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Just Desserts: A Multi-Author Collection of Bite-sized Delights

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More than twenty tantalizing contemporary and paranormal stories, from bestselling, award-winning and multi-published erotic romance authors, in one limited-time collection.

Featuring new stand alone stories from the following series:

Pearson's Security by Michele Bardsley
Indigo Lounge by Zara Cox
The Cull: Claimed by the Alpha by Renee George
Perfect Chemistry by Jodi Redford
Fantasties Inc. by Piper Denna
The Good Doctor Trilogy by Renea Mason
Shattered Lives by Rissa Blakeley
The Sweet Series by Emma Nichols
The Little Miss Kick-Ass by Felicity Kates
Incarnation Chronicles by Libby Sinclair

Plus other completely new works, all of which have two things in common--scrumptious delicacies and steaming hot sex.


First published June 22, 2015

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About the author

Renea Mason

22 books1,036 followers
"Sexy, fun and so creative it makes my head spin! I'd read the damn phone book if Renea Mason wrote it."
-NYT and USA TODAY Bestselling author ROBYN PETERMAN

Multi-award-winning and bestselling author Renea Mason writes paranormal and contemporary erotic romance that challenges the definition of conventional love. As the author of the 2016 Audie award-winning Curing Doctor Vincent, Renea prides herself on bringing readers unique storylines and memorable characters in her tales of love, lust and mystery.

When she isn't putting her fingers on the keyboard crafting sensual stories filled with intelligent, larger-than-life lovers, she spends time in the Laurel Mountains of Western Pennsylvania with her beyond-supportive husband, two wonderful sons and two loving but needy cats.


Curing Doctor Vincent

WINNER - 2016 Audie Award (Audio Publisher's Association)

3rd Place - 2016 Romance Writers of America New England Chapter - Erotic Romance

1st Place - Ménage Romances Readers Favorite Award - Erotica 2016

1st Place - Book with Most Original Plot - Shameless Book Club Awards 2015

1st Place - Best Ménage and more... - The Romance Reviews Readers Choice Awards 2015

2nd Place - Best Contemporary Erotic Romance -The Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewers Choice Award 2015

Symphony of Light and Winter

2nd Place - Best New Paranormal Series of 2013 - Paranormal Cravings' Battle of the Books 2013

3rd Place - Best New Paranormal Romance of 2013 - The Paranormal Romance Guild's Reviewers Choice Awards 2013

2nd Place - Erotica/Romantica - Write Touch Contest - Wisconsin Romance Writers - Romance Writers of America Chapter

Finalist - Paranormal - The Passionate Plume Contest - Passionate Ink - National Romance Writers of America Chapter

Finalist - Best First Book - National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award - First Coast Romance Writers- Romance Writers of America Chapter

Finalist - Paranormal Romance - Aspen Gold Contest -Heart of Denver Romance Writers of America - Romance Writers of America Chapter

She loves connecting with readers. You can find her on all major social media platforms.

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Profile Image for Roxie's Reviews.
989 reviews23 followers
June 13, 2015
""Oh my you will love this collection!"
This collection has everything! from menages with two sexy men with one lucky woman to Vampires and werewolves!. Every story has amazing story lines and characters!. There are so many incredible stories in this collection that it would make this review way to long if I said something about each one lol. Lets just say if you want some amazing hot and steamy reading from some Fantastic Authors who know how to Rock a story, and put together a book you will not want to put down then grab your copy today!
June 13, 2015
These wonderfully written short stories are perfect! Each author has a beautiful way of writing and you get the sense of pride from each one. As a reader you will be grabbed and taken into a fantasy filled world that you will not want to leave!
Profile Image for Elizabeth Robbins.
496 reviews10 followers
October 8, 2015
I received an advance copy of this anthology in exchange for an unbiased review:

Honey Bear by Michelle Bardsley:
Short and "sweet"! Amelia is attacked by gun-toting thugs, and her savior a come in the form of two sexy bear shifters, who love her honey-cinnamon rolls. Will they be able to protect her, and keep her from the crazy monster stalking her? Sexy and action-packed!

The Cull: Alpha Bites by Renee George
A sexy short about a mated pair of wolf shifters that long for the impossible. A steamy romp of epic proportions, and cheesecake!

Perfect Passion by Jodi Redford:
A highly charged ménage fantasy for nerds! 2 sexy scientists, and their willing guinea pig, testing edible aphrodisiacs on each other. Yummmm!

Indigo Velvet by Zara Cox
Leia and Noah are new parents, who get a two night babysitter/grandma to visit with their baby, while they reconnect their carnal relationship. Leia has some body image issues, since she has just had a baby, so Noah is going to try his best to dispel them. And, mmmmmmm.... Cake mix!

Tasting Paris by Renea Mason
Smoking hot ménage a quatre! 3 men and a lady embark on a sensual taste-tour of France, in their American penthouse. Pretty sure everyone who reads this is going to go buy a jar of Nutella (well, after they "take care of business", first!)

Confidential Craving by Piper Denna
This has all of the earmarks of an EPIC romance. Victoria, the beautiful CEO of an erotic resort, has been widowed for a year, and Brett, handsome British lawyer, thinks he is just the man to get her "back in the saddle". I'm really hoping this steamy intro gets turned into a full length novel. Going to have to fan-stalk the author, I guess!

Black Magic Cafe by Erzabet Bishop
Love and chocolate go together like witches and magic, or shifters and the full moon! This sexy romp takes place in a bakery, when a foodie journalist comes face to face with the woman he's unintentionally scorned. Quirkily fun and darkly sensual.

Strictly Professional by Iyana Jenna
Zane is disappointed when his boss chooses to hire outside the company for the new management position. Little does he know that Joachim, the man they've hired, is absolute sex on a stick. Still, he'll have to keep their relationship strictly professional; the man IS his boss, after all...

Blind Taste Test by Anne Lange
Holy hot ménage! Recently divorced, and barely 40, Lynda is a romance author who wants to spice up her sex scenes. Her best friend Maggie runs a dating service and decides to give her her most potent fantasy. I want Maggie to be MY best friend! Oh my god!

Common Grounds by S J Maylee
Soft core D/S: Kate, a beautiful baker, has always dreamed of owning her own shop, but life keeps getting in the way. Mark, the sexy barista, also dreams of owning a shop, and has his sights set on Kate for more than her amazing cupcakes. Will the find common grounds? Or will let their pasts form their futures?

Feast on Me by Terri George
Jess and David having a loving marriage with a side of kink. When David suggests adding another man for a night, Jess isn't prepared for the plan he has devised. Will their marriage survive it?

