an enjoyable read. I suppose in my months of waiting after the crazy cliffhanger in book 1, I may have built my hopes up too high. As you can clearly see, most people really enjoyed this one. Perhaps I'm too critical and just wasn't in the right mood for it? Perhaps my issue was that I forgot a few details from the first book in the wait and maybe that would have helped me connect more? Whatever the case may be, while this book wasn't a total winner for me, I'm still a fan of this author and would gladly read any of her books in the future.

ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review

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966 reviews1,092 followers
September 25, 2015
★★★★4 stick and motherfucking move stars★★★★

 photo 1443059711880_zpsqk4olizn.jpg

"Love shouldn't be like this. It shouldn't hurt so much,burn your soul. That's not the kind of love I want."

If you've read the first book "Love Hurts" then you know that it ended on a huge cliffhanger and made people want to do serious damage to their electronic devices.

This story picks up right after and Frankie and Deacon are dealing with the aftermath.What are their choices now? How do they move on and how can Deacon protect her and still maintain his sanity.

I won't go into the story too much but what I will say was that this was better than the first book.I didn't agree with everything in the story and quite honestly,I wanted to punch Deacon a few times.He made some really stupid decsions and I just couldn't get on board with that and not to mention the overusage of Frankie's nickname.

 photo 14432125003451_zpsvcsh1h08.jpg

Deacon was ofcourse his usual cocky self and I loved that he stayed true to himself and didn't waver.He fought for Frankie love hurts and he but she stepped up to the plate and did the same for him in this one.I also loved their progression.They grew with each other and made the best out of their situation while learning to navigate their relationship into a stronger one.

"I know in my heart,in my fucking soul,that I will never love another woman. I'm not even talking about being able to love another woman as much,I mean straight up,I will never love anyone else as long as I live. I'm certain of it. She can take that shit to the fucking bank".

There were also a few suprises that I definetely DID.NOT.SEE.COMING.Was it necessary?I don't even know but it made the plot more intersting but I felt like it didn't have to happen that way.

Aside from a few issues,this was a really good followup and I hope this author will continue with this series because who doesn't love dirty talking fighters.
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1,453 reviews410 followers
September 21, 2015
☆ I received an ARC via Sassy Savvy Fabulous PR in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ☆

11997840 10153468930275412 401491080 n

Love Burns was an epitome of emotions!!

Picking up right after where bk1 left us, you will be hurdled into a whirlwind courtship that will both invigorate you and frustrate you.

Both characters have a lot of stepping up to, growing up, and expanding their horizons. Of which, they learn a lot about themselves and each other, and shape themselves into the people they’re meant to be.

After all, love can be a volatile thing. It can be amazing… and it can be your biggest heart ache of all. But most of all, when pushed right, it can transform you, which proves a lot in Frankie and Deacon’s development.

Deacon, wah, he’s a dirty boy as usual. And Frankie, this girl grows some cahones in this read and actually matures into a strong, respectable young woman.

Over all, a great, great read!!

Love Burns where I want to be

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320 reviews8 followers
October 25, 2015
2.5 stars
Say "you feel me" one more time.
This book wasn't awful, but it wasn't great either. In all honesty I only read it because the first book ended on a cliffhanger and even though I didn't care for the first I had to know what happened.
Frankie and Deacon could have had a really cute love story but the fact that he couldn't tell her all the things he loved about her without it revolving around her tight pussy and great tits just killed it for me. I love a good alpha, but not one who can't say anything romantic. Why do you really love her? It can't just be for her tight pussy. And the sleeping with other women because he's upset. Give me a break if you truly loved her and were fighting for her this whole time that would have never happened. This book just wasn't for me.
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4 reviews
September 23, 2015
I cannot wait for this to come out waiting very impatiently for this one of my favrioute book series this year :)
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1,340 reviews224 followers
December 14, 2018
RECENSIONE QUI: https://thereadingslove.blogspot.com/...

