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The Timely Death Trilogy #2

Seconds Before Sunrise

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Two nightmares. One memory.

“Chaos within destiny. It was the definition of our love.”

Eric has weeks before his final battle when he’s in an accident. Forced to face his human side, he knows he can’t survive if he fights alone. But he doesn’t want to surrender, even if he becomes the sacrifice for war.

Jessica’s memory isn’t the only thing she’s lost. Her desire to find her parents is gone and so is her confidence. But when fate leaves nightmares behind, she decides to find the boy she sees in them, even if it risks her sanity.

262 pages, Paperback

First published March 22, 2014

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About the author

Shannon A. Thompson

16 books317 followers
Shannon A. Thompson is a children's author, librarian, and habitual chatterbox. She is represented by Marietta Zacker at Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency.

As a novelist, poet, and blogger, Thompson is the best-selling author of the Timely Death trilogy and the Bad Bloods series. When she is not writing, she is climbing rooftops, baking cookies, or watching KDramas in the middle of the night, often done with her cats by her side. Between writing and befriending cats, Thompson graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor’s degree in English with an emphasis on creative writing, and her work has appeared in numerous poetry collections and anthologies.

Visit her blog for writers and readers at www.ShannonAThompson.com.

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October 24, 2015
If one dies, so does the other....

This author had some crazy turns of events that I was not expecting while reading this story. The craziness is not bad thing at all, but I never thought the author would take the route she did. This story is phenomenally well written and my attention was captured by the first sentence. I love how the story picked up where the first one ended and how she twisted the plot to keep it interesting. I love the characters even more than I did in the first story. Jessica is still my favorite character. I love her strong whit and amazing strength even though she knew there was a part of her missing. I also loved how the author showed Jessica's vulnerability and how Eric still needed to protect her. I just love how strong the love is between Jessica and Eric. And even though I had it figured out from the first story, my suspicions about Darthon have been confirmed.

I am excited about the third book coming out and I can't wait to see where this author will take the story. This is an author to keep a watchful eye on.

Clean Teen Publishing provided me with a digital ARC copy of the book for review purposes only as part of the Clean Teen Publishing Elite Reviewers Team. No remuneration was exchanged.
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1,838 reviews416 followers
June 11, 2016
Really enjoying this series! Can't wait to meet the author at B-Fest tomorrow!
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Author 14 books13 followers
March 22, 2016
I enjoyed Shannon A. Thompson’s previous novel, Minutes Before Sunset, so I was glad to be given the opportunity to review Seconds Before Sunrise before its official release date. The two novels are part of an announced trilogy which chronicles the lives of three interconnected groups in Hayworth, Kansas: the Light, the Dark, and the Human.

The Dark and the Light have two forms—human and “mystical other”—and live in human communities, covertly hiding their supernatural forms. Those of the Light may seem beautiful to humans and have pretended to be god-like or angelic when appearing in the past, but demonstrate a terrifying capriciousness and cruelty in both novels. Those of the Dark, known as Shades, literally strive to protect the world from the burning, destructive power of the Light.

Warning: Possible Spoilers Ahead

The protagonist, Eric, known as Shoman in his Shade form, has been training his whole life to battle a powerful warrior of the Light, Darthon, on Eric’s eighteenth birthday. This fight to the death fulfills a prophecy of ascendancy between the two factions, one which decides once and for all whether light or dark will dominate in the world.

In Minutes Before Sunset, it is one year before the prophesized battle; Eric meets Jessica, who moved back to Hayworth with her adoptive parents. Shoman sees her first as an unknown Shade, and then they meet in human form at the local high school. Because of the secretive nature the Dark needs to maintain, their romance develops in both forms but on separate paths. The reader knows the truth before Eric and Jessica recognize each other as both human and Shade combined. Their meeting, and romance, is tied to the prophecy and even though the personalities of humans differ from the Shades once they shift form, their romantic connection is undeniable.

It is an interesting choice to juxtapose a paranormal romance with the budding attraction felt by two seemingly typical high school students; but part of the brilliance in Thompson’s writing is the blending of the supernatural story world with the realistic setting of a small town, and she continues it in Seconds Before Sunrise. In some ways it would be easier to create a magical world where the author sets up all of the rules and lets the readers venture forth into the alternate reality with no expectations of the society other than those created on the page. Thompson, however, rises to the challenge in both novels and creates a supernatural setting in the middle of a mundane high school. There are rules and regulations, social norms and nuances, cliques and outsiders to contend with in the novel that will be familiar to anyone who has attended a high school in North America. Overlaying this is the struggle between Dark and Light—a literal battle between good and evil where the choices a character makes may have larger implications than at first apparent.

With so much secrecy inherent in all three societies, the two main characters do start wondering who they can trust, and the situations are not clear-cut. Are the acts part of the human condition, where some teenagers smoke, drink, and make otherwise poor choices, or are these circumstances somehow manipulated by the Light to make Shoman reveal himself before his eighteenth birthday? Is the gossip in school created by jealousy between the students, or is there someone driving the behavior? Is the prophecy accurate, or are there aspects that have been hidden from Eric and Jessica by the Elders? Readers can immerse themselves in these mysteries and discover where the truth lies along with the two characters.

The novels do not simply focus on aspects and intrigues that are paranormal, and therein lies the strength of the writing. Poor judgment can lead to death, whether through supernatural means or through a car crash. People can demonstrate their values through both service and sacrifice in their daily lives, or in mystical battles. Human beings can be just as powerful, and just as frail, as those who also inhabit the Dark and the Light.

Thompson has produced an enjoyable story where the characters continue to grow and evolve. After reading the first two parts of the trilogy, I cannot wait for the next to appear!

(Disclaimer: The author provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.)
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Author 8 books138 followers
April 7, 2014
This book picks up where the last one left off. Jessica decides to have her memory erased to save those she loves and Eric continues to train for the epic battle that is to happen on his 18th birthday. It's getting harder for Eric to stay away from Jess every day. Jess is dreaming of a boy... it's the only thing that brings her comfort among her nightmares. And Jess doesn't feel as connected to her group of friends as she should, she longs to only be with her dream boy.

I love the premise of this book; it's refreshing and unique. The other thing that I love is the author's ability to create a world within a world. It's easy to create your own mythical world; where the author gets to make up all the rules that govern that world, but Ms. Thompson has created this mythical world within the real world of Hayworth, Kansas. Eric ends up spending a lot of time in his human form (his powers having been taken from him) because of a stupid mistake on his part and he finds that it's a lot harder to exist in just that world than he thought it would be.... and it's even harder to stay away from Jessica!

We can see how the characters have grown since the first book. But this time around we are given a little more insight to Jess' friends (Crystal, Zac and Robb). I didn't like them much in the first book and like them even less in the second. There's something up with them and I hope that we find out in the third book just exactly what their deal is. Neither the Dark nor the Light can recognize one another in their human forms. I have my own theories about who the Descendent of Light is, but knowing Ms. Thompson and her writing style, I'm way off! Although we know the characters in human form and we know the characters in Shade form, but we can't put the two identities together. Who knows, some of the characters that we have come to like might turn out to be part of the Light.