The Sweetness in the Pudding by Lee Rene
A really great premise and storytelling, but lost a star for me because of overly vulgar wording.

Sweet Tooth by Mindy Larson
Smoking hot story of forbidden love! A dentist/vampire, and a baker/pixie... Opposites most definitely attract in this steamy story. Will Finley be able to get over her fear and give Beck a chance?

Super-sex Me by Felicity Kates
I've been anticipating this novella, ever since this box set was announced! I was NOT disappointed! The story is set in the middle of Steam Bunny, but can be read as a standalone. It's the blow-by-blow (*winks) details of Astrid and Race's encounter during Comicon. Holy steamy, hot, wet mess, Batman! Now I'm going to have to read reread Steam Bunny, as there was an unexpected twist! Love!

Sinfully Sweet by Emma Nichols
A beautiful story of true love, punctuated with steamy sex and soulful declarations. Truly romantic and beautiful.

Cake Topper: The Incarnation Chronicles by Libby Sinclair
I have never before read a book where interspecies erotica was the least bit good. Having said that, this story was hot as heck! I definitely have to find myself a Dulian! Yum yum!

A Little Taste of Naughty (Shattered Lives series) by Rissa Blakely
Another highly anticipated story. I love this series so much!
So this story actually takes place somewhere in the beginning of the first book. It could be read as a standalone, but will definitely whet your appetite for more Henry and Elaina! Superbly steamy, the only vanilla you'll find here is the frosting! Love!

Cherry Tart by Persephone Jones
Cherry, a bakery owner, and her new neighbor, Gavin, were both badly burned by their divorces. Their mutual attraction is instant . Will they be able to overcome their pasts to find a future together? Or will their mutual love of decadent desserts be their only connection? This one left me hot and bothered, and craving a cherry tart! Yum!

Sweet and Sassy by Mariah Kingsley
Sex and chocolate? How could you go wrong? And when the chocolate is hand-crafted by a beautiful alpha man? Mmmmmm.... Yes! Some of the conversations that Layla had with her father made me chuckle. Great story!

Cherry Lips by Christine Severin
This was a strange story. I suppose it was written to illustrate just how futile it is to wonder "what if...?". It was a good story, just left me feeling slightly unsettled. Hmmm...

Always the Last One by Rosemary Rey
A sad tale of unrequited love, interspersed with some really steamy sex. Griffin and Elyce have really great chemistry, even he can admit that. She wants the whole enchilada, though, while he isn't ready to give up his "carefree" life.

Claiming by J S Snow
This was the perfect book to end this anthology! A middle-aged couple, about to become grandparents, still have a healthy sex life, even after having been married 25 years. And the thing with the wine? Gonna have to try that!
Profile Image for Nicole.
495 reviews13 followers
June 22, 2015
5 stars for the collection as a whole. I’m not one to assign 5 stars to short stories, but they were all pretty well written. There is enough background and set up to each story that if you haven’t read the other books in the series ones, you understood what was going on and they added a little something extra. You not only get the hot scenes, but you get to see secrets and insecurities which rounds out each short. These stories definitely will turn you on. The point of the collection seems to be to entice you to look into the authors' other works, and for the ones that I was not already familiar with, I was intrigued and would definitely look into them. For the authors that I had read previously, it added a little something extra to the series, almost a "behind the scenes" or "deleted scene" feeling. You may find it difficult to read them all back to back, as you’ll need some release in between each story. You’ll want a cold shower (or a partner in your bed) to relieve the tension between each tale. I would definitely look for other stories from these authors as a whole.

I received a copy of this collection in exchange for an honest review, but this did not sway my opinion.

Honey Bear: I very much enjoyed this story. It was a great start to the collection. You’ve got a secret-keeping Amelia who is in hiding. She gets shot at and runs into the arms of her delightful business neighbors, some bear shifters who run a security firm. It teases you with some history, that the guys have been drooling over Amelia’s honey for a while. The heat of the moment has Amelia leaping into the arms of one of the brothers, and the story is explosive. This little teaser makes me want to look into the other stories in the series.

Alpha~Bites: Once again, I was surprised at the detail in this short story. I have not read The Cull, but would be interested in doing so now. Connor fell in love with Anna, and to save her from cancer, he turns her into a werewolf, despite his family’s insistence that he find someone he can mate with. This story takes place after they’re already mated, but you get enough background to understand what happened before. Their tryst takes place in a cave, and is a fun little getaway. Don’t skip this story.

Perfect Passion: Could it get any hotter? The girl (Sidney) got not one, but two of her bosses, Leo & Dev. They are testing a powerful aphrodisiac, and the results are explosive in more ways than one. It’s very easy to fall into this story, and once it’s over, you will want a pair of tasty chemists for your own pleasure.

Blind Taste Test: I really enjoyed this story. I would love to see this one expanded into a full novel. The premise: a writer trying to find a way to put that something extra into her novels steps out of her comfort zone. She needs to add oomph to her romantic scenes, and she has a friend arrange a blind date for her. Little does she know, she is set up with two men that she is all too familiar with. While I loved this story, it definitely had potential to be a great story. Don't pass this one up. These guys are yum.

Cake Topper; I really enjoyed this story. Even though science fiction isn’t normally a genre I bother with, I liked this tale. The story is just engaging enough to give you some background info to understand what is going on in the big picture. Grieg is one fine, blue alien with ridges on his member to give his woman pleasure. How could you not enjoy that?

A Little Taste of Naughty: This is one great addition to the series, and gives you a "deleted scene" feel to the overall story. I've read the other books in the series. What makes me like Henry is his absolute devotion to his Elaina. Their bedroom chemistry is off the charts. This actually added even more to the back story of the series and gave you a glimpse of life before the virus was released. It was refreshing to get a story about the couple that didn’t revolve around the virus, undead people and death. It helps remind you why you liked Henry at first (before he was quite so whiny and crying all the time). If you enjoyed this story, you HAVE to read the rest of the series.

more to come
Profile Image for Cindy.
391 reviews
June 15, 2015
Just a little tease for the release of the Naughty and Sweet collection of 22 of the hottest authors today!