Eccoci al secondo capitolo dell'appassionante storia riguardante la storia d'amore tra il lottatore MMA Deacon Love e la sua donna, Francesca De Rosa. Deac si sta avvicinando alla tanto ambita cintura, ma lui non è solo un combattente per professione, lo è anche nella vita. Dimostrare a Frankie che lei è l'unica che possiede il suo cuore non è stato facile e non lo è tutt'ora. Ma lui non è l'unico che combatte per il loro amore, anche Frankie è pronta a tutto, perché ha capito che Deac sarà sempre presente per lei. La relazione tra i due procede tra alti e bassi, ma nessuno dei due ha intenzione di mollare l'altro, anche quando le cose si fanno difficili e quella minaccia irrisolta tornerà ad incombere su di loro, cercando di separarli. Questa duologia è stata una vera scoperta, non credevo di affezionarmi così tanto a questa storia. L'ho trovata esaustiva su tutti i fronti e il genere è azzeccato. Questi due libri parlano di sport, di amore, di famiglia, di combattimenti sia concreti che emotivi, ci sono scene di passione talmente descritte bene e mai eccessive, e quelle poche che ci sono, fanno davvero riscaldare. Anch'io se fossi stata al posto di Frankie probabilmente avrei avuto dei dubbi, perché Deacon è un vero tornado, ti irrompe nella vita e cerca di essere il tuo punto di riferimento in ogni cosa, certe volte è stato molto irruento, nonostante lo facesse sempre con il cuore. Entrambi sono dei combattenti a modo loro, ma non hanno gli stessi modi di reagire o di fare: se Deacon è il tornado, Frankie è il sole dopo la tempesta. Lei da donna ha cercato prima di tutto di proteggere il suo cuore, sapendo gli effetti che Deac ha su di lei. Una storia davvero bellissima con un magnifico finale che renderà felici molte lettrici, non lasciatevi scappare questa duologia, perché saprà tenervi compagnia in questo inverno che si sta avvicinando!

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247 reviews34 followers
September 20, 2015
I was lucky enough to read this book early. Love Hurts was one of my top favorite books of the year and to say I was dying to read this book was an understatement. Deacon and Frankie are one of my favorite couples and the love and passion these two share is off the charts. They go through a lot together and things aren't always easy but the deep connection they share always brings them back to one another. The conclusion to their story was amazing! I laughed, I was angry for both characters, I was sad, happy and fell in love with them all over again! These characters will always have a place in my heart and I will read anything Mandi Beck writes!
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Author 2 books42 followers
September 22, 2015

I was given an arc of this book and these are MY thoughts!!!

The wait for this book was so painful... but soooooo worth it!

This picks up where Love Hurts left off (talk about a cliffhanger).

I loved the first book and i loved this one too. It had me on the edge of my seat and had my emotions up and down.

Deacon is so hot and alpha and has such a filthy mouth.. a change of knickers is a must! :p

This is an action packed story and Frankie has some badass moments! She is totally my spirit animal!

This is a perfect conclusion for Deac and his Princess' story

Miss Mandi, you outdid yourself! Can't wait to see what you give us next!
Profile Image for Anna.
483 reviews376 followers
October 12, 2015
Stick and move !!

I really devoured this two book series ! I loved the angst and the love of Frankie and Deacon !
Profile Image for Joy.
385 reviews69 followers
November 8, 2015
So it's almost here. The wait is close to being over. And I can tell you with the utmost certainty that it was worth it! I fell in love with Deacon all over again in this book. His dirty mouth, his no holds barred dialogue, his love for his family and his swoon worthy adoration of Frankie. And Frankie, well I fell in love with her too. She kinda drove me nuts in LH but she seemed to have done some maturing in the last few months because she is the shit in Love Burns.
Author Mandi Beck doesn't hold back in the feels department either!
There's a lot that goes on in this book. Lots of happy, lots of funny, lots of dirty (lord Deacon) and unfortunately some heart break. Yeah I shed a few tears with this one but I loved it! So mark your calendars so you can catch up with Frankie and her Loves. You won't be disappointed!
September 18, 2015
Love Hurts and Love Burns those four words couldn't be more true ...

I've waited a long time for the conclusion of Deacon and Frankie's story and let me tell you it was so worth the wait !!! This book took me on a roller coaster of emotions , i laughed , cried , screamed and needed wine. There were a few surprises I did not expect and did I mention how SCORCHING Hot this book is ?!!