Another thing that I really like about Ms. Thompson's writing style is the alternating POVs. Each chapter is written from the perspective of either Jessica or Eric; which gives the reader more insight than they might gain through a single POV. I know that some people prefer a single POV, but I really think this dual POV gives the reader a deeper insight into their motivations and emotions.

I've found that the success of trilogies seems to be contingent on how well the second book is received. If the second book is a disaster, readers don't want to waste their time waiting and reading the third book. If the second book is a success, readers will stand in line to wait for the third book. I think that this trilogy definitely falls into the latter category. Bravo Ms. Thompson! You are on your way to having a very successful trilogy on your hands! For me personally, the twist thrown in at the end makes me want to read the third book even more than when I started reading....immediately, please!

I am itching to know how the series will conclude!
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14 reviews
October 24, 2017
I already loved the characters from Book One so it is no surprise that I continued to enjoyed them in Book Two. I found each character relatable, realistic and well developed. Book Two explores a few different characters in more detail but the focus remains on Eric and Jessica.

The tension between some of the characters in the book was intense and it felt gripping. I found myself unable to put this book down because I needed to know how someone was going to react to whatever happened next.

Similarly, the fear that consumed Jessica was so real and well written that I felt it myself. The author really succeeded in describing emotions and thought processes and I was very impressed.

I would not necessarily say this is a fast paced book, but there was so much tension and emotion that it felt like things were constantly happening. I really enjoyed this flow of events.

When I started reading I was a bit confused about how much time had been skipped between Book One and Book Two. There were mentions of American holidays and school terms but, not being an American, these were lost on me. A more specific timeline was explained further on but I would have liked it earlier.

Something occurred at the end of the book that was accepted by certain characters very easily. I would have liked to have had more of an explanation as to why this was accepted. It was the only part of the plot that I felt was a bit rushed and needed some more work.

There was more description in the start of Book Two than I remember being in Book One, which I really appreciated. However, there were still places that I would have liked to have had more description. For example, everyone always seemed to go straight upstairs at Eric’s house, but what was downstairs? I was not sure what the characters saw when they first entered the house.

I also still had some confusion about the limitations of powers, but it did not bother me as much as it did in Book One.

Grammar and Writing
This was another well written book. I might have come across one typo but it was very well done overall.

I have to admit, I enjoyed Book Two more than I enjoyed Book One, which is rare for me. This makes me even more excited to read Book 3! I am definitely glad that I finally picked up the series again.
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1,028 reviews36 followers
December 21, 2020
4.5 stars.

My Initial Reaction…
I am so happy that I stumbled upon this trilogy(or rather, that Shannon stumbled across my blog) because I love it! There were a few things about Seconds Before Sunrise that made me not love it quite as much as Minutes Before Sunset but I still look forward to picking up the next book.

Note: There will be some series spoilers here. Sorry, I couldn’t get around it, I tried.

The Characters…
I loved Jessica way more in Minutes Before Sunset, but I think I’m supposed to feel that way. When we pick up Seconds Before Sunrise the plan to wipe the parts of Jessica’s memory that connected her to Eric/Shoman and all her shade powers has kicked off. And it’s not going quite as smoothly as all would have hoped. Jessica’s having dreams that are really memories. But on top of that, our memories are a huge part of who we are. As are Jessica’s shade powers. Without those pieces Jessica isn’t Jessica anymore.

Cue teenage angst. :( I love young adult, but I’m not a huge fan of teenage angst. And normally when a book has a lot of it, I don’t give it more than 3 stars. This book is the exception because I saw how it was necessary. Jessica isn’t your typical teenager. She’s not whiny, she doesn’t go drinking and skipping school. But she’s lost a huge piece of herself and it’s changed her. And that’s why I’m willing to forgive the teenage angst in this book. It’s making a point. But I can’t say I loved that aspect of it.

Eric/Shoman is really struggling with his part of the bargain too. He not only has this huge weight on his shoulders (aka the survival of his race) but now the girl he loves just had her mind wiped, doesn’t remember their moments together, is potentially dating other guys, and oh, yeah- he still has to see her everyday at school. So things are rough for Eric. But he’s actually doing better with the pressure than I had expected him too and he clearly loves Jessica, leading to some “awww” moments from me. He’s also starting to appreciate his family in ways he hadn’t before and that was heartwarming. I loved his interactions with his little step-brother Noah.

I have to give a quick shout out to two characters that I liked in book 1 and loved even more here – Camille/Teresa and Pierce/Jonathon. They are like Eric/Shoman’s side-kicks, but in Seconds Before Sunrise they both really came into their own; they had greater responsibilities and took more initiative. Seriously loved them.

The Story…
Seconds Before Sunrise picks up where we left up with the fast approaching d-day. Otherwise known as Eric’s b-day. (See what I did there? LOL, I know, I crack myself up…) Anyway- Eric’s 18th birthday is the day prophesied for the battle between himself and the second descendant – from the light. (Remember, this is a world where the dark are actually the good guys) The story centers around the difficulties of keeping his and Jessica’s identities secret, keeping Jessica safe and getting ready for the battle.

I love everything about the Shade and Light and I wished that the Jessica/Eric drama hadn’t overshadowed that quite as much. There was more magic and action in the first book and I really craved more of that in this one. We do learn a lot more about the light – which was cool, but I wanted more. The last 15% of the book really made up for most of what I missed in the rest of the book, which is why I’m still giving this such a high rating. But it would have been perfect if I could have had way more of the world that Shannon did such a great job developing in Minutes Before Sunset and the crazy action that she delivers at the end.

Concluding Sentiments…
Ultimately, this is a seriously strong trilogy (so far) for young adult lovers – particularly those who aren’t bothered by teenage angst (or can overlook it when it makes sense). I will be keeping my eyes wide open for the next and final book in the Timely Death Trilogy!

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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September 15, 2014
It’s captive and leave you craving for more.

Once again a huge hug and thanks to the author for providing me the copy to read and review. I will always be in awe of your work

I have become a huge fan of the author over the course of her three works that I have read and practically lived in. That in itself says so much about how much I appreciate her works. So it’s me being honest when I say that I will always be partial to her works. What I like about her books is the creation of a world and characters that are rooted fully in fantasy yet very real that you won’t have a trouble relating to their speech or actions. All her characters have haunted me while I was reading the book and days after finishing it.