Michele Bardsley~Honey Bear~The Pearson’s Security Series
Renee George~Alpha--‐Bites~The Cull: Claimed by the Alpha
Jodi Redford~Perfect Passion~Perfect Chemistry
Zara Cox~Indigo Velvet~Indigo Lounge Series
Renea Mason~Tasting Paris~The Good Doctor Trilogy
Piper Denna~Confidential Craving~Fantasies Inc. Series
Erzabet Bishop~Black Magic Café
Iyana Jenna~Strictly Professional
Anne Lange~Blind Taste Test
S.J. Maylee~Common Grounds
Terri George~Feast on Me
Lee Rene~The Sweetness in the Pudding
Mindy Larson ~Sweet Tooth
Felicity Kates~Super--‐Sex Me~The Little Miss Kick--‐Ass Series
Emma Nichols~Sinfully Sweet~The Sweet Series
Libby Sinclair~Cake Topper~The Incarnation Chronicles
Rissa Blakeley~A Little Taste of Naughty~The Shattered Lives Series
Mariah Kingsley~Sugar and Spice
Rosemary Rey~Always the Last One
Persephone Jones~Cherry Tart
Christine Severin~Cherry Lips
J.S Snow~Claiming

A Collection of Bite--‐Sized Delights

Michele Bardsley~Honey Bear~The Pearson’s Security Series
Sweet Amelia is a bakery owner who's favorite thing is seeing the Las Vegas patrons happy with her goodies. Mike and Gabe Pearson have a sweet tooth for Amelia's Honey Cinnamon Rolls and the full figured baker herself. A call of "Dibs" will see who will get the luscious girl...but first she has to survive an unknown hitman from taking her life. Who better to protect this sweetheart than two bear sized bodyguards!

Persephone Jones~Cherry Tart
The Queen of Tarts is a very elegant bakery that serves some really nice clients, one of whom is the sexiest man Cherry Hartley has ever met, and that's including a quick talking shmoozer who has tried to get into Cherry's bed since her divorce from her cheating husband went through. Now becoming a "new woman" she cares about how she looks and won't settle for being someone's notch on the bedpost, until her sexy bakery hottie turns out to be her new neighbor. After seeing his gorgeous new neighbor as the owner of the bakery his fellow employees rave about, Gavin Wright is instantly smitten and wants to play with the Queen of Hearts and make her HIS Cherry Tart.

The Cull: Alpha--‐Bites
Conor and Anna
By Renee George
How do you romance your werewolf mate? By eating New York cheesecake off her body. A conformation of a mated pair...even if she is a cougar werewolf. LOL Yeah that's fun to think about! And now I leave you with a quote that touched my heart: "She still tasted a bit of cheesecake and Earl Grey tea—of decadence. But even more, she tasted like his, body and soul."

Always the Last One
By Rosemary Rey
For six long years Elyce Fielding has made herself sexually available to her college sweetheart Griffin Belanger. He has gone on to become a top billed actor while she has stayed the mousy, plump girl who loves him. After breaking things off Elyce has tried to move on, but Griffin shows up at her home once again...trying to move on to become what she wants, a wife, a mother, a writer, Elyce lets her one and only have her once more!
I could relate to this as an "every girl" sort of angle. We all want that handsome man that is only seen with the rail thin model or beautiful actress on his arm, and in reality we hope he has enough depth to want true love...so the dream is: What if?

And what a way to end a review...just a little preview of this wonderful compilation of tales of love that wrap a ribbon of hope around our hearts, and a decadence of sweets that bring our soul what we NEED: YOU! Only 99 cents for all these goodies! Release date: June 22, 2015.
Profile Image for Love Africa Book Club.
449 reviews24 followers
June 16, 2015
Maya's Review

What a wonderful collection of short stories and novella. Once I started reading stories, I just couldn't stop. Although I couldn't read them all in one sitting, I kept going back to then each time I had five minutes here and there.

This anthology starts with a bang with Honey Bear by Michele Bardsley. I loved the humour and action and all the delicious food references. Another story that stood out for me was Indigo Velvet by Zara Cox. I now want to read the rest of that series. It was great to catch up with the characters from The Good Doctor trilogy by Ranae Mason in Tasting Paris and I also loved Common Grounds by SJ Maylee.

The stories vary in length and range from paranormal to contemporary to menages to gay fiction. There really seems to be something for everyone.
Also some of the stories seem to be linked to already existing series where you catch up with characters from other stories. There are now a few more series I want to check out. This is certainly an anthology I will come back to again. And for 99cents you really can't go wrong with this box set. Great stuff.

4.5 Lovebites
Profile Image for Catrina.
264 reviews3 followers
June 27, 2015
This is a beautifully constructed anthology that allows fans of its various authors to revisit worlds and characters from various series into which these shorts fit. Yet, they are written in such a way as to draw in and keep the attention of people who haven't read any of the books that come before the stories presented here. Plus with its wide range of subject matter, this collection contains something for everyone.
Profile Image for Robin Malone.
76 reviews13 followers
June 25, 2015

I received a copy of Just Desserts in exchange for an honest review. To be fair to each author, I will review and rate each one individually and then give my final thoughts and a final rating for the entire Anthology as a whole. I will also be adding as a note, whether it can truly be read as a standalone, or if I recommend reading books prior to the short story.

Honey Bear ~ The Pearson’s Security Series by Michele Bardsley

The Review:

I absolutely loved this story! Michele Bardsley is a new to me author, but I WILL be getting acquainted with more of her writing and this series! The way she describes her characters and scenario put in into the moment 100%! It was refreshing to read about a curvy woman as well. I’m not sure how things will go between Mike and Amelia, or what the author’s writing style is…but all I could think about was “I wouldn’t mind a bit of Twin Action!” As it is though, Mike sounds completely delicious and edible, as well as his sexy twin Gabe! I can’t wait to get my hands on more in The Pearson’s Security Series!

5 PERFECT Stars!
*Complete stand alone readability but it can only be even more enhanced by reading the others in the series.

Alpha-Bites ~ The Cull: Claimed by the Alpha by Renee George

The Review:

Renee George is also a new to me author. In this case, I think it’s best to read prior books in this series to truly appreciate it, despite the fact all of these stories supposedly “can be read without reading the series, but will be icing on the cake for readers loyal to each saga” . I just felt completely lost while reading, simply because the story takes us basically right into a second honeymoon for the couple and it’s completely obvious there is a backstory I’m missing out on. Unfortunately I’m not sure how much I would’ve liked it even if I had read the other books. I just felt it was a bit predictable and the images of the half changing was awkward. Perhaps being lost was just too much for me to overcome in this case.

2.5 Stars
*I HIGHLY recommend you read other books in series prior to reading this one, otherwise you might not be in the moment.