Mandi has outdone herself and I look forward to reading anything she writes ..
Profile Image for Jen.
844 reviews32 followers
September 16, 2015
I absolutely adore Mandi Beck. But I honestly wanted to break up with her a couple times. First with Fankie being a pain in the ass in Love Hurts, then with that cliffy (OH MY GODDDDDD)...Then a couple times during this book when I honestly teared up and cried a bit. But I'm glad I powered through. This book has the ending Deacon and Frankie deserve
Profile Image for Melissa.
629 reviews2 followers
September 20, 2015
Our Dirty mouthed Deacon is back and man he does not disappoint! Frankie is badass as usual hell everyone is badass! Can't say much without spoilers. I was shocked hurt happy sad Every emotion! "She's about to get the Full Deacon effect from here on out" oh yes you will! MUST READ
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1,143 reviews282 followers
May 3, 2017
Love Burns picks up right where book 1 left off and it was definitely an emotional ride! I couldn't wait to find out how Deacon and Frankie's story ended. This is book 2 in the Caged Love series and should be read after reading Love Hurts.

My love/hate relationship with Deacon and Frankie continued with this book, but I did like that they grew and matured over the course of this duet. I love a good alpha, but Deacon was a bit over the top at times for me. I would have liked to know more about why he loves Frankie so fiercely, rather than about how gorgeous her body and her lady bits are over and over again. His repetitive claiming of Frankie (Yes, I get it! She's yours!) and his continued lack of communication didn't help his cause. I was proud of Frankie for calling him out on his BS and continued terrible actions/decisions when he's upset, but I understand too that this is Deacon, for better or for worse. A lot of readers may feel Frankie is a doormat for her responses to Deacon's actions, but I liked that she put all her cards out on the table and drew the line for what she would stand for moving forward. To Deacon's credit, he really did start letting his actions speak for themselves and showed Frankie the man she always knew him to be. I definitely rooted for these two to work out their issues and get their happily ever after.

I loved Indie in book 1 and that continued through this book as well. She has some of the funniest dialogue and I love her back and forth banter with Deacon (who has the BEST shirts by the way! Hahaha!) She definitely brought some much needed lightness to the story. Although I liked the suspense and action in this book, some things happened towards the end that just ripped my heart out. Was it necessary? Maybe, but I still wish it didn't. Overall, I enjoyed this duet, and the audiobooks as well. Wen Ross killed it again as Deacon and is fast becoming one of my favorite narrators! I'm looking forward to reading more books by Mandi Beck!
Profile Image for Em.
322 reviews3 followers
September 8, 2019
No. No. No.

This review is for both books.

Sorry for the rant that follows. Also, lots of spoilers;

They are really not good for each other. Just throwing that out there. Makes up for a weird read when you’re rooting for them to find someone else.

Their communication doesn’t make any sense most of the time. One of them says something, and the other has a big temper tantrum that doesn’t have anything to do with what the other said.

Jokes about rape is never funny.

She asks him if he’s been unfaithful, and he chooses that moment to joke with her and make her believe he actually cheated, because he thinks she need to be punished for even questioning his faithfulness. Does he not remember that he has cheated on her multiple times before? Cause he did. Two times now. Or three if you count the number of girls involved.

She’s cheating on him too, albeit emotionally. And yes, that’s a thing.

Also, why didn’t she confirmed right away that he was the father? Making me question if he really was for a long time.

Also, I really hate when the hero or heroine (in this book; both) is described as being so attractive that everyone around cannot stop staring and is mesmerized by just being near them. Blah

In this book, if you are not any of the main characters, then you are either a man whore or a slut with absolutely no respect for your own gender.

The best way to describe the writing is that while you are reading, you are experiencing everything up close but with your eyes blindfolded most of the time. And when something really big happens, you just happened to be very, very far away and missed it. Decide for yourself if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Also, I can cope with “princess” as a nickname, but why did they throw in “the” in front of it? She’s not a baby even though she acts like it sometimes. “Where is the princess?” “What does the princess wants?” “Does the princess needs a change of diaper” Okay, maybe the last one wasn’t in the book.