Seconds before Sunrise, I m afraid has lesser elements when it comes to its plot ( Note to the author: Please don’t hate me ;( ). The book basically deals with the aftereffects of the things that happened towards the end of the first book. For the sake of those who have read or not read let me brief you a bit about it (don’t worry no spoilers are going to bite you here )Towards the end of the first book, there is a major decision been taken and the second book through the characters explores what that decision has done in the lives of various people involved in it. So basically the book deals with emotions and people struggling with it while growing up and trying to know each other better. If you got scared by this then let me assure you that it will not kill you with boredom or overflowing emotions. No, the book touches everything yet does not hover around the so-called “Feelings”. Interestingly there is a good pace to the book and lots of elements to make it flow smoothly and keep you captive in its lines

If you guys felt that there was so much left untold about the characters in the first book, or that you need more time with them, then perhaps this is the book for you. The book is character oriented and less core plot and as with her works, the author has once again managed to leave me yearning for more and I m hoping that there is another book in the series if not I m going to be a big mess trying to put two and two together about the fate of the characters because even though it is not a cliffhanger, the book has opened a whole new possibilities and questions that needs to be answered.

Love this line from the book and it kind of summarizes the essence of the plot

Chaos within destiny. It was the definition of our love

Seconds before sunrise deals with the consequences of the decisions that were taken towards the first book and hence it focuses more on the characters and their personal ordeals and unfortunately in terms of plot development there is not much but don’t take that for its face value because there is a whole lot of things that you will discover and experience in this book that will suffice to curb your curiosities that were born from the first book. The language and the strong characters and unwavering nature of these characters is what makes this a must read.

How was it ?

This is me asking the author for a sequel to this book
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762 reviews85 followers
July 24, 2016
3.5 Stars

OK let me start by saying that I was really excited to receive an ARC after waiting for months for this especially since I very much enjoyed the first book, Minutes Before Sunset. However, I do think that I just wasn't in the right state of mind or mood while reading this because I couldn't get into it as much as I wanted to. I feel like I had to say it as it may have unfavorably affected my overall rating.

Thud-thump. Thud-thump. Thud-thump. The heartbeat was unmistakable. It was his heartbeat - the dream boy's - and he was here, with me, holding me, being with me. He wasn't gone.

Seconds Before Sunrise picks up a few months after Jessica lost her memory, of her own choosing, and for her own protection. But it seems there are loopholes to the spell because she remembers things, and have haunting memories of a boy and a life she can't understand. She also freaks out about the confusing gaps in her memory, especially forgetting whatever happened at prom.

Eric a.k.a. Shoman meanwhile is busy training for the battle but sometimes struggles to focus. He becomes so frustrated and mad at one point that he becomes reckless, crashing his car and ending up in a hospital - which by the way, happens just weeks before the big battle.

There are also other suspicious stuff going on with Robb, Crystal, Zac and Linda, and with Darthon and the battle looming, no one knows for sure who can be trusted. For Jess, nowhere in town seems to be safe anymore. Will she and Eric survive and defy what destiny has in store for them, especially as the Light makes known another heartbreaking twist to the Prophecy?

Chaos within destiny. It was the definition of our love.

The success of sequels, specifically the second part of trilogies, could go either way. I sometimes fear that the story would go in a direction that would make me not want to read the final installment, which would have really sucked because then I had just wasted my time after all. In this case, there was certainly chaos in my mind but after that twist was revealed in the end, it made me want to have the third book even more. Immediately, please!

So what made me give this only a 3.5 star-rating? For me, there seemed to be too many things going on. There was nothing wrong with the style of writing - I'm a fan - but I felt like there were little gaps between storylines, a case of more telling and not showing at times. Now I'm not an expert as I barely consider myself a writer, but as a fan of the Paranormal Fantasy genre, I need a clearer picture in order for my imagination to fully accept the alternate reality for what it is, no questions asked.

On that note, I would still recommend this series to anyone who loves YA / Paranormal Fantasy, and I truly believe that the finale's going to be epic.

*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

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396 reviews16 followers
April 8, 2014
True rating - 4.5 stars

When I was offered a free copy of Seconds Before Sunrise in exchange for an honest review, I jumped at the chance because I remembered how caught up I had become in the first book, and I couldn’t wait to jump into the world of shades once again. I was fascinated by the role reversal of light and dark and was itching to find out how events would unfold leading up to the potential fulfillment of the prophecy.

When I review a book, I don’t rehash the plot because that’s what a synopsis is for. Instead, I like to examine the affect that the story had on me. What stands out the most to me about Seconds Before Sunrise is how big a part emotions play in the story for the characters as well as the reader. Each character faces internal battles which I felt like I fought right alongside them. Jess struggles with memories hidden just below the surface which kept me tense with anticipation because I kept waiting for the moment when all would be revealed to her once again, but along the way I could feel her confusion and frustration like they were my own emotions. At the same time I could feel Eric’s intense pain and frustration having to hide everything from Jess, especially his love for her. He has the fate of the Dark weighing heavily on his shoulders, but I was constantly yelling at him to forget the prophecy and follow his heart. I couldn’t even imagine having to make the choices he was faced with. And it’s not just the prophecy that the characters have to deal with either. There are real world issues to deal with too like losing a parent, learning to accept a stepfamily and the questions that arise from being adopted.

As the end of the book and the battle foretold by the prophecy got closer, I could literally feel the tension and was on the edge of my seat. To me, it’s the sign of a great storyteller when I can actually experience the emotions rather than just read the words. Shannon has a very captivating writing style that grabs you, holds on, and still has you in its grip after the final page is turned.

Throughout the story, the concept of fate and the question of how much control we have over it is a constant presence. Is our future always defined ahead of time for us, or can we defy fate? Both Eric and Jess, at different times, seem to have given up and must struggle to find their true selves and try to follow the path they desire instead of the path made for them. The inner turmoil they each face is a battle in itself.

Sometimes the second book in a trilogy struggles for attention like the middle child in a family, but Seconds Before Sunrise overcomes this obstacle with just the right combination of love, suspense, hope, despair, unanswered questions, and unresolved issues to make the reader crave the third and final instalment. Personally, I can’t wait to see what happens next!
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336 reviews40 followers
September 14, 2016
Originally posted on Daydreaming Books.

*I received a digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

This book was such a great ride! I enjoyed reading every bit of it and it managed to keep me interested throughout the book!

*A little spoilery for those who haven't read book 1 yet.*

Seconds Before Sunrise picks up from where book 1 was left off. Jessica doesn't remember about what happened within the past few months after her memory wipe off. Eric has a hard time dealing with this fact. But even with no memory Jess is attracted to Eric as she always was. When a shocking truth is revealed, it becomes necessary to give back her memory but will they they be able to save Jess or will it be too late this time?

The plot was pretty great and it was neatly executed! I enjoyed the storyline. Jess doesn't remember the past few months after she recommended the memory wipe off to keep everybody safe but she's having nightmares which are actually some flashbacks from her past. Even without no memory of Eric, Jess cared for him the same way as she did in Minutes Before Sunset. I liked this factor a lot! It was actually great to see how Jess reacted to Eric this time without remembering anything but for Eric it was pretty painful.