Perfect Passion ~ Perfect Chemistry by Jodi Redford

The Review:

Jodi Redford is another new to me author. I enjoyed the story, however this is another one I felt like I was missing out on a backstory. I also feel like I should give somewhat of a warning about this story. I’m not a prude by any means, but I know there are several people out there who would take issue with the idea of a drug that makes a woman have “endless hours of uncontrollable horniness” and that she’d been the subject of an “erotic science experiment” in the past after she had “accidentally” exposed herself to their “wildly potent aphrodisiac elixir”. It might sound a bit too much like date rape. HOWEVER if the entire backstory was known, it may be completely different then how it’s worded in this short story. I might have to check out the other books in this series, since I’m totally into menage books and this has really piqued my interest.

3.5 Stars
*I think this would be better enhanced if prior books were read first, but it can still stand on it’s own.

Indigo Velvet ~ Indigo Lounge Series by Zara Cox

The Review:

Zara Cox is another new to me author. I loved this story. I could totally relate to being a new mom and having the insecurities Leia does about her after baby body. But I don’t think you have to be a mom at all to appreciate her insecurities about her husband seeing her naked. Noah sounds yummy and it was so sexy to have him bounce between Dom, Daddy and Husband. I laughed when Noah’s patience had been tested by the interruptions and sighed with an “aaawww” when I found out what he did for Leia. I could tell there was a backstory, but it didn’t leave me feeling like I missed out on anything. In fact I found myself somewhat thankful I had, since it’s implied they had a rough go in the past. This won’t stop me from picking up other books in the Indigo Lounge Series though!!

5 Stars!
*Completely standalone but story could only be enhanced by reading more in the series!

Tasting Paris ~The Good Doctor Trilogy by Renea Mason

The Review:

Renea Mason is one of my favorite authors. Because of this, I have EXTREMELY high expectations for her books. If she isn’t up to par, I’m going to be the first one to say it and bitch about it. Luckily she didn’t disappoint me! This might be a short story for her brand new series, but I actually liked the sex scenes in this story better then a couple of them in “Curing Dr. Vincent“. I think it’s a combination of her getting a better feel for the Doctor and also his intense feelings for Elaine. He’s more exposed then he’s ever been. But he’s also a very sexy and commanding presence. I loved seeing another side of Sebastian and Marco as well. Did I mention the foursome? What girl wouldn’t want to be spread out on the counter with 3 smoking hot men tasting Nutella, honey and chocolate off her body!!? Damn, I’m jealous of Elaine! Once again Renea Mason brings panty dropping sex scenes, meanwhile keeping realism and a love story in the mix. Between her Good Doctor Trilogy and her Symphony of Light Series, I’m a happy, horny girl!

5 PERFECT Stars!!
*This short story can definitely be read as a stand alone, but you’re also aware there is more to the story. I know from experience it can only be enhanced by reading “Curing Dr. Vincent”, Book 1 in the Trilogy.

Confidential Craving ~ Fantasies Inc. Series by Piper Denna

The Review:

Piper Denna is a new to me author, but I look forward to reading more from her. Victoria’s heart may be broken, but her libido isn’t. She goes from being the prey to the predator and I loved the sex scenes! The story ends with a cliff hanger, but it’s a good one. I loved the chemistry between Victoria and Brett. He’s on a mission and he isn’t going to stop until he has her heart. I also can NOT wait to read some sex play at the Fantasies Inc Resort. This book hints to the steaminess that is yet to come in future books. It leaves me wishing I had the money to visit a place like this! As it is I’ll live my fantasies through the Fantasies Inc. Series!!

5 Stars!!
*This book can be read as a standalone, but I believe this story will only get better in future books.

Black Magic Café by Erzabet Bishop

The Review:

Erzabet Bishop is a new to me author. I really enjoyed this story. It has a curvy girl, witch and a werewolf. It has a cocky man and a confident woman. He gets set in his place and she gets the orgasm of a lifetime. It’s a win/win! As a reader it’s definitely a win! I”m anxious to check out some of Erzabet Bishop’s other titles! These are a few that really appeal to me: “Tethered” and “Fantasies in Red”, which just came out in April 2015! I didn’t find any sign that “Black Magic Café” is a series, but I think it would be a great one to elaborate on! I’m also craving chocolate!!

4 Stars!
*This can be read as a standalone. In fact I’m pretty sure it IS a standalone, despite the hint of a backstory. I might be wrong though.

Strictly Professional by Iyana Jenna

The Review:

Iyana Jenna is a new to me author. This was a m/m story, which I love. It was also little older/little younger men. Normally I’d be totally ok with this scenario. However the usage of “Baby Zane”, “the kid” and then “kinky old man” made the sentence “Come for me, boy” feel really……I’ll just say…awkward. It was a good story, just word usage made things come across less then appealing for me. However as I’ve always stated, this is just my opinion.

2.5 Stars
*Completely Standalone.

Blind Taste Test by Anne Lange

The Review:

I’ve read one other story by Anne Lange, “Friends With Benefits” and I freaking loved it! So again, I went into this story with very high expectations. I wasn’t disappointed AT ALL!! I freaking loved this story! It was my fantasy come to life. m/f/m. YUM!! The way Anne Lange writes, puts you in the moment, in the “hot” seat. You hold your breath, waiting for them to approach, meanwhile all your senses are on alert, because you’re blindfolded….then waiting for the climax. By the end I was left breathless and wanting more. This would make an amazing series. I would truly love to read more about these three wonderful characters!! I haven’t read anything by Anne Lange for quite awhile…this reminded me what I’ve been missing out on. Definitely going to be picking up some other titles of hers!

5 PERFECT Stars!!!
*Completely Standalone. If it’s not a series, it should be one. If it is, I need to get my hands on more!

Common Grounds by S.J. Maylee

The Review:

S.J. Maylee is a new to me author. This story was a great introduction to her writing! The scene in the Pleasure Emporium was smoking hot! So was the one in the bakery! What I loved about this story is Kate Sanderson brought romance into an s/M relationship. It wasn’t the hard core BDSM I really love, but it was a refreshing taste of it. If someone is looking to delve into the BDSM books, this would be a great one to start with. It’s sexy as hell, with an innocence about it. I will definitely be checking more out from this talented author!