The woman, Frankie, and the guy, Deacon, have been best friends since they were kids. He has been in love with her just as long, but is waiting to tell her until he feels he is good enough for her. So, he sleeps around a lot while he waits. She’s currently seeing someone, and when he proposes to her at her birthday party, Deacon realizes he cannot wait any longer. He confesses his feelings, and they end up making out. She tells him she needs time, and stays with her fiancé while thinking. They end up not speaking for a couple of months, and while he receives bj by some girl, Frankie calls. She’s been beaten almost to death by someone she believes is her fiancé. Deacon swoops in and never leaves her side as she is fighting for her life at the hospital. When she’s all better, he gets back to sleeping around even though he tells her he is done waiting for her, and she flirts with her ex while secretly realizing she’s in love with Deacon. They continue this weird dance for a long while, but suddenly she’s pregnant. Now, they are both all in and she moves in with him. One day, they are both ambushed by her ex-fiancés past; a criminal lord who wants revenge and a flash drive. They capture Deacon for leverage, and even though Frankie delivers the flash drive, they are both shot at. Deacon brother’s ends up dead. Some years later and they are running after their twins. The end.
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809 reviews105 followers
September 21, 2015
Holy shitballs everyone…this book was EPICALLY-FUCKING-AWESOME. There’s really no other way to say it. It’s just one of those things that just IS. After the cliffhanger in book one, I was rightfully pissed. I mean, how you gonna do that to us Mandi? Leave us high and dry with book blue balls and then say it’s going to be months, MONTHS, before we get any satisfaction! Love Burns gives readers the climax they’ve been expecting and it delivers it in Deacon Love fashion, hard hitting and dirty to the core!

When I say dirty people, make no mistakes, this book is dirty. Love Burns is gritty, dark and the sex is just as you’d expect it to be, plentiful. It had me sweating like a hooker in church. Deacon and Frankie are two sides to a whole and when they come together my Ipad nearly burst into flames. Deacon had her in every way he could, physically and emotionally and their connection was unbreakable. They faltered a few times, mostly Deacon’s fault for being a controlling, overbearing asshole but he never forgot the one woman who ruled him. Frankie kept him grounded just as much as his family did and he trained extra hard to be the man she needed him to be.

The underlying threat to Frankie for unknown reasons comes to a head as readers are finally clued in to what exactly was going on beneath the surface of her impending marriage to Andrew from book one. The plot twist was expertly managed and it kept the pace of the book strong and steady. Not a dull moment for me in Love Burns. I was riveted to my chair for hours. I’m a sucker for the band of brotherhood trope and this really hit the nail on the head. These men are fighters, they are brothers, family, and they would lay down their lives for each other in a heartbeat. Something that becomes glaringly obvious in Love Burns. I can definitely see more stories coming from this world.

I feel wrung out after finishing this one. It’s intense in a way I can’t describe. I found myself chuckling at Deacon’s comebacks, gasping at his filthy mouth and weepy when disaster struck. He’s a hero that is brutal in every way imaginable. Frankie never set out to tame him, which made me love her even more. Her ethereal beauty was not just physical but internal as well. She was the perfect person for Deacon in every way. I loved her he was the fighter but she was clearly fighting for him in every way.

Mandi Beck has burst onto the romance scene in a big way with these two self pubbed novels. The imagery portrayed is flawless and magical. It’s only a matter of time before we see her on the national bestseller lists!

I give Love Burns by Mandi Beck 5 stars!
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750 reviews56 followers
March 6, 2016
This story brings to mind one of a hound & it's master.It's akin to you having a dog that eats at every house it visits & you dislike that behavior & you just want that dog to be faithful only to you so you start paying extra attention to it,stroking it & eventually it starts eating from only your hand.As soon as you have him all tied up,placid & all puppy dog eyes you begin slowly withdrawing from the animal until you stop feeding him.

Should the animal now lay down & starve from hunger because it's masters attentions are fickle?Or should it gnaw at the rope & make a run for it?Would it's search for affection from a hand other than it's owners make that animal faithless?

Now this is practically how Frankie treats Deacon the entire book.She hooks him,than bolts to other men all the while rubbing it continuously in his face despite his constant avowals of love.She arrows to these men as if they are a safe harbor once she is confronted with any adversary in her 'flimsy relationship' with Deacon.

Instead of fighting for her man,she makes incorrect assumptions whereby she runs & Deacon spirals into drink & meaningless sex in a never ending circle spanning both books in a two part series.