The big revelation was pretty shocking! I didn't even think about the plot twist, I knew something big was coming but I couldn't comprehend that could happen. Nonetheless I loved how the author included the twist. I was excited for the prophetic fight, it didn't go the way I was expecting but after the shocking reveal I could understand. I can't wait to see how everything goes.

I enjoyed the characters as well. I liked Jess, although without the memory she was a little bit different, she didn't have the confidence like her old self but I liked that she was curious enough to find out. I loved Eric as usual and I loved the chemistry between them! I was okay with Robb but after what he did in this book, I seriously hate him! Also, I don't like Zac at all, I'm not sure but I think something's just off about him.

Overall, Seconds Before Sunrise was a great second installment! I loved the plot and the characters kept me interested. I like how the things flowed out in this book. The writing was smooth and easy to read and the pace was even throughout the book. I can't wait to finish the third and last book in this series!

Recommend it?

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667 reviews102 followers
June 28, 2016

Pretty simple and basic. But I'm getting tired of those complex book covers so this one is a nice change.


I probably should have reread the first book but I slowly started remembering more and more as I read. I knew I liked the first book and that it had tons of potential so I was hoping that this one turned out good too.


I was a little disappointed with the whole memory loss stuff with Jessica. I thought she was a great character but it sucked that the first book basically never happened because she couldn't remember anything. I really liked how she handled it though even though she didn't freak out as much as a normal person would. That part bothered me a little. But she's clever, brave, and completely in love which was adorable.


I found this book focused more on Eric so I ended up liking him more than I did in the first book. I was pretty happy we got to see more about his life now that we understand some pieces of it. I was a little disappointed that he stuck so close to the prophecy and didn't try to fight it thought. I would have liked to see him fight that a little bit instead of just accepting his fate.


I found the characters well developed and the plot face paced. I did have a hard time with the dual personalities though. Each character had two names and I kept getting confused as to who was who. I eventually caught on towards the end of the book but it made it really hard to follow sometimes. I wish that had been done a little differently.


I'm actually really looking forward to the next book. I'm eager to see if my suspicions are right for who Darthon is. I also want to see how they're going to get around the latest problem at the end of this book. This is turning out to be a really great series and I'd especially recommend it to paranormal fans. It's not your typical vampires and werewolves either. This is something new and different.

See full review here
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Author 4 books18 followers
August 3, 2015
Shannon Thompson's writing has come on in leaps and bounds. Gone are all of the weaknesses (all small ones) of the first book in the series. This was an entertaining story from start to finish and the author has captured the heart of what makes teenagers tick - especially when they have supernatural powers!

This is a novel I can recommend to anyone looking for decent Young Adult fiction and offers a refreshing alternative to the plethora of Vampire stories out there. No parent needs to be worried about content here as Thompson skillfully writes a story to grip any teen without need for gratuitous language, sex or violence.
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1,168 reviews14 followers
May 29, 2017
Heartbreaking, exciting, nail biting

I couldn't put this book down! I was up all night reading, simply because I had to know what was going to happen! I love this book, yet it's so frustrating....because of the hidden identities and trying to figure out who was light and who was dark! Jessica is just awesomeness and Eric/Shoman is amazing! Can't wait to read the next book!
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Author 43 books34 followers
September 24, 2018
Loved it!

I loved this book! Great second book. I wish there was a little more romance but the romance was still cute. This is a clean YA book that would be appropriate for all teenagers!
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Author 9 books25 followers
November 17, 2019
This book was almost as amazing as the first one, with lots of teen angst included. Teen angst makes everything awesome. The ending was a bit of a shock, so I can't wait to see how the story concludes.
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110 reviews29 followers
March 24, 2014
I received a review copy from the author to provide my honest opinion. You can find my review on the first novel in The Timely Death Trilogy, Minutes Before Sunset, as well. Like my last review, I'll be breaking down the book into pros, cons, and then my final opinion.

Pacing- Like the last book, MBS, SBS also has a nice pace to it. Not too fast, not too slow. The beginning started off showing how the characters were dealing with the loss of Jessica's memory, and then it gradually melted into the turning point of the novel, Eric's car accident. The beginning caused the turning point, which caused Jessica to develop feelings for Eric again, and so on and so forth. Every part of the novel was purposeful, causing a cause and effect chain reaction. The events happened at a nice speed, and there wasn't a lot of "filler" pages where the characters were biding their time waiting for something to happen. Although there was a bit more filler in SBS than in MBS, I didn't find that it was to much.

Characters- The characters in this second novel get a lot more well-rounded in their personalities. The reader sees a different side to each one of them, some being positive, some being negative. There's a lot of tension between everyone, and when that tension explodes it's written differently for each character. None of them speak, act, or get angry in the same way. Even though the pov switches between Jessica and Eric inconsistently, you always know who's speaking, which wasn't always the case in MBS.

Plot- I really enjoyed the plot to this novel. The concept behind The Timely Death Trilogy is still something I really love, having never read a book like it before. The plot was exciting, with twists here and there, most of which you couldn't see coming. The prophetic battle near the end of the book was my favorite part. **Slight spoiler ahead** The fact that the Dark didn't win immediately was something that I liked. In most books it's a clear cut winner, but to know that the war isn't even close to being over means there'll probably be an even bigger battle in the last book, which I'm really looking forward to.

Characters- Jessica is only character that I had a problem with, and even though I didn't grow to hate her, it did make me kind of indifferent towards her because of how she acted in SBS. In MBS, Jessica was confident, if not scared because of her abilities that she knew nothing about, but she showed many times that she could hold her own and stand up for herself. After having her memories taken away, she became the typical YA heroine: whiney, angsty, and in constant need of protection and comfort. Needless to say I liked the old Jessica much, much better. She became very unlikable, and having her as the narrator 60% of the time got old after about halfway through. In MBS I was wanting to hear from her more, and in SBS I was wishing she'd go away. Funny how that happens.

Other- I'm not sure that this is technically a con, but it bothered me so I didn't want to omit it. I admire the author for being able to kill off characters after she took the time to create them, develop them, and then improve on them. I do not, however, think a character's death should be taken as lightly as it did. After the battle (no spoilers ahead), many characters were killed, as was expected. Not soon after, though, all of the characters who had lived were joking, laughing, and going on as if it had never happened. The death of a very important character was barely even mentioned, even though that character's death was detrimental in insuring that the Dark didn't lose the prophetic battle. They were not mourned, there were no tears or sadness, not even in the internal dialogue. It felt very cold for a character that supposedly meant so much to everyone.

I really did love this book. It was original and fun, yet action packed at the right times. The plot was great, and the characters were believable-I liked them a lot more than most characters in YA books. I think that Shannon A. Thompson still has room for improvement, but she really is doing an excellent job already. If this series is any indication of her writing career as a whole, I'm sure she will have many successes. Bring on the next book!
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November 15, 2015
This was a solid 4. Seconds before Sunrise was much easier to read than Minutes before Sunset, probably because I knew the background and didn’t have to wade through the exposition.

Note: Sorry in advance for typos or incorrect names. I copy and paste … a LOT.