4.5 Stars!
*Completely Standalone

Feast on Me by Terri George

The Review:

Terri George is a new to me author and is now on my favorites list. Jessica and David are a husband/wife, D/s couple. David decides he wants to share Jessica with another Dom. At first she’s reluctant, but if it makes David happy, then it will make her happy. When she meets the new Dom, she’s torn. Alex is David’s best friend. He’s been on Jessica’s mind since the night he kissed her and expressed his feelings for her. When she chose David, Alex took off. Now he’s back and he has only one night to show her how he feels about her….with David’s permission. The ending had a slight cliff hanger, but I’m totally ok with it. It left me breathless and hot…I needed time to cool down and ponder what I would do in her situation. Terry George brings real feelings mixed with a whole hell of a lot of heat! She puts you in the moment and you never want to leave! I’m not sure if this is a series, but I pray to the literary Gods that it is/will be!!! I don’t think I can wait much longer to see what happens between Jessica, Alex and David!!!!!!

5 PERFECT Stars!!!
*This can be read as a standalone. But it ends with a cliffhanger, which leaves me to wonder if a new series is in the works! I HOPE SO!!!!!

The Sweetness in the Pudding by Lee Rene

The Review:

Lee Rene is a new to me author and I’m sad to say it, but I REALLY did not like this story or her writing. At all. The couple argue about whether to have sex or not for 98% of this story. We also get a religious lesson about premarital sex, which, as much as I love God, I DON’T want to read in a book that’s supposed to be Erotic. Then….the multiple names for Vagina….seriously…pick one and stick to it. We had Cunt, Cootchie, pussy, hot triangle, honey pot, twat, vulva and precious spot. Sometimes the change was within the same sentence. THEN, if I had to read the words baby or baby girl one more freaking time I was going to scream or as they said in the book a couple times slap someones mama. This story was a huge disappointment. Had it been any longer, I would’ve had to stamp DNF onto this one.

1 Star
*Can be read as a standalone

Sweet Tooth by Mindy Larson

The Review:

Mindy Larson is a new to me author. The story had some good scenes in it, but mostly it left me confused and having to read, go back and read again to make sure I was understanding what was going on. I normally love Paranormal, but in this case I wish it hadn’t been in the mix. I wish the story would’ve just stuck with a patient lusting after a hot dentist. Before adding the paranormal into the mix, the story was delicious and held such potential. The paranormal aspect ruined it. Perhaps it was the way it was written, but as I said, it just left me confused and wondering why the story even went in that direction. The first sex scene is what saved this story from being a 1 star. The author impressed me with the sex, so I might check out something else written by her. This one just wasn’t my cup of tea unfortunately.

2 Stars
*Completely stand alone

Super-Sex Me ~ The Little Miss Kick-Ass Series by Felicity Kates

The Review:

Felicity Kates is an author I know of and even though “Steam Bunny” is on my TBR List, I’ve never read her books. Until now. At first the cosplay scenario wasn’t doing it for me. But when they got into Race’s room…HOLY HOT PANTS BATMAN! And when he does that thing with their clothes….that was so freaking sexy! After reading this, I have full intention of putting “Steam Bunny” at the top of my list and also another author I can’t wait to read more from!!

5 Stars!!
*Can be read as a standalone, but I think others in the series would only enhance!

Sinfully Sweet ~ The Sweet Series by Emma Nichols

The Review:

Emma Nichols is a new to me author. I really enjoyed this story a lot. I wasn’t sure I was going to though, because there was some conflict between the characters. Luckily it turned playful. Sex became a game to get her to say a specific word and it was fun to read all the ways he almost got her to say it! I also thought it was sweet how Lucas stripped her bare, not just for sex….but to help him see HER….not her other two identical twin sisters who she was trying so hard to pretend to be like. This was a sweet short story. The sex was ok, but it was more making love then it was the “fuck me against the wall” type of sex I’d come to love in the other stories. I must say though…I have a chocolate craving after reading this though!! I will definitely be checking out Emma Nichols other books!

4 Stars!!
*Can be read as a standalone but has a hint of a cliffhanger.

Cake Topper ~ The Incarnation Chronicles by Libby Sinclair

The Review:

Libby Sinclair is another author whose name I’m familiar with, but I’ve yet had the pleasure of reading anything by. At first, I was out of my element. Scifi is not a genre I normally pick up and read. So when I was reading about a blue skinned alien, I was kind of thinking “eh”. But then….Grieg lifted her onto the counter and my blood started boiling!! Their chemistry was freaking off the charts!! I will be snatching every book in this series that I can!! Libby Sinclair has totally pulled me and made me a new fan…of her writing AND the genre!

5 PERFECT Stars!!
*Can be read as a standalone, but I imagine could be enhanced.

A Little Taste of Naughty ~ The Shattered Lives Series by Rissa Blakeley

The Review:

Rissa Blakely is yet another author who I’m familiar with but haven’t read anything by before now. I have to admit I was a little confused by this story. I think Henry might be a vampire or mutant, I’m not sure? I might be intrigued enough to want to find out more about what happened to him though! I have to confess, the romantic and sex aspect of the story didn’t do too much for me. I think by the time we got to that part of the story, I’d gotten sick of shopping for a dress with Elaine. But I still want to find out more about Henry!

3 Stars!
*Can be read as a standalone, but you’ll be aware your missing something if you don’t read the other books in the series.

Sugar and Spice by Mariah Kingsley

The Review:

Mariah Kingsley is an author I’m familiar with, but who I’ve never read anything by. I’m kicking myself in the ass now! This was a wonderful story! The sex, the romance, everything was perfect! I get the impression it could easily be turned into a series and I hope it will be! I really want to find out what happens when Layla goes to the club with Gio!! I want to know more about Lance. I want to see him in action at the sex club! I will be getting my hands on more books by Mariah Kingsley, she’s found her way into my head and onto my favorites list!

5 PERFECT Stars!!
*Can be read as a standalone, in fact I think it’s not a series, however I hope it WILL be one!

Always the Last One by Rosemary Rey

The Review:

Rosemary Rey is a new to me author. This was a good story, it was a relatable one. We all have that one person who we have a tough time saying no to. Griffin is Elyce’s. He sends mixed messages all the time. He says he loves her, but yet doesn’t want a life with her. He says she’s beautiful, yet has model types on his arm for movie premieres. Elyce has had enough of the yo-yo games. She’s going to be with him one last time, then that’s it. And this one last time she’ll make sure lasts her a lifetime. The sex is smokin’ hot, the feelings are real. The story leaves off with a potential cliffhanger, giving the impression we’ll be seeing more about these characters and I really hope we will!!!

5 Stars!
*Complete standalone, but gives impression these aren’t the first or last we’ll see of these characters and I hope we will!!