There is no cheating in this book apart from what occurs between numerous breakups most of them as a result of an extremely insecure heroine aka 'Princess'.So if you like a love that is a little like a tangled forest than come prepared with an axe. You going to need it to see the sunlight at the end of this dark journey.
108 reviews9 followers
September 16, 2015
SOOOOO good and soooo bad.
It will tear you up and piece you together.
It will break you. Mend you. Mold you.
It's an internal flame.
A combustion. Spark. Fire that burns inside out. You feel it from the tip of your head to the tip of your toes.
It's more then the tip… it's a hit that lasts FOREVER. You will be knocked on your knees. Left breathless, and panting for more.
'You feel me.'
It leaves a never ending scar.
It marks you mind, heart , body, and soul.
If love is worth the fight… you got nothing to loss but your heart. Are you ready??? ARE. YOU. READY. You should be.
Love Burns is simply AMAZING. Everything I wanted and much more. I cried, laughed, cursed, whispered, and screamed.
The Hitman, the Princess, and the author STOLE MY HEART!
I will give my heart over and over to LOVE.
Love hurts.
Love burns.
You need to decide whether you are going all in… to fight for it… to claim it… to live for it.
Author Mandi Beck you have ruined me… the best way possible. Move over bbfs the title was won by Deacon Love since page one, book one… this is not the end. It's just the conclusion to the wonderful journey called LOVE.
Get. Ready. To. Fall. I'm still on the ground and don't want to get up!!!!
Love hurts.
Love burns.
Don't regret it. 'Stick and motherf**king move.'
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739 reviews49 followers
September 23, 2015
That was one wild ride. The ending to Love Hurts made me impatiently stalk the release of this book. Crazy emotional ride. Love dirty talking total alpha Deacon. He and Franke finally get their acts together. The threats against them are very real and you learn what her ex got himself into and why Frankie is a target. There were sweet, funny, sexy, and frustrating moments. I was so mad at what happens, but the ending is wonderful. Fantastic series. Hope we get a book with Mav and Indie too. ;)
Profile Image for Dana.
131 reviews3 followers
December 22, 2015
The wait is over for the conclusion of Deac "The Hitman" Love's story with Frankie!

*Throws hands up* I don't even know where to begin!
So many emotions in this story! I had to go back and read a certain chapter twice! Omg the feels from it will gut you!

Never fear, Frankie will piece you back together. The chick has a way with words & heels.

Many news surprises in this one!!!

Keep the tissues handy tho! You will most definitely need them. & wine.

"Go out there and show him how bad Love hurts, Deac"
Profile Image for J. Grayland.
Author 6 books128 followers
March 15, 2016
This second book is almost a carbon copy of the first book, you have MMA fighter the egotistical Deacon and his childhood friend Frankie and a continuation of their romance. Deacon who love's himself more than Frankie does and Frankie who just loves to play men of each other. And those annoying repetitive constant phrases such as "Princess" "Stick and move, stick and motherf**cking move" "Bay-bay" OMFG I could go on but I am done.Narrated by Wen Ross And Kai Kennicot.
Profile Image for Wendy ⏃: ✦Nerdy Book Reviews✦.
897 reviews278 followers
September 26, 2015
+++ 4.5 BURNING STARS! +++

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
"Love shouldn't be like this. It shouldn't hurt so much, burn your soul. That's not the kind of love I want."

Mandi Beck takes all the awards for hot dirty sex scenes in a book. Holy Moses! Love Burns picks right up where Love Hurts ends and it's an adrenaline filled beginning where your left not knowing what will happen.

"I just want to love her. Learn to be the man that she needs and deserves."

Deacon Love once again proves he's an alpha to the T, especially in the sack. He is also passionate and determined yet a very stubborn man who is volatile, hot headed, and hides his sensitive side.

"I'm coming for my girl, guns blazing. It's time to go to war."

Frankie becomes a fighter. She shows so much strength and fierceness , especially when it came to fighting for her man.

"I'd die for him. He went to war for me. Now it's my turn. He's my man and I love him. I'm ready to fight. He's mine and they can't have him. None of them can. He. Is. Mine."

I can't say much as I don't want to give any detail away that could spoil this book, but let's just say Deacon and Frankie had a lot of growing up to do. There was a lot of soul searching to be done and as expected there was angst. They faced hardships but their love for one another remained strong and grew with every page.