Seconds before Sunrise picks up about a month and a half after Minutes before Sunset left off. The elders wiped Jessica’s memory, and Eric has tried to stay away from her so that things won’t start coming back. He knows he needs to spend all his extra time training because his battle with Darthon is coming up, but after an argument with his father, he gets in an accident. As he heals (as a human to avoid raising anyone’s suspicions), he learns more about the prophecy of the battle, and he begins to feel even less capable of winning.

In the meantime, Jessica has lost her memories. She doesn’t even remember that she has powers, so she is horrified when she begins to have nightmares about the battle she had with Darthon and Eric. She’s also lost any confidence she has in herself and any will to do the things she wanted to before. The only thing that is the same is that she still finds herself drawn to Eric, the one person who’s actually trying to avoid her.

At the beginning of the first book, Eric was moody and constantly complained because of all the pressures the prophecy placed on him. By the end of the book, he became more of a hero … responsible, protective, and more caring toward others. At the beginning of Seconds before Sunrise, he is biding his time until things get back to normal after the battle. He’s even done an incredible job of staying away from Jessica, although he does still check on her without her knowing. But once he has his accident and begins to realize that Jessica isn’t any more protected without her memories, he becomes an ever better hero (to me at least) because he realizes that he can’t do everything himself. I’m not sure why, but I felt that just realizing that made him stronger.

In Minutes before Sunset, Jessica was determined, caring and kind. Once her memories are wiped, she turns into kind of a pushover, forgetting about her own goals and trying to make everyone else happy. It’s almost as if she and Eric reversed roles from book to book, and it was almost hard to read at times.

The same supporting characters appear in both books, but they themselves are not necessarily the same. Jonathan has a much bigger role in this one, and he comes across as much stronger. Camille/Teresa is not around as much. When she is, she still wants to protect Eric, but she also secretly seems to root for him and Jessica. And I don’t know if it’s because they feel sorry for Eric or because they admire the sacrifices he made for his people, but the other Darks/shades – including Eric’s father, George, Lucither, and the elders – are much more supportive and caring, so that was a nice change.

Crystal and Zac are pretty much the same, but Robb goes through a personality makeunder in this book. He’s broody and pouty, and he seems to spend most of his time pining away over Jessica. That gets even more uncomfortable than you would think since Zac is still trying to hook up with Jessica as well. It’s easy to see that both guys have ulterior motives; we just don’t know what they are yet.

Once again, there were very few mechanical and grammatical issues. (Yay!) There was some cursing, probably a little more than in the last book.

The Bottom Line:
I was drawn in from the get go. I still had a little trouble picturing things in my head, but the story was really compelling, and I loved how Eric and Jessica were drawn to each other. Once again, there isn’t really a cliffhanger. Something happens that some readers might find a little cliche, but for the most part the action was resolved … for now. Obviously, this is a trilogy, so there will be a third book, Death before Daylight, in which Eric will fight the final battle. I’m looking forward to seeing how everything plays out.
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February 24, 2014
Firstly, I would like to thank Shannon for sending me a review copy of her second novel, 'Seconds Before Sunrise' to read and review before its publication date in March. I whizzed through this book much like I did its predecessor and found it very hard to put down, so gripped with the story was I.

Shannon's second novel picks up a few months after the first ends and we once again find the story being told from the perspectives of the two main characters: Eric and Jessica. The two of them made a monumental decision in the finale of 'Minutes Before Sunset' and this drives the narrative of the second book in the series as the consequences of their actions begin to unfold.

At first it seems as if Jessica has gotten the better end of the deal as she finds herself unable to remember key moments of her recent past, while Eric is forced to confront the fact that he remembers everything - including the intense connection he has to Jessica. The decision they made in the previous story had been designed to protect the girl Eric loves but may end up having catastrophic consequences for both of them.

As the story progresses it becomes clear that fate will always find a way to circumvent even the most fool-proof of plans that Eric (in his Shade identity of Shoman) and his people concoct to ensure that they walk away victorious in their fated battle with Darthon.

Things begin to unravel quickly as both Eric and Jessica learn that perhaps everything is not quite as it seems. People that at first seem trustworthy suddenly begin acting strangely, while those that appeared to be against them may not all have their ultimate destruction at heart. Past, present, and future begin to collide at a frightening pace, destiny appears to be a freight train that neither of them have the ability to control.

Who can they trust; who is friend and who is foe?

As the Lights make an unexpected declaration, will Jessica and Eric be able to finally control their fate and beat destiny at its own game?

Much like the first book, I very much enjoyed the thrill ride of 'Seconds Before Sunrise'. Having read the previous installment in the series I felt comfortable with the characters that populate this particular story universe and this allows the reader to dive straight into the action and enjoy the journey as it unfolds. More of the story is told from Jessica's perspective this time, this works well as the focus is primarily on her in this book (even though she may not realize it).

The action does not let up for a second, especially in the second half of the book and I like the almost frenetic way that things seem to hurtle towards the book's conclusion. As a reader you get the feeling that things are quickly spiraling out of control and that our two main characters are fated to never outrun their destiny - whatever that may be.

The author manages to convey Jessica's confusion and subsequent anger terrifically and does a masterful job with handling Eric's tormented suffering of having the girl he loves so close yet so far away from him. He knows the sacrifice that Jessica made (even if she doesn't) and struggles to be the one left to face the consequences of that choice.

The cataclysmic battle between the Shades and the Lights has unexpected consequences and is a showdown in which not everyone will survive. Who lives and who dies, and who is able to make the ultimate sacrifice for the cause they believe in?

This is a book full of teenage angst, romance, and supernatural flair all rolled into one. I liked this book very much and it shows in how quickly I devoured it. This is a book for fans of young-adult fiction who like their novels mixed with a healthy dose of the paranormal. If those factors tick your boxes then I highly recommend that you get your hands on this book.
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October 13, 2016
Reviewed at my blog: Babbling Books

*I received a free e-copy of this book from the author, but this in no way effects my honest opinion*
“No one knew whether events in our everday lives were preordained. We had either little control or none.”
I am honestly surprised at how quickly I got through this book. It took me so long to get to reading this series and I can honestly say it has not disappointed now that I’ve gotten the chance to sit down and really enjoy it. I just finished the first book two days ago and this one yesterday and now I can’t even wait to get to the end, although I will admit to being a little sad I’ve reached the end already, but isn’t that always how you feel as an avid reader?

The story picks up right where it left off from the last book and I will say I’m quite pleased with how Miss Thompson handled the whole memory wipe situation. Many times authors will just cop out and give the characters their memories back pretty quickly because it’s hard to have a main character go through practically the same experiences as they did in the first novel without the book getting repetitive…but that didn’t happen at all. Miss Thompson managed to keep her characters fresh with the use of that dual POV that I enjoyed so much in the first book which helped keep me balanced in knowing what was going on with the main plot through Eric’s eyes while still being focused on all the confusion that Jessica was experiencing.