Cherry Tart by Persephone Jones

The Review:

Persephone Jones is a new to me author and I plan on checking out her other work! This was a good story, however I just felt something was lacking a little. I can’t quite put my finger on it though. It didn’t hold any of my pet peeves, it was a great love story, but had too much play by play during sex and too many cheesy references to her name, her sexuality and actual cherry desserts. It also might be the fact it held two scenes in the same conversation between the two characters that reminded me of the movies “Waiting To Exhale” and “Pretty Woman”. Perhaps those things held me back from fulling appreciating this story. It was still good though!!

4 Stars!
*Can be completely read as a standalone.

Cherry Lips by Christine Severin

The Review:

Christine Severin is a new to me author. This was an interesting story. A time traveling story. I loved what I read, but it ended so abruptly and right as the story took a turn that could be VERY steamy! So that was a bit disappointing. Even so, I still plan on checking out her other work. I’m very interested in Christine Severin’s writing style!

4 Stars!
*Can be read as a standalone, but will leave you feeling like the story left right in the middle.

Claiming by J.S Snow

The Review:

J.S. Snow is a new to me author. The story starts out right away steamy, but then it ends with a lot of talk about being grandparents. I just felt like there was no real feeling in the words. There are some stories that bring you into the story. You’re part of the experience. This unfortunately wasn’t one of those times. Maybe it was the lack of build up to the first sexual encounter….or maybe it was the grandparent talk. I’m not sure, but I just wasn’t able to connect to the characters or story.

2.5 Stars
*Can be read as a standalone.

My final thoughts on the “Just Desserts” Anthology: There were quite a few not so great stories in the book, I’m not going to lie, but the ones that weren’t, were FREAKING FANTASTIC! Any of the 5 Stars make this book worth picking up. I was able to get more delicious tidbits from a couple of my favorite authors and found a few new favorites as well. That alone makes picking this anthology worth it! If you’re looking for a few panty dropping stories, grab this up immediately, especially since it’s ONLY $0.99 right now!!!

My Rating for Entire “Just Desserts” Anthology is:

~Robin Malone Book Reads and Reviews
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2,016 reviews14 followers
June 21, 2015
I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Renea Mason. This is a romance anthology by 22 various authors that is connected with dessert foods in 1 form or another.

Michele Bardsley- Honey Bear

Renee George- Alpha Bites

Jodi Redford- Perfect Passion

Zara Cox: Indigo Velvet

Renea Mason: Tasting Paris
Elaine gets treated to the pleasures of Paris in a very sensual way with honey licked off from Xavier, Nutella licked off from Sebastian and chocolate on Marco.

Piper Denna: Confidential Craving

Elizabeth Bishop: Black Magic Cafe

Iyana Jenna: Strictly Professional

Anne Lange: Blind Taste Test

S.J. Maylee: Common Grounds

Terri George: Feast on Me

Lee Rene: The Sweetness in the Pudding

Mindy Larson: SweetTooth

Felicity Kates: Super-Sex Me

Emma Nichols: Sinfully Sweet

Libby Sinclair: Cake Topper

Rissa Blakeley: A Little Taste of Naughty

Mariah Kingsley: Sugar and Spice

Rosemary Rey: Always the Last One

Persephone Jones: Cherry Tart

Christine Severin: Cherry Lips

J.S. Snow: Claiming

WOW this collection of sexy stories is enough to melt an ice cube. Each of these stories is short and hot, just enough to tease you. The authors created great characters and hot interaction in each of these stories that they wrote all coming together for a great collection.

This is for mature romance book lovers. Each of these author created a 1 of a kind story that will make you want more.
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2,441 reviews41 followers
June 21, 2015
Independent REviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock.


These books are short. They are sweet, so very sweet. They are oh so freaking sexy!!

I'm not gonna review them all, I will be here all day, but guys?? you need this set. Shifters, of more than one origin. Magic. Menage. We have a little bit of everything linked by one thing, desserts. Chocolate and cake.

My favourite two Black Magic Cafe, Ezrabet Bishop and Indigo Velvet, Zara Cox. (this one made me want to go back and read their story, from before!) But really all of them are fab, these two stood out though.

And they are delicious!! In every sense of the word. Each book is maybe 30 or 40 pages in itself, the whole collection runs to 613 pages, thats some reading time, but boy oh boy! I can't word how much I LOVED this set.

I wouldn't normally rate such short book 5 stars. But because this is a collection, and because...well...nah, gonna leave that to your imagination!.... I can't not give this collection anything other than 5 stars.

5 sweet and sticky and shiny stars!

**same worded review will appear on Goodreads, Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk**
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225 reviews33 followers
June 21, 2015
This is a good collection of hot, sexy and erotica short stories from some fabulous authors. This anthology contains a story for everyone who enjoys ménage, paranormal, science fiction and M/M.

Just Desserts is exactly what the title states as I enjoyed that I was given a bit of each story to wet my whistle and let me craving for more. This book kept me reading and I will be looking for more stories for these authors.

I enjoyed reading from the authors I know, like Renea Mason to new authors. Each author has their own style of writing and this was a well put together anthology showcase their styles.

I recommend this book to anyone who already knows the author and/or those who want to read a sample of a new author's work. You can't beat this collection to get know and read short stories from 22 authors.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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126 reviews46 followers
June 20, 2015
If you love contemporary, or ménage, or even Paranormal, then this collection is right for you! No matter what you like; you'll find it here in this collection of super-hot stories! There's everything from science fiction, to contemporary; first person to third.

Each story had me riveted, even those that I don't normally partake in! For a super long book, I managed to read ALL of it in just a few hours, and it kept me up all night long! And no, I am in no way complaining! I've been looking for a good book to read and this one sealed the deal! It's definitely one I'll be re-reading in the future!