"I don't love you because you fight for a living, Deacon. I love you because you're a fighter"

They say that love makes us do stupid things and mistakes were made. Secrets are kept and shit gets real.

"You have the power to shatter me, Deacon."

It was the perfect conclusion to Deacon and Frankie's story. Mandi Beck sure packed a good punch with this one. I'm looking forward to more books in this series. I need more Loves in my life, especially my baby Maverick.

"I love you Princess. Always have. Always will. I'm not going anywhere, you feel me?"

*An ARC was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*
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488 reviews11 followers
July 30, 2016
I was So honored and Lucky for received and early copy of this Beauty....And.....

First how to express how grateful I am to know this great author. The story of Deacon and Frankie is a strong and powerful that will keep you on the edge of each page. In this story we see anxiety, joy, and courage and are emotions that feel like you're right there with them. Deacon is a warrior, but Frankie won my heart, the girl became fighter she really is, I love to learn more about this Frankie, because I found it more mature and determined to fight for what she always wanted. What can I say of Deacon there are no words to show how much this character has a permeated mark in my heart and soul, his possessiveness, his love, his dirty mouth among other things if you know what I mean, but one thing more that caught my attention was like I said about Frankie, Deacon’s maturity and feelings all bring to the surface and you actually feel for him. This story was again capture my heart, is very very well written and their characters are well developed. I have mixed feelings because at one time (many many), you let me heartless, because of the pain you cause and I felt like it was actually mine and actually there, but it was worth it. And I know many others feel the same. I loved how you combine so many feelings that will keep the readers on edge, I devoured the book in one day and you should be proud of yourself for that. This strong and powerful love deserved what you gave them at the final, because was magical, because was real. So once again I feel very proud of you, I can tell you that you should keep fighting for what you want and see all your dreams come true and keep writing this awesome and spectacular stories. Hands up girl, you're one of my favorite people “Stick and Move, Girl, Stick and Motherfucking Move” Love You!!!
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2,551 reviews47 followers
September 15, 2015
Received a copy in exchange for an honest review

“My lips kicked up in a smile, when she reaches me, I take her face in my hands and bend so that I can see into her eyes. ‘You’re beautiful.’ Sweeping the hair off her face and tucking it behind her ear.”

5 sexy, sexy stars!!! I love Deacon and Frankie’s story, and although I’m sad it’s over, I loved the ending!!!

It’s my name. It’s what I fight for. It’s Frankie.
I’m a fighter. Trained to always keep my cover. To anticipate, see the next hit coming. I never expected her past to come at us swinging like it has.
I’m about to take on two of the most important fights of my life. My girl and the belt. I know that I can handle it. That I’ll never stop fighting. But, what do you do when your life, your love is threatened and you can’t take the hits – she has to? You shut your eyes and f@cking pray like hell that she’s strong enough, fierce enough to come out on top.
I went to war for her. Now it’s her turn.

Such a great and beautiful story!! I loved reading about Frankie and Deacon’s story and I loved how their story was wrapped up!! I won’t give anything away at all but I will say these two book are definitely worth the read!!! I’m excited to see where this series goes next!

**Received a copy in exchange for an honest review. Read and reviewed by Melissa for Alpha Book Club**
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September 19, 2015
As Deacon and Frankie's story continues, we find the fighter and his Princess at a difficult point in their relationship at the beginning of the book. Deacon, the fiercely protective person that he is will do anything to make Frankie happy and to keep her safe. Frankie, ever the stubborn one refuses to let the man she loves take a fall for her. Love Burns is definitely a rollercoaster ride, where I found myself laughing, swooning, and crying more often than not. Mandi Beck knows how to catch her audience's attention and keep them hooked! Full of unexpected twists, Love Burns is definitely a book that I won't soon forget
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October 13, 2015
I was so over Frankie at this point. I was happy Deacon put her in her place a few times. I did like him. Yes he screwed up a few times but she wasn't Miss I'm never to blame either. I didn't like what happened to Sonny because I don't think the book needed any extra drama but watching Deacon struggle with it was real and I loved that they named his son after his uncle.

I really did like the story and I wonder if Mav and Indie are the next story. I give Deacon alone 5 stick and motherfucking move stars.
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