The added dimension of the memory loss, along with other added stressors like Zac (who gives me the serious creeps) also helped to strengthen the relationship dynamic between the two main characters, Jessica and Eric. Although I probably could’ve done without the super cheesy black box scenario, especially considering their age and all…I still really loved their chemistry throughout the book. Eric’s caring nature towards Jessica and what he did for her after the situation that happened with Robb just completely warmed my heart. I always love it when an author is willing to spend time on the little moments in two characters relationship and not the huge love declarations.

The side characters got more development as well in this second book. Crystal, for example, finally started to grow on me when she became closer to Jessica and started really caring about her friends feelings, and I really felt bad for her with the whole Zac situation. And speaking of that guy, like I said before, he just gives me the creeps overtime he shows up on the page and I’m glad that Jessica seems to agree, haha.

That is the beauty of Thompson’s writing, she has the ability to describe a characters emotions in such a way as if you felt you were experiencing them yourself. Either that, or I just get too connected to the books I read…

The powers and prophecy were expanded on much more in this book as well and I’m looking forward to the final reveal of Darthon as I head into the last book!

Overall I’m so glad I am finally taking the time to really absorb this wonderful series. This second book expanded on so many things I hoped it would, the characters grew and matured and I have no doubt I’m going to enjoy the next book!

Review of the first book: Minutes Before Sunset

Also, I encourage everyone to go check out Miss Thompson's site and her other books as well. You won't be disappointed!

*A giant thank you to Shannon A. Thompson for gifting me this book and having immense patience because it took me months to get to reading it even though I really wanted to read it sooner (you are just the sweetest!)
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July 18, 2014
I was lucky enough to be part of the cover reveal for Seconds Before Sunrise and I was super lucky to get an advanced copy from the lovely Shannon A. Thompson. After reading Minutes Before Sunset, I was ready to devour book two.

After finishing Seconds Before Sunrise, my mind was reeling. I had so many questions. Who is Darthon? Why are Robb and Zac psychos? And what's up with Crystal? There is so much mystery shadowing the end of this sequel, especially surrounding the secondary characters, that I couldn't help but try to solve this puzzle. It was nice being back in the world of shades, but in this world anyone can be anyone. Since a shade looks different in their human form, Eric is able to hide he is Shoman (for the most part), but I can't help but try to figure out who Darthon is. It's even difficult to determine who's light, who's dark and who's just plain ol' human. This mystery is what makes this story so compelling and original.

This book picks up shortly after Jessica loses her memory. This concept was so intriguing to me and I loved how Eric tried to deal and Jessica seemed to have a magnetic pull to Eric despite her memory loss. It really made it seem like they were meant to be together. However, the best thing about it was the consequences associated with her lack of memories. She not only forgot what happened, but she lost a part of herself, making mistakes and taking chances she normally wouldn't. Now normally, a typical teenage girl would really open up with this kind of risk taking, but Jessica has lost her confidence and the spirit of who she is. I so wanted her to remember the entire time.

Eric is by far my favorite character. He has the weight of the world on his shoulders and I loved being a part of the whirlwind of his emotions, especially towards the end. I loved why he needed to visit the grave of Jessica's parents. I loved that his love for Jessica was there for all to see, and he just couldn't help himself. I also have a huge soft spot for Jonathan. I can't really explain why but he's just awesome and I love him.

There was a lot of action in this book. The big battle takes place on Eric's birthday (poor guy) and there are real consequences. Eric has to make a decision and it was so unexpected but seemed right. With all the anticipation and build up, it was not what I thought would happen at all. One of the main characters dies and even though I was sad, I didn't cry. When I don't cry, I always psychoanalyze everything about why I didn't feel it enough to cry. I think it was simply because it happened so quickly and we jump right back into the heat of the battle. The battle was pretty epic but there seems to be more battles ahead.

There are some really exciting things that happen at the end but I don't want to ruin it for anyone so I'll keep my thoughts to myself. I really enjoyed this second book. I got lost in the writing and the characters and the plot was exciting. Overall, the book gave me everything I expected to see. However, I felt like there was something missing in book two that was in book one. I suspect it has to do with the lack of romance between Jessica and Eric. Obviously, if Jessica can't remember anything I can't expect them to be all lovey-dovey, but towards the end there was plenty of opportunity for declarations of love. I missed that romantic element and I enjoy watching those two together so I'm hoping for a lot more romance in the next book. If anything, I think the first book was just so good that it was hard to live up to.

STARS: 4 out of 5

Thanks Shannon A. Thompson for a copy in exchange for an honest review!

Read more reviews at Note To Selph Book Reviews.
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March 25, 2014
Compelling and Addictive

Seconds Before Sunrise has a compelling and addictive narrative which explores the elemental themes of good versus evil, love and self-sacrifice and fate versus free-will. All lovers of paranormal and fantasy romance are advised to check out this series so that they do not miss out on a fantastic reading experience.

I was given an Advanced Reader Copy of the novel, due out on 27th March, for an honest and unbiased review, which is posted below:

Seconds Before Sunrise continues the tale of Jessica and Eric and the approaching confrontation between Dark and Light. I particularly loved how the author delves into Jessica's psyche to illustrate that she is aware that all is not well as she feels that something is missing. It is only in her subconscious mind, through frequent and vivid nightmares, that she maintains a tenuous link to past events and the present menace which she somehow senses. Although she is weakened by her memory loss and does not comprehend what her dreams are about or why she is having them, her inner strength compels her to find out their meaning. At the same time Jessica cannot help but be drawn to Eric Wellborn, the taciturn and mysterious boy in her class......

Eric struggles to maintain the required distance between them for her safety as well as that of his people but Jessica and fate have other ideas. Jessica also has to contend with male attention from other quarters and danger is ever present. The tension ratchets up after Eric's accident, secrets unravel and the plot becomes darker and more sinister as the final battle looms.

Once again I loved how Shannon Thompson created and maintained suspense throughout the tale as neither the Light nor the Dark recognise each other in their human form. Protection of this human identity is paramount for safety and cannot be compromised. Although the reader is familiar with the human form of the characters who represent the Dark, the identities of those who are fighting for the Light is not revealed, which keeps the reader guessing and adds tension. Another successful plot device is that the chapters are written either from the POV of Jessica or Eric, which gives a deep insight into their motivations and emotions. The novel also contains many vivid and imaginative paranormal scenes which transport the reader into the worlds of the Light and the Dark.

The supporting characters are well drawn, from the adults to Eric and Jessica’s fellow pupils. We can only guess at their true identity and nature. Although I have my own opinions as to who is Eric's arch nemesis, the Descendant of Light, I know that such is the skill of this author that I am likely to be surprised when his identity and those of others are revealed.

Seconds Before Sunrise is a truly emotional and compulsive read, with a suspenseful and fascinating plot that becomes darker as we approach the climax and I am itching to know how the series will conclude! I recommend it to readers of both adult and young adult paranormal romance.
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634 reviews
July 6, 2014
Once again, I would like to thank Shannon A. Thompson for priding me with a copy of her book in exchange for an honest and timely review.