There are several favorite authors of mine, like Renee George, and quite a few new-to-me authors as well, that I'll be digging through and finding more of their stories as time permits! You won't be disappointed in buying this anthology!
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187 reviews15 followers
June 20, 2015
I was given one as a Arc reader for a honest review.
this was a first for me to read a series with so many authors in it, and I loved it. the short stories were great some left you wanting more wanting to know how there story would end, it did take me a couple of days to read the book but each story got me caught up in the story and I did not want to put it down. I loved how it had such verity in the book from shifters to vampires and pixies also goddess and guy/guy and just some hot hot fun. If you are looking for a good book to keep you busy for a wail and want verity or just trying to find some new authors to read this is a good book to do that as I found some new ones that I want to get more books from.
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388 reviews6 followers
June 18, 2015
This book contains sizzling hot short stories that only whet your appetite for more. There were many in this anthology that I absolutely loved, and a couple...not so much. What I loved...the scenarios and the interaction of the main characters. What I didn't like...some use of words that turn me off. I realize that these are erotic stories, but there are just some words I could do without and still enjoy the eroticism. I will be looking for some of these authors so that I can either continue on with the story or just start something new. I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.
232 reviews
June 19, 2015
What a great group of stories by some amazing authors. I am new to reading some of these authors and was very glad I took the time to read each and every story. Just like with any group of stories I think you will find some are your favorites, but I also got some new favorites after reading these. Some of them I liked so well that I had to find more by that author, either to read more of a series or just the author because I liked the story so well.
I would recommend this book and for 0.99, you can't beat it, 22 stories for that is a steal.
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729 reviews22 followers
June 16, 2015
Tasting Paris (The Good Doctor Trilogy) by Renea Mason - The trio strikes again in this hot collection. Dr. Xavier, Marco, and Sabastian show Elaine what Paris is all about in their own special way. You are sure to get hot, sweet, and salty all in one taste of this book. This is just a small taste of what you can get with Renea Mason's books especially with The Good Doctor Trilogy.

More to come...
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69 reviews2 followers
June 18, 2015
Hot, hot, HOT! A great anthology for an afternoon quickie. Smoking hot quick reads that will set the mood and give you a few ideas. This is a great way to be introduced to authors you may not have read before. I have to say Bravo to all of the authors who participated. You have put together together one hot read that has my Kindle steaming. I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
549 reviews2 followers
June 21, 2015
Oh my god, this is like a whole box of tiny little decadent forbidden treats. You get the whole experience with this box set. Their is sweet, sexy, romantic, hot, menage' and I could go on and on. This is definitly a must read and have an extra pair of panties or an ice bath ready , and sit back and enjoy
406 reviews16 followers
August 8, 2017
Just Desserts - A Collection of Bite-sized DelightsJust Desserts - A Collection of Bite-sized DelightsRenea Masonet al.

Reviewed by SFF Dragon*.

Just Desserts - A Collection of Bite-Sized Treats. Some good, some not so good, but you get a lot for your money.

Just Desserts is a collection of 22 short stories from a number of different genres. I didn't have time to read all of the stories, so I've reviewed five, and will update the review as I read the rest..

1 - Honey Bear (The Pearson’s Security Series) by Michele Bardsley

I read the first book in this series when it was part of another anthology. I loved it and have waited, not patiently, for quite a while hoping for the next one and regularly ransacking Michele Bardsley's website in the hope of finding book 2. I loved this one just as much, but it was shorter. The story of werebear Mike Pearson and his human-ish mate, Devilish Delights Bakery owner, Amelia who has various last names because she's on the run. It was filled with humour and I loved it just as much as the first one, but it was a very short read, getting straight into the story, starting with an exploding chocolate fudge cake and ending with a dead werewolf. I wish it was longer, but 5 stars anyway.

2 - The Cull - Alpha-Bites: Claimed by the Alpha by Renee George

I enjoyed this story about a romantic night for Conor and Anna, but it's more in the nature of an Epilogue than a stand alone. I've read a few Renee George books, but sadly not The Cull: Claimed By The Alpha and despite all the backstory in this short, it gave me a taste that made me want to read the book this story follows. 4 stars.

3 - Perfect Passion, Perfect Chemistry by Jodi Redford

Again more in the nature of an Epilogue, but this menage story has little substance and is pretty much just sex followed by a marriage proposal. I prefer more substance and an actual story in my books, regardless of length. Not one I'd read again. 2 stars.

4 - Indigo Velvet (Indigo Lounge Series) by Zara Cox

In this spin-off from 'Soar', Noah and Leia leave their son, Joshua, with Noah's mother and head off for a romantic 2 days in Rio. Again more of an Epilogue. The content is BDSM. Not my kind of book, and it's written in the first person with the POV changing from Noah to Leia each chapter. 3 stars.

5 - Tasting Paris (The Good Doctor Trilogy) by Renea Mason

6 - Confidential Craving (Fantasies Inc. Series) by Piper Denna

7 - Black Magic Café by Erzabet Bishop

8 - Strictly Professional by Iyana Jenna

9 - Anne Lange ~ Blind Taste Test

10 - Common Grounds by S.J. Maylee

11 - Feast on Me by Terri George

12 - The Sweetness in the Pudding by Lee Rene

13 - Sweet Tooth by Mindy Larson

14 - Super-Sex Me (The Little Miss Kick-Ass Series) by Felicity Kates

15 - Sinfully Sweet (The Sweet Series) by Emma Nichols

16 - Cake Topper (The Incarnation Chronicles) by Libby Sinclair

17 - A Little Taste of Naughty (The Shattered Lives Series) by Rissa Blakeley

18 - Sugar and Spice by Mariah Kingsley

19 - Always the Last One by Rosemary Rey

There is no happy ending here. This story is sad and depressing. Elyce Fielding is a giver who wants a family, Griffin Belanger is a typical Hollywood type user, and they went to college together. Grif wants Ely to always be there for him to use, without giving anything of himself in return. Ely has finally given up waiting for him to offer her something other than sex when he comes back from being a film star. Grif has gone out of his way to destroy any chance Ely had of a committed relationship with anyone else. This story of their last night together made me feel bad for both of them, but I think she is well rid of him. Hollywood appears to be full of people who can't be bothered being faithful. It was well written, but I've been there and don't want to read about it. I want a happily ever after in my books. Sorry, but give me true mates every time. 2 stars for the story, 3 stars for the writing.

20 - Cherry Tart by Persephone Jones

21 - Cherry Lips by Christine Severin

22 - Claiming by J.S Snow

I've given this collection 4 stars, but this is subject to revision as I read more of the stories.

1,667 reviews8 followers
June 21, 2015
Just Dessert-A Collection of Bite Sized Delights
Very good and steamy hot short stories where the protagonists has dessert. Some times to eat others to use on themselves. The anthology has a variety of characters from paranormal, witches, werewolves, vampires to contemporary romance. Found that I have read a pair of books that a story refers to and was glad to have and after HEA to the action. Now think that I will look for more of the books because I’m intrigue. Still reading because this stories are very entertaining and don’t want to rush the fun. This anthology is a total bargain for the price.

Honey Bear by Michele Bardslay
Amelia was hiding from her monster father. After somebody tried to kill her she asked help from her neighbor, Mike. He and his brother were bodyguards. Immediately he felt attracted to her and was going to defend her with his life. She felt the attraction and was safe for first time in her life. Interesting short story with bear and wolf shifters.

The Cull: Alpha- Bites by Reneé George
In this story Anna and Conor has a second chance. After their blood mating something happened. She had had a hysterectomy because of her cancer but seems that the culling changed her body in more than one way. Steamy story about wolf shifters.

Perfect Passion by Jodi Redford
Sydney Chase was in a laboratory testing aphrodisiacs with Leo and Dev. They have a menage and at the end Sydney had her reward. Very steamy story.

Indigo Velvet (An Indigo Lounge Spinoff from Soar) by Zara Cox
After the baby and the dangerous situations they had confronted in the past Noah and Leia had gone back to their sexual life. There are some explanations of what happened in a previous story. Hot story.

Tasting Paris by Renea Mason
Elaine was in Paris in a menage with her three lovers Dr. Xavier Vincent, Marcos, his protegé and Sebastian another physician. She belonged to Dr. Vincent but he shares. She had helped them in different ways to forget their losses and they tasted her with different desserts and later they played to submit her.

Confidential Craving by Piper Denna
Rachel, a newly widow had a new concept for an erotic resort where fantasies roam free. Bratt, the lawyer, was the one to help her with her own fantasy by seducing her.

Black Magic Cafe by Erzabet Bishop
Elodie Conway has magic and it showed in her bakery business. Her confections were famous for their properties. When the journalist from Hot Chocolate Jason Thibedeaux wrote a not so good comment about magic and romance he was criticized. Now he had to interview the Black Magic Cafe and made amends. Funny story with a very hot encounter.

Strictly Professional by Iyana Jenna
Zane was mad. Another man, an outsider, had been promoted to the job that must be his by signority. But soon he saw the merits of his new boss and the benefits he got. Male to male hot story.

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858 reviews31 followers
June 21, 2015
This collection of Bite-sized delights is just that! Even though it's 22 stories of deliciousness, you still can't get enough. Most of these authors are new to me, so getting a taste of their writing was great. Although I enjoyed them all, Common Grounds by SJ Maylee is my favorite!


SJ Maylee's Common Grounds Review

Common Grounds is a short, yet very delicious story about a chance encounter that turns into something spectacular.

Kate's confections pair wonderfully with Mark's heavenly coffee. Their talents are superb alone, but together they are are force to be reckoned with.

I love that Kate is an everyday kind of girl just trying to make her dreams come true. Although she's happy were she is with her career, she is striving for more. Her determination to succeed will not be hindered by those that tell her no.

Mark is new to the area, but is already making a name for himself. He too is determined to succeed, although his road may be a little less bumpy than Kate's. I love his attitude about his job and his confidence shines through everything he does.

Kate and Mark's chance encounter at the Club is sizzling. They way they meet and scene is thrilling to observe. To be that free and express yourself in that manner would defiantly be something to behold.

Although they each want to be with the other, they have a bit of miscommunication. But after all is said and done, the fire between the two cannot be contained. Their passion is evident with every passing page.

I loved this story completely. It is a delectable morsel that leaves you hungry more.
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2,402 reviews177 followers
June 22, 2015
I wanted this anthology just for Felicity Kates's contribution, Super-Sex Me, which is a companion to her Steam Bunny series. And I was not disappointed! For this story alone the anthology is worth the 5 stars! I was so excited to get more of Astrid after reading Steam Bunny- what a strong, protective, kick-ass friend she is. And Race, definitely needed more of Race! But now I really need more of these two- I cannot wait for their book!!!

There's quite a variety of stories in the anthology, a little something for everyone- just like the dessert cart at the very best high-end restaurant. From paranormal, to fantasy, to sci-fi and beyond, this is a great sampling of stories. I've discovered some new authors that I'm excited to read more of, to get to know some of these characters better!

Dessert has always been my favorite part of a meal, and Just Desserts - A Collection of Bite-sized Delights is a sweet, sexy, tasty collection that will leaving you drooling and asking for more, please.

***I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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61 reviews20 followers
June 23, 2015
I received an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review. While I loved most of the stories, some for me had very abrupt endings. Those were the ones that left me kinda irritated and confused. The others made up for it though. It is a collection that I would recommend. Especially when your at the point that another book gutted you and you just need some spice to get you over that hump, and there is LOTS of spice. They also make for great lunch time reads or when your sitting in the drs office waiting o be seen. Just know you may need an extra pair of panties because some are hot, hot, hot! Well and a straight face, lol
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530 reviews
June 22, 2015
I loved this collection of short stories. I read this book because a few of my favorite authors have stories in it but I discovered some new authors that I haven't read before and I will be definitely looking for more of their books. These are quick reads and are stand alone stories. It nice to just pick up and read a few if you don't have a lot of time at the moment to read. The stories are steamy and each one unique. You can't go wrong a great price for a lot of stories. I was given an ARC for a fair and honest review.
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Author 2 books32 followers
June 22, 2015
I was fortunate to have been offered the opportunity to read these stories in advance of today's release in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This does not affect my review.

I love anthologies, for the simple reason you get to read stories by authors you perhaps haven't encountered before. I've discovered more than one author this way.

These stories are wonderfully written, and provide the reader with just a little taste from several genres and sub-genres. I recommend this book for anyone who wants a little bit a sexy in small doses.
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67 reviews
June 23, 2015
This is the first time I have read an anthology. I received this copy in exchange for an honest review. I loved this collection of short stories. The authors all did a great job of giving you just enough to make you want to read more about the characters and their story. Throw in some hot shifters, hot sex scenes, and little surprises throughout and you have the perfect way to spend an afternoon! This collection is well worth the read and .99 cents to purchase it. The title suits it perfectly! Little bite sized stories that will keep you wanting more, you won't be sorry you purchased it!
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116 reviews15 followers
June 20, 2015
A great selection
There is something for everyone in this book. A great chance to read something by your favourite authors or to try something new. The stories are just the right size to read on the way to work, with a cup of coffee or lounging in the bath. I absolutely loved it and will read it many times.
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292 reviews2 followers
June 24, 2015
i received an arc for an honest review***

This is a collections of super hot shorts that i absolutely loved, and im not big on these type of books normally. these storys are perfect sized to read and be able to find a stopping point if you need to. but dont be fooled by their size, they all pack heat!! What a great read to be introdused to multiple authors and their work!
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Author 3 books17 followers
May 5, 2016
Renew Mason surprises me in a good way. I love her adventures with the Doctor and this is a little icing on the cake into her story as well as others. Pure delight of guilty pleasures. X
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