“Seconds Before Sunrise” is the brilliantly paced and equally emotional sequel of “Minutes Before Sunset.” The beginning of the story picked off clearly from the end of the previous book, and despite their new situation, Jessica and Eric's reactions were true to what we knew about them. When Jessica lost who she was, Eric was the one who made her see that she wasn't herself. Even when she didn't have her memories and he had to stay away, they still managed to find solace in each other, to subconsciously love through their troubles.

Miss Thompson’s depiction of love continued to deepen as she writes in dual perspective, allowing the reader to feel Eric’s tension and Jessica’s confusion in a tragic but relatable way. If I were to pick up either of the two books in this series and turn to a random section, I would clearly be able to tell who was narrating. I loved being able to see from both perspectives and I honestly didn't favour one over the other.

In their pain and frustration, they didn't isolate themselves from those that care about them, developing stronger relationships with those around them. Although they had their moments of weakness and bad ideas, both Eric and Jessica were resilient in their struggles. They never stopped fighting.

I loved that the ending of the story was unexpected. The battle that was prophesied came to pass, but it was unlike anything we'd been lead to believe. And, of course, Jess regained her memory and power so she and Eric can to love each other again with nothing to hold them back. The scene at her parents' gravestone was so touching. *wipes tear from eye* I didn’t find myself bored with filler because there is no filler. Every chapter, every scene, and every word has a purpose that pushed us closer to the end – an ending that left me wanting the last book.

The cover is just as purposeful and dark. Unlike some covers that are completely different to the book, you can tell that thought has been put into this. The cover depicts Eric in his shade form, the physical description matches what is shown. He's of the right age (the amount of times covers get this wrong is ridiculous - e.g. Onyx and Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout) and he is engulfed in shadows. It is really true to the book.

“Seconds Before Sunrise” is a marvelous exploration of a troubled subconscious, fear of identity, and the struggle of love among a world of war and chaos. I highly recommend it to readers of young adult and new adult fiction, especially those in search of a unique paranormal romance with subtle but powerful love and complex but relatable characters dealing with their own struggles and confusion.
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February 22, 2014
Shannon A. Thompson has successfully produce an equally as intense sequel as the first book in The Timely Death Trilogy. Seconds Before Sunrise begins with Jessica Taylor totally unaware of who she really was. She was a typical teenage, doing what teenagers do-hanging out with her friends. However, Jessica was experiencing some emotions and dreams that seemed all too real. She was embarrassed to tell anyone, but she did anyway. The most unlikely of people listened carefully without judgement and soothe her mind.

Eric Welborn was trying to do as he had promised. However, it is not very easy to stay away from the one you love when you are table mates in homeroom. Jessica talked to him with ease. She did not realize how anything she said or did affected him. He was a good friend to a certain extent. When something unexpectedly happened to Eric, Jessica was there to show she cared, even though she had no clue as to why she was doing it. She tried to deny what she was feeling until Crystal pointed it out to. What did all her feelings really mean?

Eric's birthday was nearing. Everyone was on pins on needles. The Light was sending signals to let the Dark know they knew his birthday was coming and was looking for Shoman. They were not going to stop until they found him and Jessica. Eric went back and forth between telling Jessica who she was and keeping his promise to stay away. How could he do that when she kept showing up? Really even she did not know why she had such a huge pull to speak with him or be near him. Seriously, they were fighting destiny.

The battle between Darthon and Shoman was what the future boiled down to. What a fight it was? Thompson did an awesome job of creating scenes that left me breathless and heart pounding as though I too was in battle. The only battle I was fighting was knowing I would soon come to the end and I did not know who would still be alive when I got there. Blood did shed. It is a trilogy after all and Seconds Before Sunrise is book two, so someone had to have survived the battle. Who died and who survived to see another day?

I totally enjoyed this second installment to The Timely Death Trilogy. The only thing I can say is readers must read Minutes Before Sunset first or they will be missing some important information. While I do believe anyone could enjoy the story as is, it is much better to have the background of all the characters, so their behaviors make sense. I cannot wait to read the final installment in this series. I can truly say I will miss the characters and the drama that plagues their lives.

I received a free copy of the book for an honest review.

Jennifer Coissiere
Words Mosaic Review

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May 15, 2020
*Received free e-copy via YASH*

This has a little more vibrancy to it than the first book, but it still didn't quite work for me. The ending weirded me out a bit.

Content Warning: war, sexual assault and harassment without rape
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January 19, 2015
After all the confusion and non-explanations of the first book, Minutes Before Sunset, I enjoyed this book so much better. Yes, Eric is still brooding on his inescapable fate, but this time he has extra reasons – the girl he fell in love with no longer remembers anything about their romance. And worse, not only is she the great love of his life, but she’s also his biggest weakness. Which isn’t a great start to a relationship when you’re mere months away from a predestined battle to the death. So not only does Eric have excellent reasons for his bad attitude in this book, he’s also much less of an idiot – yay!

Putting aside Eric’s approaching battle, there’s actually a lot less paranormal activity too. With Jessica no longer aware of her Shade side, her side of the story is much more of a tale of angst, love, confusion and those pushy boys that might not yet have crossed a line, but all your instincts are telling you to stay well clear of. Poor Jess, I did feel bad for her in this book, not only because she’s having lots of confusing dreams and nightmares, but she’s also lost her confidence and most of her belief in herself. She’s much quieter now, less likely to argue, and less able to protect herself from people who claim to be her friend, but really can’t be trusted.

Of course she’s also back at square one with Eric without even realising it. Right when she most needs a friend, she’s got Surly Boy back. Except she’s still drawn to him and even though Eric knows he should keep his distance, he just can’t.

Surrounding this sad tale of love, longing and faulty brain wipes is the continuing march towards Eric’s date with destiny. It’s always there in the background whenever he makes an appearance. His whole life is now geared towards his forthcoming birthday when he’ll fight the Light. But there’s still a lot of secrecy involved, about who he might face, keeping his own identity a secret, how he can possibly protect those he cares for and just where and how Jess fits into it all. Though this is mostly a transition book between the first and the final parts of this series, it definitely felt like a strong build-up towards the end. The pacing is good, the story is interesting and I just wanted to know who would find out – or figure out – what next.

Ramping up both the tension and the romantic angst, while dropping a few more hints and world-building clues along the way, this is a great second part to this series.

(I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.)
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September 29, 2015
My rating is 2.5/3.0 stars.

I was given a free copy from Clean Teen Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

**Note: Some spoilers in this review.***

Seconds Before Sunrise is the second book in the Timely Death Trilogy. The book continues just after the last part of the first book. Jessica's memory has been wiped and she doesn't remember her relationship with Eric/Shomen and that she has powers and is a part of the Dark.

In my review of the first book Minutes Before Sunset, I had some concerns about some of the details of the story that I hope would be brought up later in the series. One of my concerns was clarification on Jessica's role in the prophecy as the third descendant. It's somewhat brought up in this story, but as the reader, the information is unreliable, so it's still not clear what her role is. I also hoped we would get more information about who the Dark and Light were in terms of their role in contemporary society, but it seems the reader is just supposed to accept that these are non-human beings that co-exist with humans although humans don't know of their existence.

Another concern of mine was how Jess's memory was wiped in order to protect the Dark and so that she wouldn't know about her powers so the Light wouldn't be able to find her. I thought this had the potential for a lot of tension and character development, but instead, Jess was confused and scared a lot of the time. I wish her anger and curiousity came out more because she had a lot of that spark in the first book.

My other concern was how one of the characters Robb who was considered her friend basically assualted her without any reason why. Robb's character was acting strange, but for him to try and choke Jess seemed over the top. I was disappointed by this character development. When he and Zach tried to make up with Jess, it was as if it was for something trivial like forgetting to call back a friend. I also was disappointed that her friend Crystal, who was outraged by the behavior, was suddenly okay with them trying to make up with Jess. I think this development was to illustrate Robb possibly being someone from the Light (don't want to say who at this point yet) and Zach also being part of the Light, but because there really aren't any clues about whether or not they are the Light, their actions and behavior come off abusive and random.

I really like the premise of this series and I do like Eric/Shomen's character. The battle is still ongoing and I would read the last book in the series to see how his story will end. I hope now that Jess had her memories returned, her character will be stronger in the next one too.
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February 6, 2016
Review also posted on Crazy Beautiful Reads

OMG What an ending !

I want to begin with saying a huge Thank You to the lovely Shannon A. Thompson for sending me an ARC of her magnificiently book for review and send her a huge hug. I’ll always be amazed by her work and she knows it – if she did not know it, now she does !

Thrilling, Captivating and Addictive

Seconds Before Sunrise is The Timely Death Series sequel , which means that it picks up right from where the first book has ended. This book has been magnificent – and I really mean it -, full of magic, twists and lots of action. I only wish that Shannon would be a little bit less mean, harsh and violent with her characters. Despite that, I have enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed the first one.

Seconds Before Sunrise also gives us more insight on the characters and we get to see just how much they have grown since book one. In its essence, the book deals with the effects of the decisions that have been made by the end of the first book, and it focuses on the characters’ personal difficulties. After Jessica has decided to let the DARK erase her memory to keep everyone safe, now she is bound to get it back with any price. In the meantime, Jess begins having different dreams – which aren’t quite dreams at all – so she goes out after Eric to get some questions answered. With Eric’s birthday approaching fast,and the battle he has to face against Darthon the other descendant, things tend to get more stressful for everyone. But that is not all, each side has its own people coming to Hayworth to assist in the prophetic battle.

Things are turning a little bit ugly not just between DARK AND LIGHT in this short amount of time, but also between Jess and her friends – Robb, Zack and Crystal. To be honest I used to like Robb in the beginning but now I only hate him. As for Zack I never liked him, anyway, so there is nothing new to add about my feelings for him. If in the first book I did not have any kind of suspicions regarding Zack, now I’ve grown more and more suspicious of him. I hope to find out if my suspiciouns were right and my gut hasn’t lied to me, in the next book.

What makes this book/series a MUST READ are the language, the strong characters and their unnerving nature.
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180 reviews
April 12, 2014
The second book, successfully, pick up the line of the story from where the first one had end. I love how, from the the title Shannon, created the ominous feeling of trickling of time same like the granules of sand in an hourglass. Until the end of the book, She, build the tension towards the epic battle , kept very nicely, with the Dark and the Light still not able to recognize each another in their human forms. at the same time, the readers familiar only with the dark characters, both in their human and Shade forms and the same knowledge about the light left in the dark ..... Oh I so love this word's play....

Shannon also, kept her written of each chapter from the different perspectives of Jessica and Eric, all this contribute to the feeling of the continuity.

Jessica (Jess) - decided to have her memory erased to save those she loves, but she feel that something is terribly wrong, there is kind of hole inside and what are those strange dreams? they seem so real.

She is keep dreaming of a boy... it's the only thing that brings her comfort among her nightmares. Another thing that feel wrong is that she doesn't feel connected to her group of friends as she should be. On top of this she have this weird drawn toward, the mysterious boy in her class......Eric Wellborn

Eric continue to train for the epic battle that is to happen on his 18th birthday and at the same time struggle to stay away from Jessica. He becomes so frustrated and mad at that at one point he becomes reckless, ending in a car accident with serious injuries . He had been taken to a human hospital there he couldn't transform to his shade form. If he transform he will heal too fast and the human doctors will suspect that something is wrong plus the light will find about his identity.

So he ends up spending a lot of time in his human form, which made him realize that it's a lot harder to exist in their world than he thought it would be, weeks before the big battle.

Al along the plot, I could identified with Jess and Eric's emotions, the confusion and frustration, very strongly.

In this book we also were given a little more insight to Jess' friends - Crystal, Zac and Robb. There's a lot of tension between everyone, which lead to local explosions.

Again it was a page turner and full of action and it i couldn't stop reading until I reached to it's end.
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October 26, 2014
Seconds Before Sunrise picks up right where Minutes Before Sunset left off. I mean immediately. We are thrown right back into the world of reversed Dark (good) vs Light (bad). Jess has had her memory erased to protect the people she loves and Eric/Shoman is preparing to face off with Darthon and the rest of the Light on his 18th birthday. The usual complications of high school/young adult relationships with friends, romantic interests, and family members weave through the paranormal drama as well as the less supernatural issues most young adults face such as under-age drinking.

The action is sprinkled throughout the book, but certainly ramps up around the three-quarter mark. I think Miss Thompson did a good job of making the battle scene dramatic and exciting without being gory. This was my favorite section of the whole book, and leads up nicely to create expectation for the third book in the series. There were quite a few surprises, and I'm looking forward to see how things come out in the end.

Now for a couple of cautions. Seconds Before Sunrise is definitely not a stand-alone sequel. In fact, I would strongly suggest reading or rereading Minutes Before Sunset before moving on. There is very little back story in Seconds Before Sunrise and it had been so long since I read the first installment in the trilogy, that I found myself quite confused at times. Due to this, I found the first half or so of the book a bit of a struggle. Since this is a book for young adult readers, I do feel I need to make a note of my personal pet peeve and mention that there are a couple of uses of foul language in the book. They aren't major, and it's only once or twice, but it is there and I would be remiss to not note it.

While this series does lean a little more romantic than my usual fare, I have found The Timely Death Trilogy to be engaging and well-written so far. I look forward to the third, and sadly final, installation, although I will be sad to say goodbye to a cast of characters I have grown very fond of. I would recommend these first two books to anyone who enjoys young adult fiction, particularly of the paranormal vein.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Full review here: http://ennleesreadingcorner.wordpress...
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